Saltwater (2000) - full transcript

An Irish-Italian café owner in a seaside town faces a life crisis, as his wife recently died and he's severely in debt. His oldest son tries to help, but has serious problems of his own, while his younger son and daughter are having troubles in school. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Show me some
favouritism, there, Ray.

Nice ones, now, Ray.

Something a little
special there, Ray.

Who's shy? Who's shy?

- It's me, it's me, sorry.
- Every time.

Who's next?


Okay, let's look at this.

Oh, Ray, you're off to
to give me
a hand of feet here.

I hope no one can open.

These fuckin' cards
are ridiculous.

Ah, sure, let's open.

Can opener.

Can I get a beer, Frank?

In the fridge there, will you?

I'll deal for you
when you're gone there, eh?

Yeah, give me three.

- Surprise.
- Okay.

Don't forget me!

I wish I could. I'm trying.

Right. Well,
what does he have?

-Come on, this is mean.
-Three jacks or something,

And give me three queens.

I have a jack.

Three jacks for Raymondo.

One, two, three queens
for you.

Now, right.

We waited.

- Right, let's.
- Ray, love,
would you flush the jacks?

-Where'd you get her?
-We don't know,

but we're trying
to give her to you.

-Now, are we all right?



I was going for something,
doesn't matter what it was,

that's irrelevant.

And I brought in
three little jackeroonies.

My God, you won a hand.

Looks like
your luck is changing.


For the worse.


Oh, for fuck's sake!

Papla win, Papla win.

Not so fast,
my feathered friend.


Three wise men
The gold,


-No way!

This is the best hand
I had all night.

Do you know what you are?

My little bollocks.

If you can't play
without cheating,

-you just shouldn't play.
-Hold on, hold on.
Who's cheating?

I learnt everything I know

- from the maestro.
- I mean, what's
the point of playing cards

if you're gonna cheat?

It's just stupid.

We're Italian, Ray.

Okay, my deal.

And, Joe, it's my...



-Come on.

Quarter past seven.
Let's go.

I love this.


I love being in here
before youse are open.


I don't know.

No one else can come in.
It's like...

It's like a little
fuckin' privilege, you know?

I like sneaky things.

-I love anything sneaky.
-Who's that?


one of the world's most
eminent philosophers,

visiting our college,

where I'm gonna
take him down a peg.

Or two.

How are you gonna do that?

-With that.
-See you later, Ray.

See you, Joe.

Do you know what?

Your brother
does my fuckin' head in!

What? What?

Quarter after nine.

Oh, thanks. Great.

You want a lift?

Is that your best offer?

Well, I've got to give
a lecture.

-Lecture me.
-I'll tell you what.

You get your coat,
and I'll give you a tutorial.

-In the car.
-Have to be quick.

-Usually is.
-Just get your fuckin' coat,
would you?

I don't like messers

because I don't like messing.

And the classic... the one smart fella

that tries to drag
the other fellas that aren't
so smart down with him

because he likes a mess.

Well, I'll tell you now, boys,
I'll make it my mission

to ensure
that the monkey boys

don't encourage
the civilised fellas

up for a swing
in the branches.

Oh, dear God,
who have we here, huh?

The new boy.

The late Damien Fitzgibbon.
Oh, oh, oh.

Stay where you are,
stay there.

I see they kept you
the best seat in the house,

right up the front
next to me, huh?

Stay where you are.
Stay where you are.

Are you a messer, boy?

In my classroom,
you're innocent
until proven guilty,

and you will be proven guilty.

Sit down.

I tell you, boys,

when I get home,
I scrub myself
from top to bottom

to kill the monkey germs.

How are you, Mick?
Hard old life, ain't it?

Smoked and a large,
please, Frank.


-Frank Sinatra!
-Smoked and a large?

I think you're thinking
about the sexy ladies,
are ya?

-Yeah, I must be.
-Yeah, you must be.

Ah, the Frank man, huh?

I think you'd be
avoiding me, do ya?


Look at the face!
Sure, I'm only messing
with ya.

You know Charlie,
the nephew?


-Charlie's doing a bit of work
for me, aren't ya?

How are you finding it?
Not the worst job
in the world, huh?

Yeah, it's great.

Listen, when are you
coming down to see me, huh?

Give you a man's job, huh?
Proper wages.

-Yeah, you know,
Mr McCurdie...
-Sit down, sit down, sit down.


How are you?

I'm good, yeah.



I like having
a few lads around, you know?

Keeps the shit away
from the bookies.

Get the old van out,

deliver a few briquettes,
you know?

Yeah. Mr McCurdie,
it's my da, you know.

-I mean, he needs me here,
you know?
-I know how you feel.

I'm terribly fond of your dad,
you know?

But I just kept thinking
about you last night.

There's nothing
for a fella like you
staying in a town like this,

you know, there really isn't.

Why don't you do
a bit of graft for me,

I can put you into the
cyber cafe in the city Centre,
you know?

