Sandra Brown's White Hot (2016) - full transcript

Sayre Hoyle is a single and strikingly beautiful interior designer, enjoying success in San Francisco after running away from her Louisiana hometown, where her family still resides, a decade ago. When she learns of her brother's unexpected death, Sayre returns to her small town to attend his funeral, and revisits the strained relationship she's always had with her father, Huff Hoyle, a corrupt factory owner who lords over his employees - and most of the town - using fear and intimidation. There, Sayre meets Beck Merchant, Huff's handsome attorney, who immediately takes an interest in her. Though it's widely believed her brother died from an accidental gunshot wound, Sayre soon begins to suspect foul play, and turns the town upside down when she launches her own investigation, attempting to discover the truth behind his tragic passing. Uncovering a web of dark secrets, lies, cover ups and revenge plots, Sayre struggles with family dynamics, terrifying threats and local law-enforcement officials. Despite becoming more and more attracted to Beck - and maybe even falling in love - Sayre remains determined to prove her brother was murdered and bring his killer to justice.

( haunting bluegrass music )

( boat motor rumbles )

( haunting bluegrass music )

( haunting bluegrass music )

( haunting bluegrass music )

( haunting bluegrass music )

( haunting bluegrass music )

( gun shot )



Joie de vivre.

The goal is to keep
the regular guests happy

while attracting
younger clients.

And this would be our goal

Because you are losing
the next generation

of business traveller.

People who want a little
more life.

That fabric right in front of
you will take this hotel chain

into the future.

( phone rings )

Cue music.

( chuckles )

Thanks so much for coming.

I'll get the papers
to you today.

I look forward to working
with you.


Ok, you know that problem I
have where my phone goes off

at really inappropriate times?

Well, today it worked
in our favour.

We got the job!

Who's Beck Merchant?

We should send him champagne.

This is good news!

Why are you not excited?

Sar, Beck Merchant is your
father's lawyer.

He called the office, too,

when he couldn't reach you
on your cell, and um...

apparently there was
an accident.

Your brother...

Which brother?


Ok, what kind of accident?

Is he ok?

I'm so sorry.

The funeral is tomorrow.


Mr. Merchant said he left
all the details

on your home voice mail.

Oh, well... that's not...
enough time for me to prepare.

I haven't... I haven't seen
my family in ten years.

( voice mail ) You have two
new messages.

( first message )
It's me, Danny.

I know it's been a while
but I had to call.

You'll never guess
where I am.

I'll give you a hint:
two words.

Pirate Hide-out.

Thinking about the last time
we were here, remember?

Dad said we couldn't go home
until I hooked a fish.

I wanted to let you know
I finally got something.

Something big.

First of all I'd just like
to say that the Hoyle family

appreciates you attending.

It means a lot to Huff,
and to myself.

Danny was more than
a brother.

He was my best friend.

He was also an optimist,

so we should all take
the advice

that he used to give me
when he'd drag me out of bed.

Time flies.

Don't waste it.

Still no word?


Then I suppose that's
her answer.

So you did get the message.

I thought everyone left.

You're safe.

It's just me, Beck Merchant.

The lawyer.

I believe the official title is
general council

for Hoyle Enterprises,

but "lawyer" works.

I pictured someone older.

So did I.

But I'm the one they hired.

Apparently they made
a good choice.

You were very persistent
in trying to reach me.

I guess it worked.

I'm sure one call would
have worked just as well.

I didn't see you at the church.

Is this an interrogation?

No, no, no.

It's an invitation.

I'm hoping you'll come back
to your father's house.

He invited a few people over.

You are obviously not as
well-trained as I thought.

I'm definitely not
on Huff's guest list.

Actually, he saw you
on our way out.

He asked me to come back.

Well, I'm planning on catching
the next flight.

Think of it this way:

it's what Danny
would have wanted.


I'm not a lawyer for nothing.

Well, I just lost $100.

Beck said you were coming,
I said "not a chance".

I figured as your brother

I would have the inside

Pretty impressive turn out,

I think the whole
town's here.

You make it sound like
a party.

Yes, well, bourbon
works wonders.

What happened, Chris?

Danny was at the fishing camp.

Sheriff Harper thinks he grabbed
the gun to scare a bobcat.

Apparently it went off
by accident.

He used to hate fishing.

I know.

Remember all those fights
you used to have

trying to get him up there?

Well, unless you want to answer
1,000 questions

about where you've been
for the past 10 years,

I suggest you take
the coward's way out

and go in through the kitchen.

Let's keep moving, people.

Empty ones here.

And uh, pick up those full ones.

If you see someone with a free
hand you put something in it.

Oh my goodness.

Look at you.

Come here. Come here.

I- I don't trust my legs.

How are you, Alma?


What were you thinking,

running away in
the middle of the night

and no phone calls,
no letters?

I wrote Danny.

Yeah, well, birthday...
Christmas cards.

Those aren't letters.

I don't care what you say
your father did.

Have you seen him?

Not yet.

Well, that's that then.

He's in his study.

It's about time that you two
patched things up.

Beck tells me he had to talk you
into coming.

Were you really going to leave
town without speaking to me?

I said everything I needed
to say 10 years ago.

When I left.

Seems to me we used
to have an expression.

something about a door.

When one closes,
another opens.

Alexander Graham Bell.

We used to say it all the time.

After mom died.

Well, there it is.

All you have to do
is walk through it.

Can I offer you a drink?

I'm fine.

Are you now?



Yes. Better than fine.

Actually, I just booked
my biggest job yet.

Oh, that's right.

