SamSam (2019) - full transcript

SamSam appears to have it all: his own flying saucer and great family and friends. But the one thing he has yet to attain are actual superpowers.


♪♪ [whistling]


♪♪ [whistling,
fingers snapping]

RADIO: Good morning, everyone.
You are tuned to Planet Jazz.

Happy Sunday.

[honk honk]


SamTeddy! SamTeddy!

We're going to be late
for soccabasket!

Stop hiding under the quilt,
you lazybones!

Come on!

- Morning, Mommy!
- Morning, my little hero!

Morning, Daddy!
I'm off to play with my friends!

Have fun!

But stay away
from Planet Marth!

Stay away from Planet Marth.
I know!

Starbaby, breakfast is ready!

Coming, honey!

Have fun, SamSam!

♪♪ [upbeat]

Something tells me
today's going to be the big day.

I hate to sound like
a wet blanky, SamSam,

but you say you're going to get
your first power every day.

Today feels different.
Something's going to happen.

♪ La do do do ♪

♪ Do re mi fa so la ti do ♪


♪ Do re mi fa so la ♪

Stop! Back straight,
chin up, breathe in

and start again.

♪ Do re mi fa so... ♪

Mother, may I borrow your ship
to take Chomper for a walk?

Certainly not!

You know what makes
a truly great singer.

Practice, practice, practice!

Besides, you know your father
doesn't like you going out.

Oh! Uh...

Very well, but stay inside
the safety zone.

Stay inside the safety zone.
I know!

See you later!

- [crackling]
- [gasps]


Oh, Chomper, I've had enough
of this silly safety zone.


That's enough!
Stay, puppykins!

Uh, sorry about the saucers.

Don't worry, SamSam.
Can't say we're not used to it.

Move yourselves! Thataway!

- Can I play?
- Okay!

SamSam, cut it out!

Using your cape is cheating.

You can only use your powers.

But he hasn't got
any powers yet.

- You know that.
- [laughter]





Oh, dear.

Brace yourselves.
Shake it!



Freedom at last!



Children! Wow.

I've never seen
real ones before.

Catty says speedio!

SuperJulie says obey me!

Come on, puppy.
Gimme the ball.



- Soccabasket!
- Soccabasket!

- Whoo-hoo!
- Soccabasket!

That's weird.
They don't look dangerous.

- [beeping]
- Uh-oh.

That means I have to go home.
Bye, guys.

Same here.

I'm going home too. Bye.

Bye. Let's play
one last game, SweetPea.

Uh, sorry, SamSam.
I promised MommyPea I'd...

help her make
some mars-mallows.

Can I borrow your ball
to practice with?

Okay, but be sure
to give it back tomorrow.

Aye-aye, Marshal.

Don't ever say that name!

Not even in fun!

♪♪ [military]

♪ Children laugh and play ♪

♪ And stink and scream ♪

♪ And when we catch them ♪

♪ We smash them to smithereens ♪



Stop sniggering,
you groveling gherkins!

That was pathetic!
This isn't a circus!

This is Planet Marth!

I order you to look mean!

You're supposed to make children
squirm with fear

and wet their undies!

I am King Marthial the First,

the ruler of Marth!

[high voice]
I'm powerful!

I'm scary!


Mic! Mic!

I'll teach you
to snigger at me.

Forward, march!

Hup, one, two, three!

♪ Children laugh and play ♪

♪ And stink and scream ♪

♪ And when we catch them ♪

♪ We smash them to smithereens ♪

♪ Smash, smash, smash ♪

♪ Boys and girls are dirty,
ugly, stupid ♪

♪ And when we catch them ♪

♪ We'll eat them for dessert ♪

And boom!

That was good.

- Whoo-hoo!
- [laughter]

Huh? Aha!

There's one here!
I can hear it!

One of those kids
that give me a headache!

I can hear it laughing!
It's here!


Find it! Catch it!


SAMSAM: Whoo-hoo!



[distant laughter]

Let's bet, SamTeddy.

If I kick the ball
through that hole,

I really will get
my first power today.

Hmm. Go on then.
You can do it.

Oh, no!

- [whining]
- Shh.

SAMSAM: That kick didn't count.

You put me off
by encouraging me.

SAMTEDDY: How much blame
can a teddy bear take?


SamSam, time to go home.


SamTeddy, did you see that?

Oh, no!

Never mind.
Time to go home.

No! I promised SweetPea
his ball back,

and I don't want
to let a friend down.


What's a friend?

Stop, SamSam!

We're heading straight
for Planet Marth.


Keep searching,
you useless cabbages,

until you find
that giggling brat!

I know he's here somewhere!

What the...




The children
are assassinating me!

What are you doing here?



Help! Grab that thing!


Give it back!

