Salma Pe Dil Aa Gaya (1997) - full transcript

Two youngsters from conflicting Pathan tribes fall in love with each other and together face the wrath of their respective tribes. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Greetings, Father.

Greetings, dear, greetings.

Salma, dear!

After God if i've remembered
anyone then its you.

After your prayers whenever
you've remembered...

...your daughter, you've always
found her like your shadow.

...I've seen that happening
since Salma's childhood.

after Salma's mother's death..'ve taken care of her
since her childhood.

The favour you've done by
taking care of her as your own..

...I can never repay you for that.

Sire, it's the Almighty
who brings you up..

...we humans are just the means.

And as far as favour
is concerned..

... you can repay now.

How do i do that?

Find a Salam for dear Salma.

Because she has reached
marriageable age now.

Aunt, Salim? What do you mean?

Greetings, uncle.
- Bless you, dear Shabana.

Greetings, aunt.
- Bless you, dear.

Uncle, aunt is fond of
that name Salim.

But i asked aunt, what if you
don't find Salim Khan for her?

And what if you got Sarfaraz Khan,
Akbar Khan or Ali Khan?

So what, dear?

We'll change his name and
call him Salim Khan.

Aunt, Salma's wedding
is my last and first wish.

On the day of
my daughter's wedding...

... i'll decorate our region with
so many lamps that...

... even the stars in the heaven
will ask each other...

... what's the occasion?
The earth...

... is glimmering like us stars?

My daughter Salma's wedding
will be so grand...

...that even the neighbouring
tribes and their chieftains..

...won't be able to forget it
for years to come.

May God fulfill your wish, sire!

Sire, someone from tribe
has come with a grievance.

Send him in.
- Yes, sire.

Sire, save my daughter, sire!

I'll be ruined, I'll be destroyed.

Save my daughter!
- What happened to her?

Sire, the men from
Gul Khan's tribe...

... have abducted my daughter.

How dare they cast an evil eye
upon a girl from tribe?

I will gouge out their eyes.

Dilawar Khan!

Listen, you!

Let go of me!

Save me!

Let go of me!


Dilawar, Sher Khan
wants this girl!

Just drop your gun and
go back. Or else!

Brother Dilawar!


Come, Mehboob,
let's take her home.

Uncle, i have hacked
four enemies to death.

And i've written justice with
their blood on their land.

And what about Abdul's
daughter Mehjabeen.

She is untouched and safe...

... i have taken her to
uncle Abdul's place.

Bravo, Dilawar!
Bravo, my fearless warrior!

What are you thinking, Shabana?

I am thinking about
what i am thinking.

What are you thinking?

What if Salim who's a product
of aunt's imagination...

... comes in your dreams...

... or else if he appears
in front of you...

... then how will you
express your love?

Stop dreaming, Shabana.

I just want to know
what you will do.

Will you feel embarrassed...

... or will you go and embrace him?

I won't do anything.

I will neither feel embarrassed
nor will i embrace him.

Then how will you
express you love?

Will you kiss him on the lips?

- Wow!

Your face suddenly glowed
when i talked about kiss.

Shabana, i will just...
- Dear God!

You embraced this pillar as
if he really was Salim.

What did you say? Wait, i will
show you... - No, no, Salma.

No, no, where are you going?
- No, no, Salma.

Oh God, what did i do?

Forgive me. I just, i just...

What are you waiting for?

Go and get the water!
- Let it be, Salma!

You did the right thing.

We have to give something
in order to get.

I had come here to give
you this chicken.

And i am taking back this stain.

Here it is.

Brother, this stain won't go away.

How can't it go away?

Come, i'll clean them.

Brother, consider this stain
as a gift from Salma.

Salma, this is for you.

Thank you.

I have spoiled his dress
because of you.

Girls, hurry up now.
- Yes, aunt.

It's brother Dilawar
who likes to eat chilies...

... but it's us who have
to powder them.

He is quite short tempered
by nature.

And if he eats chilies, his anger
will increase even more.

please stitch this button.

Salma, why don't you do that?

... I'm not good at handling
thread and needle. - Alright.

Give it to me, i'll do it.

Brother, why don't you bring
me a nice sister-in-law...

... to fulfil your wishes
and commands?

Shabana is absolutely right.

If one is related then stitching
button becomes really a fun.

Brother, now even Salma
is saying the same thing.

Get married now.

Yes, don't think to much.

Your fate will betray
if the right time passes by.

Yes, brother, hurry up.

Like my friend Shehnaz did.

Instant engagement
and instant marriage.

Yes, tomorrow we're going
to go Shehnaz's wedding.

And we've to take father's
permission for that.

Dear, i never allowed you go
away from me before this.

Then how can i permit you
to go out of my area...

... for almost four days or so?

Father, i have promised
my friend...

... that i'll definitely
attend her wedding.

Do you want me to break
my promise? - No,no.

If my daughter has promised...

... then she'll surely fulfill her
promise. - Thank you, father.

Sire, get used to live
without Salma.

Daughter never belongs to us.

God knows when
she'll sit in palanquin...

...and go back to
where she belongs.

Sire.. will you hide your tears..

... when you'll put her
in a palanquin?


- Greetings to you.

Salma, who is hiding behind you?

- Greetings.

Greetings. Salma, come.

You've surprised us, didn't you?
- Why?

No one could know...

... that you stole
Sajjad Khan's heart...

... while stealing glances at him.

Well, girls, it's an arrow of love...

... once, it goes,
it never comes back.

You're bound to fall for someone
on the occasions of marriages.

You're lucky to
have found Sajjad.

Pray that even i get some...
- Savage.

Okay, fine with savage,
but at least him.

I'll pull his ears and
turn him into an angel.

Come, come on! The
get-together is about to begin.

I have written everyone's name.

And i've also included Salma
and Shabana's name.

What's this custom?

And why did she
write our names?

Salma, it's an age
old custom here.

The bachelor boys
and maiden girls'...

... names are written on
glass of sweets.

Then a boy and a girl's
glass are kept together.

Then their names are called.

Then they come before each
other and greet. That's it.

So it means even
i have to greet someone?

Yes, Salma. You know
what happened last time?

A bachelor old fellow's name
was connected to me.

I smiled and greeted him.

And that mister fainted
right on the spot.

The get-together begins now.

And the first name is
Sultan Khan and Ruksaar.

Oh gosh.

- Greetings.

Salim Khan..

... and Salma.

Oh dear God!

Don't you get scared! Go,go.


Come on, go.
Come on, go.

Salma! Come out, please.

What happened?

I think God has
fulfilled aunt's wish.

Go and see
if it's your prince Salim.

No. - Oh come on, he can be
an old uncle for God's sake.

Go and see him.

Salma, come out, please.
- You'll have to fulfill this custom.

Salma must face Salim.
Go. Come on, go.

Oh dear God!
- I have seen him!

Good. Congrats for Salim.
- Shut up!

I couldn't even dream that
your prince will be like this.

Aunt's dream is quite beautiful.

Will you shut up?

- Oh dear God.

And Gujre Khan.

Gujre Khan?
Have i heard this name?

Is he the same old fellow?
Oh God.

Is he back again?
Last time he went to hospital...

... i think this time he'll go
to the graveyard.




What are you thinking, boy?

Mehboob, pal, you know that...

I can slit an enemy's throat.

I can cause bloodshep.

But dear, I cant tell
Salma that I love her.

Boy, tell her about
your feelings or..

... else you'll regret like me.

What do you mean?

I used to love a camel.

But i couldn't dare to tell her.

And she got married
to my neighbour.

And boy, i remained
bachelor forever.

"It's a nature's miracle!"

"Oh it's wonderful!"

"I have seen it again!"

"Oh it's wonderful!"

"It's a nature's miracle!"

"Oh it's wonderful!"

