Salón México (1949) - full transcript

Mercedes (Marga Lopez) dances for money with the clients of Salon Mexico, a famous cabaret in Mexico City. Her younger sister Beatriz (Derbez) studies in an expensive private school, paid by Mercedes. Obviously, young Beatriz doesn't know about her sister's job. Troubles begin when Mercedes wins a danzon contest with Paco (Acosta), her pimp. Paco refuses to share the prize with Mercedes, so she steals the money when he's sleeping. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- Good evening, Merceditas.
- Good evening, Lupe.

Thank you.

I have to win this contest.

Tell everyone to vote for me.

Thirteen. If they don't,
beat them. But outside.

Remember Paco, the cup is for
you and the money is for me.

Don't think about the dough,
concentrate on winning.

- We'll talk later.
- No, Paco.

I am in dire need of money.

Move it, it'll be God's will.

Dance a black "danzòn".

- Dance a black "danzòn ".
- That mulatta enjoys it...

Dance a black danzòn.

Dance a black danzòn - Well!

That's it, not here.

Paco, Paco.

Paco, Paco.

Paco, Paco.

Paco, Paco.

Paco, Paco.

Number thirteen is the winner
of the contest tonight...

I will deliver the cup
and the five hundred pesos.

You figure it out.

Give me my money, that was the deal.

Look, don't be impertinent.

Let's just turn the page.

Go have a drink for our victory.

Paco, please.

I warn you, I don't like games,
you know me.

I'm asking you nicely,
give it to me.

I don't want to spite you.
I need it badly.

That's why I entered the contest.

The money was for me.

So you need it badly?

Get dough somewhere else.
There are some tourists...

Rip them off,
maybe they'll let you.

Stop trying my patience,
give it to me.

You have to give me my money,
I really need it.


Give me half the money.
And keep the cup.

Here, keep the cup,
that's more than you deserve.


Give me half,
we won the contest together.

Leave me alone, will you?

Come on, I'll give you half.

Leave me alone, or I'll smack you.

- Good morning, Miss Mercedes.
- Good morning.

Miss Mercedes.

- Good morning, superintendent.
- Hello.

Did you come for you little sister?

Yes, superintendent.

I arrived in the city last night...

to spend the day with her.

The principal wants to talk to you.

With me?

She's in the office.

Thank you. Excuse me.

- Good morning, principal.
- Hello.

The superintendent said
you wanted to see me.


It's about Beatriz.

I should have told you before.

Don't you think you forsake her?

The other parents pick up
their girls on Saturdays.

On Saturdays?

That's when I work
the hardest, principal.

Besides, I don't forsake Beatriz.

God knows I think about
her all the time.

I wait for Sundays to see her.

Well, please make an effort and...

normalize your situation
with the school.

You've never attended a test, party...

or a mothers' meeting.
Our students are young women.

They notice these things,
so do their families.

Besides, don't you think
that Beatriz...

resents your distance?

I work very hard, principal,
in order to make a living..

And to provide for Beatriz.

That's why I strive to
sell different things...

and scurry during the week...

so come Sunday, I can see her.

But I can assure you one thing.

She'll have what her peers have.

Look, I brought 500 pesos
to pay for next month.

And for Beatriz's uniform.

And these under garments...

for her to wear on
Thursday, her birthday.

She's turning seventeen.

You have no excuse.

I know you strive to give
your sister an education.

But please make an effort
to be closer to the...

school, do it for
Beatriz's happiness.

She's waiting for you outside.

Excuse me.

Good day.

She's Beatriz, my baby sister.

I enrolled her at this
boarding school.

I visit her every Sunday.

See to your sister,
Miss Mercedes.

I just wanted to say hello,
but I can do that at the hotel.

I'm bound to see you
over there anyhow.

It was a pleasure, miss.

Have a nice day, a nice outing.

My friends go to mass at San elipe...

or at Profesa. Why don't we?

You say when.

You like the cathedral better.

It's so big and impressive.

After being here,
under its naves...

everything else seems so small.

Less overwhelming.