-You should think about it.

No, really though.
I mean, really think about it.

I will, yeah.

Good man, good man.


-...go get a drink
for yourself.

-Go on, go on.
-No. No, it's fine.

Okay, okay, okay.
I respect that.

Right. I'll let you get off.

Tell your dad we're away,
will you?

-Okay. Okay.
-Good man.

- Finish that up there,
will you?
- Da!

-Have to earn a few bob.

- Are youse away?
- We're away, George.

Quite a lovely young man.

Sure, I'd be lost without him.

I know you would.

A fella like that's
hard to find.

I'm jealous of ya.

All right, so, when are you
coming down to me?

I'm sorry,
I didn't get down earlier.

I'm waiting on a fella
for the car.

Oh, yeah, no problem,
no problem, but just get down,
you know?

Keep it steady,
regular payments, that's that.

-Nice to see you. Yeah.
-Right, right.

Bye, bye, Charlie,
bye, Charlie. Bye.


Don't be wiping your hands
for that pig!


I'm sorry that I'm late.

Petrol, out of it.

And right,
straight to business.

And, now, the...

-That's good.
-I told you.

This meeting is

to finalise the details

of Konigsburg's visit.

Eh, we are, of course,
all very, very pleased

to have managed to get him.

It is an honour,
so the first thing
that we need

is a nice delegation

to come with me
to the airport to meet him.

So, er, volunteers?

Oh, good. Six.

Right, okay.

Er, now, er...

There's no-go, Ray,
on the questions, I'm afraid.

-He's not taking
any questions.

He can't...
He's not taking any questions.

- That's insane.
- I don't think

he should have
to answer any questions.

He's 90 years of age, Ray.

He'll be exhausted
from his lectures.

What, you, you don't think
that would be a little bit
undemocratic, Trish?

You know, listening
to somebody banging on
for hours and hours

without being allowed
to question it?

Not to mention,
the importance of discussion

to the progress of ideas...

Well, now,
it's not our fault, Ray.

I know how much
you were looking forward
to this,

we all were. Um...

I myself would personally love
to see you grill him, but...

Well, it is his choice,
and, so,

all of this is purely,
um, academic.


Well, I just don't see
the point in continuing
the pursuit

of truth and knowledge
under these conditions.

- Ray, come on.
- How noble.

Konigsburg is going down,

and I'm the man
that's going to do it.

-Do you realise
how sad that sounds?

I don't care.

I don't care.

What is the phrase
I cannot stand?

That the assassination
was the match

which lit
a steadily increasing
pile of tinder, sir.

That's right, son.

Now, why don't
I like that phrase?


Because it's in the book, sir.

it's in the book, sir.

Now, why don't
I like the phrases
in the book?


Because every eejit
in the land will write them
in the exam, sir.

That's right, son.

And half of youse
will still go ahead
and write it,

-won't you, Logan?
-Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.
And what have we here, sir?

Filthy drawings, huh?

Dirty pictures.

Was that your best subject
at your last school?

-"No, sir," or,
"No, Mr Fanning."

No, Mr Fanny.

What did you say?

No, sir.

You being smart at me, boy?

No, sir.

Stand up!

Is this how you see women?

Because I won't have
this around me,

and I certainly won't have it
in one of my classes,

do you hear me?

Do you hear me?

-Do you hear me?

-Yes, what?
-Yes, sir.

Sit down,
don't let me catch you
with this filth again.


Can you give me
another cause for the
First World War, Rooney?

Imperialism, sir.

Can you not be
a little bit more vague,
Rooney? No?

-Two snack boxes, please.
-Two snack boxes.

Hey, Sargent, you caught any
criminals today at all?

Fairly slow today, Larry.

Yeah, but it wasn't so slow
when you were out
chasing Republicans

all over the place was it?

Huh? And only trying to set
poor old Ireland free.

You fuckin' treacherous bitch!

Larry, Larry, Larry, Larry,
out now.

Out. Come on, come on,
come on.

I told you before!
I told you before!
There's a line.

Now get out. Sleep it off.

I'm very sorry
about that, Sergeant.

Why is everyone in this town
always pissed, Frank, huh?

No direction.

You wouldn't think
of the guards, Frank, no?

I don't think I'll be
brilliant at taking orders

in all fairness,
Sergeant, you know?

Oh, we'd knock that out of ya.

That's what you do here,
all day.

-Take orders.

What, you're, you're...

You're trying to destroy
my self-esteem here now,

is that what you're doing now?

-Well, I'm just trying
to give you some.

Have you, um...

Have you been out
in that new place in Lusk?

No, I stay local.

I was thinking
about going some night.

If you fancy.

Some night.


What night, though?
Because, um,

I have to, I have to paint
the bathroom ceiling.

-What are, a week night?
-You do me a favour, Frank?

-Don't have a heart attack.


-And forget I asked.


