Samurai from Nowhere (1964) - full transcript

The adventures of a ronin, a samurai without a feudal lord, trying to achieve safety in a neighbouring domain.


(Dojo Yaburi - Martial Art School Challengers 1)


I am here to take Otae-dono.

Original Story by: Produced by:
Screenplay by: YAMAMOTO Shugoro KISHIMOTO Ginichi
OGUNI Hideo from "Ame Agaru" SHIMIZU Toshio

Photography by:
Music by:
OTA Yoshiharu
SATO Masaru
Art Direction by:
Sound Recording by:
OSUMI Junichi

Ass't Director:
Lighting by:
SANO Takeji
OTA Kazuo
NAITO Makoto

Set Design:
TAMON Yutaka
KIMURA Yoshiko
Set Decoration:
Period Consultant:
Sword Skills Coach:
UEDA Mitsuzo
Hair Designer:
Swordfight Choreography:
MURATA Harumatsu
YUASA Kentaro

Photography Ass't:
ARAI Manjiro
Sound Recording Ass't:
FUJITA Shigeru
Lighting Ass't:
Ass't Editor:
Film Processing:
OSAKA Junichiro




(his first starring role)

HIDARI Bokuzen
AOKI Yoshiro
TOMITA Nakajiro
UEDA Kichijiro

AOYAMA Hiroshi

ODA Sonosuke
AIHARA Shozaburo NOGI Toshio TAKAYAMA Yuko
KUMOI Saburo KOMIYAMA Tetsuro ICHIKAWA Omenosuke

NARITA Shuichiro
KURA Shinpachi
MINAMI Taisuke
NAGAI Kunichika
SORO Masaru
RYU Sataro

KADOTA Takaaki INOUE Haruo KATO Hideki

AMANO Kenshiro OKAMOTO Tadayuki MATSUMOTO Soshiro

FUJI Kazumi
AONO Harumi
HARA Junko

TANBA Tetsuro

Directed by:
UCHIKAWA Seiichiro

It's true that the fee is 30 mon
when the water level is at the waist,

and 40 mon when the water
level is at the armpits.

But now the current is very
fast at the bottom of the river.

Isn't it a traveler's etiquette that
you offer an extra tip before we ask?

For being stingy over 1 ryo,

you may be stranded at the
river bank for a long time.

Are you extorting me
because I'm with ladies?

I may have to show you
my fencing skill!

Watching your fencing skill is no fun!

Watching the legs of that
young lady will be lots of fun!

If she rolls up her kimono,
we will enjoy watching her butt also!

How rude!

If we throw this fool into the river.

We will follow the floating...


You should not say such things!

I don't think you are being reasonable.

Asking for an extra 1 ryo tip
is a bit too steep.

I have not even touched such a
large sum of money in a few years.

Shut up!
You're just a shabby little ronin.

A shabby little ronin?
I am not so little.

Stop horsing around!

You bastard!

No! No, stop, please.

I may not look like a great swordsman,
but I am a master of Shindo-Muso style.


If you doubt that, I will show you.

What do you think you are doing?

Let's escape!

It is all right now.

- So long.
- Sir!

No, you don't need
to thank me for this.

Thank you for what?

Those men harassing me
is not such a big deal.

A little money would
have taken care of it.

But you showed up without
asking and scared them away.

How are we going
to cross the river now?

I see.

I meddled again.

I always screw up interfering
in someone's affairs

I don't know what to do!

We're the ones that
don't know what to do!

Right now, do something
so we can cross the river.

There is no other choice!

Thank you for waiting.

What in the world are you doing?

Hop on my back.


Oh, I can't see!

What happened? Watch out!

Watch out!

Hang on tight!

Seeing your skill before, I would assume
finding a master is not a problem for you.

As I demonstrated earlier,

I have a bad habit of meddling.

Thank you very much.
We will be fine from here.

The border checkpoint
is just over there.


Oh! This is the border?

It seems easy to get through.

No, The narrow valley there
is hard to trespass through.

Many escaping villains
are caught there.

Please excuse me. So long.

Please, at least tell us your name.

No, I am not that honorable
to be remembered.

Forgive my late introduction.

I am Komuro Tatewaki's daughter, Chigusa.
It is nice to meet you.

My name is Ishikawa Hachiemon.
It is nice to meet you.

This is from the young lady.


1 ryo!

This is totally unexpected!

