Sandong muljangsu (1982) - full transcript

A young man, trained in the art of "Shaolin Thunderkick" must master 72 Shaolin styles in order to avenge the death of his mentor.

Lovely piece of meat.

Hey pig, come back here!

(pig squealing)

Come back here!

Yeah, stop that pig.

(pants) Come here!


(pig squealing)
(man panicking)


(comical ninja music)

(chickens clucking)

(fists thudding)
(men grunting)

(uplifting fighting music)

(man grunting and shouting)

(birds chirping)

(man yawning)

Hey, what are you doing?

Very good, sir.

Very good.

Waitress, bring us those pig's legs

and be damn quick about it, eh?

Be patient, I'm coming now.

Good sir, are you sure
you can drink all of it?

Certainly, we could drink
three times that amount.

Oh, there he is!

(waitress gasping)
(table rattling)

Oh it's you.

Yes, it is me.

Funny girl, you're
always looking for me.

What on earth for?

Ooh, you wonderful boy.

I do it because I'm falling in love.


You shouldn't talk about love.

Why not?

Why shouldn't I talk of it?

It's wrong, that's why!

Hey, you blind silly man.

You make me sick, quite sick!

What's the matter?

Well then my fine (mumbles),
you're in love with Mee Sa,

but she's not in love with you.

I wish it were otherwise.

Hey, how about trying one of
my new (mumbles) then, eh?

Another new one?

Yes, right.

This one's very original.

It contains wing of swallow and earthworm.

It's very good for you indeed.

Come on now, taste it.

- Earthworms?
- Mmm hmm.

Well, I'll try anything just once.

You know, I spent a long
time getting those worms.

(slurping and grunting pleasurably)

Delicious, delicious isn't it?

Yes delicious, I've never
tasted anything quite as lovely.

Good, now when can I go see Mee Sa?

Well now, I'm not really sure

if she's got time to see you.


What are you trying to say to me?

Well I'm just saying

she might not have time for you, Chef.

Here, now just calm down.

Have some eggs and some of these as well.

They're good, they're all fresh now.

Now tell me where I can find her.

Oh very well, she's
gonna be swimming tonight

in the brook next to the camp.

Ahh, that's very good.

Very good, terrific, thank you.

Now, I've got work to get on with.

Just forget about that and stay

and talk to me for a while.

Aah, you dirty old fool.

Nah, you're no fool. (Laughs)

Hey you old fool, you shut up!

(muffled crosstalk)

Yes, these are the best.

These are the very best.

No, you wouldn't get any
better than that around here.

Now look, I'm selling these very cheaply.

(soothing Asian-style music)

Mee Sa, I've been listening
to you play the mandolin.

You're very good.

Well thank you.

(chuckles) I bought you a present.

You really shouldn't have.

You know I wanna please you.

I know, but you're only a young boy

and you really can't
afford to buy me so much.

Don't let it worry you.

You know that you're much more
important to me than money.

You can understand that?

You say that now because
you're still a young boy.

But when you get older
and you become a man,

you will thank me for
speaking to you like this.

So you should listen to me
and save presents for later.

Yes, you're right.

But now I want you to put them on.

(soft Asian-style music)

(both laughing)

Come on, try them on.

(gasps) They're quite beautiful.

Yes, they're beautiful.

(water boy chuckling nervously)

(Mee Sa sighing)

Mee Sa, what's wrong?

Nothing is really very
wrong, water boy, nothing.

It's just a pity that
I spend my days alone

in this lonely house.

(Chef laughing)

Incredible, a little prompting
can work real miracles.

You don't know what
it's like for me here.

All that I'm allowed to do
in this house is to read

and play musical instruments.

It's so very boring; you don't
know how very boring it is.

I wanna be free and go out.

I know how you feel,
but this is your home.

You're quite safe here.

If you went out, it
would be unsafe for you.

You're better off here alone.

You're right.

You are, but I have a need to go out.

Very well, as you feel
that strongly about it,

then I will take you out.

We'll start whenever you want.

Oh you're so good to me.

(laughs) Very good, very good indeed.

