San sam long: Foon cheung tou foo (2000) - full transcript

Three disgruntled orphans spend their nights picking up hookers, then raping and killing them. Things get a bit more complicated when they anger a local gangster leader, and then when one of them falls in love with one of their victims. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
They can do fist games and drink.

Come on, give me a kiss.

This one.

Why? Don't busybody.

Peasant, this is my seat, get out.

Don't call me peasant.

Anyone can sit here, why ask me away?

I can tell you're peasant,
from your intonation.

What are you special of ? You local whore.

Hey, don't you know this
seat is for local girls?

What are you special of ?

Don't shout.

Good show, two whores are fighting!

Brother Shark.

Brother Shark.

It's hectic here, whores are fighting.

Go home if you want to fight.

Brother Shark.

I thought you fled to mainland.

So you show up at last.

I dare not flee, Brother Shark.

Don't bullshit, how about the debts ?

Brother Shark, you know
I run up with debts.

I don't care, it's your pay day today.

Pay some interest, or I'll
throw you down from here.

Brother Shark, I borrowed only 10000,
but I paid you double,

if this goes on, I can never...

But you disappear for weeks,
It's the interest.

Let me teach you something:

Never let a man live on you or gamble

as it'll push you to hell.

Learn from me, take only rich clients

and quit after you save enough money.

You're clever,
you never owe me money.

Sit down, let me calculate your debts.

Vanessa, Room 6.

Take your time.

Have a drink.

You're great,
I'll touch you first next time.


Mr. Chin, Vanessa is pretty,
you must pamper her.

Call me if there's anything.

How are you, I'm Tom.

Have something to drink.

Thanks, I don't drink.

You seem to like reading.

You like that too?

I read when I have time,

but I'd prefer TV series.

Shall we do fist game?

Whoever loses drink half a glass.

I don't know this well,
I'll surely lose.

Am I old-fashioned ?

I still haven't got a girl friend.

Let me be your girl friend.

I'm hungry, let's go eating.

OK, settle the bill now.

I'll go to the toilets.

Wait for me, I'll be right back.

Why so stink ?

Boss, if this girl fails to pay interest
tomorrow, what shall we do ?

Shave off all her hair.

What are you looking, bastard?

Must I dig out your eyes ?

What is this ?

Boss, good stuff !

Is it ?

It's something valuable, Boss.

Must be left by that bastard.

Boss, you've made a fortune.

Boss, let me put it on for you.

Jade for a hero like me.

It was great, thanks.

You always eat late supper with clients ?

No, it's the first time.

Great then.

It's late, sorry, I have to go home.

Why go home so early ?

What do you want then ?

Let's go to seaside and see the stars.

Good idea.

Come on.

What's wrong with you?

My bracelet, my bracelet is gone !

What have you lost ?

Have you seen my bracelet ?

What is it like ?

Have you seen it ?

Did you take it ?

Stop kidding, give it back to me, quick.

I really don't know.

What do you mean? You think I took it ?

Why take my things out?


Get off.

What ? Ask me to get off here ?

You're nuts, why don't you go to hell ?

What do you want ?

My bracelet is gone.

What bracelet have you lost ?

The one my mom gave me,
what shall I do ?

Let me buy you another.

No, it's not avalaible

No way, don't be mad,
let me kiss you, forget it.

No, I have no mood.

Come on.

Be good, mom don't want to leave you.

Mom, I don't want to leave you, don't go.

Go away, stop nagging.

When you see this bracelet,
It's like seeing me.

Why ? Still thinking of that bracelet ?

Stop thinking about it.

Go and buy another.

I'll leave now.

Bye bye.

You're nuts, I've told you
many times not to smoke in the kitchen.

What, you think you're killer with
sunglasses on?

You nuts, the stuff is outside,
go and bring it in, go!

OK, Har.

This guy is lunatic,
he must be mad or something.

Him ? I don't care a dime

Har, Brother Shark wants you.

I'll come right away.

Brother Shark, you want me for something?

You nuts, what is it for?

Are you nuts? You serve this to our boss?

You want to die?
Bring a goose leg for our Boss.

Sorry, Boss, good food will arrive soon.

This is appetizer.

Must I chop your hands out ?

Sorry, Brother Shark, I like jade a lot.

See how good Boss's jade is.

