Salute (2022) - full transcript

A ruthless political leader Ramaiyah is murdered by an unknown guy so this case is being investigated by a super cop Michael. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
"Police Station, Maranelloor"
(Thiruvananthapuram District)

- Is the SI here? - He's gone out.
- Who's in charge? - The ASI.

Hello...Maranelloor Police Station...


- I am here to see the SI*.
- Regarding? (*Sub-Inspector)

When will he be here?

Tell me what it's about.
They are all here to see the SI.

I...have served as the SI here...

-...some time ago.
- Oh.


- I am on long leave at the moment.
- Oh.

I need to examine a couple of documents.

From my period.

The Martin-Sheeba murder case.
Crime No. 252/17.

Oh...I've heard of that.

The same year in September there was a
petty case of rash and negligent driving.

I need the man's address details -
he was called Chandran Pillai.

It was compounded for 184.

But such old files...

There should be a receipt book for TR5.
Or check the issue register.

- That isn't the issue, Sir.
It's a busy time. - I can wait.

You can sit inside while we look.
Please come this way.

Please sit, Sir.

We can't just hand over
the files to him, can we?

That's what I was thinking too.

- And didn't he say he is on leave?
- Yes.

Who knows what trouble he created
before going on leave?

- Let the SI get here.
Till then we can stall him. - Right.

- He won't talk! - I don't know anything,
Sir - He will talk, Sir!

Go on! Talk!

We're looking...but it might take a while.

Do you want me
to order tea or snacks for you?

There used to be a toddy shop
run by a man named Thampi.

They used to have good appams and curry.

- I'll go there and get something to eat.
- That isn't a toddy shop anymore.

When Thampi died,
his son turned it into a hotel.

What did you have?

One parippuvada and tea.

Oh! Sir! It's you!
I didn't recognise you at first.

- Are you back in the service?
- No. were posted here
for seven or eight months, right?


- How long since Thampi died?
- Almost a year.

- Oh...that's...not necessary.
- Just give me the change, man! - Ok!

I see your brother sometimes,
when he passes this way.

Are you going to be around now?

- See you!
- Alright!

We have done one round of searching.

Because it's from three years ago...

...I am wondering if that murder file...
was taken to the SP office.

And the rash driving one too...
we are not able to locate it.

It's one among a thousand....
you know how it is.

I could help if you want.

I am familiar with those shelves
and cupboards.


Is there a rule to salute
an SI who's on leave?

That was not a policeman's salute.

That's him, isn't it?

When you left, I got lucky!
I got this guy!


Our dearest candidate....

...Sudhakaran Sreevalsam, contesting
on the electoral symbol, the Almirah...

...humbly seeks your vote.

Give another chance to the hero of
development for our land... that Sudhakaran Sreevalsam can
continue the action plans he initiated...

Grant him each of your valuable votes...

- ...and lead him to victory...
we request you! - Come, Sir.

Our symbol...the Almirah!

Our candidate...Sudharakan Sreevalsam!

As our land reels under...

...corruption, looting and inflation...

...let us give a fitting reply
to the ruling party...

...with our dear candidate...

...our own Advocate...
- Hold this. - Ok.

...Ashokan Kizhakkedam...
contesting under the symbol...

...the chair.
We humbly request each one of you... grant him your votes.

- Give it to me, Sir.
- Here.

- Take it out!
- Here.

Hold! Yes.

Pour it...pour!

Marar Cheta*! (*Brother)

Right in the eye!

Oh! Is that you, Sir! What happened?
Anything wrong with your bike?

It's purse fell out
of my pocket...I found it!

Sir...I got some great Murrel fish!
Fresh caught from the stream!

Shall I bring some to your place?

No, man...

I said the kids liked it
last time...

Tell me if you are going home...
I can bring some to your quarters.

Get out of the way! usual, after he was done
for the day...

...he parked his auto at home
and came here.

He had a bottle and left.

- Where to?
- Well..

...he usually goes home from here.

That night he came again.
Around closing time.

And drank four more bottles.

And when you asked where he was going,
he said Martin Sir's house.

He is a nice guy, Sir...

Never been anything but helpful.

He and his sister only have each other.

And her marriage is more or less fixed.

We've been hearing you still mix
Diazepam with the toddy here.

There's an old case on that.
It's not closed yet.

It could resurface any time.

Maranelloor's action-oriented leader...

...Sudhakaran Sreevalsam....whom we know
and who knows us...

...seeks your valuable votes...
on his electoral symbol, the Almirah.

Lead him to victory, we request you...
we beseech you...

For welfare schemes
to reach the deserving...

...and the overall development
of our land...

...the one we know...
the one who knows us...

...Comrade Sudhakaran Sreevalsam...

...seeks your valuable vote...
on the electoral symbol, the Almirah...

Lead him to victory, we request you....
we beseech you...

(Election campaigning continues)

Drop me here.

Marar Sir, do you want me to wait?

- No.
- Alright then.

Give me a cigarette.

Spreading rumours
about the law and order situation... how the Opposition candidate
is trying to gain votes.

Let them examine...

...the crime records
from my five years as MLA.

The number of criminal cases
that used to range in ten thousands...

...has dropped to half in our constituency.

On the basis of one case of double-murder
that remains unsolved...

...he is trying to project that there
is some sort of dangerous atmosphere here.

My respected friend from the Opposition!

If we are are the ones in power,
we will have that case solved.

Using the same police force
that you described as...

...useless and impotent!

(Protesters shouting)
Where, where, police...! the Martin-Sheeba murderer?

Where is the Martin-Sheeba murderer?

"We want justice.
Police, do your job!"

(Slogan shouting continues)

Three weeks after the murders,
the Police...

...have made no progress, have they, Sir?

Move aside!

- I said, move aside! - Don't play tough
with us...we know how to get you!

- Is the DySP here? - Yes. And there was
a small issue at the gate.

A slight tussle when Ajith Sir arrived...
they threw away his hat...

Check the exit polls...
it's not what it was two weeks ago!

I am the one suffering
for your inefficiency!

And with the events today, more people will
know! The entire media is out there!

Only two more weeks to the election...
if you can't handle this, tell me!

I will bring in policemen
who know their job!

Bunch of useless fellows
scrambling in the dark!

Has anyone made the slightest progress?

I want results! Not next week
or the week after that!

- In two days! Understand? All of you?
- Who are they? - They've left.

They were specially brought in
to create trouble.

They belong to "Blade" Rangan's gang.

- The one we picked up from the bar last
week? - He and Danny.

Both must be in the Party office now.

They think we wouldn't go in there. p****!

I will be back
to get you for assaulting the DySP.

This is for daring to touch my brother!

(DySP Ajith singing)

- Here you go!
- Nice cake!

- Go on..give!
- Hey! Give some to Ananthu!

He's been waiting for a while!

- Here. - Thank you!
- Hello, Sir?

- Now slice it up.
- Don't get it on your clothes, please!

- You already gave him some!
- Hey! Hold on!

- Love you! - Give him a piece, Malu!
- Yes, Sir.

Sir, we got information about goons hiding
in the Party office. That's why he went.

When they got violent...
he acted in self-defence...

That....yes, I'll warn him.

I will warn him...yes, Sir!

About I said, Sir...

...there has been
no slowing down on our side.

We're making sure the evidence is solid...

...given that it's a case of murder.

It's him, Sir...we have no doubts
about that.

We just need to be a bit more prepared
before moving to an arrest.

No delays....I got that, Sir!

Sir? Yes...

Yes, Sir...surely, Sir.

Sir...but...Sir...that's what we...

What's the story?

Last April 13th, at 11.30 in the night...

...the accused auto driver arrived at
the toddy shop run by a man named Thampi.

He drank excessively.

Don't drive in this state...
I will drop you.

