Salisiah Adaik (2013) - full transcript

Eh Mus, where are you going?

to payakumbuh, mak

Why go there ?

Replaces Ajo Amaik employees

OK. Be careful

I left first, Mak, Assalamualaikum


Fresh fish ... Fresh fish ... Fresh fish ...

-If it's fresh ... Fresh fish ... Fresh fish ... -What is Jo?

Jo fresh fish, want to buy Jo fish?

No, Jo, thank you

-Where do you go to Jo? -Ke Payakumbuh

-Be careful on the road -Thank you Jo.


Samba Lado Tanak, don't forget, son

Yes, Mak

It's almost night, don't you go to Surau?

Yes Mak, I will want to boil the vegetables first

Hurry up, kid

-Numpang asked Ni. - What are you asking, Da?

- Where's Ajo Amaik's house? -Oh Ajo Amaik's house

From here Uda is straight. His house is near "Surau".

-All right, thank you, Uni. - Together Uda


-Assalamu'alaikum -Wa'alaikumsalam

-Oh ... you are Mus. - Yes, Jo.

Come in, please sit down.

Do you want to make coffee or tea? Let Ajo make it

There's no need for Jo, I've been drinking a lot of tea on the street.

Then Ajo just get water.

Please drink it, Mus

Where is the Union Jo?

The Union just left, his sister gave birth.

How was your trip?

Smooth Jo

If you want to take a break, rest first here Ajo is very tired.

Ajo sleeps first.

Good Jo, I also want to rest.

I was sleepy too

-This is the drink -Thank you Tech

This is why it's not fried?

Tek Lis, I ordered one of the water from the tank. The water is warm, nails

You just woke up, Pirin?

-Tek, Lapo Etek chicken (released; Pariaman) Tech -What did you say !?

You say I'm lazy (greedy; payakumbuh). Are you asking for a fight? Stand you up!

For me the enemy is not sought after meeting abstinence

What is this? What is wrong?

This is Mak, He said I am lazy (Greedy; Payakumbuh) How am I not angry.

Calm down ... Calm down ... Sit down first

Tek, where is my order Tech?

Here, drink it

Ooo ... you deserve to be angry. It turns out you are not well still early in the morning drinking water

Actually what happened?

This is Mak, I am Muslim, I just arrived

-Where do you come from? -Pariaman, Mak

Actually what happened?

Look, Mak. I was eating fried sweet potatoes.

I see Etek Lis Chicken Lapeh (released; Pariaman). I said to Etek, "Tek tek etek lapeh tek"

Eeehh, he's angry with me. How am I not angry?

I spelled it out (Raklus; Payakumbuh). If Mak doesn't believe. Ask the Udin. Or the same as Tek Lih.

He has no manners!

-Really like that Lis? -I don't know it's been a fuss, Mak

-Lopeh or Lapeh? -Lapeh. Lapeh that I heard, Mak? Obviously he called Lapeh.

ooo ... Maybe this is what it means

the chicken is lopeh (loose) from the tie, not saying the Pirin is meleh (greedy)

Maybe it's because Pirin isn't healthy, so the champ is angry.

Alright Mak, if I'm wrong, I'm sorry

Well, if it's like this, calm down

Where do you live?

I work with Ajo Amaik

Ooooh ... the goldsmith?

Yes, Mak, I went to the market first, Mak. Want to continue the work that has not been completed.

- Do you know the way? -Tau, Mak. It was already said by Ajo Amaik.

-Assalamu'alaikum, Mak -Waa'alaikum greetings

When will you arrive, Mak?

Yesterday. Tuesday. But, later you want to go back to Padang.

- Very fast, man? Yes, now I am forced to go back and forth to Padang

The medicine, bro.

Medicine, is this it?

This brother, arrogant ......

Uwan looks at Sister, but Sister looks at the moon Where is the intimacy, Dik?

Ubek Da?

-This is what, Mak? -Rp 1

-Two bundles of Rp. 1 can, Mak? -OK

Choose the top, Ti

-Jadih, Uni -Can ask for help, Mak

How much is Juadah, Ni?

This is Galamai, son Why does the kid say Juadah

-Where does the child come from? -I'm from Pariaman

Oooh ... it turns out it's Cik Ajo

This is IDR 5

-Nak, this is the bar, son. -Yes, Ni

-Assalamualaikum -Waalaikum salam

- Just back from the market? -Yes, Mak. what is the condition of Amak's feet?

