Sanning eller konsekvens (1997) - full transcript

Summer holiday is over. Nora begins sixth grade and is drawn to intrigues and doesn't really know what side she's on. Or wants to be on. On one hand she feels sorry for the bullied Karin, one the other hand she wants to be friends with tough Fanny and Sabina.

Yes, it's good. Come on now!

Yes, it's good, girls! Come on!

Yes, but let the ball do the work.
Join in! Come on!

-Come on, Nora!
-Stay in...

Hold on now! Come on!

Yes, it's good, Nora.


Yes, it's good, ladies. It's good!

-Come on!
-Here, Sabina!


-Come on now!

-Too bad you didn't get the goal.
-Too bad not everyone is as good as you.

Stop fighting. Who cares?

You could play better instead
of checking out Tobbe.

-You take everything so damn seriously!
-Good because you don't.

Come on!

That's it! Let the ball do the work!

-Come on now!
-Pass it! Here!

Fucking loser!
You may as well be on the bench.

Fanny! If I hear anymore from you,
you'll sit on the bench the rest of the game.

She should sit on the bench.
She just ruins the game.

One minute left!

Come on, push on!

Hold on! Hold on!


-Nice goal!
-Are you coming with me to McDonald's?

-Remember that we won!
-Yes, God, yes!

-Nora sure was good.
-No, she was just alright.

-But did you see her?
-Yeah, did you?

Come on...

Karin... don't you ever shower?
What did you say? I can't hear you properly.

-At home...
-It's disgusting not to shower after the game!

Then you get in the same clothes
and sit in the classroom and stink.

Come on!


-Come over here.

We want to show you something.

-Yeah, come on!
-What is it?

No! Stop it!

-Now you don't need to shower at home.
-Stop it!

What the hell are you doing?
Are you stupid or something?

-What's that?
-She whispered something.

-Wait, I'm almost done.
-Sorry, we don't have time to wait.

-But we were supposed to...
-Another time.

She was fucking soaked!
Damn that was funny!

Stop! Wait!

What are you standing here for?
Why aren't you on the bus?

Go home and change. Say we played
in the shower and that you happened to get wet.

-Here, you can borrow my jacket.
-Everyone hates me... except you.

Take the jacket, then.

-Hello. Shh, Kalle is asleep.

-Can I sit here while you paint?

What is it? Do you want to talk?

If you feel sorry for someone, can
you dislike them at the same time?

Yes, that's possible.

I scored two goals.

Shall we go in?



What are you doing? How often
must I tell you, Sabina-

-you are not allowed to have headphones in class?
Let's listen to the music together.

You can't touch me.
It's the law!

Take off the headphones right now,
otherwise I'll send you down to the headmaster.

What are you doing? That's mine!

I don't want to see it again. You'll get
it back when we're finished. Take out your math books.

-We're not going to finish listening to the music?
-No. Page eleven.

Shouldn't we tell you what we think?
Like we're supposed to...

-Yes, what were you thinking?

Was there anyone who was thinking
of something at all? Karin.

The flute sounded a bit sad
as if it really...

wanted and tried to
but didn't dare say anything.


I thought of a room,
filled with red fabrics.

And a big water bed in the middle -
and a naked girl in the bed...

Stop it, Tobbe!

Page eleven...

Make sure to go outside on your break now!
Don't stand or hang around the hallway!

Karin, you can erase the blackboard
and give the flowers a little water. Thank you.

-It's not fair that she gets to stay inside!
-Everything in this world is not fair.

Yes, dad is in New York again.
We're going there next year.

Then maybe the three of us will be going
to Australia. I don't know. We'll see.

-What are you doing? Don't!
-God, you're so childish!

-What's happening tonight, guys?
-I think there's a party at Mange's.

-No, that's tomorrow.
-Maybe, I don't know.

-Thanks, that's very nice.
-Do you like that sweater?

-Yeah, why?
-You've worn it for four days now.

Have I?

Tobbe, come here!

-What did the girl you thought of look like?


-I mean her face.
-Yeah, right. Like you, actually.

-Are you going out tonight?

-I won't be coming home tonight.
-Where will you be?

-You'd like to know, huh?
-Is that your little sister?

-A tiny Mini-Nadja.
-Shut up, come on!

Imagine if you were fifteen -
or fourteen for that matter...

Mom, why can't I get a new shirt?
One of those short ones...