- I am not going home. - Where else
are you going so late in the night?

- Thampi Cheta! - Yes?
- I made all preparations for the wedding.

I found the best possible groom
for my sister.

Before agreeing to the terms from
the groom's side...

...I told that son-of-a-b*** I need
Rs.75,000... seal the deal.

It was only on the strength
of his promise...

- ...that I went forward with it. You know
that too, don't you? - Yes.

And now the bloody b*** says...

-...he can't give me the money!
- Who? Martin Sir?

Yes! If I don't pay
the agreed amount tomorrow...

...the wedding will be off! But I will not
let him live in peace...

....after wrecking my plans!

Whatever it is,
you shouldn't go there right now.

Hey! Hey! Shit!

The suspect went straight
to Martin's house.

They got into an argument
about the money.

I need the Rs.75,000 you promised tomorrow!

- I have to conduct my sister's wedding.
- I have made no such promise.

- I only said we will see at the time.
- You said go ahead and set the date.

If that's not a promise,
what is it, you dog?

Losing control over himself,
he caught Martin by the neck...

...and started banging his head
against the wall.

Martin lost his balance and fell.
Sheeba was frightened....

...and started screaming.

Murali took out the pepper spray
he had been hiding...

...and sprayed it on her face.

She lost her footing and fell to the floor.

When Martin tried to stand, he too...

...was sprayed by Murali.

As Martin lay on the floor...

...Murali took out the long spiral
screwdriver he had with him...

...and stabbed him in the chest.

By then Sheeba who was trying to get up...

...was also stabbed
twice in the chest by Murali.

Thereafter, he locked the house
from the outside...

...dragged both bodies to the backyard...

...and buried them there.

A dead cat was rotting in the same area...

...and so the stench of the dead bodies
was not immediately noticed.

So, it was two days after the murder...

...on getting a complaint from Martin's
brother that they were missing...

...that the dead bodies were discovered.

By then, many vital bits of evidence
were lost.

Martin's phone was also not recovered.

The suspect himself destroyed
some of the evidence.

Sir...this is the story.

But...what about the boy Martin got
dismissed from his college?

He's still a strong suspect. And I've asked
him to come in for questioning tomorrow.

He's a suspect, yes. But not a strong one.

That is a motive that we can suggest,
that's all.

- There isn't a bit of evidence against
him. - And that's not all, Sir...

The fact that Martin had promised
some money...

...for Murali's sister's wedding
is already there in his first statement.

He backed out in the last minute.
And the wedding was called off.

Over the money issue!

That is also a motive we are suggesting.

Murali was an insider in that household.

That is clear from the statements given
by him as well as others.

And Sheeba used to go around in his auto
for shopping and such.

He knows every corner of that house.

That was also in Martin's
brother's statement.

Another thing...the bodies of both
deceased had puncture wounds.

Which means the weapon used...

...most probably...was a long spiral

The kind that an auto driver like Murali
will definitely have.

- Hmmm - But there was absolutely no
discrepancy in his statement.

- Nothing suspicious!
- If you start believing all that...

I did not feel that he was lying.
I recorded his statement myself.

We can't go with feelings anymore.
We need to provide answers.

I know. But does that mean...

...we can create those answers
ourselves, Sir?


- Alright then...see you later!
- Are you going back to quarters today?

- Uncle isn't going anywhere today! Am I
right? - I see!

- I'll leave in the morning, Cheta. - Ok!
- We could go tomorrow too! - Right!

- What about school?
- I have 4 surgeries...

...posted for tomorrow...
or else we could've stayed!

That's nothing new, is it?

- Ok, Ok! - Ok, Cheta!
- Alright then! - Bye!

- Bye! - Bye!

- Come along now! - You never visit us
anymore! The kids have been complaining!

- I've only recently joined the service!
- Doesn't mean you can't make a visit!

- See you! Isn't the hearing for
that child abuse case on 23rd? - Yes

- I'll see you then, ok?
- Heard that?

- What? - He is talking about roasting
us alive in Court!

- Really!
- Stop that!

You are the only reason
he wasn't granted bail.

- Loosen the grip this time, please!
- Sure I will!

- Alright then! - Bye!
- Bye!

- Bye! - Goodnight!
- Bye, Uncle!

- So what's the plan?
- Let's play Ludo.

- Good idea!
- Hey! You!


- I'll be right back.
- Dad! We were going to play!

Like that's going to happen! You are both
going to listen to that little devil now!

"Cobra! Panther! Zebra!" Uggh!

- Delta 1 answering.
- Delta 1 Control

Sir, instructions from the Tiger.... inspect hotels in the tourist area...

-...and other related places.
- Clear!


- What's going on with your car plans?
- Haven't decided yet.

I did a couple of test drives.

Get a Swift. It is suitable for your needs.


(Messages coming in over the wireless)

None of them...are bad officers.

They are 100% convinced it was Murali.

And not just too.

Without that belief, we wouldn't just
frame an innocent.

Neither them. Nor me.

I did not say that, Cheta.


When I decided to give up Law
and join the service...

...I had promised myself I would be
a good police officer.

And you were my model in coming
to that decision.

It was you I learned from.

Or I could have just been comfortable
farming the lands Dad left me.

But this...

...I am very confused.

When I was SI in Kovalam...a man
harassed a child and stabbed him to death.

We got the guy. But the Court let him go.

You know why? "The Police were unable
to recover the knife used for stabbing."

How could we? After the murder,
he threw the knife into the sea.

He walked free!

And I was transferred to Traffic.

The Additional SI Haneefa
tried to convince me... plant a knife
in place of the original.

I refused and ended up the fool!

That was the day I decided...
that our careers should not suffer...

...because of some criminal's master plan!

If the ruling Party loses this election...

...none of us will remain in this district.

Our power is only in the uniform.

No rascal will turn up to protect us.

But...without being sure it is him...

It is definitely him!
The circumstantial evidence...

...motive...none of it is as strong
for any of the other suspects.

You are caught in the trap
of his innocence act.

That itself is a sign
of a hardened criminal!

Don't be foolish!

Experience! That counts for a lot
in a policeman!

There is a 6th sense you acquire
through it.

And that is not just an inference.

In maybe....five years...
you will also start getting it!

You can go on learning from me.

You won't go wrong!

- What is it, Chechi*? (*Sister)
- The SP had called three or four times.

Your brother is fast asleep...
he's had a little too much drink today.

You know how he is when he gets tense.

And now...look...he has sent a message
as well.

It seems there is some march or commotion
planned at the SP office tomorrow....

There was a report from the Special
Branch about it, apparently.

It is related to that murder case.

I'll wake him up if it's an emergency.

It's ok...let him sleep. You can go to bed
too. I'll take care of this.

I'll take care of it!


You go and discreetly get him here.

He trusts you.


Oh! Is that you, Sir? Why are you here
at this time?

- Come on in, Sir.
- Come over here, please. - Huh?



- Come here, man...come on...
- What is this about, Sir?

We need to ask you a couple of questions.

- What about, Sir?
- Just come.

- Just walk on. - Come here!
- Marar Sir!

- Tell them to let me go! Sir!
- Get a hold of him! - Get into the jeep!

- Get in! - Don't make a fuss!
- Let me go, Sir! - I said, get in!

- Get in!
- Stay still, will you?

- Listen! Murali!
- Sir...please...

- Why are you doing this, Sir?
- Don't make me hit you!

But what did I....Sir...what did I do?


- sister is all alone! - Stop
moving! - Where are you taking me?

Sir what did I do?

- Sir...please...let me at least
tell my sister! - Sit still!


Come on...

- Why are we here, Sir?
- Walk. Walk!

Climb up. Now stop.

Come...let me get in first...

- No one should be able to make out
how old the wound is -Ok

Hey! Hey! Shhh!