I don't know, Amak's foot hurt.

If so, let Ros just cook. Amak just rested first.

-Oiya Ti -Iya, Mak

Amak Siti said, you were told to go straight home. Alright, Mak.

-Will go home first, Mak. -Be careful, ok.

Yes, Mak

-Assalamualaikum -Waalaikum salam

-Where are you Mus? -I'm from the market, Jo. buy Juadah.

Juadah? What's the fuck?

-It's not juadah. This is called greeting -Eeee ... try Jo. It tastes very good.

No need to, Mus Ajo often eats Galamai

Oiya Mus. This is someone who wants to brazen his necklace. Can you finish it?

Ooooh ... this can be finished for a while.

-When did he pick up? -The word is this afternoon.

As we are, he is our customer.

Okay, jo. Let me do it now.

Oiya, Mus, if it's finished, can you please deliver it immediately?

Where is his house, Jo?

Later you will go again to the Market. Just ask Sutan Datuak Bagindo

- Everyone knows his name. -All right, Jo.

Uni, hitch a question?

Where is Sutan Bagindo house, Ni?

Uh, Uda.

Eh, Uni again. It turned out that Uni was really the place to ask.

I was forced to ask again.

What do you want to ask?

Asking for Sutan Bagindo's house

Oooo ... Sutan Datuak Bagindo House.

You just follow this path. Later, turn left.

His house is behind "Surau".

Alright Ni.

Oiya, if you can know what the name of Uni is?

Ros, Da.

Ondeh content. The top loved ulam arrived, yes, Uni.

The well was dug up and came. Meet what you really want.

Later that night the Union teaches recitation?

Yes Ti, why is that?

-Oh, yeah, Ni, excuse me, Ros. - Yes, Da

-Ni, tomorrow morning accompany Siti to the market huh. -What are you doing to the market?

-Amak told him to buy "Batiah", to be taken by Pak Angah to Padang. -Alright, if Union work isn't much, tomorrow Uni will accompany you.

-Ti, please bring this to the kitchen. -All right, this.

How are you, Mus, Bak? Since he left there hasn't been any news.

I'm afraid something happened to Si Mus.

He just left for a few days.

There's no way he will immediately give us news.

He's grown up, he's smarter than us. Leave it alone.

Right, Bak. But he is our only child.

-And our relatives aren't there. -Look at him there.

You already know, your peers are already married.

Yes, bro. But my feelings are not good.

You don't have to worry too much.

Sister, because it's late we go home.

-Do not forget the Ad-dhuha letter that the Union taught earlier, please memorize it at home, huh

Now we put the Qur'an back

- Have you finished the recitation? -aaaaaah

-Ros. -Eh, yeah. What's up, Uda?

-This is, Siti first. Where are you going? Uni is only for a while.

-There's Siti waiting for the Union -Here it's Siti, what are you doing there?

No, da. Siti is just waiting there.

Oya Ros, there's something for you

Ros, I returned first.

-Okay, Siti just came home first. Assalamualaikum - Waalaikum Salam

-Ros, -Eh, yeah.

Where did you know we were here?

Yesterday, I overheard Siti asking to be accompanied to Ros Union, going to the market to buy "Batiah" Pak Angah.

- Have you been standing there for a long time? -Not yet.

Do you want to buy the market?

Nothing, just looking around

- Have you been a goldsmith? -Not yet.

But if in Pariaman I did sell gold.

How long have you been in Payakumbuh?

Ajo Amaik said, 2 weeks to replace friends ... Eh Ajo Amaik employees who returned home

-Wah, just a minute -What's the matter, all depends on Ajo Amaik

Uda, Uni, Siti came home first?

-Well, Siti's house from here? -No, it's near from here.

-Okelah, be careful, bro -Yes Da

-Be careful ya Ti -Iy Ni

Oya Ros, the letter I gave has been read?

Oiya ... Siti forgot to read what letter is that, Da?

Actually there is something I want to convey

but I was afraid to say it directly

But because we've met, I have to say.

Actually Uda wants to marry Ros

Will Ros marry Uda?

Da, Ros comes home first. It is not good with the villagers, it will be rumored to be a no-no.

Assalamu'alaikum, Da

Salam Salam

-Assalamu'alaikum -Wa'alaikum Salam

Ros, sit down for a while. There's something I want to talk about.

What's the matter?

