Samurai Shifters (2019) - full transcript

The noble Katagiri Harunosuke is both a warrior and a scholar. He is a samurai in the employment of his lord or Daimyo and also a bookworm. His newest and somewhat surprising task is to ... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
The year is 1682,

in the era of the fifth shogun,
Tsunayoshi Tokugawa.


This story took place
nearly 350 years ago.

"Naonori Mastsudaira
Lord of the Himeiji Domain"

Naonori Matsudaira
Lord of the Himeji Domain

In the early Edo period,

the shogunate
ensured political dominance

by forcing many lords to move
from domain to domain.

This was carried out under
the shogun's sole authority.

Clans could not object
under any circumstances.

Not only samurai
were forced to move,

but also their families, leaving
their beloved homes behind.

Some clans had to relocate
as many as 10,000 people,

a great deal more than
the entourages

of lords forced to serve in Edo.

To protect strategic domains,

one clan
was ordered to move repeatedly:

the Echizen Matsudaira clan.

All stop!

My lord!

My lord!

My lord!

Forgive me!

A dream?

A bad dream, my lord?

A childhood memory.

My father died in transit.
It was terrible.

How awful...

My darling...

My lord!

W-What?! How dare you!

Forgive me!

Kohei? What brings you here?

Express palanquin from Edo.

"Kohei Nakata Edo liaison"

Shocking news.

Word has it our clan
will soon be ordered to relocate!

Relocate again?!

And...our destination...

is Bungo Province.

Bungo is in Kyushu.
We must cross the sea?

What's more...

A reduction in land?

Our income...
will decrease by half.


It is rumored we were nominated
by Yoshiyasu Yanagisawa.


Such a sudden relocation can only
be accomplished expert.

Find one!

Is there anyone who can
save us from...

...this calamity?!

Samurai Shifters

"Samurai Shifters"


The hero of this story
is a librarian.

The book he's holding is the
Takeda clan's battle chronicle,

"Koyo Gunkan Zakki."


Good old Shingen Takeda.

It's been a favorite of his
since he was a child.

Katagiri? Are you here?


"Harunosuke Katagiri Librarian"

"Ichirota Yamazato
Naonori's secretary"

Thank you, once again.

Oh, do we have “Chronicle
of Chosokabe Motochika”?

Try this too.

I see.
A differing opinion on him?

You are most considerate.

I must go.

Yamazato is a most studious man.

He is well respected,
and will surely rise in status.

"Genemon Takamura
Sword attendant"

Hey! Snail Boy!

Hey Snail Boy! This is urgent!

I'm not here!

You idiot. Yes you are!

Please don't come in.

This place reeks of mold.

I like it. The selfless scent
of paper, ink, and time.

So soothing...

Rejoice! You have a title now.


Kyushu would mean moving a
greater distance than ever before.

We cannot afford
to pay for such a relocation!

Worse still,

not only will we have to move
to a new domain,

our land will be reduced.

Himeji's 150,000-koku
will become 70,000 in Bungo.

That's less than half!

We must decide on who will
take charge of the move...

I pray that role
is not forced upon me...

So do I.

One mistake
and it's ritual suicide.


Will you do it?

Me, sir?

Young, and strong!

Our lord trusts you.

Martial arts
are my only strength.

I lack the attention to detail
that relocation requires.

I know...

I know!

The perfect man for the job!

His name?

Snail Boy.

-Please let me go!

It's about time
you got some sunshine!

I'm blinded! My eyes! My eyes!

I-I'm not good at talking...

You're the only one
I can talk to...

-Hey! Harunosuke!

If it goes badly,
I'll commit suicide with you.

You use your brains,
and I'll use my brawn.

we'll be the perfect team.

Let's go!

-No! No, no!
-You have to!

You are now our officer
in charge of relocation.




W-Well, there's...

...a more qualified candidate.

Our old relocation officer,

He was brilliant,
but he's dead now.

What about...others...

There are none!

Your father was
an accomplished retainer.

I hear you're a bookworm
with extensive knowledge.

We'll gamble on you.

You shouldn't...

No mumbling!

We will leave all matters
regarding the move to you.

And that's not all.
Our income will be reduced.

Reduce personnel too!

"Reduce personnel"?

