Samurai Spy (1965) - full transcript

The legendary samurai Sasuke Sarutobi tracks the spy Nojiri, while a mysterious figure named Sakon leads a band of men on their own quest for the wily Nojiri. Soon no one knows just who is who and what side anyone is on. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

At the end of the 16th century,

the decisive Battle of Sekigahara
divided all of Japan in two.

The forces from Kanto
in eastern Japan were victorious,

and the Tokugawa clan
took complete control of the country.

But the defeated Hideyori Toyotomi
was still in Osaka,

and many feudal lords
secretly supported him,

while ronin
displaced by the defeat

looked to him
to carry out their revenge.

In 1614, 14 years
after the battle at Sekigahara,

antagonism flared up again
between Tokugawa and Toyotomi.

Naturally, spies from both sides

were crawling all over the country.

The nominal leader of
the Tokugawa espionage network

was Munenori Yagyu,

but in reality the network
was run by somebody else.

Heishichi, admit that you are in fact
Keijiro Maeda, a spy for Osaka.

- Why do you say that?
- You don't know me.

I am Tatewaki Koriyama,
a Yagyu agent.

I am also a Yagyu agent.
My name is Sakon Takatani.

I can't let Tatewaki
take all the credit for killing him.

The key figures in the Kanto spy
network were Tatewaki and Takatani.

The leaders of the Osaka network
were Shigeyuki Koremura

and his assistant,
Takanosuke Nojiri.

In addition to these
two main groups,

there was a clan called Sanada,

which did not declare its allegiance
but was thought to be pro-Toyotomi.

I am pursued,
always pursued by something.


Produced by

Based on a Novel by KOJI NAKADA

Photography by MASAO KOSUGI
Art Direction by JUNICHI OSUMI

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Sasuke Sarutobi,
you're quick as always.

Mitsuaki Inamura,
you seem to be well.

You did a good job following me.

I've been a hungry ronin
since the Battle of Sekigahara.

It was hard keeping up with you.
Why do you choose such difficult paths?

It's become a habit.

Your Sanada clan
has been working hard.

Kakei is on his way
to Hachioji from Kawagoe.

Nezu is going to Edo.

And you're on the Shinano road.

If you go to Nakatsugawa,
you'll meet Anayama.

If you go to Seba,
you'll see Saizo Kirigakure. Right?

How do you know all that?

What's it matter?
We're allies.

We're on the same side.
That much is certain.

Nothing is certain these days.

The ronin are as hungry
as the peasants.

Plague has followed upon famine.

But what are they doing in Edo?

Building brothels
and enjoying themselves,

while the common people
barely eke out an existence.

Young women sell themselves
to survive.

That's Tokugawa politics for you.

This is rather expensive food
you have.

Like some more?

It seems you believe in -


The need for war.

What else is there?

You took advantage of war,
and now you live well.

War is something to exploit,
is that it?

But we don't start the wars.
It's always like that.

They draw us into their wars
and toss us aside when they're over.

We have to ride the wave.

We must catch the cresting wave
and ride it.


- What?
- Men create war.

So you mean men can stop war?
Is that Sanada's position?

I don't know what my lord thinks,
but that's what I think.

I have to believe
that war can be stopped.

That's all I'm saying.

I'm going.

Wait. I'm going with you.

Why won't you leave me alone?

The Suwa clan is up ahead.
They inspect all ronin closely.

I need your help.

He's a Christian.

He's a young ronin.

They're persecuting
the Christians again.

Orders from Edo.

How did they find him?

They say there was an informer.

Magistrate Genba Kuni
and his men caught him last night.

- Will they behead him?
- He'll be crucified.

Such cruelty!

"Seal your lips tight."

Welcome to my shop.

Some rice cakes.

Bring me some rice cakes.

I've heard Magistrate Genba
is extremely harsh.

It's a pity, but that prisoner
is as good as dead.


I'm the one who informed
on that young Christian.


Genba was actually looking for me
and another man.

Another man?

I had to pass through here
to reach Suwa tonight,

but they're waiting for me
wherever I go.

I knew Genba
would be checking this town

and that the Christian
would be here.

So you planned to escape
while they were distracted with him.

Sasuke, help me.
Don't leave me alone, please.


Why are they after you?

The fate of a certain man -

an extremely important man -
is in my hands.

