Sanam Re (2016) - full transcript

A man focused on his career finds solace when he reunites with his childhood sweetheart. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food





Panditji that's just a stone.


You're my slave.

Your soul is in my grasp.
- What sir?

So what if its new year's eve today.

You want to go to US as
the project manager, don't you?

Yes, sir.

Then always remember
what Shakespeare said.

The Day was Not
built in Rome. - Yes.

You can't make an omelet
without breaking the egg.

What, sir?

Go back to your seat
and break your eggs.

Complete the report!


Hi, baby.

I hope your husband isn't home.

Remember what Shakespeare said.

'My body is ever at your service.'

I am coming darling.


Yes, sir.

Tell me sir.
- Get me a cup of coffee.

How many more cups
are you going to have, sir?

It's new year today.

This is the time to
break out the bottles.

Don't be so scared.
Just go.

'This is Mumbai, the city of dreams.'

'And we're just an hour away
from welcoming the new year.'

'So have lots of fun..
if you've money to burn.'

'Whether it's the intoxication
of someone's eyes or the booze.'

'So let's listen.'

'And this year's number one
song is from the film 'Yaariyaan'.

"The water's"

'Do you want to know
why you're always stressed?'

'Why are you always scared.'

'..that you're heading
for a disaster.'

'Do you want to move ahead in life?'

'But there's something
that's pulling you back.'

'Why does the mind always
keep making future plans?'

'The answer to all your
questions is in Daku Maharaj's..



"The party's completely stupefied."

"There's a stir all around."

"The party's completely stupefied."

"There's a stir all around."

"We're not afraid of dial-100."

"We're already made arrangements."

The world's astonished
by our philosophy, because.

"We are drunk."

"We're going to make mistakes."

"We are drunk."

"We're going to make mistakes."

"We are drunk."

"We're going to make mistakes."





Come on.
- Come on let's go.




"We've always been a bad kid."

Our family says..we're
pampered kids.

We've brought bottles to drink,
yet we're cautious.

Because alcohol is
injurious to healthy.

"The party's completely stupefied."

"There's a stir all around."

"We're not afraid of dial-100."

"We're already made arrangements."

The world's astonished
by our philosophy, because.

The world's astonished
by our philosophy, because.



"We are drunk."

"We're going to make mistakes."

"We are drunk."

"We're going to make mistakes."

Do it today what
you want to do tomorrow.

"Do it now and not later."

It's nightfall silly..when
are you going to booze?

You haven't spared a single club.
"Everyone knows you now."

She drinks all the
alcohol that you order.

She gets drunk and
dances shaking her waist.

Wearing glares
even inside the club.

"Making excuses at her home."

...that I'm going to stay
over at my friend's place tonight.

I'll give you whiskey.
I'll give you vodka.

I'll give you tequila
and make you lick the lime.

"Make me yours tonight."

And I'll give you
necklace in the morning.

"We are drunk."

"We're going to make mistakes."

"We are drunk."

"We're going to make mistakes."



The world's wrong..and
we're right.

"We never listen to
anyone..because we're stubborn.'

It's futile to stop us..
we love our music loud."

And our feet are ready
to shake a leg today.

"The party's completely stupefied."

"There's a stir all around."

"We're not afraid of dial-100."

"We're already made arrangements."

The world's astonished
by our philosophy, because.

The world's astonished
by our philosophy, because.

"We are drunk."

"We're going to make mistakes."

"We are drunk."

"We're going to make mistakes."

"We are drunk."

"We're going to make mistakes."

"We are drunk."

"We're going to make mistakes."



You want promotion? - No.. no..



Son, you didn't tell
me you bought a new house.

What do you mean?

I bought this house,
didn't you?

No. - No, right?

So who's going to pay the rent?

Sorry, I was a bit
busy..I'll send it.

See Gangu..he lives
in my house as the owner..

...and I've to come
up to him as the tenant.

Absolutely right.

He couldn't even sleep
last night because of you.

You were making such a noise.

How do you know?

How does she know..

Who can sleep with all that noise?


Listen to me, son.

Listen to me..

The situation at the
office is really tensed.

If I get this contract,
I'll go to America.

And bring lot of gifts for you.

Where are you going, son?
I am right here.

Son..listen to me.

Take me along too.

Stupid boy.

Good morning, Aakash sir.
- Good morning.

Akash. Where were you?

Boss has been waiting for you.

GO, go:

Good morning, sir.

Come, come.

Did Pablo give the order, sir?
- Not yet.

Then why congratulations?

You know..there are
two kinds of people. - Yes.

Those who earn first
and then party.

...and then there are
those who first party.