Your two roles.
Fulfill them well.

Where are you going?!

Come back here!

Come back here!

Do it, Harunosuke!

I can't!

Then commit suicide!

A samurai must serve his lord.

If you cannot, commit suicide!

I-I-I'll do it.
I accept the role.

Good! Like a true samurai.

Don't worry, Katagiri.

Just get the job done.

Remember, there's a
first time for everything.

"Our clan has been ordered to
move to another domain,

so all subjects must prepare
to move to Hita in Bungo..."


"Relocation Officer"?

Katagiri who?


Is it true you're our
relocation officer?

Sort of.

When's the move?

When indeed...

Wait! What does that mean?


It's tough being a samurai!

There you are! You're late!

I heard from Takamura!
You've finally become an officer!


A party?

My biggest since
your weaning ceremony!


The first meal you ate
when you were a baby.

So, since you were a baby, you've
done nothing worth celebrating!

Alright! Time to drink!

Don't look so glum.

You really do
take after your late father.


How on earth am I
going to do this?

You're the only one
who'll listen to me.


Writing this took all night?!

"Pack things. Carry them"

How can I move an entire clan?

Let's at least
take it easy today.

We can't!

First of all, you should
ask Itakura for help.

Itakura's dead.

His daughter isn't.


Does she know how?!

Yeah. Name's Oran.
Quite a looker.

I tried to woo her many times,
but failed.

I know!

She won't help if I go see her.

Harunosuke, you go on your own!

Hello, Hayate.
Nice weather, isn't it?

Hayate, do you like that?


Hayate! Calm down!


He wants water.

Scratching with his foreleg.

The sun's strong,
and he's thirsty.

You know horses?

No, it was written in
"Otsubo-Style Horsemanship."


No, Otomatsu!


Hey jerk, you here
to woo my mother?



We only have boiled water.


...the new relocation officer,
Harunosuke Katagiri.

Relocation officer?

A gift.

Your father did this job,

so p-perhaps
you know where his n-notes are...

Have you no shame?!

It's true my father
excelled at relocation.

He saved this clan
untold sums of money.

as a low-ranking samurai,

he was treated appallingly.

You are high-ranking, correct?

Yes, but...

I remember his last job.

He gave his all,
despite his ill health.

high-ranking samurai

took all the credit
for themselves.

I had no idea...

When Father died,
Mother was devastated,

and soon followed him...

Please leave!



W-Well...First, the cost...

How much?

How much indeed...

Fool! You don't even know that?!

The last move
cost around 15,000 ryo,

15 years ago,
so we'll need 20,000 ryo.



The problem is, as of now,
our clan only has 3,000 ryo.

We're 17,000 sh-short?

Idiot! It's your job
to make the shortfall!

Or borrow it from merchants.

Once borrowed, it's ours.

But that's...despicable...


They worked long and hard
for that money...

They're lowly merchants!

Our priority is saving our clan!


"Sure"?! Say "Yes"!


"Kenmotsu Nakanishi
Head accountant"

I can't take these carp with me.


My lord!

We've agreed on a date
for us to take over Hita.

July 20th.

In two months time...

However...I am struggling
to make sense of this move.

Why must we...

Kohei, actually...

I think I may know why.

Last year,
when I served in Edo...

"Edo Castle, Six months earlier"

Sire! Sire! Please wait!



Let go. Let go, I say!

But sire,
I sacrificed everything...

Don't embarrass yourself,


"Yoshiyasu Yanagisawa
Shogun's steward"

Naonori Matsudaira?

The Chief Retainer will
be along shortly. Please wait.

Thank you.


What are you...

Such smooth skin...
Drink with me tonight.

Stop it! Let go!

How dare you!

Damn you...

Just you wait!

I would have said yes,
but it was too sudden, so...

How...can you say that?!


Still, I doubt that is why
we are being forced to move.


Th-That's why.
That's exactly why!


Such a flagrant rejection

would certainly incur the wrath
of a man like Yoshiyasu.

Should I have indulged him?

Absolutely not!

One night...
wouldn't have hurt...

"Itakura family grave"

Sir Itakura, doing this job
as a low-ranking samurai

must have been very difficult.

I'm sure you suffered
working under a man like Sajima,

much more than I am now.

What's that jerk up to?

