San Babila ore 20: un delitto inutile (1976) - full transcript

A group of neo-nazi youngsters, usual customers of a bar in the famous Milan public square, lives through one day of madness passing between assaults, rapes and homicides. Thanks to the testimony of one of the victims the four criminals will be assured to the Police justice - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food




- Comrade Arturo Melodia!
- Here!

A great man though, huh?

Well, easy.
He skipped World War II for example.

My father did the same.

I'd like to start with these old comrades.

- Start what?
- To waste them all.

- They're just a ball and chain.
- Now come on!

So why did you come here?

To make them dumb and happy.
That's why.

I, however, find these half-dead mummies
to be quite likable.

The ignorant mass needs these old symbols.

Listen, funerals are only a pain in the ass for me.

- What do we do?
- Let's go and say hello to some commies...

and have a little fun.

- Go, go!
- To Fermi or Beccaria school?

- Just drive.
- Beccaria! Beccaria, I'd say.

- What are you doing? Stop!
- Can't you see the crosswalk?

The fascists!

The fascists are smashing up the mopeds!

- Let's scram!
- Come here, hurry!

Here they are!

- Sons of bitches!
- Cowards!



Look at them.

They haven't seen anything.
As usual, of course.

- Quick! To the mopeds!
- Let's go after them! Hurry!

Bye, guys.

- Bye, Miki. I'm catching the subway.
- Bye.

- See you later, alright?
- Go to school, kiddos.

See you at San Babila.

Alfredo, what's going on?
You're late today.

- I know.
- You want to disappoint me?

- I'm sorry. It was because of the funeral.
- What funeral are you talking about?

- My uncle...
- Did he die?

- From a heart attack.
- Oh, my God!

- My condolences.
- Thank you.

Did he leave sons or debts behind?

- No debts, but seven sons.
- What a shame...

You should have told me.
I have friends in the funeral services.

You could have gotten some discounts.
Did you spend a lot?

No. It was a rather modest event.
We didn't spend so much.

I understand you, Alfredo, but shops are open
even if a close relative of the owner dies.

- You could have informed me.
- You're right...

I wanted to tell you that I'll stay after closing time
and do the inventory.

- Are you happy?
- Good, Alfredo.

Pay attention, I'll now read Castiglioni's homework.

He asked me to discuss it.

"There was a time, in between the two wars...

when the cemeteries...

of the big cities were confined to the periphery.

The dead remained outside.

During these last decades,
cities have grown in a disorderly way...

and the cemeteries are now in their centers.

Thus the dead are now close to us.

That's for me the symbol of a democratic
regime and of egalitarian ideologies.

One large cemetery that will swallow up cities,
districts and the world.

Milan will not escape this fate.

Our by now old cemetery
will be the center of the city.

The meeting and penance place of the survivors.

There, people will sell and buy skulls,
gravesites, tombs, corpses and skeletons.

The Università Statale is already nothing
but a funeral chapel...

populated by living carcasses.

- The Scala..."
- "The Scala..."

Excuse me.
I'm reciting by memory.

"Will have an audience
made up of embalmed dead.

The Piccolo Teatro will be full of skeletons
applauding Brecht and Goldoni.

The gravediggers of Milan
will sit in the city council.

Nothing and nobody will be able to stop
the embalming of Milan.

Perhaps a new Flood.
But God will not perform this miracle...

and that will be the proof that He really exists."

Listen, according to you, Castiglioni,
how should we rate your work?

You must decide if it's well-written.

If so, without a doubt,
the highest rating.

The Super-human spoke.

I wonder if it's right to give a positive rating...

to an essay that is nothing
but an adulation of death.

The problem is not to judge this composition...

but to try to understand how and why
a young man of 18 years...

has such catastrophic and funereal vision
of our tomorrow.

It's clear that a vision of reality
dominated by death...

is a reactionary vision, isn't it?
- Why reactionary?

Death, the color black, the skull...

are all symbols of fascism.
That's for sure.

- You talk about politics, of course.
- So what?

- What do you mean, "so what"?
- Let's better drop that.

- Why "so what"?
- The problem is not political.

You don't get it.

The problem is to judge if my work
is well-written or not.

No, a work like that can't even be rated!

So you think you write good essays?

Quiet! Quiet!
Be quiet, kids!

Why are you bringing a cup of tea?
Look, I asked for a coffee!

- It'll be right here.
- Come on! I've been waiting for half an hour.

- What are you doing?
- Give him another one. It's on me.

Where were you around nine o'clock?


This morning.

- Sleeping in my bed.
- No.

You were in front of the Beccaria school,
smashing up motorcycles.

I saw you.

If you saw me, why didn't you step in?

Because I only do what they order me to do.

Well, if they have ordered you not to step in...

it's better to leave me alone,
don't you think?

How much do you have in your pocket?

A lot.
More than you.

That's not so hard...

And what if it's money from the robbery
in Cinisello Balsamo?

Look, I'm not on file as a robber.

If you want to know about me,
ask the political office.

Anyway, if you want to check the money,
here it is.

Listen, you have until noon.

You either tell me which one of you
did the robbery in Cinisello...

or I'll let you fall into
communist policemen's clutches, got it?

- Why? Who are you?
- A cop and nothing else.


- Look who's back.
- I had stuff to do.

A grappa.
Cheers to everybody.

- What can I offer you?
- Nothing. Thanks.

How are things?

You tell us.
We haven't seen you for 20 days.

- Have you been sick?
- No, I was in the province.

I had to make a trip.

I had to take care of some business
and needed to be there in person.

Otherwise they would've screwed me over.

- If you want something done, do it yourself.
- That's true.

It's better to be alone than in bad company.

Anyway, I can't complain.
Things are going well.

We were missing you.
Without you, nothing's going on.

Don't worry, I'll catch up.

- Sooner or later I'll start again.
- You can't do without it.

Don't worry.
Tell our friends that I missed them.

We need you to come with us to the station.
It's just a formality.

I'm not going to the station.
You'll have to carry me...

because I just caught a lumbago.

What did he do?
You can't take him away.

Mind your own business.
Let's take him away.

Just a moment, let me check him.

And what's this?

Well, what is it?

Calm down! Calm down!

Make way, make way!
Let us pass! Go away!

He didn't do anything!

What is this?
Keep calm! Calm down!

- Now stay calm!
- Keep back. Keep back!

