Sanremo (2020) - full transcript

A love story in which fragmented memories are brought back to mind by a song.

Can I borrow your bike?

- Where do you want to go?
- Home.

And where is that?

Straight ahead
and to the left.

And how will you return

I just need to feed Rexi,
and I'll be right back.

Go with him.
I'll wait at the buffet.

-Aren’t you going to ride the bike?

Are we close?

I think so.

Is this your house?

No, we don’t have chickens.

- But do you have a dog?
- Yes.


Would you like a drink?

Where is your wife?

At home.

And what's her name?


Ms.Stefanija certainly
Would have fed the dog by now.

If you give him food, he eats.

No matter what,
he's always hungry.

That’s why we named him Rexi.


Bruno, what are you doing here?

We pick cherries
and we reach...

and then we exhale!

Now we breathe in very slowly...

We pick cherries...

and we exhale!

We put them in the basket...

and we exhale again!

Up, up...

We reach right up there...

and we exhale!

Now once more...

Our theme for today is water.

Let's make some collages.

We have several options.

Cut a piece from the one
you like the most,

...stick it on...

...look for another piece...

...and little by little, create
your own view of the water.

All this water is flowing

The small water
flows to the big water.

To the big river,
or to the sea.

How does the small water
know to flow towards the big water?

It doesn’t know.
It goes on instinct.

Good boy.

Good boy!

Come here ...


Rexi? Come here...

Mr. Dare.

Mr. Bruno,
haven't you eaten anything yet?

I'm not hungry.

There you go.

You need iron.

Mr Bruno, please.

How are you?


Stubborn little guy, don’t you think?

Good Morning.

-My name is Bruno.
-Good morning, Mr. Bruno.

-May I sit here?

This is a nice place.

I don't like it.

What can we do?
Every day is a new day.

We wake up early
and start from scratch.

That's true.

What's eaten
can't be eaten again.

-How long have you been here?
-I arrived today.

You too?

-You’re new too?
- Yes.

All in all, it’s nice.

Today, for example,
It's sunny.

That's great, isn't it?

Sun is very important.

Walking is also important.

For sure.

We must walk
every day.

At least half an hour.

Could give me
one of your pieces?

My piece?

Could you give it to me?

can I go to my room?

-Will you come back later?

Then you can go.

-Are you leaving?
-I’m going home.

It’s not a good time.

Stefanija is home alone,
and Rexi needs food.

Let's go back inside...


I'm not too old

I'm not too old

To love you

I'm not too old

To leave

Alone with you

If you want to

If you want to

Wait for me

On that day, you will have

All my love

To yourself.

Why don't you pass the ball
to the others?

Why are you putting grapes
in my basket?

-I don't have mine.
-Then go look for it.

Please excuse me.

What's up with you?


I'm looking at the sky.


I'm moving the clouds.

And how do you
move the clouds?

I see the cloud...

...and it’s not moving.

Then I tell it... go for a walk.

And it leaves slowly.

I will not apologize to you.

That was the first time
that I picked grapes in my life.

It’s good not to have done everything
in your youth.

Have you ever sailed on a boat?


I would like to sail.

It’s nice.


Down a stream...

to the river.

And then down to the sea.

And then all through the sea.

Have you ever played
an instrument?

I used to sing.

Every year,
we would visit Sanremo.

The real music was there!

We heard an Italian woman
sing in 1964.

All of the musicians were Italian.

Her voice was soft...

...quite subtle.

I didn't understand a word,

but just the same, I had fun.

Music is just music.

She held her hands

and suddenly,
I was already behind.

I never found out
how she followed it.

She was here for an hour,
and then she left!


I felt different.

What does that matter?

How I got here,
how you got there?

Of course it matters!

We arrived by van.



Didn’t I say I preferred
to go by boat?

I said that.

But that doesn't matter.

So what matters to you?

A lake...

...water that stays still.

A sea...

A sea is in motion.

The waves always moving,

and then breaking
against the coast.

A river...

A river also moves.

Some rivers run pretty fast.

And then, there are the waterfalls.

Our Mrs. Dusa
knows all about it.

Mr. Bruno,
there's someone who wants to see you.

See me? Who?

I don’t know, you guys have
so many visitors.

-Teacher, can I leave?

-Does she know me?
-She said she did.

The colors.
They are also important.

The water we drink,

In nature,
it is usually green or blue.

They’re not watering the plants.

So they will dry up.

Do you know my wife?

Her name is Stefanija.

Yes, I know her.

How is she?

She should come visit me.

Mom died three years ago.



Why didn't you tell me before?

We went to the funeral together.

People brought
lots of flowers.

A white airplane
flew over the cemetery.



Very beautiful.


We have to sell it.

To who?

I don’t know.
For anyone who wants to buy it.

But why?

It’s empty
and falling apart.

Are you going to sell it?

Our house?

And the birch too?

Do you know what they say
about birch trees?

I know.

That birch trees
absorb all the water,

So it's better not to plant anything
around them,

because it will not grow.

Now would you say
I’m a birch too?


I hope you’re not too serious about that.

You're just a birch.

No words

We will meet
Somewhere again

She reaches out her hand

As if no time
Had passed

As if no time
Had passed

No words

We will leave in the morning

With the everlasting wish

I would go anywhere

A dream home

You found your home

You found your home

Sir, are you looking for something?

I'm taking a walk.

What do you want?

I'm walking too.

I'm sorry!

What are you doing in my room?

This is my room.

Yours too?

I think so.

Lord, what a problem!
We were in the same bed.

Oh, what a problem.
Are you single?

I'm not.

Neither am I.

Then why did you chase me?

You chased me.

Do you want to go out?

Do you want me to leave?

Do you want me to leave?

You smell good.

I smell good?

Never heard that before.

Did I snore?

You snored.


-It’s fine.

Did you sleep well?

I slept.

So how do you know I snored?

Men snore.

Some women
also snore.

And how do you know that?

I know.

Are you saying I snored?

I don't remember.

I must have snored.

I don't remember.

You are kind.

You are also kind.

You want to go...

for a walk?


I like talking
with you .

I like to talking
with you .

Let's walk then?

It’s almost breakfasttime.

Can we go after breakfast?

All right.

This one is my favourite.

Very cute.

I’m not get changed
in front of you.


Mr. Bruno, is there something wrong?

Why aren't you in your room?

I don't have a room.

Don't be silly!
Of course you do!

Let's go there together, okay?

Very good!

Play, Bruno, play!


Remember me?

Did you bring Rexi?


The dog?

Yes, our Rexi.

I didn't bring him.

Did you feed him?


I was a child when we put him to sleep.

You know they
don’t allow dogs here?

I know.

Bring him to the fence,

and I’ll escape.



I sold the house.

Our house?


A man came to view it,

and then his wife.

I think they will take good care of it.

Do they have kids?


That’s good.

The children...

can play in our garden.

Aren't you mad at me?

Why would I be mad?

Let's go.


To the funeral.

I don't like funerals.

You have to go.

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