Sangdil (1952) - full transcript

A loose adaptation of Charlotte Bronte's classic, Jane Eyre. In this version childhood sweethearts are separated and grow up in different worlds. The girl is brought up to be a 'pujaaran' (priestess) while the boy grows up to be a dejected 'thakur', turned vindictive by life's injustices. Fate inevitably brings them together at a later juncture, and all seems happy and perfect for the young couple, until she discovers his deep, dark secret.

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Kamla, come here.

Open your mouth.

Just you wait!

How many times have I told you
not to talk to that bitch?

She'll make you, too,
worthless like herself.

- Will you play with her again?
- No, Ma.

Trouble maker.

- Have you finished?
- Yes, mother.

What's that?

God! This girl will throw
away the utensils too.

Wonder what sin I'm paying for.
You good-for-nothing!

You dirtied the utensils again.
What do you think?

Clean them all again.

If I see you wasting time
again, I'll thrash you!

I'll be rid of her
only after she dies.

Will you let me die
in peace or not?

You shut-up! This girl
has become so lazy...

the moment I turn my back,
she starts lazing around.

She has even made my
Shankar like herself.

You're being cruel
to her for no reason.

Despite being so
close to death...

I might not die...

because I don't want to leave
the innocent girl at your mercy.

Talking too much will hurt you.

Take your medicine and sleep.

You'll have to listen
to me today.

She is my friend's daughter.

And he'd left her in my custody,
along with all his property...

so that I took care of her.

But along with usurping
his property...

you also want to kill her.

How will I face my friend
in the next world?

I don't like speaking of death.

And as if I'll take this wealth
with me when I die.

I'm keeping it for your son.

Let's go and hear a
story from the maid.

- Is your ear feeling better now?
- Forget that.

Mom is reading the Gita for father.

It's a good opportunity.
Let's go!


You two have come
together again?

If madam sees you,
you won't lose anything.

- This poor girl will be beaten.
- She can't see us.

She's reading the Gita to father.

And you won't let us be beaten.


- Will you tell us a story?
- Alright, sit here.


What story would
you like to hear?

- The fairy princess story.
- Yes, the same.

When the prince comes
on horseback...

Keep quiet.
Let her tell the story.

Alright, listen.

There was a fairy queen,
who had a young daughter.

She was very beautiful, very
sweet. Everyone loved her.

She was great friends
with a prince...

who used to take her on
his horse for long rides.

When he didn't come, she would
sing a song to call him.

And the prince, wherever he
might be, would come running.

But one day, when she was
sleeping in her palace...

a witch came in to eat her.

Away from the world,
close to the clouds

Let us create our own new world

We will live in our
own small world

In which we will live with love

We will make the moon our boat

And bring down the stars

Our world will be different
from this world

And our love unique

Let us create our own new world

Away from the world,
close to the clouds

Let us create our own new world

With flowers in our lap

We will narrate our story

With the dawn will come dancing

And bring along new blooms

The dew will come and
kiss our cheeks

And the rains will pour

Let us create...

Away from the world,
close to the clouds

Let us create our own new world

- Maid?
- What is it?

Mom has locked Kamla
in the room again.

She'll be afraid.
Please get her out of there.

She is bent on killing
the poor girl.

Maid, you have to go and
get her out of there.

Come dear, master
has called you.

Come close to me, dear.

I had made many promises
to your father.

But I have been incapacitated.

I wonder how I will
ever face him.

You aren't feeling well.
Go to sleep.

I want to sleep forever.

But I am helpless. When you
are not at peace here...

how can I die in peace?

Master, if you talk like that,
who will she look to for support?

When one has no one left,
God becomes his support.

Kamla, I put you in His care.

Where is God's picture?
Where is it?

Why can't I see it?

Maid, bring the picture here.

Whenever I've been very upset...

I have found solace at His feet.

You also take solace
from Him, dear.

Shankar, come close to me.

You are my son.
You keep my word.

I make you responsible
for Kamla.

With God as witness...

promise me...

you won't let your mother
take Kamla's property.

You witch! You've come out again!

What magic spell are you
casting here? Come!

Leave her alone!
I said leave her alone!

As long as Shankar's
father was alive...

we somehow managed to survive.

But I am alone, and a woman.
And I have to take care of my son.

How can I afford
to feed that orphan?

Don't worry, the girl will
calm down in our orphanage.

You won't know she even exists.

- Shall I call her?
- Sure.

Kamla, where does man
go after he dies?

- To God.
- God kills man.

Then what does His idol do?

Father used to say that keeping
it close rids one of his fear.

One finds solace.

After father's death,
I feel very scared.

Then take the idol to your room.

- What about you?
- Just give me a flower kept at His feet.


Where were you?
I've been looking for you.

Look at your hair. It's disheveled.
Come, I'll comb it.

Go Shankar, you also
go and freshen up.

Greet him.

I've heard you're a very naughty girl.

