Sans peur et sans reproche (1988) - full transcript

In 1494, under the eyes of the King of France Charles VIII and the Duchess Blanche of Savoy, Captain Bellabre is ridiculed during a tournament by a young unknown, Pierre Terrail. In order to take revenge and divert him from his impossible love for the beautiful Duchess Blanche, Bellabre decided to take him under his thumb and to let her know the harsh realities of the war during the Italian campaign. But it will be gradually supplanted by the prowess of its protégé who will become the famous knight, Chevalier de Bayard. He then decides to devote himself entirely to the glory of the future "knight without fear and beyond reproach".

"Glory is the brilliant mourning
of happiness..." Madame de Stael


In the year 1494,

the armies
of the king of France left for Italy

to conquer Naples
and begin a new crusade.

On May 10th, leading his army,

King Charles VIII,
his cousin and heir Louis d'Orleans

and his confidant Françóis de Paule

stop at Chateau de Carignan

seat of the Duchess Blanche of Savoy.

The king orders his constable
Louis d'Ars

and Captain Pocquieres de Bellarbre

to organise a jousting competition.

You idiot!

You're meant to win!

Damn you!

Give me the hammer!

My new armour is all dinted now.

No, not dinted, fucked!

De Fougas!

There you are.
Win this thing for me.

The fools!


My word, cousin.
You have a young champion there.

He will become a brave man,
if he survives.

You flatter me, sire.
He is not as valiant as your captains.

True, true.

Your honour is at stake.

- Who's up next?
- De Fougas. Our best.

32 tournaments,
42 broken lances, 20 wins.

Trained him myself.
Just watch this.


What a band of fools!

This is a disaster!

True, true.

I'm sorry, cousin,

if my champion is too good.

Your presence
and that of your captains inspires him.

True, true.
I am your guest, dear cousin.

But let's avoid a massacre.

I'll need all my men
to fight the kingdom of Naples.

Cousin, you're a good jouster.
Fancy a go?

My position as heir to the throne

forbids it.

True, true.

I hope you will remain heir
a long time.



Alright, leave it to me.

Be careful,
he has both arms.

- I never lost a tournament.
- Except one, sire.

But now you're hooked!

Very funny, Your Majesty.


Such a magnificent man.

- What? That turnip?
- He's my master.

The best in the army,
the new Du Guesclin.

He's strangling me!
Get out of here, you brute!

Where's Mignard?

- Here, sire.
- Get this off me.

I pay you for armour
not instruments of torture!

- What is this relic?
- It's your armour, sire.

Have I put on weight?

No, sire. I took it in
under the arms for a closer fit.

Well, it worked. I can't move!

It will loosen up.

You have to break it in.

I'll get the oil.

Fetch my helmet!

- Alright, sire?
- Yes, give me a drink.

What is this plonk?

- Milanese wine.
- Say no more!


Yes, sire.

I have to take a leak.



That's it. Go on.

Put him down now. Slowly.

Are you alright, sire?

Now bring the horse forward.

Cousin, it pains me to curtail
the quality of your welcome,

but my champion must now beat yours.

The law of chivalry, Majesty.

True, true.
Survival of the fittest.

Soon, in Naples,
the Aragonese will learn it too.

I'll blow out his candle.

Stop that horse! Sire!

Oh, sire!
Bring the mules!

This is boring, let's eat now.
Can't go to war on an empty stomach.

Careful! Take him
to the tent and strip him down.

Put him down there.

Barber! Bring a lancet!

I'll bleed him.
Harmful spirits could infect his limbs

and cloud his mind.

What's happening?
Get out of my chamber!

There, there, it's all over now.

- You had a bad fall.
- I'll rip his guts out!

Put me back on my horse.
I slipped!


Destroy everything you wrote today.

- Yes. Sir, I wanted to introduce...
- The king!

Stand me up, you fools!

- Bellarbre.
- Your Majesty.

I came to enquire about your health.

I'm fine. Just a scratch.

Of course.
I'm glad to hear it.

We all enjoyed a fine spectacle.
Thanks to you.

Your Majesty mocks me.
The mud was thick.

- I slipped.
- Of course.

After your brilliant show,

I've decided you and your men
will be our rear-guard

during the offensive.

The rear-guard?

Your Majesty is too kind.

Captain, as my champion
Pierre Terrail de Bayard

will not accept the winner's scarf,

I want you to have it.

Apart from him,
you were the best competitor.

A thousand thanks, Madame.

I'd like to thank him in person.

Then go ahead.

I have to say, sire,

this is a proud day.

But the fight was not fair,
nor was my victory.

I didn't know.
I should've used one hand.

He's relapsed!
Must be the emotion.

- Allow me, sire.
- Get off me!

I only have one hand, but it slaps.

He gave us a real hiding.

Who does that squire think he is?
He's nothing! Dung!

Peasants will do anything
to impress a woman.

He has the luck of the devil.

I slipped.

Now, because of that peasant,
we're in the rear-guard.

It's not even worth going to war.