How can I possibly accept?!

Well, I am ashamed,
but I will accept.

Hey! What are you doing here?

We did not notice that you are the
daughter of Komuro Tatewaki-sama,

Please forgive us for the
unnecessary questioning.

There is a reason
for this regretful mistake.

A reason?

In fact, there was a scandalous affair.

It is sensitive because it involves
a neighboring larger domain.

The daughter of the chief
counselor of the domain

eloped with someone
from our domain.

Please excuse me.

Immediately we were ordered to
find and apprehend those two.

Did you think this man, Kihachi
and I are the couple that eloped?




Betting on a match is not
for sensible swordsmen!

I totally agree with you.

I agreed for this match
not because of money.

I want to teach you a lesson so
that you will never do this again.

It is my compassion as a samurai.

I don't have anything to say.

Well, here is 1 ryo.

1 ryo.

Come again!

The match is over.

- 2 ryo!
- Yes, sir.

2 ryo.

I won't be easy on you this time.

I won the match by a fluke.

Indeed, I won the match by a fluke.

I am ashamed for my action.

Please excuse me.

I am so ashamed.

Innkeeper! Innkeeper, Innkeeper!

I am sorry for not paying
for so long.

Please give me the change.

how did you make the money?

Oh! 1 ryo!

1 ryo...

I am hungry!

Mother, I am hungry!

Sir! Sir Ishikawa.

Here is the receipt and the change.

Thank you for your trouble.

Some man came here
today while you were out.

And he was asking
every detail about you.

But it turned out the man
had a quite wrong guess.

He was looking for a
samurai named Misawa Ihei.

I told the man that the name of samurai he
was asking about is Ishikawa Hachiemon.

He went back unconvinced.

Innkeeper, what are you going to do
if a man like that comes back again?

Don't worry.

I reckon that you are not just
a ronin roaming around.

You must be secretly searching
for your enemy for revenge.

Yes, revenge!

Count on me.

I am on your side.

Eat something nutritious
with this money.

Get something you like, too.


What happened? It's gone!

3 ryo are gone!

Sir Ishikawa,
a thief stole something?

No, not really.

Monkey showman Kichizo just...

Monkey showman Kichizo just left.

I read "Monkey took the lost item."

My fortunetelling never fails.

Monkey... monkey... monkey...

"My illness was just fatigue
from traveling.

"Now I am fine.

"I am slowly paying back the expenses for
my medication and lodging with my job.

"I hear that the border crossing
check is getting tougher.

"I am hoping the day we start on
our journey would come soon."

Damn it!


I am just trying to cheer myself up!

Why can't I be treated as a customer?!

Get away!

Get away! Get away!

Don't you know Shinjo-Itto
style's Toda Danjo?


Stay calm!

He lost just an arm. He will live.

Damn it!

Head clerk! I need a drink.

- Head clerk!
- Yes, sir!

Thank you for coming,
let me guide you to the table.

There was another "dojo challenge"
today in town.

They bet on a match.

It has been 2 years since
Misawa Ihei left the domain.

He can be betting on matches
to earn basic living expenses.

According to a student of the dojo,
the man won the match

with the "drop-sword" technique.


That's a secret technique
of Ihei's Shindo-Muso style.

I went to the inn where
that man is staying.

It turned out the name of the
man was Ishikawa Hachiemon...

and he was not with a woman.

He'll never escape from this town...

as the checkpoints are becoming
stricter for all the travelers.

A martial arts school master Toda
was just injured outside by a ronin.

Is the ronin's fencing
style Shindo-Muso?


Don't be so eager.

How silly our job is!

How many more years must
we look for the eloped couple?

Who are we doing that for?

We are doing that for ourselves.

We will find the couple, kill Misawa,
and bring the woman back.

That's our job.

That will lead us to employment.


No one knows what will
lead us to employment.

This is not a meaningless effort.

- This will...
- Talk about it after we kill Misawa.

- We can!
- Can we?

You are still young.

If we need to,
we can always buy some help.


- Don't be rash!
- Be quiet!


Sit down!
Hey waitress! Bring more saké!


Yes, sir. Just a minute.

Serve here first!

Thank you for waiting.

Sorry for taking so long to serve.


I don't want any saké.
Serve a meal.

The meal does not taste good until
I've maintained the tool of my trade.

Do you know anyone offering employment?

What kind of work?

