Salton Sea (2018) - full transcript

Hoping to convince his wife that a promotion across the country could change their lives, Brian takes her on a trip to a faded resort town where they once honeymooned. Here, Brian is forced to examine his own marriage, fears, and integrity. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- [Announcer] The programming
usually featured at this time

will not air today so
that we may broadcast

the following live report.

(mysterious music)

- [Reporter] They took off 30 minutes ago

from a strip at Edwards Air Force Base.

America's first space
shuttle, the Enterprise,

is flying piggyback onboard a jumbo jet.

Today we are making a
little bit of history.

And this, they tell us, is the crossing

of a threshold to the future.

Together we have entered a
radical new sort of Space Age.

Today America is leading the way

in beginning to harness
space for all mankind.

(engine roaring)

(light guitar music)

- [Man] Are you excited?

- [Boy] Yeah.

(chattering on radio)

- [Man] Good, you should be.

(chattering on radio)

You have to celebrate your country.

See anything yet?

- It's all blue.

- That's what we get for coming out here

instead of right by the base.

Better crowd out here, though.

Should be right over those mountains.

You're too young to be interesting.

At least you're too
young to admit you are.

(chattering on radio)

- Those give you cancer.

- Sometimes you have to make
your own choices in life.

Screw what people say.


- You're gonna be a good man someday.

A real good man.

(chattering on radio)

I know that.

(engine roaring)

- I see it.

(chattering on radio)

- [Man On Radio] Altitude 27.

Air speed 239.

(chattering on radio)

(light guitar music)

- [President Bush] Some citizens wonder,

after 11 years of living
with this problem,

why do we need to confront it now?

We've experienced the horror
of September the 11th.

We have seen that those who hate America

are willing to crash airplanes

into buildings full of innocent people.

Our enemies would be no less willing,

in fact, they would be
eager, to use biological,

chemical, or a nuclear weapon.

Knowing these realities,
America must not ignore

the threat gathering against us.

Facing clear evidence
of peril, we cannot wait

for the final proof, the smoking gun,

that could come in the
form of a mushroom cloud.

(dog barking distantly)

(insect buzzing)


- So tired.


I need a shower.

- No, don't go.


I'm gonna come with ya.

- I need room to shave.

You have to get Judith ready.

- No.

(phone ringing)



- Hello?

This is his wife.

One sec.

- This is Brian.

Mike, hey, yeah, no, it's
really good to hear from you,

thanks for calling.

(somber guitar music)

Yeah, yeah.

Been in shipping in district since '94.

(door closes)


No degree, no.

I dropped out after a couple years.


Well, I found that I could make more money

managing people than rocks, so.

I'm very interested in
the position for sure.


By the end of the month
is gonna be tricky.

No, it's a big move, and
I got an eight-year-old,

and DC's not exactly around
the corner from California.

To be honest, I need a day or two

to talk about it with my wife so we...

I'm sure it's not gonna be a problem.

We can be flexible when
we need to be flexible.

I will let you know as
soon as I know, okay?


Thank you.

(lighter clicks)

- Dad?

Have you seen my snake?

- Since when do you got a snake, Gromit?

- His name is Phil, he
lives in our back yard.

- Yeah, you should probably
be careful with the snakes,

they can be poisonous.

- It's just a king snake.

- Hon, it's kinda late.

You gonna eat?

- [Brian] No, I'm not hungry.

- Okay.

Who was that calling?

- Just work.

(dog barking distantly)

- [Ramona] Judy, you need to
pack your back for Tito's.

- I'm looking for my snake.

- His name is Phil.

- What are you doing playing with snakes?

- He was in our back yard.

- Yeah, okay.

I don't want you playing with snakes.

- He's probably lonely.

- She says it's just a king snake

and she knows the difference.

- The car in 10.

- Hey, you might wanna
check over by those bushes,

'cause they like the shade.

- [Judith] Thanks Dad!

- Brian.

Maybe Omaha shouldn't this end early.