"I have seen it again!"

"Oh it's wonderful!"

"My heart salutes her...

... and her name is Salma!"

"I lost my heart to Salma!"

?I lost my heart to Salma!?

?It's a nature's miracle!?

?Oh it's wonderful!?

?I have seen it again!?

?Oh it's wonderful!?

"Don't walk barefoat
they will get soiled."

"Don't walk barefoat they
will get soiled."

"Your legs will feel the pain
if you walk on the flower."

"Daintiness is your second name."

"And my heart salutes to her!"

"And her name is Salma!"

"I lost my heart to Salma!"

"I lost my heart to Salma!"

"It's a nature's miracle!"

"Oh it's wonderful!"

"I have seen it again!"

"Oh it's wonderful!"

"I am nature's miracle.
I am love, i am worship!"

"I am nature's miracle.
I am love, i am worship!"

"People call my by
the name of love."

"I'll sacrifice my life for love."

"And my heart salutes to her!"

"And her name is Salma!"

"I lost my heart to Salma!"

"I lost my heart to Salma!"

"It's a nature's miracle!"

"Oh it's wonderful!"

"I have seen it again!"

"Oh it's wonderful!"

"You entered youth
from your childhood...

... and put me in trouble."

"You entered youth
from your childhood...

... and put me in trouble."

"I am in two minds...

... am i part of your life or not?"

?May the love not turn
into an accusation.?

"My heart salutes to her!"

"And her name is Salma!"

"I lost my heart to Salma!"

"I lost my heart to Salma!"

"I lost my heart to Salma!"

"I lost my heart to Salma!"

"The groam will come
with bandwagon."

"It will be a beautiful night!"

"I'll dance like crazy."

Hurry up, even i want to
put henna on my hand.

Hey, even we want to put henna.
- Me too!

Me, first.
- Look, even aunt isn't here.

How can i alone put henna
on everyone's hand?

Wait for a while.
- What if aunt isn't here?

I will put on henna.


If any of you ladies
want to put henna..

... on their hands they
can come to me.

I won't go.
- Oh dear God, i feel shy.

So, please come forward.

I will put henna. Come to me.

At least, anyone
of you should come...

... so that i can apply henna.


Show me the hand
with henna on it. - No.

Why not?
I want to see it, show me!

Alright. See.
- Salim?

Everyone thinks
ha has put on henna.

This henna has brought
in Salma's life.

Greetings. - May God make
your words come true.

Amen! Amed!

Salma, you held this plate
with the henna applied hand.

What if it gets apoiled?

Oh dear, what if it gets spoiled?

Today, it's a sweet that has fallen.

I hope you won't fall
down yourself...

... or else i'll have to
call Salim himself.

Greetings. I am right here.


Salma! Sweets!

Oh, this henna is showing
nice colours now.

Are you awake?
- Yes, you've fallen in love but...

... it's me who has lost sleep.

Dear, the elder say that
if colour of your hanna...

... comes out really good then
your would-be hubby...

... must be loving you like a crazy.

Let me say something for it.

Love is a sweet punishment.

It's a beautiful trouble.

How's it?!
- Shut up.

Your poems are
absolutely nonsense!

They are neither meaningful
nor rhyming.

No meanings or no rhymes.

But you've your Salim, don't you?

Shabana, ask Shehnaz
in private about him.

Like, who is he?
And where does he come from?

Tomorrow, there is going
to be a programme.

Drums will be played,
songs will be sung.

You're going to meet him,
so ask him yourself.

I am feeling little sleepy now.

Okay, good night.

" O girls, beat the drums!"

"Show us how you dance!"

"O girls, beat the drums!"

"Show us how you dance!"

"Shake your lovely waists...

... and sway your bodies, girls!"

"It's time of union when...

... the lover meets his beloved."

"It's time of union when...

... the lover meets his beloved."

"O girls, beat the drums!"

"Show them haw you dance."

"O girls, beat the drums!"

"Show them haw your dance."

"They're too proud of themselves...

... show them the mirrors."

"It's time of union when...

... the girls meets her hubby."

"It's time uf union when...

... the girl meets her hubby."

"Your eyes are without kohl...

... maybe you're looking for it."

"I am looking for a cloud which...

... will shower water
without season."

"I like the way you move."

"Your charm is killing me."

"Call some doctor, girls."

"Swow them to doctor, girl."

"They are all fired up,girl...

... let's calm them down!"

"It's time of unione when...

... the girl meets her hubby."

"It's a time of union when...

... the girl meets her hubby."

"Your hands are adorned
with henna."

" Whose name does it bear?"

"The one who taught me love...

... his name adorns my hand!"

"You've been caught, dear...

... it's time you reveal the truth."

"Don't get fooled by what they say!"

"Show them the out, girls!"

"Don't be too cocky!"

"Make us yours, o girls!"

"It's a time of union when...

... the girl meets her hubby."

"It's a time of union when...

... the girl meets her hubby."

"O girls, beat the drums!"

"Show them how you dance."

"Shake your lovely waists...

... and sway your bodies, girls!"

"It's a time of union when...

... the lover meets his beloved."

"It's time of union when...

... the girl meets her hubby."

"It's time of union when...

... the girl meets her hubby."

"It's time of union when...

... the lover meets his beloved."

Pal, i really enjoyed the wedding.

You were quite rocking in that
song. - Well, that's fine.

But i had asked you some
information. What about that?

I kind of forgot to
ask Salma's address...

... due to this wedding and all.

And Salma left last night.

She left?

Don't you worry, pal.

I'll write you a letter
as soon as i find her.

Okay, then, good bye.
- Good bye.

Greetings, aunt.
- Bless you, dear.

So how was your
friend's wedding?

It was great, aunt.
I enjoyed it a lot!

So my daughter is here.

Greetings, father.
- Same to you, dear. Same to you.

Salma, without you,
this place was thorny ground.

I was quite worried about you.

Father, take a look. I have come
here safe and sound.

You're worried quite

No, Salma, no.

You're not back safe and sound.

My experienced eyes fell me
that you've changed somewhat.

Changed? What kind
of change, father?

Look into my eyes carefully.

You're changed.
Your mind is changed.

My mind is changed.
- Yes.

You've forgotten that
whenever you have met me...

... you've always let me kiss
your forehead at first.

Oh father.

Oh dear!
- Come, Shabana.

I think your love fewer
is increasing now.

Salma, what's happening
to your dear heart?

Shabana, every heart beat
screams for the beloved's name.

Did you tell aunt about all this?

I see! So you're hiding
something from tour aunt, huh?

Aunt, your words came true.

Salma met her
Salim at the wedding.

And he wrote his name
on her hand.

Salim. Who is he?
- Don't know.

Don't know.
- Where does he stay?

Don't know. -I mean he should
be staying somewhere..

...shouldn't he?

No idea.

"I should send flowers."

"Yes, i should send flowers...

... my heart says to me!"

"But i don't know where you stay."

"I have no idea."

"I have no idea.
- I should write a letter."

?I should write a letter.. heart says to me!?

?But I don't know where you stay.?

"I have no idea."

"I have no idea."

"You stole a glance at me...

... and then you felt shy."

"You stole a glance at me...

... and then you felt shy."

"you pressed your drape
between your teeth...

... and broke into a lovely smile."

"I wish to kiss you...

"I wish to kiss you...

... my heart says to me."

"But i don't know where you stay."

?I have no idea ?

?I have no idea ?

"A wind must flow from
your town to mine."

"A wind must flow from
your town to mine."

"Keep penning your thoughts
on that gust of wind...

... whatever that your
heart goes through."

"I feel like flying to you...

"I feel like flying
to you my heart says to me!"

"But i don't know where you stay."

"I have no idea."

"I have no idea."

"I can see your glimpse amidst
the henna on my hand, o beloved."