Keep back!
No funny stuff!

- Comrades, to us!
- Comrades, to us!

- Down with the police!
- Come on, drive!

Keep calm. Go home.
There's nothing to see.

Never seen a fascist being arrested?

What are you looking at?
Go home to your mommy!

What's there to see?

- There's no need to get angry.
- Go home!

I'll change school.
I've had enough here. We're on our own.

Better, huh? How many Blackshirts
do you think there were in the beginning?

Less than us, but they made it anyway.

- So you think we'll make it?
- Look, if you knew what I know...

you'd be convinced.
Otherwise I wouldn't get my hands dirty.

If you know such important things,
why don't you tell me?

- At least one to cheer up.
- When the time is right.

These are big plans.

- Don't you trust me?
- No, because you've never been in jail.

And if you go inside, you'll talk eventually.

There are important people involved.
Not those geezers we saw at the funeral.

- Sometimes you're pissing me off!
- Get pissed, so I'll have fun!

You talk big because you were in jail
a few times!

Acting all so tough! Why don't you go
to the Università Statale and stir something up?

If you come with me, why not?

You just talk! Do you want to see me
singing the "Giovinezza" in front of everyone?

Sing, asshole!
Nobody's going to arrest you here, moron!

Franco! Franco!
Come here!

Go, go.
Your mommy's calling you. Obey.

What do you want?

Come here.

Get in, so we can drive home together for once.

Go, I'll come later.
Don't worry.

If you come with me,
I'll give you 10,000 lire.

- Give it to me first.
- No, get in first.

- No, the dough first.
- Oh, please, Franco, don't be so stubborn.

Grant me a wish for once.
Come on.

Now you give me the money
and I'm not going with you.

Alright, alright, I'm leaving.

Why are you acting like this?

You want money?
Here you go.

But now stop it, huh?

Franco... what's in your pocket?

That's my business.
You want to even spy on my pockets now?

Give it to me.

Franco, don't do anything stupid.

Keep your ideas, but why do you want me
to die of a heart attack?

Come on, tell me... Tell me...

Go, go.
Stop crying. Come on.

Go away. Go!

Nice. I liked what you pulled with your mommy.

Kiss my ass.

Come on, lend me 10,000 lire.
You'll get it back tomorrow.



Come in, come in.
Wolf Two here, calling command center.

Urgent notification for the political office. Over.

- Wolf Two, political office is on the line. Over.
- Swastikas on Finzi's shop. Over.

No intervention.
Stay where you are. Over.

Roger that.

Did you see that?

They're taking it out on the Jews again.

- Can you imagine?
- Disgusting.

- What's going on?
- Shall we clean it up?

Yes, but...

- We can't pretend nothing happened.
- Be careful, though.

- The police should deal with it.
- Yes, tomorrow...

Wolf Two calling command center.

Wolf Two, shall I patch you through
to the political office?

- What is it?
- The usual "Sanbabilini" in action.

Shooting steel balls at pedestrians.
What shall we do? Nothing?

- Good, you understood.
- Roger.

The moment he talks, I'll slap him so hard,
he'll forget his own address.

That'll teach him.

- Hi, buddy.
- Hey.

- Hi Fabrizio.
- Where are you going?

- Come with us to the Università Statale.
- Why?

- To wreak havoc.
- Are you crazy?

- I'm coming, my ass!
- Okay, we'll postpone it to tomorrow.

- Come on. Let's have some fun.
- Ah, that's it.

- Get in.
- Get this jalopy going.

- Hey, easy.
- What a pain in the ass.

- Behind you! Watch out, behind you!
- Come on, just run them over!

- Hurry up, I'm hungry.
- Always thinking of food...

One, two. One, two.
One, two. One, two...

- Will you give her as a gift to me?
- Not bad, right?

- One, two...
- Careful, don't fall down.

One, two...

And step.
One, two. One, two...

You like her?
So we'll get her for you.

One, two. One, two. One, two.
Platoon, halt!

She looks like a tightrope walker
from the Togni circus.

- Come, hop in.
- Huh? To go where?

- To have fun.
- Ah, alright.

Go in the back.
Leave your place to the lady.

- Welcome aboard, madam.
- May I have a chewing gum?

In these colors she looks like
Donald Duck's wife.

More like a strawberry ice cream with pistachio.

- What's your name?
- Lalla.

My dad is Swiss.
So I like chocolate.

- What do you do? Study religion?
- No.

- Work?
- Yes. I'm in advertising.

- Which products do you introduce?
- Anti-Callus, digestives, even laxatives.

- And you don't like porn movies?
- Why?

How "why"?

Yes, what have porn movies got to do with it?

- To advertise Swiss cows.
- What's wrong?

No, thanks, I don't like it.

- She's from a loony bin.
- Come on, give the lady a drink.

- At your command. Whiskey...
- Oh, yes!

I'd like a nice cup of chocolate
with whipped cream.

- I'm nuts about it!
- She'll drink what we have.

- A whiskey? Is a genuine whiskey okay?
- No, no! No whiskey!

No, I'd really like a cup of chocolate.

- Imagine it's chocolate!
- An aperitif?

No, no, a cup of chocolate.
I prefer it with the whipped cream.

- We even have a cup.
- No!

If there's no chocolate,
I'd have an ice cream.

- Ice cream? She wants ice cream...
- Honey, this is not a bar.

- Get out and buy one yourself!
- You don't have a vast selection.

- I told you she's stupid.
- So it's agreed, Alfredo.

I'll have a snack and then
go visit Armida in the clinic.

If I'm a little late, you open the shop.

- In time, please.
- Don't worry, Mr. Todisco.

- If you allow, this is for your wife.
- Thank you. That's very nice.

I'm sure she'll be very pleased.

- You wouldn't have troubled yourself...
- For heaven's sake.

- Mrs. Armida deserves more than this.
- Yes, that's true.

Anyway, Alfredo, close the shop in 5 minutes
and put everything in order.

- Be good, as usual.
- Alright. Don't worry.

Where are we going?

- Come, get out.
- That's the end of the line.

- Are we getting some ice cream?
- That's an obsession...!

- I like it very much.
- Come on, get in.

- Hi Alfredo.
- Hi.

- Come on, get in.
- Hi.

Come on.

Excuse me.

- We brought a friend of ours.
- Where did you find her? At the Louvre?