I understand you've
been making quite a name

for yourself lately.

Something to do with pillows.

Interior design.



Danny was always bringing me
articles from that paper.

Uh... the Chronicle.

Trying to persuade me
to run after you.

But you never did.

I'm not a man who grovels.



Still holding on tight
to that grudge, I see.

Don't you think it's about time
you let it go?

It's more than a grudge, Huff.

I'm sorry to interrupt.

Sheriff Harper would like to
have a word with the family.

I'm truly sorry for intruding

but the state has strict
regulations on fatal gun shots.

I'm obliged to go over
the official report

before I can file.

This isn't an easy day for us.

Can't we do this another time?

It's best if the whole family
is present.

I wasn't sure how easy that
would be if we... waited.

Ballistics supports
the conclusion

of unintentional death.

It appears the gun discharged

We have been through
this all before.

If you'll just take a look,
see if there's any questions.

Actually, I have a question.

This is Deputy Scott.

He just started working
for the department.

I understand that Danny
wasn't much of an outdoorsman.

What I mean is, it looked as
if Danny had been fishing,

but maybe a little
too obviously,

if you see my point.

Almost as if it had been staged.

What is this fool doing
in my house?

Apparently the Deputy has
been watching too much TV.

And there was no bait.

We've been over
these details already.

My family's in mourning.

Did... Danny like to fish?

What are you, Deputy,
13, 14 years old?

Do you not realize I just buried
my son today?!

Let's just try and get
through this, gentlemen.


Danny called me the night
of the accident.

From the camp.

He said he had been fishing.

Ok then.

I'd say we're finished.


How long do you plan
on staying?

I booked a late flight tonight.


Whatever happened
between you and Huff

must have been pretty bad.

I run a business, and we just
got a big contract, so...


Let me guess: you're
independent, strong-willed,

a little wild.

Huff tried to tame it,

and then you met a boy
who admired those qualities.

Look, Mr. Merchant...

Please, call me Beck.

I didn't come here
to revisit my past,

but since you ask,
let me be clear.

Huff hated Clark.

He thought that Clark
was beneath our family

and Huff said he would do
whatever it took

to end the relationship.

And so you ran away.

Clark's father worked
at the factory.

I left when Huff fired him

because I was afraid
of what else he would do.

Huff doesn't give up easily.

Speaking of Huff,

he'd like for you to stay
a few more days,

see if y'all can smooth
things over.

I'm afraid I can't oblige.

It's a lot harder than you think

to run away from your past.

Did he pay you to say that?

Professional courtesy.


Well, if I need advice
I'll hire my own lawyer.

I am sorry about Danny.

It... it looks so empty.

Danny moved out.

I... I just always
pictured him here.

Maybe you haven't let go
of this place

as much as you thought.

Where did you hide your key,

Who are you?

You got permission
to be here?

That's funny, I was about to ask
you the same question.

Remember, I saw you breaking
and entering.

That's a crime.

( door closes )

Hey mister.

You were awesome today.

Oh, there's your mom.

Jessica? Is this a bad time?

I'm sorry, are you a parent?

No, that was thoughtless
of me,

I should have introduced myself.


Sar Hoyle.

Danny's sister.

Danny had your photo.

It seemed like you knew him.

I did.

I didn't see you at
the grave site service.

I didn't go.

I... if you'll excuse me...

Look, I really don't want
to bother you,

but I hadn't seen Danny
in a while

so I was hoping you could help
fill me in

on some missing details.

I need to be somewhere-

We can talk later...?

I could give you
my phone number.

I wish I could help.

Danny meant a lot to me.

Did he?

Because I was with him for
three years and I never saw you.

Not once.

Believe me, there's nothing
I regret more right now.

Despite what you might think of
my choices

I loved my brother.

And if you loved him too,
that should mean something.

I don't like to be rude
but I lost somebody, too.

I told Sheriff Harper
what I think

and I really don't want to go
over it again.

Sheriff Harper?

Why don't you ask him
about Danny?

Ask him what?

Maybe you don't remember Danny
very well

but he hated fishing.

I know that.

He also hated guns.

He wouldn't use one if
his life depended on it.

Then why was he at that cabin?

I don't know.

Which I told Sheriff Harper.

I also told him I don't think
Danny's death was an accident.

I think he was killed.

( gasps )

Julia, it's Sar.

It looks like I'm going to be
staying another few days

so you'll have to reschedule
my meetings.

Also I'm probably going to need
you to send me some clothes.

I'll text you the address.

I spent last night
in a motel.



I'm so sorry for your loss.

Thank you.

When you left this place
I thought you were done with it

for good.

You were always so much
brighter than the rest of us.

You and Clark Daly.

Him on the football team
and you just so beautiful.

I always knew you'd end
up somewhere better.

Well, not Clark obviously,

otherwise we wouldn't
be married.


Yeah, I hope so.

That's our little girl
right there.

Oh, wow.

So, you- you plan on staying
a while?

Uh, no. No.

Not long.

But it was nice to see you.


Well, hey there.

How is it you
keep turning up?

Please tell me you're not
being paid to follow me.

Oh, give me a little credit.

If I followed you it would be
for personal reasons.

It's a small town.

It's kinda hard not
to run into people.

You seem a little sophisticated
for such a small town.

I'm surprised it holds
your interest.

Why don't we discuss it
over breakfast?

Well, has it changed much?

Clark used to say that the only
thing that changes in this town

is the colour of the stop light.

( chuckles )

And that's only
when there's a parade.

I'm really surprised
Clark stayed.

He was always talking
about leaving.

