Sandakozhi 2 (2018) - full transcript

Balu and his father have to protect a young man from a woman who has sworn vengeance on his entire clan.

Hey! Easy catch Go for it.

Catch it... catch it.

- Hey, come on... come on.
- Bowl'

What are you doing?

- Have you called the chair contractor?
- Yes, bro.

- Ask him not to delay.
- I'll take care, bro.

Hey boys.


Take your stumps and leave.

Why, bro? What is the matter?

Do I have to explain to you?

Arbitration meeting is being held
for our temple festival here.

Let's get organized
before the VIPs come.

Take it out - As you say, bro.

Boys, what is happening?

Panchayat meeting regarding
the temple festival at Vettaikaruppu.

Festival, huh? Wretched people!

Wonder how many heads will roll!

My family deity, save us.

My heart is skipping many beats!


'Hello... how are you?'

Hey Muthu Listen to me.

Why are you so adamant?

You will behave yourself only when
the right person comes along!

Muthu, I'm going for an auspicious event.

Don't worry.

Hey Muruga!

Sir has started
Bring out the car fast.

Welcome, sir.

Please be seated, aiya.

- How are you, aiya?
- I am fine.

Aiya is here.

- Concerned people are yet to come.
- That's right.

We have waited for 7 long years.

Won't we wait a little longer?

Let them take their time.

Karumaiyi anna, Panchayat has assembled
The entire village is waiting for us.

That's alright.

'The temple festival
of Vettaikaruppu'

' held in Theni, by 7 villages
Mudur, Sembadhi, Arungulam'

'Thekkuru, Lakshmipuram,
Mangalam and Kottaiyur'

'All these villagers unite to
perform this important festival'

'7 years ago'

'That temple festival
began with revelry'

Welcome welcome
Hey newly married groom!

Got married without inviting us?

Karumaiyi, even you didn't inform us.

We knew only this morning.

Then how can you tell us?
Please sit down.

Hey, it's the turn of this village.

Don't feel shy
Take big mouthfuls.

Why are you stingy with meat
when you serve us?

I am not being partial at all

I've been noticing, you serve
according to the face not the leaf!

You should have been put in place
Now you are asked to serve.

Serve him all the mutton we have.

Family of gluttons!

Thekkur people wait for
the festival to eat meat I think.

So starved for food!

Nitwit! What did you say?

- Hey! Don't leave him.
- How dare you!

We can serve ample meat for 7 villages.

Thekkur people, get up.

'An ordinary fight over meat'

'...magnified into a world war!'

Greetings, aiya.

Tell that fellow to leave
Or I'll kill him right here.

Mind your words
in front of our sir.

He's letting his tongue run, aiya.

People, get up - Sit down.

Go back to enjoying the feast.

You go.


Why do we have this custom
of community prayer?

To foster unity and
forge happiness, eh?

Is it to fight?

Aiya, why are you serving?

Wait - Let me serve, aiya.

Our children Our temple

- I can serve them.
- Aiya, please let me serve.

'As a revered village head,
aiya solved the minor clash of words'

'People thought it was over
but it wasn't amicably solved'

Your tongues wag here
and you bore the insults there.

Who asked you to eat like gluttons?

That mongrel should've been killed.

Before the festival ends
close his chapter.

He deserves to have
his throat slit, bro.

'Tell me if you can't
I'll do the needful!'

Are your people
'All words no action'?

'He should be pickled to pieces'

'Last day of the festival'

'Village deity was being taken
on a procession, aiya also followed'

Chop him to pieces!

Let this be a lesson to everyone.

Don't, I beg you.

You deserve to die!

'Hey, Ponnuthayi!'

Your son has been butchered.

My dear son.

'Oh my god!'


Look at this atrocity.

They killed him brutally
for such a petty issue.

We must avenge this brutality!

All words and no action, huh?

Saw us in action?
We squared the insult.

You are the complete man!

True lion.

Pray our son to be born is a lion cub
who takes after his father!

Go to hell now!


Aiyo... my child.

My gawd! Pandi.

Not a single soul can touch him.

They killed my husband, right?

His entire lineage should be destroyed.


Come on.

Go and hack all of them.

Come on, all of you.

'They went on a witch-hunt
and killed every member of their clan'

'In the temple festival of
Vettaikaruppu, in Theni district'

'...the conflict between 2 sides
resulted in a severe riot'

'8 people have been reported dead'

'Even before aiya heard
and returned to the festival...'

'Reserve police gathered round the temple'

Thekkur villagers have infiltrated
into the festival and are killing everyone.

Come soon and save us.

Pechi, we have killed everyone.

Only 1 chap remains.

We'll hunt him down
and kill him too.

Don't give me a count half way through.

Finish once and for all.


'Don't think we'll spare you'

- Aiya... save me.
- We'll kill you.

- They killed everyone, aiya.
- Hey! Stop.

Please save me, aiya.

Put your sickles down.

Aiya, we respect you.

But this sickle is unaware.

Don't interfere.

The goat can be terrified of a sickle.

Will our guardian deity be scared?

We have to seek revenge
Kill him right away.

'My heart beats with
every soul in this soil'

I won't allow another soul to be killed.

'The festival which slayed my husband...'

'Till the last soul is wiped out
from his assassin's clan'

'Pechi will not rest'

'Whenever the festival is held again'

'Pechi has vowed to kill him for sure'

'On the other hand aiya has sworn
not a single soul will be killed'

'Embroiled in court cases, the festival
has been stalled for 7 long years'

'People from the 7 villages have gathered
to resume the temple festival now'

Everyone has come, Pechi.

They are waiting for us.

Haven't we also waited
for 7 long years?

Can't they wait a little more?

I've been waiting for this day too.

'Pechi... untie me, Pechi!'

'I won't rest until I kill him'


- 'Untie me, Pechi'
- Won't you shut up?

'Untie me'

'Shut up'

Even our vow has a leftover.


Uncle... let me also come.

See if they fall in line with us.

Or else dig all their graves and come.

Don't relent.

Aiya has been waiting.

You take your own sweet time.

Should all 6 villages
wait here for you?

If aiya has come now, should we have
spread our mat last night and waited here?

How can you be impertinent?

Don't use aiya as an excuse
to threaten us.

Why are you shooting off your mouth?

[raised voices]

All of you, stop shouting.

You fellows pipe down.

All of us are well aware...

Vettaikaruppan temple festival is
the biggest festival in our district.

Due to certain bitter events, 7 years ago
such a splendid festival was stopped.

We are unable to bury
our differences till date.

Let bygones be bygones.

Now after wading through many court
cases, our village head has finally...

reached an amicable solution
after meeting Govt officials.

Let us forget the past.

Let us strive towards celebrating
our temple festival once more.

On behalf of this Panchayat, I request
total cooperation from one and all.

Go ahead and conduct the festival
Are we preventing you?

We are waiting eagerly for it too.

Even we have an unfulfilled vow.

'Heartless murderers'

Mayilu, haven't you
avenged 4 lives to 1?

Why hasn't your fury subsided still?

What? 4 to 1.

Is our 1 equal to their 4?

We won't stop till we wipe out 100%.

Whoever interferes this time
we will fulfil our vow!

Will you wipe an entire lineage
to avenge his death?

Only now one of our clan members
has become a collector.

You are chasing him with a vengeance.

Hey, you are fit only to
dance to a woman's tune!

Learn to think on your own instead.

Bang on! We dance to
our sister-in-law's tune

I feel like chopping you right here

[outburst of angry voices]

A festival is not only to offer
a feast to God and relish eating mutton!

For the past 7 years without rain
our land has been parched.

I begged the concerned officers

for an irrigation scheme
for 52 villages.

They pointed out we are incapable
of holding a festival.

And asked me how they can entrust us
with a scheme worth 1.2 billion.

Our festival has been stalled.

People in these 7 villages have
so many unfulfilled vows and donations.

Inter-village marriages
are clouded with animosity.

How long will we continue like this?

We have witnessed bloodshed.

So this year we have to
conduct our temple festival

I have signed an affidavit in court.

And discussed amicably
with all the officials.

Ask him for his opinion.

What is your opinion?

No change in our decision.

We will do what we want to.

Acting too big for your boots!

We agree, go ahead
and conduct the festival.

If we recommence, then no one
should be armed at the festival.

No one should get drunk.

Should not give shelter
to wrongdoers.

Inform the Panchayat leader
if a stranger is spotted in our area.

If you agree to these clauses...

all of you should swear
on milk which we hold scared.

Hey Karumaiyi
You come and swear too.

'Do you know what he has agreed to?'

Promised on milk we hold sacred
not to kill anyone or make trouble.

Did we wait 7 years for this?

To act is not just speaking words
Showing it in action!

What can Vettaikaruppan do?

So what if he swore like that?

Will we suffer a stroke?

Or vomit blood and die.

Whatever happens...

actions speak louder than words!

Though they conceded to your clauses
their rage seems unabated.

They will break their promise
and come armed to the festival.

To be safe, let's send Anbu out of town
for 7 days till the festival is over.

Is this how you speak,
sporting such a huge moustache

named after the braveheart Veerapandian?

If they intend to kill,
will we be silent spectators?

They are the seeds of the family.

Our life is mixed
with the word we have given.

We will stand united till the last drop
of blood from our bloodline dries!

I hope you trust me?

He is alive all these days
thanks only to you.

You have brought up my son
educated him and raised him so well

I bow to whatever you decide, aiya.

