Samurai Reincarnation (1981) - full transcript

After surviving the slaughter of many Christians 350 years ago, a samurai denounces God for ignoring the pleas of believers. He sells his soul to Satan and receives the power to resurrect the dead to join him in a murderous rampage. He is Shito: he brings to life a woman who was abused by her husband, two swordsmen who want to prove their skill, and a young man yearning for love. Shito leads them in attacks on people powerless in the face of such spirits. It's up to Jubei, the son of one of the resurrected swordsmen, to seek out a maker of swords who can fashion him with a weapon that will kill the undead. Showdowns loom. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
A sword brings forth
thousands of lives.

It brings the souls of
the dead back to life.

It brings devils from Hell.


Episode 1

Shimabara, Kyushu

About 350 years ago...

As the Shogun banned Christianity,
the Christians in Shimabara revolted.

Led by Shiro Amakusa,
they fought for ninety days and lost.

The Shogun's 120,000 soldiers
annihilated 37,000 Christians.

To exaggerate their achievements...

...the soldiers split
the heads of Christians...

...and announced that
they took 45,000 heads.

The soldiers celebrated their victory.


Almighty God! Creator of all nature!


Look at the bodies of your believers!

Why did you remain silent?

They prayed desperately.

Why did you refuse to answer
their cry for your hands?

We fought for ninety days.

It was a fight for
your kingdom and glory.

We prayed and prayed
day after day in vain.

Men and women, young and old,
even little children prayed.

Even though we were
suffering from hunger...

...we still gasped out
the prayers with our weak breaths.

The souls of my poor brothers!

I pray for you.

May you reach the portals
of heaven in peace!

But I no longer want
to go to heaven myself.

We shall part here tonight.
I bid you farewell.

Listen, God.

From now on, I forsake my faith in you!

In your teachings and mercy!
Leaving everything behind...

...I shall take a journey of
vengeance for my poor brothers!

You, in the darkness of the Devil!

Poisonous snakes! Devils from Hell!

Come forth and speed my vengeance.

Arise from Hell and
show yourself here before me!

Help me get revenge!

I shall always be pleased
to reciprocate!

I have given you my word!

Welcome, devils from Hell!

Come into my body and
give me your power!

I, Shiro Amakusa...

...shall burn this country with
the fire of anguish and hatred!

I shall make this hellish scene appear...

...again on the earth before
the Shogun who massacred us!

Episode 2

Kumamoto, Kyushu

Lord Hosokawa's Graveyard

I am addressing myself to
the spirit of Lady Hosokawa.

Please come out from the darkness
and show yourself before me.

Please possess the body
of this woman for a while.

Decayed body, wake from your sleep.

Answer my request!

Who is disturbing the peace of my mind?

Are you the spirit of Lady Hosokawa?

My name is Shiro Amakusa.

What do you want?

I want to make your wish come true.

To live in this world once again.


I have no interest in living
again in the mundane world.

That is not true.


Because of your bitter grudge,
you cannot rest in peace.


Despite your reputation
of fidelity and piety...

Your married life was a miserable
experience as an estranged wife.

How dare you!

And you had to end your life
against your own will.


What you said is not true!

I must rip your mouth off so
you can no longer speak nonsense.

Calm down, Lady Hosokawa!

No spirit can step into
this Ring of Solomon.

Be honest with yourself.

How vexing!

So, you know the secret
grudge in my heart.

Yes, as you said,
I miss everything in the mundane world.

The beauty of flowers,
the singing of birds, everything.

I even miss my own face in the mirror.

I cherished every moment
of my life as a woman.

But my happiness vanished...

...when my husband began to
have affairs with other women.

Come here.

Please let me go.
Come here.

Please let me go.

Please let me go.
Come here.

Come here.

Please let me go...

What? You are praying again.

To my "sacred" wife,
here is my humble offering.

Your god forbids having
concubines, doesn't he?

Then, kill this woman
as your god wishes.

This is not funny.

What a conceited woman you are!

Because you believe in a foreign
god, you cannot be jealous of me?

Why don't you show me your
true sadness and anger?

What are you waiting for?

Do not worry about me.

Go and sleep with His Lordship.

You are a woman of virtue!

You are too good for me to be with.

You had better marry Jesus.

Forgive me.

Please tell me.

Why is this world full of hardship?

My husband is the only man I love.

But now...

Please help me stop
this agony of jealousy.

If it's impossible,
let us die on the same day.

