San Pietro (2005) - full transcript

Saint Peter, a reluctant but passionate leader, from the crucifixion of Jesus to his own. The film's first half dramatizes the New Testament's "Acts": early fear, the renewal of Pentecost, Saul's conversion, the decision to baptize pagans, and the Apostles' dispersal. In the second half, an aged Peter goes to Rome to join Paul, arriving on the day of Paul's arrest. Paul's death brings a crisis to Rome's Christians and to Peter; lessons from Jesus's teachings guide his decision to stay. Events within the fictive household of Persius, a Roman aristocrat, capture the upheaval that Christian teachings bring to the Eternal City. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
St. Peter.

I give you
a new commandment.

I want you to
love one another,

as I have
loved you.

This way, you will be recognized
as My disciples...

if you love
one another.

Where are You
going, Lord?


where I am going,
you cannot follow Me,

You will follow Me later.

And not
follow You now?

Why? I would give
my life for You.

You would give
your life for Me?

I say to you,
before the rooster crows,

you will turn
against Me three times.

I would rather die with You,
Lord, than deny You.

He's dead.
He's dead!

What happened?
What are you talking about?

- You're too late. He's already dead.
- Who's dead?

Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth,
the Messiah.

If He's dead, He can't
have been the Messiah.

Make way, make way!

Peter! Peter!
It's me. It's me, your brother.

Don't be afraid.

- Andrew.
- I looked for you everywhere.

I was afraid that
they'd caught you.

Perhaps I deserve
to be caught.

What do you mean?

Peter, come!

Peter, the soldiers
are searching

the whole city
of Jerusalem.

We must leave, Peter,
leave the city,

or they'll
kill us as well.

Isn't what they've done
to the Lord enough?

- Murderers!
- What are you doing?

Have you
gone mad?

They crucified
the Lord,

crucified Him
like a thief!

- Did you not see?
- I saw!

I saw.

I died with Him.

No. No, Peter.

It's you who
will lead us.

It's you who must
guide us now.

- Yes.
- Yes, it's you.

Where are
the others?

They are waiting
for you. Now.

Peter, we weren't able to protect Him.
I'll never forgive myself.

But why did He not prove to everyone
that He was the Son of God?

One word... one word would
have been enough.

That's enough now.
Be silent. Let Peter speak.

I feared I would
never see you again.

We are all here,
except for John and Judas.

Judas has hung
himself, Peter...

a few hours
after his betrayal.

He hanged himself from a tree
outside the gates of Jerusalem.

May the Lord
have mercy on his soul.

Peter, it cannot
end like this.

We are many, aren't we?
Let's make ourselves heard.

What do you suggest, Matthias?
A revolt?

- Yes, exactly.
- They will slaughter us.

We cannot allow
this, Peter.

James is right. We must go
to the temple priest in the Sanhedrin

and declare
our obedience.

What do you think?
You must decide.

Who can that be?

- Can you see?
- John. It's John.

John, please
tell us,

what do you know?
John, what is it?

"This is your son,"
He said,

looking at Mary.

"And this is
your mother,"

He said to me.
Yes, to me.

Then... then
I heard Him say,

into Your hands

I commit My Spirit."

And then He said...

What, you were there?

- Peter.
- You were beneath His cross?

Peter, you're alive!


It is I who should
kneel before you.

I lack the courage
to stand by Him like you did.

I do not deserve
your trust

and l... I am not able to answer
your questions,

but John has given us to understand
what we should do now.

Jesus has entrusted
His mother to us,

and we must
look after her

while she buries
her son.

- Come, Peter.
- No, Magdalene.

Please come.

Oh, please, Mary,
do not look at me so gently.

- I don't deserve it.
- My son loved you like a brother.

I was not worthy.
I deserve only sorrow.

The pain you feel
depends on the joy

that He gave us
with His presence.

And what did I do with that?
I left Him.

You could not have prevented
what happened. No one could.

Do you understand?

This was the design.
He knew this.

He always wanted this.

I abandoned Him.

But He has not
abandoned you.

Look for Him, Peter.

Do not stop looking
for Him,

and He will find you.

He will find you.

Help me, Jesus.

Please help me.

I know
I don't deserve it.

I count
for nothing now,

for I could not even make myself
have the courage

to ask You
to forgive me...

but please
help me to understand

what I must do
for my brothers

who are alone now

without You.

But what are you doing?
Where are you going?

We're collecting
all our possessions,

- returning home to Emmaus.
- Me too. My family needs me.

But we had
decided to wait.