If he sided with Osaka,
the situation would change drastically.

So the Tokugawa clan wants to find me.
- Who is this person?

Tatewaki Koriyama.

Tatewaki? The Yagyu agent?

Sasuke, believe me.

Tatewaki has betrayed Tokugawa
and wants to work for Toyotomi in Osaka.

I'm his intermediary.
Without me, he -

Are you mad?

Tatewaki and Takatani
head the Tokugawa spy network.

Why would he turn on them?

I'm telling the truth.

Tatewaki is now waiting
for me in Suwa.

He's coming!

But Mitsuaki,
how do you know Tatewaki?

He's head of espionage for your enemy,
the Tokugawa shogunate.

You've been selling information
on Osaka to Kanto, haven't you?

And vice versa?

Clear the way.

He's just a boy!

Please understand.

The nation's future
depends on this.

I betrayed that young man
because sometimes the ends justify -

I don't understand.

I refuse to.

Dominus Christe.

Shut him up!

Move aside!

The danger is past.
Your plan was a success.

Your path to Suwa is clear.
Go by yourself.

Sasuke, wait!

Don't you believe me?

If Tatewaki joins Toyotomi,
it's like another fortress for our army.

He knows everything
about the Tokugawa spy network.

That has nothing to do with me.

But your master, Lord Yukimura,
will be interested.

Why are the Sanada men
spying on both clans?

We too sell information.

- Would you betray Toyotomi?
- What?

It's a betrayal
if you don't help Osaka.

You see things
only in terms of war.

Or better yet,
in terms of money.

Sasuke, didn't we fight
on the same side at Sekigahara?

I was 15 at the time.

Fourteen years have passed
without war.

What are you saying?

I don't know
my lord's intentions.

We subjects of Sanada
are always wandering the country

gathering information
to send to our lord.

Why? I don't know.

At some point
I stopped asking why.

Are you saying the Sanada clan
isn't on our side?

Why divide everyone
into friend and enemy?

We have war to thank
for that way of thinking.

I have no use for it.

Ours may be an unstable peace,

but it's one I've grown used to.

I came of age in this peace.

Don't worry.
My lips are sealed.

I've never betrayed anyone.

Life can be full
of unpleasant surprises.

Are you hurt?

I'm all right.
Just a light wound.

I knew you'd help me.

Who was that man in white?

Sakon Takatani.


Yagyu is eager to catch Tatewaki.

But I can rest assured
as long as you're with me.

We'll see.
You should dress your wound.

She's very beautiful.

She must be a dancer.

Suwa is having a festival tomorrow.

There's a very famous shrine there,

and they put on
a splendid festival.

A festival?


Your companion invites you
to have supper in his room.

Drinking is best after a nice bath.

Want a cup?
- I'll drink after my bath.

Sake won't help your wound.
- Nonsense. It's good medicine.

I'm sending for a prostitute tonight.
Do you want one?

No, I don't.

That's the "dance of the gods."

You must know it.
It's become very popular.

I saw it in Edo.

"Seal your lips tight," they sang as
men and women danced wildly together.

The deity of the great shrine
at Ise tells us

if you dance, you'll prosper,
and if you don't, famine will come.

That's ridiculous.

"Seal your lips tight" refers to a battle
looming between Kanto and Kansai.

I'm not so sure.

The common people are always
first to sense impending disaster.

They dance and laugh,
but in their hearts -

There's nothing!

You're an odd one, Sasuke.

Are you a fool?

I'm sorry.

Perhaps I am a fool.

If I succeed in taking
Tatewaki to Toyotomi,

I'll be rewarded handsomely.

Do you know how much?

Five hundred kan.

That equals a stipend of 2,500 koku.

Quite a sum.

And I can have it both ways.


Meaning I don't even have to
hand him over in Osaka.

The going price
is what the buyer is willing to pay.

I'll take him to Sakai
and collect my money from Osaka.

Then I'll reveal his location

to the magistrate of Kyoto,
who's on the Tokugawa side.

What do you think?

You can have half.

One could live in luxury
for a nice long time with 250 kan.

Indeed. And if you hate war so much,
no need for you to join in.

Just sit back and watch

as Kanto and Kansai
fight it out to the end.

No need to join a losing side.

You're as clever as all their spies.

