San Andreas Quake (2015) - full transcript

When a discredited L.A. Seismologist warns of an impending 12.7 earthquake, no one takes her seriously. Now on her own, she races desperately to get her family to safety before the earthquake breaks Los Angeles apart from the mainland. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
[Music playing]

[Shovel digs]

[Girl panting]

MAN: What the hell
was that?

[Dogs barking]

What the...
What was that?

What did you do?

Relax. It was just
half an M-80 this time.

Look, I made a crater.

You have to come
to see this.

I layered the sediment,

And the ejecta
looks exactly...

It's 4:30
in the morning.

I swear,
I have neighbors.

Why are you
doing this now?

For Geology.
It's due tomorrow.

Or today in, like,
3 1/2 hours actually, and...

I have to get up
in the morning.
Remember that?

I swear, at least
just one time,
I'm begging you,

Just let me sleep
through the night.


There's gas lines
and water lines
down there.

I checked.

You can't just randomly
do stuff like this.

I checked.

I had the utilities
come out yesterday and mark,

And he did a survey,
and he marked.

Look, I'm not stupid.

And how much
did that cost?

I... They spread it out
over the bills.

Look, I just... It just
took me a lot longer
than I planned.

A lot longer, and...

All right, I'm up now.

Show me what you're doing,

I wanted
to recreate craters
from volcanic eruptions,

And I had
to do it here,

Because the sedimentary
deposits are exactly...

You couldn't have just made
a baking soda volcano?

Well, as sad as I know
it makes you, Dad,

I'm not in third grade


Get out of there,


Molly, get out of there!

Ow! Ow!
No, no, no, no!

I'm really stuck!
It's stuck! It's stuck.

I'm trying!

I can't!

Pull harder!
I'm trying!

I'm trying!
Oh, God!


The whole house
is coming down!

Come on, baby! Pull!


Dad, you gotta
get out of here.

No! No!

Get out of here!

Come here.
Come here.



[Dogs barking]

[Music playing]

WOMAN: Hey, guys!

Uh, okay, it looks like

We'll be out of cell range
till Monday at least.

Uh, most
of the San Andreas Fault

Is pretty much
in the boonies.

We're up near Paso Robles

Putting in the next set
of sensors,

And if all goes well,

We'll have them all in
by tomorrow evening.

And I cannot wait
to come home.

I've missed you both.

So good night.


MAN: Molly? Molly,
where are you?

Oh, another
all-nighter, huh?

Science doesn't sleep.

But normal people do.

I did.
I just got up early.



Ah, it was just
a bad power supply.

All 19 sensors are
up and running perfectly.

Make you some eggs?

Oh, no, no, no.
I made breakfast.

Wait. What? Heh.
Since when?

Since I thought it
would melt the ice storm
with Miss you-know-who.

I thought we could
all eat together.

Oh, that's sweet,

But I told you
I'm taking up

A couple of lovebirds
at 8:00 this morning.

I only got
a couple of minutes.

What? When?

Last night,
when you were futzing
with your iPad.


Maybe I should have
sent you a text message.

No, it's okay.
I'm sorry.

I've been distracted.

And working
a little too hard?

No, look, I'm sorry.

I'm just getting
really close. These swarms.

You know, we've had
12 minor M1 quakes
in the last 72 hours.

Something's up,
something big.

I don't feel like I have
any time to waste.

Well, I'm sure
you'll figure it out.
I know you will.

At least let me
get you some toast.


You like yours
well done, right?


Is Ali awake?

I made
her favorites,

French toast
with mascarpone
and turkey sausage.

You know
how to make all that?

No, but there's these
wonderful little books
that I found

With step-by-step

Cooking books,
I think that's
what you call them.

She'll come around.

I hope so.

Stepmoms are
no competition

For the influence
of a new boyfriend.


I figure when
that relationship ends,

And I hope soon,
that she'll turn
to me again

And I could convince her
to go back to school.



Just a minute.

Hold on.

Morning, Ali.
I made you

Dad. Molly.


but I gotta run.

But it's French toast
with mascarpone.

Trying to watch
what I eat,

All that sugar and carbs.

Oh, please.
You're a rail.

I gotta jet anyway.

You know
how long it takes

To get from Rosemead
to downtown?

Why do we even live here?

Because Rosemead
sits on a giant slab
of granite,

And that's
exactly where you

Want to be
when an earthquake

Well, it's not where you
want to be when you're 18.

Well, why don't you
have your boyfriend
over here?

We can
all have dinner.

There's no boy.
See you later, Dad.

You think
your passengers
want breakfast?

I have plenty.

Put it in the fridge.
I'll have it for dinner.

And for one day, try to
not think of earthquakes.

A series of minor temblors

Causes jitters
throughout the Southland.

Two dozen tiny earthquakes

Registering 1.0
on the Richter Scale or lower

Has seismotologists scratching
their heads this morning,

While the string
of temblors seems to have gone

Largely unnoticed
for most Los Angelenos.

We'll check in with Tippi Santos
at Venice Beach,

And your weather report
from Kaz.

MOLLY: Okay, now with
this final piece in place,

All 19 sensors
along the entire fault line

Are gonna start
pinging each other,

And the system
is gonna crunch that data

And send me back reports.
And when we take

All the data streams
from all the sensors,
we get this. Danny?

Hold on
to your butts.

Each sensor monitors
microseismic activity,

And that's the changing
ratio between sheer waves

And pressure waves
within a 50-mile radius.

Real-time monitoring?
That's nothing new.

No, not just
real-time monitoring.

Predictive extrapolations

For all
microquake activities

Along the entire
San Andreas Fault.

See these white circles?
They're microquakes.

Can anyone tell me
the importance
of the microquake?

Well, they're important,

Because some
theorize they could be

Good predictors
for foreshocks

Or even quakes

And if we were
in the business

Of predicting earthquakes,
the microquake

Would be
our best source of data.

