San ren shi jie (1988) - full transcript - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Why are you moving my things?

Peggy, who are they?

They're helping me to move!

Are we moving today?

Vi, you!
I am moving alone, you'll stay!

Why are you moving?

Let's separate for a period of time!

I've been sleeping with you for 3 years!

Last night... our last supper?

The last session!

Why didn't you say so last night?

What do you mean?

Now I'm asking you to move, not to talk!

I'm helping you to move.
I'm not moving myself!

Removal means leaving your things behind!

Moving things means leaving
your house behind!

We're adults, not children!

Can't we talk it over coolly?

Enough, I feel like crying!

I may cry if you don't!

These paintings are mine!

Alex, it's nice for us
to separate for some time.

We've been together too long. I'm fed up!

We may cook off and start again!

Let's get married!

I don't want to get married!

What do you want then?

To separate for a period of time!

Love doesn't mean cohabitation!

You think so?


Please don't beg me anymore!

I've been using this for 3 years,
don't take it!

This stool fits my bathroom,
you buy a new one!

It suits me perfectly in size!

Don't take it away!

Why are you so mean?

Take away love, but not this!
Do you want love or this stool?

What's your choice?

You're selfish!

Peggy from the studio, please! Peggy su!

That one with big, protruding eyes!


what about the advertising song?

It's ready. See if it's okay!

Someone bet dinner with me on the one...

Disappointed in love, guess who?

I can't!

He's an ungroomed man!

It's sad to be frustrated in love,

and more so to become the butt of a satire!

Me, I'd have dug a hole to hide myself!

Where can the hole be dug here?

She forsake you?

Why don't you dig it for me?

Where has she moved to?

Let me call and curse her. I'm only joking!

Disappointment in love is not that serious!

It symbolizes the start of a new romance!

Don't ever stay alone!

Keep busy and forget your sorrow!

For instance?

Attend the choir for me!

Be a volunteer and expect no remuneration!

To give free musical lessons to the choir?

Stop dreaming!

Shut up!

I'm now the conductor here!

Look at me! Am I very ugly?

Make trouble again and I'll throw you out!

I paid the fee!

So what?

Get back!

This is a choir, not a circus!

Get out of here if you want to be a clown!

Get out, idiot!

Mr lu, a call from a miss su!

Don't move, you imps!


You've got the stool. Why get mad?

Shall we see each other tonight?





Repeat that song again!


You start, not this side!

This side, ready, sing!


You and you! You! You three sing together!

Don't you know you're singing badly?

Come out!

You stand over there!



Not yet!

Are you kidding me?

Is this okay?

Not yet!

This way?


It's out of order. You can't fix it!

At worst, a penalty, why pull a long face?

Mammy, pull back the antenna quickly!

Oh, god!

Vivian! Vivian!

- Vivian!
- What is it?

Vivian, open the door for mammy quickly!

I t's locked inside!

Open it, Vivian!

I can't open it!


What are you doing?

- Don't get any ideas on my daughter!
- Don't mess up!

What are you doing?

Godmother, I didn't do anything
to her daughter!

Miss mao, sorry!

- Niu, we live downstairs
- You live downstairs!

- You're mistake!
- Lets go!

Mammy, why are you so excited?

Be in full alert like me!

Don't open the door for ugly people!


Few with ugly looks are nice!

What about good-looking people?

Even less!
Don't ever open the door for strangers!

Now we have no men here. Understand?

Don't eat mammy's cucumber!

I won't!



I mean myself!

Do I look ugly?

No, even dr chiang downstairs said:

You're so young to have me as daughter!

- Did you tell him how old I am?
- No!

Don't confide my secret to others!

Ok, but don't insist on
my attending the choir!


I don't want to sing. Don't force me to!

$750 for 3 months only?
Don't be so spendthrift?

That "lu" teacher is disagreeable!

A female teacher? Not the previous one?

Of course not!

He always said I sing badly!

A good singer, wouldn't have come to him!

And he often pointed at me saying:

Shut up and stand over there!

He really is disgusting!

Well, I'll give up singing!

Now we only have this house
from your late daddy

I earned our living
expenses with my own hands!

That enrolment form is
marked "not refundable"

hear it yourself, only your mouth's moving.

Mammy, I won't go any more!

I'll go then, if you don't!

Just wait and see!

Don't waste your time.
What are you rehearsing!


Go and dub cartoons for a TV station!

Damn, don't block her from rehearsing.

Go on...!


Don't worry, I love you!


I'm serious!


Dare you say that again?

