Sanma no aji (1962) - full transcript

In the early 60's in Tokyo, the widower Hirayama is a former captain from the Japanese navy that works as a manager of a factory and lives with his twenty-four year-old daughter Michiko and his son Kazuo in his house. His older son Koichi is married with Akiko that are compulsive consumers and Akiko financially controls their expenses. Hirayama frequently meets his old friends Kawai and Professor Horie, who is married with a younger wife, to drink in a bar. When their school teacher Sakuma comes to a reunion of Hirayama with old school mates, they learn that the old man lives with his daughter that stayed single to take care of him. Michiko lives a happy life with her father and her brother, but Hirayama feels that it is time to let her go and tries to arrange a marriage for her.




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Cinematography by YUHARU ATSUTA

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when you get a chance.

- Not at all.

What's going on with Miss Taguchi?
This is her second day out.

I heard she's getting married.

So she'll be quitting?

I don't know.

Good for her.
How old is she?

Around 23 or 24.

Is that so?

What does your husband do?

- I'm not married yet.
- No?

It's just me and my father.

I see.
Well, it'll be your turn soon.

I hope you find
a good husband.

Hey there.

What is it?

I just happened to be
in Yokohama.

I see. Was your wife
angry the other day?

Not at all.
She was amused.

- Sake makes me too honest.
- You and me both.

Tell me,
how old is Michiko now?

She's 24. Why?

I've found a good prospect.

- A prospect?
- For marriage.

My wife found him.
She's quite impressed.

Fresh out of medical school.
He's an intern there now.

About 29, I think she said.
What do you say?

Marriage, huh?

You have other offers?

No. I just haven't given it
any thought.

Haven't given it any thought?

She's not ready yet.

She's just a child,
naive about the opposite sex.

No, she isn't.
She's more than ready.

You think so?

Marry her off. She'll be fine.

Think so?

Oh, Horie called earlier.
He wants to talk about the reunion.


He probably called you too.

He's a real fireball
since taking that young wife.

Maybe he's popping some pills.

You could be right.

Well, think about
what I said about Michiko.

All right.
So will you come tonight?

No, I'm here to see
the Whales play the Tigers.

It's a doubleheader.

Go some other night.

I'm not missing a crucial game
just to see Horie.

Don't talk like that.
Come on.

- Not tonight.
- Come on!

No, not tonight.

It's the bottom
of the fourth inning.

The Whales' cleanup batter,
3rd baseman Kuwata, is at bat.

Bottom of the fourth.
Kuwata is at bat.

With his leg injury healed,
he's in top form.

He sent a grounder to short
his first time up.

He glances at coach Mihara
for the signal.

He's out to nail that ball.

Buckey's on the mound,
Tanigawa's behind the plate.

A fastball from Buckey.
It's a strike.

Low in the strike zone.
One strike, no balls.

New signal for the next pitch.

Ifs a ball,
and ifs now 1 and 1.

Kuwata waits for the pitch.

Too high.
The count is 1 and 2.

Did they score a run?

So where'd Sugai run into him?

On the train.

He saw a strange old man
reading a discarded newspaper.

He looked familiar.
Then Sugai realized it was "the Gourd"!

He must be pretty old by now.

I thought he'd died long ago.

No, his kind never die.

Not even if you try to kill them.

You still bitter?

He browbeat you
with the Chinese classics.

He was a rat.
Why have a party for him?

For the hell of it.

If he's coming, I'm not.

The reunion's in his honor.

It won't be fun without you.
Come on.

Come on.

Absolutely not.

Who's ahead?

No change. Tied 0-0.

More hot sake.

This one's empty.

Professor Horie, your wife is late.

- Your wife's coming?
- Yes.

- She is?
- That's right.

She's visiting friends now,
but she'll be here.

Such a lovely young wife.

So she goes with you
everywhere these days?

More or less.

- You taking anything?
- What?

You know.

I don't need that yet.

It's not necessary.

What about you, ma'am?

- What?
- You know.

Do you give your husband
pills to... you know...

Well, I never!

I'll heat some more sake.


Just between us...


I'm serious now.

I won't shout it from the rooftops,
but it's pretty nice.

What is?

Having a young wife.
It works out quite nicely.

Listen to you!

No, I'm serious. It's true.

How old is she?

Three years older
than my daughter. What of it?

Lucky bastard.

That's right, and it's great.

Why don't you try it?
Start a new life.

Is it that great?

Forget it.

Just stay as you are
and marry off your daughter.

