Sandokan contro il leopardo di Sarawak (1964) - full transcript

Samoa is kidnapped and held captive hypnotized in caves by her cousin Charles Druk, whose father has been murdered by her future husband Sandokan, lord of Malaya. Assisted by his European friend Iannis, he wants to rescue her.

Sandokan, the mythical pirate
known as the Malaysian tiger...

He conquered all the areas
that his father had lost.

The huge adventures he
lived with the Europeans and...

His native friends are
now a thing of the past.

Sandokan reigned in
Salavak and will get married...

Sweet Samoa.

I want to see it.

Excellent, Sandokan.

It was worth it to go back
to Borneo to see again!

You came for my weddings,
not my achievements!

Let's go back to the palace.
Samoa is waiting for us!

Hello, Samoa.

A little one I do not
know, came to see you.

He said that Mochi is getting
worse and wants to see you.

I was told it was better.

Now, it's worse.
He keeps asking you.

He stopped taking his
herbs and medicines...

I will come with you!

I do not need an escort.
I will be right back.

One step, and your son is dying!

Do not force me to shoot!

I have no money. But I give
you what I have to save him!

I do not want either your
life or that of your son.

Do what I say and
I will set you free!

Why did you call
me? What happened;

Watch out, Samoa!

Stay where you are.

I'm sorry, princess, but
you will come with me.

How dare you;
Sandokan will kill you!

Let him kill Saravak the leopard.
Not me. Come on, let's go!

My child...


My prince...

Omar! What happened;

Talk to me...

The princess... Samoa...
They took her...

And my family, dead...

Who did it;

Strangers... Demons
... Find my son's killers...

I'm afraid of Samoa.
We will save her!

The tiger you killed
today is not so wild...

As much as Saravak the leopard!

Look, who came!

Why do you hesitate?
Kill me. You never fail...

No, I want us to fight.

From here...

Here's someone who plays with weapons!

Our old friend! Massunbata!

He is our old friend.
Take him to the palace!

I thought that for the good of
both of us, we would not be reunited.

I was always hoping
for a new meeting!

I was strong before you came!

Why exploit the poor!

The people are not
happy with your kingdom!

They are enough
to start an uprising.

The leopard of Saravak!

How about Charles
Druck? It has English gold.

English gold?
I'm not surprised.

I remember what
happened in the past.

But to hell with the English
and Saravak the leopard!

Where is Samoa? I do not know.

Where is;

Calm down, Sandokan,
he's not going anywhere.

Let me talk to him.
He needs a persistent man.

Hurry up. Samoa is in danger.

They will not kill her.

Leave this man
to our Malaysians.

They eat meat but
do not drink water.

He did not spoil your appetite...

Here we hold our
important prisoners.

All my cooks were notified.

You can eat as much as you
want, but the water, you will save it!

My cook is amazing
but he has a bad flaw.

He puts a lot of salt in the food.

And that brings thirst, as you know.

I will not speak.
I will force you.

These things take their time.

You are brave. I admire you.

I'm sorry you are not cooperating.

What do you think; Will
you change your mind?

You will regret this.

My men will bury you in the sun!

Initially, you will cool
down, from the wet soil.

Silence, the heat will
make the soil look like hell.

The heat will burn you...

And the thirst will make your
mouth dry, so much so that...

You will feel that your
intestines are on fire.

And then, you will talk about a drop
of water. You will not resist anymore!



Where is Samoa?

Where is Samoa?

One word, and you will have so
much water that you can drown in it.

No, Sandokan.
If you want to live, speak!

Where is Samoa?

They kidnapped her... Who?

The leopard of Saravak...

Where did she
go? In the caves...

At the mountains...

You will tell us where he is.

Give him water and
get him out of here!

You are stupid!

Massunbata would return.

He had just destroyed Sandokan.

Bring me Samoa.

Good evening, cousin.

For years, I no longer
have the joy of seeing you.

Come closer.

Do not be afraid.
Why are you afraid of your cousin?

You got me from
Sandokan, the man I love.

Sandokan killed my father.

Your father killed
his whole family!

It was a struggle for power.

Was it necessary to kill
innocent old men and women?

We fought with the
weapons that bring us victory.

Kiss me, Samoa.

I always remember
the last time I saw you.

I do not forget you...

I wanted to marry you
because I loved you.

And I still love you.

If the Malaysian tiger did
not come between us...

You would have married me.

