Salt n' Pepper (2011) - full transcript

The story of a few foodies, whose fondness of food bonds them together. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Some years ago...
A class room...

Food chain.

Grass hopper eats grass.

Frog eats grass hopper.

For frog, snake.

For snake, eagle.

This is the cycle of transferring energy.

We all belong to any one of
this cycle of food chain.

That means, we eat food for living...
for maintaining our..., right?

- No, Sir.
- Aa!

Why so, Kalidasan?

We are living to eat food, right?

Is it newly harvested rice?

Is it your shining beautiful smile?

Your beautiful smile.

Is it newly harvested rice?

Is it your shining beautiful smile?

Your beautiful smile.

Hey, you who had wiped your eyes
after eating the fried fish...

...marinated with red chilly.

The sweet pudding...

...which serves in banana leaves
without floating.

The dream pudding will spread
like love even after...

...taking with left and right hand.

The coolness of the mango tree.

It's the golden treasure in summer heat.

Ripe mango which slips like
banana mixed in curd curry... who will skip like that.

Decorated by chopping
and mashing the skin of raw...

...jack fruit.

While drinking rice soup
with the leaves of jack tree...

...come close to wipe the sweat.

Don't you want nice
hot duck roast to eat parotta.

May I serve you rice steamed
in bamboo stem to eat?

After some years...

There is one basket of gold...

...for the bride to wear.

Don't worry it's a song.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Don't cry my pearl.

You are my dearest.

There is one basket of gold...

...for the bride to wear.

Don't cry my pearl.

You are my dearest.

- Hello, Kalidasan Sir.
- Hello.

Where is Balakrishnan Sir?

He was here somewhere.

What's up? Got something?

Might get something.

Kalidasan hai.

What is this?

Little 'Appam'(Rice dish)

From that house

it's better to maintain
relationships with locals.

Wherever we go, there is a chance
to get samples from...

...nearby houses

- it's palm toddy.
- Is it?


Where? Where is he?

The story of this ear ring might be a myth.

What do you say?

- Give me.
- Sir

it happened in 16th century.

When a snake had bitten Ibn Battutta,

...this man's ancestors had treated him.

That time, Battutta had given
this ear ring as a gift

Is what he is saying true?

Its Persian made.

Yes That's interesting.

Your salt has come out?

Grey hair increased, right?

What about Ibn Battutta?

Oh! Ear ring

if someone gets an opportunity,
they will even kill...

...him and take it

it's not possible to cut and take.

Not only that.

Sir, you please come.

This man...


He knows how to make some forest dishes

I want to study that.

That's it

I was thinking that,
when did the archeologist...

...Kalathilparambil Kalidasan
become so dedicated.

One more thing

if it becomes problematic,
don't think that anyone in the...

...department will support you.

What are you doing?

Did you take the sketch of plot 3?

- I will take it now itself.
- What? - I will take it now itself.

When? After I die?
Hey, go and take.

Sir, lens.

Will you go only after getting this?

Go away.

- Hey Hey.
- Yes.

- Should I bring this there?
- No, Sir.

Hey, take and go.

You come.

Sir, why are you always scolding that boy?

Did you see the hair in his ears?

My father also had that.

Whenever I see him,
I would remember my father.

Sir, may I ask you something?


You ask one or two question, man.

Mayiladi excavation project is good

it's an historical area.

We will get a result by digging that place.

What's the use of digging
this place which is 30 kilometers...

...away from that place?

All these we got from here.


Mohenjo-Daro model

Kali, you wait and see

I will win a Nobel prize with this project.

With the prize money, I will give you...

...and Babu a nice party, enough?

Okay then All the best.

May I go?


Otherwise wait.

The team will come from Musiris

I am going I have some work.

- Okay.
- Convey my regards to Babu.

Are you coming to office today?

Let's meet there.


I will forget I will forget everything.

Can you forget that small boy
who had given bangles to...

...that 10th standard girl without
others seeing, during the...

...Pooram festival in Kizhkavu temple?

The small boy can't forget
that big eyed girl whose eyes...

...were searching for someone in the temple.

Why are we like this?
What happened to us?

Cut Cut Cut.

What happened, Maya?

No Nothing, Sir.

What is the matter?

I felt it's a little too much

Maya, have you ever fallen in love?

If no?

That's the problem.

Love is always a little too much.


I just said.

No need to say again.

- Go back to take.
- Okay.

Why we are like this?

How much onion?

Brother Sasi.

Brother Sasi.


Coriander powder - 100g.

Chilly powder - 50g
Green chilly - 100g.

Onion - half kilo.

Two Radhas.

How is he standing after doing all these?

- Look at me!
- Oh my god!

My sister, this is for
the third time in this year.

You are grown up.

You have to take care of your
mother and other two girls...

...staying here, right?

I have told him
I will get bananas and come.

How come? He won't obey.

But nothing happened to the bananas.

Hey, I will thrash you.

What will I say my Jesus,
when George calls from...


I will admit you in some boarding school.

First you lock that cycle and keep

I am not the first person in this world
who has fallen down from a cycle

I will thrash him today.

No, Maria Leave it.

My tension started
from the day he was born.

Today onwards there is no school,
no TV, no computer...

...nothing for you.

Attention please.

Now you eat something.

Let that boy take rest.


You people are cuddling
and making him like this

Maria, you can eat tasty food
because you got these two...

...girls as paying guests, right?

Have you made all these?

