Samson (1936) - full transcript

Jacques Brachart is a parvenu in the finance, the boss of the African Coppers. The D'Andeline are noble but pennyless. They make their daughter Anne-Marie marry Brachart. A marriage of convenience for them. But Brachart is really in love with Anne-Marie, though she can hardly stand him. One days, she takes a lover, Jerome Le Govain, a dandy whose money comes from Brachart's advises... A fierce melodrama.

Copper up to 1,920! What a rise!

African Copper Company.


The market is agitated?

It's nothing to worry about.
Get me London.

- May I help?
- M. Lopez, please.

Yes, sir.

The pound?

Hello? Get me Berlin.

And that will continue?

Thank you.

Royal? Very good.

- In Flash's office.
- Hello?

- I'll see him.
- London?

- Exactly. 3,000?
- London? I can't hear you.

Telephone your instructions
to the Stock Exchange.

Until tomorrow.
Yes, I'll pass you to him.

Will you take London?

Do you have anything on
African copper? Nothing?


500 De Beers preferred stock.

Yes, yes. That's fine.

Show the gentleman in.

You've taken the trouble
to come in person?

M. Brachart, for a man like you!

Two cables from New York
have arrived. Translations?

No interruptions until
further notice.

So you're the publisher...

of The People's Voice, that little
organ that's interested in me?

"Organ", it's the foremost
weekly newspaper!

"Jacques Brachart,
aka Brachart the Pasha,

"the man who brought
African copper onto the market,

"is a questionable character
who has become immensely rich...

"through shady dealings
in Africa."

"In Paris, this financier frequents
racecourses and premi?res,"

"trying to build a network
of contacts in high society."

"Soon, we'll tell you the full
pedigree of this grand nabob, etc."

Since you came running here at my
first call, it's because you want to...

hear one question: How much?

- The independence of the press...
- I know the routine.

I don't have time to waste.


It's our duty to look after...

the public interest. We say
nothing that isn't proven...

- and provable.
- Ah?

One's origins are nothing to
be ashamed of, but still...

they may harm confidence.

We are not without contacts.

Last year, the managers of
the Franco-Peruvian...

tried to take us on...

Now try to find them on the
Exchange. Where are they?

So, shall we talk?

Tell me, your rag,
it has shareholders...

It's profitable, blackmail.

Listen, old man, from now on
you have only one shareholder.

- Brachart.
- What? You...

Yes. I don't waste time.
No point fussing over details.

I've bought the majority of the
shares, paying well over the value.

I also, now and then,
like to look after...

the public interest.

And I take great pleasure in
crushing you like this.

No-one attacks Brachart.
You have been badly advised.

- You've destroyed me.
- Legitimate defence. Get out!

Clear off.

for the orphanage of the 16th arr.

A win by six hits to four.

Well done Le Govain!



Bravo, wonderful.

Thank you.

Brilliant, our Jesse.

What a wrist! What an eye!
So supple.

I mean so quick.
A very classical style.

I remember, in...

In '96...

When I fought against...


Papa never mentioned he
was an old hand.

- Very old... Princess...
- My dear Fran?oise.

Such heat!

Lady Boxley, the marquis
and the marquise d'Andeline.

Their son Max. Where's Anne-Marie?
At her stall.

Henriette, sit down there.

It won't take long, you'll see.

Look straight ahead.

To the side.

The other side.

Lift your nose a little.

That's it. Smile.

More than that.

That's it.

There. All done.

In one minute, you'll have six
different portraits.

- Fiendish!
- I don't promise any retouching.

Not that Henriette needs any.

It's crazy, what you can do now.

I'll go and get the photos.


Yes, well...


- Well, it is for charity.
- The camera is not very charitable.

- There's 5 francs.
- Thank you.

- Times are hard.
- Quite. Goodbye, Henriette.

Ah, gentlemen!

You've come to have your
photographs taken?

- Honor?!
- Yes?

- Control yourself.
- Grace Ritter is our cousin.

- She's not our sort.
- She has a wide circle...

- of male relations.
- Max!

With her, it's not...

a daytrip,
it's a package holiday.

How handsome you were,
Jesse. I love you.

I'm going to change.
Come with me.

A toy boat?

I'll wait for you at your place?

Er, no.

Why not?

An urgent meeting.

More worries? Money?

- Pull, please.
- Does it matter to you, money?

- I owe you enough already.
- Fool.

It's like being your wife.

We'll make the announcement soon?
Yes. My love. Of course.

Here they are!

What a mug!

What did I do?
What can I say, it's the camera.

You know who you look like?
My uncle, the cardinal.

- Your turn, Guy.
- No thanks.

- Oh!
- No, really.

Hurry up, I still have
three stalls to visit.

- Thank you.
- Goodbye.

Goodbye, thank you.

It's 25 francs, sir.



I introduced him to you
at Auteuil the other day.

- You remember?
- Yes.

Have you seen him again?

Yes... As little as possible.

Why? I knew him in Egypt.
He was already somebody then.