- Nice to meet you. I'm Lalla.
- Hi.

Go over there.

- Thanks.
- Yes, go there for a while.

- We need to talk about you.
- Ah, yes.

- May I?
- So, do you like her?

Well, maybe a bit too tall for me.

Make sure you don't have to do her on your feet.

Come on.
You're never satisfied with any girl.

- Take off these little buntings.
- Why?

Size 48, just like your mommy.

- You know you're a nice couple?
- She's a bit busty.

- If you don't like her, I'll do her.
- No, calm down. You're not included.

- You have a wife. I'm sorry.
- Are you married?

- You have a wife? Being so young?
- Go figure.

- He's castrated.
- It's crazy!

- What'll we do now, guys?
- Let's go there, come on.

- Why? What's there?
- Go, go.

So many mirrors!

- How nice!
- What a cow, guys...

- And so many records!
- Are you excited?

You may even give her a nice bidet, a toilet.

- I'm going to unlock downstairs.
- Now, come on.

Franco! Look, that little thing is here, not there.

- Did mommy tell you that?
- Will you give this to me?

- Later, if you're good.
- Thanks anyway.

Listen, Lalla.
We've planned a small program, alright?

- You know what you got to do now? Go down.
- Where?

- Down to the storage room.
- To do what?

- To get shagged by him.
- Ah! Really?

- And why by him and not by you?
- Why...?

Because we decided like this.

- Do you refuse by any chance?
- No, no. No.

Where's this storage room?

- Which way?
- There. Come on.

- Ah, yes.
- Mind the step.

- How dark...
- Come on, Franco, do it well.

But don't be idiots, guys.

- Don't come down and spy on me.
- No, no.

- Don't worry, don't worry.
- Only with a periscope.

I bet that's a storage room.

- Very good. How did you guess?
- For the boxes, right?

- What should I do? Get undressed?
- I think it'd be better.

- Can I keep my shoes on?
- Yes, just keep them on.

I don't know why, but if I keep my shoes on...

I'm not ashamed of anything.
I wonder why.

I asked myself many times
but I still don't know.

- Let me see!
- Who knows what that idiot is doing!

Just a little patience.

In winter, it's not so easy.

You can do these things better in summer.

In summer, I don't wear anything below.
That's definitely more convenient.

- She's getting undressed.
- How's she?

Let me see now!

I'm almost done.

- That dirty...!
- Stop it!

Go wash yourself.
You look like Diabolik.

I'm cold.

- What shall I do now?
- Lie down there on the boxes.

But you sink through here...

Hey, but...

- Where did you get into?
- I'm here.

Help me.

- Give me your hand.
- Yes, pull me out.

Now hurry up.

Listen, make it quick.
I'm already hungry.

Aren't you hungry?
It's after one o'clock. I...

Be careful, huh?

I always eat at noon.
I like omelets, eggs...

especially the hard-boiled ones.

But aren't you hungry?
We're making love and I'm thinking of eggs...

- How strange...
- That's enough!

Why are you angry?
Because I'm talking about eggs?

What's up with him?

What does he want?
I didn't pick him up.

Well, hurry up so I can get dressed
and this is done.

I don't feel sexy at all.
Maybe that's why I'm thinking of food.


Keep still.

- Now keep still!
- Yes, but...

Why don't you turn on that TV?
It's time for the news broadcast.

The one at half past one.
I like the commercials, the Tic Tac one.

Now I'm giving you the news.

- TV?
- What are you saying?

- Tell me what you're thinking of.
- I told you.

Of food, of lots of things, of TV...
I don't know!

- And do you like this?
- What do you want to do?

- What are you doing? No!
- Tell me that you like it!

Are you crazy?

- No! What are you doing? No!
- Tell me that you like it!

You like it, don't you?

- You like it this way, don't you?
- You're hurting me!

- You're hurting me!
- Come on! Tell me that you like it!

- No! No!
- Come on! Come on!

- Stop it! Leave me alone!
- Tell me that you like it...

- No! No! No!
- ... also like this!


If you say something to the others, I'll kill you!

- But what did I do to you?
- Shut up!

- It's not my fault!
- Shut up!

It's enough.

Eat with your right hand.

I told you to eat with your right hand.

Let him eat with the hand he likes,
for Christ's sake!

No, at my home we eat with the right hand!

The left hand is cursed.
It's the hand of the devil.

He will disgrace himself
if he keeps on eating with that hand.

It's pointless that you defend him.
It'll be of no use for you anyway.

Tell him, come on!
Tell him to his face that you hate him!

If you want to know, I like the left hand...

exactly because it's the devil's hand.

I said, eat with your right hand.

If you only touch him, I'll denounce you.

Try to take a fork with the left once more...

and I swear I'll kill you right in front
of your mother.

I made myself clear, I think.

Come on, Miki, try it.
I'm only waiting for that.

All I'm asking for is that my son
doesn't eat with his left hand.

Nothing else.
I allowed you everything.

But not the left hand!
No! Never!

Get that into your heads!

- God will never forgive me.
- God?

What do you know about God?

Wash your mouth
before you talk about Him.

You're already in hell.

Try it now, daddy.

If he smashes my Chinese vase,
he'll never see me again.

- Continue alone, I'm out of here.
- Eat first.

No, I'm not hungry anymore.
You made me lose my appetite.

But I defended you.

Why do you take it out on me too?
He's crazy, that's totally obvious!

But he has lots of money.
That's why you married him.


- At least come down from the sidewalk!
- Come on!

All women must be shorter than me,
otherwise they get on my nerves.

- Climb down from those shoes!
- Why? What's wrong? Excuse me?

I don't like walking next to a giraffe like you.

Don't you like tall women?
Do you like the ones shorter than you?

If I were short, I'd like tall boys.
They'd have to be muscular, though.

- I said, take off those shoes at once!
- No!

- Hurry up or get out of my sight, alright?
- Listen!

If you think like that I prefer to go!

Or rather: Farewell!

- Now take your shoes off and come with me!
- No!

I like being tall!
I'm going to the sea anyway!

- Come on, take them off!
- No! No! No!

- Come on!
- My shoes! No!

- What? Bitch!
- No! No!

- Ugly bitch! Come on!
- No! No!

- Leave me alone! My shoes! No!
- Stupid imbecile!

No! My shoes!

No! No!