Hey, now, line up.

Keep it down, Paddy!

What do you think
of this school?

It's full of assholes.

Why did you leave
your last school?

Being on the Mitch.

And I told a teacher
to fuck off.

She was just out
of hospital or something.

And she started crying,

like it was my fault.


Give it a whirl now,
give it a whirl now.

Jesus, Paddy. Every time.

Don't tell me.

-Okay. I'm there now.
A little low.

What are you doing?

-Do you want to see
a good aim?


Fuckin' hell!

-Split up!

Split up!

Whoa! The scholar!

-How was it?
-Bit of a doss for a change.


-You okay?
-Yeah. I'm fine.

Yeah, now, er...

This weekend,

I was thinking
that maybe we could go and
visit the grave, yeah, Dad?


We'll go up, Joe, yeah?

Yes, whatever.

Okay, er, Sunday afternoon?

Sunday afternoon.

You got any money on you, son?

Like how much?

Like say 12, 15...

What's it for?

Ah, it's for...

for Simon McCurdie, isn't it?

I'm only a bit
fuckin' short here. Come on.

You're 12 quid short there?

Ah, no.

I like to give him 50

at a time.

-How long are you gonna be
paying it off?
-Three months.

Three months'll
see me finished.

It's been fuckin' years, but.
How much is it?

-Overall. What are we
looking at? Around two grand?


two and a half...

call it three.

What's wrong with the bank?

Ah, the bank!

"Ah, the bank!"
What? "The bank!"

We want to get you
down the bank

get you a loan, clear this off
with Simple Simon.

Well, I tell you.

-You're not gonna be crippled
with this fuckin' shit.
-Stop it!

You're giving me
a fuckin' headache, all right?

You might as well
give him the keys.

He seems to own
everything else in the town,
you know?

-What are you like?
-I don't know.

Fuckin' say it to him.

We're out of season.
It's a killer.

Ask him.

Give us a break,
just till summer kicks in.

-It's fuckin' shit now.

-Will you say it to him?
-I said yeah,
I said yeah, I said yeah!

Go on out of that,
you bollocks.
I'm coming down with you.


I'm going to!

Get your coat.


-Get your coat.


I'm not going
to the pictures with you.

Is he in?
He's in the back.
Do you want to come round?

Thanks a million.
Hello, Charlie.

-Guys, what can I do for you?
-Oh. Just to...

-Oh, good man, good man.
-What's here?

Should be 50.

Oi. Well, sure, grand, sure.
I trust you.

George, at this stage.

Now, what are we today,
darling? The 4th.



Could you give us

some idea how we stand,
Simon, at the moment?

I could, of course, yeah.
I could.

Is everything all right?

Yeah, just to know
where we are.

Well, you're right.
See, I don't...

...and you're paid me
as of now,

uh, in the last two years,
let's see where are we.

Uh, Frank,
would you ever do the honours
with the tea there?

Thanks, Orla.

And then now, what did we say?

That'll be 44 payments
of £50.

No, 45 now. I just...

That's the one
you gave me now.

I'm just writing
that here now.

Yeah, yeah.
So that'll be 45, er...

Oh, Jesus! Have you no...
Is there no milk?

Right, so that'll come
to now...


uh, outstanding.

-All right?



If we could...

If we could, uh,

wait until things are back
in season, you know, I mean...

You know yourself, I'm

I'm relying on
a few of me regulars,
so, you know,

kinda ticking
over till the summer end...

You want to make a break
with the payments?


George, are you stuck?

Well, not stuck.

A little impeded.

Oh, yeah. Right.

Okay, okay.

Right. Now, tell us,
do you, do you keep any, any

any old bloody accounts
down in the chipper there?

-Well, basic, you know.
-Yeah, yeah, I know, yeah.

Well, look,
I'll tell you what,
let me have a look

and I'll see what I can do.

Maybe to speed it up,
I could go in,

float in a little bit
of money, maybe a grand, or...

Fuck it, what's outstanding
here, maybe. Hmm?

That could be my share.

You know,
we could be partners
for six months

or whatever
and I'll take what you owe

at source

as partners.


-In the chipper?
-Well, then I'll back out,

like, I'll be gone, you know?
And we're even.

What do you think of that?

If you'd just given me
that £12...

...but you couldn't do that,
could you?

You had to make a thing of it.
Now look.

I am not the clown

who borrowed the money
from him in the first place.

Before we go, please,
please, don't forget

that the world-famous
eminent philosopher

Professor Wolfgang Konigsburg

is visiting our college
for three days from Wednesday

to expound his theory
that language is dying.

Now this is a rare opportunity
for you

to see an historical figure
in philosophy
while he's still alive,

for the moment, at least.

People. Next time.

Look, er, Deborah,

I've been thinking
about this, you know, and...

I can't, you know,
I'm with someone.

Oh? All right.

And I can't hurt them.