She doesn't know how to make tea.

Oh! I'm learning all that.


if you come inside,
then your beauty won't increase.

We can't say that,
what if it will increase?


No Calorie is high in tea.


Maria, leave it.

Hey, this year's quota is over.

Next change is in next year.

Get down.

- Babu.
- Yes.

This is our Moopan.


Something is there in the car Take it.

Why is your face looking dull?

Did your late father come back?

You take something for Moopan to eat.

You are happy, right?



What happen? Your eyes are wet

if anybody cuts onions,
their eyes will become wet.

Keep one piece of onion in the ear
Then the eyes won't become wet.

Then what is this?

What's the matter?

How many days got over
after you left from here?

Day before yesterday
I made fish curry with coccum...

...thinking that you will come.

Yesterday, I made country chicken curry

I made all these.


Then what happened?
I only ate everything.

For disappointing others.

Can't you buy at least
a mobile phone for contacting?

I was supposed to come
day before yesterday

I told you about Moopan, right?

He knows how to make some forest foods

if he once shows me how to make,
then I will make.

Aa ha! Very nice! Super
Vinegar is proper.

Correct proposition.

You have put salt after boiling, right?

Those all are my trade secrets
I won't tell you.

Aa ha! I also have a secret

I have brought liquor made in the forest.

You come to drink that I will give you.

That... Sir, what you said is true

I have put salt after boiling.

This boy's father is in the Gulf.


- Are you tense?
- No.

Is it there?


Maya Krishnan.

Ah! He has called me.

All the best Go and come.

Hold this bag.


Sir it's my student.



Sister, you feel to touch your leg down.

But don't touch.

Who is your sister?
Move aside, you old man.


Hey, go after keeping that beam straight.

Sir Sir Sir.

One more chance Please.

Chance? Next time.


Hey, go man.

Oh! His show off.

Ayyappan, Kuyyappan.

Big thief, thief.



ls your house in Attingal?


Is it? I have seen you somewhere

I am Manu.

Sir, Coffee.


- Co... coffee.
- No thanks.

No thanks.

Do you know one Bhaskaran Nair
who worked in Attingal HDFC?

He was with me in Bangalore.

Bhaskaran Nair, right?


You are looking like Bhaskaran's daughter.

Do you know my father?

I'm Bhaskaran Nair's daughter.

Pooja Pooja Nair.

Oh yes I told you.

We were in Bangalore Together.

Very, very close friends.

- Is it?
- Yes.

- Father.
- Yes, daughter.

He is your friend, father.


Oh yes I know Manu
We are very close friends.

- Right, Manu?
- Hello.

Hey, Omana, don't you know Manu?

Yes Manu, right?


Hey, Sathish Don't you know Manu?

Yes I know Manu.

Yes Manu.

Too hot.

Going home, right?

How are you, Koya?

Nothing, Koya.

Is it powder tea?

You are doing this work for almost
10-20 years, right? What tea is this?

I think it's Kanan Devan.

Is it comedy?

This is the last comedy of this year.

Thus one year has got over

I can just say that I lived for 44 years.

You can also say that you died for44 years.

My elder daughter completed plus two.

That means you have to
conduct her marriage

I married early
So I can conduct her marriage while.

...I am healthy.

Sir, why are you not getting married?

Why did you get married?

- I don't know.
- I don't know.

Happy new year.

Children have started the new year program.

This year beverages corporation
will make a new...


Hey, Koya, what's your new program?

What program?

- Wife's biryani.
- Dum?

What? Dum is not like earlier.

- Mujeeb.
- Yes.

Give me little tea.

There is no little tea

I will give you normal tea
like which I have given others.

May I go, sir?

Koya You go and pick

it might be to enquire about that Moopan.

Hey, don't you want to move those papers?

I will do it after a few days

I am having some work with him.

Sir, whether it would become a problem?

Nothing You don't worry.

Sir, what's your new year program?

Like all world Malayalis,
I too will drink liquor and stop...

...drinking That's all.

Your father had called me

it's good that you are searching for a job.

But don't create any problems for me

I don't need all these.

But I'm fed up of father.

Is this a new system?

It's having complaints.

Nice Very nice.

Are you coming from Bangalore?

- Yes Bangalore.
- Ernakulam via Trivandrum.

Hey Tell me

I have been to aunt
Meera's house in Eranakulam.

For the naming ceremony
of aunt's second child.

Mother had told me about your affair.

Hey, go man.

What's the name of the child?


I was joking I think it's Abhishek.

How long are you going to stay here?

If I get a job,
I will permanently stay here

if no?

If I won't get a job...

I was joking.

Only this much

if that rascal who wore Raiban
had given one more chance for me...

Last time three sticks fell down.

This time only one.

There is improvement.

- Yes.
- Yes.

No need of taking this eight and all.

You just smile at that officer.

License will automatically come.

Oh! I haven't done that in my youth
Then how come now?

What's the problem now?

Sister, you have the face cut
of that old Miss India.


Old means? How old?

That... not like that...

Hey, listen, aunt Maria

I was beautiful.

When the first marriage proposal
came for me at...

...the age of 18...

Not one Two astrologers
confidently said that I'm manglik

if I get married, my husband
won't live more than that night.

That time itself, I was little arrogant.

That's enough for a girl's life
to get spoiled.

At last, a person came.

By saying he loves me a lot

I'm a girl, right?

I too fell in that.