Yes keep it up, my good lad. (Laughs)

Oh Mee Sa, my dear,

I'm falling in love with you.

It really is something else, (mumbles).

(man gasping)

So you're in love, Mr Chef.

Come on, get back to your work!

(man shouting)
(water splashing)

What the hell are you
doing spilling water

on my (mumbles), you damn stupid fool?

Take that!

(fists and feet thudding)
(water boy wincing)

You heard me, you stupid idiot.

(water boy wincing)
(feet thudding)

(water boy groaning and gasping)

Next time I suggest you be more careful

and stay away from our barracks.

We heard you were snooping
around here the other day.

I wonder why.


(water boy groaning in pain)


(water splashing)

- That's better.
- Feeling good, huh?

(water boy wincing)
(fists smacking)

Bastard, you'll pay for this!

Steal my water!

(feet smacking)
(water boy groaning)


I've been (mumbles)
for a very long time.

But you, my only and beautiful daughter,

you've been raised a noblewoman.

Because of that, you deserve a noble man.

You must marry with a noble man, my dear.

Nothing else would be quite good enough

for a daughter of mine.

Was it you who called for me, madam?

I called?

Yes, at least that's what I was told.

She never called you, you fool!

Say, who do you think you are anyway?

You stupid chef! (Smacks)


Okay okay, I wasn't called.

Nobody called me, nobody called me.

(whimsical music)

(muffled crosstalk)

You gonna say hello?

What do you want?

I'm sure you know what I want.

Get off my water!

Dammit, dammit you fool!

Have you gone completely off your head?


What, what, what?

Take it easy, will you.

Just take it easy, will ya?

Alright if you want it
that way, you just go!

So you said you were my friend.

You said you were going to help.

- I was, but...
- Fine job.

You (mumbles) talking to her on my behalf.

I can very easily kill you.

(water boy whimpering)

Chef, I'm truly sorry.

You could be a lot more so.

Chef, it's hardly my fault, is it?

You could have done it yourself,

but you chose me instead.

You are right.

Then if you're upset,
it's not really my fault.

Can you see that?

You tell me.

I would explain to you.

It's not very convincing.

There's not very much more to say.

Eh, why such difficulty?

Everything's going wrong for me

and I'm sure it's your doing.

You see that?

Now you be very careful while you're here,

do you understand me?

Chef, don't dare push me like that.

Why not?

I suppose you'll want some food next.

Well go and help yourself then.

(water boy chomping)

(soft, cheerful music)
(water trickling)

(laughs) The battered
fighter who sleeps in the wood.

Yes, young man?

It's I you're so right. (Grunts)

Old man, you're not gonna
take my food like that.

(both grunting and yelling)

Careful, you're gonna strangle us both.

Okay, I wanna fight now.

Let's go practice.

(bottles rattling)

And all he does is eats and drinks.

Come on, old man.

Come on, we had a good fight
last time about my water.

(laughs) Very well my
young friend, I'll teach you.


I can teach you a lot.

I'm the best there is. (Chuckles)

I'm better than you'll ever be.

(water boy shouting)
(old man grunting)

(hands slapping)

(water boy yelling)

(old man laughing)

If an old man is to teach,

he needs plenty of good food and wine

to give him sustenance, my boy.

Well old man, before you start drinking,

perhaps you should give back
what you just took off of me.

Oh that's no problem.

It's that way. (Laughs)


You are an idiot.

You should be nice to her.

She'll make you a marvelous wife.

I don't want her.

I don't wanna get married
and I don't need her.

You will regret what you've said.

Let me pass.

(both chuckling)

Why are you always avoiding me?

What is it that keeps you so busy?

You know me, I've
always gotta work hard.

So I can't see you so much.

You never have time to spend
a few moments with me alone.

But you're so pretty, you know.


Of course you are.

(comedic music)

(woman yelling)
(water boy whimpering)

Help me!

What the hell do you think you're doing?

I'll chop him to pieces.

Like hell you will!

You'll have to get past me first.

(mischievous music)

Now you get going!

Go on!

Go on!

I'm sorry, madam.

