Sanctuary (2022) - full transcript

Follows a dominatrix and Hal, her wealthy client, and the disaster that ensues when Hal tries to end their relationship. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- Hello.


I did want to order.


Do you guys have a waffle iron
down there?

- You do.


So what we'll do is--

Just one second.



- Hal?
- Yes.

- I'm Rebecca Marin
with Lichter and Haynes.

- Oh, right. Of course.

Come in.


Uh, is this okay, in here?

- That's fine.

- Just--I just need a second.

I'm finishing up a call.

- Sure.

- Help yourself to whatever.

- You still there? Great.

So a Belgian waffle

or, you know,
whatever kind of waffle.

Do you have--do you have jam?

Do you have passion fruit jam?

Okay, great. Some of that.

And then the spring pasta,
no shrimp,

just with the tomatoes
and onions.

Oh, and you have
the tartar, right?

Okay, great some of that.

Uh, and then the ribeye,

- Test. Test.

- Actually medium,
not medium rare.

- Test. Test.

- Almost done.

Hash browns, creamed spinach.


And then just two martinis

and a bottle of Montepulciano.


And a hot fudge sundae.

Perfect. Thanks so much.

Sorry about that.

- It's fine.

Sounds good.

- Oh.

Oh, my God.

Look at all this.

Should we do some small talk?

- We can.

Do you live here in Denver?

- We'll skip that.

Let's skip the small talk.

- Whatever you say.

With your permission,
I'll start recording.

- That's fine.

I'm just gonna put on
some music.

- This is Hal Porterfield's
updated background review.

I am Rebecca Marin

with Lichter, Haynes,
and Associates.

Okay, just some general.

What is your birthday?

- April 7, 1987.

- Social Security is...

- 958-00-0493.

- And you're how tall?

- I'm 6'3".

- Weight?
- Um, 200.

- Pounds?

- Yes, pounds.

Is there something wrong?

- No, that's fine.
I'll just put that here.

Have you ever been diagnosed
with heart disease,

diabetes, cancer of any kind?

- Nope.

- Crohn's disease, epilepsy,

restless leg,
high blood pressure, pneumonia?

- No, ma'am.

- In the last five years,
have you been treated

for alcohol
or substance use disorder?

This includes
community support groups

such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

Are they even gonna read this?

- Who?

- The board.

- I imagine they will, yes.

- Hmm.

And if I say something
they don't like,

then I don't get the position?

- I can't speak to that.

- But in your experience?

- My experience is
what you see here.

I gather information,

I verify it,

and I produce a report.

- So if I lied--
- I'd find out.

- How?
- Okay, it depends.

In the case of your height
and weight, I can use my eyes.

You are not 6'3",

and you do not weigh 200 pounds
carrying groceries.

- That's funny.
- As I understand it,

the board is considering you

for a very high-profile--

a crucial role in the company,

So no.

They're not just gonna
take your word for it,

if that's what you're asking.

- That's fine.

So, um, I guess...yes.

- Yes, you have been treated
for alcohol use disorder?

- Two times.

- And I see
you currently drink.

- Socially.

- Do you abuse
prescription drugs?

- Do I abuse prescription--

- Is that confusing?

- Well, I take
prescription drugs.

I don't know
how they feel about it.

- Do you use
recreational drugs?

Marijuana, cocaine, MDMA,
psychedelics, heroin.

- Yeah.

I mean, no. Not--not heroin.

Come on.

- How many times?

- Um, how many times
have I used recreational drugs?

- Yes.

- Ever?

- Yes.

- I mean, it's thousands.

Tens of thousands.

I don't know. I have no idea.

- Okay, would you like me
to write that?

You said I shouldn't lie.

- Do you suffer from any

chronic sexually transmitted

herpes simplex B, HPV.

- If you want to know that
for yourself,

I'm happy to tell you about it.

- It's part
of the questionnaire.

- No, it's not.
- It is.

Maybe you'd like me
to write all of them.

Maybe you'd like me to write,

"Hal Porterfield fucks
like Caligula."

Hal Porterfield fucks
like Caligula.

You lost your virginity
at what age?

- Come on.

- What?

- What is this?

- It's the next question.

- 13.
- No.

- I did.
- No.

- To a camp counselor,

- Hal.

I swear to God,

this is all gonna go
a lot faster

if you just tell the truth.

You've never been
anywhere close to a rehab,

and you can barely sip that
whiskey without grimacing.

So please stop posturing.

You are embarrassing yourself.

I'm gonna write that
you lost your virginity at 25,

and we're gonna move on, okay?

- Fine.


- That's true, isn't it?

You lost your virginity at 25?

- What's the next question?

- It's actually true.

- What is next on your form,

Miss Attorney?

- That's fascinating.

- What are you doing?

- I...

You're not ugly.

There's gotta be
plenty of girls out there

who brush their teeth
until all their gums come off

and prepare all their meals
at the beginning of the week

who'd have no problem

going down on
a sweet little nothing like you

with your clean ass.

- Mm.




This is--this isn't--
this isn't what I wanted.

This--it's not in the script.

- The script.

- Yeah.

You're supposed to ask me...
- Right.