- Get her done now, and
then you guys take off.

- Why are you limping?

- I got another ingrown toenail.

My boot's all packed with gauze and shit.

- Go see a doctor.

- I don't have to see a doctor,

I just need to get in
there and dig it out some.

- Jack, do it.

- I will.

- Cigarette?

- Thanks.

(lighter clicks)

- I gotta take off early, all right?

Just wrap things up for me, okay?

- I'll handle it.

(light music)

- [Reporter] Investigating
a string of sniper shootings

in the DC area.

(country music and TV chatter overlapping)

- Hey.

Who the fuck are you?

- That's Charlie.

Comes to work with me sometimes.

Rub under his neck, he likes that.


- That stuff freak you out?

(country music and TV chatter overlapping)

- Not really.

That's why I got this.

Can I get you another round?

- No, thanks, I'd love to, but.

- Right there with you, boy-o.

- What's up with the toothpicks?

- Started in the 1940s, World War II.

Each one was put up by a
soldier going off to war.

So when he comes home, he takes
it out, gets a free drink.

- What about the ones
that are still up there?

- I'll get your tab.

The next time you're in,
come and sit at the bar.

We'll keep talking.

- Okay.

(country music and TV chatter overlapping)

- [Jessica] See you tomorrow.

- Thanks Jessi.


(chickens clucking)

(speaking foreign language)

Are you ready to go, honey?

- I'm not done.

- [Ramona] Oh, no?

- Okay, we can pick up where
we left off tomorrow, huh?

- Okay, pack your bag, baby,
I need to talk to Tito.

(speaking foreign language)

- Kiss for Tito?


- Can we get some ice cream?

- Aha, there is ice cream in the freezer.

Bye Dad.

- Buh bye.

- Come on, you.

- [Man On Radio] There's
certainly also a lot of

calls in the area with
regards to shootings,

shots fired, they are all being
responded to by the police.

I wanna stress that none of them

have been found to be
related to the shooting.

But we also admit that everyone is edgy,

things that may normally be overlooked

are certainly getting a higher response

from people and their anxiety.

(dog barking distantly)

- Dad?

- Yeah.

- What's five times eight?

- 40.

- Oh.


- That a new purse?

- I just haven't used it in a while.

- What happened to that pink one?

- Nothing, just a change.

(dog barking distantly)

- [Judith] What's four times nine?

- Shouldn't you be doing this yourself?


Someone tipped a 10.

- Must've thought you were cute.

- Hmm.

- Busy day?

- Business keeps moving
along the interstate.

- What's seven times nine?

- 56.

- 63.

- I was close.

- I worked all day to make it fly.

It looked so sad, I don't know why.

But then I found some paint,
and then I found a brush,

and all around me in the garden,
there fell a sudden hush.

With just a little color, the scrap wood

bloomed with flowers.

Then I heard Mom holler.

She said it was long past sleeping hour.

(insects chirping)

You passed out early.

- What time is it?

- It's after nine.

(Brian sighs)

You know you stuck Judith with
Dad for like 10 hours today.

- Sometimes I gotta work late.

- Yeah.

We're lucky to have him.

Good night.

(switch clicks)

- Something happened today.

- [Ramona] Can we talk about it tomorrow?

- Tell me that you love me.

- You're scaring me.

- I got a promotion.

It's the kind of promotion
that's gonna lead

to other promotions.

- [Ramona] Okay.

- They want us to move out to
DC by the end of the month.

Say something.

- What do you want me to say?

- I didn't think that I'd get it.

- I mean, it's amazing
that you got a promotion,

it's great, but Brian, you
haven't thought about this.

Those shootings have
been on every channel.

- This kinda work, we could stay put

and we could think about buying something.

- You want Judith growing up in a city?

Away from her Tito.

She won't be like us.

- Good!

We could move to the
moon and she'd be happy

as long as she had a box of crayons.

- I can't do this.

- I really need this, Ramona.

- [Ramona] I'm going to sleep.

- Are you fucking kidding me?