...and then slog like
a donkey to pay the bills.

Now do you know which
category you belong to?

Sorry, sir.

You haven't been promoted yet.
but soon you will.

But do you know what
Shakespeare has said.

There are many a lips
between slips and cup.

Right, sir.

Get out.
- Okay sir.


Right now..Pablo's contract
is really important.

Otherwise..I'll be spending
the rest of my life.. the same office,
on the same post.

So true.

I bought a new phone. - Wow.

Akash sir, if you don't
mind can I take a selfie with you?

Yeah! - Thank you, sir.

I'll put this on Whats-app display.

Look at how happy he is.

Spending the rest of
your life in the same office.

...and on the same
post is not that bad.

We just have to learn to be happy.

One second.

Everyone's taking a selfie.

Ifs a mobile revolution.

Yes, mom.

I was's been
really long since I last saw you.

Yes, mom.
I'll come home during Diwali.

I've spent many Diwalis without you.

I am in the office.

We need to finalize
the deal on the studio.

"Which is on you and
your Grandfather's name.

And..these days grandpa
hasn't been keeping well.

So if you could come home..
- Yes, mom.

'There are some people whom we
greet with a smile for no reason.'

'And there are some people
who make us smile when we meet.'

'There are some people that
knock on the doors of your heart.'

'And then there are some people.'

'..who climb in threw the
window when the door's closed.'

'That's how she was..
and I was like this.'

'She was always happy, and me..'

'..always in pursuit of happiness.'

'The happiness I kept
pursuing all my life..'

'..lay right under her eye-lids.'

'It's so strange.'

'Some lanes and houses
are like memories.'

'No matter how far ahead we go..'

' brings us back in a moment.'


Here, have some tea.

His memory's become weak.

Sometimes he recognizes everyone,
and sometimes he doesn't.'s Akku.


please tell me about my future.

Will it be a boy or a girl?

Bantu, you must get married first.

This city has changed
so drastically.


While running in the
race of moving ahead..

"The city is completely tired.

All the young kids have left.

They went to Mumbai,
Delhi, in search of jobs.

Only this Bantu stayed
loyal to this place.

Why do I want to anywhere?

I had a hard time finding
a buyer for the studio.

Let's just sell it this
time if he really wants to.

And we'll also rent
out his room out.


Don't worry at all.

Consider this deal
of your studio fixed.

Just get your grandfather's
thumb-impression on this agreement.

Here you go, Mr. Nagaliya.

Your passport size photos.

There are eight copies.
- Thank you.


Grandpa! - Naughty boy.
Mischievous chap.

Hello. Hello.

For the first time
in Tanakpunadult film.

'Qafifl Haseena. Husn N Daaku.'

a bowl of sweet-porridge.

Don't let them slip
out of your hands.

the windows of bliss.

"And let the breeze come in."

"Tip-toe and come to me.."

"these moments won't
come back again.

"What else is this life."

"It's a please smile."

"Don't be sad..why are you sad?"

a bowl of sweet-porridge.

Don't let them slip
out of your hands.

Let's slowly..gradually the windows of bliss.

"And let the breeze come in."

The queen's here.


Let's be bold,
Let's be sneaky today.

My stomachs aching.

His milk isn't good..something's
definitely wrong.

My stomach!

"Let's steal something away."

Let's fill our bags with innocent,
naive memories.

"What else is this life."

"It's a please smile."

"Don't be sad..why are you sad?"

a bowl of sweet-porridge.

Don't let them slip
out of your hands.






Smile.. smile.

you even got that Shakku married?

Will there be anyone left for me?

Grandpa, does everyone get married?
- Yes, Grandson.

And you will too.

Like I did.. your father did.

We take many births.

Sometimes as husband and wife.

Sometimes as lovers.

And sometimes even as strangers.

But in the end we do meet.

If we don't, the story won't end.

You predict everyone's
future, grandpa..

...please tell me my future as well.

I see..


What happened, grandpa?

Tell me when I'll meet her.. tell me.

Right here.. this city.

Really? - Yes.

500 steps from our
studio. will be her home.

You will be with her all your life..

"But she'll never be yours.

What is love, grandpa?

When two people touch
each other's soul.

Meaning.. the inner person..

Then that's love.


Meaning, when you fall in love, son..


Then even these black
clouds seem colorful.

This black crow sounds
like a nightingale.

Love grows like a
sapling in the rains.

The wind star-ts to sing songs.

The hear-t says. "Keep dancing.
Keep dancing. Keep dancing. "

"Keep dancing."

Tell me something, grandpa.

How will I know that
I'm in love with her?

Your hear-t will tell you.