- How many times a day
I masturbate.

- "I want you to tell me
in a really mean voice

"that you're going to write
that I lost my virginity at 25,

"and then
we're going to move on.

"And then the next question is,

'Hal, how many times a day
do you masturbate?'"

- Right.

And then this stuff
about my cock.

- Right, I see that. Yeah.
- Right.

So that's what
I want you to say.

So--so what's the problem

- You want me to stick
to your script?

- I do.

Yeah, you were doing great.

You just don't have to add
all the other stuff.

I wrote it out so you'd know
exactly what to say.

- Got it.

The man knows what he wants.

- Exactly.

- And I'm all about
customer service.

- Love hearing that.

- I just...

- What?

- Can I say one thing
before we dive back in?

- Sure.

- I can tell that you put
a lot of thought into this,

and I don't want to diminish

all the great work
that you've done.

- Oh, thanks.
No, that's fine.

If you just read the script--
- Excuse me.

I'm speaking.

- Okay.

- The service that I offer
is very specific.

And as I said in my email--
- I read the email.

I'm not breaking
any of the rules.

We're not gonna touch.

- It's not about the rules

- I get it.

There's no touching.
That makes it hotter.

Actually, I'm on board--
- Hal. Hal!

I need some quiet.

It's not about the rules,

and it's not about
what arouses you.

That's, like, incidental.

The reason
that I don't touch my clients

and that they don't touch me...

Is that what they need from me
is not physical.

It's mental.

- Yeah.

And all this, it's mental.

I'm saying it's better--

- And I am saying
that this might be

what you think that you want,

but respectfully,
you have no idea.

I am saying that if
I held a gun to your head,

you couldn't tell me what it is
that you really want.

- All right. All right.

I guess we should just
figure out how much I owe you,

'cause this isn't--

- Don't do that.

Don't sigh and roll your eyes
like you're fucking retarded.

What am I feeling right now
about you, huh?

- I don't know.

- Well...

how about you think
for a second before you speak?

Have you ever tried that?

- You're disappointed in me?

I am.
- Mm-hmm.


- You're not as stupid
as you look.

- Do you want to make me
less disappointed?

- What can I do?

- Don't ask questions.

This is a nice place.

- Thanks.

- Show me the bathroom.

Is this it?

- Mm-hmm.

This needs to be cleaned.

- Are you gonna clean it?

- Okay.

- You're gonna clean
the bathroom

by fucking up
the beautiful hand towels?

Try thinking.


Is it dirty?

- Um...

- Is the counter dirty, Hal?

It's all pretty clean, I think.

- Stop.

Look at me.

It's not all clean.

There's dirt.

You're just too lazy and sloppy
to find it.

Do you need help?

- Yes.

- Then ask for it.

- Will you help me
clean the bathroom?

- Sure.

You can start by
getting on the floor.

Hal, you're gonna ruin
your clothes.

- I should take them off?

- What the fuck do you think?

Look at you.

Barely cast a shadow.

Crawl to the toilet.

I want you to clean
behind the toilet.

That's where the dirt is.


- Yes?

- When you think of yourself,
what do you see?

Is it something like garbage?

- No.

- I think it's like
a small white bag

of rotten food
and snotted tissue

and broken glass.

- No.

- Maybe like a mound
in the corner of a landfill?

The slime that comes
out of the bottom?

The shit that just sits there

that the Earth
won't even take,

not for one million years?

This is very clean.

- Thank you.

- You might've earned a treat.

Are you excited?

You are?


You can show me.

Do you want to come?

Are you thinking about
what I want to hear?

- Yes.

- Well, stop.

Do you want to come or not?

- Yes.

- Then ask me.

- Can I come?

- No.
- Please?

- No!

You can jerk off,
but if you come,

I'll ruin your fucking life.

Is that clear?

- Oh, yes.

- Go ahead.

- How's it going over there?

- Good.

- Stop for a second.

- Don't look at me.


- If you come without
my permission, Hal, that is it.

I swear to God.

You can do a little more.

You know what you actually are?

It's like...

imagine something that exists,

like a bright red apple.

Now imagine that it's gone.

That is you.

You aren't anything.

You don't even take up space.

- Oh, fuck.

- Okay.

- I need to.
- You need to?

- Yeah, is it okay?
- You need to?

- Is it okay?

- Do you need to come?

No. It's not okay.

Stop. Take your hand away.

Take your hand away.

- Hal.

Hal, look at me.

You can't touch yourself,

but you can come now.

You have my permission.

- I know what you need
because you're mine.

I know everything about you.

- Ribeye, two martinis,

a bottle of Montepulciano,
and a hot fudge sundae.

- Perfect. Thanks, Julian.

I can take it from here.
- Great.

Oh, and it's Paul.

- Oh, is it? Sorry about that.

You're incredible.

You know that?

- It takes two.


- Mm, nothing.
I like watching you eat.

- It's 'cause you're a pervert.

I really liked that scene.

- Yeah?

What'd you like about it?

- How committed you were.

How much it meant to you.

It's exciting to me
when it gets like that.

- Yeah, for me too.

- The part about my work,
how it's mental, not physical.