Wait for what?
What else could possibly happen?

It's just more
dangerous to stay.

But we need to
have faith.

Jesus cannot have
left us like this.

Jesus is dead,
do you realize?

And who will take care of our
families now? How will we manage?

You believed in Him
and hailed Him

as the Messiah
until a few days ago.

Maybe we were wrong.
If He died, He was not the Messiah.

What are you
waiting for then?

Go! Return
to your homes!


Why is he
like that?

Peter, calm down.

- Peter...
- I hear this far too often:

"He was not
the Messiah."

You know too well that
anger is not the solution.

You are the youngest
but the wisest.

I apologize.

You are our guide.
You are Peter,

as strong as a rock.
Have you forgotten the words of Jesus?

Never for one moment
can I forget them.

But above
all the rest,

there is one memory
that torments me.

- He's missing! He's gone!
- What are you saying, Magdalene?

The tomb is empty!

Go and see for yourselves
if you don't believe me.

Go on!
Go on!

The third day, Peter.

The third day.

Do you remember
what Jesus said?

"I must be given
into the hands of sinners

and be killed

to rise again

on the third day."

Doesn't this mean
that He's alive?

Followers of Jesus!
They're inside the tomb!

- They're inside the tomb.
- No, wait. Careful.

What are you saying?
That's blasphemous.

They are followers of Jesus.
They've desecrated the tomb.

They're up there!

Let's separate.

Offerings. Offerings
for a poor beggar.


Offerings. Offerings
for a poor beggar.

Please help me.

Help me.
Please help me.

Make an offering.


I told you

that I would make you

a fisher of men.


He looked
like anyone else...

a traveler
on the road to Emmaus.

But then He spoke
and He broke the bread.

Only then did
we recognize Him.

It was Jesus.


I saw Him too.

A beggar.

I thought He was
a beggar,

but then
I heard His voice.

So He's alive!
He has returned to us!

He has not
abandoned us.

He has defeated
death for us.

How can you all
be so sure?

If Peter says so,
I believe in him.

Listen to me, John.
I do not doubt

the words of Peter
or those of our friends.

Well, then
I don't understand.

We would all give our lives
to see Jesus again.

We want to see Him again
with all of our hearts.

This is the problem.
How can we be sure

that this is not
just our imagination?

All I can tell you
is that it was Him.

I believe you, Peter,
but I'm worried for us all.

We have suffered enough,
all of us.

May peace be with you.

There now.

As you can see, Pilate,

these tents are perfect
for your military

and can stand
all weather conditions.

Of course, Saul,

you cannot drink
with a pagan like myself.

Your religion forbids it.
You're a Jew,

and a pretty zealous
one at that.

I would say
that I am fervent.

The problem is that
there are Jews and Jews.

- Sorry, I don't understand.
- The body

of that crucified

has vanished
from the sepulcher,

and now his followers are spreading
the news that this Jesus

has risen
from the dead

and hence is the Messiah,
the Son of God.

They must have
stolen the body

to spread this rumor.

I don't know how they
could have done it.

I had placed
guards there.

They're impostors.

I know,

but some people
believe it,

giving way
to doubts,

false hopes,
and above all,

unrest that
I have to quell.

They betray the faith of my people,
and what I hate the most

is that they take advantage
of the ignorance of simple people.

I agree with you,

but I have to govern
in a foreign land.

I need to be
extremely careful.

I cannot openly
take sides.

Saul, you at least are
able to fight them openly.

You can use a sword.
You're a Jew.

Your people
listen to you.

It is precisely
to defend my people

that I will go
fight the followers

of this Jesus

There he is!
There he is!

- Peter, tell us it's true!
- He's risen!

There He is!

Peter! Peter!


Is it true?

What you are saying is true!
It's true!

Yes! Yes, it's
true, Matthias!

It's all true!
Jesus is alive!

He's among us once again,
in flesh and blood!

We must tell

We must shout the news
from the rooftops of Jerusalem...

- Yes! Yes!
...with all of our strength.

- Yes!
- Calm down, calm down, calm down.

We must first face
the priest of Sanhedrin

to avoid
the conflict.

But Jesus spoke to the people
in the squares,

not in the Sanhedrin.

Jesus is the Messiah,
but what are we?

Can't you see all the soldiers
in the streets? We need to be prudent.

It's true. We're being accused of...
"Have you stolen the body of Jesus?"

It doesn't matter.
We will tell everyone the truth...

that Jesus is
alive once more.

Yes, but how?

How will we
prove this?

We do not need to prove
anything to anyone.

