Salem Falls (2011) - full transcript

Jack St. Bride was a teacher and soccer coach at a girls' prep school. Then one student's "crush" goes terribly wrong. He loses his job, and goes to prison. Eight months later Jack tries to move on and start over. He finds a job in Addie Peabody's diner and starts a relationship with the kind and beautiful owner. All this is set in Salem Falls, New England. When things start going well for Jack, a small group of teenage girls target him.

I call upon the mother

goddess and the father god.

I call upon the
force's of the earth.

They are fire and water.

I call upon the sun, moon, and
stars to bring me my mother.

Send me a sign.

Send me a sign.

-Show me a sign.


-Addie, my lovely.

It's a quiet night, Addie.

A good time to step
out for a little nip.

Just be a quick trip.

-I'd see you've already
had more than a nip.

I thought I found all
your hiding places.

-I don't know what you mean.
I haven't had a nip in weeks.

-Come on, sleep it off.

-A working man deserves a
little comfort in the evening.

-If you were working,
I might agree.

Now, go on.

Get up into bed.

I have to go home
and tuck Chloe in.

-Oh, Addie.

-Come on.

-Thanks for the ride, Dad.

Bye, Mr. Saxton.

-Behave yourself, now.


-Jeanette, can you
get the door, please?

No, call everyone in, OK?

I don't care about the overtime.

Keep the lab open all
night if you have to,

because we have to get
the shipment out first--



-Daddy, it's after 8:00.

Jeanette went home.

-OK, this should have been
done two days ago, OK?


-Now, I don't want
any discussion on it,

just keep me posted.


Thanks you!

-Hi, Mr. Duncan.

-Hey, hey, hey, hey,
hey-- I thought--

I thought it was gonna
be our night tonight.

-Now you can work all you want.

-Tomorrow night, we
watch a movie, OK?



-So Lindsay calls
me and she's all

crying because Cameron
didn't call her tonight.

She thinks he's hanging
out with Madison.

-You both purified?

-Of course.

-And you know we're
doing me this time?

-It's your turn.
-OK, let's do it.

All who enter the
circle may do so

in perfect love
and perfect trust.

Guardians of the
east, masters of air,

we call on you to witness our
works and guard our circle.

BOTH: We call on you.

-Firm of purpose
and pure intent.

The same be said
of he who's sent.

-By the water in my
blood and the rivers

of the earth or the
tides of the moon--

-Bring me one who
knows my worth.

MEGAN: Oh, Venus, goddess of
love, please empower our prayer

and send Gillian's
true love to her.

ALL: So must it be.

So must it be.

So must it be.

So must it be.

So must it be.

[engine stalling]

-Are you out of your mind?

You about made
roadkill out of me.

-You OK?

[phone ringing]


WES (ON PHONE): Addie, it's Wes.


You there?

-Did you pick up my dad again?

-Yeah, he was riding
his lawn mower

drunk as a skunk
down the highway.

He caused a car accident.

-Lawn mower.

Did anybody get hurt?

-Not this time.

-I'll be right there.
WES (ON PHONE): No, that's OK.

He's sleeping it off.

Come in the morning, and you may
want to bring some bail money.

-You know, Chelsea,
sometimes I wonder

if you're actually
serious about this.

-No, I totally am.

It's just-- the spell, how
long will it take to work?

You know, if it works.

-You can't say if.

You have to believe it'll
work, or it won't work.

-Yeah, magic can't help you
if you don't have faith in it.

-You have to know
you're one with nature

so you can command it.

If you don't know it, then
you're wasting your time,

and you shouldn't
be in our coven.

-So do you believe
in magic or not?


-You have to believe
with all your heart

and soul and mind and body.

-I do.

I was just asking,
how long will it

take a person to fall
in love with you?

-Gillian and I did a spell to
get Mrs. Elliott to stop making

our lives miserable
in chemistry,

and 10 days later, she quit.

Just like that.

-I don't think it'll take
10 days for this spell.

-How do you know?

-Because I can't wait that long.

-You should have
seen old Roy's face

when he watched that
car go into the plaza.

-You wouldn't happen to have
a pay phone around here,

would you?

Maybe call my insurance company.

-You don't have a cell?

-There's a pay phone down
the hall, by the restrooms.

-Thank you.

-Not real talkative, is he?

-Not like yourself, you mean.


Hey, Addie.

-I'm here to pick up my dad.



ATM would only let me
take out 500 for bail.

-Wes, did you tell this young
lady that we were charging Roy?

-Well, I was just
about to tell her

that I was joking about that.

You know we don't want to
keep Roy here in the lockup.

He snores too damn loud.

-So how are you?

-Can I take him home, then?

-I'll go get him.

Try and keep him away
from the whiskey, though.

-I never thought
he'd take the lawn

mower to the parking store.

I'm sorry.

-I'm not the one you
should be apologizing to.

Jack McBradden, good Samaritan.

He's the one that helped your
father our after the accident.

Kept him from being roadkill.

-They, uh-- they
said you crashed

your car because of my dad.

-It wasn't that big a deal.


Here, let me, uh,
pay for the damage.

It's 500 to start.

I'm sure it's gonna be more.


I-- I mean, I don't even
have an estimate yet.


-Take it.

Are you hungry?
-Let me get that for you.

-Thank you.

I really am sorry
about all this.

-If he's got to be
stuck somewhere,

he might as well be stuck here.

-Oh, I don't think
he'll be stuck here.

Bob's a great mechanic.

-I'm stuck here.

Why shouldn't you?
-Ignore him.

He's still--

-Two sheets to the wind?

Last night I was three sheets.

Down to two.

That's progress.

-Thank goodness for progress.

Where were you coming from?