But in all seriousness -

We get it.
Spare us any more.

Just between us -

Professor Horie,
your wife is here.


Come in.

Did you see your friends?

Come join us.
- Please do.


Sorry I haven't been in touch.

Not at all.
How have you been?

- Please join us.
- Yes, do.

Did you finish your shopping?

Then come join us.

I really ought to...

You're going home?
Did you get my medicine?

I'll take some now.
- What's it for?

It's vitamins.

Why not take them at home?

I guess I will.
Shall we be leaving?

Sorry, but...

What about the reunion?

I'll leave it to you two.

You decide what's best.

Please excuse us.

Take care.

You know, I missed
the game to come here.

It's just a game.

Aren't you eating?

I'll eat at home.

Well, good night.

I'll listen meekly
to any complaints later.

Look what's become of him.

What a fool.

I wouldn't want
to wind up like that.

No, sirree...

- Can I lock up?
- Yes.

- Welcome home.
- Thanks.

- You smell of sake again.
- I didn't have much.

I wonder.

did you run into Koichi?

- Was he here?
- He just left.

What did he want?

Nothing special.

But he brought doughnuts.
There's one left.

I see.

Welcome home.

- Care for a bite to eat?
- I'm fine.

Then I'll have
the last doughnut.

Mrs. Tomizawa
won't be coming anymore.

How come?

Her sister-in-law died.
She's moving back home.

I see.
Did you find a replacement?

She asked around
but couldn't find anyone.

That's a bother.

We'll manage if we all get up early.
You too, Kazu.

Not me. I'm off tomorrow.

And I don't leave till noon.

So only I'm getting up early?

Then you two
can clean up after I leave.

And call if you're going
to miss dinner.

You too, Kazu.
Or no dinner for you.

Sis, can you get me
my gray trousers?

Get them yourself.
They're upstairs.

I wonder what Koichi wanted.

No idea.

Call him.
He should be home by now.

I'm back.

You're late.

I went to see Dad.
Did you get home early?

Not really.
What did he say?

He wasn't home.

Michiko returned this to you.

My dress patterns.
Did they turn out well?

I don't know.
I'll go see Dad again soon.

Do that.

You know Mr. Yamaoka?

- Who?
- On the third floor.

The insurance man?

Yes. His wife
was in the hospital.

She was? Why?

She came home
with a darling baby boy.

A baby boy?

They're naming him Koichi,
just like you.

I asked them not to.

It's a fine name.

Not for him.

Imagine that poor child
ending up like you.

One Koichi is enough.

You want grapes?
I bought some tonight.


I'm tired. Make my bed.

I'm eating!

Make it yourself.

We'll get a discount
on the fridge if we pay up front.


Did your father talk to you?

About what?

A marriage prospect for you.
A good one, too.


He didn't say a word?

That man is hopeless.

What do you say?
Are you ready to marry?

Tell me.

How do you feel about it?

Those two are helpless
without me.

- Why?
- They just are.

If that's the reason,

you'll wind up
never getting married.

That's fine.

It is not fine.

You mustn't become
an old maid.

Speak to your father.

Miss Hirayama.

Is your father attending
the reunion tonight?

- You're sure?
- Absolutely. Right?

- So you got suspended?
- He sure did.

- What was it for that time?
- He wrote a love letter.

And "the Lion" found it.

Sir, how's he doing?

The Lion?

Mr. Miyamoto,
the math teacher.

Ah, he passed away.
He was a nice man.

And how's "the Emperor"?

Mr. Tsukamoto,
the history teacher?

He's in good health.

Lives in Tottori.

Sends me a card every New Year.

And Mr. Amano, who taught physics -

"The Badger"?

Is that what you called him?

His son is a member
of the Upper House.

He's comfortably retired.

So Mr. Amano's doing well, eh?

Sir, you have a daughter?

Yes... I do.

A very pretty girl, too.

You're embarrassing me.

How many grandchildren
do you have?

Well, you see...

my wife passed away
some time ago,

so my daughter's still single
and looks after me.

It must be kind of lonely
for you two.

Not really.

But you must all have
adult children by now.

Any grandchildren?

His new wife
is practically a grandchild.

Not only that -
and this is just between us -

he says it's "pretty nice."



Mr. Horie, you were vice president
of your class, weren't you?

He's still vice president.

His wife is president!



What is this?

- Sea eel.
- Seal?

No, sea eel.

Ah, sea eel.

It's very tasty!

Sea eel, eh?