We'll miss all the raping
and pillaging.

- Only the leftovers.
- We have to help ourselves.

I've seen a few fine mares
that I'd love to mount!

Count me out, D'Urfé.
My guts are playing up.

You go, D'Urfé.
I'm recovering tonight.

You're burning my stump!

All done, sire.

- Come here, you!
- No, no.

Wait! I have a purse full of coins
waiting to be spent.

Sire, not in your condition!

My condition is critical!


No, no...

A jouster must know
when to lower his lance.

Too late!

Blanche, I can't wait any longer.

Pierre, think of my honour.

- You in this chamber with me.
- Tonight, it will be ours.

Our love is impossible
due to our standing.

You're a squire,
I am a duchess.

- A widow.
- I don't care.

You could be queen
for all I care!

Calm your impatience, Pierre.

Think of my cousin's wrath.

Our union would ruin his plans.

He will decide my fate.

He may find me a husband
if the state demands it.

Is that how you love? By decree?

What else can I do?
You know how it is.

- I know I love you.
- That doesn't matter.

It is all that matters.

You don't understand.

There's nothing to understand.

I don't want to understand.

And this?

We were only eight, Pierre.

Children's promises
make adults smile.

Not me.

You give me strength, Blanche.
Look how easily I beat him today.

A one-armed clown.

Your eyes betray you.

Please, don't start again.

Tell me you don't love me.

Go on.

There. I don't love you.

I understand.

Then I will have to disappear.

There is a war on out there.

I'm going.

One doesn't go to war to die.

Better to die in battle
than of a broken heart.

I'll do my best to die bravely.

When they bring you my corpse,

bury me there,
under your window.

You'll be able to love me
as you wish

until the end of time.

Adieu, Pierre.



Throw a bucket of water on me!


Have you finished?

Sire! You were here?
Did you hear everything?

Yes, the one-armed clown
has two ears, unfortunately.

Sire, I beg you.
Don't speak of what you heard.

Who are you to beg me?

Did you forget your rank?
I am a knight.

I can kill a peasant like you,
if I choose.

On your knees first.

You're in a bind. You win a joust,
you want to marry a queen...

Did you see how her eyes
change colour over the day?

Stand up.

My instinct never fails.
I knew you were a friend. Help me.

A friend? What do you want?

Please, take me to the war.

Let me suffer
and find glory there.

I don't mind if I die.

I can help you
by cutting your throat right now.

Your japes warm my heart.

You share my secret now.

Show me how to be a knight
she will be proud of.

You were born poor.
Glory won't help.

But I will return with honour.

I like your humility.
Careful with...

My apologies.

- I sat on your wench.
- You're on a roll today!

Excuse me.

So you'll take me then?
Thank you, my friend!

Thank you.

Thank you, my friend!

I'm not his friend.

Hey! We've arrived.

Wait for me!

Over here!
There's room next to me.

The only civilised place
among such brutes.

Hey, kid, not with the girls!
Get yourself a horse.

You wanted a war, you got one.

He's a nice chap
but very short-tempered.

So soon?

The last thing we need
is a new kid in the way!

You will have your
share of the spoils.

You are to train our new recruit.

If I may say so,
he will not find better masters.

They left at dawn, Duchess.
Pierre went with them.

I know.
My heart hasn't stopped pounding since.

you haven't even touched your breakfast.

No, not now!

it is time for your mouth wash.

Your toothaches will not wait.

What is it today?
Mole slobber? Essence of viper?

A noble remedy, madame.

Portuguese urine.

It's all the rage in Paris.

"While Captain Bellarbre and his
100 or so men struggled at the rear,

the rest of the royal army
marched without resistance

into the much-coveted Italy.

Spellbound by the magnificence
and great might of the royal armies,

The Italians did not want to fight.

The advance towards Naples
was party after party

feast after feast.

From Florence to Perugia,
Perugia to Rome,

towns bedecked with flags
welcomed Charles VIII

as if he were Caesar.

Jubilant crowds greeted our armies,

their expressions full of peace."

Raze this village!
To the ground.

"Lush green hills
dotted with ancient woods

whose trees

bore fruits ripened by the sun..."

I'm warning you,
I can't write history like this!

Shut up, stupid animal!
We're only going to eat you.

Mignard, look what I found.

They had it well hidden.
Crafty these Italians.

Look, the new recruit.

What is he dragging?

What the hell is this?

He'll get a Christian burial.

No, he's Venetian or Albanian,
not one of us anyway!

So this is war?

Killing wounded men,
picking up corpses, pillaging.

What did you think it was?
A game of tennis?

Don't worry,
plenty of time for carnage.


- Venetians!
- Where?

A villa, two leagues from here.

How many of them?

Can't you be more precise?

I'd say a fortified villa,
plus Venetians,

plus archers, probably.

- Yes, probably.
- Probably.

We need a ruse.

A volunteer
to go and distract them!

Sire, allow me to go.

Young Bayard? Why not?
He's certainly impatient.

Thank you, my friend.

I'm not his friend!

