Samurai Wolf (1966) - full transcript

A charismatic ronin gets snared into a conflict between officials at a waystation, and gains the enmity of a group of thugs. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
A Toei Production


Original idea: Hideo GOSHA

Script: Kei TASAKA

Shooting: Sadatsugu YOSHIDA
Light: Haruo NAKAYAMA

Sound: Masayoshi MIZOGUCHI
Artistic Director: Akira YOSHIMURA

Music: Toshiaki TSUSHIMA

Editing: Kozo HORIIKE




Tatsuo ENDO - Junkichi ORIMOTO
Yoshiro AOKI

Takashi TABATA - Kyoichi SATO

Directed by Hideo GOSHA


How much?

Seven rice bowls at 20 mons each
and a meal at 30 mons...

that's 170 mons.


There's a problem,
I don't have any money.

I'm broke.

You want to leave without paying?

How inconsiderate!


I can work in exchange!

I can chop wood,
do the washing, do the housework,

clean out a well and fix leaks.

Since when do you have a son
who knows how to do so many things?

He's not my son. He's my husband.

Your husband?


Who are you?



Stop acting, you dirty peasant!

Are they dead?
What happened?

They were on the highway.

I saw three men attack them
from far.

The attackers were expert swordmen.

Why would they attack employees
of a post house?

I don't know.

If it happened on the highway,
it doesn't fall within my jurisdiction.

Aren't you going to do something?



Chohachi... Toramatsu...


Sir Samurai!
Please, help us!

What's going on?

It's a long story.

They've been killed
by Nizaemon's guards.

He's the one behind all this!

You're right! It's obvious.

What cruelty!

He's gone too far.

Come, we're going to assault
his office!

Seizo! Don't rush!

No one will stop me.
This work, it's all our life!

Seizo, stop.


Be careful.

- Lady Chise...
- Do as I say.

Sir, you're the one who brought them,
are you still here?

Please forgive me.

I'm blind.

I'm in charge of this
relay administration.

I would like to talk to you.

Bring some water for his feet.

My name is Chise.

What's your name?

I'm known as

"Kiba, the Furious Wolf".

"Furious" because I show my fangs
very often

and "Wolf"...


I'm just like a wolf.

The Furious Wolf?

You're very bearded for a wolf.

Yet, I shave.

How do you like this relay,
sir Wolf?

In the past, I knew
a village very similar to this one.

But a plague was devastating it.

Here, our scourge,

it's Nizaemon, the messenger.

The messenger?

Stationed every 28 km
official messengers are in charge

of the shogun's mail transport.

Local officers can't
do anything against Nizaemon.

He's taking advantage of it.

He hires runaway criminals
and drifters.

Even the village guard
is at his orders.

He wants to take over
the relay's management.

Before, he was only
stealing merchandise

but this time
he killed my employees.

One moment.

Why does he want this relay?

To transport merchandise
from Bushu to Koshu,

you have to change
men and horses here.

That's what interests him.

If he was running this relay,
he could make his own rates.

That's terrible.
Seizo wants...

We couldn't hold him back.

Seizo, don't forget that
I am the Shogun's messenger.

If you lift a hand
on my official outfit,

I have the right to kill you.

He looks like a donkey
wearing a lion skin!





Mister the samurai!

I'm not here to help you

but to tell you to stop
those stupid quarrels.

Why don't you mind your own business?

Is it you, Nizaemon?

You are well dressed
for a simple messenger.

- It fits you well.
- You son of a...

Don't get angry.

Those three wandering samourais,

I think I saw them earlier
on the highway.

Was it them?

Keep cool. Let's do one thing at a time.

Hey, guard!


This time we're in
your jurisdiction.

Why don't you arrest them?

Do you want to die?

Get down your high horses.

Your chief seems to be

the one who carries this strange
beast on his shoulder.

Don't you say anything? I haven't heard
the sound of your voice.

He doesn't talk.
He's mute.

I see.

But he can read on your lips

all the crap you're saying.

People of Arai relay!

Inspection Departement!

Clear the way!


Thank him for saving you.

You too.


The three of you were in charge

of merchandise delivery to Imagawa.

No more excuses!

We always gave you compensation

for stolen merchandise on the road.

Money doesn't solve everything.

Will you take the risk

to have to compensate for 30000 ryos?

30000 ryos?

In 3 days,

30000 ryos to be delivered to the Treasury
Intendant will pass through here.

You will be responsible of the convoy
from here to Imagawa's relay.

If anything wrong happens,

you know what to expect.

So, Chise?

We will take care of this money.

This relay is at a strategic position
when we cross the mountain.

You could fix your own rates.

I'd understand if you wanted to run it.

But no...

If ever...

Nizaemon, if you ever manages
to take control of this relay...

Well, do you see?

- Do you get me?
- No need to explain.

