Salem's Lot (1979) - full transcript

The successful writer Benjamin "Ben" Mears returns to his hometown Salem's Lot, Maine, expecting to write a new novel about the Marsten House. Ben believes that the manor is an evil house that attracts evil men since the place has many tragic stories and Ben saw a ghostly creature inside the house when he was ten. Ben finds that the Marsten House has just been rented to the antique dealers Richard K. Straker and his partner Kurt Barlow that is permanently traveling. Ben meets the divorced teacher Susan Norton that is living with her parents and they have a love affair. Ben also gets close to her father Dr. Bill Norton and his former school teacher Jason Burke. When people start to die anemic, Ben believes that Straker's partner is a vampire. But how to convince his friends that he is not crazy and that is the truth?

They found us again.

Another one has found us.

We have to go further.

Not yet.

-Mr. Crockett?

My name is Mears. Ben Mears.

I'm looking for a place to rent.

For how long?

Six months maybe.




I can't think of any.

-How about that house on the hill?
-Which house?

The one as you come into town.

The Marsten house?

Is that for sale or rent?

It's sold.

I can't think of anything, not offhand.

You might try Eva Miller's boarding house.

It's real nice.

It's on Railroad Street.

Yeah, I remember.

-You remember?
-Thank you very much.

Funny, about the Marsten house.

Vacant over 20 years.

Cully is going to Portland tomorrow.

Good afternoon, Mr. Crockett.

You sure fixed it up.

You think so?

You like it?

Fine job.

Sure is different from that doctor's office
I sold you.

I'd have to agree with you.

Very tasteful.


Thank you.

Mr. Barlow...?

Will arrive.


A lot of people have been waiting.

For Mr. Barlow.

You know how it is with a small town.

People don't have that much to do.

Yes. I can assure you...

...that people will find Mr. Barlow
well worth the wait.

Especially you, Mr. Crockett.
I've told him how helpful you've been...

...getting us the house...

...and the store.


Are you a writer?


What do you write?


Have I read any?

Have you read any books?

Your books.

I don't know.

How do I get breakfast?

The kitchen's open to one and all.
Keep your things stored separate.

Do you work at night?


You can't work too late--

I won't.

-Well, I hope you like it.
-I'm sure I will.

How come you came here?

The real-estate man sent me.

No, I meant to Salem's Lot.

Strangers don't usually come here
this time of year. Not yet.

I'm not a stranger.

That's no way to leave a book.

A book by Benjamin.
You might rip the binding.

It is you, isn't it?

It is you.

People ought to respect a book.

Even if it isn't especially well-written.

It's well-written.

Do you mind if I sit down?

No, not at all.

Why did you call it Air Dancer?

Did you read the book?

No, not all of it.

In fact, I was just getting into it.

In fact--

You got bored.

No, not in fact.

I wanted to finish this first.
I'm going to read it.

You don't have to.

What's your name?



I teach art at Holly Elementary.

My father's a doctor in town.

You know, the reason that I...

...actually took your book out of the library
is because I read your other one.


I don't remember.

Do you want to have some dinner?

You got a boyfriend.

Well, not exactly.

It says here you're married, no children.

Still married? Still no children?

She died. I've got no children.

Got some memories.
Some good and some not so good.

You didn't answer my question.

Which one?


I'd love to.

Good evening.

Good night.

See you tomorrow. And tomorrow night.

You're sure?

You're absolutely sure?

He's got to make a delivery and a pickup.
Besides, he always calls.

You know that.

Good night, honey.

What are you doing out here, Weasel?


Spying more like, huh?

Oh, no, Parkins.

Cully set you to it?


Better not.

That writer who moved into Eva's....

Right down the hall.

I heard.

Can you keep an eye on him?

What's he done?

Keep your eye on him
and your mouth shut.

Got that?

What's he done?

Murdered 18 people.

Eighteen people!

Every one of them an old man
who kept asking:

"What's he done?"

Keep an eye on him for me.

Hi, honey.

What are you watching?


You want to stay home tonight?

Sure, why not?

Well, don't get drunk.
I want some fun in tonight.

You know what happens
when you drink too much.

I'm gonna get something out of the freezer.
Twenty minutes?

Bring me a beer.

Thank you.

So, you're staying at Eva Miller's.

I'll tell you, she was quite a dish.

We kids used to watch her
sashaying down the street.

Well, we did.



-Would you like some coffee, Mr. Mears?
-Yes, please.

-How do you take it?


You know what I think.

You still drink coffee.

Mornings only, and I don't recommend it.

Yeah, Eva married this fellow called
Weasel Phillips.

He came up to about here on her.
Thin as a heron's leg.

Never made a decent living.
Nobody could figure out why.

They got divorced,
but he's still living over there.

Life in a small town.

What's his book about?

Well, his latest one is about...

...two men.

Not one of those!

-What are you doing in here?

What's that?

It's just a piece of paper.
There's nothing on it.

He got a lot of scribbling here, too.


...about a boy--

A boy and a house.

"The house was a monument to evil...

"...sitting there all these years...

"...holding the essence of evil
in its smoldering bones."

Monument? Who's monument?

The Marsten house?

I don't know. He stopped
in the middle of the sentence.

"Sitting there all these years...

"...holding the essence of evil."

Writes real good.

Thank you for the dinner.

Good to meet you, Mr. Mears.

I'll get you a copy of that book.

Sorry about the peas. She's done better.

'Bye, Dad.

They liked you.

Well, your father maybe.

