Salige er de som tørster (1997) - full transcript

A crime wave hits Oslo just as summer arrives. There has been found several violent blood splattered scenes with no bodies found. It's only a matter of time before the bodies has to surface, and the start of a run against the clock.

Sorry, Terje.
That simply won't work.

I still have to read
one hundred and sixty pages of anatomy.

For that I need
the rest of the weekend.

But I'll help you.

Incredible the way he parked!

Hm. Or the way you cycle ...

I should have taken the moped.

Have I already told you about him?
Do you know him?

What the heck ... To your health!

And thank you ...
It was delicious.

I am glad.

- Hello!
- Good evening.

Hello, we would like a room,
the usual, if it is free?

Sleep well!

I got a 1.3 in the test.

That's what I'd like to get.

We can study for the
test at my place.

Sorry, that won't work.

Shall we have another drink?

I'll see you on Monday.

- Good night.
- Night.

Are you ready for more?

Yes, sure, I'm
crazy about you.

It says here that you
begins with paint stripper

and the treat with lye.

Hey, is that important now?

Sorry, I must have been thinking
that today is Saturday.

What kind of shits are these people!

Look, over there ...

Recently, there have been several
such Saturday massacres.

Always in remote locations

and with insane amount of blood.

It's hard to remove, isn't it?

Let it act longer.
What else was there?

That's the problem.

- It's very mysterious.
- In what way?

No bodies.

According to the laboratory reports
it is animal blood.

Maybe it was just a couple of teenagers,
playing tricks.

Do you believe that?

Can you brush it on again?

I've been to some
of those places.

I had an extremely
uneasy feeling there.

And a craving for sausages.

- Do you get the scent of a body?
- Yes.

- It's for you.
- Hm

I hear it.


Has CSI been here already?

No, they had
too much to do.

Hey, don't run around,
before they get here.

But it must be quite old.

There are a couple of numbers

What do they mean?

I wish I knew.

Don't be so quiet.

I thought you were still sleeping.

Come here.

Hakon, I have to go.

Isn't it Sunday?

So? Unfortunately I have to go.

I have not been jogging for ages ...

- What is so important?
- Hands off.

As if I had never seen blood.

Why do doctors always think
they have seen it all?

Kristine? It's me. Dad.

Oh, Dad! Don't come in!

What's up?

No! Dad, don't come in.

No, don't come in!

Up here on the second Floor.
The apartment door is open.

We'll wait down here.
Got that?

You'll come straight up again, right?

Excuse me.
She would like a jacket,

the red one, over there.

Yes. Just a moment. Pal! The jacket over there.
Can I take it?

Yes you can

Can I maybe talk to her?
How is she?

How do you think ...

- Is this it?
- Yes.

Can you answer a few
questions for them?

Okay. Okay.

Hello, I'm Haugen.
From the criminal police in Oslo.

I assume that you
want to file charges,

It goes without saying.

You need to be examined
at the hospital.

No, no way.
I don't want anyone to find out.

We need hard evidence,
if we are going to convict him.

Therefore, you absolutely have to

undergo a forensic
medical examination.

Kristine ...
Listen, please ...

Oh no, how nice.
Thank you, Hakon.

I needed a gift
which consists of two parts.

because you are receiving it
for two reasons.

The first reason is:

You're the most wonderful woman
in the world, and so on ...

And the second reason concerns
your new job.

I prefer the first reason.

I think it's very brave of you,
you become self-employed.

The next step is:
We move in together.

Not right now.

I'm pretty sure these numbers
originate from Saturday two weeks ago.

And this Saturday was nothing?

As you can see, it can
last until we are notified.

- What are these numbers?
- What?

Phone numbers do not begin
with nine-seven.

Personal identification numbers ...

No, there are either two
too many or three too few.

In other countries, they put
the year first.

In this case,
the victim or perpetrator

would have been born in ninety-seven.

But this is not about
ritual killing of children.

That it was pig's blood,
We know for sure.

Hi! Are you coming to the staff meeting?

All hell let loose at the weekend,
Isaksen said.

- Pretty hairstyle!
- Really? Thank you!


Yes, it is very regrettable, but
We are practically in a crisis.

Looks as if half the
town have become criminals.

I've never experienced
anything like this before.

And? Special duties again?

My wife is really angry.
What does your husband say?

She will get used to it.

If this continues, you will
have to move your vacation.

Out of the question.

Good morning, Madam President.

We will come back to it later.

Kaldbakken will now first
distribute all the cases.

First we'll distribute the cases.
Gossiping comes later.

An approximately 50-year-old
male corpse in Toyen.

Lay dead for Three weeks in the apartment.

Backe, you take this one.

We'll discuss assistance afterwards.

And then there was another
fire in Nordstrand.

Probably set by the madman,

who is always running around with
Matches and gasoline.

Engelsen, your case.
And catch him quickly.

And then we have five
reports of rape.

One of which was
really bad.

A mMedical student attacked
in her own home attacked.

For you, Wilhelmsen.

I already have four.

Gudmundsen as well.
Here are two more.

Both at the end of a party.

Wilhelmsen. Yes, yes.

That I cannot say.

I would definitely advise against that.

That would only harm the case.

Yes, call back when it is quiet.
Yes, until then.

The friend of the
Bogstad rape Victim.

He wanted my permission
to beat the truth

out of a witness,
so he said.

We'll put the Bogstad case on ice

as well as the other rapes,
that you are working.

Similarly, the Saturday massacres.

I'm still making progress.

We don't have the the capacity.

In no other case, do we have
really compelling evidence.

In no other case,
you know that as well as I do.

Even if we get hold
of the Bogstad guy,

we won't get a conviction.

I've spoken with Isaksen.

We give the case with the
Medical student priority.

Take Brun and Henriksen with you.

This could be somone who won't
stop until we catch him.

The chicken died from
Salmonella poisoning.

I have it first-hand.