He's high-ranking too.

Only kind when it suits him.

We can't change the past,

but we can change the future.

Snail Boy doesn't care about
rank. That's the man he is.


if he doesn't put forward a plan,

he's done for.

On behalf of our clan,
I apologize.

You were robbed of credit,
and poorly treated.

I'm deeply sorry.


Do we have a relocation plan yet?

I'm...still looking into it.

We're doomed...

You cretin!
We're running out of time!

Gah! Just commit suicide!

Be a man!

Stop struggling!

Don't wrap it! Don't!
Please don't!



Looks like it's up to me to...


finish him off.


Who goes there?



Please stop!

What the...

Women are best at sorting,
packing, and cleaning.

You need a woman's touch!

Who are you?

This is...Itakura's daughter!

The keys to moving are...

...all in here.

Our original 10-step program.

The late Itakura's
relocation notes!

A relocation plan...

...has been agreed with Katagiri.

So, we're all set to go!

I've chosen
10 promising prospects,

wanting to test themselves.

"Up comes the sun
We stand at attention"

"Stand at attention"

"Another hellish day today
of relocation"

As the notes say,

song is the key to
uniting hearts and minds.

"Dirt and dust"

"Sleeve binding
and mutual helping"

"Selecting, sorting, sharing"

"Packing, making, accelerating"

"Harunosuke Katagiri
Relocation Officer"


I... your new...
relocation officer...


Relocation... like war.

I want us to march to glory.

Let's...get there together.

Why did you save me?

We disrespected your father...

A samurai shouldn't
humble himself so easily.

My father hated sweets,

but you brought them,
even to his grave.

I'm sorry.


What Oran means is...
she appreciated it.

Take them already!

"The Itakura Relocation...

...10-Step Manual"?

First, the hell of writing.


The bulk of relocation documents

were written for the clan
set to take over a domain.

They contained detailed
information on the castle

and domain itself.

Their contents were vast
in range and volume.

Ledgers accurately recorded
crop yields per village,

as well as land tax averages
over the previous five years.

Maps were made of
the castle and domain.

Er, measure away.

5 ken, 2 shaku tall.

Farmland reclamation,
castles and roads,

and other construction
and repairs

were thoroughly documented.

"Call out to each other
Reach out to each other"

"Lift light luggage,
like so! Like so!"

These samurai sing as if
they will be doing the carrying,

but during relocation,

cargo and people
were conveyed by hired porters.

Therefore, relocation planners

had to procure
numerous workers and horses.

Last time, porters and horses
accounted for 40% of the cost.

That much?

We need to reduce our cargo.

What's this?

Move! Move!

"Half of all families'
household items must be...

...swiftly discarded"?!

Is this some joke?!

Snail Boy!

Snail Boy!

Are you...

...sure about this?


Decluttering is...



Now then...

Right! We're going in!

Iron kettles...

"Check inside iron kettles."

Hey! What's all this?!

Move! Move!

Katagiri the snail boy!

How dare you enter!

Stand strong!

I'm sorry!

Hands off!

Are you hurt, sir?!

Appraisal approval!

"Genemon Hiruta.

"Relocation officer
Harunosuke Katagiri

is to be allowed to appraise
and discard unnecessary items"!

Issued by
Chief Retainer Motomura.

You're still just a lowly snail!

Discard unnecessary items!

This is rare Nanbu ironware!

But you have a new one.

This is rusted inside.
In other words, unnecessary!

Don't worry. You'll get proceeds
from any sales.

Wait, Takamura!

Yeah? What?

Appraisal over!

Speed it up! Three more houses!

"Ono family residence"


Katagiri! Get over here!

What is it? What is it?!

Dumping possessions
is fine, but...

What about my mistress?

-You heard me!

"Was the dream that we shared"

"merely a fleeting mirage?"

"Are you leaving..."

Can I bring her on the sly?

"...leaving from this town?"

Please dump her.

"Dump her"...?

Dump her!

Dump her?! Hey!

"Private function"

Your drinks, sirs.

I'll remove these.

So Harunosuke, you seem to be
getting on well with Oran.

Well, she always scolds me.

That's a good sign.

Pretty smiles are commonplace,

but a true beauty's
pretty even when angry.

Even so, I want to see her smile.