I didn't do it intentionally!

Did you rehearse at home?


Sing it to me!

It's still bad!

I've rehearsed for two days!

Your mouth's moving, that's not rehearsal!

Where are you going?

I'm leaving!

Don't you want your shoes?

I don't compose free,
but I'll make an exception!

I can't even read notes, I can't sing!

Never mind, I'll teach you!

From the elementary stage!

Can I ever be a singer?

Yes, if you've time,
I'll devote my full energy!

To teach you! One, two! Three nights!

I might even spend every day with you!

Don't force me,
I've no time to compose for youl!

I spent over an hour
with you over the phone.

Now you're coming to me again!

Those imps hurled shoes at me, I give up!

Now I see why Peggy did that to you!

Who's hurling things at who?

You have the devil of temper!

Even a little sister's forsaking you!

Now you have 2 options. Fling them back!

Or comply with their wishes!

Had a quarrel with Peggy, Alex?

Need my help? Girls can talk more frankly!

What are you doing sneakily?

That bastard who cursed me is there!

I was only joking. Don't take it seriously!

Stand there, Sonny!

Is this your car, sir?


Now I sue you for vandalism!

Where are you going? I
haven't finished yet!


The game's over, I'll leave now!

Hey, I don't think so!

What about you?

I think it's not so simple!

It's fluorescent paint,
it may not be found at night!

Come here!

Try to sing this!


"In silence my heart rains!"

"Who'd care..."

In singing use your abdomen!

Using the nose sounds like a cold sufferer!

Shout several times by holding it here!

You'll feel the sound's coming out of here!



"In silence the heart rains!"

"Who'd care to keep this love?"

"It's raining in the wandering winds."

"Who'll stick together
with warmth and passion?"

It's so simple!

Welcome to this home El.
Appliance repairs class.

An electrical appliance
is one using electricity!

Lesson 1:

How to trace

cause of damage!

Any of you coming out for an experiment?

A lady, please come out!

Here's a blender!

It's out of order, check it!


When an electrical appliance doesn't work!

The most common cause is
electricity disconnection!

Here's a toaster

also running out of order!

Check it!

Remember to
disconnect electricity before repairing!

Who'd come out for the second experiment?



Is Julie in?

Hello, Mrs. tong... I'm Vivian's mammy!

It's... all right... ok... is Julie in?

Could she be with Vivian?

Does she normally return home late?

Don't you control her?

It's... all right... ok... bye-bye...!

Hello... mrs .tong, me again!
Vivian's mammy!

May I ask,
what little friends she usually plays with?

You know nothing about your daughter?

It's... okay... bye-bye! Good night!

What are you doing, Vivian?

My phone at home is out of order!

I'll send you back in a minute!


But we still have to play a little longer!

It's me!

I thought it was my daughter!

Is she still not back?

Just lock the iron gate!

Don't worry, your daughter's grown up!

Look, we got these for nothing!

Would a normal person writer these.

I heard those young men
seeing erotic videos!

Saying "this chick, that chick"

so young men take girls for chicks!

Like dishes!

I also heard those girls saying
"doing it with so"

this is quite common!

Vivian might ruin her life like that!

You also get married after you did that!

It's different. My husband
got paid in advance!

It saves time to have a
baby after 4 months!

It would be bad if vivianhad a child.

You'll become grandma then!

What... then?

One-shot hit! Such a chance is remote!

What if it does?

What if...

Consult ka Kai association then!

Family planning association!

Or take a trip to shumtsan!


She'll return a new person again!

She went with a man...


Rehearse more at home!

An adult!

Not a child!

Don't worry, he has a beautiful car!

I must question her!

Don't be impulsive unless
you want another missing girl!

What then?

Let me!

Have you seen enough?


Mammy! Auntie!

No wonder I couldn't get it through!

Your daughter's burning with passion!

What are you doing?

Aren't we going home?


How high do we have to go up?

There are still four more storeys!

Are you very tired?

Why don't you move back?

I want to live alone, with my own home!

Move back if you don't live,
you still have the key?

None loves me more than you do!

Did the transportation
co help you bring these?

No, Alex did! Let me make the introduction!

Alex! Earnest!

I came to see you because he was late!

I know him,

I did the 1st ad movie for them!

I got an ad for him.
We'll co-operate later!

How's the match?

A perfect pair!

What are you doing?

Don't get excited,
it's not your future son-in-law!

I was thinking if
moustache came to pick up

Vivian, should I get out or not?

Be tough if there's nothing between them!