We must only tell
the truth without fear,

without fear,
without fear!

John is right!
John is right!

It really happened!
It really happened!

Let us tell everyone

that Jesus has risen!

And then? What will
Jesus ask of us?

What is His design?

Peter! Peter,
what do you think?

- Peter?
- Peter?

Where has he gone?

Come on!

Stand back!

Stop now.

I know you.
You are one of Jesus's disciples.

You're mistaken.
Leave me alone.

Are you the Son of God?

Yes, I am.

Why do you deny it
when I've seen you with Him?

It was not me.
I've told you, you are mistaken.

Take him to Pilate.

You were at the Mount
of Olives.

You were with Jesus.

You are one
of His followers.

I do not know Jesus.

How must I tell you?
I've never seen him before.

Forgive me.

Forgive me.

This way.

- Come on.
- Wait here.

Stand over here.


they really need you.

They're all here.

I cannot guide you.

Don't you

Leave me alone.

Peter, what
are you saying?

You must not
abandon us.

I have...

I have reneged Him.

I have reneged
the living God...

three times.

I didn't even have
the courage to confess it

to my family,
my brothers, my sons.

Perhaps there is only one thing
that I know how to do now...


What is he saying?

Come on.
Come on, let's go.

Jesus had predicted that,
you remember,

and I swore
not to renege Him,

to have died with Him.

Peter, we were
all confused.

- We were all afraid.
- Perhaps I would have done the same.

But you were
there with Him.

You did not leave Him.

You did not betray Him.

You too were afraid.

And Jesus,
was He not afraid?

I saw the fear in His eyes
as they led Him away,

and I left Him alone.

I said I did not know Him
as He faced the cross.

Yes, He...

He, among all of us...

He's the one
I reneged.

But He has returned.
He also returned for you.


I do not deserve
His trust nor yours,

and I no longer
trust myself.

I trust you.

I too trust you.

- I trust you.
- I trust you too.

I trust you, Peter.

I trust you
too, Peter.

Peter, not a single
fish today.

It is not
our lucky day.

Why don't you throw your nets
on the starboard side?

Did you hear
what that guy said?

Yes, the starboard side.

You can tell that man
has never been fishing in his life.

Do as he says.

But it's absurd.

That's not the way to fish.
Everyone knows that.

Throw the net
on the starboard side!

It's a miracle!

It's the Lord!

Look, it is Him!
It is Jesus!

Be careful!

Peter, what
are you doing?


You trusted Me.

So, do you
love Me, Peter?

- Oh, Lord...
- Do you love Me, Peter?

Of course I love You.
You know that.

Do you love Me more
than anyone else?

Three times
You asked me, Lord...

three times...

the same number of times
that I denied You.

You know
everything, Lord.

I love You more
than my life.

Then tend to My flock.

You must protect them
in My name.

It is your task.

I failed You, Jesus.
I failed You.

This is also why
I've chosen you,

and why I choose you
once again.

But in truth
I say to you,

when you were young,

you dressed yourself
and you went where you pleased,

but when you
grow older,

you will stretch out
your hands

and someone else will
dress you and lead you

where you do not
wish to go.

So be it, Lord.
So be it.

Follow Me.

You will all bear witness
to Me in Jerusalem,

in all of Judea
and Samaria,

and to the furthest
corners of the earth.

And how shall we
manage that, Jesus?

How shall we
bear witness?

Bring Me your kinsmen
and people.

Lead them to Me with your words
and your actions,

and lead them to Me
the same way you came to Me now.

In the water,
like baptism.

Go and baptize

in the name of the Father,
of the Son

and the Holy Spirit,

and I will be with you every day
until the end of time.

Many of Jesus's disciples
are returning to Jerusalem

to join Simon,
better known as Peter,

to start all over again
with the rantings

about the so-called
Son of God.

Now they're even saying
that He's alive,

that He has
risen from the dead.

This is an indecency!
They still haven't given up!

It is now obvious
why they stole Jesus's body.

It is so we would believe
He is immortal.

And of course, he will continue
his preachings and create unrest.

This is true.

The followers of Jesus
are a menace to Israel.

Rome is watching
for the first signs of an uprising

so that they can send over
more troops to crush us.

They will crush us.

This time we have to
stop them immediately,

before the situation
gets out of hand.

I think
it would be unjust

to condemn them
before having listened to them,

before having a clear idea
of their intentions.


right now Peter
and his followers

are our enemies...

and you yourself
taught me, Gamaliel,

that it is not
prudent to wait

when you're faced
with an enemy.

