Sallah (1964) - full transcript

The sharp, often hilarious satire that became the most successful film in Israeli history is about new immigrants Sallah and his family, who are left in a shack near their promised ...

You mustn't talk like that,
Mr Goldstein.

" Salleh Shabaty"

Gila Almagor

Geula Noni
Arik Einstein

Zaharira Harifai
Shraga Freedman

Tourists or immigrants?
-Half and half

This is going to be one
of those days...

Haim? Where's the camera?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
Where's the rest?

Look for it. - l' m looking, but l
can't find the 6th.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

Who has kept us and brought
us to this time. -Amen.


Written and directed by:
Ephraim Kishon.

You all stay here.

Hallo. -Go to the end of the
line. -That's a mistake Sir!

Go to the end of the line.
-Alright, l' m going.

How long did you work?
-1 2 years.

Are you the end of the line?
-Go to hell!

Move! -Alright, l' m moving.

4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 1 0,
-l' m not giving.

Damn you.
-Thank you.

Name? -Moshe Habusha?
Trade? -Shoemaker.

How long? -About 20 years.
-That's good.

They' ll take you to a
housing project. -Fine.

Name? -Salleh Shabaty.
What's your trade?

Mine? -Yes. -Shoemaker.

How long? -I haven't worked
at it yet. -You haven't?

Never! -So why did you
say shoemaker.

It's a good job. -And that's
what you want to do here?

No, I can't. Me,
I have a bad heart.

I can only do light work.
-Shoemaking is light work.

Not for me. Me, I don't
have any experience at it.

Housing project.

Are you Salleh Shabaty?
-Blessed be His name.

How many children
do you have? -A lot, 6.

It's written here, 7.
See that, 7!

Shall we get in? -Yes.
-Climb in!

You need the whole road?
-Not me, the combine.

Pass. -Chichi.

That's a kibbutznik.
-But he's got a bigger vehicle.

It belongs to the kibbutz.
-Who does that belong to?

To the kibbutzniks of course.
-So why isn't it his?

It's not his. It's his,
but it's not his.

Do you hear what you
are saying, Sir?

Sure, just look at 'em, live,
eat and work, together.

The property belongs to them all.
-Really? All of them? -Yes.

And is our house there too?
-No, a bit farther on.

His name be blessed.

This is it. We' re here.

This is the house?
Why isn't it a nice house?

That's not nice? -No. -It's
just for now. You' ll get soon.

It's just for a few days. -Just
a few? -Yes. -I must think.

Alright, for a few days it's not
worth fighting. -Praise God.

What's going on here?
Get out of here, go on.

Everybody, get down.

Everybody take his own hand.

Take, take a hand.

Come, l' ll help you. -There's
no need. -No need to help?

No need. -A little bit of
courtesy man.

How is he? -Alright

It's a boy, you hear? A boy!

It doesn't matter.
Let it be a girl.

This is rubbish, this is.

You forgot the old lady.

Get her down! -Me? -Why
not? A little courtesy, no?

Is she a relative? -I don't
know, maybe she is.

If she wasn't, why would she
come all the way with us

on the plane? Family, I think.

Who can understand you?
Goodbye. -Goodbye Fatty.

Goodbye sweetie. -Goodbye.

What's the matter? What
happened? -Look!

What are you doing here?

I' m not doing anything.
I was brought here.

It's just for a few days. We' re
getting a nice house.

What are you laughing at?

Hezky Goldstein. -lt doesn't
matter. Salleh Shabaty

Please come in. -What, me?
Please, do come in.

Put everything inside, so that
the sun doesn't ruin it.

It's a nice place, lots of air.
When did you get here?

Six years ago and you still
don't have a house?

Not yet, what can you do?

You mustn't speak like that,
Mr. Goldstein.

You play backgammon? -Sure.
Six years in a transit camp.


Dad, may I look?

What for, nothing is
in place yet

and he wants to see how
we play backgammon.

He wants to see. Go home.

Does Mr. Goldstein have
a cigarette perhaps?

This is a good cigarette,
this is

a good cigarette. Let's start.

Please, put down half a lira.

I already owe half a lira.

What' s he doing? -Nothing
It's just a clock.

But he's disturbing my ears.

Play. This is a good game.

Are they coming? -l' m
working, no? -And so am l.

Get into the kitchen.

Please stop the singing
over there.

Sing after the meeting.
I can't hear myself talking.

That's your luck.

Rita, please.

Comrades, this is a general
meeting and not a party.


And in the kitchen please.

You may continue.

Friends, you know that in
the hour of need

our kibbutz is always to be
found forging ahead!

Please, Bat-Sheva.
We have a lot of time.

I' m sorry, but I've just
finished work with the cows.


The many immigrants arriving
in the country need us,

and there is no doubt that we
will do our best for them.

For this reason, I suggest
we adopt the transit camp.

That means the transit camp.

Who opposes the motion?

Nobody opposes?

Those in favor,
raise your hands.

Bat-Sheva, Zigi...

Thank you friends.
The vote is unanimous.

Again the kibbutz has shown
its ideological maturity.

Who is prepared to be
the counselor

for our adopted
transit camp?

There are two. -The general
meeting is over.