Amak finds this letter under your bed. Because Amak's eyes were farsighted, it was rather difficult to read them

But Amak is sure

this is a letter from Amak's daughter-in-law.

Why are you like someone who is so scared, kid?

Amak understand, you're grown up it's time to be married

And all your age friends are also married

And again, in our family you are the only one who hopes to continue the line of our family

Tek instead, his three children but all men.

So, if it tastes suitable and indeed you like him

it's okay, we just speed up

One more, Amak always prayed,

O God ...... take the time for my servant to carry his grandchild before he dies as soon as Amak's prayer.

Your mamak if you know you already have a candidate

surely they will be very happy to hear this news

If Amak can tell what his name is, where does he work?

Muslim, you are a goldsmith.

Goldsmith? Where do you work?

Near here, Mak Kerja with Ajo Amaik.

Ajo and Ajo, who is a dancer?

So, which Muslim is this person?

Same with Ajo Amaik, Mak. Orang Pariaman too.

What? Pariaman people ?!

Is Amak not hearing wrong?

Don't be stupid, Ros with the mariners ?! No, Ros!

Better keep your intentions! It's better to find another one!

Why, Mak? He is a good person, Mak.

Even though Ros only knew him but he was a good person, Mak.

Good ... well ... what's the good thing?

The point is Amak does not agree with the Pariaman people

Hear! Amak doesn't agree!

Why, Mak? What's the problem with him?

Not. I have no problem with him What do you know about the problem?

our customs with his customs are the opposite. Ingati it!

Like no other man just forget him!


Ooo ... son

listen to Amak

Pay attention to the origin of the prospective husband that you will marry!

Look at our situation, we are poor people

Aren't you sorry, kid !? Don't you feel sorry for your mother's situation !?

What are we going to pay for the Pariaman pickup for ?!

Only one request, Amak! Please forget the Muslim! You hear?! Forget her!


Has Ros eaten?

Not yet, Uda. Maybe soon.

Since I came home I didn't see him. Where is he going?

He is there, but ... since then he didn't want to get out of his room.

What is wrong with him? What is the problem?

Look, Da

This morning I found a letter under his bed

I read apparently from someone who likes him.

Then I ask? Who is he?

"uda muslim, mak" where do you work?

"He is a goldsmith, Mak," he said

If indeed the person is already working, it's okay. Where does he work?

Close from here

For me it's okay, if indeed he likes it, he will also undergo it.

Everything depends on Si Ros.

But ......... there's a little problem, Da.

It turns out that the Muslim .........

Pariaman people, Da

Ha? Pariaman people? Am I not hearing wrong ?!

The Ros doesn't think stupid! Does he think he has money to pick up the pariaman?

Yes, I have already said that I have even angry at him.

But he just kept quiet. I was afraid of being too rude to him

-Maybe that's why he didn't come out of the room -No!

Tell him what will happen if the Mamak-Mamak know?

Yes, I also understand, Da.

But there is something I think about. I am afraid that Ros will be determined to hang himself

Our only child is the only one who will continue the descendants of our family

Even the three children, but all men. Yes, Tini

But with what we will pay for the shuttle

We don't have money to repair a house.

Yes, I understand. But, I just asked Uda not to be too hard on our child

Only he is our only child, Da. We better just give up, Da

We just give in. If what happens I'm afraid I can't bear to imagine it, Da.



-Fast, Da. We will find out later. -Are ready, Ros?

Hurry up, Da!

-How's the condition of Ros, right? - Has he come out of his room?

Already, Da

This morning I saw he had come out. Maybe he wanted to perform a prayer for prayer

But because it's dark, whether he sees me or not I don't know. But clearly he was out

OK. I went first to the rice fields combing the embankments Seeing the water conditions.

Okay, Da.

-I go first. Assalamualaikum -wa'alaikum salam

-Rooos ... Rooos -Yes, Mak

Come here

What's the matter?

So, how is it? Do you really want to marry the pariaman child?

Amak see, you want to marry him

One more time before, Amak has never seen your attitude like this

If yes, later that afternoon Amak will ask Mak In to meet the Muslim.

Of course we will find out where the family lives first.


Yes, Mak.

Just stay here, Jo? -Yes

Which yesterday, it was finished and delivered? Already, Jo

-Assalamu'alaikum -Walaikum Salam, wait a minute.

-Eh, Da In. Please enter Da In. -Yes, thank you

Please sit down Da In

What is the need, Da In? Do you want to gild gold?

