Sanctum (2011) - full transcript

The 3-D action-thriller Sanctum follows a team of underwater cave divers on a treacherous expedition to the largest, most beautiful and least accessible cave system on Earth. When a tropical storm forces them deep into the caverns, they must fight raging water, deadly terrain and creeping panic as they search for an unknown escape route to the sea. Master diver Frank McGuire has explored the South Pacific's Esa-ala Caves for months. But when his exit is cut off in a flash flood, Frank's team-including 17-year-old son Josh and financier Carl Hurley are forced to radically alter plans. With dwindling supplies, the crew must navigate an underwater labyrinth to make it out. Soon, they are confronted with the unavoidable question: Can they survive, or will they be trapped forever? - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

Wow. Your old man
let you come up for air?

Oh, you're kidding, right?

Oh, you're going to be in the shit.

Fuck it. Wanted to be here.

So, here she is.

Yeah, reinforcements.

Hey, babe, come meet Josh.

Frank McGuire's boy.

Josh McGuire. I have heard all about you.

So cool your dad brings you
on these expeditions.

Yeah. Yeah, I am stoked.

How are things at Forward Base?

They still haven't found a way through.

Everyone is tired, getting pissed
off at Dad. Just the usual, really.

As soon as I leave, the whole thing
turns into a Mongolian cluster-fuck.

So, Carl says you're a climber?

I have done a little.

Yes, she is strong like bull,

- smart like tractor.
- Oh. Original.

Hey, Eddie, I will take right seat.
Josh, jump up front.


The last primeval wilderness.

We go down out here,
even God won't know where we are.

Some mud man will be using our skulls
for a soup bowl.

That wasn't in the brochure, honey.

Yeah, well, we're
living large now, baby.

I have control.

Why do we cave, Josh?

Well, I don't, voluntarily.

Nope, wrong answer.

And why do you cave, Carl?


Let me show you.

Espiritu Esa'ala.

The mother of all caves.

My God, Carl, it's...

Yeah, it is.

Focus on the dive.

Focus on the dive.

High oxygen.

Diluent flush.

Engage manual mode.

Low oxygen.

Bloody Josh.

Got any coffee on the boil, George?

Hey, Jude, I want you
on those pre-dive checks, please. Now.

Right-o, George, okay.

All good, Frank?

Yeah, I am fine.

Hey, J.D., you ginger bastard.

Come over here and give Judes a hand
with the gear, will you?


George, we heard from Josh yet?

Log this for me.

No, no, not yet.

Check it out.

Where is Liz?

She's still decompressing.

The comms up yet?

Comms are good.

How was the dive, J.D.?

- It's good visibility.
- Yeah?

Yeah. It's a bit cold.

Hey, can you give us a hand with the
re-breather? My legs are stuffed.

You're getting old.

Off you go, Virgil.

How did Lizzy do?

She was brilliant.
These new re-breathers work perfectly.


All set?

Now lean forward for me a bit.

That's it.

That's the third time
you checked that gauge.

George, I am fine.

Been a while since you saw daylight.

Seventeen days.

Anyone can call the dive at any time
for any reason. Yeah?

You all set?


So, what else is new, Luko?


Carl. You're back.


Why is that gear coming up?

Well, there's a big storm building,
right off the coast.

Frank said to haul out whatever
gear we're not using.

Oh, he did, did he?

Hurry up.

Hey, Jim, this cave
is not going to beat me.

You're in the doghouse, kid.

Yeah, whatever.

I am surprised Dad
even noticed I was gone.

When he and Judes
had to climb up to Camp Three

for those bail-out tanks
you were supposed to bring down,

he noticed.


Yep. Sucks to be you.


Uh, emergency tanks.

See, they dive with re-breathers,

but if something goes wrong
you need back-up.

What could possibly go wrong,
diving in caves?

Look at her. She's teasing.

Nigh as she goes.

Here. I can feel it.


Virgil scanned that whole section.
There's bugger all.

A machine can't feel the cave, George.

Well, Obi-Wan,

think you can find a way through,
you'd best do it fast.

Two days, three at most,

this whole place will be flooded
like a blocked dunny.

Topside will give us plenty of warning.

You guys from
the National Geographic, right?

Yeah, good to see you.

Hey, Victoria.
Hey, you have got to meet this guy.

- Hurry up.
- Hey, Dex.

