Samurai Cop (1991) - full transcript

As the brutal Japanese gang known as the Katana gradually spreads its tentacles throughout sunny Los Angeles, controlling everything from drugs and gambling to prostitution, no one is safe to walk the streets. To deal with the problem, the Los Angeles Police Department enlists the help of an expert: Detective Joe Marshall, an avid Japanophile trained in the way of the sword and the ancient Bushido code of conduct. As a result, protected by the unbreakable code of silence of the feared Yakuza, Katana boss Fuji Fujiyama and his lethal right-hand man Yamashita wage war on anyone who stands in their way. Joe and his new partner, Officer Frank Washington have no other choice but to bring out the big guns. Can Samurai Cop put an end to Fujiyama's reign of terror?

We are not an established gang yet!

My friend, you should be very cautious.

In my opinion, we should try
to make friends with all the gangs,

The Japanese, the Chinese.

Al Capone once said,

"There is enough money to be
made in this business for all of us."

It's all up to Fujiyama.

He wants to make a certain
treaty with the Chinese gangs,

not the Japanese.

Especially the Ginzas.

Here comes the boss.

What happened, Okamura-san?

No. No deals, no friendships
with anybody.

Right now, I want that old Chinese
fox dead. - Okay, Boss.

You heard the order?
I do not agree with the fighting.

Okamura, it is not for us to decide.
It is up to the boss.

It's the order of Katana.

We fight.

Good morning, Mr. Li.

Have you decided to work with us?

In no way we go under Fujiyama's flack.

Mr. Fujiyama doesn't want
to waste any more time.

Come on, come on. Let's get going.
- Move it!

You did it.
- The job is done.

I'm responsible for bringing you
from San Diego,

are you sure this is a good bust?
Yeah, cocaine.

Sergeant, how are you?
- I'm just fine.

We're gonna go catch us some bad guys.
- Good luck. Call me if you need me.

See you.
- See you later. All right.

Who gave you the information?
- A Chinese gang member.

His boss was killed by the Katana gang.

There's the blue van over there.

So the van belongs to the Katana gang?
- Yeah.

Let's call for the helicopter.

Peggy, where are you?
- I'm landing.

No, no, no, don't land. We need you.
I'll give you the direction.

I can see the blue van.

Peggy, Peggy, do you hear me?
- Yeah, Frank. I can hear you.

Watch for the boat.

There's lots of boats in the marina.

How am I supposed to know
which one is carrying the coke?

Just keep an eye on the van, Peggy.

I'm well-informed there's a large
suitcase full of coke in the back.

They're going to make the swap
somewhere in the marina.

Just stay close to them.
- Okay, Joe. Keep it up.

Oh, it's up and ready,
you just keep it warm.

It's warm and ready.

Okay guys, I think we're getting close.

There's a boat headed
full speed towards the van.

Good, good. Just follow.

Try to stay out of sight, Peggy.
I don't want you scaring them off.

You got it, Joe.

They'll come with the boat?
- Yeah, yeah.

You stay here and wait.

Hey Peggy, can you see them?
It seems like we've lost them.

They'll have to come by this way,
it's the only road out.

Shoot! Shoot them!

- Hold on.

I got him!

Hey, hold on, hold on.
Hold on.


Hey man, watch it.
Watch it. Oh, man.

Hey, let's call for backup.
- We'll call them when we need them.

Shoot, shoot them!

Shoot, shoot them!

Shoot, shoot.

You got him.
- Yeah, I got the bastard.

Let's go. Go!

Faster. Go, go, faster.

He's burning! He's burning!

He's on fire! He's on fire!
He's burning! Burning!

Do something, man! He's burning!

We got to do something, man!

You grab the blanket.
I'll get the fire extinguisher.

Put the blanket on him.

That's it, that's it.
That's enough, he's out.

Good job guys.
This calls for a celebration.

You got it.
I'll see you back at your place.

