Sanctuary (2015) - full transcript

A young free mind German 14 year old boy in a northern Lower Saxony province town is in love with his mother. His stepfather intentifies him as an competitor and let him bring into a boarding school run by a christian organisation. The headmaster is a psychotic person. He and his employees want to break him and all the other boys there as well. Tortured and hard working he decides to flee. Rioting and fearless he flees, makes his way back to his hometown only to find that his mother and stepfather won't believe his story, betray him to extradite him again to the headmaster. After months his stepfather dies unexpected and mama wants him back. There is no way back home - only the way away from all the people who betrayed him to find his own way in this world. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
"Reform schools aim to develop
Christian personalities

by raising children to believe
and moulding the entirety of the child

with all his natural abilities
in the service of love."

Guideline for educator training at
the former Freistatt Welfare Institution

Based on true events,
shot at the original locations.


I told you to tweak it, not junk it!

Now that clunker
takes off like a rocket!

Who's gonna reach the moon first?
The Americans or the Russians?

The Russians, of course.
- The Americans. - Watch out

that the school
doesn't lengthen your contract.

Two more exams and I'm done.

In fall I'll become a mechanic
working for Struve.

You applied, too, didn't you?
- With Struve? - Yes.

Does your father approve?
- Step-father!

He won't be around long.
- Sure.

When he runs into the wall with a hard-on
he breaks his nose first.

Watch it!


Would you stop it.
- Wolfi, I want a piece, too.

Take the biggest one.
Help yourself, it's my favorite cake.

Thank you.
- Thank you, Wolfi.

She sure knows how to bake.

Want to see some hot stuff?
- Yeah, cool.

Biene, I don't think
it's anything for little girls.

She wants it bad.
- Hands off!

From the front, from the back.
- What are you doing?

How icky!

Heinz is such a dirty slob.

Get outta here! Move it!



Do you have anything to say to me?
- Why are you embarrassed by that mag?

You can do better than that. Come on.

Stop it! Heinz!

I told you
nobody's gonna make a fool of me.

He can do whatever he likes.
But not in my house!

Come on!

Come on!

Just you wait, pal. Just you wait!

Does it hurt?

What a bastard!

It can't go on like this.

There's not enough room
for three brats here.

Okay, it's time to go.

I promise you'll be home by Christmas.

Here's the cake.

Can I sleep on top now?

Sure, but only until I come back.

Keep your chin up!
- Are you coming back?

I have to finish school...
- You can call anytime...

Thank you for everything.
- I love you.


Thank you.

- Bye.


Thank you.



Go ahead. Sing a song.

That's enough.

Oh well, you tried.

You have a good voice.

Unruly, disobedient.

Six months "Heidequell" Reform School,
ran away after three months,

aggressive behavior.
- I just fought back.

Denies his misbehavior, lies,

lacks understanding,

has no desire to reform.
- I never hit anyone!

My step-father wants to get rid of me.

I see.

Know what, Wolfgang? I think highly
of the reports from Youth Welfare.

They make excellent pots
for seedlings.

Later we can plant the seedlings
together with the pot.

And when the paper is wet...

the roots quickly find their way
into the dirt.

Got any hobbies?

Yeah, soccer.

And I like to work on motorbikes.
- Good.

We can use agile hands here.

I think the two of us
will get along well together.

And we'll crop your mane a little.

Your watch, too.

Come on, don't fall asleep!

Where are the others?

Come on, get a move on it!

Look, a newbie.

Move it!

You're always causing trouble!
You are such a little wimp!

I'll show you how to work! - Come here.
- Half rations for everybody!

You wait here until the others
have changed, then you go.

What's your name?
- Wolfgang. - Okay, guys,

off to the showers!

You're next!
- Penis.

You can go now.

Piss off!

Did you look at my ass?
- No!

Move it!

- Shut up! This is my piece now!

Shut up!
- Shit!

Let's pray.

Sit up straight.

Bless this meal, oh Lord,

give us strength to praise you.


Enjoy it.

Bon appetit.

Speak freely.
- Thank you, Big Brother Wilde.

Hi, I'm Anton.

I heard you come from Osnabrück?
I do, too.

What music do you like?
- You keep your mouth shut!




I don't want to hear a peep!



Ah, welcome. You get a bit more.


- What sort of shit

did you do today?

You just did half a job.

And I get half rations!
Know how hungry I am?

You're done for, man.
You know what I mean?

