Salt of This Sea (2008) - full transcript

Soraya, born in Brooklyn in a working class community of Palestinian refugees, discovers that her grandfather's savings were frozen in a bank account in Jaffa when he was exiled in 1948. Direct, stubborn, and determined to reclaim what is hers, she fulfills her life-long dream of "returning" to Palestine. Slowly she is taken apart by the reality around her and is forced to confront her own anger. She meets Emad, a young Palestinian whose ambition, contrary to hers, is to leave forever. Tired of the constraints that dictate their lives, they know in order to be free, they must take things into their own hands, even if it's illegal - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

Butde lavisite?


First stay in Israel?

Repetitions me your name.


Name of your father?


Or is it?

In Lebanon.

When did you leave Lebanon?

I was born in Brooklyn, New York.

Etvotre mother, or was she born?

In Lebanon too.

And your grandfather?


He is not here.

In Israel. Where?

A Jaffa.

Get this document.

I must ask you,

For your own safety.
Purpose of your visit?

Visit 's all.

Why now?

I can afford it.

What is your religion?

I'm agnostic.

Repetitions me your name.


What, as the name?

It is an Arabic name.

Do you have another piece of Identity,
student cards

or other?

A library card.

Or you stay here?

At a friend.

Or does she?

In Ramallah.

What name does she?


You have his number?

And what is it?

How did you meet?

She came to the restaurant
where I worked. We sympathize.

All this
is for your own safety.

First stay in Israel?

Who bought your ticket?


From where did you get the money?

At his death, my father left me
enough to buy a ticket.

What was your father?

He was a barber.

- What?
- Hairdresser. ... Barber of Seville

Or your father was born?

In Lebanon.

You have another passport?

No Lebanese passport?


Because I was born in Brooklyn.

- And your grandfather?
- A problem with my passport?

We still have some questions.

Or your grandfather was born?

I have already said, a Jaffa.

Jaffa, I see.

Cutter hair too?

What do you mean?

I only ask a question.

How many times
will you ask the same?

Turn around.

Spread your legs.

Raise your arms.

Please take off your pants.


Your confidence?

My father.

Um al-Sharayet?


Corinne? I am!

I've been.

It'll cut it. I find.

I'll find you.

See you soon.

I do not believe it!

Me neither!

not coming to get you.

Too much work.

It does not matter.

They have faitvoir away?

Okay, I have been excavated.


Like others, I thought to be
the only Arab!

You do not have their say
that you came in Ramallah.


You were lucky to pass.

That is good.



Why a pretty girl like you
returned to Palestine?

They deny us the right to return
I'll take it.

The Right to Return ...

You bet ...

Who would "return" here?

A lot of people.

We will have to live with two statements:
ours and theirs.

Jaffa is long lost.

Should thank

leave us 95% of 20% of 5%
our own culture?

What are you doing here?

Abroad, that is better.

Better for whom?

You went Abroad?

You've chosen?

Another bottle yet.

You expect your tip?


What can I do for you?

- My grandfather has an account here.
- He is here?

- He died.
- God rest his soul.

What name?

Tahani Abdel Salam Musa.

Where are you?

Palestinian New York.

Welcome to you and New York.

What sign are you?


You have the account number?

This document is very old ...

you have nothing more recent?

Discussions with the bank ...

A letter from my father built in 1976,

and 1992.

I ask you for a moment.

Hello, enchants. Please follow me.

This account was opened before 1948.
It is no longer valid.

It is the money from my grandfather.

- He has left us.
- Certainly.

But the accounts have been frozen
After the Nakba ...

a Jaffa.

We lost everything, my dear.
The country has disappeared.

Jaffa agency no longer exists.

But the bank, though.


It is the same bank,
and his agency in Ramallah, right?

The bank is responsible.

Listen: I'm on
we find a solution.

See our area manager
his return.

Thank you.

There is also a washing machine.

You told me where you work?

I'm looking for work.

You speak very good Arabic.

Thank you.

Let me say ... you

The neighborhood account
in a building like this.

And our neighbors are good people.

You saw Um Raed, in the face?
His son lives in Michigan.

The rent is how much?

Because c 'estvous,

$ 800.

Your invitation?

- I want to take a ticket.
- It is by invitation.

