Sanam Teri Kasam (2016) - full transcript

A musical romantic movie exploring the journey that ensues when the blue blooded boy Inder (Harshvardhan Rane) "Who wanted to love no one" crosses paths with Saru (Mawra Hocane) "Whom no one wanted to love". All their lives they were waiting to meet, but they just didn't know it . A musical tale of love , longing and loss. Sanam Teri Kasam - A Love story sealed with a Curse Directed by Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru Music by Himesh Reshammiya with songs which will make you live a lifetime of love. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Sir... you won the case.

Sir... please, sir... sir... can you please
tell us how you feel on your win.


Take the day off... l'll drive.

Baba, you won again.


Saru... you're still here.

Hurry up, dear...
they will be here any minute.


- Go. Go.

The paper has come?

The boy's family are coming from US.

What if they don't like home food?


So... should we order some diet coke?

You can bring instant food
in this house when I am dead!

Okay... leave it... l'm sorry.

serve the house-guests
on fresh banana leaves.

Like we do at home.

They will appreciate it.

They will respect Saru's family...

...her culture and the
value system she belongs to.


Yes, yes...
this is Jayram only speaking.

Yes, go on.


I see.

I see.

I see...

They've cancelled the visit.


But why?

His mother made a list of 1 0 girls...

...since the boy was in the US.

He liked the first one he met.

So why hurt our
daughter by coming here.

That's what they said.

Pack Saru's and my lunch.

I'll drop her at the library
and head to the office.

But... office?

Didn't you take a leave today?

There's no occasion
to take a leave anymore.

If the world's on one side,
he'll be on the other side.

He never listens to me for...
- Mom!

The boy didn't turn up...
what does that mean?

Speak softly...
your father will overhear.

Does this mean my marriage
to Sanjay's been postponed again.

Look, Kaveri.
I've told you a thousand times.

Saru is elder to you.

She will get married first.

You cannot get married until then.

Don't argue with me
on this again and again.

Why don't you search
For a boy yourself?

Is it only our responsibility?

There's a difference between searching
for someone and finding someone.

It's not that I don't have crushes.

But if the person doesn't reciprocate,
then what can I do about it?

I'll have to depend on my family... find some suitable
boy and settle me down.



This lift... too...

Waste of time I tell you.

Come, Saru.

What's going on here...
keeping the lift engaged?

What's this vulgarity in the society?

Others have to get to work.

Come, Saru

We'll need signatures on the deposit
cheque. - What are you doing here?

Mr. Jayram.

I was looking for you in the society,
Mr. Secretary.

Sir, we were booking
the hall for the AGM.

It's alright.

But I tell you what is this
nonsense going on in the society?

This is too much, you see.

I am a founder member of this society.

Yet, that doesn't scare him.

Shirtless... shameless scoundrel.

Sir, you mean that 20/52?

He's a criminal. Yes!

He was jailed at the age of 1 3.

For murder!

Why did you give NOC
to a criminal like him?

We can't stop him.

Sir, it's like this.

The original owner, Ms. Lily...

...she transferred her
flat in this boy's name.

Ms. Lily.
- Yes.

Such a sensible lady.

And she transferred her
home to a road-side rubbish.

Sir, he's no road-side rubbish.

I've heard that his
father is some big-shot.

If you object... he'll brag
about some law or the other.

He's got a good knowledge
about laws and bylaws.

What can we do?

So you let that jail-bird
turned lawyer intimidate you?

And turn our society
into a dance bar.

Sir, what did I do?

How can a secretary stop the parade of
girls from coming and going?

A Secretary's job is to maintain
discipline in the society.

If you can't do it, better resign.

We'll elect someone else.

Come, Saru.

What's my fault in all this?
- Taxi!

Since when did you
start reading love poetry?

Waste product.

Such books don't
increase your IQ level.

Saraswati Parthasaarthy.

The research you gave
me on Market Trends...


My boss is floored.


I need a favor from you.

My office has organized
a Summer-funk party...

...for under-privileged kids.

But the guy who was supposed
to dress up as the bear... fell sick.

So... can you dress
up as the dancing bear?

Please don't say no.

It's for charity.

It's my boss' wife's pet project.

If you say yes...
you'll do me a big favor.


"Don't ask... about the condition
of my heart... beloved."

"It's immersed in the
intoxication of your love..."

"...the ambiance."

"Don't ask... about the condition
of my heart... beloved."

How did weepy... Saru... become

...a bouncing bear today?

What did Abhimanyu
promise you this time?

A kiss?

A hug?

Or... just holding hands
Would've been enough for you.

And the anonymous Valentine's
day card you sent for Abhimanyu...

...everyone really
liked it in the office.

"When the twilight falls."

"...I think I think of you."

"Brings a storm."

"You're in my memories."

"Every desire is incomplete."

"My heart's lost in mischief."

"The caravan of dreams."

"The series of conversations."

"Follow me everywhere I go."

"Whether day or night,
it's lost in a trance..."

"The ambience."

"Don't ask... about the condition
of my heart... beloved."

Stop taking off your clothes, please!


Sorry, sorry, sorry... sorry.

I am very sorry!

I am very sorry!

I thought the bear is a guy.

Why don't you take
off that Eskimo suit?

Or else you will
melt in this heat.

Hurry up, please.

Excuse me.

Your... head!


Listen... can you recommend me a book?


Like what?

Like if someone's been released
from jail after 8 years... what should he read?

Something... like that.

"I wonder how...
you came so close to me..."

"Everyone else feels
alienated from me."

"With every breath
I take... I feel alive."

"Please don't go away now."

"The ambiance is standing still."

"The moments feel blissful."

"I am all alone here."

