Sanctioned to Die (2011) - full transcript

When a highly-skilled martial artist turned rookie cop loses his best friend to a gambling syndicate that runs a to-the-death fight competition, he makes it his mission to bring justice. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- No chance in hell.
- Nah.

- They're a bunch of bimbos,
they can't play ball.

- I've got our whole
neck bet on this game.

If we don't win, we're
gonna be out on our asses.

- I've never let you down
before, I promise you, Dad,

I'll win this game for you.

- Go!

- Come on, guys, first,
come on, hurry, come on,

go, oh shit!

- You son of a bitch!

Over here!

- Nice try, handsome.

- Bitch.

- Have a nice day, asshole.

- Hey Babe.

I've been waiting
for this all day.

Come on, bring it on,
come on, in to Papa.

- Strike!

- Don't let them knockers
hypnotize you, boy!

- All right, all right,
let's see you do that again.

- Strike two!

You're out!
- Shit!


- Shit.

- Oh come on, Holt!

Why can't you pick up the ball?

What the hell is wrong with you?

- Asshole.

Let me go!

- Come on, come on, come on!

Hey honey, let me
show you my bat, huh?

- Get away!

- What you doing tonight?


- What in the hell is happening?

- Hey you son of a bitch,
god damn it!

- Way to go, Roy!

- Wait a minute!

- Stoney, you're gonna be okay.

God, come on, Stoney.

Come on.

You're gonna pay for
this, you bastards!

Come on.

- Stoney, you okay?

- Get some ice,
get some ice, Babe.

Look at me, Stoney, you alright?

- Yeah, I'm okay.

- In case you ladies
haven't noticed

these nose pickers
are sore losers.

So what the hell are we
gonna do about it, huh?

- We're gonna kick some ass!
- We're gonna kill them!

- All right!

- Yeah!

- You're a dead mother.

- Come on, come on!

- Come on, Babe,
right here, honey,

come on baby, let's
get this sucker.

- Leave me alone!

- Just trying to help you!

- Asshole!

- You're out!

- Yeah.

- Alright you
guys, go, one more!

- Damn it, you're out!

- You're out!

- Bunch of losers!

- Strike three.

You're out!

- Alright!

- Yeah, woo!

- I'm okay.

- Hey Roy.

- Yeah?

- Come here.

You disappointed me today, son.

- Come on, it was just a game.

- It's never just a game.

How do you think I survived
those God damn wars?

You win, you survive.

You lose, you have nothing.

I dropped a thousand
bucks on your ass today

betting on this game.

I lost another 500 bringing
the bimbos up here.

Mino Collins doesn't lose.

How could you do that to me?

- Guess I'm just a
little too much like Mom.

- Don't you ever say
something like that to me.

You're my son.

Now go get yourself
cleaned up, boy.

I'll take care of this here.

Hey Roy.

Happy birthday, son.

- Hey Mino, I warned you not
to bet against a sure thing.

- My compliments, coach,

your ladies performed
their tits and ass routine

extremely well.

- Enough to send your boys home

with some high,
squeaky voices, huh?

Now about that
thousand you owe me?

- You'll get what you're
owed, I'll send a messenger.

- Make sure you do that, Mino.

Today, old Midnight
hit a home run.

I'll see you around.

- Way to go.

- Hey!

Let's go!

- Hey Louisa.

Girl, if I had your equipment

I would move to Beverly
Hills and be a movie star.

- I think Dad needs
to raise the stakes.

These guys are getting
to be too easy.

- Not easy, Babe, sleazy.

- I don't know about
you girls, I need a man.

- G-string's going up
my butt, I hate that.

- I can't even find my G-spot.

- Tonight we are in search of.

- The G-spot!

- You know Babe,

I really wish that we could
settle down somewhere.

- Listen, as soon as
Dad pays out his debts,

we'll be home free.

- He's always saying that
and nothing ever changes.

- You'll see.

- Promise?

- Promise.
- Okay.

- God, that feels great.

Great job, girls, as usual.

I don't believe
it, dirty old man.

- Oh, that's my bad arm.

On shit, that's my bad neck.

- Let's give
him a cold shower!

- Hey girls, come on, cover up!

Horny old man coming through.

What the hell is this human
jock strap doing here?

- Hi coach.

Mr. Collins sent me.

I got your money for ya.

Here's your money, coach.

- The bet was for
a thousand dollars.

- That's all Mr.
Collins gave me.

- Oh come on, numb nuts.

You know something, I bet
you got it on you, don't you?

All right girls take him apart.

- Coach, coach, coach!

- Dad!

Where are you going?

- To take care of some business.

- Be careful, please.

- Look honey, don't
worry about me.

You get the girls on the bus

and when I'm through
we're out of here.

- Coach, coach, coach.