"Your love has made true
what God has ruled."

"O god, bring me
my estranged beloved."

"I would die without her."

"O God, bring me
my estranged beloved."

"I would die without her."

"I'm like a firefly ready to die
burning without my beloved."

"I feel like giving up life.

"Yes, i feel like giving up life...

"But i don't know where you stay."

"I have no idea."

"I have no idea."

"I should send flowers."

"I should write a letter
my heart says to me!"

"But i don't know where you stay."

"I have no idea.
- I have no idea."


Greetings, father.
- Bless you.

I know that you love
this instrument...

... because your mother
had gifted this to you.

But if she would've
been alive then...

... she would have said
the same thing...

... that i am about to say, dear.

You're grown up now.

And tomorrow you'll have
to lead this tribe.

And a chief should flaunt
a gun in his hand...

... rather than a musical instrument.


... brings bloodshed
and hatred.

But these delicate
strings plays the...

... harmony of peace and love.

But the times we lifve
in is reverberated by...

... gun shots and
clinking of swords.

And only guns can curb such
a situation and not music.

Salim, i fear that you might
get too last in...

... music and forget
about being a chief.

Father, i don't wish to rule our...

... tribessmen with guns and swards.

But instead i prefer to win
their hearts with love.

What will you do
if enemies of our tribes...

... force you to use guns?

If that happened, father,
then i can drop this...

... instrument and take guns
in my hand for justice.

Shabana. Shabana.

Come, Salma. - Greetings, aunt.
- Bless you.

Where is Shabana?
- She has gone to our neighbours..

...will be back in a while.
Sit down till then.

Shabana, you silly, let me see.

Why do you need your eyes?

You can see him
with your closed eyes too.

Yes. That's right.
He always resides in my eyes.

Come on, let go now.

No, first recite some poetry, only
then i'll let you see.


Then hear this.

May God not bring the day when...

... i won't utter your name.


O beloved, it's not possible that...

... my love story won't
bear your name.

Wow, that was great. Nice.

- Tell me, dear.

Sometimes, i get scared
by Dilawar's eyes.

His eyes shouldn't
get you nervous...

... his eyes are like that
since he was a little boy.

He rendered me senseless...

... helpless and witless.


He rendered me senseless...

... helpless and witless.

He gave so many ailments
to my dear friend.

Oh, you ruined my poetry,
didn't you?

If you're going to scream
like that then...

... father might hear it
and i'll be in trouble.

Elders are right, aren't they?

That love is timid
and always scared.

But Shabana,
i don't know who he is...

... where does he come from
and where did he go?

Lovers don't go away from heart
they wander all over the place...

... to return to where they belong.
- When will that day arrive...

... when Salim will appear
before my eyes?

I fear that he might just be a
part of my dreams and poetry.

So tell me, what have you written
as you miss him?

I have poetry,
but i can't culminate it.

I think i should go to Mr. Shah...

... now only he can help me with it.

Tell me, maybe i can help you.

Alright, then listen.

My beloved took away my life
and my soul from me.

My beloved took away my life
and my soul from me.

Yes! And then he kissed
Salma while embracing her.

You are one hell of a stupid poet.
- Is that right?

Then go to Mr. Shah.


Greetings, Mr. Shah.
- Bless you, dear.

You've raised new symphony
with this instrument.

Played a new tune, which was
never heard before around here.

Yes, Mr. Shah,
this tune carries with it...

... love, affection and fondness.

It's you who craves for love
or it's other way around? - Sir...

... does shore touches the waves
or the waves touch the shore.

Does shore crave or the waves?

I have no idea.
- But if you play such a tune...

... then you become like it.

Just like olive tree which makes
its way through marble.

I won't ask you about that olive.

Because i know that you'll come
to me and tell me that myself.

Don't be afraid, dear...

... because the truth is the most...

... powerful and the lie
is the weakest...

... thing in this world.

Okay, i will leave now.

Goodbye Mr. Shah. Goodbye.

Greetings, Mr. Shah.

Bless you, dear.

How are you, Salma?

Didn't see you for quite a while.

Well, Mr. Shah, i had gone
away for a wedding.

I can't culminate poetry.

I must hear the entire poetry.

Come,we'll hear it.
- Sure.

So, dear, start.
- Yes.

He rendered me senseless,
helpless and witless.

The stranger left me
with new experience.

Wonderful! Wonderful!
Okay, go on.

He took some, gave some,
but he was fair and just.

But he was fair and just.

He gave life and
yet took away one.

Wow! Brilliant!
Wonderful! Wonderful!

What a beautiful line! Next verse.

He didn't let me think
even for a moment.

He didn't let me think
even for a moment.

But yet left me with an eon
to lead sleepless nights.

Wonderful! A moment
and an eon. Brilliant!

That's quite a wonderful
thought. Tell me more.

My beloved took away my life
and my soul from me.

Sir, what should be the next line?

What's the line?
Took away my life...

... my soul from me.
- From me.

My beloved took away my life
and my soul from me.

But his fragrance still
lingers upon me.

Wow! Brilliant!
Wonderful! Wonderful!

Who is he, Mr. Shah?

He is pupil of mine
just like you.

Meer Salim.


... please tell her...

... that i didn't say that line.

My inanity made me utter it.

The poetess is happy...

... that not only because
her line is completed...

... but also because her
poetry is culminated.

Come, dear, come.

Oh God.


This is Salma...

... daughter of Chief Aatish Khan.


And this is Salim...

... son of Chief Gul Khan.


Ok. Sir...

... let me take your leave.



... this is the way which
leads to your house.

Now every path...

... leads me to my Salim.

And when I reach there,
I know that I belong there..

...I know it belongs to me.
But Salma..'re like a poetry
which I can't sing.

I wouldn't be here,
if I was scared.

For your love...

... i can face anything in this world.


... you are my love...

... but its consequences
are nothing but harsh desert...

... where one can't find
his destination.

In love, if you even
take one step...

... you've reached your destination.

Your and our tribes
are separated by...

... mighty walls of enmity.

Power of love...

... can destroy even the walls
as mighty as mountains.

This desert always craved
for love and affection.

What if our love..
- No, Salim.

We've met to become
one forever.

I met you and met my life.

I've this feeling of reached
to finality, Salim.

So, can you leave behind
your people, your tribe...

... and your world for me?

You're a world to me.

I can leave everything even for
a presence of your shadow.



What's the matter?
My dear girl looks so happy.

Yes, aunt, i am really happy.

But Salma, dear...

... today your happiness looks
quite strange to me.

Aunt, today my dreams have
come true, my poetry...

I have become complete.

I have found my Salim, aunt.

Have you found him?
- Yes.

But who is he?

Son of Chief Gul Khan.

Son of Chief Gul Khan? Salim?


What's the matter, aunt?

You look worried
and confused. Sire...

... we have a daughter
who has reached...

... marriageable age,
so i'm bound to get worried.

I was thinking about Salma's life.

No, aunt...

I won't even let Salma
think about her life now.

I will decide who is going
to be her husband.

Yes, yes, sire.

Aunt, come, fix a lunch for us.
I am starving.

Are you hungry?
- Yes. - Come.


... the day Salma has come back
from her friend's wedding...

... it seems that you want yo see
her getting married.

That's right, sire.


Whose name is it?

Who is he?


Whose name have you
written on your palm?

Greetings, uncle.

Uncle, aunt always says that...

... no matter what
Salma's husband...

... will be called but we'll change
his name to Salim, right?

That's why i wrote Salim's
name on her palm as a joke.


... i am extremely enraged to see...

... a stranger's name on
my daughter's palm.

My mind is agonized over
questions that seem to tormend me.

I will never tolerate
a stranger's name...

... connected to my
daughter's name.


... they're ignorant...

... it's a silly mistake.

Please start eating.


... are you thinking...