-Uh, north of here.

You live up there?

-Not anymore.

I'm a school teacher.




-I was laid off.


That's rough.

So you're headed to
greener pastures, then?


-Well, you still have
a long way to go.

The garage opens early.

We can stop in and see if
Bob has an estimate yet.

I'll tell him if he
gives you a good deal,

he can eat free at
the diner for a month.

-Have you seen that man eat?

We'll be bankrupt in a week.

-You're allowed an opinion
when you're down to one sheet.

-You're good with him.

-He's a good man.
Don't tell him I said that.

I want him thinking I'm
furious for that stunt

he pulled last night.

-So next time it's
Chelsea's turn.

What kind of spell
do you want for you?

-Yeah, what do you
really, really want?

Thomas McAfee?

Isn't he a little lame?

-He's all right.

He just helps me with chemistry.


You guys know what's cool?


-That no one here
knows we're witches.

They all look at us and
just think we're ordinary.

But we're not.

-Wouldn't that be horrible?

If we were ordinary, if we were
powerless to change anything?

We should cast a spell on
Thomas to make him cooler.

-Or taller.

-I thought witches
aren't supposed

to cast spells on other people.

You know, interfere
with their free will.

-Yeah, but don't you think that
Thomas would want to be cool?

Witches are supposed to use
their powers to help others.

-Take a seat at the counter.

I'll get you a coffee.

MEGAN: Right, Gillian?


-Addie, the chili in my omelette
had an extra kick today.

Tell Delilah I approve.

-Sure will.

Thanks, Jordan.

-It worked.

The spell.
He's here.

-I don't suppose you know of any
super-cheap motels in the area,

do you?

-Maybe now you'll let me pay
for the damage to your car.


No, honestly it really wasn't
all your father's fault.

I was driving too fast.

I was trying to-- anyway,
I'll come up with the money.

Find some odd jobs around town.

-Well, if you're willing to
wash dishes and peel potatoes,

you got a job right here.

There's an extra room upstairs.

You can have room and board too.

I'm sorry.

You teach history, and I'm
asking you to be a dishwasher.

-Believe it or not, that's,
um, one of the better offers

I've had lately.

-My phone is dead.

I need to use your
phone, please.


-You'll take the job?

-I'll take the job.




He looks familiar.

I thought he might be famous.
-Are you famous?

-Don't be silly.
This is Jack.

He's just stopping by on
his way to California.

-California, really?

-Jack, this is Gillian Duncan.

If you trying on an apron,
you'll be seeing here.

Her and her friends are
here most every day.

-You're gonna work here?

-Just for a week or so till Bob
Minielli gets his car fixed.

You girls on tab?

-Yeah, thanks.

-Welcome to Salem Falls.


You'll like it here.
I promise.


-It's not her fault
if she acts entitled.

Her father's Amos Duncan, as
in, uh, Duncan Pharmaceuticals.

As in he owns half the town.


The girl who has everything.

-Well, everything except
what she really wants.

Her mother left town
when she was little.

So she's-- she's a
girl without a mother.

You good?
-Yeah, thank you.

-It's him.

He's the one.

-How do you know?
What did he say?

-Well, his car broke
down here last night

after we did the spell.

He was on his way to California.

-Where did I always
say I'm going to live?


But after you graduate.

-Well, so what?

I don't need to
wait that long now.

-Gillian, he's, like, 35.

He's a man not a boy.


And did you see
how gorgeous he is?

You watch.

When he goes to California,
I'm going with him.


We rent these rooms
out in the summer.

If you don't like it, there's
another one down the hall.

-This is fine.


Yeah, the other one's next to
my dad's room, and he snores.

-I like it very much.

-My daughter helped
me decorate it.

-You have a daughter?

-Her name's Chloe.

She's six.

She picked out
the rocking horse.

I'll let you get settled.

And, uh, I'll show you
what's what in the diner

after the breakfast rush.

-Thank you.


-Addie's got you tucked
away nice and cozy.


She said you wouldn't
mind if I bunked

up here for a little while.

-Did she tell you I go a little
crazy up here all by myself?

-Something like that.

-Yeah, well, it's been too
damn quiet around here lately.

-I can't imagine it's
that quiet with a six year

old running around.

-Yeah, Chloe did run up
and down this hallway.

Put her dolls down for
a nap in this very room.

That was before.

-Before what?

-Before she died.

-I'm sorry.

I thought Addie said--

-Addie can't
swallow it down yet.

She still talks about her
like she's in the next room,

even though it's been
close on three years.

We all have our ghosts, Jack.

-Sorry about the
long wait for parts.

The radiator's got to come
all the way from Chicago.

-Uh, you know what?

It's fine.

I'll be staying
at the Do-or-Diner

if you need to reach me.

-Grafton County Jail.

What do you know?

My cousin's the corrections
officer up there.

You in that line of work?


No, I, uh, did some
teaching up there.

-Well, I'll bet you got some
interesting stories to tell.

Larry says it's
a real piss hole.

-He's right about that.

-Have a nice day now.

Dale, try sweeping the floor.

Don't just tickle it.

-I got you.

-Oh, that's great.

Thanks a lot.

-Listen, I hope I
haven't, uh, given

you the impression
I'm ungrateful.

-You haven't given me
any impression at all.

You barely speak.

-It's a bad habit.

Um, see, you've been
so generous to me.

I-- I don't know why.

-Most people are generous.

-Yeah, but you
hardly even know me.

-I know you ran out of luck.

And I don't mind you being
here till it finds you again.

Don't-- take away her food.

Pancakes are Chloe's favorite.

-That was such a lovely service.

You really know how to
keep this flock inspired.

It is such a pleasure to see
everyone so full of the spirit.