Where were you Friday?
I missed you.

Next week. I promise.

Listen, Hanne.
Friday beer without you is nothing.

It degenerates into drinking.
And telling dirty jokes.

I'm sorry, but I have a
crazy workload at the moment.

Don't let work ruin your life.

I have a hearing in ten minutes

and I still need to eat quickly.

Come Friday or
I'll tear your hair out.

I wanted a haircut anyway.

I have to ask you a couple of
unpleasant questions.

Is that okay?

Do you have to?

Is that really
necessary again?

Yes, unfortunately. The report
still has some gaps.

We could, of course, wait until tomorrow
but for us the matter is urgent.

It's okay ...

Can you tell me what happened?
From the beginning?

I was on the road

and returned to my apartment.

Were you with someone?

I don't have a boyfriend!

No, I mean, were you alone
or accompanied?


What were you doing outside?

Where were you?

I was outside in in the fresh air,

I wanted to ...
soon be getting my degree.

You can relax now.

Slightly wider there.

I know exactly how he looks.

I just can't describe him well.


Can I have the keys to your apartment?

We want to go over there
tomorrow morning.

I don't need them anymore.

Gerhard! Are we meeting

after the staff meeting
the briefing? With Erik?

Yes, I'll let you know.

Can you get an extract
from the criminal register?

Of the offenders who are
already known to us by name.

I have already searched today
for sex offenders

with a similar modus operandi.

Blakstad and Pedersen
are already there.

I know.
Guaranteed to be a first-time offender.

Sand. Ah, it's you.

What can I do for you?

The arson, yes ...

He got eight years.

When are we going to meet?

That depends on you.

I am planning to jog today.

Want to come?

I've heard vigorous sex is
just as good as jogging.

The one does not preclude
the other.

Just a minute.

Kaldbakken has put the
Saturday massacres on ice.

And is putting pressure on
The new rape case.

Can we talk?

I understand his argument.

At the moment, all hell
has broken loose here.

But we can immediately pick up where
we left off, if something new comes up.

It is too early.

I have not even studied this rape case.

I've only just spoken to her.

What impression did she make?

Great young woman.
Pretty. Medical student.

Upstanding in all respects.

Has been raped very badly.

I just can't get used to it.

this feeling of helplessness.

You see it in them, they always think:

,, It was my own fault,
what happened to me.

,, If only I had done this
or that differently. '"

Does that apply to you too?

- I do not understand people like that.
- Huh?

Men like that, I mean.
Although I am a man himself.

But you're not a man like that.

Of course not, no.
I hate these stories.

Do you know what that is?

- Melon?
- Melon?

This is a mango.
Want to try?


- This is really good.
- Yes, no?

Yes, I'll take a couple of them.
Try? They're sweet.

Just like you!

Do you want me to drive you home?

No, no, no, thank you.

I'll work a couple of hours.
No one is missing me at home.

What is it? Do you have something
against motorcycles?

Once is enough.

Tell me, have you ..
or does she already have a lawyer?

She will get the list.

could you put
Karen Borg on the list?

She has gone solo

and now deals with cases like this.

Is there still something going on
between you and Karen Borg?

No, why?
We're just good friends.

We'll split up.
You start upstairs!

Good day. My name is Erik
Henriksen from the Oslo police.

Can you answer a couple
of questions for me?

The poor girl?
It's awful.

And here in the apartment building.
It gets worse all the time.

Come on in.

Who are you?

Who are you?

I'm from the police.
May I come in?

I would like to ask you a couple
of Questions about Saturday night.

Do you know why I
am here to see you?

Yes, help yourself.

I'm from the police!

Have some cake.

Did you notice anything unusual
on Saturday night?

Don't shout like that.
I am old, but I am not deaf.

Do you understand me?

I don't speak much,
but I understand.

The woman,
who was raped, said,

the man came from
your apartment.

Was he visiting you?

Were you expecting a visit?

Do you have any idea
Who it was?

Ahnung? What does that mean?

What is that?
Do you speak English?

Do you have any idea
who the man what?

No man. Man not come to me.
Not man

But you were at home on Saturday night?

I was in bed at home, sleeping.

And did you hear anything?

You are dure you didn't hear anything?

I do not sleep so easily. Nerves.
In Iran, I was in prison.

And the guards there ...
I could not sleep.

The Shah of Persia.

And the man, my father.
Is dead

Where is the furniture?

My family in Iran, mother,
sister, need money, sell everything.

Everyone knows
what happened, but ...

The food will soon go bad if no-one eats it.

Put that back down.

And no one was at the Vold apartment?

No, they have been away for three weeks
according to the Svendsens upstairs.

I am slowly getting hungry for
a hot dog. Or a kebab.

,, Death is an old carpenter.
And he knows his trade.

,, He has skipped
not an hour and not one day.

,, Works continually in my heart,
while I without malice

, One day he knocks the last
Nail in my coffin.

Bad timing, Erik.


What are we looking for exactly?

We are are inspecting the flat,

to which Kristine Haverstad
will never return.

Why is it taking so long?

They were in the flat.
Quick, go, go!

- Yes, who?
- Police!

Inger Hagerup,
I said, not Klaus.

Stop it.

Just ask Immigration
about Afsane Kahn.

From Iran.

- Kahn?
- Yes. Kahn.

I feel like a hamburger.

Maybe a vegetarian.
I know a cafe.

And check
whether it is correct,

that she does not need to stay in an
home for asylum seekers,

because her father had an apartment.

Got it. And you have also
become a vegetarian?

Got it. And you have also
become a vegetarian?

Should I wait for you?

- No.
- Are you sure?

- I'll take the tram.
- Okay.

OK, I have all of your details.
But where are you living now?

With Dad.
Finn Haverstad, Abelsvei 13th

- And his profession?
- Dentist.

Do I have to...
I do not know, if I can do it ...

No, you do not need to.