I can not take note?

- Why?
- It is by invitation.

Let. Hi, Soraya.
She is with me.


Toutva well?

- Hi, How are you?
- Okay.

- You can enter?
- Sorry.

- Come on, old ...
- It is by invitation.

Come on, you know me.

Why? I have all the time.

His statements.

His will.

He mentioned the money here,
315 Palestinian pounds.

I understand that you want
money from your grandfather

But after the war,
everything was lost.


Your bank has survived
you open offices in Ramallah.

Demand Balance
your grandfather

IUI has been refused, long ago.

The Israelis
have declared non-refugees,

then it was.
Here is his map of the United Nations.

Legally, that is complicated.

But I can do anything,
At this point.

You voila, landing America

some books for Palestinians.

Who even exist!

My grandfather for a Trim
the win, the bank is responsible.

If you need money,
borrow, like everyone else.

I will lend myself.

Here is a form.

Complete it,

with your name and contact information.

Needless to
of entanglements and tragedies.

Sexy curves of nana!

Manufactured shit!

Or are you going?

Search my nephew.

I can go with you?

Of course, if you want.

What's your name?

Emad, and you?

From where you are, Emad?

I grew up at camp Am'ari,

I live in Ramallah
but I'm Dawayima.


You know?

Listen, I need a job
in your restaurant.

- Who should I see?
- You, working in restaurant?

To whom should I speak?

In Abu Jihad, the owner.

You're late!

There was congestion.

You're always late.


Who is she?

I'm Soraya.

I go up front.


It's your girlfriend?


I'll wait here.


You're sure?

I salute my mother and I come back.


My son is a clown.

- I offered ...
- Shut up!

Soraya does not know Ramallah.

From where are you?

In Jaffa, was the origin.

Jaffa, the Bride of the Sea ..

And after the Nakba?

First Lebanon, Nahr Al Barid.

A daughter of refugee camps ...

American camps.

Be welcome in your country.

Thank you.

It is here. My border.

I have no right
to go further.

The earth 's sea

Or This?

You see these buildings?

Not the colony.

Forget, look wider.

It is Tel Aviv.

The sea is behind.

We can see Jaffa?

Yes, over there.

My grandfather swam every day
in the sea

Then the street Al Helwa

he spent
before the library Tawfiqiya Al,

and continued by the Al Nuzha Street.

Street Al Nuzha
was closed to cars.

Merchants orange ...

Jaffa oranges ...

gathered at Souk Al Salani.

My grandfather always spoke
Coffee Al Madfai.

Oum Kalthoum sang,
and also Farid El Atrash.

My grandmother loved Farid.

My grandparents
sometimes went to the movies.

In Hamra Cinema.

If they were mowing,
they waited at the entrance of service

that do enter the concierge.

You know Jaffa?

And you're sure
not to know?

I have not seen the sea for 17 years.

I did not pass
beyond Ramallah.

But I will soon leave.

Or are you going?

In Canada.

With a scholarship.

All pay, airfare included.


I am only waiting for my visa.

As soon as I get it ...


I never see a soldier in my life.

You smell that stuff?
They bring to us.

- What?
- These tips.

Speed bumps?

There are in America?


I thought it was just here.

Why there would be here?

I thought they put in

to complicate our lives.

There, in Canada?


The army.

Get off the car.

The arms in the air.

Lift up your shirt.

It is a woman!

You, your shirt off.

Do not be afraid. Routine.


That is all?

Go home.

Dogs ...

I film our rabbit cages.

- And how you will do?
- I will learn to fly!

Will you come?

Surely not!

I'll show you one of my movies.

The poor, what a chore!

Do not rush.

I am aware. Do you mind?

I turned it here.

I would film the same thing
in other cities.

When Emad go to Canada,
take me.

I'll make a beautiful film about Canada.

She was born in 1921.

And in his 1918.

You do not have birth certificates
issued by the authority?


Family in the West Bank?

In Gaza?

Where are you? You can not have
or passport or residence permit.

They were born in Palestine. La. ..

"Jaffa, Palestine."

I know,

but we shall
to issue a passport.

- Who banned?
- Our agreements with Israel.

You agree that decide
if I'm Palestinian?

Under the agreements,

that is unfortunately the case.

