Sangokushi (1992) - full transcript

(wind whistling)

(soft music)

(upbeat music)

(hooves clattering)

(horses neighing)
(ground trembling)

(hooves clattering)
(horse whinnying)

(whip cracking)
- Yah!

(hooves clattering)

(soft music)

(hooves clattering)

(horse whinnying)


(upbeat music)
(hooves clattering)

- It's the Yellow Turban rebels.

(wind whistling)
(hooves clattering)

(horses neighing)

Since they're after our horses,

that's exactly what we'll give them.

Drive the herd towards
the center of their forces

and we'll split them up the middle.

(bow squeaking)

(arrow whooshing)

(men yelling)
(hooves clattering)

(arrow whooshing)

(men yelling)
(hooves clattering)

(horses neighing)

Let's go, yah!

(whip cracking)

(hooves clattering)


(whip cracking)
(hooves clattering)

(men yelling)
(ground trembling)

(whip cracking)


(whip cracking)

(dramatic music)

- [Narrator] About 7,000 years ago,

near the Yellow River basin in China,

an advanced civilization began to emerge.

And with it came the
inevitable struggle for power.

Those who succeeded, ruled
for a brief moment in time

and then were swept away
by the currents of history.

However, in the year 221 BC,

the nation was unified
by the great emperor,

Qin Shi Huangdi, who upon
his death was succeeded

by Liu Bang founder of
the mighty Han Dynasty.

(thunder rumbling)

(rain pattering)

But after four centuries
of peace and productivity,

the fabric of society began to crumble.

And there followed a reign of decadence,

corruption and lawlessness.

Dishonest and greedy government officials

exploited the people,

and lined their own pockets with riches.

Those who dared to complain
were dealt with swiftly

and without mercy.

(thunder rumbling)

(rain pattering)

(soft music)

The ravages of nature
caused even greater turmoil

and suffering, flood,
drought, famine, disease,

and pestilence on an
unimaginable scale served

to fan the flames of
the people's discontent.

(soft music)

(horse thudding)

(soft music)

Against this backdrop,

a religious leader named
Chung Chua gathered hundreds

of thousands of followers recognizable

by their yellow turbans,

and they attempted to
overthrow the government.

But his peasant army soon lost
interest in such lofty goals

and began a mindless frenzy
of pillaging and slaughter.

It was then 184 AD,

the year of the Yellow Turban Rebellion.

(men yelling)
(hooves clattering)

(horses neighing)

(dramatic music)

(indistinct chatter)

- It's the governor.

- Right this way, your excellency.

(horse whinnying)
- Gotcha.

- Huh, what beautiful horses.

Yes, very nice, very nice indeed.

(horse neighing)

Well done, young man,

you fought your way
through the Yellow Turbans

to deliver my horses as I understand it.

(footsteps approaching)

- Excellency.

- Why not stay here and work for me.

Loyal soldiers are hard to find.

- I'm your loyal subject, your excellency

but I'm just a poor farmer
hired to attend the horses.

The glory of soldiering isn't for me.

- I see, what a pity.

My daughter Li-Hua, has yet
to find herself a husband,

and I believe that you would have been

the perfect candidate.

(Li-Hua giggles)

(footsteps fading)

(wind whirling)
(dogs barking)

(dramatic music)
(people screaming)

(flames burning)

- It's the Yellow Turbans, they're here.

They've torched the whole village.

Come on, we've gotta get out of here.

(men grunting)

(hooves clattering)
(ground trembling)

(men yelling)

(hooves clattering)
(ground trembling)

(children screaming)

- My God, it's horrible.

- Liu Bei.

- What is this?

- Look.

Those are the same horses we delivered

to the governor today.

- No (sobbing)

- Li-Hua.

(horse whinnying)

(hooves clattering)
(ground trembling)

(whip cracking)

(horse whinnying)

(hooves clattering)
(ground trembling)

- It's you.

(hooves clattering)
- Ah, yah!

- I want him killed, the girl is mine.

(horse snorting)
- Yes sir, yah!

(hooves pattering)

(ground trembling)

(dramatic music)

(hooves clattering)

- Quick, he's getting away.

And now you die.

(arrow whooshing)
(hooves clattering)

(metals clinging)

(hooves pattering)
(horse whinnying)

(hooves pattering)

(horse snorting)

(hooves pattering)

(horse whinnying)

- Inside, quickly.

(door opening)

You can hide here until
your father comes for you.

- He'll never come.

- Why?

- They broke in and killed my parents

and everyone else in my household.

- What!

- I have no home, I'm all alone.

Oh, please won't you take me with you?

I'm so scared.

- They're hunting for me.

It would be dangerous for you.

- You mustn't leave me
alone please, I'm so scared.

- You must try not to be, be brave and-

(man yelling)
(dramatic music)

(hooves clattering)
(horse whinnying)

(man yelling)

- Oh!

- Listen, you must be strong.

You must be brave.

I'll come back for you someday.

For now, farewell.
(dramatic music)

- Wait, who are you?

- My name is Liu Bei

and I come from the village of Lou Sang.

My mother has a small farm there.

- Liu Bei, Liu Bei, do you promise me?

Truly promise you'll
come back for me someday?

- Someday.

(footsteps pattering)

(hooves clattering)

(man yelling)

- Please Liu Bei, keep your promise.

- There he goes, after him.

(dramatic music)

(horse neighing)

- I'm sorry about losing the herd,

but no matter how long it
takes me to work out the debt,

I will repay you.


- You saved the girl's life.

That's what matters.

Besides, how big was
that herd 100, 200 heads?

That's nothing, losing that
many horses isn't going

to break an important
horse trader like me.

Liu Bei, my advice is for you to go home

and let your mother know you're all right.

She's worried about you.

- I'm grateful, my
mother means a lot to me.

- The boy carries himself
well, like one of the nobility.

- Indeed he does and for good reason, too.

He comes from a fine family
back he is a descendant

of Emperor Qin of Han.

His father couldn't tolerate the bickering

and feuding between members of the clan

and gave up his rights of inheritance.

(birds chirping)

- I know that you're careful,

but I also know that you're very brave

and bravery sometimes
leads to foolishness.

But now that you've returned
home safe and sound,

I can stop worrying.

- I apologize, mother.

And I'm sorry I didn't bring you anything,

but, I didn't make any money this time.

- Stop talking nonsense.

You know very well that
having my son back home alive

and healthy is the most
precious gift of all.

- Thank you, I didn't
realize how hungry I was.

It smells delicious, may I?

- Of course dear.

- Hmm, delicious.

(indistinct chatter)

(orchestral music)

- Hey there, excuse me.

- Hey.

- Listen, I don't know how to read.

What's that thing say up there?

- They're asking for volunteers

to fight against the Yellow Turban rebels.

- Volunteers, huh?

So, I finally get a chance to fight

and you, you will be joining up.

- Mm-mm.

- Oh, a coward, huh?

Our country's falling apart at the seams

and somebody has got to hold it together,

but you don't have the
guts to fight, is that it?

- I'm just as idealistic as you are,

but I can't leave right now.

- Hey, I understand everyone's
gotta responsibilities,

but at least buy some
of this meat from me.

If I don't sell it,

I won't be able to buy
a sword to fight with.

- You there!

There's no peddling
allowed near the palace.

I warned you about loitering
around here, didn't I?

- Go on before we throw
you out on your rear.

- Throw me out?

- Hey!


- I suppose you fellows
don't know who I am, do you?

Once when I was in Yen,

I killed 800 men by myself
and offered their heads

as attributed to the God of War.

I'm sure you've heard my
name mentioned before,

they call me Chang Fei.

Fighting you separately
would be a waste of time

so I'll take you all on.

(dramatic music)


- Wait a minute, hold on.

This man wasn't selling anything.

I'm Liu Bei from Lou Sang village

and I had arranged to get this food

as a gift from my friend.

But unfortunately, he didn't
know the way to my house.

So you see he wasn't
breaking any rules really.

Though I do admit he has a short
temper, please forgive him.


(log thudding)

- Voice of the people,

is the voice of wise Monarch we listen to-

- Yun Chang my friend, I brought a guest.

Listen, your credit's still good.

Do you mind if I use it to
buy us a couple of drinks?

- I've seen the way you can put it away.

By the time you're through
I won't have any credit.

He's of the nobility.

Treat him well and drink what you like.

- Thank you (laughing)

Innkeeper, a jug of
your best if you please.

(footsteps pattering)

- Now, a ruler must base his-


- Have a seat.

- [Kwang Yu] And in order to know-

- Where's that in innkeeper?

- [Kwang Yu] He must listen
to the voice of the people

but if he listens only to
the advice of his counselor-

- He makes a lot of sense if you ask me.

- [Kwang Yu] Of their
class will benefit from,

- I think of him as a brother,

even though we've known each
other for just a few days.

In fact, we met here at the inn.

- Really, who is he?

- [Kwang Yu] Weak of character.

- He goes by the name Yun Chang,

but that's just an alias,
his real name is Kwang Yu.

He killed a government
official back in his hometown

and he's using this place as a hideout.

- He killed him?

- I never thought I'd meet
anyone who I respected enough

to think of as a brother,
until I met Kwang Yu.

Drink up.


He's not only educated,
he's incredibly strong.

He could take me apart with one hand.

Now listen, a while ago,

you said that you were
just as idealistic as I was

and that made me kind of curious.

Exactly what sort of ideals
were you talking about?

- I believe in certain things,
but I don't talk about it.

- Never?

What a pity, the look in your eyes

tells me you have much to say.

As for me, I gave up my
ideals a long time ago.

They weren't doing me any good anyway.

They only thing I believe in is strength

and fearing no one.

- Don't believe a word he says.

May I join you?

- Of course, after all,

you're the one who's
gonna be paying the bill.

- What you mean to tell
me you knew it all along?

- Teacher, teacher.

- Huh!

- Look, there's a bunch of
strange looking men with swords.

- In the name of the emperor,

I arrest and charge you
with murder Kwang Yu.

- I see, uninvited guests
can be such a bother,

especially when they're
government bounty hunters,

interested only in how much
they're going to collect.

As you can see, my friends
and I are having a drink

at the moment and don't
wish to be interrupted.