Written with the characters
for "fish" and "abundance."

More, sir?

Beer? Thank you.

It must be lonely,
just you and your daughter.

It is, but I got
used to it long ago.

I don't know
how my daughter feels, though.

Well, my thanks to you all.

It was a wonderful meal.

- A little more?
- Oh, thank you.

Yes, it's been most pleasant.

It's been 40 years
since you left middle school.

You're all important men now,
with busy schedules,

yet you generously offer
your valuable time

to treat the Gourd
to your hospitality.

How about one more, sir?

Don't mind if I do.

People have become
so cold since the war,

but the warmth
you've shown me this evening -

The Gourd is very lucky.

Thank you.

Thank you all.

- What is it?
- Where's my hat?

Can't you stay a bit?

I'll drive you home later.

No, I must be going.

Sir, you checked your hat.

Did I?

That's right.

- You're really leaving?
- I'll just finish this.

Please take this with you.

Oh, goodness.
Thank you once again.

Well, everyone...

- I'll go with him too.
- Good idea.

Thank you all again.

I had a wonderful time.

Look after him.

- Are they gone?
- Yes.

I think the Gourd
enjoyed himself.

He'd never had sea eel,
but he knew how to write it.

He even ate
Kawai's egg custard.

He sure has a hearty appetite.

He certainly has aged.
He's starting to shrivel up.

A shriveled gourd, eh?

It was our good turn
for the day.

- Some more?
- Please.

- Any sake left?
- Yes.

This is it.
Over this way.

- Are you all right, sir?
- I'm fine!

I had a great time!


- The whiskey!
- It's all gone.

All gone?

Hey, Tamako!

Please come in.


What is it, Father?

I had fun!

Sorry, he's rather tipsy.

- What fun!
- Father!

Great fun!

Mr. Kawai and Mr. Hirayama
saw me home.

I'm terribly sorry
for your trouble.

He's always like this.

Shut up!
What's that supposed to mean?

What fun. Kawai!


You're a big shot now,

but you were an unruly brat.
I underestimated you.

Tamako, beer!

Please don't bother.

But you went out of your way.

- Pardon us.
- We must be leaving.

Not yet. It's too early.

Hey, Hirayama!



Where's my bottle?
The classy whiskey.

You finished it in the car.

I did?

Oh, that's right. I did.

You always did have
a good memory.

Please look after him.

We'll be going.

I'm terribly sorry for the trouble.

If you'll excuse us.

Don't leave yet!

Kawai! Hirayama!

Tamako, beer!

What fun! It was great!

Hirayama! Kawai!

Not seal - sea eel.

Here you go.

Did Sugai know the Gourd
ran a noodle shop?

He'd have said so.
It took me by surprise.

His daughter's kind of strange.

She's so cold and unfriendly.

No wonder he's lonely.

I'd hate to end up like that.

But you will.

No, I won't.

You will. Hurry up
and get Michiko married.

- Think so?
- You bet.

I'll be fine.

More beer for you gentlemen?

That's all right.
We have to get back to work.

Isn't Professor Horie
coming today?

What a lovely young wife!

Yes, she's adorable.
Isn't she?

I said, "Isn't it deplorable?"

Yeah, it is.

Did something happen?

The wake.

For whom?

For whom? For Horie!

Don't be silly.

Today's an inauspicious day,
so the funeral will be tomorrow.

Are you serious?

We were just making plans
for the funeral.

Let's not accept any wreaths.

No, they're a waste.
No wreaths.

How did he die?

He had high blood pressure.

That young wife
proved to be his undoing.

Are you serious?

You be careful too.
You mustn't overdo it.

You two are awful.
He just walked in.

They're inside.

Sorry I'm late.

What a relief.

I'm glad you're alive and kicking.


Still alive, eh?


Inside joke.

By the way, they all agreed.

They did? That's great.

Even those unable to attend
are willing to contribute.

At 2,000 yen per head,
that'll make 20,000.

- Shall we do that?
- Yes, let's.

- Will you deliver it?
- Me?

You live closest to him.
The Gourd will be pleased.

I'd never have thought
he lived in a place like that.

That's fate for you.

Look what it did for me.

Stop bragging-

May I?

It's good.

I'll leave the money here.

Thank you.

- Excuse me.
- Who's that?

Sorry about the other night.

Thank you so much
for bringing him home.

Not at all. I live close by.
Is he in?

Yes, he is.


Well, look who's here!

Please have a seat.

- Mr. Hirayama!
- Thanks for coming the other night.