He's influential on the
Exchange. I'll make enquiries,

- if you like...
- Please,

this schemer, this
adventurer, no thanks.

You're wrong,
he's a powerful man.

- How much?
- 50.

Ah, let me have one.

Thank you.


Some photos,

for our orphanage?

It'll just take a second.

Sit there, in front of the camera.

It's instant.


The portraits are very lifelike.

- That's what I'm worried about.
- Sir!

A passport photo is
always useful.

- Since you ask so nicely...
- Thank you.

I'll get rid of these parcels.

- It won't take long.
- Go ahead.

In here.

Take off your hat, please.


You don't need to look this
way all the time, sir.

Try different expressions.



Smiling... now more serious.

The only emotion I can show
is extreme confusion.


- Do they flatter me?
- Definitely not.

- They're a good likeness.
- Even less.

They're more like caricatures.

I'm pleased to hear
you say that.

This camera is honest
to a fault.

- It's for a good cause.
- Let's see...

How much do I pay you?
Whatever you like.

That's too much, sir.

Really, you're...
I don't bear a grudge.

We're being unfair,

if we were to change
places, the camera...

would redeem itself.
I've tried it.

- Really?
- Here.


You're right.

May I keep this as a souvenir?

No, sir.

You have already been so
generous, just now.

I'm being tactless. Excuse me.

Not at all, sir.

Will you keep me informed
about your work?

I'll continue to take an
active involvement.

A thousand thanks.


You're here! What a surprise.
Would you introduce me?

Gladly. M. Jacques Brachart,
a rich man and a good chap.

I noticed that myself.

- Mlle Anne-Marie d'Andeline.
- Sir.

My respects.

Come along, Brachart.
I'll show you around.

- Ladies?
- Plenty of parcels, I see.

- Not interrupting the great man?
- I'm been waiting for you.

- Still showing a profit, M. Flash?
- Always, M. Le Govain.

At the next liquidation,
I won't bat an eyelid.

- Thanks to you.
- My pleasure.

Make sure we're not disturbed.

You're a great guy.

I like you. I said so to Grace
Ritter, our mutual friend.


Should I sell my stock?

No. African copper
is still rising.

- You're like a good angel.
- Not always, not always.

I have a favour to ask you.
I owe you one.

Do you remember, last
week, at that charity sale,

you introduced me
to Mlle d'Andeline.

Anne-Marie? I've known her
since she was this high.

She's charming. Why do you ask?

Brace yourself,
I'm going to amaze you.

- Ah yes?
- Yes.

This morning, just now,

I asked her to marry me.


You refuse?

Yes, mother. I refuse.

M. Brachart is doing us a great
honour in asking for my hand.

You don't react when I say
"a great honour".

My child, be honest with me.
I don't know your real feelings.

Perhaps you have someone
else in mind?

Are you in love?

No, there's no-one.

Who'd want me without a dowry?
Well? Well?

But not that man.
That schemer, that upstart.

You don't understand...

Listen, my child, you're
aware of our situation?


It's terrible to say, but this offer
we could never have hoped for,

yes, hoped for,

for us, it means...

Do you suppose I'm not
thinking about your future?

This man is crazy about you.

You can treat him
any way you like.

No, don't say that.
Please, not you.

Not you.

However much I tell myself
you're doing what's best for me,

I'm so surprised to see you
urging me with that voice,

that face.

You're right.

I admit it.

I'm not just thinking of you.

No, not that, mother!

I've never asked anything
from you. But today...

I beg you to reconsider.

I'm afraid, you understand?

I'm afraid of the future.

Of the years that are
left to me.

But what of me?

My life, my happiness?

You can be happy. Money,
that means a lot, trust me.

You can save us.

- My poor mother!
- Yes, your poor mother.

Forgive me.

I can't bring myself to think of it.

I beg you. I can't.
Please, don't!

All right, I accept!

I see they have left us alone.

- To exchange confidences.
- Maybe we should keep some.

Ah no, no.

I understand.

There is one thing that you
can't stop me trying to do,

and that is to make you
as happy as I possibly can.

But I don't love you,
M. Brachart.

I know.

I'll never love you.
I cannot love you.



You know why I accepted.

My attitude shouldn't
surprise you.

It doesn't surprise me.

So, Annette, allow me to
be equally blunt and honest.

I don't love you either.

It was my ambition that
prompted this marriage.

Snobbery also.

I asked for your hand because
I needed an entry into...

High society.


- It's all very clear.
- Now we understand each other.

Is that all you have
to say to me?

Marriage contract.

For Sale - d'Andeline Residence.

- Have they finished?
- Yes.

Now, let's see...

"Golfin"... best price... sell.

- Amazing fellow.
- Who?


Buy, sell. You win every
time. Pass the bread.

In the 4 months since they got
back, every tip has worked out.

- So you're doing well.
- I'll say!

I call my stockbroker
and I double my money.

It's not cough mixture.

Certainly not. My compliments.

It's from the cellar of the
Caf? Anglais that I rebought.

Take one, they're
renowned, unique.

Thank you. I'll smoke it
outside. I'm late already.