I hope you're awake, bro,
you have got a visitor.

Hey, man.

Josh. Man, you're in the shit.

Yeah, thanks.

This is Victoria.
She's new, so give her the grand tour.

- Hi.
- Hi.

For you, only one dollar.

Esa'ala Cave.

The largest unexplored
cave system in the world.

A million years of rainwater dissolving
its way down through the rock,

trying to find its way to the sea.

Which is, of course, why we're here.

For no other reason than
to explore and find that hidden pathway.

Wow, that's incredible.

How far in have they got?

A tour for the lady, is it?

Sixteen caving personnel and 50 porters

have hand-carried
nearly a ton of equipment

almost 2 vertical kilometers
into the Earth's crust

over a period of five weeks.

Wow, now I know what Carl
has been spending all his cash on.

Yep. Kicks for billionaires.

That's so cool.

Oh, it's pretty basic.

I haven't finished yet,
but you get the general idea.

Dex, you have been working
on this for five years.

Yeah, four years. Yeah, four.

I mean, the 3D is
a bit of a problem, that's all.

Obviously, it hasn't rendered properly yet,

and the connection speeds up here
are just atrocious.

That's not a wizard.

And finally here we are, Forward Base.

And somewhere under there, she goes.

You need to talk to Judes.

Her heart is not in the dive.

You're kidding me. Now?

I am just telling you
what I see. She's tired.


No, no. We're good for a few days.

- Put Frank on.
- Yeah, I will just get him.

It's Carl.


We're saved. Thank God.

Frank, how are you doing, buddy?

Nice of you to drop by, Carl.

You know, some little bird told me
you were shutting up shop.

Well, nice of you to ask the boss.

You must have found a way through, huh?

Well, you can ask me after the dive.

Yeah, don't pull that
salty shit on me, Frank.

- We're running out of time here.
- Exactly.

And some of us have been
hauling equipment down here for weeks

while you piss off back
to America and pick up your girlfriend.

You know,
that's bullshit on so many levels,

I am not even going to address it.

I have given you every piece
of equipment you have asked for.

Spared no expense.

I guess the cave
doesn't understand that, Carl.


You know what? Check this out.


Now, I am going to haul this sucker down
2,000 vertical meters

just to give you a shot,
because your ass is so tight

when you fart only dogs can hear it.


Can you put Josh on?

Josh. You're up, buddy.

Nice work.
Biting the hand that feeds us.

If that soft-cock wants
his name on this cave,

he should be down here
getting his hands dirty.


You're on my shitlist.

We needed those
bail-out tanks down here, Josh.

All right?
We rely on you to do your job.

No, a job is something you choose to do,

something you get paid to do.

Stop treating me
like I am five years old.

Then stop acting like
you're five years old.

Do you think this is some downhill ride
that you can just party...

Frank, he was due for a break.

Everybody is due for a break.

I am not going to give him
special treatment.

You need to go easy on him.

That's exactly what I don't need to do.

This cave will kill you in a heartbeat.

He's a good kid, Frank.

Cut him some slack.

All right, listen.
I want you to stay here.

- I am going to do this push on my own.
- No.

No one dives alone. Let's go, J.D.

Jude, I am serious.

Frank, I didn't come all this way
to sit here on the sideline and watch.

No. Come on.

Come on, are we going to do this,

or we just going to talk about it?

I can't even see the bottom.

Trust me, you're going to love this.

What next?

Would you just relax?
I am signing for you right now.

Carl, are we doing this thing or what?

You're going to get it in five minutes.
Just two seconds, thanks.

I swear they would still manage
to find him on the moon.

I don't understand what the problem is.

I won't be back till the 13th.

Look, deal with them, will you?

Tell them I am off the grid
until further notice.


Dealt with.

Now, Josh, promise me
you won't let me fall.

I promise.
Just feed it through the rack.

Slow and steady like I showed you, okay?

Okay. Okay, sure.

Here we go. Here we go.

I met her on my Everest expedition.

Great. So she's even
crazier than you are.

Yeah. I am going to marry her one day.

Life's not a dress rehearsal, Josh.

You got to seize the day.

50 bucks says
I will reach the bottom before you.

Oh, you are so about to get spanked.


Yeah, it's pretty cool, huh?

Yeah. Amazing.

Carl, Rawlinson again.

Tell him he can kiss my ass.


