San Saba (2008) - full transcript

Private Investigator Bud wakes from a coma in a hospital room and is immediately charged with murder but did he do it or was he framed? As the story unfolds in flashback, Bud discovers that... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
[ Monitor: Rhythmic Beeping ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Gunshots Echo ]
[ Man ]
Mr. Fox.

You're at
St. Alfred's Hospital.

You've had a very bad fall.

[ No Audible Dialogue ]

[ Laughing, Chattering ]

[ Man Narrating ]
What's happening?

[ Doctor ]
Mr. Fox.

Mr. Fox?

Mr. Fox.
Good to have you back.

I'm gonna get you
something for the pain.

[ Soft Groan ]

How you doin'?


Hey, um, I went by your house,
checked your messages.

There's one on there
from Hank...

I think you should
take a look at, you know?

When you get to feeling better.

And, uh, your mom's doin' fine.

I'm just gonna
keep checking on her.

[ Groans ]
What's goin' on?

- You don't--
You don't remember?
- Remember wh--


Bud, they found you
the other night--
at the old warehouse district--

in John Kaskill's office.

You were unconscious.

He was on the ground
next to you-- dead.

You had a gun.


God! No.

[ Sighs ]

I think you've been
set up, Bud.

Looking better, Mr. Fox.
You feeling better?

[ Handcuff Clatters ]

Doctor, I'd like
to have a couple of minutes
with your patient-- alone.

Nurse. We'll check
with you later.

Mr. Fox.

- Detective Morales,
- How you doin'?

- Do you know why you're here?
- I was hoping you could
fill me in on that.

We found you
at the Key Point warehouse
a couple of nights ago.

So what?

So you're under arrest
for the murder of John Kaskill.

Oh, don't you think
we're getting a little
ahead of ourselves here?

No, I'm right with you, Bud.

- That's right. Pull that out.
- "You have the right
to remain silent.

"If you give up your right
to remain silent,

anything you say"--
Blah, blah, blah.

Blah, blah, blah, blah.

Of course, you know
that you can stop answering
my questions anytime you want.

That's very considerate of you.

So why where you there?

I was called there.

Oh. By whom?
Kaskill's daughter.

[ Woman ]
She must have found out.

He went completely nuts.

Leigh? Slow down.
What is it?

We have to take care
of this, Bud.

Who's back?

What time is it?

The time is now.
Don't you get it?

I'm out again.
I just know it.
I'm screwed.

Where is he?
At the warehouse.

Just meet me, okay?
This is bad.
It's really bad, Bud.

Why did she call you?
I'm an old friend.

And, uh, friends often go over
to their fathers' offices
in the wee hours of the night?

All right.
I was working for her.

Ah. Okay.

What'd she want
that particular evening?
That's between me and my client.

[ Leigh's Voice ]
Hurry, please. I'm scared.

[ Gunshots ]

- You oughta know that.
- So?

So I ain't telling you.
It ain't pertinent.

Well, I happen to think it is.

Well, you happen
to think wrong.
Well, listen up, dick.

I happen to think,
wrong or right,

that this is now an issue
between me, you and a dead man.

Now, what time
did she call you over?

1:00, 1:30.
She woke me up.

And what'd you do?

I went over there.
I got in my truck,
went over there.

So how did Kaskill get
two slugs in his chest then?

I don't know.

What was the old man's gun
doing next to you
on the ground?

I don't know.

I went over there
to help the girl.

All right.
Did you meet her there?

You know--

She wasn't there
when I got there.

Does the name Kate Winters
mean anything to you?

- Does that ring a bell?
- Sure.

So you knew that she
was seeing Kaskill?

[ No Audible Dialogue ]

That's right.
I've been tailin' him
for the past three weeks.

Of course I knew that.
Tailing him.
What-What for?

That's between
me and my client.

But you know that too.
You knew they were
sleeping together, right?


And you also had
an intimate relationship...

with Ms. Winters
in the past, correct?

Yeah. So--
Let me get this right.

- So now she's
bangin' John.
- I want my lawyer.

You just
flip out over that.
Isn't that right?

- Is that what happened?
- I want my lawyer.

- Okay, all right.
That's what happened.
- The right to remain silent.

I'm not gonna-- Go to hell.

- That's what came down,
isn't it?
- Why don't you go to hell?

Yeah, all right.
I'll see you there.

I'll make sure you have
a phone in here, Mr. Fox,
so you can call your attorney.

Nurse! Get outta here!

Yeah. There's a uniformed
police officer here too.

You need to ask me
any more questions--
Have a nice day.

- Enjoy those bracelets
you got on.
- [ Handcuffs Clatter ]

[ Man ]
Yeah. No, I got 'em.
I got 'em right here.

They're right here.

[ Sighs ]

- Thanks for bail.
- Yeah, no problem.
That'll be 50 grand.

Seriously, Bud.
We gotta get together
and hammer this out.

Your ass is pretty well
slung over the barrel here.

They got prints,
powder burns,
a weapon,

an unconscious, intoxicated
subject at the scene
of the crime with motive.

- Shall I continue?
- I didn't do it.

- You think?
- Yeah. Maybe I--

Uh, I don't think so.

Um-- [ Sniffles ]
Just give me a couple days.
I'll figure something out.

- When?
- End of next week.

- You got a smoke?
- No. I quit last year.

Oh. Yeah.

- I'll be in touch, okay?
- All right.

Don't screw around.

This is serious.
This is 25 to death.

I'll be in touch.

Send me over
the Kaskill file.
Get me up to speed.

Ask Claire.

You got it.

Take care of him, will you?

I will.

[ Bud Narrating ]
I know it all started
at the reunion.

♪♪ [ Downbeat ]

♪♪ [ Rock ]

♪♪ [ Continues, Muffled ]

[ Man, Laughing ]
So the guy looks at me,
goes, "Sounds great.

Who's all gonna be there--
you and me?"

[ Wheezing Laugh ]

[ Mouthing Words ]

Oh. Whoa.
Hold everything.

Is that Katie Winters?

Damn. I would give anything
to wax that.

You know what I'm sayin'?
Every morning?

[ Laughing ]

Just a little wax on, wax off--
Oh, hey, honey.

We were just talking about you.
This is an old friend of mine.
This is Bud Fox.