So we will be able to
go to Heaven together.

That is all I wished.

However, God ignored my only wish.

At the Battle of Sekigahara... husband joined Tokugawa's army.

But as a hostage, I was left
in Osaka among the enemy.

There's no way to escape.

Prepare to kill yourself.

Suicide is against God's will.

Then, as the lord ordered me,
let me kill you.


What did you say?

When did he order that?

Was it when he left Osaka?

Did he leave me here to die?

What are you saying?


As the wife of a samurai,
I know how to live and die.

But I didn't expect
betrayal from my husband.

For whom was my chastity?

For what was my endurance?

Kill me! Now!

Kill me!

Hurry! Stab my heart!

Behead me!

I do not believe Tadaoki,
my husband, wished for my death.

He did it for the House of
Hosokawa and his retainers.

Even if I know that, how can I be happy?

There is no way to return to life.

That is why I, my soul,
still cannot rest in peace.

I miss my husband so much.

I wish we could make love
passionately once again... feel the sensation we shared
at the time we vowed our true love.

Shiro, did you say
you could make my wish come true?

I'll keep my word.

Now, go in the circle.


Have I returned to life?

Yes, my lady.

Tell me one more thing.

Am I still beautiful?

Yes, my lady. Beyond comparison.

Episode 3

Aso, Kyushu

I am Musashi Miyamoto.

Since I was a child, I've wanted to be
the strongest swordsman in the country.

To accomplish this goal,
I've fought over sixty times.

And I have never been defeated.

I am 62 years old.

My life's work completed,
now I am going to die.

This is the rule of Heaven.


You were pretty and innocent.

I did nothing to earn your love for me.

For years and years,
you had innocently...

...waited for me until your death.

Forgive me.

Your love was in the way of my training.

I have fought.

If I beat one enemy, then I'd look for another.

Finally, nobody stood in my way.

Even Lord Yagyu evaded my challenge...

...with an excuse that he was
the Shogun's sword instructor.

I became the country's
strongest swordsman...


Is that really so?

Did Yagyu really run from me?

Or could it be...

He refused my challenge
only because he thought...

...that I was not worth fighting?


Why worry when your
life is about to end?

God knows.

I have no regrets!

Even if I die right now, I have no regrets...


No, no...

Do not try to deceive yourself.

I realize it now.

I secretly believe Yagyu
is the better swordsman.

And next is his son, Jubei.

Without fighting them,
how can I believe I'm the strongest?

Oh, God!

Please give me another life
and the strength to fight!

Good, Musashi.

Now I'm convinced you are the
strongest swordsman in the country.

Who are you?

My name is Shiro Amakusa.

This is Lady Gracia Hosokawa.

We came from Hell to take you there.

What? You came to take me to Hell?

I've heard your wish to live once again.

I can aid your demonic reincarnation.

My demonic reincarnation?

The deeper you regret...

...the easier it is to
reincarnate as a devil.

Come with us to the world of devils.


I feel sympathy for your deep regrets.

Say that you regret dying
without fighting the Yagyus.

So that you will be able
to live another life.


...just two words, "I regret."

I regret...

Abandon your old self and...

...resurrect as a devil!

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Jubei Yagyu.

I would like to have training
from Musashi Miyamoto.




Where are you?


Episode 4

Hozoin Temple, Nara


Inshun Hozoin.

Why do you dream of killing women?


Answer me, Inshun.

I see the desire for women in you.
Are you embarrassed?

You devil!


No matter how you
master your martial arts... cannot kill the
desire inside of you.

Then, why hesitate?

Why don't you have sex as you desire?

Women are beautiful.

Their bodies are soft and warm.

Shut up!

I cannot stand this any more.

Even after the years of hard training...

I cannot purify the
filthy desire in my own heart.

Poor man!

To try to escape from me.

Is death easier for you
to handle than women?

You are beautiful.

You have been in the way of my training.

Such a beautiful face
that I did not know of.

Please help me.

Hold me.

I beg you to hold me in
your soft porcelain arms.

Embrace me for the last time.

It is too late.

If only I could return to life...

It is not too late.


You regret having never
made love in your life.

Say you regret it.
So you can have another life.

What did you say?

No need to worry.

Say that... regret.

Episode 5

Suzuka, Province of Iga

Hidden Village of Iga Ninja Family

Did you get it?

Of course, I keep my promises.

Don't lose it.


Jubei is coming.

Really? When?


A villager saw him in the valley a while ago.