I charge 3 ryo
for mediation of a fight,

2 ryo for taking the life
of an ordinary person,

5 ryo for a samurai's life,

5 ryo also for kidnapping a woman,

20 ryo for breaking
a border checkpoint.

As I am short of money now,
I am offering discounts for my services.

Since I don't have even the
money to pay for this place,

if I don't get any business,
I may trouble you.

Did you just fight and injure a man?

Yes, I did.

I didn't make any money with that.
I cut him because he was too obnoxious.

For doing that,
I lost a possible client.

He said that he owns a dojo.

I can't go challenge his dojo for
money after cutting his arm off.

Give me rice.

Don't be scared.
I just wanted to see your hand.

I noticed your callous
from Naginata training.

Though that does not mean
anything to me.

My wages are too low.

What are you talking about?

When I was stamping on mud to make the
plaster for a wall, my toes were so cold.

When I was carrying rocks at the river,
my shoulders were in such pain.

After all that, this pay is too low.

This is not the time
to talk about that!

I negotiated the deal for you to
cross the border checkpoint.

For 10 Ryo?

Don't take it lightly!

It was a tough negotiation
to lower the fee to 10 ryo.

Ishikawa Goemon...
- Hachiemon.

Yes, Hachiemon.

Just state your name.

Then you and your wife can
walk through the checkpoint.

Okay. And about the checkpoint...


Yes, sir.

Thank you for your hard work
late at night.

We are checking everyone's
traveling permit.

My customers are old regulars
and I know each one of them.

If a new suspicious customer visits,
I will report it to you right away.

I see. You're an honest
and reliable man.

I am trusting you.

Thank you!

Please take care.

I took the 1 ryo coin back.

Back to the subject,
can you get 10 ryo soon?

Your wife must be eagerly waiting.

That's strange!
What happened to that 1 ryo?!



For 2 ryo!

Sensei! Sensei! Sensei...

You seem to be in the same business.

But I beat this dojo already.

I will bring happiness to people

by telling the winner

of the fencing tournament.

Wait, samurai!

I assume you're all participating
in the tournament today.

Please let me tell your fortunes.
Only 5 mon per person.

"About this tournament, the
winner will rewarded with 10 ryo.

"This tournament is open to all."

We should participate
in this tournament.

We will do well against
those country samurai.

Have you no pride?
Prize fighting is shameful.

I am only joking.

What are you thinking about?

Misawa Ihei might be coming here.

Indeed, he may.

Samurai-sama, if you are participating,
you should sign up now.

Let's go.

Contestant #17 on the East side,

representing Onodaha-Itto style,
Katai Shinzaburo-dono!

On the West side,

representing Miwagen style,
Hiuchi Matashichiro-dono!

Hold it! The West wins!


It is a draw!

On the East side,

representing Tenshin-Kassatsu style,
Oba Gunjuro-dono!

- I surrender!
- Stop!

If there's not another challenger,

Tenshin-Kassatsu style,

Oba Gunjuro-dono is today's winner!

There is one more challenger.

Please this way.

What are you doing?

Today's final match is a draw!

Therefore the prize money
is divided to 5 ryo each!

Please forgive me.

I did something very shameful.

But 5 ryo more.

If I earn 5 ryo more, we can leave.

Tae, please be patient
for a little while.

Thief! Thief!

Admit it!

I saw you stealing!

- Rice! Come on...
- Come on...

Do you think it's okay to fill yourself
up by stealing food from others?

Huh? Say something!

You are talking big.

But how are you making a living?


Are you saying that I'm also a thief?

You are selling your dirty
body cheaply everywhere.


How dare you?! You whore!

I may not look so affluent now,
but I used to be a rich man once!

Stop! Stop! Stop, stop!

I said stop!

What is this?

We should not hate each other.
There is no reason for it!

Please stop that!

If you start overstating things, your
words start breeding more hard feelings.

We must stop that.

Please wait for a little while.

I will be back soon.

Here is the delivery!

Here is the delivery!

Everyone! Let's have a party
to cheer ourselves up!

This is not so much for a reconciliation,
it is just for cheering up!

What a nice treat!

Hey mister!
How about this?

Poor people may fall in the hell of hard
feelings for a small amount of money,

but a small amount of good will can
also bring the poor to the heaven of joy.

That's right!

Please forgive me.

I cannot manage to save 10 ryo.

Tae, because of this, our
departure is delayed again.

Forgive me.