-No, I need to be with Ajo employees, the Muslim. Is he here? -Ooooh ... Muslim

Wait a minute yes he still has a little work

Okay, no problem

Has Mus finished?

-It's already, Jo. -Love for a while. Someone is looking for you.

-Well, this is the Da in Muslim. -I, Mamak the Ros.

Please sit down, Mus

- I get water, huh. - Don't bother, Jo. I'm only for a while.

What's the matter, sir?

Look, I want to ask. Where is the address of Muslims in Pariaman

Because tomorrow, we plan with Mamak the other Ros will go there.

-What are you doing, sir? - Discuss your relationship.

-How's the way to go, Jo? -Nothing, Mus

The work here is almost done. Quickly finish, then go home

Convey to Amak and Abak so that they can be delivered to the other Dunsanak

OK, Jo

ambitious candonyo lai kanduang gunuang singgalang oo ai ai

it appears from the poor gunuang marapi

it appears from the poor gunuang marapi

kaba is confused when the deck is thrown away, go home do it ai ai

Ros Mananti, who is sad and suko hearted

kaba rancak yo raak dibaok come home oo ai ai

Ros Mananti, who is sad and suko hearted

-Where's Buyuang, Dar? -There, in the room.


-ooo yuaaang. -Yes, Bak.

How was your trip?

Thank God smoothly, Bak.


-Radio Abak why does the crackle sound like that? -That's, sometimes the sound is really crackling.

If I'm not mistaken, you're planning two weeks in Payakumbuh. Why are you home now?

-Are Amaik's employees back? -No, Bak

I have a need to go home, Bak

Mak, Bak, someone will ask me

he is a Payakumbuh person Tomorrow, his friends will come here "maantaan asok"

-People of Payakumbuh. -Yes, Bak.

How about it, Dar? Just now we both heard what our children said

that tomorrow someone will come ask him

Tell you what, tomorrow morning, go to the house of the mamak-mamak, say that there will be people who will come "maantaan asok '

Alright, Bak

Tomorrow I will deliver it to the mamak-mamak of the Mus.

-Who are you going to Pariaman tomorrow, right? -All mam Ros will all leave tomorrow.

Ooooh ... come with everyone. Yes, Da.

Mak Uncu has been told? Mak Uncu should have been told. But.....

Who knows who will announce it in Padang.

Hmmm ... I heard that Pirin will go to Padang tomorrow

Meet him at the Lis Pagi shop, usually he is there.

Did you even tell me? Not yet, Da.

Tell you what, tomorrow if someone is going to go to Solok, leave a letter What do you think?

Okay, Da.

Later if you don't tell your sister he can be angry.

-Yes too, my sister is that. -It is true

Let Ros make the letter.

-Where's the Ros? -Roooosss ...

Yes, Mak.

-Din ... -What?

Tomorrow I want to go to Padang, I want to trade.

I don't think I can live in this village like a chicken lost its mother.

What do you want to sell in Padang?

Later when I arrive in Padang, there must be something I can sell. What is clear is that I left first

Good luck Actually you really don't fit in the village

Working in the fields? You are lazy Carrying a hoe, you can't

Actually this village person is also sick of seeing you, including me.

But, Amak you, too dear, have you said goodbye to your amateurs?

Later this missing child will disappear.

I don't need to say goodbye

Goodbye or not I'm the same Amakku. Means it's not important!

Then you say, yes, whatever.

-Oooo ... Pirin. -Eeee ... Mak Tini. What's the matter?

- Don't hear you're going to the fields, right? Iyo, Mak.

-Begini, amak want to leave a letter to Mak Sati -That's if Pirin wants to

-Well, bro -Where's the letter, bro?

-This. Pirin knows the address, Sati? -Pastilah, Mak. This is Pirin, Mak, not Udin.

You arrogant

-If so Amak comes home first. thanks. -Yes, Mak. You are welcome.

-Be careful on the way, ok. -Thank you, Mak.

Sis, let's go home.

Ni, Roooos


Uh, yeah Ti

Why does the union's attitude change lately? Siti heard that the Union will marry Uda Muslim?

Yes, Ti. This morning the mamak-mamak Uni had gone to the parade. Hopefully everything was smooth.

But, the Union knows the customs of pariaman people with our customs are different.