When I told him about manglik,
he told me that knowingly...

...he didn't want to drink poison.

Now I won't see love in the eyes
which is looking at me now

I see only lust there.

But earlier I felt I was a singer.

But I was not.

Afterward I felt that I was a feminist

I was not that too.

Now I am feeling...

You are fit.

Babu, how many years
over after you came here?

Five years.


Kottarakkara Kottarakkara.

How did you reach here?

I was there in the house of Menon sir
who works in SBI.

Hai green.


This Kalidasan sir had come
to see Menon sir's daughter.

Who? He?

Yes Our Kalidasan sir.

Balakrishnan sir was also there with him.

Kalidasan has two sisters only.

Earlier itself, Kalidasan's father died.

Five years ago his mother too.

That means no mother-in-law is there.

That is the highlight.

Take Eat.

Have you made this Unniyappan?


Is it?

Not me Our cook.

Where is your kitchen?


One minute.

Have you made Unniyappam?


Are you from Kottarakkara?


Are you coming? With me.

Sir, are you staying alone or with family?

After that I never sent sir
for seeing a bride.

Is it newly harvested rice?

Is it your shining beautiful smile?

Your beautiful smile.


Is it newly harvested rice?

Is it your shining beautiful smile?

What is going on here?

What happened?

Who is this?

That... Babu's father.

Why he is here?

That I will tell you.

When is your interview?

Ah! Interview.

Come and have tea.

What is in the bag?

This is perfume.

This is a mobile phone.

- Father has sent this.
- I don't need all these.

This will become a nuisance.

Ah! Maman, you don't consider as yours.

Anyway I will be here for some time.

Unknown city.

He sends this because I need some help.

Get up Please drop me.

Oh! You go by auto rickshaw.

That's not possible Get up Come

I will become late.

Wait, let me drink this tea.

Get up.


Babu Go out.

Sir, may I make tea?

Hey, get out.

How lucky you are.

The day you came, the police caught me

1st day of the month itself,
those rascals...

What did I do?
You dumped this Mandakini somewhere.

- Mandakini? - Yes
The vehicle which is running slowly.

Enough You go by auto rickshaw.

Are you blaming my car, rascal?

That is it Now I became a fool.

Brother, this Pioneer plaza.

Go straight and then left.


6th grade 6th standard.

The most important moment in your life.

Keep each step very carefully.

Oh! Finished.

Fed up of his advises.

Manu Raghav, you haven't
done homework, right?

Say sorry, Shaktiman.

- Sorry, Shaktiman.
- Sorry, Shaktiman Say.

Not baba baa.


Don't put fingers in the mouth.

The bacteria in your hand
will go inside the stomach

...through your mouth.

Stomach will pain.

Then your life will become painful.

Now we are in the 5th standard.

Life will become a failure.

Manu Raghav,
you are in love with this girl.

So sorry for you man.

You will come to know

I can't believe it.

Focus on your studies.

No problem.

Come home in the evening

I will teach you.

This is the turning point of your life.

Your future will be based on this.

You should keep each step very carefully.

What is this? Can't you see?

That in cupboard...

Are you keeping all that in the cupboard?

Try to make it little faster.

Are you keeping all that in the cupboard?

Are you keeping all that in the cupboard?

Maya, are you tired?

Little bit.

Still in hangover, right?

Me too.

Me too.

Sir, let's go and smoke one cigarette.

Let's start after sometime.

One more thing.

A lot of actors who speak
Malayalam nicely are here.

Then why are you people
bringing actors from elsewhere

...and showing nonsense like this?

We need looks That we don't get here

Maya, at least you got minimum voice.

Why only minimum voice?

Nothing Let us start after the break.

Let us go.

- Hey.
- Yes.

That mate Sunny's quota got over.

This is from another navy fellow.

He is a bit show off Little expensive too.

Today is the 1st day of the month.

Today everybody will show off.

No one is here for drunkards
to question anyone

ls duck egg there?

- Oh yes.
- Then make two omelets.


- Hey, Babu.
- Yes.

- Put little water and make.
- Okay.

- Turn one side only.
- Okay.

- Salt, pepper and butter only.
- Okay.

One more thing Add a piece of chili too.

No need to say this
to me every day, my sir.

- Hello Who is this?
- Manu here.

Yes, Manu Tell me.

Started drinking?

Ha, ha, ha Stick came I am going to start.

What about the interview?

It was gone flop I was little late.

Okay You come fast.

- Babu.
- Yes.

What's going on there?

I'm bringing.

Mother, a small dosa.

Please send me six thattilkuttui dosa.


Then your garlic chutney too.


Dosa should be fried nicely.

Then chutney powder too.

Don't be late.

Please write the address.

Kanneth PO.

Thoppil house.

Palayam Okay?


Hey, Babu What is this thattilkutti dosa?

What? Won't get

Won't take place Shooting won't take place.

Please hold on

Maya Do you have a burger?

No, sir I have ordered for dosa.

Oh! Ls this dosa
the secret of Maya's voice?

Hello! Let's put the set of

Come Come You must be tired.

You have made the interview flop, right?

Oh! If it goes, I will find another.

Yes Are you drinking?

Oh! This dirty rum
I don't want.

Why are you feeling
so disgusted about rum?

I don't feel disgusting.

Now it's been half an hour
since I ordered for a dosa

I'm calling again because I'm hungry

it's your permanent drama, right?

What will you do, I won't give?

