Salem Witch Trials (2002) - full transcript

A masterful work accurately details the current consensus of what exactly occurred to prompt the colonial witch trials.


[interposing voices]

Oh, Lord, son of God almighty,
I beseech thee, heed our plea.


Accept into your divine grace
tormented prayers of these,

your worshipful servants.

Can you not feel it, children--

God's presence.

Perhaps they are possessed.



Perhaps the Devil
orders them [inaudible]!


These innocents are afflicted.

They are not possessed.

What affliction?


Get away!

Get away!
Get off.

It's biting me.

Biting me-- it's biting me.


Get away!

Get away!

Child, fear not.

Be-- be not afraid.

GIRL: It's biting me.


Ye are in a house of God.


Be not afraid.

What afflicts you?

A witch!


A witch-- a witch afflicts me!


Where be this witch, child?


What say you, child?

There is the witch!

She is!


Let me go.


[interposing voices]


Remove her!

Let me go.

Stop her!

Stop her right now.


You dare accuse me!


Stop her!

Stop her!

Stop her!


Get the witch away.

She'll infect us all.




I am but a poor beggar woman.

You know that, Goody Osborne.

Say something.

You are mistaken.

Let her go!

Goody Osborne!

Goody Osborne--

She's a witch.

[interposing voices]


Goody Osborne!

Come, children.

Children, you have no choice.




Save us, Reverend.

The Devil is here.

Children of God--



--the forces of the Devil

are lurking within our flock.



A witch!

Tituba is a witch!

[interposing voices]


She's right.

Tituba is a witch.




[music playing]

Fire, fire-- fire
in the village!

MAN: Where is it?

Fire-- fire in the village!

What's happening, father?

Where is it, father?

You should be in
bed, all of you.

It's down in the village,
the Walcott farm.

Heaven protect them.

Are you going?

Not even if it
was across the road.

That isn't Christian, father.

Lizzy-- thy father did
not ask thee to speak.

Go on to bed.

It is not with God's teaching.

Lizzy-- That makes my Walcotts
are kin to Thomas Putnam.

He will soon have me
in flames as welcome

my help in extinguishing them.

But why?

They are Puritans like us.

These are complicated
times, child.

We are Puritans.

That just meant we are
knit together in all ways,

in pleasure and pain, feast
and famine, as one body.


Samuel, there is a fire.

Might it be Indians?

Protect the
children, Elizabeth.

[voices in the distance]

Lord, I have
fear of this night.

Put your hand on me.

Put your hand on me.

[interposing voices]

MAN: Samuel, join the line.

There's more goats in there.

[interposing voices]

[horse neighing]


Come on, now, push harder.


Push-- that's it.
- No more.


Come on, Goody Putnam.

Push for the new baby.


MIDWIFE: Come on,
push-- one more time.

MAN: Fire in the village!

If it's Indians,
they'll kill everybody.

MAN: Fire in the village.

Isn't so, Mercy--

my father's there.

Is father gonna be
killed by Indians?

They killed my father, and
my mother, and the children.


MIDWIFE: Breathe!

Indians kill
everybody one by one.


Annie, it's time.

What are you standing
around for, useless things?

Maid, wash these clothes.

Annie, don't just stand
there staring, child.

You're about to learn how to
bring a baby into the world.

Nathaniel, you stay there.

Annie, fetch another candle.

Harder-- that's it.

Come on, now, Goody Putnam.

Push for the new baby.

I can't.

Oh, why is this taking so long?

Get in closer, child.

I can't see me own
hands in the shadows.

- Is she dying?

Bring the candle closer.

For God's sake, help me child.





Annie, I see it!

I think it's a boy.

I think it's a big
boy, Goody Putnam.

It's a boy.

It's a boy.

It's a boy.


Come on, come on.

Come-- breathe.

Come on, breathe.

Breathe-- breathe.

Come on-- breathe.

[music playing]




Still more
animals in the barn.

George, get the wagons.

Help over there.

Get the wagons away from there.

Hold it.

Make sure the horses are clear.

[interposing voices]

Here-- give me the calf.

All right, I got it.



More of the embers, here.

You must not despair, Jonathan.

We'll have your new
barn in no time.

But what if May was
right about the Indians?

This was not the
work of the Indians.

I believe it was a
Devil's spectre did this.



But I be a good Christian.

Why would I be
plagued by witchcraft?

Thomas Putnam--

Goodman Putnam,
you're needed at home.

The baby, it was born still.

Never took a breath, poor thing.

[music playing]

Was it a son?

Goodman Putnam, the child--

he is not alive.

Shall I tell you wife
you are returning?

May our Lord be
with you, Thomas.

[music playing]

He'll be along.


What if Goodman Tarbell
was right about the spectres,

and now this is a
dark force with us?

[music playing]



Yes, mama?

Bring him to me.

I want to hold him.

No, mama.

I don't want to.

You tempt Satan
when you disobey.

Bring him.

[music playing]


[SINGING] Alas my [inaudible].

You [inaudible] me
to go [inaudible]


My home holds another
son that has died.

It is a grief I've known
before, yet the pain of it

still cuts as
sharp as the first.

You know this.

We have all lost children.


And we all share your sorrow.

Aye, Thomas.

God bless you.

God bless you.

And Goody Putnam, Thomas--

Which is why I have
come here to appeal

to you neighbor to neighbor,
Puritan to Puritan.

On a single night, our
village has lost a barn

to fire and a child's life.

Forces of darkness
are upon our village--

our village.

I am asking for your
support of our minister.

Our minister?

Half the village worships
in town as they always have.

And it is time that
we split from the town.

Split from the town?

They no longer serve
the village's interests.

The village's interests?

Don't you mean the
Putnams' interests?

It was the Putnams who brought
Reverend Parris to the village

and gave him land under
the meeting house.

That was village land.

That was not yours to give away.

The village
committee voted it.

Your village committee
made up of all your brothers.

This is the stubbornness
that has driven

away our last two ministers.

It is your stubbornness
that brought in the third.

You had no right to
give away that land.

If indeed dark forces have
descended upon Salem Village,

what will happen if we are
not united to meet them?

[music playing]

[inaudible whispering]

I want to walk with my mother.

Shh-- hush thy noise.

It is thy baby
brother we're burying.

Joseph Putnam has
his eye on thee.

Bite your tongue, May.

Pray he does not trip
walking backwards like that.




[music playing]

MAN: Let me take him now.

[interposing voices]

GOODY NURSE: Yes, I shall.

MAN: Yes, dear.

Bring these biscuits to
the children outside, Tituba.

Yes, ma'am.

Dear Ann, have you taken food?


I've no need for it.

And prayer?

Surely the need for
that has not left you.

God is waiting to hear you.

Isn't he, Reverend Parris?

He awaits us all, Goody Nurse.


Show your faith, Ann Putnam.

Almighty God--

Mighty God--

Israel Porter cares
less about his faith

than making money in Salem Town.

He and John Proctor both.

They're even
discouraging others

from paying their church taxes.

We promised the Reverend
30 cords of wood in salary.

As it is, he'll be out
of wood by the Sabbath.

If they can't support him,
we, the village committee,

must force the collection.

Have pity.

[distorted interposing voices]



Why are you taking him?

Please don't.

Please-- stop.

Ann, enough.

[music playing]

Three of my babies
dead at birth.

You are Christ's ambassador.

Please tell me, why is
God doing this to me?



What kind of man would
you like to marry, Mercy?

A butcher.

A butcher?


And we'll live in
town and every night

go to bed with a full belly.


I'd like to marry
a tailor like Goodman

Cummings, a husband whose hands
are fine and always clean.

Always clean--

--cleaner than your own then.

And how should that look?

Stop it.

It isn't true.


Stop it.

Shh-- listen.

Do you hear that?


It's a woodpecker.

It can't be.

It's not the time of year.



It is William Proctor.

You had us fooled,
William Proctor.

WILLIAM PROCTOR: [whistling]

He can mimic any
bird you can name.

Ask him.

Not any.

Can you do a horned owl?

[owl sounds]


A wood thrush.

A whipper willow--
please, William.

Can you do a lovebird?





[music playing]

Stop it.

It is sinful.

Stop it.

But it's fun.

Slothful merriment
is the Devil's pastime.

It is sinning.

[interposing voices]

Annie, it was only fun.

It is against God's will.

[music playing]


And hope the possibility
move you to be forgiven.

Shame on you!

[interposing voices]

I have done nothing wrong.

Let me be!

This is madness!

I have done nothing wrong.

[interposing voices]

GILES COREY: You will face
chains and come back pure!

I've done nothing
wrong, Giles Corey.

Go and be changed!


[interposing voices]


We are a people chosen
specially by God.

When you fail him, you
open the door to Satan.


With your unseemly speeches,
you open the door to Satan.

With your theft,
you open the door.

You are a sinner.

With your unholy
fornication, you are sinner!

With your doubts about God's
presence, you are a sinner.

You will be taken from
village to village

so that all can see your sins.

And by this public
humiliation, you will be purged

of your private weaknesses.

And may God be with you.

Mary, Mary, take this amulet.

I've done nothing wrong.

It will keep harm away.

Bridget Bishop-- you keep
away from her, you filthy hag.

[interposing voices]

No you won't, Mary.

Stay away from me.

Get away.
- [inaudible]

Get away.

Not thou witch woman--

not thou witch woman.

Know ye this--

as you make your
journey, the pain

you are suffering without the
spurious comfort of amulets

wrought on the
anvils of witchcraft

is for your own salvation.

And therefore it is righteous.



[interposing voices]

[music playing]


Shameful sinners!


Shameful sinners!

[music playing]

Tituba, Indian, do you
have any scraps for us today?

My little girl is famished.

Come back later, Goody Good.

Tituba give you food then.