Ooh! A little red elf.


What? It can't be.

Give me that!

Holy smokes!

There's the culprit!

A kid from Planet Sam
in a silly red mask.

My revenge will be sweet.


There we are.

A super smelly-welly sock.

What a dinky-stinky, mucky-yucky
sculpture I've made.

Oh, poop. SamSam!

My marvelous muck
is all blowing away.

Come back, stinky sockies,
come back, come back.

Sorry, Mucky Yuck.
I'll help you make a mess again.

Thanks, SamSam.
You're a nice boy.

You look down in my dumps.

Mucky Yuck, how do you get by
without a cosmic power?

What use would
a power be to me?

I don't need any powers
to make my farty-art.


Here, have a fly-poop cookie.

Uh, some other time.

♪♪ [Lady Fathola vocalizing]

♪♪ [continues]

We mustn't tell
Mother and Father

that we left the safety zone
and saw some children.

Do you understand?

♪♪ [vocalizing]

♪♪ [continues]

♪♪ [vocalizing]


Mega, remember you're
not allowed in this office.

And you remember
that if you tell on me,

I'll tell Father you play
on the computer with Chomper.

Computer, what is a friend?

A friend is a person you have
fun with and feel good with

and share all your joys
and sorrows and secrets with.

Look! It's him!

It's SamSam and his friends.

There he is with SamDaddy
and SamMommy,

the fearsome cosmic heroes.

And there's SamSam with his
friends at Cosmic Hero School.

What? He goes to school?

Yes, a special school for
children with cosmic powers.

School is where people
make friends.



I don't understand why Father
says that children are horrible.

They don't look...


Clear history.

His most glorious,
victorious, splendiferous

and totally cool majesty...


King Marthial the First.

Ah, home sweet home.

I've had a hard day.

I almost got
assassinated again.

Marthial, separate sides,

Sorry, dear.

It was one of those brats
from Planet Sam.


I am exhausted.

Fathola dear,
could you please sing me

a headache-soothing song?

♪ Hush, little baby ♪

♪ Don't say a word ♪

♪ Mama's going to buy you
a mockingbird ♪

Your voice is
the perfect antidote

to the hideouts pain
of children's laughter.

♪ La la la la la ♪

Mega, come sing with me
for your father.

♪ Hush, little baby,
don't say a word ♪

Enough! Stop! Stop!

Our daughter will positively
never be a singer.

Marthial, I've told you
a thousand times.

All the women in my family
have been opera singers

for a 153 generations,

and Mega will be no exception.

Well, I've told you
a thousand times,

a real opera singer
doesn't quack like a duck.

All Mega needs is some
professional training,

which is why
I'm asking you again

to let her study
at the School of Song.

And the sooner, the better.

Request denied!

Mega will go Dictator School,
and that's final!

Can I say what I think?

- No!
- No!

For once,
you agree on something.

- She will be a singer.
- She'll be a dictator.

- Singer.
- Dictator.

- Singer!
- Dictator!

- ♪ Singer ♪
- Dictator!

Ah! Here's a gift for my own
special future dictator.

I don't wanna be
a dictator.

I don't want to be
an opera singer.

And I don't want
any more presents!

What I want...

is a friend.

Yes, Chomper,
I know you're my friend,

but this is different.

I know!

Here it is.

Cosmic Hero.

- Mother?
- Yes.

You know, I really
wanna be a singer.

Oh, honey, deep down,
I always knew it.

Father, you know, I really
wanna be a dictator.

I always knew it, my dear.

But I don't want to hurt
Father's feelings,

so let's pretend I'm attending
Dictator School, okay?

♪ Okay ♪

But I don't want to hurt
Mother's feelings,

so let's pretend I'm attending
the School of Song, okay?

You're on, kiddo.

get me the Marthiantist.


Wha... What the...

Oh, that's not right.

Hi-de-hi, Your Splendiferous
Majesty. What's up?

Skip it.
Is my new monster ready?

Almost, Your Majesty.

A couple more tweaks
and bingo!

It's all yours.

Well, get a move on!

And meanwhile, load the
catapult with Wettabeds.

Those kids deserve a squirting.

Aye-aye, Marthy!


The lazy lumps.
Just you wait.

There's Mega.

What thee up to
with that cape?

Ah, the noodle's back again.

Wettabeds! Oh, Wettabeds!

Here, Wetta-wetta-wettabeds!


Click, boom!


♪ Pee-pee in their undies
Pee-pee in their beds ♪

[high-pitched laughter]


Who's there?

Who wants to wee-wee?

Not me!


Wee-wee! Where are ye?

Pee-pee in your bed!

Who wants to wee-wee?

Bye-bye, Wettabeds!

Ooh! Ever see a teddy wee?