-Can we go now?

-What has gotten into you?

-I told you I was hungry.
-Can we please go now?

Sure, sure.

We'll head on over
to the bistro.

I know how much you
love the lobster salad.


You promised we'd go
to the diner, remember?

-Gillian, do we have to, honey?

-You promised.



Well, it can't be that
bad if Jerry's here.

You know, that guy
has never missed a day

at work in his life
because of sickness.

Just sit.


So-- hello.

-Can I get you a coffee
to start, Mr. Duncan?

-Uh, do you have a cappuccino?

I'll have a decaf.

-Iced tea, please.

-Thanks, Maggie.

AMOS: So you are expert.

What do you recommend here?

-Um, their breakfast
is really good.


I'm not seeing fruit salad here.
-Here you go.

-I don't think they
have that, Dad.

-I'll be back to take your
order in just a minute.

-Thank you.

-There's no yogurt or--

-Uh, no.

-Mr. Duncan.

-Hey, Wes.


Good to see you.


What a surprise.

-I'm just gonna get more
sugar for my iced tea.

I'll be back.



-Can I get some
more sugar, please?

Thank you.

When do you get off?

WES: You know, we
get our meeting

coming up for the
annual fundraiser.

I'd sure love to
have your support.

AMOS: We'll talk about it later.

WES: Enjoy your breakfast.

-Who's that?

Just some new guy Addie hired.

Let's go.
I'm over it.

-Hey, hey, hey.

I thought we were
gonna eat here.

GILLIAN: I lost my appetite.

AMOS: Have a seat.

Sit down.

Gillian, Gillian.
-Come on.

-Hold on a second.

Hold on.



Did I say something?

-No, it's fine.

-OK, what happened?
-Stop controlling me.

-I'm not controlling you.

I'm walking home.

-No, no.
What are you--

-I'm walking home alone.

-Gillian, Gillian--

-Wes, you want to
put a to-go order?

-Actually, I was
hoping maybe I could

talk you into taking a break.

Stepping out, taking
a walk with me.

-No, I can't.

I can't leave Maggie to
juggle all these tables.

-Even a workaholic
has to take a break.

I'm starting to take it
personally you keep saying no.

-No, I mean, even
if it wasn't busy,

I've got to get Chloe to
come in and eat her lunch.

Did you want anything?

-If you're gonna
blow me off, don't

do it with this
make-believe crap.

-Here you go.

Chloe's fries.

-Thank you.

Delilah needs to see
you in the kitchen.


It's-- it's crazy.

-You know, you helping Addie
with this whole fantasy world,

it's not going to
make things better.

-Hello, Gillian.


-No Megan and Chelsea today?
-No, not today.

Um, I need another
book of spells.


Well, the one you have
is our most popular.

-No, I want a book just of
love spells, nothing else.

-You always impressed
me with how well

you understood the
purpose of Wicca.

You know, spell casting
is just a small part.

-Yeah, but right
now I feel like I,

um-- I need to align
with this energy

that's swirling inside me.

I, um-- I feel like the
goddess is opening my heart,

and I want to tap
into that, you know?

-I have just the book for you.
-Thank you.

-Just because I'm
here 14 hours a day

doesn't mean you have to be.

-I like it here.

-I got it.

I got it.
I'll hold it.

You get that last screw out.

-I got the wrong size bulbs.

I got you.

-God, you've only
been here a few days,

and I'm already wondering how
we ever got along without you.

-I was gonna make
some hot chocolate.

Should I make some for Chloe?

-I used to make her hot
chocolate at closing time

most every night.

-Used to.

But you don't anymore?

-I know she's dead.

I may say and do
differently, but I know.

-I'm sorry.

I-- you don't have
to talk about it.

-I don't usually.

She woke up one morning
with a sore throat,

and nine hours later, she was
gone-- bacterial meningitis.

I know she-- I know
she doesn't eat

the food that I put out for her.

But I can still feel her
here, so I put the food out.

Most people think I'm crazy.

-It's not crazy for you to keep
space for her in your life.

-I never go to the cemetery.

Because I-- I don't
believe that she's there.

What kind of a mother doesn't
go to her daughter's grave?

-I'm sorry.

I-- I'm gonna get that bulb.

-I can make that hot chocolate,
if you still want some.

-I'd like that.


-Is that a smile I see?

I didn't know you had one.

It was broken for a while.


You got a minute?

-Mr. McBradden, what
are you doing here?

-Waiting for you, actually.

-Oh, is that right?

What can I do for you?

-Um, I've decided to stay
in Salem Falls indefinitely.

Well, That's great.

This town has a way
of growing on you.

-Uh, I'm here because of 671-B.

-Well, you'd better
come in, then.

We'll have to take your photo.

-Hey, guys.

I wrote Jack's name
on this parchment.

Now all I have to do is
roll something up in it

that Jack has just
touched all between two

rose petals, say the
spell, and that's it.

A magic poesy that'll make
Jack see that he loves me.

-But you already did
a love spell on him.

-Well, that was a spell
to bring him to me.

Now I have to do one
to bind him to me.

-I still don't get why
you're so into this guy.

-It's fate.

We're supposed to be together.

-So why not wait
for fate to unfold?

-Why wait if I don't have to?

Isn't that why we
became witches?

To make things happen?
Come on.

Let's do this.

Stop it.

-Oh my gosh.

Oh my god.

I'm so sorry.

-That's OK.

-I made such a mess.

I'm so sorry.
-Oh, yeah.

So convincing.
-You know what, leave it.

I got it.
-No, no.

-No, no.
GILLIAN: I'm so sorry.

Oh my gosh.

I'm sorry.

I'm s-- um, here.