No, it's not. -I disagree.
I didn't vote...

Excuse me comrade. Do you
know where Shabaty lives?

Over there. -Over there.
Thank you.

Miss, Miss,

What's it for. What is it
Miss? What do you want?

What are you doing here?

Nothing happened Lady. I' ll
help you pick them up.

That's nice of you.
-You' re really nice too.

Excuse me, are you by
chance Mr. Shabaty?

No, l' m his son Shimon.
-Pleased to meet you.

How do you do? This is my
mother. -Salah!

The government
has arrived.

Go quickly Salah. Perhaps
she's a social worker.

Sure. She' ll give you a note
to get a house.

A note for a house.
That's good. I' m coming.

I' ll be back right away.

Hallo. -Hallo. There's no
work, no food, no house,

7 kids, one on the way.
His name is Ben-Gurion.

We need a note to get
a house Lady.

Mr. Shabaty, I don't
give out notes.

It's my job to help you solve
your personal problems.

That's it, and what's
your trade?

Shoemaker. -A shoemaker?
-What's wrong with that?

I can't talk like this. Come
please. -What? -Come.

One moment, Mr. Shabaty,
I have a few questions...

Here. Please sit down.
-Here? - Yes, please.

Thank you.

That's it. Now...

Now the lady gives a note
for a house, and that's that.

Just a few more details,
Mr. Shabaty.

Did you have brothers and
sisters? -Sure, lots.

How many?

You can't say exactly Miss.
some of them died...

About how many?
-About a lot.

When were you married?
-A long time ago.

How old were you?

What's going on here?
Is it a cinema?

Lady, enough with the
questions. We've finished.

One moment, Mr. Shabaty,
let me help you.

Your lack of confidence is due
to personal conflict, stemming

from an
underprivileged childhood.

Lady, I don't like that
sort of talk.

Then I shall explain
what I mean.

Look, a snake bites you when
you' re small and you forget,

but the trauma leaves a
scar on your soul.

Who's small?

You, Mr. Shabaty,
when you were a child.

Me? -Yes.


What happens after, when you
see a snake near your house?

Lady, there isn't a snake here
and I don't have a house.

We don't need snakes here.

We need a note for a house,
not snakes.

Mr. Shabaty, you don't
understand me.

We must become friends,
musn't we?

We should get to know
one another, no?

That's true. What is the lady's
name? -l' m Bat-Sheva.

Bat-Sheva, are you married?

Where do you work? -With
the cows. -Cows? -Yes.

One moment Miss.
I' ll write it down.


Salleh, Salleh.

Wait, I must think.

The lady works every day
and gets 60 lira a year.

Yes, that's our budget.

I can't even afford to buy
a nice dress in town.

Never mind, never mind.
Where do you live?

In a hut! -Like this one?
-More or less.

Only the married couples
get a house.

The single girls
sleep 3 in room -3?

Yes, 3 girls in one room.

We don't have any money.
We never will.

You shouldn't talk like that
Miss. -Yes. -You shouldn't.

So you are in a difficult
sociological situation?

But, with the Lord's help
it will be better.

When Bat-Sheva was small,
was she bitten by a snake?

No, of course not.

That's Neuman. I have to go.
Goodbye, Mr. Shabaty.

Nothing bad happened. Don't
despair Miss Bat-Sheva.

The government does what it
can, good people help.

But Mr. Shabaty, I came to
help you. Neuman, Neuman.

You should be well,
Miss Bat-Sheva.

If you troubles in your heart,
l' m always here for you.

You never disturb me.

What a sociological girl that is.


Next! -Yes. -Name?
Miki Raveh.

T rade? -Dental Technician.

Is that why I studied
for six years?

I don't care, I also studied
and worked on the roads.

Forestry. Next.

Name? -Kalman Binstock.

Work? -Administration.
-Forestry. -Excuse me.

Nothing. Your like all the other
new people here. Next!

It's your turn Dad. -I don't
want to. I' m scared of him.

Dad, it's for our new home.

Alright, but stay with me,
I won't go alone.

We' re here Dad. -Next!

Salleh Shabaty. -Trade?
Shoemaker. -Forestry.

Thank you very much.
That is excellent, forestry.

No forestry. When I arrived,
I took any work I was given.

I ate grass and slept in the
fields, my friend.

But I want. -I don't care what
you want. Forestry. -Forestry.

These new immigrants are
poor human material.

Right, it's very simple.

As you saw, I dug a hole
about 30 cms deep.

This is the plant, shake and
remove thus, you see?

Put it in the hole, and cover.

Now, press it down and
dig a saucer around it

Smile a little, can't you!

And with that, lets go to work.
Are there any questions?

Yes, what's this for?

We are turning this place
into a forest!

God makes forests.
-Yes, but we help him.

He doesn't need help.
-Comrade, enough. To work.

Is that enough? -Comrade,
no time for frivolity now.

Very nice. -So perhaps
you' ll do some now?

Yes, please, this has
to be shaken.

It's all wild. It doesn't want
to be a forest.

Hold it please.
-What are you doing?

You' re hitting it like a
shoemaker. -That's true.

The old man doesn't like
working, does he? -What?