Smile, from the bottom
of her heart.


Don't fall too deeply for Oran.

Her husband divorced her,
and she returned home.

She has a child too. She's too
much for an innocent like you.


Run faster!

Dig deep!

As the notes say, "Stay
strong throughout your journey."

Good effort.

Well done.

Very impressive.

You're too nice.

It's like, you're too friendly
with everyone...


Never mind.

Pesky Snail Boy...

Damn him!

That spineless pest's
finally showed his horns.

He dumped lots of our stuff,
but what about his?

He'll use his status
to take all his favorite books.

The moment he got a title,
he turned into a monster.

"Absolutely do not open"

-Is there time?
-Don't know!

"Absolutely do not open"?

Coming through!

How long?

Four days in there.

Has he chickened out?

Snail Boy's
gone back into his shell?

Harunosuke! It's me!

Open up!


Every book on the floor...

...can burn.

What now?

I must...

...share their pain...

My word...

Now that's a fire!

Finally realized
they're worthless?

All upset over
some silly books, are you?



You brute!

That bastard...

"Koyo Gunkan Zakki"?
You'll burn that too?

So long...

Do you really have to do this?

It's alright.

Every book I burned...
I put in my head.

You mean... were...

For four days?

You alright?!

Take it easy!

There's much...

...left to do.

In this world

money and women are roads to ruin

I'll gladly...

Coming through!

The keys! Give them back!

Your house is last
on our appraisal list, Sajima.


Appraisal approval!

My house too?!

Dump away! Three men
to carry each heavy item!

No! Stop!

Stop! Stop this, Katagiri!

Everything here
is a collector's dream!

I shall discard...nothing!

And yet, you must.

If so, give me a reason
for discarding each item!

Try and justify it!



Large swathes of cloth.


Lift it up!

Sajima. Please make a list
of every item here.


I want you to make a list
of every item here.

Anything you miss out
isn't important,

because you don't remember it.

You dirty...snail boy!


I'll begin my check.

Remove the cloths.

Something wrong?


Appraisal over.

This isn't on your list.

W-Wait! It's Chinese, and rare!

But you didn't remember it.
That proves it's not important.

So, it's unnecessary.

It's an antique!

Also...there's this...

Wait! It's a scarce masterpiece
of Imari porcelain!

Oh my, look at all these plates!

Not on the list either.

Alright. Alright!
I'll sort them myself... spare me. Please? Spare me!

Alright, you have one hour.

If you can't do it...


Sajima, please make it quick.

"Sleeve binding
and mutual helping"

"Selecting, sorting, sharing"

"Packing, making, accelerating"

"Call out to each other
Reach out to each other"

"Lift light luggage,
like so! Like so!"

Did you see Sajima's face?!

He was all teary-eyed over
a crummy little pot!

Now we need to find funds.
It'll be tough...


And you are...?


Sorry, what?



"Confidential Merchant Records"


"400 ryo"

I searched for
potential merchant loaners.

Why did you...

I saw your...dedication.

Nakanishi! Nakanishi!

Oh, he's asleep.


Please eat heartily.

This much? Thank you.

I never imagined Harunosuke
would have so many friends...

Ma'am...I share your joy!

This is superb!

I visited all 450 merchants
in our domain,

investigating their business
and word of mouth.

you did it all after work...

You're Itakura's daughter?

I am.

Sajima stole the credit
for Itakura's successes,

and effortlessly rose in status.

His deceit disgusts me!

But Katagiri,
you don't walk over others.

You ignore status and rank,
and treat all equally.

I like that.

Right, right! That's right!

I've always liked that about
Snail Boy, since I was little!


You expressed it well.
Bravo, Nakanishi!

-Come on, drink!

No, I can't...

Yes you can. Drink!

"I humbly request your help."

But...I doubt this alone will
enable me to borrow 17,000 ryo.

Not you.
The Echizen Matsudaira clan.

This way, this way! Hurry up!

More cargo's coming.

First, we'll try for half.
8,000 ryo from Izumiya.

Saw-style business is booming.


Freight transport.

By ship.

They make money going one way,
and more in the other.

Oh, so that's "saw-style."

Good work.

Oh, she's back.

Izumiya's new wife.
Young and good-looking.

