Sally & Jess (1989) - full transcript

Picturesque adventures of two orphans who flee into the wilderness to prevent being separated by the authorities. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Faster, faster.

Not so fast, Jesse.


Hurry up.

Jess, watch out for your sister.

Ah, you're gonna push me off.

Jess, slow down.

I'm gonna fall off.

Get her, Jess.

Let's get mom.

Let's get her.

No, Jess, no, no.

Let's get mom.


Okay, kids, it's time to go.

Come on, Jess.

Okay, timeout, timeout.

Okay, it's time to go.

Time to go.

Oh, yeah.

Hop on in.

Here, got it?

Let me give you a boost.



Somebody need a fork?


All right.

Hey, okay, guys, I got
a big surprise outside.


Wanna come?

- Yeah.
- Come on.

There you go, son.

Thanks, dad.

It's what I've always wanted.

- Neat.
- Cool.

Neat, can I ride?

- Whoa.
- Wow.


You okay, kid?

Yeah, just another stupid headache.

Is that better?

Mmm, yes, thank you.

You want me to bring you
back somethin' from la?

Yeah, how about a deck for out back?

Oh, we need some more beta
tapes for the video camera.

No, I mean for you.

You, home real soon.

Hey, wanna take the kids
skiing up at brundage tomorrow?

Oh, let's just go
fishing at the lake, okay?

It'll be easier on my head.

You know, you've been
having too many of these.

What did Dr. Scott tell you?

He had to cancel due to some emergency,

but I'm going in on Monday
at 11 o'clock for some tests.

- Wow.
- Wow.

- Neat.
- Can I ride?

Mom, dad, dad, come on.

He goes really fast.

Okay, sweetie.

Mommy, I can't find tuppy on this tape.

I'm pretty sure it's on the beginning

of our house-building tape, darlin'.

How was the party?

Okay, I guess.

You guess?

Didn't you have fun?

Not really.

What do you mean not really?

I just didn't.

Out with it, young man.

I didn't really wanna be there, but,

we had to wait for
Sandy's mom to pick us up.

Why didn't you call us?

We would've picked you up.

We've always told you before.

You leave when we feel you don't belong.

Well, some of the other
kids, oh, nevermind.

Jess, you've always been
able to talk to me before.

What happened?

Well, some of the kids
were drinking and smoking,

and the older ones were
doing drugs upstairs.

Sandy and I just hate that crap.

Listen, from now on you leave

when you feel you don't belong.

You too, Sally, okay?

It doesn't matter what
anyone else thinks or does.

You have a good head on your shoulders.

If you feel something is
wrong, you get up and leave.

Or you give us a call, and
we'll give you a ride home.

Yeah, that's it.

Remember, leave when you
feel you don't belong, okay?

Got that?

Nice day at the park, huh?

- Yeah, it's nice.
- Good.

- Bye.
- Bye bye.

Doesn't he have a home or a mommy or daddy?

I guess he's all alone in the world, honey.

He must be freezing.

It still gets pretty cold at night.

See how important it
is to be a close family.

You'll never be alone like that

as long as your brother's with you.

That's why we had two of you.

Dad, can I get space blanket?

Can I give him some food?

He looks hungry and unhappy.

Okay, sweetheart, why
don't you give him this?

Give him one of these too.

This will keep you warmer.

Thank you.

Here you go.

Wow, food, thank you.


J' Jess's got a girlfriend I

Sally, leave your brother alone.

J' Jess's got a girlfriend I


Mommy, mommy.

Mommy, mommy.

Are you all right?

Mom, are you okay?

Yes, yes, oh.

I'll be all right in a minute.

I just got a little dizzy.

These headaches again.

With Idaho's weather.

This is the news with
newscenter7 evening report.

The body of a 10-year-old,

Priscilla Randolph, has
been found this morning

in an old, abandoned sewer pipe.

She is the second victim in this latest

bizarre child murder case.

Oh, my god, how can anybody be that sick?

Peter, did you hear that?

Yeah, hey, kids, stay
away from strangers, okay?

Did you hear that?

Or a guy come like this.

Me too, daddy, watch.

- Hiya, hiya.
- Ya, ya.

Kids, help your father
put away the ski gear.

Ah, mom.

Mom, we're tired.