I caught one!

Oh! You did!

- I'm good at catching fish, aren't I?
- Yes, you are!

You are much better than me.

Why can't you catch any?

Why? I am trying.

Here's another one.

Oh! You caught another one!
It is surprising!

I wonder if the fish gravitate
toward unselfishness.

The same thing can be said
about the way of the sword.

Unselfishness will always prevail.

Sword without worldly
thoughts is undefeatable.

- What is going on over there?
- Sir...sir.

Please stop!

I don't know the circumstances,
but please stop killing each other!

You bastard ronin! Get out!

I can't just walk away from this!

Get out! Get out!

Perhaps I shouldn't interfere, but
you must not be killing each other!

Stop it!

Reckless bastard!

Please stop!

I knew this is not my business,
but I just couldn't let this happen.

Please calm down. Please!

Or the fish will go away.

Let's go.

Oh, uncle! A fish is biting! There!


That's a big one!

It's a big fish!

Indeed unselfishness wins!

Your name is Ishikawa Hachiemon?

Yes, sir.

After talking to you in person,
I confirmed my opinion about you.

You are an extraordinary samurai,
superb both in skill and personality.

I, Kokuro Tatewaki,
am proud to meet you.

Thank you.

How about some tea?

Please don't bother.

- Please get...
- Ishikawa-dono!

Yes, sir.

Would you accept the position of
fencing supervisor for our domain?

How would you like
to be employed by us?


I don't want to ask forcibly.

You are offering me a postion

although I have not even told
you about my past employment.

It is my policy to not inquire
about past employment.

Because I understand that everyone
has reasons for being unemployed.

I see.

Can I consider that you intend
to get this employment?

Can I?

I must apologize.

- Apologize?
- Yes.

My name is not Ishikawa Hachiemon.

It is Misawa Ihei.

Misawa Ihei.
Your name is Misawa Ihei-dono?

I see.

I thought that the name Ishikawa
Hachiemon did not fit you.

It is true that the
name reveals the person.

The truth is, I have a reason
for the false name.

Otae-dono, no Tae.
I should call her just Tae.

- Otae-dono..?
- Tae!

Tae was the chief counselor's
daughter Otae-dono.

The clan lord wanted Tae
for his mistress.

Tae told me that she would rather
die than become his mistress.

So Tae and I left the domain
and got married.

Since then, we have been
living humbly like this.

I am so ashamed
to tell you this story.

I see. The chief counselor's daughter
and a member of the domain

took each other's hands and eloped?

Yes, yes.

I really want you to work for me.

Whatever happened before you arrived
in this town makes no difference to me.

I will not need to know more about
you than what you just told me.

Because I rule the land which
belongs directly to the shogun,

I will not let any other
domain lords meddle.

Ishikawa-danna you have a guest.

- Ishikawa?
- That's you, Misawa Ihei.

Ishikawa is okay also.

Thank you very much for
your kindness the other day.

No, I am the one
that should be thankful.

Oh! Chigusa. You are late.

Yes, it took more time than expected.

this is my daughter Chigusa.


This is for you.

You are too generous.

Thank you very much.

Please share this.
Please come in.

Good saké!


Chigusa, you guessed right.

When my father told me about your
stopping the fight and catching a fish,

I thought that must be you,

No, no. His name is not
Ishikawa Hachiemon-dono.

It is Misawa Ihei-dono.

So he gave me a false name?

Why did you lie?

Don't impose. Everyone has reasons.

Well, I understood
your situation broadly.

It is an irony that
your honest personality

can work against your daily living.

Thank you for your kind words.

Then you will accept
my employment offer?

Yes, certainly!

I accept with great appreciation.

I am inviting you to my mansion soon.

I will send a messenger.

We will discuss the details
of your employment then.

- Chigusa, let's go.
- Yes. Excuse us.

- May I ask a question?
- Yes, sir.

How much does a hair ornament cost?

It depends on the merchandise.

This one?

This one is expensive.

How much?

1 ryo and 2 Bu.


2 Ryo?!

- I want my change.
- Yes.

A scruffy looking customer is in that
room. He requested a server by name.

- Who did he ask for?
- You!


No, just kidding. He wanted Otae-san.

It was you!

Oh! Tae-dono.

Please don't call me Miss Tae.
We are married.

That's right.

Tae, It took a long time. I am
sorry for keeping you anxious.