Oh! For once, it is
you who are our guest.

I have an obligation.

Anne-Marie, are you leaving too?
Yes, I'm leaving too.

Shall I drop you somewhere?

We're not going the same way.

May I count on you for tonight?
You'll be dining at home?

- I don't know, I'll call.
- Allow me this one evening.

The night before my departure,
it would give me pleasure.

I'll try.

- You're going on a trip?
- To London.

- For long?
- 48 hours.

We'll see you tomorrow
before you leave.


You have something
cooking in London?

Er... yes. I have to be there.

- This is your first time apart?
- Yes, I think so.

You don't mind being alone?

Mother, it's when he's here
that I feel alone.

- Need anything, Max?
- I don't think so.

I forgot about the car.

- Right.
- Let's see if we can get it.

Come to the office tomorrow.
I'll order it at once.

See you tomorrow!

You could be a bit
kinder to your husband.

- You want me to love him too?
- I'm only thinking of your happiness.

I know what I have to do.

You never wanted to see the
truth. You only think of yourself.

I'll explain the situation
to you.

- Brachart loved me.
- I'm sorry?

The reason that he invented
for marrying me: Pure hypocrisy.

His snobbery is a bluff.
He married for love.

Do you know what that word
means between him and me?

- But my child...
- That honeymoon! The memory!

I'd accepted, and so...
But what I had to go through!

Then one day, he understood.


Since then, it's all
been pleading and gifts.

I've had enough!

What do you expect,
since he loves you?

But I don't love him.

You must be very unhappy.

No. But I'm not happy either.

You're abusing the
generosity of my son-in-law.

Everyone plays the Exchange
on Brachart's advice.

I sometimes ask him for a favour.
It's safer than gambling.

You are to stop exploiting
Jacques' kindness.

- From tonight...
- Goodbye, dad.


- Goodbye, Max.
- Goodbye.

What's up with her?


We never have any peace.

Since we've had a millionaire
in the family, no-one laughs.

- What's there to laugh about?
- In 6 months, you'll have paid...

your debts. Everyone's
creaming it in, and I'm to be...

left out of it, like a lemon?
Stop shouting.

I don't understand you.
Me neither, "cream" "lemon".

How are the markets?

Wait a second.


Up 25 points.

Just as Brachart predicted.
Even so, copper at 4,500!

- You're coining it in!
- I've waited 10 years for this.

One should always be cautious.

I paid off all my debts.

Goodnight, Croesus.

Goodnight, cretin.

Look, darling.

I don't understand. You've
been avoiding me for days.

You sent me a cheque
without even a word.

Hello? Hello?


I know you're listening.

Ah, so that's it.

Now that you can pay me
off, you're dumping me.

Don't bother me for any reason.

Switch the lights on.


- My love.
- You knew I was coming?

- I was certain.
- Why?

- Men can tell things like that.
- Men who are in love.

You were waiting for me?
Was I waiting for you?

What a question.

If you hadn't come,
I would have...

No, don't say it.
You'll only invent something.

My love! My love that I adore.

That's the right thing to say.

I'm been starved of
those words, Jesse.

Not very tender, not very
passionate, that "Jesse".

My Jesse.


You love me?

Much better!

Not quite perfect
yet, but still...

Let's not demand perfection.

Come here for a moment.

You're hiding something.

Something pleasant?

- Maybe.
- Don't keep me waiting.

- He's leaving.
- Your husband?


Yes, he leaves tomorrow.

- For long?
- One day.

We'll make it a lifetime!

One whole day in the
arms of my lover.

You're not my lover.

That's news to me!

I'm joking.

You see how you adore me.

Comfort me, my darling.

You don't know how much
I need you.

When I ring your doorbell,

imagine that I'm escaping
from a terrible prison.

- You poor thing.
- Tomorrow, I want to get...

a bit drunk and a bit crazy.

Drunk enough to forget,
if only for a moment,

that I have a past and
a future so full of sorrow.

My love.


You are the only man I love.

The first and the only.

You took me in a moment
of confusion...

knowing that my defences
were weak.

I want our first night alone
to be beautiful!

As if it was our last
day on earth.


Hold me in your arms.

Happy New Year.

You didn't think we'd still be
serving the wedding plonk...

Oh great!

My compliments.

Your love life...

I'm amazed that your
mother still invites her.

She's family.

There he is.

You understand? Try to get him
to come to the party tonight...

at Christiane's.
Don't mention my name.

- Hello, Grace.
- Good evening, Jesse.

- Good evening.
- Good evening, Max.

- Will you be playing bridge?
- No, I have other plans tonight.

Will you be with us Christiane's?
Ah, no.

Tonight is not convenient.

- Another party?
- Not exactly.

It'll be fun.

There'll be...


No, thank you.

Since we're depending
on you, invite your friend.

I'd never...

But then, why not?

It'll be amusing.

A private affair,
no party-poopers.

I hope not!

- I have to hurry.
- Your plane leaves at midnight.

I'd like to call on my
in-laws first.

Do you have the
documents? Show me.