Well, I guess
that was your path.

You really are a lawyer,
aren't you?

You make it sound so hopeful.

"A Path".

Well, I didn't say that
it was smooth.

Thank you.

So um...

what path brought you here?

Well, I went to LSU with Chris,

we're fraternity brothers.

He brought me home a few times
on vacation.

I got to know your father.

My father died when I was little

so I really did appreciate
the role model.

The company lawyer retired
and then I got hired.

I'm not sure if I should offer
congratulations or condolences.

You know, judging from
your unwavering mistrust,

I gather I'm not the person
who persuaded you to stay.

I met Danny's girlfriend.


Remind me to call you next time
I need a private investigator.

She doesn't believe Danny's
death was an accident.

She thinks he was murdered.

I know.

That's what she told
Sheriff Harper.

So you don't support
her theory then?

Right after Danny's death,

your father pushed Harper hard

to conduct a thorough

They never found any evidence

that anybody else
had been at that cabin.

Jessica seemed pretty certain.

She's... grieving.

When people lose someone
they love,

they need an explanation.

Well, she and I have that
in common.

( doorbell rings )

Please don't close the door.

Um, it's Chickaree Coffee.

I have it shipped to San
Francisco once a month,

which either means I'm crazy
or you really need to try it.

I know about Chickaree Coffee,
I was born here.

Come on in.

Danny wouldn't have been happy
with the way

I treated you yesterday.

I'm sure he'd understand.

Why didn't you go
to the funeral?

Truthfully, I was trying
to respect his wishes.

He never wanted me
to meet your family.

He used to joke about waiting
until we had kids.


I think he was skittish because
of what happened to you.

Danny told you about Clark?

He didn't have to.

The whole town knew
why you left.

No one ever stands up
to your father except you.

Do you think they resented

I know he was in charge
of human resources.

He was fair.

He cared.

The workers loved him.

But you think he was killed?

A couple months ago
there was an accident.

It stirred up a lot of
bad feelings.

Last week Danny's tires
were slashed.

Well, did you tell
Sheriff Harper?

He said there's a big difference
between slashed tires

and murder.

The night Danny died
we were supposed to go

on a picnic earlier that day.

I thought he was gonna propose.

He cancelled last minute,

he wouldn't say why.

You think he was
meeting someone.

That's what I told
Sheriff Harper.

He didn't agree.

He said Danny sounded like a man
too deep in a relationship,

getting cold feet.

( door slams )

We need to go
to that fishing camp.

Excuse me?

I think Danny met
someone there.

( sighs )

Let me guess.

You've been talking
to Jessica Deblance.

I have.

And frankly, Sheriff, I find it
difficult to understand

why you didn't take
her more seriously

when you talked to her.

Young lady, I am truly sorry
for your loss,

so I will choose to overlook
your... inappropriate behaviour.

But Danny said he was
meeting someone.

No, now Jessica
inferred that

when she said he broke a date.

I went over that camp
with a fine-toothed comb.

Well, I'd like to see it
for myself.

I've got a department
to run.

I could take her.

( sighs )

Somebody needs to stop her

before she turns this whole
thing into a sideshow.

I apologize for disrupting
your period of mourning

with my questions.

They were inappropriate.

It won't happen again.

Who found him?

It was a Cajun family upriver.

They came by to return
a crawfish trap,

found your brother in the cabin.

You said it looked staged.

I... it's not my place
to make assumptions.

Deputy Scott, are you afraid
of being fired?

Something made you

Well... like I said,
there was no bait.


There were a few muddy
footprints on the dock

and in the cabin,

and there was no mud
on Danny's shoes.

But there were no fingerprints

other than your brother Danny's.

What a surprise.

Are you Sheriff Harper's
errand boy now, too?

Harper called the house,

said you were creating
quite a stir.

Well, nobody else seems
willing to do it.

( quietly sobbing )

Danny and I used
to play here

when Huff would take
Chris hunting.

I used to tell him stories.

I said that the bayou
was an old pirate hide-out.

We would collect treasures
and hide them in the wall

just in case the perfect
opportunity presented itself.

I know what it's like to lose
someone that you love.

I wouldn't wish that
upon anyone.

Maybe you were right.

Maybe I'm just trying to find
an explanation for this.

Looking for someone to blame.

That's from a nightclub
in Boroughbridge.

It opened the night
before Danny died.

I should take that.

So whoever dropped that

could have been here
when Danny was shot.

So tell me why no one found
this matchbook before.

I don't really know.

We went over that cabin
with a fine-

A fine-toothed comb.


So what does it mean?

What does it mean?

Someone was with him?


It's probably nothing.

Probably nothing?

This is not "probably nothing",

We're talking about my son.

It could have been somebody
sleeping off a drunk.

Maybe Danny dropped it.

Danny didn't go to nightclubs.

He didn't even drink.

So I ask you again:
who would kill my son?

Let's not get ahead
of ourselves.

I need to look
into this further.

Get Danny's phone records,
witness statements...

Yes, you do.

So why are you still here?


Look, I am not trying to steal
industrial secrets.

Danny was my brother.

As I explained,

I can't let anyone in
without prior authorization.

But I just want
to see his office.

Sorry, we have very
strict policies.




You look...

How are you?


Good, I'm... good.

I- I didn't know
that you worked here.

Yeah, about three years now.

Where else would I work,

No, I mean I uh...
I met your wife.

Oh, yeah, she uh...
told me.

I'm sorry about Danny.


I heard you wanted a tour.

The rest of us have
our offices upstairs,

but Danny preferred to be
on the floor.