Let's go, we're still
going to the museum...

to the lndependence party,
and the parade tomorrow.

- How much is this?
- Ten pesos, miss.

Ten pesos.

I'm so proud of your intelligence...

and your being the first in school.

Not the first, Mercedes.

Our of us have straight A's.

I feel like crying
at seeing you so tall.

And so full of light.

It's what I dreamed of for you.

Or you to get far.

Where there is no poverty...

no shadows, no horrors.

I simply wanted to tell you...

how happy I am that
you are practically a graduate.

In December, God willing.

Long live the lndependence!

Long live the Heroic children!

Long live Mexico.

The music is good.

I have no way to repay
such kindness.

I am at your service.

Don't say that, Merceditas.

I knew exactly what
my obligation was.

I am prepared to go to the police.

I stole Paco's wallet,
the one you were holding.

Now you know
why I needed the money.

Let's go.

Every day I move further
from understanding things.

Your having to do that,
like a thief...

while the real thieves...

are respectable,
surrounded by comforts.

Life is backwards,
I don't know where we're heading.

I'm the one who should apologize.

I startled you, didn't I?

I thought you'd arrest
me in front of my sister.

You have a very cute
and very pretty sister.

You can tell from her eyes
that she's smart.

She's in school, she doesn't
know what I do for a living.

I pick her up on Sundays.

That's why I need the money.

To support her.

Well, get to work. Go on.

So, you aren't going
to arrest me then?

Get to work and make the money
you need for your little sister.

Hurrah, yes.

- Enjoy yourself.
- I can't any more.

- Dance.
- Ao.

Nobody's going to rescue you,
don't make a scene.

Let's go outside, pretend
we are very happy.

Take the key to number six.

I'll pay you back, Paco,
just don't hurt me.

Shut up, we'll talk upstairs.

Please, Paco.

Leave me alone.

Don't hurt me.

So, what did you say...?

You thought you'd take the money...

and papers from my wallet.

There weren't any papers, Paco.

There was only the 500 pesos.

Where's the dough.

If you don't give it to me
I won't let you out...

and I'll give you a beating.
Where is it?

I don't have it, Paco.

- You thought you could con me.
- Stop it.

- Where is it?
- Please, Paco, stop hitting me.

Do you think I'm a fool?

Don't hit me, no,
please stop hitting me.

Leave me alone, stop it, Paco.

Not on my face, Paco.

- No, Paco, don't.
- Come on, come on, Mercedes.

- I told you.
- Leave me alone.

I'm leaving.

This dame took my wallet
with all my papers...

and 500 pesos,
Take her to the dump.

Wipe your face.

And go.

Come on, strike a man.

You want a fight,
but don't read me my rights.

Ix your uniform,
read me my rights.

I'm the civil party.

Strike a man, I say,
if you're such a stud.


So, now you know.

You won't touch that woman
with the tip of your finger...

or I'll kill you.

I told you not to mess
with my Paco.

Now you're going to have...

a black eye for at least a month.

Give me a beer.

Wow! You almost got your
eye knocked out.

No, Merceditas.

I'm the one who should be
kissing your hands and feet.

And the ground you step on.

I always thought there was
something strange in your life.

Now that I know what it is,
I admire your strength.

You are pure gold...

and gold is valuable
wherever it is...

even if it's the garbage.

I would have rather been killed
than you seeing me...

the way you did.

Rom now on I'll be
like your shadow...

to look after you
in every way I can...

so you can carry out
the sacrifice...

you have taken on to make a
good person out of your sister.


I want to see her become
a doctor and get married.

Even if it's my doom.

Even if I end up like a dog.

All, I ask God...

is that she may never know.


You're going to say that
I chose a heck of a time...

but I know that this
is the right time, now...

when I've seen
what you are really like.

Ighting on the bottom
to reach the top.

I am nothing but the
son of common people.

Or enty years...

I've worn this uniform
and tried to honor it.

I am nothing but...

a poor, honest man.

The last representative
of the law.

I am no youngster.

I became a widower ten years ago.

Ever since then, I hadn't
laid my eyes on any woman.