A nice piece of business,
if it all goes well.


You've checked the figures?
Go over them again anyway.

- Right away.
- Meet me at the airport.

You look sleepy.

Go fetch the car.

Yes, sir.

- See you later.
- Yes.

You're not finishing the game?

- I've a headache. Take my place.
- No.


Give me some champagne.


Thank you.

No change of plans?

No, he's leaving shortly.

- He's taking the train?
- No, the plane.

So that he can stay with
me as long as possible.

He'll be back tomorrow.

So. You'll go back home
and I'll call at 12.15.

Be careful of the servants.
Brachart mustn't know.

I don't have to explain
myself to him.

Where are you taking me?

You'll see. It's a surprise.

Trust me.

- If it's what you want.
- Thank you.

Now go.

See you later.



Are you afraid of me?

Of you? It's always a
pleasure to bump into you.

- Why are you being cruel?
- Here we go!

- You don't answer my letters.
- Our paths still cross.

- And each time you avoid me.
- It's called tact.

Am I dreaming or what?

Our little affair has
been over for a year.

You coward. What about
our marriage?

- Madness.
- But wisdom at the time.

I was the one who
introduced you to Brachart.

You're driving me mad
by dragging up these things.

I can give any number of
reasons for not marrying you.

- More beautiful than ever!
- Hello, Brachart.

I'm sorry.

Good evening.

Excuse me.

He's a strange man.

I find him vulgar.

He looks like what
he used to be...

A dockworker or a streetporter.

- You're his wife's lover, right?
- What?

I still love you a little, so I see
things more clearly than others.

Just now you cast a
loving gaze at your Annette.

Take care of yourself, Grace.

I suggest a sanatorium
or an isolation ward.

Excuse me, I just have
a little time.

I'd like to see Anne-Marie.
She has a migraine.

She's in her old bedroom.

So is he coming?

- Who?
- Jesse.

Yes, I think so.

Now then, this migraine?

No better?

Yes, I'm feeling better,
thank you.

- Won't you be late?
- No, no.

What a pity I couldn't tempt
you with a trip to London.

I take no pleasure
in leaving alone.

- Will your business take long?
- I don't know... 24 hours.

We're organising a building
project in the Sahara.

A modern town...

which will consist of...

I'm boring you with this talk.

No, but you know,
for me, money...

I find it all a bit silly.

Anne-Marie, do you want me to
give up my business interests?

To have nothing more to do
with the Stock Exchange?

I'm ready to do it.

- What an idea!
- I'm ready.

Surely you're joking.

The business world is
your profession.

You do it so well.

I hate to leave you.

- It's only for 24 hours.
- Even so.

When we're apart, I...

No, I don't think we should...

What a pity.

I love you.


Words can't express...

I love you like a fool.

I love you...

Like this.

Please, no.

Get up.

This is absurd romanticism.


Will you take me home?


Don't refuse me.

I've been wanting to have
this chat with you.

We never see each other.

Old pals like us.

Old pals as miserable
as each other.

Life is a shabby game.

- Is Anne-Marie deceiving me?
- What do you mean...?

Give me your impression, a sign.

Like the sign you just gave
me. Now I'm certain.

Don't torture me.
I don't know anything.

Yes, I'm sure you know.

You've got it bad.


Nothing else matters to me.

Are you afraid to speak?
Let me go.

Don't toy with Brachart.

Don't make an enemy of me.

Threats, deeds, everything.

Stop playing games with me.

Tell me everything.
Is this journey important?


Go on.

Otherwise, I would have
advised you not to leave.

To stay in Paris.


I'm not certain about
anything, Jacques.



It's definite, you're leaving?

Suit yourself. I won't insist.

- Give me my ermine coat.
- Madame is going out?

Madame sent away the car.
Give me my coat!

Thank you. I shan't need
you again. You may go.

- Very good, madame.
- Goodnight.

Goodnight, madame.


Annette, it's me!


He's gone.


Yes, it's me.

I just told you it's...


Oh, lord!


I'll take care of it.


I took Annette for a quiet,
modest girl.

My God, men are stupid!

Well, ring!
What do you mean "ring"?

Ring for the car, do something.

Where could she have gone?

Down in the dumps, pretty lady?

I'm waiting for someone.

My hairdresser dropped
dead this morning!

Where have you brought me?

- Patience, you'll see.
- There are no servants?

No. What for?
It's more original like this.

Whose home is this?

Remember what you said:
"A little bit drunk,"

"a little crazy."

There's Le Govain!

When are you going to
come and pose for me?

I can picture your body.
I want to see it.

Hello, Christiane.

Anne-Marie, how unexpected!
Thank you for coming.

I thought it would amuse her.

- My compliments.
- Good evening.

This is Christiane, our hostess.

A good girl, and a good hostess.

I want to see the lady!

- Some champagne?
- With pleasure.

I'll show you to the bar.

Hello, Jesse!

And to think I didn't even
know you this morning.

- Christiane!
- What?

- Come here!
- I'm coming.

Excuse me. Make
yourselves at home.

No, no!