But don't forget;
They often get their throats cut

while sleeping with women.

What's that?

How can a clever man like you
fail to understand?

Those Tokugawa agents
I killed today -

do you think
that's how they wanted to die?

And Yashiro, the Christian boy?
- I have no idea what you're saying.

No one seems to give any thought
anymore to the meaning of death.

Or the meaning of life,
for that matter.


There are many
different kinds of life.

We need money for women and sake.
What else is there to live for?

Those dancing fools are like me.

Not like you,

but like me.

What a nuisance.

The road is blocked.
We have to stay here.

They say it's because
a Sanada agent is in town.

A horse driver I hired told me

several samurai were mercilessly
slaughtered at Wada Pass.

Is that so?

The scoundrel who did it
is apparently a famous spy

who goes by the name
Sasuke something.

The magistrate has been
very harsh recently.

The slightest mistake
and you'll be arrested.

When we bow, we have
to kiss the ground like this.

Make sure you remember that.

Hey, I didn't know
she was with you.

I'm ashamed.
Forgive me.

Anyway, I have a feeling

the magistrate
will eventually catch the guy.

By the way,
do you think there will be war?

When our lord goes to war,
we have to pay more land tax.

I have a family of seven.
Life will be hard.

So you have five children?

Yes, sir. And when my wife's pregnant,
boy, does she have a temper!

Best not to discuss politics
too much.

You're right.

"Seal your lips tight."

Excuse me.
May I join you?

Please come to Joshin Temple
at 6;00 a.m., Sasuke, sir.



- What is it?
- There's been a murder.

I must speak to you.

Let's go.

There was a lake
where I grew up.

Where was that?


Please ask no more.


Because I'd have to lie.

You don't look like a prostitute.

Did you think I was
because I came with you so easily?

But you didn't choose me.
I chose you.

You smell of flowers.

I picked a lily today.

Near Wada Pass?

What is your name?


Mitsuaki was killed tonight.

You knew, just as I thought.

What are you? A spy?

I don't want to die.

I don't want to die.

What do you want to know?

I know nothing.
I have nothing.

Why do you seek
to get close to me like this?

Welcome to my temple, traveler.

What is your name?

I've forgotten.

A man who serves only Buddha
needs no name.

But this girl has one.
It is Omiyo.

For reasons I won't go into,
I brought her here and raised her.

And your father?

He died in the Battle of Sekigahara.

I had just been born.
My mother took me and traveled about.

She ended up here,
broken in body and spirit.

She'd been a courtesan in Kyoto.

Shigeyuki Koremura
has asked to see you

to talk about Tatewaki.

Miss Omiyo,

do you know
who those people are?

Tatewaki leads Tokugawa's spies,
and Koremura leads Osaka's spies.

Many of Koremura's men
have been here.

Takanosuke Nojiri as well.

Suwa is crawling with spies
from both sides.

Do you think war
will break out here?

Genba persuaded his lord
to side with Kanto.

But Minister Horikawa
is with Kansai.

Koremura is now
at Horikawa's estate.

Koremura's men are waiting to see
whose side the lord will take.

War is already starting.

I am Sakon Takatani
of the Yagyu clan.

As you may know,
I want Tatewaki.


I want you to bring him to me,

or at least tell me where he is.

How should I know?

You must know.

I knew Mitsuaki couldn't be
the brains behind this,

but I didn't think it was you.

If you turn over Tatewaki,
we won't interfere with the Sanada clan.

What are you saying?

Do you know how many Sanada men
have disappeared?




Who killed Mitsuaki? You?

I don't know.

I doubt you'll believe me,

but a double-dealer like him
deserves what he gets.


Are you afraid?

I don't want you to die now.

I'll wait for your answer.

We'll meet at 6;00 p. M...

at the Joshin Temple.

The woman in there is dying.

I don't want to die.

I don't want to die.

- Somebody's here!
- This way!

I must go.

There he is!

There he goes!

I don't want to die.

I don't want to die.

You fool!

Who are you?

Stay back!
I am Magistrate Genba Kuni.

Arrest that man in white!

Don't let him take Sasuke away!
After him!

Who is the young man?

He took Sasuke away!

Are you conscious?
Sasuke, sir?

Where am I?

The Horikawa estate.
Don't worry.

Lord Koremura is here.

You mustn't try to get up.