But you'll have
to straighten up from today.

And be as straight a girl
as this cane of mine!

Come with me!

- Shankar! Shankar!
- Kamla!



Don't cry, dear.

What is your name, dear?

Did she reveal who
her relatives are?

No madam, she doesn't
want to go anywhere.

Mention her going back,
and she starts crying.

I told you, she doesn't seem
to belong to this world.

She has come from heaven
only to serve the Lord.

Make her a priestess (devotee).

Will you stay here with us and
promise to serve the Lord?

Will you lock me up here?

This is God's home. No one is
forced to do anything here.

Will mother come
here and beat me?

Those who promise to
serve the Lord...

God Himself protects them.

No one will beat you here.

Kamla, before becoming a priestess...

any memories you have
of earthly bonds...

destroy them all in this holy fire.

It will destroy all your sins,
and purify you.

You have to surrender
your clothes, your bonds, in this fire.

Hail Shankar!

A devotee craving the sight
of You is here

I light lamps before You

If I gain a place at your feet,
I'll find peace in life

A devotee craving the sight
of You is here

I light lamps before you

If I gain a place at your feet,
I'll find peace in life

You sustain the world

Your lights are the
moon and stars

This sinner has come
to Your door

Please keep me at Your feet

I plead with You, with my
head bowed in reverence

If I gain a place at Your feet,
I'll find peace in life

A devotee craving the sight
of You is here

I light lamps before You

If I gain a place at Your feet,
I'll find peace in life

I have many flaws

Help me keep my honor

Help me through life

Grant me this boon, oh Lord

I have brought this sinful
life to Your door

Grant me this boon, oh Lord

I plead with You, with my
head bowed in reverence

If I gain a place at your feet,
I'll find peace in life

A devotee craving the sight
of You is here

I light lamps before You

If I gain a place at your feet,
I'll find peace in life

A devotee craving the sight
of You is here


Who was he?

- Who was he?
- Kamla?

Away from the world,
close to the clouds

Let us create our own new world

Away from the world,
close to the clouds

Let us create our own new world

- Are you very sad?
- No, mother.

- May I ask you something?
- Yes.

Even after staying in the
temple for so many years...

why does your mind always
think of the outside world?

Your feet falter many times
walking the path of your duty.

What is that bond you
haven't been able to forget yet?

Who holds the strings of your heart?
Who tugs at them always?

I think of no one but Shankar.

I have surrendered
myself at His feet.

That is what I'd
come to tell you.

That you have become
the Lord's priestess.

You have no right to have
anything in your heart...

except the Lord's image.

Stick to your oath, dear.
Keep your heart pure.

If it still holds any evil,
any sin, any memory...

throw it out of your heart.
It is in your interest.

Years passed.
Many Springs came and went.

Many storms rose, and hid
in the folds of time.

But he couldn't erase
the memory of her from his heart.

The cruelty of time had
snatched the shine from his eyes.

His lips smiled,
but his heart would cry.

Nobody was aware
of the poison...

that was suppressed
in that handsome body.

Many women came into his life.

They fell for his money,
and his woeful face.

}And he would secretly
laugh at them.

He was taking revenge
on the entire world.

- Then what happened?
- We'll know when we continue.

It is always easier
when no one knows.

Knowing something
is also a burden.

Shankar, you like this flower
very much, don't you?

Then put it in my hair.

Come on!

Mohini, how will
one flower help?

Ask for diamonds and pearls.
You can loot everything.

- What have I looted from anyone?
- Ask me that.

Except for this one flower, you
have taken everything I had.

What you say is so fascinating.

Your eyes are so mesmerizing.

And even my estate is beautiful.

It is full of silver fields
and gold jungles.

You always confuse me
with what you say.

- You are very bad.
- Thank you.

- What are you doing here?
- When did you trap this new bird?

What you're doing isn't right.

- Better leave!
- Yes, I'm leaving.

- Meet you at the estate.
- Don't go there, I'm warning you!

Why not? What will
you do? Kill me?

What's the matter?

What's the matter?

I'll have to go to my
estate for some days.

So, why are you worried?
Take me along.

I'll get a chance to see your estate.

- Will you come along?
- We'll take along some friends, too.

It'll be a nice picnic.

This full moon, we will have to
attend the festival in Kamalpur.

What festival, mother?

Every year, after harvest,
the farmers there...

worship the Goddess.

We received an invitation this year.

- When do we leave?
- On the 13th day.

- Hail Shankar!
- Welcome. How are you?

By the Lord's grace,
we are fine.

She is Thakur's (landlord's)
Mother. Greet her, dear.

Thakur's mother?

Greetings, mother.

It's strange! Seeing the
Thakur's mother...

I felt she was my old maid.
She has the same face!

Don't say that, dear.
She is Thakur's mother.

If anyone hears you,
what will they say?

There can be two people
with similar faces.

Besides, your maid's face
would change over the years.

God knows whether she
is alive or not.