Yes, yes!

You have to choose.

You both smell of whisky.

We're not going to be
staying here long?

You'll see, it'll be fun. I'm so
glad to be here with you.

- Is that all, Clotilde?
- Yes.

You may rely on my discretion
and my loyalty.

Very well.

Thank you, that's all.

- Goodnight, madame.
- Goodnight.

So now you have nothing to say.

The maid's gone, you have
no opportunity to be tactless,

and now you say nothing.
I'm stunned, speechless.

I never expected this from
Annette. She's just like me!

I'm frightened.

I'm afraid this will
turn out badly.

What if Brachart makes a
scandal? Dishonours her?

What if he wants a divorce?
Don't say that word.

My girl dumped by that
lower class husband!

We'll be a laughing stock.
Don't get worked up.

Jacques is a reasonable
man, well brought up.

Well brought up?

- What about that!
- Ah yes.

It's true, there is that.

It's nearly one.
I have to close up.

And that wretched child
who won't come back home!

I'll wait until tomorrow.
But who, who?

All of Paris must know the
man's name. It's only us who...

It's always the way.
Would you like me to list...

all our friends one by one...
That would be a nice pastime!

- Who's calling?
- I don't know.

No, I'm not Mme Manon.

Is that you, Max?
It's your father.

Ah! Nono!

Max, I forbid you to
call me Nono!

Listen, you are not to...

Hello, Max. Yes, it's me.

No, no-one's ill.
We're at your sister's house.

Nono! I ask you!

She's lost weight.
Does she do sport?

- She makes love!
- Both!

Hey, you!

Listen, everyone!

Come here!
I have a wonderful idea.

I've got this great game.

A drinking game!

You've had enough.

We're going to play "show a
leg and guess the owner".

Come on!

Follow me!

This way. Come on!

Which one shall it be?

- Germaine?
- Not Germaine.

- H?l?ne?
- Yes, H?l?ne.

- Do you really enjoy all this?
- Oh, you know...

And you?

I'll a little frightened.

Frightened of what?

I don't know, I...

All these people...
They're really very nice.

You can come in now!


Try and guess whose
legs these are.

No, no touching.

- Charming.
- Aren't they!

The one who guesses
will get a reward.

- Suzy!
- No.

- Madeleine!
- No.

- It's Lola!
- Oh!

- Ginette.
- Wrong again. Jesse!

- Do you mind?
- You're not leaving me alone?

I'll be back in a moment.

Let him through. Don't shove.




Well done, Jesse!

That wasn't very hard.

It's not the first time
Jesse's seen them.

- Watch your tongue!
- We need someone less familiar.

- What shall we do now?
- We're going to show you...

one of these ladies
as nature intended.


Yes, but masked,
and in the dark.

- What's the point of that!
- I'll turn the light on...

for a second, and you
have to guess who it is.

Ladies, get ready.

Gentlemen, turn around.

You don't seem to be having fun.

You remind me of someone
I once loved.

You don't dance, don't smoke,
don't drink. What do you do?

On your own?

We could keep you company.

Don't turn round yet.

Is she ready?

- Yes.
- OK, I'll turn the light off.

- Can we turn round yet?
- Not yet.

Leave me alone!

Don't touch me!

If we can't even have a laugh...
That's a nice way to act!



- Stay! This is absurd.
- Let me go!

I should never have
brought you here.

- In my opinion...
- Incidents like this,

happen all the time.
We shouldn't be here.

It's inappropriate.
Let's be going.

Ah, Jacques!

You weren't expecting
to find us here.

Yes, I saw your cars outside.

I thought that...


Excuse me for saying this,

but I didn't want to come up.

You bother me.

You bother me greatly.


It's quite natural,
my dear Jacques.

We felt we had the right...
To a certain extent...

Well, we'll be going.

It's her.

Now everyone's here, we
can leave you without any worries.

Annette, you've made
a simple mistake.

In future...

- It's over. Let's not say any more.
- Yes.

Good night, children.

You stayed?


You went out?




Where have you been?

Leave me alone!

It appears you've
forgotten our agreement.

I haven't forgotten. But our
mutual obligations still stand.

Anne-Marie, where have you been?

I have the right to ask.

I am the master of this house.

Take care.

What's this?

The millionaire
is making threats now?

I don't care about your money!
I'll join a convent!

Anne-Marie, you have a lover!

- You're boring me!
- You're not as brave as you think.

You think I'm afraid of you?

What you're afraid of is that your
mother might lose her son-in-law!

I'd give anything not to hear your
voice again - like an insolent valet.

Yes, I have a lover! I knew it!

I needed a lover that I could
throw myself upon...

with all my heart. With you,
I am just a collector's item.

Only now, I'm in despair.

I soon realised my mistake.

He took me to a party tonight.

In a house...

Oh God, the disgrace!

The name of your lover?

No, don't.

Never mind, I know who he is.

I know him.

It's the Duc de Vardens, right?

It's not the Duc de Vardens?

It's Labaume!

He's been after you for ages.

Jacques Labaume?

I have him now.