You always get tired when it comes to work.

Hi, guys.

I'm gonna help.

Who needs help with this here stuff?

Come on.

Here we are.

Can I go shoot?


Why can't I go with you, dad?

Well, because I need you here to take care

of your little sister and your mom.

Besides you have school,

and it's only the first
meeting with the agent

and the people who are commissioning

the artwork for the new
building in la, okay?

But I don't like it when you go away.

Mommy doesn't either.

I know,

but we all have to make sacrifices, dear.

- But I want to.
- But nothing.

We still have to make a living, right?

Yeah, but I wanted to go with you.

Ah, listen.

We'll all go together to the
unveiling ceremony, deal?

- All right?
- Okay.

Okay, look at this stuff.

We'll have this up here.

We'll stash it over there.

That way in case of an
emergency, we have it.

It's good survival gear.

That's a good idea.



Got it.

Hey, dad, I nuked us some good stuff.

Great, bring it over here.

I'm starved.

Let's see this.

Okay, what'd you do?


It's taken you this long,
and you haven't done anything?

All right, it worked.

Sally, get out of my stash.

Damn it, Jess, turn off that siren.

You always take mine.

That's no reason for you to touch mine.

Well, I got you back.

I mean now.

Sally, unplug it.

I got it.

Ah, thank god.

It's all right, dear.

I wish you wouldn't leave tomorrow.

Don't worry.

It'll only be for a couple of days.

I'm sorry, mommy.

Don't cry.

Yeah, Mark?

Give me a complete background history

on Bart Williams, Don
Johnson, and bill Craig.

I need that as soon as possible.

Come on, Luke.

Hit it.

You want it right
in front of your nose, Luke?

Come on, Jamie, get the ball.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Oh, yeah, good one.

Come on, Jamie.

Hurry up, she's gonna make it.

Over here, sheriff.

Ah, this guy's really sick.

Okay, three o'clock, good enough.

So what do you think, David?

Yeah, yeah, I can see it.


Okay, run with it, darlin'.

I will.

Oh, by the way, Peter's in town

for the shapiro sculpture project.

I told him to stay at the
beach house, okay, honey?

- Yeah, of course.
- Good.

Hi, guys.

There he is now.

What's goin' on?

Hey, how's it goin', mountain man?

- Great.
- Hey, buddy, I gotta run.

Julie, see if you can get this man

to have some dinner with us tonight.

You got it.

How is my favorite agent?

Overworked and underpaid, but happy.


I saw that.


The beach house is yours.

R we watch out for
friends here in the sand r

I as the waves wash them away I

I all that remains are
the traces of my mind I

I as we find Harmony in
the roll of the tide I

I and I know that forever
you'll walk by my side I


Hi, Peter.

We've got good news for ya.

The board decided to go with your ideas.

Oh, that's great.

Your ideas are brilliant.

I always feel such power
from your work, Peter.

Well, thank you.

That's very kind Mrs. Shapiro,

and very good for the
ego, I might add, huh?

The attorneys are drawing up the contracts

so we can meet at their offices tomorrow.

Let's say about 11.

Then we can all have lunch, okay?

Sounds great.

I think I can manage that, huh?

Oh, you'd better manage that.

Listen, do you think I could use your phone

'cause I wanna share the good news.

Of course, come with me.

Well, Saul, I'll get him started

on the sculptures right away.

I the sun is now sinking
in a red fireball I

I it's reflection is kissing the sea I


Hi, sweetheart.

The kids home from school yet?

Not yet.

What did Dr. Scott say?

Well, he won't know anything
until the tests come back.

At least he gave me something for the pain.


Hey, how was your meeting?

Absolutely great.

Guess what?

You can have your deck and your new barn,

the one you always wanted.

Oh, I have to go pick up the kids.

I'll call tonight, say hi
to the kids, and I love you.


I miss you.

Hi, Sally, have you seen Jennifer?

No, I haven't, but I
think she left before me.

Okay, thanks.

You're welcome.


Hi, Jake.

Hi, honey.

How was Boise?

Don't ask.

How about tonight?

No, Jake, not tonight.

I'm just too busy.

Okay, call you later.

Mr. and Mrs. Berg?

Please, we would really like to adopt.

What made you wait so long?