Let me go and see him.


Attack them as planned.


All of them?

All but one...

...Named Kirimaru.

Get him!

Destroy the Iga Family!

Damn it! Koga ninja!

They must pay for this...

Over there.

Who the hell are you?

What is your name?


You are going to die.

But do not worry.

I will bring you back to life,
if you want.

Do you want to live again?

Do you want to live as a
young man, stronger, and more handsome?

But why me?

Because I pity you.

You can live as you desire, like...

...these three people here.

Do you want to live?





Are you scared, Jubei?

When did you turn into a monkey?


We will see you again...


When the time comes, we will meet.

Kirimaru's company...

One is Inshun Honzoin.

Another is Musashi.

And the other two?

What is going to happen?

Nikko, Province of Kozuke

Shogun Ietsuna's
Visit to Toshogu Shrine

She is beautiful.
No wonder the Shogun wants her.

He is fascinated.

He wants her as his concubine.

You must give us time on this matter.

I am having her family checked.

I sent for her parents.

Who are her parents?

It is true, Otama is our daughter.

Anything wrong?

Do not worry.

The Shogun was fascinated by
Otama at the Toshogu Shrine.

She will be summoned
to serve the Shogun.

No! It cannot be.

What is wrong?

Tell me everything.

Don't try to hide anything.


The truth is...

It's so shameful to speak of her...

The lady who fascinated
the Shogun cannot be Otama.


Our daughter is crazy.

It happened last spring...

Pay respect to me!

Who do you think I am?

Stay away from me!

I am going to be the Shogun's concubine.

Get out of my way!

Since then, no one knows where she went.

It is impossible that Otama
fascinated the Shogun.

This must be some mistake.

I understand.

Keep this matter secret.


What are you doing here?

I have been waiting for you,
Your Excellency.



I have fallen in love with you.

Please take me to your bed.


You mean that woman is insane?




Kill her immediately.

But chamberlain...

I will explain this to the Shogun later.




Who are you?

I will avenge the Iga Family
that you destroyed!




Who the hell are you?

I am Shiro Amakusa,
leader of the Christian rioters.


Lord Izu.


This is the hair of the women
you killed in Shimabara.

You devil!

I will kill you with this rope of hair.


Suffer more...

Suffer and go to Hell!

Lord Izu.

What did the Shogun say?

"Do not disturb us."

Even Lady Yajima could
not enter the room.

She could not help us.

I understand.

You may go now.


Then again, the Shogun will
stay with the woman tonight.

I cannot believe that
he is crazy over that woman.

The killing of Lord Izu...

Somebody must be cursing us.




This matter is already
under investigation.

Soon we will find out.

Besides this,
I worry about the Shogun.

It has been a month
since he began neglecting his duty.

We cannot go on like this.

Do not get up.

Go back to bed.

What day is today?

There is no time here.

Here we have only our
passion and love for each other.

Still, do you want to leave me?

Everybody is worried about me.

Then, go to them.

Are you mad at me?

As a Shogun,
my duty is to rule this country.

I know you are a busy person.

Then fulfill your duty and...

...go to see another woman tonight.

Don't be silly.


I saw a dream.

About my previous life.

What was it like?

I was killed by my jealous husband.



I will not kill you.

Then let me kill you.

Why do you want to kill me?

Because true love is born
only from hatred.

I want to be jealous of you and
I want you to be jealous of me.

So we can be burnt with our passion.

Our passion will burn like fire...
Like this...



You must fulfill your duty as a Shogun.

It doesn't matter.


I said it doesn't matter.


I will never leave you.

You'll even go to Hell with me?


Father, we are here.

Come in.

Your sword?

It was made by Muramasa.

Why are you looking at that evil sword?

What do you want?

Brother Jubei sent us a letter that...

...said he saw the ghosts.

He saw them in the mountains of Suzuka.

One of them was Musashi...

...another was Inshun.

We heard they were
both dead last May.

The other was Kirimaru from the Iga
Ninja Family who worked for us here.

And the other was a young
samurai wearing Western attire.

The last was a noble lady.

What did he do to them?

He jumped up into a tree
and watched them pass by.

I'm going to the castle.

At this hour?

But you are ill.

Samon, come with me.




Listen to me carefully.


The death of Lord Izu and the
Shogun's neglect of this duty...

Both are caused by
the woman named Otama.

Therefore, I am going to pretend
that I am mad and kill her tonight.

Then, I will kill myself for
killing the Shogun's concubine.