Don't make noise!

Stop making noise!

Walk on!

I said, don't move!

- Stay still! - You hold this.
- Walk this way!

- Stand straight...stand straight!
And be quiet! - Come on!

Come here, you!

I said, come!

Come...don't push back...

- Walk on! - I said, don't push back!
- Pramod...

- Hold his hand!
- Walk on!

- Walk - Stop that!
- Come on!

Come on! Hold it! Hold!

Show the light properly, Sir!

Don't fight back!

- Put your hand on it!
- Hold! - Come on, hold!

- Put your hand here!
- Hold!

Hold! Come on!

- Hold! - Hold it!

- Sir! - You...!

"Arrest the culprit
in the Martin-Sheeba murders"

Now talk and don't leave out a word!

Or you will hang upside down here!

Where did you hide it? Speak!

- I don't know anything, Sir! - Stop, Sir..
he will talk...Murali...come on!

You were seen that night
in the Puthenpadam area.

- I don't know anything, Sir!
- If you hid it there, just tell us!

- Tie him up!
- No, Sir...come on...

- Talk! - Sir...sir...he will talk!

Stop it, you!

- My dear don't have to
get beaten up like this! - But I...

-...know nothing!
- Here...have some water!

And start talking...around the
Puthenpaadam area...

...try to recollect...

Go on...drink!


He is Nikhil...Martin Sir's student...

We were asked to come...

Our bus reached here a little early.

You may go.

- I said you may go!
- Ok

Let us have a go at him, Sir!

Allow us to handle him!

(Crowd hurls abuses at Murali)

- Look around.
- Was it somewhere here? it!

Hey! Who did that? Hey!

Cover up!

Don't throw!

- Hold them back! - Move them!
- Bring the car around!

Move away, all of you!

Dear constituents!
The beloved son of this soil...

...Comrade Sudhakaran Sreevalsam...
is coming to you in the vehicle behind.

- Move! I said, move!
He wants to thank you... person for every precious vote
you cast for him. Our beloved Comrade... coming to thank you personally.

Comrade Sudhakaran...
beloved son of the soil..

...who is always with us...

...our own Comrade...

Please stand closer.

Ok....ready, sir?

- Go on - I want you to take it, Cheta.

- Congrats! - Congrats!
- Thanks, Cheta!

Please drive, Cheta.
I want you to drive it first!


It's good...nice pick-up.

So congrats! At least now you don't have to
bear the sun on that bike!

Oh no! He is my first love!

I took an evening job and gave tuitions
for the money to buy it!

No way I am giving him up!

- This is only for occasional use.
- The colour selection is great anyhow.

- True!
- And the leg space is great too.

- But you should've bought a bigger car.
- I had actually booked a Benz.

- They didn't have the right colour! - Ugh!
- I am wondering how I'll pay for this!

You should have connections
with the liquour barons.

- To boost your income!
- Hey! Hey!

You should think twice
before saying stuff at home!

Hmm! You are taking this
to your quarters, right?

Yes...but I have promised to drop them
to school and college tomorrow.

I'll leave after that.

But I am wondering if Madam
would accept a ride in this small car.

Guess so!

Ride need to give us a treat!

- What is it, Pramod?
- A lavish lunch maybe? - Ya, that'll do!


We were on night patrolling
in the Tirumala area last night.

That's when this vehicle came along...
a Duster* (*SUV)

We could tell at first glance
that the guy was drunk.

When we asked him for his personal
info, his answers were vague.

I started to suspect that the car
might have been stolen.

I asked him to step outside
and did a search of the interior.

That's when we came across
this pepper spray in the dashboard.


...this. I had a doubt... I switched it on
and dialled my own number on it.

Turns out it is the dead Martin's number.

This is the missing phone, Sir!

I pocketed it without his knowledge.

- And the man? - I slapped him with a petty
case for rash driving and let him go.

You let him go?

- Who else was on the team?
- Only I dealt with him.

When I got suspicious, I turned away
the others to check other vehicles.

- Was he anyone on our suspect list?
- No, Sir.

His name is Chandran Pillai.
At least that's what the license said.

Did you mention anything about this case?
Did he hint at something?

No, Sir...I did not ask
any leading questions.

- If it led to a confession....
- If it led to a confession...

-...we could've taken him into custody!
- And after taking him into custody?

The mobile that went missing
from the crime scene was recovered!

And the pepper spray
that was part of the modus operandi!

The trial is going on in the Sessions
Court...witness examinations almost done..

We have no more role in this!

What explanation can we give for the
evidence we presented against Murali?

He has been in jail for three and a half
months...who will take up responsibility?

"We made a mistake...
please forgive us!"... think we can say that and the
matter will be resolved?

We'll have to give up the Khakhi and go to, me and everyone in this room!

So what should we do now, Sir?
You, me and everyone in this room?

Some person was charged with a petty case
of rash and negligent driving.

No one needs to be bothered by him
any more than that.

- So what about Murali?
- Let him be released.

- We will do something for him then.
- That's right, Sir.

This could hurt us if we interfere.
Let us forget this right here right now!

And the next time a crime occurs...
and there is political pressure...

...we frame the next guy who comes along,
is that it, Marar Cheta?

That's how the system works...
for your information!

As long as there are ministers
and politics and elections...'s not going to change!

- If not the five of us, it will be another
five! - It shouldn't be the five of us!

- At least not five that includes me!
- You alone can't take that decision!

I can! If only one of us has a spine,
he alone can decide!

Let the guy with the spine
find some evidence first!

Go on!

Get out!

We had collected some hair strands from
the crime scene...and fingerprints too...

Martin used to give there
were many students walking in and out...

Maybe guests as well...
all those possibilities...

...I had discussed with Alex Sir.

Other than Murali's, there was no DNA
that matched any other suspect?

No...and once it was established
that it was Murali...

...nothing else was relevant anymore...
and also...

...the only other blood stains we found
at the crime scene were Murali's.

But why all this, Sir? Any problem?

- Nothing. It's just a small clarification.
That's all. - Ok.

This is sensitive information. Don't
go around discussing it with anyone.

- Sir, do you want me to put it in writing?
- Not at the moment.

Let me take a look at it. This also...

...involves your brother.

Ajith! Speak of the devil!

Looks like the devils
are out to get me, Sir!

Not as long as I am around!

- Come, Alex...sit! - Yes, Sir!
- You may leave!

Hey! You tempted me
with a 100-year vintage...

I waited so long at the club
with Baby Sir!

It was late after the security meet, Sir!

Today, for sure!

- Sir?
- Please come back for a second.


The IG's wife and kids are here
on a two-day visit.

Take them around wherever they want to go.

They are not familiar with the place.

(Guide describing the musuem to visitors)

- Sorry, I was in a meeting.
- Ok.

- Myself, Divakara Menon, Musuem manager
- Hello.

- IG Sir hasn't come? - No, Baba...
I have a very busy husband!

- Oh! - He has sent someone
to escort us and escaped!

- Please let me know if you need anything.
- Sure!

- Enjoy yourself!
- Excuse me...where is the toilet?

- It's over there, ma'am...corridor-end...
left side. - Ok

- Namaste, ma'am! - Ok!
- Please take him.

(Guide continues description)
- It's there...on the left side.

Why? Why can't you take him?

You go with him.

Control Tiger! B12 SI- please come on
the set.

- B12 SI answering, Sir. - The Odisha
Chief Justice is arriving at 5 pm.

- You will be his escort. - The driver is
on leave in the afternoon, Sir.

Why? Can't you drive?

If there is no driver, you drive yourself.
That's the rule. Didn't you know?

Or do you want to me give you
a written order to that effect?

Pick him up at the airport...
take him wherever he has meetings...

...and be with him right till he gets to
his accommodation after dinner.