- Enough, come with us now
or be sliced to pieces.

- I don't take orders from
insolent idiots like you,

be right back.

- There's nothing I hate worse

than having my lunch interrupted.



(dramatic music)

(dramatic music)

- Now, get them!








(dramatic music)

- Attack!

(shouting )





(dramatic music)









- It's no use, we can't
capture them this way.

Go back and ask for reinforcements.

- Yes sir.

- Cowards!

(horses galloping)


(horse neighs)

(dramatic music)

- My home is in Zang Hu,

where the people's livelihood

depends on the production of salt.

But the local officials are selling it

to black marketeers for inflated prices

and giving the villagers
almost nothing in return

for the work they've done.

Injustice in the name of
the law is intolerable.

So I broke into the government office

and killed the man in charge.

- My friend, I consider it an honor

to have such a courageous man in my home.

Kwang Yu, Chang Fei, my mother.

- An honor.

- Ah.

- We beg your forgiveness
for this intrusion madam.

- As humble as it is sir,

you are just as welcome in
our home as in your own.

(soft music)

- Now that is what I call a lady.

(drink gurgling)

- Please sit.

- Now to the lady of the house

and our everlasting friendship, agreed?

- [All] Agreed.
(glass clinging)

- They'll be looking
for you even harder now.

What are you gonna do?

- They're drawing the
net tighter and tighter.

There's no way for me to escape.

If I have to fight to
stay free, then so be it.

- Mmh, and I'll be right
there at your side,

you can bet on that.

- [Liu Bei] When I was an infant,

my mother took me to a prophet.

- [Prophet] When the
leaves of the Mulberry tree

turn a brighter hue, he
will find loyal friends.

That would be the time by
providence ordained for your son

to make his mark upon the world.

- Kwang Yu, if you were to become a member

of the volunteer army,

they wouldn't be able to
arrest you, would they?

- Probably not, it's a good idea.

But now that I'm a wanted man,

a criminal in the eyes of the law,

I'm not sure that the army would take me.

- Sure they will 'cause I'm going too.

You see, I'll tell them that
you're an old friend of mine.

My family is very well known around here.

They'll believe whatever I say.

- We'll go together,
wherever you go, I go.

- Liu Bei, loyalty such as yours is rare.

Thank you my friend.

- I'm the one who should be thanking you.

I've waited all my life to join forces

with men of dedication and courage.

There's great suffering
throughout the land.

And I believe it's our
responsibility to do whatever we can

to end people's misery.

Without help, I can accomplish
nothing of importance.

'Till now I've met no one who
I felt I could ask for help.

No one I could respect or trust enough

to share my feelings with.

But now, I believe I've met the men

that I've been waiting for.

- Mmh, I admire your aspirations
Liu Bei, it's men like you,

that the people of this nation
must look to for leadership.

Men who believe in justice and
are willing to fight for it.

And I Kwang Yu, I'm ready
to fight for it with you.

- Justice for the people.

How would they 'cause if ever I heard one?

Now let's drink to our success.

- There's just one thing,

I can't leave right away.

There's something important
I have to see to before I go.

- I understand, you're
thinking about your mother.

- Yes I am.

I know it's time for me to go,

but I hate to leave her alone.

We're very close and I'm afraid my leaving

will break her heart.

(melancholic music)

- [Man] Oh my, isn't it beautiful?

- [Woman 1] Madam, I
couldn't possibly accept

such a valuable gift.

- [My lady] Oh now, don't be silly dear.

I want you to have it.

- Since you insist,

I accept it with heartfelt
gratitude, thank you.

- An honor my lady.

(cock clutches)

- Thank you my lady, thank you.

- Mother, you're giving away

all the things you love most, why?

- You slept late.

You'll have to hurry
and change your clothes.

You haven't much time.

- My clothes, why?

- Because dear, I happen to
know that this is going to be

one of the most important
days of your life.

Your friends have been
waiting for you outside

in the peach orchard all morning,

to celebrate your promise.

- My promise, what do you mean?

- What?

Son, have you forgotten what you

and your two friends
talked about last night?

I hope not.

(suspenseful music)

Liu Bei, while I was serving you

and your friends dinner last night

and I was in the kitchen
refilling the wine flask,

I couldn't help overhearing
you discussing your plans.

Have you forgotten that the three of you

have vowed to dedicate
your lives to a noble

and worthwhile 'cause
that you made a commitment

to work for the things you believe in,

to devote yourself to the betterment

of your people and your country?

Was it all talk or did you mean it?

- Yes, mother.

I meant every word.

- I hope so.

That we've always been poor,

we are an honorable family.

Imagine how disappointed I would be,

if after all these years,

I would have discovered
that the son I had raised,

turned out to be a coward.

I would spend the rest of my life

apologizing to your ancestors.

- I am not a coward.

- Liu Bei, the blood that
runs within your veins

is of the Han nobility.

So you know that the most
important thing to fight for

and protect is not your home or family,

but the welfare of the
people, all the people.

Your friends loyalty and
respect is due to the strength

of your beliefs and feelings.

But if you are so lacking in conviction

that you refuse to honor a commitment,

I would have been one choice,

to end my life with this sword.

(suspenseful music)

It belonged to your father.

- Mother, you have an
inconsiderate and insensitive son.

I should have known you'd feel
this way, please forgive me.

- A lovely apology.

But now that you've
decided to be a warrior,

you can no longer allow
the feelings of others,

even your loved ones to distract you.

You must stop worrying about your mother

and focus on nothing
other than your enemies

and how you are going to defeat them.

That's the only way you'll succeed.

Why look so downcast?

You're about to begin
a wonderful adventure.

This is a time for
feasting and celebration.

- Mother.

(suspenseful music)

(dramatic music)

- Noble sir, you are of royal lineage.

- Only minutes ago, your mother told us

of your noble ancestry and heritage,

we solemnly pledged to serve your course,

in whatever way we can Liu Bei.

- Where you lead, we'll follow.

- Wait my friends, perhaps
you should reconsider,

I'm nothing but an ordinary
man with few accomplishments.

And I have no experience as a
military leader, believe me.

- And yet, if we truly want to succeed

in achieving our goal,

we must have a leader and
you are the logical choice.

- Exactly, so here's what we have to do,

we'll swear an oath to
be brothers in arms.

Liu Bei in command,

leading the three of us
together into battle.

- Yes indeed, a fine idea.

What do you say?

Are we agreed?

- That sounds fine to me.

- Brothers.

(dramatic music)

- By heaven we solemnly swear,
that from this day forward,

we three, Chang Fei, Kwang Yu and Liu Bei,

though not related by blood

are now united in the
spirit of brotherhood.

And together we'll serve our country,

and do everything we can to
help the people of this land,

by destroying all those or use their power

to cause them suffering and hardship.

We vow to dedicate ourselves
with all our strength,

to the course of justice and of peace.

And though we were not
born on the same day,

we do here by filed by the heavens above

to die on the same day
together as brothers.

Upon our lives we swear it.

- Brothers.

- Forever.

(dramatic music)

- There are your weapons, now
arm yourselves and mount up.

(crowd shouting)

(dramatic music)

(horse whinnying)

(indistinct chatter)

(horse whinnying)

(suspenseful music)

Forward men.

(dramatic music)
(horse whinnying)

(dramatic music)
(hooves clattering)

- [Narrator] And so, Liu
Bei set forth to fight

for the betterment of
his land and her people.

Determined to fulfill the oath

that he had taken in the peach orchard

with his faithful followers,
Chang Fei, Kwang Yu.

(dramatic music)

- [Man] Identify yourself.

- Volunteers under Liu Bei's command.

- Join up at the rear of the column.

(hooves clattering)
(ground trembling)

(dramatic music)

- Mmh, their volunteer army

looks like a battalion of beggars.

They'll be useless in the battle.

We'll get rid of them
by giving him the honor

of staying behind as the rear guard.


(dramatic music)

- Say, what do you think
happened to those people?

- [Liu] They're refugees
fleeing from the Yellow Turbans.

- They look tired and weak and hungry.

- Then we'll feed them, order
the men to prepare a meal.

- Follow we'll rest here,
bring out the food supplies.

We've got a lot of hungry mouths to feed.

(indistinct chatter)

Stay in order and get in line.

No need to worry, there's
plenty for everyone.

- Who's in-charge here?

(hooves clattering)
(ground trembling)

That food is the property of the army.

By who's order are these people being fed?

- We have no intention of
disappearing order, sir,

but these people were starving.

We used our own rations to feed them

and we'll rejoin the column

just as soon as they've
all had a chance to eat.

- Rejoin the column?

Don't bother, stay here
with your army of beggars.

(horse neighing)
(horses galloping)

- So, you want us to let
them starve, is that it?

He needs to be taught a lesson.

- No, stop.


Chang Fei listen to me,
the lesson we wanna teach

can't be taught with your fists.

(suspenseful music)
(horse galloping)

- [Narrator] As Liu Bei
and his army of volunteers

marched towards their first engagement,

they were joined by thousands of refugees

who recognized this man as
a champion of the people.

(horse galloping)
(dramatic music)

(hooves clattering)

- Look at that smoke, strange isn't it?

- What do you mean?

- That ravine is a rebel stronghold.

The main body of troops
that went before us,

should now be engaged in battle,

not cooking their evening meal.

And yet there's all
that smoke, which means-

- We better get over
there in a hurry, come on.

(dramatic music)

(horse galloping)

- [Man] Liu Bei!

- What happened here?

- We were led into a trap.

The rebels were hidden in
the rocks waiting for us.

It was a massacre.

- It serves them right if you asked me.

- Chang Fei, I can promise you this,

we'll find this band of rebels

and destroy them this very night.

Listen to me, if every man
does his best we'll win.

If every man fights as if
he's defending his own home

and family we'll be victorious.

The rebels slaughtered our troops today.

So now there'll be celebrating.

We'll give them time to
get drunk and sluggish,

and then we strike!

Attack with courage and
with faith and our victory,

and we'll win, together.

(crowd cheering)

(hooves clattering)

(suspenseful music)


(crowd shouting)

- My name is Chang Fei,
who'll come and fight me?

Stand and fight you cowards.


(dramatic music)

Now who will be next?

