Salinnabileul ggotneun yeoja (1978) - full transcript

A dour student, Young-gul, crosses paths with an elderly book salesman obsessed with Hitler and Nietzsche, a two-thousand year-old female corpse, and a mad scientist. Young-gul wants to ...

Chasing the Butterfly of Death

Koongwon Nam, Ja-ok Kim

Jungchul Kim, Mahn Kim

Director of Photography
: Sungchoon Lee

Film Editing by : Heesoo Kim

Director of Music : Sangki Han

Produced by : Jinwoo Jung

Directed by : Hee-young Kim

- How much water do I need to put in?
- You don't know? Call yourself a woman?

Everything tastes great

Hey, I brought
some fresh vegetables from the town.

- Oh, you got some spring onions.
- City veggies are so unfresh!

Why don't you go help out?
Girls these days can't cook...

I've been living alone for 3 years.
I'm sick of cooking.

Hey, it's a butterfly!

Why'd you kill the poor butterfly?
Is it that trivial?

People can't live forever.

When it comes to a death,
people are not any different.

It is just as
trivial as a bug's death.

That's so thoughtless!
Human death is much more noble.

Do you want some juice?
I was waiting for a company.

Is death really noble?
Can you keep me company on the way?

The juice is poisoned.
Didn't want to die alone.

Why are you trying to kill me?

We'll be going to heaven together.

I'm satisfying, I'm...

I'm dying!
I'm dying!

Usually when there's only one victim,
we treat it as a homicide.

Anyways, here's a souvenir from her.
It'll be like proof of your innocence.

You're free to leave.

So am I done here?

After the autopsy,
there was a secret in her body.

It was a suicide.

This poor kid's a victim.

Let's go, Younggul.

That poison has sunk my soul
into suicidal thoughts.

Come on.

Books for sale!
Financing available!

Get out of here!
I hate books!

How about this one?
About victory of will,

good for young people
to push one's fortune.

I don't care if
it's will or gold!

Fine, but why are you
talking down at me?

- Get out!
- Young man, you won't read even one book?

I said get out!

You've lost your will to live;
you need this book.

Get out!
I'll charge you with trespassing.

How's a dead man
going to do anything?

I need to sell you
this book before you die.

This book says
it's all about will.

With will you will never die!

Get out!
I swear I'll kill you if you don't!

That's a lie,
if you have a will to kill me,

You would never kill yourself!

I will kill you!
Stop bothering me!

I won't die!

Like this book says,
I have too much will to live!

I can be shot and stabbed,
I still won't die!

If I stab you
you're dead!

Then kill me!
Otherwise I'll kill you!

I'll take care you,
you piece of crap!

Come on, try and kill me!

Damn, I had to kill someone
before I killed myself.

Do not worry.
I won't die...

How about you play
the harmonica for me?

My blood's drained.
Now I feel empty.

My heart stopped beating.

I feel unburdened.

Body temperature's dropped.
Just barely alive.

I'm just living on pure will.

You're as good as dead.

Don't worry,
I'll be joining you shortly.

You can't die.
I'll show you what will is about!

Fine! I'll wait for you to die.

The origin of the nucleic acid
is not from the member of...

Did you go to class today?
If you killed yourself yesterday...

Will you ever shut up?

Read this book,
the Victory of Will!

I don't feel like it.

Everyone is born with
an ever increasing amount of will.

Throughout evolution,
human will has been the foundation.

As we grow up
so do the dangers.

Through wars, floods, and earthquakes,
it's will that sees us through.

A will of living
is flourishing these days.

Even people get car accidents,
they survive with the will.

Everyone is living this world
with their strong will.

Why do you want to abandon
this will to live, and die?

It stinks too much!
I'm going to have to bury you.

No! I'm not finished talking.

You're a corpse.
You need to be buried!

I won't die!
You going to bury me alive?

I'm going to bury
you and your mouth!

You going to bury me alive?

Don't move!

- Time to get buried!
- No!

A corpse with no beating heart!

Just a mouth that won't shut up!

Sick of these noodles everyday!
I get hungry all the time, I need to die.

The only solace from despair
is a woman.

Reason to reproduce
is the most basic instinct.

Screw that!
A woman can save me?

I'd rather die!

Open the door!

Open it!

You think I'll die if buried?

You can't beat me!

If you do,
it means you can beat death!

I won't allow you
to kill yourself.

You don't know the solace
that death can bring.