- Well, you said that to me
at our first session.

- Of course.

- Yeah.

- I thought it was interesting,

you bringing in
the real-life stuff.

- Real life?

- Your dad's passing

and your new role
at the company.

How are you doing?

I mean, this must be so--

- Yeah, uh, no.

It's been, uh,
a lot to process.

And I've been dealing
with the inheritance

and people coming
out of the woodwork.

I just keep wanting
to turn to him

because I'm expecting
some joke or...

I just miss him.


He was a fearless--

he was an asshole.

You know, but I've never met
anyone like him.


- It sounds really,
really tough.

- Mm. How do you know
about all this?

- Well, when your dad passed,
there was an article I read,

and it said that you were
his presumptive successor.

- No, I am--

I am his successor.
That's the plan.

- Presumptive successor, right?

- Oh, right.


Yeah, no, this has been, um...

expected of me, really.

It's my--I mean, my whole life,

and basically,
just been waiting

for this moment for years.

- It's such a big deal, right?

- I was actually gonna say
the opposite

because this has been part
of the plan for so long.

I mean, I guess there's
a few kind of small things

to get sorted out.

- The board?
- The board?

- Well, I noticed in the scene,

um, you had the board

as this looming threat
hanging over you.

- Right.

That's interesting
that you would think that.

But the thing is,
we don't have a board.

- Oh.

- I think I got something
stuck in my...

- I just thought
every public company

had a board of directors.

- We don't.

That's not how
we're structured.

- Oh.

- But anyway, listen.

Um, I got something for you.

- What is it?

Open it.

- Do you like it?

- Fucking God. I mean...

- It's a, um, Audemars Piguet.

You know what that is?

It's, like, one of the nicest
watches in the world.

- I--I just don't--

I don't--
I don't know what to say.

- Don't. Just try it on.

Just look at it.

Yeah, it's the right color.

Um, maybe
you already know this,

but what you do,

your work,

it's incredibly valuable,

and it's made a big difference
in my life.

I don't know how to thank you,
so yeah.

- This is a start.

- I'm glad.

It's gonna be so weird
to not have this

as part of my routine anymore.

I'm a little worried, actually.

- What do you mean?

- Well, just, you know,
what I said, it's--

how it's been
so helpful for me.

- Yeah, well--
but why wouldn't it be

a part of your routine?

- Isn't this why you brought up
the stuff about the company?

I thought you understood.

- Understood? No.

- I've been thinking that this
is probably not a good idea--

well, in fact,
I know it's not--

for us--

for me to keep doing this...
with you.

- Mm.

May I ask why?

- I mean, you said it yourself.

You know,
this job and everything,

it's a really big deal.

And I--if I'm gonna do this,

I need to match up
my insides with my outsides

and be a person
that I want people to see,

a person who wins.

A person who wins?

What we do in here,
it's so meaningful.

- Mm.
- But it's just not something

that goes with
the next stage of my life.

Does that make sense?
- Sure.

- I thought the watch
would kind of communicate this

better than--
- Oh. Oh. No. I get it.

Um, it was like
a retirement gift.

Like I'm--like I'm a cop
or something.

- A cop?

- I should go.

- I'll walk you down.

- Walk me down?

- Yeah.

- No.


Goodbye here, please.

- I'm--I'm really gonna
miss this.

I--I hope you believe me.

Hey. Wait.

Do you--you--
you don't want this?

- Pleasure doing business.

- Um, I don't have
a strong opinion,

so I'm saying
whatever you think is best is--

- Hi.
- Hi.

- There's one more thing.
- Okay.

- Can I come back in?

- Hey, can I call you back?
Someone's here.

Because I'm not a flowers guy.

No, I do care,

but can we just talk
about this in a little bit?

You too.

What are you doing?
- Who was that?

- Uh, nobody. It's--

- Didn't sound like nobody.

She wants you
to pick out flowers.

What did--what did you need?

- "The first thing

"and the hardest thing
in business

is to know who you are."

"So before I give
a presentation,

"before I walk into a meeting,

"before I sit down
for a cup of coffee,

I always do the same thing."

"I match up my insides
with my outsides."

- You read my dad's book.

- "I remember that while
there are lucky strokes

"and setbacks in life,

"over any considerable
period of time,

"the truth becomes clear.

"There are those who win
and those who don't,

"and I remember that

I have answered that question
for myself."

"I am a person...who wins."

- Thank you for that.

- You couldn't even fire me
without stealing from him.

- I mean, come on.

I've learned things from him.

- That's not
what I'm talking about.

I want to know something.

Which is it?

- Which is what?

- Do you tend to win
or do the other thing?

- Do you want me to acknowledge
that I have been lucky,

that I have had it better
than most people?

I will. So--
- Answer the question.

- I don't feel like doing that.

- Well, what did
your father think?

- Judging by the fact that he
left me the company, I mean--

- We know
that's what he wanted.

I'm asking
what he thought of you.

- Listen, this is
completely inappropriate,

and it's weird
what you're doing.

- Okay, so we've established
what he thought.

You tend to lose.

- And what about you?
- Me?

- Yeah, you--
you know, deep down,

without any doubt
that you're a winner?