In Pariaman, the women must pay a shuttle for men

After all, I was working as a goldsmith. It must have been a big sum of money

- Has Uni thought carefully? -It's already, Ti

but if the match is not going where. "Dima somak there, you were lunching in the afternoon"

That's right, Ni.

Look, Jo. Our arrival here intends to bring good news,

wanted to pick up niece Ajo to be our son-in-law.

Wayoik ... if that's the case. According to our custom, money is lost and there is a pickup

But we don't use lost money, but we keep our pick up money.

It is true but another other part of the fish, another is another grasshopper

where the earth is grounded there the heavens are upheld We also have customs.

So, "how come, please help, how come the pots please sit in the afternoon like a day, like a month" for us.

-Where are you, Yuang? -New back from Surau, Bak

All of you also ate ketupat at Tek Anis stall

Bak, Mus wants to ask something

-What? -Bak, why should the pickup be that big?

If the problem is that Abak's pick up money can't interfere

Let your Mamak explain

But, Yuang ...

For tradition ...

impossible to remove

we are reluctant to society

Yes, Bak. Mus also understands in the tradition that Mus also does not want to eliminate tradition

-But why should it be that much, Bak -Well, Yuang

Then Abak won't block your soul mate.

Because, if Abak is difficult Abak is afraid you will not get a mate

Yes, Mus. And even Amak can only maintain our traditions

Batul, Mak. But he also has traditions too.

yes, Amak also heard.

If it's not mistaken "Maisi sasuduik"

Yes, Mak. Mus has also heard it.

But actually ... Both traditions ...

There is no harm

ooooo ..... "Maisi Sasuduik" He will also use it later

oooo .... Pick-up money Hopefully it can be additional capital later for you mus

Yes, Bak

But what Mus was afraid of, Mak Why should it be that big

So how good now? As the saying goes "Round of water because of vessels, Bula said by consensus".

The problem now is not a little money to pick up the Muslim. Where do we have to find the money.

Have you asked Ros? is he really sure?

Look, when you first knew ... Ros wanted to be with the Muslim ...

I have forbidden.

But he cried when I was angry. To the extent that he doesn't come out of his room except for prayer and to the kitchen

After that, I often experience nightmares

So I was afraid that things would go wrong to Ros

while he is the only daughter who will continue our lineage

Si Malah, all sons.

That is true, and we all already know.

The problem now is money to pick up the Muslim

where are we looking for? If you leave it to me, you know how I am.

Now as we gather, let's find the best way we will do it.

I remembered something .........

What if we mortgaged our family's high heritage?

Pawned? Don't talk about the pawning problem again!

As long as you know, conditions that allow pawning in the Minangkabau

"House of cataracts gadang" (broken gadang house) "Gih gadang ballooning" (Girls are old but not married)

"Mayik tabujua indak bakapan" (There is no fee for organizing the body)

plus one more "Mambangkik batang tarandam" for these things, it is only permissible to sell or pawn the inheritance

In my opinion, Ros is still not too late to get married, the age is not much

Have you told Mak Sati and Si Malah?

I told you, but until now I have not heard from them.

In my opinion, the Union should be discussed together

How? Right, that's right.

But, after that if we can get a consensus word

This problem is not a low inheritance. It is not the result of purchasing our parents

This is a matter of high inheritance. If possible, all of them participate in negotiations

-If it's already clear. -Please drink first.

-Oooo .... Ethek. -Is it din? Just arrived?

-Have heard of Tech? -What news?

I heard that Ros's family will pawn their inheritance.

-What do you do with the inheritance? -I heard that.

Yes, it doesn't matter if the inheritance is low. You're just noisy.

- So I passed in front of their house, like that I heard - You, Din

If the inheritance is low, it doesn't matter if your high inheritance is reasonable, you ask

-Not as easy as it is to pawn high treasure. -What?

To pawn a high treasure, if not for something urgent

For something that will bring shame, never pawn it


"Rumah gadang katirisan", "Mayik tabujua in tangah house", "Geeh gadang square balloon"

- This is me. I-yes, like your Union, then "Mambangkik batang tarandam"

It is only possible to pawn the inheritance. You are already a Mamak, but you just don't know

-Kok is making fun of me? -Who else do I want to omelette?

Stupid. How to take care of people's business.

-Etek, have you heard about it yet? -What news?

The news that Ros's family will pawn his high heritage

-The child wants to get married. -Don't talk about other people. Like no other talk

Really Tech, the Ros is going to marry a Pariaman person. The pickup is very large

The money is not there but this Ros still wants the Pariaman people.