I'll take you there.

So what're you hoping to find?

I'm not sure, really.

Jessica said there had been
some trouble at the factory.

An accident.

A few months back the press
had been going after us,

hadn't really let up.

Some of the workers
were unhappy.

Unhappy enough to hurt Danny?

Well, this is a dying industry

and your father pushes
a little hard sometimes

trying to stay competitive,

but I don't think it got
Danny killed.

Is that where it happened?

The accident?

No, that was another accident.

A long time ago.

A man died.

Sonny Holzer.

It's not something you forget.

I was five.

The foreman came to the house
to notify Huff.

He was crying, he could barely
get the words out.

I'd never seen a grown man
cry before.

( gasps )

Why don't you come
for dinner tonight?

Huff knows you're here,
you might as well see him.

To Sar.

The circumstances that
brought you home are tragic,

but we've waited a long time.

Especially Huff.

There's nobody else in the whole
parish brave enough

to take him on so it's good
to have you back.

Here, here.

( glasses clink )

I would just like you to come
home, to stay.

Let's not get carried away.

I have a home, Huff,
in San Francisco.

That's not your real home.

And who knows?

Maybe you could come to like
something here.

Why use a feather when
a sledgehammer will do?

( laughs )

Alma, thank goodness.

Maybe you can help Huff take
his foot out of his mouth.

There's a reporter
on the phone.

He's writing a story
about Danny.

They keep coming after us,

He's going to say that Danny
was murdered.

Which reporter?

From New Orleans paper.

He thinks it's some kind of
revenge killing.

That's ridiculous.

From that accident a couple
of months ago?

The state already investigated.

We were cleared.

There are always troublemakers.

He wants a statement.

From the family.

If you'll excuse me, I'll get
to the bottom of this.

If that paper prints a story
I will buy it and shut it down.

As I was saying,

welcome home.

I guess that accident was
more important than you thought.

Reporters dig up stories
all the time.

That's how they get paid.

Tell me about the accident.

Well, a man named Billy Pollack
lost his arm.

Do you think he killed Danny?

Billy Pollack died last month.

He was drinking a lot
after the accident,

his car went off the road.

So, no story.

How convenient.

( phone ringing )



It's Sar.

A reporter called tonight.

He thinks that Danny's death
might be connected

to Billy Pollack's accident.

Some kind of payback.

I know Pollack's wife.

I taught their kids.

Maybe she has some information.

( knocking )

Hi, Mrs. Pollack?

This is Danny's sister.

I was hoping I could ask you
a few questions.

I remember you.

From high school.

Danny was alright.

He came to see Billy
right after the accident.

Even kept him on the payroll

to make sure we could
make ends meet.

Here you go.

Did your husband blame the
company for what happened?

He blamed everyone
by the end.

What happened to Billy
was his own fault.

He spent all day in bars.

I didn't want the kids
around that.

I gave him an ultimatum.

He moved out and the next week
he was dead.

I am so sorry.

I'm sorry for you.

That's him, on the left.


( phone ringing )

Beck Merchant.

We need to talk.

That's funny, I was just looking
at your number

thinking the same thing.

How did you find this place?

You like it?

Clark and I used to come here
to get away from Huff.

Huff brought me here.

Maybe y'all weren't as discreet
as you thought.


What's the verdict?



San Francisco has
incredible food but this
just tastes like...

Like what?

Like home.

Do I have sauce on my face?


Well, you're staring.

Sorry, I- I was just thinking
about how things

would be different if we had met
under different circumstances.

How they could be.

What do you know about
Slap Watkins?


What do you know?

I saw him at Danny's apartment
the day of the funeral.

Why were you at Danny's

Why was he?

Sar, interfering with a murder
investigation is illegal.

As I recall, it wasn't
an investigation

until I interfered.

You need to stop.

You didn't answer my question.

Look, Slap Watkins
is bad news,

and he and Billy Pollack
used to be tight.

After the accident the
newspapers were getting

inside information about
the company, safety reports,

verbal complaints,
things like that.

Huff thought it was
the two of them.


He fired Watkins and cut
Pollack from the payroll.

Made Danny tell them both.

He must hate my family,

especially Danny for being the
one who gave him his pink slip.

You need to let Sheriff Harper
handle this.

The way he did before?

If Slap had anything to do
with Danny's death,

he's not gonna appreciate
you digging it up.

I made a mistake calling you.

I thought you would want
to help.


I do want to help.

Mainly I don't want to see
you get hurt.

I've been hurt before.

That was a high school crush.

This is something else.

I've been taking care of myself
for a long time.

( engine revs )

( tires screech )

( gasping )

What makes you think
it was Slap Watkins?

I've seen him before.

He threatened me.

You're not giving me much
to work with.

No plate number.

Half the people in this parish
drive pick-ups.

You don't seem very concerned.

That is a misunderstanding.

Your safety is our top priority.

Actually, Deputy Scott,

most people who work for Huff
Hoyle have a different goal.

Try not to upset him
so they don't get fired.


The security guard said
I would find you here.

And he let you back here?

I think he likes me.

Imagine that.

They're beautiful.

Yeah, I got lucky.

We both are.

I'm glad.

Why'd you come here?

I wanted to apologize.


I ran away, Clark.

I told myself it was to protect
your family but...

maybe I just wasn't brave enough
to stand up to Huff.

We were just kids.


There's something
you need to know.

The night before Danny died
I was working.

I overheard him arguing with
somebody and it sounded heated.

So I went by the office to make
sure that Danny was ok.

He was with Chris, and they were
both really angry.