You can say that
about yourself?

- The first time that
I went to the dentist,

I was 19 years old.

- Okay.

- He took one look
inside of my mouth,

and do you know what he said?

- No.

- He said, "Perfect."

He said, "A plus."

I did that--me--

because nobody else
gave a flying fuck.

That is who I am.

- Okay, it doesn't matter
what my father thought.

I am in this position,
and I can say with confidence

that I can do this job.

I know what it takes.
I am--I am prepared.

That is all that matters.
- Mm.

I believe you
when you say that.

- Because?

- Why?

- I do believe it.

- Yeah. Why?

- Why what?

- Your dad didn't believe
you could.

Where did you get the idea,
the gall,

to think that
you could step into

his huge, old, priceless shoes?

From me.

You would be unfit
if it were not for me.

- What are you talking about?

- I'm saying your new job,

you wouldn't be able to do it
without what I taught you.

- What you taught me?

- Yes.

- I--but, you know,

what we do here, it's for fun.

It's not, you know--

- What?

- Real.

- Hal.

- It's not.

It has nothing to do
with the real world,

and that is what I love
about it.

- You don't look it,
but you really are so stupid.

- I don't want to play
right now.

- I'm not.

- So what do you think
you taught me?

- You know.
- I don't.


- By doing everything
you tell me to do?

By submitting to you,
that taught me confidence?

- Okay,
when you first emailed me,

when we first met,
you were like this.

You were like this.

And you could barely speak.

Now look at you.

Look at you.

You write me a script
and you tell me

exactly what I should say
and exactly what I should do.

You don't even fucking know
what happened.

I taught you how to ask
for what you want.

You couldn't do that
before you met me.

- I thanked you.

And I meant it.

And if I have been
disrespectful in any way,

then I apologize.

- An apology?

What am I supposed to do
with that?

- Okay. I also--

I got you a gift also,
by the way.

- The watch?

- Yeah, the...

- This is what, um, $15,000?


- $32,000.

- $32,000?

You own 112 hotels.

Your market cap
is $185 million.

What is $32,000
compared to what you have?

You want to talk about

matching up your insides
to your outsides?

Do you want to talk about

who around here knows
what it takes to win?

- Okay, what do you want?

- I want what I'm worth
relative to what you have.

A real number.

- I don't--what does that mean?

- Half.
- Half?

- Half of the salary
for the first year

of the job that I got you.

You how much is that?

- That's, like, $4 million.

- Okay, good.
- Oh, is that good?

You're insane.

- It's what I deserve.
- No, I'm not doing that.

And I don't think I could
do that even if I wanted to.

- Yes, you are.

You are doing it.

- Or what, you fucking nutjob?

- Or I'll tell.

- Okay.

Like, can we just slow down
for a second?

- I'm dead serious.

- I can see that.

- So what's your answer?

- What, to your offer
of blackmail?

I'm gonna pass.

- People are watching
your company right now.

This transition,
it would be a story.

"Heir to hotel fortune
shoves cotton swab

"into own penis when commanded.

Denver dominatrix tells all."

- See, to me,
that doesn't quite have

the air
of hard-hitting journalism.

- Okay. how about,
"CEO material Hal Porterfield

"paid a woman to spit on him
and call him

a racist pervert
with a huge, useless dick."

- I don't--
what do those two things

have to do with each other?

- "In an email obtained,
Porterfield seeks

"to clarify that
the woman of question

"is of pure
Ashkenazi Jew descent,

"going so far as to obtain
a saliva sample

"so that he could perform
a genetic test.

"She later read the results
of the test aloud to him

"while he milked himself
into a loofah

that he claimed was taken
from his own mother's shower."

Well, I mean,
when you say it like that,

it makes it sound weird.

- Why are you smiling?

- Because this isn't the 1990s,

and no one cares
what I do with my money

or what I shove in my dick
on my own time, okay?

If anything, it's gonna make me
seem open-minded and clued in

and fucking cool.

- The board is gonna think
this is cool?

- It doesn't matter
what the board thinks.

- Ha!
- It's set up already.

- I knew it, you fucking idiot.

You said that
you didn't have a board.

You said that's not how
you're structured.

- No, what I--what I meant
was we have a--

- No, I know what you meant.

I know what you meant.

You wanted me to feel stupid

and out of my depth,
but I'm not.

So this board, which exists,

do they know
your company's motto?

- Do they what?

- Do you know
your company's motto?

- Uh, yes.

"Some things never change."

Some things never change.

Nothing weird,
nothing unexpected

is gonna happen here.

So how is that gonna square
with you paying

for degenerate no-contact sex?

- So I'll change the motto.

- Mm, change the motto
"Some things never change."

- Yes, and I promise,

no one on the board
is gonna say a thing.

- Fine.

Do you want to settle this
really quickly?

You don't care
what anybody thinks,

and I can tell anybody
that I would like to?

- That's right.
- Okay.

So then let's send a video
of what we do here

to everybody on the board.

- That's, um...

not how blackmail works.

- No?
- No.

You don't ask for money

and then propose to make
a dirty video.

You want to try to go ahead

and make that
dirty video first.