- I, Liu Bei, Leader of the
Volunteers, demand justice!

(horse neighing)

(crowd shouting)

(suspenseful music)

(metal clinging)

(crowd shouting)
(horse galloping)

(suspenseful music)
(crowd shouting)


(crowd shouting)
(dramatic music)

- You have good reasons to
remember the name Kwang Yu.

Come and fight you cowards.

(crowd shouting)
(suspenseful music)

(horse galloping)


(suspenseful music)


(suspenseful music)

- [Narrator] After
winning his first battle,

Liu Bei proceeded to win
several more decisive victories.

And as he decimated rebel
forces, wherever he found them,

he began to gain a widespread reputation,

as a military commander and strategist.

(horses whinnying)

(indistinct chatter)

(water burbling)

(indistinct chatter)

(flames burning)

- Give the signal!

(crowd screaming)
(metal clinging)

(horse neighing)
(flames burning)

(suspenseful music)


- The river!

Get to the river!

(suspenseful music)

After them, don't let them get away.

(horse galloping)
(dramatic music)

(horse galloping)
(dramatic music)

- You there, friend or
foe, identify yourself.

- We're members of the Volunteer Army,

who fight the rebels as you do.

I'm Liu Bei.

- So, Liu Bei and his volunteers,

you've gained quite a reputation.

My name is Ts'ao Ts'ao, I'm
captain of the Royal Guard,

in the service of the Emperor.

I thank you for your help in putting down

the rebellion of the Yellow Turbans.

But now that both our forces
are on the same battlefield,

we must decide, who
commands here, you or I?

(horse neighing)
(wind whirling)

- Both of us, together.

- A joint command I agree,

until we meet again, good luck.

(horse galloping)

(wind whirling)

- Mark my words, that's a
man that bears watching.

- He has the haunted look of a
man who doesn't trust anyone.

- [Narrator] In recognition of his heroism

and meritorious service,

Liu Bei was awarded the
governorship of a small village.

- Have a peaceful life, it's so boring.

(bee buzzing)

(ducks quacking)

(hooves clattering)
(birds chirping)

- [Announcer] The village
administrator would come forward.

Imperial Inspector Ts'ao has arrived.

- Sir you are welcome here.

It's an honor to meet you.

- I should hope so.

I am here by Imperial command,

to make an assessment
of your accomplishments.

If you've any official reports
or documents to submit,

now is the time to do it.

- No, sir, I have none,

but sir, just walk through the village

and you'll see what
we've accomplished here.

Our people are healthy and
happy and hard workers.

Our farms are more productive
than they've ever been.

- Silence, you impeded fool!

The people here have an enjoyable life

due to the benevolence of their government

not because of you or what you've done.

(metal clinging)

You are a ragtag bunch of volunteers,

who because you were lucky
enough to win a few victories,

have become impotent and conceited.

You haven't heard the last
of this, I assure you.

(hooves clattering)

- I don't understand, why
did he become so angry?

What did I do to offend him?

- It's traditional to give
the inspector the bribe.

What did you think he was here for?

(hooves clattering)
(footsteps pattering)

(suspenseful music)

(hooves clattering)

- Government officials coming in here,

they can all go to the devil.

- He must listen to me.

- Get back there.

(indistinct chatter)

- What's going on here?

What are you people sniveling about?

- One of the village
elders is being forced

to write a letter that will end up

getting Liu Bei arrested sir.

- By whom?

- Now write this, the
governor of our village,

is lining his own pockets
with embezzled tax money

and those who complain
are being thrown in jail.

Write it down.

Liu Bei will soon learn

that I'm not a man to be trifled with.


- Out of my way you two,
I wanna see the inspector.

- Hold it right there.


(door creaking)

- Come here you.
- What are you doing?

- We've got some traditions of our own.


- Help, guards, guards!

Someone help me.

- You deserve a lot worse,
but this will have to do.

- No please,

No don't please, please stop it.


Please no more, stop it
I apologize, I apologize.

- You wanna apologize then
do it so I can hear you.


- Louder.
- I apologize.

- Louder.
- I apologize.

- Chang Fei, wait, don't try and stop me.

(footsteps approaching)

Stand aside, I haven't finished yet-

- Chang Fei, why have
you disobeyed my order?

- 'Cause of what he's tried
to do to you that's why.

He's about to send a
letter to the Emperor,

claiming you're a criminal
and ought to be arrested.

- You've played right into his
hands, I'm the governor here.

Now that he's been attacked
by one of my lieutenants,

we could be brought before the
Imperial Court as traitors.

- I'd never do that.

In fact, if you take me
to the Imperial Court,

I'll see to it that you
are generously rewarded.

Now, please won't you untie me.


- Clearly this man can't be trusted.

He'd sell his own mother
in the marketplace

if he could make a profit,
he must be killed Liu Bei.

- Whoa!

- It's too late to pay him off.

He'd only caused trouble anyway.

Besides, then we'd be as corrupt as he is.

If we start wallowing in the
gutter with pigs like this,

we might as well give up.

(suspenseful music)


- Your life is spared.

As of this moment,

my friends and I shall no
longer govern this village,

go to the Capitol

and inform the Imperial
Court of our resignations.

Chang Fei, Kwang Yu, come with come.

(indistinct chatter)

- You attack a government official

and expect to get away with it.

You're all going to die.

(horses galloping)
(soft music)

Chang Fei, Kwang Yu, no doubt

he'll send a posy out to arrest us.

They'll be looking for three
men traveling together.

So, let's part company

and meet again at this spot
in one year, are we agreed?

- I don't like the idea of
going our separate ways.

Our strength is in unity.

But as you say, the three
of us traveling together

would be conspicuous.

Chang Fei, I think he's right.

- Hmm.

How do you plan to spend the time?

- I'll go home for a while and
think about what I wanna do

and how to get it done.

- I see, as for me, I'm
gonna do some traveling.

A warrior should know his way around.

- In a year then.

- In one year, right here.

- Hmm.

Stay well, take care of yourself brother.

- Hmm.
(wind whirling)

(horse galloping)

(horse neighing)

(hooves clattering)

(soft music)

- [Lui] I feel lost

without Chang Fei and Kwang Yu at my side.

What would I do during the coming year?

I plan to return to Lou Sang,
but what would my mother say?

She wouldn't understand.

And who knows what might happen in a year?

We might not get another
chance to fulfill the oath,

we took in the peach orchard.

- [Kwang] Liu Bei's village

is a long way from here
and the road is dangerous.

If he runs into trouble, I
won't be there to help him.

The three of us swore to die
as brothers on the same day.

But how can we, if we're not together?

- [Chang] It feels strange

those two not being here,
having no one to talk to.


This stuff's giving me heartburn.


We'd have still been together,

if I hadn't have been so stupid.

Ugh, I'm gonna miss my brothers.

(hooves clattering)

- [Man] Hurry up ladies,
we don't have all day.

- Ah!

- Ah!

- Is that Li-Hua?

- Oh...

- Li-Hua, wait for me.

(hooves clattering)

- Hold it right there fellow,

where do you think you are going?

- One of those ladies is a friend of mine.

Where are you taking them?

- To the fellow they belong to,

he bought the whole bunch
from me at once you see.

Some wealthy type, lives in a castle.

- How much will you take to release her?

- Sorry, but they're no longer for sale.

Go on, what are you waiting for?

- Let's go.

(water burbling)

- Please forgive me.

I had to buy a tombstone

for mother and father's
final resting place.

There was no other way.

Nothing else I could.


- No, wait!

- Liu Bei (crying)

(suspenseful music)

- An old friend I take
it, she's very beautiful.

- What are you doing here?

- Forgive me Liu Bei,

but I think it was a big
mistake for us to separate.

- I see.

- Oh you thought you'd get
together without me, huh?

(hooves clattering)
(trumpet music)

- Chang Fei.

- You sneaky devils, if
I didn't know you better,

I just might think you were planning

to get rid of me all along.

- Chang Fei, what are you doing here?

- Well, the truth of the matter
is, I sort of missed you.


- Chang Fei, Kwang Yu,
separating was a bad idea.

It's all my fault.

I forgot the urgency of the oath

we took in the peach orchard

and that we have a great deal
of hard work ahead of us.

I can't waste time weeping
over the loss of one flower,

while the landscape of an
entire country withers and dies.

We've known all along what we'd have to do

to make our dream come true

but we might've forgot for a moment there.

But now we reaffirm our oath.

Brothers fighting in the name of justice.

- To the death.

- To the death.

(metal clinging)

(soft music)

- [Narrator] At the Capitol,

Emperor Ling of the Han had died.

Leaving two children as
possible heirs to the throne.

There was vicious infighting
among the Imperial Lords

and ministers, over which
of the children should rule,

leading to bitter feuds and bloodshed.

(footsteps pattering)


(hooves clattering)
With the court in chaos,

the time was right for a military coupe.

The most powerful general
at the time was Tung Cho,

who took advantage of the opportunity

and seized control of the government.

- The emperor must be of noble birth.

So his people will know

that they can look to him for leadership,

therefore, Prince Sear,
will be our emperor.

Does anyone here oppose this?

- I do, the Prince is under your control

and so long as he is emperor,

you shall control the government.

- I oppose you, and as
long as I draw breath,

will not allow you to succeed.

(metal clinging)

- Your excellency,

I beg you to forgive
my father's impotence.

(suspenseful music)

- Lu Pu, your father has proven
himself a traitor, are you?

(wind whirling)

(footsteps approaching)

- Son, as long as Tung Cho is in control,

we're in danger, he must die.

(wind whirling)

Well, what is it?

Why are you staring at me that way?


What are you doing, son?

- The only way to prove my loyalty

to Tung Cho is to kill you.

- What sort of man would
kill his own father?

- One with the strength and ambition,

to ensure his rightful
place as a leader of men,

who refuses to follow the dictates

of a weak little man like you.


- You'll burn in hell for...


- I was born among the people of Mongolia,

where only the strongest survive.

- [Narrator] By murdering the
very man who had adopted him,

Lu Pu had reed Tung Cho
of his route of opposition

and thus Tung Cho was now in
control of the government.

(bird chirping)

(footsteps approaching)


- Greetings your excellency,

I hope you are well this morning.