Good jade for the hero,
only boss shark can wear it.


Where did you get this jade ?

Where did you get this jade ?

I ask you where you got this jade? Go to hell !

You want to die?

I kill you, apologize at once.

Sorry, Brother Shark, sorry.

Boss, we've found the girl.

Fix her.

Sorry, boss, come again If you have time.

Go and work now.

Or you want me to break your leg?

Take it easy, man.

Give me the bracelet.

Take it if you like it.

You ass-hole, I'll kill you if I see you again.

Right, I've waited whole night,
where's that girl?

Stop bothering me.

I'm not.

Stop kidding.

You lost the bracelet after staying with me.

Why ? someone stole it from you ?

I don't know, don't bother, get lost.

OK, what about the girl ?

Stopping nagging, OK?

I've called up wan saying we cancel today's
inc ident

Cancel ? What shall I do ? My dick is up now !

Wan must be arriving with girls.

Wan, where's the women?


Make it.

Me too, please. .

Chun, we're all orphan, so stop the

But my dick is up, I need women.

I know that girl, maybe this evening.

Are you serious ?

I'm not lying.

OK, don't use cheap plast ic bag again.

Last time it broke in mid way, what a chaos.

Let me show you this, an elaborate wooden box.

It's made of the best wood.

Vanessa, listen, I come to apologize.

Do you ? I have no time.

I got worried as I lost the bracelet that night.
My mom gave it to me, sorry.

Then you can throw my things out and cast me
away ?

Speak softly, I was wrong last time.

I shouldn't have lost temper to you,

but it's a souvenir from my mother, so I got

But I've found it, look

OK, I'll forgive you,
but you must buy full tickets for me,

and treat me to expensive dinner.

No problem, as long as you'll walk the beach
with me.

We'll listen to the waves.


Come on.

It's romantic....

...with stars, you always come here?

Right, always.

Do you bring your girl friends here?

Sure, I cheated and brought girls here.

We counted the stars and listened to the

then we went to the wood and made love,

then I'd strangle them,

then chopped them up and threw
the parts to the sea.

You're evil, why scare me ?

It's true.

Softly, it hurts.

Not me.

Why are there other people ? Who is he ?


Stop it. stop.

In fact, I'm your target.

I'll play with you, but not three together.

One by one, the others watch aside.

But you must pay money.

OK, I'll go first.

I...I can't take anymore.

What are you doing ?

Are you blind? Don't hinder me, get lost.

You're nuts.

Don't get mad.

Why do this in early morning?

The girl is dead.


I haven't tried yet.

Draw her back and put in her the box.

Go ?

It's stinky.

You want some oil ?

I'll never get injured, you're all evils.

Work now.


Scenery is good here.

She's lucky, quick.

It's heavy, she's pretty, good
If I can screw her one more time.

Stop talking, work on, quick.

She's really pretty.


It's a pity.

Why pity ? Come on.

Hung, Kwai speaking.

3000 each for Win and Place for no. 27, Race 8

I'll settle up next week, ok ?

I don't understanding you guys

Why don't you bet with jockey club but with
gamblers ?

More convenient, no deposit, just a call will

I pay if I lose, but if I win, I win all.

Jockey Club don't offer this.

Kwai, have finished? I want to use the phone.

Honey, what do you for dinner ?

Let's eat hotpot, ok?

I'll come back after work, OK?

It's a deal, bye.

I'll leave now, help me do things up.

OK, go home and serve your wife.

What shall we two do ?

A casual dinner will do.

I want to eat thai food, there's a new one

OK, it's decided.

You're back? Eat now

Why eat hotpot?

Sit down first.

Why eat hotpot ? Of course to celebrate !

Celebrate ?

Don't you say you're clever ? Don't you
guess ?

It's not birthday or wedding anniversary,
why ?

cheers, how come you fail to guess ?

You say you're clever ?
To celebrate your promotion to be CID !

How come you know ?

Guess why I know.

You peeped at my things?

I know every part of your body well
let alone a letter.

You're evil.

Right, I'm evil, come on, come.

It smells good, eat now.

This is for you.

A present ?

What is it ? Open it and show me.

Why so mysterious ?

Open it and you'll know.

A pager ?

You should give me a mobile phone,
this cheap stuff ?