Hi. I'm not quite done.

Can we talk about this
in a little bit?

It's just something.

I'm not being difficult.

I told you already.

Something came up.

No, because I just don't see
the urgency in it.

- Hal.

That's what I did.

I already made a video.

- I'm saying no.

Hey, can you listen to me?

I trust your opinion,
and I trust your taste.

So, you know,
if you like the cake,

then obviously,
I'm gonna like it too.

- There's a camera hidden
in this hotel suite,

and I have hours of footage.

You can hear what we're saying.

You can see your face.

You can see everything.

- Uh...

- She really should know.
She ought to know

what kind of man
she's marrying.

- Oh, Mom, will you please
just listen to me?

All I'm saying is I just need
a couple minutes,

and then we can talk about it.

- It's your mother.

- Okay.
Well, I'm sorry I yelled.

I just needed--


Yes. Bye.

It's a, um, dinner for my, uh--

- Your ascension.

What do you think
she's gonna say

when she sees it?

- You're a fucking liar.

- I'm not.

- Tell me you're kidding.

You hid a camera in here?

You filmed our sessions

- Show me the camera.


Where is the fucking camera?

- If you want to see it so bad,
then fucking find it.

- Cold.

- I said cold.

- Hey, Hal,
do you not understand

how this game works?

- Whoo!

- There we go.

- There we go. Warmer.

- Warmer.

You're warming up now.

- What are you doing?

You're losing momentum.

Weather's not changing,
my friend.

- Warmer.

The sun is up.

Can you feel it?

- I'm not sure how
there'd be a camera in there,

but I like your energy.


Back to the lamp idea.



- Hal, imagine how satisfied
that board is gonna be.

Everything that
they suspected about you,

it's true.

You're a fuckup.

You're a clown.

- Yeah.

But I'll still be me,

and you'll still be you,

doing your own laundry,

on your knees,
scrubbing your own toilet,

Sunday nights in the bathtub
eating vegan ice cream

because you're fucking
lactose intolerant.

- Colder.

- TV.
That's gotta be it, right?

- You're right.

I do scrub my own toilet,
and I don't like it.

But you want to know
what the real difference

between me and you is?

- Yeah, I just told you,
you crazy bitch.

It's embarrassing
not having any money,

but it's more embarrassing
when you do have everything,

like you do,
and you still feel like trash,

and you still feel ashamed,

because you just know,
to a certain degree

that whatever it is that
some men have, that magic,

your whole life has been proof
that you don't have it.

Break in the clouds.

The sun, she's shining again.

White hot. White hot.

- Ah, fuck.

- Blazing hot.

- Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

- You see how hot?

The commitment and the focus.

- Where is it?

- So close!

I swear to God!

Uh, uh, uh. Mm-mm. Colder now.

- How can I be colder?

It's a hole in the wall!

- I meant that
you were on the right track


- What the fuck does that mean?

Oh, fuck.


- You're fucking with me,

Please just tell me.

- No.

I don't think it's worth
getting killed over.

But no,
I'm not fucking with you.

I'm sorry, baby.

- Why are you doing this to me?

- Hal.

- What?

- You're hard right now.

- No.


- I can see it, Hal.

- Please just stop.

- How can you possibly
be hard right now?

I mean, what the fuck
is wrong with you?

You love this.

- I know that you think

I'm, like,
this harmless little bitch.

But if I wanted to,

I can get rid of you.

It's easy as that.

- Well, you're right there.

I do think
you're a harmless bitch.

You think it's all cute.

You think you're my friend.

You're not my friend.

You're trash.

You mean nothing to me.

And I will make you regret
treating me like this,

because the truth is,
it is easy to get rid of you.

It would cost less
than that watch.

- Okay.

- What does that mean, "Okay"?

- It means I was lying.

There's no video.



That's what I thought.

Now get the fuck out of here.

Just to be clear
about something,

you didn't teach me anything.

I wrote the scenes.

You just said the words.

It could have been anybody.

- You're wrong.

The words don't matter.
They help.

They're like wallpaper
or decoration.

They're nice, but they're not
what's really going on.

- Okay.

So then tell me
what is going on.

- You want to be reprimanded

for what you fear
are inherent flaws

and then rewarded
for coming into compliance.

- If you say so.

I pledge allegiance...

To the flag...

- This is funny.

- Of the United States
of America...

And to the republic

for which it stands,

one nation under God...


with liberty
and justice for all.

You are good at what you do.

But that doesn't change
the nature of our relationship.

I pay you to make me feel
a certain way.

I--I do it.

And if I stop wanting
to feel that way,

then I stop paying you,
and I don't.

It's up to me.

- Take off your pants.

- No.

- Take off your pants...

so I don't have to keep
punishing you.

- And I am saying no.

- Stop me.

- You're holding a knife
to my neck.

- Okay.

So take it.

Take this knife.

You're stronger than I am.
Take it.

Tie me up. Come on, please.

- I should.

- How about this?

Just say to me that
you don't care what I want

and that it's not the most
important thing to you.

Say that, and I'll stop.

Pull down your pants.

It's the only
good thing about you.

I'm going to use this...

because it belongs to me.

