Sanctuary (2013) - full transcript

A movie about a young girl and her dad, and their relationship to each other. Hella's dad is questioned by the police over a murder. Hella only has her dad, so if he get arrested she will go into foster care. So they take their things leave the house to live in the woods. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Wake up, someone's coming.

I think someone's coming.

Where's your dad?

- He hasn't done anything.
- But where is he?

I understand it feels strange,
but I think this will turn out fine.

I only want your best.
Do you understand?

Regardless of the outcome
in the trial, it's best

for you to come
to a proper family.

We are a proper family.

Hella, won't you come with us?
You can't be here alone.

He's coming home tomorrow.

Will you go to prison?

I won't go to anyone else.

I hate them. I hate how they look
at me with their tilted heads.

But now it'll be like that.

- Then I might as well die.
- Quit it.

No, I'd rather die.

- What do you want me to do?
- I don't know.

It's your fault.
You've done things, not me.


She was too old.
She can't come with us.


- Should I put it here?
- Yes, do so.

They're coming!

- Where are we going?
- We'll see. It'll be fine.

Thinking about Steja?

You'll get a new one later.

Pull ahead.

Pull ahead, then!

Do you think someone's
walked here before us?

Maybe during the Middle Ages?

It's nice here. It's good here.

- What are you making?
- A toilet.

It sounds like they're hurt.

It's just animals.

They might come after us.
You understand?

- Are you afraid?
- No.

- Are you cold?
- No.

Promise that you won't
fall asleep before I do.

Do you remember the girl who starved
to death at the table tennis camp?


She was like a skeleton,
just with flesh.

They put her up to a test.
They placed two adjacent chairs,

and told her to walk between them.
"I can't, it's too narrow" she said.

They made her try and
when she did, it worked.

She said that they cheated and moved
the chairs when she didn't watch.

I'd like to live forever.

Me too.

Or I don't know. You might get bored
in the end after a thousand years.




It was no one.

Just a moose.

- Can't we go swim later?
- Maybe, if I have time.

What do you mean "time"?
We have all the time in the world.

We'll see.

He seems so...

I don't know.

He doesn't look like someone who
could kill. Not that kind.

I've met many murderers and
no one has been "that kind".

"I haven't written in a long time,
since not much is happening."

"But we're rapidly getting
closer to Christmas."

"The Advent calender on TV is great.
It's about Albert and Herbert."

"I bought Christmas
presents today."

"I can't say what,
he might find the diary."

"The first snow came today but it
melted away. I hope more is coming."

Dad, did you really
kill that man?

- Do you think I did it?
- I know you did it.

It was an accident.

- Or else he would've killed me.
- So you had to?

Something like that.

How did it feel to
shoot someone?

It feels like...
it's not for real.

How old was he?
Did he have children?

No, he had no children.

Damn it.

I'm cold.

- Take this one.
- It's wet!

Take mine then.

What the fuck are you doing?
We might have use for that.

You said it was old,
since the war!

Go wash up,
you look like a fool.

Sorry for being stupid.

- Friends?
- Okay.

I'll remove that
from your face.

You're so damn
stupid sometimes.

- Why don't you ever tell me anything?
- I remember nothing. Got a bad memory.

I don't believe that.
I think you remember everything.

Tell me all the places
you've been to.

Marseilles, Rotterdam, Kavala,

Faroe Islands, Kiwayu,
San Fransisco,

Las Palmas and Gothenburg.

Which trip was the most fun?

Portugal, maybe.

There was a little kid who constantly
ran after me. He was always happy.

He didn't say anything, he only
followed me. Like a little dog.

Before going back, I asked if he wanted
something. "Shoes" he said.

So I went with him to the
city to buy a pair.

The damn clerk wouldn't let him
try any because of his dirty feet.

I went out and got a bag,
so he could try with the bag on.

It went fine.

I don't think I've ever seen anyone
be so happy. He just ran away,

like an arrow,
with the trainers.

When I came home,
Mom said she was knocked up.

- Was that me?
- Yes.

Would you'd rather
liked me to be a boy?

I don't want anyone else,
you should know that.

I'd intended to buy some land
in Faro and build a house.

With a balcony to the ocean.

Falling asleep to the murmur of the waves.
Wouldn't you've liked that?


- The capital of Hungary?
- Bucharest.

- No, that's Romania. But almost.
- It's no good, I can't think.

Bucharest is Romania.
Budapest in Hungary.

Think like this:
Hungary has a bud, Budapest.

Hungary has a bud.

Then I might as well think that Romania
has a bud and Hungary has a buch.

No, Hungary has a bud. Think like that
and you won't forget, promise.

Have you scribbled in it? You can't
do that, it's supposed to be returned.

- The school should have it back.
- When?


What are you doing?
What are you eating?

You can't eat mushrooms without
asking me first. Spit it out!

- Stop it!
- Spit it out! Then throw up!

Out with it! Everything.

You can die from it!
Get it?