My mother doesn't like anyone
except Ned Tebbets.

Who's he?

Someone I've been seeing.

Have been or had been?

A little of both.

What is he really doing in Salem's Lot?

Writing a book, he says.

Did he say about what?

No, he didn't say, and I didn't ask him.

Tell me about Ned Tibet.


After college?

New York.

I worked in an ad agency.

I was a junior.

I did layouts mostly and things like that.

You liked it?

I loved it.

But then...

...something happened.
The agency lost a big account...

...and had to cut back and there I was
on the street looking for a job.

It's a cruel city.


You had to come home.



I was all beat up.

Glad to have a little loving care.

How long since...

...your wife died?

Two years.

Are you writing about that?


I'm writing about a house.

A house?

The Marsten house.

The Marsten house?

I see.

No, I don't see.

Where are we going?

Well, there is...

...the Del.

The movies in Bangor.

And then there is the lake.

And where do you want to go?

Let's go to the lake.

Are you uncomfortable with me?

Why, should I be?

No, I just have...

...a habit of asking questions.

Well, I have a habit of evading them.

Perfect match.

I like you, Ben.

Modern, aggressive female,
partially liberated, states her feelings.


Does that make you uncomfortable?

No, it makes me feel good.

How long will you be staying?

We'll see how the book comes.

Are you a slow writer?

I'm medium.

I hope it's a long book.

Crockett Realty.

Yes, sir.


Yes, sir. Right away.

I will be right back.

Okay, honey.

Please don't say that.
Someday you will forget.

All right, honey.

I forgot.

Getting warmer!

It's good of you to come over,
Mr. Crockett.

I need your help again.

Always glad to be of assistance.

Yes, I appreciate that.

And as I've told you,
you will be amply rewarded.

I'd like you to have your truck
at the Portland docks tonight.

7:00 sharp. At the custom house wharf.

All arrangements have been made.

7:00, custom house.

Two movers will be sufficient, I think.

Two men.

I have a very valuable sideboard
that has to be picked up.

It's to be taken to the house.

Do you understand?

Sideboard taken to house.

And your movers will put it
down in the cellar.

They can get in
through the outside bulkhead...

...below the kitchen window, as you know.

You won't be there?

No, I must drive into Boston.
I'll be back tomorrow morning.

And there's just one other thing:

You will procure four stout padlocks.



Your men will leave the keys
for all four locks on the basement table.

When they leave, they will padlock
the bulkhead door, the front door...

...the back door, and the shed...garage.

You have that?

I have it.

Thank you very much, Mr. Crockett.

I'm extremely pleased
that I can always call on you.

That you can.

And Mr. Barlow?

You should be meeting him soon.

Very soon, Mr. Crockett,
and I'm sure that you'll find it a pleasure.


The winds of revolt swept through
the township of Jerusalem's Lot...

...soon to be known as Salem's Lot.

Down with the British. Hurray for freedom.

Men took out their long rifles,
kissed their wives and children goodbye...

...and marched off
to join George Washington.

Daddy, come back safe.

Daddy, let me come with you.
I'm old enough to fight.

I'll be back.

But not until we've won the right
to be free men.

The war was long and bitter.

Some men from Salem's Lot fought
at Valley Forge...

...suffering through that long, cold winter.

Others helped gain victory at Saratoga...

...and triumph over Cornwallis.

And when the war ended....

Where is Daddy?

Won't he ever come home?

Yes, Salem's Lot had its share of heroes,
living and dead...

...but they had fought for
the greatest treasure of all: liberty.

Mr. Berk?

Are the kids still running the pageant?


Are the kids still running
the school pageant?

With a little editorial help from me.

Very little as I remember.

My name is Ben Mears.
You probably don't remember me.

Of course I do. I've read your books.

I wouldn't have written them
if it hadn't been for you.

You just said a very large thing.

I'd like you to explain it to me.

Can we talk about it tonight?


I don't know how you can work here.

It'd scare the hell out of me.

It's kind of nice here, during the day.

It's pretty and quiet, you know.

Too quiet. Especially at night.

I'm hardly ever here at night. They are.

What's up?

I need a strong back tonight.

Want to make $50?


That's for two of you.

You're going to need another strong back.

What about you?


I've got something else
planned for tonight.

Hey there, Teacher.
Can I carry your books for you?

Oh, sorry.

No, that's all right.
Do you have your car with you?

No, I came by to see Jason Berk.
Told me to wait around.

Take a walk home. I won't do it again.

Hey, come on.

Will you wait for me here, please?

Get in.


You have no right to do this.

You said you loved me. You said it.

That was a hundred years ago.

It has nothing to do with him.

So you were doing something
up at the lake.

Oh, please.

What time do you think
you'll get home, honey?

With all the junking around, locking up....
Those things take...

...five, six hours.
Be back midnight or after.

You stay away from her, you hear?

I'll try.

Well, you try real hard.
She's all mine. Right, honey?

You big bad bear.

Go on.

He was just kidding.

Look, if he suspected anything,
would he kid?

You shouldn't leave your truck
double-parked like this.

Would you want me to go to Portland
without saying goodbye to Bonnie?

What's in Portland?

I've got to make a pickup. For him.

Custom wharf.

Do you know what it is?

A lot of old junk from Europe, I guess.

I don't know why anybody would want
to open an antique shop here.


They know what they're doing.

Don't leave the truck sitting here like this.
I might have to ticket you.

I'll be back to get you.

Come on now, Faithful. Just calm down.