P-P-Please don't.


Leave him alone,
you smelly bullies!

Pee-pee in the bed!

Surprise! Surprise!



Is everything
all right, sweetie?

Never mind.

There you go.
Put this on.

- [sniffs]
- Oh, for goodness sake.

Now go back to sleep

and forget all about it,
my little hero.

I'm not a little hero.

I can't even crumble-mash
a Wettabed.

SamSam, sweetie,
your powers are in you.

Trust yourself and be patient.

You'll find them very soon.
Don't you worry.

Powers are in you,

but your bottom's on me.

Sorry, SamTeddy.

SamSam, it's very dark in here,
don't you think?

Heroes aren't
scared of the dark.

- Ow! Ouch!
- [toy squeaks]

SamSam wet his bed again.

Poor boy, he was so upset.
You should have seen his face.

FATHER: We should keep
a closer eye on him.

How old were you
when you got your first power?

MOTHER: The cosmic crush?
About one and a half, I suppose.

FATHER: Do you think SamSam
may not be like us?

I mean, not a cosmic hero?

LADY FATHOLA: My child, this is
your first day at school.

You fill me with happiness
and pride.

At Song School, you'll learn
how to sing like an angel.

Uh, yes. Bye, Mother.

- Bye, Father.
- Bye.

Have a good time at...

Dictator School.


As soon as I saw the Wettabeds,
I made the room shake,

and they scrambled
out the window.

Yeah, I used
my move-yourself power

and got rid of them
just like that.

SweetPea, you can have my ball.

Sorry. I kicked yours
up to Marth.

Kicked it to Marth?
Come on, that's impossible.


Wow! Look!

What is that?

- Wow!
- Ooh!

Stand back.

Uh, hello.

My name's Mega Lactic.

- Who?
- What?

Guys, what'd she say?

I'm Mega Lactic.

Hi, Mega Lactic.

I'm SamSam.

Hello, Mega.
I'm a little surprised.

Nobody told me
you were joining our school.

That's because my parents are on
a trip to another solar system.

But they wrote you a letter.

Wow! Your spaceship's
pretty awesome!

Where are you from?

Uh, really far away.

Well then, Mega,
welcome to Cosmic Hero School.

You can practice
your cosmic dance with Mega

before we start our lessons.

Hey, new girl,
you're like SamSam.

You don't have any powers.

I have tons of powers.

So why aren't you
wearing any stars?

I'm just too modest
to flaunt them, that's all.

So what are your powers?

It's a family secret.
I'm not allowed to say.

- Hey, everybody...
- ♪♪ [upbeat]

there's no better way to make
friends than a cosmic dance.

♪♪ [continues]


Come on, Mega, it's easy.

Just let yourself go.


Whoa, you need to loosen up.

I can't dance.

Okay, okay, chill.

It's only the cosmic dance.

I mean, whatever.


If you like,
I could teach you the dance.

Oh, yeah?
Why would you do that?

Well, so we can be friends.

You want to be my friend?

Yes, so we can
help each other out.

I'll teach you the cosmic dance,
and you can...

I can what?

You have a ton of powers,

and I don't have any.

I thought maybe you could
teach me how to find one.

You mean, you help me
learn the dance,

and I help you find a power?

Cosmic deal?

Okay, but on one condition.

First the dance
and then the powers.

It's strange.
Don't you ever smile?

My father doesn't let me.

He says,
"Smiling makes you ugly

and laughing
gives you headaches."

That's silly.
If we never laughed,

we'd just be gloomy,
gray little things,

as sad as stones.


- You smiled!
- [school bell ringing]

- No, I didn't.
- Yes, you did.

- Didn't.
- Did.


[door opens]

Hi, Dad. Hi, Mom.
Guess what.

I have a new friend at school.

She has a ton
of mega-cosmic powers,

and she's going
to help me find mine.

SamSam, you know nobody else
can help you find your...

I know, I know.
You always say that.

"My powers are in me.
I'll find them myself."

But it's different with Mega.

It doesn't work like that
where she comes from,

and she's going to help me.

- I feel a bit out of my depth.
- You are, dear.

Hey, by the way, will you be
using the ship tomorrow?



Mega, my dear,

I want to hear all about your
first day at the School of Song.

It was great.

Tell me more.

I learned to sing ahhs...

and oohs...

and even ooh-la-las.

- Oh!
- Mother...

there's a Marthian boy
in my class.

I didn't know there were any.

There aren't.
I mean, yes,

there are some Marthian children
out in the galaxy,

but not on Marth anymore.

Your father asked them all
to leave.

You know,
because of his headaches.

What is this Marthian boy's
vocal repertoire?

He does "Cosmic Song."
It's the new big thing.

You should try it.

For the time being,
practice your scales.