He'd run away if he could.
Do you know him?

Yes. He's my father.

Yes, my Dad also...

So, 30 cms as we said,
and cover the plant.

Please Sir, what is that for?

I' m preparing a sign for the
man who gave the money

for this forest, my friend.

Here's the happy donor.

How do you do?
-How do you do?

Mr. and Mrs. Birnbaum,
this is your forest.

After me please. -Thank you.

No, no...

Go, go on.

What's up?

What do you with me, Sir?
What's going on?

He won't let me go past him.

Simon! -l' m coming.

Where is that driver?

I love working in the garden.

You know, my dream is a
small house and garden.

I' m also learning
to be a cantor.

Comrade, they' re hooting at
you. -l' m not deaf. I know

One day, l' ll show you how
I work in my garden.

Comrade, they' re hooting
again. -Be seeing you.

See you. -Goodbye.

" In Jumlat the
old Messiah lives

" alone in a house, without..."

What's going on over there?

What's he doing there?

What's that Sir? Another one?

It's the tourist season.
Everyone wants a plaque.

But that's not nice Sir.
It's like a lie.

How do you do? -How do
you do? -Follow me, please.

Mr. and Mrs. Zimmershein,
This is your forest.

What the hell's going on here?

Hey, stop that,
d'you hear me?

Stop that! Stop that.
What are you doing here?

It's Mr. Birnbaum's forest.

For them, you have to plant
a new forest.

You, you' re fired.

Me? -Yes you.
-Blessed be his name.

Salleh, you' re the first guy to
be fired from relief work.

There's a lot of people there.
I need some relief myself.

You haven't learned the rules
of the game yet.

It's a new game.

Goldstein, where did you get
so much money from?

I've got a bit left from
the last elections.

Elections? Is that hard work?

No. You get paid
for voting political.

You put a letter in an envelope
and you' re off free.

Which letter?
-The one they tell you.

Goldstein, looks like for once
there's some easy work

though I can't work at it.

I don't recognize
the letters so well.

It doesn't matter. It's
secret and no one sees.

So how do they know what
you put in? -They don't.

That's democracy.

"The evening breeze,
Sings in the trees

"To whom does it sing?
To you and to me.

'The two of us here...

Hush. It's late.
I must go home.

Can't we walk a little?

That's how things are here,
not like in the kibbutz.

Who says? Maybe I should
ask if I can date you?

Is this a date? -Of course.

In a minute.

Habuba! Habuba!

To hell with it.

Habuba, Habuba,

What's the matter Salleh?

I don't like that counselor
from the kibbutz.

He's turning Habuba's head.
-Habuba's a good girl.

Did I say she was bad?

Only in the evening,
I want her in the house.

House? This is a house?
Can anyone see a house?

Sits in his hotel all day long,
doing nothing, like a king,

and says, house, he says.

Don't start with me woman.
Give Paula some milk.

Backgammon, backgammon all day
playing with that Goldstein.

He's not ashamed. An
Ashkenazi playing backgammon.

We' re all Jews.
There's no difference.

How long do we have to stay
here, with the little ones

playing in the dirt and the big
ones running around like...

Is it my fault? -Did Ben Gurion
make my children?

Go to work so we can get
a house. -What can I do?

They said they'd give us
a house and they don't.

Everybody else gets,
except me. What can I do?

Good evening.

Where's the money? -Money?
-From the work in the forest.

He took all the money
Shimon earned as well.

He went to drink in
the coffee shop.

Drunkard! Drunkard!

Give me the money.

Lord of the universe, this is
Salech Shabaty talking to you.

You, who brought us out
of Egypt, look at me,

How do I look? How?

The wife is right. There's no
work or house, nothing.

All day long backgammon.
The house is not a house.

It's a children's store,
that's all.

Lord of the Universe,
help me.

Everything is awful. Please
Lord, do something for me.

Help me Lord! Help me!

Help me!

" Announcement about the
elections" for the Knesset.

Why have we been
sent to this hole?

You should know that the
Party values every vote.

Good. What do we do?
-l' ll tell you.

From my experience in the
last three elections,

the transit camp has a
very efficient system.

They find the local " leader",
the " strong man",

the " king pin" of the place
and that' s it.

Hallo, my friend, where is
everyone? -The coffee shop.

Park at the side.

" All is well with the Messiah,
-Ho! -God will bring fortune.

" In Jumlan the Messiah lives
alone, without wife or child.

" Saved money all his life,
so that he could buy a wife.

" How many dinar has he
saved? -Only Alla knows

" Maybe three dinar?
Maybe a hundred times so.

" Maybe thirty dinar?
Maybe twice as much.

" Maybe three hundred?
-Lets raise our glasses.

'All is well with the Messiah.
Ho! -Allah bring him fortune.

" In Jumlan the Messiah's alive
At 70 he bought a bride.

" A good woman for all his gold
Many sons to make him bold.

" How many will he have?
Seven with God's help.

" If he only has six?
The Lord be praised.

" Maybe only five...

" If the Lord wills it
one son He will give.

" All is well with the Messiah.
Ho! -Allah bring fortune.

" In Jumlan, the old Messiah
prayed to have a son.