- Ts'ao Ts'ao, you're later
than usual, what kept you?

- I beg you to forgive my tardiness,

my horse is an old nag, slow
of foot and weak with age.

- Why haven't you told me this before?

This is unpardonable.

My officer's deserve better.

Lu Pu, see to it that he's given
a Steed worthy of his rank.

- At once my lord.

[Ts'ao] Only you Ts'ao
Ts'ao have the courage

to stop Tung Cho from
destroying the empire.


- Now he dies.

(suspenseful music)

- Ts'ao Ts'ao, what are you doing?

- Allow me to present you with
a small token of my respect

your excellency, a rare
sword I happened to find

called the Blade of the Seventh Kingdom.

- Of the Seventh Kingdom?

How thoughtful, thank you Ts'ao Ts'ao.

- There's an excellent mare,
saddled and ready my Lord.

- I can't wait to see her.

Will you excuse me sir?

- Certainly, be my guest, go.

- That dagger's sire.

- Lovely isn't it?

A gift from Ts'ao Ts'ao.

- I see, he claimed it was a gift, did he?

A blade with no sheets, a
little odd, don't you think?

- Now that I think of it,

he was withdrawing it just as
I was about to fall asleep.

Go after him you hear!

- Certain.

(footsteps approaching)

Stop him.

(hooves clattering)

- Now I know you for
what you are you traitor.

I'll hunt yo down no matter where you run,

I'll have your head for this.

(hooves clattering)

Traitor, traitor.

(horse galloping)
(wind whirling)

(horse whinnying)

(horse galloping)

(indistinct chatter)

(wind whirling)

- [Man] He really did try to assassinate

the protector of the empire.

(footsteps approaching)

- Identify yourself.

- My name is Wang Yun, sir,
I'm a peddler by trade.

- I see, mmh.

Very well, go on.
(wind whirling)

- Hold.

(suspenseful music)

It's strange, from all I've heard,

you were moving up the ladder

of the current hierarchy very quickly.

You'd become one of Tung
Cho most trusted advisors

and had everything to gain
from remaining in his favor.

Why throw it all away?

- Why?

You provincial police are
just glorified bounty hunters.

You couldn't possibly understand.

So what would be the point in telling you?

- I'll be the judge of that.

(suspenseful music)

- Why you asked, that should be obvious?

As long as Tung Cho is in control,

our country is facing disaster.

He must be gotten rid off.

- So, you're a man with a
noble cause, is that it?

And if I hadn't arrested you,
what would you have done then?

- I would have attempted to overthrow him

by enlisting troops to my home province

and marching on the Capitol.

- And defeated Tung Cho's entire army?

- Probably not, but what of that?

Win or lose, it would be
the right thing to do.

It's a matter of justice.

- That it is, I see, so be it.

(suspenseful music)

I am as concerned as you are

about the future of our country,

but until today, I had met
no one who shared my belief

that our nation's greatest enemy,

was the very one who claims

to be it's benefactor and protector.

You are a man worthy
of loyalty and respect.

And these do I pledge to
you, we must go and quickly.

- And your name, sir?

I am called Cheng Kung, sir.

- Cheng Kung, I will never
forget what you've done for me.

- If we talk any longer, my
men will become suspicious.

Come, we must hurry.

(wind whirling)

(horse galloping)

(wind whirling)

- My uncle lives at the
foot of the mountain.

Once we're there and we'll be safe.

(soft music)

(horse snorting)

- Ts'ao Ts'ao, what delightful surprise,

how nice to see you.

I'm afraid your uncle left
just a few minutes ago

to discuss something

with the officials of
the local government.

But I know he'll be happy to see you,

come in and make yourself comfortable.

- Please excuse the imposition,
we won't be here long.

- I'll see what I can do

about preparing some food
for you and your friend.

I'll let you know when it's ready.

(door closing)

- As a child, I spent many happy days here

with my uncle and my cousins.

- I'm told that you come
from a noble family.

- After my birth, my father
became an influential unit

at the Imperial palace.

- [Narrator] Ts'ao Ts'ao's
father had sacrificed his manhood

for the wealth and influence

that accompanied his lofty
position in the government.

His duties included overseeing

the castration of young men in the court,

who otherwise might have been tempted

by female retainers and concubines.

- Because of what he was,
the other children hated me.

- [Boy] You're not a boy, you're a girl

in disguise just like your father.

- [Boy 2] Come on, prove
that your are a man.

Take of your clothes you sissy.

[Man] Leave the child alone you bullies.

- [Ts'ao] But I never
failed to strike back.

(Girl laughing)

- [Girl] Oh!

- [Boy] Hey!

- [Ts'ao] What's the matter,

you don't like me, come an get me.

- [Boy] Just wait till
I get my... (screaming)

Help! Let me out of
here, somebody help me.

- [Ts'ao] I became so violent

that my father took me to a specialist,

who could tell what a child
would become as an adult.

- I believe, he'll develop
into a very unusual man.

During the troubled times of
war, he will be a great hero.

During times of peace, he
will be known as a thief,

whose games would be at
the expense of others.

One thing is certain,
he'll be a ruler of men.


- A thief and a hero and a ruler of men.

I feel now, as I did then.

I intend to fulfill his prediction

and heaven helped the
man who tries to stop me.

- Shh!

(metal clanking)

- [Wang] Lock all the
exits so there's no escape.

What are you worried about?

It's not like we haven't done this before.

- Ah!

- My uncle, he's brought
those government officials

back with him to arrest me.

I can't believe he'd betray me like this.

- What would we do?

- You nothing, just leave it to me.

- [Wang] One heart stroke
across the throat should do it.



(footsteps pattering)


- Ah!

Look, they weren't
talking about killing us.

They were talking about that wild boar

they were serving for dinner.

- I suppose so, an unfortunate mistake,

but it's done now, come.

(suspenseful music)


(suspenseful music)

- Ts'ao Ts'ao, how nice to see you.

When I heard you derived, I
ordered a feast in your honor.

- It's wonderful to see you too, uncle,

and I appreciate your consideration,

but we must be on our way.


- Why!


- He's an old man, what
harm could he do with you?

- A great deal I'm afraid.

Had he lived, he would have
known that I was the one

responsible for what
happened here tonight.

I feel no remorse and
rebelling against all mankind,

but I cannot tolerate the possibility

of anyone rebelling against me.

(suspenseful music)

- [Cheng] Freeing this man may
have been a horrible mistake.

His heart is empty without
one iota of remorse,

petty or compassion.

As a ruler, he would have
been even more ruthless

than Tung Cho.

(suspenseful music)

No, if I killed this man, I
would be betraying myself,

my own principles, my belief
in justice and the law.

His life is in the hands of fate.

Farewell Ts'ao Ts'ao.

Live as you wish, do as you must,

but I will pursue my own destiny.

(wind whirling)
(birds chirping)

(horse neighing)

- Cheng Kung, Cheng Kung!
(wind whirling)

- [Ts'ao] Oh Well, he was a small man

with no greatness of spirit.


(dramatic music)

- [Narrator] Returning
home to Changzhou province.

Ts'ao Ts'ao began to raise an army,

with which to attack Tung Cho.

Whereupon, he falsified
and Imperial manifesto,

urging all men of fighting age,

to join together in the name of justice

and to overthrow Tung Cho.

(hooves clattering)

- [Narrator] Thousands of men responded

to the false summons, and soon thereafter,

a huge coalition army was marching towards

Tung Cho's Capitol at Lo Yang.

Under the command of the great
warrior, general Hiun Cho.

(suspenseful music)
(horse neighing)

(horse galloping)

(suspenseful music)

Tung Cho gathered his army

and met the coalition
forces on the battle field.

(horses galloping)

- Attack!

(horse whinnying)

(horses galloping)
(ground trembling)

(metal clinging)

- [Narrator] Facing overwhelming
and superior forces,

Tung Cho army was forced to retreat

to a position near Lu Pu's fortress.

Suddenly with a force described

as a thundering wave of galloping Titans,

Lu Pu counter attacked
with unnatural furiosity.

(horse galloping)

(horse whinnying)


- Forward.

(horse galloping)



(horse galloping)

Die traitors.


(horses galloping)
(ground trembling)

- Imperial forces are
now commanded by Lu Pu.

(horse neighing)

Our troops are being slaughtered.

- What?

- My lord, Lu Pu is
only a few minutes away.

You must pull back at once.

- He must be delayed,
are there any volunteers?

- My Lord, I would be
honored to be of service.

- And who are you?

- My name is Liu Bei of Lou Sang.

I fight with my brothers under the command

of Cong Sung Chun.

- Your title?

- I have none my Lord.

- You embiggen fool, who
do you think you are?

Lu Pu will grind you into the ground,

like a farmer blowing a wheat field.

- Sir, I have seen Liu Bei
in action on the battlefield,

he's a valiant warrior.

He's also a brilliant general

and won several important victories

during the Yellow Turban rebellion.

- Ts'ao Ts'ao on your
recommendation, I will allow it.

However, if you fail, you shall
loose your head, understand?

- Yes, my Lord.


- You see that, the man is inhuman.


- You there, are you the one called Lu Pu,

the piece of cow dung who
killed his own father?

- What?

- I'd repeat it, but there
might be some cows around

and I wouldn't want to insult them.

I am Chang Fei, the brother in
arms of Kwang Yu and Liu Bei,

got a voice or you're too scared to speak?

- Scared of scum like you, ah!

(hooves clattering)
(ground trembling)

(metal clinging)

(hooves clattering)

(metal clinging)


(metal clinging)

(hooves clattering)
(ground trembling)

(metal clinging)

(hooves clattering)
(ground trembling)

(horse galloping)


- Move out of the way,
let me have a try brother.

- But of course be my guest.

- Who's that?

- Ah!


(metal clinging)


- Now, it's my turn.

(dramatic music)

(men shouting)

(metal clinging)
(horse neighing)

- Come back and fight you coward.

(hooves clattering)
(ground trembling)

- Join the regimentary group,

we'll fight another
day back to the castle.

Follow me!


(dramatic music)

- Mm-mm!

(fire cracking)

Royal Yung is the capital of the empire,

it mustn't fall into
the hands of the enemy.