... what am i thinking?

No, dear, no...

... our thinking can be the same.

Why, aunt?
- Because...

... you think about feelings...

... and i think about practicality.

My age aids me in my thinking...

... and your age is tender
and it hampers you.

That means...

... you know what am i thinking?

Yes, i know.

And i also know that...

... what you think is impossible.

Why is that impossible?

Because your thoughts...

... cannot make our enemy tribe...

... forget about their
vendetta of vengeance.

Your relation with Salim cannot
turn chief Gul Khan...

... and chief Aatish Khan's
enmity into friendship.

Your love cannot turn hatred
of tribes into love.

But, aunt...

... how do you know
what am i thinking?


I hadn't given birth to you..

...but I fed and brought you up.

I am not your mother..

...but I am like your mother.

And every mother..

... knows what her baby is...

... talking and she
understand them too.

But Salma, dear...

... last few days,
you've started scaring me.

But why are you getting
scared of me, aunt?

I think of you as my daughter.

And every mother...

... wants her daughter to be happy.

... and alive.

No matter what you think, aunt...

... but you'll see...

... for sure that...

... what i think will
definitely happen.

I am really getting scared
of Salma, Mr. Shah.

Because she loves Salim?

Chief Aatish Khan...

... and Dilawar will never
approve of this.

And they will kill Salma?

Shabana, what must be aunt and
Mr. Shah talking about in private?

It must be about you and Salim.

About Salim?

"She rendered me...


... helpless and witless"


"She rendered me senseless,
helpless and witless."

?That stranger left me
with new experience.?

"She rendered me...

... senseless...

... helpless and witless."

"He took some, gave some,
but he was fair and just."

"He gave life and
yet took away one."

"She rendered me senseless
helpless... - And witless."

"She didn't let me think
even for a moment."

"He didn't let me think
even for a moment."

" But yet left me with... - An eon
to lead sleepless nights."

"She rendered me senseless
helpless... - And witless."

"My beloved took away my life
and my soul from me."

?My beloved took away my life
and my soul from me.?

?But her fragrance still
lingers upon me.?

?He rendered me senseless
helpless and witless.?

"That stranger left me
with new experience."


Son, Dilawar...

... who is he?
He plays the music so well.

When i was born, all i heard
was gun shots, aunt.

This music means nothing to me.

Come on, let's go home.

Come, Salma.


Mr, Shah.

Mr. Shah...

I felt as...

... if i witnessed a storm.

A storm was indeed here,
but it has left.

But Salim...

... today your instrument played...

... Salma's poetry through its tunes.
- Mr. Shah.

You have told me...

... that olive roots make their
way into marble.

It has happened, Mr. Shah.

But i want to know
the truth from you.

What's the truth?

Salma is my truth.

And what about Salma?

It's same for her.

This decision isn't that easy one.

I know.

This path is strewn with dangers.

The olive root can make
their way through marble..

...but it can't pierce the
mighty wall of iron.

If flower can pierce
through diamond...

... then won't our love...

... be able to destroy enmity
between two tribes?

What you think...

... is quite possible.


Tell your father that
he should go to...

... chief Aatish Khan to ask
Salma's hand in marriage.

Yes, Mr. Shah.

Come, son.


I want to tell you something.

Tell me, dear.


... every mother who
has young son...

... wants to bring
daughter-in-law to their home.

So have you found one for me?

Yes, mother.

Tell me, who is she?

Just go to uncle's house
right away.


So you want to marry Salma?

Even i like Salma.
- So mother...

... go at once to uncle's house.

Alright... Okay. I will go.


Aatish Khan thinks that
i've murdered his brother-in-law.

And you say that...
- But father,

I know that you didn't murder him.

Will that make any difference?

Aatish Khan is my enemy.

And my enemy's daughter
can't become my daughter-in-law.

Lot of blood has been
shed between us.

Loots of people have died.
- But, father...

... think like a father...

... and not a chief.

How can i not think like a chief?

How can i?

I am chef of this tribe.

People from Aatish Khan's...

... tribe have spilled blood
of my people.

How can i forget those elders...

... who lost their lives
for this enmity?

I cannot betray my fore father
who lost their lives!

Think about sometime, father.

Think about sometime.

You are not only a chief...

...but also a father too.

This alliance can end
the age old enmity.

Enmity will turn into friendship.

A simple alliance cannot
end the age old enmity!

A hand dripping
with others blood...

... cannot be adorned with henna.

Flowers of love can bloom
on the bloodied hand.

If you take first step...

... from this path of enmity...

Salim? - Yes, father.
- Tell me something.

Do you want to marry
that girl just because...

... you want to end this feud?
- Father.

I won't lie to you...

... because i have never
lied to you.

I am in love with Salma.

And Salma?
- She can't live...

... without me, father.
- She can't live without you...

... and so can't you?

Yes, father.

Is she ready to separate
from her tribe?

Can she leave her father?

Yes, father.
- And you?

I can do anything to get her.

That's what i was afraid of.

That's it.

That instrument was surely
going to play some new tune.

Through my music...

... i always think of peace
and love, father.

I know that...

... you are just like my mother.

You hate violence.

You don't loath enmity.

Your heart cries out when you
see murder and bloodshep.

Even you want peace...

... and friendship...

... you want love and happiness.

You put me in dilemma.
Salim, dear.

I can think of sharring
your happiness.

Maybe i could just think...

... about it and could do nothing.

Brother, i am here to ask
your happiness from you.

Sister Zainat...

... our happiness belongs to you.

Brother, i am here to ask you
something for Dilawar, my son.

So it means that Mr. Shah
approves of your love?

Yes, Mr. Shah asked him
to go to his father...

... and asked him to come
to my father.

Him? What do you mean by him?

It's him.

Oh i see.

You aren't married and yet you...

... stopped calling him by names.

No, it's not the case.

Okay, then, say, Salim.

Don't talk loudly.
- No one's going to hear that.

They're brothers and sisters,
and they're quite busy chitchatting.

What are they talking about?

No, idea.

Mother said she wanted to ask
something important to uncle.

Sister Zainat...

... who can be dear to me
more than Dilawar?

And i also know that Dilawar
will take good care of Salma.

But i need two day's
time to declare this.

I already know your
decision, brother.

Now how can i not give
you two day's time?

Greetings, aunt.
- Bless you, dear.

What is it, aunt? You're looking
quite happy today.

Salma, dear, i am here to ask
happiness from my brother.

One must never refrain from
spreading happiness.

We should always
spread happiness...

... it doubles our own happiness.

Did you see, our daughter
has grown up now?

Greetings, chief.
- Same to you.

Come, Gul Khan. Come.

So what brings you here?

There is a reason, chief.

I wish that feud between
Aatish Khan...

... and us should end.

May God forgive me!

I have always wished
that these two warring...

... tribes should come together.

But i haven't found
any way till now.


I can show you the
way to friendship.

What is it?


... my son Salim and
Aatish Khan's daughter...

... are madly in love
with each other.

If they are wedded...

... then this feud will end.

That's great, Gul Khan, brilliant.

You opened my eyes!

You've thought of such
a beautiful way...

... to bring together two
tribes. Brilliant!

Go, Gul Khan, go right away.

Send a message to
Aatish Khan and...

... ask for Salma's hand
in marriage for Salim.


... you've strengthened my resolve
by approving this alliance.

Thank a millions to you.

Now i'll take your leave.

- Goodbye.

I am not getting this.

A man who always
instigated two tribes...

... today he is trying
to be a peacemaker?

Rashid, i am doing...

... what chiefs of all the
time have done.

Now what have they been doing?

If these two tribes
come together then...

It's us who is going to be
smacked in the process.

May God forgive me!

You'll never understand
my moves, Rashid.

When i trap someone, i make
him suffer for all his life.