Hey, check the number
and call Dirty fellow.

Are you teasing me?


Any fellow can buy a phone to use like you.

Shut up You don't know who I am

I know who you are.

You are a dirty creature
with moustache and beard...

...who keeps boasting
yourself to be a man.

Don't play with me

if you play with me,
I will make you eat raw mango.

Do you want to see that?

A rascal like you will think
that you can make any girl eat raw mango.

You put that mango in salt
it can be served for your death feast.


Hey Stupid, your grandmother's feast.

You dog, go away.

You vampire, go away.

Hey Hey!
Keep the phone down, stupid.

What's the matter?
Who was on the phone?

An unlucky girl who called
on his phone thinking that it was a hotel.

Hey! Give this back
to your father itself.

When I won't be there,
you won't have any nuisance.

This... A girl has called me a dog
for the first time in my life.

You could have told her in the beginning
itself that it was a wrong number.

The problem is not
with this phone or that girl.

You don't know how to talk with ladies.

Yes I don't know

if you know that,
then you call her and say sorry.

Me? My dog will say.

Hello Dosa Don't you eat dosa.

Go away, you dog.

Ai! Banana in flat-bread flour?

It's for toasting, you buffalo.


You check.

Someone is seriously saying sorry.


No name
Last number... 706.

Yes it might be that dosa rascal.

- I expected this.
- Oh!

The man who called you vampire, right?

May I write sorry and reply?

For what?

Mistake is there on our part too, right?

Hey These all are the permanent
tricks of people like him.

Firstly miss call.

Then sms

if we start talking with them,
then on the third day they will ask...


Hello! Now which dress
have you worn, darling?

But I feel he is a decent man

it might be while sleeping.

No Because you have mistakenly called him.

Then why didn't he say that?

Otherwise itself,
whenever you call, you are one side.

You won't allow the other person to talk.

The same might have happened here too

if he calls and says something,
then you are able to deal...

...with that, right, sister?

He already said sorry, so...

Look That party.

- Who?
- Dosa Dosa.

She wants to talk with you

I don't want to talk

it happened because she was very hungry.

Leave it.

Hello it's me dosa.

Yesterday I wrongly called you Sorry.

Yesterday I was also a little drunk.

- Okay then.
- Okay.

- Hey.
- Yes.

Where is Thattilakutti dosa available?

Go man.

Don't blame her Very nice.

Right, Babu?

Very nice.

Yes Yes.

Sir, how come we never
came to know about this?

- Right?
- Yes.

Dosa shop.

Remember me?

Yes What happened?

Nothing I called you to say thanks.

For what?

I have eaten thattilakutti
dosa which you told me.

Very nice Thanks.

Garlic chutney was there or what?

That is the combination.


What is your name?


One more thing I am not a small girl.

What do you do?

I'm a dubbing artist.

- In movies?
- Yes.

Give money for fans association
to print flex - Okay.

- They just called me.
- Okay, sir.

Good morning, sir.

Take her number

I'm working in the archeology department.

Anyway dosa which started
the war has ended the war.

There was a cake which got
completed in second world war

it was made in four days.

Oh! Started history.

He will make it flop.

No Sir won't do anything like that.

We can make it in our house

I'm going to try it

if you are interested,
you can also join with me.

The name of this cake is Juvan's rainbow.

This recipe was made
by a French lady named Juvan Lobo...

...for her husband Albert
who had gone for war.

On the first day Juvan
made cake with strawberry.

War didn't end

Albert didn't come back
on the day which he promised.

For pistachio cake, add raisins
or dates soaked in rum for four hours.

See, I don't understand anything

it is good that if you add raisins
or dates which is...

...soaked in rum for four hours.

For that, rum.

- Hey.
- Yes.


On the next day Juvan made
a pistachio cake and waited for Albert.

Did he come on that day?

No She attached that
to the strawberry cake.

Don't make a person a fool like this.

What news?

- Maya, are you free now?
- Yes.

Then, Maya, see whether this voice...

Sir, you are not going?

No Koya, you go I will lock

I was telling here

Maya See whether
you can identify this voice.

Which voice?

Does that mean,
we allow a massacre to continue?

What happen first?

How many people were
killed according to your correspondent?

Did you recognize who is it?

No idea.

But... is it Sonia Gandhi?

Almost reached.

Mother in law lndira Gandhi.

Is it?

I am hearing lndira Gandhi's
voice for the first time.

Not that I just asked you
because you are from the sound field

I'm not so smart.

Now hear this.

One Chief Minister.

My dear Tamil children.

My dear Tamil children.

You all are my own children.

Do you have any idea?

MGR This is MGR.

Thalaivar(The leader)

How come you caught it so fast?

I have watched a lot of MGR movies

I am a MGR fan.

Is it?

My grandfather was in ADMK.


See, I want to fly like
that bird in the sky.

See, I want to dance like that peacock... the same sky.

In the same earth.

- Hey, see What is she doing?
- Ln the same sky.

In the same earth

I don't know She is washing the blouse

I want to sing the same song.

Third day of waiting.

Juvan had plucked
the orange from the orange tree... front of the house
and made orange and waited.

But that day too, the war didn't end

Maya, how come
you got interested in cooking?

If you ask me like this.

My mother used to cook nicely

I studied from my mother.

Where is your mother now?

She is no more

it was a big incident.

There were around
16 people in my house at that time.

My mother had done household work alone

it's very interesting
to see my mother cooking.