I should have realised long ago.


The gentleman will be getting
a visit tomorrow.

I'll kill him like a rabbit!

What a joke.

You shouldn't laugh. Because
now, I know who it is.

You think if we fight,
he will kill me?

You've just given away your
strongman, your swordsman!

Your J?r?me Le Govain!

- It's a lie!
- Don't bother denying it!

No one gets the better of me!
I get the better of others!

- You've seen how I work!
- Crook!


A crook with a wounded heart.

I'm hurt...

You don't know how
much you've hurt me.

I won't keep you.

You can go.


I won't ask you for your
word of honour,

but give me a formal assurance...

that you will not see
anyone until I return.

I've already decided
to never speak to...

- J?r?me Le Govain.
- Good.

It's better that this business
remains between us.

That is also...

your opinion?

I was supposed to leave
for London at midnight.

Well, you left.

I'll take the 6am flight.

I'll send a cable. That's all.

That's all.

That's all.


I'm going to bed.
See you tonight!


Yes, it's me.

I don't suppose you're
surprised to see me?

I came to reassure you.
I followed your advice.

I found Anne-Marie sleeping
peacefully in her room.

I pretended that I'd
forgotten a document.

And here I am.

I don't understand.

You saw your wife?
Just as I see you.

Clearly I was mistaken.

I'm glad about it.

No, you weren't mistaken.

But now I know what
I wanted to know.

You were at the party tonight.
Jacques, I swear...

What are you afraid of?
I'm not afraid.

J?r?me Le Govain
is my wife's lover.

She told me so herself.
What more do you want to know?

I'd like to know why she
came home with a torn dress,

and a bloody hand?

Tell me about the whole orgy.
I want all the details.

To make yourself suffer?

To suffer, if need be.

All right.


The place and the names?

Tonight it was at
Christiane Roy's place.

That's everything?

No, but the rest is
of no interest to you.


You love Le Govain, don't you?

Yes, I've always loved him.

I see!

Without the money you helped
him to acquire,

he would have married me.


So that's it.

You're going to accept this shame
and let him carry on with your wife!

Be quiet. Now you listen to me.

You never saw me.

I'm in London. You understand?

Are you...

Be quiet.

If you want to marry
Le Govain, leave it to me.

- Jacques, if you can bring him back...
- Yes, but not a word of this to anyone.

You understand?


- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.

I know I'm early, but... I can't
take much more of this.

Last night you were supposed
to leave for London...

and this morning you
call me here in total secrecy.

Calm down. I never intended
to leave for London.

This whole plan was for one end:
To facilitate some business.


Our stocks are about to drop.

- Drop?
- A rapid, devastating drop.

I want African copper to fall
by 1,500 today.

- 1,500?
- We closed at 4,500.

I want to go down to 3,000.

Are you serious?

And you, Mr Flash?

I have one question.



It's childish, really.

I've scarcely kept 50,000 shares,
and now I want to double it.

At 4,500, they're too expensive.

For a couple of days,
they'll be worth 3,000.

After that, they'll regain
their value. Then...

they'll be worth 200 million.
Yes, but...

- What?
- You will ruin...

most of the investors.

They won't be able to withstand
such a drop.

They'll be ruined!
I'm not their guardian angel.

What attitude should I adopt?

Like everyone else.

No, I'll take it!

Yes, yes.

Show him up.

Once copper has fallen to 3,000,

stop trading at once.

Not that way.

This way. Keep me informed. Yes.

- What's up?
- It's so kind of you to hurry over.

I came as soon as
I got your note.

If I understand right,
this is about a woman?


My God, that's a laugh!

- It's not so funny as you think.
- Oh, let me have my fun.

So this little trip was a hoax?

Your wife thinks you're
flying through a storm...

while you, all the time...

I love you.

I used the oldest trick
in the book.

I never thought of you as
a skirt chaser.

I always thought...

that you were crazy
about your wife. Crazy!

- You always thought?
- Yes!

This is too much.

- What happened between you?
- Nothing at all.

He left at 6 o'clock instead
of midnight. That's all.

And he's not worried
about his honour?

Not at all.

Oh, just a broken door...

Listen, mother...

Dignity, courage... Does he even
know the meaning of those words?

- I certainly owe you one.
- If you'd be kind enough...

to dine with me,
and to stick around...

until I've received
a visitor I'm expecting.

- That's all?
- Yes.

I'm going through the most
worrying time of my life.

Yes, I'm expecting someone...

It's terrible to wait all alone.

The presence of someone
indifferent would drive me mad.


I like you.

So you'll stay me with?


I'll just take a stroll
round the Exchange.

I never miss the opening,
I like to get a feel of things.

I'll bring you the opening price.

Jesse, I expected more from you.

You're laying down the law.

I can tell you the latest price,
to the nearest 5 francs.

We'll rise a little.

10 points.

I can't sleep. The other day,
we dropped by 120 francs...

You're insatiable. You've been
making a profit for 4 months.

I'm thirsty for more.

Oh, you'll drink.

Brachart, you rogue!