But it can't be done,
'cause it's
not possible.

What can't?
Predicting quakes.

Well, that might be true,
but I happen to believe
that it can be.

Yeah, and how'd
that work out
for you in 2008?



Well, someone's done
their homework for once.

Yes, I was wrong.
I guess you could say

I acted before I had
all the data. I was hasty.

But this is different.

Here's the catch.

See these white circles?

They're microquakes,

And they haven't
happened yet.

But I will bet you

Dollars to doughnuts,
they will,

And in an hour's time,
to be specific.

And in predicting
the microquake,

We can further
extrapolate that data

Into exponentially bigger,
more timely predictions.

I don't buy it.

And that's all the time
we have for today.

Come get
your graded field reports.

Really good job, everybody.

And if you have
any questions,

I'll be in the campus café,

All right.

Come on.


Show me
something good.

I deserve an "A."

I need it.
I could lose
my scholarship.

You should have
studied more.

I'm trying, okay,

But do you know
how many classes I have,

How much I have to read?

I'm working
all the time.

"A" students
make the time.

I have a problem with
know-it-all students who
show a lot of promise

And squander it all away
on girls and drinking.
I know your type.

You read
"On the Road" once,

And suddenly you have
all the answers.

I'm not seeing
a lot of girls.

I might just be
a teacher, but I hear
all the gossip.

And that's great.
You should be
having fun.

But just because
you're smart, Nick...

[Cellphone ringing]
And you really are.

I can see
what you're capable of
when you actually try.

But it doesn't mean
you don't have
to do the work.


Now excuse me.


Hey. You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.
Just a student.

Same old, same old.
Any word from Ali

On her first day
at the front desk?

You know Ali. She's probably
running that hotel by now.

She can fend
for herself.

Too true.
You taking off yet?

I'm gassing up right now.

Hey, how was
the field trip?

It was fine, except for

The aforementioned student
brought up 2008.

Ah, forget 2008.

Remember that Edison
failed, like, 10,000 times

Before he invented
the lightbulb, right?

You mean,
before he stole it
and patented the idea?

I'm just nervous.

I'm waiting on some data
to come in.


Oh, my God.

What is it?
Oh, my God!

What's going on?
Oh, my God, Hank!

Molly, tell me
what's happening.

It's working!

It's really,
really working.

Hank, oh, my God!
What is?

The microquakes
that I predicted.

The pressure,
the velocity, the slip,

You name it,
it's happening!

That's great, right?

Oh, my God, I'm gonna
have to call you back.

I gotta call
that smug S.O.B.
over at Caltech.

I love you.

I love you, too.
Yeah, go, go, go.

I'll talk to you later.

Professor Dunn?

Yeah, look at that.

Those green dots,

Confirmed predictions.

That's 45 to 63 minutes
in advance.

That's incredible.

It's more
than incredible.


Oh, no.
Oh, I was worried
about the swarm.

Something's up.


It's big,
and it's close.

You're saying that's
gonna hit in two minutes?

The microquakes,
this system

Had 97.7% accuracy
in predicting them.


We've gotta
get everybody out.

NICK: Are you sure?
I mean,

Where are you getting
this confirmation data from?

Yes, I'm sure.
Straight from the USGS.

But have you checked
the raw data yet?

Miss, we have
to get everyone

Out of the restaurant.

We are about to have
an earthquake.

I have to talk

To my manager
about that.

Look, Professor Dunn,
I'm sure everything

Is gonna be okay,
all right?

There's nothing
to worry about.

[Cellphone ringing]

Gun! Gun!
He's got a gun!

Everybody out!
He's got a gun!

Hey, hey, wait!
I'm... What?

Get out!

It didn't happen.

No, no, no,
it's okay!
I don't have a gun!

Hands against the wall!

I said
I don't have a gun!

No, no, no, he doesn't
have a weapon.

Hands behind
your back.

Code red! Code red!
Campus café.

No, no, no.
Sir, sir, I'm sorry.

He does not
have a weapon.

I made a mistake.

He doesn't
have a weapon.

I made a mistake.

You're clean.

Confirm for me, ma'am.
There is no one
with a weapon?

No, no one.

With a weapon?

No one
with a weapon.

I'm sorry.

Cancel code red.
False alarm.

I repeat, false alarm.
Sir, I'm sorry.

I was just trying
to get everyone out.

Okay, we don't joke
about this at all.

You know how much paperwork
I gotta fill out?

I thought...

I thought there was
gonna be an earthquake.


[All screaming]

[Glass shatters]

We can't
just run into a building
in the middle of a quake!


You have to assess
the structural integrity...

You okay?

I'm fine.

[Helicopter engine roaring]

MAN: It's gorgeous.

Bet it's a lot different
from Iowa, huh?

Yeah. Well,
Roy's never seen the ocean.

I was in the Army,
so I've seen a lot,

But not much
was this breathtaking.

Look at those boulders!

Does that
happen a lot?


Control, this is
Bell Four Delta Chaz.

I'm witnessing
a major rockslide event

East of Point Mugu.

Oh, man,
it's taking down houses

And high-tension wires.

Possible injuries.

Notify emergency
services immediately.

Oh, my God.

[Radio] Roger that,
Bell Four Twelve.

We're on it.
That's an earthquake.

We're getting shook up
pretty good down here.

Sit tight
up there for a moment.

We're suggesting a reroute
over to Malibu Creek. Over.

Roger that, Control.

Excuse me, guys.

I need to make
a quick call.

Ali, it's Dad.
Are you okay?

What are you
so happy about?

4.7 magnitude.
I was dead on.

[Cellphone ringing]
I mean, off by a minute,

But, hell, close enough.

Hank, are you okay?

I was gonna ask you
the same thing.

We could see
the shaking

From up here.
Are you okay?

Yeah. How's Ali?
She's fine.

I just talked
to her.

everything's great.