Now, I didn't go in,
but I heard Danny say

that Billy Pollack was murdered.


Chris was furious.

He said he didn't care
how Pollack died.

That it would hurt the company
if Danny started digging him up.

Did you tell Sheriff Harper?

I got a kid, Sar.

A wife.

It took me a long time
to get this life, you know?

I don't want to lose it.

Danny thought Billy Pollack
was murdered.

He and Chris were fighting
about it

the night before Danny died.


I'm pretty sure Sheriff Harper
knows about that fight,

which might explain why he's
bringing me in for questioning.

And I'm sorry,

I hate to deprive you of this
perfect opportunity for bonding,

but he seems to think
I need a lawyer.

Wow, look at you.

Pretty as your mom.

I was rough, uncouth.

She was so... so refined.

She knew which fork to use.

Must have been half a dozen men
courted her,

walked on eggshells
everywhere around her

but I guess
she liked my brass.

Huff, something happened.

Why are we here, Chris?

If you know something you need
to tell me about it.

Harper lacks imagination,
always has.

That's why my father
installed him in office.

I brought Deputy Scott here
to record our conversation

so we can have everything
on the record.

I want to say right out front
how much this pains me.

It means he hopes I'm innocent
so he can keep his job.

Let him talk.

( clears throat )

We have witnesses who place you
at a club called

The Green Rooster
in Boroughbridge

the night before
your brother's death.

Can you confirm
that you were there?

I was.

For how long?

I think I got there around 11:00
left around 4:30.

Did you and Danny fight
before you went to the club?

You don't have to answer that.

We have a witness who heard
them fighting at the factory.

You heard the lawyer,
my lips are sealed.

What time did you get home?

Uh, 5:30

Anyone see you?

Probably Alma.

She's usually up.

Did you call Danny?

We prefer not to answer.

For heaven's sakes, Merchant,
it's in the phone records.

I called.


To apologize.

For the fight we might have had.

As a matter of fact, I- I
invited him to go fishing.

I suggested we meet at the camp
but he refused.

This interview is over.


You have no right,

no right to do any of this!

You do anything, so help me,
or hurt my son,

I will see you destroyed.

Stop it right now!

Call an ambulance!

My chest.


Where's Chris?

Harper still has him
at the Sheriff's office.

Find Alma.

Chris was at home all day,

all night.

Make her tell them.

You did this.

It never would have happened
if you hadn't come back.

He's just scared.

Harper told me about what
happened to you last night.

He's trying to find Slap Watkins

so he can bring him in
for questioning.

It seems like another life.

Please be careful.

They said it was a heart attack
brought on by stress.

Oh, I knew it was coming.

He hasn't been right,
not since Danny's accident.

But I don't understand,

why was Sheriff Harper
questioning Chris?

I'm not sure.

Chris is a good boy.

A little too sarcastic

but that's just show.

Huff said you might have seen
Chris the night Danny died.

Of course I did.

He was right here.

All... all the time.

We sat right here.

We ate beignets.


but you raised Danny
from the day he was born.

Please don't make me do this.

I was hoping I'd get here first.

You'd really make Alma
lie for you?

Do you really think I need to?

I don't know!

I don't want to think it.

I'm trying very hard
not to feel offended.

She saw you drive away
from the house.

She heard you on the phone
with Danny.

I was calling to apologize
because we had a fight.

A fight?

Was it about Pollack?

The question is how did you get
that information?

Was it the handsome lawyer
or the jilted boyfriend?

This isn't a joke.

Well, I guess that depends on
your point of view, doesn't it?

Why did Danny think that Pollack
was murdered?

I didn't care!

Which I told Danny.

Pollack was a mean drunk.

Whether he was murdered or
he drove himself into a tree,

it makes no difference to me.

Even you can't be that cold.


Well, I was thinking
about that matchbook.

How you found evidence the
entire Sheriff's Department

somehow missed.

You think I planted it?

Well, you seem pretty eager
to blame.

Chris, I would never do anything
to hurt you.

And I don't need Alma to lie.

I was nowhere near
the fishing camp that day

or that night.

How are you?

My brother Chris is a suspect
in Danny's murder.

How should I be?

Why are they investigating him,

He's not being investigated.

Harper's just asking
preliminary questions.

Those questions were
serious enough

to give Huff a heart attack.

Tell me what you think.

Could Chris have done this?

I don't know.

I would never describe Chris
as a kind person,

but I can't imagine him
killing someone,

especially Danny.

There's no motive.

Chris and Danny argued.

Brothers fight all the time.

Chris accused me of trying
to frame him.


By planting the matchbook
from the nightclub.

He's always been jealous.

Huff didn't help matters.

When we were little he would
bring us to the factory

and carry me around up on his
shoulders and made Chris walk.

The workers always made
a fuss.

There was this one foreman
who called me Princess

and gave me lemon drops.

Sonny Holzer.

How'd you know that?

You mentioned him before.


The family dynamic was always
a little bit off,

but when Holzer died
it got worse.

It turned Chris hard after that.

I mean, I guess it affected
all of us.

Even Danny.

Not Danny, he wasn't born yet.

He knew about it.

And the impact that it had.

He visited Holzer's widow often.

( phone vibrating )

Excuse me.

That's your father.

I'm being summoned.

I'll be fine.

Alma gave a formal statement.

She saw Chris drive away
from the house

an hour before Danny was shot
that night.

No disrespect, but
I think at this point

Chris might do better
with a criminal lawyer.

You had one job:
protect my family.

Believe me,
I'm doing my best.