This is true, Saul,

but I also taught you
that only God knows His enemies.

Of course,

but we have the duty
to fight God's enemies

when they are proved
to be such,

and I am ready
to do this.

I will not rest
until I have succeeded.

Many have come
for the harvest festival...

many more than
I could have imagined.

The temple
will be crowded.

We may not have
room for them all.

This is not
what worries me.

Are you thinking of Peter
and his disciples?

This is a festivity
celebrated by all Jews.

They will not miss
this opportunity.

They will try to make converts
of all these people.

Then they will have to
come out into the open.

This is what
I hope.

There are many of our soldiers
guarding Jerusalem.

They will not
go by unnoticed.

Oh! Be careful,
little one.

What is your name?

You cannot speak?

My name is Andrew.

He's Stephen.
And what is yours?

Of course he didn't answer.
He couldn't understand.

I wonder where
they came from.

Perhaps Mesopotamia.

Do you understand
what we are saying, Peter?

How could we bear witness
to the word of the Lord

to the corners
of the earth?

How will we make
ourselves understood?

None of us speaks
any other languages.

Andrew is right.
No one had thought of that.

Did you think
it would all be easy?

My brothers,

each person
who is a Jew like us,

wherever in the world he may be born,
whatever language he may speak,

has the right to know

that the Messiah
we were waiting for

has finally arrived.

But how will we make ourselves
understood by everyone?

All I know is that we must
stay united, as Jesus asked,

and He will never
abandon us.


"Where there are two or three people
assembled in My name...

I am with them."

Where's my mommy?

- What's wrong, my child?
- I got lost.

- What's happened?
- I can't find my mother.

How many times do
I have to tell you?

You must stay
close to me.

- I understood what they were saying.
- So did I.

People of Judea,


Listen to me.

Jesus has risen
from the dead.

God has resurrected Him!

Jesus, the Messiah,
has risen.

He has defeated death!

He has defeated death
because love...

love defeats death.

The Lord said
unto us,

"In My last days,

I will bestow My spirit
upon each person."

And then He added,

"Whoever invokes the name
of the Lord will be saved."

Thus, let yourselves
be baptized

in the name
of Jesus Christ

and thereby receive
the gift

of the Holy Spirit.

Baptize me, Peter,

in the name
of the Lord.

I too want to be

Glory be to the Lord.

Everyone! Everyone understood
your words, Peter!

Yes, and I too, I too can speak
to everyone and understand everyone.

It is a gift
from our Lord.

It is the Holy Spirit

answering all our questions,
all our fears.

Peter, Peter.

Do not worry.
He's not here to harm us.

I wish to be

Explain to him why
he cannot be baptized.

My name is Lucius.

I've wanted to be one
of you for some time.

Today I found
the courage to ask.

But you are
a pagan.

He is a pagan.
He's not a Jew.

God wishes us to speak
to our own people...

Jews like ourselves.

Our law doesn't even permit us
to enter the homes of non-Jews,

let alone sit
at their tables.

But you spoke
to everyone,

and everyone
understood you...

Elamites, Greeks,
and people from Egypt.

Our Jewish brothers
are everywhere,

in the world.

My words were
addressed to them,

only to...

only to them.

I'm sorry.

Peter, they want
to be baptized,

and there are
many of them.

Shall we baptize them immediately?
We cannot wait.

We must remain prudent.
There are guards everywhere.

You must split up
into groups

and lead them
out of Jerusalem.

Take them to the watering holes,
outside the walls?

- Shall we baptize them there?
- The Lord be with you.

Be prudent, please.

Thank you.

Are we not going
to arrest them?

No, not yet.

There are too many of them,
and some might react.

I do not want
bloodshed today,

not on a feast day.

So do we just
let them go?

Do not take

Follow from
a far distance.

I only want to know
what they're doing.

What about you?

I will follow Peter.

He is the one
I fear the most.

Of all places, you want
to go to the temple?

It is where the people
of Israel pray... our people.

I must announce to them
the resurrection of Jesus, to them too.

- A little help...
- It could be dangerous.

After all that happened today,
nothing can happen to us.

It is nevertheless a decision

that I must
make by myself.

- I trust your decision.
- Stand by me.

My brothers...

people of Israel,

I beg you,
listen to me.

And why should we
listen to you?

What more do you wish
to say to the people of Israel

that they have not
heard already

from Abraham
and Moses?

That Jesus is the Messiah

that the people of Israel
have been waiting for.

- Impostor!
- Out of here, you liar!

Do you hear them?