Never want to see you again.

Buzz off.

Damn you!

I hope you die.

Go to hell. Go to hell.

I'm never going to see him again.

Never! Never! Never!

Saru, Sanjay... has seen
a suitable boy for you.

He's based in Denmark.

Works for Mars Electronics.

He'll come see you tomorrow.

But mom and you are leaving
for Tirupati tomorrow.

Sanjay requested me personally...
so I've given him my permission.

He's a nice guy.

IIT... llM.

And Vaideki Brahmins.

Even the horoscopes
are a perfect match.

But without you two...
my heart doesn't agree.

If things go your way, its good.
If not, it's even better.

Because it's the will of God.



- Hi.


- No, thanks.

I'll go get Saru.
- Okay.

Come on... quickly.

What's this?

Come on.


She's my sister Saru.
- Hi.

So nice to have you.

It was a pleasure
meeting you.

Same here.
- Thanks. - Take care.

- And see you later.

See you tomorrow.

Perfect match for you.

Great guy! I really like him!

Hey... he left his phone here.

Come on, Saru. You've a readymade
excuse to meet him again.

Take it.

Come on.

He'll really like it if you
return him his phone. - No, Kaveri.

Come on, go.
- No, no.

Kaveri's calling.
What do I tell her?

What do I tell her what?

You hitched a beauty like Kaveri...

...and sticking me up
with a frump aunt like Saraswati.

Are you my friend or my enemy?

S*** man! I had high hopes with you.

And you're the 1 0th
guy who's rejecting Saru.

There were 9 before me?

When were you going to tell me this?

After getting hooked-booked.

Look... if I want to marry Kaveri...

...I must first find someone
for that encyclopaedia.

Old man Parthasaarthy insists on it.

I am fed up.

I can't help you in this.

Saraswati is your problem, not mine.

Kaveri, you told Sanjay about...

...the number of
boys that rejected me.

How could you?

Even Arun said no, he doesn't
want a frumpy aunt like you.

I know.

And you know what?
Sanjay's given me an ultimatum.

He won't wait until you get married.

He says either we
get married next month...

...and I move to the US with him.

Or... forget him.

I am so sorry.

Don't say sorry.

Smarten up, find a man.

Oh, God!

Who am I asking to smarten up?

You will never change.
You're a fossil.

And I will lose Sanjay
all because of you.

I love Sanjay.
- So we'll sort it out.

How can I live without him?
- Kaveri.

I'll elope with him,
there's no other way.

No, Kaveri.

Kaveri, think about dad...
he's already suffered a heart attack.

If you run away...
he'll be humiliated.

Dad will be heart-broken, Kaveri.

And what about my heart.

Does anyone care if that shatters?
- Of course we do.

I do.

Kaveri, I promise you...

...l'll get you married
to Sanjay before he leaves.


But stop making these absurd plans.

You promise. Promise?


Hello. I want an appointment of
Ms. Ruby Malhotra.


A three month waiting list?

Sir, please can you do something?



Okay... thank you.


Sanjay, don't hang up on me. Please.


Oh no.

Go away!



Sanjay, listen to me please.

Can I come in?

Sorry, I...

I'll finish my exercise.

Sorry for disturbing you at this hour.

I didn't expect that anyone
would be exercising at this hour.

Even I didn't expect...
that you'll come see me at this hour.

I had to come at this hour,
so that no one sees me.

If dad finds out...

And you haven't been to
the library for a long time... I had to come here.

Actually... I needed your help.

It's an emergency.

I came here to ask...

Please tell your Monday-girlfriend... do a makeover for me.

My situation is really desperate.


She's the best makeover
specialist in the country.

For Brides-to-be
and Brides-in-waiting.

She can completely change
the life of girls like me.

I tried to get an appointment...

...but there's a three
month waiting list.

And I don't have that long.

I know that you two had a quarrel...

...but if you
could please patch up...

Please put in a recommendation for me.

Inder my love...

I am so... so... so... so sorry.

We shouldn't have broken up.
I am sorry.

I said really stupid
things over the phone.

Let us get back.

Seems like you did a lot of exercise.

Not in the gym,

but on the bed.

Calm down, Ruby.

Saru is my neighbor.

She came to see me because...

...she wanted an appointment with you.

At 4am.

You were giving her
an appointment at 4am.

Do you think I don't understand?

Do I look like an idiot to you?

She's here to hit on you.

I meet with such frumps every day.

The longer their kurta,
the longer their sex-drive.

And you...

You can't say no, isn't it?

Stay, Saru.

Ruby, say sorry.
- Are you crazy?

You think I'll
apologies to this frump.

She came to see you.

Say sorry right now.
- What if I don't?

Then you can go back
to your Cuffe Parade.

You're rejecting me...
for this museum piece.


Just get lost.

You know what...

Just go to... hell!

Go and say sorry.
- I don't say sorry.


Go home.

This is all my fault, so I feel
responsible... - Go home.

You should go to a hospital.

You are bleeding.

I'll come along too.

Sion Circle.

Hello, Mr. Secretary.

There's a problem in the society, sir.

The wound is really deep.

We should go to a hospital.

Do you have Hajmola?

By the way, the girl is right.

You're covered in blood...
but not in a hospital.


I mean why?

I don't need it sir, my wounds
heal really soon.


Used to getting wounds?

As far as I know, only two
kinds of people are used to it.

Thieves and police.

Which one are you?

Let's go.

Let's go.

Saru, go home.

No, no, hold on.

Saru you go home means what?
To hell with the inspector.

What do you think I'm doing here?

I am talking to you.

- Yes, sir.

Seems like an old offender...
surely must have a record.

Get these two in the jeep.