However late that might be.

Ashamed to drive, are you? Fool!

Your job is to obey! Get it?

Answer me!

B12 - can you hear me?

B12 - answer me!

Before the Chief of Police of the
state of Kerala...

...the Sub-Inspector of Maranelloor
Police Station...

...I, Aravind Karunakaran, as per due
process, do submit this application.

Sir...for personal and family reasons...

...and to carry out some unavoidable
responsibilities...from 4.10.2017...

...for a period of 5 years, I wish to avail
leave without pay...

...and request you to do the needful.

- Hey, Ashish! - Over there!
- Ok!


What's this, man! I've been looking
everywhere for you!

- I told you it's the last day of sale.
- Coming!

And listen, there's also this
lovely sofa set on sale.

Should we check it out?

No way! All I have is 6000 in my account.

- That's it!
- Hmm...let me see.

Ok...I'll use my credit card...
but it's on both of us, ok?


It's Malu, isn't it?

A little left...

- ...little more...
- Ya!


- That'll give us more space.
- Ok.

Thank you.

So...what do you think?

Great! Didn't I tell you we needed
a sofa set?'re right!
I would never have thought of that!


- Coffee?
- Of course!

By the way, Sitaram Sir said
the moot court is next month.

It'll be Firoze and me most probably.

Right...he's always partial towards you!

And it has nothing to do
with merit, right?

Come on, Aravind!

I am not ready, Dia.

Ok...I can understand that
about others...but...

...why include Malu in that?

She is also a reminder of that past.

I don't want to go there.

I am somehow trying to move on.

Two years, Aravind!

For now, I just want to complete
the course.

Everything else can wait.

Do you have a problem?

I do have a problem.

Go on!

- Please don't cut the call, Uncle.

- I am getting married, Uncle!
- What?

- Married? You?
- The way you react... would think I was saying
that I eloped! - Who is...

-...the unfortunate?
- I'll tell you...but in person.

October 2nd is the engagement...
and November 4th the wedding.

You'll come, won't you, Uncle?

Let's see. It's three months away!

Dad wants to talk to you.

- Here.
- Ok.

It's me.

There's a lot to be done.

Be here at least two weeks in advance.

I can't do everything myself.


...will come, won't you?

Cheta...when I come,
there'll be someone with me.

When you say partner...

...are you running a business there
along with your studies?

Listen kids...all of you can go inside.

It's 10.30...time for bed!

- Bye! - Bye!

- I meant you too!
- But I...

Live-in relationship...ever heard of it?

- Great selection!
- Thanks!

I guess we should also go to bed...
he must be tired after the long drive.

- Sister-in-law...ask...ask!
- Hold on...I will!

After you left, Nandu dumped his cycle
and cricket set in that room.

- Shall I make a bed for you there? - It's
ok, Chechi...we'll just use this room.

- I'll get it, Cheta.
- Ok.

Good night! Come!

Delta 1.
Delta 1 reporting and over. per instructions...the suspect
has been traced, Sir

I want the file on that cheating case
in my office tomorrow.

Message received. It's clear, Sir.

What I missed the most were these sounds.

- She's with the Times, isn't she?
- Yes, in HR.

- Sit.
- We are together in the evening class.

That's how we met.

It's because she has a job
that I can manage.

Hmm...and her parents?

They're in Pune. Her father is a Flight Lt.
in the Air Force.

- I've met him. - Let me know
when I should officially meet him.

Delta 1...Delta 1, B1 answering, Sir...
seven cases...

-...have been executed.
- You have too many pending cases.

- Pay attention to process. - Cheta...
may I? - Clear, Sir. Over.

Ok. And also...

...the exact reasons for your taking
leave and staying away...

...are not known to anyone here.
Not even Radhika.

You took a break when the pressures
of the job got too much for you.

That's what I've told them.


Here...let me see that...what do you think?

I think a jasmine bud design
will look better on her.

- Can you show me one of those?
- Yes, Madam.

How about we get a ''thali*" made?
(*wedding pendant)

- What?
- You know..."thali"?

- What you call "mangalsutra".
- For whom?

I mean...we should have a small ceremony... make it official.

Now it's like...
you aren't really married...

...but in a are!

What do we tell Malu's groom's family?

How do we explain who you are?

- Sir, tea. - No, thank you, son! You gave
me one yourself an hour ago.

Aren't you...Murali's...?

Sir, I beg of you...please don't tell
anyone here who I am.

If they come to know I am Murali's
sister, I'll be fired from this job too!

I don't suppose you heard.

The verdict on the appeal came the day brother's life sentence...

...was confirmed by the High Court.

Are you satisfied now?

I have no home now...we sold it
for the sake of the case.

But our little house was not enough... defeat big guys like you!

I am too scared to I have to live.

Please don't harm me anymore!

- Liked it? - Yes.
- Can you show me that one?

- Here you go, Madam.
- Oh...

Whether you did it for a medal
or a promotion...

...or even just for survival...
whatever your reason was... cannot take the place
of the skies I should've seen...

...and the winds I should've been
able to feel!

It cannot be greater
than my sister's future!

Or the family I could've had.

Please go, Sir...go and live a happy life.

When I met Joseph Sir
he was talking about you.

The promotion list will be out soon.
It's between you and Vineeth Jacob.

But he doesn't have as many years
in the service as you.

Please put in a good word for me.
I have connections on the Government side.

If I could get Trivandrum,
I'd be more happy.

- Sir!
- Why're you late?

I came to see your mimicry act.

I was in a mimicry act of sorts!
I was presenting a report...

...before the Subramaniam Commission.

- Sir! - Sir!
- Yes?

What are you City guys doing
here in Rural limits?

Excuse me, Sir?

- Sir, may I?
- Ok....carry on.

- What is it?
- Sir...Alex just met...

-...the Poojapura jailer Sebastian
in Court. - And?

He said your brother visited Murali
in jail today.

Around...45 minutes ago.

But he is at the jeweller's with my family.
They are buying gold for tomorrow.

No, Sir.

They met. And talked for around 20 minutes.

As he was leaving, Aravind was trying
to get an appointment...

...with Sessions Judge Balakrishnan.

Sebastian heard him speaking on the phone.


He seemed suspicious...
about why someone on the team...

...would visit the convict in jail.

I had to make up a story to escape him.

He suddenly said he needed to go
somewhere and left with the car.

We took an Uber to get here.

Didn't he know you had all that gold
with you?

- Idiot! And he didn't say
where he was going? - No.

- What really is the matter?
- What about the girl?

- She's here.
- Let me talk to her.

- This is nice. - Sure?
- I like it! - Dia?

- Let me see that one.
- Got this in another colour?

- What is it?
- It's Ajith.


- Hello? - Do you know where Aravind went?
- No.

He didn't tell me.

We spoke at a threatening level
at that time.

That's why he remained silent.
It may not be the same this time.

His meeting Murali in jail
two days after the verdict...

...and getting an appointment
with the Judge...

...means is something fishy going on, Sir.

But it's not like Aravind has any evidence
to support Murali.

There is a man named Chandran Pillai...
somewhere out there.

- Sir!
- Sir!


The whereabouts of this man...
where he goes...

...who he meets...who he calls...

...I want every detail as it happens.

- With immediate effect.
- Sir!

Need I stress
that this is highly confidential?

- Need I?
- Sir!

Till ten minutes ago, he was under
the Pangode tower.

Now he has reached the Peyad tower.

Moving towards Malayinkeezhu junction.

The location now is the traffic signal
at Malayinkeezhu junction.

Sir...I am deviating now.

Towards Maranelloor.

- Mahesh is currently the Maranelloor SI,
isn't he? - Yes, Sir. - Call him.

Sir, he was CPO when this case happened.

He was on the team then.
But he didn't know the details.