Till the festival is over
let Anbu stay in our house.

- We have to protect him.
- 'Okay, aiya'

- Thank you very much, aiya.
- We are grateful to you.

- Has he started?
- Who, aiya?

Of course he means
his son, who else?

Murugan has gone to the airport
He should be here anytime now.

Hey! Aiya is here Beat the drums.

Increase your decibel level.


Where is he? Nowhere to be seen?

'A handsome 6 footer...'

- Why ask that fair lady?
- Asking the plane conductor.

'He said he is coming
in this flight, still missing'

Wait, he will come.

How can he go past us?

Only our aiya is missing
Everyone else has walked out.

'Did the plane leave him behind?'

Move... move fast.

Quick, move Make way for our car.

- Go fast.
- What are you waiting for?

Go... go - Make it fast.

'Move... move'

Big nuisance since morning, sir.

Fireworks, folk dance, drums
Going overboard on their revelry.

Son of some village head
is coming from abroad.

Airport is a war zone!

Sir, isn't that you on those boards?

Is all this fanfare for you?

Sorry, aiya, I spoke out of turn.

No problem Focus on the road.

They are waiting and
you chose my car?

You just said they are going overboard.

Even I don't like this excess stuff
That's why I got in here.

Super, sir Very nice, sir.

Can you switch off the AC
and lower the glass?

It is hot and dusty outside, sir.

This is the heat and dust of my land

I came to experience this after 7 years.

Lower the glass.

You respect our land so much.

You have a way with words.

Very nice, sir.

Simple, sir

I got into your car
resenting all that fanfare.

Kindly stop your shower of praise
and drive properly.

Okay, sir.

Welcome, aiya.


Aiya, vanakkam.

"He's a double edged sword
who makes South Indians proud."

"Even if he is dusky in complexion
he's the classic tall, handsome man."

"Hero full of mercy, he can't bear to see
even a sparrow suffer however tiny."

"Even if hindered by a waterfall cascading
he will pitch in for his people, crusading."

"Like a golden chariot is his stride
And all the villages look wide-eyed."

"Our motherland showers glory
on this man who has created history."

"He is the son born to victory
who can defeat him in this century?"

"Who can his vanquisher be?"

"Who can cross swords with him easily?"

Did you see my son?

Has he changed?

Isn't he still the same?

We felt the same - Yes, aiya.

Let's eat.

Aiya has been waiting for you.

Why are you standing apart?
Let's eat together.

Hello, aiya - Hello.

They threw chairs aside
when they argued loudly

I thought you will trample him flat.

Claiming to run a gym
they are big bullies, aiya.

Their beefed up bodies
make them arrogant!

I thought he will get it from you,
but you let him off easy.

Why gossip when we can
enjoy our food?

Isn't he back after a long time?

Let him eat in peace.

Go ahead - Okay, aiya.

Who is that, uncle?

You've just landed here.

You'll know shortly.

Er... it seems he yelled
at my father in the Panchayat?

- That's why.
- Why do you want to buy trouble?

We will handle it.

Morons! What are you doing there?

Aiya, everyone has come, including
all the planes but your son is missing.

He reached long ago.

He has even finished his lunch!
All of you come back home.

"Chatter box, bold and brassy
Grab the rooster, lassie."

"Run, what the heck!
Grab him by his neck."

When I catch you... rascal!

"Your rooster has a mind of his own
On to the thatched roof he has flown."

Hey! Wait Don't make me run.


Dai! Stop.


If you sit in that jeep
you think I'll let you go scot-free?

Minx! Will you come?
Or shall I get you?

What are you saying?


I'll get you.

"Chatter box, smart and sassy
Go and grab the rooster, lassie."

"Run, what the heck!
Grab him by his neck."

Whom are you acting smart with?

I'll spank you.

Scratched my hand... cha!

Bro, hold this.

- What?
- Hold, I say.

Give... aiyaiyo!

Why did you let it fly?

You know how tough it was.

Butter fingers!

Go and get him - Me...?

Get down and go.

Catch... yov!

Get him now.

- Yov! What are you doing?
- You told me to catch it.

Is this how you catch
a rooster? Dodo!

Can't I make out
a scent hound by its face?

Ther... ov... over there.

Watch out.

Clear off!

Why did I ask you to help?!

Aren't you going through Kariapatti?


I'm so out of breath
I can't take even 1 step forward.

Drop me there.

Isn't this aiya's jeep?

Why are you having a joy ride?

Are you his new driver?


Where is that fatso Murugan
who looks like Ganesha?

It's his day off

I've saved you from hell.

You'll be cooking in a pot by now.

Your lifeline is long indeed.

Yov! Why do you look
at my face and drive?

Eyes on the road I say.

Why don't you play a song?

Er... song... all that is-

Swerve left please.


If that teacher sees me
he'll dissect me!

Were you his student?

Thank God!

If he taught me
I would be a moron!

Half his students are cowherds!

That man is my father.

He must be looking for me
and this rooster!

He'll keep showing grooms
at the drop of a hat!

Weekly twice
In all shapes and sizes!

Does he want to get you married?

Looks like you'll ask me
my entire history!

Watch the road.

Slow down near the tree
I'll get down on the way.

Right... right.


According to the 'flower-oracle'
omen isn't good.

Postpone it a bit.

You want us to wait?

We've waited for 7 years
How much longer to wait?

These aren't my words
It's our deity's oracle.

Whether the priest predicts
or God wishes

we must do the needful.

How is your studies
coming along, collector?

Course is over, aiya
I'm just worried about the result.

Your brother Murugesan was my classmate.

My brother has spoken
a lot about you to me

I hope all good?

Why are you taking this route?

Won't we reach our village
if we go this way?

We'll take the shortcut.

Take a look, our dog
has been barking nonstop.


Why have you parked here?

What happened?

No idea, it stopped here
of its own accord.

We will know only if I get down.

- I won't spare you today.
- Kill him

- I'll make mincemeat out of you.
- Hey! Stop.

Move away.

- I said, move.
- What do you mean?

You want me to keep quiet
when he's right in front of me?

Why is the goat tethered here?

Why, do you know?

That's the offering
for the temple festival.

You must pour turmeric water
and slaughter it there.

Not near a river or lake.

Feed it.

It will anyway be alive
only for 2 more days.

Bro, what's the matter?

Why are you staring so blankly?
Don't you recognize me?

I am aiya's son.

We are distant cousins, right?

Did I get the relation mixed up?

Won't you be hospitable to your guest?

Give me some water.

Engine is boiling
That's why I asked.

One of them spoke rudely to my father.

Is he here?

Not here, aiya.

Here you go

I'll be here from now on.

Till the end of our temple festival.

We can meet there.

Ma, when will you tonsure my head?

After I chop his head!

Vettaikaruppu temple festival
has recommenced after 7 years.

"Vettaikaruppu, our village savior."

"He is renowned as a brave warrior."

"Spicy lamb shanks on the stove simmer."

"To drink this soup, savor the flavor
stomachs beat a tattoo louder by the hour."

"Our village head's word we respect
He's the lion of Madurai perfect."

"Our blood flows with temerity truly
If we revolt, villagers will endorse duly."

"Born in this village hot and sunshiny
People love to dance in harmony."

"We will gather in the temple right royally
Love as sacred ash we'll apply liberally."

"If you swim in Mullai river you'll see
how our hearts are filled with mercy."

He's my friend, aiya.

Is that so? Okay... okay.

Carry on
No need.

"Our bravery can be won over easily
by tender loving care generously."

"In the village where our leader lives Wrap
up enmity into your attic as archives."

"Call your kith and kin
Cook a feast fit for a king."

"Youngsters come and make merry
Pep up with your own brand of mimicry."

We've arranged 5 vans for
the out-of-towners to attend the festival.

We cleaned the bushes
behind the temple.

Cater to all their needs.

"Ace it."

"Karuppa, our village deity
Our precious divinity."

"Karuppa, our clan's savior
Our precious protector."

"Karuppa, with good measure of temerity."

"Karuppa's temerity
spells terror in totality."

"Girls from Vadipatti and Vadugapatti
queue up, bedecked in gold and gaiety."

"When girls flock, posters on the wall
Banners welcome them, one and all."

"Don't come in like a kissing cousin
And play your pranks plenty within."

"Keep your desires in check forever
Greet the girls from outside with fervor."

"The entire district of Theni
houses people as sweet as honey."

"If you do something fishy
you'll be in a mess, machi."

"Youngsters come and make merry
Pep up with your own brand of mimicry."

"Mikes and speakers fixed on the street
Fun and frolic day and night as treat."

"Our village head's word we respect
He's the lion of Madurai perfect."

Move on Check that jeep.

Stop... stop.

Yov! What's happening here?

- What?
- Aiya's jeep.

Will you check even his vehicle?

Sorry, madam
Sorry, sir, you can go.

If outsiders are assigned to duty here
they have no idea which vehicle to check.

Move... move.

You saw the respect
your sir commands.

Why didn't you open your mouth
and say you're his driver?

Who can help you if you stare blankly
like a child missing in a fair?

We should use our offices
when needed, understood?

You've grown vertically
but you don't know to prosper in life.

Go... move on
Gear up your attitude.

Good afternoon, aiya.

- 'Vanakkam', aiya.
- Greetings, bro.

Supervise the canopy being fixed.

Rani, give a hand
They are waiting.

How long will you be stirring it?