Flattering her
makes him open his purse.

Stop, stop!

Let's go! Why not?
We just need to flatter her.

She looks worth it!

You drank too much! Stay here.

We can handle it.

Can you?


We'll be fine!

-Have a seat.
-Stay here!

8,000 ryo...

I know it's sudden, but... father has retired!


Two days ago.

He wants to
travel alone with his wife.

He's head over heels!

I haven't slept, so...

You should've known!

I've taken over the business.

I'll make sure we do things
the right way.

They're taking their time!

Hurry it up!

What's more, samurai tend
to borrow, then refuse to repay.

That reminds me. Speaking of
loans, how is Sajima these days?

I' you with that.

Hey! Harunosuke!
I came to back you up!



We told you to wait there!

He's with them.

-Stop it! Stop it, I say!
-Izumiya's new wife...

Oh, my lady...

You're even prettier up close!

Let me help. What can I do?


I read about
a fainting pressure point.

You're scarily clever.

We've no choice...

I beseech you.

Please...lend us the money!


All we can do now
is plead with you desperately.


Lend us...

...the money!

Get up, Katagiri...

I beg you.

I beg you.

This is awkward...


I bring...

...a message from our lord.

Our lord is shrewd.

Announcing his plan to ship sake
to Kyushu for sale...

That made Izumiya
lend us the money.

I was lying!

I mean, there's no such plan,
so now we need to find sake.

We have to be resourceful,
or we won't get through this!


Sir, are you sure?

I lent it to that man,
not his clan.

He humbled himself so sincerely,
I know he'll pay us back.

"Making Hand-Drawn Carts"

you dreamt of Oran again?

Those buns look tasty.

Will you again tonight?


What's wrong?

Did you get a loan?

Sure. 8,000.
We'll get the rest tomorrow.

Why shouldn't I?
What's wrong with that?

It's not normal.

Smiling at them all the time,
putting your hand in theirs...

It's the least I can do.

"The least"? "The least" what?

It's an emergency.
I'm using my feminine wiles.

I wouldn't if I didn't have to.

You smile...too much. Right?

Leave them out of it. Bringing
up the past is a bad habit.

"The past" wasn't that long ago.

What a couple.

-Why does she like him
-All the bad habits...

-and not me?
-You're so stubborn.

Keep it down!

Kids get told to go to sleep,
but adults do whatever they want.

Adults aren't fair!

Adults aren't fair!

He's right.

Otomatsu's dead right.

Now we've reduced our cargo...

...we need to
cut back on porters.

Everyone, please listen.

We still need to
borrow 9,000 ryo...

...but let's not.

First, I have an idea.

Instead of hiring porters,
let's carry everything ourselves.

But we samurai
don't carry our belongings!

Right! Or tend to horses!

Please listen!

If we borrow more,

our future lives, and children,

will be burdened heavily.

That wouldn't be fair.


But if we samurai do that, we'll
be stopped at checkpoints...

Look at this.

Who are those strange men?


It's a mud pack.

That's clever.

We need your cooperation.
Please, spread the word.

Strengthen your lower half!

Up comes the sun
We stand at attention

Stand at attention

Call out to each other
Reach out to each other

Keep your elbows in!

Dig deep...

Dig deep...

Dig deep! Dig deep!

Dig deep!

Such ambition for advancement...

What a pity. The relocation
is proceeding smoothly.

We put an incompetent in charge,
but he's surprisingly daring.

I promise... guide Lord Matsudaira
toward punishment and run.

Lord Yanagisawa
wants more than relocation.

He wants us shogunate spies
to wreak havoc.

When our income
decreases by half,

he'll have to
let many samurai go.

Those he cruelly discards
will not go quietly!

So, how many will we let go?

Well...for a start,

Only 600?

Including retainers in Edo,
our clan has over 2,000.

Our income will halve.
1,000 need to go.

That won't be necessary.

Leaving Himeji Castle
will lessen our burden.


if we keep that many, land tax
in Hita won't pay for them.

We'll begin a new venture there.

First, we'll sell
Harima sake in Kyushu.


Is something wrong?

Er, well, no...
You're very resourceful.


Kohei? Why aren't you in Edo?

I've rushed here to meet the man

who halved our moving costs.

Is it you?
You're our relocation officer?