Is the strict border crossing
check continuing?

Yes, it is.

But things are looking up
with their help.

Their help?

I am talking about
the people at the inn.

2 months I stayed at the inn was the best
experience since we started our journey.

Tae-dono, no.
Tae, how are the things?

I began to understand the
joy and the pain of working.

The amount I owe to the owner of
this place is reduced to just 1 ryo.

I am sorry for your hardship.

Not at all. I would like to
hear more about the inn.

I've been hearing various
rumors from customers here.

Rumors about many dojo challenges.

And often the winner uses
the "drop sword" technique.

Every time I heard those rumors,
I wondered if that was about you.

No, I was sure that it was
about you and I despaired.

You promised me. You swore
that you will never do that.

I will put up with any hardship even
if I have to work hard manual labor.

And I begged you not to challenge
dojos or bet on fencing matches.

You are right.

But I really needed 10 ryo.

With that money, we can
go through the checkpoint.

Pass the checkpoint for 10 ryo?

Yes, the money is supposed to
work just like a traveling permit.

I thought we should set the time of our
departure since they are closing in on us.

I must have caused all
of these troubles.

It is not your fault!

The reason is something big,
something very big...

Our lord requested that you
become his mistress.

You must not refuse the offer.

Tae... every...
person has his own destiny.

Can you consider finding your
happiness as the lord's mistress?

No, I can't.

Even if there is no other way to live?

No other way to live?

Did you just say "if there
is no other way to live"?



I am here to take Otae-dono.

- Ihei-dono!
- Tae!

Tae! Tae! What's the matter?

Since we left,
I had never and will never

mind any hardship until the day
you will be employed again.

Yes, employment!
I am going to be employed!

Please rejoice!

This money

was given by Komuro Tatewaki who rules the
shogun's land to prepare for my employment.

We will be invited
to the mansion soon.

Komuro gave me the
money for preparation.

It is just like a dream.

One day I was thinking about
breaking through the checkpoint,

and the next day, Komuro-dono
offers me employment.

You had many offers
for employment before.

If we have too much hope, we may
be severely disappointed again.

This time, it will be fine.
This time for sure.

I want to hope,

but If I hope too much,
I will be so disappointed.

Komuro-dono told me that he
does not care about my past

and he won't let other lords
meddle about my employment.

He does not care about the past?

And he won't let other lords meddle?

Those were his words?

Yes. This time is for sure.

I will be employed in the shogun's land.
This time for sure!

Oh! Here it is! I found it!

It is my first experience to
buy something such as this.

Please accept it. Please, Tae.

It must be Takashima.

He was doing maintenance of
his gun from the early morning.

Being so close to the target, a young
fellow like him tends to be overzealous.

He might have left
a lover in his homeland.

For the two of us, this is the last
opportunity for employment.

I'm already over 40 years of age.

Today is the day we promised
to see Oba Gunjuro isn't it?

We should hear from him today.

Our inn is here.

Gunjuro is searching
all the inns near the river.

Over there is the border
crossing checkpoint.

Gathering from the rumors, I'm sure
that Misawa Ihei is in this town.

It's cold.

He came in just before noon, then
went up there and started snoring.

What an odd fellow!

This is a time for celebration. What
a drag to have a nuisance like that!

- Gohei-san.
- Yeah?

When is Misawa coming back?

He is welcomed at the
Komuro mansion today.

Accompanied by his wife,
he must be very happy.

Hey darling! Show me a good
time like that just for once.

I am quite confident about
my service in the night time.

How conceited you are!

Be quiet!

He's back! He just came back!

How about that! That's splendid!

He is back! He just came back!

Stop here.

We will come back tomorrow
morning with a palanquin.

Thank you!

- Please excuse me.
- Yes, sir!

Oh! You are back!

Congratulations! Congratulations!

I knew that you were not
just an ordinary samurai.

That's a great honor to be employed
by Komuro, ruler of the shogun's land.

How much is the salary
for a fencing supervisor?

It depends on how
wealthy the domain is.

That's right it depends.

The best one is
of course Shogun-sama.

The fencing supervisor
Yagyu-sama earns 12,000 koku.

12,000 koku?

If you stack that
amount vertically with rice

it will stand taller than Mount Fuji.

If he tries to eat that much rice in
one year, his belly will explode!

That is about Yagyu.
It's my treat, let's have a drink!

Sir, Please change into the
new outfit and sit in the middle.