The pleasure was all mine.

I'm sorry I got carried away
and behaved quite rudely.

My daughter gave me
a good scolding.

Please accept
my humble apologies.

Not at all.
It was our fault.

After 40 long years!
I must say I enjoyed myself.

Please have some.

Bring out some shochu.

Wouldn't beer be better?

Would you prefer beer?

This is fine.
Please don't bother.

No bother. Bring some out.

No, really.
Please don't bother.

We have so little to offer,

especially to a man
of your refined tastes.

Please, you really mustn't bother.

Can I make you something?

No, thank you.

Actually, we all just wanted
to give you this.

What is it?

We considered a souvenir, but -

No, no! I can't accept it.

That would be very awkward.
It's not much.

Please take it.

No, I couldn't.

Just being invited
to your party was enough.


Pork ramen.

Excuse me a moment.

I should be going, sir.

I see. I'm sorry you went
to such trouble.

- I'll come again.
- Please do.

If you'll pardon me.

Captain! Is that you, sir?

I'm sorry, but who would you be?

Petty Officer 1st Class Sakamoto, sir.

Oh, Sakamoto!
Now I remember.

He was the captain
of my destroyer.

You don't say.

That's right.
You went to the naval academy.

That's right.

It's been so long.

How about joining me
for a drink, Captain?

Pops, cancel my order.

The food here isn't that good.

Let's go somewhere.

I'm glad to see you're well.

Thank you, sir.

I run an auto repair shop nearby.

You have to stop by for a minute.

What do you say? Please.

Very well, if you don't mind.

Please do. See you, Pops.

- Thanks for coming.
- See you again soon.

Sir, how come we lost the war?

Good question.

It sure made things tough.

I came home
to a burned-down house,

nothing to eat,
and sky-high prices.

Could you turn that off?

I borrowed from my father-in-law
to start the shop.

Business isn't bad.

Is the girl I met at your house
your only child?

No, I have an older daughter,
but I married her off.

I'll be a grandpa any day now.
Not a moment to rest.

I'll bet things
were easier for you, sir.

No, I had a hard time too

until friends found me this job.

But Captain...

if Japan had won the war,
how would things be?

I wonder...

More whiskey!
Bring us the whole bottle.

If we'd won,
we'd both be in New York now.

And not just a pachinko parlor
called New York. The real thing!

- Think so?
- Absolutely.

Because we lost,
our kids dance around

and shake their rumps
to American records.

But if we had won,

the blue-eyed ones
would have chignon hairdos

and chew gum while plunking
tunes on the shamisen.

But I think it's good we lost.

You think?

Yeah... maybe you're right.

The dumb militarists
can't bully us anymore.

I don't mean you, Captain.
You weren't like that.

Have some more.
Bottoms up.

Welcome back.


Where have you been?

- At the baths.
- At this hour?

It's been a slow day.
Shall I pour for you?

You're prettier on slow days.

Captain, she's the madam here.


Seems you come here often.

Often enough.
I hope you will too.

He was the captain of my ship.

Nice to meet you.

Shall I play that song?

Again? Sure, put it on.

Sir, let's drink up!

I'm so happy-

Here we go!

Come on, Captain! Join me!

No, like this!

"Today's weather:
clear skies and rough seas."

- Welcome home.
- Thanks.

- Koichi's here.
- Oh?

- You've been drinking again.
- I didn't have much.

Yes, you did.

Welcome home.

In high spirits?

I ran into an oddball friend.

There's no dinner. You didn't call.

I've eaten.

I also met a woman.


At a small bar.
She looked just like your mother.

You mean her face?

Her build too,
but not if you look too closely.

When she looks down,
this part looks similar.


How old is she?

Maybe 28, 29.

When Morn was that age,
I wasn't born yet.

She wore an odd dress
and headband.

Is that how Morn dressed?

No, she always wore a kimono.

But during the evacuation
she even wore Father's trousers.

I'd like to visit that bar.
Where is it?

Yes, let's go one day.

Mind you, she's no spitting image.

I'll go too.

Not me. I'd rather not see her.

What brings you here?

Well, urn...

I see.
Michiko, is the bath ready?

I didn't heat it today.


What is it?

I need 50,000 yen
to buy a refrigerator.

Sure, but not right away.
Is it urgent?

The sooner the better.

Michiko will bring it over in a few days.

Thank you.

Michiko, I need soap.

Would you have
a couple extra tomatoes?


How's this vacuum cleaner?