When you pass-by her house.

...your hear-t will
star-t beating loudly.

Your breathing will get heavy.

And you will know that
you're in love with her.

I see...!

One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine..

...ten, eleven,
twelve, thirteen, four-teen, fifteen.

Forty-one, forty-two.

496.. 497.. 498.. 499..


500 steps from our

...will be her home.

The number you're trying
to call is currently not reachable.

"The number you're trying. "

ls everything okay?

Is everything okay, mom..
but not right.

Nothing happened the
way I wanted in my life.

When the time's right.

"Things will go your way,
like you expected.


Did you ever meet her again?

"What can this hear-t tell you?"

"How much I love you."

"I can write it down with my tears."

" no one can read it without me."

I'll stay quiet..and
not utter a single word.

"And sleep for ages to come."

The eyes you dwell in..
I will never open that eyes.

"Dwell in my heart."

"Take my soul out of my body."

Every day.. every night.
I think about you.

Every moment.. every time. only
one question dwells in my mind.

How do I live without you?

How do I live without you?

As you smiled. the stars shied away.

As the hear-t beats rose..
It scared me.

O breeze.. blowing
breeze.. touch her gently.

Give her the message
of my love..secretly..

...and closely.

I love you.

What happened?

Didn't you like it?

It's nice.

The last line.. was sudden.

Fine, now you show me.
What did you write?

When the time comes. - Show me.

Not yet.

Fine, forget it. Don't show me.

Tell me.. which sari
will you wear tomorrow"

...for the farewell party?

Whichever my mom gives.

And blouse?

Why do I tell you?
- Will your mom's blouse fit you?

Listen" we'll meet
here tomorrow at pm.

And leave for the function together.

Okay? - Okay.

Promise. - Promise.

And we'll also bring a
partner plant for Ashu tomorrow.

So that he doesn't feel lonely, ever.


Brother, there's a huge difference.

...between the colleges
here and in Mumbai.

Think about my nephew's future.

He can progress there, not here.

My grandfather used to say..

If you want to see your home prosper.

"Then you should live there.

When someone goes to the
city.. the city will prosper.

But the homes get deserted.

I took quite an effort
to arrange for his admission.

This opportunity won't come again.

We have only one son.

If he's your only son..

"Then let him take
decisions of his life.

Only one hour left
for the train to leave.

Quickly decide what to do.

And in order to do something in life.. has to make few sacrifices.

Won't you tell her?

What if she.. stops me?

"You're now my sweetheart"

"You showered me with your grace."

"You're now my sweetheart"

"You showered me with your grace."

My small city.. which I
left behind in a small moment.

And her too.

Maybe this is why cities are so noisy.

So that you can't
listen to your heart.

I couldn't either.

And honestly speaking.

"After a while I didn't want to.

'When you pass-by her house..'

'..your hear-t will
star-t beating loudly.'


Listen. - Yes.

Does grandpa's prediction
always come true?

Well.. it's come true
for those who believed it.

I don't know about the rest.

Here's 1.5 million rupees.

Full payment for this studio.

We thought when you
return from the city.. will keep your
promise you made to father.

And take care of this studio.

If that had happened..

...we would've never sold this studio.

You shattered all our dreams.

Don't you have anything
in your hear-t for this city?

Papa, who runs a photo studio. this age of mobile phones?



Grandpa, your Akku.

Your Akku, grandpa.





Sir. - You're the sir.

I am your servant.

Where are you, mister? - Sir, l..

Where the hell have you been?

I've been trying to
reach you since 4 days.

Where are you?

Actually, there's a signal.. - No..

Soon you'll be standing
at the signals.

You're fired. - Sir.


Hello. Hello.

Where are you going?

We can't complete this deal now.

I've got an emergency.

I'm fired!

Not just you, even our boss is fired.


That Pablo from US.. got divorced.

And the company went to his wife.

Order canceled? - Yes.

Bloody Pablo.. he had everything.

And suddenly.. All over.

H ow?

His wife found out that,
after working hours..

...Pablo used to do
his secretary every day.

Not flowers.

Then what. the wife took
his company as settlement.

There must be some way..

I've to talk to the boss
and get this contract back.

Yes, but the boss
isn't talking to anyone.

There's one way.


Please, sir. I want to talk to you.

Please, sir. - Get out.

No, sir. I've done
enough for this company.

Now let me do it.

Sir, I only want seven days. - No!

Give it, sir. Please.

Get out!
Get out!

Please, sir. - What's the guarantee?

Sir, even life has no guarantee.
but we don't stop living.

Look.. if you can't bring
this contract back in seven days..