(fists striking)
(old man grunting)

(birds chirping)
(water trickling)

There, do as I've just done.

Was that Kung Fu then?

If you want to learn the martial arts,

then you just better do as
I tell you to do, alright?

It's easy, any stupid
ol' fool can do that.

(lively fight music)

(water boy yelling and grunting)

Well then young friend,

any stupid old fool
could do it, could they?

Alright I'm sorry, I was wrong.

(funky fighting music)

(water boy grunting)

Tell me, why do I have to
undergo this obstacle course

to learn about martial arts?

It's a waste of time.

Why don't you teach me some real fighting?

Anything will be better than this.

It's a waste of time.

Don't you see, young friend?

You must learn to coordinate
your body properly

before you can learn how to fight.

You see, you must take your time

to learn about the martial arts,

So you must begin as been
told by me, understand?

I will succeed this time, you'll see.

(funky fighting music)

You see, I managed.

Now you teach me how to really fight.

Alright, alright I will
teach you one technique.

Just you copy me.

(old man grunting)
(hands slapping)

(inspiring fight music)

(old man and water boy grunting)

(water splashing)

I'm getting tired, aren't you?

But we've only just begun.

You must teach me some more.

Since you're so anxious to learn things,

you'd better bring me some more food

and some more fine wine as well.

You and your (mumbles).

(water splashing)

Hey water boy, come over
here and wash my feet.

They're very dirty, wash 'em carefully.

(man wincing)

(water splashing)

Hey (smacks) wash my back!

Do it well.

Stop slacking!

(bizarre entrancing music)

That was really good.

[Man] When it comes to water,

you can drink any man
under the table. (Chuckles)

Yeah, but you only drank half of it.

I can drink a full bucket full.

You can?

You, you're not serious about that.

If you can, if you can really drink it,

then we'll start to treat
you as a brother after.

Then you're on!

But if you can't drink the water,

then you will surely die.

(water boy wincing)

You are not a stupid boy.

Tell us now that you were joking

and for your sake, we'll
forget about the whole thing.

But I can do it! (Chuckles)

(water boy panting)

(suspenseful music)

Come on, let us see it.

Hey you just relax, you're
making me very nervous.

Don't talk so much, drink!

Wow, full as a pregnant dog.


Quite a man!

(belly bonging)

(men laughing)

You call me brother.

From now on, you can call me brother.

(men laughing)

Thank you.

Now you're my brothers.

(knives chopping)

(mumbles), do you know where he is?

Nowadays another boy delivers.

When I find him, I will kill him.

I'll chop him to bits.

There you are.

Oh thank you!

You know, this is the last time.

I cannot keep stealing
food, it's very wrong.

I'm becoming just like a common thief.

(laughs and mumbles) I
appreciate what you've done.

You talk far too much.

Come show that you love me.

(sultry trumpet music)

Alright I will.

(lips smacking)

(comical music)

Hey old man, must I grind
these stones all day

to be good at martial arts?

Doing that will make your
hand and arm muscles stronger.


I suppose no other part
of me needs any exercise.

(stick whacking)

I'm your teacher.

Don't you ever forget that.

I've eaten too much.

We'll call it a day.

When are you gonna teach
me the killing methods?

I will teach you in good time.

All you can think about
is eating and sleeping.

I'm beginning to think you're lazy.

Maybe, but don't you forget
that I teach martial arts.

The teacher needs plenty of food and rest.

I know and of course that
food comes first, doesn't it?

(reverent humming)

(eerie music)

(reverent humming)

(water boy laughing)

When you were on this
(mumbles) great ancestor,

you wouldn't have had
enough to fill your belly.

Now your ghost has returned to eat.

Let it be satisfied by our offering.

(reverent humming)

(dramatic music)

(water boy terrified screaming)

(bizarre music)

(water boy screaming loudly)

The things I did to get
that man food. (Pants)

What have I gained?

What have I learned?

Very little bad martial
arts I begin to suspect.

I don't even know if I'm able to fight.

Things have gone too far, much too far.

Yes, they will have to change very soon.