- Why does he get to go?
- It's an affront to our rank.

Do you want him around
all the way to Naples? Exactly.

Prepare your weapons.

Mignard, my mace!

You're right,
Venetian mercenaries are no joke.

Here, sire.



I meant the small mace.

Hey, you! Come here!

Have pity, signor. I surrender.

The devil himself
has entered that house, signor!

What was the minstrel saying?

Now that I like!

You're dead!

Pierre Terrail de Bayard,
on the service of King Charles VIII.

Jeanne, wife of Frossasco.

My husband,
the master of the house.

Madame, fear not.
We may have won,

but I swear,
no prisoners will be mistreated.

It would be an insult
to my rank and honour.

I knew French soldiers
had a reputation for chivalry

but I am pleased
to reluctantly admit it is true.

Let's pillage!

For this,
I'll call you Lord Bayard!

Come here, you!

- Sire!
- Not now, kid.

No, no!

Dear Lord, pardon my sins.

What are you waiting for?
Get stuck in!

I love Blanche.

You complicate everything.
Have fun.

Steal, pillage, rape!

Make the most of it!
Doesn't happen every day.

The door!

Go ahead. She's all yours.


My Blanche!

No, I'm Rose!

Forgive me. I'm a swine.

No, you're not at all.

What's happening to me?

May I?

Not my jewels! with thee,
Blessed art thou amongst women,

Blessed is
the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Here, you're not doing anything!

Mary, full of grace...

Hey, no! Not my jewellery!

Now pull me up.

Look at that.

Perugian illuminations.
The fools are burning them!

- Dearie me!
- De Mailles, I have a job for you.

Get some paper,
I'll dictate a letter to the king.

Come back here, you!

- Are you ready?
- Yes.

I'll dictate.

"Your Majesty... blah, blah, etc."
That's what you're paid for.

"Our rear-guard is in grave danger.

Numerous Venetians
and Stradioti are gathering..."

Feeling better?

Their growing numbers risk
cutting off our return towards France."

Madame, if I could repair
the affront you have suffered...

Mind your own business.

"Fear not, Majesty,
we are protecting your rear,

harassing the enemy,

and the people in these lands
are starting to call me,

Lord Pocquières de Bellarbre,

The knight..."
Add some grandiose inflated name.

- The White Knight?
- No.

- Captain Hook?
- Want it in your eye?

The Knight Without Fear.

That's taken. Barbazon.
"Without fear and beyond reproach."

Born 1315, died 1358.

Nobody remembers him except you.
Just write it down.

"Bellarbre, without fear,
beyond reproach."

Come on, to bed.


Look, handsome warrior.
I told the truth and wrote your name.

That's good.


- Does it please you?
- Yes, yes.

Duchess! There's a big one!

- Where?
- There!

- Black or grey?
- Grey, behind the sticks.

There it is!

- It's there by my feet!
- Don't move!


I got it!

- A fine piece of meat.
- Cook it up.

- For lunch.
- Not funny.

I have news of the offensive!

How are our brave soldiers doing?

They're already in Naples.

It's a triumphal march.

Pierre gets a special mention.

Alright, you lot! Back to work!

And you,
get on the table and read it to me.

"Among these conquerors,

one from your household
stands out for his courage and spirit.

Pierre Terrail de Bayard."

Wait, there's more.

People have started to call him
"without fear and beyond reproach."

We're really lost this time.

We're making a 30 league detour
for some paper?

Not just paper,
it is Arezzo paper,

the finest paper in the world.

I don't know why I agreed to come.

It's in your interest.

All those letters to that Duchess.

Read it to me again.

I don't need to read it,
I know it by heart.

Hardly surprising.

"Take care, Pierre. If tragedy
befalls you, I'll be sad forever.

Many barriers stand between us,

but if God brought us together
it was to really test us."

- So even God is against us?
- Of course not.

God unites those
who are meant to find each other.

Us, for example,
on this path in the woods.

Quieto! No se mueva!

Identify yourselves!

No comprendo!

Let's discuss this.

- Who's in charge here?
- A leader?

Your Caudillo?

This isn't going well.

You must have a boss?

Don't be hasty.
They don't understand a word.

Shall we charge?
They'll understand that.

- Quietos!
- No, forget it.

A discussion
is sometimes better than a battle.

We will follow you.

Trust me, my skills as an orator
will surprise you.

Let me talk,
language is my only weapon.

His friends call him "The Vulture".

And they're his friends!

You are too kind, my lord.

Alfonso de Sottomayor.

Capitan de su Majestad Fernando
el católico, Rey de España.

We don't speak Spanish.

Marquis Alphonse de Sottomayor
I serve Ferdinand the King of Spain.

Jacques de Mailles, scribe,
serving His Majesty in battle,

author of numerous fabliaux
and the famous

"Fun and Games in the King's court".

Pierre Terrail de Bayard,

squire to the king and to France.

To what do I owe
such prestigious guests?

You know the accord signed by
our king and the republic in Florence.

- Yes, I know it.
- Good.