Son of a bitch.

Carl likes to play by his own rules.

- You okay?
- Yep, all good.


Good to go?

Yeah, let's do it.

See you later.

"In Xanadu did Kubla Khan"

"A stately pleasure-dome decree"

"Where Alph, the sacred river, ran"

"Through caverns measureless to man"

"Down to a sunless sea"

There once was a man from Nantucket

whose head was the shape of a bucket.

How are you traveling, George?
Are you with us?

Roger that.

I am all over you, Judes.

Yeah, you wish.

Settle down, you two.

Let's keep the comms clear.

Yeah, well, let's keep
the poetry to a minimum, then, Frank.

Are you good, Liz?
How long to decompress?

All good. About 10 minutes.

Well, I will see you in a couple of hours.

Age and treachery
will always overcome youth and skill.

I think that's 50 bucks
you owe me, buddy.

Saddle up.

Okey-dokey. Let's do it.

You're with me, Judes?

I am on your six, Red Dog Leader.

- What? I can't see it.
- Don't worry about it.

We're about 5 meters from the bottom.

Just follow Josh's light.

You're quite the rappel rat.

Yeah, Dad gets me
every summer for a month.

Lucky you.

I have been dragged along
on these stupid expeditions all my life.

See, it never occurs to him to ask
if I actually like caving.

Yep, Josh is his own man.

He doesn't take after his dad much.

You mean I am not an emotionally
shut-down Nazi asshole?

True, but he is also the most
determined cave diver in the world.

Yeah. That's because
he's got nothing else.

Here you go.

Whereabouts are they?

Devil's Restriction.

And let there be light.

Let's put it down here and head on.

Roger that.

Hey, hey, hang on. Hang on.
Shit, my accelerator is stuck.

Careful, Judes.

Shit. Call the scuba police.

Ouch. Drinks are on you tonight, Judes.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

She's going to be pissed off about that.

Hang on, Judes. Look at this.

What is it?

The silt is pulling
through here pretty fast.

Looks interesting.

Could be a squeeze.

You getting this, George?

Roger that. I am all good.

What you got there, Frank?

I don't know.

Let's take a peek.

Hey, Vic.

Get some B-roll
for the National Geographic, would you?


So, Josh,

do you like caving?

My old man is obsessed
with torches, right?

All cavers are. It's their thing.

Check out what he got me
for my birthday.

It's from a wild boar
that he killed by hand

and ate on his expedition in Borneo.

That's pretty cool, right?

Wrong. He modified it.

Kills this wild boar, eats it,

and then turns it into a torch.

Oh, wow, that's so cool.

No, it's not cool.
That is a caver for you.

They're all, like, "Whoa, I get to
be the first person to check out"

"some awesome bit of rock
that looks just like the last 10 miles"

"of pointless rock."

It's so lame.


You just don't get it, do you?

Your old man,

he's the most respected
explorer of our time.

He's like a Columbus, or Neil Armstrong.

And these rocks, these caves,

man, this is it.

There is nowhere else left
on the planet to explore.

I mean, where else can you shine a light
where no human has been before, huh?

You want to shine a light
where no human has ever been before?

Here you go.

I haven't done this for a while.

Finally some excitement.

He's going in without bail-out.

He's keen.

Jesus, Frank. Just leave it.

That hole is tighter than a nun's nasty.

You sure you're up for this, Frank?

You don't have to come, Judes.

Yeah, right.

Plan the dive and dive the plan, Judes.

Go fuck yourself, George.

That hole looks pretty tight, Judes.

Hope that diet is working for you.

I am going in after them.

Jesus, Frank.

This is starting to get sporting.

No shit.

The re-breather is stuck.

My hose is caught.

I am wedged.

Frank. Frank, I am wedged.

It's stuck.

Judes, stay cool.

Deep and slow, Judes.

Panic's the vulture,
sits on your shoulder.

There is always slack somewhere.

It's cool. I have got it.


Good girl.

My God. Would you look at that?

He did it. He finally fucking did it.

Frank, you are one stubborn son
of a bitch. Look at that.

Since the beginning of time,

no human being has ever seen this.

Look at it.

It's like a cathedral.

St. Judes' Cathedral.

Damn right.

There is an air bell up there.

About 100 feet up.

A big air bell.

George, you have got to see this.

There's got to be a whole
new cave system up there.