You're a good
Puritan, you are,

taking care of your poor
Christian neighbors--

not like the others--

like you, Goody Walcott, casting
your own hungry neighbors out

in the cold.

Do you answer to Satan?

Quiet, you old harridan!

You're crazed in
your intellectuals.

'tisn't true!


Burned until you are dead.

Tituba, is it true--

a fever will burn
your brain away?

And your soul too, unless
you've been baptized.


Betty, child, the
pox will not come here.

The cards told me.

What cards?

The cards my shaman
friend in Barbados

taught me to read
to tell the future.

The ones that will tell if
we'll be scalped by Indians.


Except for you,
because then you would

be an orphan like Mercy Lewis.

Abigail, you mustn't
scare your cousin anymore.

Listen to Tituba.

- Mama, what is an orphan?
- Shh.

Am I one?

Quiet, children.

You must not speak unless
you're all dressed.

But mama--


I must go rest, Tituba.

There's a distemper in my head.

It feels that it will burst.

Is it consumption?

Pray that it is not.

Ma'am, we're almost
out of wood again.

I shall mention
it to the Reverend.


Mama, am I an--

MARY GODFREY: Please, Reverend,
I have done my penance.

That is enough, Mary Godfrey.

Show me your obedience.

Please, Reverend, I
have confessed to my guilt

of unseemly practices.

I did covet a bolt of fabric.

My husband struck me for it,
and I did strike him back.


Will you not forgive my sins?

I wish to be part
of this church.

You plead to me with words.

But by your actions of
lustful covetousness,

you have chosen to align
yourself with the Devil.

This church does
not harbor sinners.

[interposing voices]

I have sinned.

Now I have repented.

Why won't you hear it?

Mind your place, wife.

Where's your forgiveness?

Can you honestly swear
before God that you

have never sinned yourself?



Sinner, if you are resolved
in your way, be assured,

you are going to dwell with
the devils and the damned

and be tormented by
the flames of hell

where you will be filled
brim full in body and soul

with the wrath of God.


Come, wife.

MARY GODFREY: Let go of me.

Bring shame upon our house.

[interposing voices]

Who next who wishes to speak?

I do.

Speak, Ann Putnam.

I fear there is some
weakness in my conviction.

I-- I know not why, for I
am righteous and diligent

in my prayers.

But something-- something
in my soul is stained.

And this is why they die.

What have I done?

Please-- please lead me to
what I have done so then I

could find forgiveness.

Heaven is large, Ann Putnam,
if you are virtuous enough.

Yet there is but one
way into this happiness.

It is narrow with a little gate.

And if you miss this gate,
you lose all your labor

and shall never
come to salvation.

Do not lose your
faith, Ann Putnam.

But can't you tell
me what I've done?

Do not lose your faith.

The Lord has given us
a gift of much s to do.

But we must also take time
for ourselves to do nothing--

like this.


It helps ease the
heart, make you forget.

And what will
make my body forget?

My breasts are still full
of milk for the child.

And my arms ache to hold him.

How much walking until
my body forgets this?

The good Lord will not
let us suffer forever.

Have faith in that.



He said school should
only be a place where

children learn the three R's.

Samuel-- Samuel-- have
you not heard a word?


What else can I
do for these people?

Children, let us say grace.

Is it not enough for
him to sue me for my land

for all these years?

Now Thomas Putnam is
ordering my wood to be taken

for the minister's salary.

How much wood are the Putnams
themselves tithing, if any?

'tis all anyone is discussing.

Have you the oil of flax
seed and the root of a bean?

I've never heard of it.

It cures distemper
of the womb and solves

the mystery of a stillbirth.

MAN: I could find it for you.

There is no
transcendence in suffering.

[music playing]

[door closing]


[music playing]

Bridget Bishop--

Bridget Bishop,
will you receive me?

I am Ann Putnam.

I know who you are.

I am afraid.

Then turn to your
God, church woman.

Pray for your mercy
there, not here.

I have tried.

Know you what people call me?

You would be excommunicated
if found here.

Are you not afraid of hell?

I care not that you
are called a which.

And I am already in hell.

Please-- tell me why
my children are dying.

You know the answer.

I am not a witch, although
'tis what I am called.

But I will tell you
something that no one

else has uttered to you.

You are not to blame.

Thank you.

Come inside, and I will tell
you all I know, Ann Putnam.

[music playing]

[dog whining]

Wait for your father.

[dog barking]

Come on.

Up here-- come on.

There-- that's it.

That's good.


Good, good boy.

Good boy.

There you go.





Annie-- Annie, stop.

Bridget Bishop is a witch--

Satan's witch, Satan's
witch, Satan's witch.

That's enough.

This will stop.

Satan's witch, Satan's witch.

Everyone knows of her evil.

Bridget Bishop is a--
- Hold your tongue--

- She's a witch.
- --or you shall be struck.


Stop it.



Those in arrears
will be arrested.

Arrested for keeping
me own wood to myself?

Can the Putnams do that?

They are the
village committee.

They can do it.
- Goodman Porter.

Has your brother sent
you to protect his notice?

Are you gonna arrest
me, Goodman Putnam?


And I'm only half a
Putnam, Goodman Proctor.

'Tis something I am
reminded of almost daily.

And it is not village business
I wish to discuss with you.

I've got this.

'Tis an Indian carving, the
finest I have yet found.

Might you give it to Lizzy?

After all these
months of admiring her,

didn't you ever find a way
to give it to her yourself?

I could have, yes.

But you wanted me to know that
your interest in my daughter

is official.

Yes, sir.

I did.

It is.

I will give it to
her with my blessings.

God be with you then.

And Joseph, I shall

expect you to visit me sometime
soon, an official visit.


I shall, sir.

Thank you.

Did you feel the
air shift just then?

Everything has just changed.

[music playing]

Oh, look, 'tis Joseph Putnam.


He's come to ask
for Lizzy's hand.

Stop it.

Stop it.

There could be a hundred reasons
why he would call on father.

But only one that matters.



I believe Enid is right.

You shall marry a Putnam.

Stop it.

And he's the richest
of all of them.

Both of you must stop.

day, Goodman Porter.

'Tis obscene to talk this way.

- Good wife.

Stop it.

'Tis enough.


Lita, tell them to stop.

Everyone knows that young
Joseph has been courting you.

And the flush on your face
is confirmation enough.

Even Lita knows it.

- Shh.
- Goodman Putnam--

[interposing voices]

That is enough, girls.

Good wife Putnam.

But it's part a curse.

A wife of his must cope
with Thomas and Edward.

Aye, and brothers-in-law
such as these

should be a constant
chafe on a poor wife.

But why, Lita?

Why are they so hateful to
Joseph? 'Tis heard everywhere.


Because his mother
was not theirs.

And she left most of her
estate and all the Putnam lands

to Joseph and Joseph alone.

Aye, they shall
never forgive him.

And he has no other family.

You shall be all of it
for him now, my fine lass.


Oh, stop it.

Over there is the
port of Salem Town.

You are aware of that, yes?

Have you asked me here to
give me a lesson in geography?

Of course not--

the future, the future.

Your grandfather and mine
were the richest men in Salem.

Yours, I believe, owned
over 700 acres of land.

It was that much, yes.

And yet today, except for
you, not one of the Putnams

has enough land to support
another generation.



The Putnams believe
that they've been

wronged by their
neighbors, and so they

bring lawsuit after lawsuit.

They believe that God has
turned his back on them,

and so they hire a new
minister-- anything

but to see the truth.

New England's wealth will
not come from the land.

That is the future--

shipping, commerce, not farming.

The Putnams hadn't
been so stubborn,

they would have seen
this when my father did.

I-- I mean no offense.

None taken.

I'm more outcast than Putnam.

I know that.

That is why I
accept your request

for my daughter in marriage as
soon as you get around to it.

I would like to
offer you the future.

Marriage-- may I?

Rather, Goodman Porter, I
would like to offer my marriage

for your daughter's--


--I mean--

It's all right.

Your words are nonsense,
but your meaning is clear.

I accept your request.

A father is blessed when
he can make a marriage

that is rich in love.

And in this case,
with the marriage

of the Porter and Putnam assets,
we shall bring in the future

to us.

I will not pretend that
does not please me as well.


No-- I forbid it, do you hear?

A Putnam shall never
marry a Porter--


my right to do as I--

I am the eldest.

I say what is right
and what is not.

Thomas, what do you to him?

Leave us.

Joseph wishes to
marry Lizzy Porter.

And And I shall.

Upstairs, children.

I do not need your
permission for this

or any other decision I make.

Shout, strike me-- it
makes no difference.


Thomas, have you
lost your sense?

This is Israel Porter's
design to steal more of my land.

He will trade his
own daughter for it.

You liar-- don't
speak this of her--

Israel Porter was the executor
of your mother's estate.

Do you believe he's
not been planning this

for the 18 years of your life?

Hold your tongue.

You shame yourself
with such slander.

It is you who have wished
me ill for all y years.


And if you raise your
hand to me, I swear to God,

you shall lose it.


[music playing]



Oh, come now.

'Tis the first time I
have written my new name.


One day it shall come
as naturally as my old.

'Tis my greatest honor.


Now all of you into
the keeping room.

We have pickles and spiced wine.

[interposing voices]

[music playing]

WOMAN: In here now.

[banging on door]

Israel Porter!

WOMAN: Don't worry about that.


LIZZY: Joseph--

You are too late.
They are married.

You shall pay for
this, Israel Porter--

you and that thieving brother.

There is naught you can do.

Not your anger, not
another legal suit--

you cannot harm them now.

You shall pay for conniving
against me, Israel Porter.

Let God hear me now.

You shall pay for this.

[music playing]

It is no less than
a rot in this village.

Has God determined that the
Putnams shall inherit no more

than an aggregate of loss?

