Sanbul (1967) - full transcript

In the early 1950s when Korea is still at war, Kyu Bok who escaped from the North Korean People's Army secretly sneaks into a small village in the mountainside. This village has turned into a widowed village due to the war and wid... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Burning Mountain.

Planning.: Kim In-gr & An Seung-jun.

Based on a story by Cha Bum-seok
Screenplay by Shin Bong-seung.

Director of Photography.: Hong Dong-hyuk.

Lights: Son Won-cheol, Art: Lee Bong-seon Music:
Jeong Yun-ju, Assistant director: Jo Mun-jin.

Editor: Yu Jae-won, Recording: Lee Kyeong-sun Sound effects: Choi
Hyung-rae, Props: Chu Gyo-hwan Stills: Yang Gi-ju, Make-up: Jang In-han.

Assistant director." Lee Won-se, Photography assistant: Kim
Hwan-muk Assistant gaffer: Oh Jung-h wan, Recording: Seo Jin-seong.

Planning assistant: Han Jin-seop
Planning director: Choi Jae-ho.

Filming: Daehan Films &
Korean Filming Developer.


Shin Young-kyun

Choo Jeung-nyuh.

Do Keum-bong

Hwang Chung-soon, Han Eun-jin

Kim Jeong-ok, Jeon Yeong-ju, Kim Hyo-jin
Kim Yeong-ok, An In-suk, Song Mi-nam

Lee I'll-seon, Yun San, Jeong Deuk-sun, Jeon Suk Yun
Sin-ok, Kim Sinm-yeong, Go Gyeong-ae, Kim Deok-ja.

Executive Producer: Kim Tae-soo.

Director: Kim 500-yang.

It took a lot for me to bring this.

A lot or a little, you should've
brought your share.

Instead of yakking about it!

You think I'm doing this
because I want to?

Give me that.

Don't you know what
they would do to our village?

Are you bossing us around
because you're the village head?


When did I boss you around?

Stop your bickering and
bring this back filled with grain!

I won't do it even if you make me!

What? What did you say?

Sir, my son-in-law died
fighting for the North,

but this village head from a reactionary
family was beating me up.

Let me explain.

None of us has enough
food in the house.

But she will not bring her share.

The men in these families died
fighting for the Southern Army.

But my husband died on the mountain.

Say whatever you like.

You are all reactionaries.
Isn't that right?

What is wrong with you?

Does anyone go fight in a war
because they want to?

And why bring up
the poor dead souls?

Sir, we will sort this out.

Why don't you take
what we've collected?

I'll wait and see
your family destroyed.

I will not die until that happens.

Your cursing us will not bring
back your dead son-in-law.

Mom, that's enough.

Am I going to get my breakfast or not?

Are you harping on food again?
This is making me so upset.

Bring me a glass of cold water.


Are you making barley rice
or potato rice?

You should not make
an old man hungry.

I want my breakfast!


- You wench!
- So I am a wench!

- That mouth of yours!
- If it wasn't for him...

I won't rot here and die even if I have
to work as a maid somewhere.

Stop crying! Just drop dead,
why don't you?

- Drop dead instead of crying!
- Stop that!

Why blame the poor baby?
You'll pay for this later!

What good will a child do me?

The commies took my husband
and our food...

How am I supposed to survive?

People just cannot live here.

Go ahead and do
whatever you want.

Go to Gwangju or Mokpo
and be a whore.

Don't you worry about me!

I won't ask you for money.
Don't worry.

Damn girl! No woman in this
village has a husband.

Mine died long ago,
and I'm fifty now.

Are you proud of that?

You live for your child.

Does that give you a chip on your shoulder?

- Jeomrye!
- Oh...

I'll get married.

Get married?


- To whom?
- In a dream...

men I met at the market
asked me to marry them.

You really want to get married?

What happens when
you get married?

I don't know what getting
married is like, but I want to.

Grandpa, poppa!

Open your jaws!

Kimchi is coming.

Snot and snoot!

Grandpa's thing is like
a squishy persimmon.

Grandpa, poppa!

Grandpa's thing is like
a squishy persimmon.


- Monkeys have red butts...
- Shut your mouth.


Put away that stick and stop hitting me!

Are we having barley again?