My system gave me
over three minutes

I was able to get
everyone to safety
before it struck.

Thank goodness.

So much for
no earthquakes today, huh?

[Chuckles] Right.
Tell me about it.

How'd your buddy Chet
take it?

Oh, my God. I haven't
even called him yet.

Everything happened
so fast.

Well, make sure you
be careful, all right?



Hank, oh, my God.

We've gotta get Ali
and get out of town.

What are you
talking about?

All the data
from the sensors
confirm it.

This is it.

The Big One's
coming today.

ANCHOR: Shaken,
but not stirred.

A 4.0 temblor
off the Malibu coast,

Or what Los Angeles residents
call Wednesday.

Good afternoon, everyone.
I'm Ron Jantz,

And this is a 10 Action News
special report.

Residents in Malibu and parts
of Pacific Palisades today

Are reporting moderate damage
and no injuries after what...

[Sirens blaring]

A hundred years old?

I thought this place
was new.

How can that be safe?

Sir, I assure you,

The hotel has
been retrofitted
for earthquakes.

I know it looks
threadbare right now,

But we do plan
to refurbish next year.

No, no. I need
a lower room at least
near an exit.

Ooh. [Chuckles]
I always said

The first time
Arnie and I kissed,
the Earth moved.

Glad to see
we haven't lost
our touch.

So it was your fault.

Well, no more,

I see you
had a productive time

That's a beautiful

Oh, you're a dear.

Rubies are
for the 40th,

But I
prefer diamonds.

I don't usually
shop like this,

But it is
our anniversary.

Duty calls.

That's right.
You told us.

That is
so wonderful.

Oh, you know,
we shared

Our first kiss
right over there.

It was blue
crushed damask then,

But fashions

Anyways, would you
please hold our bags

While we go
have a quick bite?


Never go to bed angry.

That's the secret.
Heh heh heh.

Dear? Dear?

You two would make
a cute couple.

I'm hungry.

Don't wait too long.
Let's go.

Just a quick bite.
Back soon.

Take your time.

Oh, we'd make
such a cute couple.

What would
your boyfriend say?

What would yours say?

[Gasps] Four-way?

[Cellphone rings]

Cover me a minute?
It's the stepmom.

She probably is just
freaked about that quake.


He can
help you, sir.

Molly, I'm fine.

We barely felt it

Good. But now
you're going
to have to leave work.

Things are gonna get
really bad.

What? No.

We are getting
out of town now.

Not this again.

I will pay you $1,000
to get out of there now.

I won't say another word
about your boyfriend,
whoever he is.

Listen to me.
This is going
to be a 10.0.

The hotel has
only been retrofitted
for up to an 8.0.

Ali, downtown
is a seismic
amplification corridor.

It will be destroyed.

The lady from Caltech
is on TV right now.

She says it's nothing
to worry about.


Ali, are you listening?

Ali? Hank?

[busy signal beeping]

[Tone chimes]

I'm here.

The call must
have dropped.

I'll try her again.
Wait, wait, wait.

What if the cells go down?
What should we do?

Molly, can you hear me?

We've gotta
get out of here.

This is going to be
exponentially bigger
than what we just felt.

The entire grid
is going to fall.


I'm gonna go get her.
No, wait. I'll get her.

You won't have enough time
to get out of the city.

Okay, Molly?

Molly, can you hear me?

Honey, I don't have
enough time or fuel

To get you and her.

Get Ali!

I'll see you there.

Meet us on top
of her building.

That's just
what I was gonna say.

I was thinking
the same thing.

In 80 minutes.
No later, Hank.

Molly? Molly!


Molly. Shit!

Little detour, folks.

We're gonna have to stop
and get some gas.

[Tone chimes,
busy signal beeping]


Hank, you better
get there.

Ali, you better stay put.

[Sirens blaring]

Good afternoon, everyone.
I'm Ron Jantz,

And this is 10 Action News

Bringing you the latest
on the earthquake activity.

We've got our team live
at the USGS facilities,

And from what we understand,
they are about to start

Their news conference
at any minute.

Okay, here we go.

We estimate it to be
a 5.1 earthquake

With an epicenter in Malibu.

In all likelihood,

There will be
minor aftershocks...

Do you have a phone,
a landline?

Is it local?

It's an emergency.

Come on, Ali.
[busy signal beeping]

Damn it.

[Line rings]

Our seismologists
will be reviewing

The data more thoroughly,
[telephone ringing]

But at this time,

We estimate it to be...

Caltech Geological Survey.
This is...

it's Molly Dunn.

Oh, hey, Molly.
You okay?

I heard
that last quake hit
a little close to you.

Cell towers
are going down,

And I don't know
the next time

I'll be able to get
to a landline or how
long they'll last,

So you have
to listen to me.

We have got to enact
a level-four evac.

This is
going to be big,

Upwards of a M10,

Molly, Molly, please.

My system works, Chet.
It knew about Malibu

Four minutes
before it happened.

And now I'm showing

No fewer
than 18 right lateral
strike-slip warnings

On 19 of my units

Up and down
all 800 miles of
the San Andreas, Chet.

Yeah, and in 2008,
you said the same thing.

Only, it turned out
to be dune buggies
and high wind.

That was eight million
lines of code,

Chet, your code!

These are new rigs,
new code,

And it's working!

A level-four evac, Molly?

You have any idea
what I'd have to do?

Will you just look
at my data? Please?

All right, fine.

Send it over to me.
I'll take a look at it.

I did! Check your inbox.

We have got
to pull the trigger
on this evac protocol.

You want me to evacuate
13 million people

Because your science project
made a lucky guess?

That's not good science.

An M10, Chet.
Listen to me.

I... I gotta go.

There will be
minor aftershocks,

But if any do occur,

The frequency of these events
should taper off quickly.

[Slams receiver]
Damn it.

Oh, no, no, no!

Professor Dunn?

