Samurai Princess (2009) - full transcript

AS group of young schoolgirls walking through the woods is attacked and raped by a gang of thugs. Only one of the girls survives, but is badly injured. She is found by a scientist who takes her back to his lab, gives her a new robotic body and a female monk gives her magical powers. They send her out to take revenge on her attackers, but as it turns out he has an ulterior motive for his actions. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Man, this is good.

What kind of meat is this?

It's great.

Want to know?

Who's that?

Do you want to know
what kind of meat it is?

One bite and
you'll be hooked.

Fresh human meat.

Do your friends taste good?

What the...?

Damn it!


Where are they?

Who cares?

Well then...

I'll ask your brain directly.

Come on!

Hey, wake up!

This is useless.

Are you...?

A Mecha?

Where are they?

No idea.

Fine then.

Go on.



What are you doing here?

I was asking Buddha whether
I had done the right thing.

What the heck?

You two are under...

...arrest for being Mecha.

Having a Mecha-making operation
is illegal.

You best surrender yourselves now.

You're nothing but mortals.

You cannot fathom the beauty
in the art we create.

Reconstruction of the human body
is the finest form of art.

So you are calling...

...our Shogun mediocre?

Anyone who is stupid
enough to outlaw Mecha...

Is mediocre at best.

How dare you ridicule our
Shogun in such manner!

Oh god! Help me!

My hand! My hand!

What do you mean, the right thing?


Did you get your answer from Buddha?

Do you know where we are?

This is a place for outlaws.

The Forest of lnfinity.

Before Buddha answers... might be raped or killed.

Is that what you plan to do to me?

Of course not.

I don't have the guts
to do that to a nun.

Are you going into the forest now?

Yeah. So what?

If you see Mecha girl,
I want you to let her know...

...that I'll be here waiting for her.

Mecha girl?

I have changed the girls...

Changed their souls into
heretic devils.


What's wrong?

Eenie, meenie...


Buddha will save us.

Look up to the sky and pray.

Throwing up on your friend.
How kind.

We didn't kill them.

We specialize in rape.

You wanna know who killed them?

It was our boss.

Instead of getting paid...

...we get to rape the girls.

So, what kind of creation
would you like to be?



Just shut up and watch, okay?

You're the one I really love.

What do you want to be?

Shame on you.

It's a shame to bring
people back to life?

The dead are so
happy to live again.

I use these to make Mecha.

These are our components.

But it is against the law.

Are you freakin' serious?

Did you hear that?

There is no law and order in here.

It's even out of Buddha's

No jurisdiction!

By making Mecha...

...we can create a land
of immortals.


People do their best
because life is finite.

So these girls who were killed...

...did their best?

Who did such a horrible thing?

I reconstructed their body parts.

Their death is nothing but
a means to creating art.

This is an art?

They're nothing but devils
pretending to be artists.

I want to be a devil...

...and seek my enemies.

If you really want,
I can help you.

Take your words back.
Buddha will not allow such a thing.

But Buddha...never came...

...and protected us.

I wish for one thing only.

To kill them.

Hear that?

It's a done deal.


I'm gonna need your help.

What does an ultimate Mecha have?

It has a soul.

Souls from 11 girls,
filled with hatred.

So you're saying...

You put those souls
into the Mecha?

It's my job to provide peace for souls.

But what I did...

...was to place the souls
inside a tool for revenge.

You shouldn't feel so bad.

Do you think those girls...

...would have gone to heaven?

They would have
haunted the killers anyway.

I used your own body as the base.

Your limbs and organs
are from your friends.

So my sisters' flesh... within me?

That's not all.

That's not all.

The souls of your sisters'
are within you as well.

But you're a nun, right?

So it's easy to put souls
into a Mecha.


Go on and take them down.

Let's check her battle record!

What is your name?

I have no name now.

I will become the devil
of all devils...


And kill my enemies.

If you see her, please tell her...

When this is over...

...I will purify her soul
and guide her to heaven.

A soul full of revenge...

...cannot get into heaven.


Where did the mad scientist go?

Kyoraku went into the forest.

He said that there were
many Mecha parts there.

Everyone's got a devil inside.

How do you know him?

A killer.

And a victim.

I am a devil with a soul...

Full of revenge.


Whoa... You scared me.

You've seen one before, right?

The rapist had the same thing
hanging from him, but...


Is that a Mecha component?

It's so much more compact.


Those men had such huge
and grotesque versions.

That's what all 1 1 of us think.

You guys exchange opinions
in there?

So you must be the SAMURAl PRlNCESS.

What if I am?

I was expecting something scarier.

To my surprise...

You're an interesting girl.


I'm not a girl.

I'm a Mecha.

You know, I've been thinking...

Maybe it's not the
couple who did this.

This corpse isn't artistic.

And this bow is so tacky.


You bought it yourself.

I am talking about the corpse here.

Is that your thing?
Taking pictures of that?

I'm sending them to forensics...

...for analysis, that's all.


No signal.

I'll contact the other member
for some advice.

I told you there's no signal.

But mine's specially custom made.

Why is a rich girl like you
on a Mecha hunt?