Except for you, and I've been
feeling this inside...

for some time now.

So, I might as well tell you.

I love you.

And I humbly ask
you to be my wife.

I know I don't deserve you...

because, after all,
I am a nobody.

But I offer you all my love...

and all my work.

I am the healthiest
in my company.

I have three mentions
on my file.

And God willing this year
I'll be promoted to corporal.

And I'll have a badge.


Did you tell me your last name?

Lpez, Merceditas.

Lupe Lòpez.

You know what I am.

And in spite of it, you do this.

Don't make me cry, look
at the shape my face is in.

I am totally serious,
I swear on the Virgin...

whose name I carry.

We'll live wherever you choose,

and your sister will never know.

I have some savings...

and I'm looking for a day job.


But you know what I need...

to cover my expenses, Lupe.

You know why I'm here.

Selling my services
and chasing money...

because if I worked
as a maid or anything else...

I wouldn't be able
to pay the boarding school.

You make six pesos...

and I need a lot of money
to support myself. A lot.

You'd have to soil your uniform.

The one you're so proud of.

Or I'd have to be dirty
at your side.

Don't say that.


You will soon be free...

from that sacrifice.

When your sister graduates
and gets married.

Merceditas, I'll wait
for you until you are free.

Juàrez shouldn't have died
Oh, have died.

Juàrez shouldn't have died
Oh, have died.

If Juàrez hadn't died...

Miss Beatriz Gòmez.

What subject did you get?

- Heroism, principal.
- That's a very nice subject.

Deserving of you, due to its
beauty and difficulty.


According to the dictionary,

is the set of virtues
and actions of a hero.

The spirit of sacrifice.

The self-denial that leads
human beings...

to carry out deeds
sublime by God...

for a nation or fellows.

There is heroism
in every sacrifice.

He who sacrifices for
others is a hero,

or a heroin.

There are so many
forms of heroism.

As many as self-denying
people are able to assume.


There is only one saint.

He who sacrifices it all
for God...

setting himself
completely aside.

Such are the cases of...

Saint Francis of Assisi
and Saint *Bernadette.


The wise person, who struggles
alone in a laboratory...

searching for remedies to
humankind's great diseases.

For example...


And Madame curie.

And, there is also...

the hidden and obscure...

and anonymous heroism
of a mother.

Who struggles amidst
poverty and desperation...

to give her children
a place in the world.

Then, there's the heroism
that defends a nation.

Even if the enemy
is more powerful...

and even if his life
is on the line...

he fights for it on land...

sea, or sky.

Like Squad 201, which
just got back from war.

Here comes my son.

Isn't the principal different?

She's always so strict, and
now she could jump for joy.

Sure, she's expecting her son.

Imagine, he flew in from Japan.

I bet he'll be in uniform
and decorated.

I've never seen an airman before.

Airman? Roberto is
a lieutenant pilot.

Plus, he's a hero
from Squad 201.

He's here, girls.

Just in sight.

This is Roberto, my son.

At your service, Mr. Roberto.

These are my girls, son.

The best and most distinguished
girls in the city.

It is a pleasure
to meet you, ladies.

Thank you, Mr. Roberto.

Chat while I make some tea.

Be quiet, girls,
you're startling him.

What can I say about the army?

- Anything you like.
- All right.

What I hated in the beginning
was using this cane.

But you get used to everything.

The principal said that
you will be well soon.

They must have said that
to comfort her.

- Did the chinese wound you?
- No, the Japanese.

I mean, one Japanese.

At Okinawa.

Did you go to Japan, too?

Yes, I did.

I had the honor of accompanying
general càrdenas Rodrìguez...

and general McArthur to Tokyo
during the triumphant entry.

Girls, girls, wait a minute.

Did you fight off hundreds
of planes when you got hit?

No, it was only one.

And it was smaller than mine.

He hit me and wounded my leg,
so now...

here I am limping.

You poor thing.

Beatriz, why are you
standing there?

- Who is she, what's her name?
- Beatriz.