There are a lot of other
couples ahead of you,

and considering your age I must advise you

that it is our policy

to find younger couples for our children.

But we thought that if we.

12 years ago, we lost our son

and his family in an accident.

We're just now ready to start over again.

We just recently sold our business,

and we're really quite
well off, as you can see.

And now we have the time

and the love to give to these children.

I have to tell you, I don't think

there's much of a chance
of adoption in your case,

but I'll see what I can do.

Please, we can give them a lovely home.

Yes, yes, I understand.

Come on, momma.

Hi, mom.

It looks wonderful.

- Mom.
- Mommy.

Mom, are you okay?

- Mommy.
- Please get up.

Get up, please.



Mommy fell down again.

She isn't getting up.

I'm on my way.

Yes, I'll charter a plane.

I'm calling Dr. Scott.

So, help you mother and leave
the front door open, okay?

That's right.

Leave it open for the doctor.

He'll be there, and I'll
be home in a few hours.

You got that?

Okay. Help mommy and wait for the doctor.

Okay, I'll take care of my sister.

Okay, please hurry.

I'm afraid.

I'll be home real soon.

Okay, I love you.

Mommy, daddy's on his way.

Sally, Jess, come closer.

Give me a big hug.

I want you two to be very brave right now.

Take care of yourself and
your father while I'm gone.

Stay together as a family.

Where are you going?

I wanna go with you.

Shh, honey, don't cry.

I'm going to a beautiful place
where love and peace exist.

Don't worry, you'll be okay.

You can't die.

Son, only the body dies, remember?

We are spirit.

We'll never die.

As long as you think of me in your heart,

I will be with you always.

I love you.

I love you.

Mayday, mayday,

this 5-0-7 Romeo delta out of Los Angeles

with passenger Peter Davis.

I'm just south of hell's canyon here.

My right engine's on fire.

The wind's too strong.

We're losin' altitude.

My controls aren't respondin'.

Oh, my god.

Come in, 5-0-7 Romeo
delta, come in, come in.

Sheriff Walker, please, emergency.

I can't feel my hands.

I know, I know.

Take it easy, Michelle.

Everything will be all right.

Take it easy.

Easy, girl, easy, easy.

Easy now, come on, just
hold still, Michelle.

I know, I know.

Easy, easy.

Your mother's very, very sick.

I think it's an aneurysm

so I'm taking her to the
hospital immediately.

On the way over, I called an ambulance.

It'll be here in a few minutes.

Take it easy.

My hand's numb.

I know, I know.

You'll be all right.

Take it easy.

Easy, Michelle.

I can't feel my hands.


Hold on.

Dr. Scott, it's the sheriff.


Oh, Sally.

- This is Dr. Scott, Jake.
- Mrs. Davis is seriously ill.

Can I help you?

There's been a plane crash.

I'm afraid Mr. Davis was killed on impact.

Oh, no.


Dear god.

Come on, baby.

It's okay.

It'll all be all right.

Your mommy's in a safe, comfortable place.

It's okay.

Hang in there, honey.

They still haven't recovered Peter's body.

So you see, Cathy,

both parents died
practically at the same time.

Jess still isn't convinced
that his father's dead.

He thinks you're just tryin'

to take his sister away from him.

That's ridiculous.

Too bad they don't have any other family.

I'll do everything I
can for them, of course,

but you know, it's really tough to place

over kids like the boy.

I have no problem with a little girl.

We found a nice couple for her,

and our office found temporary
placement for the boy also.

That's terrible.

They're good children.

They truly love each other
and need each other very much.

You just can't rip them apart like that.

Good lord.

I wish I could take them, but
I, I'm just never at home.

I'm sorry.

I'll do all I can.

They do seem like lovely children.

I'm sure we'll find a proper
home for both of them.

It may take a little time,
but we'll keep working at it.

Sally, Jess, come on.

Miss kolder, nice to see you again.

I believe the papers are ready to sign.

May I have the papers
for miss kolder please?

Just right.

Thank you very much.


I am sorry.

There's nothing I can do for you.

Now, children, I want
you to listen carefully.

I've arranged for you to go

back to school starting Monday morning.

Your home and all your family possessions

are being liquidated and given
to that trust at the bank.