[crickets chirping]




Oh, I gotta go!

Bye, Dad. Bye, Mom.

Hi, Mega.
Ready to trade?

Dance for powers.

- Hmm.
- [snickers]

Let's do it.

♪♪ [upbeat]

♪ Take my hand ♪

♪ Do the cosmic dance ♪

♪ Let the cosmic beat ♪

♪ Lift you off your feet ♪

- ♪ Ooh ♪
- Wow!

Wow! That really rocks.

It makes me shake all over.

It's funny you should say that

'cause my parents say
I sing like a duck.

Your home doesn't sound like
much fun. Try mine.

You're all invited to
my birthday party on Saturday!

- Yay!
- I'll be there.

You'll come, won't you, Mega?

Uh, to a Marthian home?

Are you prejudiced?

- No, not at all.
- So you'll come?

Aye-aye, Marthial.

Don't say that name.
Not even in fun.

Now, children, make sure
you're on time tomorrow.

We're going on a field trip

to practice our cosmic powers
in outer space.

- Yay!
- Hooray!

- So cool!
- A space trip!

Mega, this is awful.
What can I do?

We haven't worked on my power,
not even once.

Sorry, SamSam,
I can't just now.

I promised my parents
I'd go straight home.

You said they were away
on a trip.

No. I mean yes, they were.
They're coming home today.

So when will you help me?
Tomorrow before school?

Okay, perfect.
Trust me, SamSam.

I'm in deep trouble.

How am I going to find a power
for SamSam and for me?

I don't have any powers either.

Help me, Chomper.
We have to think of something.

You got it!

Good thinking, Chomper.

He'll help me.

Hmmph! Mm-hmm.

- Father.
- Mega!

How was your day
at Dictator School, my dear?

Very good, thank you.
Which reminds me,

I have to give a presentation
on power tomorrow.

Can you give me some ideas?

Why, of course.

Power is your daddy's specialty,
after all.

My girl, it's time
you knew the truth.

Truth? What truth?

Follow me.

Who wants to go down?

Open up, stupid!
It's me, Marthial the First.

♪♪ [march]

- [static]
- ♪♪ [Muzak]

♪♪ [Muzak continues]

[Mega laughing]

Whoa! Aah!

- What is this?
- This is where the cloud

that keeps you
safely out of sight is made.

It gets a teeny bit bumpy
from here on.



Stupid system.

Mega, are you all right?

Yes, but where are we?

My power is here,
right behind this door.

By order of the great
King Marthial the First,

identify yourself.

It's me, you pesky portal!

Welcome to my secret laboratory.

Hiya, Marthial.


A brat!
A brat on Planet Marth!

Don't be a child.

I'm not. I'm not a child,
but she is.

Mega? Her?
She's not a child.

She's your future dictator.

This way, my dear.
Watch and learn.


- Icky-sicks.
- Eww!


What are all these monsters for?

For scaring children!

To stop them laughing.

Their horrid giggles
make my head explode.

I have to protect myself.

But my headaches will
soon be a thing of the past.

Thanks to our new
super-powered monster...

The fruit of years of toil
and research.

The Spookadook!

Do you really want
all children to be

miserable, gray little things,
as sad as stones?

Yeah, that's exactly
what I want.

Help! It's kissing me!

- Do something!
- Your Majesty, close your eyes.

Holy smokes!

That Kissy-wissy creature
wouldn't scare a fly!

Not to worry, your Maj.
I'll tweak the formula.

A bit less kissy,
a bit more scary.

It's a winner.

- What's that?
- That?

Oh, that.

It's my super
anti-monster spray.

It turns monsters
into confetti.

Uh, Your Majesty,

you really are the best dictator
in all the galaxy.

Duh! I know.

I'm gonna work
on my presentation now.

See you Later.

Come again soon,
Miss Mega the First.

My daughter's a genius.

All we have to do is
stop children laughing.

Make 'em gloomy
forever and ever.

Get working,
you spinach-haired geek.

Not on my bottom!

Are you sure
this is going to work?

Don't I need to practice first?

No need. Your power is in you.
You said it yourself.

As soon as we see a monster,
do exactly what I tell you.

Your power will come to you
all by itself.

I don't like the black hole.

Children, need I remind you
that no super powers

can help you get out
of a black hole.

Nothing has ever escaped
from one.

Now concentrate

because we're coming
to a cloud of Icky-sicks

that escaped from
Marthial the First's stockpile.

This is our exercise for today.

I want you to use your powers
to get past them all

without letting them
make you feel sick.

[all retching]

Makeover rainbow!

Wow! I don't get seasick!


SamSam, shut your eyes
and concentrate.

Now take a really deep breath
and repeat these cosmic words:



Louder! Concentrate harder.
And shut your eyes tighter.