Otherwise, let him be tough!

Look, what a mess they've made!

They're only playing, not kissing!

Have you seen mo wai-mun?

Was she picked up by a white car?

She asked if you've seen mo wai-mun!

Mo wai-mun? Teacher lu told her to stay!

Teacher lu? Isn't she a lady?

How could one with moustache be a lady!

It was that moustache who took her home!

Maybe she lacks fatherly love!

Excuse me...!

A teacher-student affair!

Round up your mouth if
you want a round voice!

They're kissing...!

Try to breathe!

You son of the bitch!

Damn you, we've caught you in the act!

Who are you?

My mammy!


Stop him!

Act tough before
he does anything to your daughter!

What did you say?

What were you doing with my daughter?

I'm straight. Did you make love with her?

Don't laugh, you were trying to kiss her!

You were pawing over her!

I was teaching her singing!

You were doing it mouth-to-mouth!

You've to ride on her in
dancing lessons then!

Mammy, don't be silly,
you don't understand!

You're silly, darling!

And he tried to fish in troubled waters.

Stay! I'll inform to
the headmaster against you!

Are you really in love with him?


You have no common sense!

Mammy, I won't see the headmaster!

What then?

Ask that school attendant!

Old gentleman, where's your headmaster?

The name of the headmaster is lau, not li!

- Where's he?
- Well, where's he?

I'm here!

Your teacher molested my daughter!

Which class? Which teacher?

That music teacher with moustache!

Music teacher? Not my business!

- You're irresponsible!
- Right!

I already have too many responsibilities!

Cleaning windows, toilets, sweeping!

I'd be stuck if I had to be responsible!

For classrooms leased for singing.

Mammy, it was no fault of teacher lu!

Now she's not blaming him!

There's no case. Is that right, madams?

She's madam, I'm miss!

You went to school
without telling me, I'm upset!

Don't attend class any more then!

I won't feel upset if you don't go!

I'm afraid little moustache
might bully you!

You're now grown,

you should be on your guard?

He gives me free singing lessons.
What's wrong?

That's even more dreadful!


You're a child, you won't understand!

Am I grown up or a child?

He sets his eyes on you
because you're grown!

You'll suffer because you're a girl!

I'm worldly, I must protect you!

Don't attend that choir, will you?

Are you asking me?


Sorry, I must!

Vivian, listen,
don't see that moustache anymore!

Don't beg favors from me!

Over there is your room!

It's in a mess. Fix it before going to bed!

I'm going out with a customer!

I'm looking for Alex lu!

What's your name, please?

Hang on!

- Who's it?
- Alex, please

I want to apologize to you for my mother!

Your mammy is a big bore!

Don't go away!

Keep away,
or I'll accuse you of sex harassment!

Stop dreaming!
You find a talent for me! I must leave!

He's so discriminating,
he may even turn down Rambo!

Only because you're a move producer!

It's nice that Alex is here!

You did it, don't get Alex involved!

What do you mean by that?

I'm Dennis!

How do you do?

Moustache, open up!

I know you're jealous because I have...

A higher rank and am better-paid.

Boss. Dennis won't find a hand for me!

Quiet, business thrives on Harmony!

I must answer a long distance phone call!

Shut up, bitch!

That ad must go on the air in 2 weeks.

We haven't found one to sing that song yet.


I won't pay for this!

Pay by credit card!

Any of you heard her sing? Is she ok?

Try and you'll see!

Relationship counts, not voice alone.

Looks okay, she's young!

Not young, she can do many things!

I can't take your word for it!

You must tell her, or she may bother me!

No need. I didn't do that!

If she knew, she might not agree.

It's for your own good
to tell her you're not of age.

That's too dangerous!

That's no concern of yours!

Let's go to eat!

What are you doing?


- Give you!
- Whats for?

A lawyer! We'll win for sure
you won't be caned!

Mammy, it was not the fault of Mr. lu!

Mr. lu, let's calm down first!

My daughter looks tall,
but she's not of age!

Will you let her go?

Will you let me go, auntie?

Would I ever like your daughter?

Don't entangle her if you don't like her.

Mrs. mo

Alex won't like your daughter, he's gay!

Not so loud!

Mrs. mo, they're special
playboys & playgirls!

But we're decent, we don't mix with girls!

We only mix with boys!

Big sis, can we leave now?

What a disgusting tramp, let's go!

Madam, I must go out for a while!

Mammy, I'm in a hurry!

Auntie, bye-bye!


Your daughter may follow that moustache!