"Then don't show your face here.

Done, sir.

I am also done.

Really appreciate that.
Yeah, thank you.'re really lucky.

I've found the whereabouts
of Mrs. Pablo. - What?

She's visiting some
strange yoga camp in Canada.

That worries me.

When she's forsaken all
delusions and worldly ties..

...and joined some yoga
can she give you business contract.

I will do what I have to.

But I will get this contract.

Welcome. Greetings.


Welcome. Stan Live.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Wow. - What?

Your smile.

You get a dimple as well.


So Ms. Pooja,
will you do me a favor please?

I am looking out for Ms.
Pablo.. - Okay.

She's a good friend of mine.

Could you please let
me know where I can find her?

Let me try, sir. - Thank you.

I don't want to listen to you.

Hello madam. - Hello.

Madam. - Yes.

Isn't there a rule,
that as soon as you enter the camp..

"Then we must change our name?

Right? - Of course.


When our old sins are purified..

...only then can we do new deeds.

And on top of that I
gave you such an amazing name.

Fakirchand. - I don't care.

Whatever happens, I am not
going to call myself Fakirchand.

I want to be Bond. James Bond.
- Okay.

Wow! Nice name.

Write down my name..Rekha.

And my name's Kejriwal.

Write his name as Kejriwal uncle.

Mrs. Pablo is in room no..
- Sorry sir.

We cannot release
any personal details.

But ma'am, I really..
- Camp Policy.

Camp Policy?

By the way, have you thought
of a name for yourself?


Keep your name Bill.

Bill gates.

Suits you Bro.
- Bill.

Myself Bond. James Bond.

Hey, Bond.

Hey, buddy. Can you do me a favor?

Sure, what's it bro?

Are you Mrs. Pablo?
- I hate men.

Me too.

Are you Mrs. Pablo?


Excuse me. Hello.

Hey, are you Mrs. Pablo?
- No. but I can be for you.'ve never seen Mrs. Pablo.

And now you're looking for her.. a place where everyone's
changed their name.

Maybe this is impossible.

Have to do it, bro.

Otherwise I am..

Excuse me.

Is your real name Mrs. Pablo?

Get lost or I will smack you.

All I ask whether she's Mrs.
Pablo or not?

Who's asking? - Not me.

I didn't do anything.

He's asking.

Hi, I am Bill. For this place.

Actually Akash.


I used to be Mrs. Pablo.


I didn't know..
Mr. Pablo's ex is $0..

So? - So beautiful.

Oh please.

No, really. Listen to me.

Come on, we just met.

Have you heard about
love at first sight?

Tried it. Didn't work out.

But mine's working out. Now.

What a..faker.

Om! Om!

With great sorrow
I am telling all of you..

...that Baba's got constipation.

He won't be able
to take today's session.

In his absence,
I will be taking this session.

So today.

Babyji. - Rocks!

Babyji. - Rocks!

I would like to tell you..

...that two years ago
I used to be sex-addict.

But thanks to Baba's blessings. I am a clean soul.

Baba says that we
take birth many times.

To do..

Good deeds.

Good deeds.

Baba says..we're a flock of 200 souls.

And one of them is our soul-mate.

And this flock of 200 souls
keep taking birth again and again.

Sometimes they are our soul mate.

Sometimes they are our wife.

And sometimes they are our lover.

So lesson of the day..

Patience plus peace..equal to Love.

See you later..alligator.

Babyji. - Rocks!

Babyji. - Rocks!

You know..

I think I've seen you before.

I mean..there's some
connection between us.

Maybe..some past-life connection?


Can I ask you a question? - Huh!

Be honest.

I never forgive those who lie?

What are you doing here?

I don't know.

Thank you.

The hear-t said "the
one you're looking for.."

"'ll find her here".

Who are you looking for?

One that's made for me,
and I'm for her.

Did you find her?

Seems like it?

My mind says that you're lying.

And..your heart.

My head's forbidding me
to tell you about my feelings.

Do you believe in what Babyji said?

Not at all. - What?

We shouldn't doubt her at all. Babyji.

After all..

She's know everything.

But she's a bit funny
you know.

Since I met her..

...her preaching sound less spiritual,
and more of lust.

Stop it.

You know. - What?

When your hands are in mine..'s hard to tell which fingers
are yours and which are mine.

Really? - Really.


How dare you.

"It's happened for the first time."

"..that I smiled like this."

"Since I saw you..l realized.."

"..why I came in this world."

"It's happened for the first time."

"..that I smiled like this."

"Since I saw you..l realized.."

"..why I came in this world."

"Giving my hear-t to you."

"..l am here to live you."