Now, unfortunately at this
time I've not been able to

find a home for both of you together so.

What is it?

I need to go.

Go, go where?

No, go.


He has to go to the bathroom.

It's down the hall and
to your left, and hurry up.


Oh, send them right in.

Sally, your new foster
parents are on their way in.

I want you to be nice to them.

Do you understand?

Don't worry, darling.

I'll see you get together
with your brother soon, okay?

Miss kolder.

You need to take better
care of your charges.

I found this young man running

up and down the hallway all alone.

We don't wanna lose any of our
little darlings, now do we?

I'm sorry, Mr. Dobson.

It won't happen again.

He was only going to the bathroom, sir.

Come in.

Sally, this is Mr. and Mrs. Wilson.

They've come to take you to your new home.

What about me?

You can't take my sister away from me.

I wanna go with my sister.

We are still a family.

I'm sorry, young man.

This is how it has to be for the moment.

But I have to take care of my sister.

I promised.

She'll be in good hands, Jess.

Don't worry.

I wanna go with my brother.

Look, sweetheart.

I wish we could take your brother with us.

If everything turns out okay,

we can come back in a few
months for your brother.

Oh, honey, don't cry.

I want to go with my brother.

Maybe if we allow Jess

to walk his sister downstairs,
he'll be a good boy.

Right, Jess?


Boy, it was sunny a minute ago.

Did you bring an umbrella?

Yes, we have one in the car.

Oh, good.

Now, Jess, say goodbye to your sister.


She'll be in good hands.

She'll be okay.

Now, stop it.

She'll be all right.

Stop it.

Say goodbye.

Jess, don't worry.

She'll be in good hands.

Jess, stop it.

Young man, stop this.

She'll be fine.

Jess, Jess.

Jess, stop.

Stop it.

Damn it.

Son of a.

Can you grab me a soda?

Yeah, that sounds good.

Yeah, could you fill it up please?

Hey, stop, stop.



Christ, come back to the office.

I'll handle it from here.

Jake please.

Go ahead, patch her through.

Hi, honey, what's up?

I've got problems.

The Davis kids just ran off.

They were last seen on a motorcycle

heading towards farm to market road.

With that maniac still out on the loose?

Okay, I'll put out an apb right away.




- Jesse, are you okay?
- Yeah.

Okay, it's too heavy, Sally.

Help me, Sally.

Wasted bike.

Come on.

I wanna go home.

Me too, but there's too
many people at the house.

I miss mommy and daddy.

Me too.

Sally, it's still here.

We're gonna do a little
song I wrote a while ago

for the great American
cowboy called "coyote ways.“

Yee haw.

I look in any cowboy's eyes I

I and you'll find there's many sides I

Leave me alone.

Cathy, we can make better use of our time.

Come on, let's go find the kids.

Let's get out of here.

I go messin' around when he can I

I they're just signs of his pride I

I which is heartache deep inside I

I enjoy that ride I

I all the talkin' cowboy friends I

Jesse, come quick.

Well, what about Sunday, Cathy?

Yeah. Okay.

How about eight?

Great, I'll pick you up at eight.

Sheriff, come to dispatch.

We have another victim.

I gotta go, honey.

Damn it.

Damn kids.

Don't you come back.

I night time in the city I

hey, what are you kids
doing out here all alone?

Lookin' for our dad.

Well, hop in.

I'll give you a ride.


I in the city I

I the night will find ya I

I love behind ya, wow I

So, you're looking for your dad, huh?

Where is he?

Uh, we don't, well, uh, his plane crashed.

Oh, my god.

Yeah, they only found bits
and pieces of the plane so far.

I'm really sorry.

Hey, listen.

I've gotta get some gas
and stop at the market,

but then I'll take you guys
wherever you want to go, okay?

Oh, good 'cause I'm hungry

and too tired to walk anymore.

I so give him I

I give him half an inch of your I

Three dollars please.

Three dollars?

Leaded or unleaded, miss?


We ain't got none.

I'm Suzanne Burton.

This news bulletin is just in.

Sheriff Walker of cascade
is asking everyone

to be on the lookout for a
12-year-old Caucasian male

with brown hair and brown eyes.

The boy's accompanied by
his seven-year-old sister

who has blonde hair and Hazel eyes.