I'll be informed by the Police.

I don't want
anybody to know.

That would be too much.

You decide
who knows about it.

I am subject to professional secrecy.

Is anyone helping you now?
A psychologist perhaps?

Yes, a social worker.
Makes no difference.

Does it help?
Do you feel better?

No! That won't make me
feel better.

But I went there once.

My job is
actually quite limited.

I act as a kind of link
between you and the police.

If you have any questions,
just give me a call.

I hope they find him, for Dad's sake.


I could help you with compensation.

Yes, you have a claim to compensation

against the state or the offender.

There is a specific provision
for people in your situation.

Why should I get money for it?

Well ...

How much should I get then?
How much should I be worth?

Ten million dollars?
Ten dollars?

We are obviously not talking about millions.

I want my life back! I don't want
any money! Don't you understand that?

Calm, stay calm.

We can talk about it some other time.

Let's leave it for now.

Kristine, can I do anything for you?

If only someone could help me.

If only someone
could help my father!

Kristine ...

Unfortunately I can't stay on
the line. Until later.

My name is Gorian Vladic.
This is my son Gavrillo.

We would like to speak to
Mrs. Karen Borg.

Yes, no, she is conducting a conversation.

and I belive that she ...
Can you please wait?

Britt. Get an ambulance.
They need to come at once.

And cancel all my appointments.


That sounds like in the
Hospital in Sarajevo.

She cannot talk with you now.

An ambulance.

That nobody can identify him ...

But these drawings
are often wrong.

How so?

Because they often bring
other faces into it.

He looks a bit like you!

- I don't have a double chin.
- You think?

And my nose is not so straight.

I don't know, anyway ...
But you're much nicer.

She said, he was pretty dark.

Well, summer and sun.

- Yes ...
- Or a foreigner.

Eight reports of attempted
and actual rape?

You do not just talk.

1988 six months prison.

93 again eighteen months.

Where were you on Sunday night?

- What is that question about?
- Just Answer it.

I was at home.

- Alone?
- Yes, that's the norm.

Were there any witnesses?

Then I wouldn't have been alone.

Will you give a blood sample?

What the hell is that for?
I haven't raped anyone.


Then ask the chick, who almost
ripped my balls off yesterday!

We're not talking about yesterday.
We are talking about Saturday.

I don't understand anything.
I want a lawyer.

Good, talk to a lawyer.

He'll tell you
if you don't do it voluntarily,

we'll get an injunction

and we'll get it anyway.
Think it over.


Can you drive to the hospital
with Gerhard?

Why, can't you?

I have to see Isaksen and Kaldbakken.

So I get the dirty work.

Well, if you want to call it that ...

- No, I don't want to ...
- You have to wait.

Thanks for coming.

The doctor does not want to write
a new letter for us!

He is a very bad man

He says that our son does not
need psychiatric treatment.

That's not true - he does need it!

We must not give up, okay?

I'll try to get an opinion
from another doctor.

And this policeman
does not want to help!

You know, the police
have nothing to do with it.

Do you remember my wife Mirna?

- Yes, it is a pleasure.
- Hello.

This is very important for us.

Our son is sick
and needs help.


We can not return.
I am a Serb. She is a Muslim.

Yes, I know.

I do not think it was him.
Although the course of events was similar.

Should we do a line-up
with the medical student?

That is a possibility,
but ...

Then we must be satisfied
with pre-trial detention

for attempted rape.

Yes, we have nothing else.

we are not taking any risks.

Are there any new witnesses?

Not until now.

What does the coroner say?
Is there any new evidence?

We will have the results next week.

Let me remind you, Wilhelmsen! Let me remind you!
This case worries me.


You have to help us? Okay?
You have to help us!

It is very important to my father.

- Take it easy. I will help, yes.
- I am calm.

I am always calm!

Everyone says I need to stay calmt.
I am calm. Okay?

Gavrillo, no!

Go away, disappear! Immediately!

What's going on here?

Nothing, just a misunderstanding.
Let him go.

- He attacked you?
- No, it was nothing ...

You should let him go!

It didn't look like
a misunderstanding.

Maybe I was wrong.

Thank you, anyway.

- I would report him.
- No thanks.

He's in shock
and completly rattled.

People like that can
be dangerous.

- How do you know?
- I have a feeling.

- You, regarding our Saturday massacres.
- Yes.

I would imagine
that he is tired of the whole thing,

because it is not even in the newspaper.

He could give the press
a tip himself.

Perhaps he has run out of blood?
Or she?

That much blood points to a man.

- Why can't it be a woman?
- Because it isn't.

- Are you looking for me?
- Yes, I wanted to speak to you.

Let me introduce. Hakon sand.

Inspector. He is handling the case.
Kristine's father.

Oh, hello.

Yes, Finn Haverstad.

Do you know that Kristine
was admitted into hospital?

We were advised by Ka ..
her lawyer.

Yes, she has been admitted

for psychiatric observation
for a few days.

I actually wanted to ask, how far
you have got with the investigation?

We'll catch up later, okay?

We are doing everything in our power.

How are you?

How long will it take
to arrest the SOB?

That depends on many things.

You should expect that it
will take a while.

There's no guarantee that we
will find him.

Unfortunately not.

Expect, how can you
damn well expect?

Excuse me ...

Thank you for the talk.
I'll just have to be patient.

You were not raped.
You are not so inept.

But that has nothing
to do with ineptness.

Raped in the first place
are girls who do not pay attention.

None of our friends
has been raped.

Girls who are raped,
are either drunk

or they go home in the middle
of the night with a total stranger.

You have to be a little bit careful.

Do you get that from your mother?

No, I don't.

I've still never been raped.

Because I can take care of myself.

- Knock on wood!
- Toi toi toi.

I want, Aloo Mattar.
And you?

The same.
And what would you have done?

I would have killed him.
Come on, let's go in.

I am not with immigration.