You really didn't go
to the cabin that night?


I told Danny I would,
hoping he'd meet me,

but he just said "don't bother,
I won't show up".

I took him at his word.

I guess he changed his mind.

You won't sell that to a jury.

Why are we all of a sudden
talking about a jury?

Should I be scared?

Give me your best explanation
as to what's going on.

I'm being framed.

By your sister?

Slap Watkins.

Slap Watkins doesn't have
the sense to kill a june bug.

He's a fighter.

And you made Danny fire him.

Harper's already looking
for him.

Let's make sure that he does.

I'm not sure that's a good idea.

I'm as healthy as a horse.

Don't be an idiot.

I'm still paying you.

Unhook me.

( water running )

( water running )

( gasps )

You told Sheriff Harper
I tried to kill you.


You got the wrong idea about me.

Harper's setting me up.

Why would he do that?

Because he killed Danny,

and now he wants to make it
look like I did.

Harper killed Danny?

Billy Pollack didn't die
in a drunk driving accident.

He wasn't even drinking
that night.

He was staying at my place
after his wife kicked him out.

He was drying out for her.

I told Harper that.

And right after it happened

I found Harper going through
Billy's stuff.

He told me to pipe down
about Billy not drinking

or he'd make me sorry.

I knew right then Harper
killed Billy Pollack.

Danny figured it out.

Harper killed him, too.

Now he's gonna say
that I did it.

All he has to do is plant
some evidence,

say some lies.

I won't be able to fight it.

So what do you want from me?



I'll just take you to an ATM-

No, no, no.

Not $500.

I need some distance between me
and this place.

You don't have to do this.

Let's go.


( struggle ensues )

( screams )

( screams )

( struggling )

Drop it!

Alright, now let her go.

( gasping )

Are you ok?

You're bleeding.

Why are you here?

I was worried about you.

After what happened
last night.

You are gonna need stitches.

After we call Sheriff Harper.


Slap said that Harper
killed Danny

because Danny figured out that
Harper killed Billy Pollack.

First of all, Billy died in
a drunk driving accident.

What if he didn't?

Slap said that Pollack
was sober.

Why would Harper kill him?

Because Harper would do anything
if Huff told him to?

I don't know.

I don't want any of this
to be real,

so if you think I'm crazy you
can just tell me right now.

I... I think you're beautiful.

You're not safe here.

You should stay
at my place tonight.

Um... I accused Huff
of murder,

and you're his attorney.

Don't you think that's
a conflict of interest?

I have a spare room.

And Watkins won't come
after you there.

I'll follow you in my car.

How did you end up
in our old house?

Oh, uh... it came
with the job.

I grew up here.


Yeah. Huff built the big house
when Danny was born.

He wanted to give us
a fresh start.

Well, in that case I hope
that you're comfortable here.

I don't think I could be
comfortable anywhere tonight,

knowing what I do about Huff.

Sar, there's no way that your
father could have killed Danny.

Harper would,

if he thought Danny was about
to expose him.

Ok, playing devil's advocate,

what is it you think Pollack
found out

that scared
your father so much?

You said that Danny went
to visit Mrs. Holzer.

Yeah, because he felt that
the company was responsible

for Holzer's accident.

An accident that happened
20 years ago.

Why would Danny even be
thinking about it?

Unless Pollack mentioned it
to him.

You really don't trust
your father.

Do you honestly think I should?

I think that your father
hurt you pretty bad.

( scoffs )

And you might want revenge.

That is not what I want.

And I'm tired, so
if you'll excuse me.

( knocking )

Hey, we should talk about this.

I'm done talking.

All this anger.

You have no idea.

Then tell me.

What is it that you're after?


For Danny.

I would hope that you would want
that too,

but then again you are staying
rent-free at Huff's house.

Which is irrelevant.

But I am his attorney.

Does that mean you'd help him
get away with murder?

If you truly believe that
then why are you here?

I... I can't do this.

Neither can I.

But I wish I could.

( knocking )

I'm looking for Sar.

So you came to my house?

Call it a hunch.

Come on in.

Just give me a sec.

( knocking )


( knocking )

Sar Hoyle, you look exactly
like your brother.

I was quite fond of Danny.

I didn't know him long

but I like to think we were
becoming friends.

You don't live nearby,
Mrs. Holzer.

How did you meet?

Danny called me.

Out of the blue.

He said a worker at the company

was talking about
my husband's accident.

I suppose you know
my husband died.

Yes, and I am so sorry.

But I remember him and
he was a very kind man.

It was a long time ago.

Most of my memories
are happy ones.

I know Danny was looking
into your husband's accident.

I was hoping maybe you could
tell me why.

Oh, I... I'm really not sure-

I loved my brother,
Mrs. Holzer.

I'm just trying to understand
why he died.

After my husband's accident,

an attorney volunteered
his services.

He said we could make a case
against the company.

Then he died, unexpectedly.

Do you think the lawyer
was killed?

I tried not to think about it
at the time.

I admit, I was frightened.

Why did Danny come here?

He said a man named Pollack
had obtained the lawyer's files.

Did you give Pollack
the file?


I told Danny I hadn't heard
from anyone at the company,

not since I'd left.

( phone vibrating )


Danny came back several times.

He always brought flowers.

He hated the idea that such
a terrible accident had happened

at his family's company.

He just wanted to be sure
I was fine.

I'm so happy you came by.

Danny spoke so fondly of you.

Oh, I suppose I did hear
from the company.

Beck, Mr. Merchant,

kindly informed me Danny
had passed away.


Please be careful.

I will.


