Sangam (1964) - full transcript

Sunder Khanna is an orphan and lives a poor lifestyle in India. He is friendly with wealthy Gopal Verma, the only child of Judge Verma; and a wealthy girl named Radha, who is the daughter of an army Captain. The trio grow up, and Sunder falls head-over-heels in love with Radha, but she as well as her parents reject him. Sunder decides to prove himself to be worthy of them and enrolls in the Indian Air Force, carries out a risky flight to help army soldiers, disappears, is believed to be dead, but re-surfaces virtually unscathed, and returns to get married to Radha. After the marriage the couple go for a honeymoon in Rome, Paris, London, and Switzerland. Sunder also invites Gopal, who is now a Magistrate. One day before going to attend a party, Sunder finds his life turned upside down when he comes a love letter written to Radha by an unknown male. Torn with suspicion and hatred he grabs his revolver and confronts Radha in order to find out the author of this letter and kill him. Watch what happens when Radha is confronted and the response she provides to Sunder.

Sunder, don't forget to greet
the lawyer

Come here, Nathu
- Yes, sir.


- Hello Radha.
- Hello.

You're so late

- I'm hungry! Come on, Gopal
- Let's go, Sunder

Radha, come here.

Radha, my house is ready.

- I saw.
- How is it?

Is this any house.
There is only one room.

Radha, come here. See this.

The house is s nice.
There are so many rooms.

The car too is parked in the porch.

If there is a motor in his house then
there is an aeroplane in my house.

I will take you round the world
in an aeroplane.

Radha, don't get
influenced by his talks.

He will die and he will also kill you.

Forget about him. Come and stay
in my house. Will you stay?

She will not stay.
Radha will stay in my house.

- I am asking Radha.
- I am telling you. She won't stay.

- Who are you?
- Shall I show you who I am?

No, no, both of you don't fight.
I will stay in both your houses.

No, she will stay in my house.

No, Radha will stay in my house.

- I will stay in both your houses.
- Radha, move aside.


Sunder, leave Gopal. I say leave him.


Sunder has hit Gopal very badly.
He's bleeding

See? They've quarrelled again

- Will you say it again?
- Yes

What happened, Gopal?

Did Sunder hit you?

No, father. I tripped on a stone
and started bleeding

Radha said Sunder had hit you

She's lying

He did! He beat Gopal!

Shut up. When did he hit me?

Father, she's lying

Bravo, son. I like your attitude

You're bleeding but you still won't
say a word against your friend

Radha. I've made the house bigger.
There's room for Gopal too

- Now you'll live in it
- N0, I won't

- Why?
- Because I just don't like your house

If you were anyone else,
I'd teach you a lesson


- Leave her.

Teach who a lesson? Remember
I fought in the First World War

Come, Captain, he's just a child

Nathu, control this stupid boy.
He's getting too naughty

Don't you behave like children

Go and play, children.
You too

Play only with Gopal.
Stick with one's kind

He may have a car,
but I have an airplane

I'll take her in my airplane
and show her the world:

London, Rome, Paris

Everyone will be gawping.
I'll take her away

Just come down and I'll show you!

I wish you fall in a ditch.

Just come down and I'll show you!

Sunder! What are you doing?

I meant to throw the hook
into the water, but I missed

Give me back my clothes

I can't. They're tangled up,
just like our destiny

Say my name again. It sounds
so nice coming from your lips

Stop it! Give me back my clothes

I will, but first answer my question

- I answered it a hundred times
- But it was always no

Say yes just once.
Or you won't get your clothes


Imagine for a moment
that I'm not Sunder...

...but Gopal who would say to you:

Like the Ganges river,
like the Jumna river...

Tell me, Radha,
will we ever be united?

Like the Ganges river,
like the Jumna river...

Tell me, Radha,
will we ever be united?

Tell me, Radha,
will we ever be united?

No, never!

S0 many years have passed... trying to convince you

You'll ne ver find anyone
as patient as me

W/l/ my hea vy heart
e ver find ease ?

Tell me, Radha,
will we ever be united?

Tell me, Radha,
will we ever be united?

G0 away!

I have suffered so much
for your sake

Like the parched earth
craves for rain

Radha, Radha

My every breath utters your name

Stones me/z‘ but will your heart
ever soften to me ?

Tell me, Radha,
will we ever be united?

Like the Ganges river,
like the Jumna river...

Tell me, Radha,
will we ever be united?

Tell me, Radha,
will we ever be united?

Go away! Must you pester me?

Fine! We will be united!

Radha, listen!

Gopa|'s returning from London
the day after tomorrow

Gopa|'s returning from London
the day after tomorrow


She's in the prayer room


- Bad news?
- Brilliant news!

He has topped the university exams

Absolute truth. I raised Gopal
and educated him

You don't believe me?

Read the article.
I'll tell everyone

- Let's celebrate before you go
- I'll celebrate with Gopal

Look at this

Where's Sunder?
Did he know I'm coming?

Of course he does. He was spreading
the news all over town

- So why didn't he come?
- He'll be at the party


To celebrate your return

I will go through the customs
and come.


Well, my lawyer?
How are you?

Why weren't you at the airport?

I came there by cycle...

...but you had already driven away

I cried out "Gopa|,"
but you couldn't hear me

You look great.
What's this garland?

Garland? I had brought
it for you

But you had left,
so I wore it

You and me,
is the same thing

You were the one studying law,
and I became the lawyer

Now I found you

Here, my friend

Welcome home, Gopal.

- You were away so long
- Come

Let's sit

I hear you left the Air Force
and joined a flying club

Yes! I teach people how to fly

But I cannot find anyone
who would like to touch the sky

What can I say, Sakina?

I felt so happy when
Gopal complimented me

Don't you think you should talk
to Gopal?

You don't think he...


Playing house when you're
children is one thing...

...getting married and running
a house is another thing

Tonight I'll tell him everything
and see what he thinks

Congratulations, Gopal,
you're one of us lawyers now

Thank you...Won‘t you join the judge?

Captain, why are you hiding
in the corner?

I'm watching the fun
The flow of the party

By all means, but may I fill up your
empty glass while you're at it?

- How about a drink for me too?
- Sakina!

You are looking very charming.
- Thank you.

What can I get you?

First ask me what I have for you

- What is it?
- Over there


I came for the fun

But she has something to tell you
and hear

- To say what?
- Ask her

Oh dear, I forgot.
Let me get you a drink

- Don't trouble yourself
- Let me

We're not short of servants here

Please let her. She must learn
how things are done here

After all, she has to come here
as a bride one day

You're dazzling tonight. Who'll be
struck by your lightning?

How are you, Radha?

What was Sakina saying?

She was right...
what did she say?

That you wanted to talk to me

- Congratulations, Gopal
- Thank you

You're looking lovely

And Sunder? He isn't here yet.
What a strange man

- Did you talk to him?
- How? There's such a crowd

Can't move here

- I don't see your friend Sunder
- We expect him any minute now

There he is!

You're always late. Must you
be late today?

I can't keep anything from you.
You know I only got one suit

I had to have the trousers mended

I wanted to look smart.
Radha is coming today

Is she here? Where?

Seriously, Radha, you must speak
to Gopal tonight

How can I with that idiot hovering
over him?

Gopal, stay with me

What if my heart stops beating
or my pulse halts?

Say hello. I'll be right back

- Shall I?
- Go!

Look, his |ordship's coming here

Leave Sunder to me,
you go trap Gopal

I say, Mr. Sunder...

"Mister?" Call me Sir:
I'm wearing a suit

Sir Sunder, we hardly meet
these days

That's the problem: we hardly meet
these days

Talk to Sakina, I'll be right back


So talk to me

- What about?
- Let's talk about Radha

About Radha? Carry on

I hear you're madly in love with her

Has the news hit the marketplace?

If you don't mind, may I say

With pleasure

Why don't you ask Radha
what she wants?