A hard life can be
fixed instantly with death.

Supporting only life but
not death, it's utter hypocrisy!

My book!
The Victory of Will!

My book! My book!

You've got maggots!

I'm going to have to burn you.

Even cremated, I won't die!

My will will never die!
Surrender to me!

You trying to burn me?
Destroying me?

I'm immortal!
I won't die! I will never!

Are you going to burn me?
That won't work either!

I am still alive!
I will never die!

Cremate me!
I'll never die!

As long as I have the will to live,
I will never die. Never die!

Will for a life?

Let maggots
have that kind of thing.

I should be executed for
killing this old man.

Farewell to the earth and
to the cells.

I'm back.
I've got the WILL to live!

Farewell to the cells?

They've been here
for millions years.

Leave me the hell alone!

Get a hold of yourself!
I just want to teach you WILL!

Just admit it.
I'm alive because of will.


- Surrender!
- I'd rather die!

- I just wanna die!
- You've lost to me...


The will to live is sacred.
When will you realize this?

Are you that stupid?

Okay, okay.

I am sorry.

But how long will
you let me suffer?

It's a homework for every human.

You don't have the right
to abandon this will.

You got it?
You see, I'm not dead!

Even turned to ashes
I won't die. Never!

It's just ashes,
not dying!

My will survives everything!
Will! Will!


This is another
drug induced hallucination.

He confessed to a murder
but there's no evidence.

Also this isn't human remains,
it's just dirt! Look.

That old man
did some magic again.

Just like he fooled me
into believing will can cheat death.

These stalactites are recycled
via carbon dioxide and rain water.

They grow 10cm
every thousand year.

Some of them are
100,000 years old.

You are not allowed
to take anything out.

To preserve the integrity
of our research.

I found a treasure.
I came to see this.

A treasure?

A female skeleton,
thousands of years old!

How is that a treasure?



How do you know
it's a girl?

You need to study anatomy.
A girl's pelvic region's enlarged.

Oh. Okay.

We need the entire skeleton
to sell it for a profit.

- Won't we get inspected?
- I'll take care of that.

We will be inspecting everybody.

Why do you
have bones here?

We actually wanted to bury
his mom's remains here,

but couldn't find a spot.

You think this is
a public cemetery?

Yeah, you're right,
it was a silly idea.

Here's an anatomy book,
use it to assemble the skeleton.

So if I do this
there's a job for me?

Yeah, as Professor Lee's assistant.

Make sure you do a good job.

Professor Lee's very prominent
in his field as an archaeologist.

Past or present, poor people
are the same everywhere.

Since you have short hair,
were you a monk?

What time are you from?

From the Shilla Dynasty
of King Kongmyung.

That's 2000 years ago!

It's been that long?

How are you still alive?

To escape a marriage,
I fasted for 30 days in a cave.

A shaman told me
I would wake up 2000 years later

to meet a good man.

A good man?
Who, me?

I'm sure it's you.
Oh, I'm so hungry.

I fasted for 30 days,
I'm starving.

All I have are noodles.
At least they're fast.

What's your name?

I'm Younggul Kim

You're surname is Kim?
Me too, we can't get married!

The law's changed.
Now identical surnames can get hitched.

Wow, it took 2000 years
to change that stupid law.

Go ahead eat
and warm up.

These noodles,
just like 2000 years ago.

What's wrong?

The shaman told me
I need to eat a raw human liver.

A raw human liver?

If I don't within 10 days
I'll turn back into a skeleton.

Are you thinking
about eating my liver?

I am starving...

Are all women like this?

At least you're honest.

I need to pee...

What the...

I really need to pee...

Give me a break,
it's been 2000 years.

Girls just come
with so much baggage.

What's this?

Some modern clothes.

It looks like a shaman's clothes!

I couldn't get a human liver
so I got a pig's liver.

You trying to turn me into a pig?

What do you want from me?
Only demons eat human liver!

All girls are demons.

Even female mosquitos
suck their male partner's blood.

That's true.

Let me go out
so that I can get some liver.

Humans aren't that
easy to hunt.

A man seduced
won't mind dying.

That's how I'm
going to get his liver.

As long as you're under
my roof, I won't allow it!

Then your liver's
the only one I can get!

Just wait, in 10 days
I'll be back to bones!

That was heavy!
Let's go.

What's that?

It's a pastry machine.

Maybe we can work it
for some extra cash.