I've the permission
to love you..from God.

"From earth to the skies.."

"..I've searched the entire world."

"But God hasn't created yet."

"..anyone as beautiful as you."

"Your words spell mischief."

"And you praises are meaningless."

"I can write this on the sky.."

" the whole world can read it."

There will never be anyone the two of us.

I've brought all the praises
in the offer you.

I've the permission
to love you..from God.

"..From God."

"..From God."

I am a football..which will save you.. that you never fall.

Write your names on your
football and put it in that box.

Now look for the football
that has your name.

Who might find
the person that's your soul-mate.

Come on..come on..find it.

Calm down. Calm down.

Take any ball..

It can be anyone's name.

Find the owner of
that this crowd.


Anjali? - No!

Lisa. - Yeah, thanks.

Excuse me, are you Bill?
- No. That's him.

Bill? This is yours.

And I think you've got my football.

Thank you.'re calling
yourself Anjali here?

Did you all find your footballs?



See..when you were
busy finding your ball.. couldn't find it.

But when you returned
someone else' ball to them. found yours too.

Same with love.

So lesson of the day.

Give find true love.

Babyjl. - Rocks.

Shruti..what are you doing here?

Mom said you guys left Tanakpur.

Sorry..l think you're mistaken.

You're Shruti.
Your eyes haven't changed at all.

Just like they were before.

I am Anjali. - I am Akash.

Akash from Tanakpur. You know me.

No one knows anyone here.

That's why we're all here.

And I think you've mistaken
me for one of my cousins.

We all look the same.

Yes, sir.

Did you get the contract?

No, sir..don't worry.

I'll return with the contract.

Don't come back without the contract.

Yes, sir.

First rub your hands.

Now..hold the book of your life.

Peek in your past.
Don't drive in the lane fast.

First love..

Why does first love happen?

Because it doesn't happen again?

Remember that first moment.

...when your soul touched her heart.

Was that your soul mate?

Please..don't wait.

Don't wait.

Remember what was that moment.

...when you realized first love.

Was it a stranger..who
looked like a kin.

Maybe..he was your soul mate.

Very good.

Now smile.


Smile Shruti.

Smile. Smile.

You say something.

Smile, dear.

Bye. - Bye.


My grandfather said..

...her home is 500 steps away
from the studio.

And my hear-t will beat really hard
in front of her home.

But my hear-t isn't beating.

Where am I? - The hospital.

I am very sorry.

We had to cut one of your leg?


Will you marry me? - No.

Why? - Because we're still very small.

Will you marry me when we grow up?

Then you'll have to cut your hair.
- Promise.

You promise? - Promise.


Contract. Contract. Contract.

Where is the contract?

Four days have passed.

Always remember..
Shakespeare has said.. one wait for time and tide.

Give me contract.


Bro..all okay? - Just a bad dream.

You're acting like
sen-sex these days.

Sometimes up..and sometimes down.


The three-day trip starts tomorrow.

And your partner is Mrs. Pablo.


Babyji Rocks.

In order to fill your lazy
life with romance and thrill..

...we'll be giving you a unique task.

Each one of you will be dropped
off in a new, unknown city..

...along with your partners.

And you'll have nothing
but faith in your partner.

No mobile, or map or money.

How will you get back?

But you must come back.
In three days.

Your time star-ts now.

The lesson of the day.

Be like a little Kid..fill
your pockets with courage.

...and while walking down
unknown lanes..don't stop"

Don't ever tire.

There's a change
in plan in this trip"

"which will make you trip.

I'm so sorry.

People come here looking
for mental peace.

"But you failed to
crack your business deal.

And you got stuck with
me instead of Mrs. Pablo.

What are you so happy about?

Well..for starters, we're alive.

And we can be
whoever we want to be.

What mess did I get myself into?

Remember..what Babyji has said.

Be like little Kids..fill
your pockets. - Stop it.

Think about it.

How do kids behave?

Always happy--

They say anything they want.

They do anything they
like..without a care.

But we..teach them to be afraid.


We'll die in this cold. Are you mad?

Stop complaining.

Trap these moments in your fist.

Small pleasures of life.



We're dead.


Please don't. Listen.



See..the benefits of
showing little courage.

Roof on our heads..cozy blanket.


Let's do one thing. Let's
visit the mental asylum tomorrow.

Small pleasures of life, Akash.

You and l..lost
in a random country.

"..And our passports are lost."

"And the police kill us both."

"..and sell our kidneys for a price."

You're so negative.

Well, I'm off to sleep.

Sweet dreams. - By the way..

I've a habit of kicking in my sleep.
ln case if I touch you here or there.