Beatriz, come here.
Don't be shy, come on.

Have some tea, and tend
to our guest of honor.


Oh, heavens.

I fell, didn't I?

Yes, I think you did.

How pretty, long live Mexico.

Long live Mèxico.


Let's have some order.
You're breaking the bottles.

We said you wouldn't drink that.

No it's written down.

Let go, don't be funny.

Tell me it's mine.

What are 10 pesos for
a railroad officer?


Tell her to be kind and you'll...

give her your whole salary
plus over time.

Don't be mean, please. Give it
to me, I need it so much.

Put it down,
I'll call the police.

Don't make trouble
with the town mulatta.

Sit down, I want to talk.

Lend me your horse
to put my saddle on it.

So, they beat you again.

Look at what happened,
you'd better stick with me.

I love you, it hurts me to
see you in bad company.

Even a damned cop.

Why don't you leave me alone?
It's my life.

You used to be a whim for me.

I admit it.

You were the novelty
at the dance hall.

Now it's different.

For the first time,
I feel jealous.

Stick with the 5 or 6
women who covet you.

I'm offering you my love.
I love you, it's true.

Come away with me.

Between you and I there
could never be anything.

We're like poison
ivy to each other.

And don't try to take
advantage of my fear.

Remember, people kill
out of fear, too.

I swear it'll be different.

I'll even let you
take part in my business.

Your business?
You mean Ruth and lrma.

I mean other deals
that will make us rich.

Work with me,
your life will change.

I don't know what you mean,
but I don't want to see you.

So, don't try to see me, either.

Not only will you have to
see me, you'll come begging.

I can make you. Do you
think I don't know your secret?

I know what you do on Sundays.

- Dance to this song.
- Come on, pretty thing.

Come on, have some fun.

I needed to see you
these past three Sundays.

I would have told you about
Roberto last week.

- Who is Roberto?
- The principal's son.

He's a pilot with Squad 201.

One of the heroes who
fought in the Pacific.

He was wounded in Okinawa
and has 7 decorations.

One from the U.S. congress.

You know they only give
those in exceptional cases.

Last Sunday...

the principal was kind enough
to invite me with them.

Roberto took us to the air strip,
and then to the ballet.

Yesterday he asked
permission to see me.

- What did you reply?
- I said I would like to,

but that you had the final say.

He will talk to you next Sunday...

at eleven, after mass.

What did I do wrong, sister?

I don't want you to have
any distractions.

First you have to finish
school and graduate.

The rest will come later.

Maybe you will meet other
young men as well...

so that someday you
can pick between them...

the one to settle down
and have a home with.

Well, I practically
just met him, but...

Beatriz is like one of
those spring mornings...

that suddenly go
directly to your heart.

Without complications, pure,
simple and perfect.

I believe you son, but...

you want to fly when
you should go step by step.

A pilot, alas.

You abandoned this house, now you...

want to finish
it in a few weeks...

as if you were
in a hurry to get somewhere.

I long for a home.

A home with a woman
exactly like Beatriz.

Without complications, like...

Like a spring morning,
I heard you.

But look, son.

Besides the fact that Beatriz
is almost a child...

we know nothing
about her sister...

who after all, is like her mother.

Tomorrow I'm going to meet her...

after eleven o'clock
mass at the cathedral.

I get the feeling she is worthy.

What the hell!

In these selfish times...

such a sacrifice as hers...

acting as her mother,
implies something serious.

No doubt Mercedes is worthy.
Very worthy, mother.

For you, that's much.


Keep walking.

I was wrong, yes.

I know a pretty girl
who walks so sweetly...

Shall we dance, Mercedes?

Go away, you know
I want nothing with you.

Come on, just a little dance.

Let me go.

She moves harder
and they tell her to go.

Well, well.

A little step that way,
a little step this way.

A little step that way,
a little step this way.

- Give me a coke.
- Right away.

A nice little sway, cutie
I want to see you enjoy.

- A little step this way.
- My little honey pie.

- A little step that way.
- What a little doll.

- A nice little sway.
- That's so good, honey.