But Venice has new accords with
the new master of Florence, Savonarole.

- Yes, we know that.
- No, we don't.

What does it mean?

It means your army
is in a bad position.

But couldn't we
come to some arrangement?

The price of your ransom?

That would be a betrayal,
against all the laws of chivalry.

Pierre, these men are touchy.

Sir, I challenge you to a duel.

You think a man like me
would deign to fight a peasant?

So there are no knights
left in Spain.

Don't upset him.

I'll show you how I honour
guests of your importance.

Too late.

Con su permiso.

Have you been in Italy long?

Nice country, isn't it?
Lovely light.

The light of the mind and the arts.

It dispels the darkness
of the Middle Ages.

I'm glad to hear that.

A sodomite.

No more than he deserves.

With such light, it is no surprise
that artists here paint masterpieces.

Yes, not like our barbarians.

This is unchristian.

Pierre, in his home,
he can do what he likes.

Not to mention the architecture.

The Cloisters of Bramante.

You're a disgrace.

And here, such clean lines.

We make a small hole, here.

We take just a small piece
of his gut,

we attach it there and we turn.

As it's very long,
it can take a while.

But, as we like to say here:

"the braver the man,
the more guts he shows!"

Good one that, isn't it?

With this machine,
people confess everything, and more.


He doesn't know what that means.

Spanish dog!

Him! To the ravens!

- Pierre...
- As for you,

the army scribbler.

I have a surprise for you.

Do you know the Rigoulette?

No, sir.

It's a very effective machine.

As you will see.

Oh, my.

Engraved all of these with "Bellarbre,
without fear and beyond reproach".

- "without fear and beyond reproach"?
- Yes.

Where the hell are they?

Fear not, sire. De Mailles
is too cowardly to have got into danger.

But that other cabbage who's with him.

You mean the Savoy cabbage!

Oh, my God.

De Mailles!

- What happened?
- We rode into an ambush.

Hundreds of Spaniards.

They took Pierre hostage,
they want ten thousand gold coins.

Ten thousand? Is that all?

No way! Let him die!

They tortured me all night.
They broke my body.

- D'Urfé?
- Yes?

The worst part is I enjoyed it.

We will march to inform the king!

- We can't leave Pierre.
- He wanted war, he got it.

Kings orders!
We do not pay ransoms!


I was starting to like Bayard.

D'Urfé, you take point,
I'll protect our rear.

My friend, I'm so happy to see you.

- You shouldn't have come.
- I'm not your friend.

Leave me here.
I behaved like a fool.

I deserve to die.

Shout louder, why don't you?

No, my friend,
I am unworthy of your trust.

Don't risk your life for a fool.

- Shut up!
- Beularbre, my friend. Save yourself.

- Let me die.
- I'm not your friend!

Qué pasa aquí?


No, no!
All right, I give up.

I'm sorry about all this.

- You shouldn't have shouted.
- Shut up!

You know what I should have done?

Killed you myself.

We leave no man behind.
Kings orders.

You should have.

Now France is losing a brave captain.

My little lovebirds.
Having fun?

I won't offer you my food.
It would be a waste.

We're not hungry.

I'm sorry I can't stay here
to see you suffer,

but duty calls,
you know how it is.

It is a shame because

in the morning, the ravens
will start pecking at your eyes.

They're partial to them.

The noise it makes is... strange.

Really beautiful.

Yes, we'll see.

No, you won't.

You won't see ever again.

Buenas noches, señores.

Yes, right. Good night!
See what awaits us?

Beularbre, hear my confession
before we meet our maker.

Sod off! You'll be able
to tell him yourself soon.

My Blanche...

My Blanche,
what will you think of me?

Here we go again!

I hope she kept a portrait of you.

The treachery of this Spaniard
turns my stomach.

He is an evil beast,
a monster with no honour!

I want to die covered in glory.

You'll be covered in shit!

My Blanche, I die tonight
never having possessed you.

Don't torture yourself!

Blanche, I'm dying.

Your lips, your eyes,

your sweet voice,

your hair, your body... Blanche!

I'm dying twice!
This can't be happening!

Pox on the Pope!

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Stop it!

What the hell?

I can't go any further up.

I'm really high now.
Really high!

What are you doing?

No! Are you insane?

Don't do it!

Look, it's Bayard!

Thank God! You're safe.

- Is that Bellarbre?
- Yes.

- What happened?
- He saved my life by risking his.

Mignard, get him out.

But I don't have my tools.

The king is coming.
Where are the Spanish?

Our retreat is blocked.
Also by Venetians.

- Then we'll take the fight to them.
- At last.

Leave me alone.
I'm fine now.

- So?
- We're ready.

Don't come within ten cubits of me.

I've christened her Denise.
Fat Denise.

Does it work, Mignard?

The weapon is perfect, sire.
You have my word.

Soldiers and knights of France,
today is a great day!

Honour your king and your name.

A hundred thousand enemies
will not stop the French army! Attack!



- It's a bit too wide.
- Yes, I can see that!