Bud, this is Molly.
We met back in... college.

Bud, good talking
to you, buddy.

He's, uh--
Upset stomach or something.
I don't know what's goin' on.

[ Murmurs ]

♪♪ [ Continues ]

[ Man ]
♪ All before ♪

♪ Someone ♪

♪ Help me stop this rain ♪

♪♪ [ Continues,
Muffled, Indistinct ]

Got another?


There you go.

I quit about two years ago,
but you step one foot
into a roomful of that,

and suddenly you have an urge
to suck on something strong.

Well, knock yourself out.

You always hear
what a nightmare
these reunions are.

But I just couldn't help myself.
I guess I'm a voyeur.

Yeah. I don't know
what you're doin' here.

You hated these guys' guts
20 years ago.

Almost as much
as I hated yours.

How you doin', Leigh?

I've been better.
How about you?

You know how it is.

Can't find peace of mind,

settle for a piece of ass.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

I've got my own women issues
to be dealing with.

Oh, that's interesting.

It's good to see you.

You wanna get a drink?

Come on.

Yeah, so there I was,
miserably flunkin' out
of every class in college.

Yeah, I flunked out,
you know?

So I was sittin' there going,
"What the hell am I gonna
do with my life?" Right?

So what'd you decide?
In this town?

What, I'm gonna be an actor
or something? I don't think so.

So, fine, I'll be a, uh--
I don't have an education.

So what's the best thing?

I became a dick.

You were a dick
long ago, my friend.

But it's all right.

No, I mean, like,
a private eye
kind of thing.

Oh, you're getting
paid for it?
Yeah. I'm a pro these days.

♪♪ [ Rock Continues,
Muffled, Indistinct ]

So how come you and I
never, uh,

hooked up back then?

You don't remember?

Remember what?

Are you kidding me?
You don't remember?


Stop it.

Maybe I was drunk
or something.
Maybe you were.

Yeah. Was I any good?

I was good. Go ahead.

Well, I do remember
that you didn't used
to look like this.

I mean,
you looked hot, baby.
God, you're a dick.

You are a dick.
It suits you.

Okay, I owe you one.
I might have to
take you up on that.

What do you mean?

Just my family's dirty laundry.

Yeah, right.
I heard something.

Uh, your brother
had an accident
on a motorcycle.

Uh-uh. That was completely
blown out of proportion.

Actually, I'm talking
about my father...
and his--


I'm just worried
about the future
of our company.

It's, you know.
Why? No.

He's involved
with this woman.
Oh, yeah?

This woman
has turned my life
into a living hell.

I like him already.
What do you mean?
I'm sure--

It's a long story.
I'm sure that you remember.

Actually, she was at
the reunion tonight.
Oh, yeah?

[ Cell Phone Ringing ]
Excuse me.


I can't hear you.

Right now?
Okay, I'm coming.

I'm sorry.
I have to go.

Ah. So soon.
The one night
I have off.

I really enjoyed
hanging out with you.
Yeah, me too. It was great.

Can I, uh-- Can I have that?

Can I give you
my number?

I'd like that.

I'd really love
to see you again.

Yeah. Me too.


All right, well--
Another drink.

[ Laughs ]
I'm counting on it.

Yeah, me too.
All right. Bye.

I'm a pro. Maybe I can help you
with some of this stuff.

Maybe you can. Bye.
All right.
See you later.

[ Bud Narrating ]
I gotta find Leigh.

[ Woman ]
About time you
got up off your duff.

Place don't
run itself, you know.

Yeah. Well, that's why
I got you, long legs.

Half-ass compliments
and day-old doughnuts...

are not my idea
of a living wage.

So write a memo.
[ Groans ]

[ Scoffs ]
Anything on the burner?

Nothing much.
That toilet's
acting up again.

I got the plumbers
comin' in tomorrow.
Hold my calls.

Mike called.
But he calls all the time,
so that's nothing new.

And besides that,
it's tight as a drum.

- Hmm!
- [ Chuckling ]

Nobody listens to me.
I might as well
be here alone.

Oh, thank you, Paula.
That's great. I'll just leave.

- All right. You're not
exactly chopped liver.
- I love you, Paula.

I don't know what's wrong
with the rest of you.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Bud Narrating ]
How come I can
only remember...

bits and pieces of that night?

And what did Clay and Dorfman
have to do with this?

Mr. Clay, Bud Fox.

Have a seat, Mr. Clay.
Thank you.

- Uh, drink?
- I quit.

Oh. Sorry to hear that.

No, thanks. I'm fine.

Right. So what can I
do you for, Mr. Clay?

About a year ago,

my partner up and ran off
with all our-- my capital.


At first, I thought
he'd been kidnapped
or something.

He-- He just stepped out
for lunch, and then-- poof.

I-I filed
a Missing Persons report.

But then my checks
started bouncing.

Mm-hmm. How much
did he take you for?


[ Whistles ]

It devastated me.

After a few months,

I finally
got up the courage
to start again, but--

I needed some closure,
and that's why I came here
to see you today.

Why don't you tell me
a little bit about this guy?

Well, there's not much to tell.

I only knew him
for a few months,
but, um--

He was just so--
so charming at first,
that, you know--

[ Phone Rings ]
Just a minute.

- Yeah.
- Hi, Bud.
It's Leigh Kaskill.

Hey. Uh, I've been
meaning to call.

I was hoping to see you.
Do you have time?

What's up?
Well, I wanted
to see you in person.

Do you know
the Little League fields
at Elysian Park?

Yeah. Right at the top.

There's a playground area
off to the side. I was hoping
that we could meet there.

Yeah. Give me
about an hour.

All right. Bye.
That would be great.

[ Beeps ]

Uh-- Where was I?

Mr. Fox.

- You needed some information.
- Right.

Well, he was about 6'--
Oh, 6'2".

Built. Brown hair and eyes.

He looked like Tom Cruise,
but taller.

Tom Cruise.
Anything else?

Well, there wasn't
any accent or drawl
to speak of, and--

- I'm not even sure
that he was exactly gay.
- What do you mean?

Well, he performed,
but I think it was
for the money.

The setup.

Well, that's a pretty rough way
to get by.

- Well, thank you, Mr. Fox.
- I didn't mean it like that.