You're getting your dick polished.

I told you to lift it up.
- No.

No, please don't.
- If you fuck up, you gotta lift it.


Please. Please! - Work faster
next time, then this won't happen.

Hold your dick still.
- Hey, you ass!

Ass like the end of my back?
- Exactly!

Know what? You aren't gonna have
any teeth to brush.

Your mouth stinks like a cow's ass.


With a face like his
a fart doesn't know where to come out.

- Relax.

Just kidding.

You got a big mouth for a kid your size.

Want to try some polish?
Tastes good, doesn't it?

Tastes good, huh?

It tastes good.

"Brother Bernd".

Want me to smash your face in?
- That's enough!

Everybody upstairs!


Don't give me any trouble.

Damn it, I can't get the stuff off.


Hey, is everything okay?

You're so stupid!
You don't understand a thing. Get lost!

17, 18, 19, 20,

21, 22, 23...

That's your bed over there.
25, 26, 27,

28, 29...

Good night, boys!
- Good night, Brother Krapp!

Hey there.

Don't touch me.
Never again. Understand?

Can I be your sidekick?

What's that about?
- Shh, quiet.

I give you tobacco and cookies,
and you protect me.


Good morning.
- Good morning, Housefather Brockmann!

Good morning, Big Brother Wilde.

Good morning, Brother Krapp.
- March in place!

A song!

Far and wide as the eye can wander-Heath and bog are everywhere

Not a bird sings out to cheer us

Oaks are standing gaunt and bare

We are the peat bog soldiers

Marching with our spades

To the moor...

Come on! Move it!

Come on!


Come on!

Let's go!

Move it!

Push, push!

What are you doing up front?
Having a tea party?

How do you call it in your dialect?

Are you a lazybones or what?

I'd like a ride with her.
- Starry eyes ahead again!

There's nothing to see.

Roll up your sleeves!

How do your briquets look?
Miserable would be an understatement.

Are you retiring already?

We do muscle exams here.

The Lord sees everything.

You want lunch, don't you?

No half-assed stuff! Pile them up.

Whole briquets.

Move your ass!

That's how you say it.


Quiet, you damn Nigger!

Smoke freely!
- Thank you!

Give me the match.

I don't smoke.

The lighter!


Get up, back to work.

You get your rubber boots in two months.

What? In two months?

- In two months?

What's the deal? I want boots right now!
- Listen here,

the new guy has shit in his shoe!

Is that what you want?
It isn't the peat that's shitty!

You're shitty!

Stop it! What's wrong with you?

You're still too soft on them!

Get back to work! Go on!

Move it!

Show your housemaster
what you can do!

Don't just gawp.

Once again, when you work
the peat, make sure the briquets

are the same size.

What are you doing? Don't!

Are you crazy? That's pointless!
- Shut up!

What's wrong?

Stop! We have a problem!

What's this?

What's going on?

What's going on?
- Don't just stand around staring!

Four get down, two on each side.
At my command!

Yeh, alright.

Cliff, come here!

This was in there.

Come on.

Come on home.

Hold still.


It'll grow back.

Nagger and Nigger, huh?

Know what I really hate?
A smoking ban.

A whole week.

I thought, “Okay,
maybe he's just a bit stupid.

Maybe I have to really
explain the rules to him.“

So you're a team, huh?

Does it hurt? Does it hurt?

Does it hurt?
- Look at that!

Get up! Get up!

I want my tobacco!

Come on, guys!


Hit him!

Don't stroke him, hit him!

Don't be so quick about it.

Come here, my boy.

Everything will be okay.


You'll have to sleep on your belly now.

Hey, I'm really sorry.

You think I'm a real bastard, huh?

But in here you gotta do what they say,
or you won't survive.

I know who'll make it and who won't.

I'll be outta here by Christmas.

Oh yeah.
Is that what your parents told you?

That's what they told Günther, too.
He was 13 back then.

It won't take long.
And then Brockmann will finish you off.

And you'll look like this.
Stop it now.

Stop biting your nails.

What do you think?

He isn't gonna get me.


Hey, are you outta your mind?

That's my mother!

She has such beautiful breasts.

I'll give you some breasts!

...I want to try to be a better person.

I cause the boys
a lot of trouble at work.

Thank you, Lord,

for letting me stay at Freistatt.

Are you crazy?

Sitting here on this fucking cold floor.
Go to bed!