- Wait, Sembaruthi.
- We have to go.


Get everything ready
before my father arrives.

- Sure, sir.
- Attend to your work.

Look at this! Our driver!

If you need anything else, ask m-

- You carry on - Okay, aiya.

Yov! Come here.

- Me?
- Of course you, come here.

- What is it?
- Yov! What's happening here?

I asked you to draw a small line
You laid a whole long road!

The build-up seems too much?

What have you told them?

Left, right, center, what improvement!
You have people fawning all over you.

At this rate, looks like
you'll say you're our aiya's heir!

All that's fine, it isn't enough
if we make others run around.

We should also exercise our limbs

I have to take this cauldron to the temple
Lend me a hand, to load it into the truck.

Yov! What's up with you?
Lend me a hand.

Whom are you asking for help?

Do you know who he is?

Won't aiya's driver get his hands dirty?

Driver, huh? He's aiya's-


Repeat what you said.

How can you make
aiya... er... aiya's driver lift this?

Both drivers are hand in glove, huh?

Going overboard on your bond, bro.

We must work without discrimination
in our temple festival.


We are holding this conversation
Why are you standing here gawking?

Lift this - You don't

I can do it.

Why are you preventing him from helping?

Is he such a big sho-

No... no, it's okay
I can load it for you.

That's better! Both the drivers
lend me a hand now.

- Don't drop it on the ground.
- I'll dump it on your head!

Take that vessel and this bucket.

Good... good.

Right... start.

Marimuthu anna, ask those boys
to load the rest and bring it.


Like a cool cucumber...

she clicks her finger,
ordering you around?

And you're keeping quie-

This way, aiya

I know, come.


In a mango grove.

Her house Teacher's daughter.

Only child.

Stayed with her grandma and studied.

Flunked the 1st time
in the IPS exam.

But struts around claiming to be
a policewoman in her own right.

She has come here only now.

That's why she is blissfully
ignorant about you.

Why have you unearthed
all these details about her?

Someone doesn't know our background.

We should know all about her, right?

- What is her name?
- Her name.

You asked him why he found out about her
and you want to know her name now!

That girl's name is-

He is the fellow
who was rude to your father.

Look at his temerity!

Shouldn't let him go scot-free
Must teach him a lesson.

Your father stopped us

1 swift blow from you
his ears should rip apart.

Yes, aiya - Get into the jeep.

Super, aiya.

Muruga, get in.

Long time since
we witnessed a proper fight.

Oh God! Aiya is here.

They are waiting for you at the temple
You're going this way.


- Come, follow me - Okay.

Hey! Look, Sembaruthi has
started her dance.

- Get a soda.
- She is rocking, man!

Master, why are you sitting here?

- You're missing a bigger show.
- What do you mean?

Your daughter is dancing away to glory
The entire village is enjoying it.

Sembaruthi, your father is coming
with a stick to bash you up.

Escape... great escape!

- Did you see Sembaruthi?
- No, sir.

You said she was dancing here.

Where has she gone?

We don't have any idea

I blame her for befriending
over-smart kids like you.

Don't move
My father will spot me.

She was dancing here
Where is she?

Move left.

Move to your right.

Where did she vanish?

I told you I don't know
Why do you sound like a parrot?

If I get hold of her

I'll tear her to pieces.

Anyway she has to come home.

Master has gone.

He has gone.

'Elusive as an eel!'

I was looking for you
What are you doing here?


- What?
- Nothing, vermillion.

Stuck firmly to your back!


- What?
- You wanted to know her name.


'2nd day of the festival'

Check all the police jeeps
near that arch.

People from Mudur and Madampatti
proceed towards our deity.

- Ask them to get down from the wall.
- Get down.

Make way for those who have
taken a sacred vow.

Driver, stop for a minute.

You came at the right time.

This boy got lost in the festival.

He's crying for his parents.

Must hand him over
to the police, let's go.

Sembaruthi, your father
is looking for a groom for you.

You're standing here with a kid!

I delivered him only yesterday
Get lost, man.

Where do they spring from!

Now you know how their tongues wag.

They won't let us
be a Good Samaritan!

Let's go, man - Okay, madam.

By the way, I've been
addressing you as 'driver'

What's your name?

Driver is good enough.

Ladies, please take care of your jewellery.

If there's any problem...

please report to
the Police Help Center.

'Vanakkam', sir.

Yov! What's happening to our country?!

Totally in form, eh?

Each of them competing
to greet you with respect!

Come along.


This boy was crying
lost in the crowd.

Looks like his family
missed out on him.

Announce his details.

Boy's name is Prabhu
Father's name is Dhandapani.

Mother's name is Amudha.

'The boy is wearing
a red checked shirt'

'Boy's parents-'

- You have a decided advantage.
- Why...?

If you get lost in a fair, you'll be
easily found towering over everyone.

Where did you go,
my little prince?

I've been looking for you
all over the place.

Aiya, thank you so much
for finding our child for us.

They brought him here.

Thank them instead.

Aiya, don't know who your parents are.

Bless you both for
returning my grandson.

Before the next festival, you should also
be blessed with a baby boy like him.

And live happily.

May you always be happy.

(Song from 'Aadukalam')

Icing on the cake
a situation song as well!

Hello - Huh...?

Why are you laughing?

I was amused by what that old lady said.

- You are indeed unique!
- Why...?

Go, your owner
may be waiting for you.

Attend to your work.


Go and educate your children.

Some arbitration or the other every day.

How strange!?

Fireworks is only on the 4th day.

But they've started today.

- What's this?
- True that.

This is new First time.

Seems a break from our custom.

- What happened?
- Don't know.

Bring some water.

Aiya, you carry on
We'll take care.

Let's go.

Watch your step.


Bring the car.

"Good lord! Here comes the battle rooster."

"His blows so strong and swift, I swear."

"He can flatten any foe
with just a look from head to toe."

"He's a veteran with a sickle
With any weapon he weaves a miracle."

Greetings, aiya.

Come, Anbu.

Our village deity
grant all our boons.

Greetings, aiya.

My dearest wish is to take a selfie
with our junor aiya one day.

(Song from 'Thiruvilaiyadal')

Come, Anbu.

Accept our sacred vow
we offer with utmost devotion.

What shall we play?

Running and catching?

No need, we might get lost.

Then what other game shall we play?

Good lord!

Hey, look here.

- Has junior aiya started his antics?
- Let's go and check.

You're falling like a chicken's crest

I'll close his chapter today.

You can wear a tiger mask
in a temple festival.

But you shouldn't masquerade
in front of a tiger!

My father strikes just like a tiger.

But because this is a sacred event
he chose to turn a blind eye!

If you even think
of attacking anyone here

you've had it!

Let's go.

Aiya, that was so well done.

We were waiting all these years
to see you in action!

No one saw you Let's walk away.

- No evidence, right?
- Not even a speck!

If we walk together
they will find out.

Let's split up.

Hey Muruga, come.

See you later.

Bro, excellent Give me your hand.

Keep quiet.

Muruga - Aiya.

What did he say?

What he said was.

'Do good in all ways
Control your anger always'

Tamil poetess Avvaiyar's words.

Rewind it.

Enough, stop.

Play it.

'You can wear a tiger mask
in a temple festival'

'But you shouldn't masquerade
in front of a tiger!'

'My father strikes just like a tiger'

'But because this is a sacred event'

'...he chose to turn a blind eye!'

'If you even think
of attacking anyone here'

''ve had it!'

Not making fun,
That's how he talks.

He imitates your voice too.

Even if he went abroad...

how can it miss the genes?

A lion will always be a lion.

Like a bull raging
from an enclosed space

look at his imposing figure!

Like watching our evergreen hero
MGR's film in a tent theater!

Why did you stop with that?

You'll say he stands tall like our deity
connecting our earth and sky!

Add that for effect too!

Why bring out the beast in human beings?

Allow humans to be just humane!

- Where is my son?
- Call junior aiya.

Aiya, stop - What...?

Our film is being watched inside.

We thought we left no evidence behind.

Like reality show Bigg Boss
cameras have been fixed all over.

Everyone is waiting for you
Let's go inside.

Hurry up.

Why do you want
to get involved in this?

No, aiya.

Suddenly they tied a towel
round his neck and lifted him.

Did you think we were just
hanging around after the rituals?

The moment we decided
to hold the festival...

that very same day
we covered all the areas.

We fixed cameras
and appointed people.

Do you know what happened
when you butted in?

Play it.

Did you see that?

Come here.

We would have caught all of them.

We would've known
all the details

of their accomplices, out-of-towners
and the local hands involved.

You barged in and messed it up

I was just trying to be help-

No need, don't interfere
We can handle this.

This is a long drawn out feud

I'm hoping to end it
at least this time, once for all

I've taken a vow to put an end to this
even if I sacrifice my life.

As my son will you support me?

Of course, aiya.

"The sun and his son stride side by side."

"To shine on the poor and the deprived."

"They stand as identity
to bravery and dignity."

"Praised sky high is their generosity."

"If their word, once they have uttered
they'll forsake their lives, rest assured."

"If father and son draw a line explicitly
the entire village will obey implicitly."

When aiya and son
walk side by side

they look like our village deity
and our guardian deity.

Isn't that only natural?
What do you expect from his heir?

"Clasp your hands and bow with love
Forever and a day, not only for now."