The solution is to pawn the inheritance. That's what I heard Tech. "Gih gadang balaki" right indeed you can pawn the inheritance

But the Ros isn't it too late to get married? True Tech. It can be resisted by our customs

Not only Pariaman people who have customs. We also have customs

How do you fight with adat?

We also have a marriage custom. "Maisi sasuduik"

Just ask the groom the pillow, the mattress is gold. If necessary, the couch is all of gold. Imagine how big, Tech

Is that because there is a dispute with your traditional Mengert?

For marriages, men are "picked up". For Payakumbuh people, the men must be "Maisi Sasusuik".

Udaaaaa ... ooooo Da ... hahaha

-Was you got word? -What news? Do you want to be married again?

-Ah just joked. -You are like that, running around screaming, like being chased by the ghost of Aruaru.

Gini da, the Tini wants to pawn his inheritance. He wants to marry his son

The candidate for Ros's husband is Pariaman. He worked to sell gold with Amaik.

-So it's picked up -If it's not picked up, it's not coming. It's actually Jelangkung.

What do you mean by using the pick up, Da?

The custom of Pariaman is indeed like that. You told Tini.

the Tini used a shuttle for men and they carried out the custom "Sasuduik" for the bride.

It's just fair. Tell the Tini.

Do not want. Why did I tell him.

if you don't want to say what are you doing about people's business? Just take care of our business

After all, Tini has Mamak



-Assalamualaikum -Waalaikum salam

Uni in the kitchen.

Ooooh ... it's uni in the kitchen

Ndeeeh Uni, Where Amak and the Union? I said earlier, but no one answered.

The Union does not know where Amak is and where Abak goes.

-Uni, is it true that Amak and Abak will pawn the inheritance to pick up Uda Muslim? -Ha? Uni doesn't know

-Where can you hear from? -Duuuh, Uni. The villagers are already talking about this.

So Siti hurriedly came here. The pickup for Uda Muslim was very big, Ni?

Uni also doesn't understand why is Siti asking the Union?

If indeed the money is very large, the Uni also has a good request for the custom "maisi sasuduik"

If possible, the bed, cot and blanket are made of gold. Uda Muslim is a goldsmith

You are there, Ti. Uni is up to Amak and Abak.

Union is said to not want Yes, it's up to Uni.

Teeeeeek .. Oooooo Tech ...

-Eh .. Udin, please come in. -Yes, Tech.

-Begini, Tek. Did you get the news? -What news?

Yesterday I passed in front of Tek Tini's house, he wanted to pawn the inheritance. Has the ethos known?

- Pawn the inheritance? -Right.

-What for pawning? -What I heard, he wants to marry Ros.

-To marry Ros must pawn the inheritance? -Right

-Etek doesn't know? -Not

Nen ... I don't think, Tini wants to pawn her inheritance because she wants to marry her child to the Pariaman people.

Let it go, Sis, if they want to pawn their inheritance,

we know that they are poor families

Why do we have to worry they also have ninik mamak who will finish.

That is true. Just leave it.

Did you really tell Mak Sati? How come he hasn't come here yet?

Already. I have sent a letter through Pirin. He went to Padang yesterday.

-Assalamualaikum -Waalaikumsalam ..

Here it is, Mak Sati comes long.

-Please sit down, Mak. I make a drink, bro. -No need.

Smart, yeah, now? How dare you step over me? Am I not useful anymore?

- Are you really smart? -What does Mamak mean?

I hear you will pawn the inheritance to marry Ros. Why not tell me?

Are you able to take care of everything?

-Mmm ... like this, Mak. That's not the story. -You know? The inheritance is not only yours and your family!

But this concerns our future all clear?

Now you guys leave you too, just taking care of this can't.

Can you solve this yourself?

Calm down, Mak. From whom Mak can our story pawn?

There is nothing at all, we intend to pawn. Moreover, this is a high heritage

Not the purchase of our parents. We also understand that, Mak

Calm down Mamak first. Drink first, please make water for Mak Sati, Tini

Drink it first, Mak. Let me calm down

Bagini Mak, the Ros has met with her future husband But her future husband is Pariaman, Mak

Yes, you know yourself. Every time we find a mate for Ros, he always refuses

But with this Pariaman person, he is dead, Mak. I fear only one, Mak

-If things happen that are not desirable -So, why don't you tell?