What cheap stuff ? You never answer every
time I call you.

The company problem,
a pager doesn't assure I'll answer you.

I don't care

You must answer my paging from now on

Yes, my supervisor, eat now.

How come someone pages me now?

I paged you.

I'll leave now, police HQ pages me

No, I've prepared this dinner half a day.

I'll come back and eat after the work.

No, don't go.

It's something urgent,
let's eat on tonight

I must kiss you when you come back.

Where are you going again ?

I have to work

Our son has nightmare,
so take good care of him.

OK, troublesome.

How come there's murder everyday in HK?

I must remind you, be careful when you go out.

You have a good life in mainland,
why come to HK ?

Our son and I are suffering in mainland,
but you fever here.

Me fever? Where do I get money to fever ?

I work like a dog everyday.

You know that, don't you ?

I also have to work hard.

I work more than 12 hours a day,
my hands hurts!

and do you know that ?

OK, open the door, don't be silly.

Who are you looking for ?

Is Kin Hong in?

Brother Shark, what induces you here ? Sit

Why beat my husband ?

He owes me money.

You're in debts ? I asked you not to gamble,
why don't you listen ?

Wife, I have no work and we must eat.

OK, stop fooling me.

Pay or not pay ?

Boss, forgive me, I'll pay if...

Your wife has money though you don't.

Wife, please get the money out.

Haven't I told you already ?

I've asked you not to gamble, you bastard.

Wife, please.

Only 500, take it.

It's not enough for the interest.

Brother Shark. I have no way,
please do me a favour.

No way ? I can help you.

Ask your wife to sleep with me.

You're a dog, go and sleep with your mother.

I give you face to come here, serve him well.

Stop beating...




If you serve me well,
I'll grant you lower interest rate.

Come in.

Shall I massage your head ?

As you like, massage me well.

What is it ? I can't breath.

Sorry, I'd better massage your legs for you.

Take it easy.

Shall I help you wank?

Hello, how are you ?

Wanking for him ?

Making love is better than wanking.

As wanking will hurt you,
go away now that you've finished.

Brother Shark,
why cast my clients away?

Why? This is my area of influence.

Why are you here?

Don't forget your husband owes me lots of

and you owe me one, you know ?

Didn't we agree last time ?

I pay interest once a week, I paid last

Girls love playing with me, come on.

Help !

Brother Shark, I've found that
guy who snatched the bracelet.

Where is he?

He is wanking next door.

Let's get him.

I'll spare you this time, let's play next time.

You asshole, you bastard

You're great !

Tell me about it !

You bastard, dare you snatch my thing ?

Is this bracelet yours ?

Speak back? Beat him !

Stop beating, I've got the bracelet.

Chun, your mom gave you this bracelet.

Say no more,
we must be righteous as we're buddies.

Don't give it to him.

Enough, say no more

Don't give it to him.

Dare you take it here.

Boss, you get it back.

Only a hero can wear such a jade,
you don't deserve it.

You rob other's thing and say you're a hero ?

What kind of hero are you ? You're a robber.

Who are you to say that to me ?

You get the bracelet now, let us go at once.

You put a knife on my neck, and scared me.

Brother Shark, I put the knife on you
and snatched the bracelet.

It has nothing to do with them, spare them.

Let them leave and you'll fix me.

OK, you're a righteous guy,

but I love seeing others suffering.

I damn you.

What ? You damn me ?

Doesn't it taste good ?

Let me smell.

It's so stinky.

Brother Shark, we're wrong in this case,

we'll compensate medical expenses to you.

Please spare us, give us a price.

Of course the money
but I also want you to suffer.

Since you offer, I'll give you a way out,

we'll pay a game.

Head you win

and tail you lose, ok?

OK, agree, let's bet on head.

Good, It's head...we're lucky !

We may go now ?

Where can you go ?

You eat your word ? How can you walk like this ?

Damn you, I don't come out to walk.

I run a finance company.

You bastard, you are real evil !

His nails are dirty, fix them for him.

Chun, I'll get back your bracelet for you one

I must revenge on this.

I swear I must chop him into pieces.

He beat me up like this.

And the bracelet, I must get it back

I must prepare a coffin for him

and make him die horribly.

Look at the scenery here

What is this?

A human leg

Don't go, I'm scared

It's ok, let's take a look.