What are you looking at?

Those flowers are so beautiful.

You are sad again. You've been
reminded of some past memory.

No mother.

Past days and separated friends...

don't return just by
thinking of them.

And what will I gain
thinking about them?

I was just admiring
the lovely sights.

The flower beds
are so beautiful.

If you permit me, may I take
a stroll in the garden?

Of course, child.

Away from the world,
close to the clouds

Let us create our own new world

Who are you?
Have I reached heaven?

No. Your horse stumbled.

You wanted to pluck this flower.

Where is the flower?

- I wanted to pluck the flower, but fell down.
- Why?

Any beautiful flower
I see, I pluck it.

Even you are very beautiful.

Why stare at me like that?
Do you know me?

I feel I've seen you before.

Where have you seen me?

You must have heard
about my riches.

You misunderstand me.

Who are you?

A priestess.

If you're a priestess,
go to the temple and worship God.

You'll only benefit there.
What can you accomplish roaming the jungle?

How are you, Mohini?
My eyes were craving to see you.

Do you like this place?

I feel like never
leaving this place.

Who's asking you to leave?
Ask my heart.

Every heart beat says you
must stay here forever.

You are a thorough liar!

You have no place for
me in your heart.

If not in my heart,
there's a place in this house.

Thakur has come suddenly,
and we have many guests.

Their stay is being arranged
in the rooms below.

Would you mind if I gave
you a room upstairs?


This wind, this night,
this moonlight

All I crave is for
one look from you

How can I not yearn for you?

My passion for you
brings joy to my heart

This wind, this night,
this moonlight

Do you know, oh naive one...

what one look from you
does to me?

If it's an angry look,
it can make hell break loose

And a loving look gives solace

How can I not yearn for you?

Your every word fascinates me

This wind, this night,
this moonlight

There is none more
beautiful than you

There is excitement in the air

All due to the magic
of your eyes

How can I not yearn for you?

My passion for you brings
joy to my heart

This wind, this night,
this moonlight

All I crave is for
one look from you

She is Thakur's mother.
Greet her, dear.

I wanted to pluck a flower,
and fell down.

Even you are beautiful.

- What's going on upstairs?
- You? Over here?

The screams are scaring me.
Who's upstairs?

- The spirit of a witch.
- Spirit? There's a spirit here?

It's in the room upstairs.
It doesn't come down, don't worry.

Then why has Thakur gone upstairs?

Unless he goes upstairs
for the witch to see him...

she doesn't stop screaming
and shouting.

Don't go upstairs.

Who's she?

- She's a priestess.
- What's she doing here?

I wonder where these
priestess's come from.

Is this a home or a temple?

What will you gain by breaking
these lifeless statues?

My life is broken.
I will break everything.

That won't give you
peace of mind.

Peace is not in my destiny.

Your roaming from city to city
distresses you all the more.

I don't roam.
I try to escape death.

If I stay here,
she'll suck me dry one day.

Forget that.
I get wounded every day.

For how long will you
treat the wounds?

May I come in?


What is the matter?
You hesitate to invite me in?

- What's inside your room?
- My ruin.

There's something you're hiding...

or you wouldn't stand in
the doorway like that.

You don't like anyone
coming to your room?

It's not that.

But sometimes, a garden
becomes so barren...

it's afraid to invite Spring.

Anyway, love, tell me...

how did you know someone needed
you badly right now?

Don't speak such sweet lies.

If you needed someone,
you weren't helpless.

Nor was my room so far away.

I heard some voices and assumed
you must be awake.

So I came to ask why you
haven't been able to sleep yet.

You're asking a question
whose answer I'm also looking for.

I often think about it,
but don't know why.

And then I feel like going
and lying down...

in the lap of a beauty like you.

Even that's not true.

Or someone waits for you for
hours, but you don't come.

You gave me a room downstairs
with all the other guests.

Moreover, you hide in your room...

and send the moonlight
to my room to make me jealous.

I can't enjoy the beautiful moonlight
in the garden alone.

That's what I came to tell you.

You threw this scarf and
called me, and here I am!

- No, I didn't.
- I misunderstood you?

Yes, you misunderstood.

I've never misunderstand women.

Such meetings that happen coincidentally...

are actually deliberate
more than destined.

Coincidentally, that day,
you were standing...

right where I had to pass.

It's also a coincidence
you're staying in my home.

And it's a coincidence
that you pass by me.

Today, when I was having
tea in the garden...

it was a coincidence that
your scarf fell on me.

Even this is a coincidence,
that you're very beautiful.

- Fear God.
- I don't fear anyone.

I don't fear life,
I don't fear death.

I only fear beauty, only beauty.

I'll meet you after
the festival tonight.

Don't forget.

Who is it?

Who is it?

Mr. Thakur, Mr. Thakur.

What happened to you?

Your idol.

I am very grateful to you.

You saved my life today.

The God who saved you
is in your hands.

I am nobody.