So you can still talk to me about it.

Do you want to report him?

The boy has seen things
he should never have seen.

Which are difficult to process.

The family receives a
Residence permit.

Do you want wine?

Wasn't that Hanne Wilhelmsen?

No, where?

Already disappeared.

What's the matter?

There's a guy in there who I
have already booked a few times.

I don't want to see him.

Let's go eat somewhere else, okay?

Yes. I know a Chinese.

Sending the boy back alone,
is completely insane.

It would be intolerable if
the whole family suffers.

He didn't do it on purpose.

Not on purpose? You are crazy!

He was violent.
You're taking a big risk.

Says you?

You who sets Violent criminals
free every day.

and stops dozens of proceedings?

No ...
Let's talk about something nice.

- Are we going to the hotel as usual?
- The hotel is good, yes ...

Here is a preliminary report
from the corener

on some of our
Saturday massacres.

I have a meeting now.

You need to see this first.

Were you out yesterday?


Oh, nothing.

I ordered three samples
from the last.

- And why?
- Because I'm smart. Look.

For cying out loud.

Animal blood. From a pig
probably. But this here ...

Human blood.
From a woman.

I have requested a
detailed analysis.

But that takes time.

So no childish prank, obviously.

- Sand? Yes.

Yes, yes, no, I have not forgotten.
I'll be right over.

- We'll look at this more closely later.
- Yes.

I just wanted to thank you.

I have to thank.

Oh, I was happy to do it.

So I will not be pressing charges.

But I would advise you to do so.

It won't happen.

I still need to write a report
about it.


why you want it harder for the family
than it is already?

Think about that.

UUnfortunately, I can't promise you that.

'My son must be the culprit.'

'He has been possessed by evil spirits
since 1991'

'and has shut his door to the Lord.'

- How about that?
- Not bad.

- Have you checked that?
- No.

Former pastor. Has been in
a mental institution since 1990

The woman had no idea
that her husband was mad.

Is that all there is?

Half of them seem to consist of pure
nonsense and mischief.

Then there are judges,
lawyers and policemen.

The tips come from convicts.

Apart from that, we have
Former sex offenders,

partially already checked

and tips to men,
who are undoubtedly too old.

And some to quite normal, unknown men.

And that would be approximately ...

- There you are, Hanne.
- Hi!

Today Friday beer.
Just a warning.

I'll try.

Shit, you are not cheating on me,
are you, Hanne?

With one of the bottles here?

Of course ...

Okay cheat on me, with whomever you want.
The most important thing, is that you come.

I am promising nothing.

Are you his girlfriend?

That's what he thinks.
Go, go on.

There were also a few tips for women.

What, tips for women?

- Should I throw them away?
- Fine by me.

Concentrate on
the police and lawyers,

and perhaps also
the nonsense there.

- But not for too long.
- No.

We'll take
the sexual deviants

and the normal
inconspicuous men.

If the caller sounded serious.

How many are left then?

Bente Reistadvik,
Forensic medicine.

- How many are there?
- Twenty-seven.

Certainly won't be them.

Bring them in anyway.

And let me know,
if you find something.

Hanne Wilhelmsen,
Vice Squad.

I have a few files
with you, Case No. 97-03541.

The victim is Kristine Haverstad.

We have asked for DNA
of semen samples and tissue fibers,

as well as hair and
other small items sent.

When will it be ready?
So long?

The Chief Commissioner has asked me to
to get it done urgently.

Yes, I understand.

What do you found out
about the Persian?

Yes, Gerhard is working on that.

Yes, but that is
still not very far.

Forget it! Focus
on the tips.

May I come in?

Hanne Wilhelmsen, Vice Squad,
I don't believe that we have met.

Frydenberg, Olaf.
No, I was at Asker and Bærum.

I've only briefly been here.

I saw you in the cafeteria.

Oh yeah? I won't keep you long.

I wanted to ask if you

Have any knowledge about Afsane Kahn?

- In what context?
- Rape.

There she is.

Came to Norway
on 15 February 1996. Asylum seeker.

Residence permit,

before her application
is considered.

Three weeks ago
her application was rejected.

Should have been deported

could not be caught, however.

She lived first
in in the Tanum refugee center,

and received permission
to move into her father's residence.

And since then it is
as if the earth swallowed her.

- Is there a missing person report?
- Yes.

She has no relatives here.

But we'll catch her.

For these people, it seems that
'no' has no meaning.

there's something wrong with the
education system where they come from.

Where they come from, there's something
wrong with a lot of things.

If you find her
I want to speak to her first.

No hush-hush flight home
in the middle of the night, okay?

I don't make those decisions.

Help! I need a lawyer!

Have I now proven
that I love you?

Yes, maybe.

- Well, let's move in together.
- No, stop it.

Have you ever thought
what it is like to have children?

What? Are you pregnant?
By me? No.

- Stop it. - And why not?
- I am thinking of Kristine's father.

She means everything to him. For him,
she is the most valuable thing in the world.


Is there any wine left?

Yes, yes, please.

Would you prefer to leave the table?

- May I, then?
- Yes, yes, of course.

She is not there.

I'm with the police, conducting the
investigation into the rape case.

This is good! It is good that
Women take on such cases.

Isn't it awful?
A tragedy! And the poor father!

But I refuse to
to react hysterically.

Because then you're
as good as lost.

Mr. Kahn was for many years
our tenants spokesman.

He came after this,
what was his name again?

Khomeini ... had all
the people killed.

A great man,
almost like a Norwegian.

Imagine, three days,

before his daughter arrives,
he lays down and dies.

- Do you know where she is now?
- Who?

Already in bed?

Well, it's late.
What are you reading?

A book about Camille Claudel.

Who is this Camille Claudel?

A young woman, who was the lover
of the French sculptor Rodin.

She ended up in an asylum.

- Is something wrong?
- No.

You were on call today.