You should refuse to escort this convoy.
It is a friendly advice.

Lady Chise, I understand

but considering the situation,
you should hand it over to Nizaemon.

Let's refuse this convoy.

I'm out.

Me too.

Guys, are you leaving us?

There's nothing else we can do.

We must protect our work
at all costs.

Nothing grows here.

Would you like us to become farmers?

Don't worry.
We'll take care of the money.

The Furious Wolf, is he still here?

I don't know.

I think he must still be around.

You kept my flower.

My name is Okinu.

Who are you waiting for in this relay?

You threw me this flower

to find out who was hiding under the hat.

I guessed right, didn't I?

Is it the one you love?

I'm waiting for...

the man who destroyed my life.

I'm sure he will come.

I'll wait for him as long as necessary.

What determination!

I wanted to tell you...

I don't have any money.

I'm broke.

It's not a problem.

Men like you earn money easily.

Also, when I'm with you,

she leaves me alone and I'm happy about it.

Who are you talking about?

Ohide, my boss.

This fat sow is only a peasant

but she thinks she's better than others.

What's going on?

Sir Wolf!

Nice move...

He killed our chief.

What shall we do?
He's allied with the blind widow.

Let's attack him!

He's strong but if we surround him...
Right, chief?

He's a demon.

Only the Devil could defeat him.

The Devil?

I'll go look for him to the end of hell.

You are fearsome.
But you should stay alert.

It's you who forced me to take a bath.

Besides them, I don't fear anyone.

I'm going to wash you, sir Wolf.


I'm blind.

Yes, but...


I have a better sense of smell
than ordinary people.

I'm sorry to tell you,

but you smell really bad.

It's normal, I haven't taken a
bath since a year.

That's horrible...

Do you intend to ask me
to stay for some time?

Please do.

To deliver without risk

the 30000 ryos to Imagawa's relay,

we need your talent.

I can only trust you,

sir Wolf.

I refuse.


I've got nothing to do with that.

I can't risk my life for people

I don't know.

You will be generously rewarded.

What would you say about 50 ryos?

100 ryos.

Do you still refuse?

If you want it...

my body is yours.


You're a good man.


I can feel it. You pretend to be bad.

You want people to think you're a tough guy.

Am I wrong?



He's coming!
Boss, he's coming!

It's the only road for Arai relay

- I'm going to warn Oryu.
- Wait!

- We'll handle him alone.
- But...

He killed six of our men,
including our chief.

We can't let him go unpunished.


What are you waiting for?

Here he comes!

Are you kidding me?

He left everything in a mess
and without paying.


And you're sleeping as if nothing happened.

You had it coming.

Pick up the droppings while you're here.

Is Nizaemon here?

Who are you?

Sanai Akizuki.
Iwazo sends me.

What are you waiting for?

Prepare some water for his feet.

Iwazo told me a lot about you.

I've heard you're worth a hundred men.

Bring something to drink quick.

I don't drink alcohol.

Don't say that.
Just to clink glasses.

How many must I kill?

I take 5 ryos per head.

You're here for only one man.

The Furious Wolf.

The Furious Wolf?
I know his reputation.


He's a worthy opponent.

It's going to cost you a lot.

To kill him, I want 50 ryos,
including 30 now.

I'm the only one who can defeat him.

Don't go to Imagawa relay by the river.

Let's take the main road by horse.

It's the safest way.

Wouldn't it be better
to go through the mountain?

We'll have three boxes full of money
and ten horses.

In case of an attack,
it would be hard to regroup.


We'll follow the main road
with a cart pulled by two horses.

Do you agree?


Ok then, it's all set.


- Find a good cart.
- Yes!

- Yasuke, spears!
- Ok!

I haven't used one in a long time.

I'm going to practice.

Does anyone know where she is?

Goddamn it...
Where is this bitch?


Here's five years of savings.

I would like to hire you.

What for?

The one I was waiting for is at Nizaemon's.

His name is Sanai Akizuki.

I saw him.

What did he do?

Five years ago, during farmers riots,

he slaughtered my whole village,
supported by the administrator.

I beg you, kill him.

Keep this money.

Is it not enough?

I'll probably have to fight him,
no matter what.


What? What's going on?


Move away!

Goddamn it...

What's going on?

I'm being challenged.

The guy who just arrived at Nizaemon's house

wants to see me tonight at 11.

Where was she?

She was just outside the relay.

She had money on her.

No! I didn't intend to run away!

Let go of me!

Don't take me for a bloody idiot!

What a nice show...

Take her away.

Come here!

I think we'll get along together.


There are only men at the messenger office.

I always want a woman

before killing someone.

Are you really going to fight him?

If I duck out of it,
he will kill more of your men.

Is it what you prefer?

Don't worry.
It's part of my job.

You must...

You must...

come back.

Tomorrow, you're going to escort the money.