(muffled crosstalk and chuckling)

(water boy grunting)

What the hell are you up to?

(chuckles) Nothing.


Alright, let's go.

Good day, my fine Lord.

I should've beaten the hell
out of him, that bastard.

But later yes, later I'm gonna get him.

(crowd laughing)

Why don't ya have one of these?

(muffled crosstalk)

(water boy chuckling)

Oh, so it's you.

I'll kill you, you bastard.

No Chef, don't!

Go away, go away if you don't wanna die.

I think I can beat him
without too much trouble.

Really, is that right?

If you wanna fight, come with me then.

Alright I will.

I'll get him, you watch.

I'll teach him a lesson.

You come along, okay?
Oh no.

(energetic fight music)

Is there something wrong?

You eat that, it'll make you better.

(Chef grunting)
(blades clinking)

There is some magic in
your fighting, my friend.

Mine is the martial art of a chief chef.

(bizarre music)

(Chef whimpering)
(woman breathing heavily)

(mumbles), you shouldn't have hit me.

The hell is that?

(hands clinking)

(water boy and Chef grunting)

(water boy laughing)

(fists smacking)
(water boy and chef grunting)

(comical music)

Get off!

Oh my god, you're a big girl.

(water boy yawning)

(fists whooshing)

(chuckles) Always practicing his fighting,

he's too proud I (mumbles) that one.

You're right about that,

one of us should teach him a good lesson.

Right, right.

I'll do it.

I'll soon put him in his place.

Your style seems to be
coming along very well.

Thank you, my friend.

Well then, how would you
like to have a practice fight?

I couldn't, I wouldn't
be any match for you.

No match at all.

You're the number one water boy.

How could we possibly fight?

You'd beat me senseless.

Never mind about the fight.

You'll pay for this.

Well, didn't I say I
was no match for you?

Are you tryin' to make a joke of this?

(fists striking)

Alright, now I'm gonna teach you.

I'm sorry, I'm very sorry.

Please forget about it?


You've made a fool outta me
and you'll damn well pay.

(fists smacking)
(crowd crosstalk)

Alright then, if you're
so keen on fighting,

then we will fight.

I'm not scared of you.

(both grunting)
(fists striking)

(body bouncing and thudding)

(water boy chuckling)

How was I able to beat him?

(crowd gasping)

Alright, if anybody else wants
to fight, let's do it now.

(chuckles) We don't wanna
fight, you are the best.

You're the very best there is.

(laughs) If there's
trouble from any one of ya,

you're gonna live to regret it.

(soft Asian-style music)

(water splashing)

(water splashing)

(water splashing)

(muffled crosstalk)

Now you're going to pay your tax, sir?

You know, it's very important
that it be paid to us on time.

Yes my Lord, I understand

but business has been bad lately.

Enough of your excuses!

Brother, surely you can give this man

more time to pay.


Me, your brother?

You must be crazy.

What is going on here is private

and it has nothing to do
with you, now get out.

But I'm not afraid of your warriors.

You idiot, you're
nothing but a water boy.

(fists thudding)

You dare to hit my master?

As he said, I'm just a
goddamn stupid water boy

so what does he expect from me?

You need to be taught a lesson young man

and it needs to be
taught to you like this!

(both grunting)
(fists smacking)

(triumphant fighting music)

Lets go!

(laughs) You did so well!

You're all stupid fools.

Fools, do you hear me?

How could you have allowed yourselves

to lose so much faith in
the middle of the town?

Go and find the man that did this to you!

Find him!

You fight extremely well for an old man.

Perhaps I could fight
the same if you teach me.

Do you think that is possible?

It's possible.

I suppose I do fight well.

Yeah, you do when you've eaten

all the food I can bring for you.

You cheeky bastard.

Master, you are the
best fighter in the land.

(suspenseful music)

Master, it's him!

We would like to talk to you.

Master wake up, he wants to talk to you.

Get up old man, I wanna talk to you.

- Master...
- Talk, eh?

I don't think they
really wanna talk to me.

(both grunting)
(fists smacking)

If you wanna talk, stand up.