This is not the Puritanism
that my grandfather

came to Salem for.

You were brought here to
strengthen us, but you do not.

You cast the glare
of blame on me,

but this is a time for patience.

There is no time.

The wolf is at the doors.

I have scripted my sermons to
lead and unite this community.

And no one is listening.

You were brought here
to restore order.

That is why we met
each of your demands.

We gave you the land that
you sleep upon each night.

We agreed to your salary.

Agreed to it, aye, but
have not yet delivered it.

How can I pen the sermons we
need when the very ink freezes

on my quill?

Where is my wood?

Where is my order?

You shall have your wood.

And we shall expect the
return to Puritanism

that you were brought here for.

[music playing]




Are we going to hell?

Shh-- 'tis a sin to
listen to them like this.

But I did not mean to listen.


Do no speak.

Do not even think The
Devil will hear you

and will make you his witch.

[music playing]


A simple dearth of
wood causes this frown?

You doubt me still.

You may say it, wife.

I am afraid, yes.

The villagers were
to pay us in wood.

Why aren't they, Samuel?



Forgive me.



I am afraid that it will not
work out again for us, Samuel.

And I haven't the strength
anymore to start afresh.

Will there be talk about us?

Will I fail again?


We need not discuss it.

The past has made me
stronger, Elizabeth.

That is what you
need to understand.

The past has given
me a knowledge

of hardship that
the two reverends

before me did not have.

And that is why they
failed here, but I--

I can heal this place.

I know you can.

fear in this village, Elizabeth,

that is stronger
even than your own.

They have a need of me.

I can feel it.


Rest assured.



Give me the horse
and that wood.

What is he doing?

Are you thieving?

Do not stop.

Keep working.

Keep working.

What is this?

On me own land, you
would steal the wood

that I cut, and hauled, and
split with me own hands?

You owe a cord, Giles Corey.

By order of Thomas Putnam and
vote of the village committee,

you have been assessed
one cord of wood in taxes.

What, a cord of wood?

Well, I refuse.

Put down that wood.

Then you shall be arrested.

Here is my order.



[music playing]


[SINGING] Go to sleep, baby.

Go sleep.

Mama has gone to town.

When she come back,
she [inaudible].

So go to sleep, baby.

Go sleep.

Lust and carnal cravings
stand side by side,

always ready to cast
their evil shadows--

[tituba singing]

--on the righteous
life of Jesus Christ.

People lust.
People lie.

I am to make the difference
between the clean and clean

so as to confirm the
one and purge the other.

I shall be your guide on earth.

I shall lead you to the
narrow gate of heaven

and into the grace
of God for eternity.

I know the sinners.

And I know the righteous.

People lust.

People lie.

Children lie as well.

They are not too
young to know evil.

And they are not
to little to die,

so they are not too
little to be damned.


Know ye this-- hell
is a terrible place

that's worse a thousand
times than a whipping.

And it waits for you.

Betty, such a noise
will bother your mama.

She is sick now.

Is it the pox?

I told you no already.

Go outside and fetch
some more wood--

you too, Abigail.

Um, but I don't want to.

Betty, do as you're told.

But Satan is outside.

Annie Putnam said that--

TITUBA: You can't
hide from the Devil.

Inside or outside,
doesn't matter.

But I don't want to.

I want to stay here.

Are you Satan's child?

'Tis a sin to disobey.

Ask forgiveness now.

But mama, I am afraid.

Both of you--

pray that you will not be
stained by such manners.

Do it.


In the love of
all people, help us

place my whole being in the
hands of Jesus my redeemer.

[interposing voices]

By God, you men with
your words-- you dared vote

me off the village committee?

Yes, and your
brothers and cousins.

You cannot steal our property.

[interposing voices]

It is time for new
leadership, Thomas.

MAN: Yes!

[interposing voices]

Our village must
have its own minister.

Tell us why.

Have you not seen the
erosion in our standings

while Salem Town has grown--

[interposing voices]

'Tis against God's will!

Master Putnam, you
mistake your own self

interest for God's will.

[interposing voices]

This hypocrisy must stop.


Give him some of your
own wood, Thomas Putnam.

We already have a meeting
house in Salem Town.

You have gone too far.

[crowd shouting]

From this day forward,
the Salem Village committee

will consist of my
brother, Joseph Porter.

[interposing voices]

- This cannot be.
- My brother-in-law.

[interposing voices]

I will uphold the
Puritanism of my grandfather.

The Putnams will stand
as one against those

that would profit by it.

If you are looking
for a Putnam,

sir, I'll give you a Putnam--


--my son-in-law, Joseph Putnam.


You will not neuter
me with your votes.


I am a Putnam.

[music playing]

What is this?

Are you not well again?

It is my head that is uneasy.

I've heard that your
brother's fury is

not abated, that
the village is split

like a right mill and that--
- Shh.

Wife, a baby will not want
to be born into such a place

as you make Salem sound.

Do you fear I shall be as
poor a committee leader

as I am with your handwheel?


The village shall be
as knotted as our flax.


Oh, if only our village
were no more than the four

corners of this room.

Then imagine it is.

And I shall never
let harm into it.

I am afraid, Joseph.

It is not just
Thomas's black air.

Something is happening
in the village,

and all are aware of it.

Tarbell's corn rotted
overnight in its crib.

And Abigail Williams says
she saw a small bird that she

swears was a witch's familiar.

People saying that Satan
has come to the village

because it is impure.

Do not listen
to people talking.

We must have been chosen.

The fear is everywhere.

I feel it myself.

And with our child coming--


You are safe, Lizzy.

And I would lay down my
life to keep you that way.

And what of your
brother's anger?

Do you not fear that?

I fear only the
thought that one

day you will stop loving me.

[music playing]

Then you have nothing
to fear in the world.

With this petition,

they've taken a new
committee leader.


Their first act
will be to void

the tax that pays your salary.

And next they intend
to reclaim the land

under the meeting house.

They believe it was
unrightfully given to you.

These are the men who would
wage war on a Puritan minister.



But this is far from over.

We will form a new petition.
[music playing]

It is obvious that we need one.

I have tried to be good.

I have tried to be the
man you asked me to be.

God, I don't know how--

And what if God
does not listen?

[music playing]

Did thou hear my question?

If God does not listen,
then we may as well not exist.


'Tis what I've been
fearing these last weeks.

Do not say it again.

[music playing]

These are the words
of an infidel.

It will snow tomorrow.

There's a ring around the moon.

These are not safe times, Ann.

You must take care
in your words.

In front of you?

In front of God.

[music playing]

Will thou touch
me like a husband?

You have not.

Please let me know you
do not blame me for this.

To know that would remove
the pith of my suffering

when these weeks of
prayers have done naught.

Please comfort me, husband.

And I shall bring
thee another child.

What comfort is it when
it brings but stillness

and grief to our home?

Go to sleep, Ann.

Go to sleep.

[music playing]

You shall feel better
now with the warmth.


I feel stronger already.

It you.

There's plenty of
wood in the shed.

Have you seen it?
- Yes, yes.

But I'm tired, Samuel.

I must sleep.

In time, Elizabeth, this
will feel like our home.

Will it not?

Salem shall be our home
when our congregation

supports us of their own will.

If it is not divine
inspiration but threat

of harm that moves them, Samuel,
how does this bode for us?

If they were
divinely inspired,

there would be no need of me.

Threat of harm will be felt
only by those who lack faith.

Well, I do not want to
lose everything yet again.


Perhaps God has brought
me here, Elizabeth.

He took away our farm in
Barbados to give us this.


My brother has my
family's estate,

but we have this, a
chance to do God's work.

You may lack faith in me.

But perhaps God does not.

[music playing]

Watch it now, girls.

What is it going to be?

What is it, Tituba?

Well, it looks like an apron--

cobbler's apron.


'Tis a scythe.

Look at it here.

Oh, yes, a scythe.

You shall marry a farmer.

A farmer.


It has not finished turning yet.

It has finished turning.

'Tis a scythe.


Coming, ma'am.

Clean it up now, girls,
before you get caught.

- 'Tis my turn now.
- Shh.

Quiet, Annie.

We shall be discovered.

We must stop.


'Tis my turn next.

'Tis the devil's
game you play.

Tell her, Abigail.
God hears us.

No one hears us, Betty--

no one.

[music playing]


'Tis a dead man's coffin.

finished turning.

It has.

No, she's right.


It is a coffin.

I told you.






ABIGAIL PUTNAM: 'Tis a coffin.


- She's coming!
- Throw it out!

'Tis too late.

No one will know.

God knows you have sinned.

It is a coffin, because
you have sinned.

Throw it out!



have scared your mother.


Look what you've done!

You have sinned.

And we shall go to
hell because of you.

[interposing voices]




What is going on?



What has happened here?

Can you not speak?


What afflicts you, child?

Child, calm thyself.

Calm thyself.

Niece, step here to help me.

Are-- are they ill?

What's happening
to the children?


I know not.

My Betty and Abigail
suffer in the same way.

Niece, help me.

[music playing]

Oh, grace, please,
someone tell me

what's happening to my child.

They are in
fits, Goody Putnam.

Annie, can you not speak?

Mercy-- they were fine
when they left here.

What harm have they encountered
while they were with you?


They were gathered
to play some game.

ANN PUTNAM: What game?

I know not what
game it was, but this

is the result. Niece, bring me
my medicines for God's sake.


It's biting-- it's
biting my hand now too.

[interposing voices]

God in heaven defend us.

Like animals-- barking,
whining, foaming from the lips.

I've heard unable to breathe.

And more fall to
the fits every day.

I've heard five girls so far.

I've heard Mercy
Lewis attempted to burn

herself in the fireplace.


The way I heard it,
she flew into it--

--like a bird.

She was trying to
fly up the fireplace.