- I like potatoes and rice.
- I do too!

When are you going to grow up?

Father, please stop asking for food.

What? We'll have white rice?

I'll have two bowls then.

I'll have three bowls of it.

My cursed life...

In my old age too...

Idiot! Go and find Jeomrye.

Where is she?

Look at Kkeutsun, and see how
she makes a living for her mom.

I can do it too!

If you get sick, I'll take care of you!

That mouth of yours!

- Kkeutsun!
- What is that?

- It's corn gruel.
- I see.

How is your mother?

- Mom!
- Who is it?

Jeongnim brought you some gruel.

I hope you're feeling better.

Thank you for coming.

I should go to Gwangju or
Mokpo to make money.

What about your mother?

I can't just sit here and starve!

I can work as a maid somewhere.

You need connections
to work even as a maid.

How will you find a job
when you leave here?

We wouldn't be like this
if your brother was still alive.

What kind of world kills off
every man there is!

With us women hung out to dry
for the rest of our lives...

I'll throw that away.

- Is that okay?
- Don't worry.

I am sorry.

I'll bring a sack next time.

My hands are blistered! I don't see
how I can make a living.

Do you know
who's winning the war?

Who knows when we are
on this mountain?

I am tired of it.
It's been more than two years.

I know.

My husband doesn't even
show up in my dreams anymore.

I know.

If he is still alive,
he'll be thinking about you.

Isn't there a war where
your husbands don't drop dead?

I know...

My life is worse than a dog's life.

- Isn't it?
- I hear you.

What is this?

Look at this.

They're a man's clothes.



You look happy just smelling it.

Well, we've been starving
for that, haven't we?

Damn him... how come he only
left his clothes behind?

You said it.

It's not like we'll eat him up.

You know there's a rumor.

Some say they've seen
a man in our village.

That's a crock of shit.

And that he only
shows up at night.

Shows up where?

And there is
a woman with him.

Who's going around
saying this nonsense?

There've been no men
here for a long time!

We don't have
a man in our village!

Everyone, look what I've found!

Do you know what it is?

- What is it?
- A man's clothes!

You can smell a man
on these clothes.


- We can all smell these...
- She must've missed it that much.

It'll drive you crazy!

I can't believe what I'm seeing.

What's the use of
a parent or child?

That's not what you need.

We're poor and uneducated.
So we wait for

our husbands like idiots,
knowing they're dead.

Things will get better someday...
I'm going home.


Where have you been?

I went to town to get
my mother's medicine.

Is she that sick?

I wish she would either die
or get better soon.

You don't mean that.

I can't even work as a maid
because I can't leave her.

Don't say that.
She's your mother.

Everywhere you go in town,
they ask for your identification card.

They ask for it especially
if you're a man.

The police haul off anyone
who looks strange.

I wish we had
one of those cards.

How about we just pick up
and leave this place?

Waiting for someone dead will
not bring them back alive.

I want to get a better life
before I get older.

Things will just get harder
for you in your old age.

Who would blame me
for getting married again?

Would someone praise me
for enduring this misery?

You should make up with
Jeomrye's mother-in-law.

They are just like us.
We are not enemies.

Is my son dead or alive?
I wish we had some news.

Whatever news it might be.

It's been three years. If he was alive,
we should've known by now.

He should've stayed put
and tilled the family land.

Why did he go into the war
and get himself killed?

We're lucky he didn't go and fight
for the North in the mountains.

It's all the same.
They are all dead!

If he had thought about me at all,
he wouldn't have done that.

But he really was a good son to you.

He should've given you
a child like Sawol's husband.

I'll go and drop
by her house.

It's not like we are enemies.

You're right.
We are all the same.

- Get them some sweet potatoes.
- Yes.

- Hurry back home.
- Yes.

I came to keep you company.

Try some.

There must be someone
waiting for you, yes?

You're safe here, but

your family must be worried.

Can you please say something?

You're not a talker, are you?

Is your wife pretty?

Do you miss her?

Do you have a kid?

Can you please say something?

Are you home?

Try these sweet potatoes.

You shouldn't have.
We have them too.

Where is Jeomrye?


Didn't she go to your place?

- My place?
- Yes.

Will we have some good
news at the market?