You bring home another case ?

You spoil the rules.

What case are you investigating?

A body in a box, fractured skull, raped.

The killer is very cruel.

What are you doing ?

Nothing...very cruel.

Any clues so far ?

I've checked the missing people,

it proves to be the ball room hostess
who disappeared last week.

You police are efficient.

I guess we'll arrest the killer very soon.

I thought we would,

but after investigation,

she has no boyfriend
and people around her have no motive.

Did her clients do that ?

You seldom show interest in my cases, you
know her ?

Nuts, how could I know her?

I'm just asking.

You know I have a detective mind, may be I
can help.

Forget it, I can tell you, as papers will
print it tomorrow.

I've checked the mamasan,
a strange client paid full tickets on that

but he looked gentle, not like a killer.

No motive? Killers today are varied.

Some are tall, short, gentle, rude

and some are even maniacs.

When making love

some like biting the tits, biting the body,

and some love stuffing
the vagina with things.

Forget it, say no more, it's disgusting.

OK, It's really disgusting, let's...

What is it ?

What ? you know I want that.

In daylight?

Why not ? just pull down the curtain.

Didn't we make love last month ?

you know It's last month

No, only 3 minutes

What? 3 minutes is not enough

1, 2...

OK...I'll take a bath at once !

I must hurry back to police station, bye.

Wife, how can you do that ?

I can only wank now.

Do you know police are working seriously now ?

This box is loosely covered.

I've said you'll harm us.

Damn it, I was too nervous.

It's ok, I spoilt her face, so no one can
recognize her.

You tale-tell.

What ? Dare you repeat ?

I say you're tale-tell.

What tale-tell ?

Tale-tell is you.

Stop shouting, we're buddies,
we're on the same boat.

I'm OK, don't worry

Listen, police are checking, I think it's

Are you really OK ?

Think over, we've commited so many cases,

and every of it stuns HK,

but no one knows they're done by us,
what a shame.

You nuts run naked if you want a fame!

But I want face.

Chun, ask yourself if you're happy?

I say, what we've done is not abnormal,
but . . .

a normal guy won't ever do such a thing

Go to hell

You mean we're abnormal ?

I don't agree, my IQ is high.

You have strong lust for sex,

sure, it's better than you love killing.

I only kill bad women, what's wrong?

I don't mean you're wrong, or we won't be

you only spoil our relation for
the sake of dirty women,

and make us motherless.

You bullshit all night,
but you're right in this.

Police are noticing, we'd better stop for a

I don't agree.

Why ?

I can stop killing women
but shark beat us like this.

Right, shark beat you so hard.

So we must give him a coffin.

Count on me, I'll do it neatly.

Look at you, let me clean your mouth.

Come, you get so dirty with the food.

Ted !

Ted !

Why do you come here ?
You want to see the toys ?

I want a watch.

You want a watch,

but I can't buy you one.

I'll ask dad to buy it for me if you don't.

Ted, mom has no money, OK,
be good, let's go home.

I'll go if you don't.

I won't go, mom, you're bad.

Ted, go and change your clothes, ok ?


Who are you ?

Who are you then ?

How come you're taking a bath here ?

Why not?
It's brother Hong's home.

I won't come out

Why is she having a bath here ? Tell me !

She's my friend

Friend? A friend takes a bath here/

Never mind her, go and get dressed

I don't care if you fool outside,
but you bring girls home?

You bitch !

Don't scold others

OK...what do you want?

What do you mean ? You beat me for her ?

What if I do ?
You're lucky I didn't kill you !

I want a divorce.

Why ? what's so special ?

Say, you want her or me ?

Tell her you want her or me.

Of course I want someone young

but I work hard to pay your debts.

You offer to, I never force you to do that.

Bitch, if you can do that, I can do that too.

Hubby, don't worry, I'll support your living.

You're my real honey.

Mom, why are you crying ?

Son, leave with mom, ok ?

Go yourself, he's my son.

He's my son, I gave birth to him.

Nuts, without me, how can you have a son ?


Go away yourself.


Why are you here ?

I come to see you.

I'm working, no time, go away.

I'm free, come on.

What do you want ?

What ? I come to collect debts.

I tell you, I've parted with Hong already,

his debts have nothing to do with me anymore.