- No!
- Hands off!

Listen, Fabrizio, what shall I do now?
Come with you?

Let's go.

With my shoes, though!

Wait for me!
I can't run!

Come on!

Keep up your arm.
Arm and wrist must be tense.

- Come on! Let me shoot a clip.
- No.

- Come on, Franco!
- I said no. Buy one.

- They sell everything here.
- If I had the money, why not?

But I have to work.
I don't have a rich mother.

This is not a game, you must concentrate.

Can't you see that you never hit the target?

If I had the dough,
I'd let you see how to shoot.

- Steal it.
- From whom? Your mother?

Try it, if you can.

If you say it again,
I could try for real, you know?

I'll let you shoot.

- Have you ever used one?
- More often than you. Wanna bet?


Your boots.

To get those you'd have to cut off my feet first.


If you hit the center, I'll give you 30,000.

Did you see that, jerk?
And you even made me be late.


Hey, listen.

- Would you like to earn another 30,000 lire?
- How?

You have to bring a briefcase to Tuscany
and then come back.

- What's in it?
- I don't know.

But nothing you can eat.

- Something to smoke?
- No.

- Hard drugs?
- No.

- Something that goes boom?
- Listen.

You're asking too many questions.
Take it or leave it.

- I can't before Sunday.
- Too bad. Maybe another time.

Look, I count on it.
I'm not afraid.

Don't worry, I'll let you earn more money
than you could ever imagine.

Why do you trust me?

You don't know me,
but I know who you are.

We're following you.

To be honest, I also know who you are.

Or rather, I used to...

because I've immediately forgotten it.

Did I do well?

It's the same to me.
I'm not afraid either.

Fuck you!

Alfredo, you're late for the second time today.

I'm late because of a strike.
I had to run.

- What strike?
- The bus.

Another strike?
Oh, my God!

Anyway, call me next time.

I know you're reliable, and if you're late
I think something happened to you.

Absolutely, Mr. Todisco.
Next time, I'll call you.

So why is that bus in service?

- Which bus?
- That one.

He may be a scab.
There are lots of them.

- What's this?
- A knife.

Yes, but how did it get into my pocket?

Think a little.
How did it get into your pocket?

Must have been my brother.

He always plays these jokes on me,
but this evening I'll show him what's what.

But Alfredo, that's stuff for criminals.

What did you say?

Choose your words carefully, Mr. Todisco.

You're making a big mistake.
I'm a patriot.

Yes, the knife is mine.

I need it to defend myself against reds.

I also defend you against the communists.
What's up? Do you want to fire me?

Try, if you dare...

and we'll blow up the shop before Monday.

I can understand everything...

but not your lack of respect.

And now I'm leaving because
I don't want to work any longer.

I'll come back tomorrow if I feel like it.

- I'm an idealist.
- What do you mean?

- It means that I believe.
- I believe too, you know?

- You're not the only one who believes.
- Don't interrupt me. I wanna talk.

And you listen.
Even if you don't understand.

Look, I'm talking for myself, not for you.

Our society is too materialistic.

And we must fight that.
All of us must have the same ideals.

The state must be like a church.

You mean that all of us have to go to church?

Do you believe in God?
I believe in Him too, but...

No, it's a different thing.

Listen in silence so you can understand something.

Everyone must believe and obey.

Sure, it would be nice if all of us
would think the same way...

but everybody should also be able
to do what he likes.

To achieve that, however, violence is needed.

Hitler was almost successful.
But I wouldn't kill inferior people.

These are old, counter-productive methods.
I'd only put them out of society.

The state would be like a fortress,
like a medieval castle.

And all inferiors would be outside the castle.

- And we're inside.
- I like you when you talk.

What about that other subject?

I mean love, sex, the physical things
between a man and a woman?

The ones inside the castle, the elected,
would do it amongst them.

All the others will be sterilized

Inside the castle,
there must be absolute fidelity.

Not outside, though.

In the woods, between mud and rubbish,
they can do it like animals.

They could produce nothing but other inferiors.

Inside the castle, every woman
may have only one man, by law.

And every man?

You'd not even need to ask this question,
it's obvious:

- Only one woman.
- But that's terrible!

Better than this pile of shit we're living in,
don't you think?

But isn't this law too cruel?

What are you talking about?

What's cruelty?
It's just a word.

For example, you were with Franco, right?
We were the ones who decided that.

Just for fun, but still.

That's not cruelty, it's a duty.
And you must obey.

For me, you may make love always
and only with him, understood?

I could have taken you,
but now you belong to Franco forever, get it?

Yes, yes, I understand that,
but for me this would become too boring.

And if I had done almost nothing with Franco?

- Could I be with another man then?
- Oh, no!

Did you undress in front of him?
Then you belong to him.

Yes, I did undress in front of him...

but basically nothing of what you think happened.

What are you insinuating?
Franco is one of us!

And you have no right to sully his personality!

We may do that, but not you!
Is that clear?

And don't say one more word
or I'll smash your teeth in!

You know what I say?
I don't even want to enter that fortress, got it?

Not even for a visit.

You couldn't enter anyway.
You're an inferior.

Excuse me, but what fault do I have?

I didn't ask my mother
to bring me into this world, right?

- That's no way to treat a lady.
- Can't you see that bitch never lets me talk?

Fuck you.

- Do they fit?
- Yes.

Will you keep them on?

- And your shoes?
- You can throw them away.


- 5,000 are missing.
- I don't have them.

I'm sorry, sir, but the prices are fixed.
We don't give discounts.

Then take them off my feet if you can.
Come on.


Hey, there's one of the reds
from the cavalcade who got left behind.

Come on, let's go!

Come on, boys, go!

You got the whole of Milan,
but San Babila is ours.

Wolf Two calling central station.
Wolf Two calling central station. Over.

- What is it, Wolf?
- The political office, it's urgent.

What's happening?

Reds and Blackshirts are having a fight.
What shall we do?

Close your eyes and ears,
and get on with it.

- I don't want trouble, okay?
- Okay, over and out.

All of them should to be thrown in jail!

- Let's go to the police!
- Calm down, boys! Stay calm!

We passed everything on to central station.
Everything is under control.

- What should we do?
- So what the fuck are you doing here?

- They smash up your cars!
- You better catch him...

because if we get him, we'll kill him!

We'll tear him to shreds!