Take a napkin.
-Gonna need more than a napkin.


-But you didn't get
anything he touched.

-Not yet.


-Hey, you're still wet.

Let me help you.

-I'm fine.

-What's going on?

-One to seek him,
one to find him,

one to bring him,
one to bind him.

Whoever keeps these roses
two, the sweetest love

will come to you.

-What are you doing down here?

-I was just washing my hands.

-In the men's room?

-Oh, is it?
I didn't even notice.

-What is that?

-What are you hiding?


Give it back.

-My diner's not your
playground, Gillian.

It's time for you and
your friends to go.


-We're leaving.


-Grab that.

-Doesn't squeak anymore.

-It took me 20 minutes to
figure out what the problem was.

-Dad said you've
decided to stay.


For a while anyway.

-I'm glad.

-Listen, Addie, there's
something I need to tell you.

It's, um--

-I, uh-- I went to the florist
after the lunch rush today.

For Chloe's grave.

So I thought I'd close early
and go to the cemetery.

Will you come with me?

-Of course.

Let me, uh-- let me
just get my coat.

-What do you think
happens after you die?

Because I used to
believe in reincarnation,

but after Chloe, I-- I don't
want her to be anybody else.

She's got to be
somewhere, right?

-Oh, I think so.

If you love somebody,
they're with you.

If you keep space for
them in your heart,

that's where they'll always be.
-Yeah, I like that.

-Want me to--

-Thank you.

[music playing]


-You look great.

How are you?


--you were gonna kiss me.

-You mean, I could just keep
you waiting like this for hours?


Wait a minute.

Hey, now.

-I don't know what to do.

What do I do?

-What do you mean
someone stole your spell?

-My love spell, the poesy
I made, someone took it,

and now my true love
is all over her.

-Gillian, then he
isn't your true love.

Magic can't make anything
happen that isn't

already leaning that way.

-Just-- tell me how
to undo the spell.

-You know that
Beltane is coming up--

one of the most sacred
of all days for Wiccans.

-I know, but the spell--

-If you're interested
in spell work,

you should be
interested in Beltane.

Any spell cast on that
day will have extra power.


As I cut their tie, let the
bond between them be broken.

As I burn the tie, let the
bond be forever severed.

So must it be.

So must it be.

-Hey, oh!


I wasn't paying attention.

-Yeah, so I see.

I guess I'll go around for a
towel holder in the men's room.

-Thank you.

I think it's time
to call it a day.

-You're the boss.

-Wes, w were just
about to close up.

-I'm here on official
police business, Addie.

You know why I'm here.

So you're gonna tell
her or should I?

-OK, what's this about?

-I was in prison
for eight months.

-I'm sure you can explain it.

-He raped a 16-year-old
girl, Addie.

-OK, that can't be true.

-Oh, no.

See, he admitted it.

Pled guilty to avoid
a longer sentence.

He comes into the
office yesterday

to register as a sex offender.



-Oh my god.




Don't even--


Why don't you do Addie a
favor, huh, and just leave?

Go out that door
and start walking

and don't stop until
you cross the town line.


-I didn't do it.

My lawyer talked me into taking
a plea bargain, convinced me

it was my only option.

The boarding school where
I taught in Loyal, there

was a student of
mine, a minister's

daughter who made
up stories about me.

I never touched her.

Addie, you have to know, I
could never do that to anyone.

-I never thought
he would either.


-The man who did it to me.

Do you want to come in?

I just turned 17.

And I was naive.

So I didn't understand when
someone was coming on to me.

I didn't understand that it
was a bad idea to follow him

into a room where no
one could-- you know.

-And you never told anyone?


-Why not?

-Because I was young and scared.

And then I was pregnant.

And I didn't want anyone
to know that Chloe-- yeah.

-The guy who did this,
does he still live here?

-You want to slay
my dragons, Jack?


-Well, you can't.

Not that one.

It doesn't matter anymore.

I got, uh-- I got
Chloe out of it.



GILLIAN: I'll get it.

-Hey, hey.

More popcorn.

-Hey, come on in.

Dad, it's Wes.

-Sorry to trouble
you, Mr. Duncan,

but there's something
I think you should

know, concerning
one Jack McBradden.

This McBradden is a
registered sex offender.

He raped a 16-year-old
girl less than a year ago.

-You're gonna stay
away from that diner.

You got me?
I mean it.

I don't want anything
to happen to you.


-I'm calling a town meeting.

-I fell asleep on your couch.

-We-- we talked till
after midnight last night.

You were tired.

-You should have woke me
up, told me to go home.

-I wanted to let you sleep.

-Well, thank you.

I-- I can't remember the
last time I slept that well.

What time is it?

-It's time to open the diner.


Do you mind if I
hitch a ride with you?

-No, it's-- it's so nice
out I thought I'd walk.

Um, there's a shortcut
through the woods.

It takes, like, 10 minutes.

So if you're ready.


-Um, I appreciate everything
you said last night.

I believe you.

JACK: I had a father, of course,
who was convinced I should

be just like him and
go into politics.

-A politician?


I can't picture you doing that.


-Well, you haven't seen me
pontificate in a classroom.


-Once you get me started,
then I'll never--

-They came in the
middle of the night.

-This is my mess to clean up.

-How long have you known?


-Jack told me the
night before last.

He said he cared about
you and wanted to stay.

But he had to register
as a sex offender.

-He, uh, wondered
if I thought it

would be better
for you if he left.

-So what'd you tell him?

-I hoped that he would stay
for as long as he liked.

-I'm gonna go see if
he needs any help.

-My car's packed.

I'm ready to go.

Let me come away with you.

Come on, we'll go to California.

I know you want to
get out of here.

So do I.