"The Messiah was in Heaven,
not one child, but seven.

" And who was born first?
-The daughter Jamila.

" And who was born second?
-The daughter Jamila.

" And who was next?
-The daughter Jamila.

" And who was born last?
-Zillah and Gilah.

" His name's not given to sons
until the Messiah comes.

" His name's not given to sons
until the Messiah comes.

In short, Mr. Shabaty,
what are your conditions?

For my vote, first of all,
I need a house.

We' re already building. You' ll
be the first to get a house.

We don't just make promises,
we always keep them.

It will be good.
Elections are good.

Can I move on now?
-Only after the elections.

What's the difference?
Before or after?

Comrade Shabaty. -Comrade?

Never mind. We've come
about the elections.

Elections, that's good.
Please sit down.


" A gift to the transit camp,
donated by the Party."

Goldstein... -What's up?
-A miracle happened.

They' re giving us a house and
everything we need.

You made an agreement.
-Yes, with three parties.

Each of them promised
me something.

It was really hard to say no.

I know, I have a deal with four
or five parties.

So how do you vote?
-According to my conscience.

Greeting from the Party.
We hope that you will chose

our man to fight your battles.

Things like that are not
forgotten, Madam.

-A small gift. -Thank you.

Accept this gift from the Party.
We hope that you will chose

our man to fight your battles.
-A small gift. -Thank you.

Greetings from the Party.

Take these home, we' ll bring
more. Come back quickly.

I hereby declare the polling
booth station open.

Mr. Shabaty, please.

That's me.


and this.

And this.

And this.

And this.

And this.

And also this.

And some of these.

And some of these.

Next please.

I haven't finished yet.

And this.

These are for the children,
and so are these.

And this and that's enough.

There's a lot. In here, yes?

But the hole is too small.
It doesn't go in.

It's no good. -Excuse me.

What are you doing?
-What are you doing?

It's alright.

It's difficult to vote so much.

That fell and that fell.
Wait a minute.

Do you know what
you' re doing?

What do you want?
There's no room for all of it.

It fell down.

" Disqualified"

They disqualified my vote
but l' ll get my house.

They told me I'd be the
first on the list.

The Lord should bless all
political parties. -Amen.

Housing? -T ransit camp?
-Let's go.

Nice. What's this for?
-It's for letters.

Are we going to get letters?
That's good.

This one will be for you,
and this is for you.

There's enough for everyone.
This one is for me.

It's all new. Your shoes.

Look how nice. Like a
synagogue. -Nicer even.

It's lovely. -lsn't it nice!

It's new.


That's for water.

And this...

And this one is also for water.

For water there's two taps.

Rat a tat. Like a train.

There's two for the electricity
as well.

For every room a window.
for the air.

This is my workshop.

What the hell do you think
you' re doing?

Who gave you permission
to come in here?

It's our house. We got it for
the elections.

Elections. Where is your

Documents, there's a lot.
This, or this. All sorts.

Idiot! Documents from the
Ministry to prove possession.

Why, these are no good?
What minister?

Sir, believe me, they told us.
"They said", doesn't work

with me. Bring me the papers

and l' ll let you into the house.

Now get out, while l' m still
in a good mood.

This is not good.

The government doesn't
allow us in.

Get on.

" Ministry of Housing"

That man works well. I know
him. Stay here.

Let's go. Back to the
transit camp.

What did he want? -Money.
-They said it was for nothing.

The house is for nothing.
The papers cost money

How much?
-A thousand lira.

A thousand?

Dad, are you asleep already?
-Yes, what do you want?

The houses were so nice
and new. -And white.

Why do they trick us all the
time? -Because we' re new.

You trick greenhorns.
-It's mean. -Why not?

One day when we've been
here a long time

we' ll also trick the newcomers.
I' ll fix 'em.

If, let's say, a new immigrant
comes to my shoe shop.

What do you mean, your
shoe shop? -Never mind that.

He asks for new shoes, I say,
" l' m sorry Sir,

You have to wear old shoes,
why, because you are new.

" I was also new once." I say.
That's the way it goes.

That's what you' ll say to
the poor guy?

"You won't believe me Sir,
once " I lived in a dirty, old hut,

" but I never said a word.

" I didn't wait to be given
a kiosk, my friend.

" I went to work in the road
gangs and in the forests.

" I sweated my guts out,
the way I worked"

Now it's late. You've got to go
to sleep Mordecai.

Perhaps l' ll look for a job.
No, you' re too young.

You still have to learn.

Someone has to work, no?

Neuman, l' m obliged to point
out that hired labor opposes

the basic principles of the
movement. -4 men Chichi.

Even half. We' re talking about
quantity here.

Did we adopt the transit camp
or not? -We did.

So these are like
our own sons.

But ideologically
that is absurd.

Who knows? Maybe you' re
right. I thought that.

OK, send 'em back.

It's not that. I need someone
in any event. Even half a man.

Neuman, you should live so
long, you wouldn't do that.

Let me have him.

I' m sorry, I've already
promised him to the kitchen.

One, just one I want.
-Neuman, l' m getting mad.

You, you go to the fields.
-Neuman, Neuman.

Neuman, I want him.
-Excuse me?