It'll be a good thing
if we can see men there.

Same old same old.

It was not this far
when I went with my husband.

I know...

How could they drag away
every man from our village?

- Let's hurry.
- Mom!

Isn't she Guideuk?

Mom, I want to go with you!

You idiot!

Wasn't it enough that
you stole and ate the eggs!

Why are you here?

I didn't steal them.
Jeomrye gave them to me.

Shush! And just go back home.

No, I want to go!

She wants to go with you
that badly. Why not let her?

See? Listen to her!

- Let's hurry!
- What's wrong with her?

Grandpa, poppa!

Who knew this war would
turn her into an idiot?

She should've just
died in that bombing.

We even spent money
for her medicine...

The war killed my son
and left me with her.

Don't say that.
She is not an idiot.

We are all idiots,
waiting for our men for years.


Is anybody home?

I need to take a breather here.

Oh my goodness!

Where's my pisspot?

I thought you were a ghost.

Is my dinner ready?

Is it going to rain?

Where is everyone?

I was going to ask you that.

Where is everyone?

My eyes are sore.
I couldn't sleep well.

Straighten your clothes with
a cotton stick, why don't you?

You're back.

He wouldn't know it
even if he got robbed.

Take a look.
I have new fabrics.

I can't afford it. We're lucky
not to go around naked.

What are you saying?

Fine feathers make
fine birds, you know.

The men in the village
will fall for you.

We don't have any men here.

Did you see the fabric seller?

There she is.

Aren't you going
to have a looksee?

No, I don't want to.

Didn't I tell you
she must be here?

- Ma'am, what have you got here?
- I was waiting for you.

- Hello.
- So, what did your mom say?

She asked for a matchmaking.

Are there any marriageable
men in the city?


You should try.

Who would think she's a widow?

Don't go around telling everyone.

You're embarrassing me.

You're the one
who wants to remarry.

Can you please look for a place
where I can work as a maid?

You're asking for too many
favors without buying anything.

Let's go to my place
and talk about this.

All right.


See you then.

Do you really want
to work as a maid?

I have to.

It would be easier
if you married an old man.

- Like someone around 50.
- Ma'am!

Can I have a word with you?

I told you to buy something.
You ran all the way here?

It's... I need to ask something.

What is it?

- I'll catch up with you.
- Okay...

Can a stranger go into the city?

I don't think so!

They search everyone
because of the guerillas.

Even peddlers like us
get inspected everywhere.

At every station, policemen
or soldiers ask for ID.

You want to go somewhere?

You can't even go
a mile without an ID.

Can the men in the mountains
turn themselves in?

Mountains? You mean those commies?

What if someone was duped by
them but ran away later?

I don't see how
he'll be spared.

But you can go and ask.
But how should I know?

Where is your hometown?

Are you married?

Do you have wife?

How come you don't tell me
a thing about yourself?

I will tell you.

I was a teacher.

An elementary school teacher.

He was a good man,
a fine teacher for children.

- So your husband was a teacher?
- Yes, an elementary school teacher.

After he was dragged off to
the mountains, I never saw him again.

I guess he's dead now.

Your life is as tough as mine.

If I don't do this,
my family will starve to death.

Her husband was also dragged
off to the mountains and didn't come back.

He must be dead...
It's stupid to wait for them.

Everyone is so miserable.

Her brother ran away
before this chaos took place,

so he may be alive somewhere.

You can't hide
like this forever.

How about turning yourself in?

You didn't kill anyone.
They dragged you to the mountains.

You won't get punished.
Turn yourself in.

No, they will kill me if I do.
I don't want to die.

I'll do anything. I'll live in a cave
or a pigsty if I have to.

Just leave me be.

I'm afraid something
terrible might happen...

I don't have money,
and I am uneducated.

I live like a dead soul every day.

Are you afraid because of me?
Or tired of me?

Don't say that.

How could you say that to me?

No woman sleeps with a man
she doesn't like.

Please let me stay here
until things quiet down.

I can starve. I want to
survive as long as I can.

I understand...

- Look here!
- Oh my goodness!

What is that in your hand?

You can see for yourself.

Dishes... Why do you
have dishes with you?

You can't fool me.
What's going on?