We need Nazism to clean up all this shit!

We don't need Nazism here,
we need dynamite!

We have to take care of this ourselves.
Forget it!

We've had enough!
It's time to stop this!

- Nazism is what we need! Nazism!
- Eins, zwei!

Eins, zwei! Eins, zwei!
Eins, zwei! Eins, zwei!

Eins, zwei!
Eins, zwei! Eins, zwei!

- Why did you hide this ticket?
- I didn't hide anything.

Yes, yes, you hid it to prevent me
from finding something out.

You're still cheating on me.
That's it.

I saw that ticket.

Did you seriously believe
that a young woman like me...

would marry you for love?

So, apart from being a madman,
you're also an idiot.

I'll show you that I'm not an idiot.

- Go on, prove it.
- Don't defy me! Don't defy me!

You know I'm capable of everything!
I have a strong memory!

I'm so scared, I'm about to call for help.

- What if I kill you immediately?
- Go on!

No! No! No, dear!
I'll choose the right time!

When it's convenient for me, got it?

You've been promising that for 20 years
but you don't have the guts!

Why do you treat me like that?

Because you deserve it!
Because you hate my son!

You just rub your money in my face!

Or rather the money you had
since you don't have it anymore!

Come on, tell me it's my fault
that the economy is bad now!

- Yes, it's your fault!
- Sure!

You only know how to play the market.

You played the nice guy as long
as the horse drank everything!

Now the horse doesn't drink anymore!

The stocks are falling
and you're thinking of the devil...

of God and the left hand!

Don't you realize you're a fossil?
You're ridiculous!

That's enough!
Stop it!

Otherwise I'll blow up the house one day!
With dynamite!

I told you, at 8 o'clock.

Okay, yes. Yes, alright.

- Alright, shall we toss up for who's going?
- No.

This time it's up to Franco.
He must try it too, sooner or later, right?

The fuse lasts for five minutes.
A cigarette is enough.

You light it in the bag and leave it in a corner.

- Will there be people?
- Yes, are you scared?

We'll be close by, ready to protect you.

You hop in the car and go.
Absolutely nothing can go wrong.

Don't worry.
We'll get you out of prison if necessary...

just as we've always been taken out before.

Yes, but you've never left dead people behind.

Because it never happened,
but it's the same thing.

- Where do I have to place it?
- At Sesto. You all know that.

We've seen the place many times.
Today's the right time.

We'll meet at the metro exit...

at the parking lot in front of the Standa supermarket.

I'll go along with Fabrizio...

Alfredo will catch a taxi and Franco the subway.

Let's not forget to find an alibi for that hour.

Now wear this jacket.

Keep calm.

Hide those little medals.

A cognac.

Can you give me something red and green together?

- Hi Franco.
- Hi.

- Come with me?
- Yes, sure. Where?

I have to deliver this bag to my uncle.

- Is it far away?
- I don't want to ride the subway alone

Well, the subway scares me,
but I'm coming anyway.

- Why does it scare you?
- Because it crawls underground like a worm.

And then it runs.

Wait a minute. I go pay.
Would you hold that? Excuse me.

A cognac.

- And the change?
- Keep it.

- Do you want the bag?
- No, you keep it.

Ah, okay.

It's heavy, though, huh?

Hey, what are you doing?
Are you crazy?

Have you seen that?

- Well, what's in here?
- Eggs.

- Eggs?
- That's my business.

Excuse me, why are you
treating me so badly?

Fabrizio told me
he gave me such a long lecture...

because he thinks that I must definitely
be your girlfriend.

But listen... dear, we won't always do it
with the truncheon, huh?

No, that time was due to the heat.
For certain things I need fresh air.

I like to do it in a car.
With the bucket seats it's even better.

Come on, talk.
Tell me something.

Look at your reflection in the glass.
You look like a sphinx.

What's a sphinx?

Did you go to school?
Did you study the Egyptians?

Ah, the mummies.

- Yes, also the mummies.
- So I'm a mummy for you?

But no, a sphinx...!

- Oh, look at those bitches.
- So repellent.

Well, are you going to the meeting
tomorrow evening?

- What are they talking about?
- About the strike.

No, I don't go on strike.

Tell me when, and I'll stay home
to hoe my little garden.

No, for God's sake, we're on picket duty.

Ah, yes, pickets, pickets...
I've done pickets all my life!

- Now I have to tend my garden.
- That's exactly why things are going to hell.

Does it bother you if I'm taller than you
due to my shoes?

- No.
- It bothers Fabrizio.

- Why does it bother Fabrizio but not you?
- Can't you be a little more quiet?

- Stop it! It's getting on my nerves!
- What's up with you?

- That's my business. You're annoying me.
- Excuse me!

If I'm annoying you,
why did you want me to come with you?

Is it due to the bag?
Now I do want to see what's inside.

- Let's have a look.
- Cut it out! Don't touch it!

Leave it alone!
Stop it!

Excuse me, are all guys
from San Babila like that?

- I have to get off.
- But Franco!

Why did you take the bag away?
What are you doing, Franco?

Getting off here?
Excuse me, what shall I do now?

- Look, I'll split you in two, got it?
- Where should I go?

Franco, what's going on?
Can't I come with you?

Where should I go?

Go where the fuck you want!
Go to hell!

Yes, but where will I see you?
Can you hear me? Will you be late?

Don't get in. Go away, you moron.
Keep walking.

Go, go.
We'll follow you.


With these glasses and ankle boots
it's like he's putting his signature on it!

- Asshole...
- The glasses! The glasses, jerk!

A glass of water, please.

- Hey, comrade!
- What's up?

Where's the help desk?
I can't find it.

I don't know, sorry.

- Need something?
- Yes, I want to take a look at the posters.

- Look here or there, I'm busy now.
- Come on, hurry up.

- Well, look at this.
- Yes.

The word "occupation" has to be higher.

Ah, I see. Okay.

- You got it?
- Yes, I understand.


Yes, the flyers for the Falchi factory are ready.

No, with the material for the Laminati
we're behind, however.

Yes, I hope for tomorrow around 11 o'clock.

What the fuck is he doing?

There he is.

Quick, get in!

- Done?
- Yes, yes.

Come on, move it, Miki!

- One moment, it doesn't start.
- Shit! Go! Go!

- How long before it goes up?
- About two minutes.