If we suddenly say something
related to this, he might....

...get suspicious. And he can't be trusted
to side with us on this.

That's true. He could start wondering...

...why we are getting disturbed if we
have done nothing wrong.

- ASI Sajan is posted there, isn't he?
- Yes, Sir.

How did that get there? Hey!
Didn't you check that shelf before?

I did...but I didn't see....

Guess I accidentally...

September 2017...rash and negligent
driving...Chandran Pillai.

That is also right here.
If it isn't in TR5... must be 'accidentally' lying at the
bottom of a shelf somewhere here.

- I need to get it.
- Yes, Sir!

Sir, his appointment
with the Sessions Judge is at 4 pm.

- At his residence. - He should not
leave the premises till after 4.

- Do whatever is necessary.
- Yes, Sir!

- And the address?
- They are looking.

I need the pages and address details
in this file...

...when I meet the judge.

I have nothing else to produce before him.

Without that adress, this case is dead.

If you had told me then,
what you told me today... wouldn't have been alone in this.

I would have stood by you.

What you are as you say this today, is
what SI Aravind Karunakaran was then.

Doing is not as easy as saying it,
when you are a policeman.

Chandran Pillai...son of Soman Pillai...

...Karthika...House no. 24/3....

Crime No. 252/17.

- The file is there, isn't it?
- Yes, Sir.

Bring that file to my office.

- Immediately!
- Sir!

- Is Sajan around?
- He is, Sir.

Get him on the line.

- Sajan!
- Sir!


- Sir? - You should come along.
And the file...

-...should be with you the whole time.
- Yes, Sir!

I was told to keep this with me.

Sir! That's my car!

- Could you tell them, please?
- Can you see what's written there?

Sir...this wasn't here before.

It is now. Pay the fine at the traffic
station and you can get your car back.

- Sir, please! I have an emergency!
- So do we.

No, Sir. He is right here.

I wil see that he doesn't leave.

Sir...hope you don't mind my asking...

...but is there some major issue going on?

Sir! Sorry, Sir!

No, Sir...Sir...sorry, Sir!

I will hold him till 4, Sir.


- What's this, man?
- The key was on it.

Since he is Mahesh Sir's friend,
I thought...

I am on the way, Sir.
I'll be there in ten minutes.

- The SI will get there too.
- This is a theft from station premises.

- 379.
- Sir... we have a complaint from Mahesh?
It's his bike after all.

Just get him into custody for now. We'll
get Mahesh to write the complaint later.

Alright, Sir.

It's non-bailable.

So where is the evidence
for what you are saying?

Some of it was framed, Sir...some...

...I have personally planted.

When the chargesheet was filed and
when the Sessions Court gave its verdict...

...and later when the appeal came before
the High Court, where were you?

I tried, Sir. I had even reported
the matter to higher officials.

I just didn't have the courage then...
to come this far.

Ajith Karunakaran is your elder brother,
isn't he?

- Yes, Sir.
- You are the youngest? - Yes.

Is your family partition done?

I mean properties and assets.

I need to ask. When someone remains
silent for a long time...

...and then comes forward with a claim
after the matter is closed...

...I will need to ask
what your hidden interest is.

Is it money? Cheap publicity?

Or revenge against someone
who was on the team?

I will need to ask. I will need to suspect.

The Court is not a playground you can
walk on and off any time you please.

Do you have any evidence at all?
And I don't mean mere statements.

Solid, tangible...

- There is, Sir!

As I said...Chandran Pillai...whose
offence of rash driving was compounded.

Then bring him. Or else...

...his vehicle number...address...

The day you do that,
I will reopen this case.

Sir...the Vanchiyoor CI... outside saying he needs to see you
on an urgent basis.

- Ok.
- Sir.

- Sir...
- What's the emergency, Joshy?

Sir, I just got a message
from Maranelloor station.

There is a complaint against this man...
for stealing...

...the SI's bike from the station premises.

We got information
that the suspect was in here.

The bike is outside.

Hand over the key!

- Check the papers and bring it over.
- Sir.



The vehicle registration is in his name.

- Hand over the key!
- Trying to act smart?

Leave it, Joshy!
If I hadn't gone on leave...

...I would've been in your post now.
So I know.

- So pretty!
- Nice, isn't it?

Your brother dearest said
red is your favourite colour.

He selected this himself for you!

- Careful! - Look...all I have on hand
are a few shorteats.

That will do! Ashwin said
they can stay only for a few minuetes.

Here he is!

- Brother-in-law! - Hi!
- Where were you? - Cheta!

- Why weren't you answering the phone?
- I had to meet a friend.

- When he called, I just...
- In that case... could've at least told Dia. can give it to him yourself.

Look! They are here!

- Oh! - Keep this over there!

(Casual conversations)

- Meet my favourite Uncle, Aravind
Karunakaran. - Hello! - Hi!

- God! I hope Uncle Ani didn't hear me!
- She talks about you all the time.

- Please believe only the good bits!
- Of course! - Let's click a selfie!

- Phone..? - Wait...Dad!

- We were just talking about this property.
- Dad? Phone!

- This was built by my Dad.
In those days... - Come on!

(Conversation continues in background)

- Hold it higher.
- Ok.


Oh gosh! This is Dia Didi...Uncle's...

I got that.

- Hi! - Hi!
- Uncle? - Yes? - Just us please...

And I have to click it? me frame it?

- Ok?
- Let me see.

- Is that ok?
- Yes!

- I will send it to you, ok?
- Ok.

You will return
right after the ring exchange?

- Ya! - You're going shopping tomorrow?
- Where's my phone?

Ya..we have plans...but nothing's decided.

- Make sure you get everything!
- Yes.

- Ok?
- After us, it will be their turn!

- We'll see you next time. - By the way,
you look completely at home in Trivandrum.

- Ok. - Let's go.
- I am really flattered, ok?

- Come...let's go.
- Ok.

Chandran Pillai?

- Oh! Chandran Pillai!
- Yes.

He used to rent this house before.

I own the house.
I live here with my family now.

And you are Chandran Pillai Sir's...?

I know him...from a while back.

We've not been in touch for a long time.

When I enquired about him,
I got this address.

Do you have any details?

Oh no! I was going to ask you that!

We've been looking everywhere for him!

Come in...please!

- Meenu!
- Yes?

I called on his old number...
but it was of no use.

He's a friend of Chandra Pillai Sir's.

- Your name?
- I...Anand.


Were you together in the Navy?

No...I knew him...outside of the Navy.

- In Trivandrum...
- I was just thinking...'s unlikely you belong
to the same batch.

Wouldn't you have the address
in the rental agreement?

Agreement? With him?

How could we make an agreement
with God's envoy?

We never took any rent from him.

She was 43 when she gave birth to our son.

And I was 46.

Chandran Pillai conducted prayers
and rituals for us in 6 different temples.

See that?
He kept it there as part of the rituals.

What the doctors couldn't do for us
in 15 years...

...he did for us with God's grace.

What is this?

- I'll bring tea.
- Ok.

However badly you want kids,
after an age... need to still feel an attraction
for each other.

This has the magical power to...
you know...

...make us feel...

How much money did he charge you?
For all of it?

Actually...I also needed his help
with something like this.

Can you measure God's blessing
in terms of money, Anand?

But...I need to know if I can afford it.

We must have spent around 4.5 lakhs...
we would've given 10 if he had asked!

None of that compares with having a son!

- How long is it since he left?
- Three years now.

We were in Nagercoil at the time
that he was living here.

By then, he had received
a Holy Awakening...

...and left the Navy.

He hails from Kollam.

We made a lot of enquiries.

It was like he appeared here for us...
blessed us...

...and then disappeared...
that's how we see it.

If I solve this case, the punishment
could be up to 5 years of jail...

...for me and my brother.