- I can widen the doorway with a mace.
- Go on then!

- Need help?
- No, air!

You stay out of this! Go on!

I'll catch you up.

That will take hours.

I've a better idea.
Let's reverse.

Out of the way!

- What is it now?
- She recoils.

Alright? Are you ready?

It's your invention.

Hurry up, or we'll miss the battle.

- For once, it didn't fall on me.
- Look out!


Damn! Too late.
They could've waited!


- Oh, merde!
- Oh, mierda!

That's right.

- We showed them!
- Where are the others?

They were up front in the melee.

- Doesn't the smoke bother you?
- Yes, now let go of me!

- D'Urfé!
- My lord!

- D'Urfé!
- The battle is won!

- What a day! I killed at least 30!
- And me 40!

Where's the king?

He went across enemy lines
with that lunatic Bayard.

He's likely dead.
I turn my back for five minutes...

Look at this mess!

Pierre Terrail,
where are you from?

Savoy, sir. Near Grenoble.
Chateau de Bayard.

In recognition of the bravery
you showed today for our army,

grant our prayers, Lord,
on this day...

Excuse me, mate.

...and bless this sword
which your servant...

De Fougas, stick this in me.

- Sir?
- It's an order!

Only a bit!


Let's go!

Let's go!
Quick march!

No, that way!

I, Charles VIII, king of France,
knight thee.

You will swear your allegiance
to defend our divine right

under the name Sir Bayard.

- Who's there?
- It is I, Majesty.

- Are you alright?
- Been better.


I'm fine.

Bellarbre, I've rarely seen
a warrior of his calibre.

- He had a good teacher.
- True, true.

I know your skills as a leader of men
and I'll remember you.

- Your Majesty is too kind.
- Sir!

- I have a humble request.
- Tell me, my friend.

I can't refuse a knight they call
"without fear and beyond reproach".

- What did he call him?
- He said...

- I didn't hear anything.
- Me neither.

- Your Majesty, I love.
- Then love, my friend, love.

- Is my bath ready?
- Yes, sir.

It's Duchess Blanche.

Very good.
I want it almost boiling.

- And I want some company.
- Yes, sire.

- I love the Duchess of Savoy.
- You have my blessing.

Now if you wouldn't mind
letting go of the ermine...


It's thanks to you!
How will I ever thank you?

You're killing me!
Don't push the spear in.

- Sorry.
- You're sorry?

- I'll get the king's surgeon.
- What?

That charlatan who messed up
the late king's fistula? No thanks.

My friend?

Leave us alone now.

No, I'm fine.
Take this off for me.

Sorry, sir. Say the word
and I'll stop all my inventions.

I'm like your bombarde.
Made of iron.

I'm tired, Mignard.

Go on, work your magic.
For once, I'm asking you.

Bleed me.
Take away this sadness.


You'll see.
It will perk you up.

You should use my medicine more.

The last time I did,
it cost me my hand.

But it could've cost you
your arm or even your life.

- What have I done with my life?
- Don't be like that.

Look at that,
this blood is full of bad spirits.

Like the man,
that blood is old.

Yes, Mignard I'm old. I'm 36.

What have I got left?
Three, four years?

I wanted glory and honour.

And you had it, sire.

Most famous one-armed man
in the rear-guard.

Just because some whippersnapper
showed bravery...

Don't be fooled, Mignard.
I know about these things.

That Bayard has something I don't.

Yes, he has both hands.

Do you know what I hate most
about this hook?

That I can't strangle you!

No, Bayard has...
I don't know how to put it.

He has the force with him.


- Mignard.
- Yes, sir?

I think it's overflowing.

- Oh, shit!
- Yes.

If we want a piece of the pie,
we'll have to fight.

I'm going to turn up the heat.

"Without fear and beyond reproach"
is not an easy name to carry around.

Watch, my injury!
Don't push.

Don't push, I said.
Listen, Sir Bayard is very tired.

Give me your parchments
and he'll sign them later.

Ask him to put "With admiration,
for my friend, Bellarbre."

Oh, sire...

I used to be
"without fear and beyond reproach".

It was an unfortunate slip of the quill.

I'm going to learn to read.

I'll dictate news about Bayard
word for word.

I want him to be
the best knight in the kingdom.

- Sorry.
- My apologies.

- Well?
- Ah, Bellarbre.

You got what you wanted.

I have grand plans for the two of us.

Yes! This time, she's mine.

You disappoint me.

The youngest knight in France
is retiring?

To be with Blanche.

Her again? I don't believe it!

There are women everywhere.
You can take your pick!

But glory
is not bestowed on everyone.

Think of it, knight.
You could become captain,

seneschal, constable!

We can have glory,
women and power!

What more do you want?

Of course, you want to become Pope.
That's a top job.

- We'll fill our boots!
- I only want Blanche, not glory.

After all I've done for you?

Don't forget.

Who took you out of your stable?
Who got you out of that cage?

You disappoint me, Pierre.

I love her, damn it.
I love her!

Yes, we got that.
But what about me?