You got anything else for me,
like, uh, number plates,
tattoos, anything?

No, nothing, but he did
speak of Springfield.

- But I already
checked that out.
- Okay. Got a name?

[ Chuckles ]
Oh, dear. Yes.

I'm so-- Um, Pat Dorfman.

Pat Dorfman. Okay.

All right. Well, you know,
we'll call you if, uh,
we come up with anything.

All right?

I just want to know
where he is, Mr. Fox.

- Hank.
- Yeah?

You wanna check this out
for me?

I'm stepping out
for a little bit.

- You too.
- What's up?

- Uh, need the feminine touch.
- Oh, didn't know you
went for that any longer.

"Tom Cruise"? "Taller"?
Bud, can I borrow
your magic wand?

- What now, Hank?
- 'Cause you need to be
a magician to close this.

- I gotta go.
- "Dorfman"? Should I
call information?

Why don't you do
your job, Hank?
Jesus Christ.

Boys. Come on. Let's go.
Wanna just
do your job?


Why don't you
do your job?


[ Bud ]
Who's this?

This is Claire Barnes.
She's an associate.

She's gonna be working
on the case.
I can do without her.

Yeah, look, maybe
you could just head back
to the office somehow.

I'll see you
in a little bit, okay?

I can wait in the car.
Mmm, no.

Take a cab.

Put it on the expenses.

[ Children Shouting,
Chattering In Distance ]

So, what's up?

I want you to follow my dad.

Why is that?

I saw him this morning,
and I just know that--

It's over.
I mean, I didn't--

I never expected
things to...
turn out like this,

but I am certain
that he's about to sell
his shares of the company.

Why do you think that?

Well, I've been
auditing the books,

and it looks to me
like he has been--

[ Sighs ] It looks
like he's been cooking
the figures for a while.


Not to mention,
I overheard him
talking to that bitch...

about buying land
outside of San Saba.

San Saba.
Where's that?

It has to be
a retirement ranch.

I mean,
nothing happens
in San Saba.

No? Couldn't it be
a commercial venture?

I think he's trying
to set all of us up.

Do you understand
what I'm saying?
Okay, okay.

I'll have one of my associates
look into it.

I didn't call one
of your associates.
I called you.

Listen, I'm kind of
behind the scenes now.
I-- I don't really--

I don't do fieldwork, okay?
I got some very good people,
and they will investigate.

Do you see these kids
over here?
They will-- They got--

This boy and the little
girl with the hat.

Those are mine.
I have to think
about their future.

I need you.

Uh-- Okay.

It's what you do.

[ Chuckling ]

All right.

By the way, my father's going
to be working in his office
down in the warehouse district.

Just to give you a leg up.

Ma, cancel the rest of my day.

Sure, boss.
Whatever you say.

- Uh, I'm gonna need the address
for the Key Point warehouse.
- Yep.

- Is this coffee hot?
- Yep.

Yeah? Hey.

Come on. Sorry.

Okay? She's a client.

Jesus. So you took a cab.

Come on!

You comin'? Hey.

Wake up.
You comin'? Let's go!

- You two make me crazy.
- [ Bud ]

Yes, sir.
Coming, sir.

Oh, sure. He yells "Rabbit!"
and you jump.

Paula, come on.

I give up.

[ Camera Shutter Clicking ]

[ Shutter Clicks ]

[ Claire ]
Hey, Bud. Wake up.

Bud, check it out.

[ Engine Starts ]

[ Bud ]
Uh, just let me
do the talking.

Hey. Uh,
table for two.
Yeah, thanks.

Hey, is this, uh, free?

Sit here?
Great. Thanks.

Thank you.

[ Bud Sighs, Clears Throat ]

Thank you very much.
Honey, you want
a cocktail?

Your waitress will be right
out to take your order.

Okay. It's that kind of a joint.


Yeah. Fancy.

You're payin', dear.
[ Chuckles ]

You're lookin' very pretty
tonight. You know that?

Thank you.


Let's get this down.
There we go.

Bud, what are you do--

All right. Now you're
lookin' really hot.
[ Sniffles ]

- Thank you.
- So, you know
those guys, right?

I'll be right back.

You're gonna sing
for your supper.
Smile for the camera.

- Hey. Steve, right?
- Um, no, it's not Steve.

- [ Shutter Clicks ]
- So familiar to me.

I'm sorry. I--
Really? Um--

What's your name?

[ Shutter Clicks ]

[ Leigh's Voice ]
You have to take care
of this, Bud! Now!

[ Bud Narrating ]
How does Chip play into this?

Hey, hey, hey.

Good morning.

[ Yelps ]

How you doin'?
Fine, thank you.

You don't look it.

You better
watch out.
[ Laughs ]

You think you can handle
putting me through
to Key Point?

I'll see
what I can do.


Okay, put it through.

[ Rings ]

[ Woman ]
Key Point information.
Uh, hi there.

Uh, I'd like to speak
to Leigh Kaskill, please.

How do you spell that?

Uh, Kaskill.

One minute.
It's on your letterhead.

I'm sorry. I'm not seeing
a listing for Leigh Kaskill.

What do you mean?
She works there.
Leigh Kaskill.

I'm sorry, sir.
There's nobody here
by that name.

Can I redirect you
to somebody else?

No. Uh, thanks.
Thank you.

[ Beeps ]
Hey, Bud.
It's Leigh.

Looks like I missed you.

Don't remember if I gave you
my cell phone number,
but it's 310-555-8094.

Don't try me tonight.
I forgot it at home.

I was calling
to see how everything went
and to talk to you about it.

So call me
when you get a chance.

[ Beeps ]

[ Dial Tone, Beeping ]

[ Sniffles ]
[ Line Rings ]

[ Woman ]
Good evening.
Steak Joynt.

Who am I calling?
This is the Steak Joynt.

Would you like
to make a reservation?

No. Did a woman
just call there?

Uh, a customer?

Uh, yeah.
Yeah, she did.

- Give me your address.
- Our address
is 2729 Main Street.

♪♪ [ Background: Jazz ]

Leigh Kaskill?

Uh, there she is.

- Surprise.
- Bud.
- Excuse me?

This is my brother, Jack.
Jack, this is Bud Fox.

- He's the man that I hired.
- Are you kiddin' me?