The boss is coming.

So they call him samurai, huh?

Yes. His real name is Joe Marshall.
They call him samurai.

He speaks fluent Japanese.
He got his martial arts training

from the masters in Japan.

He was brought over here from the
police force in San Diego to fight us.

To fight us?
To fight me.

To destroy my operation.
To kill you and my other men.

To put handcuffs on me,
and put me in the gas chamber.

Samurai, if he is a samurai,

what the hell are you?
- I'll get to know him,

and then we'll see
who the real samurai is.

So you know where our man is?
- Yes boss.

I know the hospital and the room.

And he's burned bad, real bad.
He won't be able to talk.

I want him dead. I want
his head cut off and brought here.

I want his head on this piano,

so that every man in my organization
understands once more

that no Katana gets captured
alive or talks. Got that?!

I will bring you his head
and I will place it on your piano.

I know the real samurai is here.

So I'm lying there in bed with probably

the most beautiful woman
I've ever met in my life.

Hey, what are you talking about?

I'm just kidding.
You know you're number one.

So anyway, this guy-
- I've heard enough of these stories.

So anyway, you get on the phone
and you tell me that this,

what's his name, Omaha, Yamaha,

whatever his face or his
name is, right, is after me?

So I figure, I'm going to have to
knock a coupleof these guys off

and I know I'm going to get
the speech from Captain Roma:

"I told you guys I don't want anymore
dead bodies." Well, what am I gonna-

Frank, come to my office.

Hi Joe.
- Hi Aoki.

In trouble again?
- What's it going to be today?

Hello sir.
- Joe.

Hey Steve, how are you doing?
- What's going on Steve?

Not much sir.

There's a nurse and they're giving him
an injection. He's burned pretty bad.

Let's check it out.

- Hi.

How is he? Do you think he'll be able
to answer a few questions?

No way. His lips are burned.

So what?
He'll never be able to talk again?

Oh, he'll talk again but you just
have to give him a couple of weeks.

Next time guys, catch him in one piece.
- Thanks, nurse.

Do you like what you see?
- I love what I see.

Would you like to touch what you see?
- Yes. Yes, I would.

Would you like to go out with me?
- Uh-huh. Yes, I would.

Would you like to fuck me?

- Well then let's see what you've got.

It doesn't interest me. Nothing there.
- Nothing there?

Just exactly, what would interest you?
Something the size of a jumbo jet?

Have you been circumcised?
- Yeah, I have. Why?

Well, your doctor must have cut
a big portion of it off.

No. He was a good doctor.
- Good doctors make mistakes too.

That's why they buy insurance.
- Hey, don't worry. I got enough.

It's big.
- I want bigger.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, I have uh...

Have you been circumcised?
- Shut up.

Okay, Steve, I want you
to watch the room and watch it good.

You got three more officers
coming to assist you.

And remember, no one goes in the room
except for doctors and nurses, got it?

Okay, Joe.
- All right, let's go.

Hi, Joe.
- Hi, Frank. How are you doing?

Watch the room from all sides.
The burned man is very important to us.

Okay, sir.

Hey, hey, what are you doing?

I have to change the trash,
is that all right?

All right.

Oh, my God.

Call security!

I'm in corridor 2.

Hey, wait a minute, nurse.
Wait a minute.

Get up.

Good job.

No one's around.
Let's go.

Hey, wait a minute.
I want to talk to you.

Hey, wait a minute, stop.

Come on, come on, let's get going.
Move it.

Hey, hey, wait a minute!

Hey, wait a minute, doctor.
I'd like to talk to you.

Can I see some ID?

Captain, what did I do wrong?
- Everything you did was wrong.

You're the one that talked me into
bringing this moron from San Diego

to fight that Japanese Katana gang.

You know what the results are?
A man in our custody lost his head,

an officer lost his hand,

and there are three police officers
in the hospital right now.