- [Narrator] Claiming it was
for the young emperor safety,

Tung Cho retreated to the West

and established a new
Capitol at Chung Hung.

For the citizens of Royal Yung,

it was a time of confusion and fear.

And those who hesitated to
obey the Imperial command

were shown no mercy.

(soft music)

(hooves clattering)

(soft music)

- Wait, hey, wait for me.

I'm coming with you.

(water splashing)

Give me a hand.

(footsteps pattering)

- Oh no, the enemy has destroyed Liu Yung.

- No, the order was given by Tung Cho.

- Thank you for your kindness my lady.

- We've known each other so long,

it's hard to say goodbye.

- [Man] Hello, hello.

- Hmm!

- Brother!
- You've come home.

Oh, I'm so glad.

- I'm sorry it took so long.

Travel is difficult nowadays.

- Did you bring the book?

- Of course Liang, I wouldn't forget that.

I know how much you love
to read, here you are.

- Son, you're just in time to
say goodbye to our servants.

- Thank you for your kindness sir,

we'll never forget you.

- Nor I you, good luck and safe journey.

(soft music)

- What have you heard?

What is the latest news of Liu Yung?

- Liu Yung, doesn't exist anymore mother.

Nearly the entire city
was burned to the ground.

What's left was occupied
by coalition officers.

People were starving in the streets.

The generals began
squabbling among themselves

and the coalition started to fall apart.

As general Ts'ao Ts'ao went on alone,

in pursuit of Tung Cho,
he was ambushed by Lu Pu.

I hear that Ts'ao Ts'ao was almost killed

and lost nearly half of his army.


(melancholic music)

The rest of the coalition forces split up

and returned to their homes.

There's nothing left of Liu
Yung, but rubble and Ash.

I believe our society will fall apart

if someone doesn't pull it together.

(melancholic music)

- [Narrator] As part of the establishment

of this new capital at Chung Hung,

Tung Cho, ordered a mighty
fortress to be built.

(horse neighing)

The peoples suffering increased,

and those who failed to obey his dictates,

immediately and without
question were cruelly punished.

(woman screaming)
(whip cracking)

- What can I do to help my people?

They know that the emperor is
merely the puppet of Tung Cho

who is hated by almost everyone,

yet no one has the power to overthrow him.

These suffering must end.

What's that?


Tiao Chan, are those tears I see?

Why are you crying?

Come, come my dear, what's the matter?

What's wrong, tell me?

- Oh father, you've been so
good to me all these years.

When I had been abandoned as a
child with no home or family,

you found me and raised me as
if I were your own daughter.

I'm so ashamed for I cannot
find an honorable way

to repay you for all you've done.

(soft music)

- The spiders fight for
possession of the butterfly.

My dear, I believe I know a way
for you to satisfy your debt

and regain your honor, and to
serve your country as well.

Would you put your life in my hands?

- My life, what do you mean?

- Tung Cho is protected by Lu Pu,

a violent cold blooded killer,
but when spiders get angry,

they fight to the death.

They will fight to possess the butterfly.

(instrumental music)


- You are so beautiful Tiao Chan,

until tonight, I never would have imagined

that such loveliness
existed anywhere on earth.


Hey, what's wrong?

- Perhaps she is embarrassed

to show her feelings in front of me.

She is my adopted daughter after all.

But she longs for the
company of an officer,

she's told me so and a hero like you.

I'm certain it would make
her very happy indeed,

if she were to become your companion.

- You mean you're giving her to me?

- Hmm.

- My happiness is matched only
by my gratitude, thank you.

- [Narrator] Tung Cho was
seduced in the same way,

and Huang Yung, made certain that Lu Pu

heard the rumors about the
general's latest conquest.

- Tiao Chan.

- Darling.

- How could you betray me this way?

- He lied to me, when he
invited me to his room,

he said he wants to talk about you and me,

to arrange our wedding.

And then he, he forced me to...(sobbing)

- Of course, I should have known.

My darling, I think about your
every moment, night and day.

- No, no (sobbing)

- Tiao Chan wait, what are you doing?

- I can no longer live with the shame,

I have been dishonored

and I'm no longer worthy of your love

but at least I can die honorably.

- You can't die, I won't
allow it, do you here?

And as long as we live, you
belong to me, no one else.

Your mine, understand, mine.

- Where are you?

Come out little flower.

(footsteps approaching)



Why you traitor?

Wait till I get my hands on you,

I'll tear your limb from limb.

I'll chop you into pieces so small

that the crows won't bother eating them.

Come back here,

You dishonorable womanizing backstabbing-

- You two, what's going on here?

- That man is a traitor,
arrest him immediately.

Come back here you coward, I command you.



You idiot!


- I tried to fight him
off, but he was too strong.

- Yes of course I understand,
never fear little flower,

I'll make certain, it never happens again.

I'm sending you to Malibu Castle.

He'll be out of your life forever.

(suspenseful music)

(horse whinnying)

(suspenseful music)

(horse neighing)

(suspenseful music)

(clearing throat)

- He's an arrogant pig.

If it weren't for me,

he would have been assassinated long ago.

And this is how he repays me.

- Believe me, I understand how you feel,

but what can you do about it?

Attacking him would be
suicide, he's too powerful.

- Hmm, now, by my sword,

I swear I will kill the monster Tung Cho.

- Lu Pu, do you speak these
words from your heart?

- I have sworn it, haven't I?

- If you could find a way to do it,

the people would think of you

as one of our country's
most magnificent heroes

and your name would go down in history,

as one of the great saviors of China.

Listen, my friend,

if we ever hope to rid
ourselves of Tung Cho,

now's the time to do it.

(suspenseful music)

(sword schwing)

- Blood will seal my oath.

(hooves clattering)

(door creaking)

(door shuts)

- Wang Yun, I don't recall
ordering the Imperial guard

to assemble in the
courtyard, what's going on?

- They were assembled to assist

in the arrest of a traitor my Lord.

- Oh, who?

- He's called Tung Cho.

- What, me?

- This man has betrayed us, arrest him.


- You can't arrest me.

Where is Lu Pu?


Lu Pu, where are you?

- Tung Cho, this Imperial warrant orders

your immediate execution.


Prepare to die.

- No wait, I'll give
you anything you want.


(horse neighing)
(ground trembles)

- [Narrator] Tung Cho's
body was set on fire.

He was so fat that the flames lasted

for three days and nights.

Meanwhile, Lu Pu was
headed for Maywood castle,

to tell Tiao Chen, the glad tidings.

(hooves clattering)

- Tiao Chen I've killed
him, Tung Cho is dead.

We've nothing to fear anymore.

We can be married right away my darling.

- Don't, you pig.

- Ah!

- Marry a disgusting animal like you, huh!

You have no more intelligence
than a trained monkey

and the manners of a rotting bore.

Now I'm certain that I either

would be better company than you.

Marry you?

What a thought (laughing)

You can go to the devil
or wherever you wish,

my lady will no longer
require your services.

- You planned this from the beginning.

You were sent here as part of a plot,

that would cause the
death of general Tung Cho.


- It would appear that
my simple minded friend

finally understands (laughing)

- You bitch, you dare make fun of me.

No one laughs at Lu Pu.


Stop laughing, stop it.


You mustn't laugh.

- Thank you father, for
allowing me to repay you.

(soft music)

- Tiao Chan, Tiao Chan,
I know it isn't true,

it couldn't be.

Tell me I'm right, please,
tell me that you love me.

Those things you said are lies.

Love like ours lasts till the end of time.

You are mine, mine forever and
always, forever and always.


We'll love each other for all eternity.

(horse galloping)
(men shouting)

- [Narrator] Though Wang Yun had succeeded

in getting rid of Tung Cho,

he was attacked shortly thereafter

by a contingent of troops,

who had remained loyal
to their dead commander.

Realizing that escape was impossible,

Wang Yun chose to commit
suicide rather than surrender.

Lu Pu, sensing that he was in danger

without Tung Cho's protection,

escaped into the mountains

with a small band of followers.

It was a time of chaos and confusion,

marauding bandits, and
looters added to the suffering

throughout the land.


(horses galloping)

Entire villages were plundered, destroyed.

Vast areas of farmland
were put to the torch,

leaving nothing but a useless wasteland.

Displaced refugees
wandered through the ruins,

searching for a sanctuary
of peace and safety.

(soft music)

- Brother, why?

Why does it have to be like this?

Why must we suffer?

- Because all that we have
an unending supply of heroes

and warriors, not one of them
is a good enough politician

to bring about the changes

that will unify the
country and bring peace.

You see in times of war or
social upheaval like this,

it's always the weak who
suffered the most little brother.

Liang, instead of crying about it,

we must do something and
there's only one way to do it.

In order to change the way things are,

you must study hard

and learn how to make
those changes come about.

Do you understand a little brother?

- Yes.

(horse neighing)

- [Narrator] It was around this time

that Ts'ao Ts'ao amassed a
huge army of 300,000 men,

in an attempt once again to
realize his dreams of conquest.

(hooves clattering)

- Sir, the scouts are going to need-

- My lord Ts'ao Ts'ao.
- Well, what is it?

- Your father my Lord, he's dead,

killed on the road to Soochow.

- My father dead?

(lightning striking)

- [Man] It happened in the
mountains near Soochow.

Tung Cho, the governor of Soochow,

promised your father safe conduct,

but instead he sent us assassins.




- I see, my mother too.

They'd asked me to come home to visit them

but I insisted they come here.

Perhaps because Tiao
Cheng is as a dying man

he thinks I have no way of
avenging my parents' death.

Prepare the troops to move out.

I shall exact my vengeance
by wiping out the entire

population of Soochow.

- [Narrator] Having been
tricked by an unknown enemy,

into believing that Tiao Cheng

was responsible for his parents' death,

Ts'ao Ts'ao march towards Soochow,

became a murderous rampage
of death and destruction.

- [Tiao Cheng's advisor]
As advisor to Tiao Cheng,

governor of the Soochow,

I have come to ask for
your help you Liu Bei.

Please join us in our hour of need.

- I'm in complete agreement

with your opinion of Ts'ao Ts'ao,

he's aggressive and sometimes brutal.