I'll be back soon.

Go play with the people.

I wouldn't leave a dog in there.

He's all right. He'll go to sleep in a while.
He's a good old dog.

Faithful, come on.

I said I'd be back soon.

Is that dog going to whine all night?

He'll be all right.

-You know where to go, what to do?

Leave the truck here when you get back.
I'll pick it up in the morning.

You bet.

Shut up!

What's this all about anyway?
You got any idea?

He wants Boom-Boom Bonnie
to think he's going to Portland.

As a matter of fact,
Crockett himself set up this trip.

Larry Crockett?
What's he got to do with this?

Larry Crockett and Boom-Boom Bonnie?

What's he going to do?

What would you do if you had a 12-gauge
sitting in your garage?

Have a drink?

I don't mind.

Canadian on the rocks.

Got us a native, huh?

That's what he is.
The Return of the Native.

Or is it the Prodigal Son?

What did you say was in this?

A sideboard.


It's funny.

This crate feels very cold.

It's been sitting out here.

I don't like it.

I mean, it's really strange. It feels cold.

You want to pry it open?

You want to pry it open?

Let's move it out, fellows.

All right, we're going.

-Do you want to pry it open?

Let's just get it to the Marsten place.

Get rid of it.

Hell of a way to make $50.

It's cold in here.


It sure is. It shouldn't be.

It's a warm night. Turn on the heater.

That thing is moving.

What thing?

Stop the truck.

-We should open that thing up.
-We can't do that.

Something is wrong.
It's getting cold in here.

Let's just get it delivered.

I want to open it.

Come on.

Just let me drive, will you?

Honey, it's safe.

Oh, Tiger, I'm going to lose respect for you.


I don't want to go to a motel again.

I want you right here in my own little bed.

It's more exciting to me that way.


No, I'm not going to talk like that
on the phone.

You just get over here
and I'll whisper things in your ear...

...that will make your hair stand up.

You get here, or else.

"1951. A fire started in the old mill.

"It spread rapidly on both sides
of Griffin Road...

"...and burned toward the Marsten house
on Pabscuitti Hill.

"1951. A fire started in the old mill.

"It spread rapidly on both sides
of Griffin Road...

"...and burned toward the Marsten house
on Pabscuitti Hill.

"The wind turned the fire
back toward town.

"Volunteer fire companies came from all--"


Whatever are you doing?

Rehearsing for the pageant.

Keep it down. Your father's trying
to figure his quarterly taxes.

All right. Mother, Danny and Ralphie Glick
are coming over...

...after they finish their homework.
We'll rehearse.

Have you finished your homework?

Yes, a long time ago.

All right.

Just as long as you and the Glick boys
don't disturb your father.

"...the Marsten house on Pabscuitti Hill.

"The wind turned the fire
back toward town.

"Volunteer fire companies came
from all over the county...

" help fight the threatening flames."

Bright boy, Mark Petrie. Wrote most
of the pageant this year, just as you did.

Both talented.

Another writer.

Very possibly. I'd certainly be proud
if I'd helped develop two authors.

It will make a lifetime
of teaching worthwhile.

You got me started.

You had the gift. I wanted the opportunity
to continue, but you moved away.

Let's see, you were....


Tell me, why the Marsten house?

I remember that figured
in your pageant, too.

Maybe because my aunt worked there.

Did she ever tell you anything
about what went on inside the house?

No, never.

Or Hubie Marsten?

No, she never talked about him.

But you remember that even then...

...that house had a reputation
for being a haunted house.

Every town has one.

I went up there once.

On a dare. You know how kids are.

I was sweating scared.

I sneaked around.

Got into the house.

What did you see?

Ghosts, everything.

Every sound, every shadow.

I'm not sure what I saw.

I think I saw Hubie Marsten...

...hanging by his neck.

His face green, his eyes puffed shut...

...his hands livid.

It was ghastly.

And then he opened his eyes
and he looked at me.

He looked at me...

...and I took off and I ran.
I ran as fast as I could.

I've never forgotten that.

And there was something. A feeling of....

Jason, do you believe a thing...

...can be inherently evil?

I've seen trees that look like
tortured spirits.

A house.

The Marsten house for instance.

Can it be evil in its stone foundations,
in its wooden beams?

In the glass of its windows?

In the plaster of its ceilings? Evil.

The man who built that house...

Yeah, Joshua Von.

...killed his wife and a servant...

...and hanged himself
in his bedroom closet.

Hubie Marsten's sister and wife...

...died mysteriously.
Rumors of poison, never proved.

Then he came here.

And the young boys in the area
started to disappear.

Some people suspected Hubie Marsten,
but it was never proved.

Never proved.

And now we have a Mr. Straker.

And a Mr. Barlow.

Whom no one has ever seen.

And you think--

I think that an evil house attracts evil men.

But if a house attracts evil men....

Why did it attract me?

It is moving.

Look at it!

We're almost there. Now shut up.

Shut up!

What's this one?

It's a ghoul.


Ghoul. Like in school.

We don't have anybody like that
in our school.

Mr. Peterson.

What is a ghoul?

A ghoul is an evil demon
who preys on corpses...

...feeds on human beings, robs graves.
Things like that.

Why are you so hung up on this stuff?

I don't know, I just am.

It's weird.

Let's try this.

Danny, Ralphie, your mom called.
Wants you home.

Okay, Mr. Petrie.

We know our lines okay, don't we?

Most of them.

Why don't you come over
to our house tomorrow night, okay?