You did it!

I really did it?



Oh, no!


SamSam, I'm happy
you finally found

your first power!

What's more,
it's one I'd never heard of.


You guys can turn monsters
into confetti?

Mega, you shared your power
with a friend,

and that's the most cosmic
quality of all.

You're both cosmic heroes now.

- Friends?
- For life.

Daddy, Mommy, SamTeddy!

I did it! I got one!

- One what?
- Oh, SamSam, it came?

- You got your first power?
- Yes.

- Well done, my little hero.
- So what is it?


- Monster-to-confetti?
- What's that?

It's all thanks to Mega,

my mega-cosmic, mega-brilliant
new best friend.

She taught me the magic words,

The Icky-sicks
all turned into confetti.


Well, your son has at least
one cosmic thing about him.

- His imagination.
- True.

I'm a real cosmic hero now,
thanks to Mega Lactic.

Mega this, Mega that.

Mega weird, if you ask me.

Aw, come on. I don't need
a jealous teddy bear.

In fact, I don't need
a teddy bear at all anymore.

I'm a cosmic hero now.
Ha ha ha!

I said no more teddies.

Hello, GrannyPea.

Oh, hello, SamSam.

Let me see
that first star of yours.


SweetPea's expecting you.
Go join the party.


[kids laughing]

[laughing continues]

Hi, SamSam.



SamTeddy, what are you
doing here?

I'm invited too,
in case you didn't know.

- Hello, I'm Mega.
- I'm SamTeddy,

SamSam's closest companion
and cosmic best friend.

You still have a teddy bear?

I had him when I was young,
but he's really clingy.

He still follows me around.

I live my own life.

Guys, who's up for a slide?


- Great!
- [laughter continues]

Yeah, I'm in.

Let's go.

♪♪ [upbeat]


♪♪ [continues]

Hold tight, Mega.

Whoo-hoo! Whee!


Hmm. Someone who has
such a big rocket

must have something big
to hide.

Very interesting.

[click click]

Oh! What's that?

Who are you?

♪ SweetPea birthday to you
SweetPea birthday to you ♪


Good health to you,
young Marthian.

May your laughter
make Marthial's head split.



It's a traditional saying
in the Pea family.

Gather round, gather round!

Shall I tell you what
Marthial the Meanie was like

when he was young?

Yes, GrannyPea!

You knew my...

You knew King Marthial
the First?

Oh, yes.

I was his nanny
for 663 years.

Marthial was
a very merry little boy,

always clowning
and prancing around

to make his friends laugh.

It's hard to believe now,
isn't it?

Well, you see,

some other children started
teasing him about his lisp,

so young Marthial
turned in on himself,

and over the years,
his sadness turned to anger,

and his anger
turned into meanness.

When he became king,

he drove all the children away
from his planet.

So I had to leave Planet Marth
with all my babies.

It must be a very sad place now

because a planet
without children's laughter

is a planet without a heart.

Yes! All sadness to Marthial,

the nasty, silly dictator
of Marth.

King Marthial the First
isn't nasty or silly.

He's a good, strong,
sensible king!



Uh, trust Mega
to come up with a joke.

Uh, of course I was joking.

Who would ever stick up
for silly old Marthial?

Here's my present, SweetPea.

SweetPea birthday.

Nice box,
but what's the M for?

Uh... M for Mega.

Wow! It's my ball.

SamSam, you told me you lost it
on Planet Marth.

Where did you find it?

Who cares?
It's only a gift.

If you don't like it,
I'll take it back. No problem.

Some things we can never forget.

And this is the royal M
of Marthial the First.

I'm positive.



You're Marthial's sister?

No! I'm his daughter.


Mega, I'm confused.

Who are you really?

I'm Mega Lactic.

I'm half-Marthian,

And a mega fibber.

A mega dictator's daughter.

Who plays mega-mean tricks.

And is going right back
to her mega-mean daddy.

SamSam, it's true.

I am Marthial's daughter.

But I'm also your friend.

No, you're not.
Friends don't lie to each other.

Oh, yeah?
Well, you know what?

I'd rather be the real daughter
of a great dictator

than a fake cosmic hero

with a silly little cape
and a teddy bear.

[spaceship starting]

Are you okay, SamSam?

No, I'm not.
Can't you understand some people

just aren't as cosmic as you?

Come on, SamTeddy.
We're leaving.

SamTeddy? SamTeddy?


Didn't I warn you
that children are nasty?

You mean you...

You know where I've been?


You've been spying on me
all along?

I've been training you

so that you'd see for yourself

what mean little beasts
children are.

They were mean to me,
and now they're mean to you.

But thanks to your good advice,

we're going to get
our revenge!

But first, pull that bear out
from under the seat.