I have sent Gul Khan
to Aatish Khan so...

... that their enmity will even
become more stronger.

Now just wait and
watch how it destroys them.

Chief, if Aatish Khan
agrees to his alliance...

... then his tribe will be happier.

It will never happen, Rashid.

I know that Aatish Khan
never does anything...

... without my permission.

And that too in support
of Gul Khan?

No way!
- Father....

Shall i say something?

Halaku, silence is good
for your health.

Uncle, it was me
who wanted Salma.

How could this Salim interfere
between ud? - Idiot...

... i mean, Halaku...

... at first, you lost your heart
to Shabnam...

... then Shehnaz...

... and then Shabana.

You lost your heart to them
and one by one...

... they committed suicide.
They are all dead. - Uncle....

I swear by you.

I won't let Salma die.

I will marry her.

How can you put your hand
over my heart...

... and take a false oath?

What if my heart stops beating?

Do you think it's only you
who wants Salma?

Even i want her too.


What is it?
- Mother.

Tell me, what is it?

You know, what i'm going
to ask you!

How do i know
what you want to ask?

Mother, did you go
to uncle's house?

I did.
- What did he say?

What will he say?

We chitchatted a lot.

Mother, look at me and
tell what did he say?

That's what i wanted to know.

Brother told me that...

... he will declare his decision
after two days.


Greetings, sire!
- Greetings! Greetings.

Greetings, chief.
- Same to you!

Happy to see, you chief
Aatish Khan. Happy to see you.

Chief, i have come here
for you advice...

... as well as for your permission.
- Tell me, Aatish Khan...


My sister Zainat has...

... asked my daughter
Salma's hand...

... in marriage for her son Dilawar.

Dilawar is brave young man.

No match can be better
than this for Salma.

Chief Aatish Khan....

Yes. Isn't that nice?

I mean your daughter will
remain in your own family.

Chief Aatish Khan....

... go to your sister's
place with gifts.

Don't be late even for a moment.

Start arranging for Salma's
wedding as soon as possible....

... so that i could be....

... part of that wedding.

That's good, chief. I just wished
for your permission.

Now i would take your leave.

- Goodbye.


Shall i say something?
- Say it.

Father, what's going on?

You've asked chief Gul to sak
Salma's hand in marriage.

And you have asked
chief Aatish Khan to....

... marry Salma to Dilawar Khan.

Chief, was it an advice
or a war declaration?

May God forgive me!

Chief is always the
person who maintains...

... rift between two castes
and two tribes.

When Gul Khan will go
to Aatish Khan...

... with the marriage proposal,
by then Aatish Khan...

... must have promised
his sister that...

... Salma will be married to Dilawar.

Aatish Khan very well
knows that Gul Khan...

... has murdered his brother-in-law.

He will never agree
to this proposal.

Congratulation, sister Zainat.
- Come, brother.


Come on...

... have some sweets.

Chief Angara Khan has...

... also approved of Dilawar
and Salma's marriage.

And his blessings are with us.


Chief Gul Khan
has sent a message.

He wants to meet you
alone in the graveyard.

Gul Khan wants to
meet me alone?

But i won't let you go alone.

He had murdered my father...

... under the excuse
of meeting him alone.

I'll go to graveyard
ith my men. Dilawar.

Gul Khan!

You've murdered my father!

Today i won't let you live!

What are you thinking, Dilawar?

Nothing special, uncle.

Gul Khan.

This graveyard and these tombs...

... proclaim about human deaths.

What do you want by
calling me here?

Aatish Khan...

... the reason for the
enmity between...

... our tribes is this very land...

... which is slowly turning
into a graveyard.

Aatish Khan.

So many lives have been lost
for thia small piece of land.

And just see...

... today, this graveyard has...

... out grown its boundaries
and spreading like a wild fire.

I don't care if its boundaries
will touch the sky!

But i want to contain the
boundaries of this graveyard.

There shouldn't be anymore
blood feud between us.

So i have come with
a peace proposal. - Peace?

Between our tribes?

Gul Khan...

... can there be a peace between
fire and gunpowder?

Can we ever forget death
of our fore fathers...

... which is a gift from your tribes?

Gul Khan, as long as
the wind blows...

... we'll continue to breathe
the fire of our enmity.

But Aatish Khan...

... i wish to lay foundation
of peace between our tribes...

... that will be topped by a wall of...

... love and affection
instead of hatred.

There is no solution
in the world..

...which can bring peace
and love between our tribes.

There is a solution, Aatish Khan.

Salma and Salim's love.

Our children should get married.

Shut up! You cretin!

How dare you ask my daughter's
hand in marriage?

I swear by the Almighty that..

... if you were't in my area...

... i would have cut off
your tongue at first.

And then i would have
severed your head and...

... buried you right here
in this graveyard!

Mind your language, Aatish Khan!

Maybe you don't know that
your daughter Salma...

... loves my son Salim like a crazy.

My son Salim is your
daughter's greatest wish.

He is her dream!

If this is true..

...then I'll crush her dream
and destroy her wish!

But I will never let her
marry your son. Never!

How will you kill her
love for Salim which..

...resides in her heart?

Gul Khan..

...daughters are married
where her elders tell her to.

And i have promised my
sister that i'll marry my daughter...

... to her son, Dilawar.

And even if i hadn't
promised this...

I would have never allowed
my daughter to marry your son.


... you can't do this.

How could you make
a decision about...

... my life without asking me?

I can't even think about
anyone else besides Salim.

Shut up!

We Pathans never ask...

... our daufhter's wish...

... when we want to marry them.

It's her father who decides this.

You're trying to shackle
my wish with yours.


You can write Salim's name
on your palm...

... but can't make him
part of your fate.


Erase the name of our
enemy's son from her palm.

And if you can't erase it,
then cut off her hand!

Father, you'll never able
to get rid of Salim..

...from my heart,
even if you cut off my hand.

How dare you go against
your own father?!

Go against Chief Aatish Khan!

Remember this,
you're getting married to..

...Dilawar on 15th of this month!


I am going to town to shop
for the wedding.

You must tell Salma...

... that you can't erase
the line made on stone...

... you can't join the
shattered mirror...

... same way, even my
decision can't be changed.

- Salim...

Aatish Khan has refused
for this alliance.

He has fixed her marriage with...

... Dilawar who is his sister's son.

No, father, no.

This can't be.

Salma can let go her life,
but not Salim.

A calamity can befall
on the earth...

... but Salma can't get
married to Dilawar.

This is a lie, father.

A lie.
- For you everything is a lie!

You've gone crazy in her love.

Love has made you so blind...

... that now you say that
your father is lying too.

I feel sorry for the fact
that i went there...

... for your love's sake got
humiliated in the end.

If they have humiliated you,

... then i will never forgive them.

But i'll never sacrifice
my love for the enmity.

What will you do?

Don't lose your sense in
rage and do something...

... by which death will
become your destiny.

I don't care if i live or die...

... but i won't let Salma become
part of somebody else's life.

Shabana, the fate has put you...

... into a great test, like me.

My test is nothing compared
to yours, Salma.

Along with me,
you're too standing at the...

... juncture where on the one
hand you've your brother...

... and on the other hand,
you've your friend.

If you want then you
can leave me...

... and support your brother.

I won't feel any
anger towards you...

I won't complain.

But Shabana, dear...

... how can i do without you?
- Salma.

I can give my life
for my happiness.

Will you do that, Shabana?

Can you cross the
boundaries of fear?

Can you break the
shackles of customs?

And it doesn't end here,

... one has to separate from
himself on the path...

... of friendship as well
as from his dear ones.

I just know, Salma that
you're my friend...

... and i can't betray you.

I am proud of our friendship.


...can you arrange Salim
to meet me just for once?



Salim hasn't turned up yet.

Did you tell him to come here,
didn't you?