What you have in mind may not be
what she wants

That's why I'm here

Today I'll tell her my heart's
desire and ask hers too

Don't you worry. Want a drink?
I'll be right back

See, there's such a difference between
Gopal and Sunder

A worthy son of a worthy father

Today a lawyer, tomorrow a magistrate,
then a judge

And the other 0ne's always been
a wastrel

He's even come here today with
an accordion hanging off his neck

Whatever you may say,
Sunder is a gem at heart

And that's why I have only one dear
friend in the whole world - Sunder

You're so biased sometimes

All you see is his accordion

You don't see how he is the life
of a party

He charms everyone

What is it?

Have you seen Sunder?

It's you I need to speak to

I've tried to say it many times
but couldn't

The judge is asking for you, son.
Come along

I'll be right back

Ask your friend... he's not eating

Sunder, aren't you eating?

- No, I can't swallow
- Why not?

What I have to say to her is stuck
in my throat. I must spit it out first

How will you say it? By playing
your instrument?

Yes, Captain. By playing and singing

Music is the wine of life

That's why, Judge sahib:

"Every heart that loves will have
a song to sing"

What a line

- Then complete the couplet
- Go on

"Every heart that loves
will have a song to sing..."

"You can recognize a crazed-lover
even in a crowd"

Every heart‘ that loves
will have a song to sing

Every heart‘ that loves
will have a song to sing

You can recognize a crazed-lo ver
even in a crowd

You can recognize a crazed-lo ver
even in a crowd

F/rsz‘ you stole my heart,
now you tum your eyes away

But‘ I shall remain constant‘
even if /0 ve is one-sided

This is the way 0f love

Even though you don '1‘ know it

The moth will always fo//ow the flame

You can recognize a crazed-lo ver
even in a crowd

Every heart‘ that loves
will have a song to sing

You can recognize a crazed-lo ver
even in a crowd

Those forgotten memories
of my happy childhood

They return each night to rob
the sleep from my eyes

What I wanted to tel/ you...

.../ could not‘ say. Though many seasons
came and went

Who knows when /’// be able
to overcome my shyness

You can recognize a crazed-lo ver
even in a crowd

Every heart‘ that loves
will have a song to sing

You can recognize a crazed-lo ver
even in a crowd

Now everyone has had their say

On/y I have remained silent

One who takes 0n himself
the pain 0f others

How can he talk of his own feelings?

This unspoken story...

will linger on after I'm gone

Befriending e veryone,
this stranger will depart

You can recognize a crazed-lo ver
even in a crowd

Won't you dance, Sakina?

Me dance? No way...
but you should

What are you looking at?


Tell me

You don't know how long
I've waited for you


"|'m writing this letter as an answer
to that very question

"The answer is that I don't know
what the answer is"

Have you no shame? Reading other
people's letters?

So, now I'm the "other?"
And he's all important?

Give me the letter,
I'll deliver it

Can't I deliver it myself?

Then why is it still here?

I'll give it to him when I see him

Shall I ask him to come here?

Sure. I'm not scared

I'll call him

Captain, I'll take these papers with me.
I'll send them the notice

Please come upstairs

Let me accompany you upstairs

Where are you going?

- Sakina called
- Not Sakina, Radha did

I don't know about that.
I am going upstairs

Sure. After all you fought
in the First World War

Okay, let's go

- Did you call me?
- No, not me, Radha did

What is it?

Nothing at all

- For no reason
- Now tell him

- Why are you lying?
- Ok, I'll tell the lawyer

The thing is Radha...

It must be a joke between you two.
I was made into a fool

What's this nonsense?
You didn't give him the letter

What's the hurry?
I'll give it to him

He's still downstairs

No, he is leaving

Give it to me

Come with me

Oh no!

- What do we do now?
- Delivered the letter?

Get it, Hurry!

Father? Coming!

- Hurry!
- But the letter?

Later. If we don't go, father will come
here and the secret will be out

A letter!

Damn, it's in Hindi

Panditji was right. Knowing how
to read Hindi is essential

I wish I'd learnt to read Hindi

- I've got it, Gopal!
- Got what?

A priceless treasure.
In short: this letter

The decision of my fate...

- Gopal, I am at your mercy
- What are you doing?

I've come to you to have my fate
read out

Read it and tell me if I'm in hell
or on the Everest

I mean, on Everest or in hell

Tell me what it says



- Say it again
- Sweetheart!

"Take the wine glass from me,
I'm already drunk"

What's the joke, Sunder?

It's not a joke, Gopal. You won't
understand. Read on!

"Sweetheart, I've always read the
question in your eyes. Was I right?"

You were right, my love, absolutely
right. Read on!

"|‘m writing in answer to that
very question"

Answer it, quickly!

"The answer is that I don't what
the answer is

"When you're away, I think
of all the things I'll say to you

"But when I see you, I can't speak

"This is not new. It's always been
like that

"This may be what the poets
write about

"This may be the thing called Love

"Yours, Radha"

My Radha

Hold me, Gopal. I'm going to fall

Stop this act, Sunder

This isn't an act, Gopal.
This is love

"Love is not simple. Think of it thus:

"|t's a river of fire in which
you must drown

Enough drowning lovers

They exist only in Urdu poetry

How would you know?

Have you ever been in love?

Yes, I have

With whom?


ls there only one Radha
in the world?

Is there another?

There was one Radha who was
Lord Krishna's beloved

The name-sake of all Radhas

Oh, that Radha

For a moment, you almost took
my life


My hands and feet have gone cold

As if the blood froze in my veins

Gopal, I am madly in love with Radha

I can't live without her

But I'm telling you the truth:

If you loved my Radha,
I would move out of your way

My heart might be shattered...

...but I'd sacrifice my love
for your friendship

Where have you gone?

I am right here with you, just thinking
about something...

You think too much,
do too little

Tell me what to do

I'll make the plans and you'll go
along, no questions asked

Right, no questions asked

First thing, we're going boating

And it's Sunday

- But I have work, Sunder
- Can't you give up work for me?

Give up work? I'll give up my life
for you

Then come with me,
I'll take your life

Come with me

- Where to?
- Just come

- Pick up the phone
- Done!

Now dial: 3...5...6...2

That's Radha's number

Tell her you've arranged
a boat outing for tomorrow

- Captain sahib, this is Gopal
- Say you'll pick her up at 3

- How are you?
- Who cares...

Very well, thank you

I wanted to say that tomorrow, Sunday,
we're going boating

Yes, very good. We'll come...
Radha too

That was Gopal. He's invited us
to go boating tomorrow

- Invited us?
- He's invited Radha too

He's invited Radha too,
or only Radha?

I don't know... I'm going

Sure! Suddenly you feel
young again?

Let the one who is really invited go.
It's a start, let it take its course

If Radha can get a boy like Gopal,
what more can she ask for?

- How should I know?
- How should you indeed!

All you know is you were
a captain in 1916

- You're having a big party
- No, a small party

For two

Radha will sit here

And Gopal here

And me here

One with intoxicating eyes

The other whose arms hold you
as you fall

On one side, a friend,
the other side, a sweetheart

ls this the time you show up?
I spent a lifetime waiting for you

Sunder here? Did you invite him too?

He's the one who's invited us both

- And the phone call?
- I called on his instructions

Have you turned into ice? Are you
coming or shall I?

How are you, Radha?

- I hear you got a new boat
- I just lowered into the water

You'll be amazed

- It's really nice
- Come and see

- Gopal, take a look
- I'll be right back

- I'm coming too
- Where are you going?

Let me show you my boat

Who are you looking at?

No harm in it. You can't find
a friend like Gopal anywhere

I feel pain, and his eyes fill
with tears

I'm happy, and his heart overflows,
like yesterday

- What happened yesterday?
- I read your letter

- You read it too?
- Well, no, Gopal did

We have no secrets from each other.
We tell each other everything

It's good, right?

Where's your boat?

Here it is

- How do you like it?
- This? So tiny?

How many will it seat?


You and me

They say two's couple, three‘s a crowd
and four's a gang of thieves

Who's the couple?