Do you hear what
your people think of you?

You are an impostor,

and do you know the punishment
for those who lie in temple?

For me,
the greater punishment

would be not to speak
the truth.

Bless me.

I beg of you.

I can't walk.

Take that and leave!

I have no silver,
no gold,

but I can give you
the love

of Jesus of Nazareth.

Stand up and walk.

Do you take us for fools?
It's only a trick!

You two had agreed
to do this.

take them!

We must leave,

- I've cured him.
- Quickly.

Like Jesus used to do,
I've cured him.

To the Sanhedrin.

Take him before the Sanhedrin
to face judgment.

You! You are the ones
who stole Jesus's body!

You stole it so you could say
He had risen from the dead.

Jesus really rose
from the dead.

I saw Him
with my own eyes.

I heard His voice.

I touched His hands
with my own hands.

This is a lie

and God will
punish you for that!

But first, it is the law of Israel
that will punish you.

You are just frauds

who take advantage
of the simple nature of others

to steal their

I baptize you,

in the name of the Father
and of the Son

and of the Holy Spirit.

They are making converts.
We must warn Saul.

You must swear to stop
spreading your doctrine.

I cannot speak
against the truth,

the truth that Jesus
has risen from the dead.

Arrest them!



what these two men
say is false,

that means their doctrine
does not belong to God

and therefore will
dissolve in thin air.

If instead their doctrine
comes from God,

we'll be unable
to stop them.

But we cannot wait.
It is necessary

to arrest them
for the good of Israel.

Is it for the good
of Israel

that we should find ourselves
fighting against God?

If any among you want
to run the risk

of assuming a position
against God,

he should please
step forward

and assume responsibility
for requesting

Peter and John to be

Let them go.


Master, this time
I'm not in agreement with you.

A frequent
occurrence lately.

Peter is dangerous!

He's able to exert an exceptional
influence over others.

Forgive me,
but perhaps

he has influenced
you too.

You are a brave
man, Saul,

and you are also
honest and loyal,

but you change completely
when facing Peter

and the disciples
of Jesus.

- L...
- It almost seems

as if you were
afraid of them.

What are you
so frightened of?

What is it

you hide
within your heart?


They are giving baptism to many,
just as Peter ordered.

- This is what I feared.
- He is a leader now,

and perhaps he will soon
pass himself off as the Messiah.

It's dangerous to touch
Peter at the moment.

Gamaliel's on his side,
as well as many others.

They may want to revolt, and that is
precisely what we must avoid.

What do you intend
to do then?

We must lower
our sights.

You, stop.

- What can I do for you?
- Do you know Simon,

also called Peter?
Do you not?

Of course.
I know him well.

And he ordered you
to give baptism.

Your friend Peter is saying
that Jesus has risen from the dead,

and that He is
the Son of God.

As everyone knows,
there is only one God.

If He had a son,
there would be two.

It is blasphemy.

But perhaps you don't
agree with Peter.

Warn Peter.


Come with me.

Citizens of Jerusalem,
come here.

Let's listen to what
this young follower

of Jesus of Nazareth
has to say.

- Peter, Peter!
- What?

Run, quickly!
Stephen is in danger. Hurry!

Jesus came to remind us
of the teachings

of the law
of Moses...

"Love God,

listen to His prophets,
practice justice..."

That's enough of
all that nonsense!

Answer me, do you believe Jesus
to be the Son of God?

Jesus is the Son of God.

For our salvation,
He died and rose from the dead.

You all here have heard.

This man has blasphemed.
He must be punished and stoned for this.

You still have time
to retract that.

I have nothing
more to say!

Stone him!

Is there anyone here
who agrees with Stephen?

Does anyone wish
to be stoned with him?

Stone him!
Stone him!

Lord Jesus, receive
my spirit.

Do not blame them
for this sin.

What have you done?

- What have you done?
- He blasphemed.

He said Jesus was
the Son of God.

He spoke the truth.

Jesus is
the Son of God.

The time is right.

Let's stone him
as well.


I need him alive.
Arrest him.

The money we have gathered
has provided food for many.

We can still
do much more.

What happened?


they have killed him.

And Peter,

he's been arrested.

Our Father,
Who art in Heaven,

hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom...

Hmm. I know
that you hate me

but I can show you
a way out

for yourself and for the followers
of your Messiah.

These are the conditions
of your release.

Read it.

I do not know
how to read.

So you cannot read.

And you expect
to preach in the temple?

To teach your faith
to all the Jews?

Let me tell you
what is written:

You deny everything.