I have nothing to tell you.

Do you think I don't know?

Follow me.

Come on!

Should I tell the one
in the cave?

- Tell him know you're here?
- Don't do this.

So who is he?

Cat got your tongue?
Say something.

He is my cousin.

Yeah, right.

You're sleeping around
with your cousin?


Stop mincing around
and tell me the truth.

Just promise me one thing,
and I'll tell you.

I'm no child. Just go
ahead and tell me.

I promise I won't say a word.

I am thirsty.


How could you hide a man
in this bamboo grove

and have all the fun by yourself?

It's not like that.
Not like that at all.

I just felt sorry for him.
If he gets caught,

he will be dead.

I feel more sorry for us.

To be this young and left
without our husbands.

Although someone got herself a man.

Sawol, don't be sarcastic,
and listen to me.

He was a school teacher.

Teacher or not,
he is still a commie.

They are the ones
who killed our husbands.

How come you are on his side?

Let's go to the police
and report him.

He is not a commie.

He was a teacher.

He was just born a man
in this terrible world.

They dragged him to the mountains
away from his home and school.

It is the truth.

My hometown is
a village with flowers.

Peach, apricot blossom,
and baby azalea.

Red and pink
all the flowers.

How I miss the time when
I was in my hometown.

The songs of home
that I can still hear.

I can still see the playground
when I close my eyes.

And those innocent eyes.

How are they?

I can see the riverbank where
my wife was waiting for me.

You leave home and
you're left with longing.

They dragged me from
one mountain to another.

Those miserable and wretched years...

When will I be free
to go back home

and see my

People without a hometown
will never know

this longing to be
back home again.

Think about how much
he must miss his wife.

Maybe our husbands are not
different from him now.

It's so sad...

I know you'll feel the same way,

and help him survive.

Now that I know,
I want to help him too.

Let's take turns and help him.

- Take turns?
- Yes.

I also want to help
this poor man.

I'll bring him food and clothes too.

Thank you, but don't
bother him too much.

You mean be an errand girl and
get nothing for my trouble?

And you have all the fun?

- Stop this crazy talk.
- Crazy talk?

If you're going to be this way,
I have my ideas too.


Do whatever you want!

- I'll go to the police.
- Sawol! Sawol!

Please don't.

Do whatever you want,
but please spare him...

He's a poor man...

Change your mind then!

All right. Just don't tell anyone.

He will turn himself in soon.

Don't worry. He's precious
to you and also to me.

I'll visit him tonight then.

One thing, though.

You stay home when I visit him!

Don't be scared.

My name is Sawol.

She told you about me!

Only two of us know,
so don't worry.

Get out!

Then I will go straight to the police.


I am a woman too.
So what difference does it make?

Does it matter
who brings you food?

It only matters
that you'll have food to survive.


You mean... you two will
keep me like an animal?

What does it matter?

You'll get to live.

Do it then.

Like raising livestock,
put me in a cage

feed me food,

and mate with me when you want to.

Even if that's how you feel,

there isn't anything
you can do about it.

Even if I have to keep you
locked up like a pig,

I can't let you go!

What's wrong?

It's just that we were born
into this messed up world.

When the spring comes,
go back to your family.

Turn over a new leaf in your life.

- Do we have any other choice?
- Mother...

Don't worry about us.

We'll manage to eke out a living.

I wish I could seeh im
just once before I die.

I'm going out for some fresh air.



Come here.

Oh no!

How come you are here?

I'll follow you.

No one is sleeping yet.

I came to tell you
that I am not some beast.

- How could you send her...
- Please calm down.

I'll be there.
Go! Hurry!

All right.

- You have to...
- Yes.



I'm going to go even if
it costs me my life.

This place has become more dangerous.

You can't even go a mile
without an ID.

Don't be foolish.

I have a friend who lives
50 miles from here.

He doesn't know who I am, though.

We used to be close in college.

But you were with those
people in the mountains...

Who would speak up for you?

How about turning yourself in?
I can do it for you.


I'll also pay for what I did.

For hiding you here.

Won't they spare us?

I want to live! I don't want to die!

I really want
you to be all right.

They won't kill you
if you turn yourself in.

- The fighter plane sound...
- It's all right.