- [Ramona] Good night, Brian.

- Mom?


I can't sleep.

- [Brian] Coming, sweetie.

(light country music)

- [Judith] Can I tell you something?

- [Brian] Yeah, what's up?

- [Judith] I think I'm
gonna dye my hair blue.

- You're gonna have to ask your mom.

- Emma did it.

But she's in sixth grade.

- That sounds pretty punk.

You like where we live?

- Yeah.

- Do you ever wanna live in a city?

- Not till I'm 30.

- [Brian] If we lived in the city,

you could get a bigger room.

- I like our house.

I'm going to sleep now.

- I love you.

- I love you too.

Good night.

(truck beeping)

- It's just gonna be hard for us to come

before this sniper stuff's done.

I mean, my wife, she watches
the news, it's rough for her,

seeing that with a daughter, it's...

Of course, you gotta fill the position

when you gotta fill it.

No, thanks, I do, I think it's a good fit.

I understand, and I will have
an answer for you tomorrow.

Thank you, thank you.

(muffled country music)
(people chattering)

- Man, I am hung over today, boy-o.

- I got a feeling I'm
gonna tie one on tonight?

- Yeah?

- I got a promotion.

- That is something to celebrate.

- Yeah?

- Mm-hmm.

- I get to move to DC, I'm gonna manage

the whole east coast.

- Man.

I wanna come with you.

- You could.

You could come.

You'd be my drinking buddy.

- It's tempting.

- It's really sweet.

My wife and kid aren't so hot on the idea.

- [Annie] Oh, you got a kid?

- Yeah, she's eight.

Comes from my wife's first marriage.

But as far as Judith's
concerned, I'm the real thing.

- [Annie] That's really nice.

- It's neat.

- Check up on you in a bit.

(muffled country music)

- [Ramona] Where were you when I got home?

- At the bar.

- [Ramona] You're that guy now.

- Yep.

(door closes)

(door closes)

(Ramona sighs)


I hate this house.

- [Ramona] I think it's pretty.

- Hola.
- Hi.

- Welcome.
- How long has it been?

- Too long.

- Hi, hi.

- Nice to see ya.

There you go.

- Great, thank you.
- Welcome.

All right.

It's really good to see you guys.

- How are you, Brian?

- Good.


- [Man] And Ramona, how about you?

- We just started looking to buy a house.

- [Woman] Congratulations.

I'm sure Judy has outgrown the trailer.

- Yeah, she's gotten real
big, that's for sure.

- And with my dad, I don't know
how long he's gonna be able

to manage on his own, so.

- [Woman] You'd have him
move in with you guys?

- [Ramona] I can't
imagine him anywhere else.

- [Man] If I had to live with her parents,

they'd drive me crazy.

- So did you guys hear the news about DC?

- Six dead.


- He's a heck of a shot.

- Heck of a shot, you bet.

- So much violence.

That's what I hate about cities.

- [Man] It was probably
the same fuckin' rag head.

- Mark.

- [Mark] What?

- All they had was a white box truck.

- All they needed was box cutters.

- This isn't that.

- You know what, you should get a gun.

I bought one over a year ago
and I feel safer about it.

- It's a nice security blanket to have.

- [Ramona] We don't need a gun.

- He's excited about it.

Let him have his fun.

- Tell you what.

After dinner, I'll let you hold it.

- Okay.

- Colt .45, from World War I.

- Nice.

- It's more than nice.

Six shots, .45 caliber rounds,

this right here's a piece of history.

Go on, take it.

How's it feel?

- Light.

- Yeah, I know.

Be careful, that thing packs a punch.

Go on, point it out there.

Get a feel.

- I don't know about these things.

- Any man with a daughter
needs this type of protection.

There's some freaky shit out there.

Go on.

You go shooting, I
guarantee you'll be sold.

(imitates gunshots)


- [Hillary Clinton] Because
today, Mr. President,

we are asked whether
to give the President--

- Look at that.