Yes, He's there. He's saved me
many times since childhood.

Today, you saved me.

Is there a connection
between you and this idol?

There is,
but perhaps you've forgotten.

- What?
- That I'm a devotee of Lord Shankar.

- What happened?
- There was a fire.


Someone couldn't ignite my heart,
so set fire to my bed.

You're always joking.

Are you alright?

I'm so used to burning,
I never noticed the fire.

This priestess arrived,
or anything might have happened.

But how did she become
so concerned about you...

that she came to your room
in the middle of the night?

Is she responsible for the fire?

Shankar, what has
happened to you?

Do you have any relation
with this idol.

Yes I do. I think you've forgotten.

- Who is it?
- It's me, Thakur.

What do you want?

Nothing. I was strolling on the verandah
when I heard you humming.

I thought I'd come and ask
why you haven't gone to bed yet.

- Why aren't you sleeping?
- How can I?

The bed is burned.
There's water on the floor.

Then wake up the servants.

Why bother them at this hour?

I can't sleep anyway.

- Why haven't you slept yet?
- I was admiring the moonlight.

It's beautiful.

If you want to see the moonlight,
come and see it in the garden.

- Garden?
- Yes.

- At this hour?
- Yes.

The flowers look good
during the day.

But when you see
them at night...

they seems like stars floating
in a milky river.

When you held the idol close
to your heart...

for a moment I thought...

What did you think?

- That you're a priestess.
- That I am.

Your voice sounds familiar.

When I hear it, I feel...

like someone is calling
out from my childhood.

But that childhood has
been left far behind.

It's said that when man
reaches his maturity...

he begins to love new voices.

He can hear the music
of marriage.

Then he shouldn't care
for past voices.

How can you talk like that?

If you were left on one shore...

and your companion floated away
on the waves of time to the other...

wouldn't you try
to call him back?

No, I would never be so foolish.

Why do you call it foolishness?

Because the sea of life
and time is such...

that once a man crosses it,
he can never return.

And if the companion
across the shore...

is happy with his new friends...

but is made to cross the stormy waves
again only for the separated mate...

then the mate is being selfish.

You must be very much
at peace now.

Who wouldn't feel peace
at the Lord's feet?

Aren't you at peace?


You always keep God's
image under your pillow.

- Still you don't feel at peace?
- That makes me even more restless.

You'll get married some day.

Then you'll get over
this restlessness.

Who told you getting married
gives one peace?

Then why are you
getting married?

Let's cut this out.

Tell me, do you like my fiancé?

Don't avoid my question.

And don't even lie.

You have my promise, tell me.

- No.
- Why?

- She isn't a good woman.
- I won't find a good woman.

Why not?
Aren't there good women in the world?

Those that are,
become priestesses like you.

And no one can propose
marriage to them.

Forget that. Tell me,
why is she not a good woman?

Why do you accuse her
of being no good?

- Because I know.
- What do you know?

That she traps wealthy men
and usurps their wealth.

That's her business.

I know all that.

I can even tell you the names
of men she has ruined.

- And still you are...
- I am marrying her.

And if she wants my money in return,
then I don't want my wealth at all.

This wealth gave me the most
painful wound in my life...

and now I'm taking revenge for it.

By throwing a few notes
I'm buying her talent and respect.

So that no one would
ever respect wealth again.

But you will also lose
your respect in this way.

So what?

Even if my life is taken away
from me, then how does it affect me?

Only true love can give peace of mind.

Without that the peace we
have is nothing but illusion.

Or defeat or another name for death.

And I'm not going to get
defeated by a woman for fake respect.

I found a woman's weakness.

A woman's biggest weakness
is her greed for wealth.

Now I'm taking
revenge with the same weapon.

But not all women are like that.

Your mother is a woman, too.

Mother! In all the books all
over the world have praised mothers.

But I count my mother
in the same category.

But your mother is so nice.

She's not my mother. She's a maid.

My mother passed away long ago.

You spent your life within the walls
of a temple. You don't know my story.

An intoxicated man forgets his path.

He starts walking in the
subconscious state hurting himself!

Because he doesn't
have any other option.

I don't deny my mistakes.

But wouldn't you have done the same
if you were in my place?

May God give you everything!

- Sir?
- Why?

I don't want to be a
burden on a husband and wife.

Say that you can't share
the burden of my slander.

If you're so stubborn...

then I can also forget you.

What happened, Thakur?

Nothing happened to Thakur.

Your Shankar is getting ruined.

But what happened?

- She's here?
- Who?

- Kamla.
- Where is she?

- She's in the adjoining room.
- In the adjoining room?

- She's Kamla?
- Yes, mother, she is Kamla.

But why are you sad,
now that you've met her?

I hoped to get her...

but now even that hope is dying.

But why?
Doesn't she realize you're Shankar?

- I think she's recognized me.
- Then?

But she's hiding her
identity from me.

She must be trying to fool you.
Wait, I'll go.