- Come on, Roy, come on.

There's no such thing as pain.

- Come on, Roy.

- Shit, Roy.

Come on, you're burning my arm.

- I win, asshole.

- We sure showed them bimbos
today, didn't we, Roy?

- I wouldn't mind showing
them one more big thing.

- Hey son, how's your belly?

- Hard as a rock.

- Aim a little lower next time

I gotta drain the vein

- Hey, we need some more
popcorn here, alright?

Roy, you burned my arm,
you burned it bad too.

I want you to know that.

- Here, here, here.

- You don't even give a shit.

I don't believe you, man.

- Here you go, Babe.
- Thanks.

- This is almost as bad as those
lumberjacks, remember guys?

- Oh yeah.
- Oregon.

- This team has a
hell of a history.

- At least we're on
a winning streak.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

- Thanks.

- You don't look too good.

-No I'm not, I'm a
little dizzy, it's okay.

It's alright, it's gone.

It's okay.
- You sure?

- Yeah, I'm sure, it's okay.

Thanks, it's okay, you guys.

- I wish Dad would just
forget about that money

and get us out of here.

Maybe we should go get him.

- Yeah, I think we should.

- We're not supposed
to leave the bus, you guys.

- Well I'm going.

- Mickey!
- I'm coming with you.

- I thought you mercenaries
were men of your word.

- We are.

- Well then pay up,
you son of a bitch.

- You're fucking with
the devil now, boy.

- You know what I
need just about now?

- I know what I need, I
need some more popcorn.

- No, pussy, you dumb shit.

You wanna help me find it?

- Hell yeah.

- I knew you'd say that.

Let's get the fuck out of here.

- I'd say we're gonna
have some fun, Roy.

- We're gonna have
some fun, here, here.

- Yeah, you said we're
gonna get some pussy.

- We're gonna get some pussy.

Hey girls.

We were wondering
where you girls were.

- What do you want?

- Well, we invited
you over to party.

- That's right.

- I don't wanna come
to your party, scumbag.

- Ooh, that hurt, huh?

You beat us bad today.

- Alright girls,
let's strap it in.

We're blowing this
God damn dump.

- Midnight, we can't
go anywhere right yet.

Mickey and Connie are out
there looking for you.

We have to wait for them.

- Damn it, I told you
not to leave the bus!


- Dad, I'm going with you.

- You stay here and don't
leave the God damn bus, okay?

- Shut up!

- Come on, I'm
gonna give it to you.

- Daddy!

- Oh my God, that's Mickey.

- Daddy!

- Son of a bitch!

- What the hell?

- Son of a bitch!

- I got him, Roy!

- Holt!

Get out of here!

- Shit, Roy.

- You bastard!

- Oh shit.

- Fucking bitches!
- Come on, Roy!

- Daddy, Daddy.

- Girls, quick, to the bus.

- What's the matter, buddy?

You need blasting
caps or something?

Holy shit, Mr. Collins!

- Mickey, he'll be
okay, I promise you.

- Easy.

Give me a glass of water.

- Somebody get me some towels.

- Wanda, get us out of here!

- Shit.

- Roy, we're in big
trouble this time.

Roy, what are you doing?
- Fuck!

- Roy, we gotta do
something about your leg, Roy.

- Shut up!

Check it!

- Get him from the side!

- No!

- Roy!

Mr. Collins, Mr.
Collins, Mr. Collins,

Mr. Collins, Mr.
Collins, Mr. Collins!

Come on, where's Mr. Collins?

Mr. Collins, Mr. Collins!

- It's them baseball bitches
done it, Mr. Collins.

Killed him dead.

- Roy and I went over and
saw some of them girls,

Mr. Collins, and then coach
came out with a baseball bat

and he started hitting on us.

They got back on the bus
and they came after Roy.

- Heard enough!

That's my son there.

I want justice!

Are you with me?

- Yes sir, Mr. Collins.
- We sure are.

- You can count on us.

- I'll pay a thousand dollars

for every one of
them bitches dead.

Don't bring 'em back alive.

- Sounds good.

- Holt, you take Verne,
pick up their trail.

- Yes sir, Mr. Collins,
come on, Verne.

- The rest of you
stand by your CB's

and wait for my command.

Now move out!

- Yes sir, Mr. Collins.

- You'll pay for this,
Roy, I promise you that.

- You okay, Stoney?
- I'm okay.

- Babe, Stoney needs
to get to the doctor

and we've got to call the cops.

- Hey!

I think I see help.

- Thank God.

- Hello?

Is there anybody here?

- You okay, baby?

- Are those bimbos there yet?

Are they there?


- Let me go!

- You're going nowhere, bitch!

- Maybe I should go check
and see what's going on.

- Bitch, you're gonna die!

- Here Connie, take the gun!