You don't care.

I love her and I will have her.

We'll see.

- Your Majesty is not getting too cold?
- No.

Ah, Bellarbre.
I see you've recovered.

I suffer but I don't complain.

I need to talk.


- Sir...
- Gently, Bellarbre!

It's confidential.
It's about young Bayard.

Such talent.

Yes, it would be a shame to waste it.

We need him in our ranks.

- If you see what I mean.
- Of course.

You know he intends to marry
Duchess Blanche of Savoy.

These young people.
Such appetite!

It would be a catastrophe
for your ally Savoy.

Yes, I'll put this in order.

Talk with my constable.
There's no rush.

Between you and me,

something has just come up.

My God!

"Bayard was no closer to re-joining
his beloved Blanche.

It took us six months
to make our way home.

Our hero braved dangers and
sowed desolation in the enemy ranks,

protecting our king's
return to his country.

Six months of misfortune,
hunger and injuries..."

The macho, outside!

"Six months of abstinence,

privations of every kind
and prayers to our lord God."

- And blasphemy.
- What's wrong now?

Nothing, sire.

I know what you think,
but it's what people like.

Give them what they want:
epic adventures, derring-do,

- blood and guts.
- Beularbre!

Pierre! We're about to eat!

- See this? A Spanish soldier.
- So what.

It means they're also in Savoy.

Carignan is in danger
and so is Blanche!

I had forgotten about her.

How do I know he's Spanish?
He's not talking.

Se habla español?
Corrida... Chorizo...


Are you crazy?

Not funny, Beularbre.
It's time we left for Carignan.

Blanche has forgotten you.

- You know nothing of love.
- True.

- Really?
- Yes.

I give the orders here.

And I'm Sir Bayard,
"without fear and beyond reproach"

so up yours! Adieu!

So handsome when he's angry.

Wait for us!

Wait for us!

It's Bayard!

- He's keen!
- I wouldn't like to be her.

I wouldn't mind.

Blanche! Blanche!

Yes, what is it?




The moment has come.
I'm yours.

For you, my love,
I became a knight.

For you,
I braved a thousand dangers.

You will be my wife.

Oh, Blanche...

Feel my desire.

You're not Blanche.

Excuse me, there's been a mistake.

I thought you were Duchess Blanche.

- Where is she?
- The Duchess went to Amboise.


The Duchess must marry
a Spanish lord as part of

the unification
of Castile and Savoy.

No, no.

Of course,
it's easier in a dress.

The king said this would happen.


No, nothing,
just that king told me...

Put yourself in her shoes.
She's obliged...

The king...
I didn't tell him anything.

- What are you hiding?
- Nothing.

You set this up!

You used me, didn't you?

You were my friend, Beularbre.

It's pronounced "Bellarbre"
and I never said I was your friend.

Not "Beularbre".


Come on, men!

This could ruin your career!

So? Even the king
can't keep his promise.

Don't get ideas
above your station!

Blanche was promised to me.

Let me through,
I'm Sir Bayard.

Without fear
and beyond reproach?

Yes, that's us. Let us in.

If you do this,
you can never count on me again.

- What's happening?
- The king is dying.

- He can't!.
- Thank you.

Be brave, sire,

- What happened?
- It's awkward.

He broke his skull in a fall.

He slipped on...

That gallery is a courtesans' latrine.
They defecate there.

I told the king a thousand times
to forbid it.

Now look.

The king is not yet dead.

A good dose of pain
will bring him round.

No, he needs to be bled.

Bled? You are a brute!

No, no!

We are so fragile.


Majesty, can you hear me?

You can't leave me like this.

- Bayard...
- A miracle!

Blanche, Majesty.
You promised me!

True, true.
Oh, Blanche.

A fine beast.

He's delirious.
Do something.

Can't anyone save him?

Perhaps that man from Rome.
They say he's as good as Hippocrates.

We must go and find him!
Make way!

If he dies, I'm finished.

What is it?

I knew it, the guts move and turn.

Take note.
Kneading the polenta makes it...

- Medicine just took a major leap.
- The king needs you.

Again? What is it this time?

- Is it the stomach?
- No, the head.

- He's gone mad?
- No.

- He banged his head.
- Slipped on some shit.

Time is short!
The king's life is in your hands.

Let's go.

Sew him up and pay him.

- Thank you.
- Welcome.

- No, I mean it.
- So do I.

Who's been a good boy?
Good boy!

Such a kind man.

He's dead! Damn it!

Fucking God!

He can't be! Majesty!

What about me?
What happens to me now!

Are you crazy?
It's the emotion.


I would love to dissect
your friend there.

He deserves it.

It's terrible.

Such a loss,
for France and for Savoy.

I hope your future marriage
will not be affected.

Louis d'Orleans
our new king will decide.

Not now!

Leave me alone!


My heart is bursting.

My blood boils
and my hands tremble.


For you,
I braved a thousand dangers.

You will be my wife.


feel my desire.

You can't have cheated on me.

Otherwise I am nothing.