You admit that Jesus
did not rise from the dead,

that you stole His body
from the sepulcher.

And you swear you will
never preach His name again.

This way you will
save all your...

I've already
denied Jesus.

I will not repeat
my mistake.

I wanted to save you.

You are so stubborn,

blinded by your madness.

What if you
are the ones...

who are blind?

This way. Follow me.
Come on.

This way.
This way.


Go on, move along.
Move along.

Followers of Jesus,

for you it is over.

Everyone out!
Get out of here right now!

Come on,
let's get out of here.

You are coming
with us,

filthy, blasphemous
followers of Jesus.

This is the end
for you.

What's going on?
Stop it!

Move it!
Let's go!

- Move!
- What's going on?

Don't just stand there!
Move move!

Get going!
Follow the crowd!

What are you doing?
What are you doing?

Let's go!

Let's go!

Jeremiah, wait a little longer
before leaving. Things will improve.

Perhaps, but we prefer
to move to Damascus.

It will be a long journey,

but it's better than staying here
and risking jail.

We fear for our child,

but our faith in Jesus
remains the same.

May God protect you.

And please
be careful.

To Damascus!

The followers of Jesus
are also there.


Any news of my brother?

- I would like to do something.
- We could pray.

Mary is right.

Our Father, Who art in heaven,
hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done

on earth as it is
in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those
who trespass against us,

and lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil. Amen.

Our Father, Who art in heaven,
hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come...

...Thy will be done

on earth
as it is in heaven.

Our Father,
Who art in heaven...

...hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done...



What is it?

Leave me alone!

I have heard that Saul
has left for Damascus,

but the streets are
still full of soldiers.

They could find us
any moment now.

I feel as if I am losing my mind
like this. We are trapped in here,

and we don't have
any news of Peter.

Perhaps you too
should leave Jerusalem,

like so many of the others
already have.

- We can't leave Peter behind in jail.
- Assuming he's still alive.

That's not possible.
Peter is in jail.

- A few of us could stay behind...
- It is you!

- This must be a miracle! stay in touch with the others.

It's Peter.
At least that's what he says.


Peter, it's you!
It's you!

Peter, you're alive!

Are you okay?
What happened?

- Tell us, tell us.
- How did you escape?

- We have been praying for you.
- Did they release you?

How did you manage
to persuade them?

I just prayed.

Thank you.

There are not many
of us left, Peter.

Many have left.

Their flight
is not a defeat.

If the seeds are clasped
into one's hands

they can never
provide fruit,

because they need to be spread
all over the fields.

Our brothers
who have left

are now the seeds
that Jesus has sown everywhere,

and from this
moment onwards,

we must spread
ourselves like seeds.

But no matter
where we go,

we must be of one heart,
one soul.

We will give
everything we have

to those
who are most poor,

to those who are
most needy,

and then together
we will break the bread

and praise God.

The first sign for us
to recognize each other

will be the love
we show one another.


The community in Jaffa was pleased
to hear you speak, Peter.


Did I hear correct?

Are you Simon, known as Peter,
the apostle of Jesus?

I am... my name
is Cornelius,

and you have no idea
how happy I am to meet you.

I beg you,
come into my home.

You cannot.

He is a pagan.

It is a Roman home,
and it is impure.

You... you knew
Jesus well.

You were with Him.
And I believe in Him.

I believe in His

You're Barsabas.

I have heard you speak
about Jesus here in Jaffa.

I listened from a distance.
You are the one who convinced me.

I was speaking
to my own people, to the Jews.

I know.
I'm not a Jew.

This is why I'm not permitted
to enter your homes,

I cannot take part
in your meals.

But I would really
like to listen

to the word of Jesus
from your mouth.

I'm sorry.

We Jews are not permitted
to enter the homes of pagans.

It is the law of Moses.



Do not call impure...

all that God
has purified.

Peter. Peter!


Do you still wish to welcome me
into your home?

With all my heart.
Please, come in.


Do not do this.

God has no favorites.

He's pleased with those
who love Him and are just,

whichever people
they come from.


Praise be
to the Lord.

I have a son in Britannia
serving the legions,

and this is
my family.

This is my wife,

And these are
my daughters...


and Martia.

I am Peter,
servant of God.


The laws of our fathers
forbid us from entering

the homes of non-Jews.

You are aware of the laws
better than any of us, Peter, and yet...

And yet you baptize Cornelius
and his family.

Tell us why.

Jesus bestowed
the Holy Spirit

upon Cornelius
and his family,

as He did for us.