-Maybe you should've
said something.
-Yeah, I know, I know,

but, I mean,
regardless, you know, it's a
professional fuckin' thing.

-I could lose my job over it.
-Yeah, I know,
but it's like...

I don't want this
to become a thing
where I feel like

"Oh, okay,"
and you gave me a line
and I went for it.

Well, I, I don't think I did.

Well, okay, I might have
said some stuff, you know,

but I mean, that's because
I just get too

too intense
about this fuckin' shit.

Yeah, I know, but

-now you're saying
it's nothing.
-No, Jesus, no!

I mean, what...
What I just said.

You know, I mean,
I haven't felt like this,
like, since I was a teenager.

-Well, you are a teenager.
-Ray, I'm 21.

Right, okay, right, you're 21.

-Oh, don't be so sarcastic.
-I'm not being sarcastic,
you know?

I'm not! I'm sorry.
I feel awful.

So, that's it, then?

I don't know!

Look, do you want me
to just go?


I mean,
I know, I know you should go.

Yeah, but do you want me to?

Do you fancy a pint?

I'm off the drink, you know.


Well, maybe.
Maybe just one.


She was the most
beautiful girl, you know?

Well, Jesus, yeah.

She was something
in this town,

something to behold.

It'd break your fuckin' heart!

-Youse never spoke to her?

You wouldn't.

It's not for us or you,
it's not for you.


You weren't even there!

Jesus Christ, to look
at her now, though.

Big fat lump she is.

I tell you,
you'd nearly shit yourself now

-she's that fuckin' ugly!
-It'd break your heart.

-Aye-aye, look who's escaped.
-Oh, no, Jesus.

How's it going, son?

What'll you have?

No, lads.
I'll look after meself.

-Eh, no, we'll get you...
-No, I'll look after meself.

A pint of cider, please,
Teddy... Tim.

-How are you doing?
-Doing good, yeah.

-Yeah? On the right track,
-Oh, yeah.

-Yeah, yeah. Look, don't fuck
me up here boys, okay?

-There you go, John.

Anybody, I think,
can be led astray.

That's what I said.

He was always
a good boy in here

-where it counts.

I'm gonna sort of skull this,
and then I need to fly
into the night so...

Ah, yeah.

Then, enjoy that, the pint,

your drink and the atmosphere,

and your liberty.

-And cheers.



There goes

one of the biggest
fuckin' head-bangers

this town ever produced.

Sure, all
the Traynors were mental.

Yo, John.

Oh, Frank, man, yeah.

-You all right there, eh?

Wrecked, you know.

I just got out Monday.

Just all the same...

I'm having a pint
in every pub in town.

-It's 14 pints, you know.

Yeah, that's good going, John.

Yeah, it is. It is good going.

When you stop to consider
that all the pubs

are full of smelly
old bastards.


What's up?

Watch the fuckin' bike,
will you, man?

What the fuck's it
doing here?

Yeah, yeah,
everyone's judge and jury.

Will that do you? belief in the afterlife?

No, no,
none whatsoever.

What are your views now?

Ever since
that experience,

I feel closer to spirits,
um, and to...

- To God?
- To God, yes.




All these clothes
still lying here.


Now, this is very simple.

On Monday afternoon,
Mr Fanning was hit on the head

with a stone
and Mr Gibney
was also injured.

He was lucky,
he only sprained his wrist.

But Mr Fanning was unconscious
for about 30 seconds...

Which is very serious!

Now, the way I see it is this.

Some boy here knows
who did it,
if only the boy himself.

If he does not come forward
or is brought forward,

I'm going to give
the whole school detention

every Wednesday and Thursday,
starting from today.


You see, boys...

This is not simply
a school matter...

This is a matter
for the guards.

This is Sgt Duggan
and she is very concerned to
find out who did this

so as he can be brought
to book for what we consider
a very serious incident.

What are you gonna do?

Well, I'm not gonna do
fuckin' detention!

-The whole school
is gonna be in it!
-I know.

I'm going on the Mitch
after lunch,
and you should as well.

-There's no point you being

in detention for something
I did?

I'm an expert forger.
I'll give you
a brilliant note.


-You gonna rat me?

Well, then, you're in.

Is that your boat?

Yeah. It doesn't go.

Hey, Mum?

-She's not here.
-Where's your dad?

Uh, he lives in England.

-Do you want some toast?
-Yeah, lovely.


Nobody move!



Okay, this is a robbery.

This is a robbery!
Get your hands on your head!

This is a fuckin' robbery!
Come on! Come on! Come on!

Okay, get your hands
on your head!

Get your hands
on your head! Come on.

Your face on the floor,
come on!

Hey, you! Nobody fuckin' move!
This is a fuckin' robbery!

Come on, yeah!

Fuck you,
come on!

Come on, you beat...
Come on, let's go,
let's go, down on the floor.

you all right?

Hold on! Don't come in!

- What are you doing?
- Yeah, uh...