Cutting and frying popadums.

Slicing bitter gourd.

Putting mango in salt.

After tasting, if she feels
it is okay, then she will hit the...

...pot with the spoon.

While cooking, I feel
I am bringing my mother back

I feel my mother is somewhere nearby me.

Mother's taste.

Smile Everything.

Ah! Don't cry Don't cry.

War ended.

After waiting for three days,
Albert had come with her chocolates.

She had melted and added
that above the cake which...

...she made for him.

They had eaten that cake together

Albert whispered in her ears.

You have ended one world war.

While loving, you and me
are like flowers falling in water.

Because of waves in some chariot...

...floats without knowing
day and night wandering.

Hey love...

You are fully sweet, then too.

Why uneasiness is increasing in the vein?

A feeling of elation.

With a petal of flower...

The garden will make the moonlight.

Love will make togetherness.

While loving.

You and me... flowers falling in water.

Hey heart... are the barrier.

Why are you excited so much?

Like a butterfly...

...why should I fight to fall in fire?

Is it in the dust when the shadow goes...

...or is it in the dawn?

When we met for the first time...

While loving, you and
me are like flowers falling in water.

Because of waves in some chariot...

...floats without knowing day and night...


With the interference of central
committee in the problem...

now there is no doubt that
Akaldal will fix their foot in Punjab.

Yes it's true.

What happened, sir?

Where have you kept that?



Do you want tea?

No Nothing.

She told me she wants to meet me.

Hey, take it off, you fool.

Aa! What?

She wants to meet me.


That... Maya.

Which Maya?

Your grandmother.

Oh! Our dosa
And you are not going?

No That won't be right.

Why so?

My look is not good.

What's the problem with this look?

That... With this beard and grey hair.

So what?

Sir, you are fair Right?

Leave it.

Have you seen superstar Rajinikant?

Not in look, style is important.


How old is she?

May be 30 or 45?

Oh! Haven't you asked
all this while you talked to

...her all these times.

Her voice is nice.

Voice is nice.

Now you want to see how she looks.

For that you have to meet her directly

it won't be possible.

Now there is a relationship
between us, I don't want to

...destroy that.

Ah! What will we do now?

It's become a problem.

With my own experience,
I will tell you one idea.

Your cappuccino.

Ayyappan, Kuyyappan.

Big thief, thief.


- Yes.
- He is a nol thief.



Please sit

Maya Tea.

- What.
- Tea.



One tea.

Okay, sir.

Big thief


Big thief.


For how many movies, you have given voice?

Almost 100

I am working in the archeology department.

My job is to collect old pots,
shells and other objects and...

...- keep them in museums
after cleaning it.

Then public can see that by taking tickets.

Here in the museum,
a ticket cost is Rs 15, right?

- I don't know.
- Yes

I used to watch lots of movies

I have acted in one movie too.

Which one?

Azhakiya Ravanan.


Do you know the song
'Vennila Chandana Kinnam' in that...

...- movie?
- Yes.

In that.

Kavya Madavan draws
pictures of monkeys by looking... boys sitting on the tree, right?

- I don't remember.
- Yes One such scene is there.

The monkey who sits on this side is me.

Sorry That boy is me.

Are you going for IELTS coaching?

Yes As part time.


Chandra tower it's getting late May I go?

Your phone number is not changed, right?

That itself, right?


- Okay.
- Bye - Bye.

Sir, you come and sit here
Let him come back.

Sir, now how many whistles blown?

Then let me go and see.

What happened?


Did you meet her?

Uncle, you should listen
what I am saying with temperance.

Temperance? For what?

That won't suit you Leave it.

What is the matter?
Is she so ugly?

That's the matter She is very beautiful.


She is not your type.

That means... she is short.

Ah! How will I convince him?

- You know aunt Devu's daughter
Aswathykutty? - Yes.

She is only having her age.

Almost 5.5ft tall.

He looks like your younger brother, sister.

Is he black in color?


But he is smart.

He is smart in seducing girls

if both of you walk together,
you people seem to be father...

...and daughter.

People won't say that.

She is very fair.

Then what about Rajinikant?

That is make-up.

Then graphics too.

Movie is not life, right?

You only told me that he is genuine.

No Not like that.

But I didn't expect this much

if you ask me whether
he will suit you, sister

if it is just for flirting, then okay.


Oh! Hey, go away.

But her voice through phone
has good maturity.

She might be looking young.

Nothing like that.

We can't trust the relations through phone.

Then... I am having
a doubt if she is a fraud.

Anyway it's good that I haven't gone.

As per your character, it's good Very good.

One more thing
That day she called you da, right?

I didn't forget that.

Me too.

- Yes.
- Yes.

Leave it.


if she calls again, you inform me
I will deal with her.

What's there to eat today?

I don't know.

Let me see.

Hey Should I call?

Not for me if you want, you can call.

Sister, phone

I know it's him.

He is excited by seeing you.

That is why he is calling at night.

Why are you laughing?

Yes What happened man?

No nothing.

Then you sleep.

Sir, how is your program going on?

What happened, Kalidasan?

Did you meet her?

Not that.

You come here.

Some work is here Come.

We should stand up and listen to that call.

Why are you here?

For an interview, man.

What is the package?

I haven't got a job yet.

Oh! So sorry for you man

I'm charging per hour remuneration here.

- Did you get all the papers?
- Yes.

One more is there to get.

Only one?