He turns out to be a gay!

They mixed up like girls that day!

He doesn't look like a gay!

He doesn't look too bad!

Why should a man let his moustache grow?

Probably to increase his masculine appeal!

Even a gay can keep his moustache!

He may be a gay, and an "all-purpose plug"!

What do you mean?


I'll take one day off!

Why have you come here?

To see my daughter!

- Vivian!
- Mammy!

Are you a singer?

Alex told me to tape a song.
Don't be in my way!

I'm giving Viviana chance to
sing this and song!

Sit there and listen if you prefer!

I'll sit over here.

Take care, brother!

Alex, I'll go and persuade her!

I must deliver the song tomorrow!

No problem!

Ok, Vivian, start!

"It rains in my silent heart!"

"Who'd care to keep this love!"

"In the wandering winds..."

Auntie, can't you hold back your sneeze?


"It rains in my silent heart!"

"Who'd care to keep this love?"

"In the wandering winds it rains."


Mammy, please go out or I can't sing!

Okay... I'm going out!


"It rains in my silent heart, who...!"

"It rains in my silent heart, who...!"

We can't finish taping this song today!

Let's go early for the happy hour!

"Who'll keep love with warmth..." Sorry!

What now?

She can't go on!

Let's be off...!

Alex - happy hour!

Be nice and go home!

If you're wrong, say "sorry" to her!

She'll forgive you fir sure.

You're her mammy!

She's now taking me for a stranger at home!

Ignore me

how can?

She has to ask you for pocket money daily!

She communicates with me by notes!

It's hot, give me $10! Green dress!

Your dress is on fire on the back!

It's now so quiet at home,
we can hear mosquitoes hum!

What do you hear?

The buzz and hum of the mosquitoes!

It really gets on my nerves!

Well... let me call her for you!

Don't be so tough!



I'm auntie Jane, your mammy...

Can't you see? She was ok, but

hung up when I mentioned you!

Shall we apologize to moustache?

That stranger? No!

What a coincidence?

Oh, yes!

Vivian, do you still attend that choir?


Anyone singing that advertising song?

The next station is: Prince Edward!

Here I am!

I must get off too!

Are you all right?

Oh, my shoe's gone to shumshuipo!

Can you still walk?

No, I have bad legs!

Madam, shall I call an ambulance?

No... he'll take me back home!

Put me down anywhere!

Please close the door, please!


It's all right, I've nasal congestion!

I'm all right now!

I want to wash my hands. Don't move!

Go straight on along the right,
1st door at left!

Have tea, Mr. lu!

I told you not to move!

Do you need a doctor?

No, this one is convulsing!

Mr. lu, sorry for the trouble!

Don't mention it, I'm
holding your "sore foot"

what are you two doing?

She's convulsing!

Mammy, burly!

What is it?

Is this the chu family? A TV set for you!

I don't care, we haven't bought any!

Women are a nuisance. Any man at home?


Mr. lu, please help me drive him away

Mr. chu, the bill!

Are you chu lai-ngor?


Right, it's already paid for!

Vivian, did you tell your daddy?

Qur TV set was out of order!

A call!

Hurry up, Mr. chu.
We've to make other deliveries!

Daddy, the TV set's here!

- Yes!
- Are you trying to give away money?

Give more to some of your girlfriends!

Thank you, you may leave!

Never mind, I can buy it myself!

I'll return you the house!

Take away the TV set in a day or two!

Or I'll donate it to the home for the aged!

Vivian, say goodbye to your daddy!

Otherwise, people may say
I'm not a good mammy!

Please, we have no special tea!


Got preserved beancurd?

I'm cooked my meal! Preserved beancurd?

Vivian, get it for Mr. lu!

I take this now and then!

Have you no one to cook for you at home?

It's my own dinner

I can't open it. My hand slips!

I really can't open it!

Mr. lu, one or two?


"It rains in my silent heart!"

"Who'd care to keep this love?"

"In the wandering winds it rains!"

"Who gets on with warmth and passion?"

Not so hard on these 2 words!

- Hello.
- Hello.

Where's Alex?

My new postcard. Take it!

It's beautiful!

Come on, make an autograph!

Miss su? Inside is my daughter!

She admires you, would you give her one?

Yes! What's her name?


Come on!

Vivian, take this bag!

They've already taken these things!

Maybe they forgot?

Take all things out of it!

So many!

You're going to the wilderness, miss!

Auntie, we have a tent!

It's not for you to say!

I'll go with you!


I won't leave you behind!