It will affect everyone in the family.

Also you...and us.

I know...but Aravind...
I have learned a lot from you.

An officer who made one mistake...and felt
he did not deserve the job anymore!

That's what made you special!

That's why I fell in love with you.

What's more important? Our happiness...

...or the freedom of an innocent man?

Why so distant? This is
how people get to know each other.

- Hey! Hey you!
- Can't you look where you are going?

- It's ok...he is with us - Aravind!
Stop! - Reshma, are you ok? - Ya I am fine!

- Don't you have eyes?
- Who do you think you are yelling at?

- it! - Let it go!
- No! Stop it!

Shut up, woman! Is this the way to talk?

- Hey you!
- Can't you see people standing here?

(Heated argument)

(Argument escalates)

Hey Renjith! Who on earth is this guy?

Don't hit! Please don't hit!

Aravind! Aravind, please!

Aravind! No!
You are not a damn police officer anymore!

- The first invitation is for you, Sir!
- Thank you!

I couldn't make it for the engagement...
your brother said it was a grand affair.


Its the first time I saw someone
walk in at 11 in the night...

...and ask to cancel his leave
to rejoin the service!

And when I asked if he wanted
the City unit...

...he specifically asked for Maranelloor!

The SI there, Mahesh, was open to a
mutual transfer to City... it was easy!

- Oh...
- On his way to join this morning...

...he dropped in again to see me.


Someone said you rejoined the service.

It's a good thing! Kasargode*...
(*northern-most district of Kerala)

You are to join there tomorrow morning. The
SI has to be relieved on your arrival.

You will have to start right away.
It's quite far.

As far from here as possible.

We have people to take care of things here.

And better send that girl home or wherever.

The Department has some rules and ethics.

One more thing.

I won't be expecting you
for Malu's wedding.

Whoever might call you in that regard.

I've been transferred. To Kasargode.

How come so soon, Sir?

There are 5 of these.
Put one up in your shop.

And the rest in the main areas around
without anyone seeing you do it.

"Childless? Do not worry!
Call...Chandran Pillai"

Someone asked
if he could put this up in the shop.

About the rest, you know nothing,
you've seen nothing.

Whoever asks, that's what you say.
Even the police.


- Hello?
- Hello.

I am calling from Maranelloor.

-Are you Chandran Pilllai Sir?
- Yes.

I've been married for 8 years.

We approached a lot of experts.

Is there some treatment?

- What's your name?
- Biju K George.

I was in Maranelloor...
around two years ago.

Oh...I didn't know, Sir!

I knew Martin Sir... the one who got
killed...really well.

Sir...what kind of treatment do you do?
Ayurveda or Homeo or something?

No. I have some special rituals and prayers
for childless couples.

I will see you and assess what you need.

Alright, Sir.

- What? - Nothing.
- How many kids do you have?

- Three. - Isn't that enough?
- Yes.

- Then you can carry on.
- Ok.

It's put up in two or three locations.

One is in Thampi's son's hotel.

Our lads made enquiries...

...and he said someone stuck it there.

We don't really have a reason... ask in more detail.

The phone number is in Aravind's name.

Mahesh was also seen around the junction.

Sir...maybe we could talk to Aravind again.

What about? We are done with talking.

It's just...he doesn't seem
to have let go of this.

He will have to step out of Kasargode
before he can investigate anything.

I have told his superiors...

...that he is in need of disciplining.

They'll take care of him.

I can't help thinking...if this gets out... remember what happened
to Padmanabhan Sir...

A case of mistaken identity...
in a trivial incident of lock-up assault...

...and he was tortured so badly!

The entire family committed suicide.

And it's not just him...
whoever got caught in cases like this...

...have seen their lives land in tragedy.

Exactly! If the media gets wind of this...

...things will get completely out of hand!

I am somehow getting by on my pension, Sir.

After my by-pass surgery and treatment,
I have nothing left.

I have another daughter to be married off.

And my son is still a student.

I am unable to stand this anxiety!

Everytime the doorbell or phone rings...

-...I feel a shiver within me!
- Hey!

Stop worrying, Marar!

I am here...aren't I?

Sitaram Sir was asking about you.

Whether you are discontinuing the course.

I didn't say anything.

How are things there....the climate?

For us, it's the same climate everywhere.

Mostly hot...
with the occasional bit of rain.

Getting used to it.

Tell Sitaram Sir...

Take your time...I think you need it.


Sir...I loved him...I really did.

- Sir! - I... - This is the SI...
you can talk to him. - Ok.

Sir...I was just telling them...

...that I was in love with someone.
I really loved him!

- Please take a look at this...the messages
he sent me. - Ok, Ok.

There are 1120 messages here!

And look at this..."I will...

...come till the end of the world...
with you"

- That means he would...
- Alright!

- What's your name again?
- Jancy!

- Are you married?
- Yes...

My husband left me...
and this man is a widower.

He works in the KSEB in Thrissur...
Deepak Menon.

He said he is building a new house there
and asked for Rs. 50,000.

And I sent it to him...he returned
the money to my account in a week.

See? This is a photo of the house...
work is progressing on it...

He said we could have the wedding
and the house warming on the same day.

- Take this. - Sir! - Ten days ago,
he asked for 1 lakh rupees.

And ever since I sent him that money,
there's been no call or message!

- And you've never met him?
- No, Sir.

We met through 25th... my birthday and he said he would
come in person to meet me that day.

- Chandran Pillai? - Yes?
(Jancy continues talking)

Know me? I am Mujeeb.

- I don't really...
- You f**ing b*****!

- If you resurface after 2 years,
you thought I wouldn't find out?

- You destroyed my life!
Wherever you are, I will hunt you down!

Where are you calling from?

Sir! I don't even have money
to pay the interest!

Even if I don't get him,
I just want my money back, Sir!

- Sir!
- Shut your mouth, woman!

You send 1 lakh rupees and photos
to a man you have never met...

...and now you are whining?



He said he had a golden yam
with divine powers.

He said if I kept it at home for 6 months,
my daughters...

...would get good alliances
and I fell for it!

He took 2.5 lakh rupees from me...

...and said he would return
with the golden yam.

- I took that money on loan at cut-throat
interest! - And you paid in cash?

Yes...he seemed absolutely
trustworthy, Sir.

His behaviour was impeccable! He even
stayed in our room upstairs for a while.

- Got an address or something from him?
- I only know that he hailed from Kollam.

He showed me an identity card too...

At that time I did not have
the foresight... look at it closely or keep a copy.

He had rented a house in Vithura.

- But when I went in search of him,
he had already left the place. - Ok.

Isn't that Martin's house?
The one who got murdered?

- Yes.
- Being so close by...

...he might also have known this man?
This Chandran Pillai?

He did, Sir. I introduced them!

They did not have children.
And this guy claimed...

...he knew some prayers or rituals
to solve that. So I told Martin Sir.

And he even performed some prayers
and rituals in their house.

I am sure he duped them out of a lot
of money too!

But before they knew they had been duped,
Murali killed them!

He was even around during their funeral.

- Hello?
- Crime Records Bureau, Kollam District.

I am the SI of Badiyadukka in Kasargode.
Aravind Karunakaran.

Hello, Sir.
I am Civil Police Officer Anwar.

I need details about someone...
it's just a crime background checking.

- Chandran Pillai.
- Sir...full name?

- Unknown.
- Address?

Not available.

Anwar...I know nothing more about the man.

Chandran Pillai.
That's the only information.

Escaped your grasp or on the run?

Someone who keeps slipping away!

- Even this is just a hunch.
- Ok.

There are 5 persons by that name.
One has been in jail for the past 3 years.

Is there anything else you could specify?

Age! He must be between 35 and 40.

- That's three of them.
- What were the charges?