Madam, please help him with this
new kimono with the family crest.


No, your name was Tae.

We come across each other often.
It must be fate.

Until now, we came across innocently.

Indeed, innocently.


Tae, what's the matter?

Thank you.

When we left home,
I did not have any hope.

But you brought
so much happiness to me.

I am overwhelmed with joy.

Tae, no that's not exactly right.

I can't explain well, but you just made a
good decision to leave everything to me.

Since we left our domain more than two
years ago, I let you suffer much hardship.

And now, I am the one who
would like to say thank you.

Tae, let's greet the
people of the inn.

Oh! You look splendid!

Ishikawa-danna, I mean Misawa-no...

You don't need to be so formal.

So splendid looking, we're not
worthy to be even a servant.

I will be your sandal carrier.

That's still unworthy. Even the
lowest ranked servant is unworthy.

How about the palanquin carriers?

A man who's risen in the world
is really different from ordinary.

He is radiating some divine light!

Oh! That's Lord Komuro.
He is here in person!

Bow! Bow! Everyone bow!

Excuse me.

Unexpected trouble developed.

I have praised
your skill and personality.

And I told you that I don't care about
your past before coming into this town.

But, you did something very shameful!

You participated in a dubious
martial arts tournament.

Fighting matches for prize money is
inexcusable conduct for a samurai.

I must withdraw my offer
for your employment.

I assume you have no objections.

Please accept this.

It might come in handy later
on your journey.

I cannot accept this.
Please. Please.

This offer was my daughter
Chigusa's idea.


Please accept it.

I can't.

I should also return everything
you have provided.

No, I can't. I can't.

- Please.
- No, I can't.

Thank you, I will accept.

Lord Komuro, everyone is aware that
participating in such a tournament is wrong.

I have been begging my
husband to stop until today.

But sometimes there is an
occasion when one must do that.

Tae, stop.

- No.
- Stop!

All right, I'll stop.

Then I will speak to you.

I will not stop you anymore.

From now on, if you wish,

feel free to do whatever you think is
right, even earning money in a tournament.

Well, excuse me.

The traveling permit?


He is leaving us now!

Thank you.

Sayonara, sir!

Thank you for all of your kindness.

I wonder when we will see you again.

This medication works well
for your feet.

Missus, you might need
this for your journey.

Thank you.

This boy and I are used to traveling.

We don't need
this medication any more.

I found this in my sleeve!

Thank you, sir!

Are you leaving so soon?

Yes, thank you for everything.

Please use this for
those who are in trouble.

Please make sure you stop
at this inn again.

Please never walk
by without stopping!


I did something bad.

Please forgive me, sir.

I blamed the missing 3 ryo on the
monkey showman, but it was me...

You bastard!

Stop! Stop!

Stop that now!

My wife was ill...

We should not hate each other.

There is no reason for it!
Isn't that right, sir?


Hey, fortuneteller!

I have a similar memory in
my past. That's no good.

Everyone, thank you for everything.

- Good luck!
- Take good care of yourself!

Please take care!

That man is really taking
our business away.

Yes, it's depressing!

How are we going to make a living?

Since I am short of money, we
will cross without your service!




Hey, you!



- Wait!
- Wait!

You are Misawa Ihei
and Tae-dono, aren't you?

Under the domain's order,
we apprehend both of you.

Be cooperative!

Take the woman first!

Kill him!




Why are you interfering?

You're the one who informed on those
two and collected the reward money.

I appreciate the reward money,

but I have decided to help those two.

- Helping out?
- What?

Hey, you two!

My normal rate for breaking
a checkpoint is 20 ryo.

But I won't charge this time.
After all, we're in the same business.

Kill him!

Get him!





You are quite a swordsman.

Consider the money I was
paid as an unclaimed deposit.




Well, so long.

By a curious turn of fate,
I am thankful to you.

Indeed, it was a curious turn of fate.

My life and yours are quite opposite.

5 years ago,
my life was just like yours.

There was a similar episode of employment
and earning money in a tournament.

But the difference
was that unlike you,

my wife passed away.

My wife did not survive for me.

Good bye.

Over that mountain,

there is a town of
170,000 koku, Goto domain.

The town is known for its
enthusiasm for the martial arts.

I think I will get
employment this time.

This time for sure,
I will be employed!

Look. Under that cloud,

there is the town of
170,000 koku Goto domain.