I have kept this secret from you.

My illness is a terminal one.
Not many days are left.

This could be my last service
to the Shogun.

Then let me help you.


You have your own duty.

What duty?

Don't you know?

The ghosts that Jubei told us
of will disturb this country.

Destroy them with Jubei and Matajuro.

Protect the Shogun.

But you are ill. You need me.

Do not worry.

Stay here and watch
how things unfold.


This is an order.


Who are you?

Musashi Miyamoto.

Here you are! You ghost!

Where is Lord Yagyu...

...and his son, Jubei?

Ghosts cannot bother my father.

I will send you back to Hell.

No good.


I have been waiting for you.


You used to be the best
spearman in the country.

But now you are merely a ghost.

What a pity.

Shut up!

You don't know anything!

You have never fought against anybody.

You are just the Shogun's sword instructor.

Come on!

I will show you how to fight with a spear.


Do you think you can beat me?

Shut up!

Beautifully done.

I admire you, Yagyu.

Far better than your son.

I challenge you to a duel.

You are Musashi.

I wanted to fight against you
when I was healthy.

But now I am ill.

I cannot deliver a stroke with the sword.

This is my fate.

Lord Yagyu.

If you want to stay in this world...

I am ready to help you.

You want me to become a devil?


I have nothing more to do in this world.

As the Shogun's official sword instructor...

...I founded the Yagyu Fencing School...

...and made it the
best school in the country.

I'm totally satisfied with my life.
I can die with no regrets.


Don't die!


Who is it?

Let me die peacefully.


It is you, my son.

Here we go, Jubei.



I will beat you! I will beat you!

Stop! That's enough, Jubei.

Be proud of who you are.
You are the son of the Yagyu Family.

Jubei is a natural born
master swordsman.

He lives free as a bird.

He has been my beloved
one-eyed son for all this time.

Killing the spearman ghost
with one stroke...

...proves my skill has never rusted.

Your existence still excites me
as a swordsman.

As if I've found the
greatest rival of my life.

If I could stay alive...

I would want to challenge you to a duel.

This desire is my karma.

I want to live!

I want to fight against my own son
in the appropriate arena.

A fighting arena surrounded
by roaring fire.

Let's fight, Jubei.

Lord Yagyu...

I understand your desire.

I will guide you to Hell.



Father killed Samon?
His own son!


Father came home with
the body of Brother Samon.

He said Samon went out of his mind
so he had to kill him.

What is the matter?


Has anything happened
to Father recently?


He has been ill.


But what?

Today he was carrying the
sword made by Muramasa.



Welcome home.

What is the matter?


Come in.


I heard you killed Samon.

His head was crushed into pieces.

He must have been beaten with a club.

What happened?

If you want to know, come closer to me.

What are you waiting for?

Come closer.




Go to the village of Yagyu right away!

Stay there until I come.


Go at once. This is your father's order!



Sakura, Chiba

God! Come hither! Raise the water and...

...create the thick clouds in the sky!

Send freezing wind to
freeze houses and fields!

Pour a deluge of
rain and wash them away!

Wash away the forests and the lands!

Destroy everything that
belongs to the Shogun!

Let there be no harvest of rice!

The wheat must wither!

Everything that grows on the
Shogun's land must be rotted!


Calm down!

Take a look at...

...this year's rice plants!

They are black and rotten.

Not only the grain, but vegetables too.

Even the soybeans are like this.

This must be a curse!

We are all on the brink of death.

Please do not collect
this year's land tax.


You must make your appeal in writing!

Get out of here!

...or you will be executed!

We are not afraid of punishment.


Unless you exempt us from taxation...

...we will never go away!

Have mercy! Please ask the governor!

Please! Please!

No! You are breaking the law!
Get out of here!

A pile of stones is for my father.

Two piles of stones are for my mother.

Three piles of stones
are for my brothers...

...who live in my home village
far away from here...

You were here yesterday.

Who sleeps down here?

My father.

He was killed by an officer with a club.

Your mother?

You can have it.

Where did you get it in this season?

I could give you more.

Thank you.

What is your name?


What is yours?


Where are you from?

Far from here.


Much farther than Edo.

Will you sing that song again for me?

Oh, that one.

Listen to this with your eyes closed.

Are you all right getting up?

Excuse me.

Is Muramasa in?


Forgive my sudden visit. My name is...

Welcome, Jubei Yagyu.

How do you know me?

I am a Swordsmith. I ought to know.