- It's a slow-burning fuse.
- Just one thing: It seemed wet to me.

- Did you see the spark, though?
- Yes... That I did.

I'd like to be
1,000 kilometers away by now.

- We should have placed it by night.
- It's already done now.

- It didn't explode.
- Fuckin' hell!

Shit! It didn't explode!

But the fuse was lit well!
I'm not an idiot!

So the bag has also been left intact in there!

Let's hope that the police
will be on the wrong track.

Maybe it's better this way.

After all, some things should be prepared better,
coolly, damn it!

With no anger.
It's all my fault.

We all need to be more organized.

Besides, these things should be done
in accordance with the leaders.

- We need a bigger plan.
- If they order me to something...

I don't want to do it anymore.
- Because you're still a peasant!

You don't understand
the importance of hierarchy!

Anyway, who knows what it feels like
to cause a massacre.

I see, I get it.
We're all happy that it went down like this.

We're shits.

Run them over!
Smash everything!

- Watch out! They're running into us!
- Are they crazy?

Call the others!
If they come back we'll beat their asses!

Ugly bastards!
You damned impotents!

- Hi Silvana.
- Hi Mario.

- I haven't seen you for a long time.
- I had stuff to do.

- See you later at the party headquarters.
- Okay, bye.

- Hi.
- Hi.




He's coming!

- Are you going to be late tonight?
- No, till 10 o'clock. Bye.


- Hi.
- Hi.

- Is this the one you wanted?
- How nice! Thanks!

Will you buy me a cup of chocolate?
Let's not spend more than 500 lire, though.

Who doesn't save up, doesn't go on holiday.

- You know, this morning...
- This morning I called you at the company...

but you weren't there.
Are you always doing your rounds?

- At what time?
- Around noon.

At noon I'm always in the storehouse.
You must call before 11 o'clock.

What an imposition!
I call when I can.

I don't like talking about love
in front of my colleague.

- Why? Is she jealous?
- No, she's just a little ugly.

You just say that because
you don't want to introduce her to me.

I was kidding!

- Look at that, a sex shop.
- Like in London, huh?

Come on, go!

Excuse me, madam,
I'm a journalist from "Sex & Violence" magazine.

- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon, madam.

- Would you give me an interview?
- Yes, with pleasure.

What did our beautiful lady
buy in this wonderful shop for impotents?

A rubber genital since you won't give me yours.

How much would you give me if I'd go with you?

- I've never paid any man.
- Poor thing...

- That's why you have to buy a rubber one!
- Who knows how long she was high and dry!

- What a bitch...
- Hello.

- Good afternoon!
- Good afternoon.

May we have a look around?

Hey, look!

Miss... Miss, excuse me...

Listen... Listen, miss. Wait!
You don't know what you're missing!

Do you want two at the price of one, huh?

It's rubber stuff, sergeant.
Look, we just bought them here.

- They're made of rubber.
- Wait a minute, this is not a crime!

- It's not an act of indecency, it's rubber!
- This is rubber!

You can clearly see that!

We wanted to have a demonstration
against this filth!

- Which crime would that be?
- They did nothing, I can assure you!

- Get that shop closed instead!
- Why close it?

Christian Democrats like it,
Communists like it, everyone likes it!

- Just a moment.
- Go away.

Franco, come here.

- Inform that person immediately.
- Yes.

Easy. Hands off.
I'm getting in by myself.

May I ask why you're wasting your time
with us boys...

with so many criminals about?

Why are we going to the station
without sirens blaring?

If you keep on joking around
I will let you hear the sirens.

Come on, try it.

Somma, Alfredo, 19 years old, born in Pozzuoli.

Moved with his big family to Milan
when he was 10 years old.

Married with children.

Arrested on the 25th of April 1974
for a brawl on Piazza San Babila.

Arrested again on Piazza San Babila
two months later.

Arrested again and sentenced
for insulting a public official...

and resistance against the police.

Charged for affiliation with the subversive
extreme right movement...

awaiting trial for carrying and using illegal arms...

as well as for seditious assembly.
Arrested again with serious suspicions...

on taking part in a bombing
of the socialist headquarters at Lodi.

He was acquitted during investigation.

Dangerous element, agitator, violent,
but a good worker, disciplined.

He worked at the Alfa Romeo factory
but he never took part in strikes.

He's currently employed as a storekeeper
in an household appliance store.

He pays a large part of his salary
to his young wife...

who was raped by him
when she was 14 years old...

and now mother of a two-year-old son.

He married her later on to get out of jail.

He was a canvasser for MP Tiziani...

who defines him as a respectful,
proactive, helpful...

capable element but also an opportunist.

Neighbors describe him as a good family father...

and so on, and so on, and so on...

Who are you?
Dr. Jekyll himself?

Do you understand this young gentleman?

Yes, he does have fun with fake dicks
to scare honest citizens...

but then he's also a good worker, a good father.

I'm going crazy!

He can be a model citizen until sunset...

but then, after work, oops,
he becomes someone else! Understood?

A thug, a bomber.
A "Sanbabilino".

You're a mystery to me,
and I like to solve mysteries.

Does full moon bother you by any chance?
Are you a werewolf?

Or are you a son of a bitch
from morning to night, huh?

I get it, now you're playing the diligent citizen...

arrested for a prank, who's humiliated
in front of me, remorseful...

afraid that his wife could be informed
about his roguery.

But as soon as you're out of here,
you turn into a beast, don't you?

You know what I'll do?
Arrest you and keep you in jail.

Do you want to ruin me
for a little stupidity, commissioner?

I got my head together now,
I stayed out of trouble for 6 months.

I've got a wife and a son, you said so too.

Me ruining you?
That's impossible.

You'd even be able to persuade the director
of the "Unità" newspaper...

that you're a victim of an abuse of power,
of an injustice.

It's a fact that you always find a job.

Well, even if I did some evil,
I still have the right to work.

Let's not talk about rights
because I know a lot of people...

who did less evil than you
but have been in trouble for years.

You, instead, every time you're out,
immediately find a job... Protections.

That's the other face of Dr. Jekyll.

- Now guess what we'll do.
- You let me go.

- Very good! And do you know why?
- Because I didn't commit a crime.

No, I let you go because I'm convinced
that sooner or later...

your mystery will be revealed in a trial by jury.

Maybe with a life sentence.

And now go.