-How's it going out--

-Gillian, listen to me.

What was that about?


-Last night, you told me
I could ask you anything,

and you'd answer me.

-She told me her

who incited the
men who did this.

And that he'd get them to
do worse if I didn't go.

-So she came here
to threaten you?

-No, actually, she-- she came
here to offer to help me leave.

She said that she
would give me her car

to drive to California if
I would take her with me.

-She wanted to
run away with you?

-I know.
It's ridiculous.

Girls that age, they live in
some kind of fantasy land.

-Do they?

You were just touching her.

-Yeah, I was pushing her away,
trying to get through to her.

Listen, with the girl at
Loyal, I was so concerned about

hurting her feelings
that I didn't-- I--

I wanted Gillian to
know without a doubt

that I want nothing
to do with her.

This isn't coming off.

As soon as I saw this,
I knew I should leave.

I'm not wanted here.

But I don't want to leave.
This is where I want to be.

-Gilly, you realize that
first period starts in, like,

10 minutes.

-We're skipping first period.

We have to go get supplies.

Ah, ribbons, herbs, rosemary,
primrose, bloodstone.

-Cool, but for what?

-Tonight's Beltane.

We have spells to cast.

-Delilah, I need that food.

-I don't know the last
time we were this busy.

-They've all come to
golf with the governor.

-Well, he needs to
tell them to piss off.

-You're harboring a
convicted sex offender here.

-Get out of my diner.

-I'm not the problem here.

He is.

and you-- you're
putting the children

of this town in danger.

-All right, just because
you've crowned yourself emperor

of Salem Falls doesn't
mean you can come in--

-I have the right
of a parent who

is protecting his
daughter from an animal.

Now, maybe you don't understand
that anymore, do you?

-I have a daughter.

-No, you don't anymore.

-Get out of my diner!

-Get back.

-She asked you to leave.

-Or what?

Because you will go
back to prison so fast,

you won't know what hit you.

You either get rid
of him right now,

or I'll take care of
the problem myself.

It doesn't matter-- the legion,
the community hall, the church.

I just need a space big enough,
and we need to find it quickly.

Hold on a second.
Hey, where you going?

-Megan's to finish
out history project.

-I don't want you wandering
around after dark, OK?

There's a sex
offender out there.

It's dangerous.

-Megan's dad's the
chief of police.

I think I'll be safe.

-OK, I'll pick you
up after my meeting.

-No, I have my car.

I'm picking you up, OK?

There's a lot of unrest
out there right now.

Or there will be soon
enough, and-- look, OK?

Just be careful out there.

-Go on.

Run home and tell my daughter.

-I'll have what he's having.

-Does Addie know you're here?

-About as much as she
knows you're here.

-You best not be about
to break her heart.

-Yeah, well, what if
she breaks mine, Roy?


What are you gonna do then?

-Buy you a drink.


Give him another one.

[music playing]

-Isn't it great?

You guys ready?

-I've lived with the people
of Salem Falls my whole life.

And I've always known this
to be a good and decent place

to raise children.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday I learned that
a stranger has slipped

into our midst to live among
us-- a stranger with evil

in his heart, a stranger
who even now is waiting.

He is waiting right now
for his moment to strike.

-Sky clad means naked.

It's about offering
your purest self.

It's OK.

-It feels good.

-Guardians of the watchtowers
of the self, passionate and hot,

I do summon and call you up.

Share your heat with us.

Make us burn inside.

-Bring us your imagination.

Teach us to dance.

Fill us with your fire.

Raise your flames to the sky.

ALL: We call on you.

We call on you.

We call on you.

-This is our home.

I mean, these are our children.

They are innocent,
they're naive,

they're capable of
being manipulated.

This is exactly the
kind of children

that men like this prey upon.

Yes, Linda?

-How are we supposed to
know who his next target is?

-I don't know.

-I don't want no pervert here.

-No one wants him here.

Am I right?


AMOS: Let him go to Concord.

Or to Boston or New York.

It's where his kind live.

That is where his kind belong.


ALL: Oh, great mother
goddess, give us

your power in this magic hour.

-We call on you
to hear our plea.

I call on you to
bring my love to me.

ALL: We call on you.

-Jack McBradden has no
place in Salem Falls.

And it is up to us to
make sure he knows that.

-Excuse me.

Pardon me.

I need to run home
and punish my son

for the things he
hasn't done yet.

-McAfee, you got a problem?


No, I've always thought Charlie
should start arresting more

people around here, just
in case they, you know,

might break the
law in the future.


-In fact, I might just shut down
my law practice, since you all

know who's going
to commit a crime.

You can run them out
of town before they do.

Hell, we don't really even need
a legal system at all, do we?

-Jack McBradden pled guilty.

When he hurts another girl,
what are you going to say then?

I don't know about you, but when
I find a snake in my basement,

I don't wait until it bites.

I get rid of it.


And we need to get
rid of Jack McBradden.

-Fire, I command thee.

Fill my love with the
heat of passion for me.

Wind, I command thee,
whisper my name into his ear.

Earth, I command thee, show
him the way to find me.

As I will it, so must it be.

ALL: So must it be.

-Gillian, my god.

You're glowing.

[twigs snapping]

-Someone's coming.
-It's a wolf.

-It's not a wolf.

-We can't get busted
doing anything ritual.

My dad will lose it.
-Gilly, come on.

Let's go.

Come on.

-He's coming to me.



-You're lucky that
didn't turn into a riot.

And the next time you
call a town meeting,

I expect you to get a permit
so I can bring an extra man.

-I'm not asking permission to
talk to my neighbors, Charlie.

You should know that.

I'll be by your house in a few
minutes to pick up Gillian.

-What are you talking about?