- [Hillary Clinton] Of the
United States authority--

- The scablands made 20,000 years ago

when a massive ice dam collapsed,

letting an inland sea flow on that land.

All those ripples in the rocks

carved just like sand on a beach.

- [Hillary Clinton] And
its nuclear program.

- Can you imagine 2000 feet?

- I can.

Sort of.

But my father would tell
you that was impossible.

- How so?

- Well, because this blessed world

wasn't here 20,000 years ago.


I mean, if you choose to
believe all that hoo-ha.

- [Hillary Clinton] Many
have contacted my office

about this resolution, both in support of

and in opposition to it,
and I am grateful to all--


- Baby, I've been thinking about DC.

You know I would never want you

to miss out on something because of me.

It's not what love is.

- You wanna go?

- Well, I want you to go.

If that's what's best for you.

- You don't think I'm making a mistake?

- You could get outta here.

Get a dog.

Go for a drink every once
in a while, it'd be nice.

- Without you?

- I don't know what's best for you,

but DC isn't best for me or Judith.

Not right now.

Maybe after things settle down.

Maybe after she's older and Dad's gone.

- When Diego's gone?

How long you wanna wait?

- I don't know, but not right now.

That's all I can say.

- Are we gonna stay married?

- Well I'll still love you.

How can you look me in the eye

and say we have to stay
together when you leave.

- Okay, I don't wanna
be with anybody else.

So is this me?

- You missed the point.

- I heard it.

(dog panting)

(muffled light rock music)

(horn honking)

- [Brian] How's it going, gunslinger?

- [Annie] Are you ready for this?

- I suppose so.

- All right, one sec, let me get my purse.

Ready to try?

- I'll watch first.

- All right.

So you cock it right here,
and you gotta make sure

that the safety is on as
soon as you're done shooting.

There's some kickback,
so be ready for that.

Don't put the barrel in the dirt

and don't point at anything
you don't want dead.

Don't hold your breath,
keep both eyes open.


(gunshots banging)

- I hit anything?

- Don't think so.

(gunshot bangs)


(gunshots banging)



- I hit something!

- Good job.
- Huh?

- Nah, keep it for a little bit.

Practice so you won't be shit next time.

Let's open a beer.

(muffled oldies music)

- Hi honey.

I'm too drunk to drive
home, so I'm just gonna

sleep it off in my car.

I'm sorry too, but we won't do that again.

We're gonna talk more on it tomorrow.

I love you too.

- Bad news?

- No, good.


- Sure.

Let me just wash my hands.

I just remember thinking
how ridiculous it was

that I got so upset over something

that turned out to be nothing.

I don't cry like that anymore.

Do you cry much?

- Not in a long time.

I can kinda make the face.

If I make the face long enough,

I start to get this feeling in my nose.


And if I concentrate on that long enough,

I get tears.

But I gotta really try.

- Yeah, that sounds like a lot of work.

- [Brian] It is a lot of work.


- I guess you should just smile then.

(phone ringing)

(somber guitar music)

- Mike, yeah, it's Brian calling.

Sorry it took me so
long to get back to you,

it's a big decision, so.

But I talked to my wife about it,

and it looks like we're gonna do it.

So we really are.

I should be out there
in a couple of weeks,

and I can't wait to get started.

Thanks, Mike.


- Shouldn't sleep outside.

You'll get bit by something.

- I didn't wanna wake you up.

- There's spiders out there.

I saw one in a hole the other day.

- I wasn't sleeping in a hole.

- You're in a nasty mood.

- I'm not.

- Sorry.

- We should go to the Salton Sea.

- You wanna go on vacation?


- Not on vacation.

To the Salton Sea.

- When?

- Today, we should go today.

- What about Judith?

- Diego won't mind.

We both need to start
doing things different.

- This isn't about DC, is it?

You know how I feel.

- We need to spend some time together.

- [Ramona] I'm not driving.

- I'll do it all.

Trust me.

- Okay.

I trust you.

(muffled country music)

(man singing indistinctly)

- Is he okay with it?