If anything happened to you...


I'll come back in one piece.

I entrust you with them.

I would have wanted to give you

something else than scissors.

You are disgusting.

You are too young, Wolf.


Still five years

and you'll be like me.


Yes you will!

But if you prefer...

you're going to die!

Sir Wolf...


What do you want?


Do you give up?

No, it's not the reason.

Sir Wolf...

Our fight is postponed for another day.


If you follow me, I'll kill you.

Sir Wolf...

You're bleeding!

You are from a family of samurais.

How did you end up here?

The previous owner of this relay
saved my life.


I came here seven years ago.
I was looking for someone.

Then I lost my sight.

I was totally desperate

and this man saved me.

What happened with
the one you were looking for?

I don't want to talk about it.

It's ancient history.


Help me, sir!

Let him have fun.
Leave me alone.

- Kill him!
- Who are you?

What do you want?

During a fight with Iwazo,

you killed our chief. You must pay.

Go! What are you waiting for?

Tonight, I'm not in the mood,

but if someone follows me, I kill him.

The bastard...


What happened to you?

Nothing. You want
the 30000 ryos, right?

You're a fast learner.

Listen, Sanai.

We ask you to take them.

The relay will be blamed

and the administrator will keep this money.

But think.

Are you going to keep killing
for a miserable salary?

Do you want us to run away with the money?


I was waiting for a man like you.

What's happening to you?

I never trust a woman.

How nice of you.

It would be funny if one of us
would try to swindle the other.

The 30000 ryos have arrived to the relay.

The relief will take some time.

Sanai, time to set off.

Don't forget my instructions.


He left without noticing anything.

If you hadn't informed me,

he would have conned us.

I need your help.

Team with me.

What should we do about Sanai?

You don't handle a spear with just your arms.

Move your hip.

If you proceed like that,
no one will resist you.

Do you understand?
Your hip!

- Let's go!
- Sir Wolf!

En route!



If they attack us,
it will be on this road.

You're right.

Listen to me! Be very watchful!



We'll arrive soon.

They disappoint me.

They were afraid to fight us.

Seizo, Hang on!

Mister the samurai...

Don't worry about me.

Get the 30000 ryos back...


Ohide, get on quick!

Good job.
Now you're gonna die.

I see. Nizaemon sends you.

But you did all this for rocks.

I've been waiting for this moment
since a long time.


Who are you?

Do you remember what you did...

five years ago...
durings the farmers riots?


Goddamn it!



What are you doing?

Your load seems very heavy.

Where do you come from?

- From the relay before Arai.
- What?

Who hires you?

The widow of Arai relay.

A fake cargo is carried by horses

She entrusted us with these crates.

Is it you who were riding the horses?


Goddamn it...

What happened?

What happened?


He kidnapped Lady Chise!

- Hello.
- Come in, please.


Where did you hide the 30000 ryos?

Don't be stubborn.

I'd rather die...

She's obstinate as a mule.

She isn't made of wood.
She'll talk sooner or later.


Iwazo sends us some expert
swordmen as reinforcements.


That's exactly what we need.

You, keep a close eye on her.


You are our saviors.
You start right now.

Tell us first how much
you're going to pay us.

Sir Wolf...

Sir Wolf...



Is it you, Shinjiro?


This voice...

It's yours!

You are...



The man in front of you
is Sanai Akizuki, a killer.

Sanai Akizuki?

You thought I was the Wolf.

Chise, do you love him?


The other night, I would have killed him

if I hadn't heard the sound from your koto.

He's coming! The Wolf is coming!


Throw your sword on the ground.

Throw it fast,
if you want Chise to live!

Bring him to me.

What are you going to do with him?

Torture him in front of the blind widow.

She will confess.

That's useless.

I'm taking her.

Do you know my rank?

If you touch me...

If you kill me, it will be terrible.

I know.


Sir Wolf!


Seizo and Yasuke are dead.

They fought for rocks.

Seizo and Yasuke are dead?

I don't blame you for
deceiving me.

I think Seizo and Yasuke don't either.

This relay is everything for you.

I understand.

Sir Wolf...

There's one thing I must tell you.
He's the one who killed them.



Let go of me!

- What are you doing?
- I'm taking her with me.


Can't I leave with my wife?

Your wife?

She was born in a good family
but she fell in love with me.

We ran away together.

Isn't it, Chise?

If your father didn't take
you away from me,

I wouldn't have fallen so low.

We finally meet again
after years of searching.

If I take her, it's for her own good.

The man I was looking for,

it wasn't you,
but the Shinjiro from before.


Let her go.

I see.
You're also in love with her.

Do you want to fight?


You are amazing, Wolf.

We can go.

Sir Wolf...

Go in this direction.

That's where your house is.

What about you?


The other way.


Don't follow me.

Go the other way.

You must not follow me!

You must not follow me...