Don't get worried,
he will be here.

Oh dear God, how come brother
Dilawar showed up here?

Come on, let's hide.

Dear God, if Salim comes here...

... then it will be a trouble.

Oh dear God,
what's going to happen now?

Why did you venture
into our area?

I am here to meet Salma.

What did you say? Say it again!

I am here to meet my Salma.

- No, Salma.

I'll erase her existence from...

... your heart and soul so that
you won't even utter her name.

Dear God!

Stop it.

I say, stop it!

Sir, tell him that...

... Salma is my wife.

She is getting married to me
15th of this month.

After today...

... even if i see his shadow
on our land...

... then i'll bury him right there.

Even then...

... you can't take my place
in Salma's heart.

What did you say?
- Dilawar, no!

Go back to your own areas.

Shabana, Salim has left.

What will happen now?

Let's wait for a while,
maybe he'll come back.

Jabbar is ready to die
for you, Meer Salim.

Meet me on the outskirt
of my village at midnight.

I will see you there.



... you can prove your loyalty.

You can strangle me,
if try to step out the house.

No, dear, no.

I support your love, dear.

Aunt, come with me.

How can I do that?

Everyone will suspect you, aunt.

They won't let you live.

Dear, i won't even flinch...

... to sacrifice myself for
your happiness.

Chief will come back
by tomorrow...

... afternoon with your
wedding items.

And if they don't find me
in the mansion...

... everyone will know that
you're missing too.

Then promise me something.

It will be a mother's promise
to her daughter. - What?

By tomorrow afternoon...

... before father comes...

... you'll declare that
i have gone missing.

- Then no one will blame you.

By then we will be out
of reach of everybody.

Okay, dear. Come.

Hide here.


- Yes, madam?

I can hear some voices in
the back of our mansion.

Why don't you go and check?
- Sure.

Salma, dear.

Forgive me, mother.

You call me mother,
and yet you apologize to me?

May God sanctify your love!

Oh darling.

"The love!"

"The love!"

"The love is like henna,
that when you crush it."

"The love is like henna,
that when you crush it."

"The world will keep gaping."

"The world will keep gaping...

... and it'll become
even more vibrant."

"It will become even more vibrant.
- The love!"

"The love is like henna,
that if you crush it."

"The world will keep gaping."

"The world will keep gaping...

... and it'll become
even more vibrant."

"It will become even more vibrant.
- The love!"

"The love is like henna,
that if you crush it."

"Love brings you closer to God."

"Love brings you closer to God."

"It makes you forget the world."

"It will never...

"It will never bow down
before this mighty world."

"It will never bow down."

"The love!"

"The love is like henna,
that if you crush it."

"The world will keep gaping...

... it'll become even more vibrant."



My respects.
- Same to you.

Come, Salma.
- Meer Salim...

...come inside.



See, I've almost bought entire
town for Salma's wedding.

Call Salma and tell her...

... that i love her more than my life.

See, aunt, take a look.

These jewellery and clothes
mean a father's dream and wish.

I'll make her wedding
a grand event.

Call her. Call Salma.

Why are you staring at me?

Come on, go on. Call her.

Salma is not in the mansion, sire.

She is not in the mansion?

Then where is she?
- I don't know, sire.

You don't know?

Where did she go?

And when did she go?

In the morning, i woke
up and realized.

I searched her everywhere
in the mansion.

But i couldn't find her.
- Did you ask the servants?

And the guards?

How could i ask them?

It's matter of your family prestige.
- No!

It won't happen.

A daughter cannot discard
her father's love...

... and disgrace her father like that.

Salma, how can you
be so ignorant?

How can you be so ignorant?

Yoy became my own enemy
by fraternizing with them?

I am going to destroy their world.

I'm going to take away their lives...

... who took away my daughter.

I'm going to take away their lives!

- Uncle!

You won't go anywhere, uncle.

Just be at home.

I am going to fulfill your wish.

I am going to destroy
our enemies.

Sire, there is news that
Meer Salim has...

... abducted Chief Aatish
Khan's daughter.


How could you do this? Father,
Salma and Salim have run away.

Good news.

Good news. You've given me
good news for the first time.

Mr. Dilawar, you're here?

I want to search your house...

... and you know the reason.

I have no idea.

Mr. Dilawar,
you don't hail from my tribe...

... but still i respect you.

This is a poor man's house...

... and not some mansion...

... that you need so many
men to search it.

My wife is inside.

You can search if you want to.


Why didn't you ask me...

... whom am i looking for?

Didn't i say earlier that
i respect you?

I don't question people
whom we respect.

Thank a million to Almighty...

... that you thought of hiding
them in the jungle.

Or else it would have
been a calamity.

Almighty is to be thanked for sure.

But Ruksaar, hurry up,
it's going to be dark now.

And i have to go and
give them food. - Alright.

Come on, close your eyes
and think that...

... i have come with
the bandwagon.

You've adorned like a bride
and your friends...

... well, they are teasing us. Huh?

Smile now.

Come on, smile.

Close your eyes and drift off
to your dreamland.

"I have got."

"Yes, i have got henna
on my feet."

"She has got henna on her feet."

"Ask my hubby to wait."

"I'll take time to get
into palanquin."

"She'll take time to get
into palanquin."

"Ask my hubby to wait."

"The groom is eager
to meet his bride."

"The groom is eager
to meet his bride."

"Tell her to show herself fast."

"Today is our first night."

"Today is our first night."

"Tell her to show herself fast."

"I have got henna on my feet."

"Ask my hubby to wait."

?The gardener has
gone to garden.?

?She will get the jasmine buds.?

?She will get the jasmine buds.?

"Then my friends with
their delicate fingers...

... will make garlands of them."

"We all will make
garlands of them."

"It will take time to
make the garlands."

"It take time to make
the garlands."

"Ask my hubby to wait."

"The groom is eager
to meet his bride."

"Tell her to show herself fast."

"I have got henna on my feet."

"Ask my hubby to wait."

"I've just lit the lamp...

... it will take a while to make kohl."

It will take a while to make kohl."

"I haven't worn my jewellery yet...

... i'll take time to go ready."

"She'll take time to go get ready."

"I've still not worn my anklets."

"Yes, she hasn't worn
her anklets."

"Ask my hubby to wait."

"The groom is eager
to meet his bride."

"Tell her to show herself fast."

"I have got henna on my feet."

"Ask my hubby to wait."

"Mother won't stop crying."

"Mother won't stop crying."

"I still have to comfort my father."

"Even my friends are crying."

"I still have to soothe them too."

"Adorn the palanquin
and keep it ready."

"Adorn the palanquin
and keep it ready."

"It's about time, she will come."

"We are waiting for you a while."

"We are waiting for you a while."

"And now, my beloved
is going to come."

"Today, i am leaving my father...

"Today, i am leaving my father...

... and coming to you, my beloved."

"Today, i am leaving my father...

... and coming to you, my beloved."

"Today, i am leaving my father...

... and coming to you, my beloved."

"Today, i am leaving my father...

... and coming to you, my beloved."

"Today, i am leaving my father...

... and coming to you, my beloved."

Meer Salim...

... Dilawar dropped by at my place
while looking for you two.

I saw murderous rage
in his eyes.

I have come here with
lot of difficulty.

It'll be better if you go
to Mr. Shah's place.

No, no...

... we won't put decent man
like him in trouble.

Brother Jabbar is right.

We might secure justice
if we take Mr. Shah's refuge.

You're lying!

I know that you're aware
of Salma's where abouts.

I don't know anything, chief.

You're her secret keeper,
and you're hiding her.

I have got nothing to hide.

Don't you forget that
you're my servant!

You have instigated the
daughter of your master...

... and the chief of the tribe,
to elope with a stranger.

Do you know the
punishment for this?

The tribesmen can
stone you to death.