It's all automated,
so it's really simple.

I've waited 2000 years for you.

A man and a woman
need to physically connect.

You suggesting yourself
for my liver?

You've already tried to die many times,
try to hang yourself.

Don't throw away your life,
this way is much better.

For some reason,
I'm not afraid of dying anymore.

Does the male spider eaten by
the female spider feel the same?

I'm so starved
I think I'm going to die.

I will turn into a skeleton,
if I don't get the liver now!

I don't want to hurt you

but I've waited 2000 years!

Too long to die now, huh?

Without life, everything's useless.

I need to eat your liver...

I have to do this to live.

I can't do it.

I hope I at least gained your love.

Dr. Lee, I finished
assembling that skeleton.

Bring it to my study.

This here's my classmate
and he's looking for work.

You'll have to help
him out in the beginning.

Of course.

This is a young girl's skeleton.

The pelvic area's
not fully developed.

Wonder how she
ended up deep in that cave.

Make sure you
teach your friend everything.

The research done here
is very important to anthropology.

What kind of research
is done here?

It's just basic skeletal research.

You find the skeletons,
and measure the sizes.

It's a simple job.

Why'd you quit?

I kept receiving
these weird packages.

What were they?

You'll find out soon enough.

That's the professor's daughter.
She's a bitch.

This is my daughter Kyungmi,
this is Moonho's replacement.

Hello, I'm Kim Younggul...

He brought this 2000 year old
skeleton as a present.

Excuse me!

Kyungmi likes candles
when we dine.

That's nice and classical.

Not classical,
more like Western.

Come in.

Snooping around is
for perverts!

I'm just checking
that everything's secure.

You should have been
checking outside.

So this is where
my butterflies are.

Interesting pictures...

Are you into Gothic stuff?

Where did you get that
butterfly necklace?

A girl tried to poison me
and this was hers.

She died,
but I was rescued.

The police gave it to me after
originally charging me with her death.

I know her well.
We were to die together.

I read about what happened,
I was resentful when only she died.

What a coincidence.

Like some sort of a trap.

She died horribly.


Well, why did
she choose to die?

Never mind that!

But she'll have her revenge against you.

Get out!


Ma'am, it's already a noon!
What's wrong with you?

Where's my breakfast?

My stomach is weak,
I need my food right away.

I've never let
anybody go hungry.

Just fix me something simple.
I can eat anything.

I don't do simple food.

I only do great food, okay?

Hurry up, I don't have time.

Also, I don't eat
with strangers.

Get up!


You can eat after she eats.

Is this how you treat
a guest in this house?

The mistress is
is queen in this house.

What the...

Well, I'll teach
that queen some manners!

How can you make me leave
in the middle of my meal?

That between you and her.

She was afraid of
repercussions from you.

Fine, I'll eat in
my room from tomorrow.

But you need to bring
my meal upstairs to my room.

The lady has a problem with her knees,
she can't come up.


Yesterday, in my dream,

my dead friend asked me
to finish you.

I've been a fan of
your daughter's artwork,

and I found out that she has
an archaeologist father.

I also heard that you have
some old fascinating skeletons.

I can show it to you,

after my research is done.

They aren't like the Mongolian
skeletons from Beijing U., are they?

You've done your research...

So you have a treasure
in this house.

Be careful, private collectors
can be very aggressive.

Get in.

Two orange juices, please.

About this butterfly necklace,
my friend died prematurely.

We talked about dying together.

This butterfly signifies death.

You can't take it off.
It's my order.

My poor friend died alone.
I don't want her to be alone in the heaven.

Your friend's burning in hell,
for trying to kill me.

No, my friend was pure.
She actually was dying of cancer.


Have some juice.

High cheekbones and a square face.
This is definitely Mongolian.

Us Koreans are Mongolians
as well.

Not me, I'm no half-breed
spawn of Genghis Khan.

What about language?
We both speak an Altaic tongue.


Open it.

Receipt for a Mongolian skull.
Will contact about payment later.

Record the type.

It will be an Altain type
for its projected bone.

18 inches circumference
6 inches front to back.

Dad! You still don't know
who's sending these packages?

This is a genuine miracle find!

Let's go and inspect it

- Is Detective Park here?
- Younggul Kim!

You still
suffering hallucinations?

What? Professor Kim's
missing a head?

Stop talking nonsense!

Don't make me crazy like you!


Come out!