It happened
before my eyes.

Jesus is our Messiah,
the Messiah of the Jews,

not of pagans,
be they Roman or Greek.

- My brothers.
- Barnabas.

- Saul!
- Murderer!

- Let's get out!
- Let's leave! Quick!

- Calm down. Please please, be calm.
- Don't move.

Don't move.
Don't move.

Don't you see?
He has come to capture us.

Your eyes.

It was as you said,

I was blind,
but these eyes have seen.

I'm here

to beg your

and that of Jesus.

I wish

to join you.

I wish to spread
the Lord's word

to the four corners
of the earth, as you do.

Since you have never seen Jesus
or listened to Him,

how can you preach
and speak in His name?


I think Barsabas
deserves an answer.

I did see Him.

Jesus spoke to me
on the road to Damascus.

It was when my eyes
could not see.

At the very moment,

He called me to this.

And now I am here

to ask your permission
to obey Him...

to ask your help,
to understand better.

What were His teachings?

I want to hear the voices
who listened to His voice,

follow the example

that follows
His example.


Saul no longer exists.

Now my name is...


"Paul"...that means
"the smallest."

Because I am
the last among you.

Welcome to
our group, Paul.

I was right here,
getting the nets ready

with my brother Andrew,

like any other day.

We did not know

that our lives were
just about to change.

"Follow me,

and I shall make you
fishers of men."

We just dropped our nets

and followed Him.

It was Jesus.

And it was the first time
I ever heard Him speak.


what was His voice like?

You couldn't mistake it
for anybody else's.

It stays inside you

like a flame that you
could never put out.

I want to ask you

which may compromise
our unity

which was so dear
to Jesus.

I would like you to bring
the word of God to all.

You mean,
also to pagans?

To everybody.

That is precisely
what Jesus asked of me

when He called me.

The flame.

It was the same voice.


I baptize you, Lucius,
in the name of the Father,

the Son
and the Holy Spirit.

You see, Peter?
What did I tell you?

He's baptizing pagans!

Please calm down,

How can I be calm?

You have betrayed our law,
the law of Moses.

I follow the law
of Jesus,

and Jesus makes no difference
between Jews and non-Jews.

How dare you
speak of Jesus,

you who never
even met Him,

who never even saw Him
as we did?

I saw Him.

I was at the feet of the cross
when Jesus died.

You were
under the cross?

So you are one of those
who killed Him.

Yes. I was
one of them.

I met His eyes.

I heard His voice
while He forgave us.

He forgave us,

the very people
who were killing Him!

It was then

that I understood
that He was the real Son of God.

Lucius is not a believer
thanks to my words or yours, Peter.

Lucius believes
because Jesus himself

gave him the gift
of faith,

even though
he's not a Jew,

even though he was

one of His

Who are we, Matthias,
to deny him baptism?

Who are you to make a decision
that is only ours to make?

you murdered Stephen,

and now you baptize
one of Jesus's murderers.

Tell him.

Peter, you tell him too!

Calm down, Matthias.

Calm down.

We must all
calm down.

This is not
the time to quarrel.

Come with me.

I want to show you

- Look!
- There he is!

- There he is!
- Peter!


Peter! Peter!
Peter! Peter!

How many of them
are Jews?

Not even one.

The people of Antioch
no longer confuse us with the Jews.

They have started
to call us Christians.

What does that mean?

Believers in
the Messiah, Jesus.

"Christ" is the Greek
word for "Messiah."

Stay with us
this evening,

so you will
meet everybody

and we will have
the chance to talk.


Sit down with us.

- That's enough. Let us leave now!
- Mathias...

Let us begin to eat
something first.

Should we not
discuss things?

I do not wish to sit

at the same table
with a pagan.

I respect traditions!

Never mind, Paul.
Matthias, come.

Come with me.
Let us sit here.

Peter, Matthias,

do you not see you're
offending these people?

I was just trying to keep
from having an argument.

My mission is
to unify all of us.

You will never
manage to do this

if you do not openly
and courageously say

what is right
and what is not.

You cannot expect
to please everyone all the time.

If you will not decide
for everyone,

you will lose us all.

Thank you, Paul.

Thank you for the honesty
of your words.

We shall meet in Jerusalem
in a month's time

to clarify this issue
once and for all.

Peter, you are
the one who must

put an end
to this madness.

I have just said it.

We will decide on
the best thing to do

when we get
to Jerusalem.

Yes, but I warn you,

it is them or us.



I'm so happy
to see you again.

I needed
your presence

like a child
seeking his mother.