I'm just moving the bed
around, okay.
Just moving the bed around.

Moving the bed? Why?

Yeah, just moving the bed.
Come in.

-You all right?

-You're home early, you.

-Who were you talking to?
-No, it was the radio.

What radio?

So you're having
a bit of a play, are you?
In your room?

- You know yourself...
- Right.

-See you later.

Thanks again, CARMEL.

Are you all right?


I don't treat you very well.

What are you talking about?

I know I don't...

You know, the way
that I think about you.


What way do you think
about me?

It's like...

you know, when I'm in my car,
you know, it's like,

it's like, I'm in a machine.
And it brings me

from this world
into a different world.

And when I'm in that world...

I just don't think about you.

-Are you trying
to confess something me, Ray?


I just, er...

I just gotta stop thinking.

What are you like?

I don't know.

Fuck off!

-Don't fucking stand there.
-Get back, get back.

Come up here again
and you're fuckin' dead!

Get in the queue!

Fuck you!

Show's over!
Get inside... Get in.

Get your money, bitch!

It's good once you get in.


-How much is it?
-Six quid.

-What am I after saying? Six!

-Move over there! Move.
-Put your coat in over there!

-Can I not hang on to it now?
-No! You've to put it in.
It's £1!

What's your name?

Joe. Joe Beneventi.

Someone's after taking me bag.


Someone's after taking me bag.

Did you tell the bouncer?

You have to wait till the end.

You wanna ask
at the cloakroom,
see if someone left it in.

Will you ask?

Well, are you coming?

Come on! Move it!

Don't block the door.
Come on.

Say, has someone handed
in a small black handbag?

-It's not a fuckin' handbag!

Move in or get out!
She's lost her bag.

Now, you'll get it at the end
of the night.

Look, I'm not get any more
fuckin' bags, Tony! Right?

-I'm going on me break.
-I know, will you
move in?

-She's lost her stuff, man!
-There's nothing I can do
about it. She's wrecked.

-And what have you had
to drink, love?
-Fuck off!

-Right, that's it!

Get them out.

Get your fuckin' hands off me!

Get out!

Get yous a
fuckin' act together!
Fuck off!

-Can we just get me jacket?
-Here, what's your game?

- What?
- "What?"

You starting, eh?


D'you want a go, do you?

Look, I just want to
get me jacket,
that's all!

Don't keep getting smart
at me, pal, or I'll break your


-What's your name?

Joe what? Blow joe?

- Leave him alone!
- Ooh!

You talking to me, tits?

I'll slap your fuckin' head
in as well!

Yeah, go on, then!

No fuckin' problem
with that, love!

Hold on! Hold on, now!


Huh? You want more, d'you?

You all right?


I'm really sore.

I'm really sorry.

Show me your mouth.

Are you gonna kiss it better?

Fuckin' hell! You got a fair
right couple of smacks,
have you, man!

I see you every morning.

I see you.

I want to go to sleep.

Yo, Joe, it's me!

-I have your bike.
-Jesus! I thought you
were someone else.

-Come on, we'll take you home.
-Is she all right?

I think she's a bit pissed,
more than anything.

Fuckin' typical!

Here, do you want me
to take her for a while?

-Ah, she's all right.
-Jesus man, you'll be wrecked!

Come on. Give Joe a rest.

That's it. I've got you.

-She live around here?
-Nah, just a short walk.

Listen, you go on.
I can get her back from here.

Ah, I'll hang on with you.

Here, but where are you going?

I gotta have a piss.
Mind me bike.

-Is she okay?
-She's fine.

-I'll just go in here.
-She can wait out
here with me.

She should wait
out here with me, man!

Are yous all right, yeah?

What you doing,
you fucking eejit?

What's 17 down?

-What the fuck
does that spell?

Oh, for Jesus sake,
what's the clue?

-"Musical instrument." Z...
-Zither! Zither, zither.

What the fuck is zither?

You are not fucking fit,
for Jesus' sake.

-Nobody fuckin' move!

Nobody fuckin' move!

Look, this is a fuckin'
robbery, okay?

So put your hands up
and nobody move!

The rest of youse down
as well! Come on!

Get down! Get down!
All of you get down!

Not you! Not you!

Now put your faces
on the floor!

Your hands behind your heads!

Right, man, I want every
fuckin' penny in this place!

Not an awful lot now, son.
Hardly worth your while.

Well, you better
make it worth my while.


-Bang it on the side.
-Which, which, which one?

The right.

-This one?

-This one?

Make up your bloody mind,
will you?

Leave it! Leave it!

All right.

Here's yours.
Now get out!

Now I want the safe.

-What safe?
-What safe!

Huh? All right.

Open that safe now or I'll
blow his fuckin' legs off!

- Yes!
- What?

I'm after winning!

I swear to you
I'll blow his legs off.

-Leave it open!
-All right.

Let me see,
let me see, let me see!