It took two men
to hold her back.

Oh my-- oh my God,
help this child.

'Tis witchcraft.

Little Betty Parris has
boils all over her body.

Well, perhaps it's a fungus.

What she needs is a poultice.

No, no. 'Tis not
fungus ails them.

Nor are they poor innocents
afflicted by witchcraft.

They are possessed by the Devil.

They are doing his work.

You think they are
witches themselves?

[music playing]

MAN: I think that
should not be ruled out.

[music playing]

I beg you, sweet Lord
Jesus, to save the souls

of my beloved children.

And I beg forgiveness
for harm that I

have brought to my family.

Please forgive me.

Oh, forgive me.

'Tis usually empty now.

I-- I've come to
pay my respects.

Forgive me.

No, please.

Surely our Lord would
rather hear your prayers

than my cleaning for him.

May I sit down?

Of course.

Are the children improving?

I fear not.

Some days, they give me hope.

And they are in my
prayers every day.

Oh, I find such comfort here.

Dear, good Nurse,
I fear I am at fault.

I led Satan to my door.

'Tis why these
things are happening.

Oh, Goody Putnam,
you have received

God's communion in this church.

You are one of his chosen.


I lost faith.

My prayers were only words.

I turned elsewhere for solace.



And I sought the
comfort of an infidel.

'Tis why this is happening.

I've told no witness.

But the rot of it is
festering inside me.

And I pray that you tell no one.

I should not have spoken.

But the ache of my sins
is too much to bear.

Oh, Goody Putnam, God
will not forsake you.

You have received his communion.

Now go to God.

Reverend Parris will
show you the way.

Believe in him, and
God will listen.

Goody Putnam.

I've got nothing for
you today, Goody Good.

It's not what I've come for.

I wish to pay my Christian
respects to the children.

Annie's a good girl,
and the maid too.

Both are godly, and the
village prays for them.

Might you tell them that?

Thank you.

GOODY GOOD: Might we see them?

Dorcas here made them a toy.

Is isn't much, but we're poor.

Of course.

Come on.


People have said it has
been three days without a bite

of food, and not even a word.

Not a word known
to humans anyway.

Grunting like animals
is what I heard.

I made you a toy.

Don't go near them.

So you've come to taunt
them with your stares?

Haven't either, but I don't
want my girl to be afflicted.

How dare you?

They are not witches.

'Tis not what's being said.

Look at them.

'Tis not human.

Satan possesses them.

Get out.

And hear me, Sarah
Good, if harm comes

to these children because of
the black rumors of your tongue,

ye shall be sorry.

I promise you, ye
shall be sorry.

[music playing]

Reject the refined
power of my natural mind

to live entirely to thy
glory, to be deaf to unmerited

censure and praise of men.

Nothing can hurt my
new born inner man.

It can be smitten or die.

Nothing can mar the dominion--

Who approaches?

'Tis I, Reverend
Parris, Lizzy Putnam.

I, um-- I--

I was hoping you would allow
a moment to speak in private.


Pray you do not think
me crazed, Reverend.

Speak, child.

I can think nothing
until you confess.

I-- it was a dream I had.

Woke me with a terrible
fear, without breath, perhaps

without my wits as well.

Someone was there in my room.

I was sure of it,
but I saw nothing.

And yet I knew with as much
surety as you sit here flesh

and blood in front of me now.

What is happening, Reverend?

Was it a witch or a familiar?

I've-- I have heard of
these, but I dare not speak

of them to naught but you.

We shall keep your
secret between us.

Unwarranted talk of
witches and familiars

breeds a rapid
fear in a village.

Lizzy, I have watched the
devotion of your prayers

on the sabbath.

You are lovely of
spirit and complexion.

It is likely that Satan would
covet one as pure as you.

Then a I bewitched?


Pray with me.

Know ye that the godly
bask in the fellowship

of other pious people as
well as in the light of God.

plant my jasmine garden.

My jasmine smell so sweet.

Jasmine, come when I call you.

Jasmine, come when I call you.

Jasmine, come when I call you.

Jasmine, come when I call you.

That is their favorite
one, but they don't hear.

They don't shut their eyes.

They neither sleep nor week.

There is talk they are
possessed, but I don't--

Tituba, that is untrue.

See to Elizabeth.

Yes, master.

[music playing]

Speak, child.

What ails you?

You will answer me.


The Devil is not here.

He does not possess you.

He does not possess you.




I came to pray
for the children.

May I?

Oh, yes.

Yes, yes, of course.

We shall both pray.

And in tandem, God cannot
help but here our plea.

Oh, Lord--

Oh, Lord--

--whose power is
infite and wisdom--

--and wisdom--


Be not discouraged--



Why is this happening?

Reverend Parris--

Reverend-- you are saving them.

Yes, of course.

Forgive me.

Oh Lord--
- Oh Lord--

--whose power is infinite
and wisdom infallible.

--and wisdom infallible.

I say this because
hypocrites are

the most diabolical of sinners.

Christ said to his apostles,
have I not chosen you twelve?

Yet one of you is
the Devil's disciple.

And there are such
disciples in this church.

Ye sit here wearing the mask of
piety, and yet are not pious.

Ye are of your
father, the Devil.

And Christ knows.

[music playing]

Time enough, ye
heretics-- time enough.

Have but little patience, and ye
shall see hell in time enough.

No, no!


[interposing voices]


Say to me, afflicted girl.

'Tis Mary Warren,
the Proctor's maid.


Stop it, stop it!

I will not have
this in my house.

Children, get upstairs.
Go to your rooms.

Daniel, Sarah, all of you-- now.
- [screaming]

He's sticking me!

They're sticking--

Mary, you'll be out
there on the post.

I promise you, that's
enough of this.

You hear me?
- Be gentle with her!

Good Jesus, she is afflicted!

No she is not.

This is naught but fakery.

Father, please!

I'll throw you
out in the street.

You hear me, girl?
- Please, please.

You'll be as homeless
as the day I found you.

Please, please!


She is with child!

MARRY WARREN: With child?

'Tis mine.




No improvement?

It has been thus
for days, with hands

and legs flailing until we bound
them to save her own bones.


And when she stops,
she's as still as death.


Just like the others.

You must do
something, I beg of you.

My own niece, and May Walcott.

She's the ninth so far.

I am sorry.

Good To Reverend.

God be with you.

Naught to do but
watch this suffering?

We have prayer.

Children are suffering.

Our own daughter--


Let us pray it be not in vain.

Oh Lord--

[interposing voices]

--son of God Almighty, I
beseech thee, heed our prayers.

Accept into your divine grace
the tormented prayers of these,

your worshipful servants.

Can you feel it, children--

God's presence.

WOMAN: Perhaps
they are possessed!

MAN: Yes!

Perhaps the Devil orders
them not to speak.



These innocents are afflicted.

They are not possessed.

What afflicts you?


Get away!
Get away!

Get off!

Biting me!

Biting me-- it's biting me!


REVEREND PARRIS: What ails you?

What is it?

Be not afeard.


Ye are in a house of God.

Be not afraid.

What afflicts you?


A witch!

A witch-- a witch afflicts me!


Where be this witch?

There is the witch.

She is the witch!




[music playing]

Remove her!

They lie.
Look at them.

They are suffering!

SARAH GOOD: They lie!

Stop her right


GIRL: Mama!


Get the witch away!

She'll afflict us all!

I am but a poor beggar woman.

You know that, Goody Osborn.
Say something.

You are mistaken.

Let her go!

These girls are deluded.

She means to harm us!

You must not listen
to these creatures.

Goody Osborn!

Goody Osborn!


GIRL: Goody Osborn--
she is a witch too!



[music playing]

Stop this.


[music playing]



Please stop.


[music playing]

Save us, Reverend.

The Devil is here!

Children of God--

Hear us, oh, God.

Tituba, Tituba!


It's all right.

[music playing]


A witch!

Tituba is a witch!

[music playing]



[music playing]


Come on, come in.

They're coming.

Don't bring them in here.

Hang the witches.

Constable, uh, not this one--

not yet.

Come here.

Master, I don't--


Why have you
afflicted the children?

I never hurt the children.

I love them like they're my own.

How long have
you served Satan?

I don't serve Satan.

You have sullied my
home from the beginning.

You were a harbinger
of damnation, witch.

TITUBA: I'm not a witch.

You-- you--

you were a force of
Satan in my own home.


You shall confess and
purify us of this evil.

I'm not a witch.
I'm a good girl.



I speak for God.

You shall confess or know
the wrath of the almighty

for eternity.

You shall confess and repent,
or you shall be struck down,

I swear.

[music playing]






I was afraid.

I feared you had
become afflicted.

Well, your thoughts
are often dizzying.

You are naught but them.

It will be over soon, wife.

The witches have been exposed.

And soon all three will be
hanged from the gallows.

And you will have naught
to think about but a name

for our baby.

Do you not believe me?

It will be over by tomorrow.

But I cannot believe that.



Why would the child
still be crying for her?

Is it not possible they've
taken it the wrong way?

She's not crying
for Tituba, Elizabeth.

She's crying because of Tituba.

Betty will confront
her tormentor.

Then I should go with her.

No you shall not.

You shall tend to your illness.


It shall be but
a day, Elizabeth.

I shall draw confession
from the witches,

and we shall be purged.

[music playing]

Rest assured.

There they are.


Ann Putnam--

God keep you, child.

God bless you.

God bless you.

God bless you.

WOMAN: She spoke harshly to me.

When she passed me, she cursed
me for not giving her coin.

And the next day,
one of my hens died.


She bewitched them!

You're a lying [inaudible]!

Your hens are dying of the cold!
[interposing voices]

MAN: A witch's spell
rotted my corn overnight.

SARAH GOOD: Oh, that's absurd.

MAN: For all I know,
she burned down my barn.