Oh, come on.

I was right, Billy Pollack
had a file

on Sonny Holzer's accident.

I think he used it
to blackmail Huff-


Clark Daly is in the hospital.

Sheriff Harper came by,

they found him in the
break room this morning

when the shifts changed.

I'm so sorry.


Alma tells me you might be too
riled to let me finish my nap.

Did you give the order
to have Clark beaten?

Oh, I'm feeling much better,
thank you.

Your concern is touching.

They almost killed him.

Clark Daly fed a bunch of lies
about Chris to Sheriff Harper.

Clark Daly put the noose
around your brother's neck.

He got what he deserved.

You're not even ashamed!

You are so dramatic.

How could I have put
Clark Daly in the hospital?


I've been attached to tubes
and machines for two days.

So that's- that's how
you justify it?

You weren't there so technically
it's not your fault?

I run a company, Sar.

We support an entire town.

There's a cost
to doing business.

Like, uh, Billy Pollack?

Pollack tried to blackmail you,
didn't he?

Don't start talking
about Pollack.

Your brother Danny
wouldn't let it go.

What did Pollack find out
about Sonny Holzer?

I paid Pollack's salary even
when Pollack was not working.

You cut him off.

He couldn't support himself
or his family.

He was a drunk who ran himself
into a tree.

You know, I wanted to believe
that, I really did.

But see, it just keeps

Sonny Holzer's lawyer,
Clark's father...

This is why you came home.

You came home so that you could
punish me now

for something that happened
to you, when, in high school?

But I see that you're
enjoying it.

Getting your revenge.

I don't want revenge.

You know, I was hoping
that maybe...

your brother's death might bring
you and I a little bit closer.

So what about Danny?

Was he a cost of business, too?

Get out.

Tell me it isn't true.

I'm not going to dignify this.

You cannot stand in my house
and question my love for my son!

Did you tell Chris to do it?

Is that why he called Danny
that day?

Get out of my house, now!

I'm not running away this time.

I loved Danny and I will fight
for him.

( doorbell )


Mr. Merchant's here.

He's looking for you.



I trusted you.

And watching you lie might break
my heart.

I went to uh, see Mrs. Holzer.

Apparently you went
to see her, too.

You were wondering why

Sheriff Harper would want
to kill Billy Pollack.

Well, here's a theory.

Pollack turned up a file
about Sonny Holzer's accident.

Strangely enough,

the lawyer who first had
the file is dead, too.

I think Huff made Harper
kill them both.

How's that sound?

Do you want to know
why I went to see her?

You work for Huff.

I'll bet that damage control
is in the job description.

I went to tell her
about Danny's death

because they were close.

That is so kind of you.

So did you visit
Clark Daly's wife, too?

Let her know how sorry
Huff is for his troubles.

You had to be involved.

So how far would you go?

To protect Huff?

Keep him happy.

Don't you ever get sick of it?

You have no idea.

Well then why don't you quit?

I wish I could explain.

They truly own you,
don't they?

Listen to me, Sar.

There are things at play
that you do not know about.

I'm curious.

How much am I worth?

Excuse me?

Last night.

Was that on Huff's payroll?

What do you think?

I think...

I wish that I could hate you.

Be careful.

You could end up just like him.

Are you ok?

Slap didn't kill Danny.

But Sheriff Harper found
Danny's blood on Slap's things.

Slap was framed.

Sheriff Harper killed Danny.

He killed Billy Pollack, too.

For Huff.

Pollack had a file about
Sonny Holzer's accident

and was using it
to blackmail Huff.

That file proves Huff
had motive to kill Pollack.

And you think Danny
had the file?

Where are you going?

To Danny's apartment.

Not by yourself.

Look at this.

What is it?

A surveillance camera.

Where's the camera?

He bought it the day before
he died.

That's the fish.

The one Danny said he caught
in the message.

He knew Harper did this,

and he was going to record him
saying it.

I'll bet the camera is hidden
somewhere in the cabin.

We had a secret spot there
when we were kids.

You're not going
to that fishing camp.

Call Harper, tell him someone
broke into Danny's apartment.

That'll keep him busy.

You still owe me money.

I should shoot you right now.

$20,000, and this time
we try a bank.

You can't just walk into a bank
and ask for that kind of money.

We should call ahead.

Go ahead and call.

( phone ringing )


This is Sar Hoyle,
of Hoyle Enterprises.

We have an account.

Are you alright?

What's going on?

I'm coming into the branch
at Pierre Pointe.

I need to withdraw a large
sum of money.

Do you require
prior authorization?

Put it on speaker.

Sar, where are you?

Put it-

In the car.

In the car!

I know you didn't kill Danny.

Shut up.

Why were you in
Danny's apartment?

Listen to me,
I can help you.

( sirens )

Wait, wait, wait!

Don't shoot!

Put the gun down!

Put the gun down!

( gun shot )

Why don't I drive you
to the motel?

I can take her.

For a second there

I didn't think you were gonna
come with me.

I was more afraid of Harper.

I cared about Danny.

And I would never
cover up a murder.

Slap knew he was
gonna die.

Harper had him cornered.

Sar, you can't prove that.

Maybe I can.

Danny had a camera
at the fishing camp.

Are you sure
you wanna do this?

I was thinking about
the last time we were here.


Dad said I couldn't go home
until I hooked a fish.

And I sat there all day
blubbering like a baby.

I wanted to let you know
I finally caught something.

Something big.

Turns out it's not that hard
once you put your mind to it.

You should have left it alone.


This is for Billy.

( gasps )

Turn it off!