"The sun and his son stride side by side"

'Both the drivers
lend me a hand now'

'If you get lost in a fair, you'll be
easily found towering over everyone'

"They stand as identity
to bravery and dignity."

"Praised sky high is their generosity."

Hey Sembaruthi Come and join us.

- Show off your steps!
- Get lost.

Okay, forget it
Let's dance, boys.

Come, bro Dance with us.

Carry on, boys.


Your friends are living it up
Aren't you joining them?

At the moment I'm shell shocked!

- Adding fuel!
- Why...?

What happened?

Standing like a drenched chicken!

Why did you lie to me
saying you're the driver?

Oh that!

You asked, I answered.

Why get upset for that?

Big deal! What logic!!

Do you know how many
castles in the air I built?!

A driver... will listen to me.

He will be paid a salary every month.

He will bargain and
buy jasmine for my head.

Watch a late night movie
in Periyakulam.

With the wind on my face
watch the moon.

Hugging you close on a bike.

You know how far
I travelled with you!

Out of the blue I find out
you're aiya's son, how will I feel?

Feels like I went a couple of rounds
on the giant wheel and got down dizzy.

Now I know why men drown
in alcohol when their love fails!

I'm hopping mad now
I might abuse you verbally.

Don't show up before me
for the next 2 days... go.

Let me try to explai-

You heard me? Just go away.

Towering over me!

Move aside.

Hey, told you not to show up
for the next couple of days.

- Then why are you here?
- I didn't come on my own.

God brought us together.


In a way it turned out well
I lied to you I was a driver.

If I had told you who I really was
you wouldn't have flipped for me.


Shouldn't aiya's son bargain
and buy jasmine for you?

Can't we catch a late night show
in Periyakulam, riding a bike?

Hey, do you know something?

The other day that old lady
adorned my forehead with 'kumkum'

You know how long
I made sure it wasn't erased?

I'll travel any number of miles for you.

I will do anything.

"O' girl from Kambam village in Theni
You slice me with your eyes splintery."

"Like our gale spiralling dust all around
you lift me high from the ground."

"Hey! Leaf from the banyan tree
Nestle in her dimple carefree."

"Her plaits are like a snake twirling
Wants to touch me, she is such a darling."

"Wow! What a feeling!"

"Like the colored coolers in the festival
don't send me into a dizzy spell as well."

"Don't untie the tethered goat, true blue
making him graze in pastures green and new."

"Get lost, girlie, I can't even think
All night through I haven't slept a wink."

"Kambam lassie."

"Awesome missy."

"O' girl from Kambam village in Theni
You chop me with your eyes splintery."

"Like our gale spiralling dust all around
you lift me high from the ground."

"Adolescent scent of your half sari
Adds pep to my breath, dearie."

"Words you spoke seemed so sugary."

"You grind me into a 'chutney'
Charm me and captivate me."

"Lightning reflects in your eyes bright
You flash in me electric waves of delight."

"Like candy watch clinging to the wrist
you hugged me tight, my dearest."

"Like the stain from an ice Popsicle
you stuck to my shirt inseparable."

"Like a cup of black coffee
you make my mind zippy."

"Kambam cutie."

"Blossoming beauty."

"Like a giant wheel you take me high
Make me swing right up to the sky"

"I think, I swallow, I try to talk
Words don't spill out, I simply gawk."

"Your hands speak eloquently
Your eyes invite me silently."

"Like the 'jumki' in your ear
you make my mind dangle, dear"

"2 pink cotton candies you stole, honey
Fashioned them as rosy cheeks satiny."

"You got the winged termite's gossamer wing
Stitched it on to my heart so endearing."

"My darling, my life's meaning
I whisper your name in the wind."

"Kambam's treasure trove."

"My one and only love."

"O' girl from Kambam village in Theni
You slice me with your eyes splintery."

"Like our gale spiralling dust all around
you lift me high from the ground."

"Kambam cutie."

"Soul-find sweetie."

"Kambam lassie."

"Awesome missy."

- How was the exam?
- Paper was very easy.

Let's go up the giant wheel.

It will give a sooper high.

Hey! What happened?

Get hold of him.

Nab that kid
Don't let him escape.

Get that kid - What happened?

There he is - Catch him.


Let go of him.

Remove your hand.

Relax, don't worry.


I'm fine, aiya.

How can he attack you?

Aiya, we can't ignore this.

We must do something.

Whom do you want me to fight?

He isn't even as tall as a machete!

They've given a weapon
to an innocent boy.

Poison has seeped
all the way down to the root.

Even if 10 villages oppose us
we can combat them.

Do you want me to fight against
a vulnerable lady and an innocent boy?

They can come in any form.

- We should only be very careful.
- Okay, aiya.

- Is it understood?
- Sure, aiya.

I slashed across his body
I scarred him

I scarred him for life, ma.

He was standing, okay?

One swift slash on his stomach.

Look how he bled!

Look, ma... blood!

Saw my son's guts?

Showed me blood.

You men standing here.

This small kid has drawn out blood.

You made a big fuss saying
there were too many people around.

And you can't go near them.

Do we have to wait for him to grow up
to avenge his father's death?

You sleep with your wife every night

I am a lone woman.

I have been waiting patiently
3 days since the festival started.

Are you simply watching all the fun?

That sound is continuously haunting me.

Don't give me any excuse.

He MUST die!

Pechi, listen to-

Pechi's word is final
I don't need a back answer.

Are you scared you swore
on milk we consider sacred?

Don't give me any flimsy reason.

That's all I can say.


Hey, who is it?

Is it raining?

- Go and check.
- Search every corner.

Aiya - You study, my dear boy.

I heard some sound.

We'll take care You go to bed.

Okay, aiya - Leave that behind.

Shine the light.

Take the light and search properly.

Tell them to search around the house.

- Did anyone get caught?
- No one here.

If anyone gets caught,
I'll drill into your Adam's apple!

How did you get here?

I'm just unable to sleep.

How are you able to sleep?

You said you'll walk
countless miles for me?

But you're sleeping
covered to your chin!

Someone is coming Come this side.

Come here.

I can only see you
wherever I turn!


Whispering romantically, right?

Look at my eyes Can't you see?

Can't you see your reflection there?

Switch on all the lights.

Leave no stone unturned.

Come... come... this way.

Go that side and check.

How could you do this?

Go home right now

I was footloose and fancy-free
What did you do to me?

Who is it?

If you get caught
I'll string your intestines out.

Road looks zig-zag to me!

I'm standing alone
and talking to myself!

You said it's God's will
and went away coolly

- I'm the one who feels possessed.
- Who is that intruder?

Have you gone mad?

You'll get caught.

- Search all around the house.
- 'We are on the job'

'Search in the backyard'

'There's no one this side'

Go that side... go.

Do you have so many servants
at your beck and call?

As if that math is important now.

If they see you
they will rip you apart

I have taken a police training course

I'll go in the blink of an eye.

You broke in like a thief
and call yourself a cop?

1st leave this place
Go... go... now.

Hurry up Didn't you hear me?



Aren't we going to the temple?

- Drive, I'll tell you.
- Okay, aiya.

By the way, who is that girl?

Who, aiya? Which girl?

You chaperone them
in the festival all the time

I am aware of everything.

Tell me.

Aiya saw action + romance, huh?

Our teacher's daughter.


Her house is in a mango grove.

- Drive straight to her house.
- What, aiya?

I said drive straight
to that girl's house.

Okay, aiya.

Aiya, look over there.

The wheelie expert
wheeling away to glory.

That's the girl.

Hold on tight.

A feeling of flying in mid air, eh?

Pull up to one side.

- Saw how we lifted the bike!
- Super, Sembaruthi.

Why are you standing here?

Problem with your jeep?
Come, I'll drop you.

But you'll ride only on 1 wheel!

If you're riding pillion
my 2 wheeler will behave itself!

Dai, get down.

Go home now
Loitering around always.

Okay, you go home.

Aiya, you on a 2 wheeler?

Hello... I definitely do
a better job than you!

Jack in the box!

Aiya, to your house, right?
Shall I take the short cut?

- You take the straight route, dear.
- Okay, aiya.

Aiya, is this speed okay
or should I go faster?

Everything is fine, dear.

Selvi akka, how are you?

Not as if you didn't see me
You bought flowers this morning.

Did you see who is seated behind?

Greetings, aiya.


Why are you announcing
to the whole village?

You riding pillion
is rewriting history, aiya!

Shouldn't I archive it?

If I show off
it adds to my value.

Stop the bike near that tree, dear.

Okay, aiya.

Aiya found out everything.

He's riding with that girl now.

- Ask him to come soon.
- I'm telling him.

Are you really far away?
I can't hear yo-


- How did you come in a jiffy?
- Which way did they go?

Via Nadupatti - Go fast.


Why did you ask me to stop here?

- I came only to talk to you.
- To me?

If I had known
I would've come myself.

That's fine, dear

7 years ago...

a girl walked into my son's life

I don't know who jinxed it.

We were not fortunate.

After that...

I requested him many times
to find a suitable bride.

He had no place in his heart
for any other girl.

He likes you very much.

I approve totally I'm very happy.

Hereafter you don't have to
jump in through our tiled roof.

You can walk in
through the main door!

I'll meet your father
formally tomorrow.

So you can marry my son, okay?

You sprung this out of the blue
How will my father believe me?

I'll call him now
Will you talk to him?

Let him not believe you

I'll surprise him
Let it be a suspense.

Where is aiya? What did he say?