There's only one couple in the world:
you and me. Right?

How do you like my amazing boat?

So come aboard

You think she'll go
in your ragged boat?

You think she'd sit in your tub?
Nobody would!

She who sails with me
sits in my heart

I don't ply a water lorry like you,
begging for passengers

- Move your lorry out of the way
- Lorry? She's a beauty!

I've seen your beauty and your

It's a paper boat and paper

A cheap piece of tin and you're
showing off? Get rid of this wreck!

See, Radha? He's sailing a water lorry
and dares beg for passengers!

Good riddance!

So you were saying...

Can you tell how deep the lake is?

Must be about 30 feet

- ls there anything deeper than that?
- Of course, the sea

Deeper than the sea?

I don't know

Your eyes, Radha. Your eyes.
Let me drown in them

That's what I don't like.
You turn everything into a joke

Sometimes I like your humour

Sunder, you're good at heart
and I like you too...

But there are limits and sometimes
you cross the line

Today I want to know
what my limits are

Tell me my limit

I don't know

- Tell me, what is my limit?
- I don't know!

- Tell me what is my limit?
- I don't know!

0 my love

0 my love

0 my love

0 my love, the purpose of m y //fe
is found in your heart

0 my love, the purpose of m y //fe
is found in your heart

There's no place on this earth
where you are not man/fest

There's no place on this earth
where you are not man/fest

0 my love, the purpose of m y //fe
is found in your heart

What could make you angry?
What could make you sad?

What‘ consumes your every thought?

We will be united one day

0 my love, the purpose of m y //fe
is found in your heart

0 my love, the purpose of m y //fe
is found in your heart

One day l shall hold you in my arms

The world will be left
with e yes wide open

As I take you away with me

One day l shall hold you in my arms

The world will be left
with e yes wide open

As I take you away with me

0 my love, the purpose of m y //fe
is found in your heart

There's no place on this earth
where you are not man/fest

0 my love, the purpose of m y //fe
is found in your heart


This is Gopal

- ls the Captain there?
- N0

And your mother?

She isn't here either

- Cou/dn '1‘ I help ?
- / must talk to them

Tell them I'll come over tonight.
It's very important

I need to talk to them


About you

About me?

Sakina, you know who that was?

He's coming to talk to father
about something very important

About me...What can he have
to say about me?

Tell me, Sakina

He'll say: "l don't like Radha,
she's stupid and ugly!

"Marry her off to Sunder!"

Don't say such a thing.
Not even as a joke!

Serve the drinks,
then go upstairs

It's not proper for the girl
to be present

Why, mother?

I told you: there are certain things
a man cannot discuss openly

Do come in

Have a sit.

- How are you?
- Well, thank you. And you?

Fine, thanks

- Greetings aunt.
- Live long, dear. Sit, sit.

- How are you?
- Well, thank you

- And you mother, is she well?
- She's fine

How are you?

Fine, thank you. And how are you?

Fine, thank you

- You, here?
- Your humble servant

Madness! You think it's clever
leaping over walls?

This is just a wall, Radha

For you, I'd jump across rivers
of fire, oceans of death

What kind of a joke is this?
Please, Sunder, go away!


You don't know. They're having a
serious talk downstairs... about me

I do know, very well

- G0pa|‘s here!
- Who else do I have in the world?

Why don't you get it?
Go away now, please!

Now that we're joined for life,
where can I go?

You look lovely

I'm telling you again, Captain

You won't find another boy
like Sunder

Forget it, Mr. Lawyer. Would I let
Radha marry that useless man?

He isn't educated or rich

He barely ears 150 rupees a month.
Can my Radha live on that?

What if I'm asked what
the "gentleman" does...

...what shall I say? That he left
a good job with the Air Force... swan about in the Flying Club
rickety planes? No way!

Men become responsible
after marriage, sir

Sunder will too

He's a diamond at heart

Maybe so, sir, but I'm not the
jeweller who's willing to buy it

I feel bad having
to turn you down

I know you're his friend and
have come here on his behalf

But I can't help it

Son, do you mind if I say something?

If you like, we can let Radha
marry you

Marry me?

Think about it

I can't even consider it

Are we so unworthy?

No, I didn't mean that at all

There must be a reason

ls there a flaw in Radha?

How can you say that?

Only a lucky man can marry
a girl like Radha

So what's your objection?


There's no objection, sir

Just like you, Captain,
I can't help it

Let me pass, Sunder

How can I? My fate is about
to be sealed today

Then here's my answer:
I don't like you!

Have you seen your face
in the mirror?

I'm seeing it now

In your eyes. It's not so bad

As if!

Being a clown isn't enough.
You have to be someone in life

- One has to be what?
- Let go

One has to be what?

I'll be whatever you want,
just tell me what

I don't know

Don't tell Radha that Gopal came
to talk about Sunder

Tell us he came to sound us out
and we said we'd think it over

If one says yes right away,
the matter loses its gravity

I think Gopal will come back
in a few days and say:

"l agree to marry Radha"

I tried my best, Sunder,
I left no stone unturned...

Don't say any more, Gopal

- Believe me, I did my best...
- Why do you keep saying that?

- So that you don't think that...
- Are you mad?

Don't I know you'd put your life
on the line for me?

I need to become someone, Gopal

Radha also said that it wasn't
enough to be a clown

A man has to be something

So I will become something

Why the sad face? Smile, friend

Keep smiling, Gopal

You have such a great smile

There's only one person whose smile
can match yours - and that's Radha

When she smiles, the moon and sun
seem to shine together


Where are you taking me, Gopal?
Tell me

I'll tell you on the way

But what is it?

Where are we going?
I don't understand

You'll soon find out

You know where you're going
and what you have to do

You have been briefed

I have to say one more thing

Don't forget that you serve
in the Indian Air Force...

...and the Air Force has faith
in your courage and patriotism

You're here?

What is this? The uniform...

These planes...
What's all this?

You once said being a clown
wasn't enough...

...that one should be something,
do something

This is Air Force uniform
and I fly these Air Force planes

And today this plane
will fly me away


A soldier can't reveal his destination

One minute, Gopal

I'm going, Gopal. I don't know
when I'll be back

Before I go, I must say something

Tell me, Sunder

You're everything to me in the world:
father, mother, brother, friend

After I'm gone, let no man come
between me and Radha

Promise me

Give me your word

I promise

If I die, that's another matter


What are you saying?

I won't die, Radha

I will be back. I'll certainly
come back

To you. For you

Come back to me?
For me?


Sunder, I must tell you

Don't get the wrong idea

I don't love you, Sunder

I don't love you

Take care of yourself, Sunder

I won '1‘ die, Radha

I won '2‘ die

/'// certain/y come back

7'0 you. For you

Gopal, I can fight‘ all the
dangers in the world

/'/n fighting them but I can't
fight the darkness /n my mind

When I don 't get Radha ’s /etters,
the darkness grows so dense...

.../t blots out al/ the l/jghts
in the world

G0 to Radha today and tell her
to write

7'0 write me a letter
before I go mad

Yours, Sunder

G0 to Radha today and tell her
to write

7'0 write me a letter
before I go mad

Remember how we used to play
at building houses...

You, me and Sunder

You used to say: "Radha will stay
in my house"

And Sunder used to say:
"Radha will stay in my house"

He still says the same thing, Radha


That's what I've come to ask you

Why haven't you answered
his letters?

- I just haven't
- Why not?

Playing house as children
is one thing

It's quite another
as husband and wife

Sunder is only a childhood friend
to me, nothing more

If you had a woman's heart,
you'd understand my predicament

What predicament?

- I love someone else
- Who?

- You
- Are you mad?

- You're driving me to it
- It's a sin even to listen to you

Then I shall pay your sins
when I die

But tell me just this once:
have you never loved me?

You're lying! You just kept silent
out of your friendship with Sunder

It's for his sake that I keep silent
today, or else I'd say something

Then for his sake, tell me
what's in your heart today

What's in my heart is Sunder,
fighting death out there

He's immersed in fire and smoke
all day...