Don't do that! If she comes to
know we've recognised her...

she will leave.

But why?

Because she doesn't have a
very good opinion about me.

She feels that if I'm marrying Mohini,
I've no right to love her.

No one can snatch anyone's
right to love.

Only the price of love
can be demanded.

Just let me tell her once what
a big price you've paid...

- for her love.
- Do nothing of the sort.

Once she leaves,
I'll never be able to see her again.

Don't insist, mom.
Make her stay here longer.

So that before making the
last move of my destiny...

I'll at least see her enough.

Hello, madam. What's this?

The horses and guests are
waiting for you to go riding...

and you're not even dressed yet.

I won't be able to go
with you all today.

Why? Do you want to go
to the temple to pray?

No. Someone has forcibly
usurped someone's land.

The one whose land has been
usurped, cannot even complain.

I have to go and dispense justice.

You are so cruel, and people
ask for justice from you.

- When will you return?
- Why?

I won't be able to wait any longer.

Only God knows who
waits for whom.

Oh my heart, he has left

Love his memories now

There is no joy in living

Wait for death now

Oh my heart, he has left.
Love his memories now

What have you got to
do with happiness?

You are destined for sorrow

Stop expecting to be happy

Accept sorrow now

There is no joy in living.
Wait for death now

Oh my heart, he has left.
Love his memories now

Forget the days of joy

Don't dream of love

You surrendered your heart

Surrender your life now

There is no joy in living.
Wait for death now

An astrologer is here. Would
you like your hand read?

I don't need any astrologer.

Who doesn't need an astrologer?

Everyone wants to know what's
in store for him.

But one whose destiny has
already been ruined by time...

doesn't need an astrologer
to tell her about her ruin.

I won't mourn over
the past, lady.

I'll tell you what the future
has in store for you.

There is nothing left
in my future now.

All my joy was in my past,
which is gone along with the past.

- What is gone can return.
- Can time ever come back?

But friends lost can
always come back.

The man who left in
the morning...

aren't you waiting
for his return?

- Astrologer!
- Don't lie to an ascetic.

I can see the lines of your
forehead and tell...

that the one for whom you wait...

the one for who your heart is
restless, you are deceiving him.

I am deceiving him?

- Your knowledge says that?
- Yes, you are deceiving him.

Tell me.
Haven't you recognised him?

Look priestess, you must
not lie to pious souls.

I have recognised him.

Then why haven't you
told him who you are?

He is surrounded by darkness today.

And the lamp that can
brighten his life...

you're hiding that
lamp from him.

Why are you doing this?

That's where you are mistaken.

Just look at the facts.

He's collected the stars
and moon in his home.

My small lamp is of
no consequence there.

People will laugh at me.

People won't laugh at you,
but at he...

who collects fireflies
to eliminate the darkness.

Even he laughs at himself.
At least you have mercy on him.

Are you asking me
to show mercy on him...

or to beg for mercy from him?

He is begging
for mercy from you.

You can shed tears
for a stone idol.

But you don't have place for an
unfortunate man in your heart?

Do you want the one who
faltered and fell once...

- to fall into an even deeper pit?
- Don't say that!

You become an ascetic
to help the world.

Can't you take care
of even one soul?

What can I do for him now?

If I could, I wouldn't let him
out of my sight for a moment.

I would hide him and take him away
from this poisonous atmosphere.

I would save him
from this brightness...

which is blinding him.

But time has snatched
him from me.

Time has brought him back
to your feet, Kamla.

Hide him in your heart again, Kamla.

Hide him in your heart again.

Astrologer, Ms. Mohini
has called you.

And even madam.

Alright, come. I have
finished with her.

Priestess, if you feel I've
given you correct information...

give me a reward.

I'm a poor priestess. I have
nothing to give, but my life.

I'll tell Ms. Mohini her future.

- Madam...
- Come, sir, sit down.

You have very sharp brains.

- But...
- But what?

But your heart is crooked.

What do you mean?

I'll tell you later. Right now,
I see something more dangerous.

You're going to suffer
a big deception in soon.


- Don't ask me that.
- Why?

You must not ask everything
from astrologers.

They'll expose you.

Answer my question.
What deception will I suffer?

Well, if you want to
hear it, then listen.

You've succeeded in plundering
many rich men before now.

But currently, you're
involved with a man...

who is cheating you.

You think he's rich,
but he doesn't have a penny.

He is neck deep in debts.

He's after the wealth you've
accumulated from cheating others.

I'll warn you not to let
yourself get involved, madam.

You impudent man!
Get out of here!

I'm going. But at least
pay me my fee.

You talk nonsense
and ask for fees?

How am I at fault?
It was written in your hand.

I said, get out, or
you'll be thrown out!

If you throw out an ascetic,
he'll curse you!

Servants! Throw him out!

I was so scared without you.

- Really?
- As if you care.

Let anyone wait all day long
for you, but you're too busy.

