San (2007) - full transcript

Workers, peasants, soldiers, students and merchants were five groups of Chinese society in the 1950s, after the so-called elimination of the exploited class. Borrowing this concept, the umbrella is taken as the clue to rediscover changes in various social classes after the economic reform, and to analyze the social problems in China. Workers making umbrellas, merchants selling umbrellas, students looking for jobs in the rain. Umbrella is used as a metaphor that can be seen everywhere. As the raindrop, what we see is sometimes clear, sometimes untraceable. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(Social Stability Is Above Everything!)

(Persistence results in failure)


(Working hard)

Let me tell you, you gotta learn to smoke
and drink as a real man

There are some rules in smoking
and drinking

Men who doesn't drink is wasting his life!

Men who doesn't smoke
is humiliating his ancestors!

There is only one pretty in the next door

I don't think so, she is only a pretty babe
looked from afar

The closer you get to her, the worthless she
becomes. You gotta be clear on this, OK?

They are totally worthless!
Let me tell you that

Don't be so mean,
they are our coworkers too!

If I go after her I guarantee you she
will be staying with me just like that!

You are too playful!
You are such a playboy, not me!

Me? You're kidding me!

I will say everyone is a playboy

You are not a playboy because you can't
afford it, not because you don't want to!

You should be playboy if you need to!

Ya, don't waste any chance! I will say

Some rich guys even have wives
and mistresses

Right, like Wei Xiao-Bao even had seven,
or eight wives

we are definitely nothing comparing
with him!

What about the Emperor?
All these concubines!

Hey, just close the door!

He has two sisters, hasn't he?

How do they look like?

I told him long ago, girls will eventually
marry with other guys, right?

It's so true, girls will be married with

if they don't, all right, they will stick
with you forever; if that's what you want!

I am just telling the truth

Start from No. 72

No. 72

Stand over there

744 Yuan

Wu Dandan 868 Yuan

No. 97868 Yuan

Yang Haotian 768 Yuan

No. 101818 Yuan

Tan Xiaonan 768 Yuan

How much is it? 2 Yuan or 3 Yuan?

This one? 2 Yuan is OK

Then give me the 2 Yuan one

We have reached the target this year!

Which means the total number
for this year is

2 million Yuan

it is 2 million now

That means if it's 2 million Yuan now...

then I have 12,000 Yuan extra here

Should I get it back
right now or next time?

Do you want to have a shoeshine?

Did you go see the new cars in town?

I do want to, I haven't been there for days

You visit car dealers everyday? You freak!

Just to check it out!

My hubby said he wants to wait

I told him we'll buy the car
either this year or next year

Money is meant for spending

He is such a stubborn guy

Have you ever paid taxes?

You have to pay if it's over
120 thousand Yuan

So don't save, spend everything you earn

For me, my hubby makes the decision

You won't really drive it here, will you?

Anyway, I will get one next year

You will get an Audi next year

You don't believe me?

Is it hard to imagine an umbrella maker
driving an Audi?

Some are even driving a Mercedes Benz

No wonder everyone wants to make

Oh, everybody makes umbrellas

The market's so good that everybody's
driving an Audi

Everybody will follow suit

Why not? You can buy whatever you want

Who cares about what others say?

Audi? Why not a BMW 5 Series?

Like you, such a rich umbrella maker\\ why
not buy a BMW?

What's so strange about that?

Audi is OK, it's pretty good

Have you paid your tax?

The rent is as high as 120 thousand Yuan

It's a lot for a year

That's right, so I've spent it all

Money is always for spending

You pay tax on your income, minus rent

Pure income

So don't deposit it when you have money

Who knows,
there's always someone investigating

The laws are getting tighter you know

Some people will come to investigate the
moment you purchase a car

The law is getting strict

Spend the money while you still can

Bean curd, bean curd!

These clothes have turned into a mess. I've
worn it only for a day

Well, with a baby, really

can't dress up or anything

Oh, babies don't hold the
pee but it will dry in a minute

They say in a few years we can have as
many kids as we want

I would like to. I would like three

I want to have a daughter ,
Sons are too naughty

Go have a baby now!

No kids for me now, I'm a modern woman

Right, you are. More than anybody else

I am modern and I use contraception

Did you take it out?


Does it hurt?

Oh yes! I was bleeding. It hurt like hell

It would have grown into my body
if I didn't take it out

You are fine now

I heard it should be fine not taking it out

Then you take it to grave

My sister-in-law said I can't have kids yet

Wanna shoe shine?

1 Yuan

I need change

I don't have it

You bastard

Come on! Only this time

- I don't have it
- Damn You!

There's only a few

Just give me those first


You give it to me now
and I'll return it late

- Damn you!
- Shit! I don't have it

I will return it to you later

I'm also out of changes!