SARAH GOOD: That's absurd.

[interposing voices]

Sarah Good, I have
found cause enough to have

you tried as a witch.

[interposing voices]

You shall be returned to prison
until the date of your trial.

Trying Remove her.

[interposing voices]


[interposing voices]


Take care of her.



GIRL: Mama!

MAN: Come here.

Shut your mouth.


You signed the death of me.

I am not a witch!

Do not place that
witch so close to me.

I am not as much a witch
as you are, Sarah Osborn.

And you shall both be hanging.

You shall see soon enough.

God is no longer in
this world for us.



I am innocent.

Believe me.

I am innocent.

She's the witch there!

Why are you hurting them?

I do not hurt them.

Look at them.

They are suffering.

Look at them.

It bites.

It hurts!

She is-- she is my
flesh-- my flesh--


I am innocent!

Indian, are you a witch?




The Lord almighty
shall strike you.

Do not strike me.

Answer, are you a witch?



[music playing]

And Satan speaks to you.


Is he speaking to you now
in this very meeting house?



What doth he say?

Answer for the sake
of the children.

The Lord almighty
shall strike you.

What doth Satan instruct you?

To hurt the children.


the blessed children?

[music playing]


MAN: Are there more witches?

Ask her, ask her.

WOMAN: Are there more witches?

[interposing voices]

WOMAN: Tell us.

WOMAN: Ask her, Reverend.

Tituba, are there more?


Are there others?



There are other
witches amongst us.


There are other
witches amongst us.

[music playing]

Take this witch to prison,
and let her await her trial.

[interposing voices]

MAN: The Devil walks with her!

[interposing voices]


What have you done to us?

I have done nothing.


We shall all be hung
because of you, witch.

I am not a witch!



You confessed, witch.


He beat me.

I had to tell him something.

He beat me.


Stop it!

Stop it!

Stop it!

Stop it.

Stop it.



What is to happen to us?

Let us out of here!

What is to happen to us?

Without repentance,
they must be hanged.

Unfortunately, there
is no law, Reverend.

Until the colonies
have a charter,

we cannot even bring them to
trial, let alone hang them.

These are Satan's witches.

And we are civilized men.

We have no legal authority.

No time to wait on politics.

We have been without a
charter for four years.

Today alone, two more girls
fell into fits of affliction.

There is word from
Boston that Increase

Mather is en route from the
English even as we speak.

If the King has not
signed the charter,

we wait another four years?

Goodman, we must
act expeditiously

or our souls will be consumed.

No, no.

We must wait until Increase
Mather has returned.

Poor children,
can you hear me?

How can I save you?

I am afraid.

[music playing]

Is that it?

You are afraid too?

Of what?

Of us?





You are afraid of God?

Give me a deeper repentance,
a horror I've seen,

I dread of its approach.

Help me to resolve in my heart.

Make me thine alone.

Give me a deeper trust
which I may lose myself

to find myself in thee,
the ground of my rest,

the spring of my being.

'Tis enough, Lizzy.

Give me a deeper
knowledge of thyself--

You need to sleep.

--his savior,
master, Lord, and king.

Give me your deeper holiness--

Stop it, Lizzy.

--in speech,
action, in action.

Give me--

What is happening?


I'm so afraid.

I'm afraid.



I'm afraid.

I'm afraid.

I'm afraid.

I will let nothing harm you.

I'm afraid.

I'm afraid not being
pure enough for our baby.



[music playing]




- Pull.

Come on, boys.

Come on boys, heave.

That's it, guys.
She's coming.

- Coming.
- She's coming.

She's coming.
- All right.

Easy now, easy now.

- There we are.
- All right.


That's it.

[woman screaming]

It burns me!

She burns me!

Get back here!

Calm yourself, girl.

I'm on fire!

It burns me!

May, what's--

What is the matter?

Calm yourself!

[interposing voices]

May, calm yourself.

I'm on fire.

Oh, she's burning me.

quiet down, child.

[interposing voices]

It's your father!

[interposing voices]

Come out of there, girl.

May, 'tis your father!

Stop it!

The witch is burning me.

Your father.

The witch is burning me.
[interposing voices]

I don't believe it.

They say it's evil mischief.

That's not mischief.

Nothing human sounds like that.

It's enough to make a sound
man lose his intellectuals.

Calm down, girl.

witch is burning me.

Shh, May.

Shush, shush, shush.

[interposing voices]

Who afflicts you?

Can you not smell
my flesh on fire?

Speak, May.

Who afflicts you?

Ah, shush, shush, shush.

THOMAS PUTNAM: Who burns you?

The witch!

The witch!

Stop it!

What witch?

Speak her name.

MAY WALCOTT: [crying]

THOMAS PUTNAM: Speak her name.

I know the witch.

I know who it is.

[music playing]

Bridget Bishop, come out.

She's gone.

[bird calling]

She's turned
herself into a bird.

She heard us coming.

She's a witch.

She could hear us
breathing from a mile away.

[music playing]


Stay still.

Annie, mind your soup.

Draw more.

Annie-- Annie--

mind the soup.

Draw more.

Child, you dare The
your mother's request?


Mind the soup.

Help me.

Help me, Goody Putnam.

They have come to arrest me.

They have burned my home.

I've been all night
in the forest.

Another night, and
I shall die of cold.

You can stop them--


Ann Putnam, you know
I am not a witch.


I helped you, Ann Putnam, when
you had nowhere else to turn,

not even your God.

And I saved you.

I'm sorry.

You can stop them!

ANNIE PUTNAM: [hissing]

Beware ye now, I say.

Satan himself has announced
his presence in Salem.

From this day, the Devil
and his instruments

will be warring with
double vengeance

against our salvation.

Remove these children
from the Devil's shadow.

Spare them anymore suffering.

They have served Christ
enough for one day.

Can you see them, Annie?

Can you see the spectres?

WOMAN: God bless
you, Mercy Lewis.

Save us, Annie!

[music playing]

God bless you!

God be with you.

Bah, I don't believe it.

'Tis the girls making
mischief, I say.

Or perhaps it is worse.

How do we know they are
not the Devil's witches?

How do we know they [inaudible]?

Sherry, come out now.

HUSBAND: There's
nothing wrong with her.

You take your
hands away from me!

Hear me.

Do not harm her.


Who accused me?

I am a member of the church.

I've received the Lord's
communion. 'Tis the girls

who are the Devil's agents.

You'll see.

Let me be tried.

I will prove who is a witch.

My good Reverend, how are you?

Increase Mather, these four
years have changed you little.

Welcome home.

The crossing was
bearable, I trust?

Only just.

My advanced years become all
too known to me on the sea.

Oh, the only time I
feel old is when somebody

younger than myself
starts complaining

about the advancing years.


Here, please sit down.

There are matters we
must discuss before--

You bring good news, I trust.

Actually, even before--

Have you failed
in your mission?

The charter is signed, is it?

Colonies have their charter.

Their majesties agreed
to many of our needs.

- Excellent, excellent.

I can imagine nothing
more important

than that this document
should be signed.

Can you imagine,
Increase, how life

has been here for
the last four years

without any form of government?

I mean, it's been absolutely--

[interposing voices]

No, no, no.

Excuse me, sir.

Not now.

I'm talking to the--

WILLIAM PHIPS: Excuse me, sir.

Who are you?

That is my wife,
Lady Mary Phips.

I'm not referring to her.

is Sir William Phips.

He is the new governor of
Massachusetts. 'Tis the matter

I was hoping to discuss.

William Phips--
what, the adventurer?

And he's going to be the
governor of Massachusetts?

By order of King
William and Queen Mary.

I assure you, a role
will be found for you.

There is no reason why
your work in the colonies

should have to be stopped.

My work is for God, Mr. Phips.



Sir William Phips.

May we have more
wood on the fire?


My husband prefers
a warmer room.

Certainly, my lady.

Splendid, my sweet.

Ah, here we are.

Before we start talking
about, as it were, the--

the housekeeping, which I admit
is as pressing as anything

contained in the royal charter
which happens to be lying here

on my desk, what role
do you envisage for me

in your new administration?

Witchcraft, Reverend.


The news of its invasion
into the colonies much

concerns England.

Their Majesties
will be watching us

carefully to see
that it is handled

without undue disruption.

The latest news is that
the devil is not satisfied

with just beggars and slaves.

He has started to possess
respectable souls.

Obviously, his evil and which is
deeper than we first imagined.

God, God, bring us more soup.


Quiet, witch.

Let Satan serve you.

Please, Goody Good
is sick and with child.

Please, we need more soup.

Please, we were-- wait, wait--



Goody Corey, you
have been accused?


Only a matter of
time for this witch.

Move, slave.

That is her spot.

You defend a witch?

Are you a witch?

Of course not.

The girls lied.

Then call her Tituba.

She is no different than you.

We're all as much
witch as each other.


Goody Corey, is the
word from outside?

There are rumors
this will be over soon.

The fools-- they shall
learn who be responsible.


Tell us what you know.

Tell us.

Please, we beg you.


Please, please.

There is a new charter
and a new government.

And-- and he will favor us?

'Tis the rumor.


Did you hear that?

He might favor us.

He might favor us.


--the perils, the temptations.


We're getting close
to Salem Village.

There's a black bird up there.

[bird calling]

That would be expected.

It's where birds are
most comfortable.

Do you mock me?

I was merely offering
a scientific hypothesis.

Oh, you're a man of science.

Is that it?

I must admit, I take some
comfort from the logic of it.

And is that the way
you intend to govern

the state of Massachusetts,
with the scientific logic

as your guide?

Rather a modern concept,
isn't it, Reverend?

In the hell in which we're
about to enter, Sir William, I

assure you that your
scientific logic will

have the impact of a jet
of urine in the ocean--

rank and tepid at the
outset, but it quickly

loses its identity as it
mingles with the far greater

waves of faith and Godliness.