I am.

I'm amazed you managed to
convince everyone.

No, I merely humbled myself.
Anyone would have.


Few men could have achieved that.

Based on past experience,

our clan could be
forced to move again.

We must persevere,
and heal our wounds.

We are a prestigious clan!

If we're made to move again,
our income could increase!


Is that possible?!

Indeed it is.

I have an idea. A way to
keep all our retainers.


From "Koyo Gunkan Zakki."

The Takeda clan?

This is our way to go to war
against an unjust shogunate!

"Retainer dismissal day"


Toshizo Kitao.

As of are dismissed.

Why?! Why me?!
What else am I supposed to do?!

My apologies. Those with families
were given priority.

But I'm...

...still a dependent.
How could I have married?!

We won't cut you loose.
I have an idea.

What's that?


Today, you'll become...

...a farmer.

A farmer?

Outrageous! You expect me
to dig dirt?!


I am a proud samurai!

"Koyo Gunkan Zakki" says,

"He who takes up farming
lives to see another day."

The Takeda clan later rose again
and became shogunate retainers.

It was their plan?!

It will only be temporary.

If our clan's income
increases again,

I promise...
we will reinstate you.

I don't believe you!

You're just spinning a tall story
to conceal the truth!

If you kill me...
you'll be finished.

Survive and be patient...
and one day... will rejoin us.

For you, it will be temporary.

For me, it will be an eternity!

What happened?

He looks devastated.

But why?

He's a farmer now.

Oh, is that all...A farmer?!


I elderly mother.

Surely you...have a mother too?

If no one quits,
our clan will perish.

But...if you become a farmer,
some day...

I can't!

I can't.

I'd rather kill myself!

I'll kill myself.

I'll...haunt your family
for generations!

I'll kill myself!


I'll definitely...kill myself!

I will!

Don't go!

Men who say things like that

won't go through with it.

"Ichirota Yamazato"

Ichirota Yamazato.

I thought we...
understood each other.

I thought you...knew me well.

I do.

I know you study diligently,

and are dedicated to our clan.

Then why...

Why must I stay behind,...
abandon my sword and...

...become a farmer?!

Because I know you!

Among those who stay behind,
we need someone

who is well admired and capable.

When our income increases,

I want you to lead our men

in becoming samurai again.

Turn this land...into fields?


This is Yasusada Miyazaki's
farming compendium.

Based on experience,
and extensive.

You're the only man
who can put it to good use.

I see now.

You were serious about reinstating
me as a samurai one day.

Very well. I shall do as you say.

I'll talk to each new farmer
and try to win them over.

Thank you!

Nevertheless...'s possible we may
never be reinstated.

If we're not,
all my studies to date...

...will have been for nothing.




I'm sure this is hurting you...

...more than it hurt my father.

The day has come.

Everyone...time to pack.

Get to work!

"Time to bid farewell
and spring to action"

"Another vexing day today
of relocation"

"Pillars and
walls need protection"

"Quickly and slowly
Careful transportation"

"Pull it out,
cook it up, send it away"

"Cats, grandkids,
and babies to convey"

I'll inspect all weapons!

All castle items go
in the storeroom below!

This is for you.

Like I said,
Hita Castle is smaller.

Once we move, instead of
unpacking, use these boxes as is.


For you.

"Matsudaira clan ancestral spear"

Now then, be extremely careful.

Oh, stand it up.

Will do!

The spear! What a sight!

Please be careful.
It's irreplaceable.

Boy, I'd love to
hold that one day!

I'll bet.

-That one?

This has no label!

Label it.

Watch your step.

It's narrow there!

Look up! Don't bump it.

That's it! Slowly, slowly...

Hey Harunosuke.

Did you and Oran... it?!

Are you crazy?!

You're flustered
like you did something.

Like what?

-Is it true?!

Is it?!

He's no longer a virgin.
Watch out!

He'll start acting
like a big shot.

Oh no! How terrifying!

You're wrong!

I'm still a virgin.


When will you leave?


Hey, gently. Be careful.

What'll you do?

Itakura is dead, so Oran has lost
her connection to our clan.

Stop crying...

Our lord has arrived!

We won't see it again.


the castle transfer ceremony.

As you wish.