(man grunting)

(water boy laughing)

(both grunting)
(fists smacking)

Help him up, come on.

You'll not beat me even
if you fight some more.

I suggest you go away.

(man growling)

(laughs) What a good fight.

An iron fist.

(celebratory music)

Thank you my honored Uncle
for coming here so quickly.

Where is this man you
allowed to beat you?

I will tell you all

and then it's for you to advise me.

So, that is how you fought is it?

It is.

In that case then he
must be the Iron Claw.

The top protege of Kwan Moon.

You are sure of that?

We thought Kwan Moon and all
of his followers were finished.

No, there is one who
is not yet finished.

Get him.

We must get him now.

(intense fighting music)


- Master!
- Yes, sir.

There's no one there
Master, they have gone.

It's imperative that you find him.

Get him now.


Have we come here because
you're afraid of them?

We have come here because
they're very dangerous.

And I thought you were
the best fighter there is.

But there's always one
better, isn't there?

Where are you going now?

I'm going, my old friend,

to find a better fighter.

(both grunting)
(fists smacking)

With the Moon Fist style,
you can always win a fight.

I want you to learn it from me.

Yes my Uncle.

(intense orchestral music)

(both grunting)
(fists smacking)

(soft, calming music)

Chun Te Se killed your father.

He wanted your father's great fortune.

So he caught him alone in
a forest and murdered him.

Yes, Chun Te Se is the
one who murdered my father.

There can be no doubt about it.

There can be no doubt whatsoever.

I'll always remember the birth mark.

If it hadn't been for that man's greed,

my father would still be alive.

It has been a very long time.

How can you be so sure it was Chun Te?

Do you remember that you
said you'd take me out?

Do you think we could go now?

Be such great fun for me.

Come on.

Come on, let's go to
the marketplace, please?

Come on then, let's go.

(both laughing)

(muffled crosstalk)

How much are these?

My Lord.

Welcome my Lord.

Thank you for your respect.

May I ask who you are?

This is Chun Rim and
he is expected one day

to control the whole province.

You keep away.

What are you doing with this lady?

You're nothing but a water boy.

Stay with your own kind, right?

(water boy screaming)

Stop it!

Water boy!

What'd you hit him for?

Never you mind.

You are the daughter of (mumbles),

the owner of (mumbles) Restaurant.

Am I right about that pretty lady?

Yes very, very pretty lady.

(lady gasping)

(water boy grunting)
(fists smacking)

Don't behave so badly
in front of the lady.

You just watch your manners.
Yes sir.

I apologize for his peasant ways.


(water boy whimpering and smacking)

I'll get you, bastard!

Over here.

(suspenseful music)

(both laughing)

Come on.

(shrieks) Stop it!

Water boy!

Stop it, leave him alone!

Stop it!

Leave him alone!

Leave him alone!


Leave him alone!

Let me go!

Let me go!



(water boy wincing)
(fist thudding)

Mee Sa, Mee Sa!

Help, no, lemme go!

No, no!

Are you sure?

Are you sure it was Mee Sa?

Yes, I'm quite sure.

I saw her being kidnapped (mumbles).

I saw it with my own two eyes.

(mumbles) She's gone!

Mee Sa! (Whimpers)

Help me, help me.


Don't just stand there you fool,

hurry up and untie me.

Untie you?

Why should I untie you?

Because I'm gonna get two
chickens and some wine for you.

Can you promise me that?

Yeah, I can promise you.

Thank you, thank you very much.

Wait, where are you going?

I'm gonna find Miss Mee Sa.

She's been kidnapped.

No, you're not ready for them yet.

You're not strong enough.

You'll not be able to beat them.

Mee Sa is in danger.

I must get her back, I must try.

I wish you good fortune.

(intense execution music)

Please Lord, this is just
a small part of my work.

If you let my daughter go,
then you can have all of it.

(laughs maniacally) And should I decide

I want to marry your daughter?

Please Lord, I beg of you,

just take the money and let Mee Sa go.

Very well then.

If you give me all of your
wealth, I will free Mee Sa.

Take it from him.