Just give them 4 Yuan first

If I polish two more shoes
I can give you back

Here you are. Give me back the five Yuan

- Don't you have it?
- Only one left

I only polished a few this morning

I mean these two for 11.5 Yuan

11.5 Yuan

20 packs

The plaid ones?

The plaids are the same price

How much each?

- 60
- Each one is 60?

Was that 24 gram sold from here too?

Are there anymore 24 gram ones?

Last time I called you,
your cell phone was off

So many customers here

You can't buy so few



My uncle knows a guy,
and had introduced him to younger sister

He is in the construction business

with money and an apartment

but he's short

Maybe they don't like him

The other one was great

We all agreed

But the guy... he may have another woman

It was true that all his friends encourage
him to stay single

He's got money and a car, a very good car

Shoe Shine?

Shoe Shine?

2 Yuan

Usually it's 1 Yuan

What? for such a high boots!

Who asks 2 Yuan?

It's 2 Yuan for high boots

Everyone here charges 1 Yuan no body
asks for 2 Yuan!

Everyone here shine my shoes before

It's usually 2 Yuan for high heel shoes

1 Yuan is 1 Yuan

I've already applied the polish

They're not even real leather

am I nuts to use the 2-Yuan shoe polish?

It's 2 Yuan for such high boots

1 Yuan and that's it. I've paid before

There's no way
you can get a 1 Yuan polish here

Let me help you

No, I want to do it myself


No? is that enough?

Please clear out the way

Let me ask you intelligent people
one question

I'll let you go if you answer correctly

What's the purpose of education?

For the prosperity of China

You are amazing

Who said that?
You want to be the president?

What else?
Only the right answer will get you inside

What's the purpose of education

To support retirement

Ah? Retirement? Whose retirement?

Your retirement or your parents'?

This can be a very tough or a very easy

Just think about the reason why you study
so hard

Tell me.

You are all educated people

You can't answer my question?

Who want to know my answer?

OK, some more

OK. Stop

Behave yourself or I will...

Get out of the way and don't hustle

People on the right,
please clear out the way

People need to go through here
to the restroom

Make way, move, move

Let's get back to the question

What is the purpose of education?

Answer me correctly
and I'll let you in for sure

To find a job

Then what?

To make money

for what?

Why do you need money

For living

For food .After that?

Go to the restroom!

Do you all agree?

Find a decent job and make money

Then start a new family with your money

And then have a kid and send him to school

Here's an assignment

Next week when you come

please bring your assignment

Just an easy assignment for this class

Make a job-finding advertisement
for yourself

Two proposals

Two proposals

One will be published
in Xinmin Evening Newspaper

Write down your salary expectations

We'll do our best,

as long as the HR department is satisfied
with your resume

And we will arrange you an interview
on Thursday

But there's a written test

Write here

That's right, just here

And your contact information

You've never done
an internship in this area, have you?

Not in the internship

Because my major is automation

Mostly power plant automation

OK. Leave your resume here

Our HR department will contact you later on

Since you do not have
any working experience

you may start as an intern

OK. I understand

Then I will hand over your resume to the
HR department

Please write down your salary expectation

Where do you live in Shanghai right now?

Around Xuhui District

Oh. It's quite close to the office

We are in Luwan District

Are you a registered Shanghai resident?

Is a Temporary Resident Permit OK?

Do you have the permit right now?

I can apply for that,
but I don't have it yet

I will graduate this year
and I'm sure I will have it

Sorry. Shanghai Registered Residence is
required for all new-hires this time

Oh I see. Thanks

one two three four

one two three four

one two one

one two one

one two one

one two one

one two one

one two one

one two three four

one two three four

one two one

one two one

Qing Yi is prepared
to release hand grenade


That pole is 15 meters away, not 20 meters

Zhang Youbiao is prepared
to release hand grenade


Yes sir

Zhang Yuetian is prepared
to release hand grenade

Two grenades. Release

Yes sir

Grenade release complete

Stand back

Yes sir




Liu Bo,
don't you know that you are too slow?



Move forward!

Speed up!

Go!! Go!



Do an about-face!

Right dress!

Eyes front!

Right dress!

Zhu Haitao

Yes sir!

Take those who are practicing dancing
to leave

those practicing dancing


Right face! Quick, march!

Right dress!

Good afternoon, Sir!

When you joined the army

Is it on your own will

or on your parents' will?

On my own will

So before you joined the army,

you should have known something about
the army

Maybe when you were young

you heard something about the army

What did you think of
the army at that time?