It works well.

Here. They're cold.

We ordered a refrigerator.

Don't rush. New models
come out all the time.

You're right.
Well, thanks.

Home early?

No, I just got in.

What's that?

Have a look.

Why'd you buy those?

- Did Michiko bring the money?
- No, not yet.


Why'd you get those?

They were a bargain.

You bought them?

I can pay later.

Miura's friend got new ones
and wants to sell these.

They're great clubs.
A real bargain.

You're going to buy them?

With what money?
I won't allow it.

Michiko's bringing
some money over.

I asked for a little extra.

- How much are you borrowing?
- 50,000 yen.

You still shouldn't
spend it on such things.

All you do is squander money.

No, I don't.

You're always buying things.

I want to buy things too,
but I control myself.

Take them back.

I can't now.

Yes, you can.
Take them back.

Where do you get off,
playing golf on your salary?

The rare days you come home early,
you're exhausted.

You go straight to bed.
So why buy golf clubs?

Give it up!

On the mark every time.

They're good clubs.

They're MacGregors.

A little worn,
but they're still a bargain.

I know.

I wish I could buy them,
but I'm broke.

Ask Shiokawa.
He'll want them.

You don't?

I do, but I have
money problems.

Your wife objects?

But these are MacGregors.

- Yeah, they're great.
- Take the plunge.

I'd better not.

Is your wife that scary?

No, but I'll never
hear the end of it.

Let me try them again.

We don't have much time.

We're fine.

Wind the clock.
It's about to stop.

Why are you sulking?

Go play golf if you want.
I never said you couldn't play.

You're like a spoiled kid.

Earn more if you want
to spend so much.

No comment?

The clock!


Nice day, isn't it?

Come in.

I'm glad you're in.
I thought you'd be golfing.

Your brother's ruining our Sunday
with his bad mood.


Ask him.

What's wrong?

Father sent this for you.

I'll take that.

Thank you.

Seriously, what's wrong?

He can't use this money
the way he wants.

Be quiet.

He had his eye on something,
so he borrowed a little extra.


- Trouble was -
- Shut up!



Koichi, Mr. Miura's here.

Hi. What's up?

It's about the clubs.
My friend says -

Hello. What is it?

My friend expects you
to buy the clubs as promised.

We don't want them.
But do come in.

Come in.

You sure? Okay.

I'm afraid my friend
was really counting on the money.

Are you trying to force us?

Not at all!
They're excellent clubs.

And he'll accept installments.


Not even on installments.
Absolutely not.

Are you sure?

2,000 yen a month for 10 months.
It's a steal.

Absolutely not.

I'd buy them if I were you.

Then why don't you?

I can't.
I don't have the money.

Then stop pushing them on us.
Take them back.

Are you sure?

Sorry I upset your wife.

Forget it. She's been
in a bad mood all day.

Still, I'm sorry.


The first installment.
- Are you sure?


If we don't buy them,
he'll sulk forever.

Isn't that nice, Koichi?

- They're great clubs.
- Yes, really tops.

You're sure about this?

only nine installments left.

Don't worry.
Well, I've gotta go.

- So soon?
- Take the money and run, eh?

I have another appointment.

I'll be going too.

You too?

Stay a little longer.

I can't.
I'm meeting some friends.

My regards to Dad.

And thank him too.

We can walk out together.



You sure about this?

Don't you want them?

Yes. I really do.

But I get
to buy something too.

- What?
- A leather handbag.

It's expensive, but I'm buying it!

He's quite a meek husband,
isn't he?

But he acts tough
in front of us.

Maybe it's best
to be meek with one's wife.

Perhaps, but not too meek.

It's hard to figure out.

The train's coming.

Hello. What is it?

I wanted to thank you
for everything.

Oh, that's right.

I hear you're getting married.

I wanted to say good-bye.

I see.
Say, are you 23 now or 24?

I'm 24.

So you're my daughter's age.

Well, be happy.
Be a good wife.

Thank you.

This gentleman is here for you.

I see.
Please show him in.

Miss Taguchi, please stop in again
before you leave.

I'll do that. Excuse me.


You must be busy.

Forgive me
for coming by unannounced.

Not at all.
Please have a seat.

It was nice of you to visit us.

I found your gift
under the chopstick stand.

Don't mention it.
Please sit down.

I don't deserve such generosity.

Don't be silly.
Please have a seat.

I've been visiting all of you
to thank you for your kindness.

That's nice of you.
Did you see Kawai?

Unfortunately, he was out.