I can feel it.




Do you want to go up and have a look?

You want to spend
two hours decompressing?

Let's leave something for Carl.


All right, George, we're winding it up.

Roger that.

You have done really good.

We will have a nice hot cup of tea
ready for you when you get back.

Hey, you have got a bit of a leak.

Let me take a look.

What do you mean? Where?


Shit. Judes, hold still.

Going for the bail-out, Frank.

Hold still. I have got you.
I have got you.

Frank, my bail-out.

Stay with me. Let me take a look.

Get me to the air bell, Frank.
Get me to the air bell.

Judes, it's too far.
We will never make it. You will get bent.

Come on, Frank. Come on, Frank,
get me to the air bell.

- Judes, it's too far.
- Jesus, fuck.

She's got no bail-out.

I am flooding.

Stay calm. We're going to buddy-breathe.

We're going to buddy breathe, all right?

Mask, off.

Frank, don't do it.
We're going to lose you both.

Frank. No, no.

No. No, Frank. No, no. No, Frank.

No, Frank. No.

Oh, man.


See? He just fucking yanks
the mask away from her.

I don't see it that way, Josh.

Hey. Hey, Josh,
you have got no fucking idea

what you're talking about.
No, he killed her.

That's bullshit. That's bullshit.

She is dead, and it's because of him.

Listen to me. Listen to me.

- Listen to me. Listen to me.
- Fuck off.

Buddy-breathing with a full-face mask
is the most radical thing

you can possibly do underwater.

He was insane to even try it.

It was the most
heroic goddamn thing I have ever seen.

- No, that's bullshit. Bullshit.
- Listen to me.

This wasn't a case of him or her, Josh.

This was about there being
one body down there or two.

Once Jude lost it, there was...

She was gone. She wasn't coming home.

Frank had no right taking her
through there without bail-out tanks.

Surely that was her choice.

- Every fiber...
- This is all bullshit.

...of Jude's being was driven to explore.

Frank didn't force her to do anything.


No, he always pushes too hard.

Josh, no.

He made this happen.

Does somebody want to give me a hand here?

Get her wrapped up
and ready to haul out of here.

Forward Base, Forward Base, do you copy?

If you can hear me,
the storm is right on top of us.

No, it's blowing straight in from the coast.

God damn it, Frank. Pick up.

Frank, can you hear me?

Have you got through to Jim
on the surface yet?

The comms are down.

It's probably the fiber connector
at Camp Three.

This is Camp Four to Surface Base,
come in.

What would you do?

On the mountain?

Camp Four to Surface Base, come in.
Jim, do you read me?

There is nothing can be done
for the dead at altitude.

If I were on the mountain,
I'd keep going.

Damn it.

Judes knew the risks better than anyone.

You drag everyone along
on your big dream

and they listen to you,
and they believe you,

and then they wind up down here,
fucking dead.

God, it's a sphincter of rock, Dad.
Nobody cares.

- People care.
- No, they don't.

- Judes cared.
- Nobody out there in the real world

gives two shits about this fucking cave.

Those bail-out tanks you were supposed
to bring down,

Judes and I had
to climb back up and get them.

Judes started the dive heavily fatigued

with a couple of hours
sleep under her belt.

Now maybe that didn't make any difference,

but maybe it did.

Want to think about that?

All right, the comms are down.

J.D., Liz, I want you to head back up.

Let everyone know we're coming out.

We're going to need all hands down here
in the morning

to haul the rest of the gear out.

Okay, J.D., I will prep the rigs.

I am going with them.

Yeah, that's right. You go.

And when you get up there,
find that chopper and keep going.


Jesus Christ, Frank.
Give the kid a break, would you?

I suggest you keep out of this.


All right.

Yes, okay.

You go. Thank you, Luko.

Don't worry about it. I got this.

What is it with this guy?
You're his boss.

Let me talk to him.



What the hell was that?

We better keep moving.

I wonder where it leads.

We could always go and check it out
first thing in the morning.

Just you and me, Frank. What do you say?

Liz, get up there.


I am going to call Surface Base.

Liz, get up there.

I am coming.

What the fuck is that?

The river. Surface Base.

- It is returning.
- Surface Base, do you copy?

- Get on the ropes.
- Can you hear me? Hello?

- Liz, come on.
- Can you hear me?