The Lebanese identity card
my father

says he is ...

a Palestinian refugee.

My sister

I agree with you.

The problem is not me.

Listen, you've
a U.S. passport?

What do you dream of?

My visa expires in two weeks.

What do I do then?

You go.

I'm leaving?

Then you come back,
and you have a new visa.

I'm really sorry.

I would love to help you.

Why you came here?

There is nothing here.

There is nothing anywhere.

Life is better elsewhere.


We had something here.


We have been stolen.

What can we do?

You remember our meeting?

In a restaurant?

On leaving the bank.

The money from my family
is in the bank.

I came to retrieve it.

And I get it back.

I believe you.

New York, that is closer to Canada?

So when I go to Canada

you will return to New York?

I dream my whole life to come here.

I will not go.


What do you feel to be here?

I do not know.

I feel lost.

I'm here, finally,

I have a visa
two weeks.

You should have their say

that you would see Jewish friends.

Why lie?

Why tell the truth? You do
their convenience.

I have nothing to hide.

They would eventually expose me:
a Palestinian!

Let them waste their time
with their interrogations.

- Do not help them.
- You propose what?

They can forbid me to enter,
I drive back ...

Or grant you
a visa for two weeks,

as has everybody.

But you deserve better!

You come here.

Your family is here.

But they'll never let you
live here. Condemned to tourism.

Come on, give them what they want.

Tell them everything
if you think it helps.

We have only truth.

I will never renounce.

You think the truth has aids?

Wake up. They won.

You're wasting your time telling the truth.
They do not deserve.

The key that is to survive.

You think that Palestine,
what are the oranges?

Jaffa oranges?

Nice dream!

Have you finished?

I am not a small tourist

has your feet
Because you are Palestinian.

You do not know me!

Keep your lessons on Palestine!

Do not tell me what it is.
I know what Palestine!



Nader ... hello.

My wife is pregnant
not in great shape.

I hope it will go.

Actually, she wants to return
in this apartment very quickly.

I'm sorry you do that.

We here emm?nageons Sunday.

I had an idea.

I'll get my money.

You want to rob the bank?

Not "shine".
This money belongs to me.

The Israeli army
Braque had our banks several times.

Fucking army ...

This is not stealing! It is money
my family. 315 pounds.

I am.

Nice idea.
The experience that I seek.

Excellent result, well done.

I'm not. I have enough
problems, and I am going to Canada.

I'll do anything you want.

I'm serious.

A hold-up, that is nothing.

Here, a kid can rob a bank
with a plastic gun.

The guards are not allowed
to be weapons.

It takes money, we hide
a few days, and that is good.

It hides or?


A Jerusalem.
Eight years I have not been there.

Eggplant caviar.

I love it.

That is how much?

A shekel.

- What's your name?
- Khader.

You're cute.

I give two shekels, one for you.

Thank you, ma'am.

I want to make a film
on an important subject.

Example: why the sun
rises in the east.

Or cockroaches.
They have existed since the Ice Age

Despite disasters and famines

and despite the attempts of men
to exterminate them.

Of the girls in Ramallah
snub me.

Let me go!

About us, scotch here
while the earth rotates.

Marwan, shut up a little.

What is wrong?

It will still not paid
this week.


Nobody pays here.
No money.

You bet! Watch these pigs
drinking and slamming the dough.

I do not pay you to sit
and ignore customers.

You do not we paid.

It is true?

Wait, It'll get better.

The Arab Dream.

I have help,
despite a difficult situation.

- Tell the situation of these hogs.
- Easy.

I want them to hear me!

Do not touch!

Another bottle, big assholes?

Do not talk in that tone!

- Removed your hand!
- Let him!

Get out!

Broom, you two!

Get out, I said!

What's the matter?

They denied me the visa.

I did not get off this damn town
17 years.

Redo an application.

I'm serious, they could
may review your case.

You inform the CUN?

We must tell them, It may be useful.

It does not work like that.

Let it go!


It is the fourth time
they refused me a visa.

I do not want to undergo

- There are guns here?
- The guns?

Before it was banned.

Now we have gun
us instead.

Made in America
with Israeli blessing.

Are you serious ...

I'm ready.

Weapons, but not charged.

Are you crazy?

It was that or nothing.