What I fail to understand is,
why Tiao Cheng is asking me,

the governor of an insignificant

country province for assistance,

or what he thinks I can do to help him?

- Liu Bei, you have gained
a widespread reputation

as a fair and honest man.

One who has the respect and admiration

of some of the greatest warriors

and most prestigious leaders in the land.

It was hoped by governor
Tiao Cheng and myself,

that if you were to lead a
regiment to Soochow Castle,

Ts'ao Ts'ao might think
twice about attacking us.

And that leaders of neighboring provinces,

might join in support of your course.

- Chang Fei, Kwang Yu, I can't
make this decision alone.

Do we wait or go now?

Which do you think would
be our best strategy?

- To you waiting might be a strategy,

but most people are gonna
see it as a sign of weakness,

which is why we should leave
for Soochow right away.

- I disagree.

- Mmh!

- Liu Bei, what assistance can we provide

with a mere two or 3000 men?

Ts'ao Ts'ao's army is at least
10 times as large as ours.

Victory would be out of the question.

A head on attack,

would result in the wholesale
slaughter of our troops.

- Should we just stand by

and watch them slaughter
the people of Soochow?

- We must support them in secret,

not with a show of force.

- Urgh!
(somber music)

- Brother.

(somber music)

- Forgive me for getting
angry Kwang Yu, I apologize.

- I believe a friend of mine

may be living in Soochow brother,

a friend who ones asked me for help

and to whom I made a promise

that I was never able to keep.


- [Woman] Help me, please, help me!


- That cry for help, it's
still ringing in my ears,

and I can't seem to find
a way to make it stop.

But I know I mustn't
let my personal feelings

affect my judgment.

- I'm the one who should
be apologizing Liu Bei.

I almost forgot the meaning of the oath

we took in the peach orchard

and that living in fear is
just another way of dying.

We must fight for what we believe in,

regardless of the odds.

- We match for Soochow at once.

- Brother.

- [Narrator] And so Liu
Bei went to Soochow,

to aid in its defense.

- But I have no quarrel with Liu Bei.

- His army is larger than we
thought, almost 6,000 men.

- I don't understand it.

He and I may not be friends,

but we always respected one another.

It simply makes no sense for us to fight.

(wind whirling)

- Come my friend.

I though that I was lost

but now that my castle is being defended

by a warrior like you, my
heart is filled with hope.

- I'll help you in any way I can, my Lord,

I doubt if there's much I can
do against an all out assault.

His army is much larger than mine,

but I'll defend Soochow
to the best of my ability.

- Thank you.

- I think our first order of business

is to discuss the deployment of our men.

- Before we do that,

I want to write a letter to Ts'ao Ts'ao.

Somehow he's come to believe,

that the governor was the one

who ordered his parents assassination.

If he's convinced otherwise,
he'll call off the attack.

He and I have fought together

and he knows I'm a man of my word.

I think he'll listen
to what I have to say.

(horses galloping)
(horse whinnying)

(wind whirling)

(horses galloping)

- I bare a message from Soochow Castle.

From my commander Liu Bei,
to the honorable Ts'ao Ts'ao.

(horse neighing)

Well, what are you waiting
for, open the gate.

- Yes sir, right away.

- What does it say my lord?

- Hmm, the nerve of the man.

He says here that the governor of Soochow,

Tiao Cheng, was not responsible
for my parents' death.

The liar, I have had enough
of this absurd Liu Bei.

Is this the way he repays me,

for helping him gain the respect
of Soochow and the others?

Behead that messenger and
prepare to attack Soochow.

- My lord, an urgent dispatch
from the home province.

A huge army led by general Lu
Pu, has attacked our outposts

and is about to overrun the entire region.

- That fiend of hell.


(horses galloping)

(metal clanking)


(metal clanking)

(horses galloping)

Should we attempt to take Soochow castle?

Or return home to protect our territories?

I want an answer, well speak!

- In my unworthy opinion, the
most dangerous of the enemies

we have to deal with is Lu Pu.

He therefore must be dealt with first.

I advise you to send word to Liu Bei,

via his own messenger

that you are taking the
matter under consideration.

Withdraw your troops
and march against Lu Pu,

protecting your flank is necessary,

since Liu Bei is much too honorable

to attack you from the rear.

- Good, prepare the troops to move out.

- If you keep me waiting much longer,

well, I'll just have to
teach you some manners.

- You may tell you a master,
that lord Ts'ao Ts'ao

will withdraw his troops,

while he respectfully considers
your master's message.

- Ah, oh!
(wind whirling)

- Look, Ts'ao Ts'ao and
his army are pulling out.


- Liu Bei, will you come with me my Lord.

Tiao Chen is dying.

- Yes, I will come.

- Good news Tiao Chen, Ts'ao
Ts'ao and his army are gone.

- Finally, it gives me a great joy

to know that the people of Soochow

need no longer live in fear.

Thanks to you, sir.

- Rest now and recover
your strength old friend.

- My days on earth are coming to an end,

but before I die, I have one last request.

This is the official
seal of Soochow Castle.

I ask you to accept it and to
govern here after my death.

- Me, governor?

You do me too much honor.

I couldn't possibly accept.

- Sir, this decision is not mine alone,

but agreed upon
unanimously by my advisors.

- Sir, I must respectfully
decline your offer.

And for good reason too.

If I were to become governor
under these conditions,

people would assume it was
by trickery or subterfuge

or by having coerced a sick man.

- He's got to accept,

doesn't he realize what
he's being offered.

I think that our brother

could use a little good
advice right about now.

- Mmh.

(footsteps approaching)

Brother, this offer is made
with all good intentions

and must be seriously considered
not refuse that of hand.

And in fact, under the circumstances,

it seems to me to be your duty to accept.

- Take it.

- Very Well, undeserving
as I am, I accept it.

(suspenseful music)

- Liu Bei, my deepest gratitude.

Now then, there is just one other item

of unfinished business I
wish to discuss with you.

(footsteps pattering)

(suspenseful music)

- Ah!

- Ah!

- Li-Hua, Li-Hua.

- Liu Bei, there was no other
way, nothing else I could do.

Please forgive me.


- Liu Bei, I wanted to
brighten my final days,

with a youthful and beautiful companion.

When I saw the girl Mi Li
had chosen, I was overjoyed,

but even though I offered to marry her

and make her my heir,
she refused to accept me.

She said her heart belongs to someone else

and that she would marry no one but him.

- It was then sir, that
the governor and I,

began to think of her as a daughter.

Indeed she has become a cherished member

of our family here at Soochow.

It was only after your arrival

that we found out that
you were the young man,

she'd been referring to.

- So, you never stopped thinking about me?

Though for all this time,
I've done nothing to help you.

- You were helping me every minute.

It was the memory of you

that gave me the strength to go on living.

- Li-Hua.

- Listen.

- Closer.

(soft music)

- Get my last blessings,
make each other happy.

(soft music)


(soft music)

- He must rest now.

(soft music)

(men shouting)
(ground trembling)

- [Narrator] Lu Pu faced
Ts'ao Ts'ao oncoming army

at the gates of Liu Yung.

After fierce combat,

the tide of battle seemed to
turn into Ts'ao Ts'ao favor,

forcing Lu Pu to retreat

within the walls of the besieged city.

(horse neighing)

- Now is the time to move in, forward.

(horse galloping)
(soldiers shouting)

(horse galloping)
(arrows whooshing)


(water splashing)

- Attack!

- Hia!

(horse galloping)

(hooves clattering)

(metal clinging)

(horse whinnying)

- It's a trap, up there, look.

- Ah!

- Welcome Ts'ao Ts'ao.

(dramatic music)


- Fall back, retreat
back across the river.

You are going the wrong
way, I said go back.

- We can't, they've barricaded the bridge.

- We'll have to find another way out.

(horse galloping)
(horse whinnying)

- Yah!

(metal clinging)

(upbeat music)
(metal clinging)


- General, we must find Lord Ts'ao Ts'ao.

(horse neighing)

(hooves clattering)

- Keep your miserable life.

Just tell me where Ts'ao Ts'ao is.

- He rode that way.

- Hia!

- What a fool!

- What color horse?

- About like mine, sir.

- Hia!

(hooves clattering)

- Someday Lu Pu, someday
you'll pay for that.

(metal clinging)

- There's still a way
out, but not for long.

(hooves clattering)
(upbeat music)

- Through there, follow me

- It's a death trap, we'd never make it.

(horse whinnying)
(fire cracking)

- If we try, we'll be burned alive.

- I'm afraid we have no
choice my Lord Ts'ao Ts'ao.

There is no other way out of here.

(horse whinnying)
(fire cracking)

I'll lead the way in my Lord, good luck.


(horse galloping)
(upbeat music)

(fire cracking)


Ts'ao Ts'ao.

(fire cracking)
(dramatic music)

Ts'ao Ts'ao!




(fire cracking)
(dramatic music)

(fire cracking)

(upbeat music)

(footsteps pattering)
(upbeat music)

- Look there my Lord.

Ts'ao Ts'ao troops are
holding some kind of ceremony.

- Yes, but why?

- For his funeral my lord.

They say he was horribly
burned in yesterday's battle,

and died a few hours later.

- Then this is the opportunity
we've been waiting for.

We'll swoop down from the mountainside

and slaughter them like sheep.

- I believe that would be
unadvisable in the Lord.

It might be a trap.

A leader of Ts'ao Ts'ao stature,

would normally be buried
in his home village,

with pomp and ceremony,

not on some mountain side.

- A fake funeral, that's ridiculous.

(horse neighing)


(horse galloping)


Yah! Yah!

(horse neighing)

(suspenseful music)

- Attack!

- Onto victory!

(trumpet music)
(ground trembling)

- What's going on here?

(upbeat music)

(arrow whooshing)


(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)

(hooves clattering)
(horse neighing)

(dramatic music)

(suspenseful music)

- I simply don't understand
what's gone wrong.

I fought as honorably and
as bravely as any man alive.

Yet it still seems as if fate is my enemy.

- If fate was your enemy,

it wouldn't have provided
you with an advisor

to warn you that such an attack

was ill advised and reckless.

No, not fate, but pride and arrogance

are the enemies that have defeated you.

- I suppose.