Two Only that much.

How are you?

Your marriage is over?

Force is there in family.

- Your father?
- No, me.

Do you have any problem,
if I come here to meet you?

No You should come

I'm having two new theories.

You should hear that.

Okay bye Let me go I am in a hurry.

One minute Please wait.

These all are my books Latest edition.

You will need this.

Okay Bye.

Sir, are you sitting here
reading newspaper?


- Alphonse.
- I'm Vishwan.

- We are from human rights welfare.
- Okay.

Is it you who kidnapped Moopan?

I didn't get you.

Leave it, sir.

We came here after
knowing that Moopan is here.

What do you want?

You should send Moopan along with us.

We should take care of him

it's not possible.

You go away without wasting time Go.

You didn't understand
the seriousness of this matter.

A person like Moopan,
from his living culture...

No Alphonse.

Sir, I have joined human
rights welfare mission after...

...resigning from my job
in the police department.

You are playing this drama
for that ear ring, right?

I know how to deal with this.

You know how to deal, right?

Then go away from here
without wasting time.

That means sir won't accept
direct dealing, right?


Hey This is a man missing case.

- You will suffer because of this.
- Okay

I will dismiss you from this job

Get out.

Hey, come.

- Hai.
- What is this, Maya?

Only two flat-breads?

Now you have to dub voice
for Vani Viswanath, right?

Ls beef fry there?

It got over, sir May I take roast for you?

Beef fry got over? Oh!

Roast? Then you
take two plates of roast.

What is the matter, Maya?

You are looking mood off.

No Nothing, sir.

Ai! Not that

Maya has some problem.

For me too, Maya

I'm also depressed

Maya You know about
my affair with Lavanya, right?

She had run away
with her make-up man.

She never tried to understand me

I realized that very late.

There is nothing to do with beauty.

Only a technician can understand
another technician's heart

Maya, can you see my heart?

We can console each other

it is possible for us, Maya

I'm having one ginger estate in Waynad.

Nice climate

if it is not for long term,
then at least for short term.

At least few hours.


What is this, Maya? Ai!

What are you doing?

Rice soup is best.

Jai Hanumanu Hare.

No one should expect
anymore onion in the salad.

Sir, why are you sitting so emotionally?

If she is having the age of
Aswathykutty, then her age... maximum 20 years

I have become old.

So what? Our Salman Rushdie
has married Padmalakshmi...

...who is too young
Do you know that?

Hey Sir, you wait she will call you.

Sir, why have you come here
with these people?

- I was forced to come.
- I have called sir.

This problem may even
affect subordinates like me.

Sir, you know everything, right?

That's why I came here

I can understand what you say.

But law won't allow that.

This is not like how you brought Babu.

Case is man missing.

Besides that he is a tribal.

Tell him that we know other options too.

You keep quite I will speak.

Hey man, you let him go with them.

Sir, why are you talking like this?

Don't believe these people
Their plan is something else.

Oh ho! What's your plan?

Why are you keeping him here?

Kalidasan, you try to understand
what I'm saying.

Let Moopan go with them now.

We can arrange basic protection for him.

Hey Are you listening
to what I'm speaking?

What did you say?

Welcome to the selection of
special five people.

With that special five people you can...

Sir, who is he?

I have seen lots of archeological rascals

if I thrash him nicely,
he will cry and allow me to take Moopan.


- What is this? - Kalidasan.
- Then you thrash me?

- What are you doing?
- Thrash me.

Why are you staring at me, you pig?

You will thrash a policeman, you rascal?

Want more?

What's the matter, you pig?
Go away.

- Sudhakaran! Listen to me.
- I will show you archeological rascals.

Then come Come and show me.

- You rascal.
- Hey, come here Come.

Stop it.

When did you become so cheap?

Don't forget that he is having
a family and you block him... for making food for you.

His grandchildren also came

if you can't understand that,
then what man are you?

You take Moopan and go

if you want to beat someone, then beat me.

Hey, beat me.

This issue.

Oh! Phone in program?

That... How many times have
I told you don't put a wet towel...

...on the bed after taking a bath?

Sister, you never told me that.

The entire floor is
full of your hair, you know that.

You hair is falling, right, sister?

Sister Sister.

Please make maggi for me.

Please, sister Please.

Your mother is there, right?

If she finished her work,
then go and tell her to make.

- Go away.
- You come.

She came back after dubbing
some family serial.

- I will make for you Okay?
- Okay.

- Aunt.
- Yes - I'm going.


Enough, sister
Somebody will have a bad eye on you.

Let it be That's good.

- Bye, aunt.
- Bye.

May I go?

- Meenakshi is beautiful, right?
- Yes.

Why are you like this, Maya?

In between, you became a little smart.

Now again you became a monkey.

Don't stare at me I just said what I felt.

You leave it Let it be anything.

You will say like that only

if she marries someone,
then nobody will be there to cook.

- Oh! My dear Maria.
- I am sorry.

You don't listen what she is saying.

Your age is going.

At your age, I had four children.

You are not getting a groom,
because you are not taking... of your beauty.

Okay I don't want a groom.

What is the problem, if I live alone?

After sometime, you will face trouble.

Look this side.

Then what should I do?

Should I walk through
the road saying someone should...

...marry me, marry me.

Everybody can give advice.

Hey, aunt Maria.

Do you have any problem, if I stay here?

Hey, what is this?