What happened to me, Omiyo?

You were chased down
and about to be arrested

when some unknown men
came to your rescue.

A man in white led the group.

Sakon Takatani.

Why did he do it?

Why did he bring me here?

Do you really plan to betray
the Sanada clan and Lord Yukimura?


They say Kanto will hire you
for 2,500 koku.

Who told you that?

Ask yourself that question.

Lord Sasuke, I see
you've regained consciousness.

Who are you?

Just call me Jinnai.

My full name,
as head of this house,

is Kazutaka Horikawa,
minister of the Suwa clan.

Lord Sasuke, I've been
looking forward to meeting you.

I am Shigeyuki Koremura,
and this is Takanosuke Nojiri.

He is young,
but an accomplished swordsman.

If it weren't for him,
you wouldn't be here.

Then it was Nojiri who rescued me.

I'm glad you weren't badly hurt.

I passed out and was almost captured.
Thank you.

Save your thanks for Takatani.


He and his men attacked Genba's
officers so that I could rescue you.

An unprecedented event;

Takatani, working for Yagyu,
and we, working for Osaka,

cooperated to rescue you,
a member of the Sanada clan.

Sasuke Sarutobi!

Is this Sanada's policy,
or only yours?

- What are you speaking of?
- Your secret alliance with Takatani.

Did Sanada end his loyalty to Toyotomi?
Or did you betray him?

Koremura, please refrain
from such talk.

I believe Takatani rescued me

because he didn't want me
in Genba's hands.

I know nothing of his motives.

How do you explain
the girl at the inn?

She worked for him.


Her name was Okiwa.

She was famous
for her singing and dancing.

But a female entertainer
can hardly survive on her own.

She must have somebody
to protect her.

Female dancers
who travel around the country

are all paid by Yagyu.

She accompanied me
along Wada Pass.

I don't know
what she wanted from me.

She was certainly
quite beautiful.

He gave you the girl...

and you brutally killed her.

You think it was me?

If she refused you and you killed her,
then that's truly pitiful.

But it could have been for money.

And you killed Mitsuaki
for money, did you not?

You're wrong.

He was dead
when I entered his room.

But the people at the inn
thought I killed him.

It was the same with Okiwa.

Takatani had been there before me.

I don't care either way.

You're all of the same stripe.
I don't care who killed those two.

But I feel terrible pity

for the young woman who died
with a knife in her throat.

Then you were there?

When I hurried there
to see Sasuke,

she was already dead.

I saw her for only a second, but
her death was clearly a very cruel one.

What would be my motive
for killing her?

Enough of this pretending!

You planned to capture Tatewaki
after he escaped from Edo

and keep the reward for yourself.

Mitsuaki intended to deliver
Tatewaki to us.

But when he asked for your help,

you saw more profit in giving him
to Tokugawa instead.

Mitsuaki and Okiwa knew your plans,
so you killed them.

The dead can't talk, after all.

You'd better hand
Tatewaki over to us.

If you do, we'll overlook the fact
that you sided with Kanto

and arrange for you
to be rewarded.

Tatewaki will be hired
by Osaka for 3,000 koku.

You'll receive 700 or 800 koku.

- You've made a terrible mistake.
- What?

I truly know nothing
about Tatewaki.


"As you heard from Mitsuaki,
I have left the Tokugawa clan.

I have waited but can wait no longer;
I'm going to Yashiro.

I beg your assistance.
Tatewaki Koriyama."

- That letter was in your sleeve.
- That can't be!

It is Tatewaki's writing
without a doubt.

We studied the letter
while you were unconscious.

He asks for your help,

but no rendezvous is mentioned.

So we attempted to decode it.

The hidden message is
"the Kadoya Inn."

I immediately sent my man
to the inn.

It seems a middle-aged samurai
resembling Tatewaki had been there.

Last night a man
resembling Mitsuaki visited him.

After he left,

the middle-aged man
also left in a hurry.

Anyway, we have proof
that this letter is no fake.

Mitsuaki met Tatewaki
here in Suwa?

He then returned
to the Ohata Inn to talk to you.

That's when he gave you this letter.

I know nothing of these things.

How can I make you believe me?

Give us proof.

I don't think you can.

If you didn't kill
Mitsuaki and Okiwa

and didn't inform on Yashiro,

tell us who did.