You know nothing of this city.

I know how a gun works.
Very good.

No question.

It will be like that or not.

A robbery with weapons
White was responsible?

This is not theft.

I'm with you, has a condition:

we do as Soraya decides.

Residence permit?

I have none.

Your papers.

I have none.

Or do you live?




Why do you live here?

I can go?

Your visa.

Almost expires.

Not yet.

Go ahead.

Come and you.

You can not pass, closed off zone.

And they, then?

You are resident?

Prohibited to tourists.

I live here, I'm going home.

Farm for military reasons,
except for residents.

I can talk to the person responsible?

I ',
and you're not supposed to be here.

Where are you?

I am here.

Where are you really?

By! Got a problem?

On estvenue or your family?

A passage through the small roads?

20 shekels.

... of Israeli F-16

attacked Gaza

6 killed by Palestinian

including a top military leader.

Wounded during the raid ...

What can I do for you?

You see this man?

He will
if you do not obey.

Put the bag in just
15 572 dollars and 16 cents.

You have an account with us?

Yes, I have an account.

Of 15 572 dollars and 16 cents.

- This is a joke.
- No!

Everybody down!


We do not move!

More soon!

Voila ...

Remember well!

15 572 dollars and 16 cents.

A problem?

No, thank you.



We did it!

There are soldiers before?

The checkpoint is far?

Time for a cigarette.

That is good.

Put yourself behind.

Pull over.

Inspects the truck.

It is the dream!

A dream!


Excuse me, are you Jewish?

I became a Jew there a month.

Or did you convert?

In Canada.

Are you Orthodox?

You have your tefillin?

What is it, "rope"?

If you convert, you know.

More later ...

Marwan, look: Jaffa.

And Jerusalem.

And Palestine!

In 1924, it was Palestine.

Eat them all.

Eat all the oranges.

It is falling on people.

What are you doing? It is yours.

It is ours.

Without you I would not have had.

I've never seen so much money.

I do not know what to do.

Good. It is ours.

Or they hide before returning?

I will not go.

Me neither.

Police in Ramallah
alert the Israelis.

Do not Worry.

Telephone lines
are cut.

Forget the police.
It is here without a pass.

In the West Bank, the jail for theft

and Israel
because we are Palestinian.


Or will they, then?

At sea, the fucking sea!

I thought you were speaking Hebrew.

In prison, we have not learned "sea".

The west, that is it.

The west is?

Or is the sun? By.

Emad, come!




Damn, I know how to swim!

Me neither!


Fuck you, sea!

"The sea is before you,

"and behind you is your enemy."

Standing, Sleeping Beauty,
Jaffa is resumed.

Or is it?

"Jaffa, Haifa and Jerusalem before!"

Jerusalem, my ass!

Excuse me.

From here we see the world!

I hate the sea

Keep your dignity.

You know that a house is this?

Yes, me.

But before?

It was his.


You want to come?


It is very beautiful.

You come from the Territories?

Yes, you can visit.

It voulaitvoir his house.

Sure. You can stay
as much as you want.

It is terrible that situation,
this violence ...

I know.

Everyone wants peace.
Unless leaders.

Leaders ...

Your grandfather left in 48?

It is sad.
I still love them.

They have not been allowed.

And they were so badly received everywhere ...

I live in Ramallah.

What are you doing?

I am a filmmaker.

There are filmmakers in Ramallah?
I never thought!

They are all movies
the checkpoints, the soldiers ...

I want to shoot
love stories.

What kind of stories?

Stories of passionate love.

What happened to the furniture?

I do not know
my family had to get rid of it.

And this line?

It is the lifeline.

Not very long.

No, that's not it.

It should read
depending on the other line.

This year, in about two months,

you'll have a nice surprise.

How do you see that?

I see it.

Or is Emad?

He went swimming.

It is wonderful, right?


Being in your house.

A Jaffa.

You want to stay, no?

You should ask him.

Ask him?

This is my house, right?

Irit, I want to buy my house.

Impossible, the Jewish National Fund
prohibits the sale to non-Jews.

I converted.

It will not work.

See you when?
I miss you.

Tomorrow? Until tomorrow, then.

All right?


This is my house.

It was stolen from my family.

It is for me to decide
if thou art.