- Hang on.
- Get it in there.

- Got it.
- Forward Base. Dad?

- Dad, can you hear...
- Josh.

Up, good. Down, bad.

- Surface Base, do you copy?
- Quick as you can.

Surface Base, come in. Hello?
Can you hear me?


- Josh, is that you?
- Jim.

Jim. We're at Junction Three.
What's going on?

Thank Christ. Look,
you have got to pull the team out now.

The storm has turned into a cyclone.

No, no, no, no.
The others are still down there.

The comms are down.

Josh, get out of there now.

Repeat. Get out, mate. Get out now.


Josh, do you copy?

What the hell is happening?

Hurry up.

What about Dad and the others?

We can't help them from here.

We got to get back to the surface.
Organize a rescue.

A rescue? No, we can't just
leave them down there.


J.D., help me.


I think it's stopping.

Liz, are you all right?

I am okay.

There is a break in the flow.

We have to get out of here. Now.

Where's Carl?

What's going on?

We got to get out of here.


Where's Carl?

Come on, Josh.

What the hell is going on?

- Hurry.
- Josh, what the fuck are you doing?

Get up here.

Come on. Get on the rope.

I can't.

Josh, hurry up.

I can't leave them.

Hurry, Josh.

Oh, shit.


Get up here, now.

They're gone. Let's go.


Man, that was great. What?

We will never make that.


Get Victoria on that ladder.

Coming up behind you, Frank.

Watch yourself.


Who's there?



What the fuck are you doing here?


The cave is flooding.

Do you think?

Listen to me.

We need a belay. Can you do that?

Yeah, yeah.

- Secure?
- Yeah.

Quick, grab the line.

Clip it on.

Nice and tight. That's it.

- You're safe, let's go. Let's go.
- Okay.

Okay. Pull it.

Go, go.

That's it, one step at a time.
You got it.

She's climbing.

Nice and easy.

Go, baby. Go.

You're doing great.

Keep fighting, Vic.

Come on.

Take the weight.

Keep coming.

Come on.

Keep moving.

That's it. You got it.

Victoria, you're going
to take a big hit now.

Ready yourself.

You will be all right.

Go, baby.

That's it. Keep going.

That's it.

You're going great.


Stop. It's moving.

Go back down.

Fuck that.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

Hold on, okay?



Joshua. Where are you?

Oh, my God.


Jesus Christ, Vic. You good? Vic?



No. No.



Luko. Get Luko.

Luko. Luko.

Vic, talk to me.

- You good? You good?
- Yeah, I am all right.


George, let's go.

Watch that torrent.



Josh. Come on, get out of there.

Josh. Leave him.

Leave him.

You did everything you could, all right?

Frank, the exit. Shit.

We're heading back down to Forward Base.

We have got to find another way out.

Through the Restriction.

Grab anything you see that's useful.

I said useful.

Ropes, batteries, re-breathers.

We have got a few hours
before this place is underwater.

Frank, what if the air bell
through the Restriction is flooded?

Maybe we should
send the ROV through to check it out.

It won't be flooded.

Jesus, George. What if he's wrong?

Then we should all
start growing gills, mate.

This isn't my mask.
Where's my mask? God damn it.

Just bring those two
re-breathers over here.

George, give me a hand.

What the fuck are you doing?

Without a suit, you will go hypothermic.

This is the only one that will fit you.

Fuck that. I can't even dive.

I can't do this, any of this.

You can do this because you have
to do this. All right?

You can swim, can't you?

You can breathe? Then you can dive.

George will be with you all the way.

You will be all right.

I thought George couldn't dive anymore.

We're taking him out of retirement.


Okay, well, prioritize, Frank.

There's no time to take off her suit.

You have to show me
how to use the re-breather.

Listen to me.

No, you listen to me, Frank.

I'd rather be cold
and alive than warm and dead.

So, show me what to do.

You will need this.

I am fine in this, Frank.
Show me what to do.

Because I am not wearing the wetsuit
of a dead person.

Get her a mask.

First rule of diving,
never hold your breath.


You were bent before,
bad, in Mexico, right?

Mexico? Fucking Malaysia.

Mexico is where I got the clap.

Dad. Dad.

Bring the medical kit. It's Luko.

I will get it, Frank. You go.

He's still alive.

Josh, is he okay?

George, do we have morphine?

No. Nothing.