- Get the hell off me!
- I got you now, bitch!

- Looks like somebody's asses
got trashed around here.

Doesn't appear to be
the bitches either.

Which way did they go?

- Damn it Mr. Collins, heading
north towards Flint Ridge.

- This is Tiger One
calling checkpoint two,

Verne and Holt.

- This is Verne, Mr.
Collins, Holt is taking a--

- This is Holt, Mr. Collins.

- They're heading
your ways, boys.

This ain't no bib-whack,
this is a war,

and I aim to win it.

You read me, Holt?

- Yes sir, you can count on me.

- I read you, Mr. Collins.

- You can't read, Verne,
here, put that away.

- I want you to scout the old
mill area near Townie Falls.

Jake, you and JD go
with him, back him up.

I'm gonna do some recon,
head up in the high country,

see if I can make this operation
a little more feasible.

Move out!

- Hi, you okay?

- I'll be alright, thanks.

- Verne, I sure hope them
broads come this way.

Roy was my best friend and
I'm gonna pay 'em back.

- I'm gonna pay 'em back too.

I get my hands on that pitcher

I'm gonna tear into
her sweet little ass

every which way but loose.

- Hey, Mino didn't say
nothing about doing that.

- Didn't say nothing
about not doing it either.

I bet you this old country
boy teach them city bitches

a thing or two.

- Verne, you can't
beat your own meat.

- I beat it better than you can.

- Beat that, prick breath.

- Okay, ass breath.

- Verne, I swear, you drink
beer the way you piss.

- You piss the way
you drink beer.

- God damn, Verne, go on!

I see 'em, Verne, they're
dead, man, I see 'em!

Shoot 'em, Verne!

- Damn it, we have company.

- Shoot 'em, Verne!

- Down, stay down!

- Hang on, Verne!

- Oh man.

- Holt, God damn it!

Slow down, you'll kill us!

- Oh shut up, all
these bitches, come on!

I don't wanna hear it, come on!

There you go,
Verne, get the gun!

- Bastards.

- Hell Verne, take the wheel!

- Huh?

God damn it.

- Shit!

- I hear him up there, you guys!

- Oh my God!

- Fuck.

- Oh God, oh!

- Please Joy, come on!

- Get him,
go Joy, beat his ass!

- God damn!

- Eagle two, those
bitches are coming your way.

Are you all set?

- All set
here, Mr. Collins.

- Remember the plan then.

- Yes sir, Mr.
Collins, yes sir.

- Good and don't
fuck up this time.

This is a war, not a game.

- Holt?
- What?

- You ain't mad at me, are ya?

- No, I ain't mad at you.

Dumb son of a bitch.

- I'm sure glad
you're not mad at me.

- Stoney's not feeling so good.

- See if you can locate
the nearest town.

- According to this
it'd be Flint Ridge,

it's a couple hours away if
we just stay on this road.

- Providing those bastards
stay off our tail.

- Look out, look out!

- Shit!

- The broads
are here, Mr. Collins.

- Proceed
according to plan.

You have your orders?

Don't mess up.

- Hey, the dumb
broads took the bait!

- Good work,
men, good work.

- Any idea where we're going?

- Do you see
anything on the map?

- Gotta be road up here
somewhere that leads someplace.

- Maybe we should
stop and turn back

and get around that plow there.

- No, I'd rather keep moving.

- You guys, look where we are.

Look at the denseness here,
we can't even see daylight.

- Babe, Babe?

Why are we stopping?

- Dead end.

Alright girls, let's pack
it up and get out of here.

- Where to?
- Away from here.

- That's worse, we're gonna
be lost in 10 minutes.

- We'll be dead in
eight if we stay.

- Babe, I think we
ought to stay and fight.

- We can't stay, Donna, we
have to get away from here

so let's go!

- I can't take you
with us, Daddy.

We're in big trouble.

Bye Daddy.

Nothing can hurt them now, baby.


- Come on!

- Babe, you're going too fast.

- Shh, keep it down,
we have to get away.

- We have to wait for Stoney.

- We won't be able to go far
if she's gonna run like this.

- Babe, Babe, Stoney's gone.

I don't know what happened,
she was right behind me.

- I'll go back for her.

- Let's wait for her down here.

- Oh my God.


- They killed Stoney.
- What?

- Oh no!

- We have to go
back and get her.

- She's dead, we
have to keep moving.

- Moving?

Moving where, we don't even
know where the hell we're going.

- We're going to Flint Ridge.

- That's 30 miles away.

- Right, but if we stay, we die.

- Don't you realize the
slime that killed Stoney

is not about to let us
make it to Flint Ridge?

Babe, I am tired of running

and I am really, really
sick of being afraid.

I say that we set a trap

and we kill the bastards now,
that's what they got coming.

- Maybe Donna's right.