Gillian's not at my house.

-She's doing a
project with Megan.


At your house.


AMOS: That's her car.
That's it.

That's her car.





-We're over here.

-What are you doing out here?

What's wrong?

What happened?

What happened to her?

-It was Jack.


He raped me.

-No, no.

-He raped me, Daddy.

-Oh, no, no, no, no.

Oh, no.



-What happened to your head?


I walked through a tree coming
back from the Rooster Spit.

-What were you doing
at the Rooster Spit?

-Getting way too drunk.

Addie, tell me what
you want me to do.

You want me to go, I'll go.

If you want me to
stay, I'll do it.

I'll do anything you want.

-Don't go.

[music playing]

-I just got Judge
Abbott out of bed.

I'm taking a warrant to
him to get his signature.

-I'm gonna castrate
this son of a bitch.

-Don't start with that
vigilante business, Amos.

I'll have McBradden behind
bars within the hour.




-It's OK.

You're gonna be OK.

You're gonna be OK.




-That's weird.



Charlie, what can I do for you?

-Addie, we're looking
for Jack McBradden.

Jack McBradden?
-What is this?

-We have a warrant
for your arrest.

-For what?

-Aggravated sexual assault.

No, I did my time.

-On Gillian Duncan last night.

-She was attacked, Addie.
Says it was McBradden.

Out in the woods
behind the house.

-This is a joke, right?

-I wish to god it was.
Jack McBradden--

-Addie, I never touched her.

--you have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say will be used
against you in a court of law.

-Addie, Addie.
I gotta talk to Addie.

-You're done talking to Addie.


I didn't do it.


-Was it bad?

All the tests and everything?

-Yeah, it was bad.

It sucked.

My dad asked me
all these questions

about what we were
doing out there.

-Oh, my god.

They're going to find
out we're witches.

Out in the woods naked.
We'll be the town freaks.


We got all the ribbons
and stuff out of the tree.

They're not going to find out.

As long as we all
have the same story.

Which is?

-We were bored and wanted
to go hang out in the woods.

-They've all come to gawk again.

This time at me.

Crazy Addie.

-You shouldn't
have come in today.

-What else am I gonna do?

-Take a minute,
catch your breath,

go visit Jack, try to find
out what really happened.

-Charlie and Wes told
me what happened.

And now he's in jail
where he belongs.

-You could give
the man the benefit

of the doubt for two seconds.

-I did.

The first time
when he told me he

was innocent, and yesterday
when I saw him touching Gillian.

As far as I'm concerned,
Jack no longer exists.

Now, I have customers to take
care of and Chloe to feed.

-I hear you're not cooperating
with the powers that be here.

-What, the orange jumpsuit?

I'm not putting it on, OK?

I'm not guilty.

I don't want to look
like someone who is.

-Well, you're not
off to a good start.

-Why are you here?

-I help out the
public defender when

they have a conflict
of interest.

-And you're taking mine?

-I haven't decided yet.

What do you plan to plea?

-I just told you I
didn't rape anyone.

-That wasn't the question.

How do you want to plead?

-Not guilty.

-You copped a plea
the last time.

Why not now?

-That was a mistake.

I should never have let my
lawyer talk me into that.

I was wrongly accused.

-Two years in a row.

That's pretty rotten
luck, wouldn't you say?

-Yeah, I would.

And the last thing I
need is another lawyer

that doesn't care
that I'm innocent.

-It doesn't matter
if I care or not.

You're still entitled
to a defense.

-It matters to me.

Gillian Duncan lied, OK?

I-- I don't know why.

I don't know what
she has against me.

But I didn't do it.

If you're looking for a quick
case you can just charge

to the county,
forget about mine.

I want somebody who's
going to fight for me.

-Well, Charlie said he'd drop
Megan off to ride in with you.

-You don't have to go back to

I can take time off work.

I can hang out here with you.


I'll go crazy if I have to sit
around here and think about it.

-You know that I
would give anything

to be able to drive Jack
McBradden from your mind,


-I have to go get ready.

-Oh, just cut off
the brown part.


-Sorry for invading
the inner sanctum,

but, uh, I got a note for you.

It's from Jack.

-You saw him?
-I'm defending him.

-I-- Jordan--

-Well, in case you
want to read it later.

-Well, I want to
know what it says.


I guess he wants
you to stand by him.

-That school where he
taught where that girl said

he-- was in a town called Loyal.

-Oh, great mother
goddess, hear my plea.

Oh, great mother
goddess, hear my plea.

[music playing]




Ready for school.

-Gillian, your-- your hair.

-Let's go.

-You're going out of town?

But you never leave.

-And who's going
to be in charge?

This old drunk?

Well, he did used
to run the place.

-You're going to
Loyal, aren't you?

-Gotta find out the
truth about him.

-Wait, this is about Jack?

Oh my god, you're crazy.

-What if you don't
like what you find?

-Then all I've lost is time.

-OK, so you down
some drinks with Roy,

you're walking home, through
the trail in the woods,

and you see a fire.

And three girls.

-Doing what?

-uh, just standing by the fire.

Two of them took off
as soon as they saw me.

I didn't get a
good look at them.

My plan was to just
keep on walking.

And then the last girl
called me by my name,

and that's when I
realized it was Gillian.

-And you didn't keep walking?


I should have, especially once I
realized she had no clothes on.

-And then what happened?

-When you ran off with Megan,
why didn't Gillian go with you?

-I don't know.

I told Megan we
shouldn't leave her.

-So did you go back?


-The flashlight went out.

And we were scared.


Look, I know being
questioned like this

can be difficult, uncomfortable.

-It's OK.

I'd do anything for Gilly.