Come over here.

Your father paid a visit here recently.

What brought you here this time?


My father has come here?


He wanted a new sword.

Did he say anything else?

He said something enigmatic...

"I do not want a sword
to kill human flesh."

"What I want is a
sword to kill ghosts."

"I want to kill devils..."


I was surprised, too.

My teacher said my swords
were sharp but lacked goodness.

He called them "wicked swords"
and sent me away.

So I have had to hide myself here.

I do not understand why Lord Yagyu
wants a sword from an outcast.

Poison quells poison.

He must have thought only
my wicked swords could kill devils.

Anyway, it sounds like nonsense
to kill devils. Are there any?


Actually, I have a request
of you on this matter.

Make a sword for me.

No. I am sorry.


I need it.

You must make one for me.

He spent all his energy on
the sword for Lord Yagyu.

He has been in bed.

Your daughter?

My foster daughter.

Her name is Otsu.

You know the woman who loved Musashi.

She is Otsu's aunt.

I have been taking care of her.


What is the matter?

I need your sword to kill Musashi.

What are you saying?

Musashi is already dead.

No, he is not.

He came back to this world as a devil.

I saw him with my own eyes.

And he was not alone.
There are other devils.

So I need your sword
in order to kill them.

Listen carefully!

The Shogun is coming here for hunting...

...on 25th of this month.

A special tax will be
imposed upon you as follows...

Two kan of copper per
household in all villages.

If you cannot make payment in cash...

...the head of the household will
be forced into three days' labor.



What is on your mind?

I heard the song.

A pile of stones is for my father...

Two piles of stones are for my mother...

Please stop it!

You are young.

Too young.

So you are infatuated with a woman.

If you love her, rape her.

So that you can be a full-fledged devil.

You will be more confident in yourself.


Then, go!

Rape her as you desire!

Offer the virgin's blood to our evil god!


Where are we going?

Just come...

I'm scared. I will go home.

Stop it!

...hate you.

I hate you!

You are an asshole!

All right. Go home.

Go! Get out!



You still have some conscience in you.

Tell me one thing.

Who are the others?

Musashi Miyamoto.

Lady Hosokawa.

Shiro Amakusa.

I see.

That young man is Shiro Amakusa.

The last one was Inshun.
But now instead of him...

No need to mention the name.

I know who he is.

Jubei, may I ask a favor of you?

Kill me.


After I avenged my family...

I have been looking for you.

I hate myself as a devil.

I cannot go on like this.

Please kill me and...

...release me from these
purgatorial sufferings.

What a pity!

A pile of stones is for my father.

Two piles of stones are for my mother.

Three piles of stones are for my brothers...


You must live.

You once dedicated
your life to swordsmanship.

Fight as a swordsman.

Your enemy is inside of you.

Challenge your own destiny!
Change your karma!

Do your best.

However, if you come to realize
there is nothing you can do...

...come to me.

Then I will bring your struggle to an end.


What happened?

Look at the beautiful deer!

Your Excellency, shoot them.

Stop that nonsense.
They are human beings.

You are joking.

Look carefully. They are deer.

That is right.

They are deer.

What are you doing?

Stop it!


Your Excellency, shoot them.


There they are!

Have mercy! Your Excellency!

Please accept our appeal!



What is the matter with you?

When you want to kill God,
you can kill God with this.

When you want to kill a devil,
you can kill the devil with this.

This is the sword you want.



What a sword!


Thank you.

They were killed for us!
They are saints!

Burn their bodies and
scatter the ash on our land!

Then the curse will be gone...

Then the curse will be gone!

Be quiet! Be quiet!


Be quiet! Be quiet!


You won! You won!

Look at this!

The governor's head!


We still have a bigger enemy!

Take your weapons!

Bring more men!
Let's destroy the Shogun in Edo.

Fear not the Shogun.

Now is our chance to rebel
against the Shogun.

Let's attack the castle
in Edo. Burn it down!

Follow me!

I promise I'm not going
to hurt you. So...

Run away with me!

Run away?

We are both orphans.
We are all alone. Right?

Let's go anywhere far away from here.



Somewhere far from here and secluded.
Sing a song for me.



Thank you.

Let's go now.

Come to Edo with me.


Remember who you are.

You woman,
Kirimaru is no longer a human being.


He is dead, but cannot rest in peace.

So he returned to this world as a devil.

Stay away from Kirimaru.
He is mine.

Stop it!

Go away!


You little punk.