- And you...

are going to be quiet
and cooperate.

- You know,
you say all this shit to me,

what kind of a person I am,

but you're a bad person too.

You're fucking evil.

- When I tell you.

Not before.

You're gonna come inside me.

But I want to tell you
something first.

I have an app on my phone,

and it tells me
when I'm ovulating.

I'm ovulating right now.

And when I tell you to come,

you're gonna come inside me.

You're gonna do it,

and you're gonna
make me pregnant.

And I'm gonna have the baby.

A boy.

And every single night,

you're gonna put him into bed,

and he's gonna look up at you,

and he's gonna smile.

You're gonna thank me
for the life I've given you.

Say that's what you want.

Do it and I'll let you come.

- I understand.
That's what I want.

- Okay, you can come now.

- I'll pay it.


half my salary
for the first year,

and half my bonus.

$6 million.

- What are you doing?

- I'm getting it set up.

The lawyer has to do it.

- "Hey, Gary. Weird ask.

"Can you please deposit
$6 million

into the following account?"

Are you joking?

- What?

- You can't just wire it to me,

The IRS is gonna be living
at my house.

- No. Gary will figure it out.
He's really good.

- Here's what
you're gonna tell Gary.

He's gonna set up two
corporations in the Caymans,

one for you guys, one for me.

You should be typing.

- Okay.

- He'll transfer the money
there quarterly

in divisions under $1 million.

Got it?

- The Caymans.
That's a tax shelter, right?

- Yeah.

Send that.

I know where to find you
if this Gary...

- Yes.
- Doesn't exist.

- You do.

- And what--
what you said before,

is that what you want?

To have a kid?

- Um, no.

I said that
because you were wrong

and I don't like
losing arguments.

- Oh.

- And I have endometriosis.

So it's very unlikely
I'll be able to have children.

- Oh.

- Have a good
rest of your weekend.

- Okay, you do the same.

- Hi.
I can't really talk right now.


Alexander, I can't hear you.

Because you're crying.


No, there's nothing
that you can do.

You can call again
if that helps,

but this is the last time
that I'm gonna pick up, okay?


- Hi.
- Hi.

- Um, I was--

I was thinking about
something that you said.

- I promise you, Hal,
I cannot get pregnant.

- No, not that.

You said that
you know where to find me.

- I do.

But you sent the email, right?

- Well, yeah.

But then it occurred to me,

what's to stop you
from just doing this again?

Like, what's to stop you

from coming back next month,

- I guess you'll have to take
my word for it.

- Well, I was thinking that--

that I need, um,
something from you,

something equivalent
that can prevent you--

- Collateral.
- Yes, collateral.


Um, collateral.

Yes, something solid.

Something important to you.

- I get what you mean, Hal.
- Okay.

- But you already sent
the email, right?

- I'll--so?
I'll send another one.

I'll say, "Please disregard."
He doesn't care.

- What happened to all your
smug money confidence?

Didn't seem like
this even mattered to you.

- It didn't,
and then it occurred to me

that you can do this again
and again and again for years,

and then I have to see--

um, go over this
again and again,

and I'm not prepared
to do that.

- To see me again?

- Hey.

No, it's not personal.

I mean, it's like a--

it's a little insane.

- Okay, so here's the new deal.
Fuck your collateral.

- What?
- Fuck your collateral.

- Hold on.
- And no.

I give you no assurance that
I won't be doing this again.

- Rebecca.
- In fact, if I were you--

- We need to talk seriously.

- Oh, I'm being serious.

- Okay? Please?

- I give you no assurance.

And if I were you,
I would start thinking

about ways to keep me happy,

like, in perpetuity

if dealing with me
is so disgusting too you.

- No--what does that mean,

- It means forever, Hal.

- Yeah, I know.

I mean, what do you mean?

- Oh, okay.
See, I'm not the writer.

So you might have to do
some thinking on your own.

But off the top of my head,

it's something like a position.

- A posi--a position?

- A position, yeah.
- What?

- At the company.
Good salary.

- No.
- Good benefits.

Reasonably sized staff.
- What?

- Office near yours.
- No.

We--we are not talking
about that.

- Well, that's
what I'm talking about,

and that is the only thing
that matters.

- Hey. Hold on.

- You can think it over
and come back to me.

It can be a discussion.
- I'm sorry.

Whoa. No.

Stop. Time out.

Go back. Okay?

Let's go back.

We're gonna go back now.

Six--I'll give you
the $6 million, okay?

If, and only if,
you tell me one

damaging piece of information
about yourself.

- That whole thing has bloomed
and died, my friend.

- No, it hasn't!

- We are in
a whole new world now.

We are talking about
where, in relation to yours,

my office is going to be.
- No.

- And we need to start talking
about my title.

- What? No!

We are not talking about that.

Are you insane?

- Would it be weird
if we were co-CEOs?

- Yes.
- Has anybody done that?

- No. No.

We are not doing that.

- Well, maybe we're not doing
exactly that,

but we are doing
something like that.

- No. No.
- Yes.

- No.
- Yes.

That's the result of you
coming out here

and opening
your wormy little mouth

trying to extract...
- Shut up.