I thought joining the army can make
myself stronger

In my village, my cousin,

he was once in the army, now he retired

He said the life in the army is good

So I came here

In my hometown

I used to work in a machinery factory back
in my hometown

but I didn't feel very well

I felt it was tiring

So I want to join the army to learn
something useful

I want to learn driving

joining the infantry division

my cousin said

many soldiers learn driving at the infantry

When I was admitted to the army
I came here,

not the infantry division

I feel it might be impossible
to learn driving here

When I was coming here,

my grandma told me to behave well
in the army

and try to join the Communist Party

She hopes that when I retire from the army

I can go back to the village and do
something great


Ping ping ping

Three signal flares roar into the sky

Hua hua hua

Red army and blue army go to war

The battleground bursts and roars

A thrilling fight

Fool the enemy and deceive our foes

Send them running this way and that

Right, right, right!

Send them running this way and that

Hold the board





4234567 halt


Don't shoot rush. Order

Knock three times, don't shoot rush


Three times again

Last three times

Ready, hold the board





The front and back don't fit together

The front should be like this

Make it even after wrapping it up

Wrap over the top and pull back

Then turn the other side up

Is it clear?

Yes. got it

What is the Party's absolute command to
this army?


All be seated except Zhao Weijuan

Yes. I will respond

The Party's absolute command to this army

is to demand our unshakable loyalty

Report. Over

Sit down


“Double Four-One” content


What have others done before?

Lu Ying

Yes Sir

The rest sit down

Soldier to officer subordinate to superior

Follow the Four Reports and One Reliance

Report location...

Four In-the-knows and One Reliance

Four In-the-knows and One Reliance

Know where you are...

Four In-the-knows and One Keep-up

Four reports ... one ... one...

Subordinate to superior


Report—where you are, what you think,
what you do, what you need

Reliance, Reliance--rely on the party to
resolve problems

Superiors to subordinate—

should fully know what they think,
what they do, what they need...

And Keep-up the ideology


Report. Over

Who else?


Mu Hull

Yes. I will respond

Subordinate to superior, soldier to officer

Should follow the Four Reports and One
Reliance completely

Report where you are, what you do what
you think, and what you need

Rely on the party to resolve problems

Superior to subordinate, officer to soldier

Follow the Four In-the-knows and One

You should know their thoughts, action
needs and location

How to deal with bone fractures?

Has anyone studied fractures?

No? Who said that?

Haven't you studied fractures?

Yes or no

Tell me yes or no

These are basic tactics no one knows this?

You don't know either?


Mark time


Left turn

One step forward

one step forward

About turn

Uncle, it's me

I got 98 on my exam

I get to make one extra call again today

I'm saying that I can call again today

because I got 90 on the exam





Oh, oh, oh

Quite well

Okay, I know

Everybody, sing!

(Unity is power)

(Unity is power)

{This power is as hard as iron )

{This power is as hard as steel)

All sit down

Let's start our class meeting


Individual speech

Due to the time limit today

let's not have everyone speak

Pick two or three people

The first one is Zhao Xin



Yes sir

My ideology has been fairly stable this

Good thing is I passed all the sections;

tactics, defense and hygiene for military

That proves my efforts for the past two

were quite worthwhile

However, for some specifics

such as grenade training

which I didn't pass this time

I'll keep working on it

I will do my best to pass it

In terms of behavior and discipline

My personal routine has improved

since sheet changing drills

But they are still not
white and crisp enough

I will do my best to do better from now on

To a higher level

As to the task accomplishment

This week

I passed the squad leader's standards for
general cleanliness this week

What should be done, has been done

Nice and clean

But some minor details were left out

I didn't clean completely

I will follow the squad leader's orders

I will do my work seriously

Better, more accurate and faster


Sit down. Yes sir

Zhang Yanfei

Yes sir

Here's the summary of this week

Here's the summary of this week

First of all, in terms of ideology

There was general stability

which rather pleased me

Regarding military training

as I have participated
in the regiment performance

I didn't practice much military training

I found

some unhealthy phenomena has appeared

which has never happened before

The rice is left uneaten in the plates

I've told you that you should take only

what you can finish

We've mentioned the problem of waste
many times

Someone threw away buns, did you?

I know someone in the Platoon 2 did it

These are all the problems

Now it's time for individual report

Individual report, please


Do you need me to pick the name?

Report! I report!

Sit down!

Regarding military training this week, I
practiced well

but I didn't do well in cleanliness

From now on I should remember
all the commands

to get a better score next time

Report is over!

Good, next


OK, sit down

It's the first time that Liu Bo attends the
class meeting

According to your own behavior last week

make a report

I didn't do well in commands test

Be serious

I also didn't do well in daily routines

What you should do next time?

I should ...

I should learn from others

What are you doing

Arrange your clothes or else

you will lose the look of a soldier

There is a bag underneath

you can put rubbish there

{The sun will rise again after sunset)

(Flowers will bloom again next year)

(My youth is gone with no return )

(My youth flies away like little birds)

(My youth flies away like little birds)

(Please don't go, please don't go )

(My youth flies away like little birds )

How about tomorrow?