-Okay, Mr. Petrie?

-See you later.
-Bye-bye. See you.

Good night, boys.

Mark, when are you going
to outgrow all this?

Soon, I guess.

Well, I'd better fix this.

Well? Look.

The road.

The road, nothing.

It sure is cold. Come on, let's get it done.

It's freezing!

I'm telling you, it's not natural.
It just ain't natural.

We've got to get it out.

Just grab ahold. Let's get it done.

What was that?

It's just an owl.

I've never heard one before.

Sure you have. Hundreds of times.

We shouldn't have gone
through the woods.

It's a shortcut. Look, you can even see
the lights of Jordan Avenue. See them?


Hey, I'm going.

Wait. Danny, wait!

Hey, I want to know.

Come on. Come on.

I want to pry it open.

We can't. He'll hear.




Well, I want to do it anyway.
I'll get something from the truck.


You hear that?

Somebody's up there.

There's somebody up there.

Rats probably.

You heard rats.

It was someone. Let's split.

The padlocks. We forgot to padlock--

Throw them down there.
Here are the keys, throw them down too.

Close the doors.

Did you happen to notice the time
when the boys left? You did?

They should have been here
a half hour ago.

Ask Mark if the boys said anything to him.
You know how kids are.


Danny, what happened?

What happened, Son?

Where's Ralphie?

Where's your brother?

I don't know.

Get Dr. Norton.

See ya.



Here, boy.

Is that better?

It's better here, isn't it?

Well, well, well.

I guess I owe Weasel Phillips
a case of beer after all.

Cully, look, this isn't....

He broke in. He tried to rape me.

He was?

He broke in.

A rapist.

Is that it?

I'll take care of him.

I didn't.

Shut up, rapist!

Get up!

Out of the bed.

Out of the bed! Out!

Get up.

Shut up!

Please don't do anything.
You don't want to go to jail, do you?

I'm not going to jail for killing the man
who raped my wife.

That is what he did, isn't it, honey?



She invited me, I swear.

You invited him?

No! He called me and he said
that he had to talk to me and....

So you invited him over?

Cully, no.

Cully, you don't want to go to jail
for the rest of your life for what is a lie.

Come here.

Come on. Come in the living room.

We've got to talk this over.

Right, let's talk it over.

We'll go in the living room
and we'll talk it over.

And then I'm coming back, hear me?

Come on, Larry.

In the living room. Man-to-man stuff.

I like your shorts.

You must too, keeping them on like that.

Where did you get them?


They sure look good on you.

Stay right there, puss.

Turn around, Larry.

Look, I know how this must look to you.
I can understand how upset you are...

...but let me explain what happened.

Grab the barrel, Larry.

The barrel. Grab the barrel.


Very easy.

That's it.

Now, this shotgun's got a five-pound pull
on it and I've got about three on it now.

Good boy.

Now hold it up in front of your face.

That's it. Right in front.

That's it. Right in front.


You move that barrel, Larry,
and I'll blow you away.


Just hold it, Larry.

Hold it steady.

Steady, Larry. Don't move! Don't move!


You see how much self-control
you can have?

It's terrific.

You're doing fine, Larry.

Just fine.

Close your eyes, Larry.

Close them.

Here I come, puss.

Here comes big bad bear.

I know you're going to say,
"Don't make a big thing out of this."

No, I wasn't going to say that.


..."Look, I can't make
any commitments right now."

I wasn't going to say that either.

What were you going to say?

I wasn't going to say anything.

I told you, I ask too many questions.

And I don't give enough answers.

Maybe we talk too much.

Maybe we do.

Sounds like a traffic jam.

Maybe they saw our car.

I'm going to take a look.


You heard another car drive off. Then?

Car or truck.

Which one?

I don't know.

You don't know.

Do you?


Where were you people?

We were over there.

Over there?


Come here, will you?

You heard two cars.

Or a car and a truck.

One drove off, and then?

One more thing.

I think I heard someone get out of one car.

I'm only supposing that
because I didn't see it.

And get in the other car, or truck.

That's what I think.

That's what you think.

Quite a night, huh?

First the kid disappears, then this.

You're not leaving Salem's Lot, are you?

I'm not leaving.


It's late.

Where are you going?

To the hospital.
Danny Glick has collapsed.


Ralphie Glick, Danny...

...and Larry Crockett all in one night.

Quiet little town of Salem's Lot.

It's only all just happened since....

Since I came here.

You didn't have anything to do with it.
You didn't even know the Glick boys.

Or Larry Crockett.

I met Larry Crockett.

I did see the boys rehearsing
for the school play.

That's not what I'm thinking.

You remember I came here
to rent the Marsten house?


Somehow I....

I think that my coming here has acted
as a kind of catalyst...

...awakening evil in this town.



How is he?

Danny's never had an attack
of asthma, has he?


His file's with Dr. Goldring.

All right. I'll get the file from Goldring,
but for now....

Any history of rheumatic fever?

Danny? No.

He's a healthy boy. No major problems.

Has he had a TB skin test this year?

TB? Danny's got TB?

No, no. Marjorie, we're just trying
to find out.

He's a healthy boy. He's athletic.
He's a normal boy.

We want to keep him here
for some more tests.

What tests?

We just don't know yet.

Have you seen my dog?

No, I ain't seen him.

Have two men cover this area.

Come on, move it. Let's go.

That's it.

Don't touch that.

Noah, get me an envelope!

He always wears a black suit.