What did you say?

- I told him the truth.

(light guitar music)

(man singing indistinctly)

- Feels good.

To be moving, out of the
mountains, towards something else.

You think?

- It's hotter than last time.

Can we stop soon?

- Sure.


This stretch reminds me
of the shuttle landing.

- [Ramona] That was out here?

- No, it was the other direction,

back at Edwards Base,
you know, the Mohave.

My dad woke me up early,
it was still dark out,

and he said "we're going on a drive."

I don't even know if he told my mom,

I just remember she was
really mad when we got back.

- [Ramona] I know the story.

- Let me tell it again.

By the time we got there, the shuttle was

already in the sky, it was
just like a little white speck.

Barely make it out.

I don't know why, but my dad told me

I was gonna be a good man.

The shuttle landed, a
crowd waved and cheered,

and they had flags.

Just felt so natural at the time.

Patriotic, but not cheesy.

Everyone was so excited.

They were proud.

I don't think this is what they expected.

(camera clicking)

- Thanks Jack.

That'll be good training for you.

I'll call you Tuesday, just
call me if anything gets crazy.

All right.

- So I guess next stop is dinner?

- Yeah.

We could explore around here.

That's pretty cool.

- [Ramona] I guess.

- We don't have to.

- Let's do it.

It's creepy!

- [Brian] No.


- [Ramona] Hello?

(suspenseful guitar music)

How long do you think it's been

since anybody's been here?

- Not that long, probably.


- Don't do that!


- Stop hitting me.

- What are these?

- Kids suck on 'em, they get high.

(insects buzzing)

We need to go now.

- Why?

- We need to go now.

Now, we should go now!

(Ramona laughing)

(muffled country music)

It was on this ride that
I first fell in love.

- [Ramona] We were on our honeymoon.

- [Brian] Became a deeper
kinda love after that.

- We were so clever.

Honeymooning at a $30 a night motel.

Near a city that no one's ever heard of.

- [Brian] It was our finest hour.


- [Ramona] I'm hungry.

How much further?

- [Brian] There's a map in the glove box.

- What the fuck is this?

- It's Mark's, I just borrowed
it so I could practice.

- Practice what?

Jesus Christ.

- I wanna know that I could
do something if I had to.

- Do what?

You gonna fucking kill someone?

Are you John Wayne now?


Do not take that out again.

Fucking kidding me.

(light muzak)

- You're right.

It's hotter than last time.

- A gun, Brian?

I can't believe you.

- Why's it so hard to believe?

- What if Judith would've found it?

You're giving it back.

- Of course I am.

I can't even hit anything with it.


- You tried?

Even better.

(muffled country music)

♪ Alone with all my sorrow ♪

♪ It's so hard to be ♪

- Where are we?

- We're overlooking the sea.

♪ Because I know ♪

You know, the sea sits directly
on the San Andreas fault.

It's overdue.

The earthquake that swallows Los Angeles

is gonna start right here.

- You're so dramatic.


(light guitar music)

(camera clicking)

- Why you taking those?

- I wanna see what's changed.


(camera clicks)

What are you looking at?

- The desert.

- What are you thinking about?

- It smells like eggs.

We should get drunk.

I wanna get drunk.


- Sure.

I'm gonna change first.

I'm hungry.

Could you get us some food?

- Sure.

- [President Bush] Well first of all,

it is a form of terrorism,
but in terms of the terrorism

that we think of, we have no
evidence one way or the other,

obviously, but any time
anybody is randomly shooting,

randomly killing, randomly taking life,

it's cold-blooded murder,
and it's a sick mind,

it's obviously loves terrorizing society.

- Had to go all the way to India.

- I'm exhausted.

- Can I borrow your toothbrush?

- Did you forget yours?

Use your finger.


(somber guitar music)

- 100 years ago, the Colorado River

was diverted into a system of
irrigation ducts and canals.

When the river fused, it ran to spanks

and rolled downhill and
rushed across the desert

until it found the Salton slick.