- He's the best investigator
in town.
- That's right.

That's not what I heard.
How's the bottom of the barrel
these days, Bud?

Jack, that's enough.

Listen, I, uh--
Well, I tracked you down
to this place because--

I've been calling the office,
uh, this morning, and they
don't know who you are.

So am I missing something here?
I'm doing
an internal audit.

So I'm doing it
under an assumed name.
Draws less attention.

I have to go to the bathroom.
I have something in my eye.
Excuse me.

[ Bud Narrating ]
There's something
strange about Jack.

I'm gonna have a drink
with you.


Oh, don't worry.
He's not staying.

I don't like you, Bud.

I don't like this whole
private detective trip
Leigh's on.

- I want mine
as much as she does--
- I'll tell you something.

I promise you that I'm looking
after your sister's interests
here, and yours.

[ Footsteps ]

- Uh.
- Did you boys catch up?

So have you found out
anything interesting yet?

Uh, couple of photos.

But, uh, I didn't bring 'em
'cause I didn't, uh--
I didn't know.

I'd really love to see them.
Can you come by my office

Where and when?
Say, 8:00
at the Figueroa office?

[ Laughs ]

I'll call you,
and I'll let you know
which employee to look for.

Good idea.

[ Blowing On Harmonica ]

[ Bud Narrating ]
What is it between her
and the old man?

[ Leigh ]
So they'll be
in my hand tomorrow.

Well, I'm counting on that.
Okay, fine.


Jesus, you'd think
by now in life,

you wouldn't have
to deal with jerks
all day long.

- My God.
- Yeah, well--

Life's a bitch,
and then you die,
Mrs. Morris.

[ Sniffs ]

I'm pretty much finished here.

What do you say
we head across the street
and look at what you got?

It's just, uh--
Have a drink here, you know?

I'm buying.
Lead the way.

[ Leigh ]
This is all you have?

[ Bud ]
It's a couple days. We
can't get it all together--

No, no. It's fine.

Anyway, I've run plates
on most of these guys,

but these three here,
I'm pretty clueless about.

I don't think
I've ever seen him before.

This guy is, uh--
He's called Chip.


I'm checking him out.

Let's see.

Oh, boy.

This is Boris Godfrey.

He's a V.P. at Key Point.

He came on about a year ago.
He's Dad's right hand.

Somewhat of a hatchet man, too,
in more ways than one.
Oh, yeah?

What did he do,
kill somebody?


His wife,
down in Australia.
Oh, yeah?

Turns out he collected
on a pretty major-league
life insurance policy to boot.

This guy?
Yeah. The very one.

- Okay. The plot thickens.
- [ Chuckles ]

What the hell's goin' on here?

I don't know, but Godfrey's
definitely made a name
for himself...

snatching up
companies on the cheap,
chopping them up...

and selling them off
piece by piece.

That's what he does.
Maybe the guy's interested
in buying up Key Point.

I don't know, but he will
definitely be sitting
in the catbird seat...

no matter
how my dad steps down.

[ Chuckling ]
Right. Right.
Right. Right.

I just can't imagine him
selling it to this vulture
after all he's done.

He built it up.

But who knows? I mean,
he's been behaving
very strangely.

Yeah. Oh, you mean with
the, uh-- that broad, right?
She turned his brain to mush.

Well, I can't say
that I don't, uh,
sympathize with him.

What's her name?

I'm gonna look into
this Chip guy and see
what I can find out for you.

What I don't understand
is how come your dad...

doesn't just
hand over the whole thing
to you and Jack?

I actually have to get going.
I'm so sorry.

But I hope that we
can get together
another time.

Yeah. You gotta go now?

Yeah. I have to get going.

Let's get together
another time.

Yeah, that's great.
Great. That's cool.

They're actually
having dinner tonight.

Kate. With my dad.
At the Porterhouse.

Oh, the--the mind mush--

I'll call you about dinner.

I'd love that.
I'd-- I'd love that.

I'll get the drinks.

[ Bud Narrating ] I wonder
if Leigh knew the connection
between Kate and I.

Hey. Uh, I placed an order
about an hour ago for
some steak and fries.

Let me check
on your order.
What is your name?

Fox. Bud Fox.

Ah! Ho, ho, ho, ho!
What'd you get?

Your favorite.
You got my favorite.

Hey, you got any
soy sauce somewhere?

Yeah. So what are we
lookin' for here?

Uh, Kaskill's car.
He's gonna probably
valet it.

How the hell do you
open these things?

You're so funny.
Come on.
Come on?

[ Laughing ]
[ Sighs ]

Do you want me
to help you with that?
No, I've got it.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.
There you go.
Here we go.

The Eagle has landed.
Oh, my God.
He's huge.

I don't see her.

I didn't even see her
because she was behind him.

All right.

[ Whistling ]

This is kind of fun,
you know?

This. This.

This is kind of fun.
What do you mean?

Feels kind of like
a little date or something.
Oh, yeah.

I should remember that.
It's been years.

Oh. So Leigh's
not really an option?

Leigh? Well,
she's a client.

But I wouldn't
kick her out of bed.
You know what I'm sayin'?

Oh, come on.
Are you serious?
[ Static On Speaker ]


Bud, she is so-- What?

I don't know.
She's just--

[ Waiter On Speaker ]
What would you like to drink?
I just don't trust her.

[ Woman ]
I'll have a glass
of pinot noir.

Listen. Listen to this.
Listen to this.

Gettin' a little static here.
[ Woman ] I'll have
the lobster tail.

A little staticky.

[ Man, Static ]
Maybe he doesn't--
to get any.

She doesn't stop
messin' around--
[ Indistinct ]

[ Woman ]
Let's get outta here.

All right.


Here they come.

- All right. Here's
the big, fat whale.
- [ Claire Laughs ]

I got you.

She's a-spendin' his money.

I cannot believe that.
She's hot though.

Gorgeous. Wow.
How'd he do that?

Bud. Bud, what's wrong?

[ No Audible Dialogue ]

What is it?

[ Waiter On Tape ]
What would you like
to drink?

[ Woman ]
Oh. I'll have a glass
of pinot noir.

[ Static ]

[ Man, Indistinct ]
[ Woman ]
I'll have the lobster tail.