I am sorry.

You're such a coward, Akash..

...that you won't take advantage
even if you get a chance.


Coward uncle.


Wake up.


What do we do?
How do we get out of here?

Stop complaining in the morning.

What complain.


I've an idea.


What kind of an idea is this?


He wants to say something

Why is he looking
at us with lustful eyes?

Not us, he's watching
you with lustful eyes.

What are you doing?

For God's sake, please let me go.


You must tarnish your
honor in order to save us.

Come.. Come..

Come on sit.

Hey! Hey! Stop! That's my bike.

Come on. Come on.
- This way.


Come on.. Come..

Come on, get in.

What happened?

Who the hell is that?

Somebody on my farm.

Get out of here!

Get off from my farm.

Yes, what is it?
- Hi, can we get a room please.

I have no room.'am.

Let's go.


Sleeping back.

Thank you.
I'm going to sleep in this.

No, I will.
- I'm going to sleep in this.


There are many other
police stations in this city.

"We've set out on a path."

Without caring about
where we've to go.

"All the roads are lost."

"The world can't find us now."

"How's this ambiance?"

"Worth smiling."

"Slow rains..everywhere."

"How's this intoxication?"

"Worth getting immersed."

"Desires are awakening everywhere."

"It's an amazing day."

"It's an amazing day."

"It's an amazing day."

"Take a look."

"It's an amazing day."

"It's an amazing day."

"It's an amazing day."

"Take a look."

"I am like the water."

"Let me flow."

"Let me stay the way I am."

The worldly ties..can't
restrain me.

"I don't know how to stop or wait."

"How's this ambiance?"

"Worth smiling."

"Slow rains..everywhere."

"How's this intoxication?"

"Worth getting immersed."

"Desires are awakening everywhere."

"It's an amazing day."

"It's an amazing day."

"It's an amazing day."

"Take a look."

"It's an amazing day."

"It's an amazing day."

"It's an amazing day."

"Take a look."

"Why's the earth blue?"

"Why's the sky blue?"

Feels like the sky's
lying on the grass.

"My mischief' willfulness."

"I've found my freedom."

"How's this ambiance?"

"Worth smiling."

"Slow rains..everywhere."

"How's this intoxication?"

"Worth getting immersed."

"Desires are awakening everywhere."

"It's an amazing day."

"It's an amazing day."

"It's an amazing day."

"Take a look."

"It's an amazing day."

"It's an amazing day."

"It's an amazing day."

"Take a look."

Good morning.

It gives me great pleasure
to inform all of you..

...that Baba's absolutely fine now.

But he's on a vow of silence.

I want to wish everyone
goodbye and good luck.

When you all go back
home and open your suitcases.'ll realize,
that it's the same suitcase..

...but everything inside it seems new.

That's why..everything you found..

...and attained with courage.

...that was real fun.

Babaji.. - Rocks!

Babaji.. - Rocks!

It's so cold..that Babaji
has turned into a rock himself.

Is he still alive..or passed away?

He's still alive.

Babaji.. - Rocks!

Babaji.. - Rocks!

This is wrong..


I want to tell you
something important.

Tell me what's so important.

I am in love.
- Who's that beautiful fairy?



It's him.

I thought we'll welcome
a daughter-in-law.

But he's got us
a son-in-law instead.



See you..come on, fast.

You know we're always taught that.

...the faster you run,
the quicker you get ahead.

But no one tells you whether
you'll get happiness or not.


And what about the one we
left behind in this race of dreams?

The world makes us
keep running after money.

Keeps making us delusional.

So that we don't
find real happiness.

I wonder why I left
these small joys..

...and running after stupid dream?

Excuse me.

Excuse me.
There's a phone call for you.


Yeah, sure.



I know you're my
Shruti from Tanakpur.


I love you.

If we're destined for it,
we'll definitely meet again.

Otherwise..this is final goodbye.


I can't live without you. is a journey
that's measured in depths.

...and not miles.

It's not important
how long we lived.

...what's important is how
much we lived during that time?








I am sorry.

Whatever I did with you was a lie.

I shouldn't have done it.

I came to this camp
only to save my job.

And in return you found her love.

I don't know.

Won't you ask for the contract?

Because you're my friend.

And I don't do
business with friends.


Did you get the contract?

Answer me.

What are you thinking?

Always remember..
what Shakespeare said.

Many fathers of success.

"But the orphan is the failure.

Pack your stuff..and get lost.


Finish that.

Mr. Handu!


Who is Handu? - Come here.

You called me Handu.

I called you Handu.
- You called me Handu!


Tell me something.

Were you born this way..