We get pretty bored, you know.

What? Bored?

God, you think you're
so much better than everyone.

I wonder if something happened?

It's the Forest of lnfinity so...

...anything can happen.

I've heard that Gekko
is also in the forest.


Kyoraku, who is wanted, is here too.

I can definitely smell
Mecha in this blood.

So Mecha are responsible for this.

Let's follow the scent.

Hopefully, it will lead us to
the crazy artist himself.

Where's Kyoraku?

Don't you know?

Oh, I see.

He'll come to pick up my
battle record, sooner or later.

Then I'll just stay with you.

It's not that simple.

You've got ulterior motives.


...why don't you decide
among the 1 1 of you?

I think I'll do just that.

Long time no see.
I didn't know you liked peeping.


Hello, Gekko.

Don't be nice to a traitor.

Are you getting jealous?

He was a member of the hunt,
but his hand's modified.

We've come to a conclusion.

What is it?

You can come with us.

She's a Mecha!

Take her out!

It's true, I am not a human.

But it's pointless to fight.

Don't be nice with me...

You're burning up!

Is your cooling system okay?

Can you smell them?

It's gotten faint.

I see.

Are you relieved?

Why would I be?

You don't have to capture Gekko.

I don't get it.

You do and you know it.

Right then.

This will help you cool down a bit.

I told you...

Please don't be nice.

Turn to sleep mode
so you won't use much energy.



You've cooled down.

You know, I can't give anything back.
Not even my body.

I have no warmth.

And I can't feel any warmth.

Look at me.

I'm just an ugly Mecha.

My old body!

Stop it.

I can feel your heart beating.

I feel it.

I feel your warmth.

Me too...

I feel your warmth, too.

How's your fever?

I'm fine.

You're still a little red.

It's just a stupid dream
that my weakness created. So sickening.

Do you know why you overheat?

Who taught you to fight?

I'm just follow the program
Kyoraku had imprinted in me.

That's what's wrong.

You make too many moves.

So why don't you teach me
how to fight?

Our number 1 target is not Gekko.

First let's catch Kyoraku
and that crazy artist.

We can let him go later on.

No way!

Girls should be honest.

Why don't you be true to yourself?

I told you. I don't care.

I can smell our people nearby.

And a strong smell of blood as well.

Oh my god!

This is gross!

Welcome to the human flesh factory.

You should learn to appreciate the art.

You empty-headed idiot!

I'll never understand your art.

You're freakin' crazy!

I take that as a compliment.

Bring it on!

Don't make excuses like the room
was too small to fight.

What kind of art do
you want to become?

Sorry, but my existance
is already an art.

You think you're so better
than everyone.

Five seconds to bye-bye.




You little...!

Are you okay?

So this is pain...

The pain of the humans you
have killed for your pleasure!

You have to...

Be honest with...

your feelings.


I know you admired this.

Now, take it.

God, you think you're so
much better than everyone.

We got info from intel...

...that Kyoraku is in the old factory.

Now, we're even.


Next time we meet, I'll be a
Mecha hunter. I'll destroy you.

Looking forward to it.

Why did you become a Mecha?

Every time I look at my arm...

...I'm reminded of the past.

The past?

My sister Himawari got sick
and suddenly went mad.

She was frail and affected by
a deadly epidemic.

The doctors gave up on her.

But that mad scientist wouldn't.


He said that she would be saved...

...if she had Mecha surgery.

All it was...

...was an evil temptation.

After the surgery, my sister
totally lost her mind.

She killed our parents
and cut my arm off.

She was crazy, but she begged me
to do something.

Please kill me.

So l...turned myself into a devil...

And did what she...

...asked me to do.

Later, I heard a rumor.

Kyoraku is everywhere...

...experimenting to make
the perfect Mecha.

So I am one of the guinea pigs?

That's why I have to kill Kyoraku.

Will I go crazy, too?

It's highly possible.

If I ever go crazy...

Please kill me.


I'll destroy you.

Do you want to live?



Well, what a nice surprise.

You haven't gone crazy yet?

Let me retrieve some data from you...


Long time no see.

Who are you?

Don't play dumb.

That's a strange name.

You really don't remember?

You bastard, you turned
my sister into a Mecha...

I do that to a lot of people.
For fun.

I don't remember it at all.

Son of a bitch!

His finest creation.


Where are you?

Just how far is enough for you?

I programmed him
to protect his Master, me.

Stay out of the way!

Now this is an interesting show.

Looks like the internal functions
are corrupted now.

It's only a matter of time
before it stops.

Broken, broken!

How much longer?

You're not alone.

Our souls are inside you.

You're not fighting alone.

That's why...

We never...

We never give up.

How can this be?

I didn't program this.

You cannot beat me.

There's no way of defeating
the 11 souls I have inside.

Get out of my way.

What a sound.

I didn't know we were Mechas...


I'm coming now...

Go to hell.

Poor, damaged souls...

Here, time to purify your souls
and take you up to heaven.

Devils don't belong in heaven.

Looks like they're here
to take me to hell.

Thanks for everything.

I'm here as a Mecha hunter
to destroy you.

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