You're ignorant, you've taken up the debts,

so you're in charge now, you're kidding.

Brother Shark, I run short of money now.

My son has to go to school
and I move out.

Anyway I have no relation to him,
I needn't pay his debts.

None of my business, I need money too.

I really have no money.

OK, I give you a chance
you served me well last time.

So now serve me well
and I'll skip your interest, OK ?

Come on !

Men, have you fooled enough ?

I'll die if you play me on.

Don't worry, I won't let you die easily.

We're rivals, our hatred is too deep.

Do you remember we begged you hard last
time ?

You said you'd beat us whenever you see us,
we scared.

I beg you to spare me, I was wrong last time.

It's a misunderstanding,
spare me and make friends, OK ?

I don't blame you for this.

Just spare me, OK?

Why do you still bullshit ?

Boss, what do you want ?

I want all your money. you like, just as you like,

as long as you people feel happy.

Didn't you behave cocky last time ?

Why are you like a dead dog now ?

Boss, I'm a businessman,
I'm not on the walk.

I beg you, give me another chance.

If we give you a chance...'ll never spare us.

What exactly do you want?

I won't spare you anyway.

My legs ...oh, my legs !

Aren't you superman ?

Right, you're superman.

Go to hell.

It hurts.

You must revenge for your brother.

He beat him so hard that he has concussion

Right, I nearly forgot.

You wanted to castrate me ?

Castrate me...

Go ahead, castrate him.

Enough, he's dying, put him in the box.

Get your things back.

Take it.

It smells blood.

Stop fooling, kill him.

I design this box myself.

Look, there're holes, water goes in
and it'll stay under water forever

and then he can rest in peace, do you agree?

Lie down, I made it to your figure.

Be good, lie down.

Sleep now.

Go ahead.

It's heavy.

Stop nagging, hurry.

The holes, without holes,
water won't go in and it'll float up.

Look, what is this ?

Fix him now.

You're timid, why fear the bones ?

This should be your duty.

Be a good guy in your next life,

Don't say goodbye to him,
we kill him for the sake of the society.

Throw him to the sea.

This is Wan Lai-ming,
I can't answer your now.

Who's calling Wan Lai-ming ?

My name is Chin.

Mr. Chin, what's your phone number ?

We have so many cars, why drive this small
one ?

You know I don't walk properly.

It's your own problem.

Let's go elsewhere.


I want chinese food.

You know I don't walk properly

OK, as you like.

Wife, the set dinner here is good.

Try it, Wife.

Wife, are you allright?

What's wrong with you ?

I feel unwell.

You order, my belly aches.

Belly aches.

I want to go to the washroom.

OK, be careful...

OK, two set dinners.

Wan Lai-ming.

What do you mean ?

I want to talk to you, come out.

Why are you here ?

Come out, I want to talk to you.

Go away.

Take your hands off.

I want to talk to you.

You nuts, why do you come here ?

I really miss you
so I come here for you.

He's back, I'll call you tomorrow.

I don't care.

I'll call you up later, ok?

I need you.

Go away.


Are you allright?

I'm fine.

Want to see a doctor?

No need.

I order salad for you when you were away.

Come, you like it.

What's wrong with your lips ?

What's wrong ?

It's ok, let's eat now.

Isn't it delicious?

Hi, miss Wong, long time no see.

May I sit down ?

This is ?

My name is Chin.


Mr. Chin is my former colleague.

Former colleague ? No.

We are very good friends.

Say no more,
eat something first, eat.

It's ok, I'll order some more.

You seem to have put on weight.

Your bottom's are fat,
and legs are still pretty,

so you mustn't eat too heavily.

I want some salad, hurry up.

Hey, Mr. Ching, do you agree?

Are you mad or something?

What? You say I'm mad,

then why didn't you say so last time?

I'm dining with my husband, please leave.

Want me to go away?

Go away.

Mr. Chin? I don't care what you
have to do with my wife,

but we're dining, get out, please.

OK, I'll leave.

Wife, I want you to give me an explanation

Great, you have good skills.

You know I love heavy massage.

Harder please.

You have heat inside

I work over time every night,
I sleep badly.

What if I help you out?

No, let's have a chat.

I don't know why I can't sleep well.

I have no idea.

I've been dumped,
3 years ago, I love her.