- Did you go shopping?
- Was I supposed to?

- Toilet paper and toothpaste.
- Excuse me.

No matter how long I work,
you work longer.

Not always.

Yes, always! And when I come home
after a hard day,

my only companion

is our old, broken toaster!

Oh, the toaster.

Don't laugh!

Do you want me to bring you the toaster
or may I share the bed with you?

Go shopping now!

Nothing is open now!

- Stupid cow!
- You old bitch!

- Come here!
- No, I am going shopping.

My little one ...

- My little one ...
- Dad.

It's yours. As usual.

Yes, I know. As usual.

If you have to go,
I'll kill you!

Wilhelmsen. Where?

Yes. I am coming.

You have to go already?

Okay, take your pick.

You can kill me
or you can come along.

You will see what I do.

Or would you prefer to stay

and chat with the old
beat-up toaster?

Well? Not a pretty way
to start the day, is it?

What have we got then?

Not much,
a young couple called.

They wanted to have a bit of
fun down there.

I have got nothing against
a bit of fun.

Not right here, but elsewhere gladly.

Hi! Well? Here we go again!

Already found something?

No, there was nothing on the fence.
Also, nowhere on the quay.

Cairo has checked he entire container,
but outside, he has found nothing.

The perpetrator must have come by car

and left it parked outside.

- I'll make another inspection.
- Yes, good.

Cairo, come here!

- What do we tell the press?
- Not one word.

Yes, yes, all right.

You look tired.
You are on call too often.

- What's up with your leg?
- Just a sports injury.

- Hello.
- Good day.

There, on the wall.

I would like to take samples
from as many places as possible.

- I was already told that.
- Huh?

I proposed something similar.

- Hello, I'm Hakon sand.
- Hello, Cecilie Vibe.

Here you can only be seen
from the water.

Cecilie is an old friend,
who happens to be visiting.

- I could not leave her alone.
- No.

I think you need to
take me home.

The 'old friend' isn't feeling
so good anymore.

No, hey, you, wait.

Hakon, I ... I would like you
invite you to dinner next Saturday.

You can get to know me and my,
I mean, yes you can get to know

me and my partner.

If you would like
and you have nothing else on ...

Yes, I would love to.
But we'll see each other beforehand.

- Of course. So then ... - Take care!
- Good-bye.

Hakon Sand is sweet.

I never thought
that I would see him.

Perhaps you should tell him that
I am your partner.

Yes, perhaps.

Tass? Ta-ass!



Tass! Come here!

He has probably found a bone.

I don't want him eating strange bones.

Don't look!
Don't look!

There's no question.

Does anyone know who
the woman is? Or was?

She was not reported missing
in the last year.

No wonder.

She has only been a few
days there in the woods.

I am already working on a
high priority case.

Right now everyone has a lot to do.

You will take the case.

Then I need more people!

You already have Henriksen and Brun.

Both of whom are fully loaded.

I won't tolerate any dissent!

On one condition.

That Billy T. from the drug squad
joins us.

Both cases? I thought
it's all about the murder?

Erik and Gerhard are fully
occupied with research.

We'll both be chasing
around the area a little.

Chasing around
is my favorite sport.

Your coffee is
a terrible brew.

In our department,
you only risk an abortion.

In this department there are women.
We can't take that risk.

Are you familiar with the report?

Hey! What are ou doing here?

Nothing, I just learned
that Kristine is living here now,

and I just wanted to see
if she has recoverede.

What do you mean 'recovered', dammit?

Well, whether the fever
has passed.

Fev ... the fever, I see.

No, it's not gone yet.

I brought her a few
fever tablets.

Thank you, I don't believe
in antifebrile agents.

They are brand new.
I got a trial sample.

- Give them to her.
- Yes, good.

I also brought her
the anatomy notes.

- I promised her.
- Thank you, she will be glad to have them.

Thank you.

- Bye then.
- I'll let her know you called.

- Good-bye.
- Good-bye.

I'm sick, if anyone calls.
I can't keep lying much longer.

I don't want to see or speak to anyone.

Yes, I understand, all right.

I want to go to the weekend house.

That's a good idea!
Do you want me to come with you?

No, prefereably not.
I must try to be alone.

I must re-learn
to rely on myself.

What do you think?

First I have to organize
the information a little,

before I form an opinion.

By the way, where were you Friday?

I have rescheduled most of them.

But can you take the emergencies?

That will be all right. Where are you going?

Why is Ellen
not answering the phone?

I believe
your child is sick.

Dental Group Practice.

No, he is on vacation.

Good day.
My name is Finn Haverstad.

Yes, yes. Come.
Come in.

Thank you.

I forgot something when you
were here last time. Is that possible?

There must be a misunderstanding.
I have not been here before.

I am the Kristine's father.

- The young woman who lives downstairs ...
- Right! The poor girl.

But I did forget something.

There was something,
I didn't tell,

but I can take cxare of that now.

There was in fact a vehicle
But first, let's drink a cup of coffee.

It irritates me immensely,

that for the first time I have not
delivered any thorough work.

That's what happens
when they load you up with work.

- Oh yeah?
- I didn't mean it that way.

But how can you ever know,
what is important in a case?

He parked down there.

And he didn't belong to anyone
from the neighborhood, right?

Yes. No, I mean no.

You are fully informed

and you know what is going on
in the neighborhood?

Yes, you could say that.
But I'm not the only one.

The bird has flown.
You can bet your life on it.

I'd rather not.

Oh, Mr. Haverstad?

Hello. I am trying to find someone

to take care of the apartment,
I mean Kristine's apartment, of course.

Finn Haverstad, Kristine's father.

Ah, I see.

Yes. Good day.
I have a lot to do.

My practice and patients are
waiting for me. Good-bye.

I hope you are not playing
at being the private eye, are you?

I've seen it before several times.

and asked myself,
how I would react

as a mother.

Or if the victim was a relative.