How bad is it?

George, take Josh away.

What are you going to do?

There's nothing we can do.

What do you mean?
You have to do something.

Josh, he's broken every bone
in his body, all right?

He can't hold a reg in his mouth.

You can't just leave him here to die.

I don't intend to.

No, no, no.
You have no right to do this.

You people have no idea, do you?

You have no idea.

You spend your lives
wrapped in cotton wool.

You want to play at being adventurers?

Well, this is it.

Okay. Come on, Vic. Come on.


Come on, mate. It's all right.

It's all right, my friend. Yeah.

How's it look down there?

Walk in the park.

I am closing the valve now, all right?

When you take it off, it stays closed, yes?

Come here, you.


You stay on the guideline, all right?

And don't let go of it.
And remember how to clear your mask?

Yeah. Yeah, Carl's taken me
through this all again.

Good. Well, now you get to hear it twice.

Keep the mouthpiece in or close the valve.

If you flood the breathing loop,
it's all over.

We will have over an hour of decompression
stops before we can surface.

Remember what Frank told you
about decompression sickness?

The bends, right.
If you get bent down there,

it's going to ruin your
whole day, believe me.

Green light is good, red light is bad.

I will monitor your PPO2.

Dad, I get it. Okay?

All right.

Stay at the same depth as me,

or your blood is going to fizz up
like a dropped can of beer.


All right, listen up.

Visibility is going
to be stirred to shit,

so stay on the guideline at all times.

I will bring up the rear.

Victoria is the last one
through that restriction.


You panic in that squeeze,
anyone behind you is dead.

You will be fine.

I will see you on the other side.

Could have picked
a better choice of words.

Where's Carl?

Where's Carl?

We have got to raise her body temperature.
She's hypothermic.

- Josh, get the space blanket.
- Yeah.

Cross your arms. Cross your arms.


Get here and get your kit off.
You're going to be under here with her.

Come on, get a move on.

George, get on oxygen.

No, I am fine.

Get on oxygen.

It's okay, babe, I am coming.

Josh, where's that blanket?

Got it. Got it. Here you go.

Okay, here it comes.

It's okay, I got her.

There you go. Baby,
you're going to be okay.

Any chance you get, hey, babe?

Come here, you.

You're no use to me
if you fizz up again.

All right, if we run out of light,
we run out of time.

Conserve your batteries,

and get some rest.

Still can't feel my feet.

I told you we'd take care of you, right?

Yeah, fun times.


I should have worn her suit.

Hey, you did great.

You're alive.

You understand, no matter what happens,

you never, ever give up.

Hey, Frank,

we should explore this section while
we're waiting.

Might be a way out.

Waiting for what?

Waiting for the rescue party.

There are no rescues down here.

Only body recoveries.


Everyone up there
already thinks we're dead.

Don't worry about it.

He's fine.

You all right?

- I am all right.
- Yeah?

Just taking a leak.

And there she goes.

No, I am all right.

I still think we should sit and wait.

Yeah, we have got enough food
for the next couple of days.

Couple of days,
this cave's going to be underwater.


We follow the river
and get to the ocean.

Okay, this way.

Are you sure?


Come on.

Hey, George. You all right?

I am fine.

You go on up ahead.


You all right?


did I ever tell you about the time
your dad really fucked up?


We were checking out this cave
on the Nullarbor we had found,

and there is nothing out there
as far as the eye can see.

Just this bloody great big hole
at the arse end of nowhere.

So, Frank backs the truck up
to the edge of it,

so we can tie off the guideline. Right?


So, we do the dive,

we're swimming back out,

when suddenly there's a vehicle
blocking the entrance,

60 feet underwater.

I am thinking,

that license plate looks familiar."

He'd gone and left the handbrake off,

dumb son of a bitch.

And pulled his truck
back into the cave with us.

We had to smash open the back window
just so we could swim out.


the poor bastard had to walk 20 miles
in the desert.

Twenty miles just to go get some help.

He's a hell of a fella, your old man.

Once you get to know him.


haul this thing for me a little while.

I just need to catch my breath.

Go on.

Go on.




How you holding up?

Hot bath and a brandy and I will be fine.

Carl, we will take a break
once we hit the top, all right?

Sounds good.

Where's George?


He's back there somewhere,
taking a break.

He said he'd catch up with us.



- George?
- Dad, what's going on?