Inspector. How nice of you to drop in.

Plain old constable.

I see you're just about ready to open.

Not quite. Just about.

Everything in?

Everything that's important, yes.



A glass of sherry perhaps?

No, thanks.

Never drink on duty?

You are on duty.

I'm always on duty.

That makes me feel safe and snug.

Mr. Barlow arrived yet?

Mr. Barlow's in New York.

Coming soon?

Hard to tell. He may go to Europe
on a buying trip.

So, you'll be opening without him?

If necessary, yes. Of course.

What's Mr. Barlow's first name,
by the way?

Official question?

No. Just curious.

My partner's full name is Kurt Barlow.

Kurt with a "K."

We've been working together
in London and Hamburg.

This is our retirement.

Modest, comfortable.

We're hoping to build a reputation
for ourselves in this area.

Perhaps throughout New England.
Do you think that's possible?

Anything's possible.

How do you like that old house?

Needs work.

But we have time.

Not bothered by "yowens"?


Kids. Local word.

You know how kids like to devil new folks.

No, no. No children. No.

We seem to have misplaced one.

Is that so?

Yes. Yes, it is so.

The thinking now is that
we may not find him. Not alive.

That's a shame. Is there anything
I can do to help you?

I don't suppose so.

By the way, what happened
to your black suit?

My black suit?

The one I always see you wear.

I have two black suits.
They're up at the house.

Am I breaking some town ordinance?


I'd like to see those suits.
Could we go to the house and get them?

I'll bring them down tomorrow.
They need cleaning anyway.

Any reason?



Ciao, Constable.


"Ciao." That's a familiar ltalian expression
meaning "goodbye."

I didn't know you're ltalian.

I'm not. The word is.

You learn something new every day.

No, it is not a kidnap.

The boy is missing.

Probable foul play.

Yeah, I'd like to check a couple of feelers.

The first is Benjamin Mears.


The book is called Air Dancer.

And the other one is Conwey's Daughter.

No, I haven't read them.

I don't know if many have.

The other two are sort of stapled together.

There is a Richard K. Straker.

No, I don't know what that stands for.

And Kurt, with a "K," Barlow.



Any connection between Mears
and the others?

That's one of the things I want to find out.

I understand what you're saying, Ben.

I'm not given to unscientific belief,
but I will admit...

...that there are many things
that science hasn't yet answered.

If ever.

But I can't, for the life of me...

...understand any connection between
Crockett's death and the Marsten house.

He rented the house to them.

But he died of a heart attack.

-You're sure of that?

The autopsy left no doubt whatsoever.

It could've happened at the Marsten house
and he was taken to the lake.

Let me tell you, the local gossip
leans in a different direction.

All right, what about the Glick boys?

That could be something else.

What is wrong with Danny Glick?

We haven't completed our tests yet...

...but it could be, and I'm trusting you
to keep this to yourself... could be pernicious anemia.

Coming on overnight?

We don't know how sudden it is.

You don't really believe that?


We're going to a movie in Bangor.

Can I say something to you?

Don't make it too long, Dad.

Now everybody knows that you and Susan
were up at the lake.

Yeah. I want you to know--

You seem like a pretty nice fellow to me...

...and I think you respect Susan,
and I believe she respects herself...

...but you could've been more discreet.

When may I expect them back?

A couple of days.

No more than that, please.

I'll try.

I don't have to do this, you know.

Understand. Appreciate it.

I'm under some suspicion?

Well, yes.

The disappearance of the boy.


Because I'm a stranger.

I guess so.

And a little odd.

You know how we are here.

No different from people in small towns
all over the world.

I appreciate your candor.

Am I being charged?

No, but I'd like you to stay around.

I fully intend to.

Now, the suits.

Don't forget.

As soon as Crime Lab....


In Bangor.

And no damage, please.
I want them back in excellent condition.

And cleaned.

I'll see to it.

Ciao. That's ltalian for--

I remember.

Goodbye, Constable.

Playing hooky?


It's my hour break...

...of which exactly 26 minutes is left.

I just wanted to say hello.

My father asked you to be discreet.

I didn't tell you that.

No, he did. And he told me to go ahead
and show my feelings.

Yeah, the man contradicts himself.

Well, Dad's a New Englander.

He has been taught one thing,
and feels another.

Classic conflict.

I have one too.

I got a phone call this morning.


Not that easy.

From Boston. A job interview.

They saw my portfolio.

It will only be for two days.

No, thanks.

So it's off to Boston.

It's not that far.

When do you leave?

Tomorrow after class.
Can you come with me?

Danny Glick's funeral is tomorrow.
I want to stay for that.


I just need to be there.

I wish you weren't going.

Me, too.

I have to.

Where are you staying?

With a friend. A girlfriend.
I'll give you the number if you'd like.

Yeah, okay.

It's only an interview. If I get the job,
I wouldn't have to start until June.

That's not so bad, is it?

Well, I guess it'll have to do.

Let us pray.

"Lord God, through Your mercy, may those
who have lived in faith find eternal peace.

"Bless this grave and send Your angel
to watch over it.

"As we bury the body of Danny Glick
welcome him into Your presence...

"...and with Your saints let him rejoice
in Your presence forever.

"We ask this through Christ our Lord.


"With faith in Jesus Christ,
we reverently bring the body of this child...

" be buried in its human imperfection."

Have plans for tonight?

More or less.

Susan's gone to Boston.

I heard.

I hope she gets it.

Do you?

Whatever is best.