...and there's only one
picture before his eyes:

Radha yearning for him

There were so many rocks he could
crashed into. Why did he choose you?

There were no less rocks for me
either. Why did I choose you?

What is it?

I've got a letter, in Hindi.
From Radha. Will you read it?

"Dear Sunder

"...|ook after yourself
and as you said:

"Come back to me, for me

"|'|| wait for that moment.
Your Radha"

My Radha

You're very lucky, Sunder

To have a beloved like Radha
and a friend like Gopal

"Your Radha"

Panditji was right. Reading Hindi
is very important

A friend is no longer a friend

A beloved is no longer a beloved

0 //fe, I can no longer trust in you

How wonderful!

Why don't you ever sing
something else, Kishan?

Always the same sad song

People do laugh
and smile sometimes

You can smile, Sunder.
You sweetheart didn't break your heart

Your friend did not stab you
in the back

Or you'd say the same

"A friend is no longer a friend.
A beloved is no longer a beloved

"O life, I can no longer trust in you"

We could do nothing. Our forces
are still surrounded by the enemy

Without weapons or rations

- Supplies cannot reach them
- Why not, sir?

The planes cannot get through,
the mouth of the valley is narrow

And each foot is covered by non-stop
enemy anti-aircraft guns fire

With your permission, sir,
I'd like to try

You're a bomber pilot,
this is a Dakota job

No job is too inferior at war.
Grant me permission, sir

You know what that means?
Sure death

Death for me,
life for my fellow soldiers

Please give me the chance

I promised someone to be somebody,
do something

Please let me do it

Please, sir, let me go

I even asked him: "You know what
that means? Sure death"

He answered: "Death for me,
life for my fellow-soldiers"

And it came true

What a man...

"|t is with great sorrow that
I must inform you...

"...that Flight Lieutenant
Sunder Khanna...

"...was killed in action,
fighting the enemy"

This medal for bravery is presented
to Flight Lieutenant Sunder Khanna

The late Flight Lieutenant...

...Sunder Khanna risked his life
to fulfil his mission...

...and was killed while carrying
supplies to the battlefield

When trouble struck...

...he ordered his crew to bail out
to safety...

...whi|e he, at risk to his own life,
went on to throw the supplies

Flt Lt. Sunder Khanna
followed our Air Force tradition...

...0f bravery, courage...|f sacrifice and duty...

...and his deed will be written
in golden words... the history of the Indian
Air Force

For his heroism...

...and service to his country
and its citizens...

...he's awarded the Param Vir Chakra

Flt. Lt. Sunder Khanna‘s closest

I won '2‘ die, Radha.
/'// certain/y come back

7'0 you... for you

His words are still ringing
in my ears

"l'll be back, Radha.
I'll certainly come back"

"To you... for you"

What a man he was

So full of love

He'd give his life for a friend

And the world for his beloved

He entrusted me with something
before he left

His beloved for his friend

You knew, Radha

I told him: "Sunder, don't get
the wrong idea

"| don't love you..."

It's you I loved, Gopal

Gopal, I love you

Swear to me on your friend
that you don't love me

Tell me, Gopal. You do, don't you?

Don't you? Tell me

Shall I oal/ you
{gracious one ?"

Shall l call you
"my beautiful one ?"

Shall I call you

I am confused

What shall I write to you?

- Let go of my sari
- Let go of my letter

- First return my letter
- Why?

You shouldn't read others
love letters

You shouldn't write them then

When you read my /0 ve letter...

...0'0n't‘ be angry with me

You are my life

You are my devotion

When you read my /0 ve letter...

...0'0n't‘ be angry with me

You are my life

You are my devotion

I used to compare you
to the moon

But‘ her face is blemished

I used to compare you
to the moon

But‘ her face is blemished

I used to compare you
to the sun

But it is consumed by fire

A// I can say is: I am in /0 ve
with you

When you read my /0 ve letter...

...0'0n't‘ be angry with me

You are my life

You are my devotion

You are my sacred Ganges

You are my sacred Jamuna

You are my sacred Ganges

You are my sacred Jamuna

You are so dear to my hean‘

I think of you as my very own

And if I die, my soul will
wander restless/y. .. wait for you, wait for you

When you read my /0 ve letter...

...0'0n't‘ be angry with me

You are my life

You are my devotion

When you read my /0 ve letter...

...0'0n't‘ be angry with me

You are my life

You are my devotion

You are my life

You are my devotion

You are my life

You are my devotion

Gopal, my son

- Come with me.
- What is it?

- Pay your respects to your father
- What is it?

Go on

What is it?

Greet your father, my magistrate

- Magistrate?
- You've become a magistrate

May you live long!
Pay your respects to your father

You see, today your wish
has been fulfilled

Take a vow, son, that you'll
always see that justice is done

I swear that I'll always see
that justice is done

And do your first act ofjustice
for me

- What, mother?
- Bring me a daughter-in-Iaw, son

Have I ever disobeyed you?
Do as you like

Then I'll go to the girl's parents
today with an offer

But who is the girl?

As if you didn't know

How should I? I practice law, I don't
collect girls’ names

Who? Radha?

All right

What? Don't you like her?

It's got nothing to do with liking

What's the difference if the noose
around your neck is silk or twine?

All right, I know everything

"When you read my love letter,
you mustn't be angry with me

"You are my life,
you are my devotion"

You are my life

You are my devotion

You are my sacred Ganges

You are my sacred Jamuna

You are my sacred Ganges

You are my sacred Jamuna

You are so dear to my hean‘

I think of you as my very own

And if I die, my soul will
wander restless/y. .. wait for you, wait for you

When you read my /0 ve letter...

...0'0n't‘ be angry with me

You are my life

You are my devotion

When you read my /0 ve letter...

...0'0n't‘ be angry with me

You are my life

You are my devotion

What are you looking at, Radha?

My magistrate

I may be magistrate to others...

But to you... I am forever
your captive

My captive?

My mother's coming
to see yours

Your mother's coming here?

She'll come and say:

"There is a queen in your house...

"...and a slave in mine"

And then?

Then your mother will take this slave

And your mother will take a slave home
too, isn't that so?

Gopal! Come quick

I've been waiting for hours.
Where were you?

What is it, mother?

- I had news that made me dance
- What is it?

You'll dance with joy too

Look! Sunder's alive!

He's alive!

Praise the Lord! What more can
I want now?

You're a magistrate, soon your wife
will live in this house

All that was missing was Sunder
and God has given him back

I'm going to the temple
to give thanks

I didn't know, Sunder,
I had no idea

A calamity was about
to happen

I almost snatched what was yours
by right, friend

I was about to betray your trust

How could I have ever looked you
in the eye again?

How could a friend trust
another friend again?

How could one take a vow
of friendship again?

Thank God you're alive, Sunder.
You're alive!

You're alive

Gopal, have you heard?
Sunder's alive!

He's alive, Gopal

I'm so happy tOdaY

I can't find words to express myself

Gopal, Sunder's alive

How could you be a groom without
Sunder at your side?

The wedding would have felt

How could I marry
without Sunder?

Let's go quickly and
meet his train

Don't sit now, let's go

- I'm not going
- Why?

What will Sunder say if he sees me
at the station without you?

That's just what worries me

What will he say if he does
see us together?

He would say: "Congratulations,

"Be happy with Radha"

And what will I say?

You'll say: "Meet Radha

"My Radha"

He should be the first to hear
our wedding news

He should be the last
to hear it

Not sure if he should
ever hear it

Who knows what dreams he
still has, what hopes

What dreams? What hopes?

Dreams and hopes of you

My mother probably won't
talk to your mother now


Why won't she?
I'm asking you, why not?

What will Sunder think
if she does?

Have you considered what I would
think? Or my parents?

Sunder is my friend, Radha,
my closest friend

Am I to be sacrificed on
of your friendship's altar?