One of them is the guy in jail
I mentioned earlier.

That was a case of simple hurt.
Another has a charge of cheating.

- In several places.
- Cheating?

That's the one!

You may note the address, Sir.

- Go on.
- House number 370/2...

Kandachiramukku, Kottiyam, Kollam.

Anything else? About this person?

No...Sir...could you hold on for a minute?


Ok. Thank you. Sir?

- Yes, Anwar?
- I just checked with the Special Branch.

There are no cases currently against him.
But his passport verification...

...happened two weeks ago.
He is leaving for the UAE the day after.

He has got a job there apparently.
If you have any evidence to detain him...

I don't. I have no evidence.

If this is an attempt to abscond...
you may not be able to get him hereafter.

If you could get here
before he leaves, maybe...

Anyway...thank you, Anwar!

- Thank you so much!
- Ok, Sir!

I have a personal emergency in Kollam, Sir.

It's urgent. I need two days leave.

I'll start right now and be back
by noon day after.

Aren't you ashamed?

You were on leave
for two and a half years...

...and it's barely two weeks
since you rejoined.

For the next one year...
whatever may be your reason...

...don't even mention the word leave to me!

I heard about you
all the way from Trivandrum...

- Now get back to your duty!
- Sir!

Oh...I actually was going to call you.

There's a complaint against you
before the Women's Commission.

About your behaviour with a complainant.

Did you have some difficulty
in taking up her case?

No, Sir...we are tracing a phone number.

- As soon as we get it...
- Ok...ok...

There's a sitting of the Commission
at the Town Hall today.

Go there and give your explanation. Ok?


- Alright.
- Come.

- Did you say 'shut your mouth, woman'
to this lady? - I did.

Then please apologise to her.

Madam...from the date of the complaint...

...we have been making enquiries
based on the details she provided.

There is no Deepak Menon
working in the KSEB in Thrissur District.

The number she gave us belongs to
a man named Ronnie who lives in Kollam.

We just got his whereabouts. A message will
be sent to the Kollam Crime Squad today.

But given the seriousness of the case, my
subordinates and I are leaving for Kollam.

- Right now.
- That is the official side.

And we really appreciate it.
But that is not the matter before us.




Ok. And the information is correct?

Ok. I will call you if we need something
when we get there.


- Sir? - Hmm?
- He is in the Varkala area right now.

- He works at the beach there. I enquired
locally. - Anyone for Kottiyam stop?

I have something to do here.
Call me when you locate the guy.

- I'll get there.
- Ok, Sir.

- I want to get to this address.
- Ok, Sir.

Chandran Pillai?


The name is mine. The address is mine.

And the cases registered in the police
station were in my name.

But the person who committed those acts...

...and the person you are looking for
is not me!

Someone used my identity...and my name.

He used me! I retired from the Navy
and was working at a reputed company... supervisor.
Do you know the charges against me?

Attempt to laundering...
visa fraud... magic...

For the past year and a half,
I've not had a life!

I was walking in and out
of police stations and Courts.

I was remanded...lost my job...

But I pursued the case...and proved myself.

But even after the Court was convinced...

...those around us weren't!

Those who were cheated by him...
came looking for Chandran Pillai... all hours of the day and night.

Some were convinced after they saw me
in person...some not even then!

Our neighbours still won't talk to us...

...neither me nor my family.

This is my final hope of escape.

It's a security guard's job...
I need to pay the kids' fees...

We still need to eat!
Do you want to destroy this as well?

Go ahead!
Do you want to put more cases on me?

Go right ahead!

- Got it, Sir.
- Ask Mujeeb if this is Chandran Pillai.

- Right now, if possible.
- I am at a funeral.

Marar Chetan died...last night.

He had a heart attack.

He escaped...

...didn't he?


All the best!

The people who came in search
of Chandran Pillai...was he among them?

Isn't this the man who was murdered
by an auto driver?

He has been here!

He came in saying he was looking
for an address nearby.

He said he wanted some water.
And asked me a lot about myself.

And then he left...after about 5 days...

...I read about his murder in the papers.

That's why I remember.

Sir...over there.

So you call up women and dupe them
out of their money, do you?

- Sir, these calls are not from my phone.
- Then how come the SIM is in your name?

This number was taken for Reji Zachariah
who works in the secretariat.

He said he could get me a job as a
deep sea diver and for that...

...he had to make some international calls.
So I got him this number.

You can find him easily - Reji Zachariah.

He works in the tourism department
in the Secretariat (at Thiruvananthapuram)

He was personally conducting
the recruitment here.

I have no means of moving forward.

- Dead end.
- Huh.

The wedding is at 10.45.

Malu personally invited me...that's why...

It's good that you came.

- Please give this to her without
Chetan or Chechi knowing. - Ok.

Whatever happens to this case,
I wil return to Kasargode this evening...

...and everything will be back to routine.

To hell with Murali!

To hell with him forever!

We checked the register. Reji Zachariah
is here...just as he said... the tourism department.

- Where can I find Reji Zachariah?
- 4th table over there. - Ok.

Reji Zachariah?

You're from the police station, right? The
SI said you were coming in the afternoon.

Please sit.

I have already said all this
in my statement at the hospital.

I am not sure this is how to write it.
I'll read it to you.

Please check.

My name is Reji Zachariah.

I work as an Upper Division Clerk
in the Secretariat.

It was brought to my notice that for a few
weeks now, someone whom I don't know...

...has been using my name
and identity to carry out job fraud.

Two people who lost money in this manner...

...came to the Secretariat looking for me
and that is how I came to know about this.

I got the phone number from one
of those people...

...and called up the fraudster saying I
needed a job. He told me... come to Pamban island
and bring Rs. 25000. He also said... keep it confidential
as it was a back-door appointment.

Thus I made my way to the island.

Sir...look at that house...

- That new one...
- The one with the lights? - Yes.

Look at this, Sir.

The photo he sent to Jancy.

That means he is somewhere close.

I didn't tell anyone...
I came alone in a small boat.

I was also carrying a small knife...
just in case.

I wanted to know who he was
and why he was using my name.

I waited here for about half an hour.

And then he came.

He wasn't just arriving...he came
out of wherever he was already hiding here.

All that while he was watching me.

He understood who I was
and why I had come.

As soon as I asked who are you,
he sprayed pepper spray on my face.

I was rolling on the ground,
unable to open my eyes.

He hit me on the head
with something like an iron rod.

He hit me a couple of times
and I lost consciousness.

See? You can still see the traces
of blood here.

When I opened my eyes,
I was under the mud here...

He thought I was dead
and pushed me into the mud.

Some women who were picking
clams saw me and brought help.

That's why I survived.

He is smart, Sir.
Don't you feel a stench here?

Come with me.

He killed a dog and put the body here...
anyone passing by would think...

...the stench is from this
and a dead body would go unnoticed.

What does he look like?

Very fair...tall...

...and well-built.

There was a long scar on his hand
like a knife wound.

He must be above 6 feet tall.

Very fair....very strong build...

...and thick eyebrows...

And then there was this...

...scar on his left arm... he got stitches or something.

He said he got that from an accident.

They had a housewarming ceremony ten days belongs to a guy called Srinath.

He has gone for a trip with his family.

Show me the pic.


This pic wasn't clicked from here.


- Check in the crime drive...quick!
- Ok. crime drive, this number is not
registered for a bike.

It belongs to an i10 model car.

Who are you?


- Who are you?
- I live in the house behind...

- I am the caretaker for this house.
- Who lives here?

Excise Officer Vinaymohan.

He has rented the place.

- And where is he?
- He is visiting back home.

Somewhere up north.

- When did he say he'd be back?
- Either Sunday or Wednesday.

He did not return on Sunday
so he will definitely get here tomorrow.

- And he usually returns when he says
he will? - Yes...usually before noon.