Should I believe that?

Not entirely, but that's what I want to feel.

Everything is all right?

I'm glad I stayed.

How about the job?


So when are you coming home?


Well, there's really not much point,
is there?


Tonight I'm having dinner with Jason Berk.

Just Jason and me.

I miss you too.

Ned Tebbets was around here today,
fixing a toilet and threatening to fix you.

I just thought I'd tell you.

You're a nice guy.
I'd hate to see you get all busted up.


He's got to be feeling something.

I mean, after all, the Glick boys were
on their way home from seeing him.

Did you look at him at the funeral?

He keeps his feelings in hand.

I don't want him going
in the woods anymore.

I'll go up and see him.

How are you, Son?

Fine, Dad.

Finished your homework?

A long time ago.

Can you get out of these?

Easy. Put them on me.

Go ahead.

Let's see.

Where's the key?

I don't need it.

Not too tight?

I want it tight.


What do you know!

You want to tie me up?

I don't think so.

I can get out of any knot. Try me.
Hands behind my back.

Some other time, Son.

Sometimes I wonder...

...why you're so interested
in monsters and magic and....

Why do you think that is, Mark?

I always have been.

I can't explain it. It's the way I am.

Like you were interested in numbers,
so you became an accountant.

At least I can earn a living.

I'll earn a living.

That's it? Thanks.

Hey, wait.

Just had FBl, Boston on the phone.

Run down on Ben Mears,
Straker and Barlow.

What did they say?

Straker is British by birth.

Fifty-eight years old.

Applied for extended visa 18 months ago.
No criminal record at all.


Born in Germany. Left in '20s before Hitler.

Naturalized British.
Changed his name from Brikin.

Anything else?

Been in the import-export business
with Straker since 1943.

He travels alone.
Seems to keep to himself.

Straker's the one who stays in front.
Has he shown up yet?



What about Mears?

He was born here, in Salem's Lot.

Left at the age of 10.

His wife died in an automobile accident
two years ago.

He's a left-winger.

Against nuclear power, stuff like that.

No record?

Travels a lot.

No connection between Mears
and the other two?

Wouldn't say so.

Then why is he so interested
in the Marsten house?

And why did they buy it?
There's a connection, I'm telling you.

Well, how's the book coming?


Tough way to make a living.

Well, it's not much of a living,
but it's the only way I know.

Is the Marsten house still
center of the story?


What about the Glick boys?

Did you connect them with the house?

Everything here's connected with it.
You can see it in every part of the town.

It's like a beacon throwing off
an energy force.

Are you on something?



Sick. I feel sick.

Since when?

First, I found my dog dead.

And then, there was the funeral yesterday.

I fell asleep on Harmony Hill.
Didn't wake up until morning.

This was after Danny Glick's funeral?


I went back to finish. Royal...

...wasn't there.

I started to feel...

...sick. Can I have a drink?

Miss. Whiskey.

What do you remember, Mike?




Sweetest singing I've ever heard.

I'm feeling like drowning in it.

And eyes.


Whose eyes?

Bright and...



I don't remember.

I dreamed.

You slept there all night?

Yeah, all night.

What about last night?

I remember a dream.

Somebody out there.

I let him in.


I don't know.

Listen to me, Mike.

Mike, I want you to stay
at my house tonight.

Will you do that for me?

We'll arrange to see Dr. Norton tomorrow.

All right.

I don't care.

Open the window.

Open the window, Mark.

Open the window, Mark.


Let me in.

It's okay, Mark, I'm your friend.

He commands it.

No, Mark.

Go away.

Go away!

Son, are you awake?

Yeah, kind of.

Did you have a bad dream?


I don't remember.

You called out in your sleep.

I'm sorry.

Do you want anything?


Good night, then.

Good night, Dad.

Come in.

I hope these will be all right.

Turn your head, Mike.

This way.

Where did you get these marks?

I don't know.

Call me in the night if you want anything.


Even if you have a bad dream.

Will you be sure to do that?

Anything, I mean it.

I'll be right down the hall.

I will.

Mr. Mears, telephone.


All right. Just a minute.

What, is it long distance?

No, it's Jason Berk.

What time is it?

It's a little after 4:00.
Mr. Berk sounds very upset.

Yeah, Jason?

What's the matter?

Well, give me about ten minutes.

Well, no. I'm...I was a Baptist.

Do you have...

...a rosary or a crucifix?

In my bedroom. Mr. Berk asked for it?

Yes, please.

He's not Catholic.
I don't even think he goes to church.


He's all right, Jason. He's sleeping.

The window's open.

It was closed and locked. I made sure of it.

The sun's coming up.


It's blood.

A single drop.

Mike, wake up.

There is no pulse.

Marks on the neck?



No marks.


Do you think I'm crazy?


-Do you believe me about the marks?
-I guess I'll have to.

But where does that put us, Jason?

It puts us in the position
where we have to do something.

Could he have died
of a virus or something?

The window, the marks on his neck, and
I heard him invite someone into the room.

That terrible laughter.

Do you know what will happen to you...

...if we whisper a word
of what you just told me?

Funny old duck living alone. How can
we trust him to teach our children?

I can't help you, Jason.

I saw a body. Nothing else.

And I'm an outsider. A writer. A crazy.

If we do nothing....

There is something we can do.
We can check this all out.

Call Dr. Norton.

Call the constable.

Let the machinery take over.

Don't even tell Dr. Norton he's dead.

-Not dead!
-But how do we know he is?