The pair was last seen on valley road.

If you have any information
on these children,

please contact the cascade
sheriff's office immediately.

Now here's k and j with "spend
all your love on me" on kboi.

I you're like the wave on the sea I

I I find you on me I

I gentle touch of emotion I

I you let the wind fill the space I

I let's steal from your place I

I mama's comin' home any moment I

I all my life I've been searchin' for I

I someone somewhere to open up the door I

I now it's time you lie with me I

I so, come on I - may I use the phone?

It's an emergency.

Sure, go ahead.

May I please speak to the sheriff?

Where are the kids at?

I think they're over there by the cookies.

You think?

You don't know?

That's where I saw 'em last.

Okay, we'll take care of them.

Stop it.

Stay still now.

Stop it.

Aw, dangerous weapon here.

Any calls?

No, sir.


It's okay.

Kids, take a good look around.

I hope you never end up in here.


The kids need some food and medicine.

Do you want me to bring
you back something, Jake?

No, I'll go along with ya.

George, come here.

Watch the kids.

Hey, George?


Yeah, those reports you
gave me last night, George,

I'm not sure this is in the county.

It's real borderline.

Yeah, what you need to do

is check your border markers.

I don't see the kids.

They're not in the car.

Ah, they're probably with George, honey.

George, where's the kids?

Damn it, Jake.

I'm sorry, miss kolder.

Come on, George, spread out.

They can't have gone far.

- Let's look for them.
- Where are they?

- Let's hide.
- Okay.

I'll go check the market.

Okay, I'll try the parking lot.

Jake, come quick.

They saw 'em over there.

Well, by golly, look at there.

What do we got here, huh?

Old Bart will play with ya.

He likes little kids.

No, no, you don't have
to be scared of old Bart.

Bart's a good guy.

Bart likes little kids.

Don't be scared.

Come here.

Hey, old Bart, you and I can
get along and have a good time.

Big brother's gotta be a hero, huh?

Okay, little sister, now it's your turn.

- Come here now.
- Oh, Jesse.


Go to sleep, Sally.

Oh, look at this one, guys.

Get in there.

Get in the back, yeah.

This'll be fun.

Jess, let me see you.

All right, Sally, come,
oooh, what a face, yeah.

Come on, mom.

Aw, I like that.

Hey, Jess, Jess, oh, oh, oh, oh.

Jess, Jess, no, no, no, no, ah.

All right, people, let's listen up.

We have to get this search organized.

We have to find Sally and Jess.

Where was the last sighting?

Jug handle east.

Well, if the kids were
last seen around jug handle,

maybe they'll be up around Louie lake.

That's good horse country,

and I can take a group up there.

All right, we'll take the horses

and cover the Louie lake area.

Where do you want the
four-wheel drive rigs to go?

We'll take the four-wheel drives

and cover all of rocky road.

Okay, let's get this show on the road.

All right, let's mount up and disperse.

We'll meet on the east side of jug handle.

_ howdy, officer.


What's goin' on?

Lookin' for a couple of
young kids, a boy and a girl.

You haven't seen 'em, have ya?

No, I haven't seen 'em.

I wanna go back, Jesse.

I'm scared.

Oh, come on, Sally.

We're almost there.

See, we made it.

I'm hungry and cold, and I wanna go home.

Me too.

Let's go down to the river.

Hey, look, a raft.

Let's take a ride, Sally.

Great, but, Jesse,
do you know how to steer it?

No, but it looks easy enough.

Beats walkin'.

It sure does.

This is great.

Whoa, this is fun.

The rope's caught.

On the rocks, I know, Sally.

Time to bail.

Oh, no.

The packs, Jesse.

Uh oh.

We'd better try fishing.

Sally, I got one.

Let's see, let's see.

I'm hungry.

Me too.

Wait, I've got an idea.

Come on.

Jesse, over here.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

David, these are the children

that we saw at the adoption agency.

Yeah, they are.

Those poor darlings.

We gotta go out and help find 'em.

Yeah, we should.

Well, let's go.


Get your shoes. You can
drink your coffee later.

- Come on, let's go.
- Do you know what time it is?

It doesn't matter about the time.

- All right.
- Get your shoes on.

Look what I got.




Dear god, David, where can they be?