[ Sighs ]

What did you get me into now?

[ Phone Rings, Beeps ]
Bud, it's Hank.
You there?

I'm up at
Springfield, Missouri,
on that Clay assignment.

Looks like our boy didn't
realize there are more states in
this union than just this one.

I'm picking up a trail.
I was hoping I could catch you--
[ Coughing ] about the situation
with me and you.

I'll finish up with this
Dorfman fella and then--
[ Coughing ]

[ Groans ]

[ Beeping ]

[ Line Rings ]

[ Phone Rings ]

[ Rings, Beeps ]

- [ Raspy ]
We need to meet.
- Okay.

Bring your brother.

- Did you see them
last night?
- Yeah.

That's why we need to meet.

Okay. I'll meet you
at the Blue Star,
and I'll bring Jack.

- Okay. Just give me an hour.
- Great.

[ Beeps ]

[ Phone Clatters
On Table ]
[ Groans ]

[ No Audible Dialogue ]

What's this
all about?

Well, uh,

I don't think
I can continue
with this investigation.

- Why the hell not?
- [ Sighs ]

I was engaged
to Katherine Winters
two years ago.

I can't believe that.

[ Leigh ]
Small world.
It's getting smaller.

[ Laughing ]
So you were
engaged to the bitch?

It's a little
more complicated
than that.

How so?
Didn't end well.

She started
threatening me, my mom.

She started sleepin'
with my best friend.

So one night
I got into it with her.

Cops were called.
I had a piece on me.

- Oh, Christ. I knew it.
- It wasn't loaded, but, uh--

But-- But it looked like
it was gonna go to trial.

So with the stress
and everything,
my mother had a stroke.

Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.

So I plea-bargained.
I got a suspended sentence.

I got a restraining order
against me.
I lost my gun license.

Oh, well, that's a relief,
isn't it?

[ Leigh ]
So where does this
leave us?

I just wanted you to know
it's something that, uh,
you might wanna consider.

- I-I don't see a problem
with it, for me.
- No?


Then if it's okay with you,
I'd like to take
a sniff around...

inside your old man's

Also, uh, hopin'
to take a look at that
piece of land out in San Saba.

- What for?
- I just wanna see it.

Just, uh, you know--
See what he got himself.

He bought himself a ranch.
You can take a look
at the pictures.

I know. I'd just like
to see it for myself.

What for? Hasn't this guy
got better things to do
with our money...

than take a joyride up north?
Shut up, Jack.

I-I gotta make sure
that your story
holds water. That's all.


You're a lowlife, Bud.
Shut up.

You probably always have been.
What are you doin'
with this guy? Shut up.

Shut up.

I should have
taken care of the bastard
when I had the chance.

We wouldn't be in this mess
with that animal Dorman
friend of yours...

or this
son of a bitch here.
This isn't a good idea.

I gotta go.
I was just gonna
do you a favor, but--

- Yeah, well, good riddance.
- What is wrong with you?

What has gotten into you?

We need him, you idiot.

Bud. Wait.


I'm really sorry about that.

You know, Jack just--

He's had a tough time.

My dad blames him for...
my mom's death.

Five years after
they got divorced,

my mom committed suicide,
and Jack was with her.

He was 12 years old.

It's just had a huge impact
on his life.

I hope you'll reconsider.


[ Exhales ]


[ Bud Narrating ]
I followed the old man
all over the town that day,

trying to figure out
what he'd been up to.

Seemed like a good time to try
to dig up some more info
on the company.

[ Woman On P.A.,
Indistinct ]


I need to speak to someone
about a patient here.

- Okay. And the patient's name?
- John Kaskill.

Are you a doctor?
Yes, I am.

Dr. Fox from the upper
Los Angeles psych ward.

Okay. Can I see
some credentials?

Oh, you know, I--
It's in the car.

I'm just coming back
from the institute.

I got a couple of questions
about the guy--
I'm sorry.

We don't discuss our patients
unless it's warranted
for health or legal reasons.

Yeah, yeah.
Just a couple of--

Okay. That's good.
That's very professional.
I'll be right back.

I'm just gonna
go get 'em in the car.

I don't want you leaving
for a whole weekend.

Well, no, I have
a good feeling about it,
but you never know--

- Hey.
- until you know what he's--
Just a minute, okay?

How you doin', beautiful?

Uh, I'm here to see
Mr. Kaskill.

Do you have an appointment?

I'm kind of an old friend.
Just came in from out of town.
You know how it is.

You're not really
an old friend
of his, are you?

What do you mean?

Any old friend
of Mr. Kaskill's knows...

he takes every
Memorial Day week off to go
deep sea fishing with friends.


Memorial Day.
Where'd the old bastard
go this time, huh?

Is he still giving
you girls a hard time?

If I knew, you still wouldn't.

There's the door.

Yeah, so anyway-- Thanks.

No, just some guy.

Yeah. No, I think you should
wear that red dress for sure.

[ No Audible Dialogue ]

I was trailing your dad today.
I came across something
pretty interesting.

I thought
that we were gonna
leave that behind tonight.

Oh, I think you might
wanna hear about this.

You ever hear
of St. Alfred's Hospital?



He's going there again?

Oh. He was a patient before?

Yeah, a couple of years ago,
but he just needed
someone to talk to.

[ Laughing ]
Someone to talk--

Yeah, well, I also trailed him
to the airport, and he went
on a fishing trip.

What do you know about that?

He takes that trip every year.

He lands more deals than fish.

I'm sure he's
lining up a sucker
as we speak.

[ Whispering ]
Let's get out of here.

Do you want to come in?

[ Bud ]

What did Jack mean about,
uh, "the doorman,"
back there?

We wouldn't be in this mess
with that animal Dorman
or this son of a bitch here.

What was that?
Oh. Oh. The doorman.

That was nothing.
That was--

He was gonna help us
get some info--
My dad's doorman.

You're gonna have
to take the back door.
Go up the stairs.

Second floor,
fourth office on the right.
Got it.

"St. Alfred's Hospital."

"St. Alfred's."

"Timmins Detective Agency."

[ Exhales ]

Did you find anything?
No, nothing.

Listen, I'm gonna
drop you off...

and head out to that
piece of land--
San Saba.

I wanna take a look at it,
if that's okay with you.