I think I would be consumed with
desire for revenge!

Filled with thoughts about how I
would take care of the bastard.

Fortunately, I was
never in such a situation.

You try to make
the victim feel safe and secure

But you can't get through
to the victim.

And then you get the idea of
Revenge in your head.

Is that some kind of a warning?

I'm giving you good advice:
Please allow us to

do our work alone.
Don't get involved!

Yes, well, I understand.

Take a vacation with
your daughter!

- Really?
- Yes.

- And what about my practice?
- Head for the mountains. Anywhere.

- Okay.
- Great. Say hi to Kristine for me.

We underestimate the
desire for revenge in people.

Hopefully he has
taken the hint.

Like this father ...

He wanted to avenge his son,
who had died of an overdose.

Interesting. It is human nature
to pursue revenge.

He got a bullet in the head.
And a simple funeral.

Can I help you?

Finn Haverstad,
and what was your name?

- My name is E.
- Finn Haverstad.

Can I talk to you briefly?

The father-daughter relationship

is very special in this case.

No siblings.

The mother died
when she was four.

Haverstad never remarried.

And as far as I know,
There's been no other woman,

who could have served as a
Surrogate mother for the little girl.

I'm impressed.

I have it down pat.

It surprises me, that he has led such
a life for twenty years.

Very different from you.
Imagine you alone with four children?

My brats are doing well.

Each has their mother.
And me - now and then.

Give them my regards.

Well, I have to run.
See you.

Hanne. You and your secrets.
Don't forget I'm an old detective.

- Hello.
- Hello, who was that?

A narcotics agent.

There is evidence
that you bringing cheimicals home.

Yes, you're right, for our chairs.


Beautiful apartment you have here.

Are you a collector?

You could say that.

Beautiful view from here.

Are you looking for something special?

I already have seen you a few times.

- Yes?
- At staircase A.

You have a Honda,
registration number DB 67 191

Yes, Civic LSI.

And just now, you weree talking to
a woman and a guy,

who arrived in DN 62 109,
a gray Volvo.

- Do you collect ...
- Yes, for 14 years!

Don't touch that!
That's not it. Here.

I don't want this to get mixed up
that would not be good.

These are just cars
I can see from the window.

Sometimes there are 50
different cars a day.

By chance, Would you have
a car registration number

from last Saturday?
Just out of curiosity.

Here. But only the parked cars.

Those that only pass by
that would be cheating.

Can I take a copy of them?

- Hello!
- Hello!

Have you been waiting long?

No, I came a little
extra earlier,

so that I could read through
this again.

Wait, Hakon.
I need to use the rest room again.

I have found the solution.

In what way?

It means five more bodies.
Worst case.

Beacuse I know now the meaning
of the numbers in the blood!

Are you going to enlighten me?

Listen, we deal with these
numbers on a daily basis.

Immigrant identification numbers
Of course.

- Exactly.
- Why did it take us so long ..

Bravo, Hakon.

Who has access to
Data regarding asylum seekers?

Apart from the immigration offices
and the Minister of Justice?

The people who work in the imigration
centers, or at least some of them.

Sounds like a lot of work.

Immigrant ID numbers, of course.
I must have been blind.

- How did you figure it out?
- Just like that.

You have to be an
Investigator in your next life.

Don't you know that I
want to be an eagle?

Just flying around
and enjoying the view.

What was that?

I've solved a puzzle,
I hope.

You will understand
that we are putting the other cases on the back burner

and giving this case absolute,
absolute priority.

We have checked all the immigrant ID numbers,
those that we could decipher.

Most likely it is only women.

All between twenty-three
and thirty-nine years old.

They all came to Norway alone.

They have no relatives here already.
And they have all disappeared.

- Is the dead woman among them?
- We can't confirm that yet.

But that is our going-in assumption.

Do we know where the blood comes from?

Anyone can buy blood.

But rather ox blood,

not pig's blood,
like this.

I called every butcher,
But there's hardly a market for it.

Hardly anyone makes blood sausage anymore.

And there were no reports of
a large purchase.

Stay on the ball.

I read an interwiew with the
Chief of immigration police.

The authority loses hundreds of
foreigners every year.

We have someone from the
immigration authority her with us.

Chief Commissioner Olaf Frydenberg.

The Director of Criminal Investigation is
probably already aware,

that most foreigners,
that vanish

result from their
application being rejected.

They prefer to go underground
and stay in the country illegally.

Or the flight continues.

Either to Sweden
or into southern Europe.

And nobody is looking for them?

No ... Of course no one is looking ...
why would they?

I have spoken with
the Chief of Police.

All the resources we need
are at at our disposal.

If it's business as usual for
the Saturday murderer,

we have four days left
to arrest him.

Dad, hang up already!

Am I am connected with the police?

Good day, this is Finn Haverstad.

I wonder if you could help me?

I was briefly in a store,
and when I returned,

I had a bump
on the left fender.

Luckily, a passerby took down the
registration of the other car.

It is CE 54 615.

Yes. Yes, and what is the name?

Thank you.

Yes, Haverstad.

Who were you talking with
for so long?

Is something wrong?

I have trying to call you
for an hour.

Yes, the telephone receiver was
off the hook for a while.

I can not sleep.
It's not working here.

Four Saturday massacres in five weeks.

Then the discovery of an old case,
the fits here.

Then nothing, then the crime
where we find the body.

But last Saturday, no massacre.
After five consecutive.

Perhaps just not yet

There is another possibility,
which appeals to me more and more.

On that night, something happened.

What would that be?

On that Saturday
Kristine Haverstad was raped.

- But not killed.
- No.

Where is the connection?

Kristine lives beneath
an asylum seeker, Afsane Kahn.

Lives there alone,
a perfect victim.

No one will miss her,
if she disappears.

The problem for the perpetrator,
is that she is not there when he arrives,

She said,
she was at home,

But what if she lied?