If I knew who did,

I wouldn't turn him in.
I'd kill him myself.

- I'll believe it when I see it.
- I don't ask you to believe me.

There are personal reasons why
I'd never forgive him. Leave it at that.

Personal reasons?

That's right.

She was dearer to me
than anyone else.

She was just a dancing girl.

More important is the identity
of this Yashiro.

He was arrested in town by Genba.
He's a Christian.

I was there. I saw him.

What's he have to do with Tatewaki?

I don't know. But Mitsuaki told me
that he himself betrayed Yashiro.

Did you speak of war?

These days, any discussion
leads to talk of war.

It's terrible.

You don't know war, do you?

When I was a child, all I knew
was the misery that follows war.

- Is that so?
- It's all I remember.

After my mother died
and I was taken to the temple,

I read the sutras every day,
chased rabbits and squirrels in the hills,

caught magpies
and swam with friends.

It seems like only yesterday.

Omiyo, why do you serve Koremura?

Is that wrong?

It's not good, is it?

I didn't say that.
I just don't want to see you involved.

In what?

In all this filth and ugliness,

in anything that stands opposed
to a life of health and goodness.

I'll stop, then.

But why did you begin?

I couldn't refuse
Nojiri's request.

Do you love him?

He's a dreadful man.

More than Koremura?

I don't know much about Koremura.
He just arrived yesterday.

Nojiri comes here often,
I suppose?

In any case...

I'll do as you say.

That's good.

You'd better leave
the temple immediately.


Because Takatani is coming.

He'd kill a person
for no reason at all.

I think the logical conclusion

is that he killed
both Mitsuaki and Okiwa.

He rescued me

because he thought
I could lead him to Tatewaki.

I'm not a man
who talks under torture.

Koremura and Nojiri
let me go for the same reason.

You spoke of Sanada's clan.

Friends in the clan like Saizo Kirigakure
and Jinpachi Nezu are dear to me.

But I don't know
what's on Lord Yukimura's mind.

He studies the armies of Kanto
and Kansai in silence.

I've come to believe that he too
looks at everything in terms of war.

Omiyo, I see now
who my friends and enemies are.

I see who cares about people
and who doesn't.

I have to meet Takatani
at 6;00 p.m.

It's almost time.
You'd better leave.

Why not?

What will you do?

I will meet Takatani.

I'll go with you.

No. Don't worry about the priest.

Best for you to stay
with someone you know for a while.

I don't know anyone.

I have no place to go.

Nojiri told me
a woman called Okiwa was killed

with a spike in her throat.

Was it you who did that?

No, it wasn't.

She approached me,
thinking I knew where Tatewaki was.

Her beauty stood out
among the dancers.

She wasn't a woman
who would sell her body.

But she gave me her body
in order to find Tatewaki.

Can you understand
the sorrow of such a woman?

I can't forgive the man
who killed Okiwa.




Sasuke Sarutobi,
you're under arrest!

I am Magistrate Genba.

You're under arrest
for the murder of two people.

Do not resist.
Arrest him!

Run for the trees!

What are you doing?
Arrest him!

Let me go!

I've come to help you,
though earlier than I had promised.

I remember no such promise.

I must discuss something with you,
but first we must deal with them.

Even if you get the girl back,
can you outrun them with her in tow?

Look at that demon Genba's men!


- What's your answer?
- I made no promises.

Then I'll pay you 300 kan.

I don't trust you.
Did you kill Mitsuaki and Okiwa?

I already told you no.

She'd already bled to death
when I arrived.

Was she your woman?

I need no woman.

I'll add another 100 kan.
Where is Tatewaki?

- I don't want money.
- Then what?

I want to rescue her.

Hey you, Stutterer.

And you, Sato.

Go with Sasuke.
Obey his orders as if they were mine.

These two follow orders
to the letter.

Make full use of them.

The three of you can get her back.

Where was she taken?

We applied a scent to her clothing.

Sato can track it.

This is all I can do.

Genba claims to be on our side,

but he hates us who work
for the shogunate as if we were snakes.

Most of the provincial lords
are like that.

Despised throughout the country
in which we do our work.

- Your work for what?
- Who are you to talk?

Your work is for nothing more
than a woman.

And yours for nothing more
than the power of the Tokugawa,

and Toyotomi for nothing more
than his own glory.