CONDUCTOR: Pulling up.

We are entering Salem
Village, where the Devil

has taken up residence--

the Devil.

And not all your science will
protect you or the inhabitants.

We are in Salem to
find the truth, Reverend.

Can you honestly trust that
you will be able to see with so

much salt water in your eyes?

I have reviewed the documents
of the accused of witches.

I was struck by how
many of the complaints

were filed by you, Goodman
Putnam, perhaps a third so far.

I shall not let Satan
get a foothold in Salem.

Two of the accusers
live in your house.

My own daughter is afflicted.

Ah, but it is understandable
why you are so vigilant.

Gentlemen, shall we
retire to my study?

I was also struck,
Goodman Putnam,

by how many of the
accused are of families

engaged in prior
litigation with your own--

land disputes, sir,
other legal matters.

I hope, Sir William, you
are not insinuating that I--

Nothing, nothing.

Oh, life is full
of coincidences.

They fascinate me.

The governor is
a man of science.


An evil hand is upon
us, Sir William.

There is no doubt.

You have presided over the
examinations of the accused,

have you not?


It has been--

26 examinations to date.


We examined another
this morning.

How many of those examined
do you believe to be witches?


All of them?


Have they all confessed?

Just one, but they--

26 people have
pleaded their innocence,

and you have believed
not even one of them.

The guilt of the accused,
Sir William, is beyond doubt.

They have been examined
very carefully.

Examined for their witchcraft?


Or for their innocence?

Governor, these are
servants and wives of Satan.

Their spectres have afflicted a
score of innocent young girls.

Their spectres?

Have any of these
witches transformed

themselves into birds?

Yes-- yellow ones.

My daughter saw a black one--


THOMAS PUTNAM: --biting her.

Those are the
witches' familiars.

They suckle from
the young girls.


Yes, and cats as well.

The girls have all seen them.

And have any of
these witches passed

into the young girls'
rooms during the night

as these familiars?

Even through locked doors.

It is how they materialize.

And that, for your
information, Governor--

that is a spectre.

Thank you.

Sir William, the
poor afflicted girls

bend, and writhe,
and suffer in ways

that defy the laws of science.

Yes, so I have heard.

You shall see for
yourself at the trials.

Regretfully, I shall not.

I am en route to the frontier.

I must admit I have
had my own experience

fighting Indians than witches.

For the time being, I shall
place my deputy governor

in charge of the trials.

I should be glad to
know what he finds.

I shall remain your humble and
obedience servant, as always.

I wish you luck, Reverend.



You must immediately shackle
all the witches in prison.

This will help contain
their spectres.

Now, quickly.

We shall see to it at once.

I should like to see
the children now please.


The children are
resting, I'm afraid.

Their reflections caused so
much conversation in Boston,

I was very eager to
study them for myself.

They are not to be studied.

They are neither
curiosities nor--

I pray you forgive my
wife, Reverend Stoughton.

She has been ill
for some time now.

The fever makes her
lose her senses.

Elizabeth-- come this way.


[walking up stairs]





They do not seem to be
afflicted, not as I have heard.

Well, there are
times they seem normal.

But as you see,
they're quite thin.

And except for the
darkness under the eyes,

the skin has turned disturbingly
pale during the ordeal.



Child, rest.

Rest yourself.

calm one your daughter?

She is not calm, Reverend.


Oh, yes, I see.

Is this typical?

She will remain
like this for hours.

Do you think I might
ask for a candle?



We will go for trial.

I shall call the slave first.

She confessed.


No, leave the
confessors until last.

First we will call on those who
think they can evade the truth.

[music playing]

SARAH GOOD: [moaning]

Come on, it's coming.

That's my love.


Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Now it's out.

Sarah Good, you have
a beautiful baby girl.

That's it.

Rest now, love.
[baby crying]

Bridget Bishop, are
you prepared to confess

to the crime of witchcraft?

If she has a fever, you'll
give her these herbs and water.

Bridget Bishop.

Bridget, God bless you.

Let her know you love her.

Bridget Bishop, 'tis
your time for trial.

I am guilty of nothing.


I know nothing of it.

I do not even know this man.



She's come to me in
the night many times,

with naught but a red
corset above her waist.



I did not!

And how did she get
through your door?

Her spectre flew
in without making

a noise, not a single sound.

Who else but a
witch could do this?

It was not me.

It was not me!

Bridget Bishop, we have
spectral evidence in this case.

And you have heard the
accusations of the girls.

You have afflicted them.

They are mistaken.

They are mistaken.

Must they mock me?

Must they mock me?

Stop this evil mischief!

Stop it!



Stop this evil!



Stop-- stop them!


Stop this!


[gavel pounding]

Why have you bewitched them?

I do naught.

But look at them.

Did you not cast
a spell over them?

They are making mischief.

And will you say
that I lie as well?

While my wife sleeps beside
me, this witch flies in,

puts herself on top of me.

[crowd shouting]

Bridget Bishop,
confess, are you a witch?



Then why will no
one speak for you--

not one person?

[music playing]

They are afraid to speak.

WOMAN: Shameless spectre.

WOMAN: Satan's servant.

MAN: Hang the witch.

Bishop, the evidence

against you damns you.

You are hereby convicted
for the crime of witchcraft.

And you are to be hanged by
the neck until you are dead.


[music playing]


God take your soul.

God take your soul.

God take your soul.

God take your soul.

[music playing]

[music playing]

I shall pray for
you, Ann Putnam.

I shall pray for you.

Ann Putnam, Ann Putnam--



What is she doing here?


Go back to sleep, Ann.

No, I dare not.

I am plagued by
what I find there.

'Tis too dark in here.

Did you not see her?


I don't know.

Are you sure you
did not see her?

I saw no one.

Then 'tis a witch's spectre.

She looks for me,
awake or asleep.

I fear I shall not escape
her, get rid of her.

It's in my thoughts.

There is no forgiveness.

Who means to harm us?

A spectre-- a spectre--

the one-- the one--

white hair-- the one--

the one--


--the one--

Who is it, Ann?


There you go.

Betty, who did this to you?

Abigail, do you know?

It was the old man.


Reverend Stoughton?

It was God.

We were bad.

We are leaving.

The children can no
longer stay here.

We shall not return.

Says What is this imputence?

You cannot leave.

The children are witness.

No, they are children--

not witnesses, not spectacles,
not things to be brought out

and put on--

I will not bear
this disobedience.

--display for your purposes.
They are children.


Wait outside, children.

Wait outside.

You cannot leave.

I am the minister.

I've not been pained
enough with a confessed

witch under my own roof
and two of the afflicted.

You will not--

They are not afflicted.

They are terrified-- of you.

Your fever taints
your thoughts.

'Tis your illness that
provokes you to this--

No, the illness is
in that meeting house.

It is carried in
upon your own fear.

And in turn, you have
infected this village with it.

Can you not see
what you have done?

I am protecting
from Satan's grasp.

But they would
not need protecting

if the God you hear in your
head offered compassion--

just that.


Force me to stay, and I
shall speak from my heart.

And they have
taken seriously ill--

both of them?

Yes, these last few months
became too much for them.

Taking them away
was my wife's idea.

She felt that in
their unhealthy state,

the children would unfairly sway
the judgment of the accused.

There is order in your house.

Is there not, Reverend?

Yes, of course.

Why should there not be?

Won't you stop and hear me?

Me poor wife is innocent.

She's a church
woman, same as you.

Her only crime was to doubt.

Neighbors, can you not see this?

Can you not see that this
is unholy mischief in this?

Giles Corey, you are on trial
for the crime of witchcraft.

How do you plead?

I shall not dignify
this travesty with a plea.

Guilty or innocent?

The court demands that
you enter a plea--

guilty or innocent?

Giles Corey, it is
the law of the land

that you must stand trial.

Guilty or innocent?


I order that the
defendant suffer

peine forte et dure until
such a time as he change mind.

Remove him.


Do you plead
guilty or innocent?

Another stone.


Guilty or innocent?


Three drops of
water today, three

morsels of bread tomorrow--

nothing more.

[music playing]



The Lord is my shepherd.

I shall not want.

He leadeth me beside
the still waters.

He restoreth my soul.

He maketh me to lie down
beside still waters.

He leadeth me in the
path of righteousness.


How do you plead,
Giles Corey--

guilty or innocent?




Oh, no!

No, Giles!


He spoke, sir.

Guilty or innocent?

More weight.


WOMAN: Oh, his soul.

This is dreadful.

MAN: [praying]

WOMAN: Have mercy on his soul.

[music playing]

MARTHA COREY: Our father,
who art in heaven--

Our father, who
art in heaven--

--hallowed be thy name.

--hallowed be thy name.


MARTHA COREY: Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be fulfilled as well
on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day
our daily bread.

And forgive us our
trespasses even

as we forgive our trespasses--

Martha Corey, will you confess
to the crime of witchcraft?

Lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.

you confess, Martha Corey?

For thine is the
kingdom, and the power,

and the glory forever.

Martha Corey--


--will you answer?

Did you not hear my prayer?

'Tis false.

It is my redeemer.

I cannot.

I cannot.

Do not lose your
faith, Ann Putnam.

Faith in what?

I am innocent!

Is that God's love?

It is hard for
me as well, Ann.

But it is a test for us.

The path to our God is not easy.

This is how we shall
show our Puritanism.

Now look, look.

I cannot.

Ann, stay strong.

You do not want to show that
you are weak in your faith.

Look at it.

Stop it.
I can't.

--do you confess to
the crime of witchcraft?

No, no, no.

Yes, yes, yes!

Yes, I confess.

I'm a witch.



Forgive me.

I will lay myself before
thee and beg for mercy.

I confess.