My love! My life

The first sacrifice I'm making is
my own heart's happiness

I ask for your sacrifice second

I won't make this sacrifice,
do you hear?

I won't!

G0! Go away!

Oh God


May you live long!

We got your wire today

Isn't Gopal at home?
Where is he?

Well, my magistrate,
how are you?

How are you, Sunder?

See for yourself: here I am,
alive, in one piece

I told you, I'm not an easy man
to break

You're right, Sunder. You came
back at the right time

After what we'd heard...

...yet here you are

Namaste, Sunder sahib

Stand straight

What are you doing?

- Warding off the evil eye
- Off me?

Ward the evil eye off Gopal.
He's vulnerable, I'm tough

Even ifl had died, I'd have
come back to see Gopal

May your enemies perish!
Come, put it in the fire

Hear that?

You're reading the paper?

A man is back from the dead.
No news could be bigger

That dead man is right here


You haven't changed, Sunder

A whirlwind in human shape

But you have changed

What do you mean?

I can see you're not
the same Gopal

You don't look too happy
to see me back

I thought you'd be dancing with joy,
shouting from the rooftops

The things you say. How can I not
be happy to see your back?

The age for dancing with joy and
shouting from the rooftops is over


How's Radha?

She's well, very well

Gopal, even now when I say
Radha's name or hear it...

...the hair on my hand stands
on edge

And my heart calls out

"She begins to sing,
I play the tune

"Ca|| out to the life
that has passed"

Let's go to Radha's house

I hope the wall has come down
now that I've become somebody

Why not? The poor thing has been
waiting ages for you

- Go to her
- On my own?

- I've so much work
- Work?

Fool, your most important work
isn't done

What work?

Love, you idiot, love

What did you achieve
in these two years?

Couldn't even find your
own Radha?

Damn it, Gopal

Let's go

Yes, sir, your no-good Sunder

- Janaki, who's here
- Who is it?

Sit down, magistrate

Sunder, my son

Radha, see who's here

Oh, Sunder, how I cried
for you

We had such strange news

How are you, Sunder?

I promised I'd come back

See? Here I am.
Alive and in one piece

Why are you all standing?
Sit down, Gopal

You too... let me get your drinks

I'll be right back

I want to see...

...t0 touch the thing that
would not let me die

- We heard...
- You heard right

Death was certain

My plane burst into flames,
no idea where I crashed

For two years I was
neither alive nor dead


Yes, I had a head injury that
caused a loss of memory

I couldn't remember
who I was

I went from one doctor, one hospital
to another

And what was the first word I uttered
when my memory came back?

- What?
- Your name, Radha, your name

Only your name kept me alive

They say a drowning man clings
to a straw. I clung to your name

In the dark clutches of death,
I clung your name, to your memory

You know what saved me?

Your letter

- My letter?
- But I never...

Have you forgotten?
You asked me to post it

I read that letter
again and again

I usually keep my wallet
in my right pocket

And your letter was in my right

Right here, next to my heart

Just think that death bounced off
your letter

Believe me, Radha, I've crossed
rivers of death to come to you

It wasn't Radha's letter
that saved you

It was her prayers and her
unwavering love...

...that stood as a wall between
you and death

You're crying?

Just hearing about it?

What's there to cry about?
I'm here with you, alive and well

Here you are, next to me.
Don't cry, Radha, please

Don't cry, Radha

Death is behind me,
life is ahead of us... live together,
to laugh together

Now, smile. Smile

Gopal, why don't you tell her?

See, Gopal, she couldn't
even hear it

I'm bowled over
by one thing, friend

I lived for her smiles...

Now her tears overwhelm me

If hearing my story made her cry
so much...

...| wonder how much she cried,
waiting for me

How much Radha loves me

Yes, she loves you very much

What? Still standing?
Sit down and eat

I must get back to work,
I'll be back

We'll be back every day, aunty,
right, Gopal?

Did you see Sunder?
How he's changed

- The uniform suits him
- Why not? He's an officer, like me

I've been thinking... G0pa|'s mother
hasn't said a word

Could they have something else
in mind?

Before we consider anything,
we should consult Gopa|'s mother

Of course we will

What is it, son?

Get me married without delay

I'll go to Radha's mother today

N0, not Radha‘s mother

I'll marry the ugliest girl in the
world, I'll learn to live with her

Don't mention Radha's name again

But what turned you off Radha
in one day?

My heart rejects her

I liked Radha till yesterday,
but not any more

But, Gopal, I've already given
my word!

I asked for her hand on your behalf.

So now refuse on my behalf

Say that Gopa|‘s changed
his mind

Don't beat around the bush

There's no need to say any more.
I heard you

Don't listen to him, he doesn't know
what he's saying or why...

This is the boy's mother talking

You are the girl's father

Consider this:

If your daughter enters this house
against my will...

...wi|l she be happy?

Forgive my impertinence
but it's the truth

I will not marry Radha

Not at any cost

Good thing I didn't stay longer
to hear any more

Tried to save some dignity

What choice did you have?
Stay and begged?

I'll meet Gopal once more
and ask him plainly

Not Gopal, go and see Sunder

Gopal is a magistrate but Sunder
is an officer

He dotes on Radha,
always has

Remember? He once asked for
her hand, and we refused

He lacks nothing.
He's good-looking, young

She must marry where
she's respected

What is this?

Invitation to my wedding

I should envy your fortune

I too have a letter for you

What is it?

Your posting order


Air Force advisor, London

Wedding in India,
honeymoon in Europe

Hurry up, everyone's waiting

What is it, Radha?


Your joke has become a reality.
I am getting married - to Sunder

Wait! The knot's come undone

What are you staring at, Gopal?
Tie it with your own hands... tight it'll never come apart

Sunder, I am reborn again today

I'm entering a new world

I have left my home, my life,
my world far behind me

I want to forget the past
now that we are together

I want only one image
in my eyes... my heart...

...of you, Sunder

What is this?

Worshipping me
while I'm still alive?

- Promise me
- What's this?

Never let us be apart

- Get up, your place isn't there
- No, promise me

But what's all this?
Get up, Radha

Get up

Your place is here

In my eyes... in my heart

Promise me, I'll always be yours.
Let no one come between us

No one ever will.
No one

He looks so good,
doesn't he?

See how lifeless our photos
looked without this one?

Two things uphold my life

Gopa|'s friendship and your love.
I couldn't live without either

What's this?

Sad on a day like today?

No, |'m...|'m smiling

You look so lovely
when you smile

It's like a million stars have
tied tiny bells on their feet

The moon and the moonlight
are playing a melody of love


Do you love me a lot?

A whole lot

Do you really love me so much?

Do you really love me so much?

- What are you looking at?
- You

Remember I used to say,
I'd show Radha the whole world

Everyone will be gawping.
I'll take her away

- Where did the coin fall?
- Over there

What did you ask for?

My wish was...

...happiness for you
and peace for me

- Now you make a wish
- Me?

What can I ask for?

I asked God for you
and got everything

I don't need to raise my hands
in prayer now

- Are you happy?
- A whole lot

_ Ami You?
" Me?

”G0pa/, I'm writing from Venice

"Need I tell you how happy I am
in Europe with Radha at my side

"It feels like paradise

"But somethings missing
and that's you, my friend

"By the time you read this, /’// be
at‘ the top of the Eiffel Tower

"/ wish you '0' join us

"Can '2‘ you do this much
for a friend? Come!

"/f not Paris, then Switzerland"

Give me some money.
I'm getting my hair done

What for?

What is a "bouffant?"

Oh, that?

You mean that nest women
have on their heads? Yuck!

Yuck? It costs 8O new francs


Radha, hair buns really
suit Indian women

Make a hair bun

And put some flowers around it

- No, I want a bouffant
- Sit down, I'll do it

A tall nest to impress all of Paris

Say the word, and
I'll add a few birds in it

I'm happy to be your hairdresser
for 8O francs, Mrs. Sunder

No way

We almost died

This window-shopping
almost killed us

To go shopping,
one must stay alive

Sit down and listen

Did you see the price of
that horrid purse?