I also don't understand what this is

I am fed up of this dirty life

Maria I'm going

I was supposed to ask you
in the beginning itself.

Why are you catching a book like this?

Why don't you keep it in the bag?

Mother had trained me
to catch books like this when...

...I passed 8th standard.

Then it became a habit.

Why so?


Why did your mother tell you like that?

My mother didn't tell me like that.

Ah! You please help me.

Catch this.

Catch Catch.

Let me see Otherwise I...

Sit here.

Nothing Nothing.


Ah! Blood

I will call an ambulance
Sorry, auto rickshaw.

Ai! No No.

- What happened?
- Accident.

- Keep her in that bed.
- No I slipped down.

Doctor ls blood needed, Doctor?

You go and wait outside.

Sister, you take the scissor
and cut the cloth in this area.

Doctor, ls surgery needed?

- I will sign paper for that.
- Hey, I told you to wait outside.

- Hey, go and buy a dress
for her to change - Okay.

Change your dress also.

What do you want?

I need... not this much...

All dresses are needed
for a 24 year old girl to wear.

Is she standing without cloth?

Yes She is just born.

- Take.
- Okay.

Be careful.

Get in.

- My...
- Hey come

if you are busy, you go.

Manu Hey come

I am coming, you dog.

Love is a burning like feeling
which was formed by spine.

While it pains, love is enjoyable.

You in me and me in you.



Dissolve by melting the border.

If you are away from me...

...always you will remember me

I will come to you...

...and wait to see the moonlight.


Separation, if you are there,
love will spread.

In the blood like a fire... is a burning like feeling
which was formed by spine the jasmine which grows
only by wetting with water.

Love is the autumn
which gives coolness to the eye.


Sorrow, if you won't be there,
then love will become tired.

Just like a waste wind... is a burning like feeling
which was formed by spine.

While it pains, love is enjoyable.

You in me and me in you.



Dissolve by melting the border.

Hey Manu came?

No, sir.

- Sir, may I take food?
- Yes.

Like you said, I made nice fish curry.

Salt is not there

it's there.

Should I eat your waste?

What is this, sir?

Should I eat your waste?

What do you think,
I will eat anything which you make?

I'm giving you monthly salary, right?

You go and study how to make good food.


Sir, you don't say that
I don't know how to cook.

What will you do,
if I say that? Beat me?

Then beat me beat me

if you drink liquor,
then keep it in your stomach itself

I will sleep wherever I like.

Who are you to question me?

Servant should stand in his own place.

You don't come to advice me

I don't need anyone here.

Kalidasan is alone from the age of 14.

Now also, I want to be like that
I don't want anyone.

Aa! Woke up!

When did you come?

I knew that you were fit.

That's why I thought to let you sleep well.

Nothing is here.

- Sir.
- Yes.

- Hey, don't take all samples.
- Okay

I have kept for someone aside.

- Take that only.
- Okay.

- Okay Go.
- Yes, sir

I told you there won't be anything.

Do you want tea?

It's very nice to have tea
in the morning after drinking...

...liquor in the night.

You come.

What did you say?
There won't be anything, right?

That's true Nothing is here.

Hey, I who is doing this work
for almost 25 years, knew...

...before itself that nothing is here.

This is only red mud.


it's not for making you bored

I wanted to tell this to you

it's a story which took place
almost 30 years back.

Balakrishnan who went to
Madras city to study history...

...had gone to the nearby shop
to buy cigarette.

That time I had seen Padmini
for the first time.

Love at first sight.

What happened? Can't I fall in love?

- Then?
- Then what is there to happen?

Like other lovers, we also
loved each other for five years.

Marriage Children Grandchildren.

We had dreamt about the entire life.

But my father's Chezhipodakaran family...

...members were not satisfied
with her family background.

Thus I became like this

I'm writing someone's story
after digging and collecting...

...the utensils and bottles
which foreigners had abandoned here.

Without the knowledge of anyone,
Balakrishnan's story...

...was buried.

Here... here.

Now where is she?

How is the tea? She made this.

Where? Here?

See that house She is staying there.

With her son Her husband had died.

For seeing her, I have made
the department a fool by saying...

...some ancient things are here
and came here with the unit.

That time I took advice
from several people.

But everybody dissuaded me
by saying about money and career

I hadn't asked myself

if I had called her,
she would have come with me.

May I go, Kalattilparambil Kalidasan?

Sir, where are you going now?

Now her son Varun is
transferred to Kasargode.

Let me see whether there is some history.

Hey man You should understand one thing.

Your problem is not about that Moopan

it's because you don't have a pair.

Keep your complex aside.

You are a very sweet man.

Call her.

Why are you late... least when you reach here...

I will keep one room without opening...

...that too in my garden.

- Very nice! - I will keep
one room without opening...

...that too in my garden... dreaming.

I... I was a little busy.

That's why...

I didn't call you

I wish to meet you to say something.

Me too.

Ah! Not there.

Here... museum.

Okay I will meet you there.


He called me.

He wants to meet me.

So what? I will go.

No I will go

I can't carry this headache.

Whatever happens, I want to
meet and tell him the truth

I want peace of mind.

Sir, just a second.

Show that hand

ls salt there now?


Sorry man.

You are in the second place
after king Nalan.

Who is that?

That... our Manu's father.

Where you have gone?

Hey, I called her.

She agreed to meet me today.

Now no use of hiding.

Who? Maya?

Yes Your dosa.

Did you tell her everything?