Watch over Brother Wilde
and especially Brother Krapp.

You're praying for those pigs?

Are you completely off your rocker?
Come on.

It's okay.

It's okay.

Stop staring. That's Angelika,
Brockmann's daughter.

Just imagine, she lives next door,
but she isn't allowed to talk to us.

Are you almost finished?
Full? You can fit some more in.

Two or three.

One of you helps carry it.
Wolfgang, come here!

Help carry it.

Come on!

Come on, hurry up.

As fast as if the devil
was pulling that peat.

I could patch your trousers
as you stand there.

Let's see.
We can manage seven loads a week.

But that makes 400 marks.

Oh, that's a bit too expensive.
I can't buy it for that.

I'll offer you 300

in cash.


Okay, since it's you,
since we bargained so long.

350... here.

We're starting in five minutes!

I hope it's all right.
Okay, take care. See you soon.

Drive away.

Hey guys, move it.

There's a black music concert tonight.
- Quiet!


10 minutes.
- What?

Move it!

Go down there.

What's going on?

Listen up, you do-gooder!
You gotta clear it with me first.

Why not go back to welding?
It's what you trained for.

I'm preparing them for life!

Fetch the stick!

Gimme that.

Dear Mom.

Don't worry about me. I'm fine.

I'm learning a lot about the Christian faith.

They take good care of me, I'm outdoors
a lot and have made many friends.

Please write soon.

Yours, Wolfgang.

Hey, stop it!

Some nice sauerbraten
from my grandma. Juicy and delicious.

It'd be great.

But this hits the spot, too.

Oh, you're gonna get the runs.

What a knockout!

A real love bomb.

Damn chain!


Don't say a thing.

It's boring in the bog, right?

What are you here for? Stealing candy?

I smoked weed.

You want a drag?

Can you send this away for me?

You're a really cool boy.
If my father ever found out...

- What will you give me?

I have an idea.

Get in the house! - Should I tell you
what this little kid did to me?

He hit on me.
He did it again! Why are you staring?

Are you deaf?
What are you staring at?

Next time I'll kick your ass.
Do you understand?

Help your mother.
- What?

Should I let him touch me?

Explain to your comrades why
they aren't getting any dinner tonight.

I could sole your shoes
while you're walking!

No dinner tonight.

Yes, sir.

I have no desire
to keep slugging you in the face.

Why can't you stick to the rules?
How can the guys survive tomorrow?

This is not all about you.

Then I'll get us something to eat.

The garden is Brockmann's sacred place.

You may as well screw his daughter.
- Wanna bet?

For tobacco.

You won't even get a tomato,
not a single one.

Ah, for the garden.

You don't have the boys under control.

Don't you like it here? - Sure.
- Want to go back to welding pipes?

I do all I can.



- He's crazy.


Get lost.

Honestly! That's enough!

Just stop it.
- Was that all you got?

Stop it! Stop it now!

Garden work, pest control.

Wolfgang: insubordination.
Punishment: four slaps.

Book of punishments

Quick, raise his head.
- Shit, what's this here?


We'll dress his wounds.

Now be quiet.

I found something
among my daughter's things.

"Dear Mom...

Get me out of here, please.

I can't stand it here.

We are beaten and tortured..."

Go on reading.

"Sometimes I cry myself
to sleep at night."

Read it louder.

"I would love to be back home
with you again.

I won't cause trouble again.

I miss you so much.

Yours, Wolfgang."

I don't care. Punish me.


Be quiet!

Quieten them down!

Stop it!
- It's your fault!

Stop! Stop this childish behaviour!

I'll have you for this!


Stop! I'll have you as well!

Get a grip of yourself!
- Stop it!

Stop it!
- Get a grip!

That Nigger there.

Just you wait!

For my Wolfgang

Mr. Brockmann.

The boys are going crazy.
What should we do?

Piece of cake?

No, thanks.

Give it to me.

Don't you see? She doesn't remember you.

Not even on your birthday.

What did you do for your mother?

I defended my mother.

I got my face smashed in.

I saved her life.

But does she write me?

Believe me.

She forgot you.

Give me that.


Give me the photo!
Give me it, asshole!

They forgot us. Just look at it.

They forgot us! Everybody forgot us!

Dear Freistatt boys,

I know that tonight

you're all thinking
of your parents, and your parents

are certainly thinking
of you tonight.

You wonder:

Why can't I be with my family tonight?