- It's okay.
- It'll kill me.

We'll all die if they
start fighting again.

Why is it hovering over us?

Don't go round and round.
Decide what you're going to do!

- Ma'am.
- Yes?

We won't survive if they
start fighting again.

No one will survive.

The Southern Army will be here
to kill off all the mountain guerillas.

This mountain is rugged for
soldiers to fight on in winter.

Thank goodness the Southern
Army will be here.

But we'll run out of food soon.

- Did you hear about Sawol?
- What?

She is terribly sick.

I heard from Ssallye.

Oh, no...

Is she getting better?

She even throws up porridge.

Maybe she's gotten sick
because she's too lonesome.

Maybe I should just have
her remarry someone.

She sounds very sick.

- She is...
- I'll look in on her.


Oh no...


- Yes.
- Try patting her back.


- Sawol, are you pregnant?
- I'll kill you if you say that again!

How can I get pregnant
without a husband?

Say something that stupid,
then I'll kill you.

Watch that crazy mouth of yours.

She must have one
foot in the grave.

You're in trouble.


Where is he?

Mister! Mister!

Where is he?

About Sawol...
You know why, right?

She's got morning sickness.
She must be pregnant!

How can she be? Without her husband?

You say that, and she'll
bludgeon you to death.

You know what Sawol's mom is like.

I am sure about this!

We've been there.

Vomiting and feeling nauseated!
You know what that means.

Watch what you say.

It all sounds like hogwash.

You don't believe me?
I'll see you later.

Are you a new servant?


They hired a servant

because they're too lazy to work.

where's Mom?

It's spring, and I feel itchy all over.

You don't understand
what I'm saying.

- Gwideok.
- What?

Where is Jeomrye?

She told me to go when I said I was hungry.

Are you hungry again?

What is wrong
with your stomach?

Why didn't she come
back with you?

How much arrowroot
will she bring?

I'm hungry, too.
Get me some food.

Me too. I want some food too.

The grandfather and
his granddaughter are so alike!

There is no food. We can
barely have two meals a day!

You have no food for me,
but you can afford a servant?

What are you
talking about?

Since when do we have a servant?

I know everything. You ingrate!

- Ingrate...
- You're being senile!

What servant are you talking about?

The war took away our husbands.

Many people died.

My sister-in-law went crazy
because of a bomb attack.

And so did my father-in-law.

All the village women are uneducated,

and we barely scrape out a living.

Life is hard for a widow.

I don't know how I was
able to survive until now.

Can you please love me too?


I won't go back home anymore.

I'll stay with you no matter what.

I can't stand being without
you even for a moment.

Please go home.

No, you can't do this.
You can't do this to me.



I'll kill you!


Why are you doing this?

She's pregnant with your child.
Why are you doing that?

You'll soon be leaving.

It's not her fault for
wanting to be with you.

She loves you, and
that's not a crime.

Poor people like us have
to look out for one another.

Tell me who's been
spreading the rumor!

Tell me!

Oh my...

Calm down and speak slowly.

Who's making up a story
that my daughter is pregnant?

Your daughter should know.

What did you say, you bitch?

Did you ever see
smoke without a fire?

What did you just say?

- Who are you bitching at?
- Bitching did you say?

- Yes, bitching.
- Let's have it out right here!

- Are you nuts?
- My daughter lost her husband,

- but you're saying she's pregnant?
- I'm not making it up.

- We all lost people.
- Stop them!

Please don't do this.

- What is all this?
- What is it all about?

Pull them apart!

- Let go of me!
- Let go!

Why are you holding me,
but not her?

Go ahead! Tell the people
in the mountains!

Tell them to slash my throat,
why don't you?

Please, you're too old for this.

Right... now that the Southern
Army will be here,

you want your revenge.

Go ahead, but nothing will change.

Everyone here gave
food to the guerillas.

Whatever you do, I'll do exactly
the same thing to you!

Who here hasn't helped
the ones in the mountains?

- There she is!
- You're the village head!

When did I...

Did you just grab my hair?

Tear the dresses,
so that I can sell more clothes.

Look at my fabric.
You can pay for it with rice.

You don't have to buy.
Just take a look.

- Come and take a look!
- She's so thoughtless.