The river pooled there and formed a sea

where the day before there had been none.

When fish were introduced
to the lake by 1920,

it was a major tourist destination.

- I read that last time we were here.

You gonna eat your fries?

- [Brian] Yes.

(light guitar music)

♪ She couldn't stand to see me happy ♪

♪ Taking pills was for
the thrill, you know ♪

♪ We're riding for a feast ♪

♪ Lays eyes for all to see ♪

♪ She was stuck inside a
shell meant for no one ♪

♪ She was stuck inside a shell ♪

♪ Lost cases of booze ♪

♪ Still a thirst to lose ♪

♪ In a darkened room sitting alone ♪

♪ No cares in the world ♪

♪ Obsessively rain on through ♪

♪ She's stuck inside a
shell meant for no one ♪

♪ She's stuck inside a shell ♪

(mumbled singing)

♪ Just retaining, retaining ♪

♪ Every stride to win ♪

♪ Forgets the girl, (mumbled singing) ♪

- [Ramona] Hello.

- [Girl] Hi.

Whatcha doin' here?

- [Ramona] We're on vacation.

- [Girl] Vacation?

Who goes to the Sea for vacation?

(Ramona chuckles)

Are you from an island?

My mom knows a guy from an island.

- No, we're from Yucca
Valley, it's on the way to LA.

- Never heard of it.

- Joey has a Lakers hat.

- Joey, you're gonna munch
it if you go like that.

Joey has a ton of cuts and bruises.

Goes way too fast.


- Can I jump rope with you?

- Yeah.

(Ramona chuckling)

- [Ramona] Thanks.

- Miss Susie had a steamboat,
the steamboat had a bell,

when Miss Susie went to heaven,
the steamboat went to hell.

- Hello operator, please
give me number nine.

- [Girl] Faster!

- And if you disconnect
me, I'll kick up in the

behind the fridgerator,
there was a piece of glass,

Miss Susie sat upon it,
and broke her little

ask me no more questions,
and tell me no more lies,

the boys are in the
bathroom, zipping up their

flies are in the meadow,
the bees are in the park,

Miss Susie and her boyfriend
are kissing in the D-A-R-K.


Thank you.

This is like Southern
California after the bomb.

This place could've been huge.

- Maybe.

- No, like rival Palm Springs.

Sinatra sang at the scene, Beach Boys.

- It's a far cry from Palm Springs.

- No, I can see it.

There's water skiing, colorful drinks.

I don't know, I kinda
like it like this, quiet.

It's nice.

- This whole city just for us.

- Think they have any cops?

- I don't know.

Think they need 'em?

- [Ramona] Maybe.

(muffled country music)

- The snipers want money
delivered to a drop-off.

- Can we not talk about the news, please?

It makes me sad.

- Okay.

It's important to know.

- I get by just fine without it.

- Hey guys, how's it going?

You from an island?

- No, Yucca Valley.

- Ah, Yucca Valley.

Yeah, I have a sister
who lives near there.

Hey, I'm Hank.

- Brian and Ramona.

- Hi.

- Hi.

Hey, guys, you know I hate to bug ya

during your meal and
all, but I'm just looking

for someone to help me out.

I've got a son down in Brali.

He's a cute kid, six years old.

If I don't get down there this weekend,

his mama's gonna call the judge,
and I won't even get that.

My buddy, he says he'll give me a ride,

but he needs money for gas,
and well, 20 bucks, huh?

- We got nothing.

- Come on, man.

I'm not looking for a
handout, I'm good for it,

I just need it till Sunday.

Ask the bartender, talk
to Roger, he'll tell ya.

- [Ramona] Here's 10.

- Oh, hey, thanks a lot.

- Have a good time with your son.

- [Hank] Of course, thanks.

- Fuck that guy.

Gonna go and smoke some speed.

- You know, if that's what
he needs, I'm fine with it.

- Okay, you're fine with it.

- I guess I am.