Burn his body with the others.

Who killed him?

A samurai named Shiro.


I will avenge you.

Rest in peace.

Now you can rest in peace at last.


There he is.


I shall wait for you on a
small island named Funajima...

...which is three leagues to the east.

At 8 o'clock tomorrow morning.


Will you come?


Why do you have to go?

Why do men fight?

Why kill each other?

I know my aunt.

She dedicated her life to Musashi.
She was unhappy.

She hated him when she died.


Never put me into
a situation like that.

Forgive me, Otsu.

I must go.

Tell me why.

Because perhaps...

This is my destiny. I have made
up my mind to live by the sword.


You want to be protected
with this cowardly music of the flute?

Play the flute as much as you want.

It has no power over me now.

Neither love nor pity can disturb me.

Come, Jubei.

I will crush your skull and the flute.

Take that!

What is happening there?

They aren't the usual
revolting farmers.

They are mad.

They are possessed by an evil spirit.

This is horrible, horrible!

The riot has spread quickly like wildfire.

They are swarming around Edo
from all directions.

They are about to surround the castle.

Not only the farmers, but the
residents of Edo are rioting and...

...looting everywhere.

The sovereign authority of
the Shogun has been jeopardized.

Chamberlains, this is an emergency.

We must take the appropriate
countermeasures right now.

Musashi was killed.

Your son, Jubei killed him.

Jubei is now heading for Edo.

He will show up at any moment now.

That is what I'm waiting for.

Lord Yagyu, you are wanted...


Lord Yagyu!

Lord Yagyu went mad.

Who the hell is Tadaoki?

Tell me!

How dare you whisper
another man's name!

Who is he?

Tadaoki is the name of my husband.

Your husband?

Never mind.

It is just a dream
about my previous life.

No excuses!

He is in your dream,
because you love him.

Tell me!

What did he do to you in your dream?

Like this?

It hurts...

Forgive me.

No! I will not forgive you.

I will not forgive you!

My robe!

It was a gift from my husband.
My robe is burning!

Anybody, come out!

Are you going to leave me and
watch me die again?

Not again! I will not allow you
to leave me this time.

Get off of me! Help me!

Help me!

Get out of the way!

I will never let my husband
make love to other women.

Get out!

What are you doing?

Get out!

Calm down!

Kill the woman!

Lord Yagyu!
Are you out of your mind?


Come to me right now.

Come before this beautiful
fighting arena is burnt down.

Oh, the castle is burning!

Edo is burning, too!

Look at that, Tadaoki.

Look at the beautiful sea of fire!

How magnificent!

This cannot be happening!

The Tokugawa Shogunate
can't be toppled!

Who is it?

We have never met in person before.

I am the leader of the Christians,
Shiro Amakusa.


Look at the hellish scene outside.

These are the flames of our grudge.

The Tokugawa Shogunate
is now about to end.

Look at that!


Look, Ietsuna!

You will never have enough suffering.

You must have the same agony
as the 37,000 Christians you killed.

Where are you going, Tadaoki?


Do not abandon me. Take me with you.

Get off me!

You are mine.
You will have nobody but me.

Get off me!

Jubei, Where are you?

Come here.

I am waiting for you.



Oh, Jubei.

I've waited for you for so long.

I have heard that you killed Musashi.

My son, I am proud of you.

You are the best rival
I have known in my life.

Look at you now, Father.

You used to be so confident in yourself.

You didn't even care for God.

But now you are under
the shadow of the Devil!

You have become the Devil himself
in order to challenge me.

I know swordsmanship requires cruelty.

But should it be so harsh that a
father must try and kill his own son?

No need to argue.


As my son, fighting against me is how
you show your respect to your father...

...who expects that you have
grown to be stronger.

Under the protection of
that talisman on your body...

...try to beat your father
who has returned from Hell.

Here we go.

I have no choice.

I accept your challenge.



Your swordsmanship is impressive.

Take my advice and live
in the world of devils.

Your swordsmanship
will have eternal life.



I do not believe in eternal life.


I will not let you live, even as a devil.


You knew the weaknesses
of those who died in anger.

You took advantage of them
and played with their souls.

I must kill you.

Otherwise neither my father
nor Kirimaru can rest in peace.

Come. Beat me.

I am going to burn this country,
not only Edo.

Can you stop me? Do so, if you can.

Here we go.


The fight is not over yet.


As long as human beings exist
on this earth, I shall return.

I will definitely come back!

The End