...or did you hit your head
when you were small.

What? Shut up?

How can any human being..

...keep barking all
day without a reason.

L..l..l bark.. - No, no, no,
don't get me wrong, sir.

You don't bark..
you're are still barking.

I am barking. - Yes.

And in wrong English.
- Wrong English?

You trouble your
staff all the time" fact, even Shakespeare.
- How you make fun of me..

No one respects you here, Handu.

They are all scared.

...of their responsibilities
towards their wife and child.

Their car and home Eels.

They scared of their daily life.

But I am not scared. Not anymore.

I will survive, Mr. Handu.

I'll be very happy-

Because I am not a
slave of my dreams anymore.

Mr. Handu..
- Don't call me Handu.

You need us,
as much as we need you.

I found my truth.

"But not you.

Someone throw him out.


You make me work in this condition.

You're inhuman.

You idiot. - How dare you..

I am a idiot.

I remember those days..what
you made me go through.

I am resigning.

Me too.

Even I am leaving with Akash.

I am also resigning.

Please, stop it.

Don't go please, I'm sorry.

Please forgive me

I beg you, please stop.

Always remember
what Shakespeare said.

To a little wrong.
- What?

No! No! No!
Don't remember Shakespeare.

I am sorry Akash.

'We can't give you anyone's address.'

'Sorry, sir.'

'Babaji rocks!'

'And it's possible that
she might be married.'

'Or maybe she already
has a boyfriend.'

'Akash, take my advice.'

'You're destined for someone else,
not her.'

'It's been one full year.'

'And she didn't give you her number
or address, or anything else.'






Do you want to die?


Sit, sit..please.

Will you please come
to my cabin for a minute?

Sure, sir.

Someone's here to see you.

The more I looked for love..the
more I've been unsuccessful.

I didn't want love from Pablo,
only security.

Today I am secure.

"But the one I love..

"Doesn't love me.

Anyways. .

Remember, you said you
don't do business with friends.

Fine then, let me do
business with your company.

This way we can stay friends.

I am starting a new company.

...and for that I need your company.

What say?

Are you crazy?

It's the best offer, take it.

If it was me, I would've
readily accepted her offer.

Married her and become her slave.

And she's hot, man.

Sexy, young,
loaded and in love with you.

What else do you want?

Don't people buy used cars? Tell me.

Look, this is the
best chance for you.

She's giving you a great
offer..that too, in the US.

It's been too long now, buddy.

Be practical

I've found Shruti's address

The camp runs on my funding.


On the wet-drenched roads..
I wait for you.

I surrender my heart to you.

I want to lose myself..
and never be found.

Slowly..l want to
handover my life to you.


"You're now my sweetheart"


"You're now my sweetheart"

"Your grace."

"You showered me with your grace."


"You're now my sweetheart"

"As I get closer to you.."

"..all my illusions are shattered."


"You're now my sweetheart"


"You're now my sweetheart"

Like the clouds
you've given my refuge.

Like the rains you've
drenched me with joy.

And you've blown
my mind like the storm.

You've made my shaped
my destiny in a way.. bringing a
new dawn in my life.

I want to spend all
my lifetimes with you.


"You're now my sweetheart"


"You're now my sweetheart"

"Your grace."

"You showered me with your grace."


She used to live here.

But it's been a year since she left.

"You showered me with your grace."

"You're now my sweetheart"

"You showered me with your grace." get a
lifetime of love in a moment.

And sometimes..even
a lifetime isn't enough.. find even a moment of love.

If you're with me..

...then we can star-t life anew.

We must take some decision.

I am ready..

"But before that.

...I must do something
that's still incomplete.

One, two..three..four..five..six..

Seven, eight..nine, ten..eleven.

Twenty-four. Twenty-five.

twenty-seven. twenty-eight.

Thirty-four. .thirty-five..
thirty-six. thirty-seven.

...thirty-eight. thirty-nine. forty.

Forty-one. forty-mo“
forty-three. .forty-four..

488.. 489.490.

491 ..492..

496. .497



I knew it will be you.

We'll meet again
if destiny wants us.

"Destiny wants it.."

Because I wanted.

I was looking for you like a madman.

I've lost you so many times.

...that I'm even scared
of closing my eyes now.

But not anymore.

I love you, Shruti. I love you.

We've met..but unfortunately
only to say goodbye.

What do you mean?

We cannot stay together. - Why?

Because I said so.

I see..

Only you have the right to decide.

...when we stay together
and when we should separate?

Akash, please.

Is there someone else in your life?

Are you..

Don't you love me?

Every moment..every second.
I only loved you, Akash.

Then what's the problem.