Let the medical people check it out.

Let them find the cause of death.

All the times Mike drove that...

...not guessing how soon
he'd be riding in the back.

Mears, I want you to testify
for the coroner's jury.

I'll be there.


Better do my paperwork.
Duplicate, triplicate.

Don't punch, spindle or mutilate.

We all have to do that, don't we?

Yeah. They say it's a free country.

What is it you wanted to tell me?

Have there been any other people
complaining of feeling weak?

Well, bad dreams?


There soon will be.

Bill, do you believe in ghosts?

Ghosts? No.

-Witches? Wizards?

-Of course not.


Bill, come on inside.
I'm going to tell you something.

And I'm going to ask your help.

And maybe you'll give it
if you don't decide I'm absolutely crazy.

Good morning, Eva.

I heard.


Poor Mike.

I'm tired.

I'll just have a cup of coffee
and get some sleep.

Why in the world did Mr. Berk
want that crucifix?

Maybe he thought that Mike Ryerson
was Catholic.

He should've known better.
He had Mike in school.

All his people were Lutherans.

Looks like you'll miss the opening.

What opening?

Those antique fellas.


Yeah, him and the other fellow.

Did that other fellow ever show up?

I don't know about that. All I know is
they're opening the store today.

Wouldn't Dad like this?

I guess so.

My husband's birthday is next week and....

Oh, dear.

It's quite reasonable.

There's no chance that....

I'm sorry, but....

I understand.

I could hold it for you...

...until the end of the week
without any obligation.

Oh, I'd appreciate that. Thank you.


An English desk here, 18th century.

Values continue to escalate.

Interesting little Welsh cupboard in oak.

And my favorite chair.

It was with me in London
in my establishment.



You have some expertise.

No, not really.

I just know something about silver.

My aunt had some Georgian
and we had to sell it when she died.

What an unfortunate way
to acquire knowledge.

My aunt was housekeeper
at the Marsten house.

Your house.

Really? That's interesting.

I've always been curious about that place.

Perhaps I can satisfy your curiosity.

A lot of peculiar things have happened
in that house.

The man who built it murdered
his wife and a servant.

It was never proved, but he was suspected
in the disappearance of several children.

Yes, it was terrible, wasn't it?


Remarkable, yes.

Mr. Straker.


Do you believe that...

...evil can be inherent in a house?

About as much as I believe
that trees have souls.

Perhaps they do.

Oh, you're the writer.

On vacation or vocation?

I am writing about the Marsten house.

And you'd like to visit.

Well, why not?
Mr. Barlow is on a buying trip.

But, the moment he arrives....

You'll enjoy Mr. Barlow.

He'll enjoy you.

You snake!

Try to steal my girl.

Pretty good beating you took, fellow.

No fractures. Slight concussion.

You understand me?



We'll keep you here overnight
for observation, all right?


Your friend Ned, he was arrested.
He's sitting in the town jail.

I don't think he'll be that foolish again.

Anyone else sick in the hospital?

Couple of new admissions, but nothing....


What Jason and I told you....

Ben, it's out of the question.
I don't believe it and no one else will.

You just take it easy, all right?

I want a crucifix.

All right. If it'll make you feel better,
we can arrange it.

Look at me.

Look at me, Teacher.





Look at me.

Look at me.







Get out.

Get out.

I revoke my invitation.

You'll sleep by the dead, Teacher.






What is it? What are you saying?

Marge, I'll call a doctor.


You sure?

I'm okay.

I want Dr. Norton to see you.


I'm weak.

Real weak.

You haven't been sleeping ever since....

I've been dreaming about him.

About Danny.

That's natural. It's all right.

He comes back and he says,
"Mommy, I'm so glad to be home."

He says he's my baby.

My baby.

Dad called me.

It was just a little knock.

I know you're okay.

There's more, Ben.

Ned Tebbets died last night.


They found him dead this morning
in the town jail.

Dad examined him.

Pernicious anemia.

Just like the Glick boy.

Only Ned had high blood pressure.

And Danny's mother died this afternoon.

Same symptoms?

I think so.

What does your father say?

He wants to talk to you.

And Jason Berk.

Jason Berk?

He's here, Ben.

In the hospital. Intensive Care.


Heart attack.

He is stable.

You've got to go back to Boston.

There is a kind of plague in this town.
People are dying.

Don't you understand what's happening?

-Do you?
-I do.

It's in the Marsten house.

It's got to be rooted out.
It's got to be destroyed.

Do you know the priest of St. Jude's?

Father Callahan?

But I'm an agent
of the Holy Catholic Church.

The overall concept of evil... the Catholic Church has undergone
a radical change in this century.

Evil with a small "E."

Satan with a small tail. Witches, incubi?


In Salem's Lot.

Haven't you noticed anything
out of the way, peculiar?

The Malloys weren't at mass this morning.

Mrs. Malloy never misses.

Mrs. Glick.

But she'd suffered a terrible blow.

Ned Tebbets.

Mike Ryerson.

-He'll do it.
-At least we'll know then.

We'll have the medical evidence.
Now, listen to me.

You'll have to get some hawthorn.


-And just put it all over the house.

The crucifixes from Father Callahan--

-Mother's never--
-She has to!

They're breeding on one another.
The vampires are creating vampires.

It's a geometric progression.
Two times two...

...times four, times eight.

And another couple--

Ned Tebbets's body has disappeared,
and a baby that died this morning is gone.

Marjorie Glick?