Takamura, I'm relying on you
to get them to Ushimado port.

But...don't you think
this has gone too smoothly?

I get the feeling
our battle's far from over.

Smoothly is satisfactory!

Well, I'll be seeing you.

Listen up!

No sightseeing, no shopping,
and no selling on the way!

No whoring, gambling,
or fighting either!

Take your own advice.

Our destination is Hita!

Clan, on your feet!

"Harunosuke Katagiri
Relocation Officer"

And now,
the castle transfer ceremony!

We welcome you
after your long journey.

"Yoshinori Ishida
Fukushima clan chief retainer"

Thank you. A long journey
is ahead of you now.

We are grateful for your gracious
preparation of the castle.




The transfer of Himeji Castle
is now complete!

Otomatsu's asleep.
Care to come in?

Did you come to cry again?



You came to say goodbye.

Now my father's dead, I'm not
part of this clan anymore.


Even so...

Even so...

I want to be with you, Oran.

But I've dismissed many samurai.

My desire is selfish...


Did you get carried away and say
"I want to be with you"?


I mean, yes! I mean...

Do you mean,
you can't bear to be without me?

Forgive me! I shouldn't have...
I acted on impulse...

Alright! Let's go together.

Make me your wife.
Then we'll be family.

You'll be able to take us.

You don't want to?!

I'm not worthy...

...but please accept me.

I do.

Please accept us too.

"Mountains, rivers, valleys
We cross every one"

"Mountains, rivers, valleys
We cross every one"

"Another pleasing day today
of relocation"


"We're on our way to a new


"Pause to offer salutations"


"Moving, changing, relocating"

"Marching, passing, lodging"

"Marching, passing, lodging"

"Call out to each other
Reach out to each other"

"Have a drink and a dream"

"Paradise is
closer than it seems"

"Hey! We're almost there"

"Hey! We're almost there"

The sea! Look!

Come on, the port's not far!

Otomatsu. This is the sea.


Seriously? You're really
husband and wife now?!

We are.

Get used to it!

He beat me to it! Oh, the shame!

Oh, the shame!

Hear that?!

Husband and wife!

A tree has fallen!
Go around and straight ahead!

Straight ahead!

A tree has fallen!
Go around and straight ahead!

Straight ahead!

Go around and straight ahead!

They fell for it.

Boy, they look tasty.

No eating till we reach the port.

Oh, you're right!

You got told off.

Takamura, he beat you to it.
Can't call him Snail Boy now.

Shut up, you!

Who are they?

This procession...

...shall not pass.

No...We've come all this way!

I was right!


You're dressed for battle?

See? I told you! I was right!

These fishermen
are spies in disguise!

I knew things
were going too smoothly!

Now, do your worst.

Do your worst!

The fun's just beginning!

cut down these scoundrels!

Onward! Onward!

Onward! This way!

Grab a bat!

Their relocation training
toughened them up!


I'm...I'm on your side!

You traitor, Fujiwara!

Oh no! Please, let me live!

Lift it up!

What? What happened?!


Wait! Excuse me!

I must protect my lord! I...


I, Katagiri...

I shall protect you! I...



Yeesh! That was close!

Holy moly...



Imari porcelain
really is quality!

Wait! Not that...

Hey! Stop!


Another one!

Another one!

Please stop!

Defend the palanquin!

W-What now?!

Defend the palanquin!


The spear.


Our lord says use it!

That's our ancestral spear!




Well I'll be...

Now, dodge this!

Heavy, right? It's heavy.
Lift it. Come on! Good!



Spin it, spin it!

He's into...older women?!

You can do it!

Feel the strength of
the Matsudaira clan!

He did it!

Flee, flee!


Anyone hurt? Anyone?


-Are you okay?
-Well done!

Same to you!


My lord!


We were betrayed!

Those men
were Yanagisawa's spies!

Not Yoshiyasu again!
He's relentless!

Who? Who betrayed us?!


Going somewhere?


Somewhere...over...that way.

That way?

The traitor who betrayed us
and plotted with spies is you.

How pitiful.

When the sky clears
with our cargo we shall run"

"Another day again today
of relocation"

"Storm clouds on the horizon
as we cross over mountains"

"When rain starts to fall..."