God damn you guys. All you've done
is cause me bloodshed and mayhem.

And me, misery in my future.

This man has been here one week
and I almost lost my job.

If he's here one more week,
I might well end up in jail

and die of a heart attack,
and I don't like that.

Hey, I've been here one week.

And just how long will it take you to
bring them to their knees? 1 week?

One month? Next year?

At what cost and how many lives?

With all due respect sir,
now I can get these guys.

All I'm asking for is more time.

But I don't have the time and
I don't have the patience.

And I don't have much more
credit in this department

to have bodies laying around me.
Fine. You don't want me here anymore?

All you got to do is ship me back
to my place in San Diego.

You bet your ass I will.

You're on your way to San Diego
and I'll write the order.

Hey, Joe.
Wait, just wait.

Look, captain, you know it,
and they know it themselves.

Now, what they want is results.

That's what we're going to give them.
We're gonna give them the results.

Now, why don't we give
Samurai here a second chance

because I need him, we need him,
so why don't we just

help him and support him, all right?
Well, what do you say huh, cap?

I feel like somebody stuck a big club
up my ass and it hurts.

I've got to figure out a way
to get it out of there.

God damn it, get the hell out
of my office. Get out of here!

I don't want to see your face.


You son of a bitch.
Come back here you motherfucker!

What happened? You out or in?
- Baby, I'm always in.

Ok, Mr. Joe Samurai. Now that you're in
I've got some interesting news for you.

What is it?

Well, it seems there's this restaurant,
Blue Lagoon on 3rd Street near Downtown.

Well, Mr. Fujiyama, the head of
the Katana gang,

this is where he's been hanging out.

What does Katana mean?
- It means Japanese sword.

Also, there are two other Japanese
gangs, the Shinjuku and Ginza gangs.

They're both rivals to the Katana.

All right, both of those gangs are
willing to cooperate with us.

They're a small gang,
mostly in gambling.

They're afraid of Katana.
That's why they're willing to help us.

All right, in time,
we'll use their service but not now.

Right now, I say you and I go pay
a visit to this Blue Lagoon Restaurant.

You want to go?
- I can't, but I'll be home later on.

I may stop by, so keep it warm.

Come on, Frank, let's go.

Jennifer, I have a small
present for you.

Thank you Mr. Fujiyama but
I don't know if I should accept that.

Please, take it.

Thank you. It's beautiful.

Hello, Mr. Fujiyama.
Hi, everybody.

Hey, Tony. You're late. -Oh, sorry.
Please have a seat. -Thanks.

Are you Fuj... Fujiyama?
- Yes, I am. Who are you?

I'm a cop.

In that case, you'll talk to me.
I am Mr. Fujiyama's attorney.

What do you want?

So you're the infamous boss of
this shit Katana gang, huh?

Sit down.

Look. Officer, you have no right
insulting my client.

You have nothing on him.
- And yes we have.

We have many things on him.

And this client of yours is
gonna need more than a lawyer

to clean up his shit.

Officers, if you have anything
against me, then book me.

Otherwise, as they say,
"Get the hell out of my face."

This is America,
land of freedom and law.

A man is innocent until he's
proven guilty. You have nothing on me.

Well, I got a lot of shit on you.

I'll sue you and the department
for this insult to my client.

I'll file a case first thing
in the morning.

Hey counselor, you still have 3 or 4
hours before the courthouse closes.

Now, I'm telling these son of a bitches

that we respect the Japanese of this
country who are honest businessmen.

And yeah,
this is the land of opportunity

for legitimate business,
not for death merchants

who distribute drugs to our children
through schools and on the streets.

Now, I'm telling these motherfuckers

that if they continue killing our
children to make their precious millions

that they deposit in their
secret Swiss bank accounts...

Counselor, before your lawsuit
even gets off the court clerk's desk,

I'll have their stinking bodies
in garbage bags

and ship them back
to Japan for fertilizer. Got it?