Nick, I'm sorry
about earlier,

And I'm sorry
about the grade,

But I really don't have
time for this right now.

No, no. How's Ali?

Ali. Is she okay?

Yeah, she's fine.

I can't
get ahold of her.

Did she leave
the hotel yet?

She's so stubborn.

You're Ali's boyfriend.

I wanted to be
up-front about it.

She made me swear
not to tell.

She said
you'd disapprove.

Yeah, she's right.
Excuse me.

Are you gonna
go get her?

I am.

You need a car, right?

Yes, I will.

We can use mine.

Or I can go on my own.

If you think you can
get there before me,
be my guest.

All right,
where's your car?

Over here.

Oh, you can't
be serious.

She'll get us there.

All right. Take PCH.

We should stay off
the elevated freeways.


Yeah, just go.

[Sirens blaring]

Lobby looks good.
I see no damage here,

Not even a crack.
Meet me in the ballroom.

Uh, that was
quite a little shaker
we had there.

Um, is everything
looking okay? I mean...

Yeah, that's actually
pretty old.

It's nothing new.

checking out fine.

Whoo-hoo! [Chuckles]

Oh, the technology today.

When I was a kid,
it was a real luxury
to have your picture taken.

I've had more pictures taken
in the last five years
than my entire life.

Say cheese.

You'll send that to us?

Of course.

Oh, is dear
Mr. Dittmann around?

No, at a conference,

But I'm sure
he'll be happy
to see you tomorrow.


I'll radio you when
the dim sum's here.


Is this thing safe
so soon after a quake?

Sure thing. It's
been retrofitted
up to an 8.0.

All right, well,
too out of shape
to take the stairs then.

All right. 14th floor.

I hope this thing
can make it.

Oh, it's perfectly safe.

Okay. Uh, Hank, Ali,

I've tried
calling and texting,

And this is
the only other way

I could think to get
a message to you both.

2,000 hideous,
fake, metal palm trees

Disguised as cell towers
all over the entire
Los Angeles area,

And I can't even make
a single phone call.

All right.
Well, here's the plan.

I'm coming downtown.

Ali, I know about Nick,

And he's with me
coming to get you.

We just got a glimpse
from up high

Of the entire
San Gabriel basin,

And there are
fires and smoke

And helicopters.

Angry people panicked.

Ali, if you're getting this,
please just stay put.

Stay in the hotel.

It looks like the duration

Between foreshocks
is decreasing,

Which means
that The Big, Big One

Might actually hit sooner than
my prediction model suggested.

I can't be sure
until I get

Some sort of GPS or cellular
to cross-reference

The seismic
or the geological data

From all the sources
on and off the continent,

But forget about all that.
Just stay put, Ali.

If you're getting this,
stay put.

We're coming to get you.

It is getting
very crazy out here.


According to this,
we're about to have
another minor trembler.

What's minor?

M3 or 4.

We might not even feel it,
though, in a moving...

No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no!

[Tires squeal]



You okay?


[Engine grinds]

[Warning chimes]
Aw, man.

I told you so.
I knew it.

I'm sorry.

All right,
get me out of here.

Don't worry, hon.
Don't worry.

This contraption
has lasted 100 years.

That means
it's... it's strong,
not weak.

Ohh! Ahh!

Are you okay,
Mr. Lowenstein?

My heart.
Oh, what's wrong?

Where's your medication?

Where do you think?

Oh, he left his medicine
on the nightstand.

Why would you
leave it there?


Anyone there?


God, please get
this door open, please!

Malibu Aviation,

This is Bell Four Delta Chaz
requesting landing.

We've been rerouted
due to the earthquake.

Roger that, Bell Four.

Be advised
it's chaotic down here.

Proceed with caution.


Minor tremors?

Well, the data's

Hitting me
in fragments, okay?

The entire
must be hosed.

I'm missing
some packets.

Maybe if we're lucky,
we'll get some...

A data signal or
a Wi-Fi or something.

Oh, good.
I could use a latte.

What are we gonna do?


Look at
the bright side.

[Birds squawking]

I can't believe
this is happening.

How are
we gonna get downtown?

Damn it! Not my baby!

Can you fix it?

She's not going anywhere.

What are we
gonna do now?

I got us covered.

Bye, old girl.


What are you doing?

This van was my baby.

You don't remember
your first car?


You don't remember
your first car?

No. Come on.
Let's go.

Ali said that about you.


Let me
just grab something.

Well, please hurry.

Oh, my God,
Kerouac. Really?


What was that?

Nothing. Let's go.

I gave her this.

Which one,
you think?

We're going
to steal a car?

Well, if you're right,
there's not gonna be
a car left anyways.

What if
the owners need it?

More than we need it?

No, no, no, no! Don't!

This one's unlocked.

Last thing we need
is a lacerated wrist.

Think before
you act, please.

Yeah, yeah.

[Sparks crackle]

You know, if you're trying
to convince me you're

A good influence
on my stepdaughter,
it's not working.

Look, I'm not
trying to convince you
of anything, all right?

[Engine starts]

All right.

[Car horns honking]

Help me!


We're in the elevator!

Sweetheart, sweetheart,
look at me.

Look at me.
You're going to be
all right.

Cough. Cough.
It helps. Cough.

Take deep breaths,

please don't leave me!

Please stay with me.

Sir, sir, hand me
my purse, please.

I think there's
some aspirin in it.

I think it could help.

* Let me call you
sweetheart *

* I'm in love with you *

Damn it. The network
is completely down.

I have no idea how
that activity affected
the prediction model.

Take Canyon Road.

Canyon Road?
That'll take forever.

You think the freeways
are gonna be any faster?


I just want you to know

I'm not seeing
any other girls.

I thought you weren't
trying to convince me.

I'm committed to Ali.

Well, if you were
so committed to her,

Why did you convince her
to drop out of school?

What makes you think
that was my idea?