- Who does this house belong to?
- They live abroad.

When the owner died,
his children asked me... find a tenant.
- Get the rental agreement.

- There is no agreement.
- What about identity proof?

- I don't have it. - If you are lying,
I will break your bloody neck!

He pays in cash.

The owner's kids said
I could keep the rent... payment for looking after the place.
So I did not... - Sir!

Which of these is him?

None of these, Sir.


-...with a scar on his left arm?
- Yes...that's him!

That is Vinaymohan Sir!

Martin and Sheeba wanted a child.

Mujeeb was looking for a way
out of his problems.

Jancy wanted a companion and
Ronnie wanted a job.

All the victims had a common factor...


That's what he targeted.

Just so he could live and die
in this manner.

Like any other fraudster.

But you said...

- ...Martin went
in search of Chandran Pillai. - Yes.

So did Reji Zachariah.

To Pamban island.

- Hmm
- They both found out his identity.

And he knew what to do
with people who did that.

Same plan...same modus operandi.

And we are some Murali somewhere.

- What now?
- I need your bike.

According to the old man,
he'll get here in the morning.

He's dangerous.

I will meet the local SI early in the
morning and ask for backup support.

When they transferred me 600 kms away...

...neither they, nor I knew...

...that the distance would bring me
right back where I started.

To tie all the evidence together,
we now need...

...his statement...

...his name...

...his face.

- One of you of you here.
And don't let the old man go. - Sir!

The SI isn't here. He's at
the crematorium regarding a case.

- If you can wait...
- Where is the crematorium?

Turn left and go straight...
it's just half a kilometre from here.

Ok. I will meet him there.

You are Ajith Sir's brother, aren't you?

- Yes.
- I know him well.

If he needs anything in these parts,
I am the one he calls.

We're done here. We'll be back soon.

- The SI?
- Over there.

- Come.
- November 2nd, 2019...

...Saturday...early in the morning...
the dead body was discovered... Kavalkkinar highway,
run over by an unidentified vehicle.

6 feet 2 inches tall...fair complexion...

...weighing 94 kgs...

...looking to be
between 35 and 40 years old...

...the body was found to have a birthmark
behind his neck...

...and a long scar on his left arm.

- He had a leather purse with some money...
- Sir...he wants to meet you. - Ok.

...and some visiting cards.

- Can I help you?
- Other details are not available.

- Who died?
- We don't know.

The body was in the mortuary
for the past 4 or 5 days.

We had given it in the papers too.

Do you have his name? Or any other detail?

His phone was damaged in the accident.

His wallet had some money
and around 10 visiting cards.

The card said Excise Officer Vinaymohan.

But we found that he is a different person.

You are...?

- I am the SI of Badiyadukka in Kasargode.
- Oh.

I was wondering if this man was
connected to a case I was after.

- Do you have a photograph or something?
- Being early in the morning...

...several vehicles ran over the body
after he was knocked down.

The body was too mangled to be identified.

- Bibin! - Sir?
- Come here.

Anything else that I can...Hello?
Hello, Sir...

Sir...yes, Sir...yes...

So you found a lot of names...

...but not the person.

As long as you don't have the person,
this means nothing.

Try harder!

I'll get to the person.

He's in Mangalore.
Near the St. Aloysius chapel... some hotel.
According to the information I have...

...he's going to be there
for the next couple of days.

I am going there tomorrow. It didn't feel
right to go without telling you.

Although I have no obligation
to do so anymore.

I'll leave in the morning...
I won't wait to say goodbye to anyone.

- Sir?
- Pramod...

...that guy you got for drunken driving...

-...can you still recognise him?
- Why do you ask, Sir?

Just tell me...if you see him,
can you recognise him?

- I can. - Get Alex and come here.

We need to go to Mangalore...right away!

To Mangalore? What's going on, Sir?

- Just come! I'll tell you!
- Ok, Sir.

What are you doing?

Pack me the essentials for two days.

- I need to go somewhere.
- Now?

Where are you going at this hour?

Ashwin and Malu are leaving tomorrow.

Just do as you are told!

- Hello?
- State Special Branch?

- Who are you? - Without knowledge or
consent of the State Police Department...

...three police officers are on the way
to Mangalore for an investigation.

Their journey is regarding a case in which
the High Court already gave its verdict.

They're carrying important documents
related to that case.

- What is your name?
- They will reach Kasargode by noon.

Honda Amaze...Silver Metallic...
KL01 CL8793

The names of the officers are:
DySP Ajith Karunakaran...

...CI Alex Koruth...SI Pramod Peter.

They've crossed, Sir.

- Ajith?
- Yes.

- Alex, Pramod?
- Yes, I am Alex.

- Pramod.
- Ok. Where are you going?

Who are you?


State Special Branch.

- What's this about?
- Are you on your way to Mangalore?

This is a personal trip... Mookambika.

- Open the boot.
- Hey! No!

Tell me what this is about! I am a DySP!

- I need to know! - Don't make a fuss.
We are doing our job.

- We have orders! - Please move.
- Come on!

Call your superior! I will talk to them!


Open it.

- Investigation file?
- Yes.

Why do you have this on a personal trip?

There are some facts we need to find
regarding this case.

So this is not personal...
it is official, isn't it?

This is a case that has been disposed
by the Court.

We are carrying out further investigation.

Is the court order for that in here?

Does the State Police Department
know about this?

Please come with us.

The Judge will call for you. Please wait.

You've won, haven't you?

You have the confession.
The suspect is within reach.

What more do you need?

Just say that the findings
are all your own...

...and you can be an approver.

Totally free!

Smart guy!

If anyone is turning approver,
it'll be all of us.

If we are to be punished,
that will also be all of us together.

After all we did everything together.

And in any case, we did not just do it.
We were made to do it.

The political party and our bosses!

I never wanted to win
and move up all by myself...

...not to this minute!

That file contains findings of the
investigation team led by Ajith Karunakaran

That's what my statement will be.

That's what all our statements should be.

You're my hero.

I will never let you be dragged down.

You've been asked to come in with the file.

There'll be an addition to the file.

The culprit in the Martin-Sheeba murder
case is not alive.

He's dead.

He was cremated as an unclaimed body
by the police in Mayyanad.

We don't have a name
or any other information.

That's my final finding.

OUR final finding!

This wasn't because I wanted to win.

It was so Murali wouldn't lose.

- Come.
- Yes, come on.


He died on the 2nd of November.
Last evening, Murali was released.

Did you meet him?

- No. - When will you reach?
- I drove via Kasargode.

I have vacated the quarters.
I also needed to get some of my stuff.

I've crossed the border.
I should be there by morning tomorrow.

Ok. The Dean said he'd mailed you.

I saw something. I haven't opened it.

Just take a look
and reply before you reach.

It was regarding course requirements
and some deadlines.

Basically asking about your plans.

Plans! For now it is suspension...

...then there will be an enquiry...

...and then the sentence.

Some of the joys of life
may no longer exist.

I don't know what the future will be.

But far more than when I had
those joys and future...

...I feel free now.

After a long time...I slept well!

(reads) "I know you are right behind me..."

"...and you know I am within your reach..."

"...You may be a smart policeman..."

"...But I am an even smarter thief!..."

" if I ever stand
across the road from you..."

"...I will know who you are...but..."

" will not know who I am..."

"...and as long as you don't,
I will keep on living..."

"...yours faithfully, Chandran Pillai...
Benoy Varghese...Deepak Menon..."

"...Navas Mohammad...Radhakrishnan..."

"...any one among hundreds of names..."

October 30!

The letter you sent me before your death.

But when you wrote this,
you didn't realise...

...that having lived your life
using the names of others... would die nameless.

And that the only one to witness
your end...would be Aravind Karunakaran.