I never loved you.
I will never marry you!

No one else can make me happy!

You will never see him again!

Sir. Glad to see
you again, princess.

Your compliments are lost.

The princess has forgotten her...
old friends.

He will think about it.
And the day will come when...

She will distinguish her
enemies from her good friends.

Put the woman in jail!

If he escapes, you will
pay for it with your life.

Always arrogant and proud.

I do not have an other choice.
I will follow your advice.

I was waiting for you,
Prince Charles Druck.

I spoke about your
virtues, to the prince.

Does the prince know why
I travel all over the East?

He wants to build
a temple for his god.

Do not be afraid.
You will have as much gold as you want!

But first make sure
you do what I want!

Come with me.
I will prove it to you.

Raise the railing.

Do not be afraid. I am here.

I hope you are convinced.
Look at them.

They will stay that way, as long as I want!

You will do the same in Samoa.

Her will will not resist, mine.

And why not hypnotize me
too? You will have us all on hand!

I have no power over a
man of your own free will.

Women are different.
Lower the railing!

Thanks. And I was thirsty.


Leave her.

Well done, cousin!

If I wanted to have
fun I had to see how...

You managed to
escape from your cell.

Well done, I congratulate you.

Get him out of here.

I feel sorry for him and those
who still deceive and follow you...

On the downhill you lead them.

After you.

Do not be so kind.

My men follow me because
they know I want to...

Any sacrifice to destroy
the Malaysian tiger.

You believe that; Then
you do not know Sandokan.

Because you will see...

If you want...

Samoa, will you help your
cousin regain his throne?

He answered, Samoa.


Commanding you!

Yes I will do.

And whatever else you ask me.

Be sure of her.
Samoa will obey you.

May the gods protect you!

I trust you with
Saravak's defense.

I want to come with you.

No, Saravak must
not be left defenseless!

See you soon, my friend.

We will be back
soon and winners.

If I were Saravak the leopard I
would not feel safe with the two of you.

My friends, let's get started!

How many?

30 Malaysians.
Sandokan and the Englishman.

They are worth as much as an Army.

Where are they;
At the river banks.

We do not have enough
army to deal with them.

You have not seen them fight.
Otherwise you would not talk like that.

Only with intelligence
can you defeat them.

Massunbata sent them.

He was injured.

I thought Sandokan would
execute him, in front of the people.

He must be judged in front of
the people, if we capture him alive.

How will we do it?

Do you know the passage?
I'm one of the few who knows.

Sandokan will be careful.

Take your brother with you.
Sandokan will talk to him.

He is an elder and a
leader of your tribe.

You are tired;

I obey your orders.

This man I hate, this tyrant...

He is my enemy and the
enemy of my homeland.

And who is the true
leader of Sarawak?

My cousin Charles.

He is in hypnosis.
She will do whatever you ask her.

Under my orders it can
stay that way, until my death.

Don't you hate me?
You are my master.

You order, I obey.

This is not the love
I want from you.

You are my master.
You order, I obey.


Take the pen.



Sandokan, I'm a prisoner...

The leopard of Saravak.
Help me.

Follow the one who
brings the message.

Keep me alive, the
hope of seeing you again.

Is it the graphic of the
character? Yes, I recognize him.

What's your name; Kouron.

Are you from Ekimbaro?
The Charles area?

My father is your
faithful citizen, prince!

I was waiting for an
opportunity to show you my faith.

When Samoa was captured,
I felt compelled to help.

How is it; Do not be afraid.

They do not treat her badly.

She cries for you...

Where to go? From Pantanos.

He did not return alive,
who took that path.

He will lead you.

Calm down. I know the path!

They are coming.
They reach our trap!

Wait for them to
reach the right distance.


Get them out of here!

He is of no use.

Jackals need fresh meat.

Captain Young!

Any news? None!

We searched the banks of the river.
And the slopes?


He did not have to go alone.

Maybe the Malaysian
tiger fell into a trap.

To double the Guard.
To change men every two hours.

The tiger of Malaysia!

It does not look like a tiger at the moment.

I openly fought my
enemies, I never fooled them.

You are here because you
could not defeat your enemy.

They say you never give up.
Even when there is no hope.

But you never lost anything.

But you will lose the kingdom
you stole from my father.

And you will lose the love of
the woman who is now mine.

And he loves only me.

She made sure we trapped you.

Bring Samoa.

You are lying.