And that tattoo? I bet
that was your idea as well.

God, you really
don't know Ali, do you?

Look, she
dropped out of college
on her own, okay?

It was holding her back.

She wants to be
an event planner,
not a biology major.

I'm all for college.

It's why I'm there.
I need it.

But she doesn't.
She can blaze
her own trail.

Thank you,
Jack Kerouac.


Stop the car!
What's wrong?

The bridge is closed.

What if they closed it

Because of
the earthquake?

Oh, look at the cracks.

Should I turn around?

We don't have time.

We're just
gonna have to drive
across it carefully.

You wanna go over it?

Like that's gonna
make us any lighter.

Just drive down
the middle slowly.



We're okay.

Oh, no.

Stop! Slow down!


Go! Get out of the way!

Go, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go.

[Engine grinds]

Come on. Go. Go.

I've got
a weak data signal.

Oh, of course.

96% chance
of an M5 foreshock.

What? When?

Any minute!

[Engine grinding]

Come on.
Come on. Come on!

We're okay.
We're off the bridge.

Off the bridge.

Come on!

[Engine grinding]

Get off the bridge!

MOLLY: Leave the truck!
Come on!

I can't!
My son, he's hurt!

It's gonna collapse!
Please help me!

We have to get him
to a hospital!

Nick, wait! Wait!

Here. Help me.

Help me! Help me!


He's gone.

We've gotta go.
We've gotta go.

He'll be all right.

We just have to get him
to a hospital!

I can't lift him.
Get to a hospital.

[Overlapping chatter,

We gotta go!
I'm not gonna leave him!

We gotta get
off the bridge!

No! No! No! No!


No! Jeremy!

Please. My son.

Get off me! Jeremy!

Oh, shit.

Okay, welcome back, folks.
I'm Ron Jantz,

And we're bringing you
everything we know so far

About the series
of earthquakes

That have struck the greater
Los Angeles area this afternoon,

Starting with
the 4.0-magnitude quake
off the coast of Malibu.

Now here's what we know so far.

Authorities are attempting
to dig out residents

In four residential blocks
near the intersection

Of Temescal Canyon Road
and Pacific Coast Highway.

Approximately 24 to 25 homes

Have been destroyed
by landslides

In what can only be called
a massive avalanche.

[crew yelling]

That's an earthquake.
I'm under the table, folks.

everybody head for cover.

Everyone be safe.
This is serious. Please.

Oh, this is not good.

[Sirens blaring]

This can't be.

Excuse me, sir?
Dr. Michaels?

You are not
gonna believe this.

I been asking
for aftershock activity
since 1 A.M.,

Not worst-case
scenario models.

Excuse me, sir.

Wait a minute. Wait.

What are these nodes?

That's the activity

That there,
that's the 5.0

From 30 minutes ago,

This is Molly Dunn's
prediction data.

It's a confirmation of
the slip-strike events.

It's a near
perfect match with
the recorded live data.

The readings,
they're going
well into tonight,

And they're topping
over an M10.

And you've cross-checked
all this?

Three times.
So did Jenkins.

Sir, those are
not aftershocks.

They're foreshocks.

Henry, get me
the Governor's office!

Okay, for those of you
now just joining us,

A general evacuation order
has been issued

For the entire city
of Los Angeles.

Now this includes all
of the outlying areas.

I repeat,
a general evacuation order

Has been issued for
the entire city of Los Angeles

And all of its outlying areas.

The evacuation is mandatory.

The magnitude
of the next quake

Is expected to exceed
the tolerance levels

Of most, if not all,
of the area's infrastructure.

Now we do have
confirmed estimates

Out of the United States
Geological Survey

Putting the expected quake
at a 10.0.

An evacuation order
has been issued

For all
of Southern California.

Come on! Come on!
Let's go!

TOWER: Citation 223...
Damn it.

Hold your position!
Any luck?

Traffic on the runway!

Look, since we're
still paying for this,

We need you
to take us to Pasadena.

What? No.

Pasadena is
not gonna be
any safer.

No. To get our baby.

Hey, look, I got
my own wife and
kid to worry about.

They're relying
on me.

But you said
they were downtown.

This is on the way.

Actually, it's not.
From Malibu,

First is downtown,
then Pasadena.

Well, we have
a signed agreement
with you.

As soon as we
fuel up the chopper,
we'll take...

This is our charter.

Look, lady, you heard
of force majeure?

This is about
as force majeured
as you can get.

Hold on!

Look, honey,
we'll be okay.


Hey, hey, hey, fella,
I'm glad to see you.

We need
to rent a chopper.

Sorry, man.
Everything's gone.

As soon as I swap
out this starter,
I'm outta here.

I wish I could
help you, but it's
only a two-seater.

Come on. There's gotta be
something we can rent.

What about that one?

Please, sir,
that old relic?

You won't get it
two feet off the ground

a new rotor pin.

Can't you please
fix it for us?

Look, I gotta
get outta here,
all right?

They're saying
this whole valley

Will be underwater
by the time
this quake hits.


I'm begging you.

My wife and daughter
are depending on me.

Sorry, man.
It's every man
for himself.



I will pay you
5,000 bucks to fix it.

I don't know. I'd have
to weld a makeshift piece.

I-I'm not sure.



I will do my best.
No promises.

On one condition.
We get my baby first.

Okay, listen. Um...

We have tried a couple
of different routes,

And they are no good.

Hank, if you can see a route
and get a text out to us,

we sure would appreciate it.

Um, we're gonna keep trying.

I'll see you soon.

[Sirens blare]



Hello? Hello?
Get me outta here!

Thank God!
Open the door!

What do you think
I'm doing?

Help me pry
this door open.


Oh. Oh, thank God!

JANTZ: Those of you
now just joining us...

I have to get
to the room
and get medication.

He's having
a heart attack.
Help them.

Room 1333,

On the bed stand!

Um, sir, could you
give me a hand?