Sar, wait.

I kept pushing and blaming Huff.

You told me to stop
but I wouldn't.

He's a hard man, Sar.

I accused him of being
a murderer.

Who does that to
their own father?

Listen to me.

You're a good person.

The best kind of person.

Like Danny.

You're not the same as Huff.

I hurt people.

I hate to break up
this little love fest

but Clark Daly just made
a statement to the press.

The District Attorney
closed the factory.

We're kind of in trouble.


Clark Daly was brutally attacked
after implicating Chris Hoyle

in his brother Danny's death.

Do you know why Danny Hoyle
was murdered?

Huff Hoyle has a long history
of bad business practices.

Danny tried to hold
the company accountable

and it cost him his life.

Thank you so much.

Well, that's just
one perspective.

Obviously the investigation

Keep it right here
for the very latest.

Huff, what did you do?

( phone rings )

Sheriff's Department.

This is Sar Hoyle.

Before you go any further,

you need to know that this call
is being recorded.

Make sure you play it back
for Sheriff Harper.

Danny and Billy Pollack
were killed because they

uncovered a murder.

Huff pushed Sonny Holzer
into a conveyor belt,

and my brother, Chris, saw it.

He gave a statement
to Sheriff Harper

when he was nine years old.

( knocking )

We've got a problem.

Yes, obviously we have
a problem.

We have a problem
with Clark Daly.

I don't mean him.

This is worse.

They've shut down the factory.

You have to get us back up
and running soon

or Huff is gonna lose it.

These are serious violations,

I can't just-

You are good.

I knew something was wrong.

What kind of person would want
to work for Huff Hoyle?

But every time I had my doubts,
you made me trust you.

You had me doubting myself.

We need to talk about
this later.

I thought I was crazy

for believing that Huff
would actually kill someone,

but that's why he hired you,
isn't it?

Because he knew you could
convince anybody.

And this is why we don't mix
business and pleasure.

I saw the file.

What file?

The lawyer's notes about
Sonny Holzer's accident.

There was no file.

Yes, there was.

Pollack was using it
to blackmail Huff,

then Danny had it
in his apartment,

then Beck must have taken it

because I saw it sitting
on his desk.

I took it.

I destroyed it, Sar.

I threw it in the furnace.

I watched it go up in flames.

The file that you found
was a copy.

I got it from my mother.

Your mother?

Ok, wait.

What- what is going on here?

I gave the file to Pollack.

My my, that's quite a bombshell.

You were killing people, Chris.

You and Huff.

I was afraid you'd keep
getting away with it.

I've never killed anyone.

Oh, stop splitting hairs.

Wh- who are you,
a state prosecutor?

You know who I am.

I'm Beck Merchant.

Ok, Beck.

Why don't you tell me

what the hell kind of game
you're playing here?

Oh, it's not a game,
it's my life.

I wondered how bad
your family was

ever since I was a little boy,
and when I met you at LSU

I finally had a chance
to find out.

I pledged your fraternity
because it was yours.

I placed myself in your path
whenever I could

so I could get as close to
Hoyle Enterprises as possible.

Why would you do anything
that insane?

Because I needed the truth,

I'm sure you can figure out why.

You see, Merchant,

that's my mother's maiden name.

I started using it in college.

I was just trying to put
the past behind me.

Turns out it's not so easy.

So what is your real name?



Sonny Holzer was Beck's father.

You see, my father's life
was cut short by decades.


Because he stood in Huff's way.

So Huff killed him!

You knew, everybody knew!

But he still got away with it.

Now that's over.

You lied to us.

It wasn't a lie.

You're the press leak.

You were feeding
them information.

I was trying to keep
your company

from destroying this town.

You planted that matchbook
out at the cabin, didn't you?

To frame me.

You can't frame somebody
for a crime that they commit.


I did not kill Danny.

Slap did.

You coerced him by trying
to send him to jail

for Pollack's murder.

He made his own choice.

How could you?

You saw what happened
to Huff.

If that statement went public
about Holzer

it would have killed him.

So it's true?

Maybe you can talk some sense
into these two.

Explain to them
how many reporters

are waiting outside those doors.

You had Danny murdered?

Answer my question, Chris!

You told me to take care
of Pollack.

Which I did.

Danny was gonna blow
the whole thing up!


Danny was your brother!

( gun shot )

Nobody move!

Drop the gun!


Drop it!

Drop the gun!

I trusted you.

I treated you like a son.

I'm not your son.

I had a father and
you murdered him.

He brought it on himself.

If he was still alive he'd say
the same thing to you.

I thought I might find you here.

I gave my statement to
the District Attorney.

The DA says they're both going
to jail.

Huff for Holzer's murder,
and Chris for Danny and Pollack.

You think Huff will fight it?


It may sound strange

but the only thing Huff really
cared about was family.

When's your flight?


I hope I see you again.

Jessica, Danny loved you,

and that means you're stuck
with me.

Like it or not.

Also, I thought he'd want you
to have this.

I heard Beck Merchant resigned.

I guess he got what he came for.

So, you finally quit?

It felt like the right time.

The company got turned over
to a group of local investors.

They seem committed
to turning it around.

You know, my mother
really liked you.

I liked her, too.

A lot.

Back to San Francisco?

I have a business to run.

What about you?

I'm not sure.

I spent so much time focused
on Huff trying to find justice.

Now all that's over.

Me too.

I guess it's time to start
thinking about the future.

Do you think they need lawyers
out there in San Francisco?

Probably. At least one.

I heard it's a nice place
to live.

It's not too shabby.