(waves lapping)

(Ramona sighs)

That air is so clear.

You can see forever.

God, you can see the mountains,
we live in those mountains

and you never see them.

- There's a lot that we don't see.

We need something big.

You know, a big decision that we can just

sit in the middle of.

I took the job in DC.

They need me there by
the end of the month.

- I hope you find everything
you're looking for.

- You're coming with me.

I need you.

- Stop and think about what I need.

- Okay.

What you need.

You need money to live and for Judy.

You know, you work for
tips, Ramona, still.

I asked Judy and she says
that she wants to come.

- Why would you ask an
eight-year-old about this?

God, you think that DC is the
solution to all your problems.

- I want something to be proud of!

A good job, a house, a tree
in some stupid skinny yard,

I want a family!

DC is what I wanted my whole life.

- Judy and I don't make you proud?

We're not enough?

- Do you ever wonder what a
kid of our own would look like?

- Fuck you.

(train rumbling)


- I miss you.

- [Ramona] I just can't keep doing this.

I'm shutting down.

- I love you.

- [Ramona] Loving me doesn't
make you right for me.

I'm gonna get changed.


- It's Brian.

Sure, it was what we needed.

Can you...

Yeah, I just wanna say good night to her.

Hi Gromit.

What did you do today?


That sounds fun.

Oh yeah?

What'd that look like?

That's pretty awesome.

Yeah, we're gonna come home tomorrow,

but it's not gonna be till very late.

I miss you too.

I really really really do.

You have a good sleep.

Okay, good night, sweetie.

(phone hangs up)

(Brian grunts)

- [Ramona] You're grinding your teeth.

- [Brian] Was I?

- [Ramona] Go back to sleep.

(somber guitar music)

(water running)


(door opens)

- [Brian] I love you.

- How did it feel fucking me like that?

Fucking me like you hate me?

Like you were pounding a
nail in the wall and it bent,

and you just kept going anyway.

- Ramona.

- I can tell you a
million things about you

never cross your mind.

I can tell when you love
me and when you don't,

just by your eyes.

You don't know what you want.

If you wanted to go to
DC, you would be there.

You wouldn't let me stop you.

Because you're too scared of
what's right in front of you.

(light guitar music)

- Hey.

Mike, it's Brian.

I apologize, I've been away with my wife.

Look, it seems that I accepted
the position too soon.

It's just not a good time for
us to come to DC, I'm sorry.

I understand.

Look, just thank you for considering me.

Maybe some other time.

- [Ramona] Thank you.

- Yeah.

(light guitar music)


- No, I'll just share yours.

(lighter clicking)

I like it when you smile.

- I'm okay.

- We have a good life.

And I'm happy, Judith is happy.

Isn't that the point?

Are you happy?

- I suppose I am.

- Then you made the right choice.

You don't have to worry.

You're a good man, you know that, right?

- I don't know.



- Morning baby.

- I think I'm gonna die today.

- What?

- I'm gonna die today.

- Are you serious?

How do you know?

- I don't know.

I can just feel it from here.

- Wait, like a heart attack?

- No.

It's like an inkling.


- Baby, you're fine.

You just need a couple days.

Church is soon.

You should do something with Judy today.


I gotta shower.

- Okay.

- You can join me if you want.

- Okay.


- [Priest] The fact is that
Jacob loved all of his children.

He had 12 sons in all, and in time,

each of these sons was to be the father

of one of the tribes of
the nation of Israel.

He raised all of them, and taught them

to be respected citizens.

Jacob taught them the ways of the Lord,

and was a father who deeply cared.

He provided for his
children, and spend time

with each of his sons and his daughter,

training them to be successful in life.

- Good sermon today, huh?

- Yeah.

- Something on your mind?

- Just wanna get outta here.

- I hear you got a big job offer.

- Yeah, a big one.

- What does Ramona think about it?

- I guess you know what she said.

- Ready to go, honey?

- Yeah.

- [Judith] I love you.

- Come on, you guys.

(somber guitar music)

Hey Gromit.