Come on.
- Sir, please.

Please listen to me.

Sir, there's nothing illegal here.

His girlfriend broke
a bottle...

...and the glass pieces
got stuck in his back.

It's just a small misunderstanding,
sir, nothing else.

I see...

Then call that girlfriend
to the police station as well.

Where to?

I told you go home.
Please listen to me.

Go home. Please.
- No.

This is all my fault,
I feel responsible.

I've to fix this.
- Saru, don't...

Sir... sir... sir...

If he calls his girlfriend
to the station, things will get worse.

They won't get a second chance
to say sorry and I love you.

What did you say?

What did you just say?

They won't get a second chance
to say sorry and I love you.


Sir, please... please...

- Yes, sir.

I know his wounds heal fast...

...but take him to the hospital,
dress up his wounds...

...and take him home.
- Okay, sir.


Can we go, sir?

Sion hospital.

'Hari, keep this
gun and sticks aside.'

'Only two words are
enough to run this world.'

Sorry... I love you.

See... dear...

You left me.

But some day this "Sorry-l Love you"...

...will cost me my job.

Let's go.


Mr. Secretary...
this looks like a police case, sir.

That boy from 20/52...
and Parthasaarthy sir's daughter.

They're both back in bandages.

See you, Inder.

Inder, your medicines are with me.

Remember... if you feel nauseous,
take the red pill...

...and if you feel pain,
take this capsule.

Where do I keep it?

The doctor's asked you to sleep
on your stomach... not your back.

It will put pressure on the stitches.





Driver... untie this rope.

Mr. Jayram, sir. One moment Please.


What's the matter?
What's the fare?

Having a meeting in
the society without me?

Look at what's going
on in the society.

What happened?
- Tell him. What Saraswati was doing?

Late last night, your daughter...
and that guy from 20/52...

What about 20/52?

She was going to
and fro the whole time?

Saraswati! Are you drunk?
- No, sir.

Have you lost your mind, scoundrel?

I'll get you fired.

You can check for yourself, sir.

They're still upstairs ever since
that policemen brought them back.

Police? Saraswati...
what nonsense is he...

Sir, I say we go upstairs
and check ourselves.

All the conjectures
will be laid to rest.

Arundhati, go home!

Come, sir.

Come on.
- Come.

Come, sir.

I'm telling you I'm not lying

Let's check it out.


The watchman was right.

Dad, you were supposed
to return tomorrow.



You misunderstand.

I went to the hospital, so...
- Shut up, boy.

You've turned the entire
society into a brothel.

And this time you crossed all limits.

First you hit own our girls...

...and now you're daring us too.

Aren't you ashamed?
- I didn't...

I didn't hit on anyone.

- What Saru?

Her name is Saraswati.

Saraswati Parthsaarthy.

And a girl like
Saraswati Parthsaarthy...

...broke all norms of
her family for a boy like you.

Can you give us descent
people a reason for it?

Tell me.

What will they say, Mr. Chairman?

I'll tell you.

I was on night duty.

He's with sister since 4am.
I swear.

I never lie.

And we've severe objections
on such behaviour.

Dad... dad, please let's go home.

I'll tell you everything.

Please, dad. Let's go home.
Please. Please.


- Mr. Jayram.

Some mistakes are unpardonable...

...these sayings look
best only in textbooks.

And she's still your daughter.

Such mistakes happen at this age.

I suggest that you
compromise a little...

...and take your daughter home.

Sorry, please.

Please. Dad. Please.

- Dad.

Call the priests that
perform the last rites.

We need to perform the last rites.


Your daughter's dead.

Saru. Her final rites.

Now there's no hindrance to
our younger daughter's marriage.

Give this good news to Kaveri.

Some mistakes cannot be pardoned.

Did you all hear?

My daughter's dead today.

Do come home for the oblations.

You too.

Let's go.

Come on.


What are you saying sorry for?

Just sorry.

Where are you going?
- Office.


Because now there's
no occasion to take a leave.

- Hello, Saru.

What were you doing
in that boy's home?

I promised Kaveri that
I will get her married.

Whatever's happened... at least
dad has agreed to her marriage,

What are you doing, dear?

What are you thinking? - Please mom,
let Kaveri get married first.

I will call you every day.

Will you tell dad about it.

You know him, I cannot tell him.

Then please don't call me.

If he finds out, he'll be shattered.

Oh, God!

Between the father-daughter
principles, of the getting wrenched.

Bye, mom.


Yes, sir. I called.

Sir, I must get the house today.

Sir, please.

See... I can't find a place to stay.

And you need to give me
the report as soon as possible.

- Hold on. Saru.

We're heading towards Five Gardens.

We'll drop you on the way.

No thank you.

No problem, come along.

Let her be, Abhimanyu.

I guess she's going on a date.

Are you going on a date?

Abhimanyu, this is Inder.

Inder, that's Abhimanyu,
Namrata and Sheetal.

Shall we go home?

Thanks for finding me a home.

You can thank me
if you like the place.

Thank you.

Shall we?
- Yes.

The place is really nice. Thank you.

It looks a bit empty...

...but tomorrow we'll
go buy vegetables and stuff.


I can buy vegetables and stuff myself.

But if you come along...
I won't say no.


Do you always come
here to buy vegetables?

This market is famous
for its reasonable price.

Even dad... buys from here.

This market is famous
for 'Thandai' (Drink) as well.

How about some?

How are you, Shankar?

Make two.

The usual for me,
and plain one for her.

This is your super-strong super-sexy.

And plain one for you.

Why is yours super-sexy?

Because... it's laced
with Bholenath's offerings.

Then I'll have it too.

Shall we?

"Mood's romantic tonight."