- Any news for London?
- Copper's taking a dive.

I'm selling copper!

The market's resisting. We can't
force copper down any more.

Do all you can. Sell.
Open the floodgates.

Thank you, sir.

This is certainly a
financial manoeuvre.

If copper collapses...

we are looking at a
Stock Market crash.

The situation could become
extremely serious.

We're sympathetic to
M. Brachart,

but in the circumstances,
we have a social duty...

which our organisation
has never shirked. Agreed?

M. Grimbaum...

Go to the Exchange and
follow our instructions.

Yes, sir.

Well, Brachart?

Get to the point,
for God's sake.

What is the time?

Yes, I think I can
get to it now.

Tell me, J?r?me,
you're not a jealous man?

- Who, me?
- Yes.

I sometimes pretend to be,

to amuse the women.
And I've had plenty!

Many, many women.

They're all so easy.

All of them!

Have you never felt
the stab of suspicion...

like a knife in your chest?

Have you never looked
at the face of the woman...

you love with
terror in your eyes?

Have you never noticed on her
wrists, her arms, her shoulders,

on her lips,

the kisses of another man?

I never realised you
were so sensitive.

It's not exactly about
being sensitive.

Is that her?


Put him on.


She's downstairs?

Show her up.

- Jesse...
- Well?

I have a visitor.
It's just for 5 minutes.

- Do you mind?
- Not at all!

Come in.

I came as fast as I could.
Terrible news...

- Shh. Are we at 3,000?
- No, scarcely 3,800.

- Is that all? Go back at once.
- But sir...

- I gave you a direct order.
- To get down to 3,000...

more than 100,000 shares
need to go on the market!

Since you own 50,000, your
plan would be discovered.

So what?
200,000 have to be sold.

Follow my orders.
No. Tomorrow, you'll be ruined.

What concern is that of yours?
And that's not all.

Grimbaum warned me
that at 3,000, the bank...

will buy up everything
to halt the drop.

- I don't care.
- They're talking of a crash.

So I stopped the damage
and came up to see you.

If I'd continued, imagine
the consequences!

Many of the investors
would be ruined...

The market would revive, and
you would have lost everything!

That's enough!

So shall I return and buy
back at the best price?

What are your instructions?

My instructions are the same.
Copper down to 3,000.

You're not going to oppose
the world's richest bank?

We're wasting time.
Will you obey me or not?

So be it.

I'll go then?

Yes, go!

Le Govain!

Ah, my old chum!

I was sleeping so well.

What's got into you?

You look strange.

Bad news?

Moving news.

Copper is at 3,800.

You mean 4,800?


Down 700, J?r?me Le Govain.

You're joking?

My little J?r?me,
you are a rogue!

Now look here!

You seem unusually upset.

In one hour, we shall
be at 3,000.

- Are you drunk?
- Just a minute!

Where did you dine last night?

At a young woman's
house, with other girls.

Including Grace Ritter...

So what?

- And my wife.
- There are some jokes...

I never joke.

You took my wife to a
party with other girls.

By this afternoon,
copper will be at 3,000.

- You've been drinking.
- J?r?me Le Govain,

you are my wife's lover...

and I'm going to ruin you.

You understand me now?
That's enough.

Let me pass!

You think you can stop me? Yes.


Like this!

- Let me go!
- You wretch!

- Let me go!
- What they whisper about me...

is true!
I've done all sorts of work!

I've earned my living
with my hands!

- Let me go!
- If you struggle, I'll crush you!

That's better!

We're reasonable now?

We'll behave now?

I don't intend to brawl
with a streetporter.

I knew your good breeding
would show up at last.


You're not brave enough...

to cross a hallway
with your clothes in tatters...

and blood on your face.
If you feel I've wronged you,

send me your seconds...
For a duel?

So you can kill me?
You take me for an idiot?

You steal my wife, you
take my money, and now...

you want my skin!
This is my way of duelling.

With my weapons, on my ground!
Go on, call out, no-one will answer!

These two arms will stop
you from leaving!

I'm going to crush you,
J?r?me Le Govain!

With my money!

You're a filthy coward.

There's one thing you have
never understood - honour!

Right. And where should
I have learnt it?

In Marseilles, I grew up
in the "street of thieves".

While you were sucking all
that with your mother's milk!

Honour! You pay your debts
with Grace Ritter's money...

and then you dump her.
Man of honour!

Honour? Scoundrel!

Don't move or
I'll break your jaw.

I just wanted a cigarette.

Anything you like.

- 3,350?
- He's still selling.

- I don't understand.
- This is suicide.

- Is this going to take long?
- Until you've lost everything.

When you're ruined,
then you can go.

This feels so good, Jesse.
It wipes out all the pain!

It's a waste of time.
This is childish.

You think you can order up
a Stock Market crash?

How do you expect
to achieve that?

Suppose I sacrifice everything.

And you think I'm going
to fall into your trap?

What about your money, Brachart?

I've made provisions.

I'll take everything you
have, and save myself.

And if not, never mind.
I'll go down with the rest of you.