- And you can stay.
- Are you kidding?

My father would grow from here
not in a camp.

You move the story goes on ...
forget it.

Your password is my daily.

My present.

This is not your home.

Now, if.

You can stay

if you admit that you have everything stolen.

I can stay? It was the house
your grandfather. He's gone.

He was hunting!


They do not want to leave!

My grandfather raised these tiles.
It has what meaning for you?

It's crazy.
I've reached out,

I've received.

Our windows, our doors

our house! Admit it!

Get out of my house.


All right?

I feel zero.

Marwan is here.

Why you let them invade you,
as if you were "busy"?

- It is an occupation.
- But not inside.

Go, my dear,

will see our country.

I want to see Dawayima.

With your accent and my appearance,
c is the cake.

You speak English?

A little.

We seek Dawayima.


It is near here?

It may be "Dawimah?

Dawimah, I do not know.

God, that's a small world!

It is incredible ...

What sign are you?


I'm Gemini.

He knows my father
it is Dawayima!

Now they Amatzia call.

You go straight through.

Until the red light
and then right.

God be with you.

God bless you, my daughter.

Let us settle here.

Tomorrow, I buy a mattress.

"The sea is just laughing

"Why, why?

"Seeing me
take my jar to the bank

"How many jars we filled
for other

"We were thirsty
but we give our water

"We are waiting patiently
while the sea quench our thirst

"We carry more of a burden

"The sea is just laughing

"Why, why?

"Seeing me carry my jar

"on the shore

"To separate us,
a wall and another wall

"And I'm
neither a bird nor a jinn "

Your papers.

Good day.

Do not ever id.


Pretend not to know me.

I would never do that.

Your visa expires. Needless
in jail to finish both.



Are you sure they are Palestinians?

They serve hummus and foul!

- Etvoila.
- Thank you.

Toutva well?

- Thank you.
- It is perfect.

I think I know you,
your face is familiar.

- Where are you?
- From Jerusalem.

No Ramallah?

No, my brother.

It is very good.

Bon appetite.

I swear I've already seen.

I have relatives in Ramallah.


I do not know ...

Do not Worry.
I am also illegal.

Bon appetite.

Rest in peace

If you had a child,

it would have an American passport?

He could go where he wants?


If I wanted a child.

It would be nice

someone in your blood
and your name

can do
that you could not do.

Imagine that we have a child.

The first daughter was born Dawayima
since 1948.

All this space
for running and playing ...

We must raise
in pride and dignity.

- What are you doing here?
- You speak English?

The area is closed to camping.

It is a national park.

I do not know.
We stopped for the night.

From where are you?


They visit Israel.

Who you talking about here?

Nobody, we walk.

But why are you here?

No special reason.

It is very beautiful.

You're Jewish?


These are my high.

I teach History.

Here they can explore
these ancient ruins,

understand their roots.

How we reported
earth biblical life.

Come and see someone from Brooklyn!


Sooner than that, you move!

You know sin?


It goes fishing Haifa.


A packet of cigarettes.

... Israeli troops
have searched the camp under curfew ...

Can I voirvos papers?

No papers?

Please alight.

Turn around.

Israeli tanks and

invaded the Balata refugee camp

and demolished 18 houses ...

The other arm too.

Hi, Mo.

You know?

It works in my kibbutz.

I see every day.

- A problem?
- No, no problem.

You know this chick?

Turn around.

You know?

You do not speak Hebrew?

From where you are?

Which kibbutz?

The name is complicated
I started Hebrew.

... You start

You know?

I ask if you know it.

Look at it: you know her?

You're wrong.

Where are your papers?

Or you caches?

You do not understand?

And why?

- You okay?
- And you?

- Or will she?
- In America.

Your name?


Take your business.

His visa expires.

You do not have a visa.


She found a boyfriend.

Where are you?


Or here?


Since when are you here?

Since always. I was born here.

The paper said that you were born
the United States.

Or were you born?

A Jaffa.

Nuzha street.


- You have another passport?
- A Palestinian passport.

Show me.

You hold a hand.

You think we jest with That?

Open your suitcase.

In memory of victims of the Nakba
and the massacre of Dawayima

Marie-Pierre Duhamel-Muller

Subtitling: B. B. COM - Paris