780 new francs!

Did you see the price of that stupid
bagpipe? 575, new francs!

So? We'll skip dinner

Great, we've already skipped lunch.
lf we skip dinner, what'|| we live on?

The air made by that
stupid bagpipe?

You don't understand, Radha.
We're tourists

Can't buy both things

- Then we buy the purse
- No way! The bagpipe

There are two beautiful things in
the world: a woman and bagpipes

Both make music

Too much poetry...
right, we buy neither!

So now you're cross

Since the world began, men have
always had to make sacrifices

I too am a man

Here... go and buy your purse

Go on, then!

If their photos look like this,
wonder what's the real thing

Hurry up or we'll miss
the showtime

You've got it wrong

We are not going. I am.
Just me!

- No way. We are going!
- No, just me

So this is what you want to see

It's not a place
for decent women

But it's ok for decent men?

Sure, it's different for men

Different for men?

The world moves on but men stay
stuck, old-fashioned and outdated

That's right, outdated

And remember, if I can't go
somewhere, neither can you

And what if I do?

In your dreams...

That's marriage for you

Ever since marriage was invented,
women think it's a jail

Men are the prisoners
and they the jailers

But, madam jailer, prisoners are
known to escape sometimes

Catch! There's your bagpipe!

What's this?

The show‘s started.
Sit down, front seat

Horrible. It shames me
to see this

I see, but you feel no shame
watching it there

It's different. Those women
aren't housewives

It's theirjob: to entertain men

And isn't it a housewife‘s job
to entertain her husband?

Those who don't lose their men

What are you saying?

"Disgusting" yourself and
your ancient ideas

Ancient? Who says my ideas
are ancient?

I do, your wife

Your ideas are ancient,
and you're an old man

Me, an old man?

Yes, old!

0 Lord, what‘ shall I do?
I'm saddled with an 0/d man

0 Lord, what‘ shall I do?
I'm saddled with an 0/d man

I'm saddled with an 0/d man

0 Lord, what‘ shall I do?
I'm saddled with an 0/d man

0 Lord, what‘ shall I do?
I'm saddled with an 0/d man

When everyone went‘ to the garden,
my old man tagged along

When everyone went‘ to the garden,
my old man tagged along

They all brought back flowers,
my old man brought back a cabbage

They all brought back flowers,
my old man brought back a cabbage

My reputation was shot,
I'm saddled with an 0/d man

0 Lord, what‘ shall I do?
I'm saddled with an 0/d man

I'm saddled with an 0/d man

0 Lord, what‘ shall I do?
I'm saddled with an 0/d man

I'm as prettfy as a do//,
/ can walk //ke a peahen

I'm as prettfy as a do//,
/ can walk //ke a peahen

His hair is going white...

...//ke a granddad

His hair is going white
like a granddad

How's this going to end?
I'm saddled with an 0/d man

0 Lord, what‘ shall I do?
I'm saddled with an 0/d man

I'm saddled with an 0/d man

0 Lord, what‘ shall I do?
I'm saddled with an 0/d man

My old man brought me
to the /and of fair/es

My old man brought me
to the /and of fair/es

When I lifted my veil,
he got enraged

When I lifted my veil,
he got enraged

E veryth/ngis gone wrong

I'm saddled with an 0/d man

0 Lord, what‘ shall I do?
I'm saddled with an 0/d man

I'm saddled with an 0/d man

0 Lord, what‘ shall I do?
I'm saddled with an 0/d man

0 Lord, what‘ shall I do?
I'm saddled with an 0/d man

Sit down

I'm freezing

|'m dying

I am turning into ice

Drink this,
you'll turn into a flame

Drink up


Shall we go there?


It's very cold

What shall we do?

What is it?

I don't know

The church bell rang
and my pulse stopped


- It should be racing today
- Why?

It's your birthday, isn't it?

Happy birthday

Tell me, what should I give you?

You've given me everything,
and I've taken it. Your love

I'll give you something to make
everything pale in comparison

The world is nothing

Truly, Radha, when you see it
you'll agree

Get ready quickly.
I'll get the phone

What's the joke? But why?

All right, by the waterfall?

Close your eyes

Here's your gift!
Terrific, right?

- Did we keep you waiting?
- No

Well, Radha?
How do you like my present?

Gopal, your coming here has brought
warmth to these mountains

Happy birthday, Radha

Say thank you, Radha

He's come here from Bombay
via London, just for you

I'm sorry, I came empty-handed
on Radha's birthday

Your hands may be empty
but your heart isn't

My friend, I'm a trader in hearts.
I buy and sell them

You two talk, I'll go and arrange lunch.
Meet you there

How are you, Radha?

How do I look?
Don't I look happy?

- Maybe you can't see my joy
- What are you saying?

Why have you come?


Don't ask me, ask Sunder

So many letters, phone calls, cables,
with just one theme

"Gopal, come today, come now!"

For your sake, for his own.
I couldn't refuse

You never could refuse, right?

Didn't you know that one look
could reveal the whole story?

Destroy everything?

Those who make sacrifices
don't come to gloat

Whatever you may think, I'm here
for Sunder‘s sake

You've come for his sake,
now leave for mine...

...and don't come back
into my life again

A married woman's life is like this
rainbow that can sway in a storm

It cannot be seen
in flowing water

It's there and yet not there

Not there, sit here

In front of me

I haven't seen you both together
for ages

Say something

- How are you, Radha?
- Fine, thank you

- How are you?
- Fine, thank you

Done? Thank you,
I am fine

Have you nothing else
to talk about?

- Does your father write to you?
- Yes, he does

- ls your mother back from Haridwar?
- She'll come back

Enough of your talk!

Now I'll talk

Which cities did you visit in Europe?
What did you see?


My friend, I will show you Europe

We will travel together

We'll stay in the same hotel.
Visit the sights together

Well, Radha? Didn't I say?
Two things uphold my life


And him

I can't live without either

I am so glad you've come.
The world is a happy place now

Let me order food

Gopal will sit here

Radha will sit next to Gopal.
And me? Here

In front of Gopal and Radha,
like old times

Lost in thought?

Come and see what I've arranged

We're together again, on your
birthday, and in Europe!

So here's the plan: first to the
casino for cocktails and dance

Gopal must see the Swiss casino

We'll dine here in the evening

‘ A 900d plan?
— Very gQQd

- Will Gopal like it?
- Why shouldn't he?

But look, he's not here yet.
I'll call him

Amazing! They say
he's checked out

I'm a married woman

Those who make sacrifices don '1‘
come to gloat

I couldn't bring much.
This is all

There was no need to bring
anything. How was Europe?

Wonderful, the time just flew by

Are you haPPY?

Yes, I'm very happy, Sakina day Gopal turned up

In Europe?

Sunder invited him to come
for my birthday

So what? Your affair with Gopal
ended ages ago

- N0, Sakina... I'm scared
- Scared of what?

Sunder can't live without me...

...but he can't live without Gopal

Even if Gopal avoids us,
Sunder will drag him back

And if Gopal comes into my house,
I don't know if my house will survive

You don't know Sunder

You'll see, Gopal. Radha will be
overjoyed to see you

You're so late today

I kept looking at the door,
then at the clock

Time dragged

Time dragged

It took ages to persuade him
to come

I got married and lost a friend

- Have you lost me?
- Sure, I have

Look at him, Radha. He meets us
in Europe and runs away

We come back here,
he runs away here too

Hard work bringing him here

- Nice house, Sunder
- It's your first visit, isn't it?

He just wouldn't come

I had to swear on our childhood,
our friendship...

He melted only when I said
your name

Forget it

Sit down, you two.
I'm going to change

Sit down

I didn't choose to come

I was brought here

Believe me, I didn't want to

But Sunder...
How can I explain it to Sunder?

What pretext can I use?

We both drank a drop and left
the drink house

We were swaying

The glass bottle bent down
to the gob/er...