-Um, I-- I mean,
it's a little tough

to remember because I was
drunk, but she said something

about the fire,
and I thought she

wanted help putting
the fire out.

So I went over to it.

And then she grabbed
me by the hand

and said that she wanted me to
jump over the fire with her.

-She what?

-It's crazy.

-Well, as a matter of
fact, the jury's gonna--

-I told her that too.
I said, you know, this is crazy.

I said, you know, this is crazy.
I pulled away.

And that's when she grabbed
me and tried to kiss me.

-You're saying she grabbed you?

She was forcing
herself onto you?


You don't believe me, do you?

-I don't think a jury's
gonna believe you.

-Gillian said she was
yelling no, no, stop.

Did you hear that?

-You have no idea how awful
it was when she came out

of the woods, and she was-- she
was crying, shaking so hard.

And I was holding
onto her arm, and she

was just-- just shaking.

-It's OK.

It's OK.

-Are you sure?

-Yes, I'm sure.

Gillian is a liar.

-There were two other
girls there that night.

What if they don't
corroborate your story?

What, are you going to
call them liars too?

ADDIE: My daughter's
been at Exeter.

But her father
and I would prefer

it if she was closer to home.

-An Exeter girl?

Well, I'm sure she'd be a
definite asset to Westbrook.

-We, uh-- we do
have one concern.

She plays soccer.

And we read that the soccer
coach who was also the history

teacher, I believe,
was convicted

of a sexual assault of
one of the students.

-An unfortunate situation,
but that teacher

is no longer associated
with the school.

-Can you tell me more
about what happened?

-There are privacy issues.

But rest assured, it
won't happen again.

Let me show you
the science wing.

-It's beautiful.



I was wondering if
you can help me.

-Are you somebody's mother?

-Yeah, I am looking at the
school for my daughter.

And she's a soccer player.

Can you-- can you tell
me about the coach?

That coach.

-Um, Coach McBradden
isn't the coach anymore.

He had to leave.

-Yeah, why?

-All of us girls, we had a
crush on coach, you know.

-Yeah, he's very good looking.

-Yeah, and Katherine
had it really bad.

And it's like, who would have
thought he was hot for her too?

-So-- so they were together?

I think so.

I mean, that's
what we were told.

-Which one's Katherine?

-Number 19.

Right there.



Well, thank you.
-You're welcome.

-You said you never
touched Gillian.

-I didn't.

-Your DNA was found
under her fingernails.

-Well, yeah.

Well-- I told you, she
grabbed me to try to kiss me.

I pulled away.
She tried to grab on.

She must have scratched me.

-What, did she grab your head?

I did that on a branch.

-Then why was your
blood on her shirt?

-Before I went to the fire,
she saw that I was bleeding,

and she came up and she dabbed
my forehead with her shirt.

-What shirt?

You said she was naked.

-She picked it up
off the ground.

-Fine, Jack.

Now tell me why your
semen was found on her.


No, that's impossible.

-The chance of randomly
selecting an individual other

than the test subject or
relative whose DNA matches

the evidence collected
is 740,000 to 1.

Time to start telling
the truth, Jack.


Hi, I'm Addie Peabody.

Um, I was gonna come
up with some story,

but I'd rather just
be straight with you.

-I'm sorry.

What are you talking--

-I need to ask you
about Jack McBradden.

-You know Mr. McBradden.


How many times have
I told you, you

are not to discuss
that man with anyone.


-But Daddy, this lady
was just asking--

-You have no right.

That man ruined my daughter.

You want to know
about Jack McBradden?

He pulls angels out of heaven
and drags them down for a fall.


-I hope he rots in hell.

-Is it true?

Did Jack force himself on you?


-I don't want my dad to hear us.

So how was it when you
gave your statements?

-Uh, I don't know.

It was OK, I guess.
-OK, good.

-It was weird-- getting grilled
by my dad, I-- I don't know,

I just had this urge to tell him
that Jack had touched me too.

-He didn't touch you.

Do you understand?

He touched me.
Say it.

-He touched you.

-That's right.

Don't forget.

Come here.

It's gonna be OK.

-I don't think I can do this.

-Excuse me, Addie?

-Ready to order?

I just have to get my pen.


-Yeah, just a second.

Uh, hello.


Can I help you?

-I hope so.

Um, I took this from
a girl in my diner.

And your store's name is on it.

I was hoping you could
tell me what it is.

-You're the one who
took Gillian's poesy.




-Over here.

-There you are.

What's with the big emergency?

-I talked to Carol
Willis at Crystal Cavern.

And she said that the night of
Gillian's attack was Beltane.


It's this holy night
for Wiccans where

they run ribbons from
maypoles or trees.

And you said that Jack said he
saw streamers in trees, right?

-Yeah, but there was nothing
here the next morning.

-Look at this.

How could they miss this?

Carol also said Gillian's been
buying books on love spells.

Yeah, Jack is telling truth.




-I need to talk to you.

Why would you lie about
something like that?

-Because my father found
my birth control pills.

My dad's a minister, you know.
So that was not good.

And then he started snooping
around till he found my diary--

all this stuff I had
written about Jack.

I had this thing for him.

And I'd write these stories as
if he was actually into me--

you know, like, in love with me.

And none of it was real, but
when my dad confronted me

about it, I pretended
it was real.

I just-- I wanted
him to think I was

having this grown-up
affair-- just for a second.

I had no idea he was actually
going to call the police.

And I did tell the truth later.

I told my father,
the police, everyone

that it never happened.

I had made it up.

They didn't listen.

-You didn't try very hard.

-I did.
I swear.

They thought I was
trying to protect Jack

because I was so
in love with him.

I just-- I didn't want to
see him get in trouble.