Somewhere out there, momma.

We'll just keep lookin'.

Sally, Jess?

Jess, Sally?




Jess, Sally?

Sally, Jess?

Sally, Jess?



Sally, Jess?


Here, here.

Look for 'em.

Get 'em up, Thor.

Look for 'em.

Sheriff, over here.

Bart Williams, I thought so.

Chris, do you smell that?


Check that out, would ya?

Yeah, and on closer examination,

they found that it was Jess's
knife that killed that maniac.

Yeah, the smoke jumpers will be there.

Well, they'll be on call.

Thanks, Kurt.

I'll meet you at the airport.

Are you ready to go look for the kids?

Yeah, let's go.


Sally, you sound really bad.

I think we should go to
town to get a doctor.

No, they'll take you away from me again.

Over here, help.

Help, over here.

No, Jesse.

Over here, help.

No, Jesse.



Help, over here.

Help, over here.

No, they're gonna take you away.


Over here.


They're gonna take you away.

Over here.


Over here.

Come on, let's go.

Sally, we gotta get some help.

No, I wanna be with you, Jesse.

I know.

I want mommy and daddy.





Nothin' up here on cook.

So, lookin' another place.

Okay, we'll try hell's canyon.


Over and out, 10-4.

- Sally?
- Jess?

Sally, Jess?



Look for 'em, Thor.

Look for 'em.

Get 'em up, Thor.

Here, here, Thor.

Sally, Jess?


Jess, Sally?



Dear god in heaven, please hear me.

We can't make it.

Help Sally and me.

We love you, god.

Please take us home.

Stop, David.

Stop, it's them.

It's them.

Oh, god.

No, oh, no.

Are you okay?

Come on.

Come on, little one.

Come on, baby.

You're all right.

Come on, guys.

You're okay.

You're all right.

Come and help us.

- Can you get her?
- Sure.

Yeah, she's big so.

Got her?

Oh, David, those poor babies.

It's okay, momma.

There's a reason for everything.

Don't worry.

- Oh, god, Mr. and Mrs.
- Berg. Is there any news?

How are they?

Do you really care, miss kolder?

Finders keepers, miss kolder.

They have double pneumonia.

It's a miracle they're still alive.

If they can hang on for
another eight hours,

we have a chance.

So, start praying.

Doctor, Dr. Scott, there's an emergency.

I hear the kids are being released today.

You heard right.


I'll arrange for the Wilsons to come in

and pick up the little girl
and sign the final papers.

Harry, I've made other arrangements.

What other arrangements?

The children will not be separated.

I'm giving 'em to the bergs.

I've already signed them over.

You can't do that, miss kolder.

It's against policy and
definitely against regulations.

Give me the file.

Here's the policy and regulations.

I'll revoke it.

You do, Harry,

and I'll have the entire
news media on your ass.

Hey, you guys are goin' home today.

- Hey.
- Hey, all right.

That's what we've been
waitin' to hear, huh?

Oh, ho ho.

You're welcome, bye bye.

- Hi, Cathy.
- Hi, doc.

- Jake.
- Hi, doctor.

Hi, kids.

Mr.and Mrs. Berg.

Are you gonna take me away again?

No, darling.

Nobody's ever gonna take you away

from your brother or your
new family ever again.

Well, these papers finalize it.

Thank you.

All right.


You're ours.

You're finally ours.

You both are.

All right.

A sailor went to aye aye aye.

To see what he could aye aye aye.

And on the way his aye aye aye.

Was the bottom of the ocean aye aye aye.

All right.

A sailor went to blow blow blow.

Blow blow blow.

To see if they could love love love.

But all that they could love love love.

Was the bottom of the ocean love love love.

Love love love.

I happy birthday to you I

I and many more I

Make a wish, Sally.

You wanna see the surprise?

All right, you ready to go outside?


- Come on, let's go.
- I wonder what it is.

I wonder what it is.

Oh, wow.

Wow, yeah.

- Come on, Sally.
- Wow.

- Wow.
- Wow.

Neat, can I ride?

I still miss mommy and daddy, Jesse.

Yeah, me too.

But I guess we'll be okay, right?

You'll always stay with me?

Sure, Sally.

You know, I believe mom and dad
are still taking care of us.