- We have to stick together.

- I have been pushed around
my whole life by lousy men

and I am sick of it.

I say that we just give
them a little taste

of their own medicine right now.

- If you feel that's
what you have to do.

- Bitches are gone!

Gimme that.

Well lookie here.

- She looks dead.

- Come on!

- Well lookie here.

- I bet you it's still warm!

- Don't you go play
with that, man!

- I'm an adult, I
ain't shitting you.

I'm gonna buy you a new truck

just as soon as we collect
that thousand dollars

for them dead bimbos.

- Verne, this ain't got
nothing to do with the money.

We're doing this ‘cause of Roy.

Besides, we ain't gonna bet
off if Mr. Collins still holds.

- Hey, there's
something out there.

- You hear something?

- Let's get them bitches!

- Ronnie, is that you?

- Ronnie, is that you?

- Fire a shot so we see you!

- Fire a shot so we see you!

There they are, Holt.
- I see 'em, Verne.

- Hey boys.

- And he was up
on top of the bus,

he fell right down in the water!

- Not a damn thing
funny about that.

- Holt.
- What?

Let's go.

- There's a
waterfall right over here.

- I know where the hell
the waterfall is at, Verne.

- What we do is we go
through that gully.

- No, we're going up
top where we can see.

- No, we gotta go to the
bottom of the waterfall,

he said cut 'em off at the
waterfall and he's awful mad,

didn't you see what
he done to that girl?

I'm going down this way, I
don't care where you're going.

- I give a damn
where you go either.

- You're just pissed because
of the truck, I know you.

- Verne!

- Yeah!

- You bitches, I'm
gonna kill you!

- Hey, hey, look!

- No, no, sounded like
many shots from that rifle.

- What do we do now?

- Pray.

- Don't shoot!

- Over there!

Over there.

They got Verne, they hung him.

Come on!

- Come on!

- Those bitches wanted a war?

We'll give 'em a God damn war.

Where were ya when
we needed you?

Wasn't doing me any
damn good, was it?

- Get up, bitch.

- Mr. Collins, wait.

Why don't you leave 'em for us?

- Yes sir.

- Keep 'em, they're bait.

- Hey, hey!

- Hey, don't
let 'em get away!

Come on, what's wrong with ya?

- Get her!

- Hey!

- Come on, Holt, get
her, come on now!


Come on, Holt, get her, boy!

Come on, Holt, get
it in there now!

- Oh my God, Babe!

Watch over Mickey,
I'll have to go back.

- You can't go alone, Babe!

- You guys get
down and stay down!

- Yee-ha, come on,
Holt, ride her, buddy!

- Come on, baby, come on!

Yeah, yeah, come on, Holt,
come on, Holt, come on, Holt!

- Come on, let's go.

- Babe, we can't stop,
we gotta keep moving.

- You can bleed to
death, we gotta stop.

Come on, just a bit
farther, right here.

- You'll be okay.

- No, no we won't.
- Go.

- Wait.

- She didn't deserve this,
she didn't deserve this!

- Son of a bitch!

Come on!

- Stoney!
- Louise!

Let's go!

- Louise is dead.

- Babe, why is this happening?

- I don't know, let's go, let's
just go, come on, let's go!

- Babe, stop it!

We gotta rest a second.

- We can't, I'm not gonna
die and neither are you.

If those bastards
want us they're gonna
have to come get us.

- I hear 'em coming.

- God damn, what the fuck?

What happened?

- We were ambushed.

- Who did this,
Holt, who did it?

- God Damn bitches that's who!

- Went that way!

- We ain't playing this time,
fucking shoot 'em on sight.

- What the hell?

Did they get him Holt?

Those bitches did!

They won't get away
from me this time.

Come on!

- Gotcha.

- Shit!

Please don't kill me.

I'm the only one left, you
already got all my friends.

I'll tell Mr. Collins
that you're dead

or that you all got away.

- Babe?
- Mickey!

- Drop your weapons
or I'll bust her neck!

I mean it!

- Don't hurt her.

- Drop 'em, drop 'em!

Step back, all of you!

Put your hands on your head.

- Oh my God.

- I think we made it.

- This is Flint Ridge?

- I don't know.

There's nobody here.

- There's nobody here!

- This can't be Flint Ridge.

- Babe, I can't go on.

I can't do this anymore.

- It's safe in here,
bring her here.

- Listen, we've
gotta get some help.

I want Donna off her feet

and I want you girls
to get some rest.

I'm gonna go take a look
around, I won't be gone long.

- Be careful, sis.

Be careful.

- Flint Ridge.


- I'm gonna kill
that son of a bitch!

- Bitch, I'm gonna Kill you.

- You won't get away bimbo.

- Babe!

Oh Babe!




Babe, Babe!


- Thank God.