And you, too.

Excuse me, miss.

By the way, what's an all-American girl
like you doing with a geek like this?

See you around.

Hey, counselor, we'll see you in court.

Who's that blonde girl? - Oh, her name
is Jennifer. She's the boss.

The boss? You mean she owns this place?
- Her mother owns the place.

Where is her father?
- Bang.

Killed? Who shot him?
- He.

- Him.

Who's him?
- Himself.

Oh, he committed suicide?
- Yes.

Listen, when you see Jennifer alone,
tell her I think she is very lovely.

I'll do that.

Tell her I'll try to see her soon.
- Good. I'll help you.

Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

I like cops.
My cousin's a cop.

Oh, really? Where?
- In Costa Rica.

Oh, good.

What's your name?
- Alfonso Rafael Federico Sebastián.

This is my first name.
- Uh, what's your last name?

Oh, that's alright. We just need your
first name. Thanks a lot. Bye.

Bye, bye.
I'll tell my cousin I know you.

Why didn't you let me
hear his last name?

Oh, come on, man.
His last name would have made a book.

Hey, check it out.

You're under arrest!

Get my men dead or alive. Move!

So what are you going to do,
fight this guy bare-handed?

Freeze, you motherfuckers!
Leave him alone!

Uncuff him. I mean it, uncuff him!


Frank, look out!

Come on, get out of here!

Son of a bitch. He killed his own men.
- I know. It's called code of silence.

He doesn't want anybody talking.

God. And look what they've
done to my car.

Captain Rome is going to burn my ass.

Yeah, he's going to burn it...
charcoal black.

It is black.
- Right on.

Get the hell out of here.

Captain, what do you want me
to do about the case?

What case?
- The Los Feliz case.

You're the officer in charge of
the case, go do it. Bring me an arrest.

All right, captain.

Mr. Fujiyama is very upset.

Yes, counselor. I mean,
he has every right to be,

but frankly, I don't give a damn.
- But Captain Roma, let me warn you.

Fuck you and your client.
And you get your ass out of my office

or you'll have to go to surgery
to get my foot out of it.

Get out of here, you asshole!
Leave me alone.

I got more important things than
a sheister like you. Get out of here!

I'll see you in court.
-You motherfucker, I'll see you in hell.

Leave me alone.
Get a job!

Mr. Okamura, the police officer is here.

Come on in.

- Hi.

I was in the neighborhood.
I thought I'd stop by to see you.

Police questions?
- No, no, just friendly conversation.

You know, rumor has it that,
you own the restaurant.

It's a very nice restaurant.
- Thanks.

You're a police officer, questioning is
the nature of your business, isn't it?

Yeah. But my visit today
is simply social.

Why? - Well, let's just say,
I think you're very pretty.

Thank you.
- Geez, where are my manners,

I haven't even introduced myself.
My name is Joe, Joe Marshall.

I know. And they call you samurai?
- It seems you know a lot about me?

They talk.
- Who's they, your Japanese friends?

They're not my friends.

Well, if they're not your friends,
then how did you get to know them?

I mean, do you know who they are,
or where they came from?

Did you know that Fujiyama is
the number one most wanted criminal

on the police list right now?
- Well, I don't know him well.

As far as I know,
he's just a businessman.

And he's been helpful
to my mother and I.

How did you get to know him
in the first place?

My father passed away.
He owned this restaurant.

He left my mother and I buried
under 400,000 dollars in debt.

So Mr. Fujiyama helped us out.

I guess, you could say
he owns the restaurant now.

That's why my mother and I
feel indebted to him.

You see, whatever he's done for you,
it doesn't mean anything.

And the money that he spent
on you in this restaurant

is drug money, dirty.

You see, guys like Fujiyama make
millions of dollars every year in this

town by selling drugs and destruction.

And I don't know you too well, but...
I think it's pretty safe to say that

you shouldn't have any interest
for what this guy is doing.