Don't you understand?

This will tell you
where to find Tatewaki.

Is this Genba's manor?

No, it belongs to one of his men.

Where are they?

What is it?

You're mute?

They're waiting for Genba.

Then we must move quickly.

Where do you suspect she is?

The warehouse?

One of you create a diversion
in that woman's bedroom.

Now! Lead them away
to the front gate.

An intruder!

Get him!



It's me - Sasuke.

We must hurry.

Come on. Hurry.

Sasuke, look.
Over there.

Yashiro Kobayashi.

Yashiro Kobayashi.

Where did he go?

That way!

- Did you find him?
- No.

That way!

We can't escape
unless I kill some of them.

Take Yashiro to the gate.

There he is!

Pull back!
Use bows and arrows!

Run to the gate!



Now, Omiyo!

Who are you,
friend or foe?

Lord Horikawa!

Omiyo, don't let
your guard down with him.


Grandfather, is my father -

Is my father all right?

Where is he?

We haven't found him,

but I'm sure we will.

Who is his father?

My son, Tatewaki Koriyama.

Tatewaki abandoned his faith
and joined the Yagyu clan.

our relations were severed.

But Yashiro was brought up
in the Christian faith and is loyal to it.

He alone escaped
Edo's oppression.

Tatewaki saw his son's faith
as a liability to himself.

Yet no parent can stop
loving his own child,

so he asked Mitsuaki
to recommend his son to Osaka.

Mitsuaki and I belonged
to a clan that served Toyotomi.

But Mitsuaki betrayed
your grandson.

I saw my grandson arrested
by Genba in the post town.

I didn't have my men with me.

Even with them we wouldn't have been
able to escape Genba's forces.

I waited impatiently for a chance
to rescue Yashiro.

Was it you who killed Mitsuaki?


Why harbor hatred
for a double-dealer like him?

Where is Tatewaki?

I thought you knew.

Perhaps he hesitates
to burden me with his troubles,

so he hasn't let me know
where he is.

But aren't I his father?
Isn't Yashiro his son?

What will you do now?

I don't know.
I want to go west

and find a place
where we three can live in peace.

Perhaps that's just a dream
in such a harsh world.


It's dangerous for you here.
Genba's men will arrive soon.

Go to Yokokawa.

You'll find a man named
Saizo Kirigakure at a shrine there.

He will help you safely
out of the Suwa area.

So you'll help us?


What about you?

I'll find Tatewaki.

No, you mustn't stay.
Let's escape together.

Come with us, Omiyo.

Genba went to Joshin Temple

to force the priest to tell him
where Tatewaki and Sasuke were,

and then tortured him to death.

The priest is dead?

At long last
I know clearly who I am.

At last I understand
what I must do.

I must not run.
I cannot run.

Use my men.
And please find my son.

I will.


Is it true Horikawa betrayed us?

"Betray" is a strange
choice of words.

You planned to start a war
here in Suwa

using Horikawa's influence.

But he didn't believe you and left.

That reflects distrust of you,
not of Toyotomi.

Say what you want about us,
but I can't forgive an insult to Toyotomi.

That's right.

We've left your Lord Yukimura
alone until now.

But if he gets in our way,
we'll attack without mercy.

I don't doubt
your loyalty to Toyotomi.

But I dislike you.
That's all.

Why did you return?


You know where he is?

I believe Tatewaki may have killed
Okiwa and Mitsuaki.

You said Takatani
was the culprit.

He might be.

Where is Tatewaki?

The singing has started.

There's a festival tonight.

The dancers will attend the festival.
It will be quite noisy.

What is it?
What are you thinking?

"I have waited
but can wait no longer;

I'm going to Yashiro."

That's a line from the letter.

You decoded
two words from the letter,

that is, "Kadoya Inn."

But read what comes after that.

"I'm going to Yashiro."
Yashiro can mean "shrine."

- Maybe he means the Suwa shrine!
- He's going to the shrine.

Where is Tatewaki?

- That's it!
- What?

The best place to hide
is in a large crowd.

We must find him
before Takatani does.

Sakon will kill Tatewaki.

If a fight breaks out, Genba's men
will arrive. We'll be in danger.

I heard they were guarding
all the important parts of town.

We can't move about freely.

I thought I had decoded
everything in that letter.