Tell me.

Hey, I'm asking you
What is that weird click?

Tell me the conversation verbatim.

Tomorrow - Tomorrow...?

He'll pay a formal visit
to meet my father.

And ask for my hand
in marriage to you.

Karuppu, has aiya come for lunch?

Not yet, he went-

Aiya has gone out.

Who is with him?

Uncle has gone with him.

Oh! Okay.

They told me you were with
my father but you are here?

Aiya sent me to discuss about
the chariot for the 4th day.

All your replies differ!
Nobody went with him?

Don't know, bro.

What is it?

Where are you?

Anbu has become a collector.

He has got the official order

I wanted to share this good news
with his mother.

She will feel happy
to bless him, right?

That's why I'm taking him there

I called because I heard
no one is with you.

Why do I need someone with me?

Anbu, careful!


Hello...? Aiya!

Someone hit aiya's jeep
and zipped away.

Aiya, what happened?

- Are you okay, aiya?
- I'm fine.

- What about you?
- I'm fine too

I am fine No need to be alarmed.

- Get down slowly.
- Nothing to worry

1st get that car - Wait.

Hey, let go of him.

Hey, come here.

- Hope you aren't hurt.
- This was just an accident.

Don't magnify it Understood?

- You're bleeding, on your forehead.
- I'm fine, please go.

Attend to your work.

Go... let's go - Okay, aiya.

They drove so rash and
collided into aiya's jeep.

Stop the jeep.

You stay in here.

Don't get down.

You there Aiya's son?

You seem to be going somewhere
in a tearing hurry, come on.

Let's play a small game
before you go.

Haven't you heard of
eye for an eye?

Come, let's settle accounts

I'll hit you first today.

Hey, hold him.

Today is doomsday for all of you.

By this time they would
have killed Anbu over there.

If your father had intervened
he would be dead too.

Your mother will be waiting
You carry on.

Tell her I need to arbitrate
a pressing issue

I'll attend to it and come.

Didn't you hear me?
Leave right away

I won't desert you, aiya.

I told you to go.

- How can I leave you and go?
- Drive away right now.

Hey! All of you, run

I slashed aiya by mistake.

- Run for your life.
- What have you done?


"A lineage whose word is gospel."


Aiya... aiya!


"Stands now losing its magic spell."

What happened, aiya?

Dai, who did this?

Dai, come on Face me now.

Who hacked my father?

"Aiya, our hearts skip a beat, fidgety."

Don't do that.

What is this, aiya?

Only you should shoulder
all the responsibilities hereafter.

After seeing you bleed
so much, how can I?

There shouldn't be any problem.

This festival...

I've given my word
I'll conduct it come what may.

That drum beat
which you hear in the distance

don't stop it, my son.

That drumbeat we can hear now

should always resonate.

My heartbeat echoes
in the beat of those drums.

Aiya... aiya.

Nothing will happen to you, aiya.

Bro, we got him.

Will we let go of
the hit and run driver?

They are from Madras
Drunk and driving.

Must have done it
unknowingly, let him go.

How can you say it so easily?

You should have seen
aiya's forehead bleed

I'm telling you, right?

We don't need to rake up
fresh problems, let him go.

- Bro, I'll kill them.
- Told you to let them go.

Next 4 days of our festival
is our only priority.

Aiya has repeatedly said not
to use weapons under any pretext.

Throw down your weapons.

Attend to the festival requirements.


We should comply with aiya's wishes.

All of you, disperse.

'Thank your stars you escaped
by the skin of your teeth!'

Bloody drunkard!
Who asked you to do this?

What a catastrophe!

Height of stupidity!

Hey, you junk of a jerk!

You've slashed aiya!
Entire village will hound you.

Have you gone mad?

You've committed a blunder
A grave blunder.

It was a mistake, bro

I'll stamp your Adam's apple.

Show it in action, kill him.

Whining since you got back!

Why are all of you
scared to death?

This fear is the reason

for not fulfilling my vow
and killing by mistake.

You are armed with
machete and sticks, right?

The issue is not how many
of our men we will lose.

It's about how many
of their men die before he's killed!

Dai, come here.

Even if all of us die...

to take revenge on those who killed
his father, he needs to be alive.


Take him with you.

How can you send your only son?!

- How will he sleep without you?
- Let them come.

I don't care how many
Let them come.

Go fast.

That's the house.

None of them in that village
should breathe, let's all leave.

Who is shutting all the doors?

Who is that? Open the door.

Open the door.

Is all this your doing?
You're interfering in our plan

1st put the sickle down.

What are you saying?

They have tried to kill our aiya.

Shouldn't we kill all of them?

You are stopping us.

No one should know
aiya's present plight

I've given my word to him
the festival will go on.

Who cares about the festival?
Aiya is our God.

He's the deity for our clan
They have harmed him.

You want us to keep quiet?

Give us way - Stop it!

We taught you to fight!
Are you selling salt to the sea?

Even if it's aiya's son
who is interfering

we care two hoots.

We'll go ahead with our mission.

Even if it's my own uncles who oppose.

I won't care two hoots either!

Have you already decided?

- Let's fight it out.
- Come... come on.

Come... come Let's see who wins.

This is why I objected.

Did you listen to me?

What I did was wrong
Please get up.

Must check his BP - Will do.

What's that sound?

It is another kind of treatment.


You'll get 2 more patients
in another 10 minutes.

You go wait there.

Go... go.

- Did you get it?
- Not a word!

We shouldn't tell anyone
an attempt was made on aiya's life.

But the uncles have been
thrashed brutally.

Why can't we tell even that to anyone?

Hey fool, it is his handiwork!

Ask everyone in the house
to assemble upstairs.

Aiyaiyo... aiya!

What happened to aiya?


Each and every soul here...

for generations you have
been working in this house.

Your loyalty...

the way you respect this family.

I am fully aware.

We haven't discriminated
your secrets from ours.

That's why I called all of you here.

People outside shouldn't know
something like this has happened to aiya.

That's why he is being treated at home.

When people saw a few drops of blood
on his forehead they panicked.


if people get to know
he was slashed

we won't know how many villages will go
up in flames or how many heads will roll.

To douse the fire
already burning...

Aiya struggled this much.

He shouldn't become an excuse.

To start another feud!

That drum beat will not be stopped.

This is my promise to aiya.

This is a sacred vow.

For this festival to go on without a hitch
this is our combined vow.

This is like a penance.

Through your body language and speech
this news shouldn't leak out inadvertently.

Routine work in this house
should go on as usual.

Don't stop anything
because he's unconscious.

Aiya is always there for us.

He is fine.

Very soon he'll come out of this.

As his son, I believe this.

You should also believe the same.

If a thorn pierces a lion,
it will hop for a couple of days.

After that it will walk normally.

Bro, the festival is
being held as usual.

There's no sign of that incident.

What are you saying?
Did you check properly?

Yes, bro, I'm right here.

Sister-in-law, it seems the festival
is being held without any hitch.

That's impossible

I slashed him
with this very same hand.

The force with which I slashed him

there's no way he can be alive!

Please trust me.

- Please sit down.
- Is my daughter ready?

She's been ready since morning
and pacing up and down.

If any groom came to see her
she would be stuck inside the house.

In fact she got ready by herself
and is happily waiting.

'You look beautiful'

My dear - Keep quiet.

Are you sure he will come?

Believing you,
I've invited the entire village

I'm really perturbed.

What are you saying, pa?

He gave his word, right?
'Let it be a suspense'

How will he not come?

Will he go back on his word?

'I can see their car'

I told you, right?

You wait here
I'll go and receive them.

- Wait... wait.
- Please come soon.

Aiya, I'm coming.


Greetings, aiya.


Isn't aiya with you?

Oh! Is he coming in another car?

Welcome, please come in.

My house isn't built for your height.

Please adjust Bend a little.

Please come in.

- 'Vanakkam', aiya.
- Greetings, aiya.

Please sit.

It's okay.

What are you waiting for?

Offer tea or coffee for our groom

1 minute.

My aiya doesn't approve of this alliance
I came to tell you in person.

What do you mean?

What are you saying?

I invited the entire village
trusting his word.

Aiya, I thought you are
a man of your word.

But didn't expect these words from you!

I'm an ordinary teacher.

How will I face everyone?

How can I digest this insult?

You led us on
and then let us down!

Does your aiya disapprove?

Or you don't approve of me either?

Anything my aiya doesn't like...

I won't approve either.

'How can you betray us?'

My granddaughter
can't bear this disgrace

I knew this would happen.

You've taught a lesson to me, the teacher!

"Did you drink all the poison
to save the world from destruction?"

"Here is the blue necked lord
O' Shiva, the fearsome God."

"Did you think of it as a sacred offering?
Was this sacrifice your way of suffering?"

"Did you break the rage within?
O' the lord in every being."

"You saw Shakthi's eyes well up with tears?
Is it due to your words so fierce?"

Bro, how could you say
something so hurtful?

That girl's heart would have
shattered into bits.

How difficult my heart
must have felt to say it?

"You carried Himalayas as your burden."

When it comes to public service...

we have to sacrifice our personal needs.

As far as the villagers are concerned
they will only assume aiya didn't approve.

No one will say
aiya didn't come today.

That's only important.

"Here is the blue necked lord
O' Shiva, the fearsome God."

"Did you think of it as a sacred offering?
Was this sacrifice your way of suffering?"

"Did you break the rage within?
O' the lord in every being."