I might as well just die
and re-join my king.

- Blanche?
- Take me.

Get out of there!
Not in a confessional!

- For Christ's sake. Get lost!
- Oh, yes!

This is not the time!

Someone will notice!

Finally, you are mine.

Dies irae, dies illa!

- Where's Bayard?
- Don't even mention that maniac.

My lords,

the cruel loss felt across France

must not deter us
from our pressing grand designs.

I will continue my cousin's work.

We'll retake the flag of Saint Louis
and deliver the kingdom of Naples.

Here we go again,
just like '94.

The Milanese are against us
but Venice will not budge.

This is not the time.

- We made love.
- Yes, we heard. We're not deaf.

Those we fought three years ago
will now be our allies.

King Ferdinand of Spain
will be on our side.

I'll ask the new king for her hand.

It's not the time!

To seal this alliance,

today we bless the future union
of two noble families.

Those of Savoy and Castile.

No! Sottomayor!

That bastard!

Let me go! Let me go!

Sir, on my honour as a knight...

It's the mushrooms.

He insisted on eating some we found.

In lard, very hard to digest.

Better in olive oil.
He'll sleep now.

Sí, vamos!


This time we're first in line!

There's nothing left to pillage!

We're two days behind the Spanish!
I don't trust that Sottomayor!

Pierre, pull yourself together.

You've been like this for weeks.

Our story needs you.

- Move over, you!
- No! Wait!

Stop sulking, man!
We're at war and you're a knight!

Very funny.

You owe it to your king
and your fans.

Don't let them down,
you're Bayard, a living legend!

So what?

If you'd let me kill him,
I'd be happier.

No, you'd be hanging from a rope
at the chateau d'Amboise.

That would be better than seeing
"the hyena" marry "the vulture".

They're not married yet.
I'll find a way.

A rope, poison... something sly.
No one dares to fight him.

He's a killing machine.

No, I will cut his throat myself.

I'll rip open his chest
and eat his heart!

- See? That's more like it!
- My horse!

Come on, scribbler!

Get yourself up here!

Write this down.

"When word spread
that Bayard was approaching Milan..."

"The enemy had no choice
but to flee or surrender

and hope he would show clemency.

Our gallant knights
hardly had to fight.

Once again,
Italy welcomed us with open arms

and our army penetrated

with ease."

- Cut me a new one.
- Pardon?

A plume, you idiot.

"The knight Bayard
took command of Minervino

and the delightful Capua..."

This is rubbish. I'm blocked!

- Is the story coming along?
- Not at all!

We've been here two months,
nothing happens.

- What can I write about?
- Sire!

- Just exaggerate.
- It's not my style.

The new weapon is ready.

With three barrels
four cubits long, it never misses.

It'll ruin our profession.

It's too easy.
Takes away any sense of effort.

What's going on?
Where do you think you are?

You should've shot him!
I don't trust him.

His chagrin is touching.
He's so fragile.

You want to hug him
to protect him.

You're jealous.

- You are!
- Yes, completely.

We rape and we become attached.

Curse the devil!
I can't take anymore!

Your time will come.

Patience? Right.
I've lost everything.

My honour, my time,
my glory and Blanche.

Blanche? That's not a big loss.

Is it? Yes.

Even in the house of God.

The filthy pigs!



- What is it?
- You have a visitor.

I think you'll want to see this.

Not her?

You're here, Duchess.

- Is Pierre here?
- No.

Who? Pierre?
No, he's not here.

Please, take me to him.

I can't.
He doesn't want to see you.

Don't cry.

I'll see what I can do.

She's crying.

You have a visitor.


My love.

- Is it our child?
- Yes, my love.

What have you done?

It's wonderful.
I'm going to be a dad.

You think the king will play godfather

and Sottomayor nanny?

I don't care,
Blanche is mine now.

Don't you see? The king will now
have to break his allegiances!

But you don't care!
And what about me?

Selfish brat!

Twenty years,
I've been breaking my back

fighting and crusading dawn to dusk!

Don't I deserve a nice life?

A nice chateau, courtesans, parties...

Nay! Not for me!

Instead it's exile, banishment
and the gallows for us all! Thanks!

Thank you for that too.

You can't do this.
I'd rather you ask me to die.

Pierre, you need to live for our child.
I am to marry another man.

That child will need a mother.

France and Spain need me more.

Why would you sacrifice our love,
abandon your child

and condemn me to endless pain?

Because I must reign.

The Spanish are here!

What do they want?

- It's Sottomayor.
- By thunder!

- Jeanne, hide Blanche!
- I'll kill him.

Do as I say,
or I'll cut Blanche's throat myself!

To what do I owe the honour
of a visit from Sottomayor?

Your treachery, Bellarbe.

- Watch your tone, sir.
- She's here.

News travels fast.
We were about to escort her to you.

Enough pleasantries.
Bring her out.

So you can put her in a cage?

It better be a big one!

Sire, I am all yours.

With a little bonus package,
but I'll take it.

I'll watch that cankerous bastard grow,

then crush it under my boot.