Well, you're right. I have
no interest at all in their activities.

Good. Well,

I suppose being the restaurant owner,
you must be here quite a bit?

Yeah, day and night, why?

How would you like to eat
somewhere else for a change?

With me.
- I'm sorry, I can't. I'm really busy.

Well, you're the boss.
Can't you get somebody else to do it?

Not today.
My bookkeeper is coming by later.

Okay, how about tomorrow?

Tomorrow is Friday and that's
one of our busiest days.

All right, Sunday. Sunday it is.

Sunday, I go to church.
Besides, Sunday is my birthday.

Oh, Sunday is your birthday?
Well, happy birthday. - Thank you.

What church do you go to?
-The Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills.

Ah, the Episcopal Church.
That's very nice.


it was nice meeting you, Jennifer.
- You too.

See you later.
- Bye.

Don't move!
- What are you going to do, shoot me?

Maybe a little later. Right now,
I got orders to break both your legs.

Come on, let's go. Move.

Stay back, this guy is mine.

Oh, my legs, my legs.

Tell me, who hired you?
- I don't know.

Tell me, who hired you to kill a cop?
- I swear, I don't know.

Don't lie to me or I'll break
your fucking wrist. Now tell me!

I can't, they'll kill me.

No, they won't.
I'll help you.

Assaulting a police officer
with a deadly weapon

will get you 15 years but if you
tell me who hired you, I'll get them.

Okamura. Okamura sent me.
- Which one is he?

He's, he's the big bald man.

All right, I need his address.

How do we know that
this is the right house?

If Okamura is here,
then we'll arrest him.

Then we'll have a solid case
against the Katana gang

for hiring four assassins
to kill a policeman.

On the other hand, if it's the wrong
house then we'll apologize to the owner.

The usual police routine.

Who's going to answer to
Captain Roma on this? - You.

Shit, man.
He'll burn my ass.

You don't have to worry about that.
It's already-

Yeah, yeah, I know.
It's already black, huh?

This time, he'd probably
cut my dick too, huh?

You better come to my house
before you report to the captain.

For what?
- Let's use it before you lose it.

All right guys, listen up. Peggy,
you and Johnson go around the front.

Frank and I are gonna
go around the back.

If you hear shooting, come running.
Let's go.

Hey, preacher?
- Yeah? - You and I got nothing to do.

Let's fuck.
- Shut up.


But you promised to buy me
those Japanese pearls.

Did I?
- Yes. You promised.

A favor is a favor.
- Okay.

Can you satisfy me?

Hey, take a look behind the building.
- All right.


Do you hear something?
- No. Is that him?

I guess so.
Looks like this is his last fuck.

Let him finish it then.
- The hell I will.

Hey, look! - Police!
Don't move, you're under arrest!

Johnny, get your gun. Quick!

Hurry! That way! - Cops are here!
Get them off my back.

Freeze, Okamura!


I'm unarmed. You're going to shoot me,
or fight me like a man?

He's under arrest.
Watch his arm, I might have broken it.

Looks like you did.

You're under arrest.
Come on, get up, get up!

Holy shit.

Well, this one is dead too.
Not captured alive.

We have some problems
in the police department.

We have several new enemies.

There's Captain Roma,
Lieutenant Washington,

Andrew Johnson, Peggy Lee Thomas...

and this kid they call
the samurai cop, Joe Marshall.

Most important, is Captain Roma.
We buy him, the others don't matter.

No way boss, no way. I tried to set
them all up on private business.

They would be financially-secured
for the rest of their lives.

It's a downhill situation.

I say, if we cannot buy them,
we kill them.

It is a most difficult situation.

If any of those guys are hurt,
they would suspect us,

especially after Okamura's death.

I have an idea.
Let's use an outside source.

I'll call New York and we'll
have them all wiped out.

We cannot kill any of them now.
But we should punish them somehow.