What? We've known each
other for a long time

I helped the lady picking fruit.
-You picked fruit? -Yes.

Can you work with the cows?
-Who, him? -I can learn.

He's cut out for the job
-l' m mad about cows.

A real case of mad cows
disease. -OK. T ake him.

But he's mine. -Neman gives,
Neuman takes away. -Simon.

Hallo Mr. Shabaty. -Hallo Miss
Sociology. -He's a good boy.

Pretty as a picture. -Dad,
stop it. -What's wrong?

Are you still three in a room?
-We' re four now.

If Miss Batsheva wants to live
with us, she's welcome.

That's kind of you Mr. Shabaty.
-lf you have any problems,

I can always help you.
-Thank you, but it's OK.

What's going on, a party?
-Goodbye, Mr. Shabaty.

Come my friend. You can
help me move my office.

What's up with you?
-What's this? -It's nothing.

It's a very big nothing. -Don't
worry, he's our guard dog.

Come with me.
-He should go first.

Jeremiah, sit.

Are you afraid of dogs?
-l' m not afraid of anyone.

It's just, I don't like the way
he looks at me.

Freda, I've found some one.
We' re moving the cupboard.

At last, thank goodness
for that.

Move, my friend, move.

Is this the cupboard?
-No, this is the cupboard.

You take it. One, two,
my friend. One, two.

I must think. How much?
-How much what? -Money.

How much? The same
that we give everyone.

Six lira a day. -I don't
talk to women.

*?Sir, it's not like for everyone.
-Friend, we say here. Not Sir.

I don't know the lady.
Why should I say friend?

Sir, a porter gets per unit.
-my budget is just six lira.

No, this cupboard to that
house, seven.

Finish it already. -You tell me
where l' ll get another lira.

I don't care, as long as you
take that monstrosity away.

Take a lira from the animal
budget. -Thank you, Lady.

It's nothing friend.

Sign here please.

And here.

And also here, please.

And here.

I hope the committee will
authorize this.

Now get out of here,
both of you.

A bit right, and left. Be careful.
What are you doing?

Move, my friend, move. Lift it,
one, two, and we' re done.

I' m not doing that. -What do
you mean? -No!

Excuse me, we agreed that
you'd bring it to this house.

As far as the house, I said.
This is the house. This far.

And who will take it upstairs?

Don't know. This is the house.
Upstairs is something else.

Oh yeah? Nobody makes fun
of me, my friend.

If need be, l' ll even do it
by myself, even today.

Guys! Come and give a hand.
Yoske, just for a minute...

You' re insane.

60 grush? -3 lira!
Where do I get 3 lira?

I don't know. You own the
kibbutz. Sell it. -Sell it?

That's wonderful, sell it!
Look, the time is going.

See here, friend Shabaty, you
want 3 and l' ll give 60 grush.

Let's reach a compromise.

For you Sir, I do compromise.

But cut out all the talk. -Alright,
how much will you take?

3.60. -What?

Well, what's going on?

I' m doing just what you told
me and nothing's happening.

That's because you' re not
concentrating. Sit closer.

Put the bucket between your
knees. Close your fingers.

Don't bend over. -I won't tell
my father how girls boss me.

Your father is sweet.
-Yes, he likes you too.


He says you' re a sweet,
sociological case.

Usually he won't talk to women.
-You don't say.

That's how it is with us. We
take no notice of women.

When my mother is about to
give birth, we' re all scared.

So, has Ben-Gurion
been born yet?

Paula was born and Mother
shut herself away 2 weeks.

I don't believe a man of
Mr Shabaty's caliber

who shows such concern
for other people,

a man who is so sensitive,

would ignore his wife,
in so boorish a way.

Forgive me, if you want
to know, l' ll tell you,

I have never met a nicer man.

When he looks at me with...
those flashing eyes of his,

and when he smiles at me
with that smile...

I would, do you hear me,
if he was 20 years younger

I could fall in love with him.

I swear...

Why aren't you milking? Have
you got two left hands?

Like this, like this.

Isn't it boring with four hands?

Boring? I could do this
from morning till evening.

Alright Comrade Shabaty,
I won't go on vacation.

From me you' ll get 4 lira and

want Mr. Comrade not to have
a vacation because of me.

I' ll go, l' ll go. Just take the
cupboard upstairs. -Alright.

Mr. Comrade, you
have a cigarette?

Anything, as long as you take
the cupboard up.

This is a good cigarette.
You have a good job?

Yes, l' m an accountant. -And
my brother can count sheep.

I' m the kibbutz secretary.
I' m an official.

Then it's another 50 grush.
-Why? -For being an official.

Now it's 5 lira and 1 0 grush.

No, my friend you won't get
rich at the kibbutz expense.

I' m not getting rich. I just need

How many cupboards a year
do I have? -I don't know.

Just one. -How many children
do I have? -I don't know.

5, 5 boys 2 girls and a girl.
-Very nice. -What's so nice?

Not nice. -lf you had problems
Sir, like my problems

you wouldn't talk like that.
Don't you think

we need to eat? We need
electricity, glasses for Mazal.

the sick fund for Juli's asthma
we need. -You need, you do.