- Some concession when...
- Shut--

- You have zero leverage!
- Shut up.

Come here.
- Ow!

Stop it, you fucking clod!

- I just want to talk.

- Rape!

- Just go back in the room.
- Rape!

Somebody help me!
I'm being raped!

Oh, my God.

Ow! Rape!

- What the fuck are you doing?

- Do you think
anybody called the cops?

I was really screaming
out there.

- Look, all I want to do

is just figure out a way

that we can end this
so that we both

can be sure that it is over.
- Okay.

- That is all I want.
- Okay.

Okay. Okay.

I told you, I need security.

I need a position
at the company.

- Are you insane?

Are you insane?

Oh, my God!

I don't know what you're doing!

- I'm fighting, Hal.

It's how you win something,
in case you were wondering.

So what?

You're not gonna give me a job?

- No.

Yes, correct.

- Mm-hmm.


is this your new CEO?

- What are you doing?

- Tweeting the video.

- Oh, my God.

There is no video!

There is no camera!

You told me that!

- I lied.

- Why did you do this?

- You wouldn't believe me.

- I trusted you
with everything about me.

Get up already.

I knew you were like this,

you fucking limp
pent-up serial killer!

- Fuck.

What's the code?

- Fuck you, Ted Bundy.

- Rebecca, what is the code?

- Bill Clinton piece of shit.

- Look at it, Rebecca.

Rebecca, look at it.


You are putting me in
an impossible situation.

You are making it impossible
for me and you

to walk out of here,
which is what I want.

- What are you trying to say?
- I don't know.

The people I work with,
my family, my mother,

they--they just cannot see
that video.


- Why are you so scared
of them?

- Because they don't know me!

This is supposed to be mine,

the only thing that is actually
mine, God damn it!

I offered you money,

more than you can make
in two lifetimes.

I got you a gift.

What do you want?
What do you want?

Do you want to be CEO
of a hotel company?

- No.

- Okay, please--please,

then God, just tell me.

Do you want me to beg?

I will beg you.

Please, do not ruin
my intolerable, pointless life.

Just take your money
and just leave me to it.


I don't--do you even know
why you're doing this,

or is this just the game?

- Yes.

- Which one?

Which is it?

- I know what I want.

I want to play this game.

- I don't--I don't understand.

- I quit my job.

- What job?

- I quit this job, dominating.

I fired my broker.

I haven't seen a client
in months.

I'm living off of my savings.

- Why?

- It felt disloyal.

- Disloyal to who?

To me?

- I had a fiancé, Alexander.

I ended it.
I broke up with him.

He's fucking furious.

He has no idea.

- Because you felt
disloyal to me?

- Yes.

To us.

To--to what we do here.

I'm sorry, okay?
I know. I get it.

You want me to be in charge.
- Stop.

- I know this is painful
for you.

Hal, after our first session...
- Please.

- Do you remember you had me...
- Stop.

- Do the thing with
the fucking cuticle clippers?

I went home
and I couldn't sleep.

I couldn't sleep all night.

I was shining.

And then you called me again

and I got
that very same feeling,

like when you win something,

like you just know

that you're gonna get
what you want.

I thought it would go away.
I did.

I thought it would go away.

But it didn't.

It got worse and worse.

Why do you think that I started
taping the sessions?

It was for me.

- Stop.
- So that I could have them.

We're suited
to each other, Hal.

What we do here, what happens,

it's magic.

- No.

No. No.


You are not gonna do this.

I'm so tired.

You're not gonna mind fuck me
like this.

- Why are you pretending like

you don't know
what I'm talking about?

All those people out there
in the world

and the shit that they do,
what is that compared to this?

I hate myself
when I'm out there.

I hate the way I look
and the sound of my voice.

I hate myself out there.

But in here, when I'm with you,

I am exactly who I want to be.

When I'm in control of you, I--

I am the person that I dreamed
I would be when I was young.

I am--I'm--

I'm funny, and I'm mean,
and I am strong.

And I never, never feel
like that out there.

And it's the same for you.

- No.

It's not.

I hate that I do this.

I hate myself. It's shameful.

- I unlocked something in you.

- How do you know that?

- I know.

I know that you think
that you need to be

this person like your dad,
who's strong,

who looks forward
to the future.

But that's not you.

You are abnormal.

And I don't just mean sexually.

I mean fundamentally in a way

that most people would just
find unacceptable.

- Sanctuary.

- But for me, in here, we fit.

- Sanctuary.

- For me, in here,
we fit perfectly.

- Did you hear me?


Sanctuary. Sanctuary!

- Sanctuary what?

- Sanctuary!

I'm using the safe word.


Sanctuary! Stop!

- I'm not playing.

- Oh, my God.

Will you just give me
a fucking break?

give me a fucking break.

From the moment you walked back
in here, you want $6 million.

You want to be co-CEO
of a hotel company.

You are doing a session.

- I quit my job.

I left my fiancé.

It's true.

- This isn't real.

That's not real.

- This is the only thing
that is real.


What is this, Hal?

- You're gonna stop talking.

If you talk again,
I'm gonna hurt you.

I will.

You didn't quit your job.