I see.
Are you going home now?

Yes, this happens
to be my last stop.

Then let's go together.

All right, but your work -

No, I'm all done.

Get me Mr. Kawai
at Daiwa Trading.

And please send
Miss Taguchi in again, please.

Thank you.

Sir, how about another glass?


I'm happy-

I'm so happy!

Sorry for the trouble.

The Gourd is out cold.

Sir, how about one more?

Yes, thank you.

You gentlemen are fortunate.

I'm so lonely.

Why are you lonely?

Lonely and sad.

In the end,
we spend our lives alone...

all alone.

I made a big mistake.

My selfishness ruined her life.

What do you mean?

I mean my daughter.

My daughter.

I kept her by my side.

She had her chances to marry,

but I was a widower.

That was my mistake.

I let the opportunities slip by.

I must be going.

Going home?

What's the rush?
Let's have another.

Well, perhaps I just might.

"Make hay while the sun shines."

"Waste not your thoughts
on eternity."

"Drain your glass
ere life is gone."


Let him sleep.
He leads such a lonely life.

Be careful
you don't end up like that.

Oh, I won't.

What if Michiko turns out
like the Gourd's daughter?

No, she won't.

She could.

Hurry up and marry her off,

or you'll end up like the Gourd.

What? The Gourd?

Where am I?

Get some rest, sir.
We'll take you home.

Are you Mr. Kawai?

Think it over.


Yes. I'm back.

Don't lock up.
Kazu isn't home yet.

Welcome home.

What is it?



You ready to get married?

Marriage. Are you ready?

Don't be silly.

I mean it.

I'm serious.

Father, you're drunk again.

I did have a few drinks,
but I'm serious.

Probably more than a few.

What put that idea in your head?

Lots of things.

Come here.

Just a minute.

I'm almost finished.

I've given it a lot of thought.
Please come here.

How would you two get by?

That can't be helped.

You're 24 now.

Precisely. I still have time.

Before you know it,
it'll be too late.

I've taken advantage
of your willingness to stay and help.

What difference does that make?

I have no intention
of getting married anytime soon.

It's impossible.
You know that as well as I do.


You want me to stay here.

Don't say that. It's not true.

Yes, it is.

What would you and Kazu do?

We'd get by.

How? You'd never manage.

What brought this on?

So you never intend to marry?

I never said
I don't intend to marry.

Lots of my friends are married.
Some are already mothers.

Then it's time for you -

No. I'm fine like this.

I realize these are
our best years,

but you mustn't let them slip by.
I've thought about it.

Then stop being so inconsiderate.

I'm not!

Yes, you are!

I'm back.

Sis, can I lock up?

Yes, go ahead.

Dad, you're home already?

Where's Sis?
- She's around.

Sis, I'd like dinner.

What's going on with her?

You think there might be
a man she likes?



I don't know,
but there's a girl I like.

There is?

Yes. Tomiko Shimizu.

Where's she from?

I don't know,
but I talk to her sometimes.

What does she do?

She's a conductor on my bus.

She's tiny, plump, and cute.

I see.

Hey, Sis,
get me something to eat.

Go make yourself
something in the kitchen.


Go on.
Take care of yourself.

I'm back.

Sorry I'm late.

What's for dinner?

I found ham and eggs
in the fridge.

I bought some hamburger.

Is the rice cooking?

Yeah, it's almost done.

Michiko came by my office
at lunch today.

What for?

Your father wants
to marry her off.

To whom?

And how will he manage
when she's gone?

She said the same thing.

So she won't do it?

I don't know, but he's been
bugging her for days.

She's tired of it.

Who's the guy?

Someone Mr. Kawai knows.

Father met him
and thinks he's fine.

But Michiko doesn't like him?

I couldn't tell,

but she doesn't seem opposed
to getting married.

So what's the problem?

Good question.

So why did she come to see you?

Well, I think I can
understand her feelings.

Is that right?


You're home early.

Good evening, Father.
Please come in.

- I brought some boiled beef.
- Thanks.

Thank you very much.

On your way home?

Yes, but I'd like to speak to you.
Can you come out?

I haven't eaten yet.

- I see.
- Please stay for dinner.

How about going out for a bite?

- If you insist.
- You're good like that.

All right.


I'm sure it's about Michiko.

Let's go.

I'll just borrow him for a bit.

Take care.

See you soon.

Excuse me.

Thank you.

All finished?

Another, please.

She looks like Mom?
I don't think so.