I... Sir?

Mr. Kaplin.
Mr. Kaplin.

We do have
confirmed estimates

Out of the United States
Geological Survey

Putting the expected quake
at a 10.0 in approximately
90 minutes.

An evacuation order...

I didn't
know which one.

I have to help
Gary with something
on the third floor,

Some kind of injury.

Okay. Go. Go.
I'll be on walkie.

Breathe. Breathe.
Just relax.

San Andreas fault line.

I repeat,
a general evacuation order

Has been issued
for the entire city
of Los Angeles

And all
of its outlying areas.

is strongly urged,

As the magnitude
of this quake
is expected...


We've got
to get out of here.

You said this place
can handle an 8.0?

We gotta go, like, now!

Wait! Please,
we need your help.

I can't carry him.

NICK: Ali?

Yeah. Go ahead.

I just got word
the National Guard

Wants us all
on an evacuation bus
in 30 minutes.

They can only fit,
like, 100 people.

Okay. We're coming.

100? We gotta hurry!

We'll make it.
I promise you
we'll make it.

I... I just can't
take that chance.



But if we don't
make it on that bus,

There's gonna
be hell to pay.

Come on.

Who can predict
earthquakes, anyway?

My stepmom, actually.

[Sirens blaring]

Good call on Zoo Drive.

The freeway looks packed.

Well, you were right
about Canyon Road.

You know,
collapsing bridge aside.

Oh, where are we?

It's a shortcut
through Griffith Park,

Behind the zoo.

I hate to admit it,
but I'm really glad
you came along.


Ali never listens to me.

Oh, if you think
she listens to
everything I say,

You got
another think coming.

She just
crosses her arms
and says fine

And then does whatever
she was doing anyways.

Yeah, I get that,

Followed by
a slammed door.

Ah, I had that.
You know,

I signed her up for
self-defense classes.

I told her
New York could be
a dangerous place.

Huh? Wait. What?

She said
she was gonna tell you.

You're moving to New York?

Not right away.

After I graduate.


Because we want
to live there?

And you're taking
my stepdaughter with you?

I'm not
taking her, okay?

We want
to live together.

No way.

Absolutely not.
Okay, for starters,

She's gonna go back to school
and get a degree,

Event planner
or not, okay?

Because this is
completely ridiculous!

Look, nothing's
set in stone.

[Both gasp]

What the heck
was that?

I don't know.
I barely saw it.

Please don't tell me
that was human.

Maybe it was a dog.

That's just as bad!

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

I-It's a baby hippo.


It's alive.



Oh, God.

No, no, no, no, no, no!

Hey! Hey!
[car horn honking]





Hey! Hey!


Wait! Stop!

Come on!


Come on! Let's go!

Drive! Drive! Drive!


definitely not dead.

Yeah, I figured.

Must have escaped
from the zoo, huh?




All the animals
can feel it coming.

This is gonna be
bigger than anything
we've ever seen.

We might not
make it out, you know.


I'm Edna,
Edna Lowenstein.

Uh, Kaplin,
Miles Kaplin.

Oh, well, Miles,

Thank you so much.

Consider this
your good deed
for the day.

Ah, well, no good deed
goes unpunished,
as they say.

I-It's my anniversary.

If this is
how much the Earth
moves on our 40th,

Think of what
it'll do on our 50th.

Sir, could you help us?

We have a sick man!

Hey! Hey!

Um, okay,

Maybe we should
pick up the pace
a little bit, huh?

[Sirens blaring outside]

All right, come on!
Come on.

Arnie? Oh, darling.

Good afternoon, everyone.

I'm Ron Jantz,
and this is 10 Action News

With the latest on...

Really the only way
to describe this situation now

Is as a swarm of earthquakes,

A swarm of ever more violent,
ever more stronger earthquakes.

I just don't know
how else to put it.

We're doing our best

To keep our broadcast
on the air for you.

Now, we just had to switch over
to our diesel generators.

For those of you
just joining us,

An evacuation order
has been issued for all...

I think we're
the only idiots
driving into town.

Routes going into
the downtown area

Have been blocked
by the National Guard,

And both sides of the 10 Freeway
are now flowing east.

Everyone is urged to get out
and get out now.

Oh, please
let her be all right.

She will be.

The MTA has announced

The suspension
of all subway services,

But buses are taking people east
of the San Andreas fault line.

I repeat,
a general evacuation order

Has been issued
for the entire city
of Los Angeles...

I didn't even know
she wanted to be
an event planner.

I feel like I've
spent the last six years
trying to get to know her,

And some kid
with a rap sheet
comes along,

And she
just spills her guts.

It's part of being
a parent, I guess.

Your mother know you?

My mom probably assumes

I'm in jail...

And my dad is M.I.A.

My mom kind of
just checked out,

So I hooked up
with a tough crowd.

I didn't know that.

That's why I've sunk
everything into college.

Just hoping I can
turn everything around.

You know I can't
change your grade

Because of
a sob story, though.

Hey, I'm not asking
for that, okay?

I'm just asking
that you treat me

Like I'm someone
that belongs there,

Not like I'm some loser
that just walked
into class.

You really think
I'd care so much
about a grade

If I wasn't
being serious?

Okay. If the college
is still standing

After all of this,
you've got a deal.

And same thing
with Ali, okay?

I won't lie.
I've put up the numbers.

Don't need to hear that.

No, look.

She's exactly
what I need, okay?

I want to be the guy
she deserves.

That's what drives me.

That's sweet,

But just so you know...

She's my daughter,

And I don't care much
what she does for you.

I care
what you do for her.

WOMAN: Please stop!

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Please stop!

Oh, Nick, I don't
think we should stop.

Nick, please,
we don't have much time
left to get to Ali.

Everything okay?

I am so sorry
to stop you like that,

But no one will stop.
I tried calling AAA,

And all you get
is this recording saying
that nobody's available.