Call New York!

and get somebody to break
both of those samurai cop's legs.

But don't you or your men get involved.
- It shall be done.

Who could shoot this
in a Mafia boss's house?

One of his own men.

Excuse me, where did the tall guy
with the ponytail go?

He is upstairs with my boss.
- Thank you.

Can I help you?
-Well, just a little business with him.

Are you expecting anybody?
- No.

That's the warning bell.

Oh, yeah?
Wait here.


Yeah, boss?

Are they there?

I'll be there right away.

Where are you going?
- I'm going to a party.

Hi, there.
- Oh, hi. You're going to church too?

Yeah. I was in there preaching,
didn't you see me?

No, you weren't. Stop kidding me.
- Nah, I'm just kidding.

Hey, hold on.
I have to ask you some more questions.

Police questions?
- Well, let's just say some questions.

Okay, where?
- In my car. Come on.

So this is the police station
where you're interrogating me?

This is the place.
- Is this your house?

Yeah, I own it, month to month.
Come on, let me show you around.

She left with the cop.

She left with the cop.

Kill him!
- My pleasure.

- Ain't that perfect! - Boy!

It seems like you went
to a lot of trouble.

You know what, as a
matter of fact, I did.

This chicken, I have a neighbor
next door, and she has farm animals.

And what I did was
I jumped the fence,

I stole one of her chickens
and then killed it.

Great. - I mean because
I really wanted to impress you.

So I hope you're impressed. - How did
you know I'd come hom with you?

Let's just say, I can read eyes.

My God, oh my God!
- Come here, bitch.

What are you doing?
- Who the hell are you?

What the hell do you want?

My husband, he's a police officer,
you can't do this!

Yeah I know. I want to know
where your samurai friend is

and I want to know now.
- I don't know. We're not good friends.

John, John help me!
John do something.

Leave her alone.

Leave her alone, damn it!

Tell me where he is or I'll hack
her throat out piece by piece.

I swear, I don't know where he lives.
- Who knows?

Well, please don't do anything foolish.
How about Frank or Peggy, the girl cop?

You lie. - They're pretty good friends,
maybe they know where he lives.

Oh, please don't hurt my wife.
- Damn you!

My God!
Oh my god!

This is Washington's address.
Chuck, you and your brother go there,

we'll go to the policewoman's.

He lives alone but sometimes,
his girlfriend is with him.

You know how I operate.
- We know boss. - Good, good.

If you get the information, you give it
to me on the car phone. - All right.

Let's go.
- Sally! Sally!

Sally! Oh my God.


Who the hell are you? What do you want?
- I want information.

What kind of information?

Want information about my butt?
- Sit down!

We'll shoot you.

I'd love to put a bullet in your head.

Oh, yeah.

Hey, hey take it easy man, come on.
Talk to me, what do you want?

I could kill you now or I can relieve
you of this gift. This black gift.

In a split second you won't enjoy
yourself for the rest of your life.

All I want is samurai's address.
- His address!

It's over there in the closet.

Go get it.
- Yeah.

Ain't nothing here.

Ain't a damn thing in here.

Cop, ain't nothing here at all.

Leave him alone!

Leave him alone I said!

Drop it!
Or I'll cut his throat!

I said leave him alone.

Shoot him, shoot.

Shoot him in the head.
- Leave him alone!

He's dead.

You love cutting people, huh?
Now, you're going to get it.

Now that is real professional.
- I thought so. - No.

Answer the phone.

Oh, God.

I'm hungry.
- Me too.

Hey, baby.

Get up! Hold her.

Get up!

Hold her.

This thing burns, you know.

Fuck you!
- Maybe some other time.

Right now, I want to know
where your samurai friend is.

I don't know.

Maybe that will help you remember?

Now, you tell me where he his,
I want his address now!

So foolish.

No! No stop! You're burning me!
-Yes, it burns and it's gonna burn more!