Not every question has an answer.

And you can't be the
only one to break hear-ts. I get it.

Revenge is more important
for you than our love.

I am sorry, Akash.

Please go.


'Will you marry me? - No.'

'Why? - Because we're still kids.'

'So..will you marry
me when we grow up?'

'Then you must cut your hair.
- Promise.'

'Do you promise? - I do.'

Where is she?

Who? - Shruti.

Who are you?
- I should be asking you that.

She's my cousin.

I am her doctor. What's the problem?

What's the problem?

Where is she?

'She's dying.'

'Severe Coronary Artery Disease.'

'Her chances of surviving without
a hear-t transplant is impossible.'

We had a word with the hospital.

There is a brain dead patient.

...but her relatives aren't
given their consent.

If we get the consent.

"Then we can save Shruti.

We still have hope.

You left me once.

This time I'll leave.

You came back..

"But I won't.

A beautiful girl once told me.

It doesn't matter how long we lived.

What matters is how
much we lived in those days.

I have only few days. many dreams.

And you're all of them.

That our story would be like this.

It will be.

Our story will be exactly like this.

"I can change myself for you."

"I can do anything for you."

"That's my promise to you..forever."

"I am breathing for you."

"I am living each day for you."

You are mine and
I am yours..forever.

"I've no right on myself anymore."

"I am living only for you."

"My love for you will never lessen."

"I am living only for you."

"You're mine and I am your support"

"I am living only for you."

Even if I die,
I'll keep my promise.

"I am living only for you."

"I am living only for you."

"It's not just our bodies.."'s our soul that's
bound together.

"Whenever anyone looks at me.."

"..they see your face."

You're my refuge..and
I am your shadow.

You're my home
and I am your abode.

You're my destination
and I am the traveler.

"And I've stopped at you."

"I've no right on myself anymore."

"I am living only for you."

"Someday this age will pass."

"And life will be complete."

"But still stay close to me.."

"..when my hear-t stops beating."

I want to your arms,

"That's my last wish."

"I've no right on myself anymore."

"I am living only for you."

"My love for you will never lessen."

"I am living only for you."

Any update, doctor? - No, not yet.

It's really urgent.
My patient is sinking.

We're looking for a donor.

Give me some time.
- Doctor, we don't have time.

Hurry up, for God sake, please.

Yes, we're trying our best.

We're completely ready..

...but we haven't
received a hear-t yet.

Even Shruti's condition is critical.

But in these conditions..there's
nothing we can say.

'I am going to die
and become a star.'

'The star that will
shine the brightest..'

'..will be me.'

'Don't forget to say hi.'

'Marry her..have kids.'

'Make another promise.'

'You won't come see me
at the hospital. - But, Shruti..'



'Never break a promise, Akash.'

We've found a heart.

The doctors are prepared
for the operation.

Please sign here.

'The number you're trying to reach.'

' currently switched off.'

'The number you're trying to reach.'

' currently switched off.'

Shruti..people say that.

...we take many births to
complete our incomplete love.

Meet each other again and again.

I admit we couldn't meet this time.

But we will definitely meet again.

Won't we?

I don't know.

He hasn't come to
the office for a month.

And..l don't know.

Even his mobile is switched off.

Frankly speaking..none
of us have any idea about this.

Look, madam..we don't
know how true this is.

But people at the
office are saying.

...that he accepted Mrs.
Pablo's offer.

And he's going to marry her..

I don't know, dear.

He kept telling me..

...that he's going
to get a big contract.

And he'll go to America.

Maybe he got his contract.

"Wait for few more moments."

"..or come back to me again."

"This isn't how you say goodbye."

"Turn back or come home."

My eyes look for you..and
my arms yearn for you.

"It's hard to live without you."

"How can I live without you?"

"It's hard to live without you."

"How can I live without you?"

"You made so many promises."

But you broke them
all in a moment.

I know you're not a liar..
just a bit upset.

If you're upset.
I'll cajole you.

"But where do I go without you?"

"It's hard to live without you."

"How can I live without you?"

"It's hard to live without you."

"How can I live without you?"

'Shruti, people say that.'

'..we take many births to
complete our incomplete love.'

I admit we couldn't meet this time.

But we will definitely meet again.

Won't we?

"The earth and the sky.."

"..means nothing without you."

Ask for a few more
minutes of life..

"..Don't just get up and leave."

Or take me along
wherever you're going.

"It's hard to live without you."

"How can I live without you?"

"It's hard to live without you."

"How can I live without you?"

No one knows whether it was
an accident.

...or whether he killed himself.

But the truth us..

...he left his hear-t beating in my body.