...and said a few words

- Some soda and some glasses
- Right away

Now I must say something to you


All my wishes have come true,
except one

- What?
- To see you married

Look at me, can a man
ask for more?

A nice house, a wife like Radha,
a friend like you

Life is fulfilled

Not everyone is as lucky as you,
and have all their wishes come true

Why not?

Anything is possible if you try

You may even find a wife like
Radha. I'll find her for you

I'll never forget the favour
you did me, Gopal

- What favour?
- You got me married

You made me Radha's husband

Forget it. Let's talk of
something else

That reminds me

I had a friend at the front

A Hindi poet who joined
the Air Force

He used to read me
Radha's letters

You know I couldn't read Hindi

What I know I learned
from him

Seeing you and Radha,
his story comes back to me

What story?

He too loved a girl.
But she wasn't like Radha

He also had a friend...
he wasn't a friend like you

So when he read Radha's letters...

...tears would fill his eyes,
he would sigh and say:

"Sunder, you're very lucky

"You have a friend like Gopal

"A sweetheart like Radha"

He'd say that and then hum

Always the same song,
a heartbreaking song

What song?

When I think of that song,
my hair stands on end

Do you want to hear it?

I'll sing it for you

A friend is no longer a friend

A beloved is no longer a beloved

0 //fe, I can no longer trust in you

I can no longer trust in you

A friend is no longer a friend

A beloved is no longer a beloved

0 //fe, I can no longer trust in you

I can no longer trust in you

I left in your care
the treasure of m y love

You were that friend,
none other

You were my fel/ow-tra vel/er
0n the path of life

You were that friend

None other

A// secrets are unra vel/ed

A confidant is no longer
a confidant

0 //fe, I can no longer trust in you

I can no longer trust in you

She embraced me /0 ving/y

Speaking in a tearful voice

Who else was that but you?
None other

On the day that I departed,
pearl-like tears filled her e yes

Who else was that but‘ you?

None other

The night of intoxication is over

Its efiects no longer linger

0 //fe, I can no longer trust in you

I can no longer trust in you

A friend is no longer a friend

A beloved is no longer a beloved

0 //fe, I can no longer trust in you

I can no longer trust in you

What's wrong, Sunder?


The song reminds me of the singer

That dying man loved her so much


The woman who ruined his life
by marrying his friend

I'm not amazed at the girl, Radha

I'm amazed at the friend, Gopal

How could he go to his friend's
fiancée and say "| love you"?

"| love you"

He should have died...

...the way that poet died...

...with the girl's name on his lips,
her memory in his heart

The poet managed to express
his feelings in his song

But, friend...

There are some who suffer
as much but remain silent

They can say nothing.
I had better go

I told you once before,
I'll say it again today

Don't come to my house...

...even if Sunder calls you

I beg you

Don '2‘ come to my house...

...e ven if Sunder cal/s you

I beg you

Sir, Mrs. Mehra had called many times.

She has said that
you reach the party by eight.

I have kept your clothes ready.

I do not wish to go to the party.

And listen, if anyone asks for me
tell them I am not at home.

Even if Sunder comes
tell him the same thing.


You'll never change.
Always late

Have you ever thought of those
who wait for you?

What is it?

You didn't even notice
my lovely sari

- It's beautiful
- Without looking?

I'll look and say: it's nice,
very nice, first-class

Don't sit down, Sunder.
We're already late

- So what if we're a little late?
- It'll be terrible

Wg Cdr Mehra is throwing a party
for our wedding anniversary

Come on, get ready

He's invited a lot of people

I'm in no mood for a party

What's this? You're sitting down?

What happened to you today?

Don't ask, Radha

What's happened today
has never happened before

Gopal saw me and turned
his back away

I called out to him

He heard me but pretended
not to hear

I followed him home and was told
he wasn't in

- I am stunned
- Can I ask you something?

Why do you keep going to Gopal?

If he avoids us, why should we
chase him?

- He's my friend, Radha!
- ls he?

You are his friend

From now on, I won't go to his
house or invite him to ours

There are other houses we can
go to, other people we can meet

Get up! Change your clothes

And change your mood too

What is this? My eye's twitching

How does this necklace look?

It's nice. But what's this?
Nothing is matching


You look like a queen, not the
wife of a soldier like me

What shall I wear, then?

Why don't you wear that set of...

Here's the key. I'll wear
whatever you choose

- Why are you cross?
- You never like what I wear

Not at all, they're lovely,

Go and get it

"When you read my love letter...

"...d0n't be angry

"You are my life

"You are my devotion

"You are my sacred Ganges

"You are my scared Jumna

"You are so precious to me

"l think of you as my very own

"And if I die, my soul will
wander restlessly...

N0! Don't read it

You mustn't read it

Who wrote this letter?

Who wrote it?

N0 one. I don't know
who wrote it

I never read it properly

I'll get the phone. It must be them.
Please get ready quickly

They've call three times.
I'll say we're on our way

Yes, it's me

He's just arrived

We're leaving

We'll be there in 15 minutes

Yes, we're coming

I said we'd be there in 15 minutes

But we must leave now

Mrs. Mehra is so odd. Her parties
are like a military parade

Sit here! Don't stand there, sit!
Why are you sitting? Stand up

Eat this, eat that

She loves feeding people

She should be put in charge
of the Mess

What's this? Still not ready?

Think of all those people
waiting for us. Let me

You look good

Shall we go?

I forgot my handkerchief

Picking up your handkerchief?

Why did you need an excuse?

I was just wondering...why did you
have to tear it up?

What should I have done?

Kept it safe all my life?

Why did you keep it till now?

To show it to you

To show it to me?

Then why tear it up?

Why did you tear it up?

I got scared

- Of whom?
- Of you


You might have misunderstood

- Who wrote it?
- I told you, I don't know!

Tell me the truth.
Who wrote it?

I told you the truth, I don't know!

- When did you get it?
- You weren't here

Before the wedding...
you were at the front

Why didn't you show it to him

- To whom?
- Gopal

What could Gopal do?

What I'm going to do now

No, Sunder, don't!

Until I find out who wrote this letter...
I will burn

The day I find out who he is...

...|‘|| fire straight into his heart

This toast is not to
Squadron Leader Sunder...

...whose bravery has been the pride
of his squadron...

...the Indian Air Force...

...and the whole nation

It is to a person whose name
didn't get printed in the papers

Who did not get a medal
for bravery

It is to Sunder's beloved,
now his wife: Radha

At the time when everyone
thought Sunder was dead... was only Radha‘s heart
which refused to believe it

Radha, what snatched Sunder
from the clutches of death...

...was your pure love
and unwavering faith

We are proud of women
like you

Don't drink any more

You should drink too, Radha

This toast was to your love

To your faith

Wasn't it?

What are you doing?

What? Today is our
wedding anniversary

This was the day we got married

We became one

And today, for the first time,
we've understood each other

Recognised each other

Let's drink to our new acquaintance,
new understanding

Radha will sing for us

I don't know how to sing

Don't know or forgotten?

Come on, Radha, sing

You tell them, Sunder.
Help me out. I can't sing now


She won't only sing for you,
she'll dance too

It's the right day
and the right time

If you don't sing today,
when will you sing?

Very well. lf I don't sing today,
when will I sing?

Today I'll do whatever
you want

For you... for your sake

0h my love

We are two bod/es,
but one //fe

We are two desires
of one heart

0h my love

We are two bod/es,
but one //fe

We are two desires
of one heart

0h my love

My very own love,
we are now one

United like the rivers
Ganges and Jumna

The truth is what we live

The past‘ is just a passing dream

The past‘ is just a passing dream

This earth is the abode
of humankind

We are jusz‘ human too

We are two desires
of one heart

0h my love

We are two bod/es,
but one //fe

We are two desires
of one heart

0h my love

We are two bod/es,
but one //fe

We are two desires
of one heart

0h my love

If only I could find out
who wrote it

Who has written this letter?