Ask my father to fix
any groom of his choice

I'll marry him.

- Dai, did you hear what she said?
- This is enough'

"The earth and the sky wrapped in laughter
The whole universe happy ever after."

"Cloaked in hypocrisy
O' Shiva, tell me?"

"Affection in one eye smothering
Love in the other eye hovering."

"Which tear drop bears defeat?
O' Shiva, to you I entreat!"

"This is a misty kind of cloudiness
Did you get lost in its haziness?"

"This disguise is a silent killer
Why did you wear this attire?"

"Is this strategy a solution?
Is this the only option?"

"Is darkness the harbinger of light?"

"One with foresight
who knows wrong from right."

"Shiva! One who is omnipresent
Is this situation permanent?"

Muthu, don't throw a tantrum.

Drink it up.

Listn to me, drink.

He refuses to eat ever since
our aiya has been incapacitated.

We can keep it a secret from people
but can we fool this loyal animal?

Tablets prescribed by the doctor alone
won't make him recover.

Drum beat of Vettaikaruppu
has to be heard constantly.

That resonance will cure him faster.


Open the windows.

We wanted to come yesterday
but got held up.

Eswari, bring that water and-

Did you take both the notebooks?

Good lord! Please come.

What brings you here?

Please come - Muruga.

If you block the way
how can we come in?

- What is the matter?
- We want to meet aiya.

Aiya, huh?

Junior aiya is free.

Muruga, we have to discuss
a very important issue.

Have to meet only aiya.

- Only aiya, huh?
- Yes.

Please sit down
I'll go and inform him.

Let's sit.

- Bagyam, serve them buttermilk.
- Okay, bro.

They've made my head spin!

Oblivious of the SOS crisis
you're meddling with your laptop!

Elders of Mudur and Panaiyur have come

I believe they have to discuss
something with aiya.

- Did you offer them anything to drink?
- Yes, buttermilk.


Ask them to come in.


They want to meet AIYA!

That's what I said
Please show them in.

Don't play the fool
Then I'll bring them-

Come... come.


[Song from 'En Annan']

Aiya, villagers from Mudur
and Panaiyur have come to see you.

They want to discuss
something very important.

Got the statement of accounts
of the festival till date, aiya.

We arranged everything for
the chariot procession on the 5th day.

Why are you standing so far away?

Please come forward and speak.

That's okay.

Go on.

You must request the collector
to release the water from the dam

for the 'sickle offering' ritual.

We came to give the update.

- Give it to aiya.
- We'll take leave.

We'll take leave, bro.

It is all smooth sailing
without any problems.

Please eat lunch here
and then leave.

Aiya's orders.

Aiya, we had buttermilk
That's enough, we'll take leave.

We are leading a good life
thanks to aiya.

- Hello... greetings.
- You're also here, huh?

- Is aiya in?
- Just met him.

Please go in.



Hey, Karuppu.

- You're here, huh!
- What is it?

More people from more villages
have come now to meet aiya.

How will you manage this hurdle?

Aiya is leaving for the festival.

Get the vehicle ready.

- Aiya...?
- Go.

'When aiya is incapacitated
how will he attend the festival?'

Aiya is getting ready for the festival
He will meet you at the venue.

- Muruga, turn the car the other way.
- Let us go.

Is this a joke?

How can he attend the festival?

Wait and watch, he will.

You go get ready

I'm ready right now.

All I have to do is sit and drive
What about aiya?

I'll be in the driver's seat.

You'll be in aiya's seat!

Er... hmmm.

Please explain in a way
it will make sense to me!

You'll come disguised as aiya!

- Did you see I'm already incoherent?
- Why...?

You imitate my father and me with ease
Won't you behave like aiya?

If I practice for 10 days,
I can speak like aiya.

But how can I step into his shoes now?

There's difference between
majesty and comedy.

If you draw stripes on a cat,
will it be a tiger?

- Don't play the fool.
- As aiya's son, won't you listen to me?

Can aiya's son become a driver?

How can a driver act like aiya?

How can you compare
a mountain and a molehill?


Let me take aiya's blessing.

Aiya, your son wants me
to act like you.

Please forgive me!

Don't we disguise as God to fulfil
a vow we make to our favorite deity?

That's how I'm pretending to be you.

With the grace of
our village deity, Vettaikaruppa

you should bless me
with the required courage!


This permission will do.

Enough, aiya.

Muruga, start the car.

- Aiyaiyo!
- What...?

I can't wear aiya's sandals.

Try them on.

Seems like 1 litmus test after another.

- Shall I wear it on my hand?
- Muruga...!

Okay, don't be upset.

- The vibration is ultimate.
- Let's go.

'You said you'll walk by my side'

'But I didn't bargain
for such a side show'

"Sun with turban tied on his head
Head of all the villages, most revered."

Aiya has come
All of you get into the cars.

Are they all waiting here?

Aiya, open the door fast
Or else our ruse will go for a toss!

Open the door.

Load the baskets quickly.

Make it fast.

Hurry up.

Thank God, somehow
I managed to get into the car.

We said we are coming
to the temple

I guess they don't trust us
They are following us.

- How many cars are following us?
- 5 cars, aiya.

Not 5 cars

5 villages!


We are following aiya's vehicle.

We left from aiya's house.

We will meet you at the temple.

We are coming there
Madampatti villagers also.

Be there soon.

'Those who are watching the devotees
walking on fire, keep to one side'

'A parking lot has been
specifically assigned'

'Why are all the cars
being allowed inside?'

We have separate queues for men and
women at the food donation counter.

Look there, separate those 5 villages.

Work has been allotted
to all the 5 villages.

What do you gain following me?

Attend to your work.

'People from Kottaiyur, Mangalam
Did you eat?'

Kottaiyur people
Aiya is mentioning you.

Let's also go eat.

Then it may get crowded.

Those priests-

Police... police...!

"Silver moon that never wanes."

Hey, police officer, how many people
are standing on the steps?

Children also, right?

I'm speaking to you.

Busy licking ice cream!

Yov! Aiya - Where...?

On the screen - Hey, get down.

- Get down, I say.
- You dropped the ice cream

I know it's a hot day
Enjoy the ice cream and then work.

The electricians fixing the serial lights
Don't hinder the chariot procession.

Position it to one side.


Bro, nothing has happened to aiya!

He has come to the festival.

Speaking in his usual
energetic voice.

We are watching on the screen.

'Drink coffee'

'Tell me, aiya'

Next is a commercial break!

"Who is the winner now and forever
Lungis with the brand MCR."

That's true.

You made me dress up like aiya

I thought it'll be a herculean task
But it was a cakewalk!

Showed aiya on the screen
and we escaped!

You spoke very well.

'Listen to me'

From morning, you're hell bent
on falling under every car passing by.

Aiya, looks like trouble is brewing.

- This chap, huh?
- Whatever it is I'll ask only aiya.

Get lost, man

I know it's aiya's vehicle.

Why has he brought so many people?
What is his plan?

I must meet Aiya

I must look him in his eye
and question him.

This is my plea.

If you stop me...

I'll break it and pierce myself.

- Let go of me.
- Drunkard, move aside

I'll break it and pierce myself.

Aiya - What is it?

He isn't yielding.

He's obstinate he has
to meet aiya in person.

Ask him to come over.

He wants to meet our aiya
What are you saying?

Aren't you aiya?

Hey, aiya is calling you.

If he comes here
we'll get caught.

He's here!

Let go of me - Please don't.

'Open the door' - Don't open.

Look at me, aiya.

'Please turn'

'Look at me, aiya'

Wait... wait.

- This isn't our aiya!
- I told you, right?

What is he blabbering?

You are...

my God!

The God I can see face to face!

Because of drinking
this cursed liquor...

I lost my eyesight.

I can't see your face clearly.

Please help me with money
for my eye surgery.

When should I come?

Don't worry.

Let the festival get over

I'll ask Murugan to organize it, okay?

Murugan? He's a rascal.

He's a fraud!

He's an actor.

Past 3 days I've been
trying to see you.

He didn't allow me to meet you.

He's complaining about me to me!
You rascal!

I'll inform my son
and arrange everything.

Aiya, if you are God in person

he's the younger version of the same!

May both of you lead
a long and healthy life.

Convey my regards to your son.

Give way.

Move away Make way for sir's car.

Come, God Move aside.

'Pechi, there's no sign indicating
the incident ever happened!'

'It is a big question mark
if aiya is alive or not'

What do we do now?

Who should we send to find out?

Hey, will you go?

Dai, what about you?

Hey old lady, will you check and come?

1st you should be hacked!

You're the reason for all the troubles.

No need of any research
whether he's alive or dead.

Our target is still alive!!

Pechi, please untie my chains

I'll make sure I kill him.


Hello, tell me, uncle.

Is Anbu with you?

What are you saying?
He's with aiya.

Can't find him here.

When did you check?
Did you see properly?

Bro, we searched for him everywhere
We assumed he's with you

I even tried calling him
but he isn't picking up the call.

All this happened
only because of me, aiya.

When you asked me to leave,
I shouldn't have left.

If I die, all the problems
will be solved, right?

Bro, the bull is falling into our trap
of its own accord, please come fast.

Move the car.

- Ma?
- Tell me.

How are you?

I felt like talking to you
That's why I called

I can't hear you clearly.

You sound very dull.

It's very noisy here
I'll call you later.

Okay, take care of your health.