Why do they leave me here alone?
- Come on.

But our Lord
doesn't leave anyone alone.

And when you are worried,
the church embraces you with open arms.

Fine, for baby Jesus.

Here, throw it in.

Maria walks amid the thorn

Kyrie eleison

Maria walks amid the thorn

Which seven years no leaf has born

Jesus and Mary

Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas...

Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas...

Hans stole this from the kitchen.

Merry Christmas.

Brother Krapp.

I have a present for you.
- For me?

Finished Brockmann's cake?
- Thank you, Mattis. You're a good boy.

Don't throw the food around!
Merry Christmas.

I have an announcement to make.

Brother Krapp will be leaving us.

For personal reasons.

We regret his decision
and wish him all the best

along his further path.
- What?

You can't do that.

It's okay, Mattis. Sit down.

It's okay.

Now go back to your seat.

I didn't tell anyone.

I swear. - What?
- I didn't tell anyone.

It's all my fault.
- I don't know what you mean.

Sit down! - It's all my fault. - What?
- Is that why you don't like me now?

I'll be even nicer to you. - Stop it!
- But I'm your dear Mattis! Please!

Please! - Stop it!
- I'm your dear Mattis! - Stop it!


Get him out!

I don't know...

Come here. Get up.
I really don't know what...

Get outta here!

I didn't want to...
- Get out!

Take me with you. Please!

You can't do this.
- I'm sorry. - Get out!

Then let us sing.


Oh you merry

Oh you blessed

Merciful Christmastide

The world was lost...

Turn that thing off!

Where are the others?
- Tidying up. This group is finished.

The TV will only be turned on
when the housefather says so.

Why don't you play Mau Mau?

Cliff, come here!

Here you dig peat everywhere!

Come on! You got an hour
to clear out all this underbrush!

I want this place clean!

We'll stay together, won't we?

Big Brother needs help.

Come here.

I'm going to boarding school.

To Hamburg. At last.
I was at my wit's end thinking of ways

to get out of here. Maybe
I can even study, Political Science.


That's great.


Stop it, Wolfgang! Stop it!

Wolfgang, stop it!

I'll come and visit you soon.

What do your briquets look like...

Come on, come on!

Work hard!

We grease the Earth on her axis here.

What's wrong with you?


You should kowtow. That's Japanese.

Kiss my ass!
- Here, take the digger.

Come on!

You think it's funny?

Then I'll show you what's funny.

This is funny!

Come on! Get to work!

Come on!

I warn you. I can get mean! I'm not...

It isn't the peat that's shitty!

What are you waiting for? Come on!

I'll kill you!

Come on!

Come on!


The dyke. Come on.

Come back, Anton.
- I'm stuck.

Take my hand!

Come on. Anton, Come on!

We made it. We'll make it.

Are you alright?

I can't go on.


Come on.
- Maybe we better go back.

I'll get us outta here, Anton.

We've almost made it.

Come on. Come on.

Now get up there.

Got it?
- Yeah.

17 is a good age for a horse, isn't it?
- Yeah,

it was always true blue.
- Yeah, I believe you.

Do you know what? - What?
- The police were here yesterday.

What for? - Some boys ran away
from Freistatt. - Osnabrück.

Bad kids?

Home at last.

Those boots suit you.
- Yes, considering they're stolen.

Good luck. See you.

You're going to your parents, too?

What street do you live on?

You don't even live here.

Not even in Osnabrück?

You don't have any parents.

But you got letters.

The letters, who wrote them?


You can't come home with me!
- Please.

My mother's old man doesn't
even want me! - I'm your sidekick.

Here, call your relatives
or friends! Go on!

Go on!
You can't come with me! Get lost!

What happened to you?

You're chilled to the bones.

What happened?

Wait a second.

They'll beat me to death!


At the institution?

You wrote me that...
- We had to write it.

Yes? - Good morning,
my name is Brockmann. - Wolfi?

I'm the housefather...
- Wolfi, what's wrong?

Ah, good morning. - I'm sorry
that I have to bother you on Sunday.

But I was told
that Wolfgang was here.

Yes, that's right.

Come on in.

Thank you very much.

Don't be afraid. No one will harm you.

The boy's telling us
some very adventurous stories.

Would you like some coffee?
- Very kind of you,

but I can't stay.
- Okay.

Good morning.

And who are you?

I'm not going back!

Excuse me.

What's wrong with you?

That's enough!