- Let's go!
- Ok

wait, let's settle the
bill and go together!

Don't make her lose face!

None of the students
are accompanied by parents!

Sam will take care of her!

Call me from tai yu shan!

Let's go!

Take this bag, and this dress!

Let's go!

Take care of her!

Bye-bye, mammy!

Go now...!

Are you kidding me?

Now there are only the two of us!


Shall we settle the bill?


- Please settle!
- Yes

Lu, we're all waiting, don't stay at home!

Don't always stay at home.
Come here quickly!

It's stormy! You're free at home!
Come here!

Alex, this is Peggy!

I'm bored at home! Are you busy?

Why not come for a chat? Bye-bye!

Mr. lu, I'm Vivian's mammy!

What are you doing?

No ferry for tai yu shan
under this weather!

Why are we going to tai yu shan?

I've had no call from viviantill now!
Would they call off the program?

She might be caught

in the rain!

We're wet through!

You shouldn't have made me let her go!

They may get lost under this weather!

I'd better call the police!

They're no longer kids!

Give them a chance to be on their own!

Well, vivianis not your daughter

you won't care for her of course!

I don't care for her!

You don't have to nervous

why are you so mad?

That's the only way to make you listen!

What now?

Go home!


Why didn't you call till now?
You worried me!

I'm now in holiday house. I had no phone!

Is it safe over there?

Of course!

Yes, Alex is here!

Call me early tomorrow morning!

Good girl, bye-bye!

What did she say?

She wants you to stay with me here!

If there's any thunderstorm!

I'm afraid of thunder too!

Guess that they're doing at home?

This, I think!

I want to change! What about you?

I won't!

- What's this?
- Ginseng tea!

Why's there such a poster?

Vivianwants me to paste it!


You're beautiful too!

I'm a married woman!

What have you put on?


Don't catch cold.
Let me get cloth for you to change!


Does your moustache hurt?

Try and you'll see!

You're not used to it!

Haven't done it for long?

How long?

Since I divorced with my husband!

A very long time?


Would vivianreturn now?

She's in the holiday house!

Have you...?

Have you taken...

Have you taken the pill?

What pill?

The contraceptive!

What pill?

What pill?

The contraceptive!

Next time!



Have you got a cold?

You scared me! You applied
too much perfume!

Does it smell good?

What did you do last night?


Your looks are betraying it!

I can see it from your eyes!

They're shining, they're speaking!

Crazy! Nonsense!

Who is it?

If 1 tell you, you'll be jealous!

It suits these circumstances!

I won't wipe my mouth with clothing!

Take it!


Where were you? I waited the whole night!

You said you disliked her
because she's vulgar!

Chu lai-ngor?


Miss chu! You've met her daughter Vivian!

What a beautiful name!

Alex, I'm not used to that new mattress!

What was the brand of the one we used?

Have they got any in size 4x67?

I'll call you tomorrow!


Have you put it on?

Yes, it's beautiful!

But it doesn't fit you too well!

I'll choose another one for you,
I made this and too!

It fits your daughter better!

Mammy, it's beautiful!

A little bit low


Let's cook our meal!


It's in apple-pie order here!

Want to take off your shoes?

No, it's embarrassing!

I can't stand this fresh air!

Right, no intimate smell of smoke!

I see, a model's replaced by a housewife!


Don't be formal!

Looks like a night club!

Tell mamasan to serve fresh fruit!

Have some fruit!

May I know your name?

Mrs. mo!

Just call me ngor!


What would you have for drink?

Ginseng tea!





We're something good for you again!

Chicken again?


Mind my bringing her here?

Let's get together!

Here's the chicken!

Don't you mind!

Let's get together!

Isn't that Alex lu?

I know the bedroom's over there!


I can't get over!

What are you doing?

This one is different from last time's!

You got one last time?

Who's Alex? You may come in!

Have you been playing this all the time?

I'm not biased.

Whatever you think!

Any of you may take her
home, if interested!

Don't get excited.
We'll explain to her for you!

Mammy, what are you doing?

Look closely before you judge?

Not stripped off!

How? Good show?

Would they ever have
something good for you?

Draw one please

- is this any of your business?
- It's none of your business!

What does it concern you?

You're interfering!

And what does it concern you?

- Look! A group of smokers!
- Concern to you?

If I'm not here

they call a model's for you again

do you take it?

Yes, so whats?

Are you kidding, is it?

They are really crazy

we just clean it up,
now it's like a battlefield again

put it there if I am not in!

Come any time again to pack up!

Thank you!