If only I could tell you
who wrote it. If only...

I knew it, Radha. I told you this
letter would cause trouble one day

But you wouldn't listen to me

He keeps asking the same question

Who's written it?
Who's written it?

I just don't know what to say

You should have said it was Gopal

It's not easy to say that, Gopal

He brought out his loaded revolver

It's not me he wants to shoot
but the man who wrote the letter

Then let the gun empty its bullets

I'll go to Sunder and tell him

"l wrote the letter but Radha
is yours, yours alone"

How long can three lives
be tormented?

You, here?

I've come to say something

Go on

Are you very fond of me?

Do I have to tell you how fond?

How fond?

So much that if you asked
for my life...

...|‘d say what a paltry thing
you were asking

lf you kill me, I'll write a
suicide note before I die...

....saying I killed myself

Do you want more?

I could never repay you
for what you did for me

Anyone else would have
married Radha himself

- Stop this nonsense
- Let me speak today

What you did for me no friend
could do for another

Radha‘s parents wanted
you to marry her

And I was believed to be dead

But you kept your promise

You promised that no man would
come between me and Radha

If you hadn't kept your promise,
I would have died. Died


I used to say that one should
always cry on a friend's shoulder

And a friend should lend
a shoulder on the last journey

Now you see how much I love you?

Let's forget all this

What did you come to say?


I couldn't even tell Gopal

Come here

Say it once

"You are my everything,
you are my |ife"

Say it

You are my everything,
you are my life

She embraced me /0 ving/y

Speaking in a tearful voice

None other

On the day that I departed,
pearl-like tears filled her e yes

Who else was that but‘ you?

The night of intoxication is over

Its efiects no longer linger

0 //fe, I can no longer trust in you

Why curse life? Why not tell Radha
you don't trust her?

You want to say there's no place
for me here

Isn't that what you think?
So say it

Say, "Radha, there's no place
for you here any more"

If you want, kill me. Throw me
out of the house

But for God's sake,
stop this song!

I can't take its poisoned arrows

I can't take it

You don't like this song?

I won't sing it, then

I'm 90mg


I don't know

Are you leaving your house?

Are you leaving me?

Don't go, Radha

Don't leave your home, Radha

Don't leave your home

You know, all my happiness, my life,
my love is in this house

It is all in your love

I can't live without you...

...but I can't live with you

I can't bear to see you
so unhappy, Sunder

I married you to bring you joy,
not sorrow

And when you...

You haven't given me sorrow

I've given it to myself

But why?

Do I need to tell you?

Then how can I help
relieve your pain?

What can I do to make you
trust me?

I swear that since we
got married...

...not even a shadow of another
entered my mind

Look at me. Look into my eyes

What do you see?

I see only love in your eyes.
Love and truth

But when I touch you...

...| feel that someone else touched
your body before me

Then I start to burn
with jealousy

I burn in its flames

I'm haunted by the demons
of suspicion

Their shadows chase me,
tear me to pieces

Sometimes you seem like
a shadow too

And I start suspecting you. And then
I cannot control myself

All the foundations of my life
begin to crumble

I don't know what to do

I can't be angry with you.
Yet I can't blame anyone else

Tell me, what can I do?
What can I do?

I feel like putting this gun to my
head and blowing my brains out

The bullet was fired

I only managed to cling to Sunder
and the gun swerved

What am I to do now, Gopal?

I can't live without Sunder,
I can't live with him

The |etter's like a dagger in his
hand, he plays with it night and day

Sometimes he stabs his own heart,
sometimes mine

One can bear one‘s own suffering

But I can't bear to see him suffer

That's why I want to...

Have you gone mad?

I just came to tell you
to look after your friend

He has only two things in his life:
my love and your friendship

My |ove's overcast by doubt

But he can still live
for your friendship

Look after him

Radha's gone, Gopal

Radha is gone? Why don't you say
she ran away?

Yes, Sunder! Radha's run away!

And she's run away from you!
Here she is

You, here?

I'll tell you

Radha ran away from
your cruelty

My cruelty?

How would you know
who wronged whom?

Ask her what hell she left me in
and came here

You don't know
how I've been hurt

I can't conceal the hurt any more

How could I tell you that my trust's
been shattered?

She's done it. Radha, my wife!

- It's a lie! A lie!
- A lie?

Is it a lie?

Then ask her, Gopal

Who is the man whose shadow
is cast over our lives?

The man whose life Radha values
more than hers or mine

Who is he?

Ask her who he is

Don't ask her, ask me!

I know whose life Radha cherishes
more than any other life

And I know whose shadow
is cast on your life

No, Gopal!

You know, Gopal?

I know the man who
wrote that letter


I wrote it, Sunder, I did!
Now hear why I wrote it

I was in love with Radha

It's a |‘s a lie

It's a lie! A lie!

Radha, say it's a lie

Gopal, just once, lie to me
and tell me it's a lie

It's a lie, my friend!

The tragedy is that it's not a lie

I didn't have the courage
to speak the truth

Now you don't have the courage
to hear it

The truth is that I loved Radha
very deeply

Just as deeply as you did

The difference was that you said it
and I didn't

For years that love smouldered
in my heart...

...but never found expression
in words

Because you loved Radha.

And you were my friend

I kept silent because of
our friendship

When the news of your death
broke out, so did my love

Radha and I were going to
get married

Then we got the news
that you were alive

S0 I stepped back, Sunder

I sacrificed love for friendship

And Radha became yours,
yours alone

The day Radha entered your house,
she was as pure as the River Ganges

And today she left your house
just as pure

Now take your gun and shoot me

Wonderful, Gopal

Another sacrifice

Standing on your lofty tower,
throwing alms to the beggar

But I'm not a beggar.
I'm your friend

I was your friend.
But you didn't understand

If you had, none of this
would have happened

If you had told me
how you felt...

If you had let the fire
out of your heart...

...these three lives would not have
been consumed by its flames

What you have done for me,
you sh0u|d've let me do, friend

If you had said the word, I'd have
stepped out of your way

Gopal, what have you done?

Anyway...but we can turn back
the time

What was ruined before
can happen now

No, it can't happen. It can't.
I tell you and I tell you

You who loved me
and you who married me

Who gave you the right
to dictate my life once again?

What do you both think I am?

It's true that I loved you

But I'm not the first girl
in the world to have loved

Love is a compulsion.

Marriage is a duty that one must
nurture, and I've nurtured it

Love may suffer, weep, smoulder...

...but duty is a rock, not wax

And I'm not wax either, Sunder

Not a market commodity that goes
from one master to another


First, one friend offers me
as a sacrifice

Then the other does

No, Radha. No more sacrificing

The one who should go is going

Before you go, tell me
where I should go

What do I do with
my bridal mark?

If I remove it, who can ever
make me a wife again?

And these bangles... who shall I ask
to make me wear them again?

Tell me!

Look at me

I am the one you took home
as a bride

Remember the marriage vows
which you made before God

Should the man who
took those vows...

...burn in flames all his life?

No, Radha. Taking marriage vows
together isn't love

Nor is the union of two bodies

A true union, Radha... when two hearts meet

When two souls meet
and become God

Our union is not a true union

A true union was between
you and Gopal



What have you done, Gopal?

What have you done, Gopal?

Sunder... nothing

It's nothing

One of us three had to go

The one who has to go is going

No, Gopal|! No!

You used to say one should always
cry on a friend's shoulder

And a friend should lend
a shoulder on the last journey

My friend, you left the city

I'm leaving the world

On leaving, you asked me
to promise you one thing

Now, I'm asking you to
promise me something

Take Radha back
to her paradise

True union is between the sacred
rivers Ganges and Jumna

And so the river Saraswati
had to vanish

You are my sacred Ganges,
You are my sacred Jumna

You are my sacred Ganges,
You are my sacred Jumna

You are so precious to me

I think of you as my very own

And /f/ die, my soul...

... will wander restless/y,
waiting for you

Waiting for you

May you never be angry with me

May you never be angry with me