What if it's going to rain?

We won't be able to step into the field
if it rains

No reaping after the rain

We grow the wheat, but now we can't

even recover the cost when we harvest it

We can't recover the cost almost every year

You see, if we have harvested

and re-planted and then plowed here

The income will not cover the cost at all

It's not cost-efficient

Not so cost-efficient at all

Some people left to take on a second job

It's just not cost efficient to farm

Forget it. Let's reap it

while we have the truck

It save us some labor

The wheat will be useless anyway

you can't help

16.9 meters

0.025 Yuan per mu

You count it for me. it's OK

47.05 Yuan

Give him 5 Yuan

Speaking of wheat harvest season

let's make a count

It will cost 30 Yuan to 40 Yuan to plow

15 is not enough

should be 40 to employ labor

The seeds cost at least 20 Yuan per mu,

Then that makes it 60, right?

You have to feed the labor

You can't ignore the driver

who we hired to plow

It takes 10 Yuan to water one mu of land

How much is it now?

70 Yuan, right?

What about the fertilizer?

Fertilizer for each mu is at least 70 Yuan

Then that makes it 140 Yuan now

Aren't there insects as well?

People from the agricultural institution

were in charge of spreading chemicals

some paid for it, but I don't want to

If I did, it would cost 20 Yuan for one mu

Forget it, we cannot make profit

we'll just buy some wheat

We are not the kind of folk who can go out
and find work

What can we do except farm?

Farmers are all in the same situation

You can't do anything about it

It's better to grow corn in August

Corn sells better than wheat

If corn crop has bad harvest

then it's a total waste of a whole year

All you leave for yourself is holy
hundreds kilogram

I am not kidding!

If I squeeze the wheat seeds

Look at the wheat

You know nothing about it

See, they all stick together

and they won't grow anymore

But this is the situation

Most of the fields have been harvested

what else can you do?

Well, the rain is getting heavy now

I hope he remember to cover the grains

Let's go, Xiaoxia

Let's go. Just leave it. Stop!

Let's go, it's turning heavy now

But they should be covered

I'll take this basket with me

I'll take it

Pull, cover it tightly

Pull again, it's long

Well, we are not sure about those
near the house

there is much more wheat over there

Oh no, it's not working anymore

Just the beginning of the harvest season

but we're already done

It was too early to finish our harvest

It's because it grew up too early

The soil here is no good

The ground is quite hardscrabble

That's what happened here

This wheat is all destroyed

I was born and raised here

We're old-timers in this village

I got married around 1965

then it was Cultural Revolution

Ah, the cultural revolution ...

Let's just skip this long story

After the Cultural Revolution

there was the job responsibility system

The Cultural Revolution started in 1965

The revolution was all over the country
in 1966

Then the anti-something started in 1967

What was the situation with Deng Xiaoping?

The verdict was overthrown

There was the class purifying movement
in 1968

System of contracted responsibility started

from the last half of '69

Then the contracted system gradually
turned up

in the late "70s('80s)

Then this gradually became
“farmland responsibility ”

The land was allocated then

The central team established professional

From then on

people were responsible
for their own farmland

After that

we had raised melons

in this area for some years

After the reform initiated by Deng Xiaoping

things were peaceful for some time

We grew melons for few years

Our children were young at that time and

Allora I bambini erano ancora piccoli,

education fees were rather low at that time

Families could afford a few students for a
small amount of money

Then the “responsibility farmland” emerged

After that

we are responsible for our own land

we really worked hard to afford

children's education, many children

We work hard, so our life is improved...

Then potato flour turned into corn flour

From corn flour to pure flour

Wheat became popular

Living conditions greatly improved

Every household has its own story

of getting rich or getting poor

It's easy to go one way or the other

If you want to know about me

here, you see

I know I've been working too hard

My legs and arms hurt a lot

It's too many hours out working, I know

it's because I'm too tired

But you see, we have raised so many kids


they've all gotten married

If nothing had happened to my wife

if I still tried my best

life would still be OK, almost

But financially we lag behind

Isn't it a common situation in the

It's because you have no income

when you get older

Younger ones can still
go out and find a job

Although they don't save money

with living standards like that

it's no problem getting foods...

You see

the clothes I'm wearing now

were bought over a decade ago

When money comes easy

you won't hesitate to spend it all

So actually, it's still fairly,

hard to catch up with others

Well, I don't really
want to talk about this

Speaking of the people in the countryside

we were really suffering, really

Sometimes when I cook alone

I get so damn upset that I weep

It's not joke

But think about it, this is just...

it happens to people

Especially the old folks