Where did you see him last?

I don't know, we were...

Where? He's got the bends.

He doesn't want to slow us down.

There. His re-breather.


I know what you're doing.

George, where are you?





George, where are you?

Damn it. George.
You don't have to do this.


George, where are you?

Turn that light off.

Come on, Josh, we will make the cover
of National Geographic yet.

Hey. Hey. What the fuck are you...


When they pull our bodies
out of this place,

there's not going to
be any tourist shots.

Not of me and not of my boy. Understood?

Back off, Frank.


Are you okay, baby? Jesus Christ.

You're actually enjoying this,
aren't you, Frank? Hmm?

Making life or death
decisions. Playing God.

There's no God down here.

This place doesn't give a rat's arse
about you, or me,

or any of us.

We're bits of dust passing through.


George is gone.

What do you mean, "Gone?"

He fizzed up.

Decompression sickness.

He's gone.

Jesus, I am sorry, Frank.

I am sorry. Shit.


Come on, keep up. Josh. Victoria.

It's a meat grinder down there.


Maybe we missed something.

One of those tunnels back there.

No, we follow the river
all the way to the ocean.

Maybe we should head back,

wait for the water to subside
so we can find another way out.

Carl, you can do whatever you like.

Josh and I are going down here.

Can't we at least take a vote on it?

All right, let's vote on it.

Two against two. Now what do we do?

Come on. Enough of this bullshit.

Let's go back and
check on those tunnels.

No. Wait.

No, no, no.

It's best to stick together.


You better be right, Frank.

There's a ledge below us.

I can get a cam in there,

but I am going to need an anchor
so I can traverse around the other side.

Frank. I can hardly feel my fingers.

Dad, it looks pretty tricky.
You should let me do it.

No, absolutely not.

Let him do it, Frank.

Your son is the best climber we have.

All right. You be careful, please.

I have control.

You clipped in?

Roger that.

All right, give me some slack.

I am going to have
to improvise this last bit.


Are you good?

I am good.


Good boy.

Are you okay?

Get that light off her.

My hair.

Jesus Christ.

Hang on, honey.

Victoria. Try not to move.

What's going on?

Her hair is caught in the rack.

Jesus Christ.

Hang on in there, honey.

Hang on.

Joshua, get back.

Get off that line.
It won't take the weight.

Help me.

Hang in there, Vic. We're coming.

Victoria, listen to me.

You have to transfer your weight.

Try and get a foothold.

I can't get a hold.

For Christ's sake.
She has to do something.

All right. I am coming up.

You're not. You're staying here
until we work out a plan.

Victoria, don't panic.

I can reach her.

Hang on in there, Vic. Hang on.

Victoria. Listen to me.

I know you're in a lot of pain,

but you have to stay there. Help me.

Do nothing until we can
get a rope up to you. You understand?

I am going to cut my hair free.

No. Do not use your knife.


Put your knife away.

Take that knife away from the rope.

I can get up to her.


Put your knife away.


I can climb up there and I can get her.

Do you understand me?

I can get up to her.


Christ. Jesus Christ.


We should get going.


Victoria made her own choices.

All right? She chose
to come down here without experience,

she chose to dive without a wetsuit,

she chose to use her knife.

That's three big mistakes

in a place you're lucky
to get away with one.

Now we have only got one re-breather left.

You heartless bastard.

Have you no decency? Huh?

Who the hell do you think you are?

We can mourn her in the daylight.

We got to get on.

How did you become like this?



I know I haven't been
anything of a father to you.

All right?

I am not much good up there.
Full stop, mate.

That's just a fact.

Cities and cars and mortgages,

I could never be
what your mother needed.

Or probably what you needed.


Why caves?

Down here, I can make sense of this.

Do you know what I mean? I can...

It's like my church.

I can hold a mirror up
and say, "This is who I am."

I don't want to die, Dad.

I don't want to die down here.

It's all right. It's all right.

It's all right.

It's all right, mate.

We're not going to die.

I am sorry. I am sorry.

We're going to get out of here,
all right? Yep?



Let's keep moving.

Good Christ. Dead end again.

All right, we will rest
up here for a while.

And I will take the last re-breather,
run through, see if she goes.

Then I will come back and get you, Josh,
and later, you, Carl.


Sure, Frank. Whatever you say.

Dad. Carl's taking the re-breather.