Selling clothes in the middle
of this fighting.

I am barren.
I can't have a child.

I thought it was my husband,
but now I see it was me.

You're pregnant.

Why don't you just
run away with him?

Don't say that.

Why am I the one who gets
stuck with a baby all the time?

What's the use of a child
without the father?

Then beg him.

He has his own family.

You lied to your own mother?

Who is the father?
Tell me, who is it?

- Ma'am.
- Tell me who he is.

Is he from some noble family?
Or a rich family?


I never thought you'd pull
the wool over my eyes!

- You whore!
- Please, don't.

- You lied to your own mother?
- Ma'am.

What is all this?




Where are you going,
all dressed up?

I'm leaving for Gwangju.

She's getting married.

I came to say goodbye.
I had no choice.

I want to start over.

Good for you.

He is old but a nice man.

- Sawol?
- Yes...

Are you all right?

It's nothing. She just can't eat.

Jeongnim, you go and have a good life.

People might badmouth me.

No one is going to.

I'd do the same
if I had the chance.

You should think about it.

Who would know
if we grow old here and die?

I'm done for.

Go before it gets late.

Yes... Take care of yourself.

Come by when things get better.




I feel as if I'm taking away
one of your friends.

- See you!
- Don't look back.

Come on. We have a long way to go.

You should leave tomorrow morning.

Forgive us for what
we've done to you.

We shouldn't have
done what we did.

Your family must be looking for you.

I can't imagine how much
they must miss you.

It's heartbreaking to wait
for your loved ones.

We'll take you to town,
so that you can go to the police station.

Things will just get
worse if you stay here.

We should decide now.

It's breaking my heart.
And Sawol is going to have your baby..

Don't worry about the child.

The mountain people must have
come down again for food.

- Come!
- Everyone!

Come here!

- What is it?
- What's going on?

- Are we all here?
- I think so.



As you may have heard,

there will be a clean-up
operation of the commies.

To do this, we need to
destroy the forests and

burn the bamboo groves
where they can hide.

- What? The bamboo grove?
- No, not the bamboo grove!

- Please don't do this!
- Listen up!

I think you've seen them.

Our reconnaissance planes
found that too many

bamboo groves
in this village

provide guerillas with places to hide.

- But we can't burn them.
- No, we can't.

Our ancestors are buried there.

We've been making a living
because of the grove.

- You cannot burn it down!
- You just can't!

No way! No way!

- We can't risk...
- No, please!

Your lives and property
to save the bamboo grove.

I'd appreciate your cooperation.

- No!
- Let's do this.

Please, please,
don't do that!

Come on!


- Not the bamboo grove!
- Please let go!

What are you doing?
No way!

Damn it!

I will burn
my own bamboo grove!

What's that? Is it food?

I have to burn the bamboo grove!

That's good.

Please, sir, not the bamboo grove.

I can't let you do this! Please!

- Please, sir.
- Ma'am, you can't stay here!

Mother, what's going on?

Stop him!

They're burning our bamboo
groves to catch the commies!

- Sir, please.
- Mother.

How can we burn
the land of our ancestors?

- I can't let them...
- Mother!

Oh my goodness!

You'll get burned!
Come on!

Look at the flame!

- Oh, the bamboo...
- Oh no!

- Oh, no...
- What's happening to us?

You're burning our land!

This cannot be...

- Sir, please...
- Sir...

Where are you going?

It's hot!

Let me die!
I can't live without him!


Who's that?

There was a man in the bamboo grove.

- Hey!
- What is that?

Oh... My...

There was a man?


Does anyone know
who he is?

Who is he?

See? I told you Sawol had a man.

No one?

Why are you looking at me?
I don't know him.

Why are you looking at me?

You think Sawol slept
with him, is that it?

I'll bring Sawol and
get to the bottom of this.

Stay right there!

Bring the body and
investigate this thoroughly!

Yes, sir.





How could you...

You should've at least cleared your name!


Isn't he the new servant
in our house?

He's dead now.

Dead as a doornail.

You ingrates...

You should've turned yourself in...

But it's too late now.

It's too late.
It's too late!

It's too late now.
I am so sorry.

Thank you.

Translation by Alyssa Kim.

Editing by Paul Tewkesbury