"Hita, Bungo Province
10 days later"

"Nagayama Castle"

All stop!

All stop!

Open the gate!

This...can't be right.

We made it, but this is less
a castle and more a residence.

Our lord has arrived!

My people, we have relocated
safely, thanks to you.

Himeji is no longer our home.

We are now samurai of Hita.
Be proud of it.

"To Ichirota Yamazato"

Harunosuke sent letters
to the ex-samurai farmers

left behind in Himeji.

"We have arrived at the castle
in Hita, Bungo Province."

"There are not enough houses to
accommodate all our retainers."

He informed them of
every daily development.

He did so to remind them
they would always be clansmen.

The Matsudaira clan
resided in Hita for seven years,

but more hardships awaited.

They were forced to
change domains again,

to Yamagata, in Dewa.

their income did not increase,

so they could not bring dismissed
samurai back to the clan.

"During this relocation, Chief
Retainer Motomura passed away."

"After his
49th-day memorial service..."

Eight years went by in Yamagata.

Then one day, nearly 15 years
after leaving Himeji...

"Spring, 1697"



You've...come of age at last.

Yes, Father.

Now you can serve.

Otomatsu, you came of age
on a stormy day.

Yes, it was such a pity.
So much rain back then.

You turned up soaking wet.

You've...grown up splendidly!

Your grandma would be proud...

I'm sure...I'm sure...

Stop sniveling!
This is a celebration!




We must move again!

Another relocation...

Will...our income increase?

Our income will...

...increase by 80,000 koku.

We'll be back to 150,000!


So, Kohei.
Where's our new domain?

Shirakawa, in Mutsu.

Still, it's what we waited for.
We must relocate...

We'll be fine.


Harunosuke preserved and compiled
my father's relocation notes.

With these, we can move
anywhere in Japan.


Can we...?

You can!

I put you...

I put you through so much!

Waiting is hard.
So is making someone wait.

I'm sure it was
hard for you too, Katagiri!

Don't say that.

I lived in comfort,
and even became a father...

I became a father here too.

My father really was a samurai!

You tell 'em, son!

I never, ever forgot about you.

Katagiri, do you remember me?

Of course I do!

You haven't forgotten
how to carry a sword?

I forgot!

I like hoes better!

Our clan's new home is
Shirakawa, in Mutsu.

150,000 koku.

150,000 koku?!

Now, let's go home!


Kitao? Kitao!

You should...come with us.

This is...amazing.

Katagiri. Sorry,
but I'm not going.

Why? At last...
At last, you're a samurai again.

At first, I hated this life.

I was ashamed.

But day by day,
coming into contact with

rice plants, fields, and nature, I
felt a way I'd never felt before.

If I don't go back,

I'll be betraying our lord.

But, now... without this
is something I can't do.


We decided that, if you came,
40 of us would stay.

I see.

Now I'm older,
I think I understand.

In this great big world,

We owe our lives
to the mercy of nature.

The fields we cultivated with 600
will be split among 40.

We're gonna be rich!

"Shirakawa Castle,
Mutsu Province"

Now we can smile.

Welcome home.

Men, you're home now.

My lord!
Your hand will be dirtied!

The scars on your hand are proof
you have fought for this clan.

You should be proud.


As of today,
you are Chief Retainer.

M-Me, my lord?

Look around you.
No one here will object.

You know everything from
accounting to liaison with Edo.

You're perfect.

But, I'm...

Hey. If you won't, I will.

Not on your life.

If you so ask, I humbly accept.


Let's revive this clan together!

I don't know.
Snail Boy as chief retainer?

That's what he is.

By the way, Katagiri.

What is this?

Behold, my lord.

Magoshichiro Takatsuka.
Motonari Iida.

Chubei Fukunaga...

These are the names of
our samurai who died as farmers.

And these are the swords of those
who remain in Himeji as farmers.

With this...

all 2,156 of our men...

have returned home.

At last...

Everyone! These loyal retainers
fought for our clan!

Welcome home!

Welcome home!

Gen Hoshino

Issei Takahashi

Mitsuki Takahata

Original novel and screenplay by
Akihiro Dobashi

Directed by Isshin Inudo

2019 "Samurai Shifters"
Film Partners

English subtitles by Don Brown

(Ripped and transcribed by neet21)