You didn't break up
with your boyfriend.

The only good thing about me
to you is the money.

That's the truth.

Now say it.

- You want me to speak?

- I want you to say that.

Say it or I will kill you,

and then I'll kill myself.

Just tell the truth.

I am nothing.

Just say that.

- I have a better idea.

We need to play a game.

It's the last one.
You're gonna--

- Say what I fucking
told you to say!

We need to play a game.

You be you.

I'll be your dad.

Greet me.

I'm your father.

I said, "Greet me."

I came back from the fucking
dead to speak to you,

so the least that you could do
is say hello.

- Hello.

- I'm sorry I left you.

- He wouldn't say that.

- It was beyond my control.

Untie Rebecca.

- No.


- Why not?

- Because you don't have
the power anymore.

I do.

And you are gonna take back
what you said

about your job
and your boyfriend,

and you are gonna delete
that fucking video.

- Boy, do not test me!

Look at this mess you made,
you little shit!

- This is my fucking place!

- I'm sorry.

- Shut up!

- Where are you?

Okay, I get it.

Good job.

Good game.

I lived 78 years here on Earth.

Made money.

Raised a family.

I was a lucky man.

I was happy.

Thousands of people
worked for me.

The company I built,

homes they bought,

food they ate,

the clothes they put
on their children's back.

It was me.

When I died, they wept.

I saw them crying.

I was outside of my body
by then.

And I could see everything,

everything that happened,

everything that's
still to come.

I saw you crying.

How scared you were.

How desperately you wanted
to know that you could do it.

Be me.

You can't.

You are you.

You hate yourself.

I understand why you do.

But that's not gonna change

You're nothing like me,
and you never will be.

Say it.

- I'm nothing like you.

- And?

- And...

and I don't have to be.

- Hi.

- Hey.

- I deleted the video.

- Oh.

Thank you.

- I should get going.

- Yeah, I should too.

Oh, um, do you, uh--

do you want this?

- It's not broken?

- No. It's waterproof.

- Thanks.

- Mm-hmm.

I'm running late.

I have to--

my mom, she wants to discuss...

Uh, she's giving a speech
at this dinner

to, you know, debut me,
and uh...

It's--it's funny.

The thought of, you know, like,
what if I just didn't show up?

Like, she's just talking
and talking, I don't come out.

Might be funny.

After you.

What if I didn't do it?

- The job?

- Yeah.

- Somebody else would,
and everything your dad built

would belong to them.

- Right.

- If you hate these people
so much,

why don't you just
get rid of them?

- It's not that simple.

- Don't tell me what I do
and do not know, Hal.

You can absolutely
get rid of them.

It's called management buyout.

- Right. Yeah.

So what--what--

- Okay, you inherited money
from your father,

some obscene amount, right?
- Yes.

- So you take
all of that money.

The market cap is 185.
Can you cover that?

- Um, that would be--
that's, like, everything.

- So you take
all of that money,

and then you would buy back
the company.

Then it's yours.
You can do whatever you want.

You can fire the board.
It doesn't matter.

- Managed buyout?

- Management.
- Management.


Is that what you would do?

- If I were you?

- Yeah.

- Yeah, maybe.

- What if you were me?

- What does that mean?

- What if you took the job,
not me?

- That doesn't--

- You just said,
if I do the manager buyback--

whatever--I can do what I want.

So I do that,

and I make you CEO.

- You're scared
about saying goodbye,

but you don't have to be.
- No. Shut up.

This could actually work.

- Just because I know
more about this than you do

doesn't mean that I would be
any good at this, Hal.

It doesn't mean anything.

- I grew up
around these people.

I was raised by one of them.

They all dream all day.

They read books,
they hire coaches,

all to be exactly like you.

Fucking crazy and vindictive.

- I'm only like that at work.

- Yeah, this would be
your work.

- Don't tell me what I want.

This is your problem, not mine.

- You said that
you love who you are

when you're playing the game.

You can be that person
all day, every day.

- So I would just go in there
and say what I want to do?

- And you just bend everyone
around to your will,

and it doesn't matter
if you're right or wrong.

It just matters that
people listen to what you say.

- You want to spend
$185 million on this?

- Yes.

- All of your money?
- Yes.

- What are you gonna do?

- What do you mean?

- All day while I'm at work,

what are you gonna do?

- Nothing.

I'll be like, uh, your wife.

- Having no job, having
nothing important to do all day

but wait for somebody
to come home?

That destroys people.

- You're right. I don't know.

But listen, I know
what it takes to do this job.

It's hard, okay?

It takes everything.

So you're gonna need
comfort, support,

stability, food, sex, laundry.

What do you call the person
that does all those things?

- A slave.

- That is the job
that I was meant for.

- What are you gonna tell
your mom?


Not gonna work.

You can't even,
in an imaginary conversation,

think about
what you'd say to her

without almost throwing up.

- Wait.

- What?

- I know exactly what I'd say.

- Liar.

- I am not lying.

I'm fighting.

That's how you get
what you want.

- Oh, okay. What is it then?
What would you say?

- I'd say...

I'd say, "This is Rebecca.

"We're in love.

She's in charge now."