Okay, so you got
some car troubles?

All right.

We had a giraffe
trample over our car.

We gotta go,
all right?

Let's get
you outta here.

Why are you guys
heading that way?

You gotta get out.

My girlfriend's

Oh, honey, you're never
gonna make that.

Well, we gotta try.

No, no, no, no, no.
You gotta listen to me.

Why are you
heading up that way?

How many miles
you got on this?

About 100,000.

Can you start the car
for me, please?

[Engine grinding]

Okay, you can
turn it off.

[Sighs] Yeah,
I can't fix this.

Oh, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no.

No, it's cool.
We got room in our car.
You can come with us.

We don't have time
to go downtown.

Please, there's roadblocks.
It's suicide.

Well, we gotta try,

We got the room.
You can come along.

No, Mom! No.


I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

We have
to get out now!

God damn it.

My daughter
is all I've got...

And we
don't have time

To go downtown.

I have to get
my baby out,
so let's go.

I gotta save
my baby, too, okay?
I can't leave her!

We got a helicopter on top
of a building down there!

We have to get out now!

Have you not been
listening to what they
have been saying?

I can't leave her.

Is that
your final word?


Okay, you,
whoever you are,

I'm gonna shoot
this nice young man

If you don't give me
those car keys.

No, Mom, don't!

There are no keys.

I hot-wired the car!
Mama, please.

Ma'am, we are willing

To take you wherever
you wanna go...

No, Mrs. Dunn, it's okay.
No, it's okay,

All right?
Just... Just go get Ali!

That's what's important
right now!

You better not!

Just tell her
I love her! Go!

I will shoot him.


I mean it.
I'm going to shoot him!

I mean it, Sarah!

I'll shoot.
She's my baby!
I'll shoot!

No! Ahh!

No! No!

Just take it!

Just take it!
Just take it!

Get the hell
out of here!

I told you go to.

And I told you we
shouldn't have stopped.

JANTZ: The National Guard
has closed down

All access
into downtown Los Angeles.

All traffic on the 10 Freeway
is now eastbound.

There is no westbound traffic.

You cannot get
to downtown Los Angeles.

The governor has declared
a state of martial law,

And anyone caught trying

To get into downtown L.A.
will be arrested.

they're getting closer.

What do you mean?

What are you doing?

Seeing how much time
we have left.

You got a signal?

A faint data signal.

But, shit, my battery.

Oh. I have a backup.


Oh, no.

No. Damn it!

No, no. Shit.
What is it?

What is it?

This thing that
I wanted to give to Ali.

She loved it.

What was it?



This stupid duck.

Damn it!

You okay?

Yeah. It's stupid.


Oh, this can't
be right.


Updated estimate.

It's gonna be bigger
than we thought.

It's saying a 12.0.

Nothing's gonna be
left standing.

So we better get going.


The quake that hit L.A.
earlier today

Measured at 5.3

According to the United States
Geological Survey.

That quake was followed
by several strong tremors.

One of them, we believe,
was another quake.

There was some damage
to some buildings and homes,

But nothing like the one

That's about to hit
in roughly 60 minutes.


109. 110.

MILES: Wait!

No more! No more!

We're stuffed
like sardines!

Bus is full!
Copy that.

Sir, the bus
is full.


Wait. Is there...

Is there
another bus coming?

I doubt it.
Next best option

Is a bomb shelter
on Flower.

A general evacuation has been
given to Los Angeles and all

Of the surrounding outlying
areas. Pretty much anyone

West of the San Andreas
fault line must evacuate.

A major catastrophic earthquake
event has been predicted

To strike downtown
Los Angeles at any minute.


detaining people.

Hey, you guys
can't be here!


Ah, we're so close.

What do we do?
What do we do?


No, Prohibition tunnels.

I used to run
all up and down them.

They're famous.
Okay, where?

Um, okay, follow me.

The entrance
is over here!

What if your data is off
and it hits early?

Then we're
crushed alive. And?

The hotel is
about five blocks away.

The tunnel runs
right under it.

Keep moving.
Keep moving. Keep moving.

Careful for this wire.

Might have
some electricity in it.

This is crazy.

You sure
you know your way
around down here?

Just trust me.
Watch your step.

No going back now anyway.
Let's go.



Oh, no.

Oh, my God. What happened?

Well, he didn't
die in the quake.

There's no sign
of trauma.

Looks like
he just died.

What killed him?

Oh, no.

Same thing
that's corroding
this penny.

Hydrogen sulfide.

Earthquake must
have caused a leak.

This poor guy
must have been
just down here working

When he got overcome.

Is it explosive?


That means...

We're in big trouble.
Come on.

[Both coughing]

I'm so dizzy.
Keep going!

Ah, careful!

Damn it.

[Both coughing]

Help me move this.
We've got to clear
an opening.

[Both coughing]

I'm gonna pass out.

I can't go on.

We've got to.
Help me.

Ah, I'm getting
so dizzy.

[Sirens blaring]


Hey, Ali, this one's
just for you, kiddo.

We're trying
to make it out to you,

But it's not looking
really good at this point,


I need you to stay safe.

Stay in that hotel.

Your father's
coming to get you.

He's gonna get you
out of there.

All right, tell them!

Tell them I helped you!

I didn't have
to help you!

You told me
that we would make it
on that bus!

Sir, I understand,

Look, it's leaving!

Look, I have a life!

Why should I
be punished for
helping them?

That doesn't make
any sense!


I'm getting on that bus!


Get your hands
off me!



Get your hands off me!

Get off me!

I deserve to be
on that bus!

Calm down, sir!
Calm down, sir!

Calm down!
Get off me!


Calm down, sir!
Calm down!

All right, back off.

You don't get to choose
who lives and who dies.

I was supposed to be
on that bus.

I helped them!

Well, if you
get to choose...

then so can I.

Mr. Kaplin,
please don't.

You used me.