Reverend Parris,
we will accord

these unfortunate women one
final chance of redemption,

the evening prayer.

Oh, lover of thy
people, thou has

placed my whole being in the
hands of Jesus, my redeemer.


They have sinned against God.

This is their punishment.
'Tis God's will.

His will, but where
is God's forgiveness?

They have sinned against us.

Then where is your forgiveness?

I shall pray for
you, Ann Putnam.

I shall not let you forget
that you are one of us.

'Tis a curse.

MAN: Ya!

[horse neighing]



Stop it!


Stop it!

You cannot!

You cannot!





I thought I could be helpful.

I had heard that
Goody Parris has--

well, I thought it would
be better if you had

only the writing of your
sermons laboring your mind,

not housewifery that
I could help with.

Do you mind if I-- if I
came from time to time?


No, Lizzy, you are welcome here.

There has been a
loneliness in this house

I have not known before.


Where is he?

Over there.



We shall all die from
the stench in here.

MAN: Another dead one here.


Now there's room
for the new ones.

Here's another witch.




No, leave me alone!

Oh, God, not a child.


DORCAS GOOD: Leave me!

What is she doing here?

Get back, witch.

'Tis your own fault.



You sent her to afflict
the girls to avenge yourself.

They testified to it.

They lied.

She confessed.

And she's got Satan's mark.

Show her!

Satan sucked blood from me.

WOMAN: Poor child.


'Tis a flea bite.

The child is five years old.

She's five years old!


Your prayers curse me.

Your prayers curse me.

I-- I shall not sign your book.

I shall not sign your book.

She's been like
this for three days.

Sign it--

I shall not sign the book.




No, go!

Go, go, go!

Don't take me.

No, no, please.

Don't take me for another one.

is it afflicts you?

You are not alone.

Who is it afflicts you?

I shall pray for you.

I shall pray for you.

The wicked Nurse--

Goody Nurse.

Goody Nurse?

Goody Nurse.

Goody Nurse!

I do not want your prayers.

Ann, do you know
what you are saying?

Goody Nurse, I do
not want your prayers!


Goody Nurse!

Oh no, no, no, no, no.

Dear mama, no.

REVEREND PARRIS: Speak its name.

Goody Nurse is you.

Goody Nurse is you.

Oh no.

Calm yourself, child.

Calm yourself.

ANN PUTNAM: Goody Nurse!

ANN PUTNAM: Goody Nurse!

Calm yourself, child!

Goody, no!


Mother-- you must
get dressed, mother.

Oh, Israel, how good
of you to visit me.

You heard I was feeling poorly.

The afflicted have
cried out against another.

Those poor girls.

Mother, they have--

Rebecca, they have
cried out against you.


Harm shall not
come to you, Rebecca.

We will not let it.


[music playing]

Oh, Lord, have mercy.

We are doomed.

Dozens of women and
men are in a dungeon.

Eleven have hanged.

They are witches.

'Tis what they deserve.

They have afflicted the girls.

They've lied!

The girls
themselves, they should

be out to the whipping post.

I'll not be intimidated
by the slander of them--

not I.

The witches must die!

They are not witches.

Rebecca Nurse is not a witch.

How can you doubt that?

You know that.

Don't you, Goody Walcott?

Both of you sit
near her in church.

Is she not pious?

And Goodman Turner, Goody
Nurse gave aid to your wife

throughout her final days.

Is she a witch?


Then sign this petition.

I cannot.

We cannot let an
innocent woman suffer.

Goody Walcott.

'Tis too dangerous.

'Tis not safe.

'Tis too dangerous not to.

If Rebecca Nurse can
be cried out against,

what's to keep you
from being next--

any of you?

Who will sign it?

I shall.

My brother's family is too
much in the center of this.

I do not trust that.

Good lad.

Father, may I sign it?

Well, at least
I don't resemble

a mirthless old matron.

My dear, I'd have stoned
the poor artist myself

if he had captured any
mirthlessness at all.

MAN: The others have
arrived, Governor.

Oh, very well then.

It was actually the
old Matron [inaudible].



Righteous friends, here.

Come in.
Sit down.

Sit down.

Sit down.

Make yourselves at home.

I trust you had a pleasant
journey and no unfortunate

mishaps on the way.

Gentlemen, make
yourselves at home.

- Thank you.
- Welcome to the city.

I have been made aware of some--

do you desire a less
rigid chair, Reverend?

Or perhaps you'd
prefer to stand?

Oh, kindly carry on, Governor.

We've traveled all day in
order to hear your concern.

This concerns me.

It is a petition signed
by, among many others,

John Proctor and Israel Porter.

Educate me as to this strange
ferment of dissatisfaction

that is brewing in Salem.

We know of this petition.

It was--

No, I would have
preferred to hear

this from Reverend Stoughton.

Reverend, how goes
it in Salem Village?

Well, Israel Porter
and John Proctor

are the leading members
of a group of dissenters,

you see, in the village.


But I understand these
are among the most

prominent families in Salem.

Yes, but they place their
own interests before those

of God's community.

Modern thinkers, perhaps.

Or failed Puritans, perhaps.

Then shed your light on
the case of Rebecca Nurse.

39 have signed this
petition in support of her.

She's a woman of
impeccable reputation.

Yet you have seen fit to
examine her for witchcraft

and place her in prison.

With your
permission, Governor,

there is much
evidence against her.

We are all aggrieved
by it as well.

But a spectre has
tormented many innocents.

I myself have seen the bruises
and the pinpricks on the arms

of the children.

We see it as a
sign of the Devil's

advancement in our village.

It is a sign that
no one is safe.

Oh, is it a sign of that?

Do you doubt
spectral evidence?

Of course not.

But I must forbid the
hanging of any more persons

unless there is proof
that corroborates

the spectral evidence.

You must either get a confession
or physical evidence as well.


[music playing]

Are you afraid of
touching a witch?


[music playing]

Good morning, Goody Nurse.

I must ask you to disrobe.

I shall not.

You are to be
examined for witches

teats and Devil's marks.

'Tis not necessary.

On my honor, as a Christian,
you will find none.

Reverend Parris, surely you
can stop this humiliation.

Tell them how many
years I have been

a devoted member of the church.

You would better your
chances, Goodwife Nurse,

if you would allow the
magistrates to determine

the truth for themselves.

Pray don't make me
disrobe in front of them.

Rebecca Nurse, you are
on trial for the felony

of practicing witchcraft.

Would you kindly do
as the court requests?

The midwives may proceed
with the examination.

[music playing]

Forgive me, Goody Nurse.

[music playing]


There-- 'tis a teat.

The Devil suckles there.

That is not a witch's mark.

It more resembles a mole.

No, it is a teat.

For the record of
the deposition,

make note of the
divergence of opinion.

But also make note of
the fact that the witness

did not cry, which is
compatible with the witch's

inability to shed tears.

You may examine the pudendum.

[music playing]

MIDWIFE: Spread your legs.

[music playing]

Show me tenderness, and
I shall find God there.

Show me mercy, and I
shall find God there.

Show me reason, and I
shall find God there.

Goody Nurse, 'tis
not a Puritan prayer.

No, it is a prayer of my own.

This is blasphemy.

God will strike you.

No, child.

'Tis people who punish, not God.

God is that which finds
forgiveness and understanding

when others cannot.

I can see that now.

Show me a bar
of good lye soap,

and I shall find God there.



Even in that small thing,
soap, there is God there.

God is everywhere.

God is all around us.

God is within us.

God is within us.

Show me laughter--


--and I shall find God there.


Show me a jug of rum.


And I shall find God there.


Show me a key!


Yes, a key, and I
shall find God there.

Yes, show me a chamber pot.


Oh, find a chamber pot,
and I shall find God there.


Oh, show me hope, and
I shall find God there.

Mary Lacey, we have brought
you here from prison this day

in order to help
you save your soul.

Now tell us about your
work with the Devil.

Thou has already asked me.

Once again, in
meticulous detail.

He came to me, the
Devil, as a blackbird.

Did you not say
the word was yellow?

Oh, yes-- yellow.

It was yellow.



And he said he would tear
me to pieces if I did not

sign his book and serve him.

I had no choice.

And after, I had the
Devil's gift of being

able to inflict people.

And who else?

Who else rides with you?

Mary Lacey, give me the
names of all the witches

and wizards that you know.

Don't be afraid.

These are our enemies,
and they wish us harm.

John Proctor.

'Tis John Proctor.

He means us harm.

GIRLS: John Proctor--

John Proctor-- John Proctor--

John Proctor--

- John Proctor--
- John Proctor--

John Proctor--

Yes, yes.

Maybe I have seen
Goodman Proctor.

GIRLS: John Proctor--
- And he rides with you?

He-- he--

he has.

He has.

GIRLS: John Proctor--

John Proctor--

[interposing voices]

[music playing]

John Proctor-- John Proctor--

[interposing voices]

John Proctor--

I was praying for you.

For me?

You are in the room
with a confessed witch.

I was praying that the
Devil does not touch you.

Thank you.

Although the power
of your goodness

certainly overshadows the
feebleness of my prayers.

You have faith
in me, don't you?

As I do in our God.

Thank you.

Thank you.

John Proctor, I have
come to arrest you

for the crimes of witchcraft.

You must present yourself.

I shall not.

Where is your wife?
You are both under arrest.

My wife?

By the grace of God,
she's done nothing.

You are under arrest.

They shall not accuse her
when it is me they wish to hurt.

Take me, and leave her be.


Stay inside, woman.

MAN: Mr. Proctor,
you are under arrest.

Do not touch my wife.

Goodman Proctor,
what's happening?

- She is with child.
- Take them both.

She is with child.

We have legs.

We can walk by ourselves.

What are you doing?

JOHN PROCTOR: [inaudible]
- Stay there.