What, my dear boys?

You wanted to kidnap him?

Wondering how he pre-empted you?

You looked at the sheep in front.

But you didn't notice
the tiger at the back.

Look there.

This isn't a 'Goat vs Tiger' game.

This is a goat and tiger
playing games together.

You are educated.

You've taken the right decision!

Very correct.

I can't bear to see aiya in this condition.

I am to blame for all this.

If I die, won't everything be fine?

Has your life become
so simple for you?

Your life isn't just yours alone.

Behind that is your entire lineage.

Following my aiya's words
that he'll protect you...

is our entire lineage too!

Believing I'll safeguard you...

our aiya is still breathing.

Tomorrow when he opens his eyes...

if I say Anbu is missing.

And the festival was stopped
half way through

he'll look at me with
so much pride you know!


I know it's wrong.

Tomorrow is the 6th day
of our temple festival.

You will be offering
our sickle to our village deity

I've got permission
from all the 6 villages.

And you feel this way
at this juncture!

Don't cry.

- Don't repeat this mistake again.
- I won't, aiya.

Nothing to worry, grandma.

It's a real big bruise
and you're brushing it aside.

If you ride with a wandering mind
this will be the end result!

Groom and his family are coming to see you.

If you're injured now,
won't they take it as inauspicious?

Wonder where she fell!

The wire has come apart.

Brake doesn't work
and mirror is broken!

Let her touch this bike again
I will clobber her.

Why have they come here?

What brings you here?

What do you want?

I'm applying this ointment
Where are you rushing off to?

Always playful!

I heard Sembaruthi is hurt

I came to see her.

You already hit us very heavily
We are yet to recover!

How can it get worse?

A prospective groom is coming
to see my daughter today.

They have a lot of self-respect.

They will be punctual
and keep up their word.

Unlike you!

Kindly leave this place.


When you have an auspicious event
to look forward to and I'm a hindrance

we'll leave.

Thank you very much!

Please get going.

For any happy occasion
in the neighborhood...

aiya sends a trousseau
It will be delivered at your doorstep.

We don't need any favors from you.

We can fend for ourselves.

We will be fine
without you in our lives.

You've done enough damage.

You ruined everything by not coming
Today don't spoil it by coming!

Go away...!

Are you mad or wha-

We are at the receiving end.

So can he let his tongue ru-

We will thank you profusely.

Leave now - You won't prosper.


If the bike is so badly damaged
imagine that poor girl's condition.

If the teacher is in a rage,
you're adding fuel to the fire

1st I should buy a dog for this house.

Not just buy.

Tie it at the gate.


Get ready soon.

The groom and his family
will be here anytime.

Bro, how do we go
to the teacher's house?

Why are you going there?

To see the prospective bride.

Wait a minute
I'll deal with them.

Who is the groom?

This chap, huh?


He hid his eyes.

Will you tell us how to go
only if you know who the groom is?

If you just say teacher,
how can we guide you?

We'll know only if you say
music teacher, stunt master.

He said even a kid
will direct us to his place.

Then go ask a kid!

Why do you ask me?

Bro, why are you so rude?
It's a matter of my life!

- Is your life at stake?
- Yes.

If you take this right and then left
you'll reach your destination!

Giving directions to the cemetery!


He looks like he has already been cremated!

So I told him the way
to the cemetery.

If you go straight and take a right...

you'll see a mango grove
Their house is in the center.

Go fast, bride will be
yearning for me.

All arrangements are in proper order.

Where's your aiya?

Is he at home?
I've come to see him.

The groom came to 'see' me.

He liked me instantly.

We finalized it formally.

You must have thought
we won't get anyone else.

So I came here to tell you

1st invitation will be only for you.

You come from an affluent family.

We can't trust you.

You'll post the photos we clicked
and selfies in Twitter and Facebook.

And try to break up this alliance
So I came to collect everything.

We have no ties hereafter.

Enough is enough.

Let's wrap up everything.

Where's your aiya?
The most respected man!

Your suspense
turned out to be a shock.

Did you run and hide
hearing my voice?

I'm coming.

You sent your son as a messenger.

She has gone right in
What should we do now?

I've come in person Tell me now.

Let her go - What...?

If it hasn't rained the past 7 years
how will it rain when you're here?

You call yourself a big shot
and break your promise!

One who changes his mind
isn't a big shot.

To keep up your word, you should be
prepared to sacrifice your lif-

'I'll surprise him
Let it be a suspense'

'Anything my aiya doesn't like...'

'...I won't approve either'

I saw aiya.

Why did you hide it from me?

When I was slightly hurt,
you came running to see me.

He has such a huge bandage on-

I derided you saying
'how will it rain with you being here'

You've shed blood for this land.

You hid everything from me.

How can you behave
as if nothing happened?

Sacred vow.

As it is I have to strain my neck
to look into your eyes.

Now I look up to you!

Hey, go... go
Attend to your work.

No... no...!

Please spare him.


No, don't.

Hello, tell me.

Koti, it's me.

Go ahead.

There's some disturbance,
can you hear me?

Bro is busy with an important deal.

Hey, shut up!

Got the photo and address on WhatsApp.

If there's any change
in plan, let me know.

No change in plan.

You give him to us and keep going.

Okay, don't keep calling us.


Men are coming from Rayalaseema.

When Anbu comes for the ritual to offer
the sickle, we don't have to do anything.

They'll hand him over to us
and keep going.

Those thugs know their job
like the back of their hand.

All that is fine.

That aiya will keep interrupting
What will you do with him?

He won't come

I've made other arrangements
to keep him away.

Let me see.

Please come.

Aiya, a rare visitor is here.

Wonder what trouble he will brew now!

Move aside.

This is an auspicious time.

Let's start the rituals.

When have we started without aiya?

What are you saying?

Aiya's son is here
Start with him.

He's learning the rope
and following his father's footsteps.

Let him light the sacred fire.

You can sit along with him.

If anyone objects, let me know.

When have we discriminated them?

Junior aiya can step
into his father's shoes.

Do you agree with me?

You are right.

Please begin the ritual.

Priest, give him the sickle
and send him to the river.

Be brave

[holy chant]

We are on the way.

Our 'brother' is right next to me.

Men from Rayalaseema have arrived

[holy chant]

Like Kamal in 'Indian 2'!

WhatsApp the vehicle ♪

Hey, go.


No... no... don't.

- What's wrong?
- Shut up!

Go... go.

Hey, put down your sickle.

Throw it down.

Bro, is it you?

We came without knowing it was you.

Don't mistake us
Please forgive us

I heard you went abroad.

But no one told me
about your return.

The way you hit me that day
I ran for my life, out of this State.

How can I forget that!

After that I changed
my name and address

I changed my style a little bit too
But I haven't changed my profession!

I was informed of
an assignment in Madurai

I asked if you are involved.

You didn't enquire properly.

They mentioned...

a person named Anbu.

That's why I'm here
Please forgive me.

Bro, phone call

1 minute.


- Hello...?
- Bro, close to the target.

- Shall I finish him off?
- No, please don't.

Didn't lay your hand on him, right?

What do you mean?

In Theni, Kambam and surrounding areas

their word is law
Their deeds are just.

No one can oppose them and get away.

Just let him go.

Hey, wait... wait.

Listen to me.

Escort that boy safely
to the temple.

Until then ask our boys
to safeguard him.

Okay, bro.

Encircle him All the sides.

Who are they?

Don't get flustered
We are here to protect you.

Bro has sent us.

Be alert, not 1 fellow should get in.

- Okay, bro.
- Escort him with care.

What's happening here?

They promised to kill him.

Now they are acting as his bodyguard!

Don't worry.

My boys will escort him
to the temple safe and sound.

Can I take a selfie with you?

Bro, you are such a bigwig there.

He's a small fry

- I don't want you to click a selfie.
- Is a selfie that degrading?

For 6 months I couldn't move my own self.

Because of this boy's blows!

To quote your own words
he's the bigwig in this village.

Shall we take a selfie?

Bro, put your hands around my shoulder.

A slight smile please?

I beg you.

Please listen.

This marriage won't take place

I've made all the arrangements
for the wedding.

How can you change your mind?

Don't ask me for reasons.

But this wedding won't happen.

Yes - Sir...?

Look at my daughter's face.

She's innocent.

At least look at her face and say yes.

When you called me
to a dead end street, I knew.

Your love matter, right?

I'm a very sharp fellow
I grasp easily.

With Facebook and Twitter
as household names

if a chap wants a girl
who hasn't fallen in love

all men should be in a loin cloth
standing like Lord Muruga in Pazhani.

I have a great sense of humor

I'll be very witty and
you'll enjoy it all your life.

Listen, I'm not worried
about your life before marriage.

If you are faithful to me
after the wedding, that's good enough.

No, even after marriage...

I'll continue.

I don't get it

I'll be your wife.

He'll be the 'other man' in my life!

'Can't live in confusion thinking
whose initial the baby will have!'

Hey, listen to me.

Don't ruin my daughter's life.

- What happened, sir?
- Old lady, I'll even marry you.

But not your granddaughter!

My daughter's curse will haunt you
for the rest of your life.

My daughter is so shaken up!

"In the red boulder's shadow."

"Perched a sparrow-duo."

"Your mischievous glances many
lift me up in lilting harmony."

"Your mischievous glances aplenty."

"Lift me up on my tiptoes dainty."

"Not fair what you're doing to me!"