I have a difficult
choice to make,

a choice which may divide
our church forever.

Well, sit down then.

Keep me company
while I make the bread.

The Lord always gives
those He really loves

great responsibilities.

I was 15 years old

and I still lived
with my parents.

I was waiting to get
married to Joseph

and preparing
my wedding gown.

It was a sunny morning
the day I was told.

What does a young girl feel

when she discovers

she will give birth
to the Son of God?

Fear, Peter.

Great fear.

I did not know whether
to tell my parents

or how to tell them

or Joseph.

I thought no one would

that I would
lose them forever.

And instead...

Peter, my brothers,

we are all
born Jews.

Jesus, the son of God,
chose to be born among us.

We cannot retract our laws
and all of our traditions.

What would
the Messiah say

if He saw us baptizing pagans
and sharing meals with them?

Maybe they're
right, Peter.

We are the ones
who saw Jesus,

who listened
to His voice,

who lived with Him.

That is
precisely why.

How is it
you do not understand?

I know you're defending your laws
and your traditions.

That is exactly what I did
when I was your enemy.

I stained my hands
with blood to defend

the laws and traditions
of our people,

even with Stephen's blood.

But now I ask you,

you have heard Peter speak
in many different languages.

What do you think this meant?
And what about you, Peter?

You saw the spirit
and the Pentecost

descend on Cornelius
and his family.

- Peter.
- God does not discriminate

between people

or individuals.

Jesus has demolished
all barriers.

What more must he do
to make us understand

that God's only wish
is to accept everyone,

absolutely everyone,
in one single embrace?

- Peter, l-I believe that...
- That is enough.

It is I who must
speak now.

Never again
must we impose

any particular

on those believers
who are of pagan origin.

Jews, non-Jews,
Greeks, Romans...

we must consider them
all as our brothers,

and as such
we should baptize them.

All men are saved
in the same manner...

by the grace
of our Lord.

Everybody may be Christian.

No one here
should feel offended

or proud.

It is Jesus
Who guides our steps,

and perhaps even those
conflicts that we had

will be useful for us
to understand better

the path He wants
to show us.

This should be
a lesson for us

and for our church
in times to come,

when the Lord returns.

Peter, I trust Jesus,
Who chose you...

but it's hard for me
to understand.

I don't want to see that sadness
in your eyes.

We must act with our hearts
filled with joy,

like Jesus
used to give us.

Have you forgotten?

Do you not remember
that joy?

Come with me.

Matthias, come.

What are we
doing here?

- What are we doing here?
- We are fishermen, are we not?

Yes, fishers of men, of course,
but I never caught a fish in my life.

- Well, neither have I.
- Get in. I will show you how.

I will stay here
and I will light a fire,

so when you return,
we can cook the fish immediately.

We need you here with us.
Get in the boat. Stop fussing.

L... l...

I can't swim!

Don't be frightened.

If you fall into the water,
we'll fish you out.

Don't be afraid.

Come on, get in.

Come on!

We must make sure
that they're well-knotted

and properly spread
under the water.

We've thrown
the bait,

and now
all we have to do is wait.

come closer to me.

I want to explain
something to you.

- Take the helm.
- What?

Take the helm.

I have no idea.

Now our lives are
in the hands of Matthias.

I do not find that
being comfortable.

- It does not comfort me either.
- Nor me.

Come on, Peter.

A fisherman in a boat
puts his life

into the hands
of all the others.

Now the waters are
still and calm.

There are no waves.

But we know how terrible
the sea can be.

And who would have the courage
to face it alone?

Who would leave
the safety of the shore

if he did not have faith
in his companions,

if he was not sure that
they would be ready

to risk their lives
for him

as he would for them?

I want you to come
one by one

and take the helm
for a few moments.

Thank you.

It will be the same
when we are scattered.

Each one will have
his own helm.

Come, Andrew.


And we will follow the course
that Jesus has shown us.

There will be
only one boat.

- James.
- Come here.

Take the helm.

But we will
all be in it

at whatever time
and wherever we are.


We are united

as brothers

in calm seas,
and most of all

when the waters
are stormy.

Andrew to Thessaly,

Thomas to Syria,
Bartholomew to Persia.

And you, Paul?

Where will you announce
the word of Jesus?

In a city in which
there is a little of Thessaly,

a little of Syria...

a little of Persia,

- and a great deal more.
- Rome?


Do not fear.
I will be prudent.

I, on the other hand,
believe you will not.

I hope that this is not
the last time we embrace.

- God willing.
- God willing.