Just this is only books,

Do you want to do
the books as well?

Nothing in the box, all right?

Those bags.
All those bags there!

These are all
my bloody dockets!

There's some of them
not money. I'm telling you,
only dockets.

Shut up!
Just shut the fuck up! Huh?

Right. Happy now, big man?

Take your clothes off.

-Excuse me?

-Take your clothes off.

Take it easy, will you?

It is easy.

You're mad.

You should do it, then.

Fuck's sake, Orla,
give us a break, would you?

I don't have all day.


All off.

What are you,
get me kecks
and everything off?

-What's wrong with you? Mmm?
-Just do it.


No, I'm not going to do it.
Not doing it.

I am not going to do it,
you know?

I'm not going to do it.
You're wasting your time.

You might as well
fuck off out of here.

Go on. Get out.

Fuck it! Come on! Come on!
Come on! Stay down!

Go on!


Hey, you!

Put it down!

Put the fuckin' thing down!

Now turn around!

Ow! Jesus!

Oh, fuck you!

-Get out the way!

Fuckin' go!

Just go!

What are you doing?


What the fuck you are doing?

I don't
believe this, Frank.
I don't believe this!

Simon's going to want
that back.

It's a robbery,
it's a fuckin' robbery!

-Look, I mean, just...

- Frank?
- It's Joe.

-I'll let him in!
-No, don't let him in.

Jesus! Fuck!


You know who's
after knocking me off me...

Hi, Ray.


-Joe, Joe, come here.
-What are you doing?

Look at me, look at me!
Look at me! Look at me!

Frank, you're hurting me!

Stop, Joe! Joe.

-I'm after stealing
some money, okay?

I'm after stealing some money
from Simple Simon!

Frank, don't
fucking mess, man.
What is it?

I'm not fuckin' messing.

Did you know that Dad owes
money to Simple Simon?

What money?

He owes him some money,

How much? How much is it?

I don't know.
Got to be 30 grand.

-At least.

30 grand, I mean, okay?

You know,
Dad owed him three.

I'm being straight with you,
Joe, okay?

This is a joke.

This is your money,
Ray, right?

I wish it was a joke, Joe,
you know?

-I'm after doing the getaway!
-Youse both did it?

No! It was fuckin'
genius brains here!

-Jesus Christ, I am...
-I got to get out of here!

-Jesus, Frank!
-I'm sorry, Joe!

I'm afraid no one's
going anywhere
at this point of time.

All right? You are going to
be okay.

-All right?
-My fuckin' head!

What are we going to do?

You see, at last, somebody is
finally asking
a sensible question!

Now, I should know,

I have that sort
of philosophical training.

What are we going to do?

Everything all right?


Youse both look like
you've seen a ghost.

We saw a dog
being knocked down.

A dog?

You'd think it was a child
the way you're sitting there.

Yeah, he's just a bit,
you know...

What's wrong with your leg?

Oh, I was trying
to help the dog,

the fuckin' thing bit me,
you know.


-Get it seen to, boy!
-I will, I will, yeah, yeah.

I'll go down after tea.

You're an awful loolah!


-Sergeant. Snack box?
-No, no. Sit down.

I'm not hungry.

I'm just noseying around.


Do you know anything
about the robbery?

-At the bookie's?

Do I know what about it?

Just thought you might
have heard about it.

Just the same as anyone.
Some nutcase robbed the place.


You know this young buck,
don't you?

Yeah. John Traynor.

You seen him
since he left prison?

Yeah. I had a pint with him.

He's broken his parole,
did you know that?

No, I didn't know that.

Did he say anything to you
about leaving?

I think that he might have
said something about Chicago.

-Um, yeah.

Yeah. As I said,
I don't really remember.

Did he say anything
about the bookie's?


You didn't talk about it?


I want you to have a little
think about it, hmm?

And give me a ring
if you remember anything,
will you do that?

Sure, yeah. Okay.

I'll leave you to your paper.

Yeah, it's not mine.
Somebody left it behind.

Finders keepers, huh?


-Talk to me.
-How's it going?

Fuckin' nerve-wracking, man!

-How's Joe?
-Joe's okay.

-He's good, yeah.

Yeah, but, er...

I sort of don't know
what I'm doing, you know.

You know?

I can't...


I want to get away.

I mean, I got to
get out of here.

I mean, just a couple of days.

Okay, look...

I'll tell you what,
we'll go away for the weekend.

-Yeah. Good.
-Okay. Bring Joe.

-Nice hotel, pool, yeah?
-Yeah, good. Okay.

-Okay. And, Frank...

-This is on you!
-Of course, this is on me.

Yeah. Fuckin' right,
of course it is.

You fuckin' moron!

-Hey, Tony.

Look here, the thing is

we went to meet him
at the airport,

he's really
a nice enough fella.

I said it to him
about the questions...

And lo and behold,
he just goes, "Yeah."