What's going on there?

I don't know what your son told you.
- I'd like to talk to you.

What's going on at your institution?

Wolfgang is emaciated!
- Nonsense! - Emaciated!

Of course. And he's being beaten.
- He just hit me himself!

You just saw it.

Come on, let's play.
- And one or two slaps...


I got this for Christmas.


And you buy things in my shop.

Yeah, that's a good idea.

Why? - Wait. I'm not acting on
feeling here. I'm going to take a look.


and apples, cherries,


Your mother wants to see our place
with her own eyes. - Birgit,

take care of Benno.
You and Wolfi can play later. - Yeah.

Come on, get dressed.

What was that supposed to mean? - Do me
just one favor. - I'm the man of this house!

No, I'm the mother!
- You mother!

Know what, Wolfgang?
I've been in Freistatt for 25 years.

You and your son...





Get out!


Get out!

Don't listen to him!

Don't listen to him!

Look at this! Look what they do!
- I'm fed up!

Look what they do!

Please, come on!
- Please, drive away!

You little piece of shit!

No more trouble from you!

Come on.

Get down!

Come on!


Stop. Dig.

1.70 m by 0.80 m.

Do it!

Move it!

Let me out!

Hands behind your back!

Pale like a bear's nuts.

- Dig!

Get started!

Come on, bury him!

Bury him!

Move it!

Hey, how does it feel?

I won't do that.

What? You won't do that?
- I don't want to.

You can do it.

Do it for me!

Come on!


No! No!

Okay, do it! Do it!

What's wrong? Are you chicken?

You coward! Do it!

Do it! Do it!

Come on, keep going!

Pick up the shovel!

Take the shovel!

Come on!

Come on! We're going home!

It's okay, my boy. I'm here.

"Dear Anton,

We've finally reached the point."

Nobody can read that.

"You're coming home.

Just one more night.

We can hardly wait
to... embrace you once more."

"Embrace" with no R! Christ, Anton!

"We love you more than ever.
Mom and Dad."

What's going on here?

Get moving! Brush your teeth!

Get dressed! Hey?

Where's that wimp?

Are you sleeping again?

Good morning!



Don't blame yourselves.


He was weak.

Negroes are just hard to see in the dark.

Come on, get to work.


For your collection.


Get to work.

You two, get him outta here.

Brother Hanebuth,

come here!

Come on out, Hanebuth!

You were just a little squirt
when you came here.

If that's what you want...

Give me that!

Go away!

You monster!

No! No!

You'll never learn,
you piece of shit!

You've left me here alone.

- Yes!

We're getting outta here! Come on!

Aren't you coming?

- Gimme your jacket and trousers.

Speak freely!

Thank you, Big Brother Wilde.

Report for roll call!

Not you.

Americans on the moon

I'm sorry
about your step-father's accident.

I hope you'll remember some
of the lessons you learned here.

Good luck and stand tall.

Catch it!

Well done.

Georg. We can use agile hands here.

You don't say anything.
Tell me, why are you here?

Birgit? - Yes.
- Did you take the cake outside?

Of course.
But I want to sit next to Wolfi. - Sure.

Can you help me with the napkins?

I'm looking forward to Wolfi.
- Me, too. - Do you think he's changed?

I don't know. What do you think?
- I don't know. - Maybe a bit.

Maybe he's matured a bit.

Hey, Wolfgang!

Hey, Wolfi!

I don't believe it. Come here.
- What happened to you?

I knew you'd be coming home.
My condolences, by the way.

Hey, could you lend me some money?

Sure, what do you need?

I don't know. Maybe 20.

But hey, make sure you give it back.

Hard-earned money working for Struve.
- Wolfgang!


Wait a sec.

We're going to the lake later.
Want to come with us?

My mother made a meal.
We're celebrating. - I see.

I'll stop by this evening.
- Are you coming, Biene?

Oh, cake!

Are you crazy?


Is it broken?

Fucking asshole!

Until the 1970s, Freistatt was regarded

as one of the toughest
juvenile corrective training institutions.

After 1945
more than 800,000 girls and boys

lived in about 3,000 such
church and state-run homes in the FRG.

The German parliament didn't approve
compensation payments until 2010.

Thanks to Freistatt Welfare Institution,
this film was shot at the original locations.

Today Freistatt is a modern
social service organisation

that offers a varied educational
programme for children and teenagers.

Subtitles: John R. Middleton