I'm just sending this
to you,

Because I don't want Ali
to hear or see this.

I don't want her to lose hope,

But I don't want you
to lose hope either,

But things are getting
really tight down here.

And you know I'm not the kind
that gets sentimental...

But I just want you
to know that I love you...

You big, strong,
wonderful flyboy, you.

You are the Orville
to my Wilbur.

Don't you dare say,

Because that's a stupid joke,
and I'm always saying

That you're too old
to be saying it, anyway.

But you are my husband,

My partner, my granite rock,

And I thank God
for you every day.

Thank you so much
for saving me.

You have no idea.

And no matter what happens,

There's nothing
that's going to take that away,

How I feel for you
and what you mean to me.

And if we don't get out of this
alive or together...

Just know that I love you.

I love you, Hank.

Go get Ali.

Go get our baby girl.

[Both coughing]

Ali's strong.

She'll make it
without us.


Another foreshock's

You sure?


[Both coughing]

It'll crush us.


[Debris shifting, falling]

[Both coughing]

Chevy Chevette.


Electric blue

1977 Chevy Chevette

That I loved with
my whole heart.

That was my first car.


Wake up.


I want
to tell you, Nick...

You're really
a solid guy.

I think it's safe
to say that...

You would
have moved Heaven
and Earth for Ali.

Ironic choice of words.


Yes, I love Ali.

She could have done
a lot worse.


Can we talk
about my grade now?

Not changing it.


Didn't think so.

Ferdinand was
our first kid.


Ferdinand, that...
That dumb little toy.

Ali hated it,

But, uh,
she threw it away

Or dropped it
or something.

But I kept it.

When she found that I had it,
she made fun of me...

But it grew on her,

And she got
sentimental about it.

A little toy.


It's not stupid.

I just wanted
to give it to her.




Nick! Air! Air!

I think I see the... I think
I can see a way out! Come on.


I see light.

Fresh air.


Can we make it out?

Ah, no way.

Wait. I see
the way out.



Oh, no.

There's more gas
this way.

Take a deep breath!

No, we can make it!


[Both coughing]

If that sparks,
we're dead.

No! No!

Yeah, I can pick this.
Just let me

Look for a paper clip
or something.

Whoa, wait,
wait, wait, wait!
You can cause a spark!

Come on!


Come on.

Calm down, sir!

You have a vehicle.
I know you do.

You give me the keys.

We don't.
We have specific orders

To rendezvous
at the bomb shelter.

I don't believe you.

Downtown L.A.

Is the last place

Anybody would
wanna be during a 10.0.

Now give me the keys!

Mr. Kaplin, I think

We should go
to the shelter.

You have a car,
don't you?


Give me the keys.

It's too late for that.

I think
going to the shelter...

No, everything
is going to come down.

W-We have to try.

It is my turn
to get some help!


[Car alarms blaring]

We made it!

I can't believe it!

We're not out
of the woods yet.

We gotta get Ali
and get to the roof!

MILES: Nobody move.
I will shoot.

You had no right to say
I couldn't be on that bus!

I'm gonna live.


All right, get back.

You, get over there!

I'm warning you!


Get away from her!


Ohh! Oh! No!

No. No!

No, get off me!

I deserve to be
on that bus!

I helped them!

You don't get
to choose!

MITCH: I helped them!



I can't believe
you're here!

We have to get out!

No, we have to get
to the roof.

What? No! The place
is going to collapse!

People, listen!
We gotta go!

The bomb shelter's
two blocks away.

No way.
We are talking
about an M12 now.

Nothing within miles
of this place will
be left standing.

Come with us, okay?

There's a helicopter
on the roof.

Or will be, I hope.

Are you serious?

I have orders.

You guys have
to come with me.

And I am telling you
that this

Is your only chance
to survive.

This is insane.


Get him up!

Move out!

All right.

Come on.

Is there room for Jackson?

You fast?

I ran a 5K fun run
last month.

That's good enough. Come on.


Need to move.
I'm okay.

Come on, Mrs.
Lowenstein. We don't
have much time.

We have to get
to the roof.

Is he...

Oh, God. I am so sorry,
Mrs. Lowenstein,

But we have to hurry.

When I see the two of you
look at each other...

Your boyfriend, huh?

Makes me think of us
40 years ago.

I'm only gonna
slow you down.



Damn it!

ALI: There's
another stairwell

At the other side
of the building.




Ali, grab my hand!





Oh, my God.


Okay, okay.

Grab me.

Okay, Ali, you have
to let go of Nick.

You're gonna have
to let go of him.
No, no.

Let me pull him up,
and then we'll
get you, okay?

I can't. I can't!
Yeah, you can.

You just put
one hand at a time
on the ledge, okay?

Do it!

[Nick grunts]


[Alarm blaring]


It's below us, but it
can suffocate us!

Better odds than
we're gonna get here.

Come on.
Come on. Come on!

[All coughing]

[All coughing]

Oh, my God.

Where are you, Hank?

Come on. Come on.


I'm so sorry, honey.

I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.


HANK: Need a lift?


[Both laugh]


[Orchestra playing]

[Ballad playing]

* In the light *

* Of shadows and empty dreams *

* Behind the dark *

* Of your eyes,
I forget myself *

* Impatiently *

* Our sorrows
gather at our feet *

* And drag us down *

* To drown
in black water tears *

* Is this real? *

* Can we feel something
out beyond our reach? *

* What can it mean *

* When we wander aimless *

* Through the nightlands? *

* With every step *

* We falter
and fall upon our knees *

* Beneath the sky *

* We hide
to escape ourselves *

* Endless night *

* Before us, an empty void *

* We cast ourselves *

* Inside *

* To swallow all our fears *

* Is this real? *

* Can we feel something
out beyond our reach? *

* What can it mean *

* When we wander aimless *

* Through the nightlands? *

* Lands *

* When we wander aimless *

* Through the nightlands *