SamTeddy, where are you?

Hi, SamSam.

We weren't sure how to tell you,
so take a look.

Mega flew back to Marth?
As if I didn't know.

What's he doing there?

He may have had no choice.

It's obvious to me.
Mega kidnapped him.

I'll never abandon you.

I tried your recipe
for cabbage with broccoli.

It's not bad,
but I think a dash of spinach

would give it more flavor.

It could, but spinach
disagrees with me.

- It gives me gas.
- Yeah, me too.

Hey, it's the brat!

What? Aah!


Hello, SamSam.

Oh, SamSam!
Good of you to drop in.

Why did you kidnap SamTeddy?

Ask him why he stowed away
on my rocket.

Nastiness is such a tonic.

I love special effects!

Today is the greatest day
of my life.

Thanks to Mega's advice,

I've finally figured out
how to make a monster

that will stop children laughing
forever and ever.


All I have to do is turn you
into miserable,

gray little things,
as sad as stones.

Children will always laugh.



Laughing time is over.


The devilish
Gloomyglob monster!

The devilish Gloomyglob monster
is made of a mixture of...

slug slime,
stingy toothpaste...


dead tree bark...


and moldy old car tires.

It's easy to use
and extremely effective.

It is attracted
to bright colors,

such as cheerful clothes
and rosy cheeks.

And then it bombards them
with gloomyglobs

that gloomify them
on the spot.

And from then on, all you brats
will sit around at home alone,

staring at your screens.

Goodbye, fun and games.

Hello, grayness and gloom.

But in order to work,

it needs one more
tiny ingredient,

which doesn't exist
on Planet Marth.

The tear of a child.

I'll never cry for you.

You won't?
Then how will we manage?

Who stings? We sting.
Who do we sting? You!

If you think I'm scared
of your stupid bouncing blobs,

you're wrong!

Stupid, but stingy.

Release all the Thingamaboobs!

Stingy, stingy, stingy!

Stop. Wait.

I can make him cry.

SamSam, dear,

you really are the smallest
of the smallest cosmic heroes.

You know what your friends say?

They say if it weren't
for your parents,

you wouldn't have been admitted
to Cosmic Hero School.

Does it hurt
to hear the truth?

Enough to make you cry?

'Cause you're going to cry.

And thanks to your tears,
no child will ever laugh again.

But look on the bright side.

No child will ever laugh at you
again either, SamSquirt.

You're meaner than I would ever
have dared to imagine.




Come to me, sad little drip.


I may be the least cosmic person
in the universe,

but if I cried,

it would be because I lost my
best friend, a girl named Mega,

who used to enjoy laughing
and dancing

and singing with me
and all our friends.

Who's a lucky monster?
You are!



It's not supposed
to gloomify me.

It can't, Your Marthialty...
uh, Majesty.

don't affect Marthians.

Isn't that amazing?

Yeah, fascinating.

But I've got a child
to deal with.

Gloomyglob monster,
gloomify that boy!



Yes! What?


Friends for life.


Look out, Marthial!

The little red devils
are getting away!

Where did they go?

Get moving and gloomify them
for badness sake!




SamSam, what are you doing?





No! SamTeddy!

I feel as sad as a stone.

I don't understand.
Why isn't my power working?

Because everything
that comes from Mega

is a big, bad, ugly lie.

I'm afraid you have
no power, SamSam.


You and your stink bombs
stay down there.

Yikes! It's flying!
And super fast!

I can't fly home

or he'll follow us and gloomify
the whole Planet Sam.

Just drop me off over there.

Wait a minute.
Good idea!

Hold tight, SamTeddy.

[beep beep]

♪♪ [Muzak]

I'm sorry to harp on,
but SamSam still isn't home.

We agreed to trust him,

But I'll check on him
just in case

Locate SamSam.

Locating SamSam.
Please wait.

SamSam located.

[gasps] What's he doing
near the black hole?

What? Oh, no!


- No!
- No.

Oh, cheer up, my dear.

We've lost our monster,

but our scientists will go
right back to work.

Get cracking! Build us
a new Gloomyglob monster.

The day of wicked monsters
and gray little children

is about to dawn.

[evil laughter]

Ow, ow, ow, ow!

Oh, I've given myself
a headache.


Oh, I need my comfort song.

There's SamSam!

- Yippee!
- [barking]


Are you all right?

Where's your spacesuit?
There's a spare one back there.

Mommy, you should have seen me.

I trapped a big monster
in the black hole,

and then I escaped by
leaving my costume in my saucer.

He's attracted by colors.

SamSam, you don't have
to tell tall stories

to make us love you.

- But...
- This one's true though.

SamTeddy, you're all gray.

SamSam's new friend did it.