JOHN PROCTOR: Get off me.

Do not hurt the children!

John, they're taking everything.

We are confiscating
your belongings

to pay for your jail term.



The children.

Lies-- absurd lies, all of it.

Can you not see
how they suffer?

JOHN PROCTOR: I see their lies!

spectre torments you.

I shall prove to you
that they are not lying.

By this test, we
shall know the truth.

[girls wailing]

Annie-- Annie Putnam--

child, rise up.

Come along.

Meet your tormentor.

Come towards him.
Touch him.

No, I cannot.

Be not afeard.

I cannot.

He'll kill me.

Annie, ye are
in a house of God.

- And he shall strangle me.
- He shall not.

- Yes he shall.
- He hall.

- He shall not.
- He shall.

I shall show thee.


God is with thee, Annie.

- No!
- Rest assured.


Witness the power
of God almighty.

Annie, Annie--

- No.

If indeed you are
tormented by his spectre,

lay your hand upon him.

And that will rid
you of his evil.


Cast your doubt, child.


God is with thee.





You see?

John Proctor, you are
guilty of causing great harm.

Aye-aye, away with you.

This is pure madness.

I have harmed no one.

Yes, Is and you have committed
sundry acts of witchcraft--


--and a body--


This man is on trial because of
his opposition to that family.



cannot silence me.

You can hang me until I
am cold, but you will not

silence the truth of my words.

You are convicted
of witchcraft

and condemned to die by
hanging from the neck--


--until you are dead.


[interposing voices]

Let us leave.


Joseph, no, no, no.

JOSEPH PUTNAM: Lizzy, stay here.


Father, father!

[music playing]

[interposing voices]

WOMAN: Witches!

WOMAN: Die, witches.


[interposing voices]

Die, witches!

[interposing voices]

Unfit to live!

You should die.

For Satan-- witch!

You are a liar.

I am no more a witch
than you are a wizard.

Is that your confession?

If you take my life away, God
will give you blood to drink.

John Proctor, I will give
you one final opportunity

to confess your crimes.

I shall neither
confess an act I have not

done nor proclaim my innocence.

There's naught you
wish to hear from me

but the accusations that
ring in your own head.

I shall admit only that
I am not ready to die.

Mary, tell Elizabeth
this will not take

me from her and the children.

Tell her to believe that.

Goodman Proctor--

We shall pray.

Our father who art in
heaven, hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be fulfilled--

Samuel Parris,
only God can give.

And only God can take away.

Yet upon this hour, I shall
end my days because you have

taken God's role upon yourself.

But do not imagine
my last thoughts

to be rancorous against you.

They're not.

I know you'll have your own
God to answer to one day.

Instead, I shall pray that we
who stand before you today--

--lead us not
into temptation--

the last innocent blood

to be spilled upon this earth.

Hangmen, do not hesitate.

He is guilty.

Do you not see the evil
spectre behind his shoulder

whispering in his ear?

Do it.

Do it.

Lead us not into temptation--

you have been excommunicated.

Your only chance at salvation
is through confession.

Until then, there is no
God for you to pray to.

And therefore you are
condemned for eternity in hell.

Do you understand?
- No, no!

She is innocent!

This is wrong.



You shall not murder my mother.

You shall not murder my mother.



Save your breath.

Rebecca Nurse, you
pray for Satan.

Let her finish.


Let her finish.

ANN PUTNAM: Let her finish.

MAN: Yes, let her pray.

Please, sir, I beg of you.

She cannot be a witch.


She has made no mistake.

Just I who made
the mistake, sir.

'Tis I who made
the mistake, sir.

She is innocent, sir.


[horse neighing]


Who will forgive us?

Who will forgive us?

'Tis true. 'Tis true.

'Tis true.

Oh, hear my remorse, Lord.

Hear my remorse.

'Tis a horrible sin.

'Tis true.

'Tis true.

- Off, Ann.
- 'Tis true.

It is true.

It is I who should be
hanging from that tree.


You're frightening them.

They should be frightened.

What have we done?

An innocent woman died
today because of me.

And you--

Ann, stop it.

A man died because
he opposed you.

Opposing you is not
a crime before God.

Do you know what
you are saying?

This village is being
cleansed of your enemies.

Israel Porter was right.


- Do you deny it?
- Stop it.

I will stop it.

And if means I hang for
it, I will stop this.

I shall speak out.

You shall speak out?

Ann, hear me.

If you speak out now, you are
not the only one who will hang.




Goodwife-- Goodwife Putnam--

Goodwife Putnam, help me!

Help me.

[heavy breathing]

[music playing]



Good girl.


[music playing]



[baby crying]

Will she cry like
this for a long time?

You should rest now.

You can't stay long.

I have been
mistaken, Good Putnam.

It is not possible that
this being is of sin.

She's perfect.

She's not but
innocence embodied.

She is radiant.

I fear--

I fear that Reverend
Parris is wrong in what

he has done to us.

Do not speak such words.

Do you believe the
Reverend, Goody Putnam,

that we are all born guilty?

Do not ask me.

Do you?

Yes, I believe it.

Look at her.

How could you believe
that she is not innocent?

Because they grow into us.

Goody Putnam, please, I
can no longer believe that.

Won't you look at
her, Goody Putnam?


[baby crying]

[music playing]

Do you not see it?

Whatever we grow into,
whatever mistakes we make,

we still have this
inside of us somewhere.

And I see that now.

[music playing]

Child, you've done well.

You've done well.

[music playing]


I heard she is here.

Is she?


And you have a child, Joseph.

Where is she?

Joseph, you must beware.


What happened to her?

Not for Lizzy, for yourself.

I fear ye shall be
cried out against.

Are you threatening me?


I'm trying to save you.

Take them now, and go before
your brother returns home.

[music playing]

[baby crying]

You may touch her.


Both of us.

I am taking you home now.

Yes-- home.

[music playing]


[music playing]

[baby crying]

Move it.

Don't you hurt my wife!



JOSEPH PUTNAM: [inaudible]

Get in here.


God, you don't--
don't touch her.

Don't-- Lizzy!









The girls have identified
60 witches in Andover alone.

And in Topsfield,
well, the Reverend

there has asked for
the girls to be sent

up as soon as they are able.

We are literally
surrounded by witches.

It's a full-scale war
against Puritanism.

But it is a war
which we are winning.

And I think we owe
a debt of gratitude

to the Reverend Parris here.

The work he has done
here in Salem Village--

we would not be where
we are but for that.


[baby crying]

You must eat something.


Come on.

[baby crying]


Elizabeth Putnam.

[baby crying]

Watch over her for me.

Poor child.

WOMAN: Lizzy--

A visitor for you.

Lizzy, be not afeard.

I've come to help you.

You could not.

I can.


If you do, your life will be
spared at least for some time.

Confess to what is asked of you.

You have faith
in my innocence?

With all of me.

It is why I'm risking
all of me to save you.

Then what of the
others down here with me?

What of my husband?

My child?

Your husband is a warlock.

They are witches.


Your child-- if you--

We are all equally
innocent, guilty of nothing

more than being human.

Where is your God now?

Our God, Lizzy.

Do not lose faith
in that or in me.

Your faith, Reverend
Parris, seems to much aligned

with your self interest.

Yet self interest is the
very evil you preach against.

We are all damned in this
place because of you.

Yet we were more damned
when we sat before you

in your meeting house--

Beware of what you are saying.

--laying our
trust at your feet.

I would rather stay down here
even if it means my death

than be with you and
your God up there.

[baby crying]


WOMAN: Gods angels,
give us your blessings.

[music playing]

Forgive me, child.

Please forgive me.

[music playing]

Forgive me.

Forgive me.

Forgive me.

Forgive me.

Forgive me.

Forgive me.

Forgive me.

Forgive me.

Forgive me.

Do not take her.

Do not take my child.

Jesus, do not let
him take my children.

Do not let him take my children!

Is there crisis
as it was before?

It's worse, I fear.


Stop it.

Stop it!

Leave my [inaudible]!

Go away!

Leave me.

Leave me.

Governor, the afflicted
girls of Salem Village

have cried out again.

We receive this.

It should be directed
to the Reverend Stoughton.

Sir, you should look at it.

[music playing]

Oh, good God.

--noblest of pleasure to be
acquainted with thee, [? thy ?]

rational, supportive soul.

You sweetly [inaudible]
when all my powers

and passions are united, and
engaged, and consumed by grace.

[music playing]



We are at prayer here.


I believe your work is
finished here now, Reverend.


The work of God
is never finished,

sir, with your permission.

We shall see.


Know ye this woman beside me.

She is my wife, Lady Mary Phips.

You have called her
a servant of Satan.

Which of you called
out her name first?

Which of you?

I know your afflictions.

But you go mute and
sightless at will.

But you shall not be silent now.

Which of you first
cried out her name?


'Twas I who called her name.



GOVERNOR PHIPS: Have you ever
laid eyes on my wife before?

ANN PUTNAM: No, sir.

And now that you regard her,
does she resemble a witch?

She seems as much a
witch as the others were.


Now, Reverend,
tell me, does my wife

resemble a witch in your eyes?

Perhaps in this case, will
have been deluded by Satan.


Deluded by Satan?

And is that how
you shall have time

to remember this sorry episode?


I believe you were deluded by
your own fears and weaknesses

and had the arrogance to call
this feeble human delusion

God's will.

Did you arrogance, sir?

Yes, arrogance.

May I remind
you that this is--

Where was your heart?

[music playing]

In your search for
godliness and faith,

did you not even once press
yourselves to heed, if not

logic, then simple humanity?

How could decent men and
women follow this shrill, self

righteous call of
the falsely powerful

and become deaf to the simple
voices of their own heart?

[music playing]

How did this happen here?

[music playing]

How did this happen here?

[music playing]

[music playing]