You are already doing it, sire.

I didn't give birth to Salma...

... but i can embrace death for her.

You can punish me
for Salma's mistake.

If your husband hadn't taken..

...the bullet on his chest
to save my life..

...then I swear by God..

...I would have strangled
you with my bare hands.

You've been disloyal to us.
- No, sire..

... i haven't been disloyal to you.

Salma was my responsibility
given by you.

But Salma was also your
responsibility given by her mother.

If she would have been
alive today...

... then nothing would have
gone against Salma.

Nothing would have gone
against Salma, sire.

Nothing would have
gone against Salma.

You know that i didn't marry
for the second time for Salma.

Because i feared that
the step mother...

... won't love her like her
own mother.

I have spent all my life
like a recluse.

So can't i expect from her,
that for me...

... for her father for the chief
of her tribe...

... she should sacrifice her love?

Shabana, tell me the truth.
Where are they hidden?

Didn't you hear me?
- I have no idea.

You are lying. You would stay
with her all the time.

You're his secret keeper.
You know everything.

you have seen my love...

... but you haven't seen my anger.

If you don't consider
me your brother...

... then i won't consider you
my sister. - Tell us, Shabana.

If you know anything, then tell us.
- I've no idea, mother.

If i had known anything,
i would have told you.

She is lying, mother.

It shows on her face
that she is lying.

If you read faces so well...

... then you could have read the
truth that was on Salma's face.

Shut up, don't be arrogant.

How dare you answer back
to your elder brother?

When i keep quiet,
you ask me to talk.

When i talk, you ask me
to keep quiet?

Greetings, Mr. Shah.
- Same to you.

We would like to come
in your refuge, sir.

We might get life in your refuge.

Come with me.

Dilawar, you're here?

I'm here to hunt my prey, sir.
- This is a pious place...

... and not some hunting ground.

I've always come to the place...

... where prey is bound
to be found.

- My prey's foot steps...

... have led me to your place.
- There is no lock on my doors.

Every door is open.

Dear God!

Mr. Shah...

... i respect you a lot.

And i want to tell you something.

If Salma can't belong to me...

... then she won't belong
to anyone else.

Uncle, i had been to
Mr. Shah's place.

I didn't search his place
out of respect for him.

But i am sure that both of them...

... have taken a refuge
with Mr. Shah.

Greetings, Mr. Shah.

- Same to you.

I have a news that my daughter...

... and Gul Khan's son has
taken refuge with you.

Salim is a culprit!

He has committed a grave
crime by abducting my daughter!

Daughters lose their
existence for their fathers..

...once they cross their limits.

And when your own daughter
betrays you..

...then how can I behave
like a father?

My eyes are raging
with hatred, Mr. Shah.

I'll destroy those
who have dishonoured me.

I am going to kill them.

If you think that death is a
solution for both of them..

...then they both are inside.

But before reaching to them,
you'll have to kill me.

Okay, Mr. Shah.

If you won't let me
take a decision...

... then i'll have to turn to
senior chief Angara.

Don't try to scare me with
your blazing eyes, Aatish Khan.

Even i am enraged with hatred!

Not only blazing eyes boy...

... but pretty soon it will be...

... your son's body which
will be blazing.

Your son has applied henna
on my daughter's hand.

And now i will smear your
chest with his blood.

If you'll fire even one bullet,
Aatish Khan...

... millions of bullets will
destroy not only your family...

... but also your entire tribe.

May God forgive me!

This is not a battle ground,

... but a justice court.

Let by gones be by gones.

Now i must make a decision
like a visionary.

Now only bullets can make
any decision, sire!

Have patience, chief Aatish Khan.

Have patience.

Greetings, everyone.

Same to you.


... if guns could make
any decisions then...

... there wouldn't have been
any humans left in this world.

This world would have
ended long back.

There wouldn't have been
courts or judges or...

Or else we wouldn't have
been here together.

Today not guns or swords...

... but the human values
will make the decision.

You people will do it.

Chief Gul Khan,
Chief Aatish Khan...

... have a seat.

Mr. Shah, have a seat.

This matter is about the way in...

... which the new relations
were formed or the old...

... this were severed.

The elders of tribe
have to decide...

... that if they can approve
of this way...

... or not. If they approve of it....

... then elders respect
will be destroyed.

It will be a disgrace for decency!

It will be end to an age
old custom and...

... our heads will hang in shame.

If we approve of this relation...

... then it will be a bad and
a dangerous example.

Shame lessness and
disobedience will be on rise.

No one's honour
will remain intact.

Any man...

... can abduct anyone's daughter,
wife or daughter-in-law!

Anyone's fiancee...

... will run away in the
dark of the night...

... and get married to him!

May God forgive me!

She won't even wait for the night.

Hostility will rise...

... there will be blood bath
and fights.

It will be blood shed.

Salma and Salim...

... they are culprit in my eyes!

And i ask you, my brothers...

... they should be punished
in such a way...

... that, it should be become
an exemplary!

Chief is absolutely right.

Salma and Salim should be
stoned to death in front of everyone.

They should be burried
alive in the wall!

If we forgive their mistake
then our tribes will be destroyed.

They should be punished
severely, they are culprits.

Yes, they are culprits.


... Salim and Salma are
culprits for sure.

Because they are
born in family which....

... consider each other
mortal enemy.

And i think nature it self is culprit...

... which granted them with
geelings and minds....

... which made them crazy
about each other...

... and made them
forget their enmity.

Because both of them
are made for each other.

Birds of different kinds
don't fly together...

... Salim and Salma have fulfilled...

... the nature's need
to stay together.

Their love is beyond compare.

Love is peace...

... happiness and life.

And hatred is war,
destruction and death.

They have made the mistake
to run from their house.

But it's not a sin...

... which demands us to
stone them to death.

That they should be burried
alive in the wall.

That their love should
be destroyed.

They could have left their region...

... and gone to some else place.

But i...

... i myself have brought
them here...

... right before their own tribes.

Before their own people,
so that rhey will get justice.

If we wish to turn this
land into heaven..

...then both of them have
planted their love here.

If we wanted to end hostilities..

...then they have already broken
up boundaries of enmity..

...and laid foundation
for the peace.

If we wish to journey towards
the light from the darkness....

... then they have
lightened the first lamp.

Instead of uprooting that sapling...

... destroying the foundation...

... and putting off that lamp...

... we should walk on the shining
path along with them.

Because it's not only
their destination...

... but it's our destination too.

It's destination that belongs
to our coming generation.

But remember...

... if you make any wrong decision...

... then it's going to
destroy and ruin us.

And your one right decision...

... could bring peace, love...

... and harmony to this
atmosphere filled with hatred.

Today is the time, the heaven...

... the earth and the our coming...

... generations will bear
your decision.


... the entire tribesman...

... agrees with Mr. Shah's opinion.

And we accept Salma and Salim...

... to be wife and husband.

- Amen!

I respect the decision taken
by our elder members.

I command both...

... the chiefs to accept
this decision.

Chief Aatish Khan.

Chief Gul Khan.

Now, you both come to my
place and meet your children.

And break this good
news to them.

Gul Khan.
- Aatish Khan.


Salim! Run!



Yakub! Gustad!

Carry off Dilawar from here!

Children, congrats to you.

The tribesmen have made
the decision in your favour.

Come out and see,
your fathers both...

... Chief Aatish Khan and
Chief Gul Khan, are here.

Now there is nothing
to fear about.

Salim! Salma!

Come out, children.


... how come you're wounded?

Tell me, children,
what's the matter?

Why are you so quiet?

Your silence will breed
a lot of questions.

Tell me, what happened?

Dilawar shot him, Mr. Shah.
- Dilawar?

I am going to revenge every
drop of blood that my son..

...has bled with Dilawar.

Dilawar has gone against
the tribe's decision.