-After all that?

It's not a session.

Just one or two questions.

I put it down that you...
That you'll ask one.

Oh! That's, that's,
that's great!
That's brilliant.

This is what it's all about,
you know.

Yeah, fair enough.

-And at 11.00 in the morning.
-Yeah. Okay.

-Don't drink too much.
-Oh, yeah.

Just get past...
Thank you!

How are you?

That's it. Don't mind me.

A little drink in moderation
never hurt anyone.

Why the hell do you
always look at me

as if I have just gingerly
slipped a wasp up your crack?

Because I know
what you're like, maybe.

And I know it's a terrible
thing, you know.

You've gone through
your whole life,

and no-one'll touch you
with a ten-foot pole,

but it's nobody's fault.

You know, it is not
the fault of mankind.

It's just...
Just let it go.

Tell me about you
and Deborah McEvor.

Oh, that caught
your attention.

What are you playing at?

You have no idea
what you're talking about.

Oh, really?

Then, why has one of her
classmates reported you?

Sort it out, Ray.

Don't make me tell Tony.



I am in trouble with my boss
and so are you.

-It is an extremely
bad situation.

I'm in trouble?

The only way that I am going
to be able to keep my job

is if you get booted
out of college.

-Or, or...

-We stop seeing each other.
-Jesus Christ!


What d'you want to do?

Ray, I can't believe
they'd boot me out.

Absolutely they'd
boot you out.

You wouldn't, their arse!

Believe what you like.

You wouldn't be the first.

We have to stop
seeing each other.

-Forthwith. As of.

Okay. Jesus Christ!

I think you're lovely.

You don't have
to return the compliment.


I'm just fuckin' reeling here.
I'm in shock.



That's it.

-Shit, eh?



Can I have a hug?

Ray, we can't.

Can I come back to your house?

I really don't think that
it's a very good idea.

Deborah, Deborah.


I'm really...

I'm really,

kind of interested
in you keeping the boots on.


What are youse doing?

Just getting a suitcase.

What time youse going?

Ray's picking us up
at lunchtime.

How much are you taking?

I don't know.
I want to do this properly.

I'm taking five grand!

Thanks, George.

How are youse?


It's shocking...

Shocking what happened.

It's a dreadful
fuckin' world, Frank.

Put years into a community...

You turn round,
they fuck you in the arse.

-Do you think they'll catch
who did it?
-Are you codding me?

The guards in this town
couldn't catch the clap off
a ten-spot whore.

The fucking killer is,
I nearly had the bastard,


As close to me as you are now!

Vanished into thin air.

Luckiest bastard I ever saw.


Now, one, two, three,
four pretty little ladies,
what do we want?

When I say language is dying,

one of the most common
criticisms is

that I could not communicate
such a fact if it were.

Further, I do consider,
when I say language is dying,

I'm being
partially mischievous,

but it has been said before,

Socrates was concerned
by the Sophists' mastery

of rhetoric
for precisely that reason.

The more communication

becomes an effective tool
in getting us what we want,

the more selective

we become with information

and the less
we can really know.

That is all I mean.

Thank you very much.

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you,
Professor Konigsberg.

Now, Professor Konigsberg has
kindly agreed to take

one or two questions,

and I know that Dr Raymond
Sullivan would like to ask
the first one.


Oh, my God!

Thank you.

Professor Regan.

I, er,

would like to ask
Professor Konigsberg if,

during his, his long
and eminent career,

he has, he's
ever seen anything,

expressed quite like that?


Thank you. You certainly
cleared up a lot for me.

Excuse me.

Are there any
further questions?


Hey, hey, hey, hey.


would you buy a round
and don't be messing?

Hey, steady on. Steady on.

You're only away for a night.

I seem to be in awe

Of everything you are

I guess to you I look

Like a fool

I bled from eye to ear

My conscience isn't clear

I guess I've hit upon

For a bait

To take you round the world

Ever as you... ♪


What do girls want
when they're with a fella?

That's a hard question,
you know.

That's like saying

what do people want?

Nobody knows.

What if say, a girl
was like asleep or something

and you decided
you were going, you know,

do what you wanted while
she was asleep or something?

Or mad drunk or something?

If she didn't know,
she wouldn't want to,
would she?

What do you mean?

You know...

I think the thing
about things like that is

you know,
just don't be a bollocks,
isn't it?

Sometimes, you know,

you just can't fuckin' see
past yourself

and you go on

and you be a bollocks anyway
and you know that you are.

And then that might
get you annoyed
and you just keep going...

I'll tell you
this much, though.

I wish I had respected
women more in my life.

'Cause there is nothing
worth ending up
on your own for, Joe...

No, nothing.

You're not in trouble,
are you, Joe?

No... No.


I feel like celebrating!

-Ever had champagne?

-I haven't either, Ray.

All right. Here we go.

Get that down you... Steady!

-Now, good luck! Cheers!