What can I say? Managing
an estate is hard work.

What work do you have to do?

I have to give and
take in millions.

But you only have to take,
not give money to anyone.

- Why not?
- To whom?

To those who've lent me money..

But why do you worry
about all that?

How can I not be worried
when you are?

Have you borrowed money from anyone?

Yes, about half a million rupees.

Don't lie to me!

Those who owe half a million...

don't look as carefree as you.

Don't get fooled by my face.

I see you and my face glows.

And, truly speaking,
when I have you I fear nothing.

At the most, my debtors will
take away my estate from me.

I'll still have the wealth
of your beauty.

But I do regret one thing.

I've squandered my wealth
on others before now.

But I couldn't give you anything.

But then, I think, that's not necessary.
You truly love me.

How fortunate I am!

Come out of your dream
world and listen to me.

Tell me. Say what
you have to now.

Such opportunities
don't come every day.

- I want to return tomorrow.
- Why?

My mom is alone at home.
And I had a bad dream last night.

- At night or during the day?
- Don't joke!

I'm not joking.
It's not the time to joke.

Two loving hearts are separating.

- Why does this happen, Mohini?
- What?

Why does destiny separate
two lovers?

I'm a man.
I can bear this pain.

But how will you survive
without me, Mohini?

I'll arrange for your departure tomorrow.
But on one condition.

- What?
- You won't shed tears for me.

See! You're already crying.

Stop them. Don't let them fall,
or I'll feel terrible!

Got time to spare?

Yes, I have the time now, forever.

Do you know what she was saying?

I don't want to know.

Don't turn away from
me like that.

I begin to feel lost.

These lonely nights are witness...

to how much this man has been
looking for you, fighting against time.

You'll be commiting a sin
if you turn away from me.

When have I ever
turned against you, Shankar?

Why are you making false
allegations against me?

How can I trust you?

I fear you may consider
me bad and discard me.

Why? Is this what
you expect of me?

Not expect, I fear it.

Just tell me once,
and this fear will disappear.

- What can I say?
- Don't say, just do.

- Do what?
- Kiss this sinner once with your lips.

So that this lifeless body comes
alive again with the elixir.

I'll close my eyes, Kamal.

Give me whatever you want.
Life, or death.

My life was so barren
without you...

that today, despite having got you,
I can't believe it.

You're standing before me,
but my heart doesn't believe it.

It tells me, This is all
an illusion, a dream.

Don't believe it.

This dream will deceive you again.
Don't believe in it.

Beware of it, Shankar!

Make me believe you have
actually come to me.

Shower me with your tears...

so that all my illusions,
my fears, are washed away.

You're removing me from this hell
and taking me into heaven.

If this isn't a dream...

I'm ready to pay the price
of my entire life for it.

I'm ready to pay the price
of my entire life for it.

Thakur, you don't have the
money to strike this deal.

- Mother...
- The soul that's renounced this world...

don't take it towards ruin.

We aren't going towards ruin.

We want to be saved from ruin.

To be saved from ruin,
go to the feet of God.

Don't you fear steering someone
away from her path?

There is fear in sin,
and love isn't sin, Mother.

Lost in your darkness,
you've become blind, Thakur.

You can't see sense.

The flame of love
gives sight even to the blind.

I may be a sinner, but God forgives
the sins of those who love truly.

Come, Kamal.

If I have ever wronged you in
any way, please forgive me.

You have never wronged me.
God be with you.

Love broke...

all bonds

Against love...

the world accepted defeat

My beloved took over my heart

My heart bloomed...

and love smiled

A mischievous wind blew

Every bud bloomed

I was reunited with you

My beloved took over my heart

Everything seems different

Even the earth and sky seem new

We left the world...

and created a new world
of love for ourselves

The winds came dancing...

having kissed the blue skies...

and erased all scars of sorrow

I had no happiness

My heart's bud had not bloomed

Love's arrow had not
pierced my heart

I wasn't really living life

The sound of your feet...

brought along smiles...

and made my life

The season of Spring
brought along lavish love

My heart called out to you

You arrived from somewhere

You slowly smiled...

And filled my heart with joy

The winds came dancing

What happened, Kamal?
What happened?

- Ghost.
- Ghost? It came here, too?

No, don't go up.

You have my promise,
don't go up.

What mystery is this?
Whose ghost is this?

You don't even tell me anything.

It's a very sad story.

You'll get upset if you hear it.

I won't be at peace
if I don't hear about it.

Look Kamal, we'll get married tomorrow
and leave this place.

I'll tell you everything then.
But don't ask me anything here.

Just have faith in me.
Have faith in me.

Tomorrow? Have all arrangements
been made?

Two people who love each other
will get married tomorrow.

No arrangements are necessary.

When two hearts unite...

you don't need guests,
or the priest for such a marriage.

Two lovers unite.

May you always be happy.

No dear, I am just a maid.

No mother.

This home was engulfed in
darkness without you.