"We've to get home by morning."

"You've cast a spell on me."

"The moment's blissful."

"Let's not waste time anymore."

"Let's enjoy this life, sweetheart."

"So click my photo..."

"So click my photo..."

"So click my photo... beloved"

"So click my photo..."

"So click my photo..."

"So click my photo... beloved"

"My heart's careless today."

"You're in control... of me today."

"Let the crazy world say...
what they want to say."

"It's full of opportunities...
life's like a Ferrari."

"Life is just like
you lived it till now."

"Mood's romantic tonight."

"We've to get home by morning."

"You've cast a spell on me."

"The moment's blissful."

"Let's not waste time anymore."

"Let's enjoy this life, sweetheart."

"So click my photo..."

"So click my photo..."

"So click my photo... beloved"

Will you take us to Five Gardens?

There's a taxi strike, sir.
It will only end tomorrow morning.

"So click my photo..."

"So click my photo..."

"So click my photo... beloved"

"So click my photo..."

"So click my photo..."

"So click my photo... beloved"

"Wearing a gown... of my dreams."

"Even the nights... down."

"What happened... nothing yet?"

"I'm just two drinks down."

"We're not drunk,
the world's intoxicating."

"Even if we drink water...
it tastes like tequila."

"Mood's romantic tonight."

"We've to get home by morning."

"You've cast a spell on me."

"The moment's blissful."

"Let's not waste time anymore."

"Let's enjoy this life, sweetheart."

"So click my photo..."

"So click my photo..."

"So click my photo... beloved"

"So click my photo..."

"So click my photo..."

"So click my photo... beloved"

How are you?

All okay?

Don't you want to
go see that computer guy?

Yes, I do.

I had this library
book lying around with me.

Will you return it?

That drink was laced with cannabis,
wasn't it?


Can you tell me what
kind of a drunkard am I?

I didn't get you?

I mean like some people
overdo everything...

...when they are drunk.

Like they laugh too much...
cry too much...

What did I do?
So what kind of a drunkard am I?


Did I... embarrass you?

I'll get a beer for myself.

Inder... drinking beer and
cannabis brew everyday can kill a man.

Everyone has to die someday.

Stay here, I'll be back.

Don't say "So be it" to that God.


That's someone's wallet. Give
it back... - What? What?

Finders keepers, don't be too smart.

What happened? - He stole his
wallet and not is returning it.

She's lying sir.
This is my lucky purse.



It's someone's wallet.

Why are you throwing it away?
We should return it.

No need.
- Why?

Because I said so.

Inder, there are medicines in it.

Someone might get sick
if he doesn't take it on time.

Let him die, I don't care.
- But I do.

Saru! Saru!

Saru, stop this!


Sir... Excuse me, sir...
- Hello, yes...

- Sir, your wallet.

Thank you, dear.

It fell down there... Inder.

Inder... Inder... wait.

- Get lost!

Can I drop you home, child?

If you don't mind?

Where are you going, sir?

The library's closed, sir.

Brother Inder.

Saru hasn't come here.

But she's been living
with you these days.

Has there been a problem?


Why didn't you go back home?

You asked me to get lost, didn't you?

Going back to the house
that you gave me after that

...would mean I've no self-respect.

I am a beast Saru!

Are you sorry?
- Yes.

Then say you're sorry.
- Sorry!

That guy whose wallet...
- Is your dad. I know.

There's a photo of
you two in this book.

Renowned lawyer Rajenderlal Parihaar.

With his son Inderlal Parihaar.

In front of their 1 858 Oak tree...

I hate him.

I hate him!

The day you hug him, all broken
strings of your heart, will be mended.

Saru, isn't there some shortcut way... your dad can accept you back.

There is.

One impossible shortcut.

Why impossible?

If some llT... llM...
Brahmin Shashtri boy...

...marries me.

Then he might accept me back.

At least for blessing me.

Then get married.

No one wants to marry this ugly frump.

Ugly frump!

I see.

Brother, can you take us to Dharavi?

Let's go.

Why Dharavi?

Inder, why did we come here?

Is this place decent?
- Don't worry

Even Ruby orders all
her stock from Mustakeen Bhai.


He's the biggest smuggler
in Mumbai for designer stuff.

Smuggler. I want to go back.

Trust me... he maybe be a smuggler,
but he's an amazing artist.

Makeover king.

Greetings, Mustakeen bhai.
- Greetings.

Bring your booty forward, Inder.


Inder, let's go back.
I don't want a makeover.

Stop this, Inder.

"You can check on Wikipedia."

"You can search on Google."

"You can even look around, dear."

"You won't find a beloved like him."

"No .1... No .1... No .1... No .1..."

"No .1... No .1..."

"There's a magic in your eyes..."

" turn my world around."

"You look at me and go...
oh... oh... oh..."

"Don't you ever leave and go."

"You can check on Wikipedia."

"You can search on Google."

"You can even look around, dear."

"You won't find a beloved like him."

"No .1... No .1... No .1... No .1..."

"I've no peace without you."

"My days and night
are restless without you."

"You've stolen my heart away."

"See you baby."

"You can check on Wikipedia."

"You can search on Google."

"You can even look around, dear."

"You won't find a beloved like him."

"No .1... No .1... No .1... No .1..."

"No one understood this bond,

"It's complete...
yet incomplete... sweetheart."

"I've no peace without you."

"My days and night
are restless without you."

"You've stolen my heart away."

"See you baby."

"You can check on Wikipedia."

"You can search on Google."

"You can even look around, dear."

"You won't find a beloved like him."

"No .1... No .1... No .1... No .1..."

"No .1... No .1... No .1... No .1..."