Ah, you started.
You take care of that item?

Dr. Lee, you've appraised 15 skulls
and we've got 15 headless corpses.

What, I'm a scholar
not an investigator.

These bodies are from people
you were researching for Mongolian traits.

Who stole this list of people?

Do we have to talk
about this now?

These are definitely live

No manners, talking
about this during a meal!

Talking about corpses
in front of a lady!

The Mongolian people expanded
all over the world.

To the kingdom of Spain,
Eskimo in Alaska

Indians in North and
Inca in South America

It's in the papers!

Mongolian civilization spread all over
but they had some things in common.

Excuse me...

Let's open the crate.

No, not here.

We have intel that
it may contain dynamite.


No neck!
Somebody cut it off!

Holy cow!

It's unusually heavy.
It can't be full of rocks.

This is Professor Kim!
He was cremated today.

Hurry up and strip and clean it.
Turn it into a skull!

No, we need to report
this to the police.

We can't betray our client.
Our research will get shut down.

That'll ruin everything.
Just hurry up and treat the skull.

Never heard of antique dealers
dealing in skulls.

Somebody's beheading corpses
or beheading live people!

A famous actress is being buried today.
Should we stake out the grounds?

I need my sleep.

Why should I die?
I can't die, not this young.

Why should I?
I still have things to do.

I can't be born again
if I die.

Death is worse than
being a little bug.

How are my wife and child
going to carry on?

I want to live!

Help! Help!

Investigated the scene.
There's no evidence of wrongdoing.

It wasn't a dream.

We did find twelve bottles
of soju liquor.

With that much liquor
you could imagine World War III.

Me, I'm not crazy...

but I guess
crazy people would think that.

Times are hard but now even
corpses are being desecrated.

Do you know who bought your
appraised Genghis Khan skulls?

I said Mongolian,
not Genghis Khan.

You need to stop these appraisals.
Let the undertaker do it.

Dr. Lee, let's see that
10,000 year old Mongolian skull.

Anything with that much repute
could be a fake.

You want me to die alone too?
Let's die together.

At least come follow me
to death's arms. Promise me!

Hey! Kyungmi!

Get up! You low-life!
It's not your place.

Hey. What's wrong?

I donīš‘t know.
I feel this ringing.

I dreamt about mom.

She's in the afterlife,

but she still worries about me.

She feels like I'm in the care
of a mental patient.

I didn't do anything wrong.

a mental patient?!

It was a dream.

Do you really think
mom was happy with you?

We never quarreled once.

You think that's everything?

What do you mean
by everything?

You guys never quarreled.

You neglected her
for your work.

Mom told me never to marry
a boring, lifeless man like you.

Even if he's a millionaire.
She said it's a suicidal thing.

Why don't you just get some sleep?

Maybe it's a lack of sleep.

You caged mom up.
Shut her up,

and turned her
into a living mummy!

You guys never quarreled

because you never even talked!

Let me check, open up.

Looks like you have
a stomach disorder.

We'll get lab results
in a week.

I thought Kyungmi was pregnant
because of the vomiting.

No, no... She is a virgin.

I just want to give her a chance.
Why don't you take her camping?

I don't know if
that's a good idea.

If she does any wrong to you
I will compensate you.

What if she's wronged?

If you want to play it safe,
you could end up my son-in-law!

I never thought you'd be sick
enough to quit your art.

Why you being so sarcastic?

Wanna help me catch this
blue butterfly in the fields?

Not interested.
It's worthless anyway.

Don't artists starve
to make their one true masterpiece?

No such thing as a masterpiece.

Maybe, but everyone needs
one grand representative work.

One grand work?

One grand work.


No, don't.


I don't think so...

- They're all crazy.
- I'm getting a little antsy.

I don't know why they're
so immature like that.

It's hormones raging
out of control.

Do they not know
the value of their bodies?

Maybe we're wrong.
An arrogant girl, a will-less man.

There's just not enough
passion in here.

Don't even think about it.

You trying to give some sympathy?

I don't accept sympathy.

Well, either sympathy
or love is fine.

I just want to do what my friend couldn't.
I want your life...

Dying together.

That's the ultimate expression of love.

Your precious life would
make everything right.

Nothing would be wasted.
It would be worth everything.

Let me think about this...

Dr. Lee promised me tuition money

if I could bring happiness to Kyungmi.

If I die, it doesn't matter.

But wait, I do want to die!