- A little step that way.
- That way.

Remem ber I said there was a
deal that would make me rich?

Well, I need your help tonight.

Don't count on me.

Look Mercedes, you and I
need lots of dough.

We'll have more than enough,
we'll go away together...

and live it up
where nobody knows us.

Let's leave all this behind
to live the good life.

I love you and promise
I'll be a man.

From now on, you'll be
the only woman for me.

I'm getting rid
of all those dames.

But first you have to help me.

We'll be done with
this in no time.

Leave me alone, Paco, I want
no part of your schemes.

You're turning me down.

That's like a curse on me.

If anything goes wrong,
it'll be your fault.

A nice little sway.

- A little sway, sway.
- A little step that way.

- That way, that way.
- A little step this way.

- My little honey pie.
- A little step that way.

A nice little sway, cutie,
I want to see you enjoy.

He threatened you again.

He uses what he knows on me.

Don't help him, he keeps
very bad company.

Tell me if he tries
to blackmail you.

I'm very tired, Lupe.

I think I'll retire now.

Tomorrow I'm meeting
Beatriz's sweetheart.

Not sweetheart yet,
he's her suitor.

Did I tell you he's a hero
from Squad 201?

A lieutenant pilot.
Shall I walk you home?

Yes, please.

I'm sad and I am very scared.
I don't know,

I had never been this sad before.

As if something were going to happen.

Don't worry, Merceditas,
I'll take you to your doorstep.

Thank you, Lupe.

A flower for the lady, officer.

Look how difficult,
straight from Veracruz.

Come on, officer, don't be mean.

- How much?
- Fifty cents, for the lady.

Fifty cents?

All right, ten cents.

I don't want you spending on me.

Go on.

- Take 20 for your funeral flower.
- Gardenias, gardenias.


Let's throw it out,
what if it's bad luck?

No, no, those are just
superstitions, aren't they?

Over the roofs.

Go that way, I'll go this way.

Stop, you wretch.

Let's go.

Quiet, don't turn the light on.

What's wrong, Paco?
Don't involve me, please.

I told you it would
be your fault.


I'm the officer from the
corner of the dance hall.

I said I'm the officer from
the corner of the dance hall.

I'm bearing witness on behalf
of somebody that was brought in.

Mercedes Gòmez.

One of the thieves...

sneaked into her room at dawn...

in an attempt to hide,
that's why she was with him.

- Mercedes Gòmez?
- Yes, buddy.

I'm sorry.

You know nothing can
be done on Sundays.

She has a very important engagement...

today at eleven o'clock.

What, what?

She has an important engagement...

today at eleven o'clock.

Don't get mad, buddy.

The judge will be here tomorrow...

at 10..30, at the earliest.

It had to happen on a Sunday,
tough luck.

Then, let me see her.


Let me see her.

Sure thing, buddy.

You know the way, don't you?

I didn't do anything wrong.

I didn't do anything wrong.

How could this terrible thing...

happen precisely today?

The judge won't come until tomorrow.

You can't get out any sooner.

There is no tomorrow for me.

I'll never see Beatriz again.

I wanted to talk about that.

I could go see your sister
and the lieutenant pilot.

She knew perfectly
what this meant to me.

But of course,
to her it's not important.

She has stood me up so many times.

For example, today,
like most other Sundays.

All the girls go out
and I stay behind, alone.

With all due respect, Miss Beatriz.

I wouldn't talk that way
about your sister.

Precisely today.

She didn't even bother
to write me a letter.

Always distant.

Who knows where?

No wonder they say
my sister is so mysterious.

Miss Beatriz, your sister...

is working hard
to make a living...

so that you can attend
this school.

Who are you?

I'm like her servant,
Miss Beatriz.

I help her in any way I can.

She deserves so much.

She wrote to me and
asked me to excuse her...

and to see if Mr. Roberto
could meet her next Sunday.

I'm leaving now.

It's almost eleven,
and the cathedral is far.

Don't ever think those
things about your sister.

Your sister, Miss Beatriz...

is more than a mother to you.

Excuse me, lieutenant.