Mustakin bhai has
given some gifts for you.

Let's go.

How do I look?

No one will ever call
you an ugly frump again.

Mom, Kaveri and... dad will
be really happy to see me like this.

Then let's go show them.

No, Inder. It's a bad idea.
- No, it's not.

Saru. Let's go.

I'll tie my hair...
or should I let it be like this.

Let it be the way it is.

You're looking nice.

The name of the deceased?


And 'Clan'... Kaundanyesya!

I completely forgot how
disappointing parents can be.

What will you do now, Saru?


I... l'm not some loser who'll give up.

I will go to the
office as this new Saru.

When someone compliments me,
I'll say thank you.


...I won't waste this
pretty face that you gave me.

And when some suitable
boy falls for this face and says...

"Marry me Saru."

I'll say "Yes, please".

I will come meet dad.

And he'll take that photo down.

He'll hug me... and say...

Bless you.

May you have a long life.

Not well, Saru?

Are you alright?

I am okay, thank you.

What's the motivation behind
this amazing, mind-blowing makeover?

Tell me, I am waiting.

So that I can trap some llT... llM.


I'll see you.

See you!

Hi... can I speak with
Saraswati Parthasaarthy.

Saru's got flu, so she
didn't come to the library today.


Excuse me. Saru's back?
- No, she's still got flu.

Otherwise Saru taking
a leave... is impossible.

You didn't tell me you had flu.
- It was just a viral.

Nothing serious.

That party boy's
been looking for you.

That... Abhimanyu... What's his name?



He didn't have your number.

No. thank God.

Why? Is he bothering you?
- No!

Then why are you avoiding him?

Why are you avoiding him?

Because every time I open
my mouth in front of him...

...I say something idiotic.

Don't ask why?


You got a job, didn't you?
- What?

This file... You got a job!


This isn't a file of my
resumes... it's got a list of boys.

All of them are llTs... llMs.

Next week they're coming to see you.

You'll definitely
like someone for sure.


- Hi.

How's your health now?
- Good.

I've been trying to
meet you for the past few days.

I wanted to ask whether... you're free.


No! For the next 80-90 years.

If you're free...
we can hang out... together.

What do you...

What do you mean?

That you've trapped this llT... llM...

I know this is very sudden.

But this feeling was just as sudden.

That day when you went on a date,
I didn't like it at all.

And when you got this makeover...

...I hoped that you did it for me.

And when you didn't
come to the office...

...I realised that you...

You're the one, Saru...

Will you...

Will you marry me?


What's the emergency?

Good news. Come on.

The no .8 guy in this
file is waiting for you.

Upstairs, in the restaurant.

He's llT... llM... and MIT as well.

Your dad will really love him.

Abhimanyu came to see
me during the lunch break.

You mean that party boy.

That party boy is llT... llM...
- I see.

Brahmin... Shashtri.

Seems like the answer
to your dad's prayers.

Come on.

He wants to marry me.

What do I do?

Say yes.

"My heart fell in the
captivity of memories."

"This love has shattered
it into pieces."

"Our meeting wasn't a coincidence."

"O benefactor.
"O benefactor. "O benefactor."

"Our meeting wasn't a coincidence."

"O benefactor.
"O benefactor. "O benefactor."

Will you please come
along to shop for my wedding?

Everything I selected

...I looked like the old Saru.

Please, Inder.

I want to look beautiful that day.

"You love someone else."

"You think about someone else."

"The heart cannot accept this."

"There's a spark of separation."

"What's this fire?"

"My yearning for you has killed me."

"Our meeting wasn't a coincidence."

"O benefactor.
"O benefactor. "O benefactor."

- What's this?

Post marriage,
Abhimanyu is taking up a job... the Turkey bureau.

Blood test was compulsory
for the visa... I had to go to the hospital...
- You're going to Turkey?

First card...

For you!

Inder, if you don't come...

...l'll have no one
who will be my own.

"This void will stay with me..."

" matter where I go."

"I can't be patient."

"In this colorless world of mine..."

"...I wonder why your
name gives me relief."

"Our meeting wasn't a coincidence."


Sir... Saru's wedding card.

Sir... the guy's llT... just
like you wanted.

Sir, if you don't come... she'll
have no one of her own at her wedding.

Sir, please take it.

"Our meeting wasn't a coincidence."

"O benefactor.
"O benefactor. "O benefactor."

"My heart fell in the
captivity of memories."

"This love has shattered
it into pieces."

"Our meeting wasn't a coincidence."

"O benefactor.
"O benefactor. "O benefactor."

Hello, where's the groom?

Come, Saru.

He's picking up his parents
from the airport. He'll be here soon.

I'll go get Abhimanyu.
- Yeah.

- Thank you.

Inder... the registrar's calling.

Yes, mister. Where's the guy?

How much longer will I have to wait?

Sir, he must be stuck in
traffic... that's why he's late.

He'll be here any minute.

This is too much, mister.

He's already 40 minutes late.

There are other people
waiting outside.

Do me a favour, step out so that I can
marry those whose groom have arrived,

Come in.

Did someone die
that you didn't turn up?

Why, Abhimanyu?

My parents have said no
to this marriage.

I am sorry.


...he doesn't want to marry me.

If there's a misunderstanding,
then let's sit down and clear it.

The registrar's still waiting.
You two can still get married.

What marriage? What are you saying?

You should punch him!

Punch him!
Punch him!

Punch him!
Punch him!

Punch him!
Punch him!

Punch him!


Abhimanyu! Just a minute!

A girl whose last rites have been performed
by the family while she's still alive...

...we cannot accept
such a girl in our family.

It's impossible.

We're not so liberal minded.

Today when Abhimanyu told
us about it at the airport...