Who needs? -No need, l
don't need. I just need to rest

The cupboard can sit here
forever. -But the rain will come.

The flood can come.

Hallo Joseph, the wise one.

The Lord bless you and keep
you, Goldstein.

If you stop playing backgammon
with me, I don't know

how l' m going to make
a living.

But it will take a year till I can
win a1 0000 lira from you.

6 months. -That's also
a long time.

Goldstein, 1 000 lira and I get
a house. A lovely house.

Haven't you got anything to
sell? -No, l' m a shoemaker.

Mr. Goldstein, perhaps you
have something I can sell.

I could sell the clock with the
bird in the flea-market.

It doesn't matter. I don't need
it Goldstein.

How can I earn some money?

There's notices. -For work?

" Lost, a white Poodle.
Answers to the name of Puzzi,

" Reward for return of dog.
Dr. Theodore Kurtz.

6, Benjamin Street,
Ramat Gan"



What are you doing here?
This is no place for a woman.

Get out of here. Go on home.

That's Jeremiah, that one.
Nissim, Rahamim, wait.

Now me.

Nissim, Rahamim,

Nissim, stay here,

That's enough Nissim.

That's enough Rahamim.

Quiet Nissim, enough.


Come my friend, come,
that's good, come, come.

That's good, nice sausage.

Come on, taste it.

Come, come.

Come with that,

Come, come...

It's very good sausage,

Come my friend, come on...

That was very good sausage.

What does he want, that one?
He's a dangerous dog.

We' ll have to get Shimon to
bring some really strong rope.

What's all this?

Now we don't need anything.

I told you,
we don't need anything.

Hush woman. What's wrong?
Is Mr. Dr. Kurz at home?

What is your business?
-Puzzi. -A moment please.

Please come in. Do enter
please. Thank you very much.

Thank you, please.

Do forgive the reception,
l' m afraid we didn't know.

Puzzi? Where is she?

Won't you sit down Sir?
-Where? -Over here.

Here? -Yes. -No, Mrs. I' m not...
-Where is Puzzi, where is she?

It's alright, he's nearby.
-Here? -Yes.

Will you have a drink? -Arak?
-No, we have fruit juice. -No.

I' m sorry. -It's not important.

Puzzi, Puzzi,

Now that's good. -Now,
please, will you bring her?

70 lira reward. -70 lira? -Yes.

That's a lot of money, my dear
Sir. -it's a lot for a cat.

A dog costs a lot. If the lady
loses a cat, l' ll find him

for 30 lira. If it's little and
skinny, for 20 lira.

Never mind, take the money.

Take the glass. You stay here
and l' ll go and get him.

Puzzi, Puzzi.

Theodore, I want to cry.
-Calm yourself my dear, soon

she' ll be here with us.
-My darling little dog.

Come on, come here Puzzi.
Here's your Puzzi

Excuse me. What is that?
-That's Puzzi, that is.

That's not Puzzi.
-It's a dog, isn't it?

The man is mad. Get him out
of here. That's not my Puzzi.

How do you know? -It's 3
times the size, not a bitch,

and it's almost black. -So it's
black. -Can't you see?

Always the same. Black's no
good. If it's white it's good.

No, it's really not
because of that.

I know, it's not the dog,
it's the color that counts.

Is that why I brought it all the
way from the kibbutz?

I don't have any luck.
I never have any luck.

Theodore tell him to go.
-Get out of here. Go on.

That Jeremiah is a dangerous
dog. You have to be careful.

Sir, please take me, take me.
Please take me. Why not?

Please take me. Please take me.

No one wants to give me a lift.
Why aren' t I a young girl?

Good evening, Mr. Shabaty.
Good evening fat driver.

Get in. -T o the transit camp.

Hallo. -Yes

I see you' re always together.

The silly bitch is in love with
me. She's got a lot of money.

She can't understand
what we' re saying?

Course not!

What did you say, Honey?
-We say you very pretty, sugar

You silly man.

She's nothing to me. You
know who I really like.

My daughter, Habuba!
-How did you know?

If it wasn't true, you wouldn't
have stopped for me.

I think about her a lot. I'd even
be prepared to marry her.

I know that you have different
customs, I know,

but l' m even prepared to pay
or her dowry.

How much? -How much do
you want? -1 000 lira.

I've got 600.

600. Would you marry her?

That's it. You always get what
you don't want.

Always what you don't want.
-Ain't that the truth?

So what about Habuba?

We' ll see. I' m thinking.

You say the dog stayed there?

And Mr. Kurtz and his wife,
they were scared,

and the maid.

Come, let's have a drink.

It's very funny, Goldstein, but
I didn't make any money.

No, not the clock.

Who needs it? -No
-Who needs it?

You know Goldstein,
that fat driver wants

to give me 800 lira to marry
Habuba. -Shall I take it?

Does Habuba love him? -l
don't know, but she' ll learn.

If not, l' ll kill her.
-That's not nice.

Not nice to sell your daughter.
-Those are our customs.

I need the money for a house,

I can't go on living there.
It's driving me crazy.

You know, that fat driver's
right when he says that

you always get what you
don't want, he says.