That I will tell her directly.

You come fast.

Wow! Awesome man.

She agreed to see thinking that's me.

His happiness.

Have you ever seen my uncle?


You should see
His face is like mashed jack fruit

if he marries her.

Then you have to call her aunt.

Ah! I can't even think about that.

Hey Hey Shirt will fall down.

Go man.

Here my life is going to fall down

I have met her before they spoke on phone

if she meets him,
then she won't tolerate that.

Then what's the problem.

Let them meet

I can't trust him.

He is black in color,
but his voice is very nice.

He will seduce her.

She is a pool girl.


You don't say any third rate comedy.

Hey, Manu.

You carefully listen to what I am saying

I know you very well.

You don't wait anymore.

You go away from here.

No No No I know
how to handle this situation

I will tell him to mind his business.

She is mine.

You will destroy people by advising them.

You dog Rascal.

Oh! You came

I called her I decided to meet her.

Only once.

Then if she wants, let her go.


I want to go.

Going? Where?

I'm having one interview in Bangalore

I have to leave now,
then only I can reach there in the morning.

Today where do you want to go?

You won't get bus and train.

Train is there
I will travel in general compartment.

What happened to you?

Only for one day.

We will make everything okay.

Nothing I want to go immediately.

Manu, within three hours
just after you came here, police caught me

I have started talking with a girl
for the first time in my life.

After you came here,
my life which was getting spoiled... eating and drinking
had started changing

if you go now, then what will I do?

If you want, we can change the brand.

For me, my career is important for me

I have to go.

Oh! If he wants to go,
let him go, sir.

Don't block him.

Okay I will drop you.

No I will go alone.

My friend is coming with me

if I brought you here,
then I can drop you also.

Get ready Come.

To station, we have to go straight, right?

Drop me at Chandra Tower.

Who is your friend there?

- Mirash.
- Pisash?


Mirash Name itself is worst.

Stop Stop I will get down here.

What happened?

I'm getting down here.



Maya Hey, Maya.

Where are you going with this bag?

I have to go home urgently.

Are you going to the station?


Is this your friend Pisash?

Hey, what are you looking at?
Get in Both of you.

What happened? Not going?


Then come.


Why didn't you pick your phone?


Who are these people?

Who is this bearded man?

Who is she?

Keep quite.

Let's talk after getting out
of the vehicle.

In this moment...

In this last scene...

Without knowing...

Why are you going home now?

My mother called me

I will call your mother.


But your course is not yet over

I can also complete the course
after reaching home.

You come, let's go home.

- Meena.
- Don't interfere in my matter.

Enough, your mother's play.

Hey, stop the car.

- Stop.
- Hey, what happened?

Sister Sister.

Hey, don't jump.


- Hey.
- Auto.

- Hey, who is this waste?
- Uncle... that.

What's the matter?

- Where are you going?
- Uncle, you go I will go myself.

Hey You...

What is this?

Brother, museum.

Hey, Meenakshi


Meenakshi You are looking tired.

Hey Haven't you recognized me?

I am Pooja.

What happened to you?

Your cheeks are gone.

- Hey, our Manu.
- Hi, Manu.

Oh! Do you know Meenakshi's father too?


Sister is not picking the phone.

What is this?

Move her.

Haven't you seen shooting going on.

- Move aside.
- Sorry Sorry.

Move aside.

- Make that step correct.
- Okay, sir.

Production ls banana fry ready?

Hello Who is this?

I'm Maya here

I came a little early

Maya or Meenakshi?

What do you think?
I am a fool?

I only heard about showing
younger sister and...

...conducting elder sister's marriage

Maya which I know was very genuine.

Is this movie, for you to make
others a fool by giving your...

...voice for another person?

I want to tell you something.

Don't say anything.

This is not the time for that.

That drama has ended here.

That... I have come here
to meet you and tell you...

...what has really happened?


I don't want to see you now.

Because quite a while
before I have met you.


We have traveled in a car together.

Not that dirty fellow.

The person sitting next to him.

Almost 900/0 people in this
world have the same problem...

...which you have, Maya.

One person among them is
you and the other one is me.

Our great mistake was that
we had created a substitute

between us.

Everybody comes to this
museum for going back to history.

Time is not yet over.

For turning back.

Forget about me Why did you hide?

You are very glamorous.

A smart lie.

The life story of these people
which a dosa created...

...begins here.

Now also Manu and Meenakshi
are loving each other

Professor Balakrishnan is digging
history in Kasargode.

Moopan is safe in the forest Ear ring too.

Babu is still there with Kalidasan
and Maya and

...enjoying cooking for them.

Two Radhas soap.

Ayyappan poyyappan.

Big thief.

In childhood, in childhood.

Yam thief.

Thief who robs the hat of peons.

Thief who robs rice from Vaikkathe chembu.

Thief who robs the hat of peons.

Thief who robs rice from Vaikkathe chembu

I haven't robbed.

It's a thief.

A shed is made in a thief's house.

Planted 1000 trees.

On that a plantain is planted...

...banana grown to north side.

The people in north got
surprised by seeing that...

...the small elephant in the village
which is not hi-fi.

The big thief in the old song.

Our poor thief.

Our big thief.

The world where is roams...

...he is our world.

Thief who robs the hat of peons.

Thief who robs rice from Vaikkathe chembu.

Thief who robs the hat of peons.

Thief who robs rice from Vaikkathe chembu.

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