...we made it clear to him...

This marriage isn't possible.

And if he goes ahead... then
we won't be a part of it.

You said that... their
approval is just a formality.

If you say yes... they'll say yes.

You should've punched him.

Why didn't you?

Why didn't you punch him?

Why didn't you?

Why didn't you punch him?

Why didn't you punch him?

If I had punched him... it
would've ended everything.

And... you wouldn't
get a second chance... say sorry, I love you.


He doesn't deserve sorry, I love you.

He doesn't deserve a second chance.

All this that you're doing...

...he doesn't deserve all this.

He doesn't deserve it.
He doesn't deserve anything.

He doesn't deserve anything.

"My restlessness would get some peace"

"Whenever I see your face"

"Whenever I see your face"

"My madness gets some patience."

"Whenever I see your face"

"Every time someone
mentions your name."

"My love for you starts flowing
from my eyes like tears."

Mr. And Mrs. Abhimanyu Shastri.


This is your honeymoon suite.

Enjoy your stay.

Saru, wait a minute.

Saru, stop this.

Stop what, Inder.

Two days advance
has already been paid.

Why waste it?

And anyway,
I can't go back to the house.

You can go, if you want to.

- Saru...

"Day and night I pray
for only one thing."

"That I love and die for you."

"Every time I look around,
I see only you."

"And I want to surrender
my world to you."

"Every time someone
mentions your name."

"I can feel your lips on mine."

"All my paths find their destination."

"Whenever I see your face"

"Whenever I see your face"

See Inder... even though
I have become beautiful... one wants to marry me.

You'll hate me for
this tomorrow, Saru.


"The tasteless winds just gave me
a whiff of your scent."

"Love is a dangerous thing."

"Someday it will kill me."

"Every time someone
mentions your name."

"Every moment narrates your tale."

"Every yearning of
mine gets comforted.

"Whenever I see your face"

"Whenever I see your face"

"Abhimanyu came to see me."

"I don't know whether
I should say sorry, thanks..."

"...or goodbye."


Please be seated.

Kaveri's getting married on the 27 th.

Saru doesn't answer my phone.

Can you please give her this card?

I've stopped seeing Saru.

And I am leaving this city.

Alright, son. See you.

I will...

I will give this card to Saru.

Take care of yourself.

- She doesn't work here anymore.

Any information about her?
- No.

Excuse me.

Can you give this
to Abhimanyu Shashtri?



I can't give this card to Saru?


Since our marriage broke up,
we're not in touch.

That's a lie.

You came to see her at the resort...
she was with you.

I saw it myself.

Yes, I did come.
We had some personal conversation.

After that she went her way,
and I went mine.

What do you mean by 'her way'?

She must have given you some address?


Any message for her family.

I am sorry.


Any message for me?


I have a gun.

And next time you go
anywhere without telling me...

...l'll put all six
bullets here and here!

Get it?



Won't you even say hello?
- No.

Why not?

Because after a sympathy fling,
you don't say hello.

You avoid each other.

I see... so that's why you're running.

Because you're embarrassed.

Saru, grow up.

I didn't run. I messaged you.

Didn't you get it? Huh!

I did... and I let you go because...

...I thought you're starting
a life with that Abhimanyu.

Saru... why are you
wandering in the jungles?

Why are you wandering
in the jungles like a hippie?

Tell me...

Who are you to ask me that?

Saru. You tell me...
who am I to you after that night?

The night's gone...
the matter's over, Inder

Whatever happened that night...

...was only a moment
to forget Abhinamyu.

It wasn't anything special.

It wasn't anything wow!

Get it?

Now just leave me alone.

Leave me alone.

Now tell me who I am.

Tell me who I am to you.





I strictly forbade Saraswati
from going to high altitudes.

She's got Meningioma.

A deep tumor in the brain.

We can't operate on it.

And nor can we do chemo.

That's why we're treating
her with oral medicines.

In such cases,
diagnoses is also difficult.

Because there are
no visible symptoms...

...other than headache and fever.

And I had explained
this to Saru and her fianc.

Hold on.

- Yeah.

Yes, Mr. Mehta.

You broke-off with
her because of her illness.

I received the reports just few
hours after I broke off the marriage.

If I had known about this earlier...

...I would've never hurt Saru.

My office conducted some
routine medical tests for the visa.

That's why the doctor
called me first, not Saru.

I am not proud of myself.

I kept looking for Saru
all night with the reports.

Next day when I met her
at the Resort I said sorry.

Asked for a second chance.

But she didn't agree.

She said that I was lucky...

If I hadn't broke off the marriage...

...then I would have been stuck with
a wife with tumor.

I came asking you whether
she left a message for me or not...


Why did you lie to me?

You won't tell Inder anything.

That's one promise she took from me.

Otherwise... I would've
told you everything.

You can break a marriage,
but not a promise.

How is Saru?

Even if you know, what will you do?

Excuse me, sir.

The patient's stuff.

Thank you.

Will you make me sit at
the party with the saline?

Did you threaten the doctor
with a gun to convince him?

Where's the party?

It's a surprise.

I like surprises.

"My heart's only loved you."

"You're the only one I prayed for."

"Your absence is like a curse."

"Your absence is like a curse."

"If you go away... I will die."

"Sweetheart I swear on you."

"Sweetheart I swear on you."

"Sweetheart I swear on you."

"Every time I see you,
my eyes get wet with tears."

"Sweetheart I swear on you."

"Sweetheart I swear on you."

"Sweetheart I swear on you."

Dad's looking so handsome, isn't he?

Mom got that antique necklace...

She was asking for it for so long.

That's my uncle from Vizag.

My father's brother.