Isn't that the
most gorgeous
fuckin' taste?

It's very bitter, isn't it?

That's disgusting!

What? You're not trying.
It's champagne.

I just don't like
the taste of it. That's all.

Now, I'm being
nice here, Frank.

I'm not gonna tell you
how much this cost!

Well, I didn't
ask you to buy it,
mate, you know!

I'll drink it.
I'm gonna drink it, Frank.

I'm gonna drink it all.

-Good, do. I know.
-I am.

-I will.
-I know, good.

-Yeah. Right.
-All right.

What are you looking at?

-You are so!

See, that is what you need.

But you don't think
you have a chance
there now, do you?

What do you think?

I think she would
go for you big time.

Hold on. Thank you, Frank.

What are you doing?

What's he doing?


I think he's talking to
the most beautiful girl

I've ever seen in my life.

-What's he doing? Fuck!
-They're coming over.

Gentlemen, this is Michelle.

Michelle, this is Frank
and this is Joe who
I was telling you about.


-Would you
like to dance?

-How did you say to her?

-How did you do that? Come on!

-Trade secret.
-You paid her?

Give me some credit!

Okay, Ray, I'm begging you,
I'm begging you to
tell me what you did.

I told her he's got
six months to live.

Is she not scared
it's catching what he has?

No. She's not stupid, Frank.

You can't catch leukaemia.

Is there a problem, guard?

I'm gonna ask you to come in.

Is someone gonna tell me,
what this is about?

I'd just like to have
a word with Joe, Frank.


What's wrong? Just want
to ask him a few questions.

About what?

-Ask me.
-It's got nothing
to do with you, Frank.

CARMEL, can you get everyone
a cup of coffee or something?

- Yeah. Sure.
- Thanks.

Joe. Mr Beneventi.

Someone tell me
what the fuck
is going on!

-Get out! Get out!
-I'll tell you later!


Would you like to sit down?

Okay... Now, the first thing
I'm going to ask is

if you know
a girl called
Tara Komisky.


You were seen with
her at Shadows Nightclub
on Wednesday evening.

Oh, yeah.

Do you go to
Shadows Nightclub?

I've been there once, yeah.

-Last Wednesday?

Do you remember the girl?

Yeah. I didn't know
that was her
second name.


Now, I'm here because
you've been accused
of raping Tara Komisky.


Do you understand
what that means?

But I didn't.

Now you see,
she hasn't accused you.

A boy called
Damien Fitzgibbon has.

She was attacked
in the graveyard
up near the Grange.

Now, she's identified
Damien as her attacker,

but he says it was you.

But I didn't do it.
You have to ask her.

She remembers
somebody else
being there.

I didn't know
she was getting raped.

I thought she was asleep
or something.

I didn't know.

I just saw them
for a second...


So you were there?

You understand
we need to take
a blood test from you?

Is that okay?


Good man.

Do you know
how I know
he didn't do it?

Because he's like us.

We're thinkers,
not doers.

-He's not capable of it!
-Right. You're right.


-All done. Mmm.
-Is everything cool?

I think you're
a bit tired now.

Thanks very much.

Could I have
a quick word with
you for a second?

See you back
at the house, okay?

Yeah, yeah. See you later.

You didn't hear
anything else

about what
we were talking about,
did ya?

When we were
talking about
the bookie's.



What did I just say?

Don't take that tone
with me.
I'm just asking you.

Why are you asking me?

You gonna humiliate
all of us today, is that it?

I'm not trying to
humiliate anyone, Frank.

I'm just trying to find out
who did it.

Fine, I know.

Good luck.
Good luck to you!

-I don't need luck.
-You wanna bet?

-I don't gamble.
-You're right not to.

The bookies
have it all sewn up.

Oh, Frank!

-All right?

-Ready for the lather?

Are you all right?



Do you know your mother
was partially deaf in one ear?


When she died, they found...

The doctors found
a little tooth
in her ear.

-A tooth?
-A little baby tooth.

They thought, you know,
your mother,

must have when
she was young girl,

the tooth must've fell out.

When she put it
under her pillow,

it must've gone in her ear.

That's what they thought
must have happened.

What do you think of that?

Do you have it?

I think I'm after losing
the fuckin' thing.

For fuck's sake!

Would you believe that?


Were you always a bit mad?

A bit...


You'll go mad too.

Sleep tight.

See you soon, yeah?


All right. Come out?




Keep your nose clean.

You know me.

I'll see you soon, Dad.

-Look after yourself.

Listen, I'm gonna send
a few bob back, you know.

Clear up this loan.

I know. You look after
yourself. I'll manage.

Why don't you just
let me do this?
What are you like?

I'm like meself,
that's what I'm like.

That's your fuckin' problem.

Fuck off! Fuck off!


Come on, Giusep...

Say goodbye mate,
come on, come on!

Come on.


Mind who you take up with.

There's a bag under the press.