- Watch out!
- Cosmic shield!


- What's that?
- It's him.

SamSam, is that your monster?

It wasn't as big as that.

Is that your cosmic suit
it has on?

I left it in my saucer
to distract the monster.

Your cosmic suit is designed
to fit whoever wears it.

On a child,
it gives you basic powers,

but on a monster like that,
it makes it invincible.

None of our cosmic powers
will affect it.

We'll need something else
to get rid of it.

- Synchronize target!
- Synchronize target!

I know how to make it go back
into the black hole.

- Don't worry.
- SamSam, come back!

Oh, no!

Daddy, Mommy!


I'm tired of saving
the universe.

Yeah, me too.
Come on, doll.

Let's go home and sit around
eating taco chips.







You only score
when you're not playing.

Isn't that sad?

This new-style Gloomyglobosaurus
is amazing.

Change of plan.

You're going to build me
a mega anti-monster bomb.

Negative! I take my orders
from King Marthial the First.

You're going to learn to take
orders from Mega the First.

I decide and you obey.

Now get to work.






[horn honks]

Oh, no.

School's out forever.

No one will ever
learn anything here again.



Put me down right now,
you big brutey-woot,

or I'll call my friend SamSam!

Nuff of that.

[muffled cursing]


SamMommy, SamDaddy, save me!

Ask somebody else,
Mucky Yuck.

We're too busy doing nothing.


- Move-yourself!
- This is awful.

Should we go see
SamSam's parents?

Wait, look!

Now don't you worry.

I'll mix up a nice drink
of stinky sock juice.

- Where's SamSam?
- I don't know.

Let's check
the soccabasket field.

SamSam, there's a giant monster
attacking Planet Sam.

A mega monster!

I know.

And it's going
to gloomify us all.

So it isn't all
bad news then.

We need to lure it to Marth.

The Marthiantist is making
a bomb to destroy it.

Are you sure it's not us you
want to lure there and capture?

And why should we trust you?

Everything that's happened is
because of you and your lies.

Hey, guys,
it's really our fault

because we all rejected her.

I trust you, Mega.

Thanks, SamSam,
but we'd better hurry before...






Join the club.

This can't be happening.

Gloomyglobs aren't supposed
to affect Marthians.

But you're half-Marthian,

The grayness seems
to work slower on you.

Run, guys!
I'll cover you.

I'm 100% Marthian.


♪ Hush, little baby
Don't say a word ♪

♪ Mama's gonna buy you a... ♪


Fathola dear,
did you see that?

My monster, it's come back!

And hasn't it grown?

Marthial, why is your monster
chasing after our daughter?

SamSam, look out.

Oh, no, not the flowers!

Yikes! I'm in for it now.

Marthial, get off
your royal behind

and go rescue our daughter
right now!

Right away, Fathola dear.

This is King Marthial
the First calling.

Pulverize the monster!

Launch all the rockets!

Calling all squadrons.
Attack formation.

Fire at will!


Holy smokes,
we're up against it.

But don't worry.
I have another idea.

My Marthiantist!

Your Marth-what?

Wait and see.
After you, Fathola dear.


Make an anti-monster bomb.

What do you think
I'm making, cupcakes?

Aah! What's that?

Huh? Oh, her? Ignore her.

It's nobody.
She's only my wife.

How's the battle going?


What's that?






A child. Catch them!


SamSam, quick.



Aah! My rockets! My nose!
It's broken everything!

Marthial, your nose
is irrelevant.

When will this
anti-monster spray be ready?


An anti-gloomyglob monster bomb,

made out of fizzy candy,
tickly feathers

and Christmas cracker jokes.

Isn't that amazing?

Would you do the honors,
Madam Marthial the First?

Oh, golly!

Quick, Marthy, the video!

Show some respect.

Now the roof, Your Maj.


One little push
on the button and boom!



Ah... ah... ah...




Holy smokes!
Your recipe doesn't work.

It's gloomifying
my Marthians, too, now!

Find me a solution
and be quick about it!

No, no, I can't work
under this stress.

Mother, Father, look.
I've changed color.

I've always been sad,
but now it shows.

Mega, my darling child.

Quick, cook up an antidote
for my daughter, lickety split!

It looks more like
we need a cosmic hero.


Chomper, look after SamTeddy.

Marthial, quick,
shut the lid.

FATHOLA: Marthial.
I order you to obey SamSam.

Yes, yes, yes, yes!
Right away, right away!





Mommy! Whoa!

- Ow!
- Oops.

- Oops.
- Oops?

- Whoops.
- Oops.



Stay here.
I'll deal with this.


Uh-oh. Stinger alert!

♪ Pee-pee in their undies
Pee-pee in their beds ♪

Teddy gonna pee-pee!