You would torture her.
Samoa even hates your name.

See and you will be convinced!

My love...

Who wrote the
letter in Sandokan?

The one we arrested him with?

I. I wrote it.

And it's not just that, Sandokan.
Tell him why you wrote it.

Speak, it can not hurt you.

Because I'm sorry for what I did.

I helped Sandokan,
the enemy of my people.

And I agreed to marry
a man I do not love.

It's not true.
You love me, Samoa.

The man I love and
have always loved is...


My cousin...

If so, kill me.
That would be very easy.

Your execution will take place
in front of the people of Sarawak.

Let the world see your carcass.
Take him, from here!

In prison. Watch him.

Remember, it's
the Malaysian tiger.

Should I retire?


How will my life be with
her? He was left without a will.

Will it always be so?

Patience. When Sandokan dies,
and you have taken the throne...

She will accept her destiny.
Calm down.

You can choose how I will love
you. If you want that, of course...

What is this noise?

The drums announce
that the tiger of Malaysia...

It is in our hands.

The news will pass
to the villagers.

And you will have an
enthusiastic army by your side.

The sound of the drums
will pass from city to city!

Did you come to
betray me, once again?

You saved my life.
I am not ignorant.

Follow me!

Let's go.
No, if I do not see Samoa.

It is dangerous... Where is it?

From there...

What do you want; Let's
go while there is still time.

I will not come with you, Sandokan.
I can not.

I do not want...

What do you mean; I hate
you. I have to hate you.

Because you have to;
You can not hate me!

Come with me.
My future no longer belongs to you.

I will be back.

Quick, Sandokan!

Our guard was killed from outside.
There is a traitor among us.

Let him escape! You from there!

He fell into our trap.

No one came out
of this cave alive.


Be careful!

Our fight with Sandokan is over.
He arranged his men.

He is invincible. We should
have killed him immediately!

The snakes will arrange it.

The Malaysian tiger
knows from snakes.

Everyone knows we arrested him.

What will people say if
they find out he escaped?

We should do something!

Even if it survives, it will
take time to get organized.

The last time I saw you,
you spoke to me like a snake.

I should kill you.

I deserve it, because I betrayed you!

Leave, before I forget that
your brother fought for me.

Take his knife.

It will help you remember
that real men die!

I know what happened in Ekimoro.
And that you were a friend to my brother.

What I am telling you is true.

Now, do you believe me?


They leave the mountain.
All of them. Together with Samoa.

Is it over 100?

Then a direct attack
will be impossible.

We will follow them.

We will wait for the right
moment to attack them.

After all, we want
to save Samoa.

Gather the men!

Let's go!

Prince, let me go back to my
tribe. I will gather the men!

I will tell them that you are
alive and preparing an attack.

I will be back in a few days.

If you tell the truth, you will be rewarded.

Your friendship and
trust are enough for me!

Take me to Samoa.
No talking, if you want to live.

Get the logs! Quickly.

You may not need it.

If Sandokan liberates
Samoa, we will not attack!

We must attack the Prince.

I would like to slaughter him
for what he did to my brother.

You will do whatever I say.
Did you understand;

Come on! Quickly!

Wake her up from hypnosis!

What if I order her to kill you?

Do it quickly, wake her up.

Just use the sword and
your death will wake her up!




Let's go!

Catch Samoa!

Give me a gun!



The ammunition!

Keep them!

Tell the men to go from there!

He would not come alone.

Listen! It is as if an
entire army is approaching.

We are not waiting
any longer, for a signal!

Let us attack!

In a few minutes, my men
will have approached Druk!

We will hit them from 3 sides!

Go ahead, Tigers!
Long live Sandokan!

Go ahead, Tigers!

Charles Druck!

The leopard still
has sharp teeth!

And the tiger is still proud.
But not for long yet, Sandokan.

You believe that; Now,
however, I am not tied!

Druck, stop!

It is moving sand! Come back!

Charles Druck and his
associates paid with their lives...

Their horrible crimes.

Now, your turn, Massounbata.

The law must be imposed!

It's your right,
Malaysian tiger.

The right of the strongest!

Princess Samoa asks me
for a strange wedding gift.

He asks me to celebrate
the day, with an act of mercy.

I'm glad for you, but
it's not right to let him go.

As long as we have friends
like you, we have nothing to fear.

The people learned the great news.

Listen, Sandokan!
Your Tigers greet you!