Now that you're here...

it seems the dark night stole
the moon and brightened itself.

You made Thakur
wait for so long.

Madam, where do I put the sweets?

I'll be right back.

What are you doing?
Mother will come.

Let her come.

Why are you staring
at me like that?

I've been wanting to see you
as a bride forever.

If you only knew how much
my heart has waited for this moment.

Someone will see.
You're not even embarrassed.

All restrictions will be removed today.

- And then you...
- You...

Don't say anything now.
Just keep looking at me.

I see my days, my nights,
my life, in your eyes.

It seems like far away
in some lake...

a mansion has been
made by moon rays.

And to reach there, the
stars have lit our way.

You and I walk towards it.

And now, you two accept
each other as husband and wife.

Keep faith in each other and speak,
repeating after me.

First you say, Thakur...

'I accept Kamla as
my wife from today.'

I accept Kamla as
my wife from today.

Wait! This marriage
cannot take place!

- Get out of here!
- Whenever I come, you threaten me.

Why are you afraid of me?
I won't eat you.

- Listen carefully!
- I don't have time for your nonsense.

Go away, or you'll be
thrown out of here!

Say what you like.
It's your mouth.

But I won't let this
marriage take place.

Having one wife already,
you cannot marry again.

- Society has given me that right.
- You sold that right.

You agreed to the deal,
and now you're backing out?

Shame on you!

You're doing an injustice
to the one whose money you live on.

Did you win this huge estate
from gambling?

Have you forgotten your promise?

Don't you remember the
deal you struck at all?

What a shame!

I've never made any deals with you.

If my mother promised you anything,
I'm unaware of it.

Nor am I responsible for it.

I have done whatever
I could for your sister.

And I want nothing
from you in return.

Take back your estate, your title.
I want nothing.

I'll leave here this very day.

So, you don't remember
the promise your mother made?

You don't remember the marriage
the priest performed?

Perhaps you also don't remember
that Sheela...

whose very mention makes you go pale,
is your wife.

Shame on you! You are lying!

He is himself mad,
but makes allegations against us.

He calls my sister mad.

She was absolutely normal.
He drove her mad.

He stole her peace of mind.

He did something to her.

She was fine?
I did something to her?

All of you come with me
and see for yourself...

that no one can go near
the one he's calling my wife.

Why are you so scared?

She is no ghost or witch.

She's my wife,
the mistress of this house.

My comfort in happiness and sorrow.

If you want to see the curse of life,
go and see this mad woman.

This gift has been given
to me by you people.

I've been sold. My peace and
happiness have been sold.

For wealth and money,
I was handed over to this witch.

Don't be afraid. Come and see
the horrendous face of justice.

See the justice of the God
whose huge temples you build.

And then see this woman who
spews the fire of hell...

with her every breath.

And then see the eyes of
this innocent woman...

in which you'll find the solace
of heaven. Everything...

Kamla, open the door!

Kamla, it's me, Shankar.
Open the door.

Sad about leaving?

You've come so late. I've been
waiting for you for so long.

It seems like aeons have passed.

Don't you want to touch
someone else's husband?

You must be thinking
what a bad man I am.

What a sinner I am.

Look Kamal, abuse me if you like...

but please don't remain
silent like this.

Say whatever you want.

I want to leave.

So, you want to ruin me?

I want to save your honor.

I cannot stay here.

Who's asking you
to stay here, Kamal?

We'll both leave here.

And never come back.


Because I'm another woman's husband?

You don't love me, Kamal?

You want a husband
that belongs only to you...

whose everything belongs to you.

You love a man's status,
not him.

You don't know how much
I love you, Kamal.

But perhaps you don't
believe me anymore.

You must be wondering why
I didn't tell you beforehand.

I didn't tell you because
my sorrow hurts you, too.

And I considered her my sorrow,
not a relationship.

There's no bond in the world
which can defeat the storm of love.

And when you ride this storm,
why are you afraid?

I found love for only a few moments,
and then lost it.

You are making the decision
after knowing only one side of the story.

Why don't you think of the one
who found you after all these years?

And who is not ready
to lose you at any cost.

You've heard only half
the story, Kamal.

You're not aware of all
I've suffered over the years.

At least hear the story of
my ruin before you leave.

Even that was a similar dark night...

when you'd given me
that idol and left.

I didn't know where you were.

My eyes would look out for you
at the sound of every footstep.

My feet never faltered
in desiring you, Kamal.

But I finally had to give up.

I was given all the luxuries of life...

but pushed towards ruin anyway.

The fear of poverty made
my mother sell me...

and she celebrated the deal.

I was watching myself being ruined.

I knew my death was hidden in
these silver and golden stars.

And I saw this death in
my wife on first sight.

She was mad.
Her smile was venomous...

but I had taken the
price of this venom.

I was engulfed in scary darkness.

I wanted to run away
from that hell.

But I felt that frightful
witches were following me.