They were so determined
on doing this trial.

And then-- Jack said he did it.

In court.

A, um--

-A plea bargain.


And so, I mean, if he
wasn't going to deny it,

then why should I
keep denying it?

Why not just act like
that's the truth?

-Because, Catherine, it's wrong.

You let a man go to prison
for something he didn't do.

-Well, I heard he got arrested
again for the same thing.

So I guess I'm not
the only one, huh?


-You should her telling Charlie.

He had no chance but
to let her see you.

-I'm afraid to believe
you're actually here.

-I'm here.


-I owe you an apology.

When they arrested you,
you were calling my name.

And you wanted to talk to me.

And I just shut down.

-I don't blame you for that.

-I know what it's like to have
everything go wrong for such

a long time that you think that
you don't deserve any kindness.

But you deserve to
have the person who

says she loves you stand by you.

-You never said you love me.

-But I do.

I love you, Jack.

And I'm so sorry I
turned away from you.

-Addie, you're all I've
been thinking about.

-I know you didn't hurt Gillian.

I'm gonna prove it.

-I love you for

But according to Jordan,
between the DNA evidence

and my prior conviction,
it's a lost cause.


No, I know what a lost cause
is, and this isn't one of them.

When I lost Chloe,
I had no choice.

I have a choice with you.

And I'm not going to lose you.

CHELSEA: Gillian.


-Calm down.

-Well, are you mad?

-Tell me what you said to Thomas
McAfee-- exactly what you said.

-Just that we were witches.

That we had a coven, and--

-You are so stupid, Chelsea.

His dad is Jack's lawyer.

-Well, how was I
supposed to know that?

-Everyone knows that.

Why would you-- why
would you tell him?

You swore blood
you'd never tell.

-I was scared of everything
you've been doing.

-You didn't tell
him that, did you?


But we can't keep
it a secret forever.

-I don't like all this lying.

-You guys are
ruining everything.

-OK, stop it.


-Gillian, maybe it
needs to be ruined.

I don't even know
why we went along

with this in the first place.
-Oh, shut up.

You were all for
it that night we

were taking the
ribbons off the trees.


To see if we could
get away with it.

But-- it's way out of control.


You are out of control.

And if either of you dare
say what really happened

that night, I swear
to god, I will

make sure you live to
bitterly regret it.

Do you understand me?

-Catherine said her father
will never let her recant.

I met him.

He's very insistent
Jack be the bad guy.

But her birthday's
in two months.

And as soon as she's 18, she's
willing to talk to whatever

judge we find to
overturn the conviction.

If we file a motion
to delay Jack's

trial just a few months--

-Look, I don't want you to
think that the Catherine

think isn't great,
because it is.

But we still have
those witnesses

who are corroborating
Gillian's story.

-They were practicing

-Yeah, but being a witch
doesn't mean you're a liar.


But it means they
lied to the police

about what they were
doing that night.

Doesn't that impeach
their credibility?

-It might.

But you know, there's
still the problem

of the DNA test results.

-You said they
were inconclusive.

-Only mathematically speaking.

As far as a jury
goes, you know, that's

a big finger pointing
straight at Jack.

I mean, the blood
on Gillian's shirt,

it's no doubt that's
Jack's DNA, 6 billion to 1,

along with the
fingernail scrapings.

-That doesn't mean
sexual assault.

Jack can explain them.

-He can't explain the semen.

I mean, the lab says,
the chance of randomly

selected a non-related
individual whose DNA matches

the evidence collected
is 740,000 to 1.

I mean, that's a
really big number.

-The DNA collected
matches Gillian's DNA?


-I have to go.

-Go where?

-Hey, hey, hey,
hey, hey, hey, hey.

What the hell is this?

-I need to talk to Gillian.

I have something
that belongs to her.

-You shouldn't be
here right now.

-Don't touch me.


-Dad, I want to talk to her.

-If you don't leave here right
now, I'm calling the police.

-Please do.

I'll have plenty to tell them.

I talked to Carol at
the Crystal Cavern.

She's willing to testify in
court about the love spells you

tried and your
obsession with making

Jack fall in love with you.

-You do not have
to listen to this.

I can throw her out of here.
-I know-- I know why you did it.

I know why you wanted
Jack to run away with you.

I know why you'd
hope he'd rescue you.

-Run away?
Tell her.

Do you want to run
away from here?

Tell her.

-Gillian, I didn't
always work at the diner.

When I was a teenager, I
wanted to get away from it.

So I got a job as
a shipping clerk

at the big pharmaceutical
company in town.

-Not to my daughter.
-Your father--

-Not to my daughter.
-Your father hired me.

He was the owner's son.

And he felt entitled to
whatever was inside those walls.

I know this because one day
he decided he wanted me.

-Addie, shut up.

Shut up.

-I was slow to
understand at first.

Then I was almost flattered.

But when I said no, he wasn't
going to take no for an answer.

Then when I tried to leave,
he took what he wanted anyway.

Gillian, the semen that the
found, if you go to the police,

and you tell them who
really put it there,

they're going to get a DNA
sample from him that'll prove

it, and you can
put the man who's

actually been hurting
you behind bars.

-I'm so sorry that I didn't
do that when I had the chance,

because maybe then he wouldn't
have done this to you.

OK, but you need to drop
charges against Jack.

You can't let him go to prison
for something he didn't do.

And you know where to find me.

-Why didn't you
tell her the truth?

That I don't hurt you?

That I-- that I show you-- I
show you how much I love you?

-No, you don't.

Sweetie, come here.
Come here.

Come here.
Come here.


Get away!




Would you please take me to
the police station right now?

-Yeah, get in.

-Gillian, Addie, come
into my office, OK?

[music playing]