- Are you Mr. Roberto?
- Yes, why?

My boss Miss Mercedes
sent me to see you.

She was unable to come to
Mexico city today...

but she will come next
Sunday with her sister...

for sure.

Next Sunday? Where and what time?

Right here, at the same
time, lieutenant.

- Thank you very much.
- Excuse me.

Listen, my friend.

Please accept this.

- Thank you very much.
- Excuse me.

What happened, Merceditas
for christ's sake?

- Somebody wanted my blanket.
- Somebody took it.

Okay, who took the blanket?

That woman isn't the goddess
you think.

Shut your mouth. Quiet.

I'm really sorry about what's
going on, Merceditas.

- Did you see my sister?
- And the lieutenant, too.

It's arranged for next Sunday.

He'll be expecting
you and your little sister.

He must be a nice young man.

Very nice and very impressive,
like a marshal.

You should have seen his
uniform, olive colored,

made of the finest English
fabric, with his stripes...

and gold wings.

His car is this big, it sends
off sparks. It's gorgeous.

He must have thought I was
a messenger, and tipped me.

I'll keep the coins
as a souvenir.

I hope nothing bad
happens before Sunday.

What could happen? Be patient.

Next Sunday you will see your
sister and the lieutenant pilot.

How can I ever repay you, Lupe?

If I didn't already know
that there's a God in Heaven...

I would believe in Him
because you exist.

These are my buddies.

Our arms.

Our 201.

Looks like we were in the sky.

We were.

Twenty minutes ago we were
3,000 meters up, weren't we?

3,700 meters.


Yes, Beatriz, 3,700 meters.

It was like fleeing from
the misery down here.

As if the pureness
of the sky filled me up.

So close to the stars and to God.

You have a wonderful
profession, Roberto.

And you are an angel...

for only angels
can rise to the sky.

An angel? I don't know
what to say.

Ever since I was little
I dreamt of flying.

For me, any airman
was like a god.

Now I realize that...

You can go up and breathe
a bit of divinity.

I like the solitude up there,
among the stars.

Up there, you can feel and
think more clearly.

You can grasp the important
things in life a lot easier.


Like the reply I am
expecting from you, Miss Mercedes.

I know how much Beatriz means...

and how far you've gone for her.

You are an admirable woman,
Miss Mercedes.

I speak with the conviction
of my insignificance.

Allow me to formalize our
relationship under the condition...

that it will not interfere
with Beatriz's schooling.

I love her,
and I know we will be happy.

I wish I could offer
her a grand position, but...

unfortunately, all I have
is my profession...

and a house I am finishing.

I've been told
I'm getting promoted.

Excuse me if I hurt
you in any way.

I am unworthy of
aspiring to something so grand.

But when you're in love,
Miss Mercedes,

you lose your sense of reality.

In the name of Heaven,
I ask for lodging.

The graduation test is done.

Tomorrow I'll have my gown
for the graduation party.

- What are you going to do?
- I don't know.

Roberto wants to get
married in 3 months.

He even spoke of the honeymoon.

He said they're going to Hawaii.

Who knows how long.

I don't know what I'll do.

I could help her before
when she was in school.

But now, where will I put
her in the meantime?

You'll have to have a home
she can leave from.

Besides, the principal
will want to discuss that.

It'll be terrible for Beatriz,
I should just die.

Don't say that, Merceditas,
I told you...

and you know I meant
it from my heart.

I have some savings.

And I'm working afternoons
at the warehouse.

Everything I make is yours,
no conditions asked.

Soon you will be free
from your burden.

And maybe someday you'll want
to share your life with me.

I won't mention this again...

because I shall wait for you
until the day God determines...

You are so kind, Lupe.

You still consider that...

and I can still
mean something to you.

You can use me
however you see fit.

The only way is as my wife.

Don't do that,
don't do that, Merceditas.

You have to leave this
place as soon as possible...

and present yourself...

as what you are..
Miss Beatriz's sister.

Oh, it is a queen...

Who calls for us...

How can she be all alone...

at night?