Whenever he says something... the end of every
sentence he does this...

Look... look... he did it again...
he does it all the time.

"My heart's... addicted to you."

"Don't ever... betray me."

"I am used to you... it's not my fault."

"Without you... it's impossible to live."

"You're the only one I prayed for."

"Your absence is like a curse."

"If you go away... I will die."

"Sweetheart I swear on you."

"Sweetheart I swear on you."

"Sweetheart I swear on you."

"Every time I see you,
my eyes get wet with tears."

"Sweetheart I swear on you."

"Sweetheart I swear on you."
- Thank you.

"Sweetheart I swear on you."

Marry me, Saru.

Charity marriage...

No, thank you.


Saru, please.

It's not your responsibility... fulfill every
incomplete story of mine, Inder.

Then whose is it?

Stop it, please.

I am not your first choice
Neither am I your best choice...

You're my only...

If you ask again, I'll say yes.

I'll stoop really low in my own view.

I want to die with pride...

Give me your hand.

You can't die.

Go always grants
parents wish for the child.

Putting a garland on a photo
is a curse and not a wish...

...and no God ever fulfils a curse.

Blessings or a curse...

Whatever the parents wish for
from their hearts...

...God says O.K.

What okay...

Enough, Saru.


Let's go to the hospital.

Oh my... what's he doing?



Come quickly!


Rascal! What is this?

What hooliganism is this?

Call the police!

Stop putting a wreath on her photo.

Otherwise... what will you do?

What can you do?

I'll come back so
you can slap me again.


Hey... buddy.

Wake up, its morning.

Come on.

I told you I've got my eyes on you.

You're the star of the society.

There are many complaints against you.

Did you drink all this alone?


Come on, I'll get you
some tea at the police station.

There's a bit of improvement.

I'm discharging you
only because you're asking.

But make sure you come
for your checkups every day.


Where's your friend?

Normally he's always
here during visiting hours.

So what happened today?

Sir, please let me make a call.


Sir, please, sir.

Sir, I need to call the hospital.

Rode, do something about him.

Hey... sit down?

You're not on a visit here.


Let me use the phone, otherwise...
- Otherwise what?

Otherwise what?

I would've put you behind bars,
you know.

There are numerous complaints
against you from the society.

you also have a criminal record.

And now you threaten the inspector
on duty in the police station.


Otherwise... you'll do what?

Sir... I just want to make a call.
- Rode, throw him behind bars.

It's Saturday,
he won't get bail until Monday.

Please sir,
it's a very important call.

Let him rot inside for a day or two.

Sir... sir...
- Stop bothering sir.

Please tell your sir...

Just one phone call.
Please tell him...

Just one call to the hospital.


I will call.


Who are you calling? Your father?


Bharti, get the car.

I want to issue this book.

If someone's released
from jail after 8 years...

...then what should he read...

"Bear girl... Coffee?"

"No coffee?"

"Then how about a tequila?"

"Today after meeting
a girl in the lift..."

"...i felt like I found
the best choice of my life."

"I stay away from girls that cry."

"But when you cry...
I want to just... kiss you."

"So can I?"

"It's been 27 days and 9 hours
since I met you."

"But you haven't replied yet."

"So I guess it's a no, thank you."

"But... if you ever change your mind,
call me."

- Wait...

You ran with a death wish...
To say what?

Sorry or I love you?


This time he ran
off with the handcuffs.

What will we tell the government?
Where's the handcuffs gone?

Should I go after him?
- No.

Go order some tea.

He's on a 1 0 minute parole.

After that he goes back in again.

His time starts now.

Sorry, Saru. I am late.

Why are you crying? Are you okay?

No... you're not fine.

Let's go to the hospital. Come on.

Right now. Come.

You didn't tell me that
you've been discharged.

Even you didn't tell
me that I am your best choice.

You say I am your best choice.

Then why did you let
me marry that Abhimanyu?

Saru, you're my best choice, but...

A criminal like me can't
be your best choice... or your dad's


You know why life was like this.

So that I go not as
Saraswati Parthasaarthy...

...but as Saraswati Parihaar

Marry me, Inder.


Wound Master... Parole over.

Time up.

Don't go, please... please... please...

Wedding gift... from me!

The henna looks nice, doesn't it?

Should I wear a sari tomorrow?

What are you going to wear?

Wear something formal.

It's our wedding,
our outfits should be coordinated.

What? Joking.


When I am gone...

...please don't put
a wreath on my picture.

Just bury me under a beautiful tree
In my two yards of space...

When one of my own
comes to visit me...

...l'll shower down as flowers on them

You won't put a wreath
on her photo anymore.

Why does it make
such a big difference... a useless hooligan like you?

Because Saru's getting
married tomorrow... to me.

And this time... I didn't come here to
invite you like I did the last time.

In fact, I'm here to tell you...

...when Saru sees this wreath...
she feels hurt.

She cries.

And to stop her tears,
I can kill...

...and die too!

What do you think?

Will I have to use this gun, or not?

You won't!

Enough now!



I told him.

No one will put a wreath
on that photo anymore.

But one thing...

If he says no... once... just once...

...then our Saru won't marry you.

Mr. Inder... Ms. Saraswati.

Are you two ready for the seven vows?


Inspector sir, they are ready.

Now please repeat these vows after me.

First vow.

If you do a good deed...
or go on a pilgrimage...

If you do a good deed...
or go on a pilgrimage...

...observe a fast or give charity.

...observe a fast or give charity.

Then you will do it with me.

Then you will do it with me.

If you agree... then come
reside in your left side.

If you agree... then come
reside in your left side.

I agree!


Now for the second promise.

The way you respect
your mother and father...