She loves me too,
but she doesn't want me to see her,

and she won't come for me.

She called me up, saying she lives badly.

Why does she do this to you ?

Because her husband has come back,


It's ok, have a smoke first

Love is really killing.

You seem to be experienced.

Your love is 3 years,
but I've been with him for 12 years,

and we parted at last,
let's not mention it again.

OK, let's forget the unhappy incident.

Let me treat you to late supper, OK?

I still have to work

I'll wait till you're off duty.

Wait on, bye.


What are you doing here?

What am I doing ? You forgot that ?

I said I'll treat you to late supper, OK?


Here's your beer.

Your work in the bank at daytime and study at

Don't you find it hard?

You know there're many graduates in HK,

if I don't study, it's hard to get a promotion.

An ambitious man like you... hard to find now.

Tell me something about you

Do you have a boyfriend?

I was married and now divorced, I have a son.

You have a son?


If your son resembles you,

then he must be lovely.

Right, he's 3 years old, going to

Does he?

Sorry, my son calls me up.

Hello, Ted, why aren't you sleeping ?

I'll take you out on holiday, ok?

But you must be good, go to sleep now, OK?

OK, go to sleep, be a good boy, bye.

Mom must hangs up now, bye.

You pamper your son ?

Yes, he's vital to me, I can't live without

I want to ask you a personal question

Since you pamper your son,
why divorce with your husband ?

I think this is unfair to your son.

I always loved him,

though I knew he had lots of girls outside.

I never blamed him,

but he beat me in front of that girl, and cast
me away.

Say no more, tell me about you.

Did your mom pamper you when you were small?

Yes, I was much luckier than you.

I had a better life than you.

Right, you were lucky.

Which one you want ?

Every one of them, how much ?

Look, Chun is dating.

That girl is great, she has big busts.

Let me greet him.

Don't hinder him, he's dating.

I think they must have a special relation.

You're too much,
you met a masseuse and won't tell us.

No, she's not pretty, not your cup of tea.

You mustn't say so.

You want to take her alone,
and don't introduce her to us ?

You haven't cum for ages, mind you're hurt .

If so, I'll wank.

You mustn't wank too much.

I'll shoot the cum on your mouth.

Nuts, masseuse is like ball room hostesses.

Quick, bring her and let us enjoy her.

No, she's a good girl.

Don't touch her, she has a son.

Nuts, stop pretending na?ve.

Are you serious with her ?

There won't be result for you.

Don't be nuts, just fever and leave her.

Ask her out tonight, OK?

Right, ask her out.



Sorry, I'm late.

It's ok, I have time.

You've waited for long ?

Just a while.

Why do you ask me here ?

I want seafood in Cheung Chau

It's too far away.

How come you have a key ?

Why? Just for you, I rented it yesterday.

You wicked guy.

Why don't you speak ? Anything wrong ?

I have something to tell you.

You needn't tell me.

Who are you? What do you want?

Come on, make love.

Very big.

No, what do you want ?

No, help...

Leave me alone.

Eat noodle.

Eat noodle.

You're not human, you're beasts,
I kill you.

You think you can survive ?

Guess what we are doing


My son calls me up, let me answer the phone.

Shut up, bitch.

She got a son.

My son calls, please let me answer.

I have no other request
Ionly want to talk to my son.

...the last call.

I won't resist even if you kill me.

I beg you, ok ?

I won't report this to the police, please.

Mom ?

Ted, mom is working.

Aren't you taking me out?

I'm busy tonight.

I don't care.

Mom can't see you anymore,

so you must study hard,
then I will pamper you.

And you must learn to take care of yourself,

then I'll love you.

Mom have to work now.

Have you finished?

I get her here, I'll be in charge.

You're mad, you want to free her ?

Didn't you see?

She cares so much about her son before she

You don't
want the poor kid to have no mother.

We all lost our mother when we were small,

and that's why we become bad.

But if you free her, we'll all die.

If we spare her life,
she won't report us to police.

Even if she does, I still want her to survive.

I take responsibility.

If you dare not, I'll kill her.

I ask her here,
I'll decide whether to kill her or not.

No way, we have always made unanimous

If Lai and you decide to free her,
I have no objection.

You say.

We're buddies, don't shout.

Chun, you mustn't be lenient,
women are unreliable.