She's in the funeral parlor in Cumberland.

I'll get my car.


I think a lot of this comes
from Mark's hobby.

Collecting masks and
assembling monsters from kits.

He's always been preoccupied with them,
and it's not healthy.

Let's not make judgments now.

Mark, you're sure it wasn't a dream?

It wasn't a dream.

It was Danny Glick.

Nightmares seem real.

His subconscious fear
made Danny seem real to him.

And they were very close friends.

I'll get it.

Poor little boy.

You can do nothing against the master.

Stop, Holy man!

Or he'll cut the boy's throat.

Back. Back, Holy man. Back, Shaman.

Back, Priest!

What would you give
for this miserable boy?

What do you ask?

What would you give
to reprieve him this night... save him for another night?

What do you want?

The master wants you.

Throw away your cross, face the master.

Your faith against his faith.
Could you do that?

Is your faith enough?

Then do it.

And trust him to let the boy go?


I think they're dead, Father.


I'm going to kill you!

Now it's your part of the bargain.

I'm a priest.

A priest?

Throw away the cross.

Face the master.

Faith against faith.

What do you think?

The condition is very similar to Mike's.

There's no surface lividity,
no signs of rigor.

I'll call home, make sure they're all right.

They'll be fine if they follow instructions.

I'll make sure they do.

Bless this cross... the name of the Father...

...and the Son and the Holy Ghost.

"The Lord is my shepherd...

"...I shall not want.

"He maketh me....

"He maketh me to lie down
beside the still waters.

"He maketh me to lie down.

"He maketh me to lie down
in green pastures.

"He restoreth my soul.

"He leadeth me in the paths
of righteousness for His name's sake."


"Yea, though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death...

"...I will fear no evil.

"I will fear no evil.

"Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me."


Where are you, Danny darling?

Don't look at her eyes.

I called a friend of mine in San Francisco.

He's turned on to the occult.

He says that we have to get
to Barlow during the day...

...before sunset... his coffin...

...and drive a stake through his heart.

How about Straker?

Straker's human. He's mortal.

He's the watchdog.

He's the thing's bodyguard.
He prepares the way.

How can he be killed?

Any way, any way at all. Gun, knife--

Any way at all.

Why did they come here?

How the hell do I know?

Because you're somewhat isolated,
you're somewhat inbred. Full-blooded.

Barlow must've wandered this planet
for centuries...

...looking for new places to victimize.

This is unbelievable.

I have seen it.

Still, Ben...'s unbelievable.

Good girl.

-Where's your mother?
-In your room.

-She's all right?
-She's fine.

What happened?

Marjorie Glick rose and joined the undead.


She's a vampire, too.
Soon this whole town of Salem's Lot....

You'll have to leave town.

Mother and Dad?

Your father's going to stay
and help me destroy this creature.

Tomorrow, before sunset,
you take your mother...

...and anyone else that you can persuade
to go and you leave town.

Where's Gillespie?

Parkins called in sick.

This is the first day
he's been off the job ever.

Are you all right?

A little tired.

I didn't sleep much last night.
I was dreaming.


Dreaming about Ned coming to see me.

It was a funny dream.

He may have gone into town.

You look pale. Are you all right?

Just tired.

I dreamed all night.

All night.

Sweet, sweet dreams.



Just like old times.

Kissing me on my neck.

Oh, Weasel!

Maybe you better go lie down.

Yes, I will.

What are you doing here?

I followed you in. Let's get out of here.

He killed my parents.

You can't do it. My father and Ben....


You go.

Only if you go.

I can't.

We'll come back with my father and Ben.
They'll help us. We need help.

What's that?

He's here.


That'll hold you until tonight.

What will happen tonight?


What have you done with Susan?

What did you do to her?

I've taken her to where she wished to go.

To meet the man she came here to meet.

Where are you going?

South Carolina. To visit relatives.

You can't do that.
He's up there, in the house.



He's a vampire. He's got to be destroyed.

What the hell is so funny?

-You're crazy. There's no such thing.
-Then what do you say is happening?

-I don't know. Craziness.
-You're scared!

I'm not staying.

-You're the constable.


And you're staying?

You're staying.

All right, since you're staying, come here.

Come here, will you?

Here. Here.

Maybe this'll do you some good.


This town's falling apart
and you're running?

Gillespie is leaving town.

Have you seen Susan?

They should be gone by now.

No. Anne's still waiting for her at home.

Father Callahan in there?

No one's there.


It is holy water.

Ben, Susan's in there!

They're in there.


I don't know.

You run. You run as fast as you can.
Keep running!

I told you to go.



Help me!

Help me!

It's getting dark.

The cellar.


Mark, wait.

Mark, wait!

I'm all right.

It's just the ankle.

Can you stand?

He's here.

I know he's here somewhere.


It's the root cellar.

We have to get him out of here.

Must weigh a ton.

We have to get him out of here.


The sun's gone down.

Don't look at him!

Mark, get out.


Sorry, Susan. Forgive me.

The wind. It's blowing towards town.

The town will burn.

It will drive them out of their hiding places.

All of them?


It will purify Salem's Lot.

And the others will be on the run.

And on the hunt.

For us?

For us.

They found us again.

Another one has found us.

We have to go further.

Not yet.

I found you.

I know.

I love you.


You were so difficult to find.

I know.

But we're together now.

We'll always be together.

We'll always be young.

We'll love each other.


That is his promise.



Kiss me.

Kiss me.

Kiss me.

There'll be others.

Do we go now?