They were screaming and
asking me to stop.

Their lips were thirsting
for my blood.

The fire in their breath
was desperate to burn me.

They were asking me
to stop and listen.

And then I found a new way
of escape for myself.

Those screams got buried
in the sound of anklets.

The venom of their laughter was lost
in the smiles of other women.

The beating of drums and other music
echoed in my ears.

For some time the shine of money
eliminated the darkness around me.

But who can find solace
in the depths of humiliation?

When alone, my heart
always told me...

I had strayed far from my goal.

At such times, I would kiss
the idol you had given me.

I used to ask
for pardon from you.

What else can a man,
alone and gone astray, do?

And when I had lost everything...

you suddenly came as a star
and peeked into my ruin.

That day, when I saw you hold
the idol close to your heart...

I recognised you immediately.

- And I felt...
- Enough! Stop it.

Don't talk about the past now.

There's no point in talking
about the past, either...

when the future belongs to us.

I've found you now, Kamal.

Your arrival makes me feel
the holy Ganga has come to the sinner.

I don't fear anything now.

Hold my hand, and ask me to take you
to a new world of our own.

The river doesn't go dry
when it comes to the thirsty.

- Come close to me.
- No!

Do you want to leave me alone
in that bad world...

and confine yourself
to stone walls?

Just think how bleak my life
will become without you.

Don't reject the one who loves you
and who you loved, Kamal.

A sinner who you can reform,
don't send him to the devil.

He'll never be able to reform again.

God will give you good sense.
He only will save you.

God will save me? And you?

I'll pray for you.

The hands that can lift in prayer...

can also save a falling man.

Religion doesn't permit that.

Does your religion say
you shouldn't help a man...

fallen in muck,
because you might soil your clothes?

You have loved, Kamal.

Like other selfish women,
why are you afraid of society?

Ask your heart once.
Doesn't your heart say anything?

I won't listen to my heart.

It's crazy for you.

Don't test me like that.

- Let me go.
- Wait Kamal!

Do you still want to go, Kamal?


Then go. If I want,
I can compel you to stay.

But then I'll only get your
body, not your soul.

I don't want a body
without a soul.

I can get many bodies.

Kamal, if you don't
love me, leave!

Don't ever think of me.

And don't forgive my sins.

May God grant you peace.

Don't go, Kamal, don't go.

Don't go, Kamal.

Where are you,
oh comfort of my life?

My heart calls out to you

With our separation,
my desires shed tears

You left,
having lost esteem for me

Oh tormentor

My heart looks out for you

There are tormented
desires in my eyes

See this storm in my eyes

Come back, this heart
cries in pain

Where are you?

I hope you have no attachments
left with the world now.


Then this full moon, we'll
have you cleansed.

What are you doing?

Lightning couldn't uproot it.
So I'm uprooting the tree.

How far will you dig? The
roots are very deep.

If lightning couldn't uproot it,
how will you uproot it?

Then what do I do? Why have
the roots gone so deep?

Don't be foolish.
Come upstairs. Come.

People think I'm mad.

For God's sake, please leave.

You're making me steer
away from my religion.

Get up, Kamla, it's four AM.
Get dressed before prayers.

The ritual of cleansing you
will be performed today.

So that your cleansing
ritual is complete...

burn all your worldly desires
in this holy fire.

Do you have an attachment
with anyone in the world now?


What about Shankar? Shankar,
where are you?

Who are you?

I was just collecting
the burned things.

How did this mansion catch fire?

Thakur's mad wife set it afire.

Did everyone survive?

- No. - Who?
- The mad woman.

- Did the Thakur survive?
- It would be better if he hadn't.

Why, what happened?
Where did he go?

To his old house,
where he lived before.

Who is it?

Who are you?

How did you come here?
Is it night already?

Day has broken only now, Shankar.

But you come only at night,
in my dreams.

I haven't come in your dream.

You want to deceive me
because I've gone blind?

Kamla won't come here now.

I've been blinded.
I have nothing left.

She loves God.
She loves stone idols.

Why will she come to any human?

But what about your love?

Love? What has a woman
got to do with love?

You're just a dream in my imagination.

That's why you come to me.

You are crying?
Even you are crying today?

You've taken such a big price from me
for this one tear of sympathy.

- Such a big price!
- Shankar, forgive me!

Forgive me, Shankar.

I'm not angry with you.

You're just a dream.

Even if Kamla actually came,
I would forgive her.

Why just forgive?
I love her even today.

I love her even today.

Shankar, Kamla has come,
and you don't even recognise her?

I've been blinded, but even you
have begun to dream like me?

No, she's not a dream.
Kamla has actually come.

- She's come?
- Yes.

Then ask her to call out to me.

- Are you really Kamla?
- Yes.

- Honest?
- Yes Shankar, I am your Kamla.

I knew you would come one day.

But not your love.
My love will draw you to me.

Forgive me, Shankar.

You took so long to come.

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