...similarly... you will
respect my mother and father too.

The way you respect
your mother and father...

...similarly... you will
respect my mother and father too.

And... according to
your family's norms...'ll perform religious
deeds and stay devoted to God.

If you agree...
they'll I'll reside in your left side.


Wait a minute, Saru.

What happened?


I don't respect my father, Saru.

Saru. Saru.

If I make take that promise inside,
it will be a lie. Won't it?

And, I can't lie to you, Saru.

Not you.

Not you.


...can we just exchange garlands
and not vows to get married?

Yes, of course.

Sir, I was expecting you much earlier.

I heard you're getting married.

Please, dad. Please...

Please let us get married.


Please, dad. Please...

Please... Please...
Please, dad.


Please let us get married.

Please let us get married today.

Please, dad.

Please... Please...
Please, dad.

What if I say No?

This 20/52... said to me yesterday...

...that he can kill
for you... and die too.

There's no promise
bigger than that, Saru.

And there's no boy better
than him for you!

Now you look like a bride.

Garland him, Saru.


Go on, dear.

Garland him.


Sign here.





Sir, please go.

Is Kaveri happy?

Isn't my husband
more handsome than hers?

Don't tell her.

She'll get upset.

Do you hate me?

I miss you a lot, dad.

Nice to see the whole family here.
Congratulations, on your wedding.

Doctor, we still have
to give Saru's reception party.

When can she go home?

We've to invite our
family from all over India.

And her sister, she's in the US.

We've to invite her as well.

All this takes time.

How much time do I have, doctor?

At least until my henna fades out...

Excuse me!

I said... lets perform final rites.

What kind of a father
says that for his child?

Whether a parent gives
a blessing and curse...

...God fulfils all of it.

You said that...

But I didn't listen.

I thought... she will come back,
say sorry.

And I will forgive her.



Can I get some sacred ashes?

A very intelligent man once told me.

If things go your way, it's good.

If it doesn't, it's even better.

Because it's the will of God.

Enough! Enough! Enough!

She left this purse... at the court.

I even found this book in it.

She was issuing this book
for the past three months.

Do you know why?


There's a dried rose on page no .65.

Maybe... as a bookmark.

And there's a date written
on the on page no .65.

1 994 to 201 5.

What... what does this mean?

What does this mean?

Page no .65 has your photo
as well as your fathers.

Think... whose destination
is page no. 65.



Sit, Inder.

Is that tree still in the garden?

The one from 1 858?


I want 2 yards of
land under that tree.

Can I ask why?
- I just want it.

Who did you kill this time?

There are blood stains on your shirt.

Don't I have the right to ask you?


You haven't stopped turning
your back and running away.

I learnt it from you.

Saru, before our wedding... never asked why
I committed that murder.

Because you must have killed
someone in order to save someone.

When I was 1 3, I had a nanny.
Ms. Lily.

I considered her as a mother.

One day my uncle barged
in her room and...

In order to save herself,
she killed my uncle.

I knew dad would never
believe her, so...

...I said that I killed him.

The biggest criminal
lawyer of the country.

My dad refused to take my case.

He abondoned me.

I can never forget that.


...people don't stay
together because they forget.

People stay together
because they forgive.

I can never forgive him.



Come closer.

Now say bye.


If you don't give
permission to your wife... can she go?

You can't go.

When it's your turn to go...

...then I'll come see you first.

With henna on my hands.

Now say bye.

You can't go.

It's your parent's prayers.

Isn't that what you said?

He has answered their prayers.

I found you.

God's personal love-letter.

I've read the love-letter.

Now I am not scared to go.

I love you!

I love you!

To the square of infinity.


I heard you got married.


...who asks for 2 yards of land
to be buried in for their wedding?

She'll be fine.

I couldn't save you once...

...and that was the
biggest mistake of my life.

This time...
I will save my daughter-in-law.

I... will use every power...
- Saru's no more.

No more.

Sir... Sir... Papa!

Save your tears, papa.

She's so beautiful that,
when you see her... won't be able
to hold back your tears.

Will you let me meet her?

Will you forget my mistakes?

People don't stay together
because they forget.

People stay together because
they forgive each other.

Thank you...

So you're happy with your
husband's achievements!

So let's celebrate.


I quit drinking. I swear.

Just once or twice a year...
I try it to... to remember the taste.

I miss you.

I do... every day.

Miss you a lot.

I swear.

"Without you... it's impossible to live."

"You're the only one I prayed for."

"Your absence is like a curse."

"If you go away... I will die."

"Sweetheart I swear on you."

"Sweetheart I swear on you."

"Sweetheart I swear on you."

Are you sorry?

Then say you're sorry.

If you ask again, I'll say yes.

If you agree... then come
reside in your left side.

"My heart's only loved you."

"You're the only one I prayed for."

"Your absence is like a curse."

"Your absence is like a curse."

"If you go away... I will die."

"Sweetheart I swear on you."

"Sweetheart I swear on you."

"Sweetheart I swear on you."

"Every time I see you,
my eyes get wet with tears."

"Sweetheart I swear on you."

"Sweetheart I swear on you."

"Sweetheart I swear on you."

"You're the only one I prayed for."

"Your absence is like a curse."

"If you go away... I will die."

"Sweetheart I swear on you."

"Sweetheart I swear on you."

"Sweetheart I swear on you."

"My heart's... addicted to you."

"Don't ever... betray me."

"I am used to you... it's not my fault."

"Without you... it's impossible to live."

"You're the only one I prayed for."

"Your absence is like a curse."

"If you go away... I will die."

"Sweetheart I swear on you."

"Sweetheart I swear on you."

"Sweetheart I swear on you."