Now, you tell me where he is.
- No! No!

He lives in Zuma Beach,
Number 35.

Thank you for you cooperation.

Now, I'm going to burn that samurai
lover of hers. Cool down, young one.

Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday, dear Jennifer.

happy birthday to you.
- You thought of everything.

Well, you can't have
a birthday without a cake.

Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Come on, Joe.

Hello. - Listen, get out of your house.
I mean fast. Get out fast, man.

Those guys are looking for you.

Oh, yeah? What happened?

Come on. Just get out fast.
I'll explain later, okay?

They're coming after you.

Looks like they're already here.
Gotta go.

Come on!

Listen, don't worry.
Get back inside.

You can run all you want,
but you'll never get away from me!

Johnny, come on.

Hi, mom.

Where the hell have you been?
I've been worried sick about you!

There's nothing to worry about.
- That's easy for you to say.

Mr. Fujiyama was very angry.
He made arrangements for you birthday.

He got you presents.

I don't care! I don't want him to
ever do anything for me again.

What is the matter with you?
The man has been good to you.

I don't give a damn!
And you know why?

Because I'm in love.

I should fire the both of you.

You never brought me
one of those bastards in alive,

so I can nail him with something.

And because of you,
I'm about to be fired.

I'm going to lose my pension.
That means my future's gone.

But you know something?
I don't give a fuck!

There's only one thing
in this world I want.

I want you to find that mother
fucking Japanese gangster!

I want you to kill him, and I want you
to kill every one of his men.

I want you to burn this house
in bloodbath! Don't leave anybody alive!

And when they're all dead,
you come back to me

and all three of us
will turn our badges in.

So if I do it, we'll be off this
police force for good.

Now you're talking.
- All right.

See you, captain.
- See you in hell.

Let's go, Frank.

Why did you come under?
- 'Cause I'm an undercover cop.

They're here, boss.
- Where's the girl?

She's down in the basement.
- The mother?

They kept her in the villa.
- Use it. Finish him!

Okay, boss.

Go watch the other door!
- Okay, boss.

We're behind you, get back!

Drop it.

All right Samurai, drop your gun
or your sweetheart will be dead.

All I want to do is
get out of this country.

I thought you were fond of her?
- Yes I was before you came in.

Now that she loves you, you'd have to
worry about her life, not me.

Neither do I.

Drop it.

Drop it or I'll shoot you.
- Take it easy, Frank.

Go ahead and shoot. Her head will be
blown off before I go down.

Now, wait a minute,
wait a minute, hold on.

How do I know if I drop my gun
you won't shoot me?

Well, for one thing, I don't want any
more trouble with the police.

Bullshit. The minute we disarm,
he's going to shoot.

Drop the gun Frank.
I don't want Jennifer hurt.

He's not stupid. He doesn't want
to do the killing himself.

Go ahead and drop it Frank.

You American cops aren't as smart
as I thought you were.

Your cinnamon always gets in
the way of your intelligence.

It's your turn now cop. Say sayonara.
- No!

Frank, are you all right, man?
- Yeah.

Well, he was smart in every way
except one thing.

What's that?
- With all his money and success,

he's not as smart as I am.

To do what?
- Put on a bulletproof vest, man.

Let's go home. I've got one more
thing to take care of.

What? -Yamashita.
He's still alive. - Oh, God.

Hey, come on. It's lunch time.
- Gonna be ready!

Look out, Joe.
- Don't worry.

God damn it.

Hey guys, the cops are here.
Come on, come on guys!

Yamashita is here. Watch out.
- Let's split up.

Go get my sword. Hey Joe.

So they call you Samurai?

Let's see how good you are
with a sword, samurai super cop.

Come on, try me.

You lost.
You lost face.

You know the code of the Bushita?
Kill me.

No Joe, you're a cop!

What is he doing?

No. Leave him alone. He's a samurai.

He wants to die with honor.