- What are you trying to do?
- This is terrible!

All the copper shares are for sale.

The whole Stock Market
is being dragged down!


African copper - 3,000!

African Copper Crashes.
Chaos on the Exchange.

Paris-Soir, special edition!

This is it!

I've ruined you!

Read it, I've ruined you!

- Bastard!
- Idiot.

- Thief!
- The wounded beast howls!

- Cuckold!
- I've ruined you!

- Yes, I've had your wife!
- You're ruined.

I'm the one who's
laughing at you!

Stop thinking about my wife
and start thinking of yours.

Mine? Are you senile?

Grace Ritter is waiting for you
and you're going to marry her.

How else can you
get out of this?

You had my wife,

but I had yours first,
the whole world had her!

You'll be walking out with...

everybody's mistress!
You thieving swine!

Get out!

I've come from the club.
Hello, Annette.

I have news.

You'll never guess... Sit down.


Hello, mother.

- Hello, Annette.
- Hello.

Ah children, we've been
struck with ill fortune.

He's not the best son-in-law
one could have had.

Nevertheless, I sense
some goodwill towards us.

That's what I was about to say.
There was quite a stir at the club.

I said, "You see a pauper before
you," and all arms opened wide.

De Mangeneuse, who lost
more than most in this affair,

cried: "All my troubles are
forgotten when I look at Honor?."

- A noble heart.
- What a fruitcake.

When I think of the damage he's
done, all our friends ruined...

Well, it's your fault...
I saw Le Govain.

Poor old chap!

He got wiped out.
No-one can understand it.

According to the latest
reports, Jacques behaved...

like a child. He could
have halted the crash.

It may all work out.
The divorce.

And the annulment.

Later, God willing, Annette
may meet a nice boy...

Do you understand, Annette?

I will not agree to a divorce
or an annulment.

Why not?

Quite simply...

he is my husband.

My dear girl,

get ahold of yourself.

You're a girl of breeding.
This man is a nobody.

This is what I have to say.

I approve of De Mangeneuse,
the "fruitcake"!

I approve of those gentlemen
who offered you their hands...

simply because they trusted
the word of one of their fellows.

But I would die of shame if I
were to say to this ruined man:

"Mr Brachart, the coffers
are empty, I'm off."

I'll leave that to the servants.
I haven't been hired,

I've been bought.

Well I never!

Anne-Marie, I haven't left Paris.
I am completely ruined.

I think only of you.
I love you. Jacques.

- Can't we see Brachart?
- He'll be back tomorrow.

Monsieur Brachart?

Go to the information desk.

Monsieur Brachart?

Ask over there.

Ask at information.

Hello, London? Brachart, yes.

Above all, there must be
no panic. Put a stop to...

all these stupid rumours
flying around.

M. Brachart won't be investigated.
We have the minister's assurance.

Whatever happens...

he will face up to all his
responsibilities. Understood?

Thank you.

- I'm sorry, I...
- I'm Madame Brachart.

- Please sit down.
- Thank you.

- M. Flash?
- Yes.

I have often heard your name.

I have never involved myself...

I mean, I have always kept
apart from my husband's work.

I don't know anything...
Madame, it's inexplicable.

I warned M. Brachart.
He knew he would be ruined.

But why did he do it?

- Where is my husband?
- Madame...

I know, it's shameful to admit.
I'm his wife and I know nothing.

I'm reduced to asking you
to betray his secret.

I could be wrong.

But if I'm not I have
to see him to tell him...

Rum and hot water.

Flight KEG from Warsaw
is at Meaux.


Flight KEF from Berlin
is at Compi?gne.

I came because of your letter.

I didn't want you to
think I was like all those...

who are condemning you.

Thank you.

You probably don't want me
getting in your way...

on this trip, but...

I'll wait for you, Jacques.
If you want me to.

Even if I have to go away
for a long time?

Even so.


I refuse.

This is pity.

Pity for a poor fellow...

who you think is on the ropes.

But I'm not on the ropes.

Absolutely not!

Flight KEL from London
is at Beauvais.


Jacques, stay.

Don't go.

Come here.

Look at me.

Look at me.

You're upset.

I've never seen you like this.

Let me see your eyes.


You still love me?


In spite of...


Now I can forget.

Now my strength
comes back to me.

Like Samson.

Samson, that wretched giant
who avenged himself...

by pulling down the temple.

Last night,
after your confession...

he almost dishonoured
you, my little one.

My little one.

My wife.

I was blinded
with rage and grief!

Like Samson, I threw myself
on the columns of the temple...

of the rue Vivienne!
I shook them!

Now you are revenged,
my little one.

If you knew how much
you are revenged.

I told myself: If she was
there, she would see us together.

She would understand.
She would perhaps be proud of me.

She might even love me a little.

A little bit.

Just a tiny bit.

Nothing to say?

Jacques, I...

My little one...

Cry, cry.

No-one would blame you.

This is a place for separations.

And reunions.

Travellers for London...

are requested to prepare
for boarding.

Travellers for London...

English subtitles by
Kinsayder @ KG.