How's that drawing?

- [Judith] Good.

I'm having a lazy day.

- [Brian] Is that for Mom?

- [Judith] It's a surprise for
when she gets back from work.

- That's real nice.

You know I'm proud of you, right?

You're a good girl, and you're
gonna be a good woman too.

You wanna go somewhere?

I got somebody I wanna introduce you too,

she's got this big dog named Charlie.

- Will we be home in time for dinner?

- Oh yeah.

No, we'll be home before Mom.

Charlie's gonna be happy to see you.

(light rock music)

How was last night?

Pretty good for a Sunday?

- Thanks there, boy-o.

You, unfortunately, like, good.


Hi, I'm Annie.

- [Judith] Hi.

- Come on, sweetie, sit down, okay?

- Why?

- [Brian] Because you're
gonna break your neck.

- Why?

- Because everything is
gonna break your neck,

so just sit down and
Annie's gonna whip you up

a nice cup of hot chocolate.

- Fine.

Doggie, come here.

- She's pretty great.

- She seems it.

So I went to this bar once, in DC,

it had sawdust all over the
floor, real cowboy kinda place.

Maybe you can take me there sometime.

- Any time we can make it out.


- You must be excited.

When do you take off?

- Last day of the month.

- Well, if you don't tell anyone,

I'll let you put a
toothpick up in the ceiling.

How about another one?

- Yes.

- So I'm thinking, on
Monday, if it's slow,

I'll close up early, and we'll go out.

- Let's go to that place
with the sheep's head.

- That one, and this other
one you're gonna like.

(dog barking)

(Judith screaming)

- Ow, ow!

- He's never bitten anyone before.

What do I do, I'm so sorry Brian!

- Open the door!

You're gonna be okay, sweetie.

Just keep that there.

- Should I call the hospital?

I'm so sorry, Brian!

- Put that fuckin' dog down.

(Judith crying)

- [Annie] I'm sorry.

- You were supposed to be watching her.

10 stitches, Brian.

Come home or don't.

I don't care.

10 fucking stitches!

Give me a cigarette.

(somber guitar music)

(breathing heavily)

- Hi.



(dog whining)

(Brian crying)

(dog whining)

(muffled light rock music)

- I guess it could mean many things.

- What's that?

- Being a good man.

- It can.

But this is what your dad meant.

- You ready to go?

- Yeah.

An hour to go.

Sure you're okay to drive?

- [Brian] Yeah, I'm good.

Just keep the radio on.

Can I put on the news?

- [Ramona] Sure.

- [Man On Radio] Throughout
this horrible ordeal,

the residents of this community proved

that faith and hope always triumphs

over darkness and despair.

- [Reporter] Tonight, the
people of the Washington

metropolitan region are breathing

a collective sigh of
relief as police have made

arrests of two suspects
they believe are responsible

for the deaths of 10 people.

- [Man On Radio] We've
all experienced anxiety,

but in the end, we have
not given in to the terror.

Resiliency has won out.

(light country music)

♪ When you leaned your weary head on me ♪

♪ And whispered I love you ♪

♪ I looked into your eyes ♪

♪ And all's I see is forever ♪

♪ Much to my surprise ♪

♪ If you weren't getting
married next week ♪

♪ I would die right here ♪

♪ It's the way you spilled my wine ♪

♪ The way you waited my time ♪

♪ The way you boss everyone you meet ♪

♪ It's the way you get
in all of your defeat ♪

♪ If you weren't getting
married next week ♪

♪ I would die right in (humming) ♪

♪ I know he promised you a fancy car ♪

♪ I know his connections
will take you far away ♪

♪ The way you sleep
and the way you snore ♪

♪ The way you say no when
you holler for more ♪

♪ It's the way you
promised me you'd stay ♪

♪ It's the way you left my hotel a mess ♪

♪ And the way you donned
that flower dress ♪

♪ The way you promised you'd stay ♪

♪ It's the way you flew away ♪

(light guitar music)