I recommend you to tell him a good lie.

Otherwise he will suspect and fire you.

And if you lose your job...

I'll send you back to your village
this time around. Go!

Here, sign the reprimand and then you may go.

Listen, commissioner, I did some thinking
and I'd like to talk to you about it.

- Do you have two minutes?
- Two minutes, no more.

Well, with all due respect for police and order...

I'd like to know why,
if we make an insignificant joke...

people protest, call the police station
and you run to arrest us...

while at San Babila you pretend to see nothing...

even though there are protests by the reds
all the time.

I'm in the vice squad.

You have to ask this question
to the political squad.

Yes, but the police is a unity,
the station is a unity, I think.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Did you notice that when a brawl occurs
at San Babila...

citizens don't call in?
And do you know why?

Because they know that we actually
support order.

Well, in short, we're useful to a lot of people.

And people who don't protest
and let us do our thing, are on our side.

- And now come to a conclusion.
- The conclusion is simple.

You can't break our balls
if we have fun with a rubber cock...

without hurting a fly.
At least for gratitude.

No, you got that point wrong, Castiglioni.

This time, the persons who protested...

are exactly the people
who usually help you with their silence.

Have I made myself clear?
In short: If everyone's against you...

I arrest you because you're useless to us.

And look, I'm already doing you a favor
by only warning you.

If I wanted to, I could find
a hundred crimes to keep you here.

Anyway, you owe me one.

Now, sign this,
take your stuff there and leave.

Because my patience is at an end.

Once you could see subversives
falling from the windows.

Now only rubber cocks are flying.




Can we have a little chat?

- Depends on what I gain from that.
- At least a whiskey.

Oh, okay.

- Hey, guys, see you later at San Babila!
- We're waiting for you.

Let's go in there.

If you give me 30,000, I'll give you a scoop.

- Two whiskies, please.
- Coming right up, sir.

A bomb was placed inside
the union's trade office at Via Bevaglia.

It didn't explode due to a defective fuse.

But if you hurry, you can still find it there.

Well, I'm giving you another piece of news
that'll interest you and your friends...

but in exchange you have
to give me the 30,000 back.

It depends.
If it's worth it, why not?

Business is business, as the Jews say.

The fuse of that bomb hasn't even been lit.

The bomber was afraid.
He left the bag and ran off.

You got game,
but you're also a big son of a bitch.

Give me the name of the trade union bomber,
and I'll give you 50,000 lire.

For a piece of news like that,
I need at least half a million, right?

That's too much for me.
Maybe another time.

These are prices that only the police would pay.

Listen, tell me the truth.
You're left-wing, huh?

You're a red.


What do your guys talk about us?
Do we scare you?

I'd really like to see a real war break out
between you and us.

Currently there are only battles at the borders.

Are you maybe waiting for the police
to move us out?

You're wasting your time.

Want to know what we say about you?
I'll tell you:

That you're only marionettes
played by those who have power.

That your leaders first put you in trouble...

and then they abandon you once you get caught.

And that you're so stupid
that you cover and hide them.

Look, you're the stupid ones.
They abandon us only in a manner of speaking.

Don't you see that we always
get out in the end?

And even if things were the way you say...

bear in mind that we like what we do.

And you can't understand that.

You're only good at talking,
but you're not men of action.

The more dangerous an action is,
the more pleasure we get out of it.

An action is better than a shag.
Get the picture?

You need to try to believe it.

You didn't tell me why you don't come
and attack us at San Babila.

We're waiting for Milan to lose patience...

and then they will tear you to shreds...

if you don't hurry to take refuge
in San Vittore prison.

If you'd pass through there tonight,
we'll tear you an asshole this big!

And the people won't say anything.
My time at your disposal is over.

Cheers to the Duce.

Call me when you need money.

Fresh news, though.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- How are you?
- You know what I did...

during accountancy lessons?
- No.

I wrote a love letter to my girlfriend.

Oh, Paolo, come on!
If so, why do you even go to school...

if you don't pay attention to all the lessons?

Are you angry because I wrote you a love letter?

You told me you have an exam
the day after tomorrow.

- So what about your diploma?
- I promised I'd get it for you.

Don't be such a watchdog
when it comes to my studies...

or I'll tease you about it.

Listen, don't you understand
that you're teasing yourself this way?

Well, do you want to know what I wrote
or do you want to fight?

Come on, give me that letter.

- Oh, how exaggerated...
- Why? Isn't it like that?

Oh, come on...



If you give me 100,000, I won't tell anyone.

About what?

Don't pretend you don't understand.
You know very well what I'm talking about.

I don't have 100,000 lire.

If you don't have them, ask your mother.

I'll give you the money,
but give me some time.

- By tomorrow, alright?
- No, I can't make it till tomorrow.

Listen, it's pointless to play clever.

Tomorrow you give me the money,
or I'll denounce you in front of everyone, clear?

Okay, okay, but it was impossible.
There were people everywhere.

You can't imagine how many.
They'd have torn me to shreds...

because I would've been discovered immediately.

Nothing would have exploded in any case.

So, I might as well...

Everyone of us has been beaten,
everyone has been in jail.

You have no guts!

Physically and with your temperament
you could be one of them.

Don't try to betray us or you'll end up
in the cemetery, understand?

You're wrong, and I'll prove it.

Franchino, listen. Come over here.
I have to tell you something.

- What do you want?
- Come closer.

Come on, clear the way.
Let them pass.

Get in.
You have to take me to the doctor.

I can't go to the gynecologist by myself.

What shall I do there?
Introduce myself as your husband?

What has a son to do with his mother's
ovaries and uterus? Nothing!

- Drive off. You're breaking everyone's balls here.
- But you came out of my belly.

So it's better
if he removes everything.

Is it possible that I can't ever ask you
for anything?

That you always say no!
Come on, what do you have to lose?

They won't take San Babila away
if you're gone for an hour.

I guess soon you'll be seeing me
for an hour per week.

- One hour just for you.
- What are you trying to say?

That I'll end up in jail
is what I'm trying to say.

I want a holiday at the expense of the state.

Are you satisfied?
You can visit me there.

We'll talk about what you did for me.
There's not much, you know?

- My God! What have you done?
- Nothing, unfortunately.

But I want to do something worthy
of San Vittore prison to get out of this shitheap!

Now leave!
Go away, it's better.