Think over, Chun, do you agree?

I'm always against killing, I only help you

What ?

Right, you both do all the
killing, and I'm against it.

You two are nuts.

Stop shouting, 1 to 1,
you have no rights to say.

This woman is good,

she's not like those we kill,
they are bad women.

I also feel that she won't harm us.

OK. you shall decide.

I walk her out.

OK, I won't see you to the pier.

I really thank you

Last night I was feeling despaired.

I've always been in bad luck.

When I was small,
a man drugged and raped me.

When I married a man,

I thought I had a fresh start,

but he loved another woman.

Now I have nothing.

Just like a dream.

Wan, is she reliable ?

Police is coming, try our luck, run...

Take it easy, see the situation first.

Let's watch on.

That man behaves strangely,
go and check him.

Look at you, wearing a sweater in summer.

You're sweating all over.

Remember to give me a call when you're

Come on.

Come here...

What did you say ?

Nothing, she didn't say anything to me.

I only thanked him just then.

I'm really grateful to
you three,

I thank you for sparing me.

I'll leave now, bye.

Come here...quick!

What is it ?

Here's my phone number,
come join us if you have time.

Take it, don't report to police, do take care.

I'll leave now.

Chun, is it allright? I don't feel easy.

Should be no problem, if there is,
it'd have happened.

If you can't feel easy,

let's hide ourselves in Macau.

Macau? Good
We can fever in Macau

When to go?

Let's go

Come in

You want me, Sir?

Right, sit. Yes, Sir.

We're checking the ballroom killer case

and I'm sure you know it.

We have important clues now.

Last night someone reported to us

saying a woman got raped, and nearly got

But she escaped and
the suspect left his pager number.

We've checked, the owner is Ho Wan Yee

and that's yours, 542-963, Ho Wan Yee.

We now suspect you're related to this case.

Yee, why are you back so early ? Officer.

Got it.

Mr. Yeung Tak Lai?
I'm Sergeant Lau.

We suspect you're
related with the series of murders.

Please come to the station with us.

Officer, what is it ?

What is it ?

Sir, may I talk to him ?

What have you done ?
What have you hidden to me ?

I don't know what you're saying.

Stop acting again.

The victim has your pager number
you know ?

Maybe she made a mistake, so many

Police have collected enough evidence... prove you're involved in the murders,
you know?

Information shows there're 3 suspects

and the victim has described one of them

...who is exactly like you.

Do you know the seriousness? You'll be sent
to jail.

If you won't tell a word,

you'll be charged with all crimes.

Tell us now.

Tell us, I beg you.

Yee, you must help me.

Help me, Wife.

Who are they?

They are...

Who are they? I beg you.

Chun and Wan.

And other ?

Another is...

Wife, you must help me,
I don't want to go to jail.

I don't want to go to jail, help me.

Calm down,
but you are cruel when you kill them.

Sorry, wife.

You should say sorry to the children of the

I really haven't killed anyone.

Tell the judge then.


Connie, long time no see
why call me here ?

Where's Chun ?

He say he's busy.

Right, what are you up to now ?

Following ball room killer case.

What are you doing ?

Calm down.

Have lemon tea, thanks

I'll go to washroom.

Freeze !

What is it ?

You may remain silent,

but whatever you say will be taken as

What have I commited?

We suspect you're involved in series of
murders betray me ?

It's not like this.

I've never killed anyone,

but you two killed them.

There's no reason I should be
charged with murders.

You're beast!

I won't spare you.

Wife, help me!

Wife, help me!

Cuff him.

What is it ?

I'm Sergeant Lau.

Please come in.

This is a warrant.

We suspect you're involved in a series of

Get dressed and follow us to the station.

What happened ? Why arrest him ?

Miss, get dressed and come with us.

You give us explanation first.

We suspect Mr.
Ching is involved in series of murders.

How come he kills? You must be mistaken.

Miss, we can check in the police station.

Chun, tell them. . .
that you have not killed anyone

Tell them, why don't you say something ?

Are you dumb, Chun?

Don't shout, listen to me.

We shouldn't get together
return to his side.

No, you mustn't leave me.

No way, don't arrest him,
he hasn't killed anyone.

Free him, believe me.

Don't shout, listen to me.

I've comitted all the murders.

Let's go.