Sure. Yeah. That's fine.

They're-- You know,
Jack is just weird about it.

There's some things that he--
he can't get over.

You mean,
like his attitude?
[ Laughs ]

Like your attitude.

[ Laughs ]
Where am I taking you?

Get on the freeway.

You're just gonna
have to trust me, okay?

[ Bud Narrating ]
Trusting her.

That's what's got me
into all this trouble
in the first place.

[ Shutter Clicking ]

Always knew you'd end up
living out of garbage cans, Bud.

Just never thought
they'd be mine.

What the hell are you
doing here?

Who put you up to this?

You've been tailing me
this whole time?

That's all right.
She'll get hers.

And one way or another,
I'll be sure as hell
to get mine.

That's right.

Ours now.

It's amazing
what a real man can do.

Now get the hell
off my property
before I call the cops.

What am I missing here?

What am I missing?

[ Chattering ]
Well, looks like he bought it
about a year ago-- June 1.

Oh, yeah. Wait.
Can I get a copy
of this, please?

Oh, I'm sorry. No.

All right.

Hey, what's this number
right here?

That is the payment identifier.

Believe it or not,
that number right there--

That means it was
paid for in cash.

[ Laughs ]
Cash, huh?

- How much?
- I can't give out
that kind of info.

So, uh--

Hey, maybe you could
help me out here.

Just kind of like, uh--
Oh. Sorry.

Uh, give me a little,
kind of rough estimate...

of where the land lies?


Hey, uh, in your
humble opinion,

how much do you think
that that land
would be worth?

Just this side
of a hundred G's.

[ Laughs ]

That's a lot of cash, huh?
Sure it is.
Sure is.

Well, thank you
very much, sir.

You are very welcome.


[ Claire ]
Where are we?

It's the middle of nowhere.

[ Claire ]
So this is it?
[ Bud ] Yeah.

Hundred thousand bucks
buys you all of this.

Who was the woman
with Kaskill
the other night?

It was a snake
I was gonna marry.

I take it it didn't
turn out so well.

[ Beeping ]

[ Ringing ]

Yeah, this is Jon.
Who's this?

This is Bud Fox,
from Fox Investigations.

Fox Investigations?
What can I do for you?

You remember working
for a John Kaskill
a while back?

Yeah, sure.
How could I forget?
I'm working for his daughter,

and I'm hoping maybe
you could help me out here.

Uh, yeah. Let me see
what I can dig up,
and I'll get back to you.

Is there a number that I can
call you back at?

Uh, yeah. 323--
Uh, wait, wait.
Hold on.

- You got it?
- Okay, shoot.


I got it. Listen--
I'll call you
when I got somethin'.

Thanks, Jon.

Say, you get a chance
to look into that
Godfrey thing today?

Yeah. Actually, this is
a little intriguing.

Um, I followed him
to a gun shop...

where he, uh,
bought something small.

Maybe a revolver.

And then I lost him in traffic.

He made a few calls, too,

but the great
commonwealth of Australia
is a little stingy...

with the sordid past
of its citizens.

What did he do,
kill somebody?

Jon Timmins?

Hey. Bud.

Sorry I'm late.
Not a problem.

Anything to get me
out of the office.

You ready for another?

Yeah. Why not?

So you find out anything
on this guy?


Finally. I had to dig
through all my old files.

Could I get a scotch with that?

Yeah, make that, uh, two.

It was a bitch, but I got
the information you wanted.

That's great.
I really appreciate it.
[ Chuckles ]

Not a problem.
But you are
gonna owe me one.

Oh-- [ Chuckles ]

I'm sure I will.
I'm sure you'll collect.

So tell me what you got.

Well, it's a pretty
scavenger hunt.

A fella named Godfrey.
Kaskill just wanted
the lowdown on him.

He didn't say,

but I figure
this Godfrey guy's
a real fistful.

I mean,
he covered himself well,

but I wouldn't trust him
as far as I could screw him.

Got one of
his lackeys here too.

Arthur "Chip" Brennan.
There's a bunch
of doozies in the file.

They might come in handy.
I don't know.

But this guy--

He liked to work
troubled young boys,
if you catch my drift.

Aw, Jesus.

That's about all I remember.
The rest is in the file.
Okay. Great.

You're doin' this
for the daughter, right?
She's, uh-- She's a client.

A tail job, you know?

Yeah, I remember.
She was a puff
piece of ass.

Yeah, she's something--
a little too much.
You know what I'm saying?

[ Chuckling ]
How do you mean?

You know, the kids.
You know, she's got two of 'em.

If I wanted someone else's kids,
I'd go buy some.
[ Chuckling ]

Are you sure
that we're talking
about the same girl?

Yeah. Why?
You didn't find
anything on them?

No. No, just divorce.

Some wild-ass deadbeat's
what I found.

You sure?

Yeah. Old man Kaskill,
he hated the bastard.

And from what I understand,
he split them up.

But now that I remember,
there were never
any kids.

No. In fact, the old man--

He still had
the wedding photo up,

but he cut the son
of a bitch's head out.

You don't say.

You know, women--
they're a strange breed.

And I tend to take
everything that they say
with a grain of salt.

"Larry Manning.


[ Cell Phone Rings ]

Hey, Bud.
It's Hank.

I got some info on--
Hank, I can't talk
right now.

Bud, it's important.
No. No. I gotta go.

What the hell?

Hey! Get out of--
Get out of my car, you--
Shh, shh, shh.

What do you want?

Okay, you want some cash?
All right, damn it.
All right, no.

Here, take-- Listen to me.

Tell me what happened...

to Kaskill and Godfrey,
last week at the restaurant.

You were there.
What the hell
are you talking about?

All right.
You see this photo?

Is this you?
And who's the young boy?

Think your wife might
give me a couple of tips?

Fine. Fine.
I love photography.

What do you want?
I asked you a question.

What happened between you
and Kaskill and Godfrey...

the other day
at the restaurant?

Godfrey wants to buy
the son of a bitch out, okay?

What do you want
to know for?
How much?

I do-- A lot. Okay?

You know, high eight or nine.

What, 800,000? 900,000?

Okay. Thanks for the info.
I'll be in touch.

And, uh, don't mention
our little talk, or...

this might just show up
in the mail.

Have a nice day.