Franco, you can't talk to me like that!

Stop it!
I'm not a child anymore!

- Go away!
- No!

- Franco, wait!
- I said, go!

- Franco, please!
- Go away!

What do you think about this one?

No way! Come on!

Let's see what they are showing
on the second screen.

I like him, he's good.

He's not bad, but sometimes
they let him do some real bullshit.

Alright, rejected.

It's like that, I tell you.
Hi Loredana.

- Hi.
- Hi.

What's wrong?

Franco, have you seen that guy?

- Make him eat it.
- Are you sure he's a red?

Remember that I can recognize
those lice from afar.

Can't you see?

- I watched it twice. It's the same actor.
- No, it's another one.

You're such a bullhead...

I want to see what you do.
I'm not doing anything.

You got to do it by yourself.

Think it over.
Either drop it right away or go through with it.

Take this.

No, you know what? I'm hungry.
Let's go inside and get something.

- I have stomach cramps.
- No, come on!

Let's eat later at my place.
Let's not spend more money.

It's not necessary.

- What are you waiting for?
- A better place.

I decide when and where.
They're mine, right?

Miki! Miki!

Move it! Come on, move!
Don't break our balls!

Hey, guys! Get out!

Franco wants to beat up two reds!
Let's go and see if he can do it!

- Okay, I'll park the car and be right there.
- I'll park it.

You will not touch this car, understood?

Come on, let him try it, alright?
Oh, look! We're losing them!

Come on, Miki, we'll have a laugh!

- Why can't he steal one to try?
- I want to try this one.

- What is this? A woman?
- Okay, park, but be careful.

Watch it or I'll cut off your hands.

Oh, let's go.

- Come on, walk next to them.
- Well, are you afraid?

Afraid of what?
Not here.

Don't worry, I want to give it to them good.

On my own, though.

Look, he's strong, huh?

It starts in 10 minutes.
We have enough time to eat something.

I like to watch movies from the beginning...

No, wait. This way.

Excuse me, if it's not a giallo...

it'll be the same old story sooner or later.
Who cares?

Look, they're going to the movies.
Be quick before they go in.


Let's go to the one at the corner.
It'll only take a couple minutes.

You know I don't like to watch movies
when they've already started.

Excuse me, we're wasting
more time with talking.

We could've been back already.
What do you want?

To go in right away.

- Come on, love, let's run. I'm hungry.
- Do you have a light, please?

One moment.
So, what have you decided?

No. No lighter.

- Okay, let's have a sandwich.
- Thank goodness!

- What the fuck did you do?
- I'm waiting for a darker spot.

I don't understand you.
Sometimes you're nerve-racking.

I'm nerve-racking?
And what about you?

Listen, Paolo, we're getting really ridiculous.

It's a bad sign when a couple argues
without any real reason. Seriously.

It's because we rarely see each other.

Let's live together right away,
without waiting for my diploma.

I wasn't expecting that from you.

- Well, what the fuck are you doing?
- I decide now.

We'll wait for a better place.


- What's up?
- I can't find a parking space here.

Come on, search more thoroughly.
Go to Piazza Liberty.

- I'll give it a try. Who are the ones?
- Those two. Hurry up.


- The snack bar we went to last time.
- Which one?

You know, the one around the corner.

- Is it nearby?
- Yes.

- Can't you remember we were there?
- No, can't remember.

Nevertheless, her face seems familiar.

But I don't know from where.
Maybe from Rapallo or in front of the school.

- From San Vittore?
- No, no place like that.

I saw her a couple times, though.
I'm sure about that.

Damn it. As soon as I got my diploma,
we'll have a big party with all our friends.

- Would you like that?
- I like it.

Watch out!

At this hour everyone thinks he's Niki Lauda.

Were you afraid?

- Don't exaggerate, it was a coincidence.
- Yes, Paolo, but let's go home.

That guy wasn't crazy.
I'd swear he was after us.

Forget about it.
Let's eat and everything will be fine.

- May I have two sandwiches, please?
- Which topping?

I don't know, fill them with these small artichokes.

- What do want to you drink?
- A vermouth.

Alright, a vermouth and a chinotto.

- What's wrong?
- I don't know, but let's go home.

- Are you still scared?
- Yes.

Yes, we shouldn't have come here.

There's lots of sinister faces around.

We always read in the papers
what happens at San Babila...

and then we just don't care about it.

Take it.

Take it.
And the chinotto.

Come on, drink.

It'll do you good.

Lend me the money.
Then we can pay and leave.

I'm paying a chinotto, a vermouth
and two sandwiches.

Come on, let's go.

- Let's go this way.
- Yes, yes.

- You asshole let them escape!
- What the fuck do you want?

Don't you have eyes as well, huh?

You waited too long!
You wanted to do it yourself!

I do it the way I fuckin' like!
Get off my balls! Got it?

Stop being such assholes!

Let's find another red!
Who cares about that guy?

No, I want him and no one else!
Once I chose my prey, I won't switch!

Just like a hunter.

They're over there!
Come on! There they are! There!

Where are you going?

- Franco! Wait. Where are you going?
- Get out of my way!

One moment!



- No, excuse me. Listen, I called first.
- No, no.

If you want to bully me,
you're at the wrong address.

You sissies are scared!

Running away, huh?




Watch out.

Leave me alone!
Leave me alone!

- Leave her alone!
- Help!


Murderers! Cowards!

Oh, no...!

Oh, no...



- No, no... Tomorrow I really can't.
- Lalla! Lalla!

- What's up?
- Give me your bag.

- One moment, wait.
- Take it. Throw it away! Far way!

Far away where?

Franco, how come...?

What is it?

What happened?
Are you sick?

Franco, darling, are you sick?

What happened?

Franco, darling!

What's wrong?
Tell your mommy.

What happened?
Tell me, darling. Let it out.

- Leave me alone!
- Franco...

I don't want to know.
Don't tell me anything.

Mommy, I don't want to go to jail!

Don't cry. You'll see...

everything will be fine. You'll see.
- Help me...!

- Franchino, you'll see. It's okay.
- Help me...! I'm scared!

It's okay.

Franchino, your mommy's here.
She will protect you.

You'll see, I will help you.
Stop it, don't cry.

This is where I saw her.

Come on, let's go.



Come on, let's go!
Are you crazy? Let's go!

Come on, people are coming!