My wife is Mary...

and she is going to give birth...

to the Divine Being.

Is that you, Joseph?

I'll tell you one thing.

Few christmas parties are
as respectful as these.

Here we are all sinners
and do not smell incense.

But don't see the devotion
of the girls and the clients.

And let me tell you, among them...

there are some nasty fellows.

One of the wise men spent
five years in the dump.

There is a girl who gets.

I mean, seducing and stealing
away from here.

Because let me tell you,
this is a decent place.

We don't seduce or steal here.

You won't see drunk women, either.

Although we sell beer...

there is a limit, you know.

Joseph, Mary and Jesus
came to honor us today.

Throw candy and favors...

for the youngsters'
hearty appetite.

And, going back to the girl...

I wonder what she
does with the dough.

I mean, she's always broke.

I'll introduce you to her now.

- Waiter.
- Yes, sir.

Call Mercedes.


Mercedes, Mercedes.

- The boss wants you.
- Excuse me.

When copland was here,
a musician, from your country.

Yes, yes copland.

Aaron copland, the composer
of Salòn Mèxico.

Exactly, Mr. copland
sat at this very table.

He spent nights watching and...

getting the feel of the people.

That's where he got the

to compose the
Salòn Mèxico Suite.

The suite.

Hurry Mercedes, don't take long
bring out the basket of peanuts.

Hurry Mercedes, don't take long
bring out the basket of peanuts.

Mercedes come here, Mercedes.

Mercedes, I am telling
you to come.

What the hell is it with you?

Tell me, what's wrong?

Either you go, or you're fired.

I'd like to know why you steal...

but you never have a penny?

Tell me who's taking your money...

so I can give him a beating.

You heard me, don't ever
set foot in here again.

It's better that you were
fired, Merceditas.

Now you can't go back.

What you should do
is go get some rest.

Forget what happened.

Pretend this christmas Eve...

never existed.

Let's go.

You should move as soon
as possible.

You need a place to
live with Miss Beatriz.

Tomorrow I'll move
to any old place.

You'll get rid of your
fears once and for all.

Yes Lupe, I'm going.

See you tomorrow, Merceditas.

And forget about everything.

See you tomorrow, Lupe.


Yes Mercedes, it's me.

I got away from the cops.

Here I am, waiting for you.

You have to go away,
don't compromise me.

If you knew what
I've been through.

It was like being in hell.

Well, where were you?

Have pity on me, go away.

On your mother's memory,
for goodness sake.

You're the only thing
I want, only you.

I fled thinking of you.

- I came to get you.
- No.

Honey, let's cut the games.

They're searching for me big time.

Grab your clothes and let's go.

We'll go to Guatemala right now.

- You won't regret it.
- No Paco.

I'm as serious as if both
of us were about to die.

I love you and can't forget you.

I am what I am, but I cannot
forget you. I love you...

Let go of me Paco, let me go.

Over my dead body.
I told you before that there...

could never be anything between us.

Go away, Paco, I'm begging you.

I never want to see you again.

You don't care about my love,
you're not coming?

No, don't worry, I won't kill you.

You know where I'm going to strike.

I read that your sister
is marrying a hero.

The son of the principal...

of a fancy boarding
school for girls.

That's where I'll strike,
before I leave Mèxico.

No. Fate brought you here,
you're not leaving this room.

- Move or I'll kill you.
- I said you're not leaving.

I said move.

I needed to talk
to you, lieutenant.

Take the body away.

As soon as the autopsy is done,
you can take her.

She was going to be my wife.

After Miss Beatriz
and you got married.

She was the greatest
woman I ever met.

Ana Luisa Romero.

Miss Beatriz Gòmez.

- My sister didn't come.
- No, she did not.

You know, she had to
leave on a long journey.

But you are coming with us.

But now, I want to be the
first to congratulate you.

May I kiss you?

Juàrez shouldn't have died,
oh, have died...

Juàrez shouldn't have died,
oh, have died...

If Juàrez hadn't died...

things would have been different.

The nation would have been saved,
Mexico would be happy, happy.