Not if you look real closely,
but there's a resemblance.


So what about this prospect?

He's the second son
of a good family.

He looks healthy
and dependable.

He's fine
as far as I'm concerned.

But isn't Michiko interested
in someone else?

You think so?

- Yes.
- Me too.

Kazu thinks she likes
a man named Miura.

- Miura?
- From your company.

- Him?
- What's he like?

He's a nice guy.

I'm all for him.
What does Michiko say?

She was vague,
but I sense she likes him.

Then it's simple.

Why don't you hint around
and see how he responds?

Sure. He'll make her
a good husband.

Probably best to let her
marry the man she likes.

She'll be happier that way.

That's right.
I'll talk to him right away.

Please do.

It's so quiet tonight.
Shall I play the song again?

That's all right.

- What song?
- Oh, nothing.

You know, you'll be lonely
when she's gone.

But it's time for her
to get married.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Did you call?

- Two more of these.
- And another of these.


Drink much?

Not really.
Two big bottles is my limit.

- Listen...
- What is it?

- Have you considered marriage?
- Got a good prospect?

I don't know how good,
but yes, I do.


I'm serious.

So will you marry her?

Well, there's a bit of a problem.

What are you worried about?
What do you say?

You're ready.

I guess.

The thing is,
I already have someone.

You do?

We're not married yet,
but We're together.


- You know her.
- Who is it?

- Miyoko Inoue.
- Oh, her.

You don't approve?

No, she's very nice.

Don't tell anyone yet.
We haven't said anything.

I won't.

We're engaged.

Since when?

Since the company outing
last summer.

That long?

But I haven't touched her yet.


Well, we have held hands.

Who did you have in mind?

Forget it.

Tell me. I told you mine.

Who is it?

My sister.


Does she know about this?



I wish I'd known sooner.

I even asked you once.

You said she wasn't ready
to marry yet.

Really? I said that?

You sure did.

Michiko said as much too,
so I gave up.

How about another bottle?

Is that right?
I guess it was my fault then.

What a shame!
You should have mentioned it sooner.

Some things
just don't work out.

Yeah, I guess not.

- Shall we order more?
- Sure.

It's really good.

It's my fault.

I should have thought
about it sooner.

We have to tell her
what happened.

I'm afraid you're right.

Would you talk to her?


Her heart's set on him.
I asked her this morning.

I think maybe
you should tell her.

Anyway, I feel bad for her.

Me too.

What can I tell her?

How about some tea?

That's all right.

- Michiko.
- Yes?

Come here a minute.

Sit down.

What is it?

I didn't mean to interfere,

but I had Koichi ask Mr. Miura
how he felt about you.

The thing is...

Miura liked you, all right,
but he's already engaged.

I should've looked
into it sooner.

I'm sorry.

Even I never suspected
how you felt about Miura.

It was my fault
for not inquiring sooner.

I'm sorry.

It's all right, Father.

I just wanted
to know my options.

I'm glad you asked him.


Then why don't you meet
the man Dad's been suggesting?

Will you?


So it's all right?


I'll leave it to you.

I'm glad she took it well.

Yes, indeed.

I was afraid she'd cry.

Yes, I thought
she'd be more disappointed.

She looked so calm.

Yes, thank goodness.

- What's with Sis?
- What do you mean?

Looks like she's been crying.

Hey, what's wrong?

What is it?

Look, I'm not insisting
on this other man.

If you don't like him,
you can say so.

But at least meet him once,
all right?

All right.


Want to come down for tea?

Come join us.

Excuse me.


Please come in.

Professor Horie is already here.
- Really?

Come in, please.

- Is he here?
- Yes.

- Please sit down.
- Thank you.

- Hi.
- You're late.

Horie, when did you get here?

I heard you'd be coming.

So that's it, eh?

If you do that...

Close game.

This is my game.

Help yourself.

As I mentioned on the phone,
about that marriage prospect...

can we arrange a meeting?


Would you find out
when is good for him?

What's all this about?


Now wait a minute!
You can't play both ends.

Wait till my party replies.

What's this?

You dragged your feet,
so Kawai approached me instead.

Since it was Saturday,

we held a go-between
meeting yesterday.

I have a nice girl lined up.

Isn't she nice?

Very nice.

My assistant's sister.

A little shorter than Michiko,
but very attractive.

- I see.
- She's 24.

They were in quite a rush.

So it's decided?

Yes, it seems that way.

They seemed crazy
about each other.

Is that right?


You were too slow. I'm sorry.