Sudaah ... I have sent a letter through Si Pirin But ... indeed, until now there has been no news from Pirin

When it comes to mortgaging inheritance ...

I really asked for it, Mak. If we can use it

Because right now it's the condition "Geezer inflammation of the square" is that right, isn't it?

Look, Tini. "Gadih inflammation of the square" girl who was very late married.

If I think that Ros hasn't been in age, it's not too late

Yes, Mamak is right

But, I see he likes the Pariaman people

Yesterday, Mamak-mam Ros had gone there

To explain what we mean

It turned out that the "panjapuik" money was too large for the person requested, Mak

The one I'm afraid of, Mak. If something goes wrong with Ros

Especially later I always got nightmares, Mak

Already ... you don't trust dreams too much

Now, we better find a way out

If indeed the man he likes us cannot force the will

-If it really does happen -I'm not sure, that's what we're afraid of

Tell you what, when we go there

When do we leave, In?

For me, it's up to Mamak. When did Mamak have time?

In my opinion, if this good thing is better accelerated, later, a bad thing will come

But, if it's bad it's okay to slow down Hopefully the good comes

When did you get a chance? Let's go

Then, yes.

So this is Jo. Before we apologized to Mak Ajo

Because it didn't give the news before

The purpose of our arrival this time is to discuss our previous meeting again

About the amount of the pickup

I think the amount is too big for us

If it didn't pay off because we couldn't afford it

We will run this custom, but we also have customs, Jo. "Maisi Sasuduik"

But if this money problem becomes a barrier, it can actually be sinful

"Adat is used new, cloth is worn out," the saying goes

We will run Adat, but if we have this money problem ... we are asking for consideration

How do you think, Ajo?

This ... Ooooo Tin Yooo Daaa

You want to go to the stall first Good, Da

Don't go home too late, Da

Assalamu'alaikum Wa'alaikum Salam

Astaghfrullahaladzim Uni doesn't use me anymore? I am the younger brother of the Union.

Si Ros wants to marry Uni doesn't tell me !? In fact, I know from other people, the Union wants to deal with inheritance

Know Uni? Heritage is not the result of our parents

That's a high heritage of the Union, don't go around

-You have arrived? Just calm down so I can explain. Look ... -Eeeeeh ... stretching out I don't have a daughter Uni can be arbitrary

I have no intention like that! This is just a misunderstanding between us

Why is it customary that separates us, Uda?

Do not work too hard, Ros Later Amak does not become a grandchild.

Oiya, Sidi (degree from Pariaman) Amak and Abak, right?

So, Mak. He said this afternoon it would be Ooooh ... Thank God.

Oiya, Mak Tek So it came?

You don't worry. He will surely come because he is the one who hopes you get a daughter

Etekmu said, "If later Ros's child is born, then we become grandmothers?"

Still far from Ros's house, Bak No. If I'm not mistaken we will arrive soon

But, try to ask Ajo the Padati handyman

Jo, is it still far from the house that Ros's son Tini is Jo?

We ask him ... he just ignores

Soon, in about 8 months we will soon have grandchildren, Bak

Women ... men ... What do you want women to do?

If I am up to God who will give

-If you are a girl ... Use the "Sasuduik" money, Bak -Of course

-If you are male, use Pickup? -Yes

Which one do you choose? - Actually women or men are the same.

For me, it's up to God to give.

After all, we don't need to ask too complicated

Women born ... Good for men? Also good

The important thing is that my granddaughter will be born healthy

-But there is one you need to remember. This is very important. What is that, Bak?

Please emphasize Yes, Bak


Apparently, the customary difference between the Ros Union and Muslim Uda is not a barrier to their relationship

It turned out that it could be solved by Mamak Uni Ros and Mamak-Mamak Uda Muslim

One thing Siti remembers in this matter is "Adaik babuhua sentak"

Ondeeeh ... if this problem is going to be natural, Siti will be unimaginable by Siti what will happen

What is clear is that Mamak-Mamak Siti will finish it later

Ondeeeh ... Mak

Maaaa ...!

Where am I now, Mak?

Maaaa ...!

Maaak ...! Forgive me, Maaak.

I will not be arrogant anymore, Mak I will not fight again, Mak. I will not carry on ...

Don't curse me like Malin Kundang, Makl

I'll be a rock later, Mak Ampuuuun, Mak. Ampuuuun, Mak