"You bet!"

"Get set!"





"When clouds gather dense and gray."

"When you glare at me in that way."

"When the river bubbles animatedly
2 goats check each other out excitedly."

"My heart dances upbeat
Flutters for a feisty treat."

"Indian mulberry tree
blesses you and me."

"Indian mulberry tree
on a showering happiness spree."



"Seriously, trust me!"

"Rock it."


"Don't quit."

"That's the spirit!"

"Pecking your crest to woo you
Eyes like betel nut brand a tattoo."

"The coast is clear here
If you nod 'yes', I'll come near."

"The coast is clear, dear."

"If you nod 'yes', I'll come near"

"I'll kiss you, mister
my handsome rooster."

"In the path by the stream lush green
2 quails quietly shelter unseen."

"If I whistle loudly to call you
I may cause attention undue."

"I signalled with my breath, dear
Did your soul not hear?"

"I signalled with my life, dear."

"Did your heart not hear?"

"Did your soul not hear?"

"Did your mind not hear?"

"Did your conscience not hear?"




"Fun & frolic."

"Weave your magic!"





Send immediately.


Our aiya called you by name.

- What?
- Yes, aiya.

'Bro, what happened?'

Aiya... aiya!

Look at me, aiya

I heard him He said 'Balu'

Aiya, Balu is here.

Aiya, what happened?


Call the doctor.

Doctor, come fast - Aiya.

Doctor, check what's wrong.

Aiya's BP level is very low.

Let us not risk it
Rush him to the hospital.

Uncle, get the car.

Start the vehicle, quick.


- Aiya...!
- Look at me.

Aiya... aiya.

- Take the short cut.
- Hey, take the short route.

Doctor, keep an eye.

Who is that?

Looks like aiya's car.

Taking the short cut?

Is your aiya in his death bed?

You want to go fast?

Did he suffer a stroke?

Wondering how I know all this?

When you can watch
the entire festival on CCTV

can't I do the same
to that single house of yours?

If your father's life
is important to you...

his life is important to me.

Handover the life I need.

You go with the life
you hold as priority.

What, man? Thinking for so long?

Looks like you'll kill your father.

You have only 1 father, right?

Sir, aiya is critical now.

- Need to leave at once.
- Yov! Doctor.

Tell him, it's urgent.

Is his life more precious to you
than your father's?

Aiya's life is more precious.

Let me go - Anbu, wait.

Our aiya's life is no different
from the word he has given.

I will uphold my father's vow.

He will be saved by
our village deity Vettaikaruppu.

How do you think that's possible?

Let us watch him do so.

Hey! Take him.

Hey Sonai What are you doing?


Go... if you come near me
I will slit her throat.

Hey! Listen to me... don't.

Hey... go away.

Aiya... forgive me

I hit him accidentally

I swear, I aimed only at Anbu.

At that moment
aiya came in between.

I don't have the guts to stand
in front of aiya and fight.

If this news leaks out...

the entire village will
burn my family alive.

Instead of getting killed by someone
I would rather be killed by you!

That will be the only way
to atone for my sin.

It must have been an accident.

In all these 7 villages who has the guts
to oppose him face to face and kill him?

He is a tiger.

You must have done it unknowingly.

Our clan is known to protect the lives of
those who climb our steps seeking help.

We are not here to
snuff the life out of anyone.

Pray to Vettaikaruppu
nothing should happen to our aiya.


Aiya, I won't go anywhere
near Pechi's house

I'll go away to some far off place.

Go back to that house.

Be there till I give you
further instructions.


'Hey! Listen Remove the knife'

No... no... don't - Move away.

- Start the vehicle.
- Leave now, aiya.

Hey, start the vehicle fast.

Hey listen - Keep going.

- Go fast.
- Why are you watching?

Come this side.

Go, go... fast... quick.

- Go fast... go.
- Listen, let her go.

Pechi, are you alright?
Not hurt, no?

- Follow my instructions.
- Okay, doctor.

He is unconscious Please wait.

Sir, he isn't in a position to talk.

- Come with us, doctor.
- We'll explain.


Even after your neck was slashed
and seeing all that blood gush out.

I kept quiet
bound by your words.

Concurring with your wish

these 3 days of the festival
went by real smooth.

I lived up to the word I gave you.

Now I ask you this as your son.

Tomorrow is the last day
of the festival and I want you there.

If our worship of our village deity
Vettaikaruppu is really true.

The festival should conclude
with your presence.

I don't know about doctor, treatment
and medicines prescribed for you.

But I know this for sure.

When I talk, you can hear me.

I am sure you will preside tomorrow.

You have to come.

And share our joy.

You will come.

It's time for the prayer
and procession to the river.

Will aiya come now?

'Aiya... aiya'

Our bull Muthu broke free
and is amidst the crowd now.

Muthu, stop.

Muthu... listen to me.

Take Muthu away.

Something has happened to aiya.

Aiya... what happened to you?

You took us for a royal ride?

You blindfolded us for 3 days?

Enough of this masquerade.

You enacted a drama
and made us look like fools.

Bro, leave it.

Must be the work of Thekkur men.

Hey... take out your sickles.

They assaulted our aiya
We should spare none of them.

We agree.

Hey stop!

If my son had sought revenge
the moment he saw me almost bleed to death.

For his speed and rage

he wouldn't have spared
a single soul in that village.


bound by that single word of mine

he has conducted this festival
in the most effective, non-violent manner.

He carried a load
way beyond his age.

Till this function concludes today.

I don't want any sound
of weapons clashing.

You start your procession.

I asked for only a son
to our deity Vettaikaruppu.

He gave me a father instead!

He is your friend, philosopher
and guide for our clan.

Give it to him.


Karumayi anna!

Paraman is missing
He has escaped.

What are you saying?
Hey, go and search.

- Hey come on, let's go.
- Go and search

I am the one who untied him.

Hey... run.

Cover them.

Don't let him escape.

Hold hands.

Aiya... where is Anbu?


The man you've been protecting
has been kidnapped now.

We can't be patient any longer.

We must destroy the entire clan.

It's do or die, aiya.

I don't want any of you to go.

He will handle it singlehanded.

This is aiya's vow.

With our village deity
as witness I ask you.

Without a single soul being alive wipe
them out and meet me at the river bank.

Anbu, sit over there.

Don't move an inch
till I ask you to

3 hours remaining for the festival to end.

Any number of you
present here can come.

He is right here.

Aim your sickle at him

if the sickles you honed
are sharp enough.

If the moustaches you twirled
are brave enough.

Isn't it a 7 year feud?

It shall be squared today.

Weren't you hounding us relentlessly?

I've made your target sit
right in front of you.

Come and hack him
if you have the guts.

"Good lord! Here comes the battle rooster."

"His swift blows so strong, I swear."

"He can flatten any foe
with just a look from head to toe."

"He's a veteran with a sickle
With any weapon he weaves a miracle."

"This tiger's cub don't underrate
The tempest just won't abate"

[song from 'Sandakozhi - I']

"He has the nerve in toto
to braid every vein of his foe."

"He will peel your skin
Send you reeling in a spin."

Is anyone left out?

Send... come on.

You have lived with enmity
festering in you for 7 years.

A woman is epitome of love, kindness,
sympathy and motherhood.

But I see this unrestrained
rage only in you.

You make an innocent hand
hold a sickle?

I could've convinced them
without resorting to blows.

But violence is the only language
you understand to acknowledge power.

That is why I pounded them first.

Let's put an end
to our feud with this festival.

You are piling up grave blunders.

Stop it.

It is wrong.

Grave blunder indeed!

All the actions so far are wrong.

Expecting so many men to finish this
I was watching from afar.

Wrong on my part.

That was wrong on my part.


Face me.

Do you compare women to
cows, peahens and koels?

Even we are lions.


Only if a man swings a sickle
is it a weapon to reckon with?

Sickles of our household...

will work wonders
even in a woman's hand.

Stop it.

Listen to me.

Stop this.

Listen to me.

Drop the sickle.

Didn't you come to fight?
Why do you want a truce?

You hacked so many men

I am a solitary woman
Face me... fight.

Appease my sickle.

You keep interfering.

Scared you're unarmed, huh?

Take this.

Show off your skill
Let's gauge your bravery.



I am telling you to stop this.

Hey... come on... fight.

Why are you going
out of your way to save him?

Is he your elder or younger brother?

Father and son claim you've given your word

I made a vow too
when my husband was killed.

His head will be chopped now.

Try to save him if you can.


You blamed me for interfering.

If I hadn't interfered now?!

A sickle can't tell
north from south!

It slashes according to
the course of the wind, that's it.

You wanted his entire clan to perish.

Your clan would have been wiped out.

You wanted to know
if he was my brother?


We must regard all those born on our soil
as siblings sharing the same blood.

Don't discriminate.

Still not satisfied with the bloodbath.

If your rage has not abated.

Take the sharpest sickle lying here
and hack me first.

Then kill him.

I have never seen my mother.

My father is my whole world.

Other than my father's feet

I've never fallen at anyone's feet.

I kneel down on this soil,
my motherland and I request you.

Forego everything.

Throw away your hurt and hatred.

For 7 years, this earth
has not seen rains.

Because the festival was held or
our vows to Vettaikaruppu were fulfilled

it won't rain.

Only when your enmity vanishes

heart softens.

When your eyes shed a drop of tear...

only then rain-god will
bless our village.

He solved all the issues
once and for all