-When I get a raise.
-It'll be in a couple of weeks.

-Whose turn to do the dishes?
-It's Anton's turn.

I have an English test tomorrow
so I have to study.

-They're not going to take care of themselves.

I have to put Kalle to bed and then...
I have other things to do.

Ah, you're meeting... Felix.

-No help with my English, then?
-Absolutely not.

Eighty and a hundred...

-Hey, what can I do for you?
-Cigarettes for my mom...

...and candy for me.

When will you come
and work for me, Nora?

-I don't know.
-Invite your dog too, and a friend.

Thank you.

-Bye, have a good day.

-What's your dog's name?

Hello, Koki...
- Are you taking her out?

-Can I come? Please...
-Okay, come on.

Come on, Koki. Come. Good!

-She's beautiful.
-There's no point. She won't.

If you say "stay", she jumps
up and licks you instead.

-Here, try it.

-Oh, how clever! Good, Koki!
-Look! Watch this...

Come on. Here you go. Come on!

Yes, and dance a little! Good.

-Do you have a dog?

-Another kind of pet?
-I can't, my parents won't let me.


But if I got one, I would
like to have one like Koki.

Good! Come here! Jump!
Jump back...

Maybe we can teach her other
tricks too. Play dead, maybe.

Maybe you should take her?

You're so cute.

-Come on, we'll go a different way.
-I know a good detour.

Has he not arrived yet?

No. He's working.

Will it be easier if we decide what
everyone will bring to the party?

Those who have good music
can obviously bring CDs or tapes.

-Do we have to dance the whole time?
-Should nerds who don't dance be invited?

Everyone's invited. That's why we're having a
party! Everyone should be involved.

-Emma, what do you want to bring?
-I don't really know, maybe...

-Games or something like that.
-Games? Are we in fucking kindergarten?

"The itsy, bitsy spider
climbed up the waterspout."

-Truth or Dare, maybe!
-You're not supposed to have headphones on in here.

-Take them off now!
-It's obvious we should have a dance, we're in sixth grade!

What? "Obvious".
It's not obvious at all.

What if some people don't want the dance.
Karin for example. What do you think?

-Yes, Jonas, what do you think?
-I-I-I agree with Nora.

-We are, afterall, in the sixth grade.
-You agree with Nora!

Calm down. When you get home ask
your parents if they would want

to help set-up or help chaperone
the class party.

Calm down! We have
already decided. We need...

Unless you quiet down
there will be no class party.

Now, this is why we need
two parents at the class party.

"I-I-I agree with Nora."
Clearly he's in love with you! J-J-Jonas!

-No! My Freestyle!
-Oh no...

-Go get it. We'll wait for you.
-I can't.

Fuck it, then if it's
so damn hard.

-Okay, I'll get it if you wait for me.
-Oh, cool!



Do you know when mom will be home?

-Don't, it might break!
-Where did you get this from?

It's none of your business!
And knock next time!

You're so cranky nowadays.

-Get out!
-"Get out!" I'm so scared!

-Do you have my Freestyle?

-What do you mean "no"?
-It wasn't there.

-What are you talking about?
-It wasn't in the desk.

-You're joking!

-It has to be there.
-Good morning, girls.

Are you ready for a new day?
Come on in...

Shh! Guys...

-Sabina, you can take a seat.
-But where is it?

-Are you finished, Sabina?
-My Freestyle...

-Relax! What's happened?
-Someone stole my Freestyle.

Maybe you left it in the lunch room or
woodworking class. Maybe it's at home.

-I had it at the end of the day yesterday.
-You shouldn't store valuables in your desk.

-It's weird that Fanny's home sick right now.
-Yeah... what?

She didn't want you to pick up
your Freestyle yesterday.

-What? What do you mean?
-No, nothing. It was nothing.

Why would she...? She has
a better one - a CD walkman.

If things go her way she is
really nice, but otherwise...

-I can get pretty tired of her.
-Me too.

Don't tell anyone I said that.

Oh no.


-Are you home? Have you finished school already?
-No, we have a break. Nora's here.

Then you can visit in your room.

-Look in the fridge if you want something to eat.
-We've already eaten.

Hey, who are you? Huh?
This one's on me.

Leave the kids be!
I told you that you should go to your room.

-Who was that?
-I have no idea.

It's Nadja's. Want some?