But I want to control
when and how I die.

Dad, it was fun.

I don't know how to ask
but did you guys do it?

I don't think this is a proper question,
but since I will be your father-in-law.

I didn't do anything.

What's wrong with you?

I'm inexperienced sir.

Why don't you just cut it off!

What are you guys
arguing about?

I think he was
too stuck up for you.

Dad, you wanted to
console me somehow, right?

You asked him to take me out
and do something, didn't you?

What kind of father are you?

The way you treat me,

it's as if I'm some sort of
sick farm animal.

You're not even human!
You're a beast!

What do I have?

How sick am I?

It's cancer
isn't it?!!

I don't have long to live.

Isn't that the truth?

No, we can treat it.

You can have chemotherapy.

It's all about your will.
As long as you have the will...


While my body's going to waste?
Your will will be a waste as well.


Open the door!
Kyungmi, please!

Nurse! Come here!

The door's locked.

She doesn't want to see anybody.

We'll check her out of
the hospital. To be free.


Close the door!

Where's Younggul?

Where is he?

He's just out
right now.

He'll be back soon.

No. He doesn't want to
see my dying face.

Go downstairs.
Your job is done.

There's no occupant in this room.

When you're dead
you're dead.

A death row inmate
doesn't have a future.

I'm just unlucky,
you put me in that position.

Bring him to me.

He can help me
with euthanasia.

He's heartless enough,
he can poison me.

No! Never!

Well, you can't do it!
Just bring him over!

Where've you been?
Kyungmi's been looking for you.

She checked out
of the hospital?

Because her case
is hopeless.

That's too bad.

Grant her, her wish.
There will be compensation.


You look like
you lost the will to live.

At the hospital
I realized

that you mean everything to me.

I don't know what I'm doing.

Love may be a luxury

but you're a necessity.
An absolute treasure.

I never lose a treasure,
that belongs to me.

Before, love was a dirty word.

Now I yearn for it.

Damn, butterfly.

Stop tempting me!

Why do I have to
be the objective?

A life alone is meaningless.

Don't go! Please don't go!

I am a beautiful
and educated woman!

Don't erase me
from your life!

What happened?

Screw this.
I can't keep up this farce.

Don't do this to her.
You can't leave her like that.

She's beyond hope.
She is a living corpse!

He abandoned me, didn't he?
Now you're up to everything.

My savior's gone.

A person's promised death
as soon as born.

But I don't want to die.

Don't put me in the coffin!

With death everything
becomes nothing.

Don't let me
turn into nothing.


Dad! Save me...
Please dad.

Dad, please.

I don't want to die!
Death is being nothing!

I'm afraid.
Save me!

- Calm down!
- Dad!

- I said calm down!
- Dad, please

Everything will be okay.

Dad, please help me out!
I don't want to die...

Life is grand
but death is even grander.

Nothing can beat death,
that's why it is grander.

Death is the great equalizer.

Enough talk about death.
Let's drink.

Girls with butterfly necklaces,
they want me to go with them.

Why didn't I go?

Why didn't I go?



I'll go!

Light more candles.

The room's getting darker.

My life's worthless
My heart is going to stop.

I'm so afraid.

I don't want to die.

How can I survive this night?
And this horrible death?

The light's gone out.
Light it again.

That's the only thing you can do for me!

You want to just
get rid of me, right?

Light it! Hurry up!

That young man
sent a note and a cake.

To Kyungmi my love,
death isn't to be feared.

I've killed myself
so I can lead the way for you.

I'll be with you
every step of the way.

I'm not afraid anymore.

Love, Kim Younggul.

This cake...

Oh, thank you!
Thank you!

Now I'm not afraid.

We'll be butterflies
in the afterlife.

Now I'm going to die...

Time to die...

To die, happily...

Sorry, I had to sacrifice you.

Please take care of her
in the next world.

I won't die!
My will won't allow it!

My will can beat death!

You have to die.
For my daughter...


My will's too strong!





So they asked me to come?

They can't pay because
their heads are cut?

These boys are
missing necks.

They reported it?
They're mental patients.

Get them out of here.

You're here.

When he drinks
he imagines crazy scenarios.

Survived and lived
by will alone.

Fragile is life
but it can be strong as well.

It sucks but
I think I'll keep living.

The will to live is a good thing.

Let me pay for your drink!

Only because I miss
the old school days.

- Being a man is about will.
- It's will.

Man is will!

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