What's he doing?

He's not going to come back.

The son of a bitch.


Come on.

Dad. Dad.

Is it dead?


Well, the tunnel could choke.

Then he'd have to come back.

If the tunnel chokes, we're dead anyway.

So what do we do now?

I don't know.

I am tired. Need to rest.

What are you talking about?
We have to go back.

We will find another way out.

What's wrong with you?

You remind me of me.


Bat shit.

Do you think there's a way out?

Well, I am guessing the bats
didn't swim down here.

"In Xanadu did Kubla Khan"

"A stately pleasure-dome decree"

What's that?


Very hippy-skippy.

Well, he was on drugs when he wrote it.

I didn't know you were into poetry.

I am not.

Your mother was.

Teach it to me.

"In Xanadu did Kubla Khan"

"In Xanadu did Kubla Khan"

"A stately pleasure-dome decree"

"A stately pleasure-dome decree"

"Where Alph, the sacred river, ran"

"Where Alph, the sacred river, ran"

"Through caverns measureless to man"

"Through caverns measureless to man"

Get up there. Climb over me.

Here, give me your hand.


- Good work.
- Yes.

Good work.


I have got no light.




We should rest up.


Dad, I can see you.

Well, we're not climbing out of here.

Now that's something
you don't see every day.

A tank?

A bloody tank?


They were all over
this place during the war.


We must be pretty near the coast.

The cave must have
collapsed underneath them.

Do you think anyone survived?

Doesn't look like it.

There you go.

Told you.

We could stay here, you know?
Hope that someone finds us.

Assuming they're looking for us.


Assumption is the mother
of all fuck-ups.

That sounds familiar.

And we're so close.

Now that's just teasing us.

Don't take it personally.

We're here now, that's the main thing.

So what do we do?

Do we stay here or do we push on?

You decide.

Hey, Dad, I have found the river.

Lost my grip.

Well, you should be more careful.




The river has flushed everything
through here like a sewer.


It stinks in here.


Josh? Frank?

Is that you, guys?

Thank God.

Thank God.


What the fuck?

What the hell were you thinking?

Well, I was going to
come back for you guys.

I would have come back.

I would have, you know?
I just ran out of air.


You got any food?

Yeah, of course.


Thank you.

Frank, Frank, please.

Please don't go over there, Frank.

Frank, please.

Please, Frank.

The river dumped her here, Josh.

Like a piece of garbage.

Josh, I am sorry, buddy.

I messed up, you know?

I admit it, I messed up. Okay?

I panicked, you know?
It was a moment of madness.

I don't know what came over me.

I am sorry. I am sorry, Josh.

Good girl, Judes.

Josh, let's go.

Wait. What?



No, no, no.
You're not going to leave me here. No way.

You can do whatever you like.


Well, fuck you, Frank.

She goes.

- There's a tight squeeze...
- Yeah?

...but once you get through,
it's crystal clear.

Well, we will buddy-breathe
through the sump.

One breath each.

Nice shallow breaths.

What about Carl?

I will go get him.

Can't breathe. It's my back.

It's in my, it's in my...

No, no, Josh. No, Josh.


you trust the cave, all right?

Trust the cave and follow the river.

It will lead you out.


- No. No, we can still make it.
- Shh-shh.

Dad, we can buddy-breathe like you said.

It will be fine.

It's all right.

He killed Victoria, Josh.


He will kill all of us.

You take one step closer
and I will fucking kill you.

The only reason
we're still breathing is because of him.

Josh, could you get me into the water?

Could you help me into the water?

You have got better instinct than me,
so listen to it, all right?

You keep going and don't you give up,

or you will be back on my shitlist.

No. Dad, I am not leaving you here.

Can you...

Can you help me?

Help me.

I don't want this to take too long.

No. No, no, no.

It's all right. It's all right.

I will stay. I will stay with you.

I will stay with you.

You will be fine.

Hey, no.

You stay and you die.

No, no.

Just help me.

I am so proud of you, Josh.

Please help me.

"In Xanadu did Kubla Khan"

"A stately pleasure-dome decree"

"Where Alph, the sacred river, ran"

"Through caverns measureless to man"

"Down to a sunless sea"



It's time to go.

Are we home yet?


George was right.

I never knew my father,

but I found him in that cave.

He was a hell of a fella,

once you got to know him.