If I wanted to stay in
the transit camp to live,

then they'd probably want me
to go and live

in the housing project,
Mr. Goldstein.

In a house? Do you hear? You
get what you don't want.

No Housing Project.
We want the T ransit Camp.

No Housing Project.
We want the T ransit Camp.

No Housing Project.
We want the T ransit Camp

The housing project is
garbage. -Houses garbage.

T ransit camp! -T ransit camp!

None of this makes an
impression on me.

It's not for you to decide
on absorption policy,

but for the government.

This is anarchy. Disperse at
once, or l' ll call the police.


That was a success.
Go home everyone.

Go home, that was good.

Juli, come over here.

You' re staying here on strike.
Sit down.


Zigi. -Yes

There's a cab driver,
you know him. He's tall.

So what?
-He wants to get married.

Congratulations. -To me.
He wants to marry me.

You? Why? Do you like him?

Dad likes him. -Then he can
marry your father.

You can marry me.

Zigi, that driver offered
dad 800 lira.

For what? -For me.

Well, you've got a good price,

Zigi, those are our customs.

Aren't I worth 800 lira?
-You' re worth a million.

You' re worth a million.

But we live in the State of
lsrael not the desert.

It's not nice to talk like that.
-l' m sorry.

Have you got 800 lira?

It's not the money that is
important, no, I don't have it.

You don't love me.
-I love you madly, Habuba,

but I don't have 800 lira
or even 8 lira.

That's not true, you work in
our place and earn a wage.

But that all goes straight to
the treasurer. -Wonderful.

Those are our customs.


Zigi? -Yes. -Will you buy me
from my father? -Yes, sure.

I' ll talk to the secretariat.
Perhaps they can help me.

I shall fight them
till the last bullet.

Silence, I request silence


Members, Zigi's problem is
an individual problem.

But it is also a matter
of principle.

No, Neuman, it's a matter
of 800 lira.

Fellow members, I am
basically opposed

to any form of buying women
from outside the kibbutz.

How's it possible from inside?

Just a minute Zigi. Why spend
money on a product

that you can find inside
the kibbutz.

That's true.

Maybe Bat-Sheva doesn't
have two eyes or long hair.

Ask her new helper with
the cows. -Simon...

That's enough,
we' re really just friends.


Just a minute, is it possible
for a simple person

to say something?

My dear Zigi, there are some
basic principles that even

you cannot ignore.
-For example?

For example, that everything
bought with kibbutz money

belongs to the kibbutz,
for example.

No, no, it doesn't.

A member of a collective
can not keep a live inventory.

But Habuba is not an
inventory. -That's true.

Shall I write this expense
in sub-section 54?

We don't have a budget
for buying wives!

Come on Neuman, it's still
a basic necessity.

When Saruki got lumbago,
we bought him a mattress.

We did, but the mattress
belongs to the kibbutz.

It belongs to the kibbutz,
but only he sleeps on it.

Fellow members,
l' m leaving the kibbutz.

Dad, can I talk to you
for a minute? -Not now.

Perhaps we' ll stop now?

No, Goldstein.
You' re staying here.

You don't leave a game at
a bad time. What's up?

Someone wants to marry me.

At last she's got some sense.
She's a good girl, that one.

When did you talk to the fat
cab driver? -Dad, it's not him.

It's Zigi. -Zigi? That's an
Ashkenazi name isn't it?

Mr. Goldstein is also
an Ashkenazi.

For losing a game,
not for marrying.

I love him Dad. -Never mind
that. Does he have money?

He's so nice. -Does he have
money? -You' ll like him, Dad.

Does he have money? -The
kibbutz won't give him any.

You' re never going
to see him again, in your life.

I can't do that Dad.

Your good father tells you to
do something and you can't?

I' m sorry Father, l' m going
to marry Zigi.

Without my permission?

Without money?



I' ll kill you. I' m going
to kill everyone.

They want to steal my child
and without paying for her.

I' ll kill 'em all, the thieves.
Thieves, thieves.

Hallo Freda. -Hallo Zigi.

Hallo Zigi. -Hallo Neuman,
How are you?

Maybe for all that Zizi?
-For all what Neuman?

Why have you come here?
-It's like this Zigi, we came

to prevent you from doing
something irresponsible.

Are you really stupid or
are you just putting it on?

There's nothing more to say.
I can't live without Habuba.

Habuba costs 800 lira.
I don't get the 800 lira.

I' m leaving to find work and
that's that. -That's that?

Very nice, l' m sure. -Leave it
Neuman. Leave him alone.

Zigi doesn't care about the
moral harm he causes. The

people in the camp will think
they can grow daughters and

sell them to the agricultural
sector at exaggerated prices.

But 800 lira is not an
exaggerated price!

Do you know how much
aluminum piping you can get

for that price. And 1 0
kerosene stoves.

But who wants to cuddle up
to a kerosene stove?

Calm down Zigi...

Fellow members, there is...

Dear Lord...

Hallo Mr. Zigi, l' m here.

Hallo Mr. Shabaty. Please
meet Habuba's father.

We have already met.

Hallo. -hallo Sir.

You' re not going to give
money for Mr. Zigi?

Comrade Shabaty, let's have
a talk, like old friends.