[ Engine Starts ]

[ Engine Starts ]

[ Leigh ]

How you doin'?
[ Laughs ]
What are you doing here?

Just came by.

Ah. It's quiet.
Just-- Why didn't you call?


It's kind of quiet.
Where are the kids?

What are their names?

How old are they?

What? What's that?

You lied.
[ Gasps ]
I just-- I didn't--

I lied to you because
you would have passed me up
like everybody else has.

I didn't--
I'm not trying to hurt you,

or whatever it is you think
I'm trying to do to you.

Don't you touch me.
Stop it.

You snake.

[ Whispering ]

Where's Larry Manning?

Come on.

Where's Larry Manning?
I was married
for a short time.

I didn't think that that
would matter to you.

I mean, what-- Look, I just--

He's a small-time grifter.
I haven't seen him in--

in a year.

I need you.

I don't have
anybody in my life.
I need you.


I'm sorry.

[ Gasps ]

Do you think that we fall
for people that remind us
of ourselves?

'Cause you're a lot
like me.

You know,
I forgot to tell you...

that Kate Winters is pregnant
with your dad's kid, so--

Guess you won't be gettin'
any of his money
too soon, huh?

We deserve each other.

You need more
in your life, Bud.

That's why I'm leavin'.

I don't wanna be complete.

[ Beeps ]

[ Morales ]
This is Detective Morales.

We need some more questions
answered, Buddy.

Time is running out.
[ Machine Beeps ]

[ Man On TV, Indistinct ]

You know, he's been
drinkin' an awful lot lately.

And that's sayin' something.

I better drive his drunk ass,
or he's gonna kill himself.

That's a good idea.

Hey, don't you think
you've had enough
for today?

Why don't you just drive?

I'm just concerned.

I'm a grown man.
Don't worry about me.

So what did you get
on that guy from
the hotel?

Nothin'. What about Godfrey?

I don't know.
The man can't
be found anywhere.

Oh, I also checked up
on Kaskill's phone records
from that night.


There were two phone calls
made that night...

before he got back
to his office.

I don't know.
I'm still workin' on that part.
Hey, Chip.

[ Coughs ]
It's me. You know who.

You better call me,
or you know
what's gonna happen.

Says we got about an hour
before he gets back from lunch.

They go to lunch
this time every day.

Be a while.
You guys here
on business?


The police?

Actually, we're just out here
looking into a land deal.

- Oh, yeah? Whereabout?
- Route 2732--
by Wallis Creek.

That's some nice land up there.

You know, you ought to ask
the feds about that area.

- They got control of it.
- How so?

They put a 25-year
hands-off order on it.

Thousands of acres.
It's cheap as hell though.

So you can buy a piece of land,
but you can't develop it.

Well, not for 22 years or so,
so you need patience for that.

But it's so damn cheap,
it's almost like murder.

Hey, Bud, what do you say
we just come back later?

Hey, 74-Down--
"Rose of Guns N' Roses." You--

[ Claire ]
Uh, no idea.
All right.

No biggie.
Well, have a nice day.

So what was that about?
I don't know.

What does that fat bastard
want with all that land anyway?

Especially if he can't
develop it.

None of this adds up.
None of it.

Why don't you just ask Leigh?

All I get is the machine.

You can't find
her either, can you?

♪♪ [ Harmonica ]

You're late.

I'm sorry.

I don't know this
neighborhood as well as you.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. So--

Where was Godfrey
the night of the murder?

Beats me.
I'm just an accountant.

So Godfrey's out
of the company, right?

Depends. Considering
what happened last week--

We'll know when
the will's probated.

- So he's pissed off, right?
- What do you think?

Yeah, he's pissed off.

- Where were you?
- Come on.

- I was with my wife.
- [ Bud Chuckles ]

Happily married man, huh?


So, where the hell
is Godfrey now?

Went on safari a few days back.

Been plannin' that
for weeks.

Anything else?

♪♪ [ Harmonica ]

Hey, it's Bud.
[ Leigh ]
I was just thinkin' of you.

What do you say
about heading up
to Santa Barbara tonight?

Does that sound good to you?
Yeah, you get
straight to the point.

Listen. I just wanna say
that I was wrong
the other night,

so just give me
another chance, Leigh.

I'll make it up to you.

[ Bud Narrating ]
As soon as I got there,
I knew something was wrong.

[ No Audible Dialogue ]

[ Bud Narrating ]
What the hell
was she up to?

[ No Audible Dialogue ]

[ No Audible Dialogue ]

[ Bud Narrating ]
Why was she pushing me
away suddenly?


One more.

And whatever
she's drinkin' over there.

Come over here.

Don't be a stranger.

Sit down.


Wanna go somewhere?

Let's go.

[ No Audible Dialogue ]

[ Gunshots ]

[ Gunshots ]


How do you even get "Chip"
from Arthur.

You're amazing.

Sometimes it's right
in front of your face,
and you don't even see it.

- That's it.
- What?

John is Jack-- John Kaskill Jr.


Oh, my God.

[ Groans ]

[ Groans ]

Oh. Oh, I could kiss you.
You've done a beautiful thing.



That's it.

Paula. You got
last year's calendar somewhere?

You're lookin'
for the deed, right?

[ Line Ringing ]

Hey, Greg, how ya doin'?

Bud, where ya been?
Yeah, it's me. Listen.

I solved the case. Uh-huh.

Look up Memorial Day week.

Memorial Day week,
John Kaskill--

Never hangs out in town.

John Kaskill
goes fishing in Cabo.

[ Greg ]
Okay. Right.
[ Bud ] That's right.

- The dates match.
- They do? Great.
Just listen to me.

John Kaskill, Jack Kaskill.

John, Jack-- Jack, John.
Jack, John.

Jack Jr.

I got it right here.
I got all the proof.
The guy made the signature.

[ Greg ]
But I don't get how that--
It's a scam.

Listen, Bud.
I'm comin' over.

- No, wait.
- Yeah.

[ Laughs ]


Hey, this just
came in from Hank.

Hank. The guy who--

You didn't
listen to the tape?
used to sit there.

Where is Hank?
He quit,
for cryin' out loud.

I gave you the tape.
What tape?

He sent some info
to tell you
that he quit.