I see.

Don't be so cruel.

What's so funny?

Lies, all of it.

They planned it before you came.

The rotten rascals!

What about
when you planned my wake?

Now we're even.

I guess so.
But you did give me a scare.

What a relief!

Mr. Hirayama, won't you
be lonely without Michiko?


But he can't hold on
to her forever.

I hope she likes him.

She will.

I think so too.

When things are right,
it's mutual.

Like in my case.

Hey, it's your turn.


My turn, is it?

The setting sun in autumn

The mountain glows
with changing colors

Some of them are deep

Some of them are light

The green hue of the pines...


Yes, that's right.


Yes, we already have two cars.
We need one more.

A small one's okay.

That's right.
And please hurry.

It'll be here soon.


The car's taken care of.
Go lock the back doors.

Things are so hectic.

I'll send Akiko over
until you can hire some help.

That's all right.
She has her own work.

Is she expecting yet?

- What do you mean?
- A baby.

No, not yet.

We couldn't afford one
now anyway.

- Are you taking precautions?
- Yes.

Sort of.

Have kids already.

You don't want them finishing
middle school when you're 50.

You're right.

How old were you
when I was born?

I was 26.


Sir, the bride is ready.

Is she?

Thank you.

Thank you.

- We'll go on ahead.
- Thanks.

Please come in.

All set to go?

- You look beautiful.
- Lovely.

Shall we go?


I know, I know.

Be a good wife.

And be happy.

Now let's go.

- Really?
- Absolutely!

- Now it's your turn.
- Meaning?

How about a young wife?

- With the help of those pills?
- That's right.

Come on now.

Horie, you're starting
to seem sort of unclean to me.

Unclean? How so?

You know...

I'm very neat and clean.

Clean by day, filthy by night?

Oh, I get it.


What's that mean?

Mr. Hirayama, will Koichi
and his wife move in with you?

No, I still have Kazu.

We'll get by.

Young couples
should have their own lives.

Yes, old-timers
should stay out of their way.

You're such a good father.

Thank you.

Not at all.

You know,
sons are actually best.

It's true.

There's no point
having a daughter.

Boy or girl, it's all the same.

They all leave sooner or later.

Leaving the aged behind.

Who are you to complain?

Well, I married off
my daughter too.

It's hardly worth
bringing them up.

It's true.

As the Gourd said,

"In the end,
we spend our lives alone."

Be glad you're not like him.

The Gourd, huh?

Well, I'll be going.

You're leaving?

Yes. Excuse me.

Are you all right?
Shall I call a cab?

Thank you
for all you've done today.

And thanks to you two.

Sure you're all right?

I'm fine.
I'll stroll down to the station.

Shall I go with you?

Don't bother. Stay here.

Is this yours?

No, that's mine.

Thank you.

See you.


What's wrong with him?

He wants to be alone.
He misses her.

The first night after losing
a daughter is tough.

It's true.

After all the work
of raising them.

They leave so soon.


Welcome back.

Mr. Sakamoto just left.

Really? Can I get a drink?

With water?

No, straight up.

Where have you come from?

A funeral?

Something like that.

Shall I play that song?

Kayo, put on the march.

"Report from
imperial headquarters:

At 05:30 hrs., Imperial Navy units
engaged the enemy..."

- And lost!
- That's right.

They lost the battle.

Dad's late.
I wonder where he went.

Yeah, he is late.

Probably at Mr. Kawai's.

He's still late.

I guess so.

Here he is now.

Welcome home.

Did you have a lot to drink?

Father, where were you?

- Welcome back.
- Ah, you're here?

You're quite late.

You must be tired.

But it was nice, wasn't it?

Yes, it was.

I hope everything
works out for her.

Don't worry. It will.

Michiko's a smart girl.
She'll be fine.

I hope so.

Don't worry.
She'll be just fine.

We should go.


I'll stop by now and then.
Call if you need me.

Father, we'll be going.

You're leaving?

I'll drop in now and then.

See you later.

- Take care.
- Good night.

Good night.

Father, I'm going to bed.

Go ahead.


don't drink too much.

Take care of yourself.
Don't go dying on me.

I'm all right.

Defending or attacking,
our iron ships...

Go to sleep already!

Are trusty floating castles

What are you going on about?

Come on, go to bed.

It's not my fault if you catch cold.

I'm asleep already.

We have an early day tomorrow.

I'll make you breakfast.

I'm all alone...

Floating castles guard
the Land of the Rising Sun...