- Believe me general, I
want to see Ts'ao Ts'ao

overthrown just as much as you do.

It frightens me that such a
man has become so powerful,

but with heaven's help, we
shall grind them into dust.

Come with me.

We have a long ride ahead of us.

I'll tell you what my plan is as we ride.

- And where are you going to take me?

- Soochow Castle.

- Soochow!

(drum beating)

(drum beating)
(metal clinging)

(instrumental music)

- Kwang Yu, strange the way
things turn out sometimes,

isn't it?

If we'd done as Liu Bei suggested

and marched on Soochow Castle,

he never would've met his beautiful wife,

or exceeded Tung Cho as governor.

But thanks to the intuition

and good advice of yours truly, we didn't.

- Ah! Yes, of course.

We're all overwhelmed with
your wisdom and foresight.

- Glad to see you know,
who deserves the credit.


- Li-Hua darling, are you happy?

- Yes.

I can't believe that what
I've been dreaming about

for so many years is finally real.

Perhaps, I'll believe it someday,

but right now I'm afraid that I'll wake up

and realize that it was a dream after all.

- No, it's not a dream.

See, these are my arms
that are holding you

and I'm holding you tight.

Listen to me my darling,

you and I have found our happiness,

but there are many others
who are still suffering.

(calm music)

I want all the people
of our land to be happy,

that is my dream.

And one that I believe
is worth fighting for.

(wind whirling)

- My name is Cheng Kung.

Lu Pu, my master asks to be
allowed to join forces with you

and serve under your command.

His troops are yours
to do with as you wish

in return, he asks only to be permitted

to help you in your battle
against Ts'ao Ts'ao.

- I will need some time
to consider your offer.

What should my answer be?

- So, he was defeated by Ts'ao Ts'ao

and comes to us for help.

If you give him protection,

Ts'ao Ts'ao we'll feel twice
the enmity towards you,

as he did before.

- Forming an alliance with Lu Pu,

would be like inviting a man
eating tiger into your home.

It's best, if you tell him to move on.

- I don't wanna believe,

nothing was settled the
last time we fought,

but it will be this time.

Don't worry this shouldn't take too long.

- No Chung Fei, wait.

You can settle your
differences another time.

The situation has changed.

What happened to the
past, isn't important now.

Since he asked for my protection,

it's my duty to grant it.

- I believe in duty, as
much as the next fellow,

but this is going too far.

- [Narrator] Liu Bei
welcomed Lu Pu in friendship,

and in his province, there was peace,

but elsewhere violence and cruelty

were still causing many to suffer.

(electric beeping)


Nature herself became bitter and harsh,

and a multitude of natural catastrophes

ravaged the land and its people.

The young emperor, disappointed
by the civil unrest

and the power struggles
within his own government,

sort the protection of Ts'ao Ts'ao,

the most powerful of his general.

Ts'ao Ts'ao wholeheartedly
welcomed his ruler.

And soon thereafter,

ascended to the rank of Supreme Commander,

protector of the realm.

- I withdrew from Soochow

to defend my province against Liu Pu.

But Tao Cheng believed that I withdrew

because of Liu Bei, who
therefore succeeded him.

And now Liu Pu and Liu Bei are allies,

the situation is intolerable.

The time has come to be
granted and Imperial order,

giving me the right to march
on Liu Bei and destroy him.

Do you agree?

- Your excellency, under the circumstances

I believe we should weigh all
your options most carefully.

As I understand it, Yung Chao Viceroy

of the Nanyang district, has
stolen the Imperial seal,

and has now taken on the title
of successor to the throne.

If you take a large body of
troops out of your territory,

it would leave the door
open for you Yung Chao.

He would probably invade
us during your absence.

However, I believe I know
a way of attacking Soochow,

without having to lift a finger.

- How?

- By using the tiger and the wolf.

- The tiger and the
wolf, what do you mean?

- Briefly explained,

one sends the tiger to devour the wolf.

- I see, pit one against the other.

- The first thing we have to do,

is to falsify an Imperial Order.

This order will command
Liu Bei to leave Soochow

and attack Yung Chao.

Liu Bei is to naive to question

the authenticity of such an order,

and will march against Yung Chao,

leaving Soochow vulnerable to attack.

When Liu Pu finds out,

he won't be able to resist the opportunity

to pick so ripe a plum.

- While governor Liu Bei is gone,

I'm the commander of the castle

and the most important thing for me

to take into consideration
at all times is our security.

The alertness of our centuries and guards.

And nothing puts you to sleep faster,

than a couple of glasses of wine.

So, tomorrow take every bottle we've got

and empty it down the well.

- Yes my lord.

(upbeat music)
(wine splashing)

That smells sweeter
than a bouquet of roses.

Let me have one last
swallow for all time sake.

- Sir.

- One more.

(upbeat music)

Go on, have a little
drink, what's the matter?

There's plenty for everybody-

- Chang Fei, what are you doing?

- Have as much as you like, no?

Fine, it's more for me.

- But you were the one who wanted us

to throw all the wine down the well.

- You're really gotta learn
to loosen up a little,

you know what I mean?

Come on now, have a drink.

- I mustn't drink while I'm
on duty, it wouldn't be right.

- Listen (grunting)

as long as Liu Bei is
not here, I'm in command

and you'll do, as I tell you, understand?

- But sir, what about your instructions?

You said we should do-

- You jammering peacock,

when I invite someone to drink with me, I-

(whip cracking)

Let me go!

Let me go!


- I used to be Tung Cheng
most trusted master,

and now look at me humiliated by a drunk.

Chang Fei will pay for this.

- I was told that you wanted
to see me, what about?

- A very interesting story.

(horse galloping)

- I am Liu Pu, come to pay my respect

to commander Chang Fei.

- Lower the bridge.

- Now!

(ground trebling)
(metal clinging)

- Chang Fei, wake up!

- What's all the commotion about?

- Liu Pu has betrayed us.

He has attacked the castle.

- What, assemble the troops at once-

- Wait.

Chang Fei!
- Out of the way.

- Calling out the troops
won't do any good now,

his attack caught us
completely by surprise.

Try to understand, we've
already surrendered the castle.

You must leave immediately.

(horse galloping)

- How could I have been so stupid?

- Liu Bei is on the run, he's defenseless.

You will hunt him down

and kill him no matter how
long it takes, understand?

What's the matter?

You have an objection?

- After we were routed by Ts'ao Ts'ao

and you asked Liu Bei for help,

he gave you this castle

and in all ways acted most honorably.

Now that he has no strong hold

and there's no immediate threat,

I think it is dishonorable
to attack him for no reason.

- Traitor, how dare you?

I should kill you here right
now for such impotence.


- My lord, enough.

The last thing we need is this tension

among our own officers.


Surely you must know,
that in today's world

one sense of duty, honor

and loyalty to one's own
beliefs is no longer practical.

To do your duty, you must focus completely

on being loyal to your commander

and following his orders
with unswerving dedication.

I would hate to see such
a fine officer demoted

and ruin an outstanding career.

- I see, I will carry out your orders

to the best of my ability.

- All this talk of loyalty and honor.

What a ridiculous waste of time?

(footsteps fading)

- [Chung] Liu Pu doesn't
know the meaning of honor,

but I do, which makes
me far more despicable.

For today, I have betrayed
my deepest convictions.

(wind whirling)

- Chang Fei, I blame myself not you.

You're irresponsible conduct,

wouldn't have caused us so dearly,

if I hadn't chosen to
trust Liu Pu to begin with.

I assume you've found a
safe place to take Li-Hua.

- That's just it, she is still there.

(dramatic music)
- What?

You let your brother's wife fall

into the hands of that animal!

- I'm so sorry, but by the
time I knew what had happened,

the castle had been taken.

I can't live with my
shame, I have no choice.

(sword schwing)

- Chang Fei, stop it, give me that.

(metal clinging)


- Have you've forgotten
what we swore to each other?

Though we are not united by blood,

we are United in the
spirit of brotherhood.

We were not born on the same day,

but we swear by the heavens above

to die on the same day as brothers.

- Brother.

- Li-Hua knows about the vow
we took in the peach orchard.

She too is a fighter for
the course of justice

and is just as willing to give
her life for it as we are.


We'll talk no more about
her, is that understood?

- Yes, I understand.


- Brother, you are so good to me.


(drum beating)

(footsteps pattering)

- Yung Chao is attacking.
(footsteps approaching)

I'm sure he must've heard that Liu Pu

is taking control of Soochow Castle

and is trying to use
that to his advantage.

- What do you think we should do now?

- Without a fortress to retreat to,

there's no way we can engage him Liu Bei.

- Then the mountains will be our fortress.

(wind whirling)

(hooves clattering)

- Greetings Liu Bei,
I've been expecting you.

I am general Chung Yao,
Liu Pu's second in command.

You will surrender immediately

or do you wish to engage us in battle?

The choice is yours, Liu Bei.
(horse neighing)

But I must ask you to choose quickly,

which shall it be?

- I am Kwang Yu, sir,

and by your manner of speech
and the way you address us,

I can tell that you are a true warrior.

One who knows the meaning of honor.

I find it strange that
you serve in the command

of one whose orders force
you to act dishonorably.

To wait and ambush a retreating general,

who has already acknowledged defeat,

is a tactic I would expect
from the Yellow Turbans,

not a warrior.

But since that's what you claim to be,

I challenge you to single combat.

Though out of fairness, I
suggest we fight another day,

when your shame isn't
quite so heavy, a burden.

(suspenseful music)

(hooves clattering)
(suspenseful music)

- Safe passage on your journey.

(hooves clattering)
(suspenseful music)

- It would be an honor to
face you in battle someday.

(hooves clattering)
(suspenseful music)

- [Narrator] Safe passage
through the mountains,

proved to be of little value
for Liu Bei and his followers.

Liu Pu occupied Soochow Castle

and controlled the surrounding area.

In order to realize his vision

of a united and peaceful country,

Liu Bei knew that he needed
the help of a powerful ally.

And so he went to Lo Yung

to ask for Ts'ao Ts'ao's help.

- He has his hand bitten by Liu Pu

and comes crying to me.

He's either very brave or very stupid,

I'm not sure which.

I don't know what to make
of him, what do you think?