Don't touch my teddy!

[wolf whistle]

Aah! It's the deadly Kissybug.

♪♪ [Latin]



♪♪ [continues]






- [laughing]
- I think I get it.

To beat the monster,
we have to make it laugh.

Who wants to wee-wee?



Teddy pee-pee!
Teddy bear pee-pee!

Teddy bear pee-pee!


Pee-pee Marthial!

Oh ho ho ho!
Hee hee hee!


Pee-pee, wee-wee!





Mega, SamTeddy,
your colors are coming back.

SamSam, quick!
Get the anti-monster sprays.

Ah! Thanks, SamSam.


we have to make it laugh.

- I don't even know to be funny.
- Yes, you do.

GrannyPea told us.
When you were a boy,

you were always clowning around
and making people laugh.

No, no, I can't.
It makes my head hurt.

Yes, you can.
It's easy. Watch.

- [raspberries]
- [laughing]

It's working, SamSam.
Keep it up.

- [raspberries continue]
- [vocalizing]

Is that funny?

I've got an idea.
Trust me.

No, no, no!
Let me down! Let me down!

[laughter continues]

SamSam, put me up again.

Oh, no, not the cannonballs.
Not the cannonballs!


You've got it, Your Majesty.

- You're funny.
- Am I?

- Catch!
- Huh?

Not Icky-sicks.
They stink!

[laughing harder]

It's working, SamSam!

- Go for it, Dad!
- Hooray!

Hmm? Ugh!

My sock juice could do
with a few more boogers.


Hey, kids, everything okay?


I'm grand and glorious
and powerful!

SamSam, the lever.

But watch me now be laughable!




[continues laughing]

[laughing harder]


Aah, SamSam, the monster!

Yes, but it's teeny-weeny.

I hate teeny-weeny things.


In you go!

Yeah, about time too!

Mega, darling.


Hey, that's my scepter!

SamSam, Daddy, you did it.

Oh, my dictator girl.

You've got your colors back.

Are you quite finished?

One itsy-bitsy monster,

one tear of joy
from a dictator,

and shazam!

Goodbye dreary, hello cheery!


That's how I like you.

SamSam, you're the greatest
cosmic hero of all.

Thank you for rescuing
our little Mega.

- Confetti.
- Marthial!

Thank you, SamSam.

Good job, SamSam.


SamSam, you defeated
the most powerful monster

in the universe.

There was no ready-made
cosmic spell to do it.

You had to find other,
better ways to beat it.

You used courage, good thinking,
and above all, friendship.

Friendship is
your first power, SamSam.

- Hooray! Whoopee!
- Bravo!

- Well done!
- Good job, SamSam!

Thank you,
thank you, everybody.

It's been a great adventure.

This star is beautiful,
and I'm really glad to have it.

But the next one will be
for a real mega cosmic power.

Something tells me I might
get it today or tomorrow.

Sometime soon, anyway.

- Hooray! Whoopee! Bravo!
- Well done, SamSam!

And here we go!



♪ Take my hand ♪

♪ Do the cosmic dance ♪

♪ Let the cosmic beat ♪

♪ Lift you off your feet ♪

♪ Incredible ♪

♪ So unbelievable ♪

♪ And the cosmic groove
illuminates your moves ♪

♪ Take my hand
Do the cosmic dance ♪

♪ Let the cosmic beat
lift you off your feet ♪

♪ Incredible ♪

♪ Extraterrestrial ♪

♪ And every single move
lets you feel the groove ♪

♪ Take a chance ♪

♪ Take a chance ♪


♪ Friendship is
a source of joy and whiz ♪

♪ Together we belong ♪

♪ Come on and dance along ♪

♪ Don't be shy
Just feel your cosmic powers ♪

♪ Hey, you've got true style
Come on, you're one of us ♪

♪ Take my hand
Do the cosmic dance ♪

♪ Let the cosmic beat
lift you off your feet ♪

♪ Incredible ♪

♪ Mega-sensational ♪

♪ And the cosmic groove
illuminates your moves ♪


♪ Shine on, shine on ♪

♪ Don't be shy ♪

♪ Move on, move on ♪

♪ Love your style ♪

♪ See you can dance
that cosmic groove ♪

♪ The music colors every move ♪

♪ Don't be shy ♪

♪ You don't have to be ♪

♪ Love your style ♪

♪ Your style ♪

♪ See you can dance
that cosmic groove ♪

♪ Dance that cosmic groove ♪

♪ Dance that cosmic groove
Oh, yeah ♪

♪ Take my hand
Do the cosmic dance ♪

♪ Let the cosmic beat
lift you off your feet ♪

♪ Incredible ♪

♪ Mega-sensational ♪

♪ And the cosmic groove
illuminates your moves ♪