But there's more to it.
- What?

The line with "Kadoya Inn."

In this case, "Kado" means
a diamond-shaped crest.

That is Tatewaki's signal.

So if we see a diamond,
we'll know it's him.

I'll go that way.

Very well. Go.

Lord Koriyama.

Who are you?

Sasuke Sarutobi.

I am Tatewaki Koriyama.
I'm glad to meet you.

Is that so?

I'll go to Yokokawa.
Thank you for everything.

What about Koremura?

I asked you to help me.

But I didn't ask
Koremura and Nojiri.

Let's go.

Wait. Can you walk?

Were I in good health,

I wouldn't have asked for help.

Takatani pursued me as I left Edo.
We fought and I barely escaped.

He's a fearsome man.

Lean on my shoulder.


don't you hate me?

Many Sanada men were killed
on my orders.

I've never forgiven you
as chief of espionage.

But as a man, I see you
as Jinnai's son and Yashiro's father.

It's been a long time, Tatewaki.

We were very close friends,

but I didn't get to bid you
a proper farewell.

I regret that.

Tonight we do things properly.

Stay out of this, Sasuke!

escape into the crowd!

Stutterer! Sato!

Go! I don't want to kill you!

He went that way!
After him!

Out of my way!

Hurry! Hurry!

Arrest the rioters!

Kill them if necessary!

Kill them!

Show no mercy!

Who's that?

Are you Sakon Takatani?

And you're Shigeyuki Koremura.

"Seal your lips tight."



You're a strange man.

You truly are.

Hang on, Yashiro.
The pass is near.

We're near
the Fukashi clan's domain.

Just a little longer, Yashiro.

Soon you can rest
as long as you want.

He can't go on like this.

Genba's men may overtake us.

I'll hurry ahead and meet
Saizo Kirigakure at Seba.

With his help, we'll be safe.

Take me with you.


We'll be there soon.
Catch your breath as we walk.

We've passed the border.
Hold on, Yashiro.

Omiyo, when I return home
to Kudosan -

Will you marry me?

There's no war
in Kudosan, is there?

I can't take this anymore.

You walk quickly.

Go on ahead.

Leave here now.

What's wrong?

The man who killed
Mitsuaki and Okiwa

is you, Nojiri.

It can't be!

You're mad, Sasuke.

I was such a fool.

I should've figured out sooner
this was all part of your plan.

As for Tatewaki's letter to me,

you killed Mitsuaki
and took it from him.

I should've realized that.

How can you talk such nonsense?
And without proof!

Mitsuaki and Okiwa were killed
with throwing knives.

Takatani was a leper.

He couldn't have thrown a knife
with his bandaged hand.

Tatewaki lost his right hand.

Of course there were
other suspects,

such as Genba, Koremura
and Horikawa.

But what did you say
about the way Okiwa died?

"She died
with a knife in her throat."

Omiyo heard it too.

You said you saw her
after I had left the inn.

But when I saw her,
she had the knife in her hand.

Takatani said the same.

After you stabbed her,
Okiwa somehow drew it from her throat.

It was then the blood spurted out,
forming a pool.

Was Okiwa your woman?

I felt it when I saw you dancing.

Were you once
a professional entertainer?

Or had you worked
with Okiwa as a dancer?

You used her and then murdered her
in a most brutal way.

Her will to live
made me think of your words.

You're actually Kanto's -
no, Yagyu's spy, aren't you?


How did Genba know
where Omiyo and I were?

Why was Takatani
at the shrine?

They couldn't have decoded that letter.
You told them.


I'll kill you,
and the girl too.

I already killed Tatewaki.

I have a secret document
in my sleeve.

It details the movements of all secret
agents working for both Kanto and Osaka.

Koremura and Takatani
are nothing now.

With this document,
I can even topple Yagyu.

I will rule over all the spies working
in the shadows throughout Japan.

I will decide
whether there is war or peace.

I, the son of a wandering dancer.

You're pitiful.

You spies like to talk big,
don't you?

Sasuke, how many people
have you killed since last night?

Saizo Kirigakure!

Six months later,
the Winter War took place in Osaka.

The Sanada clan
was approached by both sides

but allied itself with Toyotomi
against Tokugawa.

But there is no record

that Sasuke Sarutobi
fought in Sanada's army.