Okay. I'll listen to it later.
[ Groans ]

See ya.
Good night.

Nobody ever listens to me.

So what happened that night
at the warehouse?
It's still a little hazy.

I went there, and I was
just about to go in,

but then I heard
a couple of shots.

[ Gunshots ]

It was Jack.

- I thought he was in Vail.
- Nah.

No. It was Jack.

- [ Groans ]
- He came in.

He knocked me out.
He must have switched the guns.

It was Jack.

It was always Jack.

♪♪ [ Background: Rock ]

Em, I'll be out
in a minute, all right?

Look. Jeffrey needs
another daiquiri.
Go get it for him.

[ Sighs ]

I need a new woman.
Jesus Christ.
The kid's unbelievable.

I'm sorry.

I've been trying
to get in touch
with you all day.

[ Chuckles ]


Got some real problems here
I was hopin' you could
clear up.

Let's clear it up.

Yeah, let's clear it up,
and then let's go
and party, huh?

Yeah, yeah, I know.
I've been plannin'
this thing for weeks.

It's Em's birthday.
She's 20...
something or other, I hope.

Anyway, what do you got?

Well, I know who did it.

♪♪ [ Continues ]
Great. Good.

Because from this angle,
you look as good
as cooked.

And don't even begin
to tell me it was Godfrey.
He's not in the country.

He's on safari or something,
and Kate is not even

- What do you know about Kate?
- The will was just probated.

- She wasn't even mentioned.
No motive.
- What about the baby?


Kaskill's baby.
You didn't know
about that, huh?

But she had
an emergency hysterectomy.


You don't know what
you're talkin' about.

Three years ago, she had
elective plastic surgery
to remove the scar on her dime.

I checked.
She had a pregnancy test.
I found the kid.

I'm just telling you
what I know.

No, I'm telling you
what I know.

The old bastard
was being set up
by his own son.

Jack bought this piece
of federally protected land
out in San Saba.

Bud, there's no way.
Listen to me.

He was gonna blackmail him.

Some kind of, uh,
environmental scam.

Then I come along.

Pfft, pfft.

And that's why
he tried to frame me.
[ Knocking ]

Jesus, Em, I'm right--

What is it?

The upstairs toilet
is overflowing.

[ Sighs ]
I'm sorry.
I've gotta take care of this.

♪♪ [ Continues ]

Do you know if there's
another bathroom
somewhere around here?

Huh? Yeah, yeah.
Through the door
at the end of the hall.

[ Muttering ]

All right.

[ Beep On Tape ]
Hey, Bud, it's Mike. Gimme
a call when you can. Later, man.

[ Beep On Tape ]
[ Hank ] Hey, Bud.
Sorry it played out this way.

I just don't feel like
I'm being treated right no more.

We all change in time,
in one way or another.

Anyway, here's all the info
you need for Clay.

His boy Patrick Dorfman,
A.K.A. Pete Dorman--

[ Bud ]
Okay. Got a name?
Um, Pat Dorfman.

We wouldn't be in this mess
with that animal Dorman
friend of yours.

[ Hank On Tape ]
Pulled some jobs up here
in Springfield, Missouri.

I buddied up with him,
and as far as the 100 G's
is concerned, he ain't got it.

Says he was swindled
by some con.

Small-time forger named
Larry Manning in some
land deal over a year ago.

Got some photos of this
Manning guy and Dorfman,
if you wanna go with it.

Hope this helps straighten
everything out.

Good luck.

I'm sorry about that, man.

Anyway, uh, as I was saying,

it can't be the brother.

There is no brother.

He's at
St. Alfred's Hospital.

He's on life support.
Motorcycle accident,
a year ago. had an accident?
That was completely blown
out of proportion.

He was just remanded
to his mother
up in Philadelphia...

by his guardian, Leigh Kaskill.

My dad blames him
for my mom's death.

Seems the accident
brought her and Pops
back together.

I've been trying
to talk to her myself,
but all I get...

is this woman named, uh, Alex--

Alex Morris.
Yeah, that's her.

I'm doing it under
an assumed name.
Draws less attention.

Plus, check out
today's business section.

She sold out the shares
she just got.
Made a mint.

Look, Bud, I don't know
what you're hopin' to find,

but if you've been had,

they knew you and Kaskill
inside and out.

It's pretty tight.

[ No Audible Dialogue ]



It was a lie all along.

The job... The old man...

The whole thing was a setup.

Kate and Leigh set me up
from the beginning.

And I fell for it.

- Yeah.
- Do you see those kids
over there?

- [ Leigh ]
You're being unreasonable.
- No, I'm not.

As long as you're with Larry,

you are not a member
of this family,

and you'll get nothing.


One more?

This is a great house.

Okay. Bud?

What's wrong?

[ Claire On Tape ]
Greg's still working
on the appeal,

and he thinks
we may have a chance.

We just--
We just gotta find 'em.

We've gotta get 'em back here
for the retrial.

We know they set you up.

We're gonna
get you out of there.

But until then,

don't give up hope.

I miss you, Bud.

♪♪ [ Mid-tempo Rock ]

[ Man ]
♪ It's time to look
back at yourself ♪

♪ And tell me what went down ♪

♪ So different
than I had planned ♪

♪ Had to stop and turn it
all around ♪

♪ Snort this, drink that ♪

♪ And tell me who you think ♪

♪♪ [ Indistinct ]

♪ Don't tell me
that I won't be sorry ♪

♪ 'Cause I have heard it
all before ♪

♪ All before ♪

♪ Someone ♪

♪ Help me stop this train ♪

♪ Too late ♪

♪ They're gone
without a trace ♪

♪ I'm so tired ♪

♪ Of watching love
say good-bye ♪

♪ Here and gone ♪

♪ No reason, no rhyme ♪

♪ I have so much gratitude ♪

♪ For you pushing me
to this point ♪

♪ Sky blue, ocean size ♪

♪ Central coast we enjoy ♪

♪ Sensational
So inspirational ♪

♪ Leaves you wanting
so much more ♪

♪ Sometimes it's nice to stop
and ask yourself ♪

♪ What is it really all for ♪

♪ Someone ♪

♪ Help me stop this train ♪

♪ Too late ♪

♪ They're gone
without a trace ♪♪

♪♪ [ Ends ]

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