Comrade Zigi tells me
that you' re demanding

700 lira for your daughter.
It's 800, Sir. -800.

Habuba is young and strong
and can work like crazy.

That's no way to...
-I don't talk to women.

It's difficult to accept that.

You don't have to,Lady.
A woman doesn't sit and

Iisten to men talk. She does
washing and cooking. See?

My dear Sir. We are living
in the 20th century.

I live in a transit camp, Lady.

The 20th century's not a place
to live. -Nor is the camp.

We' re not talking about living
standards, but emotions.

This is about a father selling
his daughter, like a horse.

A horse? I' m selling Habuba
like a horse am l?

Can you get a horse for 800
lira, can you?

The lady knows how much
is a horse? -1 200 or 1 500 lira.

An old horse. A new
one costs 2000.

For sure Lady. You can
get a woman for 50 lira.

The sort of woman who's like
Miss Comrade.

Not young, not pretty, not
work. Just talk all day.

Certainly it's possible.
-My dear Sir...

No friend.
-Dear Sir...

Freda, leave him alone.
-Zigi, leave me alone.

This has gone too far.
My dear Mr. Shabaty,

You oriental communities,
with all due respect,

must try and adapt to our
country's new, modern reality,

and forget your own barbarian
customs which

you brought with you.

Forget? Why should I forget?
You always want us forgetting

what's not good for you.

Tell me Sir, if our customs are
' barb', whatever that word is

we have a custom where the father
gives 1 000 lira for his

daughter to marry in kibbutz?
This also we should forget?

Not this. You say only to
forget if not good for you.

You say it's not good. Why?

Why do Sir and Lady eat
shnitzel all day?

Pretty songs, pretty songs,
like cotton wool.

That's no good.

Symphony in minor all day on
radio to drive you mad.

And that's good?

Why Sir and lady hear this
only this all the years?

When they were little they
heard just this, just this?

Now already, they don't know
what's good.

Barbara or no, our custom is
to pay father

for bringing up daughter all
the years for Mr. Zigi.

Here in kibbutz, you sow and
you don't want harvest?

Enough. We don't
need anything.

Mr. Zigi, I wanted money for
housing project,

but now I don't need. I see
you talk and talk

but truth is, you' re poorer
than social welfare.

Finished. We don't
need anything.

To tell the truth, Mr. Zigi,

I can get 800 lira for Habuba.
What do you think of that?

From a bus driver who is very

But Habuba doesn't love him
because of he's fat.

We don't need.

Salah Shabaty gives his
Habuba for Mr. Zigi.

For no money.
How's that?

Mr. Shabaty. -Thank you.

Salleh Shabaty doesn't take
money from poor people.

Just a moment, poor?
What's this, Neuman, we' re poor?

Wait a minute. No fat driver is
going to out-do our kibbutz.

There's no difference.
No money is no money

Don't you do us any favors.
You' ll get your money.

Down to the last penny.
-Freda, my dear.

Zigi, what are you doing?
Stop that, really.

So you mean, you do
want to pay me?

Yes! Yes!

Well, if you all want,
l' ll take.

Everybody here.

Yes, the Sir is giving money
for Habuba.

Not yet, not yet. Sir.

Neuman, Is it final? Where will
we get the money from?

I know.
We can steal chickens.


Not here, come with me.

Mr. Shabaty, I congratulate
you. -Thank you very much.

I' ll never ever forget this.
-Leave me alone already.

I' m resigning anyway.

Excuse me, Comrade Shabaty,
how do you want the money?

Like money. -I understand,
but how many payments?

It doesn't matter, as long
as I get all of it now.

No, not here. Come inside.


More small change.


That's alright l' ll live.
-From your lips....

Thank you.

Got it. Now for the
housing project.

Here's our sociological.

Hallo, Simon. -Hi Dad.
-Hallo, Mr Shabaty.-Hallo.

I've got news. I' m getting a
new room. A family room.

For how many girls? -Two of
us. Simon and me.

We' re getting married first, of
course. What did you think?

What, you and...
get married.

That's a good thing, my son.
She's a very good girl.

In spite of the snake bite.

Come on woman, don't cry.
This is a great day.

Not only will we get a house,
but also grandchildren...

Bat-Sheva is a good girl,
healthy, strong, works well.



Enough, back to the camp.

Salleh Shabaty, he' ll never
have a house, never ever,

Never, Salleh Shabaty,


What's going on. What are
you all doing here?

What are you doing?

What did I do?
You think l' m a thief?

Leave my children alone.
Leave my children.

What do you want of
my children?

What have we done?

I said you won't decide where
you live. The housing project!

What's wrong? -Go to the
houses! -To the houses...

That was successful, that was.
-Congratulations Salleh.

Congratulations. Backgammon?
Off to work.

Fix this.

" In Jumlan lives an old
Messiah, in Jumlan...

" And he was lucky seven-fold

" And who was born first?
-Jamila, his daughter...

" And who was born next?
-Jamila, his daughter.

" And who was after that?
-Jamila his daughter,

" And who was born last?
-Zillah and Gilah

" No son to bear his name.
-Till the Messiah comes again.

" Salleh Shabaty"

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