I'm late!

It's not your first time!

What then?

Next time leave home earlier!

My monthly cycle is late!

It has often come late!

I feel like eating sour food!

And I feel like vomiting too!

Is that so?

What then?

Did moustache cause that?

Who else, if not he?

Is he true to you?

I think so!

You'd better tell him!

If he embraced you,

it means he's true!

If he moped at the news!

Get a ticket for shenzhen!

I think he'll embrace me!

Why are you helping Alex fix things up?

You must be his amah by the hour!

Shall I pay for the things you bought?

What are you doing?

I'm moving back to live!

I'm not used to living outside!

Luckily you help Alex fix up!

I've cohabited with him 3 years.
It's never been so tidy!

Don't cry!

Let me bring you a cup of water!

What is it?

What are you doing?

I'll bring you water!

What did you tell her?


Why is she crying like that?

She's chocking with tears!

Why are you coming back?

Why are you so mad?

You told me to come back any time!

You can't come and go at will!

You've to check in before going to a hotel!

Ngor... what are you doing?

Are you all right, ngor?

What's wrong with you?

She cried and you cry too!

What are you doing?

Don't cry...!

Drink it!

Mr. lu, I've fixed it for you, bye-bye!

Let me take you back!


Me, too!



Ngor... open the door and talk it over!

What happened?

The whole car's over there. I can't drive!

What happened?


- Are you the car owner?
- Take your car away!

Peggy... open up!

Car license!

Ticket it if you prefer!

What are you up to?

You left me yourself

now I've found a true lover and

you're coming back. What's the idea?

I'm true to ngor, understand?
Don't you understand?

Don't you understand?

- Why are you coming back?
- Have you been waiting for me?

I came out to dump rubbish!

What rubbish?

I'm flinging away this little chair!

I made it clear to Peggy,
she won't come back anymore!

What has that to do with me?

What are you up to?

You wanted to leave me yourself!

I begged you and you wouldn't return!

Now I've found a true lover!

And you're coming back, what's the idea?

I'm true to ngor, understand?
Don't you understand?

Don't you understand?

Mammy! You leaving the key in front door!

So careless

where are mammy and Alex?

Stay here for dinner? Good!

They keep talking, it's too boring!

Want anything to drink?

Your poster's here. Mammy
said it's beautiful!

Look at these photos. I've brought back

Alex did it brilliantly!

They were taken with mammy's dummy camera!

Alex looks like a dummy in it!

Alex may get a hell from
mammy for this mess.

In fact, mammy's one of
the most troublesome women

she always nags, and so does Alex!

They're a heavenly-make pair!

What a cute heart-shape
key chain she's bought!

It's mine!

Peggy, what are you doing?

Peggy, are you all right?

Peggy... what's wrong?

Peggy, what are you doing?
Peggy, are you all right? Peggy...!


So you're at home. I'm at Alex's home.

Peggy has locked herself up in the toilet!

Maybe she has intestinal disorder!

Mammy, there's a smell of gas!

Miss su has locked herself
and turned on the gas!


- Where's she?
- In the toilet!



Let me open it!



What are you up to?

Don't connect this anymore!

See if the ambulance has arrived!


Why are you standing there?

Go and wet the towel.

Out of my way!

This way, please...!

Open all the window!

What happened to her?

She was overcome by gas!

What's your relationship with her?

I'm her boyfriend!

I'm here!


Take her to a hospital!

Don't worry, I won't go away!

Mammy, what now?

Let's go home!

Or take a trip to shenzhen and start anew.

Why so stupid

suicide can't solve the problem


Be a member if you want to rent tapes!

But we haven't got what you want!

Where's ngor? I've tried
to find her for days!

There's not one good man.
Stop looking for her!

Besides her own dad, ngor loves two men...

Her ex-husband who forsook her and you!

Who take her for a yo-yo?

You pick her up for playing now and then!

She has feelings, but
you take her for a tap!

You switch her off completely?

I won't tell you where she is!

Please give this invitation card to her!

You look anxious!

Go down now and there's still time.

I'm broad-minded!

Smile, will you?

The bride's here!

What a beautiful bride!

Isn't Alex the groom?

Had I told you the truth,
you night not come!

Ladies & gentlemen, we're here for

the wedding between Peggy
su and wong wai-hung

to wish them all the best!

Where are you going?

Can't I go to the toilet?

I thought you wouldn't come.

I thought you were getting married!

Don't you like this church?

What if I do?

Register now if you want to marry!

Is this church nice?

They offer a discount!