Then we will marry,
as planned,

and you will give me
legitimate children.

But first, tell me
who tarnished your honour

so I can strangle him.

It was me.

I don't know what came over me.

I'm ready to pay for it in a duel.

You choose the terms.

On foot, with swords,
here, in one hour.

I like that better.

I won't be killing you today.

It will be my pleasure
to curtail such a bright future.

You are going to feel pain

and it will be your last regret.

God will be the judge.

Soldados, vamos!

Are you crazy?
He's Sottomayor!

Nobody ever survives!

The knights of Antigny,
De Pezé...

- Hautefeuille.
- Sagolse.

- He butchered them all.
- Don't forget Aubray.

I know. Beularbre,

if I don't return, bury me
in my beautiful land of Savoy.

I also want to tell you

I couldn't have hoped for
a better master.

Or a better friend.

You know I'm not your friend.

Here. Take my sword.

It's no good to me now.

It's a two-handed sword.

Let's go.
And don't forget, tire him out.

Make him run,
let him come at you.

Yes, I know.
Leave me now.

Knight, pray to god for mercy.

You want my grace?

No, I am blessing the ground
you'll soon be buried in!

Blanche is mine now!

Give her up or your dead!
Say it!

Blanche is mine! You hear me?

I don't think he can, no.

Blanche is mine!

Well, that didn't take long!

Thanks to God, I won.

- Nothing can separate us now.
- Is it true, Pierre?

Bless this day, my love.

Gently, you're hurting us.

Bayard! Make a speech!

Yes, a speech!

Speech! Speech!

I don't know what to say.

Thank you, everyone.

Thanks to the team,
I couldn't do it without them.

- And to Beularbre,
- Bellarbre!

my friend,
to whom I dedicate my victory.

I also thank the person
without whom I never could've won.

The king is coming!

The king!

Shame on you, captain.

- You betrayed your kingdom.
- No, Your Majesty...

Shut up!

You were meant to stop the duel.

Now, the Spanish are furious with us

and we're isolated far from home.

It is my fault.

Knight, shame on you too!

You put a whole army in danger
for a ridiculous tale of love.

Ridiculous and impossible.

As long as I live,

you will not marry my cousin.

As for her,

back in France, she will atone
for her sins at a convent.

And you, Bellarbre,

while I decide your fate,

I command you
to lead our rear-guard,

giving your life if you have to
for our safe return to France.

It's the least I can do.
I was about to suggest it.

Right then!

Let's pack up! Mignard!

"For twelve days, the Spanish
had been hot on our heels.

Our troops did not panic

despite the proximity
of the enemy's larger cavalry.

The very presence of a knight who
so often troubled the enemy's ranks

calmed us and restored
our faith in ourselves

and in our lord God."

It won't be long!

Come quick!

We must stop,
the duchess is about to drop!

Hold on, my love.

In two leagues, there's a bridge
we can cross and then destroy.

We should stop and boil water,
get her out of here.

She's not having it on my parchments!

There, there.

- Well?
- Most of the army is over the bridge.

Only another three or four wagons.

Adios! Write this!

"Risking their lives,

faced with violent storms
and a raging torrent,

the French captains,
Bellarbre, Bayard and the others

- crossed the Garigliano!"
- "Garigliano."

It will be fine.

- What's the hold up?
- The horses won't budge!


What's going on?

Quickly! I hear their horses!

Relax, we've got plenty of time!


Go, go!

- My love, are you hurt?
- No, the head is coming out.

The Spaniards!

Quick! Help!

There it is! Crikey!

- Help, Jeanne. I'll handle the Spanish.
- Not the other way around?

Beularbre! The child is coming!

- Help me to grab the head.
- With this?


Push, woman!
I can't do it for you!

He's lost his sword!

I need to help him!

No, you stay here!

I'm not delivering an orphan!

The head's out!

Well? Is it coming?

The head's out!

What is it? A son?

It's not written on its face!

Come on, one big push!
It's coming!

I can't take anymore.

Quick! Do something!

The two of them could die!

The three of them.
I'm on my way too.

- Well?
- It's stuck! Not looking good!


Is the child alright?

- Yes.
- Yaaaay!

Well? What is it?

- It's a girl!
- And Blanche?

She's a girl, too.

- I do.
- And you, Pierre Terrail,

do you agree, before God,

and man, to take

Blanche of Savoy as your wife?

I do.

By the power vested in me,
I declare you united

by the sacred bond of marriage.
God curse you.

Shut up!

United before God,
now I want the blessing of my king.

One step at a time, kid.

You've no incentive now.
What will you do?

I can sort this out,
but you'll have to be discreet.

That means you, Duchess.

I knew your father.

He was my friend.

Go on, get out of here.

Pierre never received
the king's blessing.

They married in secret,
loved in secret

and remained faithful
their whole lives.

Marignan, 1515, is another story.

God's judgement will be passed,

For this, it's Lord Mignard!


Subtitles: Diane Bardinet
Translation: Daniel Murray