I won't forgive him ever.

May God forgive me!

I command that Dilawar
should be shot at sight.

Cut his body into pieces...

So that everybody realized...

... what consequence
one has to face...

... to go against the decision
of the tribes.

We should thank Almighty
for granting long life to Salim.

Or else the bullet could have
pierced his chest too.

Chief Gul Khan...

... tonight itself you should go...

... to Chief Aatish Khan's place
with the procession...

... and bring Salma to your
home in a palanquin.

Chief Aatish Khan...

... take your daughter home.

Make her wear the bridal dress...

... so that the decision and
the wedding should culminate.


May God protect you.

Who is this murderer?

Who is this savage?

Who killed these innocents
on such a joyous occasion?

Who is that brute?
- Dilawar!

Search for Dilawar!

And shoot him
if you find him! Go!

You're responsible
for this happiness!

It's God who...
- Chief!

Chief! There is news, sire...

... that Dilawar Khan
has bombed Salim...

... and the wedding procession.




... Dilawar once again
has tried to kill my son.

Gul Khan...

... Dilawar hasn't got guts to
bomb a wedding procession.

I think Aatish Khan is behind this.

Now i am sure...

... that Aatish Khan doesn't
want his daughter....

... to be Salim's bride but instead...

... he wants Dilawar to be
his son-in-law. - No, sire.

Chief Aatish Khan
is a decent man...

... he will never do this.
- So do you think i did this?

I killed these innocent people?
- But chief, i....

Keep quiet, Salim.

You're blinded by Salma's love.

After today,
you must forget Salma.

Oh dear God!


Salma! -Salma!
- Father!

Salma, open the door!

Open the door, Salma!
What's the matter?

Open the door, Salma!
- Salma! -Salma!

Open the door, Salma!
- Open the door!

Open the door, Salma!

Open the door, Salma!



Salma only belongs to Dilawar!

Brother, i will never
forgive my son Dilawar.

Go and shoot him.

I forgive you for
my son's murder.

Dilawar Khan!

Hey boy!

- Hey boy!

Hey boy!


Hey boy!


There he is!


You fool!

Mehboob, come down!

Come down!
- I am coming, sir!

I am coming!

Untie me, Mehboob! Untie me!

Untie me, Mehboob!

Bravo, Mehboob!

Tell me, what's happening
with Salma and Salim?

Salma is in jeopardy, sir.

Come on!
- Come on!

Wake up.

You arrogant!
- I must say...

... i like girls who get wet.

Because their beauty is
revealed when they are wet.


... shall i say something?

Do you know why have
i abducted you?

That's because at first...

... i would like to first
kiss your cheeks.

And then your lips.

And then i am going ravage you...

... so that people think...

... that Dilawar ravaged
and killed you.

Fakira! Abdullah! Ali!

No, no, dear!

Don't kill him for God's sake.

He'll support me when
i'll become old. - No!

He has supported
Halaku in his dirty act...

... and for this he only
deserves death. - No...

No, Meer Dilawar,
forgive my son.

I will repay, this...


Shall i...


I want to tell
you a secret before i die.

What secret?
- Your father's murderer...

I know that my father's
murderer is Gul Khan! - No...

... Meer Dilawar...

...Gul Khan is a...

... righteous man.


... i've witnessed...

... your father's murder.

Aatish Khan and
Gul Khan's tribes are...

... getting on friendly terms again.

But today i am going to turn
that friendship into enmity.

But how brother?

Now in a while...

... Gul Khan will pass from here.

But he doesn't know...

... that Jalal Khan is waiting for him.

Gul Khan!

Jalal Khan?

What is he doing here?

Jalal Khan!

This is unfortunate.

Jalal Khan! Jalal Khan!

Jalal Khan!

Who was that idiot?

Who has shot him?

Jalal Khan! - Gul Khan,
why did you call me?

I did?

No, i didn't.

I was going to city
for some work...

... and i saw you while
passing from here.

Come, come, i will take
you home. - No, no.


Jalal Khan!

The foundation for enmity
has been laid.

Gul Khan will be blamed
for this murder.

May God forgive me!

And i'll instigate people saying...

... that Gul Khan has murdered
Aatish Khan's brother-in-law.

And then...

I will become chief of all chiefs...

... and rule all the tribes.

Good... bye!


Come, Salma, it's a long walk.

The world accused you...

... but i didn't believe any of them.

But today when i see
you with Salma...

... i really doubt my experience....

... that i was wrong
to recognize you.

Angel might make wrong
deductions, Mr. Shah but not you.

What do you mean?
- Sir...

... today i want to confess
to all the crimes.

So call my uncle and
Chief Gul Khan here.

And wait for my arrival.

Salma, come dear.

Yes, Mr. Shah.

Who killed my son?

May God forgive me!

I'll massacre everyone!

Who is that brute? That savage?

Who did this injustice
to a father? Who is he?

Who caused me this great pain?

Who is he?

I did!

Dilawar Khan has murdered him.

I have caused you this pain,
because you...

... you have killed my father.

May God forgive me!

Back off!

Listen and see carefully
before you die, Dilawar!

I have killed your father,
and I will keep killing people.

I'll keep creating rift
between tribes...

... and i'll still be a chief.

And the fools like you will die!

Angara Khan...

... i won't kill you.

It's the chiefs
who will decide your fate.

Dilawar, forgive me.

Dilawar, i say, forgive me!



Dilawar, listen to me! Dilawar!


Dilawar! I say, stop, Dilawar!


Come, you idiot!

Look Gul Khan...

... what has Dilawar has
done to me?

I am the chief of all chiefs,
Gul Khan!

He took a shot at Salim...

... but God saved him.

He went against tribe's decision.

And i gave orders to
kill Dilawar Khan!

This brute has revenged me
for the same order!

He killed my son Halaku...

... then he killed my brother
Rashid Khan.

And now he is humiliating
me before all of you!

Gul Khan...

... finish off this monster!

Or else this brute might
murder lot of people.

Shut your mouth, Angara Khan.

Tell me the truth!

Who took a shot at my son?
Who did it?

May God forgive me, Gul Khan.

Your son is like a son to me.

How can i shoot him?

Tell the truth, you idiot!
And only the truth!

Nothing but the truth!

Tell us, who tried to kill Salim?

Tell us.

Tell us!

I did.

And who was it?

My son, Halaku!

Who bombed the
wedding procession?

I did.

Aatish Khan,
save me for God's sake.

Stop your nephew!
He will kill me!

Save me, Aatish Khan.

Who abducted my daughter?

My son Halaku.

Who murdered my father?

Tell me!
- I didn't! - Tell me!

Mr. Shah, i am a murderer,
a killer and a criminal.

I did all this just to retain
my powers.

Forgive me, sir. Forgive me.

Forgive me, for God's sake.

Forgive me, for God's sake, sir!

Angara Khan...

... you're most unfortunate.

Even a decent man like
Mr. Shah terned away from you.

It means that life has
turned away from you. - No...

... no, Dilawar! Dilawar,
don't kill me.

Dilawar! Dilawar!

Dilawar, don't kill me. Forgive
me, for God's sake! Dilawar!

Forgive me, for God's sake!
No, Dilawar! No, no!

May God forgive you!



... there won't be any more
bloodshed in our region.

Now there'll be only peace
and love.

- Amen.

"I have got."

"Yes, i have got henna
on my feet."

"She has got henna on her feet."

"Ask my hubby to wait."

"I'll take time to get
into the palanquin."

"She'll take time to get
into the palanquin."

"Ask my hubby to wait."

"The groom is eager
to meet his bride."

"The groom is eager
to meet his bride."

"Tell her to show herself fast."

"Today is our first night."

"Today is our first night."

"Tell her to show herself fast."

"I have got henna on my feet."

"Ask my hubby to wait."