He simply switches.

Why didn't he kill
the medical student?

How many rape cases are discontinued?

Hundreds each year.

And in how many cases we do
conduct special investigations?

But we wouldn't discontinue
a murder case.

If he had killed
a Norwegian girl

we would not
have given up so quickly.

So he's pretty clever.

But not that clever.
He has shown his face.

The drawing was not much use.

Do you think that a serial killer
is running around here freely?

His system has certainly worked.

Why did he change his modus operandi?

Perhaps he needs to commit rape?

It could be possible,
that he takes analbolic steroids.

They make you as horny as a stallion.

How do you know that?

We should be looking for a

Or, someone who wants to be one.

I'm sorry,
I'm really very sorry.

Can you forgive me?

- Yes.
- Thank you.

You're welcome, thank you,
for forgiving my son.

I learned today that the
policeman has written a report.

This could be a problem,
But I'll speak to him again.

Yes thank you.

The man in the picture looks like
Dr. Cato Iversen from the home for asylum seekers.

Thank you.

As a physician he has access

to a lot of information.

When did you get this?

- A few minutes ago.
- Direct to you?


And where doe sit come from?

- I don't know exactly.
- From whom?

This is from Karen Borg, she has
Asylum cases and is often in Tanum.

So it's probably from there.

And then she faxes it
to her old classmate?


Get this Cato Iversen over here.

- Go to bed.
- Yes, I'm going.

What are you doing?

Eh, I have an invitation.
A former classmate called.

I just checking his address.

I can't go, even to this party.

But aren't you tired?

I also called the practice,
but you were not there.

ArneBerg said you were travelling.

Arneberg! Why can you
call him by his first name?

Where are you traveling?

I am not travelling.

I've not yet succeeded in getting
Sveinung from the ...

I need some peace and quiet.

Oh yes, your lawyer called.
You should call her back.

What does she want from me?

One more thing. I am going shopping.
Is that okay?

Do you need anything?

Hanne Wilhelmsen,
Vice Squad, Oslo police.

Can I speak to Mr. Iversen?


We need a statement from you
in a case,

that we are working on.

- Can you come?
- What? Immediately?

That would be nice.

It's impossible.

I'vejust changed.
Can I come tomorrow?

I would like you to come today.

If you prefer, I can have someone
pick you up.

That's okay. I can be with you
in about an hour. Is that okay?


Could you get Kristine Haverstad?
It's urgent.

And Eric, I need
Billy T..

Do you consent to us
recording the Conversation?


First the particulars.

Cato Iversen, born 04/04/58.

Marital status?

Married, we live separately.

I can't force you to testify
but if you do,

I want to hear the truth
from you.

How about a lawyer?

A lawyer? Our friend
needs a lawyer?

It was just a hypothetical question.

Why would you need a lawyer
if you are just a witness?

What's this all about?

You are a doctor in the Tanum asylum center?
For how long?

Almost a year.

- Do you like your job?
- Like?

Is it a nice place to work?

Well, it depends,
on what you make of it.

And what do you make of it?

I don't understand your question.

Am I not speaking clearly?

Can I finally learn
what am I doing here?

That's enough!

You work with
asylum seekers,

young and old,
Men and women.

From time to time some
of these people disappear,

and we don't know where they are.

Some return to their homeland.

Some die.
Others remain here illegally.

What doe sthat have to do with me?

Let's get down to business.
Where do you spend weekends?

- At home.
- Alone or with others?

Alone as a rule.

How about last Saturday?

I was, I can't
answer that! Unfortunately.

I think we probably need to issue
an arrest warrant.

As you certainly know,
I need to make a criminal complaint,

if there is to be a court case.

- Are you taking work home with you?
- What do you mean?

Have you asked
whether he wants a lawyer?

He does not,
nor does he want to talk.

We can not imprison him.

I can hold him for as long as it
takes for Kristine to take a look at him.

Shit, Hakon, listen.

No, we have not grounds to hold him.

Think about it.

Perhaps no one has read the report.

What is you had the opportunity to
withdraw the report?

Or to add something,
so there are no unnecessary problems?

He is now in treatment and is
supported by the whole family.

Is he better?

In each pool of blood
there was an immigration ID number.

It wasn't me,
I swear it!

Then tell us what happened last weekend.

Keep Kristine company.

Erik! Wait!

If you want a coffee or something,

Just say so.

I need five broad-shouldered men

for a line-up.

- How long do you need?
- Give me an hour. - Okay.

About his propensity to violence
they really don't know any more

than you have seen.

Yes, you're right.

- More Coffee?
- No, thank you.

Now we sit and wait.

So are we agreed?

If I do this,
could you imagine ...

- No, that sounds stupid ...
- What?

I thought that we could
have dinner together one evening.

Would be a good idea.

Sure, call me.

You work evenings too?

Yes, when there's a lot to do.

Thank you,
See you. Ciao.

615th CG 54

Hello, could I borrow you
for an hour?

That depends on why.

I am preparing a line-up.

- What kind of case?
- Rape.

Well, that might be a bit stressful.
We were going to go jogging.

We'll participate.

Do I know the case?

Actual rape.
Kristine Haverstad.

Oh, we have a full house here.

Let's see, one, two, three,
four, five and you two as well,

that's two too many,
I really only need five.

I'll leave,
in any case I have a party.

Yes, then I'll duck out as well
if it's okay with you.

See you later?

Could they step forward a little?

Individually or preferably
all together?

All together.

All of you take two steps forward.

Maybe number two

or number five.

Yes, one of the two.

Thank you for your help.

Good that you were able to come
on such short notice.

- Can you find your way out?
- Yes.

We'll find him,
for sure.

Yes, I hope so too.
I wish for it.

If we know more or if you need,
I'll call.

- Good luck.
- Good-bye.


Two hot dogs with onions.

I'm sorry,
But these things happen.

- Yes.
- You can go.