Come here, I'll do your makeup.

You have nice eyes.

-Are you coming out with me tonight?
-You go out a lot, huh?

I can't stay at home.
Nadja and mom argue all the time.

Do you promise not to say anything?

-Are you sure?

Nadja is pregnant, and she
doesn't know who the father is.

You won't tell anyone?
I haven't told anyone.

-Not even Fanny?

-I'll see you tonight. I'll pick you up later.
-Okay, bye.

-Wait, Nora! Do you want some company?
-Why are you following me?

Let me accompany you home.
I can help you with math.

Wait up!

You can trust me.
I won't say anything.

-What are you talking about?
-Sabina's Freestyle. I saw you!

-The percentage is the same as hundredths.
-But it was a quarter!

We're home now. Let's see if
there's anyone home.

Can you help me?
Undress him. He's so tired.

Hi, I'm Nora's mom. Lena...

Karin Eriksson.

So you're doing homework together.
That's good!

-What did you buy?

-Not that bag, the other one!
-Oh, this...

Check it out! Neat, huh? Look!

I may have to watch myself when I lean
forward, that my boobs don't fall out.

-It's beautiful. Was it expensive?
-No, not really.

Here you go. For the class party...

Thank you!

It's beautiful!

-I might not go to the class party.
-Why not?

-Mother and father think something will happen.

-With some boy.
-That you... with some of the guys?

-You know, Jonas is in love with you, right?
-I hate him.

-You're welcome to stay for dinner.
-Thanks, but I probably can't.

Call home and ask.
The phone is in the hallway.

-Nora, the napkins!
-You never ask me first!

But I thought... it's
so seldom you invite friends home.

What happened to Sabina anyway?

It's Karin, I'm at Nora's.
From class...

I helped her with homework.
Can I have dinner here?

So the last day he asks for two
cucumbers, but there were just bananas.

The clerk thinks it's weird,
he's still buying cucumbers and bananas...

And then the guy answers:
"Yes, but there were no cucumbers."

I don't get it.

-Do you want some milk, Karin?
-No, thank you.

You don't like milk?
Are you allergic? You can have something else.

-That's not necessary.

I'll get it!

-Are you ready?
-No, we're eating.

Well, then...

-But... I can come later.
-Yeah, do that. Bye.

-Look who's coming!
-What an ugly dog! It's like a doormat!

Look, my shoes are a bit dirty.
Can I borrow him?

-Are you upset now?
-Don't go, my sneakers are dirty.

Who can bring Fanny her homework?
Nora! Great...

Here. Nora, go ahead.

Don't forget to talk to your parents about
the class party. We need two chaperones.

-My mom can come.
-Mine too.


-Is your mom home?
-What? No, they needed help at work.

-How was school today?
-The usual.

-Is Sabina sick too?
-No, why would you think that?

-I thought she would come...
-She probably didn't have time.

-What? Is she doing something else?
-No. She's probably with Maja.

They were out last night too.

-I promised not to say anything, but...
-What did she say?

-No, it's nothing.
-Well, tell me!

-I can't say anything. I promised.

-Sabina wouldn't tell you any secrets.
-Wouldn't she?

-Come on, say it!

Say it! She's definitely already
told me.

Nadja is pregnant, and she doesn't
know who the father is.

I knew that! She told
me a long time ago.

You should probably go now.
I'm actually sick.



-Nora, you're not ready yet?

You can come in now.

Let's see...

-Are you going out?
-No, he'll be coming here tonight.

-Are you sad I can't come to the class party?
-It's okay.


-Have fun tonight.
-You too! Bye.


-Be home by eleven. Remember that.

Come on, fucking little kids!

-Hey, why didn't your mom come?
-She couldn't. She's on call.

-She's a doctor in the emergency room.
-Oh, I thought...

D-D-Do you want to dance?

Emil! Truth or Dare?


Which girl here do you like the most?


-Nora's turn.
-Okay. Nora...

-Truth or Dare?
-I don't know. Dare...

You should kiss...


Is it too hard, or...?
You're supposed to kiss him now. Come on!

Come on!
You're so childish.

-Do you dare to kiss him?
-Deep down you want to?

It was just for fun!

-"It was just for fun."
-"What an ugly dog! It looks like a doormat!"

"Do you dare to kiss him?"

"What the hell are you doing?
Are you stupid or something?"