We're idiots if we eat
unknown mushrooms.

You're an idiot!

- Might so be. But we have to survive.
- For how long?

Calm down.

You're a thief and a murderer. I don't
want to become like you, always hiding.

What time is it?

What time is it?

- What is it?
- I don't know.


I need salt.

- When are you coming back?
- Tonight.


Fucking hell's damned piss.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.





It's so nice having
someone visiting.

Several months might pass without
a single person stopping by.

I was beautiful, wasn't I?

"She's married with the camera"
they said.

But it's a relationship
that doesn't last.

Want to see what I'm doing out there?
Here's where I work.

I need an outlet for my creativity.
I have to keep my hands occupied.

Sometimes I have a serious need
of releasing my madness.

To be able to carry on from
what life brings you.

You know, you're born into
a certain historical era.

Get it? As a matter of time,
you're born into a certain age.

So I sometimes need my madness
to reach past that limit.

Go ahead.

Do you have children?

No, how silly of me.
You're too young, right?

You can't be more than
10 to 15, or so.

- Your mom is beautiful, no?
- She's dead.

That's how it goes.

Once, you'll become one of those
who lived long ago.

The earth will remember you as it
remembers the grass and the forests.

As the soil remembers the moldering leaves
and as the mountains remembers the winds.

Your peace should be
endless like the ocean.

Get it?

Isn't it damn awful, having to die
to get some peace?


No pores.

It's like velvet.

Let me see.

You look like a elegant lady.

Good night, my child.

- What are you doing?
- I need to pee.

Are you running away?

Hey, brat! Come back!

We aren't done!


You bastard!

- And this.
- How tasty.

- Take this one too.
- Thanks.

The worst is that when you look out,
you only see a grey wall.

Maybe the sun is shining,
maybe it rains. You don't know.

You want to be outside as much as you're
allowed to. Then it's free upwards.

As if you've turned
the world upside down.

Then it's night and they lock it
up again. Something like that.

Remember when you and Mom were visiting?
You bit a guard in the hand.

You and Mom wanted to be
alone in that visiting room.

And I never understood why.

That was because you wanted
to eat with the staff.

I did?

- How did you and Mom meet?
- I've told you.

Do it again. Please.

It was on Lars and
Kicki Back's wedding.

We saw each other and
danced all night.

We went out and kissed
behind the house.

It was during winter near Christmas,
so it was all starry outside.

Why would you choose to die?
I don't get it.

Why did she do it?

She didn't know
what she was doing.

Did she say something about me
or did she write a letter?

- Or a note?
- No.

She didn't say nor write anything.
She took the pills and that was it.

And she was gone.

- I hate her.
- She was sick.

- I still hate her.
- No, you don't.

- You don't know.
- I do.

You've been on the same page
for half an hour.


Cut it out, damn it.

I've got you now!

- Where does it tickle the most?
- The eyes.

Stand by the ocean. We have to go to
the same place. We can't drift apart.

Now we'll see how many
children I'll have.

- And?
- The upper lip.

Three. Three children.

- Maybe they're abroad?
- No, I don't think so.

Two months has past.

I'll leave in October.
I want to have it solved by then.

So that the girl has arrived at
her family and is safe and sound.

- We'll find him.
- And her.

We'll find them.

What are you thinking about?


We can't stay here, you know.
We've got to get away from here.

- Where will we go?
- If only we could get to Faro.

Then we could build that house.

If we've pulled though this,
we can manage anything. Right?


There's something down there.



You need to come down and see this.
There's a whole forest down here.

- I forgot the photo of Mom.
- Forget it. We need to keep going.

Wait here. I'll go and get it.

No, Hella.


Hi, Hella.
So, it's here you are?

What a lovely place
you've made.

We're going to help you.

Are you hungry?
You're probably very hungry.

Let me go!

Help me, damn it!

- Let her go!
- Dad!

Put away the rifle!

- Run!
- Wait!

- Stop him!
- Stay, I said!

Stay, for fuck sake!

Stay, I said!


Come back!

Come back!

No! Watch the girl!




I'm not so hungry.
You eat.

You'll have to go alone
for a bit now.

It'll be a lot better
without me, you see.

Can't you tell me how it is?

I don't know how it is.

I mean, that you give up.
That you don't want anything bad.

I'll come later on.

It was just a nightmare.

I'm just so afraid all the time.
I've been afraid all my life.

I don't think so.
I think that you're brave.

I shot him in the back.

He tried to get away,
so I shot him in the back.

He had a little son.

Here we are!

Here we are!

Wait! We're here!


Staying strong?


What a berry. Where did
you make this?


When you grow up,
you can take someone here.

Show them the forest under the water.
It was you who found it.

You can become something.
Anything you want.

Don't be afraid.

Don't be afraid.

- Dad?
- We shouldn't speak anymore.

We'll see each other tomorrow.
Tomorrow we'll meet many times.

Take care, sweetie.
Take real good care.