- In my humble opinion,

I would venture to say

that Liu Bei's a gentleman
of substance and character,

whose determination
and tremendous tenacity

would cause you a great deal of trouble

in times to come.

I recommend his immediate
execution my Lord.

- I see, and you Kuan Chao.

- The current situation is
one which calls for restraint,

especially when one considers the need

for loyal allies during the
inevitable struggle for power,

between you and your
remaining competitors.

For instance Liu Bei,

could be used to crush
Liu Pu who betrayed him.

- Mmh.

- [Narrator] Under Ts'ao Ts'ao command,

Liu Bei quickly won back Soochow Castle.

- This victory is bitter sweet,

as long as Liu Pu holds Li-Hua hostage.

- [Narrator] He then joins Ts'ao Ts'ao,

who committed his entire military might,

in an attempt to force Hiuan
Chao out of his territories.

The battle between their
armies soon escalated

into a full scale war,

'causing unimaginable destruction

throughout both their provinces.

Among those whose homes
had been destroyed,

were the members of the Chu Cham family.

(soft music)

- I'm going to Wung with mother,

it's a newly developed area,

so there should be lots
of opportunities for me.

You'll travel overland to Ching Chong.

They say that the school
there is one of the best,

but they've got very high standards.

You'll have to study
hard, if you want to stay.

- Brother, do you think
it's really necessary

for the family to split up like this?

- I'm afraid so, I must look after mother,

and you and Liung have
your studies to attend to.

Don't worry, brother.

Eventually we'll be together again.

After things have settled down a bit.

Take good care of little brother.

- We'll take care of each other.

(soft music)

Well, time to go.

- Yes, go on dear.


- Go!

- Mother!
(footsteps pattering)

- Please, please take good
care of yourselves, I love you.

- Goodbye mother, goodbye.

(somber music)

- Mother, wait, mother!
- Ah! (sobbing)



- Remember, study hard,

so you'll be able to do
what needs to be done.

(somber music)


- That's something you
must always remember Liung.

Education is the only way
to bring about the changes

needed for our land and its people.

(horse neighing)

- [Narrator] Combining their forces,

Ts'ao Ts'ao and Liu Bei
succeeded in driving

Yung Chao and his army
out of the Central Valley.


(horse neighing)
(horses galloping)

Now the only remaining threat

to Ts'ao Ts'ao's security was Liu Pu.

Ts'ao Ts'ao called for a full mobilization

of his massive army in
preparation for an all out assault

on Liu Pu's stronghold at Chao Pi Castle.

(soft music)

- That's enough, no more!

Go away, you're terrible dancers.

Only Tiao Chen knows how to do that dance

the way it should be done, call Tiao Chen.

- Liu Pu.

- What, what do you want now?

- Sir, this is not a time
for drinking and merrymaking.

Ts'ao Ts'ao troops are tired and hungry.

They must be fed and rearmed

and their cavalry is in
need of fresh horses.

You mustn't lose this opportunity.

You must attack before they regroup.

- I know what I need to do.

Mmh, you think that I've
frightened of Ts'ao Ts'ao?

I'll take on his whole army
by myself and kill them all.

- I advise you more strongly,

to leave the castle and
face him in the field.

If you remain here and
the walls are breached,

your entire army will be trapped-

- Do these, do that.

Who do you think you are
telling me what to do?

What do you know about fighting
and slaughter and bloodshed?

Your gibberish will win a
battle, you useless old man?

- A useless old man!

Liu Pu, I can no longer
put up with your arrogance.

I tried to warn you that this castle

can't withstand an attack,

but you wouldn't listen, farewell.

(suspenseful music)
(horse galloping)

(water splashing)


Of course, Ts'ao Ts'ao won't attack

if he has to use boats,

his troops would be too vulnerable.

- Let them out.

(horse neighing)
(wind whirling)

- Liu Bei, it's me Li.

- What did you learn?

- We managed to bribe a
few of those centuries.

It seems that there's a
great deal of dissatisfaction

among Liu Pu's troops

and that they might be close to mutiny.

- Wonderful, well, don't keep us waiting.

What did you find out
about Li-Hua, where is she?

- According to our report,

she's there being held as a prisoner.

- In Saipan Castle?

- I'm afraid so.

(soft music)

- Lu Pu we must talk, show yourself.

- [Lu Pu] Well, what do you want?

- Why must we engaged in battle,

why not be allies instead?

I will welcome you with open arms.

If you throw down your weapons

and swear your allegiance to me.

If you choose to oppose me,
you will die without glory.

Branded as a rebel and a trainer.

But I think of you as a national hero.

Prove the dictator Tung Cho,
for the good of this country.

Join forces with me and together
we can build a new dynasty.

- Ah!

- Don't you understand,
he's offering you a bribe.

Now that the advantage is on your side.

He'll say anything to get it back.

- Ts'ao Ts'ao your words of peace

are just another form of attack.

I shall send you our answer

as swiftly as the flight of an arrow.

- Arrow?



- Cheng Don, by the heavens
and all that's holy,

I swear that someday
I'll see your head off

for what you've done.

Fall back!

Fall back!

(soft music)

- Yu Gu was a fool not to accept,

he's going to get us all killed,

unless we find a way to stop him.

- Hmm.

(wind whirling)

(arrows snapping)

- Ah!
(horse neighing)

(hooves clattering)

- It says, here they wanted to surrender.

A white flag at dawn will be the signal

to lower the door bridge.

- It could be Lu Pu's doing my Lord.

He set traps for you before.

- According to the information
that we've received,

there's a great deal of dissension

among Liu Pu's troops at this time.

I believe they're offer to
surrender is genuine, sir.

- I agree, it's a risk worth taking.

We attack at dawn.

(wind whirling)

(footsteps pattering)

(metal clinging)

- What do you think you are doing?

You'll lose your heads
for this I promise you.

(wind whirling)

(water splashing)

- Hmm!

That's the signal, forward!


(dramatic music)


(metal clinging)
(water splashing)

Wung Yiu!

(metal clinging)

- Chung Yao, you ones spared my life,

so now I'll return the favor.

- I need no favors from you, now fight!

- Right now I have more
important things to do.


- Li-Hua, Li-Hua!

(dramatic music)


Li-Hua, Li-Hua!



Li-Hua, no!

(footsteps pattering)
(metal clinging)

No, wait, stop!


Li-Hua, are you all right?

- Cheng Fei, is it you?

(metal clinging)

- Li-Hua!

- Liu Bei, I knew you would come for me.

(metal clinging)

- Li-Hua!


(soft music)

(metal clinging)

- Cheng Fei, have you found Li-Hua?

- Shh!

- Come on.
- All right.

(indistinct chatter)


- On your feet.

- Betrayed, how fitting.

(indistinct chatter)

(footsteps pattering)

- Commander Ts'ao Ts'ao,

I would consider it a favor,

if you'd loosen these
ropes, I can't breathe.

- One doesn't loosen the bonds of a tiger.

- Have some compassion
for a fellow warrior.

- Hmm!

Have you any favors to ask Cheng Gong?

- I don't expect compassionate mercy

from the likes of you Ts'ao Ts'ao.

For I know that you are
a man with no heart.

I knew that rescuing you

was the greatest mistake of my life,

and now I'm going to pay for it.

- Huh?

On the contrary, it would appear

that your greatest mistake
was choosing to serve Liu Pu.

- Liu Pu is like a child
who must get what he wants,

while you on the other hand

are a deceitful coldblooded barbarian.

- An interesting theory old friend.

And because we were friends
once, I shall allow you to live.

All you have to do is
apologize Cheng Gong, well.

- That I will never do.

I'd rather lose my head.

- Do you mean what you say?

- I'd prefer to die that
way than die of shame.

Enough, farewell Ts'ao Ts'ao.

(suspenseful music)

- Cheng Gong.

(footsteps fading)

Cheng Gong!

(suspenseful music)

Cheng Gong, Cheng Gong!

It's not too late.

Apologize and I will spare you.

Together we can accomplish so much.

A simple apology is that
beneath your dignity?

Please, Cheng Gong, I am
begging you, apologize.

- Dignity, is all I have left.

(suspenseful music)

(footsteps approaching)

(suspenseful music)

(footsteps approaching)

- No!



(footsteps pattering)

Kill him, kill him now at once.


- My lord, I will do
anything you wish, anything.

With your wisdom and leadership

and my skill as a warrior,

there isn't anyone who
could stand in our way.

I beg you-

- You sound like a
frightened child Liu Pu.

Have you no pride?

Stop your whining and die like a man.

- You idiot, I'm a hero
and heroes never die.

Do you hear, never.

There is no man who can match me.

There never has been, there never will be.



- [Man 1] Stop him!
- [Man 2] Get him.

(footsteps pattering)

- Get him over here.

- Over here.
- Over here.


- Ah!
- [Man] That's it, that's it.




(metal clinging)

(suspenseful music)

(footsteps approaching)

- My lord, Ts'ao Ts'ao, general Chung Yao

is a man of honor and of noble character.

I begged you to pardon him.

- I agree with Kwang Yu.

It is my wish that he be
spared general Ts'ao Ts'ao.

(footsteps approaching)

- Mine too.

(suspenseful music)

- Sir.

(dramatic music)

Chung Yao!

(dramatic music)

Chung Yao, wait!

(dramatic music)

- No, let me die.

I'd rather die in honorable
death than apologize.

- You needn't even being dishonored.

You'll needn't apologize or surrender,

for you are no longer my prisoner,

but in the custody of Kwang Yu.

- Here, put this on.

(suspenseful music)

- Kwang Yu (sobbing)

(hooves clattering)
(horse neighing)

(suspenseful music)

- What's wrong my brother?

- After all we've done,

after all the battles we've fought,

what have we accomplished?

I wonder, how long will it
take to fulfill the oath

we made in the peach orchard?

- [Narrator] Many alliances
would be formed and broken

and many battles were yet to be fought,

between those who sought to rule China.

Ts'ao Ts'ao and Liu Yang,
Yun Chiao and Chi Cho,

Liu Piao and Ching Cho and Senzei and Yun.

All would play a part
in the epic story of,

"The Romance of the Three Kingdoms."

(dramatic music)

(upbeat music)