Thank you, a million thanks.

Good, I will free her
tomorrow morning then.


You see, she will not be
spending the night with you.

(door creaking)

Water boy, how did you get in?

Oh, you know what a little
grease in the palm can do?

(feet bashing)

Now, how do I get the money back?

Their greedy even when they're asleep.

Must be another way. (Kicks)

That's it. (Kicks)

That's the other one.

(laughs) Well lads, it
doesn't pay to take bribes eh?

(water boy laughing)

(water splashing)

- Hey!
- Yeah?

Is something the matter?

Yeah, where do you think you're going?

You see, I've come to get Mee Sa.

He's come to get Mee Sa, him.

(both laughing)

That's funny?

Why is that funny?

(all laughing)

(water splashing)

(buckets thudding)
(water splashing)

(water boy screaming)
(swords clanging)

You don't give up easily, do you?

You are very tough for a mere water boy.

Brother, I've come
here to take Mee Sa away.

Do you think I would allow that?

It would be better for me to die.

(laughs) Die?

Yes, you might have to.

You cheeky bastard!

(both grunting)
(fists whooshing)

(laughs) Fool, I'll tell you.

[Chun Rim] Stop it!

Master, Master, please release Mee Sa.

(foot smacking)
(water boy wincing)

Please, Mee Sa must go free.

(foot smacking)
(water boy wincing)

(foot smacking)
(Chun Rim shouting)

Please, I must help her.

Please Master, let me see her.

Can I just see her?



(water boy grunting)
(fist smacking)

Do you see he's harmless to me?

Why did you let him get in here

in the first place, you blithering idiots?

(buckets thudding)

(water boy grunting)
(fists smacking)

Now what?

Smash his manhood into pulp.

Chop into small pieces and throw it away.

[Both] Aye, sir.

(solemn electronic music)
(water boy wincing)

(Mee Sa sobbing)

Why'd you do it?

Why did you do it to him?

You animal.


What have you done to him?

You animals!

Animals! (Weeps)

You don't admire what I've done, do you?

But a quick death would be to
show good faith. (Chuckles)

(somber electronic music)

He's still alive.

I'll see that you recover.

You must.

I was unable to sleep,
will you talk with me?

Use the money, now please let me go.

I cannot do that just yet.

I haven't made full use of you.

I hope you understand
what I'm talking about.

(Mee Sa gasping and whimpering)

(soft, mysterious music)

(fists thudding)

(both grunting)
(fists thudding)

(whistle blowing)

(both grunting)
(fists smacking)

(door creaking)

(soft laughter)

(sword slicing)
(energetic fight music)

(both grunting)
(fists smacking)

(eerie music)

(water trickling)

(soft, ominous music)

I thought that you were going to die.


happened to me?

I can't remember anything.

It's a miracle that you didn't die.

But tell me what happened,
what's wrong with me?

Oh Mee Sa, help me up. (Winces)

Stay, it's very bad for you to move.

I'm sorry water boy, it's all my fault.

Mee Sa, how did you manage
to get away from Chun?

He saved me.

If it hadn't been for him,
I would probably be dead.

Thank you for saving her, Great Master.

Forget that for the moment.

It's important now for you
to eat, sleep and rest.

(somber piano music)

(intense fight music)

Whom did you call in to
rescue your daughter, old man?

Nobody, nobody, I
asked nobody to save her.

You tell a lie.

Now say where she is.

No, I swear to you I'm not lying.

I'm not lying.

Until we can get your daughter,

I'm taking over your
restaurant and that's final.

Oh daughter, my
restaurant, my restaurant!

You shall continue as Head Chef.

You, (mumbles), you will
take up the post of Madam.

It is good work and it
pays very good money

for those who work hard.

Good luck.

Thank you kind Master.

Have (mumbles) there?

(laughs) I'm so happy, so very happy.

Thank you for keeping me on, Master,

I'm so grateful to you.

No more stupidity!

Bring us the best food that you have got.

[Chef] Yes Grand Master, yes.

(soft serene music)
(water trickling)

So tired, so very tired.


Water boy.