- Tell her.
- There's something else ...

- I am in love with a woman ...
- You are not the only one.

I'm still married.
Another woman.

She is an asylum seeker,
but her application was rejected

and she was supposed to be deported.

I've hidden her.

That's not so good
because I work there.

- Afsane Khan?
- How?

Is she with you now?

No, or yes.
I know where she is.

You know, I bet
that one has no papers.

That one looks more like
second generation.

- Sri Lanka, I would say.
- Nah, half Pakistani.

- Want to bet?
- Yes.

You come from Sri Lanka, don't you?

No, I'm from Iran.


Excuse me,
I saw you talking

with your colleague
the one with the gym bag.

He recently did me a favor,

and for that he should
get a bouquet of flowers.

A bouquet, nice,
what did he do?

I do not know what he is called.

Olaf ... Frydenberg is his name.

Hello, I think I know ...

I was just with the police.

Aha? Are the Investigations progressing?

- No!
- No?

You must tell me, Kristine.

Don't just stand there,
You need to talk to me.

Why did you come?

I just wanted to say,
that I am feeling better.

I know what I want,
I know now.

Wilhelmsen? Oh, hi Cecilie.
Shitty day today.

Another couple of hours.
Yes, until then.

Where were you?

With the lawyer.
Where are you going?

I'm going out,
if you don't mind.

I won't stay long.

My old classmates
want to meet me.

Do that, good!
I'll invite a couple of friends over.

That's great. Whom?

I have invited Terje
and a couple of class mates.

That's good. Just great.

How does it look?

Billy T. is looking for you
as well as Cato Iversen.

And then I have sent Backe,
Hindrum, Erik and Gerhard

and a couple of Stovner guys,

to question Kristine's
neighbours again.

But this time more thoroughly.

Call me,
if there's anything new.

I am coming, I am coming.

Hello, how are you?

- Well!
- Come in.

I should have been
a dentist.

- Thanks. Cheers!
- Cheers!

That's got what it takes!

- You want another one?
- Sure.

Okay, then we are going to
get seriously plastered.


- Cheers.
- To a fresh start. Cheers.

She had no papers with her,

and therefore
they brought her here.

What does Iversen say?

He says she has been quite
anxious for a while.

Let him go again.


Damn it!

Hello? Kristine?

Should we kick the door in?

I promise you:
He will be punished.

Even if he is a police officer.
is he?

You need have no fear.
Believe me.

I should sleep with him,
otherwise I can't stay in Norway.

Who was it?

Erik and Gerhard spoke
with a neighbor,

an oddball, who
cllects license plate numbers.

Haverstad copied the numbers
of some of the cars.

Compare the numbers with those
of police employees.

And send Erik and
Gerhard to Haverstad.

They are already there,
but nobody is answering.

Should they break in?

If there's no other way, they
should get a warrant.

I promise you:

You are staying in Norway,

and Cato Iversen won't lose his job,
I swear.

Whether you give me the
name or not,

But it would be a tremendous help to me.

I don't know teh first name.

The immigration officer,
last name is Frydenberg.

Get down, get down.


What the hell is this about?

Don't move.

We're going to have a little chat.

If you try to defend yourself,
I'll shoot you straightaway!

I swear on
my daughter's life.

On your belly. On your belly.
Quick, do it!

The arms back.

The hands ...

I'm with the police.


Wilhelmsen's phone!
Yes, talk to me.


That was Erik. They've found
a lawyer, Karen Borg,

attacked and injured,

and a young guy
in Kristine's bed, totally out of it.

And neither Haverstad
nor the daughter are there.

Okay. Call for backup
and contact Kaldbakken.

Tell him what's going on.

Tell him we need a
warrant to use weapons.

Talk to Hakon and
tell him about Karen Borg.

What was she doing there, damn it?

Take everything I have.

There's plenty of money in the bag.

Call a doctor
Damn, I am bleeding to death.

Where were you last Saturday?

Yes, that's right.

I am her father,
do you understand what you have done?

You have ruined my daughter!
You destroyed her life!

You fucking pig!

Are you a little afraid?

You are Superman!
Worried about your manhood?

Shall I cut off your balls?

So that you never again,
never again do such a thing?

You bastard!

Shit, Dad!
You shouldn't do that, no!

No, no!

I should do that, not you.

Give it to me!

Put your weapons down and keep
your hands where I can see them.

Put the weapons down!

I did it.

- He's lying, it was me!
- No.

The trouble is,
I can understand them.

Five minutes, Hakon.

He is dead and will soon
be forgotten.

- Best for all concerned.
- Not for those two.

You will come through already.

We probably won't bring
charges against them.

Why not?

Well, if they both say,
they acted alone.

If both claim

They continue to deny,
they acted together.

There are strong indications of that.

- Like what?
- They came separately.

Kristine tries to

construct a clumsy excuse.
But I was there.

One of the two did it.

And one is guilty of aiding and abetting.

Yes, but they deny
having done it together.

Moreover, both
have gunshot residue on the right hand.

and the fingerprints of both

are on the gun and the knife,

we are faced with
a classic problem.

If a verdict is to be pronounced,

there can be no reasonable doubt
as to who it was.

Fifty percent isn't good enough.

I'm too tired to think.

Thanks, Billy T., thanks for everything.

- Yes, five minutes earlier.
- Damn it.

- Five minutes.
- You, Friday night beer!

- You're right.
- Yes.

You, our dinner on Saturday
I wanted to say ...

Dinner? Oh yes, Saturday! I know.
Cecilie is thrilled.

Cecilie? The one I already met?

She is my partner.

- Clear.
- Yes?

Can we move it?
I wanted to bring someone.

Karen Borg?

If they hadn't killed him,
I would have done it!

How is she?

It Was pretty bad.

Wish her a speedy recovery.

And you're very welcome, right?
Both of you.

Subtitles: alexavega, 2011