(water trickling)

(gasps) Go away!

Look, there is no need to worry now.

I'm a woman just as you are.

My ways are as yours.

Oh but all the same, I think
that you should move along.

Alright then, I will leave you now.

Alright, I've learnt that Chun

has many search parties
out looking for Mee Sa.

This cave must be kept a secret.

If word of it should get out,

Mee Sa's life could be
in very grave danger.

Are you frightened I
might go to town and talk?

No I'm not, I was just
warning you for Mee Sa's sake.

Alright, I know that.

(comical music)

Hello there.

You're the water boy, aren't you?

Ohh, oh my!

It's good to see you after so long.

But why are you dressed as a woman?

What's the reason, hey?

I like it, that's good enough reason

for me, thank you.

I see you're now selling bread.

How terrible for you.

This is your fault alone.

If Mee Sa hadn't gone
to the market with you,

none of this would've happened.

Sorry, but I can assure
you your daughter...


What about my daughter?

You perhaps, you have some news of her?

Now don't get excited.

She's well and that's
all you have to know.


He has news about my daughter,

he's not going to tell me about it.

Now listen, I've had enough of this.

(mumbles) in a matter of months

and all you can talk
about is your daughter!

Get your hands of me.

Damn it, I'm sick.

(comical music)

Hello madam, welcome.

Chef, its me.

Oh well then.

Do you like me as I am now?

I've changed quite a lot.

Well you look alright.

Is that all you have to say

to an old friend like me?

I suppose you don't look bad

and this is for what you
did to me and Mee Sa.


If you can do that to an old friend,

then there's nothing
stopping me doing it to you.


(plates shattering)
(Chef whining)

How could he?

But I haven't sold anything!

Please believe me, that's the truth.

Shut up!

I'll take property in lieu of tax.

You can't do that.

What, what?

I said you cannot do that to them.

You are only the water boy.

Get the hell out of here, go on.

No, I won't get the hell outta here,

you pathetic little red robed crook.

How dare you!

(both grunting)
(fists smacking)

(comical msuic)

Oh my goodness.

So it is you.

What are you doing at the town

interfering in our business?

Right, you've asked for it now.

Another good thrashing.

No wait, please.

Just wait a minute.

What is it?

Did you see what I did over there?

It's time for me to get out of here.

I'll see you all later.

Quick, after him.

Don't let him get away.

(water boy shouting)
(men grunting)

(feet thudding)

(water boy wincing)
(men laughing)

Water boy, you look
as though you are sick.

I have far too many
worrying things on my mind.

I must take revenge on Chun
Te for killing my father

and on his nephew for making me like this.

But I am as a woman, I
do not have the strength.

I want to be a man
again, will you help me?

Can't you try to help me?

I understand and I
will do all that I can

to help you regain the
manhood that you have lost.

But how?

How will you help me?

I'm already a woman.

Surely there's nothing
that you can really do?

Well, let us take food first

and then we will try a technique

that was taught to me by
my old Kung Fu teacher.

(fire crackling)
(soft, soothing music)

(ominous music)

You are a man again and you're
learning to fight damn well.

Soon you'll be ready to fight the Chuns,

so remember what I teach you well.

I will never forget the
techniques you're teaching me.

Good, that is what I
wanted to hear, my lad.

(inspirational fight music)

(soft, calming music)

Now you are a great fighter.

You have mastered the
special (mumbles) technique.

You will go on to take revenge

for yourself and for your forefather.

I am grateful for all
that you've taught me.

I have to tell you
that both Chun Te and I

were students of the Great
(mumbles) technique Master.

15 years ago, Chun Te killed
the Great Master in cold blood.

Then he ran away and became a renegade

killing people and taking
their money wherever he could.

Chun was and still is very evil.

I see.

Chun (mumbles) rich on the skills

of the Great Master that he murdered.

You must watch both him and
his nephew very carefully

and the techniques that I have
taken the time to teach you.

Use them for good.

Great teacher, I will.

[Old Man] Chun Te, I've
sought you for a long time.

You killed my beloved instructor

and then you adopted his
technique as your own.

You have used it only for destruction.

Your time has come.

(paper crinkling)
(intense fight music)

(Chun Te laughing)

So my bitter friend,
you have come to the place

where you will finally die.

Hello to you, good day.

Oh it's the water boy, isn't it?

I want nothing at all to do with you.


Please listen.

To your lies?

Not lies.

I just want to help you, is that wrong?

I don't need your help or anything.

All I wanted was my daughter back.

Your daughter is quite alright.

You must believe me.


You said she's alright?

She's been staying with me

for her own safety for quite some time.

Come with me.

Come on, it's your restaurant.

Ah welcome, please come in.

Oh so it's you again, what
are you doing back here?

And you, I haven't seen
you for quite some time.

(mumbles), seems I have no friends.

Chief Chef of the kitchen.

Hey, what, what, what,
what, what, what, what?

What's all this disrespect then?

We fell out over Mee Sa, did we?

You talk too much.

Just bring us some good food and wine.

I think you're one hell of a cheek.

How dare you come in here again.

Hmm, hmm?

(Chef grunting)

You're back again, are you?

What the hell do you want here?

Tell me why you have returned.

That is my business alone.

It's got nothin' to do with you.

(men grunting)
(fists slapping)

(energetic fight music)

Water boy, hey you were great!

You fought very well indeed, very well.

It was nothing at all.

(both chuckling)

Yes you fought very well indeed.

I was proud to be able to
watch you beat those young men.

You're a very good man.

An excellent man.

Water boy, please excuse me,

but I feel I must apologize

for the bad way I behaved.

Your apology is accepted by me

and I thank you for it.

Thank you too, Master.

Master, I must apologize
for behaving badly.

I must go, Mee Sa may be in danger.

(intense fight music)

So you have finally come.

You best send these young men away.

I am not interested in
their deaths, only yours.

He talks nonsense.

He will be very easy to wipe out really.

Nephew, show him.


Show him what the (mumbles) technique

is really all about.

(fists whooshing)

(fists smacking)

Mee Sa, where are you?

One moment he was here
and then he had left.

(Mee Sa gasping)
(suspenseful music)

(man laughing)

I've been looking for you, Mee Sa.

Come on, lets go.

Aah no, leave me alone!

Stop! (Shrieks)

Bring her.

Stop right there.

(suspenseful music)

You let her go right now.

You sound a big man, I wonder
if you really are. (Laughs)

(water boy shouting)
(fists and feet smacking)

(fists bashing)

(sword swooshing)

(old man shouting)
(foot bashing)

(sword swooshing)

(hands smacking)

(intense fight music)

(fists smacking)
(both grunting)

(sword swooshing)
(both grunting)

Oh my god!

Master, Master!

Oh god, Master!

He's badly hurt.

(old man wincing)

Here, here.

You are Chun Te?

Yes, I am Chun Te.

Do you remember a small water boy?


Well then, the old man has been teaching

you some tricks has he?

You're damn right.

And now, you bastard,
I'm going to do for you

what you did to my father
in the woods 10 years ago.

What's your name boy?

I am Han Do Jin, Hang Wong's son.

Aah then you've asked
for death by my hand,

Hang Wong's son.

I will die after you,
I will see to that.

You're crazy.


(sword swooshing)

(guard shouting)

(both grunting)
(fists smacking)

(feet bashing)
(body thudding)

(intense fight music)

(both grunting)
(fists and feet smacking)

(water boy grunting)

(both grunting)
(fists smacking)

Hey, will you do me a favor?

What is it?

Will you ask him to give me some water?

What for? (Laughs)

Why should I get water from him for you?

Get it yourself.

Please will you give me some water?

Please give me some.
Certainly I will.

(bizarre music)

(Han Do Jin spitting)

(laughs) You're the only
one I've seen drunk on water.

(buckets whooshing)

(both grunting)
(fists and feet smacking)

(Mee Sa gasping)

(Han Do Jin laughing and shouting)

(feet smacking)
(bucket cracking)

(both shouting)
(foot bashing)

(everyone laughing)
(victorious music)